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Heather (sorry, me again) Wed May 17 21:23:47 PDT 2000

Think I'm gonna save my hermit story for another night... forgot there are a few things around the house I have to finish before tomorrow...boohoooooo

Heather(hands numb) Wed May 17 20:58:32 PDT 2000

I can spell
but I can't spell 'next'
or 'repeated'.

A long brain and a short set of fingers.
Well, neither is true. I have a teeny mosquito mind, and big hulking hands. I swat myself in the head often... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Heather Wed May 17 20:55:12 PDT 2000

I think I think I don't feel too confident about it but
I think I think it might be

Iambic pentameter [sic] where the line in the poem is reapeated. I think with I.P. you are supposed to have changed the reader's pre-conceived ideas about the meaning by the time you repeat the line.

Is that it?

It sure was a mouthful. I'll be furfing it around for a week now, trying to get it into a ball to cough up - that glue, how horrid it is!
I'll have to be gagging on that, and upon
antidisestablishmentarianism 'til nest lousy Wednesday.
I was wrong - the glue of words trapped in the cortex is certainly without contest in the hoof kingdom.

certainly without contestants.


that one loooong word
just pooped out my typing digits.
Now I'll have to finish up with my toes.

0986 b

Heather Wed May 17 20:42:09 PDT 2000

Arik, you must take over again - Jon has been sent to a retire-puss villa.
Tell me, Jon, will you continue your Editorial forays from the comfort of your recliner?

Wait, I think I had a crossed wire - (hmmm - new technology prevents the validity of that statement) no no my modem burped. I must have misread Jon's last comment.

Let's see;
Everyone needs to look at things positively here -
not IF you write and publish a best-seller, but WHEN. RIGHT? yes, I know, rhetorical Q.

WHEN I do,
here is a short list of what I will be doing:

Send my best friend a one way airline ticket home, to Guelph. Buy exotic seafood and gourmet items, and cook up the most wonderful BBQ for my family and friends you have ever seen.
Have a big party, pass out the wine, the champagne, the mushroom caps filled with imported cheeses and baked in the oven (mmm I'm hungry, obvious, isn't it?)
Then I would hire a cleaning person to come over in the morning to give the house a shine - no, perhaps that would be FIRST). And if they were really great at it, I would hire them for as long as I live.
(Interview: Do you do windows? How about laundry? Do you do manicures? Ooops, sorry)
Then, the very next day, I would sit down and start writing again. With a fever, a passion, a hunger that no amount of money fills or feeds - that crazy drive to write that superceeds all monetary reward. (EVEN 'CEEDS THE GREAT ACCOLADE of all)
I would also plan a trip to visit the grave of my best friend from my childhood. I would also visit my birthmother and her family while I was there. (Soo, Ontario)
and I would want to take the kids to Disneyland, you know they would just split themselves in glee.
I think I would also take a lot of long, bubbly, hot baths.

I don't know what my husband Wayne would like to do - although I'm sure Scotland, his motherland, would be the number one place he'd want to see. But, knowing Wayne, he would be content to stay home. We're homebodies mostly. Is that a genetic thing? Howard??? Instinct? A symptom of underlying introvertism? Is he going to be a hermit when he grows up? It's the mysterious reclusi. (reclusi being plural of reclusus)

So, what would be the greatest accolade of all for you?
Can personal triumph be considered of the accolade persuasion? How about that Nobel thing-a-ma-jig?
The pulitzer? What is that anyway?

Howard, did you remember what the type of verse was that you had on the tip of your tongue but couldn't spit out? It was in reference to Sasquatch's immensely powerful poem.
I think it might be wait - oh no! I had it really I did!
Must have rolled off the end of my tongue and I lost it on the chair. Must be one of those phrases that comes ready-glued to stick to anything but a tongue.

I will rove around in my desk and see if I can't
oh---- something pantameter?
wait, I will verify...
back in a jiff

speaking of 'jiff', where is Jeff by the way?
Haven't seen him here in a month or more.

I think I'm going to write about the hermit. Used to be one that visited out cottage in the off-season...
SM** are you calling me?

Teekay Wed May 17 20:32:38 PDT 2000

Hello all,

and I went and bought some lip vaseline so nobody has to worry about my lips drying out. I know that you all may have been concerned.

Bliss and glory. I have discovered that I am able to access Writer's Digest from the uni!!!! When I discovered this it felt like Christmas. I was soooo excited. I raced home and told Hubby, but he just couldn't summon up the same enthusiasm. I'm trying to order it in through the newsagants, but if it can't happen, then I can still get to it. FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Love you all.

Jon Wed May 17 16:38:52 PDT 2000

Here are the prizes:

First prize ó not awarded.
Second prize ó "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in a petty pace from day to day", by William S.
Dumbest sentence prize ó not awarded.
1.Welcome, Bill. I thought of giving you first prize but there was a missprint in your sentence; on the other hand, I suspect you borrowed your sentence from one of A*'s books.
2. The prize for the dumbest sentence was not awarded because A* knelt at my feet and implored forgiveness for all his sins and flowers.

Conclusion: this ends my job as selector of the things. Arik, please take charge of that again. I cannot afford time to read all the posts.

Wed May 17 16:33:39 PDT 2000

A long long time to load
I can still remember when
Downloading used to make me smile.
But I knew if I had my chance
I could make these pages dance
And maybe we'd be happy for a while...

Litter Wed May 17 16:30:02 PDT 2000

Hi All,

Continued thanks for prayers and good wishes for Liz (and us). After a day of feeling nauseous, yesterday/Tuesday, she is now feeling much better than was expected at this time. She is up and walking about although she tires easily. She is expecting to get home tomorrow (Thursday) a day or two earlier than expected. So it looks promising at this time.

Christi - I have a really sucky memory, I thought that I had sent my own prayers and support for Sandy, you and your family, but I just checked back. Sorry. I know how it feels to watch someone you care for going through such an awful time. There are no other words that make much sense at the moment.

Hodraw - naughty naughty! (But I have to agree with the selfish bit ;o)

Sasquatch - your poems is haunting and beautiful. It is like and extended Haiku in its style - as much hidden as is said… And thank you for your kinds words on my owm poem. Long may the foliage around you flourish.

But now it is back to getting ready for Liz's homecoming.


PS If I achieved overnight fame I would sort out some problems that a few of my friends are experiencing, but I would retain my anonymity and lurk in book-shops to see what people really said about my masterpiece. (Or would I?)

Americo Wed May 17 11:06:36 PDT 2000

Jon is busy analysing your sentences (all your sentences!) in order to select the best, the dumbest, etc., and asked me to come here and do some writing for him.

Jessica has a new text in SM**. I like these attempts at literature from teenagers' voices (regardless of their authors' age). To use a single adjective, this latest story can be classified as "beefwrenching".
Jessica: any story needs a title ó you forgot that little detail.

Teekay: Jon printed and read your story till the end, and so did I. We both agreed that the adjective that best classifies it is "heartwrenching".

The page where SM** is growing like a hungry tiger is also brightened by comments of generous and sensitive notebookers. Some of them are "soulwrenching".

The deadline for that collection is the 7th July, so hurry up, if you want to have any luck.

Heather: If I wrote a best-seller I would be so worried about either my talent or my audience ó or both ó that I would probably go on a trip around the world to forget my failure.

Christy: good vibes for Sandy.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed May 17 09:11:04 PDT 2000

Jack - Congrats on the mention of your site in the May/June Issue of WRITERS' Journal, just happend on it today has it increased your hit rate on the main site? I would expect it would. They did a nice description of your site.


Jon (thinking) Wed May 17 08:20:27 PDT 2000

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow keeps in a petty petty from day to day...

Jon Wed May 17 08:14:42 PDT 2000

I got a message from William S (probably a relative of Gary S):

Jon, having trouble to download the NB. The old chap insists on not having cable Internet and I have to go to the nearest shop to get a decent connection. Too hot for me there. So I must be quick.

I have been mumbling this sentence for an eternity. Perhaps you'd like to consider it in your contest (I'd be delighted to get the third or fourth prize):

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow keeps in a petty pace from day to day"


PS. Hope you remember me from your days in heaven. We all miss you (except the old chap).

Christi Tue May 16 23:17:32 PDT 2000

Hi everyone!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU, my friends. It makes me so happy to know that so many care and are pulling for us during this trial. This is the last I'll say for awhile about the subject, so not to take away from the true nature of the NB--talking about writing. Sandy will be going through six weeks of radiation treatment (five days a week). The doctors say that only thirty percent of people with this kind of cancer stand a chance of living through it. But they also say there is still hope, and that thread of hope is what spurs us on.

I teared up when I read your thoughtful, kind words, though I don't know if I deserve such wonderful words. Thank you. I read your post outloud to my husband and he expressed his appreciation too.
I know how it feels, hovering over that 'publish' button, wondering if you really should go ahead and let everyone read your private thoughts. Thanks for doing it and letting me read your message. I'll remember the things you said when I need that extra bit of courage later on.

And thanks to Rachel. I'm taking you up on your offer and am sipping a mug full of mocha almond coffee as we speak. STRONG hugs back to you.

Thank you Howard, Mary, Teekay, Jerry, and everyone else who either has said, or wished positivity our way. All of you have come to mean a great deal to me; I thank you for letting me say the things that are on my mind, and for still liking me after the fact.

And now bring on the jokes! And the best, worst, and funniest (especially the funniest) sentences!

A single red rose doth surely smell sweet, but two roses smell all the sweeter. Now how about some nice crumb cakes and tea?

Jessica Tue May 16 23:09:01 PDT 2000

Americo and Jon - I put a new story in SM** I even read the part about checking the story before you put it in. I did check it, really I did. Then, after I had posted it, I noticed that I was missing the word "him" in one place and that I had "fell" instead of "feel" in another. I will be more careful next time.


Rachel Tue May 16 21:59:50 PDT 2000

Americo - Thank you for the beautiful flower. Let me offer one to you. A rose for you desk. Now we both have a flower. I send you warm hugs.

PS - You know I would pay you a visit if I were to make a killing on a book. Of course I would!

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue May 16 20:36:46 PDT 2000

Christi - you and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Heather - so, my novel Twin Terror on the Prairie hit the best sellers list, what would I do; What would I do?

First off, I would head to England, why, because just the sound of a fair young lady speaking with an English accent makes me hot. I would enjoy the sight seeing, then off to Sweden to see the home of my ancestors. Next down to Germany to visit my second cousin with whom I have been exchanging letters for several years (I am a few years behind). Next to finish off the trip, tour the rest of Europe with a stop to visit Americo, then on around the world. When I am home, a meeting with my fellow writers from the Notebook, maybe at a well known hotel in New York, but that is a different story.

Write On.

Teekay Tue May 16 20:08:34 PDT 2000

HOWARD: *SMOOCH*. I think JON may have given away the ending. Now I'm going to SM* to see the nice things you wrote.
Had a giggle at the upfront bit. I have a giggle at a lot of your posts.

JON: *SLAP* I think *SLAP* you gave away the *SLAP* ending. Or was it obvious?? I still love you though. Of course.

HEATHER: Hmmmm. What would I do. First I would just be totally stunned and while I was being stunned I would eat out for a week at least. It's hard to know what I'd do money wise. Probably invest it, but the main thing I'd do is keep on writing.
What would you do??

Teekay Tue May 16 20:01:32 PDT 2000

CHRISTI: I feel totally inept at this. There are no words I can think of to bring you comfort, just know I am thinking of you and your family, every day.

Tue May 16 19:51:21 PDT 2000

AMERICO: To have your flower is to be in heaven already.

Rachel Tue May 16 19:32:03 PDT 2000

Heather - I believe that fame is a fickle thing. As are the general public and likely publishers too. For this reason the first three things that I would do, would be to secure the publishing of my next three novels. I would write, write, write. Then I would write some more.
I would not want to rest for a moment. I would want to be sure to estlablish myself while the interest was alive and well.
Money doesn't go bad. It would still be there to play with after I had a toe hold.
I am sure that I would have lots of time to work on these new projects. My husband and children would likely be taking vacations all over the world!
I know that my ideas don't sound very fun.
I also think that by the time I had come to a stage in the publishing process where I was getting money, I would have been elated and devestated so many times during the negotiations, re-writes, edits and so on, that I would just be emotionally spent. I would probalby just smile, check my bank account, pour a glass of wine and read a book.
I wouldn't even tell my family right away. I would just let it soak in. I would bask in the notion that it was done.
Howard - You bust me up! Uh, er, I mean crack me up:)

Take care all,


PS - Jon - I really think that the best sentence should go to Americo.

howard Tue May 16 18:13:01 PDT 2000

SASQUATCH -- I can't get that poem out of my mind. At least the style of it. There's a name for that -- where the last line of a stanza is repeated as the first line of the next. Do you know what it is? I have a book on structure of poetry that should tell about it, but I can't find it in my stacks.

TEEKAY -- I meant what I said in the SM posting area. Thank you for that story. I think I've read it a dozen times already, and it almost seems new every time. I've showed it to several people, and every one of them -- without exception -- got nearly through it and said "Oh, my...," or simply "Ohhh," and finished with tears in their eyes. I believe you have a winner there, young lady!

CHRISTI -- I haven't said much, but I've been thinking of (and praying for) you and your family.

LITTER -- How's Liz?

JACK -- How's Fran?

Gee -- this notebook has us caring and concerned about people we've never met, in places we've never been, for reasons we've never imagined. Do you suppose this is all somehow a part of some grand scheme of things?


howard Tue May 16 17:51:44 PDT 2000

HEATHER -- Depending on the size of the pile of gelt (I'm assuming a VERY large pile for these purposes) I'd:
1 -- Finance the Senior Living Center our church is planning for low cost housing for our older folks.
2 -- Make my banker (and myself) very happy by paying off all that's left of my debts.
3 -- Spring for an all expenses paid week (including air fare) for all my loved ones (including our "extended family" here on the notebook) at some wonderful place, like Pango-Pango, or the Isle of Man, or Hawaii, or Canberra (I've always wanted to visit Canberra), or maybe Fort Smith, Arkansas. They've got a great steak house in Fort Smith Arkansas. Might have to be two weeks, just so I could get to see everybody. Then again, it might have to be in the northwest U.S., just so Sasquatch could attend. Then again, maybe we could pass him off as a Wookie heading for a Star Wars reunion. :-)
It's really rather a selfish thing -- I'd do *anything* to get to see Rachel and Heather "up fron-- er, up CLOSE and personal!" :-)

Okay -- I showed you mine...

Heather Tue May 16 17:29:49 PDT 2000

Not wanting to undo Americo in his 'Best Sentence of the Day Award', I shall refrain from attempts.
Besides, Americo deserves the ride of glory, and of fame.
Let him preserve his minutes a little past fifteen.

Let's all be dreamers, weaving a most fabulous dream:

You are suddenly the SUCCESSFUL author you have worked so hard to become for a long time. You have just sat back to enjoy the feeling. Once you've let the great news sink in, and jumped for joy in your heap of royalties, (and in your bounding sense of personal achievement)
what would be the first THREE things you would do?
It can be things you'd do with the money,(or the fame?)
a place you'd love to go,
a person you'd visit, say something you have always wanted to say... or even satiate oneself on a nice cool accolade with one of those little paper umbrellas, sipped in pure, unadulterated sunshine.
Or would it be a dance where you'd close your eyes and swear you were Cinderella (or the Prince)?

You are the author - of everything in your life, including your dreams. All you have to do is write the ending. Will it be all you hoped it would be?

Do tell.

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.


Mary Tue May 16 16:58:08 PDT 2000

I'm going out on a limb here to say that the only way anyone is beating A*'s sentence is to translate it into a language that would roll off his tongue like silk.

Aqui esta minha flor, faz exame d e esteja no heaven.


Jon Tue May 16 15:20:04 PDT 2000

Just to check if A*s sentence has hit the target ó and put all of you KO.

I myself cannot imagine anything more beautiful, more "best sentence of the night" as his "here's my flower, take it and be in heaven." More than genius! Heatherly, Christly, Howardly, Teekayly, Rachely, Etcly- like!!! But the contest is not over yet. Unless everyone gives up (which, I think, you'd better do). In which case he will win for one thousand and one nights.

Americo Tue May 16 11:11:04 PDT 2000

Hello, notebookers, people of the heart, imagination and all that makes the world a fascinating place.

Since Arik, in his extreme generosity and wisdom, has granted Jon the power to make us happy by choosing one of our sentences as the dumbest, best, etc., let's try Jon's critic spirit and write here something remarkable. This is the first great sentence of the night :

"Here's my flower, take it and be in heaven."

I think that will give me the best prize, but you never know...Your turn.

Rachel Tue May 16 10:12:03 PDT 2000

Christi - I think that right now I will brew us a nice pot of tea or coffee, what ever your preference. I send you very strong hugs and will focus much good energy in the direction of Sandy, your family and yourself. There are so many strong, beautiful people here. I know that all of them will direct their hopes, thoughts, prayers in your direction. If a stiff drink is what you really crave then drop down on the floor, I'll open the bottle and we will drink all day, all night and through to dawn if you would like. I send you more hugs.
Take care you,

Heather Mon May 15 23:02:10 PDT 2000

To Sandy,
May you feel the love that is showered upon you by some very incredible people. You have a most spectacular son and daughter in law. Physically strong past the point of all measurement, she has found it not only in herself and in you, but also within the relationship you and she have fostered. I'm certain your son is just as strong.

Though you may not be able to tell her so, she and your son and their children are, right now, creating a legacy that will forever enlighten life, and are raising a brilliant torch of courage. You have lit this torch, and may it's brightness touch you and comfort you in ways that no words can.

Blessings to you and your loved ones now and in all tomorrows.

Hi all, thought I'd take a moment to tell Sandy what a terrific family she has; even if she will not read it personally, somehow, the message will get through.

Sasquatch, I loved your recent poem, and it struck a resounding cord within me.

Much hotter lava beds have I walked over, and still remain
reasonably (NOTE REASONABLY)intact of body, and of spirit; the mind, well, that is still to be judged! (hardy har har) But losing my artwork just helped brace me for all that was to come, after all. A loss like that just forced me to change in a way that proved beneficial, though I resented it at the time. I suppose some of the events that had come before that should have left me none too surprised, but there I was, shocked all over again. Dare I say close enough to devastated? But at least that time it wasn't losing a best friend, a fiancee, or myself.

I could explain further, but right now I'm thinking of Christi and of Litter, and of Sasquatch, and Americo too, who has expressed his love for his parents and put it so beautifully that one had reason not to comment for a week. The fact is, I couldn't.
Teekay, as said already, yours was a touching story in SM**. Now why would Jon think that 'genius' was the least of the compliments? Surely Einstein would feel quite filled from the calories of such a declaration?

You know, I'm thinking of not posting this.
That funny feeling just before you click on 'publish message' that says 'You've said something not meant for other eyes!'
But I will post it and please know that my intentions are in the right place. No, that's supposed to be HEART.

I left my intentions in my other jacket.


Christi Mon May 15 21:50:25 PDT 2000

Smooch right back at'cha. You deserve a smooch.

I'm very glad that everything went well for your wife. Here's to a smooth and rapid recovery.

It's so lovely to see you!

Glad you're still here!

If your offer still stands, I'll join you now. I will be needing a drink with a substantial kick to it.

A big 'hello!' to all my friends here. I've been out for a few days. As Teekay knows, my Mother-in-law is in the hospital right now. We had to take her to the emergency room on Sunday; a task we had dreaded, but anticipated, though not so soon. Her tumor has run rampant and is taking over her body and mind. For those who don't know, my husband's mom has a tumor on the stem of her brain, and it's a grade four (the worst kind). It's a malignant and very aggressive tumor. In only three weeks, she has gone from being able to walk (with help), talk, and get up and down, to barely being able to move her knees while lying in bed. She doesn't make much sense most of the time now, but she is still coherent enough to get my jokes every now and then. It's wonderful to see her smile in a moment of perfect lucidity. In that moment it's hard to believe that there is anything wrong at all. The one good thing that's happened in all of this is that our relationship has never been better. I've never had to take so much on, never wanted to; the personal care involved threatened to overtake me, but there's something really special that happens between patient and caregiver that I never knew about. Maybe it's even stronger because she's family. I feel a fierce protectiveness where she's concerned, and have turned from a 'Please, walk all over me' person, to a 'Kiss my ass if you don't like it!' person. Life is damnably short, and we have to make the most of every moment; screw the small stuff.

Please, if you feel the urge, say a little prayer or send a little thought towards Tucson, Arizona, to a lovely woman who can certainly use some positive thoughts. Her name is Sandy, she's fifty-one, and she's a fighter.
We see the Neurologist tomorrow (we were supposed to today, but that fell through), and will know then what the next step should be.

Goodnight all, and thanks for listening.


Teekay Mon May 15 18:48:46 PDT 2000

Mornin' all y'all,

CHRISTI & HEATHER: I blush prettily and kiss you both for your lovely, kind words. *smooch* *smooch*.

SASQUATCH: Very sad. Very beautiful. It made me cry. Not sob, just get a bit teary. Not a bad thing, but I'm at work. Guess I could just blame it on the job.

LITTER: Sorry, I'm a bit late, but I would've sent my good thoughts. Glad to hear it all went well.

HOWARD: I'm loving the book. I've almost finished it.

have a great day all.

Jessica Mon May 15 18:39:52 PDT 2000

What a crazy couple of days I have had. I can see that this place keeps busy. WOW!

Heather - The things that you shared about your past touched my heart. I can not even begin to think of how distressing something like that would be. You must be a very strong person. I am pleased to have met you.

sasquatch - Thank you for the words of welcome. Once again you draw your artful words across my heart.

Litter - Let me add my thoughts and prayers for your wife and family during her recovery.

Jon - I should have a new story for SM** soon. I have my outline. Now I just need to find some time. Who am I kidding. I'll find the time. I love this writing stuff. It really turns my crank. What a blast.


Jon, CEO Mon May 15 16:59:18 PDT 2000

New on SM**

Jessica's "Ice-Cream anyone?"
On her 17th birthday a girl is "presented" with ice-cream on her nose and hair. But nothing like a good licking to clean all sticky spots from a pretty face.
Appetizing in more than one sense.

Teekay's "Butternut Cookies and Lemonade"
How sad for a child and a young mother to lose a father and a husband (respectively). The story is greeted by Heather and Christi with an enthusiastic string of words, among which "genius" is probably the least generous... With such friends, who needs critics?

Litter. Good vibes for Liz.

Dumbest sentence of the week: Jon, will you please choose the best sentence for me? (Arik)
Best poem: the latest by sasqwatch
Worst topic (ever): the one about anatomy.
Best sentence: none.

Howard Mon May 15 15:40:59 PDT 2000

ARIK -- Thanks -- I'll post this book shortly. I'll try to help with your sentances also.

SASQUATCH -- You made me cry with that one. I could feel the loneliness and the loss in it. Thank you for sharing it.

LITTER -- Great news! Give Liz our love and best wishes! And be nice to her -- she deserves it!


Litter Mon May 15 14:11:44 PDT 2000

Dear All,

Many thanks for those who offered their prayers and support for Liz, myself, and our kids. Liz is now through the surgery and she came out of it well. She is groggy but in good spirits and wishes me to thank you all - your prayers, good wishes, good vibes, positive thoughts and support are much appreciated.

Tomorrow she will undergo further torture, sorry, she will be encouraged to get up and walk around a bit and, all things being equal, she will be home by the weekend.

Ta muchly,


Allein Mon May 15 12:21:36 PDT 2000

Litter - My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

Arik Mon May 15 12:04:29 PDT 2000

howard - Did you read my post about my last name? it is Arik Nesis... I wasn't sure.

PEOPLE - Have you forgot me? I am having troubles for the next week with the sentances of the day so... Jon.. Will you PLEASE do this thing for a week?

thank you.

sasquatch Mon May 15 11:37:37 PDT 2000

Rachel person you asked to see another but i fear this may be too sad. i can do it again if you do not like.

alone by sasquatch i wrote this

in a safe place
under tall stone
nothing harms here
alone so alone
alone so alone
when fearful of harm
i come to this place
with mate safe and warm
with mate safe and warm
with cub small to love
we rest in a safe place
with tall stone above
with tall stone above
then noise from the ground
i go to protect them
then tall stone falls down
then tall stone falls down
and earth moves and cries
i turn back to help them
tears fall from eyes
tears fall from eyes
when i see where stone land
i call for my mate
see only her hand
see only her hand
from under tall stone
i hold until cold
and cry so alone
and cry so alone
for young cub and mate
i tried to help them
it was too late
it was too late
but they do not fear
for they are now safe
nothing harms here
nothing harms here
but alone so alone
in a safe place
under tall stone

still i come here to remember

Rachel Mon May 15 09:03:01 PDT 2000

Litter - My thoughts are with you and your family.

Heather - Wow! What can I say. You've got heart. Good for you!

Howard - My daughter is also seven years old. Heather and I have more in common than our bust line (grins). My daughter also dreams of having a nice set of breasts. I have told her that all breasts are beautiful, all breasts are different. That if we were all the same the world would be a dull place. She just says "Yah, but do you think I'll have big ones?" *sighs*

Sasquatch - I would enjoy getting to see more of your poems. If the one you left is anything to go by, they will be great (smiles to you)!

Tina - In my art, kubodo used to be part of getting your belts. Now that has changed. I am the last student who will be trained in both. Now the two arts have been seperated. When I graded from orange to green I didn't have to present my bo kata, but I did because it was ready. Now I guess for my green to blue I'll present a tonfa. I might do a tombo kata. We recently had an Arnise workshop at the dojo. I'm not sure I'm ready to look at the tombos again just yet (grins). We also do knife fighting and jo work. Just the basic stuff, nothing exotic.

I have a couple of stories in SM* I have some other projects that I am working on. I keep my stuff pretty quiet while I'm working on it. I should leave more in the workbook. I'll see what I can do (smiles).

Let me know when you go for your grading. I'll be sure to let out a big KIA!!!!!!!! of support (smiles).

Now it is time for me to pull my Gi out of the dryer and get dressed for karate.



Mary Mon May 15 08:28:00 PDT 2000

Has anyone checked out the site: Authorlink
I really liked it-they seem very legitimate and long standing. Sometimes you really have to dig to get to the good stuff, but it is worth it. Contributing editors have monthly interactive columns about relevant issues. No glossing over. Several published writer's have monthly columns also. There are links to other sites of course, and its main function I believe is as a manuscript showcase. A portion of the site is restricted to publishers and editors. I know this for a fact because I tried to access it and they kicked me out. I guess its worth a look-see even if it ends up not being your cup of tea. The site address is as long as my arm so I recommend you just ask Jeeves about Authorlink. Or go Yahoo.

Heather Mon May 15 08:01:28 PDT 2000

Litter, my prayers are with you, your wife and your children today. I am probably typing this after your wife Liz's surgery has already been completed, but still,
I send prayers and positive thoughts for fast healing and no complications.
Bless you all.

Thanks, Tina, Jerry.

Sasquatch, I loved your poem, and would like to read more!
Keep composing, you have a very wonderful innocent manner with which you perceive the world.

Howard, that Santa story is indeed a belly acher! My seven year old daughter is fascinated and unusually pre-occupied with growing her own 'boobies'. I think it started around the age of four... I hope the Santa she inundates with wishes this year won't have to evaluate my chest!


howard Mon May 15 07:27:39 PDT 2000

Hi ! I received a note from that also, and it doesn't look all that scary. There are several POD (print on demand) publishers out there now, trying to get themselves established, and I think that the market is ready for them. Fewer mainline publishers are willing to risk $$ on new names, and even some of the established writers are dipping toes into the POD swimming hole. The e_mail had no attachments -- just a pointer to a web page that explains their process. I think that if I had a ms to send them I would give it a try.
In a related note, I've heard that Barnes&Noble is planning to install POD machines in their larger stores. I was also told that some of the product is really quite nicely done, both soft and hard covers, with good quality artwork and bindings.

TEEKAY -- Don't sweat the cover -- I have a couple more copies of that one anyway, and it's not the cover that counts anyway. The fact that you enjoy the book is all that counts.

LITTER -- Prayers from here also. Hope all is well.

JERRY -- Gotcha by ten years -- 59 this coming November. Don't feel a day over 70, though. :-) Frost warnings again tonight -- better listen to our shaggy friend!

ALLEIN -- All the Chinese buffets around here also serve sushi. It's not bad, but not my favorite. I usually start with the Mongolian hot bar, with chicken, shrimp, and squid, with lots of mushrooms, onions, and sliced jalapenos. The pile on 2 or 3 dozen mussels in fermented bean sauce, and I'm good 'til supper!

RACHEL and HEATHER -- (I keep wanting to type Heater!) -- A girl I worked with has two daughters. She took them to see Santa a couple of years ago. When he asked what she wanted for Christmas the older one (4 at the time) said "I want Hoo Hoo's like my mom." Santa did a quick appraisal, and said "I don't blame you!" Everybody roared!

SASQUATCH -- What I wanted to know is where is *here* ? What part of the country do you live in? And just so you know, "groovy" went out with love beads.

MARY -- What about the bear?

back to work

Mon May 15 03:27:52 PDT 2000

I send you and your whole family my prayers, well wishes, good vibes AND positive thoughts. You can never be too thorough about these things.

Mary Mon May 15 03:25:06 PDT 2000

sasquatch: I am here. We have met in the real world--or maybe you have a brother in my neighborhood. We didn't speak so there is no way to know for sure--unless you remember saving a young girl from a bear about ten years ago. If that was you, thank you from the heart of my bottom. 8-)

Litter Mon May 15 01:56:12 PDT 2000

Hi guys and guyesses,

Just a quickie to request your prayers/good wishes/good vibes/positive thoughts/etc., for my wife Liz. She is undergoing surgery to repair her pelvic floor, this morning. (The ladies will know what that means!) It is routine surgery but obviously still a time of concern for her, me and our kids. So, if you would be so kind…

Many thanks,


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sun May 14 21:42:14 PDT 2000

Heather - WOW, to open you soul in such a way!

I was just working on my short ghost story, which by the way has exceed the length of most of my shorts, and is quickly becoming a long-short story, when it came to me. Here I sit pushing keys on a small insturment which sits in my lap. What exactly does this machine do, simply it accepts the 120 volts of electricity and reduces it to 12 volts, and 5 volts, then with millions of small switches which are implanted in a "chip" located somewhere inside this device, and then transmits them out over my network, finding just the right connection, then goes out on the internet, a network of millions of other computers and somehow it will appear on your screen, possiably half way around the world. Had I written about doing this a short hundred years ago, it would have surely been classified science fiction, yet today, even my 75 year old mother finds noting odd about this happening. - just thought I would share that thought with you.

Some nights are like that.

Write on

Tina Sun May 14 21:31:40 PDT 2000


Ah! The bo! My favourite as well. I'm actually testing for my bo ranking on Tuesday. Sai are my husband's favourite - we train together - but I haven't had the chance to work with the tonfa. With some perseverance and luck I will test for my brown belt this summer, but I'm not rushing it. Fighting scenes have taken on a new edge since I began training; it's not easy to describe honest technique but I feel the scenes come across much more realistically now.
I haven't found any of your writing, and it sounds like I'd enjoy it. Is it posted anywhere and I just haven't seen it yet?

Ironic, eh? I'm just complicated, ya know? Like, unstable? (maniac eyes widen in anxiety) I just... can't... help!... myself...
I know my artist-self pretty well, and I know she will continue to create regardless of the accolade (with ice? a twist of lemon?). I'm also a control freak who won't be abused by a system that has little concern for the artists.

That would've... crushed me. I'm glad you let art back in. A creative soul can atrophy so easily, but art has a way of healing it.

(I'm paranoid now. What rhymes with atrophy? Sugar free accolade anyone?)


sasquatch Sun May 14 20:46:14 PDT 2000

Hello my friends I am sasquatch and I am again here. My thanks for all kind words to my poem. There is more if friends wish to look on it. Howard person I am here. I do not know on pacific time what it is. Hello Jessica person I welcome you and yes I am hairy but all Yeti are hairy so what makes that difference.Litter person I think you make much fun in poem of body parts. sasquatch toes thank you for laugh ha ha. Jerry person it is again cold this night and I think plants will thank you from roots of their bottom for covering up. Hee hee I think I like Litter person way of poem. But I learn not to do more than enough. Teekay person do not worry about size of things. Not useful as big back end for sitting long on hard cold ground to wait for food. Yeti more like big back end. You have? sasquatch like. Gary person you have good humor sense also, but what is funny about weasel with only one eye? It would get in trouble if not able to see where it goes. Might go into wrong burrow in the dark and get in trouble. Allein person sasquatch has sushi all time, only way to fly like young humans persons say groovy. Rest of persons hello. Especially Rachel and Heather persons and where is Mary person? I must go.

Heather Sun May 14 19:41:17 PDT 2000

'Allo, notebook friends.

I also received a or whatever-you-call-it email also, but deleted it immediately. I wouldn't want to take a chance with that sort of thing. Illegitimate is what it sounds like to me. You send them your manuscript via email and never hear another word about it until one day you happen across a web-site...

Here's what I was reminded of on reading here in the NB about that email and accompanying offer (since now we all know what was in the email!:

(First, let me sit down to some blue accolade, with a red and white striped straw...)

I remember well the feeling of my art portfolio being stolen, around 6 years worth of my best work in it. And photographs of my best friend that had died; pictures, of which I had no other prints. I was to go to an interview at an art college that very day.
There is nothing more doom-infested than the feel of many years' work slipping through your fingers and down the drain, right before the most incredible opportunity of your life had had the chance to welcome you. Of course, my lifepath did not take me to that College of the Arts.
For a long time I kept my eyes open for signs of my drawings somewhere, a lead to the guy who stole it, but nothing came.
I can never draw or paint or airbrush those exact pieces again, in fact I've never tried. Too heartbreaking.
It took several years to feel that there was any use picking up a squirrel hair brush, a 6B stick of graphite and a rendering stick, a micro-pigment felt-nibbed pen, pastels, charcoal, or even my calligraphy pen. So, instead of those mediums, soon I picked up my dusty camera and took photographs. I picked up a regular ballpoint, and wrote poetry again. I see it now as a metaphor for the stages of life I was then passing through. I could no longer escape to my dream world, where everything in my imagination was evidenced upon the face of my page. Now I must see what was truly there, and interpret angles and the way light struck objects, in a relatively new discipline for me. Pictures? Sure, I'd taken many - but never did I depress the shutter for the simple reason of looking at life the way it appeared. And with the poetry, I began to unravel what had been in reality, all tangled inside. Through expression, those knots slowly came undone; open for a new spindle on which to weave a different future.
The fantasy world I had previously constructed had been torn apart. Now it was time to see.
Fantasy can take you places far away,
but it may also ignore the most important place: whithin.

To remind me to always keep copies of my work as well (reality sure has a way of knocking harshly) when I had forgotten the lesson, my computer crashed. And out of the ashes, rose a much more finely featured pheonix.
The path has a funny way of winding! Life has many so-called mysteries.

And here I am. I am so glad you are all here. Have I said that enough times?
It has been a long journey to here. As I'm sure all of your lives have been such a journey here as well.

Gariess, I do so admire your wit and charm.
I have, in my possession, a Thesaurus that is not a traditional one. It is a sexual thesaurus, called "The Blad-Headed Hermit and the Artichoke", filled with every uttered nickname for body parts and sexual activities of which the whole of human-kind loves to find tags for.
It is not denail of our own sexual thoughts and feelings? A cover for embarassment and discomfort with the subject?
Or is it also a virtual veil at times, making the atmosphere more mysterious for ourselves?

Rachel's world sounds like one devoid of these stigmas, and I for one,
find the thought of it very interesting and free. I'd miss calling on the doors of my woodland friends, however;
Miss Beaver, Mr. Woodchuck, Mr. Peckerhead and The Moose with Balls to Spare. I'd miss The one-eyed sea snake, coullions (a lovely dish) and the old trouser mouse. I'd pine for the hedgehog twins.
I'd shed a tear over the diappearance of the Elephant's trunk, the Kiwi's beak, the trusty tripod, the octopi's tentacle, the horses' extra leg. I'd reluctantly give up my friend the horny toad. I'd not be too sad over a goodbye to the porcupine, however, (what a prick), nor would I feel badly about the loss of skunks (wherever did you buy that cologne dear? It's enchanting).
(No wonder Pepi was always depicted babbling smooth talk).
I can't find my book so am taking these from the tip of the brain pan, a little unsuccessfully. Why do those names just disappear into the recesses until someone cuts you off in traffic?
Sorry, Americo, there's the garage door opening again.

Gadgets galore for making life interesting
Must go blend up a few things.
My my, what lovely handles you have, sweet shy toaster. How about you get those elements all hot for me...
Gawd, now look what happened!
I'm getting squirmy, and all over the nicknames of anatomy, the suggestions of sex where it really isn't.
Look how conditioned I am to react that way!
Cutesy isn't supposed to take over! And my bedroom isn't filled with animals, well- heh heh
never mind that there, people

in fact just ignore everything I said altogether, it might be healthier for your minds.

A heavy dose of Valium for all concerned with my neuro-capacity fluctuator.

They're coming to take me away ha ha he hee ho ho
Little men in their clean white coats
they're coming to take me away
to the rubber room, with the rubber walls
and rubber plants
in rubber halls
They're coming to take me away
to the funny farm
where life is beautiful all the time
...ha ha he hee ho ho

UGGGHHH I can't recall the lyrics exactly...but
I had that 45. On the flipside, the entire song was recorded backwards.
Now how's that for a trip - on an 8 year old mind.
Cracked. Why must I convince people I'm nuts?
Maybe so they'll leave me alone and not wonder what I'm muttering.
Yeah, Im muttering dialogue from my novel...a conversation between two characters that don't exist... ha ha hee hee ho ho


Teekay. Sun May 14 16:50:52 PDT 2000

HEATHER: In my last post to you I said something like 'age isn't important, it's how stupid you are that matters. It is supposed to read like ; 'age isn't important, it's how stupid one is that's important.' I thought about it in the wee hours of this morning and it occured to me that with the initial wording it may be construed wrongly.

I'm exhausted. Last night I dreamt about the notebook and I did a lot of thinking because we had to keep making up stories!!

AMERICO: I've finished it YAAAY. It's called butternut cookies and lemonade and is in SM* as I sit here and type my merry little fingers off.

TINA: You did make me laugh. (In a good way.) In one of the first posts you posted I had a vision of you sitting at a table, pen in hand, halo in place and a beautific smile upon your face and saying "It's not for the money I do it, it's for the love. Money is just the accolade." and then a few post later I had a vision of you, your eyes manic, your hair dishevelled and through gritted teeth you snarl. "They're preying on new writers so's they can rip 'em off. The smarmy b********."
I know, I used a bit of literative license with your words, but the idea's the same.

If I had a novel written I'd send it to them. I'd be happy with pittance right now. Hell. I'd be happy if they even considered it.

HOWARD: Don't be scared, but the front cover of 'holding wonder' is a bit worn and was starting to fall off, so I taped it up. Neatly. So don't worry, I just thought I'd let you know.

CHRISTI: I'm going to check my email now and it better be there or else....... my Mum'll getcha.

Well, tis Monday and another working day, so I'll be off and I wish you all a very pleasant day, and also for me.

Dot Sun May 14 15:03:38 PDT 2000

Hello notebookers,

My, hasn't it been busy, I almost cannot keep up with the goings on of late, especially on the bosom front (redundancy?). All I will say about that is that gravity is being more unkind with the passing of the years.

Tell me gentlemen, do you feel intimidated with all this talk of breasts and nipples tucked into waistbands?

Saw the bit on political correctness. I think PC sucks, being told what to say and what to call things, yada, yada, yada.

Had a look at the poetry section too, don't have time to offer individual critiques (nor would I want too) but there is some really good stuff in there, and on this page. And yes, Litter, I DO love you with all my spleen.

Jack, I am glad that things turned out OK for Fran. That must have been a load off your mind.

Lots still to say, but I have to go and Champion the cause of those crapped upon by an uncaring materialistic culture. (Sorry, I shall have to leave my soap-box behind.)

Hugs all round, especially to our warm furry friends,


Arik Sun May 14 08:51:51 PDT 2000

Ohh damit... I am so stupid... if this was a sentance it'll sure win the dumest sentance award :-). my full name is Arik Nesis.

Sorry again for my really bad working brain

Rachel Sun May 14 07:29:16 PDT 2000

Tina - My art is called Goju Ryu. It is a hard and soft style. Our sparing sempi uses much Shotokan in our training. I have had some exposure to juijitsu. I also have worked with some other arts. They all blend together vry nicely. A littl kick boxing, boxing, you know. I don't think that anyone really spars in just one style.
I can be a bruise factory. I work with a bo and tonfa as well. I like the Sai, but I think that bo and tonfa are plenty for now. With these two weapons I from time to time batter myself stupid. I either clip my knee, or catch one in the jaw. With the bo it is just learning to place it correctly. I'm getting much better at this. Thank goodness! Now I don't get bruised so much from my bo. I also spend hours just snaping it into the correct position. That helps.
I got into karate as research for a story I was writing. I was not happy with my fight scenes. It was also one of those things that I wanted to do before I turned thirty. I really cut it to the wire on that one. I'm not fierce or anything like that. I'm at green belt level. I don't exect to grade for another two or three months. I hope my Sensei will give me that long. I have just come off some injuries and pnemonia I don't want to over do it.
Well, enough of Rachel and her passion for karate. Now I am off for a run. Soon my husband and children will wake up. Then they will want to spoil me.

Take care you,

Jerry Ericsson Sun May 14 06:46:47 PDT 2000

Heather - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Do not be sad when you hit the big 29, rest assured many of us have reached that point, and we live on and on and on.

My next birthday approaches the crest of the hill, I will be (hold your breath now) (ok now let out just a little)
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{FORTY NINE}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
and yet I will live on - at least I hope I will.

Haven't had time to work anymore on the ghost story as yesterday was my youngest child's graduation day - nine years after exiting High School, she graduated from college with a BA in Business Administration and Art - a minor in Spanish. We are very very proud of her.

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers in our fine little group, and to all those who will be mothers one day.


Litter Sun May 14 03:45:54 PDT 2000

Teekay - I got a mail from as well. I figured it had to come from someone who had read this notebook, as they used an address I have only recently started using. (Post aol as it were.) Haven't checked out the site yet as my daughters party deprived me of my computer space for a while :o(

I'm not quite as sceptical as some, as I have heard much good about publishing on demand, from excerpts on internet sites - cuts down costs for everybody and seems to work well for certain genres. I cannot comment on the standard or fidelity of this particular site, but I have to admit to toying with a similar venture myself, at some point in the future.

Can anyone shed any more light on

Ciao for now,


Gary S Sun May 14 00:07:14 PDT 2000

Sorry guys,

I just realized I did not sign that prior post. I also posted it before I read all the other posts about... well, about the Notebook breasts... the boobies of the forum if you will. I must say I can't recall a time when I have heard so many women discuss their endowments so freely. Such fun getting to know you all a little better, well perhaps not all of you, but no shabby little number, indeed. And what we lack in numbers, we seem to compensate in weight rather handsomely.

What always strikes me is the many ways that we make cyptic references to body parts we associate with sex. I don't have to point out how many names we invent for this small number of anatomical enhancements. Considering how relatively featureless, how recognizable a breast, a penis or a testicle is, isn't it incredible that we think we can make oblique references to them in such a way as to detach responsibility for our remarks. Consider the following:

"Did you get a load of those hangers?"

"Did I? You ever seen such melons?"

"You don't get many of those to a pound."

Another curiosity is how much we associate these things with edibles.

Of course the salient point is, nobody seems to want to decryptify the language of sexual equipment in conversation. Perhaps this is one of the ways we have fun with the subject of our sexual being. When the day comes that Rachel goes to the mall and everyone is walking around naked she won't be prompted to ponder the questions she raised in her posts. But then there will never be a shortage of questions to ponder, will there?

In any case, it is edifying in a way to know that Rachel, by her own analysis is well endowed. It never hurts to have something to add to one's visual impression of an otherwise wholly conjured image. Although I can't say that I really needed to hear what Heather looks forward to tucking into her waistband. I'm not offended, Heather, make no mistake, but these things can have an eerie effect on me; something like those Irish Riverdance people who flail their legs all about while they keep perfectly still from the knees up. To me this is disturbing; whenever I see that commercial I get this sub-perceptive notion of dozens of legs coming loose at the knees and clattering about like so many uncontrolled bowling pins. Still, you mustn't let my squeemishness inhibit your candid examination of the human booby here in the Notebook. This is, after all, the refuge of uncensored literary consideration. I suppose it probably has to do with Mother's day and all that.

So, I suppose on father's day, we lads might feel free to open the discussion of the human weenie, the schlong, the one eyed weasel, the wanger, the dong, the sausage... Ah, yes, I don't think the ladies could ever match us for sheer numbers in the way we make reference to our appendages. Of course, I suppose someone could argue that it is men who invent these names and not women at all. So be it, it is not just the names, but the idea of NOT calling something what it actually is. After all, where would be the fun?

Later, my good freinds,


Tina again Sat May 13 23:19:42 PDT 2000

I just linked over to my work site, and it didn't open 'cause it went in as ' yada yada yada. Just type in instead of hyper-linking. It's there.


Tina Sat May 13 23:13:34 PDT 2000

I bet your instructor didn't expect that! (another wicked giggle)
I did open that email. It's a new publishing company using a new approach. They market your book on their website - not the whole thing but a blurb and review - and when a buyer wants it, it's printed on demand and shipped out. No stock sitting around. They want 'new' authors, to give 'em a break into publishing. My cynical side says it's because if you're new you don't recognise when they're ripping you off. My Pollyanna side says if they're honest it's not a bad approach. Steven King already proved that marketing books exclusively on the web can work. If you're established.


Teekay Sat May 13 23:08:21 PDT 2000

HOWARD: YAAAAY You're back!!! Lousy excuse for being away so long. Even if it was made up.

RACHEL: I was sorta only joking about the depressed part. I wouldn't be depressed. Some might, but not me, no sireee. Well I would if it were winter, especially a really, really cold winter.

MARY: It's a site saying they want to publish 500 novels from new writers by the end of this year and to send them in your writing. Do you want me to forward it to you?
I'm not feeling any itches or flushes yet, but I hear these viral things take time. Do you want to wait and see if I'm still posting by the end of the week before I forward it to you? I can be, like, the virus tester person. It's the modern day equivelent to the food taster from days of old.

TINA: I'm pretty sure they've gotten the emails from this site coz they've addressed it to Teekay.
Tried to visit the site where you worked and couldn't get in. It's not top secret stuff is it? If it is could you please just send me the password.

GARIESS: It was TINA who said those immortal words, and I didn't even have to go check.

AMERICO: The plan for today was to finish the short for SM*, but on this day of sort of holy days we are going to MIL's for lunch, dinner, foodstuffs. Where are you anyway??

RHODA: Missing your posts.

Mary Sat May 13 22:59:18 PDT 2000

Tina: I accidentally roundhoused my tai-bo instructor in the face--does that qualify as sparring? Knocked his tooth out. I don't go to tai-bo anymore. It's a shame too because I really loved it. I took Tae Kwon Do for about six months, but the local school closed down. I'm jinxed in the martial arts department.

Mary Sat May 13 22:49:04 PDT 2000

I also received a questionable email from or whatever it was. I didn't think anything of it because I am involved in so many writing related sites. I didn't open it however--I never open email unless I recognize the sender. I delete imediately. No amount of missed information is worth the risk--I love my new computer too much. Teekay--Did you open it? What was it if you did?

Tina Sat May 13 22:44:11 PDT 2000

Me again. Rachel, you say sparring and I say what kind? I agree, it's just a baaaad feeling. I'm a student of jiu-jitsu, and while the bruises, bumps, and occasional blood don't bother me, the squished booby isn't fun. Gives me respect for the guys when they get sacked; I know that THAT hurts way more. And I love the look on guy's faces when they realise what they've done. (wicked chuckle)


Tina Sat May 13 22:35:09 PDT 2000


I also received an email from 399 I'm leary. They must be lurking around here and using our email addresses to contact us, because I've made no other contacts at all with anyone involved in writing/publishing. I'm a huge skeptic of unsolicited anything. Anyone else know more?

Another birthday thought. I'll be 29 this year, too, and can't wait 'cause then it's 30. Just to buck the trend, I refuse to think of 30 in a negative way. I'm looking forward to it. Really! I know more happy thirtysomethings than happy twentysomethings, and can't wait to join the ranks.


Rachel Sat May 13 22:33:07 PDT 2000

Teekay - Big breasts aren't all they are cracked up to be. You try sparing with those things! I don't even want to think about all the times I have been pounded in the breasts. I find that making a "BOING!" sound, when the pound you one in the titties works really well for distracting an opponent If nothing else, it provides a little comic relief in the ring.

As for the depression. I have to say if we all grew up with a realistic expectation for what the normal human body looks like, none of us would be depressed at all. At least not about this. I'm sure we would find something to stress about.

We are fed an image from the time we can see. Even before we are conscious of what we are seeing, we are told it is beautiful. This sickens me. I am not one to go in for beauty on a physical level.

Take care you


Sat May 13 22:16:18 PDT 2000


I donít intend to usurp the office of Arik and start naming the best sentences, but I do want to point to one that I think I like for today. Already I forget who wrote this but thatís just a problem I have. How about this: She looked at me like I'm pyscho. I think that like any art, it's the doing that matter's, not the accolade.

Okay so thatís two sentences, but we donít quibble, here, over such banal technicalities. What is important here is that the writer subscribes to the idea that writing, in itself, has value beyond being a means of material exchange. Writers do trade their art work for currency but writers write for other reasons. God knows there would be a scant few here, if it were not so.

The writer points out that the accolade is a secondary consideration. I tend to agree; I like accolade, but for a cool summer drink, I think iced coffe is very under-rated. Now, consider a nice picnic lunch with a cooler full of accolade. Tuna sandwiches, a bit of potato saladÖ perhaps a few pieces of left over chicken breast. For me, about the best I can say for the accolade is that it doesnít attract ants, at least the diet kind doesnít; thatís probably because it has that artificial stuff instead of sugar. Come to think of it, I guess itís the sugar that attracts the ants, mostlyÖ whatís that, Hayden? What about accolade? Oh, okay. Uh, guys, never mind.


Mary Sat May 13 22:04:50 PDT 2000

Happy Birthday Heather-from one twenty-niner to another.

Mary Sat May 13 21:41:03 PDT 2000

I only have a moment, but I want to use it to wish a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mothers out there--and fathers too because we couldn't all be mothers without you!

One more thing...nevermind.

Rachel Sat May 13 20:15:15 PDT 2000

Howard - I do not serve my fried eggs up often to the public. I am really quite shy. They don't come with a side of anything. Trust me, they are plenty and enough. When I dish up fried eggs you will not be wanting for anything else (grins, blush and much merry laughter)

Jessica - I to have hit the vino this evening. Well, I also had a couple of beer. I wonder if that was a good idea? I'll let yah know in the morning.

Christi - Not drunk on literature tonight. Where are yah girl!

Take care all

Rachel (I can't believe how many times it took me to spell my name correctly)!

howard Sat May 13 20:04:26 PDT 2000

TEEKAY -- Ouch! Leggo my ears! Sorry, I was unavoidably detained. But I'm out on bail now, so all should be okay. My lawyer says he thinks he can get them to drop the public lewdness charges, but I might still have to pay a fine for loitering with intent. Whatever that means. You realize, of course that I am making this all up, in an attempt to keep up with Heather and Rachel's tittillating revelations.
Fried eggs, indeed! Are they *fresh* is what I wants to know, eh? An' I likes 'em over easy too -- or soft boiled. With a rasher of bacon and a side of 'shrooms,

ARIK -- You'll have to post your last name as well. Unless you think they'll deliver that package to just Arik at your PO box. I went to send it this morning, when I realized that all I had was your first name. Now I've had things delivered to me addressed only to my last name and zip code, but I live in a town much smaller than Jerusalem.

JESSICA -- Welcome! Or did I say that already?

HEATER -- Happy Birthday! You'll find it's not the actual age that's unsettling, as much as it's the rate of settling. Anyway, 29 isn't all that far over the hill. Matter of fact, it isn't anywhere near the peak. And I'll wager that you're not so stoop-shouldered that you can't lean backwards enough to see the top.

SASQUATCH -- That's a very nice poem! Almost puts one in mind of the Ents, what with talking trees and all. Do you know any Ents? Have you ever run across them while lurking? I understand they're still looking for their wives. And what a sad love letter! You'll never seek another mate? I think I would, if something were to happen to mine. What about the other notebookers? And Sasquatch, where do you live? I thought I could figure it out from the time stamps on your posts, but then realized that they're all stamped with Pacific time, so that wouldn't help at all. Can't you give us a clue?

ERIN and TINA -- Welcome to you too -- and I'll get out to the workbook and check it out as soon as I can do it.

Gotta run along now -- it's past my bedtime!

Jessica Sat May 13 19:55:01 PDT 2000

Teekay - I didn't say that just to impress Arik. You go right on ahead and feel warm and fuzzy.

I'm not so buxom as these other fine ladies. I think I'm feeling a little jealous. Not bad jealous. Just poor me, I don't have glorious large breasts jealous. I'm being serious when I say this. My breats are fine. I have never had any complaints. Not yet... I am kind of getting old. Maybe when they fall down and can't get up I'll have complaints. Uhhhh, I am afraid. I can't think of this any more. I need to go. Not to bathroom, I need to go to look up a good plastic surgeon. Not one of those hacks how leaves your nipples someplace round about your armpits. BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. I know women who this has happened to! It happened to a friend of a friend of a friend of mine!!!!!!!!

Jessie after some wine

Teekay Sat May 13 19:12:05 PDT 2000

JESSICA: Have left a critique for you.

ERIN & TINA: Forgive me for my lack of critique, but I just cannot get interested in sci fi or fantasy.

Teekay Sat May 13 18:54:03 PDT 2000

JESSICA: I meant the best sentence award. I don't know where I got present from. Must have presents on the brain.

Teekay. Sat May 13 18:51:44 PDT 2000

Does anybody else here feel bossomicatically inferior?

Teekay Sat May 13 18:48:32 PDT 2000

I'm a great advocate of MOTHER'S DAY. Breakfast in bed, presents, practically housework free - without the guilt. All the family being really nice to you.
I think I could fancy being the Queen.

HEATHER: This may be sort of good news or not, depending on how you feel about being the big 2 9. Well, it's a bit complicated (for me anyway, but I shall try to explain, JERRY could probably do it heaps better.) Okay here goes. Ahem... Okay, well, you know how there was no year 0?? Okay, good, well then your not really 29 years old until next year, your really only 28 years old. This is good news for me, because I'm actually younger than I thought I was. Now I shall switch into my higher mind state and tell everyone that age is not important, it's how stupid you are that really counts.

HEATHER: Ignore that first post because I actually thought about it and what I said was totally wrong. Not about the stupid part though. I really shouldn't have thought about it so hard coz now I have a headache and am still as old - no young as I was before I hadn't thought about it.
I think.

RACHEL: I think your perfectly right in saying there wouldn't be such a hang up about the perfect body if it wasn't always hidden away. There would probably be a lot less sex crimes too. But there may be an awful lot more depression

ARIK: JESSICA'S post was not pointless. "Hello - Teekay" made me feel all warm and fuzzy and warm and..and..fuzzy and nice and warm. You're not going to use this for the next dumbest sentence are you? Are you? I think maybe I have had my quota of dumb sentence awards. I know, I know, can there ever be too many.

JESSICA: I just saw your other post and at first it made me feel all nice and warm and fuzzy, but then I read on and I fear you were only saying that to impress ARIK. I think everybody tries to impress ARIK, they're only after the best present award.

GARIESS: You've been very, very quiet. I hope Bitchslapper hasn't given you too hard a time - no pun intended.

JERRY: Can't wait to look at that ghost story. I LOVE a good, scarey ghost story.

Has anybody here received an email from 399

Gotta go and check out the workbook.

Jessica Sat May 13 18:45:20 PDT 2000

In case some of you think that I was spelling birthday wrong the other day. I was not. I was simply spelling it with a French Canadian accent for the amusement of Heather. I don't know how well that worked... I am well aware of how to spell the word birthday.
EEEEK, AAAH are there claws about? Ohhhhh, I was sooooooo verrrrrrrryyyyy afrrrraaaiiidd. I have awful spelling. I have been writing most of my posts on my word processor, then moving them to the notebook. This is one of my first free from processor attempts.

This note has been left by the girl with no fish to call her own.


Rachel Sat May 13 18:30:07 PDT 2000

Litter - My eyes are not scary at all (grins). In fact they are very nice and receive a regular thought not much appreciate stream of comments. Hum, the above post sounds like I have a big head... Well, I have a big something (GRINS)! In fact I have two.

Litter Sat May 13 17:50:17 PDT 2000

Hi Peeps,

The following has been extensively spell-checked to ensure that the message is clear, concise and correct, so that the recipient is appropriately greeted on this special of days - so,


Oh, and the smile was the thought of putting a previously discussed Polaroid of you at your BBQ, sans supportive engineering device ;o)

Rachel - I believe there are web-sites for 'fried egg' scans (according to a particular tv programme in the UK, although they refer to them as 'scary eyes'. Also, there is a guy in the UK that has been parading publicly, in the bare buff, since the late 60's. He is regularly chased up trees and lampposts by the police and has been taken to court on scores of occasions. He believes it his the right, and that of whomsoever else wishes it, to be naked in public. His 'face' is quite well known now.

Tina - There is one occasion that I remember vividly that so many ideas, words, phrases, bits of poetry, etc., etc., were flooding into my mind that I did not physically have the time to write them all down. It lasted several days and I ended up writing on anything that was available - tissues, envelopes, the back of my hand, if I was without my notebook. I actually felt pain and a sense of loss for all the ideas I missed during this time - it just wasn't possible to get everything down. At the end of it I was shattered, but it was only then I began to write seriously. It was scary for me but even more so for my wife, especially when I rifled her handbag for lip-liner to write things down on items that I'm too modest to mention. I guess I was kinda obsessive!

Jessica and Christi - thank you for your kind comments.

All y'all - It is almost 2.00am here and I am just recovering from a party my 17 year old daughter had for her friends - 30 or so people in our house, most female 16-18 years old… damn it was tough for a while :o)

Hi and goodbye,


Rachel Sat May 13 11:38:14 PDT 2000

Heather - Are you going to b-b-q today (grins)? I could never do something like that. I am really very shy. I did once do something that I call fried eggs. Not a very lady like display. I'm sure that you can sort out what it is that I did.
We have a lady in our community,she walks topless everytime the rain stops. She gets a lot of attention. Her breasts aren't what I would call a joy to view, but they are breasts. By the end of summer she has a couple of other women who will join her on her little walks.
She feels that if she wants to be topless that should be her right. I suppose in some ways I agree with her. I was thinking about nudity today.
I was at the mall watching all the people and decided that if we all walked around naked we would have more realistic body images. While I was there I didn't see even one "perfect" body go by. Just a bunch of everyday people with their everyday body.
Maybe there would be less hang ups if everything wasn't always covered up.
I know that all around the world women go topless on beaches. Just not here. Even here we have some beaches where you can go if you want to be naked. I think it would be great to run naked on the beach. As long as it was my own private beach and nobody else was around (grins).
Yikes, I think I have said enough.
Take care you,

Jack Beslanwitch Sat May 13 11:26:39 PDT 2000

Hello all: Cleaned out that bit of strange URL pointing to a Russian page. Have been severely under the weather. And, yes, my birthday is May 27. Fran is doing well. At some point in the next day or so or three I will archive. Oh, and no, I have not cleared out the Workbook. However, I suspect that until I have time to create the more user friendly version where you post your manuscripts and others respond on the same page, more or less like a topical discussion board, things will be somewhat quieter there. This version of the guestbook script also has the value of not being quite so bandwidth intensive. No promises when I can get to this. Life has been severely busy and complicated this last couple of weeks.

Heather Sat May 13 10:37:16 PDT 2000

Oh, you sweet people, thank you for all of your birthday wishes!
Today I am now considered twenty nine years old and feeling not so badly about it. Could be worse, I could be zero. All those people's fuzzy faces hanging down, and not being able to type. And having to cry to be fed and changed - well! Now that's just something I'm glad to be over. Now I just cry when I need to be held.

(Isn't that sexist!)

You must all know that without you I would be a writer in the depths of a pit of 'literary' aloneness, so indescribable that suffice to say I am more than grateful to know you all exist, and are out there struggling to express your written selves as arduously as I am. I am a writer in the midst of realists, analysts and fundamentalists. I am a burning artist staked in the midst of a crowd of voyeurists. Puritanical vengeance has so far merely grazed me, and even though I have been made a spectacle, I refuse to grant their desireless demands. I will not fail. I will not succumb. And I will not censor, for the sake of my own expressive purity. Not of Puritanistic value, but not without some semblance of Grace.
Make it not a crusade but our birthrights to do so, and unbind ourselves to leap upon the steads and never, not ever, look back.
There are many who will look you in the eyes with no thought of how nicely their daggers will slide into your spine. Keep them your fences. Keep them your gates. And ride.

Saddle up, partners!

Oh, my mistake - we've already been saddled.

Next destination? What's this new round robin I heard a peep about?

Did I rant much, a paragraph earlier? Sorry,
I suppose I feel entitled on this day of reckoning.

I reckon....

Thanks again for your thoughts of me - even Rachel's thought of my gravity-defying bosom (heh heh) and how sooner or later I'll be able to tuck my nipples into my waistband.
By that time, dear friends, they'll have invented a hovercraft bra, of sorts. I'll be dreaming of the patents tonight.

Pillow dreams and floorboard fancy,

Tina Sat May 13 08:45:11 PDT 2000


I have a brief moment to dance with my keyboard. A friend asked me a question yesterday, something I thought I'd share just to see how many of you agree. While at work on my dinner break, I almost always write. My friend came along and said, "Don't you ever sit and do nothing? How can you write ALL the time? Every time I talk to you you're writing!" I told her that my brain never really stops writing, and I compelled to write it all down whenever I get the chance. Then she said, "I guess it'll be worth it if it gets published and you make some money." I told her it's worth it if nobody ever reads it, I don't do it for the money. She looked at me like I'm pyscho. I think that like any art, it's the doing that matter's, not the accolade.

Hello! Hurray! You came, you saw, you stayed to talk! I've checked out your poetry, and will comment on it soon. I like to read, let it settle, re-read, then I feel comfortable giving an opinion.

Happy Birthday! Hope it's as sunny on your end of the country as it is on mine!

In general...
There's less posted in the workbook than I'd expected. I gather that Jack cleans it out periodically, so where can I find stuff by everyone who isn't posted? Personal web sites? Let me in on the secret, 'kay? I'll even take Arik and Jon's test.....
Speaking of the workbook, I'm nervously waiting for a voice from the void to say.... SOMETHING! Even if the only two words are, to quote Nicole, Mule Puke. (Nicole, where did you go?)

Must be off, get ready to go to work. Another sunny day, shot to #*#*!
(shameless attempt at workplace is at - see above link. It's actually a fun place, so my distaste is undeserved. The picture of the store is where I work.)

Jessica Sat May 13 05:03:54 PDT 2000

P.Cushing - I am not one of the old faces. I am a new face. This new face would like to tell you to feel free to talk to me anytime. I will talk back.

Arik - I will see about leaving an e-mail address. Your fish sounds like he could survive my attention.

P. Cushing Sat May 13 04:23:03 PDT 2000

So slowly at first. Then, as if by magic, the warm glow cascades through my senses, a wonderful sensation coursing about my being. The power reaches my head eventually and it manifests itself in visible form. I show my feelings without shame. My face contorts as I welcome the inflowing powers.......I

(((((((( S M I L E ))))))))

Thank You!

Arik Sat May 13 01:33:03 PDT 2000

Jessica - Usually I dont feel sorry for people that lost their fishes.... but with you its special! I will send you alfred and you will forget about your fish in 2 days! no one compers to alfred!

Jessica Fri May 12 23:04:22 PDT 2000

Arik - Let me make amends.

Teekay - How pleased I am to meet you! Your words are splendid, your style, your flair. You make me gasp with pure delight.

Arik - Better? About the fish, nobody could ever replace my dear sweet Fred. I won him at a school fair with my nephew. I tried to give him to my nephew. My sister would not allow it. I knew the fish was damned to die when I took him home. I can't even keep a plant alive. I have fake plants. Good ones, but fake plants none the less. My Fred was one of those fighter fish. Some fighter he turned out to be. Ah well, what am I to do. It is my lot in life to be alone. Not even a fish to warm my home. This is the part where you feel very, very sorry for me.

Arik Fri May 12 22:28:37 PDT 2000

okey people... sorry for bothering you again but I thought about something... I think it will be interesting to see how many visitors we have a day... wont it? I am putting a counter with my post and hope no body will care...

Arik Fri May 12 22:21:51 PDT 2000

and todys sentances are:

The funniest is by Teekay:

"ME: Why thankyou me. If you think that is something then you should see me spell subacalerfrengilisticexpiyalidoshis, or something like that. It isn't pretty, but I like a challenge. "


The best sentance is by Jessica:

"Hi, my name is Jessica Moore, I like long walks, rainy days and men who...
Damn! Wrong site!"


And the dumbest sentance is also by Jessica. I want to tell you guys something PLEASE DONT WRITE POST THAT SAY ONLY HEY.... ITS POINTLESS!!!!!:

"Teekay - Hello."


Arik Fri May 12 22:05:20 PDT 2000

Jessica - I also had a fish.... Alfred! it died and then Rachel returned it to life... If you want (and he'll agree), I'll send him to you on the e-mail.

people. I'll give ya the sentances in 30 min.... ok?

J. Keane not up yet Fri May 12 20:32:51 PDT 2000

Anyone know anything about Just stumbled upon it on the net. Looks brand new and their looking for writers... wanted to see what people knew before i sent in some samples. Thanks,
- J.Keane

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Fri May 12 20:10:26 PDT 2000

P. Cushing - Welcome home.

Seems that, as usual, we are suffering from seasonal amnesia. Woke up this morning, and it was SNOWING! Snowed all day, but luckily the ground was warm enough from the nice weather that it all melted when it hit the ground. Weather man says to cover the bedding plants tonight, as there will be frost in the morning. Some times I wonder why I ever moved back north. Oh well it really is nice to be home even with the late snow.

The ghost story is going nicely, about half done now. Should be posting it within the week.

Write On!


Rachel Fri May 12 19:37:53 PDT 2000

PCushing - I'm here and I am willing to listen. You sound like you need a hug. I am sending you a bunch of them.
Take care you

Allein Fri May 12 19:20:07 PDT 2000

Well, I didn't get sushi - I got Chinese which is good so I'm happy. Luckily, Chinese food always makes me full so I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. :) Besides, my Japanese teacher offered me a piece of her sushi at lunch. :p Yummy.

Teekay Fri May 12 18:37:52 PDT 2000

Dear every body,
Please do not mistake the word volumptous for voluptuous. Like I did. Okay, well, I know how to spell other stuff.

Teekay Fri May 12 18:29:29 PDT 2000

Thanks Mum. And er, it's spelled thoughtful.

Teekay's Mum Fri May 12 18:28:40 PDT 2000

DEAREST MOST TALENTED BEAUTIFUL KIND NICE DAUGHTER OF YOUR FATHER'S LOINS: When you were little you had the messiest room, but now I am happy to say that you live somewhere else and I don't have to see it. Thankyou for your thoughfulness. I'm sure there are not too many so thortful.

Teekay Fri May 12 18:24:18 PDT 2000

P.CUSHING: How sad you must feel to find what was once a wondorous playground full of chatter and friendly faces is now filled with the coldness of strangers. You should not have left, for without you it was no longer what it had been and slowly, slowly it began to fade away, and slowly, slowly others came to take the place of those gone before.
Aah alright, that's a load of bull cacka. Depending on how far you want to go back a lot of the old folk are still alive and kicking today. They're just being a little negligent with their posting just now. As for EDDIE well we think that maybe he is still sulking over a lost soccer game. RLH aka RANDALL is doing a temporary disappearance, but shall be back and there's RHODA and RACHEL and JERRY and ALLIEN and HOWARD and GARIESS who has shunned his more interesting name for the likes of GARY S. I ask you? JON and PUSSY are here and they have brought AMERICO with them. LITTER is here. And of course I've missed some.
So never fear, this playground still rings with happy laughter, poetry and prose with faces old and new. But next time your going to be away so long you'll need a note from your Mother.

CHRISTI: Thankyou so much for all the nice things that you say about me, but I don't think it's totally fair. You seem to be doing all the hard work and the others just sit back reading about it. I think it's about time you all pulled your socks up and said something nice about me. After all fair's fair.
I'll start just to get the ball rolling.

TEEKAY: although your bossoms may not be as volumptous as HEATHER's, you really know how to spell volumptuos.

ME: Why thankyou me. If you think that is something then you should see me spell subacalerfrengilisticexpiyalidoshis, or something like that.
It isn't pretty, but I like a challenge.

GARIESS: I shake my head sadly. You mean your not a girly??


Would ya lookit that. It's almost 11:30. Where did Saturday morning go? Where is my life going? Do I have MPD? These are all questions we must ask ourselves at one time or another - or not.

HOWARD: Do I have to conme over there and drag you back to the notebook by your ears??

EDDIE: What are you doing. I think if people are going to go away for a while they could at least get permission first.

I have to go and hassle the kids or something.

P. Cushing Fri May 12 16:24:27 PDT 2000

Forgive me, esteemed Notebookers
I find myself in a strange place.
Where are the people whom I know so well.
Americo...Wherefore art thou?
My compatriots....I fear for you all!
I fear I am as the dinosour...alone at the end of time!
My magic no longer thrills you!
I am spent!
I search now avidly for the titbits that will once again enthrall you.
Will you of the new blood listen?
Without your countenence I will fade into the background and eventually disappear!
How say you, dear notebookers?

Jerry Fri May 12 14:20:36 PDT 2000

Heather - Some of the greatest people in the world were born in May, there was you, your husband, Jack (if I remember right from last year), and ME, my birthday is on the 26'th.

Jessica Fri May 12 13:17:10 PDT 2000

Hi, my name is Jessica Moore, I like long walks, rainy days and men who...
Damn! Wrong site!

Arik - I'm 33, I work for the government. Have worked for them for the past 13 years. I get a lot of time off. I live alone. I like living alone. I had a fish, it died. I'm almost over that.

A test? Drat! Nobody mentioned any test! Could there be more than one? I'm afraid. I AM AFRAID!!!!! Just kiddin. I'll be happy to take a test.

The un-birthday thing came from Alice in Wonderland. Does anybody remember that one? A tea party and all of them singing a very happy un-birthday to you, to you. Maybe I should just stop here... Nope, more to say.

Sasquatch - You are probably the big hairy one Litter told me about. I like your poem. You seem like a shy guy. I like yah. Hey, I'm not trying to pick you up. Just cause a gal is single, doesn't mean she's doing the pick up thing. Okay? Although, I do like hairy men...

Litter - I like my name too. It's a pretty good name. The poem you wrote about love was perfection!

Teekay - Hello.

Heather - I will post more poems. I liked what you had to say.

Christi - Who says I haven't changed poopy drawers? I have a nephew. I could eat him up! I have changed his poopy bottom more times than I care to remember. That part of him, I do not want to eat up. I think that you thought I was young. That happens to me in person to. I look younger than I am.

Allein Fri May 12 12:28:34 PDT 2000


Hi people,
Today is my parents' anniversary so I get to go out and get whatever I want for dinner and that means - SUSHI!!! :)
I'm happy.

Rachel Fri May 12 09:54:08 PDT 2000

Arik - I left you a note on your page.

Gary - OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!! You are cracking me up in one breath. The next I am full of dreaminess over your water talk. Beautiful water talk to Bitchslapper, quite the leap. I think I'm feeling a little dizzy.

Sasquatch - The poem you left is beautiful. It touched me. Thank you for sharing it.


Christi - I am still drinking in all the words I can find. I am loving it. Feel free to join me in a literary bender. These are the best kind. You don't get a hang over from reading.

Jessie - Happy un-birthday! I love it!! You a funny girl. I read your story in the workbook. It took me back as well.

Tina Fri May 12 09:37:58 PDT 2000


I posted some thoughts on the short story crit page about 'Hero' and 'Woman'.
Enjoy Saturday and congratulations to your daughters!

Now, I have two hours, hopefully uninterupted, to write before I go to work. Hurray!
'Til later

Clayton Fri May 12 09:01:17 PDT 2000

Hey everyone, thought I'd write before I left. My Geography class is going on a field study trip to the Rocky Mountains for 13 days. That should give me some inspiration.

Here's a quote I found in The Day of the Triffids that I thought was fairly amusing: "You mean you don't love me enough to take on two other women?"

Anyway, gotta go to Multimedia class and finish my Chess Tutorial program.

I'll try to post more often in the future. Bye for now.

Fri May 12 07:23:25 PDT 2000


Arik Fri May 12 01:04:29 PDT 2000

Okey guys... since you are so nice... the 12/05 is my unbirthday.... H A P P Y ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Jesica - Mybe you'll tell us a but about yourself?(by the way... to be here we have to test you on some things...)

Jon... will you do it or I will?

Christi Thu May 11 23:49:27 PDT 2000

"Argh! I'm hideously behind on the posts!" she cried. To all whose posts I read through, enjoyed, laughed it up at, cried with, etc., thank you for coming here and inspiring me to keep writing, and for helping me get through the tough times with my smile still intact. The last few days were especially hard, where keeping a smile was concerned. Some of you may have gathered that from the vehemence of my recent posts. I especially thank you, Teekay, for being such a true bosem buddy and also for reining me in when I need it. Er, she said bosems . . . heh heh.

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu! I forgot, exactly what day is it? My husband's is the 16th and mine is the 21st of this month. You never struck me as a Taurus, but now all the peices are falling into place. What do you think of astrology? Think it has any merit?

Thank you for the compliment; It means much coming from you. I'm so glad you're back, and I'm glad you're writing again. You certainly have earned your way to that writer's conference. When is it? Did you say it already?

Thank you. I loved your poem (the one on bodily love) so much I think you should send it out. Surely SOME editors must have a sense of humor.

Thank you sweetly.

Welcome!!! I enjoyed your poem very much. Your short story cracked me up; reminded me of myself in high school. Live it up girl, for tomorrow you shall cook . . . and clean . . . and change poopy drawers! Don't worry though; some of your very best days may be spent with that little one in the poopy drawers.
You may disregard this if you don't want kids.

Welcome also! Did I say that already? I can't wait to read your novel beginning.

Surely you must have realized that the mystery poster was Teekay. Her deductive logic is right on, I think. Isn't it nice to see nice things said about one's self? Excuse me, is my scitzophrenia (sp) showing? How embarrassing.
Seriously now. Your parents sound like people I would have liked to have met. Your description of them was colourful, brilliant and full of life, making them live in my mind. Now I almost feel that I HAVE met them.

I can't wait to read both versions of your stories. You must figure out the problem!

Gariess and Gary S.,
Me sad. Me love Gariess. Sound so mystical and different. No think it sound like girl name. Me had much fun trying figure out you name and name of Teekay in past. Fun exercise in how think of gender. Also much giggle at "Bitchslapper" joke. Tee hee!

I wasn't trying to sound like you, I was just trying to write in halting fashion, but it seems you have influenced me to some degree. I don't claim to have any of the brilliant insights that you come up with on a regular basis however. You are your own. You are you.

Fooled ya, eh? I was a little timid about showing my mom that poem, thinking she'd worry that her daughter was writing porn, but she told me that even if it had BEEN porn she would have understood, poetry being what it is. That's an artist for you.

You sober yet? Where were you getting drunk, and why wasn't I invited?

To anyone I have so rudely missed, I love you too. I just HAVE to go to bed now because tomorrow is another day. Oops. Nope, according to my clock, tomorrow is today.


Tina Thu May 11 23:01:45 PDT 2000


I just read your 'chapter 8'. I'm intrigued but completely unable to comment since I haven't read 1-7! Is it available anywhere? Love to read it. Let me know.

Time to write. Words wait for no one...

Gary S Thu May 11 22:42:33 PDT 2000

One more thing,

I didn't mention that I have gone back to using my original screen name in the NB. Only a scant few would remember (and even fewer could care) that Hayden, with his fine eye for detail, noticed that an alternative to the pronunciation of "Gary S" could be "Gariess." In keeping with the spirit of the suggestion that no good deed goes unpunished, I adopted this option as my permanent screen name in the Notebook. After all this time I noticed that this spelling could create a gender confusion, and could even account for the mash emails I keep getting from a biker called, Bitchslapper_99, who, by the way, is big and hairy and not the least bit freindly, at least not in the way that our beloved Sasquatch is. How you doin', Sas?

I have a problem, myself, with these annoying gender mistakes here in the NB. It often takes many posts before a person says something that denotes the gender of the writer. If the writer uses a screen name of say, "Playdo," I may not know if this is a male or female for a long time. There is something about knowing which side of the biological table a person belongs on. Well, I just wanted to explain this break in my NB habits. For now, I am a few emails behind with Bitchslapper_99. I have to go and find my dog collar. He hates excuses.



Gary S Thu May 11 21:52:43 PDT 2000


My dear Heather, you are quite right, of course; the nature of cynicism and the viewpoint of cynicism are not the same. There exist so many views of life that I may choose to see through one as I would from many different glasses arranged before a window. Some glasses are arranged before the window on the inside looking out. Others, the opposite.

I also love the smell of a river. In places where there are such things, but on this tiny land mass where I abide, rivers find the sea too quickly to amount to much. Still, the smell of the sea is another thing entirely. We are taught that water is an element without taste or smell. If what we are taught is true, how is it that certain beasts are known to smell water in places where a man might die of thirst?

One evening a friend who has fished the waters of this cape for years said to me, "Itís not the water you smell, itís the fish." Certainly what he said made sense. He explained that we smell all the things the water bears. The night in question was a time when the air was warm and heavy. Scents moved slowly and were rich in the air. The great bays and the southward sound hosted large schools of migrating bluefish, striped bass and hundreds of other species, huge tuna and great whales not being the least. These fish fed upon schools of smaller migrant fish, squid, resident minnows and aquatic creatures of various life forms. The whole combining of all this living action creates an atmosphere that carries something of each individual event. The result is that very special, very heady, intoxicating summer evening sensation we call, "the smell of the water." Itís not a Maltese Falcon, but it is the stuff that some dreams are made of. The dreams of people like my friend, Ernie, who was the best seaman I ever knew.


Heather Thu May 11 21:17:51 PDT 2000

Happy un-birthday, Arik!
Thanks for the birthday happy greeting - Jessie.

Litter, what did I do to make you smile? I never knew I did. ALmost wrote id there, instead of 'did'.
Yikes, sleepy Freudian symbology or something; or something-or-other. Mumble mumble, mur mur mur.

THings are speeding into blur.

Jon, I'm sure A* exxagerates about his glasses. I like a man in lenses. Even if they're only for reading and writing.

Jerry, just try not to think of pain medication on the same level as the drugs you taught others to avoid at all costs. Glad to hear something of alternative medicine also works, at least sometimes.

G'Nightol, or whatever medicine works.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu May 11 21:17:02 PDT 2000

Been busy preparing for our daughters graduation from College on Saturday. Seems the extra work has had an effect on my writing. Sat down to write tonight, and came up with what looks like the beginings of a good ghost story. If it turns out as good as I think it will, I will post it in the short story workbook. Wern't we talking about starting a new collaberative thing with horror or ghost stories as the main theme. Sounds like fun to me, maybe after SM** is done.


Heather Thu May 11 21:02:19 PDT 2000

Hey there everabuddeee

Jessie - I was honest in my crit of your poem, but I forgot to say that I also have trouble with my poetry. Out of the many I've written, only a few make it to the stage of even posting them here, among confidants, fellow aspirators, friends of the highest order. Mostly my work that doesn't rhyme, since I feel my voice is clearer in those works.

I posted another two poems in the WB, and I didn't post them as counterpoints, except to show you that sometimes a poem just lives as is, regardless of whether it esteems approval by other eyes. The latest two never really satisfied whatever it is poetry satisfies... Maybe you or any others have some pointers?

Thank you for joining this illustrious notebook. Looking forward to seeing your spark grow.

I haven't read all the recent posts - so will do that now. I may have to post again (oh, no!)


Charles Thu May 11 19:42:57 PDT 2000

Tina- many thanks for the crit on the Novel Page. Totally agree and I thank you.

Charles Thu May 11 19:26:12 PDT 2000

S*- tree speaks deep like river
may your leaves be always green green

Tina Thu May 11 19:23:08 PDT 2000

Hello all.

Sasquatch, that's a beautiful poem.

I've just posted a note for you on the critique page. I've only ever critiqued my own writing and art, so I hope I'm on track.

I know you said where in Ontario you live in a recent post, but I'm not wild about searching through everything to find it. Where abouts was it again? As I find out where everyone's from my interest goes up and up. An international, witty, intelligent bunch.

Okay, I'm gonna clench my teeth, take a deep breath, and post the very beginning of my story in the novel workbook. (Heartbeat getting louder, sweat beading on brow...) Happily will I receive all comments.


Jerry Ericsson Thu May 11 19:17:09 PDT 2000

Arik - missed your un-birthday so berated happy unbirthday to you.

sasquatch Thu May 11 18:33:22 PDT 2000

is this a poem? i could not find way in to place where all put poems but it is okay to post here because it is maybe not like good poem persons writing. But i want to try to be more like persons if i can do. like Gary person maybe. Here is poem?

tree speaks by s* is this a good name?

tree near water growing
bigger than tree on rocky hill
look at me tells one near water
i grow larger than you

then rains come

water large

tree on hill looks down to friend
water has taken
says my roots were counted
who is larger now

i miss you

by sasquatch i wrote this

I must go

Teekay Thu May 11 17:42:33 PDT 2000

Whooo hooo, any body home?

ARIK: Happy unbirthday to you, happy unbirthday to you. Happy unbirthday dear ARIK. Happy unbirthday to you.
What a dear sweet boy...and so shy too.

GARIESS: Well of course you can't write a love letter seing as you've not written one before. Nobody told me that though and I wrote one anyway. Well more of a note really.



Litter Thu May 11 16:58:32 PDT 2000

Hi Jessica,

Welcome! I once wrote a poem to someone called Jessica...

I had a look at the poetry page (Going back to Feb 14th) - Kudos to all: Chris(ti), Howard, Cassandra, Teekay, 'M' (Blank verse counts too), Mary, Charales/Charles :o), short, unusual and cryptic Clayton. I didn't see anything that I either didn't like or thought didn't show potential. Much of it I liked very much.

Poetry is one of those thing I hate commenting on, as it is such a diverse medium and I'm a great believer in breaking the rules if they need to be broken, for me mostly anything goes/is relevant/is acceptable… It can also be a very individualistic medium in which dissimilar styles cannot really be compared in a normal good/bad, or acceptable/not acceptable, way. I know what I like and I saw a lot of it on the Poetry Page.

Hang about for a while Jessica (love that name), continue on the poetry path and maybe you will learn to trust us? I think that even the large and hairy among us are friendly :o)

Having said all that I thank all those who comment on my own stuff - long may I make epiglotti 'all quivery'! Allein, Rhoda, Charles, Heather and Ms Anonymous, (I know who you are…;o) I thank you.

I had a look through some more of my own stuff but after a while I had to stop and mop-up the blood pouring out of the monitor. So here, instead is a little offering penned whilst under the influence of a friend of morphius.

Elephant trilogy No 1

As I awoke
Several things ran through my mind,
And then out of the other side,
Leaving only
An elephant
On a skateboard
Wearing a leotard.
Later on that day I drove to the beach.
The leotard lay neatly folded on the sand,
The skateboard was broken and scattered,
There was a note that said
“I’m sorry!”
I wonder what that was all about?

Elephant Trilogy No 2

I went to the doctor’s.
He asked what was wrong.
“My elephant has gout’” I said.
“Gout, that’s serious,” he replied,
“How do you now?”
“She told me,” I said.
“A talking elephant,” he mused…
“Doesn’t yours talk?” I asked.
He thought a while -
“Now that you mention it, Yes!
But only when she’s ironing!”

Elephant Trilogy No 3

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The elephants have left the building.
Thank you.

I shudder to offer up copyright on that!

Litter has left the building,

Thank you.

Allein Thu May 11 14:45:43 PDT 2000

Jessica - WELCOME!!! :)

Please note that I have a new e-mail address - my inbox is lonely. Please feed it with lots of e-mail. Thank you.

Jessica Thu May 11 14:11:46 PDT 2000

Arik - HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! I didn't hit Jon. I'll leave the hitting of Jon to Pussy.


Arik Thu May 11 13:09:49 PDT 2000


Welcome Jessica, Don't you hit on jon or pussy will eat you for lunch (right pussy?). I am so people but today I wont tell you the sentances of the day :-(. Tecnical problems!

Rachel - Please check my page up... I wrote you nice things down there :-).

Jessica Thu May 11 12:57:19 PDT 2000


Jon - Thank you. I do like to think that I have some talent for writing. There is lots of room for improvement, I know that. It's nice to have somebody say you have talent. I really like that. What do you want to talk about?

Heather - I saw your words to me in the poetry section. Thanks. Poetry isn't easy stuff to write. I know that I do the rhyme thing way to much.


Jon Thu May 11 12:04:10 PDT 2000


Given your talent, we can start speaking to each other. Starting... now!

Here are A*'s words onto Heather before he went out nobody knows where to:

"Heather, the problem is not that the glasses ruin my face, but that my face ruin the glasses."

I wonder if he were talking about glasses of wine or glasses to see. Anyway, he went on a long, frozen weekend. Poor guy.

But I'll be around, I'm afraid.

Jerry Thu May 11 11:31:07 PDT 2000

Heather - yep, have had accupuncture - accupressure - massage therapy and a bunch of other things, didn't seem to make much difference. What does bring some relief is TENS unit, which is an electrical gadget that puts a current to the back via patches. This the bureau was good enough to buy for me, so I have access to it and use it from time to time, the only other thing that works are drugs but I hate to use them, makes me feel groggy and somehow goes against the grain, having taught anti-drug classes in the schools for so many years. I do know that they are legal and everything, just kind of goes against the grain, but I do use them when I need them anyhow. Thanks for your concern and support.


Jessica Thu May 11 10:29:00 PDT 2000

Heather - GREAT! I love talking. Happy early birhday.

Jerry - I went to look at the poetry place. Thank you. I left a short in the Strawberry and Moon section. I was excited about getting something in when I wrote it. I hope it isn't too lame.

Americo - I am sure that you look fabulous with or without your glasses.


Heather Thu May 11 09:59:19 PDT 2000

To Jack and Fran; with gratitude to the Powers that Be, I am grateful that both of you have been delivered from encountering sadness and pain. Continued blessings are sent your way whilst you await further news.

Tina! With excellence your words resound. Rain opens my senses to the Earth as well, and my heart begins to chime along. Sap is the lifeblood and pure source from the surging pith of trees. There is no shame in it. Drippy passages, however, might twinge this writers' mind, but your post wasn't drippy at all.

Rachel, that is the best way to feel the river - in the air, and secondly on your skin. Lush is my home, drenched in green this spring. It makes for a freshness that is not gathered elsewhere. Hurrah! I celebrate alongside you.

And I'm doing just fine, thanks Rachel!

Americo, glasses will not ruin your beautiful face for me.

Gariess, allow yourself the pleasure of a bright spirit. It is already you. Cynicism is only one small facet of your wonderful demeanor, but brilliance is your true colour.

Jerry, I have a few questions for you. Have you tried alternative medicines for your back? Acupuncture, massage therapy, magnetic therapy, etc.? You never know what might work if you give it a try. And my best wishes and blessings have been sent to you; may you find comfort from what ails you.
Litter, I bow to your poetic mastery. GENIUS!
Christi, Howard, Teekay, Charles, and any I haven't mentioned...

Find awe in each day, reverence for life's wonders, and a thankless day you shall not live.

Welcome to Jessie.
I'll talk to you, too!
In fact I'm in a chatty mood already.

Cheers! I'm 29 on Saturday.

Jessica Thu May 11 09:33:37 PDT 2000

Jon - I'm glad that you will talk to me! Here is my attempt at a love letter thing. These are hard! No laughing. At least not out loud.

Gentle thing that I do feel,
beyond all hurt you actually heal.
You make me care for others more,
so much that I no longer care
what my fate will chance to dare.

This gentle thing makes me want for you,
To be so happy all your life through.
This thing I feel is new to me
Is thins thing love?
Do I finally see, what love is in actuality?

It's a thing that fills you with a calm.
It's a thing that says life will go on.
Obsession is all pain and tears.
Love erases both.

It grows with warpath.
It heals the hurt.
So, forever I will smile,
Cause love will be with me all the while.

Tina & Rachel - Thanks for the welcome.

Tina - I like what you wrote. That was nice.


Tina Thu May 11 08:57:37 PDT 2000

Hello Jessica, fellow lurker, welcome. We've been admonished to work, so off to work I go. (Actually, last night I didn't check in and see the excercise because I WAS working, seduced by my story to spend many hours writing. I'd resolved several difficult transitions and needed to write!)

My Dearest Friend,

There are days when the rain sets in, and while some see cold, wet isolation, I feel the grateful earth come to life and breathe gratitude. Should it storm, with thunder and lightening to shake our souls, I do not hide away in fear. Soft mist clouds some eyes in gray, while I know tranquil welcome. A sharp summer shower is respite from the rushing cares of the world.

There are days I forget these things and dread the rain, but those are the days I'm not with you. My love for you opens me to joy, to the world's pulse, and thrills my heart. It is enough that I give you this love, set it before you with careful affection, a brilliant blossom of our friendship that you may one day pick and hold close until it's fragrance brings you to me.

Until then, I will cherish the rain.

Okay, sappy I know. The letters and poems I write for my husband are even sappier.

Going now, my story demands my return. It's been a slice!

Zoe Thu May 11 08:26:26 PDT 2000

Charles - Thank you for the lovely compliment.

Pussy - Now I feel like such a bitch... I never intended for you to see that post. Least of all for you to know who I was talking about. Then again, how many amazing cats have made trips to the moon and returned to tell the tale? I bow to your superiority. I am but a humble dog. You are the pussy queen.

I have to get off the computer. I can hear the can opener and we all know what that means. BREAKFAST!!!

Rachel Thu May 11 08:20:12 PDT 2000

All - What a beautiful morning! It is pouring rain, but it is still gorgeous. Everything is so green, so lush. I can smell the river in the air. The birds are sing their songs.
I have robins hunting worms in my yard. I love the way that they listen then PECk! I don't think I have ever seen them miss their mark.

Jessica - Welcome

Any other new people that I have missed - Welcome, WELcome, WELCOME!!!

Heather - How are yah?

Take care all


Pussy Thu May 11 06:12:16 PDT 2000

My love letter goes to Zoe, who tried to steal me my Jon. I could really do with a bit more room in my happy home ó if only Jon emigrated for a while!
PS. I am not jealous at all! Isn't this amazing?

Jon Thu May 11 06:06:12 PDT 2000


I'll talk to you.
But first you must write the best love-letter your talent allows. In other words, work first, pleasure later.

Americo Thu May 11 06:04:09 PDT 2000

TO the unknown person who was so kind to me in a yesterday's post:

I have everything you say I have (possibly), but I have no cats (they have me) and I do NOT wear glasses. Just for reading and writing. Don't spoil my pretty face in front of all these wonderful ladies...

Sasquatch. I rarely say these nice things to anyone, but go on writing your most interesting posts. You are inventing a language and creating a great character. You are a hobbit, I suppose. Marvellous creation on our beloved notebook.
(Please do not thank with the heart of your bottom but with the bottom of your heart. Better, do not thank my compliment at all.)

Jessica Wed May 10 23:54:38 PDT 2000

I wonder if any of you are going to talk to me? I hope you do.


PS - You can call me Jessica or Jessie. I like both. People call me both.

Jessica Youcanreachmehere Wed May 10 23:47:08 PDT 2000

Hi, I'm Jessica. I am as old as I am and that is all I'm going to say about that.

I left some stuff on the poetry page. I would like to hear back from you. Only thing is that you have to tell me what you think right here on the Notebook, cause I'm not givin out my home address!

You all seem nice enough but... Hey a gal never knows.


PS - To Jack and Fran - I don't know you guys, but I want to tell you that I am happy for you. That I did pray for you.

Gary S Wed May 10 23:16:17 PDT 2000


The news of Franís results are great to hear.


Nice bunch of love letters. I especially like Charles's tongue in cheek missive to Snuggles. Hedging my bet, I will offer my apology to Charles in the event that his letter turns out to be sincere.

Personally, I never wrote love letters. When I was very young I wrote what I may have believed were love letters to my high school sweetheart. I was eighteen and in training in the military at the time. I was incarcerated with thousands of recruits. Our letters to the girls we left behind were filled with ink driven by hormones. This is not a combination that produces literary excellence but rather a venue for the excercise of a great many vocabularies below the capacity of one hundred words, some below ten. it did keep the postmen busy, never-the-less.

Much of the mail we received in return was what we called "Dear John" letters. The girl writes back and tells you that she respects you very much but after two days of suffering your absence she has accepted an offer from some other kid in town to go to the drive-in. This other kid we used to refer to as "Jody." Jody usually had a car that was almost as good as yours before you left town. Now that your car has been left in the hands of Mother to be sold, Jodyís car is no longer second best, unless you left your car in the posession of your older brother, whoís name has just been changed to Jody.

That was okay. I left my good buddy to keep an eye on my girl while I was gone. I asked him what she was doing while I was away. He said, "The Seventh Fleet."

Well, you guys, at least, did some nice love letters. It isnít your fault that Iím so cynical.

Iíll see you later,


Some of you may find this hard to believe but the ancient Greeks once had an army of homosexual men. This fact accounts for much of the low humor that has been heaped upon the Greek military throughout many years. It used to be said that their regimental slogan was, "I'll never leave my buddy's behind." Okay, so you heard that one, how about the one about the greek soldier and the farmer's son? How many of you guys are going to beat me for political incorrectness? That many, huh? Owe! Owe!

Wed May 10 21:40:09 PDT 2000

Of course it was ARIK's birthday. He was just shy, poor dear boy and didn't want all the attention.

JACK: I am soooo happy that things are good with Fran.

LITTER: Well done,, you make my epiglottis all quivery.

AMERICO: Aha! At last. Some small hint. You wear glasses! Slowly, slowly I am building my visual image of you. So far I know that you wear glasses.
I know you love your parents.
I know you are intelligent and well educated.
I know you are passionate
and a poet.
I know you have a sense of humour
and incredible depth.
I know you have two funny and interesting cats
and thus a lively imagination.
I know you have a great soul
for I can sense it from so far away.

SASQUATCH: I do believe your love letter to be the most profound.

RHODA: CHAPTER 25!!!! I thought you were trying to downsize or something.

CHRISTI: Wow! Good one. Very misleading there to start with isn't it? You tricky thing.

My love letter.

Why do I try? Why do I try,when I know there are no words. No words that can possibly convey this feeling that has no name other than that of love. And how feeble is this word when speaking of my souls ache for you? If there is injustice, then this is it.

HOWARD: 'Holding Wonder' is great. And do you know that in every chapter I've read so far, she uses the word 'wonder'!!! I'm really curious to see if it's something she done through the entire book.

Catch you all later. Have a good day.

sasquatch Wed May 10 21:01:02 PDT 2000

We keep warm together in snow time our small ones learn from you to stay alive. You bring to eat when I am hurt. You lead away the hunting persons and they do not find little ones but you do not come back from big falling water. I mourn for you my mate and I do not look for another.

AMERICO person this is what sasquatch feel like what you say love letter. I know Yeti does not know love as humans person but still feels pain not from hurting but inside. Is this somewhat. I must go.

Rachel Wed May 10 20:25:51 PDT 2000

Tonight I am getting drunk on language. It is amazing, beautiful, breathtaking. It's like an ocean of soul, all for my enjoyment.

Allein Wed May 10 18:27:00 PDT 2000

Litter - I got a laugh out of your poem. Thanks for posting it.

I have only one love poem which is one of those sappy sonnets that I had to write for Sophomore English. I'm not going to post it and waste valuable Notebook space. It's on my webpage should anyone want to view it.

Americo Wed May 10 18:08:33 PDT 2000

Love is much more than ordinary people think. It's the very essence of creation, including art and, I'd be tempted to say, excluding what ordinary people think love is. But I do not want to be cynical or extreme. Love is also what ordinary people think love is.

Love letters are the most difficult kind of writing there is. Most of what people consider "love letters" is just crap. "All love letters are ridicule," wrote Fernando Pessoa. I agree with him, if not written by a deep lover or by a truly great writer. It happens that great lovers sometimes become, at least for the time of a deeply felt letter, great writers.

The epistolary novel was, by the way, very much in fashion in the 18th and even 19th centuries. "The Sorrows of Young Werther", by Goethe, is considered a masterpiece of German Romanticism. I don't know any writer who would not like to revive a genre considered "passť". One of these days we'll write here an epic like "Beowulf"...

Love letters can also be a wonderful way to convey mystic feelings and thoughts. But this would lead us to writers like St. Paul, St Augustine, St. Teresa D'Avila ... not my field really.

Rosemary Wed May 10 17:27:20 PDT 2000

I got the ok from Jack to post both versions of my story on the Workbook but when I tried, my copy-paste tool wouldn't work. I think I need to reload my Windows 98, but right now it wants some long involved id number that I probably have but don't know where it is or which one it is. I got passwords with my printer, computer, two or three pieces of software and who knows what else when I invested in a new computer about six months ago.
When my headache goes away, I'll try to figure it all out.

It's wonderful that Fran's results are favorable. This is a trying time for any family and I am impressed at your ability to continue to function and be there for her at the same time.
Rosemary--I don't do love letters. My motto, never admit to anything.

Rhoda Wed May 10 16:26:22 PDT 2000

Christi and Litter,

I loved your poetry.

Love letters:

I write love stories and I could not write a love letter if my life depended on it. For someone so involved in "love" I am totally undemonstrative.


Thank you for sharing your feelings about your parents. They sound like they were lovely people. You must be a special guy to come from such a home.


I am so happy to hear about Fran. I will continue praying for her.


I am still among the writing. Last week, I could not write for anything, my mind was so fried from my first week of census work. This week I have been in top form. I am working on Chapter Twenty-five. I have decided to go ahead and finish the book and then go back and clean up the last few chapters. I will send you those chapters when done--hopefully very soon.


With lowcast eyes and sad expression, I humbly admit I did not get the book sent to you today (I am dabbing my moist eyes with a hankie). I did write the comments in the book. I am still looking for a confounded box!!! I will try to get it in the mail tomorrow.

I will now try a love letter:

Dear Notebook,

I cannot begin to express how important you are to me. Every free moment I flee to you and read your wisdom. You brighten my day when I am sad. You rebuke me when I am unreasonable, sometimes you confound me, sometimes offend me, but I could never, never live without you.

You have opened up the world to me, and showed me the best fruits of my country, Canada, Britain, Austrailia, Portugal, and Israel. You have expanded my horizons and have challenged me constantly to be better than I am.

Never is every day the same with you. You are like a flowing, changing river--life-giving and fertile. You are like the shade of a mighty tree, grand and wise, yet giving shade to the weary.

Never will there be another like you, dear Notebook.

Forever yours,


Charles Wed May 10 15:31:05 PDT 2000

Christi - What lovely poetry!
Zoe- Super creative; a love letter from a dawg! That chasing kitty around the house was always suspect to me.

Charles Wed May 10 14:20:55 PDT 2000

Litter -"Body Part Love" is too funny and extremely well written. Great...perspective!

Litter Wed May 10 13:47:59 PDT 2000

Hi All,

Way to go Fran and Jack. Good news indeed - long may it continue.

Dot sends her apologies for her lack of time. She is putting together a new web venture - a sort of place for people to let off steam over crap products and bad service with 'blacklists' of the worst offenders…

Heather - I take your point on the nature of the polaroid in question but hey, I got 50 Megs of webspace waiting for some excitement :o)

OK here's my offering for love poem:

Body Part Love

‘I love you with all my Heart’
- The words most often mentioned,
But what about those other parts
Which have amorous intentions?

Now, ‘I love you with all my Spleen’
Gives an alternate perspective,
But somehow spleen is never seen
Except in coarse invective.

Would you feel woozy if I said?
‘I love you with my Liver’.
Well would my words go to your head,
Or merely make you shiver?

My Pancreas wants you to know
It feels a great desire -
Now does that make your passion glow,
Or dampen down your fire?

My Kidneys both would like to say
For you they feel affection,
But every time I drink your health
They feel a strange rejection.

My colon dances at your name,
As do rectum and bladder,
But feelings flow from whence they came
And they're left feeling flatter.

So darling please just spend some time
- review these various parts -
Their love for you is not a crime,
They cannot all be hearts.

© LitterAli, September 98

It IS TOO a love poem…

Ciao for now,


Charles Wed May 10 13:46:08 PDT 2000

A creative writing class was asked to write a concise essay
containing the following elements:
1. Religion 2. Royalty 3. Sex 4. Mystery

The prize-winning essay read:
'My God," said the Queen, "I'm pregnant. I wonder who did it!"

Zoe Zoe@Rachelsbackyard Wed May 10 13:02:55 PDT 2000

My love,

My life has not been the same since you left. The days that we spent together are like magic to me. You are the first cat I have ever known. I have fallen deeply in love with you.
I know that I am a dog. I know that this is difficult. A cat, a dog, what will people say…
Still, I need to give voice to my feelings -- Each night I bay to the moon. My mistress calls me in. I don't want to come to her. She scolds me.
It is not that I mean to disobey her. I just like to sit under the same moon that I know you will be sitting under.
Perhaps you are even on the moon, looking down on me. I know you have been to the moon once, maybe you have gone back.
I will dream of you tonight.
Loving licks and nips,

Christi Wed May 10 11:19:05 PDT 2000

Jack, I am so relieved that everything has gone so well. Three cheers for Fran! Congratulations!


Here is a love letter (actually a poem) I wrote about my husband. I hope poems are acceptable; it's the only way I can write a love letter.

A Song for Him
By Christine Ritchotte

His hands fly,
stroking lovingly.
His eyes are closed,
and sweat glistens off his forehead.
The sweet melody drives him,
taking him far away.
Fervor strains through his fingertips.
Indifference is not possible here;
here, emotion is king.

So deep is he in his reverie,
he doesn’t see me.
He doesn’t know that I am here,
feeling what he feels.
I take part in the passion,
the beauty and the solitude.
And though he looks so melancholy,
I have to smile a little
as I watch him create.

Then, suddenly,
he feels me there.
He quickly looks up, and ceases to play.
With head cocked
he studies me intently,
wondering, perhaps,
how long I have been standing there.
Then he smiles
and gently motions
for me to come to him.
And so I do;
I gladly go
into the arms
of my musician.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed May 10 10:15:06 PDT 2000

Jack -- so glad everything turned out well with Fran, I am sure you are both so relieved.

Americo - It has been very many years since I have written a love letter, but what the heck, I will give it a try, my attempt is posted below.

My dearest darling,

When we parted, oh so many years ago my heart broke. I have walked through these years like drunken man, always in a daze, always missing you. I know you must not have heard the words I said as you drove away, although I shouted them as loud as my voice would go. “Please! Stop! Come back!” I screamed, yet you drove on, away from my life. I know had you heard my pleas you would have turned your car around and came back to my open arms.

Seeing you again after these oh, so long twenty years was like awaking from some horrible dream. Hearing your sweet voice saying that you love me has made me a happy man my darling, and know that I love you more then any man has ever loved a woman since the beginning of time.

I did not sleep last night, but lay beside you gazing upon your beauty, fearing that should I close my eyes, when I open them it would all have been a dream.

Until we can be together again tonight my love, please keep me in your heart, and know that I will keep you in my very soul.

Forever Yours


Charles Wed May 10 08:47:08 PDT 2000

'Love Letters' reminds me of the sailor who sent a telegram to his love. "I love you, I love you, I love you" he wrote. The telegraph operator told him he had used nine words and he could use ten for the same price so he signed it, "Regards"

Americo Here is where I post my love letter Wed May 10 08:45:57 PDT 2000

Dear Notebookers,

My best love letter could only go to my mother, who cried tears of blood on her coffin when all her children met together for her funeral last year, and to my father, who died two years ago but I like to think he lives in me every moment, with all my qualities and defects. They were the only people I really loved, though I have loved many people.

I cannot write to them. I tried, but I realized that to them I could only write in Portuguese, my language. Even in Portuguese I could not write to them, because my language has only some milllions of words, and I do not know them all. And if I knew them all, they would not be the right ones for me to express my feelings for them. God does not exist, but He invented tears ó of sorrow and joy ó for us to be quiet and just feel lonely.

My love letter goes to the stork that yesterday evening caused a general blackout in Lisbon. I was trying to write to you but my computer was suddenly shut down because of that bloody stork ó figure out what you missed in terms of imperfection and sinusitis. That stork is the talk of my country today. "How can we call this a civilized world if a stork is enough to send us to bed earlier than we'd intended to," some of us say. I think differently. That stork is responsible for the making of many more children than the usual on a single night. That sork is the mother and father of children who, if she had not shocked against a power transmission cable, would never be born in nine month's time.

I am sure that at least one of these children will be able one day to write the perfect love letter I cannot write to my parents, Adelina Guerreiro and Serafim de Sousa.


PS I wrote my father's and my mother's name in the hope that they will be seen all over the world.

Charles Wed May 10 08:43:02 PDT 2000

Jon- I hope this is the place to post my 'love letter', if not, my lawyer's # is...

My Darling Snuggles,

I am so overwhelmed tonight, my darling, that I am compelled to put my heart to paper to express, woefully inadequate as it will be, my undying thoughts of you. Since yesterday, when we first met, I knew you were the woman for me. Never, in my wildest dreams did I think that love would be returned with such abandon! Your image must surely be in all encyclopedias under 'Beauty'! Your wonderful sensuality conquered me! Your soft thoughtfulness is alive in no other woman!
You have taught me so much. You taught me patience when we were driving to the cinema. Remember, when I wanted to pass that car and you softly said, "Watch out, you idiot!" Ah, my love, such patience I gave you, taught by you, of course. And, at the film, when I found I had forgot my wallet? Your sense of humour, again, overwhelmed me. "Well, I ain't payin'!" you screamed. I treasure that! You also expressed such charm, my love. The way you grabbed that woman by the hair when she stepped in front of us in the line. What a tiger you are! Grrrr! Your philosophical view of life, my darling, when we had the flat tire on the way home and had to walk -remember, you broke a heel? Such laughter! But I promise I wasn't laughing at you but *with* you, my precious one! Perhaps, my dearest, we will meet again. With the recent actions of El Nino, hell, in fact, might one day freeze over, my sweetness.

Yours very truly,

Arik Wed May 10 08:15:08 PDT 2000

Jon! Its nice to hear from you. Where to post these love letters? (I like your letter it is short and "hitting") I dont know if you can say so in english but in hebrew you sure can :-).

Charles Wed May 10 07:15:03 PDT 2000

Pray tell, where does one post 'love letters'?

Mary Wed May 10 06:44:49 PDT 2000

JACK: Amen. I'm so glad to hear that your beloved is AOK. Everybody loves a happy ending.

Jon, CEO Wed May 10 05:31:38 PDT 2000

This is Jon speaking.

Tonight is love letter writing. I will accept no excuses. We need at least twenty love letters to fill a pretty book. Allein will illustrate it. This is an ultimatum.

Here's my love letter. You can plagiarize it, but you'd better try to be a little more original. You are the writers after all.

Dear Fran,
We love you!
Jon, Pussy and A*

Americo Wed May 10 05:23:57 PDT 2000


I was so happy with the good news!

And I must tell you a secret. I asked the notebookers to dedicate this week to writing love letters here on the notebook thinking of you and Fran. But they only understand automobiles...

Heather, my pretty flower. I loved the love letter you posted here. It's at least as pungent and beautiful as a post about a similar subject you published here some time ago.

And good morning to all.

PS Since I changed glasses, I'm making a lot of errors, spelling, grammar, and so on. Glad I've got the (poor ) excuse that English is not my language. But it's true that the new lenses are affecting my writing. Isn't this weird?

Rachel Wed May 10 04:07:56 PDT 2000

Jack - I am so happy to hear that things went well. That is WONDERFUL!

Jack Beslanwitch Wed May 10 01:04:58 PDT 2000

Hello everyone: Fran came through the surgery with flying colors. The surgeon indicates that everything is AOK and there is no obvious indication of a return of cancer in the new location. We have to wait for pathology reports coming next week, but I suspect that there will be no new other shoes dropping in to give us trouble. One very great sigh of relief here. I will point Fran to this page. She indicates she would like to respond privately to the many who wished her well and prayed for her. Prayed for us both, actually. I do appreciate it all. Take care everyone. Just up briefly. We were up at 4:30 this morning. So, it was a very long day, especially for us types that like that kind of hour as a time to go to bed not get up :-).


Arik Tue May 9 23:10:52 PDT 2000

and the best sentance of the dat is by Gary S!:

"I rather enjoyed the discussion on political correctness. It seems that, mostly, as writers we object to being subject to rules of conduct, and we certainly object to the rules being changed in the middle of the game. I guess that as writers we are always in the middle of the game. I salute you all."


The dumbest sentance goes to Charles... I saw this sentance only now so you may think it is a yestardey's sentance:

"Yo, Howard- funny!
I was talking to Sly Stallone the other day and Yo Yo Ma approached us. "Yo! Yo..." Stallone said, then tried again, "Yo! Yo Yo!"
"Ma" Yo Yo added.
"Ma?" Stallone raised one muscular eyebrow. "Yo mamma!" he said and walked away muttering."


And the funniest sentance goes to Heather:

"Arik, it is TODAY in Israel.

Do the days of the week actually matter?

Today is the day we live in, always.

So, I am not the smartest man, let that honour be bestowed upon the first Greek God to post here.

I'm sure he'll know what day of the week it is in Israel. "

Good day to all of you :-)

Arik Tue May 9 23:02:17 PDT 2000

No people.... it is not my birthday today :-(. It is the day that Israel was created.. "yom ha atzmaut" and I am so sorry guys that you didn't see it! 50,000 people in something like I dont know.... a small place and each and every one of them has a "snow spray".... is was gigantik! our people sure know how to selebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary S Tue May 9 22:45:27 PDT 2000

Dearest Notebookers,

I rather enjoyed the discussion on political correctness. It seems that, mostly, as writers we object to being subject to rules of conduct, and we certainly object to the rules being changed in the middle of the game. I guess that as writers we are always in the middle of the game. I salute you all.


Gariess Tue May 9 22:11:08 PDT 2000


My response to the question of political incorectness in writing is that it should not be avoided, but rather handled as any material would be. I would only object to a writer being offensive to any group, but I would not object to dealing with offensive subject matter. My objection, of course, would only represent my reaction. It does not mean I would deny the writer his right to offend. I would not promote MEIN KAMPF, but neither would I censor it.


I did not intentionally leave the SM story hanging by a sentence fragment. I am sorry that I can not remove the entire piece. I have rewritten, and lost, the story twice since first posting it. I was unable to get the entire story to post to the WB window. It left the ending hanging in a different place four or five times before totally disappearing from my computer and from a floppy. I think there may be something wrong with my WORD program. I just donít know, but I am very sick of writing this one story over again and I wish, at this point, that I had never begun it.


Teekay (thinking about flogging herself) Tue May 9 21:54:50 PDT 2000

CHRISTI: Moi? Ze weigning widdle guwu? No, no. Teeheehee oh you seely seeng, you do make me be blosheeng. But alas, I fear ze Chreestee she make a leetle meestake no? Eet ees not weigning 'ere. A leetle cold mebee, but no weign

Teekay (still getting motivated.) Tue May 9 21:45:19 PDT 2000

What's this news that no body watches??? Is it the one where a bunch of men go and kick a ball around?

CHRISTI: I've read it.
So now you can tell me what it is. C'mon. I won't tell many one, promise.
I changed a couple more things in 'WIAN?' after you read it.
OOOhhh so now it's got some seeng a leetle beet deeferent.
(I'm not being PUC using that accent am I? Who started this?)

Christi Tue May 9 20:45:31 PDT 2000

I missed so many posts while eating my supper!

And A*, I don't know if I'm allowed to blush after my last post, but I'm conjuring one up, along with a giggle as we speak. *blush* *giggle!*

It was fantastic to see all of your viewpoints, and I agree with ALL of you. Writer's unite!

As reigning riddle guru, you must be right! Happy birthday Arik!!!!
I'm so bummed that you've read BOB, but I've had another idea. I'm NOT going to tell what it is, since I'm sure you haven't read this one. It will take me a few days to get it from, though. Surprise!

What's in a Name is SURE to get response; I'm so glad you sent it out again. It'll give those publishers a chance to print something good for a change! Now what are you doing reading the NB, chickie? Get back to work on your story!
PS. If you let me read yours, I'll let you read mine. It's only half done, but I'm willing.

I don't watch the news either. I figure that if it's important, someone will tell me about it or I'll overhear it somewhere. Life's too short!

Love to all the strong and generous souls here.


Teekay Tue May 9 20:15:23 PDT 2000

HEATHER: Don't get your undies twisted up, I just saw it there.
Now who would go and right such utter foulness on a wall?? And beside a church too!! For shame, forsooth. Where would this register on the PC scale I wonder?Hmmmmmm. Anyone for scones?

Christi Tue May 9 20:12:57 PDT 2000


Here's where I stand on the issue of being PC. I believe that to be politically correct is to die as an artist, no matter what kind of artist you are. Those who try to be PC just to appease everyone around them end up with bourgeois, inferior results. Okay if you're Barney, the purple dinosaur, but it's not something I try to aim for.

George Lucas said he had tried very hard not to insult anyone or hurt anyone's feelings when writing the screenplay for The Phantom Menace. Perhaps that's why the movie turned out so PC, childish, and UNinspiring. It bore no resemblence to his previous body of work, which excited and thrilled millions. He lost his edge. I hope he gets it back, but I think he'll have to find that part of himself that isn't looking for approval from the masses.

What I love the most about being a writer is that we literally are above the law. In fiction, anything and everything is possible; we follow only writing rules, and sometimes we fudge on those too. I feel so lucky to be a writer; If I ever get paid for it, hell, that'll be a bonus!

Long live the pen! (Typewriter; word processor; PC, etc.) Long live the written word!
Now somebody help me off of this soapbox!!!

Teekay Tue May 9 19:56:07 PDT 2000

Hi All,

FRAN & JACK: My thoughts are with you both.

ARIK: My guess is that it's your birthday today. Right??
Do I get the smart cookie award??

CHRISTI: I am sorry. I cannot tell a lie. S.K. and I are like that (I'm crossing my fingers.) I have read everything he's written. I even started reading the crap stuff, but I admit I never finished those. I read bag o bones a few years ago.
Don't know how I missed the EG post as I devour everything you write.

HEATHER: ((((hug))))))

RHODA: Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. I'm as envious as all get out about the conference you're going to.
BTW: I sent the book in a yellow envelope which you probably had to shred in order to get the book out.

I can't tell you too much about my views on P.C. I think Rachel is right in regard to what she says about politeness.
I think writing and PC and living and PC are totally seperate things. I may not stand by this statement tomorrow.

I mailed the new improved (I hope) 'what's in a name?' today. Fingers crossed. I nearly went totally mental aligning it all and printing it out and making it look all nice and neat. When I printed it out the first time I found I'd spelled Bertt instead of Bert. What a killer.
I have MS word now so I can do the copyright sign by using the brackets and the c. What a thrill!

Anyway have another story on the burner, so now I can get on with that.

See you all later.

Happy Birthday ARIK.

Heather Tue May 9 19:31:00 PDT 2000

On political correctness,
It doesn't stand much chance. Does this one ring a bell?
"My moral lying down."
(Trent Reznor)

There aren't many taboos left to shatter.

But writing is a breaker of barriers. Barriers between people, barriers that prevent an open mind, a point of view from being heard. Writing is a voice that reaches across all supposed lines of race, religion, creed, sex, etc... and brings to the page what it may. And then again, it may make a few lines too.
This does not mean good writing HAS to. It just means a lot of the time it DOES. What of "Silence of the Lambs" if political correctness had it's way? What of "The Accused"?
What of many many books and films? To be politically correct is to be a dud. Rhoda is right - the tablet of 'moral rights and wrongs' changes too fast. Because no one is too sure anymore. But there is a difference between being POLITICALLY correct and just plain correct in the way a person acts. Don't get me wrong - manners have their place. But sensitivity to the ideals behind manners is where the real correctness wellspring is found. Is it drying up? It doesn't look like it from here.
Chivalry is not lost forever.
.......(ellipse here!)

Politics should not encroach upon matters of morality. But they do [it does].
The government is in place to keep us paying our taxes and keeping the Earth green and blue, rather than black and grey. It is there to see that roads are paved and kept up, that people are safe, things built properly, and that every Joe pays his percentage to keep it so. Sure, there are a few other areas that I haven't mentioned that the government has to watch over - but there are many more that should be free of government steering. And politics already do not make good bedfellows with the aforementioned, anyway. But that is beside the point.
I believe in the government aiding those who need it, and I think it wise to have unemployment programs, disability, etc. I think there are a few gov't programs that are much better in place than non-existent. But ask me whether the gov't should be holding the reigns of censorship, for instance, and I say no.
Who actually decides what is politically correct? Is it a consensus?
Is it one guy, alone in his office, holding all the cards?
Is it a committee, answering questions with more questions, or giving completely evasive replies; worrying about the bottom line more than they worry about people? Or, more horrific, is it a committee more concerned with what's left in the doughnut box than what a speaker has to say?

Anyway, I have probably missed the mark, hitting a little to the left of centre.
I can't watch the news, it hardens my soul and gives me leaping palpitations. Not to mention a rash.
Here is a bumper sticker I saw on the concrete wall beside the Church a while ago (Don't get yer undies twisted up, I just saw it there):

Save the planet: Kill yourself.

How correct is that?

Anyway, I have torn off an ear and shouted obscenities into it. Did you hear that?

I was calling Van Gogh.

Litter, you have amused me to two ends. (giggle)
Firstly, and foremostly, I cannot expound upon my double letters that you so favour. That would be a little swell-headed, or chested of me. And I might bore some, or all, (exceptyou, Litter) into taking swift measures and unplugging their pc's. Unplug your political correctness and I won't mind, but to be all alone in the NB? Shameful.
Secondly, I might sound as if I was stuttering...DDDDDD...

Ok, I found a third reason. I cannot post polaroids on this site of me, BBQing topless. That would have to be another, X-rated site.
But it was a good try!
How about a speech just for the heck of it.

Americo, I'm not jealous. I just hope you have not lost any of your affections for me. Or Allein, or Rachel, or Rhoda, or Cassandra, and I could go on for quite a while!

Not green or blue, and not red;

Jerry A.G. Ericsson http://www./ Tue May 9 19:30:39 PDT 2000

Interesting that Arik should ask about what day it is. I recently found a program that will tell anyone what time/day it is anywhere in the world.It is called Active Earth. It is available free at the site listed above. I put it on both my big machine and my laptop, helps me keep track of where each of you are, in relation to the clock.


Litter Tue May 9 16:48:58 PDT 2000

Jack, my thoughts and prayers with you and your lady, Fran.

Amerigo, another award, me? (Hands crossed high on chest in shocked amazement) What can I say? I'm overwhelmed… OK, I'm not revisiting all that again, but, as with Arik, I thank you from the heart of my bottom. Thank you, oh thank you… thank you!

Heather - Two things come to mind (steady boys!) the first is the basic writing tenet of 'show don't tell' and the idea that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' With these in mind (not to mention my favourite letter in the alphabet), I reckon you owe us all either a 1000 description of the art of topless BBQ'ing or, alternately, a photo… Perhaps we should vote on it??? }:o()

Busy busy busy,



Rachel Tue May 9 16:45:11 PDT 2000

Howard - I think that P.C. has been done to death. The people who need to be P.C. never will. The people who are P.C. can't keep up with the ever changing list of do and do not do. Besides, the people who give a crap know how to be P.C. without being told. I think it's really just a matter of showing a little consideration.

howard Tue May 9 15:25:43 PDT 2000

JERRY -- Thanks! Bad headaches? I like that.

But is Jerry the only one disenchanted with Political Correctness? How about you girls -- what do *you* think!

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue May 9 13:26:36 PDT 2000

Howard - PC - (no not personal computer) - is one of the latest attempts to muzzle writers, speakers and others who will not comply with those who feel they are the rule makers. I say down with political correctness! Death (or at least bad headaches) to those who attempt to persecute us for our bluntness!


Americo Tue May 9 11:48:39 PDT 2000

Gary S. For the sake of aesthetics, will you please do not leave your piece unfinished in SM** That hanging "the man" which abruptly ends your text looks rather unmotivating for other potential collaborators...

Americo Tue May 9 11:29:52 PDT 2000

Hello, garage people. Hope you've run out of fuel and returned to inspirational and inspired thoughts and reflexions about literature and life.

Christi. I did not know you were responsible for all the evils of the world (including the WN). I do not think you are. You asked me if I still loved or at least liked you. The answer is, "I adore you". (Hope Allein, Rachel, Heather and practically all women in this forum do not die of jealousy.)

Arik. Today is Tuesday in Israel.

PS. I've just upgraded to IE 5. Looks quite elegant on my Mac.

howard Tue May 9 10:58:00 PDT 2000

GARIESS -- I suppose that there are pitifully few things that one can say in today's world that are not considered by someone to be politically incorrect.
And that brings up a writing question -- how do we handle topics that are not "PC" to certain segments of the population? Do we tapdance around them, or do we just forge ahead with artistic license? After all, those things are a part of the world we write about.

GRETA -- Welcome! Interesting idea! We'll put it in the queue.

PCUSHING -- Welcome back!

back to work

Heather Tue May 9 09:05:50 PDT 2000

Arik, it is TODAY in Israel.

Do the days of the week actually matter?

Today is the day we live in, always.

So, I am not the smartest man, let that honour be bestowed upon the first Greek God to post here.

I'm sure he'll know what day of the week it is in Israel.

Fran, may all the power of our prayers be tenfold, and be showered upon you, visiting you with full health and vigour.
And the same for Jack.

Americo, I will try what you put forth for the NBers...

Help yourselves to the salt, the blindfolds, or the scratching post.

For Elizabeth.

(It will soon be ten years since - September 18th, 1991)

In this day
Is embodied all of what I remember
of you and
of me.
Wrap my childhood in the
Safety of your charms.
It has come like
Silent waves
And crystallized as
The tear that ever slips away.
Why today, is it I think of you
with remorse?
Why not on the day of my
Or, the day I read your letters?
And this day takes me
Back to
Starkness recollected
Just anecdotal evidence
That we had loved
and befriended on another -
Even arduously defended.
My life is emptier since
You have died.
My life feels less joy
Because your laughter is absent.
My arms are aching
Just remembering that I haven't touched
You in years.
My eyes, even, cannot hold what is left of us,
And still my footsteps know nothing
Of your grave.
I must have lived in Denial
Of the true nature
Of your illness;
So that I would not have to face the
That you would not be with me when I'm
Even worse than that - you aren't here,
And I'm still young.


Rhoda Tue May 9 06:22:48 PDT 2000


I will try to get that book out to you today. I am hoping to locate the original box Teekay sent it in.


Rhoda Tue May 9 06:20:54 PDT 2000


My prayers are with you and Fran today.


For the time being you might have no choice but to accept what the doctor tells you, but I still believe this world is full of endless possibilities if you keep your eyes open for them. Medical progress is marching on at a fantastic rate. I will pray that you might find some better and more long-lasting relief for your back.

I am finally getting caught up on my sleep. Census work is extremely interesting, and it is a wonderful feeling to earn money again. I am still struggling to find enough time to devote to my writing. The nice thing is that I have earned enough money to pay for my hotel at the Romantic Times Convention in Houston. Within a week I will have the money for the registration. Now if I can churn out some good work to promote while I am in Houston, this whole census enterprise will have been well worth the effort.

I have not kept up with the Notebook very well. I miss all of you and wish I had more time to post more often. Just know that my thoughts are with you all.

Welcome to all the newcomers.

Happy writing,


Arik Tue May 9 04:35:40 PDT 2000

Howard... thanks man :-).

Do you know what day is it today in israel? whoever answers that will resive the most smrt man of the day award :-)

Tue May 9 01:36:01 PDT 2000


Do you, my poppet, feel infirm?
You probably contain a germ.
Ogden Nash


gariess Tue May 9 01:19:39 PDT 2000


You are too kind saying nice things about my posts; still, I am quite fond of you for it.


Christi Tue May 9 00:44:09 PDT 2000

How could I forget about you? I'm very sorry to hear about your back. I sure don't like the sound of what that doctor told you--not a very positive diagnosis.
I know this is a crazy question, but have you ever tried going to a massage therapist? My BIL has a back problem so bad that he only gets three hours of sleep a night and has to sleep sitting up in a lounge chair. He went for a massage for the first time the other day after putting it off for a year (it was a gift from my sister), and he had the first truly restful night's sleep he's had in years. It's pretty darn expensive, but some insurance companies give you half off.
This probably wasn't really helpful, but I just wish there was something that could be done about it. Well, for what's it's worth, I send BIG smiles to you. ;0)

Christi Tue May 9 00:27:20 PDT 2000

That Fran sure is a keeper. You tell that woman of yours not to feel bad if she decides to back out of visiting the dentist after her surgery. She's got a will of steel, that one. Makes me proud to be a woman. I hope it helps her to know that so many people are hoping and praying for the very best for her (and you). God bless you both in your time of need.

Sorry I've turned the Notebook temporarily into a garage, but the information was invaluable to me. I feel kind of bad because it will play only a small part in the overall story, but rest assured, it WILL be in the story.

BTW, I liked your idea about the love letter; I really did. But when I try to write like that I get sooo much sap all over the place. Someday I may figure out how to write emotionally without making people want to barf.
I'm sorry, I'm quite vulgar tonight. I didn't know I was until I started writing this and now I can't seem to stop. Do you still love me? There's more on the subject, but it's so late here that all the words and letters are merging into one globbery black and white mess.
Do you still like me at least? :^)

Howard and Gariess,
I loved your posts! Haa!!!

Well son of a . . . D'oh! I didn't know you were interested in EG. I thought you caught the post where Howard announced he'd finished the book and offered it up to the next bidder. Well don't you worry; your book will be on its way soon. Have you ever read "Bag of Bones" by SK? I hope not.

Loverly dreams to all,

Jerry Mon May 8 20:17:10 PDT 2000

Jack - will keep a good thought for you and your lovely wife.

Saw my Dr. today, he told me that I should probably get used to taking more pain killers as there is nothing that can be done for my back. This isn't the first time I have heard that, only the first time that he has suggested more and stronger pain killers. Oh well, might make my writing more interesting anyhow.


Gariess Mon May 8 19:16:49 PDT 2000

One more thing,

I'll be thinking of Fran, Jack.


Gariess Mon May 8 19:12:05 PDT 2000

Howard and Heather,

I must say you two have a talent for conjuring up the willies. I mean in the sense of creeping out the reader. Howard has his story of the wasp in the pants. (Will it go for the gonies? I canít stand it.) Then there is Heather with her tale of the ample, unclothed overhang and the red hot barbecue grille. You two are as the fingernails scraping across the slate.

To whoever came up with the excercise involving two people in a situation where they canít escape one another, I suggest a sketch with Robinson Crusoe and Yo Yo Ma in a disabled elevator.


I donít suppose your jest about shoes and the Irish could be construed as politically incorrect, could it? In any case, being that my paternal grandmother was Irish and my remaining ancestry from other sources I can only bring two and one half toes to the experiment.

My father was half Portuguese and half Irish. Half of him wanted to discover a new continent and the other half wanted to plant potatoes on it. Finally, he had to be content with Prince Edward Island. On the way there he met my mother in New Brunswick. That had a rather dubious result, but the potatoes turned out to be really good.

About that TGIF. I heard that was originally a margin note from a reader to an editor on an Ogden Nash manuscript. It supposedly stood for This Guy Is Funny.

Yeah, I know. This guy is not.


Rachel Mon May 8 18:41:58 PDT 2000

Jack - I will hold good thoughts for the both of you. Fran is an amazing woman!

howard Mon May 8 18:38:33 PDT 2000

JACK -- Glad I backed up after posting! We certainly will be praying for Fran and for you too. Not much else we can do from so far away, but I know from experience that it's a comfort.


hwoard Mon May 8 18:34:59 PDT 2000

AMERICO -- Garage? Didn't you ever do research for something you were working on? If our meanderings about Carreras and XKEs help Christi build a memorable scene in her novel, then so what if we smell like castor oil and gasoline!? But, like most garages, we've gotta put up with the occasional Chevvy too, sometimes even if they're moulded instead of stamped...
The 'vettes do have their place though...mostly snorting Porsche exhaust fumes. :-)

ANFSCD --- Would you believe the coyotes are beginning to be a nuisance around here -- in upstate New York! We were driving home on the interstate the other night and a pack of six or seven (that I saw clearly) ran across the road in front of us. Came right close to taking one home with us -- embedded in the grille of my truck. Nearby farmers are losing calves and sheep, and there have been reports of pets missing, and even attacks on small children.

SASQUATCH -- Calm down! It's only a legend! I just put that in there to befuddle Arik about the book. It's not about a golem at all.

ROSEMARY -- 4500 words about a lip rash? Hmmmmm...


Jack Beslanwitch Mon May 8 18:32:13 PDT 2000

Well, Fran will be going into surgery tomorrow. To add a bit more of masochism, she has decided to double up and have a bit of dental surgery done the next day. I shake my head in wonder and marvel at the bravery of my wife.

I will probably be more or less incommunicado and out of reach for the next couple of days. Your best bet is to try emailing me and putting Notebook Help in the subject line if anything disastrous arises. Keep my precious lady and soul mate in your thoughts. Good luck everyone.

Greta Mon May 8 18:31:12 PDT 2000

Hello everyone. We are living it up in the rain today. Theres a story in that I think. Imagine a lonley dead tree in the middle of the green prarie field. Behind it proudly stands the survivors. the sky, dim with transclucent clouds, threatens to pour its wrath onto the Earth. Who's creating the furry in the sky? I challenge any of you to make up a short story and publish it.

Americo Mon May 8 17:32:09 PDT 2000

Hi, Cushing.
I'm afraid we are on the wrong place. This must be a garage or something. And I also have trouble recognizing people. Better go now.

Rosemary Mon May 8 16:45:13 PDT 2000

Hello all,
I am checking with Jack to see if those two versions of my story might take up too much space on the workbook. If he says it is ok, I'll probably do it. I would love to have feedback on the cut version. The original version was written about four years ago when a friend's husband's upper lip broke out in a rash. I hope I have learned more about writing since then but who knows?
You are right. There is nothing more beautiful than horses running free. Unfortunately, ours only have a couple of acres to roam on but it is still thrilling to see them running across the field for the pure joy of it.


Charles Mon May 8 16:27:05 PDT 2000

Howard- I guess it should have been;
"T.G.,I.F.!" -Robinson Crusoe

Re: the corvette. "Stewardess, quick, one of those brown bags!"

Charles Mon May 8 16:22:02 PDT 2000

Yo, Howard- funny!
I was talking to Sly Stallone the other day and Yo Yo Ma approached us. "Yo! Yo..." Stallone said, then tried again, "Yo! Yo Yo!"
"Ma" Yo Yo added.
"Ma?" Stallone raised one muscular eyebrow. "Yo mamma!" he said and walked away muttering.

Xavier Mon May 8 16:18:17 PDT 2000


Anyone have an old Jag I can borrow? I won't crash it into any speeding trucks or anything. Promise!

If I had tuned in a few days ago, I would have offered to Christi: The 1963 Corvette "split window", with the optional 427 Cubic Inch engine, fuel injected, 435 horse power, and manual 4 speed is always nice too. It was one of the first fuel injected cars made, and was a much rarier model then the standard full windowed version. I would choose black, with white interior. A truly mint one could cost $40,000 and up. A true "classic car", very reconizable and researchable for that accurate novel or story, and every mans dream car to some degree.
Love the Spyder, but I love the Corvette better (unless you charicter is the kind of guy who thinks it's "cool" to ride in the type of car someone else died in. I know the type.)

Ok, enough out of me.

P.S. thanks to everyone who got back to me about my question.


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Mon May 8 15:44:11 PDT 2000

Americo - don't see any love letters as of yet, just that one some gal in the Phillipiens let loose last week.

Howard - if you have finished Endors Game, you must get a copy of The Speaker for the Dead - Cards next novel - makes for a great read, although it is much longer, it is just as interesting. I had to borrow it from my daughter, and am only about half way through. I read them both back in '93 following my last back surgery -- but I was heavily medicated at the time, so it is almost like reading them fresh this time. I would send it out, but I am afraid my daughter would be real upset with me if I did, as she collects her books and keeps them in her personal library.

sasquatch Mon May 8 14:39:01 PDT 2000

Arik and Howard persons do not say lightly of the golem. I only say him once and with fear. It makes afraid to think his name he will come and break all to destroy. I must go.

P Cushing Mon May 8 13:56:37 PDT 2000

Americo...My everlasting companion!
You have returned Safely!!
I wept for you in your absence.
Dear notebookers, rejoice! The survivor survives yet again.
I shall return presently.

Mon May 8 13:11:44 PDT 2000

howard Mon May 8 12:47:12 PDT 2000

ARIK -- I'll try to post it before the end of the week.
I liked the book very much -- I find the golem an interesting subject.

Arik Mon May 8 12:41:07 PDT 2000

howard - If you'll be so kind and send it to:

P.O.B: 33055
91037 Jerusalem

I will be very happy :-). Thank you :-).

B.T.W: What do YOU think about the book?

Americo Mon May 8 11:29:23 PDT 2000

Litter. The Academy has decided to grant you the prize for the best "Thankyoubuddy Speech" since they last paid their electricity bill (1913). The addenda to your original speech was decisive in their judgement. They also asked me to inform you that, in future receptions and in your honour, they will only serve Celtic blood as appťritif ó white Port or sherry absolutely banished in Hollyhood, at least this century.

Teekay. You were too kind for Eric in your "The Notebookers". SM** is always open for talent.

Arik. I'm going to finally see your site. I'm so excited! And thank you for another prize for the best sentence. You are too generous.

People. I tried to write my best love-letter myself but gave up. It was too melancholy. Maybe we should drop the subject.

Jerry Ericsson Mon May 8 11:13:19 PDT 2000

Howard - don't have the slightest idea who wrote it. If you click on the above link it will take you to where I found it. This is a grammar practice page thingy...

Write on.


howard Mon May 8 10:22:28 PDT 2000

CHARLES -- Actually the first recorded usage of TGIF was by St Patrick, as he tried to teach the Irish how to wear shoes. Only at that time it meant "Toes Go In First."

Just thought you'd like to know...

howard Mon May 8 09:32:30 PDT 2000

ARIK -- Yes, I do need your real mail address. My transporter isn't working correctly just now, and I'm afraid that if I try to beam "Ender's Game" to you it might come out as "Little Lord Fauntleroy," or even worse, Helen Keller's latest Chinese cookbook "The Miracle Wokker."
And thanks for the "funniest sentence" award! Maybe I should write comedy instead of whatever it is that I've been doing.

JERRY -- Who *did* write that sentence? It sounds like Howard Cosell, but he was gone before Carl Willians went for the record. Maybe Frank DiFord? I'd suggest Tim McCarthy, but I don't think he even *know* that many words! :-)

JADE -- Good exercise! I'll give it a go as soon as I get clear of this place.

ALL -- I just discovered why I miss some posts. After I post I get out and back in the notebook (to avoid duplicate posts) then do a reload or refresh of the page to see what I just posted. If I fail to back up and check the posts immediately before my latest one, I miss what was posted while I was composing my latest brain fart. Dunno if that's happened to anyone else, but It might be worth the time to check it out.

Jerry Ericsson Mon May 8 09:22:39 PDT 2000

You know -- this internet thing isn't all bad, it provides us with instant information on demand, allows us to make friends all over the world, and provides us with software that we never even dreamed existed.

What I miss however is the people telling jokes at coffee. Used to be, I would go up-town for coffee every day, and sit at a table full of old buddies. While sharing coffee and smoking ciggarettes, we would swap jokes and stories. Well no the old buddies no longer come to coffee, and I guess I haven't been down there for quite some time either. The jokes and of course the smokes have long since become a thing of the past. They have been replaced with E-Mial jokes - I get the damn things by the hundreds, well tens anyhow every day. Most of them aren't half the quality of those we used to swap over coffee, and most of them I have seen a couple hundred times allready. So what do you think, is the coffee group gone for ever? I see that some of the old coffee joints have put in computers hooked to the internet, so you can surf the web while enjoying "Exotic" coffee.

Write on.


Arik Mon May 8 08:43:38 PDT 2000

Hey guys... again! todays sentances:
The funniest sentance today is by howard:
""Tommy Smothers! You traded your cello to an oriental kid for *what*?"
"A yo-yo, ma""

and something my friend said today:

"Yo mama is so stupid... she faled her blood test"
The best sentance is by Americana (Americo):

"Tonight, and every night this week, we are going to write a book here. The best love letters of the human beast."
And the most stupid thing on this notebook ever is the look of alfred :-).

good day to all of you and congratilations to the winners.

Arik Mon May 8 08:36:03 PDT 2000

ops.... alfred is not feeling well.... oh well... whoever wanna meet him can get him by e-mail :-)

Arik Mon May 8 08:34:51 PDT 2000

Howard - Do you need my e-mail or my real adress? If you need my e-mail then it is also up :-).

Christi - don't worrie about it... I will :-).

I want you, guys to meet someone very special to me: alfred. He dies from the virus but a dear friend of mine (Rachel) saved him for me :-). alfred, meet my friends:

,' /
,' ( _ _
__...--' `-....__,'( _,-'/
_,---Arik Nesis (Kotej 28%) -._,' ,'
,' o Icq:37117194. :-). ;-). >8-). :-D <
`.____ )) ...' \
`--..._ . .__....----'''' `-. \
```7--i-`. \ `-`
`.( `-.`.

Alfred is my e-mail signature :-)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Mon May 8 07:28:44 PDT 2000

Found this example of a long sentence, I know I am a few days late with that exercise, and I didn't write this one, just thought you might find it interesting:

Knowing that millions of people around the world would be watching in person and on television and expecting great things from him — at least one more gold medal for America, if not another world record — during this, his fourth and surely his last appearance in the World Olympics, and realizing that his legs could no longer carry him down the runway with the same blazing speed and confidence in making a huge, eye-popping leap that they were capable of a few years ago when he set world records in the 100-meter dash and in the 400-meter relay and won a silver medal in the long jump, the renowned sprinter and track-and-field personality Carl Lewis, who had known pressure from fans and media before but never, even as a professional runner, this kind of pressure, made only a few appearances in races during the few months before the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, partly because he was afraid of raising expectations even higher and he did not want to be distracted by interviews and adoring fans who would follow him into stores and restaurants demanding autographs and photo-opportunities, but mostly because he wanted to conserve his energies and concentrate, like a martial arts expert, on the job at hand: winning his favorite competition, the long jump, and bringing home another Gold Medal for the United States, the most fitting conclusion to his brilliant career in track and field

howard Mon May 8 06:35:09 PDT 2000

CHARLES -- Robinson Crusoe!?!? ARRGGHHH! I love it...
Here's one back at ya -- I composed it a few years back --

"Tommy Smothers! You traded your cello to an oriental kid for *what*?"
"A yo-yo, ma"

May be a bit to esoteric for most, but you, Jerry, and GS will probably groan...

Jade Mon May 8 06:30:54 PDT 2000

Describe a setting (a lake, a barn, a warehouse, a frozen food aisle in a grocery
store) from the standpoint of a person who has experienced a great loss. Then describe
the same scene from the emotional standpoint of a person feeling great joy. Do not
name the emotion in either sketch; it should be apparent from the mood you create and
the details you describe.

An exercise in description and writing emotion. Note how the emotion comes from the
choice of details and the word picture you paint. Adapted from the teachings of John
Gardner and Robert Olen Butler.

Charles Mon May 8 06:14:33 PDT 2000

Teekay- 'Who was the first to *ever* write T.G.I.F.? -was meant to be a joke but nobody bit. (Answer: Robinson Crusoe)

Thanks to all for the kind words re: my web site.

Christie- re: the mags that would print your living room, I actually saw a book in a library called "How to hold up a bank" Very creative title since it was non-fiction and concerned ecology. The bank they wrote about discussed erosion of a wetland.

Howard-re: the jag. Rides available; $1.00

howard Mon May 8 05:26:44 PDT 2000

TEEKAY -- Yes, I sent you an Email the other day, and copied Rhoda on it with my address. P.O.E. sounds like a good one. Are you enjoying "Holding Wonder?" That one has a few of her "People" stories in it. If you can afford it, the "Ingathering" collection has all her People stories, and it's worth hanging on to. It's US$25 at Amazon.

CHRISTI -- I agree with you on Charles' web page. That first picture is very nice indeed! But *my* living room is cover material too -- for either "Recycling Monthly" or "The Landfill Chronicle!"

JERRY -- Nothing sweet here (although my sugar has been a bit high lately), just a combination of lots of wasps and clothes hanging to dry on the line out back. Maybe it's the softener my wife uses that attracts them.

back to work!

Americo Mon May 8 05:11:28 PDT 2000

Good morning, everybody!

Tonight, and every night this week, we are going to write a book here. The best love letters of the human beast.

Each one must write the words s(he) never had the chance to tell to the person of his/her choice. This person may be alive or dead, and the expressed love may be of any kind: filial, paternal, virtual, or simply the love we have for the person we sleep with (partner or bird).

The words must be the ultimate expression of our deepest feelings and thoughts ó the words which we would not mind dying after writing them, the words we so deeply regret not to have had the chance or courage to tell in due time.

This white book is open from now.

PS Anonymous letters accepted.

Teekay Mon May 8 00:06:36 PDT 2000

CHRISTI: Well bloody, buggery bums. I coulda read Enders game, why couldn't I read Ender's game huh? Why do I have to get a new book. It's not fair. It's NOT! Can I read Ender's game after Arik? Pleeeaaasssseeeeee?
Before I repost 'what's in a name' I'm going to see if any one is willing to actually give me any money for it. Oh look, now that HOWARD's gone and blurted out his fantasy, I have to go and do the same!

CHARLES: If you mean who was the first to post TGIF in the notebook, the answer is RANDALL otherwise known as RLH.

HOWARD: Did you want to read pillars of the earth?

AMERICO: I don't know if this is going to make you thrilled or depressed, but I'm going to try and write something more for SM*. Try, being the operative word.

Gotta runs, got the go.

Christi Sun May 7 21:58:12 PDT 2000

Charles and Howrad, I, too, noticed that 365A didn't seem to have a poetic ring to it. I've been surfing around and found a site with a beaut of a Spyder that was for sale. Coincidentally, it was midnight blue with a red leather interior! I didn't think the two colors would mesh so well until I saw it with my own eyes. Drool drool. I'm thinking though, that Carrera just SOUNDS better. Does that make me a stupid girl, picking a car for the sound of the name? Well that's okay, 'cause you're just stupid boys and you have the cooties!!! Third grade, anyone?

Charles, Your site is one of the best I've ever seen. I had no idea you really were an interior decorator. So, did you really do a stake-out with a busty blonde client too? Jest wishin', huh?
The first picture on your homepage just blew me away; I exclaimed out loud, "It's gorgeous!" and my husband had to come over and see what hell I was raving about. If I ever make a mountain of money, you'll be the first one I ring.

Teekay, Where are you, my girly friend? I miss your witty repartee. Are you going to repost "What's in a Name"? You should, it's stellar!!

Jack, Yummm! Can I come over for dinner? Unfortunately, I'm such a bad cook that I'd probably just have to use the cookbook to smother out one of my frequent kitchen fires. ;^)

Arik, Here are the rules: After you read the book, you MUST pass in on to someone else in the Notebook. Also, please sign your name in it and make a one sentence comment saying what you thought of it. I hope you like it!

I've finally finished Teekay's book, "The Thin Woman", by Dorothy Cannell. I enjoyed it a lot; it's a very funny and clever book. So who wants it next? It's not a long book, it just took me a while to read it with all that's going on here.

Heather, We had no winter this year so I'm quite envious of the fact that you only own one T-shirt. Here in Arizona, it's all T-shirts all the time.

This post has turned out to be the size of a short story. I think I'm purged for the day.


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sun May 7 20:55:37 PDT 2000

Howard - Damn man, what you got for blood? - must be about 40% sugar or something. I know that when we are out camping, if the wasps are around, all we have to do is take a pop can, with a little pop in it, place it several yards from the camper, and the wasps all gather for drinks at the pop can.


howard Sun May 7 19:05:46 PDT 2000

ROSEMARY -- I've been meaning to ask (sorry I didn't sooner) how can you cut a 4500 word story down to 2500? I have difficulty trimming at all. That's gotta take nerves of steel!
You know, it might be interesting (also very useful instruction) if you could post the original, and then the slimmed-down version, just so we can see the sacrifices a writer must make just to make a story better or more saleable. I for one think that would be extremely helpful, and encouraging to the more prolix (that's wordy, Heather) :-) of our group.

Howard Sun May 7 18:46:27 PDT 2000

ARIK -- Sure I'll send "Ender's Game" to you! Just send me your snail mail address and I'll post it right away. My Edress is at the top of this post (as always).

HEATER -- Topless!?!? No hat in this sun? You'll get a headache! :-)

CHARLES -- That Jag is a beaut! Nice web page too! And yes, you're right, Spyder or Carrera, or even Speedster *is* probably more poetic than "Type 365A." The latter sounds too formal -- even pedantic.

SASQUATCH -- I also remember reading somewhere that Pompey the younger was murdered in Egypt. Perhaps your ancestral memory isn't 100% accurate after all?

Did you know that you can buy dandelion seeds in bulk from some seed catalogues? I've had this fantasy about ordering 50 pounds or so, and late some night driving through some of the snootier neighborhoods around here -- you know the folks that spend more on their lawns than they give to their church or charitable organizations -- with a machine on the back of my truck that will blow those seeds all over their pretty green, sterile, dead front yards! :-)

Had a great time Friday! Got up and showered, got ready for work, and as I pulled my jeans on I felt something burning on the side of my leg. I looked but couldn't find whatever it was, but my leg started to swell up and hurt like the very devil. Proceeded to start out for work, got on the highway, and about 5 miles down the road I felt a red hot sting on my knee! Then another just below it! Pulled over and stopped (wife wondering what in the world was going on), and pulled my jeans off to find another wasp! Leg still swollen. Glad he decided to go downwards! Having great fun with these critters this year -- a couple of weeks ago I got stung in bed, now this. Maybe it's an X-files plot.

In the words of our furry friend, "I must go."


Heather Sun May 7 17:41:41 PDT 2000

Thanks, everyone, for helping me with that word.
Caduceus is indeed the word I was searching for. I remembered it long after I'd gone offline, and before coming back to check the board, but I thank you!

Litter, great speech, man!

Americo, lovely to see you posting.

Jack, comtinued good vibes are sent to you and Fran.

Everyone, I must go and water seedling grasses, lest they wither and fold unto themselves and be not turf but soil.

Oh, and I should water the plants/flowers while I'm out there.

Charles! (Hello, T.O.)
I wasn't planning on BBQing topless - but now that you mention it... ouch. (Let's just bend over the grill here and see if these things need flipping...sssssssssss! What's that burni----AAAugugughhhFFFFAAA!)

I was just planning on startling my new(ish) neighbours with these ample crowd prods.
(Used to be I could never walk through a crowd without getting an elbow in the chest, momentarily reminding me of a mammogram, yet had never had one...)
Now I just use 'em to part the seas, so to speak.

Anyway, that is more than a mouthful. Heh heh heh a waste of notebook space...


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sun May 7 15:51:29 PDT 2000

Love it when the weather cooperates. Spent yesterday putting down weed and feed on my lawn, whilst the wife and daughter planted the garden seeds. Today we awoke to find a nice gental rain had been falling most of the night, and it has continued all day. One of those rains where it falls so slowly that none of it runs off, but sinks slowely into the parched soil. Should give the garden a nice start and allow the weed and feed to treat the yellow plague from it's midst.

Write ON!!

Litter Sun May 7 15:02:31 PDT 2000


You are, of course, correct. How I could have missed out on citing my ancestry is beyond my comprehension. Having but one short hour to write and rehearse my spontaneous academy award speech is no excuse. So, without further ado, and with the use of that wonderful tool of punctuation, the ellipsis, here we go again (Bloody ancestry included) -

Arik? Me? (Hands crossed high on chest in shocked amazement) What can I say? I'm overwhelmed…
… last but by no means least, I thank all of my ancestors who so selflessly donated their deposits to enrich the Celtic gene pool that ultimately spawned the literary genius that is me…

That better A* ???

Scotland still play football, albeit badly, but the fans support their lacklustre team exceedingly well.

Now then, I AM going to find time to read newish entries in the Workbook. I am, I am, I am.

I have also finally purged the hellish AOL from my hard drive - you wouldn't believe the rush of euphoria produced by that one deed alone. Or, maybe you would? So, I would say to you unfortunates still out there - there is life after AOL. The disease can be treated.

Ciao, for now,


Arik Http:// Sun May 7 12:38:48 PDT 2000

Americana - How are ya? here is the link to the site... I hope you'll like it and writing something good is always good :-). How are you doing? where is jon?

Charles - :-). I think it says it all. by the way I meat he'll send it to me by e-mail.... but you still right :-)

Americo Sun May 7 11:51:00 PDT 2000


I love "Americana". You can call me that of course.
Where is your site?
Hope you don't consider that the dumbest sentence... I can't see the link to your site, otherwise I should have visited it already and take flowers. Please post a link to your site and I'll post something nice in your site.

Tina Sun May 7 10:04:29 PDT 2000

A wonderfully, warm, sunny morning to all!

Heather and Jerry,
The word you're after is 'caduceus'. It's latin, not Canadian. Dang foreign spelling....

Hello Nicole! I'm not a poet but love to read it, so post! I haven't found the guts to post anything yet, but love reading the workbook.

I'm procrasinating. Gotta go to work but IT'S SO NICE OUTSIDE AND I DON'T WANT TO GO! Must go. Bye.

Charles Sun May 7 09:22:52 PDT 2000

The funniest sentence is definitely Arik asking for his password back and the 'dumbest'?(most dumb?) would be if Jack actually gave it to him!
"It's a joke, for heaven's sake! It's only a joke!" David Letterman.

Heather-Barbeque topless? Instead of flowers I'm sending you some Aloe!

Christie/Howard -I've posted my web site for the e-type pictures. No writing there, though. And Christie, re: your story -you might find writing/reading '365A' a bit tedious. Maybe a Porsche Spyder would be more...literate??
Charles (Toronto, Canada!)

Arik Sun May 7 08:29:42 PDT 2000

howard - Christi told me you may have something called "Ender's Game", and that if I'll ask you nicely you'll send it to me.... I am asking you very nicly.... *purrr purrrr*.... I guess pussy is doing it better then I do (by the way... where is she and jon???) but however I hope that was nice enoughf.... :-)

Arik Sun May 7 08:26:09 PDT 2000

Hello people. How are ya today???

todays best sentances:
For the first time. one sentance won 2 prises, this sentance is by Charles and it is the dumnest but also the funniesr sentance:

"Arik- You asked, "How did Gnaeus Pompius died?"
He died? I didn't even know he wasn't feeling well."
And yes americana (you STILL like that name???) I am convinsed. he best sentance goes to jack. I wont write it here cos it is a long one but I think you all know what I mean :-). and Jack.... if you will be so kind... plesase send me my passward for the workbook again... I lost it :-(.

As for sasquatch, I also did some reasrch and I found out that he was murdered by someone in yegipt... we dont know who it was. Where did you took your klolage? (I guess that word is not understandble to most of you but try to understand it :-)


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sun May 7 08:09:08 PDT 2000

Heather - would you be thinking of a Caduses? (sp?) - never could spell those dag nab forgin words.

No shirts required in your part of Canada? Where did I get the idea that Canadians were more conservative then we in the US?

Americo Sun May 7 08:06:21 PDT 2000

Jack, I'm going to try to convince Arik that your post about how to get characters for fictional purposes is one of the finest in the notebook ever (it is for me, honestly) and, with a bit of luck, you may get a special prize.

Arik, please be convinced.

If Beef Burgundy au Beaujoulais helps, and you feel like it, write a short-story for "Strawberries". I promise to be nice in my terrible criticism.
This project is feeling very lonely lately and Jon is getting a bit frustrated and angry with the lack of inspiration of the most remarkable notebookers, like everybody. The project will be withdrawn from Internet public eyes on the 7th July 2000. Plenty of time for everyone to write wonderful stories about food, drinks, recipes, feelings, sensations, the lot. Then it will History!
(There will be no deadlines!!!)

Litter, I was shocked to see that in your remarkable Academy award speech for the prize Arik awarded you (deservedly) you forgot to thank your Celtic blood, ultimately responsible for your genius. Please write that speech again including the bloody mention; do it in time to be included in tonight's or tomorrow's CNN News. (BTW, does Scotland still play soccer?)

People, Jon asked me to tell you that he does not have a car. (He thinks that it's an important information).

To the rest of the crowd: good Sunday and other days.

Heather Sun May 7 07:01:51 PDT 2000

Good morning friends and neighbours...

It's another sweaterless day. In fact, it's not even a T-shirt day. And it is LEGAL in Ontario to go topless, you know. Just not to work. And I have to work this sunny Sunday. And then there will be a barbeque, a gathering of friends, and glorious binging on ribs and burgers.

I might have to find that T-shirt I have somewhere in the recesses of my wardrobe, for days like today.
It's grey, with a big red cross on the front, and says
'MASH 4077th' and over the red cross is the black medical symbol, and the name of which eludes me at the moment.
Really, it just eludes me.

Anyone remember what that medical symbol is actually called? It the symbol of the two snakes entwined around a 'pole', with wings in either side. The snakes are wound four times each, symbolizing the four directions, or elements, and thusly standing for wholeness, completion, integrity.
It is also an ancient symbol from several cultures, one being Egyptian, being the calling card of Thoth, or Wisdom and Universal Law.

Dang it that word is on the tip of my tongue! If only I could spit it out.


Jack Beslanwitch Sun May 7 03:07:34 PDT 2000

Americo: Thanks for reminding all about my modus operandi for creating a character from scratch. As I become more conversant with scuba diving I have thoughts about creating a story that centers on my love of breathing bottled air at depths greater than 15 to 20 feet and more. As I know from my training, there are lots of possibilities not excluding the notion of someone holding their breath from 99 feet in depth and rising to the surface and having their lungs explode ala a baloon filled with four atmosphres of air at 99 feet and rising to the surface expanding quadruple and exploding in analogous manner. I am a little drunk. Am having friends over tomorrow. Just got done finishing Beef Burtgundy that I am doing slightly different using Gamay Beaujalai. If you have not seen this recipe, check out At
Home With the French Classics
by Richard Grausman (especially
his Chocolate Soufflee with Grand Marnier)

take care everyone




sasquatch Sat May 6 19:47:30 PDT 2000

Rosemary person I sasquatch did read yours posting but you told that you were to go and feed horse creatures and so long for now. I sasquatch did not wish to be bothering person or creatures while eating so did not post to you. Are horse creatures well? Our remembering is when persons in ships brought to here from over salty water. One Yeti set many horse creatures free for we like them running in wind they are most beauty creatures in being. Most cruel persons brought here. We memory pain. I must go.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat May 6 17:50:40 PDT 2000

Charles - thanks for the E-Mail, now I feel loved again.

Since it didn't have the requesit attachement, I did open it and read the note. Glad you like the stories.

Write on!!

Rosemary Sat May 6 17:14:30 PDT 2000

I want to thank Arik for the 'Most Dumbest Sentance Award'
He obviously doesn't know horses because that wasn't the least bit dumb. But, at least I know someone read my post.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat May 6 16:14:37 PDT 2000

On the car thing, in the midwest, where no cowboy boot wearing, Stetson hat wearing cow puncher would be caught dead in any of those dagnabed forgin jobs. They would love to have something like a '49 Ford Pick-um-up trucks, or if it has to be a car, nothing is more of a classic then a '55 Chevy convertable, or even hard-top. My all time favorite though was the '58 Mercury convertable candy apple red with a white rag-top. Had one when I was married, and it was probably the best car I ever owned. Dad sold it when I went to Nam for 25 bucks. I was not real happy with him for a couple of years, but I owed him the bucks and he had the car. The wife had a 57 Plymouth to drive, and couldn't handle the stick shift on the Merc anyhow.

Sorry to hear about the love bug bitting members of the notebook. I came out unscaved. Guess I am like Charles, nobody loves me enough to send me even that love letter.

Nicole - welcome to our little (but growing) group - post away, love reading poetry {at least the stuff posted in the workbook}

When I loose my way and cannot find the workbook, all I do is put my cursor on the Address bar at the top of my explorer screen, right at the end of the word notebook, then backspace out that word and replace it with workbook and vola, I am at the workbook gateway!

Litter Sat May 6 15:54:42 PDT 2000

UK Joke…

Welcome Nicole, pull up a chair and stay a whilie.

Rowhad - har har har - it would have been genuinely funny if'n I hadn't just spent all day ridding myself of the devil spawned bastard offspring of the I LOVE YOU virus.

Arik? Me? (Hands crossed high on chest in shocked amazement) What can I say? I'm overwhelmed. Never in my wildest dreams did I think such an honour like this would come to me. But we mustn't forget all the little people, all the people who have helped me on the road to this great honour. (Brushes the hint of a tear from eye) I'd like to thank my mother and father and the many in my family who have sacrificed much for me to be where I am today. My nanny, the servants and teachers, the minister who baptised me… My producer and director and, of course, my editors and subeditors, those poets and bards whom I have plagiarised… Sorry, got carried away for a minute there…

Arik, from the heart of my bottom, I thank you.

May you read many more sentances (sic) in bludgeoningly good health.


Charles Sat May 6 15:51:55 PDT 2000

Litter- sorry to hear the virus got you. I'm so lonely I can't even get an 'I love you' virus.

Charles Sat May 6 15:48:12 PDT 2000

Christie- You're welcome! If you used the e-type in your story though, I'd read it! :>) Still want to, so.....I'm waiting. I have lots of jpg's of the e-type but you never post an email address. If you want to see it, I'll send you a photo. Can one post jpg's here in the Notebook?

Howard-Thanks for the words, the e-type is a heart-stealer!
I also race F2000's and if you want a rush...!!! Have jpg's of those, too. Your story about the car-dealer scam would make a good story, no?

Arik-my condolences to Gnaeus Pompeius' family.

Enough about me, let's talk about my book.

Litter Sat May 6 14:43:06 PDT 2000

Hi All,

A devil spawned bastard offspring of the I LOVE YOU virus has just eaten my AOL - folders, files, links addresses everything. My last backup was a few weeks ago (my own fault) so I have purged the hellish AOL remnants from my system. I don't know who sent it but I WILL track you down and then think of something hideously horrible to do to you... Nyahahahaha hahahahahaha haahhahahhaaaahahahahah.

Point is, anyone who mails me or plans to in the future please use the above emailaddy, ta! Madasafish is a Scottish enterprise, so I trust them implicitly.

JACK - sorry, the devil spawned bastard offspring of the I LOVE YOU virus also ate my workbook link. I remember the password and name allocated to me but not the link, so I have applied anew through the normal channels. Please be soon....

Can anyone explain why antivirus software works with Outlook Express but not with aol???

sasquatch Sat May 6 12:49:45 PDT 2000

Oh yes arik person the caesar had pompeius head removed and we think that is probably which pompeius stopped to live from. before Yeti remembering is very fine in this part. Pompeius did go to place of nile and pharos but marcus antonius brought back after finding him hiding behind pyramid. Then ceasar made all understand how it is not good for any humans person making fight against ceasar. Too badly pompeius father is a great general. I must go.

howard Sat May 6 12:48:56 PDT 2000

CHRISTI -- I must admit that I never thought of the porsche as a "she" -- just "my Speedster." Or, when the twin Solex carbs were acting up, "that %^!@*&^$# piece of CRAP!" (affectionately, of course). And no chance of that particular car ever crossing my path again. After I traded it a young school teacher took it for a test drive. She just had to have a sports car. She did a U-turn in front of the Highway Fruit Market in Vestal, NY, thinking she would beat the oncoming milk tanker. She must have forgotten to downshift. They had to cut what was left of the Speedster into several pieces in order to extract the several pieces of school teacher from it. Not a pretty sight.

CHARLES -- When I was in Germany I ordered a Sunbeam Imp from a British car dealer doing business in Karlsruhe. He had me fill out all the paperwork (including the credit union loan) and said the car would be delivered "in a few weeks." A few weeks later I went to see him, and he said the car was unavailable, and offered me a good deal on a VW 1600TL Fastback. Had to use different financing, though, because of a detail in the paperwork. I was gullible enough to do it. Got the VW (which was very close to the Porsche in handling, etc) and was enjoying it, when I got a call from my CO, saying that the first credit union was wanting their money. It seems that the Englander had sold the Imp to seven of us, and the seventh guy actually got the car, but the dealer got all the money from all of us.
I ended up having to pay for it after I got back to the states, even though a German court ruled that I was not liable because the dealer was acting as an agent for the credit union. The cops were after him, but never caught him. Then a few years later I was reading the classified ads in the back of a Car and Driver magazine, and there he was -- English Automobiles, by Marshall Gorridge, offering a classic '62 Jaguar E-type! I wrote to him, but never got a response (no surprise there).
Expensive lesson, I guess.

ARIK -- Thanks for choosing my sentence as the funniest!

Dunno if this post will make it, as my firewall is showing that I'm under attack by a hacker right now. I reported him to my ISP, (he's in the same one) but he still keeps trying.

More later,


Americo Sat May 6 11:53:14 PDT 2000

I went to the archives today and selected this 1966 post from our own Jack. I liked it therefore I post it. It's about how to look for characters for books. And my posting it is for him to know that we are thinking about him and Fran.

(Sorry for the sentimentality)

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Jul 29 12:34:54 PDT 1996

What I do quite often is go to someplace like Pike Place Market here in Seattle. It's an old world style market of labarynthine corridors and open stalls, fish vendors casting fish over the crowd only to be caught by their fellow vendor, street musicians, jugglers and a great diversity of people. I'll find a place to sit and watch, have a mocha (This is Seattle, remember - double short with raspberry) and watch the people, thumbnail sketching them as they walk by into my notebook. I will build lives from these quick exposures of someone walking by with a green mohawk with multiple rings pierced here or there in an eyelid, a nose and a lip, or the grumpy old bewhiskered gentlemen with balding hair who stares disapprovingly at the rapper next to the life size bronze piggy bank and moves on. These are snapshots that frees my editor to have fun with that little bit of real world to create a whimsical birth that takes on a life of its own. These are the kind of characters when I include them in a story that will slap me up the side of the head and tell me you will not do that to me.

Christi Sat May 6 10:15:59 PDT 2000

Thank you, thank you, thank you all you car buffs! I think I'll take the advice given and go with a Porsche 365A Cab., AND I'll go to some of the classic car sites to pick up on some of the lingo. It's funny that you mentioned James Dean, Charles, because I've been trying to figure out what car he died in, thinking I might use it for my story. I was pretty sure it was a Porsche, but didn't know which one. And as an old movie buff, I'd never say, "James who??" . . . ya old fart. Heh heh.
I'm drooling over your Jag (got pictures?), but I don't deserve to, never having even done an oil change in my life. Sounds like you've put a helluva lot into it, and really know your cars. The Jaguar is my very favorite car; I need a bib every time I see one, but I hear that unless you're good at tooling around on cars it's not a great idea to get one. Not that I could afford it anyway.

Howard, I'm crying a tear for your lost love. Maybe she'll come across your path again someday. Your car WAS a she, wasn't it? I haven't heard of many male cars. I call my car 'Dotty' because the paint has peeled off in so many places. On a bad day I call it 'The leper'.

Teekay, Errr, book? What book? Just kidding!!! I'm getting it this weekend, you silly.
Rod Serling was not very handsome but he was quite interesting looking. I heard that he'd taken that trip to the far-beyond, to his own Twilight Zone quite a few years ago, which makes the fact that he was chasing me with a kitchen knife ever so much more interesting. Maybe it was just my hungry hubby demanding his dinner.

Hello Nicole, and welcome!!! Thanks for your input. I'd love to see your poetry, and I'm sure it bears no resemblence to mule puke. Love it--mule puke. Disgusting imagery really. ;0)

Thanks again, you wonderful people, for all your superb input.

No longer lonely,


Arik Sat May 6 08:37:54 PDT 2000

sasquatch - Ceaser didn't kill him. after the fight, pompeius escaped... to somewhere... I think it was to egipt, After this I dont know what happened...

Charles - Well, you kind'a late by 2000 years :-).

Howard - You spell it like this: Gnaeus Pompeius :-). Congratulations for the winning :-) (the sentance)

Howard Sat May 6 06:26:38 PDT 2000

TEEKAY -- I'll answer your Email shortly.
Rod Serling graduated from high school in my home town, and is honored with a star (the first one, actually) in Binghamton's "Walk of Fame." His high school English teacher still lives here. Other Binghamtonians include actor Richard Deacon, and boxer Jack Sharkey, and a few others whose names escape me now. THen of course there's yours truly, who will someday claim at least that 15 minutes of fame... :-)

Howard Sat May 6 06:16:20 PDT 2000

CHRISTI -- I agree with Charles -- a Porsche type 365 is the one I'd choose -- but I have to admit I am salivating over his Jag. I owned a '57 Porsche 365A Speedster back in 1960-61, and it was one car that I'd give my left whatever for. It was blue, with a red leather interior, with the Shell bucket seats that the Speedster was noted for. They kind of wrapped themselves around whoever was sitting in them. No seat belts back then, but the seats did a pretty good job of keeping the driver in place. It had side curtains that popped into holes in the tops of the doors. They kept the rain and snow out (mostly). The only real problem I had with it was the hellacious oversteer. With the engine in the rear, the rear end wanted to get in front in a hard turn. I only lost it twice, once in a patch of mud in a 90 degree right turn, and the other when I hit an oil slick after a rain storm, coming out of some esses near Cazenovia NY. I was showing off to my squeeze, and ended up bass-akwards across a culvert. A truckload of farm boys happened by, and picked it up and set it back on the road. I traded that car in on a Ford Starliner of all things, and have been kicking myself ever since!
Another couple of cars I really like are the Morgan Plus 4 and the Lotus Seven. Almost bought an AC Ace (full Rallye equipped) but I was afraid of the Bristol engine and the aluminium body.
But I wouldn't turn down an XKE Jaguar. I remember the first one I saw around here -- a British Racing Green roadster that quickly took the place of the Mercedes Gull Wing that one of the local dealers drove. Talk about testosterone overload!

ARIK -- I did an Altavista search for Pompius but couldn't find it. Did you misspell it? Now I see sasquatch is spelling it Pompeius! Is that right?


Charles Sat May 6 05:56:30 PDT 2000

Since y'all seem to like contests; Who was the first person to write, "T.G.I.F." ???

Charles Sat May 6 05:54:19 PDT 2000

Christie, a further thought. If you want your character to have 'bragging rights' he could tell whoever he's trying to impress that the Porsche 365A is the same type car that James Dean died in. (it was really a Porsche Spyder, but who would know?) If you ask me who James Dean is I'm going to apply for a pension! (Jaguar joke: if it isn't leaking oil, its out of oil!)

Charles Sat May 6 05:36:14 PDT 2000

Christie- I drive a 1962 E-type Jaguar, series one roadster
which I fully restored. (Known in the US as an XKE) I can't drive two blocks without someone asking me what it is, what year, can I buy it? That is a head-turner. People often say, "Wow, bet you get a lot of girls after you with THAT!" The true answer is, "Nope, I get a lotta 50+ year old men wanting to look under the hood!" Top speed is 150mph.
Not fiction.
If you want a classic Porsche it would be hard to beat the 365A Cabriolet built around 1955. The 911 is better known, first built in 1964. 89,256 were built. Top speed 130-155mph. Now I got oil all over my keyboard. I hate when I do that!

Charles Sat May 6 05:22:07 PDT 2000

Arik- You asked, "How did Gnaeus Pompius died?"
He died? I didn't even know he wasn't feeling well.

sasquatch Sat May 6 04:48:29 PDT 2000

arik person Yeti remembering goes far to before when the before yetis led the great hannibal and his beasts over the mountain. Also knew of ceasar who was fight against gnaeus pompeius. Remembering knows that gnaeus pompeius was caught after persons with him were frightening away and the great ceasar made him on knees to die with head cut off. before yetis sad at this. I must go. Leave reward thing by tree.

Arik Sat May 6 01:37:27 PDT 2000

Hello people... how are you?

Rachel: Sorry for not responding yout note in my notebook... I'll do it in 5 min :-).

Todays's best sentance of by howard:

"This virus thing is going too far! This morning I said to my wife "I LOVE YOU" and all the pictures fell out of my wallet, and she started sending Email to everyone she knows!"

The most dumbest sentance goes to Rosemary :

"Got to go feed the horses before they come get me, so that's all for now."

and the funniest sentance of the day goes to Litter:

"Today I got to talk metaphysics -- just a poet a preacher and me. Moma said there'd be days like this!"

OKey guys... I have a question: How did Gnaeus Pompius died? whoever answers that will get a reward

Nicole Fri May 5 22:53:08 PDT 2000

I'm new to this, so bear with me. I'd like to first say that I am thrilled to be able to converse with other intelligent people for a change, and possibly help and recieve help from
people who will understand me.

I'd like to offer my first contribution: I don't know how well this would work for you, but a lot of people respect older cars that have been beefed up: muscle cars, they're often called. I'm a pretty big car buff, and my head turns when I see a '71 Nova or '69 Chevelle. The beauty of these is that you can buy them fairly cheap, but it takes a lot of time and quite a bit of money to fix them up. My boyfriend's car is a source of constant pride. He's only got about $10,000 dollars in it, but the dedication earns him a lot of respect. He can outrun anyone in town. In order to make it credible, you'd have to come up with some car lingo, though: a good place to pick some up quick is the collectible auto section of e-bay. You can search for whatever car you're looking for and see how sellers describe them. You might learn a lot about cubic inches, posi traction, and ft/lbs of torque. Good Luck, whatever you decide.

My request: if you guys get some time soon to check the workbook, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look at some of my poetry and offer your opinions. It should be posted in the next few days. I've finally decided to publish and I'm scared stiff. Maybe you can either confirm my worst fears (it's "mule puke" in the words of Dean Koontz) or put them to rest.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all better. Talk to you again soon.

Teekay. Fri May 5 22:25:13 PDT 2000

CHRISTI: Isn't that a hoorible feeling. Please don't mistake that for horrible, horrible doesn't nearly describe the desperate, solitary, lonliness of a deserted notebook as hoorible does. Whhhhhhooooooooooooooo, hark now, can you hear the wind blowing through the dark, empty corners?
Have you bought the book yet? Have ya? Have ya?
I would love to help you out with the car thing, but I barely know the make of our own car and that is definitely not a rich persons car, hell, it's barely a car.
Is Rod Serling handsome? Which of you is carrying the kitchen knife?
Are you sure it's not you chasing him and he's just got the knife for self defence? Heh heh.

JACK: Thanks for removing that story. Thanks to Charles' critique it has been given a second chance at life.

RANDALL will be back in a couple of months. Don't ask me why a couple of months, but a couple of months it is. I'm just glad he'll be back.
He gave me the address to a site where there is a picture of him in 1965 and another in 2000. His picture was a little how I had pictured him, only I had pictured him to be hairier

Well, am off to soccer on this wet and windy autumn day. All for the love of my children. they are on opposing teams and they will be playing against each other today.

Heather Fri May 5 22:24:57 PDT 2000

Don't be chilly Christi, I may be late in coming to the NB, but I'm here now.

Seems pretty quiet around here since I last posted, sometime around the dinner hour.
Must be this remarkably warm weather, taking all of the Nber's outside to dream up adjectives and adverbs, such as we have never seen!

Nothing like a little fresh air.
Washing the car today I learned that no matter where the water and soap is supposed to go, a two year old will find every place it's not and put it there first. All, of course, while you're busy scrubbing the hubcaps.

Speaking of cars, Christi - I'd say an old Mustang, or even something older that is possibly his father's mint condition convertable, that he borrows to look rich and cool? A Porsche 911 is a classic model by now, isn't it? It was the most popular, at any rate. But for a regular guy trying to look rich, driving any kind of Porsche is more money than an average Joe's worth, including his yearly salary, his stamp collection, his rare and extensive dinky car collection started at his birth, and the sale of every last ounce of his blood, to be frank.
Well, it is possible I exaggerate. Hey, I write fiction. What's a little puffing up now and again?


Arik Fri May 5 22:10:01 PDT 2000

howard, I loved that :-).

Christi Fri May 5 20:58:43 PDT 2000

HELLO 'elo 'elo. Is there anyone in here 'ere 'ere? . . . ANYONE?! Awfully quiet in Toontown today.

Can anyone tell me what car a person might buy to impress others with their seeming prosperity? I need this for a story I'm working on. It can't be a Ferrari or anything in the hundreds of thousands, because the person in the story isn't really rich, but he does spend an exorbitant amount of his earnings on his mode of transport. I was thinking of a classic Porsche perhaps, but I need to know what year and model is supposed to be desirable for Porsches. Any car buffs out there? Help!!!

Will anyone get this message? I feel so alone in here; nearly chilled to the bone by the draft eminating from my computer screen. I feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone, with Rod Serling chasing me around, while wielding a seraded kitchen knife.

Somebody call the men in the white coats; Christi's gone.

Night lovies. See you later?


Litter hypercyberspace Fri May 5 14:48:50 PDT 2000


Today I got to talk metaphysics -- just a poet a preacher and me. Moma said there'd be days like this!

My blood pressure dropped 10 points after this afternoon - that's got to be good…

Just remember:

A crash reduces
Your expensive computer
To a simple stone


Christi Fri May 5 14:19:14 PDT 2000


I've Emailed you some articles about querys; how to and how not to do them, and other such stuff. I don't really remember all that they cover but I think they were pretty good articles. I'll look for more on the subject later.

Mary Fri May 5 14:14:15 PDT 2000

XAVIER: Heather does it just the way I do. Always send for the guidelines first. Best to go into something informed. If you can't purchase the 2000 Writer's Market right now, check out Writer's Digest's website. They generally have a lot of listings from the market on the site. Also try punching 2000 Writer's Market into the ISP that you use--should give you something. Almost all libraries have copies of the 2000 Writer's Market also. My local library does, and I live in a small town population- 2000.(including 800 kids.) I have never bought a Writer's Market, although I feel they are indispensable. I just get it from the library or off the net. Good Luck!

Heather Fri May 5 13:34:38 PDT 2000

the best bet is to find a copy of writer's market 2000, and look up the publishing companies you feel would be most interested in your work. If you've done that, check in the market 2000 to see if they list a website, and it should state whether or not the writer's guidelines are on the site. If not, it should say what size envelope they require in the blurb. If it is unspecified, send a #10 Self addresses stamped envelope. The #10 is the usual size.

Hope this helps - ! Gotta run

Xavier Fri May 5 13:05:02 PDT 2000


I have a quick question: When sending for writers guidlines, and/or sample issues, how do you ask for such material. In other words, do I send this request with my query letter, or is it done first? Last?
Should I just basicly say; "Could you please send my your writing guidelines, Thanks!"
Also, what size SASE goes with such a request. Any help someone can give me will be appreciated, as I plan on sending out for guidelines from several houses soon.

Hope all is well with all.


Rhoda Fri May 5 12:49:40 PDT 2000


I should finish PILLARS OF THE EARTH this weekend. Who do I send it on to next?


howard Fri May 5 10:31:57 PDT 2000

This virus thing is going too far! This morning I said to my wife "I LOVE YOU" and all the pictures fell out of my wallet, and she started sending Email to everyone she knows!

Heather Fri May 5 10:23:53 PDT 2000

Tina, glad to hear it. It is romantic, isn't it?
This love affair with the written word, how it is weilded, how it leaves a decided mark upon the soul. Or should that be a print upon the soul? An imprint.
Sometimes a lot like a footprint. Or, as Mary might say, a handprint.

Before I burst into song or tears,
As is my lot on days like today,
I shall just say briefly
That it is good to be alive...
...and good to be able to find the words to say so.

May your love affair with words stand against all elements and guide minds across time.
And may your muse stay for the long haul,
whomever that may be.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Fri May 5 10:21:33 PDT 2000

Clayton - Cassandra - sent you E-Mails with sites you are looking for.


Clayton Fri May 5 09:58:17 PDT 2000

Does anyone know a site where I could get some information relating to the Day of the Triffids? I have the book, read it twice, seen the movie three or four times on Beta, but I need articles that refer to the book so I can get quotes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cassandra Fri May 5 08:46:59 PDT 2000

ARGGGG... still got lot's of stuff to do

Allein- Thanks a lot hon, I'll try my best to get back to you but I can't make any promises on that. I've got a photo project to shoot and print for, an 6-8 page paper on Steinbeck (if anyone knows were to find good info on him online or not, let me know), collaging my screenprints (at least they're Dadaist in nature so they don't need to look pretty or planned out), write a 2 page essay, and study for Art History. *sigh* At least my English teacher decided opon not having a final, and my Art History teacher nixed the essay question.

As far as technique is concerned, mine is a 'get aquanted with my multiple personalities/voices in my head and just follow a few of them around for a while' type of thing. I see through their eyes, hear through their ears, feel, and touch through their skin and taste an smell through their mouth and nose. They usually decided the plot, and I just follow along for the joy ride. Sometimes I do have to goad them into moving another direction but that seldomly works (guess they all inherited my stubborness).

Must run along now, got library time to log in. :)

Arik Http:// Fri May 5 06:36:52 PDT 2000

Do you know what is the most hated thing by me??


so guys... you missed me? How are you all? how is life? yada yada yada... I really have nothing to say... I am just happy that I have a reason to write something again in a WRKING COMPITER :-). good day to you :-)

Allein Thu May 4 23:22:26 PDT 2000

Cassandra - I'll be e-mailing you probably tomorrow. I hope to receive a response, but I know you're busy. I hope we'll be able to chat once you're on summer vacation. As for me, I just finished senior presentations and my teacher absolutely loved it so it looks like I'm clear to graduate so long as I pass my finals - which I will. Anyway, I've been drawing some cute pictures. I might send them to you, but they're colored and color copies are expensive and regular copies would turn out black and white. But, I'll see. YES!! I want to read more of your story. (Everyone: this girl is a good writer!) I've started on the sequel to my story so I'll send that later this month when you're not in school. ((((BIG HUGS)))) Good luck on all your finals and everything! :)

Rachel - Yes I will also send you a copy of the sequel (even though the first story isn't finished yet) if you want me too.

Tina Thu May 4 23:08:19 PDT 2000

No making a fool of yourself there. 'Be in love with language' sounds romantic and is absolutely on the mark. No amount of perfect technique - either stylistic (grammar) or personal (music and the perfect pen) - will make a great piece of writing.
I've been down on my writing today, reliving the 'am I crazy for spending SO much time doing this?' paradigm. As soon as I read your one sentence I remembered WHY. Thank you.

Characters just never do what you expect them to do. They have stronger wills than most of the people I know and NEVER do what I plan.

After all that info I can only add my own method of attack. I rarely write anything in sequence, jumping back and forth between times and places as new thoughts come to me, then stitching them together. I do have a plot laid out but then the characters will go and do something unexpected and I have to change things as I go. Hope this helps.

Goodnight all.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu May 4 22:12:13 PDT 2000

Been playing around with dialog, ended up with a little short which I posted in the Short Story Workbook. Called the Hero.

Mary Thu May 4 15:15:01 PDT 2000

Howard, Howard, Howard-How I wish I could take credit for the Bachman piece. Unfortunately I found it on No one's name was bylined for it, so I didn't include one when I posted it.Sorry to dash your illusion of me. Have you read the Dark Half by the way? It is my personal King favorite.

Rosemary Thu May 4 13:43:24 PDT 2000

Hello All,
To me, technique is the way you go about writing. Some writers plan the story to death. A Bio for each character, a gigantic outline, research the location until you could get around it blindfolded, etc. By the time I had finished all that, I would be sick of the whole thing and go shopping.

My technique is to decide on a subject or happening or be given an assignment. I start on page one and let my subconscious write the thing.
If it's a novel, I do keep a file of characters, places and terms. That is to keep my spelling the same through out, and the characters names the same. (not because of my terrible memory :.})

On editing your own work, I just finished cutting a 4500 word story down to 2500 words. It had to be the hardest thing I have ever done (writing wise) The magazine's requirements were a limit of 2500 words, but they count by one word for every 6 spaces. I know my machine doesn't count that way so I quit cutting at 2600 and used the Approx. term. I would be very interested if anyone else has had to cut that drastically and how they think the story came out. Was it better or worse?

Got to go feed the horses before they come get me, so that's all for now.

Thanks for all the great info.

Heather Thu May 4 12:22:28 PDT 2000

I heard the same warning on my radio, about that virus.
Keep tissues handy in case your computer sneezes.

Allein, what a lovely batch of funnies if ever I saw any.
Besides the characters, here, among us!

On technique, on technique... well, that covers way too much ground so I'll ask for specifics rather than fling out my interpretation of another's needs. Not that any of the information already given wasn't golden, but I'm committed to not making a fool of myself this afternoon, unlike this morning... perhaps I should just be plain committed?

So Amy, when you return to Notebook-land,
please define what techniques in what arena you wish to attain tips for.
Oh, alright! I'll divulge a hint or two, never mind the arenas.
(But only because I can hear the water dripping and that wrench is just so far away - I need a diversion)
So here I go, typing my way to Court Jester...

Technique for creating zingy dialogue? Tension, interest, realism, and succinct wording, and what the heck; have a few conversations with someone you loathe (maybe this person borrowed your dog and she returned a bicycle instead)and use that as fodder for the writing of nasty dialogue.

Technique for the actual writing? Sit down, pull up the chair, put pen to paper or digits to keys and let the brainstorm soak whatever's handy. Revise that at least twice and you're getting an A. It's the same parameters that are taught when a child in grade school writes a paper, a letter, practically anything: there is the rough, sketchy copy, with ideas and thoughts, the rough copy in sentence form, and the good copy, presentable to the teacher in most cases.
Technique for creating tasty exposition?
Cut to the chase. Leave out anything that bores you, because it'll bore the reader to the far reaches of catatonia.
Write with your own voice. Don't slurp D.H. Lawrence popsicles or down ten Vonnegut 'Breakfasts' right before you plan on writing original material. You will be influenced. No matter what. In order to make that influence as weak as possible, make sure you have cleared the table (or drink only water). Unless of course, you've been reading too much Steinbeck. In that case, no less than a pot-luck will do.

And lastly, be in love with language. You never know where the affair of a lifetime can take you.


Litter Thu May 4 11:58:59 PDT 2000

Further to what Howard said earlier - the following is from one of the ISP's I use:

Love letter' virus paralyses computer networks

A computer virus has paralysed computer networks, causing damage estimated at millions of pounds in the UK alone.

The Houses of Parliament computer system was among thousands hit by the "ILOVEYOU" virus, which masquerades as a love letter and replicates itself by e-mail.

Software engineers were able to develop a cure for the bug, thought to have been launched in Manila, before battling to disinfect computer systems across the nation and the world.

Victims sometimes receive dozens of e-mails, all contaminated. A message saying "Kindly check the attached love letter from me!" arrives with a file attached called "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU".

If the file is opened, the virus is activated and a program automatically replicates the e-mail to other people in the user's address book, while also downloading a file to the hard disk called WIN-BUGSFIX.EXE. This file tries to copy network passwords and send them to the virus creator. It can also damage certain files.

The result, repeated on computers across the world, is that email systems have been overloaded by the sheer volume of Internet traffic, and have been crashing or been shut down.

As a precaution, at 1pm today (4 May 2000) we quarantined supanet's email system to prevent customers from receiving the ILOVEYOU virus. Since then our engineers have been working on our users behalf to clean their email. We anticipate completion of this clean-up exercise by 7pm tonight (4 May 2000)when our email service will be restored.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu May 4 11:42:58 PDT 2000

Americo - thank you.

Amy - I think I understand your question about tecnique, and I really don't have much to offer, as I use my own, when writing. My technique consists of putting on some background music, somthing to do with what I am writing, for instance for Vietnam stories, I use tunes I listened to back then etc. Then I simply sit down and invent a few characters in my head and turn them loose. They do what they do, and I write it down. Sometimes it works great, many times when I am finnished, I simply read the story and delete it right away, not wanting anyone to know that I can write such trash.

I did hear a warning about the Iloveyou virus on our local radio station, so either it is out there, or the anouncer got an E-Mail warning about it himself and passed it, along as news. This has been known to happen around here, the anouncers are quite gullible when it comes to such things.

Write on --


Litter Thu May 4 11:10:55 PDT 2000

Hi Amy,

Some more techniques for you to consider:

To make a character, especially a 'good' one more believable they should have some flaw or negative character trait. (we all have them!) This can be something like a jealous streak, criminal background, or phobia of some sort. Fear of elevators or flying, or whatever, can lead to a difficult situation from which the character has to extract him/herself… This also help us associate with the character, especially if the trait is one that we have ourselves, or can empathise with. (OK pedants, 'or one with which we can empathise.' Bloody silly writing rule, that one about prepositions, Grrrrrrrrr.)

The main character should have an achievable goal, but there should be a number of obstacles for him/her to overcome before the goal is achieved. (Whether it should be finding lost treasure, securing the attentions of a mate, defeating the enemy, or whatever.) These obstacles may also be used to show the character in his/her best and/or worst light.

The third of the 'biggies' (shame on some of you for not getting them already :o) is that there should be conflict between characters. This can be used in several ways; e.g. the conflict will inevitably be one of the hurdles to overcome/circumvent, longer term conflict can be used to build tension within the story and/or characters, conflict may be the entire point of the story, etc.

Hope there is something in that lot to help you.

All y'all, battling with several conflicting ISP's so my time for fun and games in the notebook may be a tad limited.

Ciao for now,


howard Thu May 4 11:09:20 PDT 2000

MARY -- Nice piece on King! I like your style! Thanks for the info...

Rachel Thu May 4 09:38:39 PDT 2000

Amy - Welcome - Technique - Hum... That is as different as is each writer. For me I use the dig in and get it done technique. I have found this works. Some people use story lines, or webs. some people develop plots. I tend to work from a central theme. It took me a long time to figure out that was what I was doing (grins and laughter)! It also took a lot of patience form certain people... Hum, what else, what else? Some authors need to do certain things before they write. I guess that would be a part of their technique. Hope this helps.
Take care you,

Mary Thu May 4 09:32:57 PDT 2000

Forgive me for pasting something this long into the notebook, but it is for Heather and there is no link to her email in any of the current messages. I should have checked the workbook for one, but I wanted to hurry and get this pasted before I forgot how to do it.:-)

Richard Bachman first appeared on bookshelves in the late 1970's with the release of "Rage" and "The Long Walk". King has said that he used the Bachman pseudonym so that he could write differently and also to see how an unknown writer would do. The Bachman books were not as successful as those penned under the King name, but he kept producing them. In the early 1980's, King used the Bachman name to write "Roadwork" and "The Running Man". In 1984, King wrote "Thinner" using the Bachman name. Somehow, around the same time, an unknown person found that Bachman was actually King. The rumor spread fast and "Thinner" began flying off the shelf. Bookstores throughout the country began selling out of all the Bachman books of course, and King finally admitted the truth.Fascinating, how he pulled it off for over fifteen years. In 1989, "The Dark Half" hit the shelves, under the Stephen King name. "The Dark Half" is supposedly fiction, but if you read it you will know that it
is actually about the King - Bachman relationship. Well, maybe not as psychotic, but you get the gist. Readers begged for more Bachman and King finally gave it to them in 1996. He produced a two book set, Bachman was the author of "The Regulators" and King was the author of "Desperation". The two books went hand in hand, you had to read them one after the other to understand. Each book contains many of the same characters as the other, yet they're different. A psychotic killer in Desperation may be the hero in The Regulators. King also makes many crossovers from his other novels such as "Rose Madder" and it's Cynthia Smith character. According to King, Richard Bachman died shortly after writing "The Regulators". Here's what King had to say on the Bachman subject:

Bachman's dead. But he left a whole bunch ofstuff....Bachman died of cancer. Actually, cancer of the pseudonym. And he's dead. But the thing is,his wife, Claudia Inez Bachman, did find a whole box of manuscripts. And I really haven't looked through them, so I don't know how good they are or how bad they are. I see that one of them is a novel about a sexual vampire, actually, which looks sort of interesting. But I got a lot to read so I haven't been up to Bachman's stuff yet."
Stephen King, 1996

Quite a bit of foreshadowing there, don't you think? While we may never see another Bachman book, we can hope. Who knows? Maybe he'll find the time to go through that box of manuscripts now that he's feeling better.

howard Thu May 4 09:15:25 PDT 2000

AMY -- Welcome! And pay no attention to the furry individual behind the tree. He's been hanging around for a while. Just don't get down wind of him and you'll be okay. :-)
Besides the Point of View (POV) and Flashback techniques he mentioned (can we really call them techinques? I guess so), there is Metaphor, Allusion, Allegory, and I can't think of any more! Mind went totally blank!
Group Assistance needed!

Cassandra Thu May 4 09:08:26 PDT 2000

Hi all,

I'm psyched cause it looks like I'm going to pass Graphic Design class, which was the only class I was really concerned about. From the sound of it, my teacher is captivated by my verbal accuity, both written and spoken. She seems to think I hold myself intelligently, and sell myself well. :D must stop smiling... stretching pretty face... ow. Gotta love that BSing ability that goes along with a semi-decent vocabulary.

I'm in the same boat, those darned revisions always keep me from finishing my heartachingly beautiful masterpieces. (hey, I'm entitled a little poofing of my ego today!) I'm going to start training myself (two words: shock therapy) into finishing the story before concerning myself with anything other than plot. Spelling be damned! It has it's place in the editing, along with grammar.

You know what I liken grammar to... that one uncle in every family that isn't completely with it. You know the one I'm talking about, it may not be an uncle, but the black sheep always has it's place hanging from the branch of our respective family trees. Sure grammar has it's place in the English language, but most people do their best to pretend it's not there despite their better judgement. Without it's presence, who'd be the black sheep? Most likely you.

Amie- Can't help you there, I don't know the rules... besides the fact that sometimes I don't like to play by them. >:D

Gotta run and get lunch, but you people will be hearing a lot more from me know that that one class is done for the semester

Allein- Yes, yes, I can hear you cheering from here. I know you probably want more pages of my little novel there... :) feels good to want don't it? Mwahaha


howard Thu May 4 09:06:49 PDT 2000

HEATHER -- Yes, Stephen King is also Richard Bachman, and I've heard that he will(has already?) publish one or two more books under that name.

TEEKAY -- Not enough room in mine, either! :-) BTW, it's ZeNNa not ZeNa. I'm still looking for the letter from her sister with Zenna's picture in it. Maybe I'll fire up a Zenna Henderson Fan site! Or not.


sasquatch Thu May 4 08:55:15 PDT 2000

Hello Amy Elmo person. I too am interesting what you call by technique of athours. But what do you intend by technique? Is that such as called pointofview (I think) calling technique also? Or some have flashingback to early memory or other way to say a story. Are you relative to Elmo small red sasquatch kind of person? I must go.

Teekay. Thu May 4 08:53:12 PDT 2000

HEATHER: Yes! Tis true. 'Tis S. King who shares my bed these past few night, but tonight 'twill be Zena. Please do not mistake Zena for the buxon wench Xena, there is not that much room in my bed.
Actually, I may not share it with any of them, it's 2 am and I think maybe I should just sleep.

TRUDY: Thankyou for sending me that story. I did smile softly. But girl, if you want to laugh, you must read ..........COPORN or PORNCOP while eating POPCORN, but beware, it could be a health hazard.

Night night.

Amy Thu May 4 08:31:21 PDT 2000

Hi I would like to know what the tecniques of an author are because i am doing a report and i need to find out 10 tecqniques that an autor uses. Please help me.

howard Thu May 4 07:36:21 PDT 2000

Hi all --
We've just been notified at work about a very bad new virus, that comes in an attachment labelled "ILOVEYOU" Apparently several here have been hit by it already, and some smaller companies were blown out of the water when their servers crashed.
So far this looks like the real deal, (I haven't been able to get to the antivirus or hoax web sites yet). My apologies if it's not, but better safe than sorry.

Allein Thu May 4 06:45:34 PDT 2000

Time for Allein's funnies. :)

Top Signs You're Bored at Work

You've already read the entire Dilbert page-a-day calendar
for 2000.

You discover that staring at your cubicle wall long enough
produces images of Elvis.

You've figured out a way to get Gilligan off the island.

You decide to see how many Mountain Dews you can drink before the inevitable explosion occurs.

People come into your office only to borrow pencils from your ceiling.

No longer content with merely photocopying your butt, you now scan and enhance it with Photoshop.

You now require only a single can of cola to belch the names
of all seven Dwarfs.

The 4th Division of Paperclips has overrun the Pushpin
Infantry, and General White-Out has called for

Heather Thu May 4 06:45:05 PDT 2000

I can't say the source is 100% reliable (source? Don't even remember the source) but it has been said that Richard Bachman was Stephen King's pen name when he first authored a few books - such as 'Running Man'.

Anyone else heard that?
With a name like S. King, why use a pseudo name?

Well, goodmorning fellow scribes,
I haven't much else to say ~
So I'll be off and writing now

Oh, and I was plying with the notion of using a pseudo name myself, when I first began writing this novel, but I don't think I'll bother.


Teekay Thu May 4 02:30:30 PDT 2000

HEATHER: "Hunnybun, whassat word there." he squinted his eyes and nose and pushed his face closer into the book, all the better to see by.
"'Ere givus a look see. Hmmm t.....h....e! Why luv, I gotta tellya, I haven't gotta clue." she sidled up closer to him and breathing hot, stale breath into his knobbly ear whispered. "Tell ya what darl, why don't ya see if yer can swap it wiv Al fer some a that cola 'e got the uva day eh?
He grunted and turned to her, catching the side of his porous nose on the end of her cigarette.
"Geez luv. What would I do wivout ya?" he switched off the lamp and the light from the stub of her cigarette cast the room with a soft, romantic glow, the only souns were a few grunts and snorts and a small clump that could barely be heard as HOWARD's book fell from the bed.

HOWARD: Talk about speaking too soon. It was home when I got there. Whhoooeeeee! Richard Bachman will not be sharing my bed this night.

Heather Wed May 3 23:54:30 PDT 2000

You just never know about them customs peeeple:

"Hey honey, guess what I nabbed at work today?"

"Lemme guess, a kilo of cola?"

"Uh uh! Take a look-see," he replied, rummaging through his knapsack, thick fingers colliding with pens, billfolds, a bag of shark teeth and an orange, to finally settle on the softened cover.

"A book? Whaddya want with that kinda crud?" she said, smacking her gum.

His eyes stopped focusing on the shadows in the sack. "Whaaa? How can you say that? It's got good words!" He pulled it out and held it for her to see.

"Yeah, hon, and if ya stay up late readin', you'll miss all the dirty ones I'd be a-whisperin'." Her ashes fell from the half smoked butt as she flicked her hand about in the air. She crushed it out on a plate.

The book slid from his hand to the dog-chewed sofa, suddenly forgotten.


Da da d a daaaaaa! Suspense, how evil! Will the customs guy ever return the book to work and send it on it's way?
Wait~ NO! Don't tell me the ending!

bwa ha ha.

Heather Wed May 3 23:42:07 PDT 2000

Running out of fuel to ignite the arse-ends here, Americo.

Ha ha - knew the Cosby comment would bring up a few eyebrows...

BUt I must keep the fire lit under my own bum - chapter 4 is getting longer! And most of it will not be edited away - as far as I can tell at this point. Decided to just 'get on with the writing of it' rather than the 're-writing' of it. (Anyone else get bogged there?)
My novel may (if the wind is right, and the moon is full) come out reading a little better than I feared, especially with letting the flow out fully now, instead of stopping it almost constantly to go back in and re-work.
This approach, I think, will free more creativity. Who should be the one to build the dam in a perfectly natural rapids? Not I. That would be 'dinner!' or 'Laundry!'
Anyone else got a tidbit on how they best self-edit? Guess I just gave my closet bones away.
Give us the process, ma'am/sir, just the process.
Sorry if I'm cryptic, (or pyticrc) as I have a great reason for being so drained: I just finished another scene, of 2 pages or so, after completing the last segment of the previous scene - another page!
Add that to the 2 pages I wrote this afternoon, and presto, 5 pages today!
I'm getting weaker... body heavy, brain light...

Ignore the desktop, where I am resting my head. Better yet, ignore my head.


Teekay Wed May 3 21:23:53 PDT 2000

JACK: FRAN has all my positive and healing thoughts coming her way.

HOWARD: The reason the sentences in the bible are so long is that back then people lived an awful long time, so they had plenty of time to read them.

TRUDY: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY. I was beginning to wonder where it was.

Tried to catch up on all the shorts last night. Thought I'd be able to go back through history and read them, but I only opened the critique page properly and not the story page.

CHRISTI: Me too.

Teekay Wed May 3 21:13:26 PDT 2000

HEATHER: Ohmigod....I...I...I just can't..can't...believe ....the Cosby called it......mediocre.
I love the Cosby Show.

Teekay Wed May 3 21:09:07 PDT 2000

HOWARD: Don't worry about it too much. Customs are probably either checking it for drugs, or reading it themselves.

Christi Wed May 3 20:58:57 PDT 2000

Jack, I hope for only the best for you and Fran. I'll be praying double duty for you two. God bless.

Here's my long sentence w/ 102 words:
The notebook is a place where many find minds gather, some not so fine minds, and a smattering of crazy lunatic minds, and my mind would have to fall in the latter category, although some might argue that I could fall into the middle category, but I'll bet if you asked my mom, who loves me very much, she would say that I had a brilliant and far reaching mind, almost as fine as that of Albert Einstein, but then again you must remember that this would be coming from the person who gave me life, and she is often biased in my favor.

Short sentence: I sometimes have a low opinion of myself, and of my talent.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams to you all,


Trudy Wed May 3 20:23:10 PDT 2000

Hello all...ok took me a few days but finally got around to getting into the archives to see what I had missed. Made a few notes so if I miss commenting on anything that's been archived...sorry!

Great short shorts...I'm supposed to be working on my novel (To read at next week's writers group, Heather!) but came here to when I start writing this evening it will be my novel not a short short...maybe soon though. And all these exercises look fun too! So little time!

Teekay...the story's been emailed!

Tina, that wasn't a short talk with Gabaldon if you got that much helpful info and were inspired...Write, write, write and I know you will become as talented, and more so, than Gabaldon!

Christie, very glad freelancing is keeping me busy, though i had hoped to have a little more time to work on fiction. Can't complain when those checks arrive though!

Ok off to novelling. Happy night all!


howard Wed May 3 19:36:15 PDT 2000

Just a side note on the 100 word sentence exercise: In the King James Version of the bible, in St Paul's letter to the Ephesians, chapter 1 contains 3 sentences of 89 words (vs 3-6), 125 words (vs 7-12), and 199 words (vs 15-23). I remember seeing a discussion of them in a writing class. The point was, if I remember correctly, that there is always an exception to a writing rule.

MARY -- Don't fret -- I knew what you meant by "gun to your head."

GARY -- One of my most heartbreaking memories of that time was Klaus -- a young German man (20 or 21) who applied for US citizenship, and ended up in my squad in basic training in Sept 1963. We became friends there, and he went to AIT while I went to Signal School. He was killed in VietNam early in 1964.
I had volunteered twice for Nam, got turned down both times because I had enlisted for crypto repair and Germany. It pissed me off at first, that I couldn't go. I didn't think it was fair that Klaus had to go, but they wouldn't take me. Then in June of 1966 they were rotating guys back through Germany and Turkey, and we got a couple in my platoon. One kid kept having nightmares, and they would wake me up to talk to him (I was the oldest guy in the platoon, and an E5 at the time). I ended up holding him in my arms one night while he cried. He had seen the rest of his squad blown away when a little girl blew up in the middle of them one sunny afternoon. I think he was 19 or 20.
The medics took him away a few days later. I thought of Klaus for a long time after that.
And I prayed for you.

howard Wed May 3 18:38:50 PDT 2000

Hi -- If you can get it, there's another excellent interview on the NPR "Fresh Air" site (available tomorrow), with three editors, discussing the publishing business today. Here's the description from the site:

Three veteran book editors discuss the state of publishing today. . .when
mergers create mega publishing houses, the bottom-line dominates decision
making, and e-technology threatens the book itself. The three are:
MICHAEL KORDA, editor-in chief of Simon & Schuster, ROBERT
executive editor at Random House, and JONATHAN GALASSI,
editor-in-chief at
Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

I heard a part of the interview this afternoon, and it's a real eye-opener. They got into the changes that have taken the decision-making process out of the editors' hands and placed it into the bean-counters' domain. THey discussed the effects of E-publishing on the business, and what it means to today's writers.

All in all, a very interesting half hour or so.


Mary Wed May 3 16:51:50 PDT 2000

Gary: One more thing--I was born during the Vietnam War while my father was over there earning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. I grew up hearing war stories and looking a pictures of my fathers perished friends. I have nothing but respect for old soldiers.

Americo Wed May 3 16:48:17 PDT 2000

Jerry E.,

You have been a very useful contributer to our grainy tangerine. I checked the site you recommended and ó it's very good!

I would add a title to the list of selected short-stories they have there: "Dinner with Father".

What can we do today to brighten up the Notebook, Heather? And on the next days? And next year? And...

Mary Wed May 3 16:45:42 PDT 2000

Gary-Could you at least pay me the courtesy of taking the lampshade off of your head when I am speaking to you? What a low opinion of me you must have to think I would ever assault someone's motives for joining the military. My first husband served in the military for 4 years and although he saw no war the Air Force could not have been more supportive of our family in a horrific time.

My gun to your head comment only referred to your hesitant participation in the 100 word/10 word sentence exercise. If you don't want to do, or don't enjoy the exercises then don't do them. Nobody else complained first and then went ahead and did them anyway--as if coerced. I'm treading on thin ice in this notebook anyway due to past skirmishes--why call me out? Quite frankly you hurt my feelings. I thought I was playing nice.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed May 3 15:10:11 PDT 2000

Alien - miss your funnies, so here is one I got in an E-Mail from a friend:

Here's a letter that maybe we should all send to our banks...

Dear Sir,

I am writing to thank you for bouncing the cheque with which I
endeavoured to pay my plumber last month. By my calculations some three
nanoseconds must have elapsed between his presenting the cheque, and the
arrival in my account of the funds needed to honour it. I refer, of
course to the automatic monthly deposit of my entire salary, an
arrangement which, I admit, has only been in place seven or eight years.

You are to be commended for seizing that brief window of opportunity,
and also for debiting my account with $50 by way of penalty for the
inconvenience I caused to your bank. My thankfulness springs from the
manner in which this incident has caused me to re-think my errant
financial ways. You have set me on the path of fiscal righteousness. No
more will our relationship be blighted by these unpleasant incidents,
for I am restructuring my affairs in 1999, taking as my model the
procedures, attitudes and conduct of your bank. I can think of no
greater compliment, and I know you will be excited and proud to hear it.

To this end, please be advised about the following changes. First, I
have noticed that whereas I personally attend to your telephone calls
and letters, when I try to contact you I am confronted by the
impersonal, ever-changing, pre-recorded, faceless entity which your bank
has become. From now on I, like you, choose only to deal with a flesh
and blood person. My mortgage and loan repayments will, therefore and
hereafter, no longer be automatic, but will arrive at your bank, by
cheque, addressed personally and confidentially to an employee of your
branch, whom you must nominate. You will be aware that it is an offence
under the Postal Act for any other person to open such an envelope.

Please find attached an Application Contact Status which I require your
chosen employee to complete. I am sorry it runs to eight pages, but in
order that I know as much about him or her as your bank knows about me,
there is no alternative. Please note that all copies of his or her
medical history must be countersigned by a Justice of the Peace, and
that the mandatory details of his/her financial situation (income,
debts, assets and liabilities) must be accompanied by documented proof.
In due course I will issue your employee with a PIN number which he/she
must quote in all dealings with me. I regret that it cannot be shorter
than 28 digits but, again, I have modelled it on the number of button
presses required to access my account balance on your phone bank
service. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Let me level the playing field even further by introducing you to my new
telephone system, which you will notice, is very much like yours. My
Authorized Contact at your bank, the only person with whom I will have
any dealings, may call me at any time and will be answered by an
automated voice. By pressing Buttons on the phone, he/she will be guided
through an extensive set of menus:

1. To make an appointment to see me.
2. To query a missing repayment.
3. To make a general complaint or inquiry.
4. To transfer the call to my living room in case I am there.
Extension of living room to be communicated at the time the call is
5. To transfer the call to my bedroom in case I am sleeping.
Extension of bedroom to be communicated at the time the call is
6. To transfer the call to my toilet in case I am attending to nature.
Extension of toilet to be communicated at the time the call is received.

7. To transfer the call to my mobile phone in case I am not at home.
8. To leave a message on my computer. To leave a message a password to
access my computer is required. Password will be communicated at a later
date to the contact.
9. To return to the main menu and listen carefully to options 1 through
10. The contact will then be put on hold, pending the attention of my
automated answering service. While this may on occasion involve a
lengthy wait, uplifting music will play for the duration. This month
I've chosen a refrain from The Best Of Woody Guthrie......"Oh, the banks
are made of marble With a guard at every door And the vaults are filled
with silver That the miners sweated for." After twenty minutes of that,
our mutual contact will probably know it off by heart.

On more serious note, we come to the matter of cost. As your bank has
often pointed out, the ongoing drive for greater efficiency comes at a
cost - a cost which you have always been quick to pass on to me. Let me
repay your kindness by passing some costs back. First, there is the
matter of advertising material you send me. This I will read for a fee
of $20 per page. Inquiries from your nominated contact will be billed at
$5 per minute of my time spent in response. Any debits to my account,
as, for example, in the matter of the penalty for the dishonoured
cheque, will be passed back to you. My new phone service runs at 75
cents a minute ( even Woody Guthrie doesn't come for free), so you would
be well advised to keep your inquiries brief and to the point.
Regrettably, but again following your example, I must also levy an
establishment fee to cover the setting up of this new arrangement.

May I wish you a happy, if ever-so-slightly less prosperous, New Year.

Your humble client

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed May 3 14:34:37 PDT 2000

Been playing around on the web for the past few days, searching for some rood reading material. Found the above site, has lots of great authors and plenty of short stories - poetry and lots of just great stories.


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed May 3 12:52:45 PDT 2000

Jack, may God watch over Fran in these trying times, my best to the both of you, and you will be in my prayers.


Gariess Wed May 3 11:51:39 PDT 2000


Skoal, man.

gariess Wed May 3 11:47:50 PDT 2000

That is really great; now, you have invented the actor to be named later. I guess things weren't imponderable enough with only the "player" to be named later. Ah well, "...a poor player who struts, and frets his hour at the plate." From Shakespeare's ROBINSON, The saga of a major league commissioner who handed down so many suspensions that a plot was hatched to unseat him. So be it. We now have unnamed players of the stage, as well as the field. Now maybe Disney can make some good trades with Fox or Warner. But please, no more baseball movies.

You have presumed to tell me that no one held a gun to my head, but you did not say in what instance this applied. I hope you were not referring to my life in the military. There is a special place in hell for people who tell old soldiers about "how it was" before they, themselves, even became a notion in the hormonal ocean.

I will be directing my thoughts and energies in the days ahead toward the well being of Fran and toward a favorable outcome of the procedure.



Americo Wed May 3 11:05:20 PDT 2000


Healing energies to Fran from this side of the Atlantic.

Heather Wed May 3 10:13:37 PDT 2000

Jack and Fran, all the positive vibrations you can soak up are headed your way. The scuba diversion has merit. Better than no diversion at all.

Jerry and Gariess, I suppose I should now see Biloxy Blues, just to witness what you speak of. Not that I've never seen a war movie, but when someone who was actually there says that the movie was realistic, then I am inclined to believe that they know their forehead from their arsecheek. And that the movie is worth the two hour investment.

Just saw "One True Thing" yesterday, after wondering if there were any other 'writer's movies' out there. Well, it wasn't really about writing, just two characters that happened to be writers, and a cameo by a third 'poet'. The story itself barely took the writing bones out of the closet, no stretching first, either.
The movie wasn't so bad, but not what I expected. Probably true of most films.

Isn't it time we exceeded the mediocre?

Let's all write screenplays and movie scripts, and take over Hollywood - grab the 'Cosby Show' meets 'Buffy' waifs and wankers, and toss them out on their heads. We'll keep Kathy Bates, Ben Affleck and Jodi Foster, and a handful of directors, but I'm afraid the scrap heap would be big. We could really set the world to spinning!

Wait a minute... let's just overthrow the writers. Leave the actors - no one will agree on who stays and who goes, anyhow.

How about this? With your current work, if there are indeed Earth characters (fiction writers, here) who would you choose to be the actors if it were a script for the movies?
You have one wildcard: One actor may be played by someone who will make their screen debut, so can be left as 'unnamed' thusfar. I'll have to give this a thought or ten myself.


Cassandra Wed May 3 09:56:53 PDT 2000

Hi all,

Just checking in on my short stress break today. Tonight looks to be an all-nighter, the first I've had to do this semester.

Thankfully some very nicely written shorts helped to lift my spirits. I hope to do their inspiration honor with the miracle I am about to attempt to complete. I simply wish I had time to join you all in writing such things, but don't worry, once tomorrow's over I'll be out of the proverbial woods and will be able to join you once more.

It's strange how just a little taste of the notebook teases my senses... I want to sit down and write! WAHHHHHHHHHHH! Why do I have to deal with crappy classes?! *sigh*

I might pop by later, in the midst of the lagging end of my work. :)

Love you all


PS. All my prayers to you and yours Jack, and I'll have a bio for you sometime in the near future.

Rachel Wed May 3 09:39:38 PDT 2000

Jack - I will focus good thoughts and energy towards Fran and yourself at this time.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed May 3 09:19:19 PDT 2000

Gariess - Truth be known I did fight both sides, however I did love Boloxi Blues, you are right it is a classic film of what life was like in the army. I did nearly eight years of active service, and remember most of the time well. There were many happy times, with my buddies. Strange how it was though that once you were out of training, and in the "real" army those drill instructors you feared and hated became just another soldier, if you happened to run into them. There was one terriable instructor we called Running Bear, both because he was a native american, and because all he knew how to say once we were in marching formation was "DOUBLE TIME". I think if any one of us in his platoon would have caught him off base in town, we would have found a way to eliminate him. I ran into him again, while we were both in Nam, we went to a club, and had a few beers. I was surprised to find he was just another soldier with a job to do when we were at Ft. Leonardwood, he was a nice guy in real life.

Oh well, here is a toast

"To all those brave men who also served at home!"


Rachel Wed May 3 08:42:24 PDT 2000

Gary - I thought Bilox Blues was a great show.

howard Wed May 3 07:00:52 PDT 2000

JACK -- Prayers and good vibes from this corner too! Hope everything goes well.

TEEKAY -- Dunno what to say -- the book got posted on 4/22. Maybe your local kangaroo express got a flat tyre?

MARY -- "This Boy's Life" might fit in your "writer's movie" list. It's from a book by Tobias Wulff. Great book -- haven't seen the movie yet, but been meaning to.

JADE -- keep 'em coming! We might not all have time to do them when you post them, but they're good exercises!

SASQUATCH -- All pooped out yet? :-)


Rhoda Wed May 3 06:53:46 PDT 2000


My prayers go out to Fran and yourself.

All the best,


Allein Wed May 3 06:41:32 PDT 2000

Jack - My prayers are with you and Fran. I hope everything turns out all right. ((((BIG HUGS)))) to both of you.

Mary Wed May 3 05:22:51 PDT 2000

Gariess: Nobody had a gun to your head.
Throw MOMMA from the train starred Billy Crystal who was a writing "Professor?". Danny Devito was taking his class. "The night was...SULTRY."

Jack: My thoughts are with your wife.

Litter Wed May 3 04:34:00 PDT 2000

Jack, my prayers for Fran, and for you in such a stressful time such as this.

Hi y'all,

Was it GS who thought I had spelled penicillin wrong. It was indeed a 'joke' bottle marked Penisillin. (My family have a strange sense of humour :o) I also have a bottle of Computer Anti-Virus pills, somewhere upstairs…

Living in a different time zone to most of you I seem to miss out on things as they happen. So, somewhat belatedly, here is my shortie:


I'll miss Bertie terribly. He was always there fussing over me when I left the house, and he was there to welcome me when I came home again. A man couldn't wish for a more faithful and loyal friend.

I feel guilty all the same. He was getting old and probably didn't have much time left but his sacrifice saved my life. Even in death he looked after me. He was the one that dragged me from the plane before it exploded. Then it was just him and me, and he was badly burned.

I think he knew what was on my mind as he lay with his head in my arms, looking up at me with those big doleful eyes. I stroked his face with my right hand to comfort him whilst I brought the rock in my left hand down, hard, on the top of his head. I knew he understood, but I wept as he lay dazed. I held my hand over his mouth and nose until he fell still.

It's all down to the food chain, you know. Little fish get eaten by bigger fish, and they in turn get eaten by even bigger fish - that is the way life is. And people, like me, are at the pinnacle of the food chain.

Bertie's flesh kept me alive for the twelve days, until the weather lifted enough for a rescue boat to get to my temporary island home. I covered Bertie's remains as best I could in the undergrowth at the edge of the beach, with only a rude cross with his collar on it to mark his grave. Then I walked down the beach to the rescue boat.

All the way home I fingered the bow-tie in my pocket, and wept. I don't think I shall ever find another butler fit to take Bertie's place.


Jack Beslanwitch Wed May 3 01:42:20 PDT 2000

      Hello everyone: And, Jon, yes I am alive and well and still here. Albeit a little busy as it happens. Fran and I were busy with shuttling between surgeon, anasthesiologists, getting her an EKG and other elements of preparing for a precautionary surgery she will be having next Tuesday. It involves a General Anesthesia, so something that I am not taking lightly. Beyond that, there are some trepidations as they are checking to make sure that cancer has not arisen again in another location. The likelihood it is just fibroids, but the doctor wants to make sure. So, that is the reason I have been missing in action. Please, one and all, direct some healing energies, prayers and crossed fingers in Fran's direction with hopes that this time the percentages prove correct and all will be just fine. The biggest disappointment, well maybe not the biggest, is that it will mean that Fran will not be able to scuba dive for two weeks.

      Oh, on that score, I was able finally to clear my mask effectively. Fran was having problems again tonight with clearing her ears, but overall we capped a rather stressful day with an hour and half at the bottom of a pool doing things like clearing masks, learning about attaining neutral buoyancy, practicing five point decents and other such useful arcane terms about becoming certified in diving. If all of this comes across as actions to keep us in denial that anything is wrong, you would be right on target. Still, we had a wonderful time.

Trudy, yes you can update your bio listing. If anybody else wants to, feel free. Just send me the details in a private email and I will get to it as soon as possible and posted. Also, have just checked and found things bloated so archived back to yesterday. If you missed your posts they are in the archive.

gariess Wed May 3 01:12:44 PDT 2000


I liked that. It's nicely clear, a passage that promises something to the reader and shows, on the same hand, that the writer has what is necessary to deliver.


gariess Wed May 3 01:02:47 PDT 2000

One other thing,

Mary, among a few others, tells us that she loves this place, and I'm rather fond of it myself although I don't care to get too demonstrative, personally, about what brings me to discuss this, but there have been some differences from time to time about what we are supposed to be up to, what exactly the purpose is that we serve here, or at what we are expected to aim our dialoge within the parameters of the mission statement as laid out by Jack on the home page, and whether we are supposed to be discussing writing or our lives.

That foregoing is my contribution of a sentence of a hundred words or so. Quite frankly I don't care to count the them because it was bad enough to write them. To subject myself to even more tedium would be pointless beyond imagining.

If the sentenece left you with a sense of unrequited anticipation it suggests that you actually read it. If it left you a bit dispepsic it is because we aren't supposed to be writing stupidly long and poorly constructed sentences. It has a bad effect upon the reader who no doubt feels that he has bought the book and now the author is punishing him for it. That's why they invented the editor. A sort of latter day cotton gin that gathers up the crop for the publishing plantations and separates the wanted from the rest. The editor doesn't let us do that to readers.
Those of us who know what editors do are supposed to work to make sentences the machine won't process into the waste heap.

Having presented my long sentence I will consider my ten word sentence.

I hate ten word sentences, and I won't write one. So there.


Tina Wed May 3 00:45:25 PDT 2000

I wouldn't call this 'beautiful', but my mind was in this state.


Alice picked herself up from the dojo mat, forcing her frustration to remain hidden from eyes that would show no pity. Self-doubt was a beast as familiar to her as her throbbing arm and the lilac purple bruises dotting her skin. Sometimes she could look at those bruises with pride, feeling that they were badges of accomplishment to reward her for dedication and perseverance in learning a martial art. Tonight’s bruises would evoke only the anger that came when she failed to do a well-known technique correctly.

Nobody had noticed her brief lapse; she’d successfully masked her disappointment.

She looked around at the other students and watched Trent block a punch badly. His expression of frustration was fleeting, quickly hidden beneath a mask of humour that didn’t fool Alice. For that moment he had shared her doubts that she’d ever be good enough, fast enough, tough enough to earn a black belt, that ultimate goal she’d worked toward for three years now.

Unconsciously straightening her gi, Alice nodded to her partner that she was ready. He threw the punch and she was ready this time, blocking it just as she’d been taught. She turned, twisted, pulled and lifted and THUMP he landed on the mat.

“That was good!” He smiled at Alice and stood up, awaiting his turn.

Alice hid her elation, letting confidence mask her relief. The beast retreated, defeated. Of course she could do this, it was just a matter of time and practice. Bruises wouldn't stop her.

Good night to all!

gariess Wed May 3 00:21:55 PDT 2000

I don't know why THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN rates as a writer movie. I guesss I don't remember it well, or at all.

How about BILOXI BLUES. I liked this movie because it was about a place I knew. In fact it was about something from my own experience. I also spent a summer at Keesler, the camp in Paul Simon's memoir piece. I especially enjoyed Christopher Walken's portrayal of the magestically insane seargent that every soldier knew. If I were to pick a tag line for this film it would be, "Never underestimate the value of eccentricity."

I had the feeling that this line was underappreciated in the film but I felt it represented a shared understanding between myself and Simon (and however many thousands of other GI's.) There are few moments in any film when you know the creator has truly had the experience of which he writes. There were many in BILOXI BLUES. It is the quintessential war film of all us guys who served but never fought against any army but our own, and not for any ideal greater than the survival of our own souls.

In fact I think I'll drink to that, will you join me Jerry, or are you one of those poor souls who had to fight both sides? Well, anyway, here's to us and those like us; damn few left.


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