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Fri Sep 22 23:55:02 PDT 2000

I just realized that I have seen the word 'separate' misspelled so often that I have begun to do it myself. Too much reading on the net. This must be an indication of the evolutionary process in language.


gariess Fri Sep 22 23:45:02 PDT 2000

I am feeling rather uneasy about the tone the Notebook has recently taken. It is always a good to read any fiction the members want to post, but I can't say I am fond of missives that are meant to decieve, annoy or befuddle, and have no apparent redemption in the content.

If someone wants to report an anecdote or register an opinion with the intention of practicing writing skills for the scrutiny of the group, there is a way to do it honestly, and the honorable intention will come across in the material. But some recent posts that have popped up here don't seem to support the notion that the NB is a place where we aim to uplift and enlighten.

It probably is just me, but I entirely missed the point of a post by the "Abused" wherein "shit" seems to be the root of nearly every noun, verb and adjective in one obscure message of dubious significance and authorship.

In the matter of alternate identities I have decided that if some of you want to post as alter egos and can maintain a consistency such as in the case of T.O.M., it really makes no difference as long as I continue to respond to each identity with the idea that they are seperate. Of course, I can no longer respond to T.O.M. in the same manner because I have been decieved, and can no longer have the same relationship.

For identities such as Jon, the cat, Pussy, Sasquatch, etc. these never seemed to me to be deceptive situations. Jon and Pussy are very open and easily connected to their author. They are no more than characters, like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

I know that I could withhold my protest, and in a short time this could all sort itself out. I know it is a mistake to attempt to direct any turn in the wind of the Notebook. I am not trying to do that. I am, however, voicing a preference, and that is that I can continue to see all of you as I have done in the past, through the voices for which you all accept responsibility. Even if you use them irresponsibly (and I especially like it when you do,) I enjoy knowing they are yours.

Anticipating that I might have upset anyone, for example the person who is T.O.M. I must say that I am not taking issue with any individaul in this matter. I am not angered by anyone. I am simply letting my preference be known. I know very well that you will do, in the end, what you will. I just hope you will all be clear on my viewpoint and consider it for input.

I must go now and change a light bulb. This ought to be good. Flourescent.


Teekay. Fri Sep 22 22:21:52 PDT 2000

thinkink??? Have you ever heard the likes?? I meant finkink. *tsk*

Teekay. Fri Sep 22 22:19:19 PDT 2000

HI All,

DEAREST CHRISTI: I am sooooo glad you have returned from the nether regions of reality. "For she's a jolly good fellow, for she's blah blah blah and all the rest of it. And so say all of us."

I knew that HOWARD was a scorpio cos all scorpios are geniuses, genius', geni?.
Okay, I really knew that he was, you know, one of those coz....he told us. :-D

I thinkink you Mother has an email from me. For you of course. I hope I didn't put any rude bits in it.

AMERICO: Got the book back. It was in good condition. That's how most of my books look when I've finished reading them. It's all the travelling they do. To bed, to the bath, to the shops, anywhere I go in the car (a very good distraction for when it breaks down - and unfortunately that happens to my car - a lot.)

If you didn't feel like reading it at the time that was okay, I wasn't really in a hurry to get it back, I just wanted to know where it was, who it was with and if it was behaving itself.

Has anybody read ice station yet??? Oh really, you must. You have NO idea what you are missing.

And here's another happy hint. Take 2 pieces of bread, butter the outsides. Inside put a slice of danish salami, some jelapinos and a slice of tasty cheese, then place in the sandwich maker. Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm.
For pregnant women add icecream if so desired.


howard Fri Sep 22 22:08:14 PDT 2000

Umm -- I think we have some contamination in the gene pool...

What I was gonna say (just before my machine froze up) is that perhaps I try some of this stuff...
But it probably wouldn't work anyway.

The Abused Fri Sep 22 21:49:02 PDT 2000


Come on shit head, you're late again! Sit down!
Didn't do your homework again you peace of shit?!
What is that?! A note for one of your pathetic friends?! Standup and read it for the class!
That poem you wrote is the worst pathetic thing I ever layed eyes on! My shit makes me more inspired than that!
Ok class, you can go now. Not thou oh shitfull one! You stay AND...
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. "No mother."

howard Fri Sep 22 21:35:57 PDT 2000

MARK -- Nope, I don't do purple. And I haven't learned html yet -- I once tried to italicize a word and failed so miserably that it didn't even screw up the rest of the notebook! :-(
Nope, purple is not me cuppa, mate. And if I were to choose to appear as a character it wouldn't be a lowlife like the eighth 'enry. Now, Morpheus, perhaps... :-)

Debra Fri Sep 22 21:15:33 PDT 2000


I haven't left. I am still here. Don't anyone mark me absent.

I am in the middle of something. I think they call it parenthood.


Jerry Ericsson Fri Sep 22 20:31:53 PDT 2000

Hi - Rhoda enjoyed the chat, we will have to do that again sometime.

All the wonderful people who visit our little corner of the web. We should be honored, a king, his lovely headless wife, Ms. Ayre, and my all time favorite Rush. It has been great fun.

Well must go and write another short, may even post it if it comes out right. Don't you love it when a new story line appears in your head, and you have time to let grow until it can stay no longer, and must escape onto the page.

Write ON!
Jerry A.G. Ericsson

Allein Fri Sep 22 19:29:33 PDT 2000

Rhoda - It's okay. I would have been on longer but I had to eat dinner. Maybe we can chat some other time. Do you have ICQ or AOL IM?

Rhoda Fri Sep 22 17:54:25 PDT 2000


I missed Jerry too. That is 2 people who rapidly came and went. Be patient, folks. Surely you don't expect to have me gape at the empty chat screen until someone ventures in. I do check back every 3 to 5 minutes.

Rhoda Fri Sep 22 17:43:23 PDT 2000


I am sorry I missed you. I minimize the chat window while I am doing something else. Then I check back every few minutes.


Rhoda Fri Sep 22 17:23:31 PDT 2000

In the chatroom.

Rhoda Fri Sep 22 17:20:06 PDT 2000


I do not like the sound of this new you. If that is what you are going to be like, I suppose I should just listen to Larry King.

How do we get pictures on here? Is there a way to upload jpg files onto the Notebook? If anyone knows, please tell.


R. Limbaugh III http://EIB.NET Fri Sep 22 15:55:05 PDT 2000

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have read with great interest your comments on my presence here at the Writers Notebook. I get the impression that I should possibly tone down my comments slightly due to the presence of such a fine gathering of ladies.

Because of this, I have just returned from a gender awareness workshop. You will find from this day forward that I am a kinder and gentler Rush. I will say on more about the monthly visitors. No mention will be made of feminatzies. I will keep a civil tongue in my head when speaking of the happenings on the left coast.

When speaking of the Al'gore campaign, I will no longer mention the gore-basams that the press seems to be experiencing.

I hope this will satisfy those liberals in your midst.


Rhoda Fri Sep 22 14:03:07 PDT 2000


I looked over your story. Instead of leaving comments on the Workbook, I will e-mail them.


I add my prayers for an end to cancer and AIDS.


Allein Fri Sep 22 13:58:32 PDT 2000

Rachel - Thanks for the coffee. I'm awake now, however, I didn't get it in time and fell asleep in class. Actually, I lay my head down during break and the instructor woke me up right before she started class wondering if I was okay, because a few people had gone home sick already. I'm not sick - I hardly ever get sick. I should probably get my flu shot soon. I sent the card to the right address today.

Heather - I send my prayers and good thoughts to you and your friend and his family. *hugs*

I have good news, I went to the dentist yesterday and he says I don't have any cavities (I thought I did because a spot on one of my molars is REALLY sensitive), but part of my sealant has just come off exposing the weak enamel. It's prone to decay, but I'm getting new sealants put on Oct. 3rd so I'm not worried. School is going well too. Except that I keep counting teeth wrong because I count them on myself, but I keep forgetting that I don't have my wisdom teeth yet - only one is going to come in anyway and that'll be in about two years or so. It'll have to be removed once it comes through the jaw bone. Ouch. :( But at least dental assistants get great discounts and benefits when it comes to dental work, however when they're working on you, it's scary because you know exactly what they're doing. I remember being interested when I was about 13 and getting a filling and a tooth pulled. I was given a Game Boy so I didn't get bored. I held it up and it looked like I was playing but actually, I was using the reflection to see what they were doing. I've always wanted to go into this profession. Many people don't understand what I find so facinating about dentistry, but neither do I entirely. It's better than going into medical and having to work with blood and vomit and piddle. ::I laugh at myself:: Piddle - now there's a technical term.
I should go - I'm going to go pester my high school friends and brag about how great college is.
*smiles and hugs*
Allein (I keep wanted to write Heather at the end of my messages, but that would probably confuse people huh?)

Mark Fri Sep 22 13:37:16 PDT 2000

CHRISTI and HEATHER (alphabetic, that) -- Henry Rex is not my doing. Though someone with a sense of humor put it out there. Such flurid nonsense penned in purple prose.
uh purple
Yes, you goose I can do HTML. But I left a set of instructions out there on how to do italic and bold. Hmmm, someone else has read the book. I had to look up how to do color just to send this one.

The clue is in the purple prose. I might suspect Howard of such clever use of hints, but the real BIG hint for me was in the Henry/Anne dialog. If that's not Americo, then it's someone doing Americo {much like someone did ***Hemingway***}.

Maybe it's

Rachel Fri Sep 22 10:39:52 PDT 2000

Santa! - I send you a big kiss and hug. I didn't really want plop in my sock.

Christi - The bump isn't losing any weight. It is growing just as it should (big smiles). The little unborn is doing well. Thanks for the birthday greetings. Loving thoughts for you (hugs too).

Allein - I am almost 18 weeks, give or take a couple of days. I'm due on February 26th. I will have another ultra-sound on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to seeing the little unborn again. The last time I saw a picture of the baby it was about the size of a grain of rice! I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for the card. Do you have my correct address? I'll drop you an e-note later and confirm it with you. I send you big hugs and a shot of Starbucks coffee, that should wake up anybody (grins)!

Tina Fri Sep 22 08:37:04 PDT 2000


Thanks Mary for the laugh! Jacks Amazing Technicolour Notebook indeed! I've outlawed HTML tags in my own posts. Learnt my lesson. But I needed a good laugh this morning.

Lankylurkr, I can't say much because I've never been there. But I wonder, do you want to write short stories or something longer? Perhaps if you commit to a short piece, where the plot can be less complex than a novel, it would suit your ideas.
Characters can be annoyingly insistent about creating their own actions. Have you tried stream of conciousness writing? Let the ideas out without any regard for grammar or punctuation, so that action and dialogue fly out, and see how many ideas take shape.

Jack, Many thoughts and prayers for you.

Christi, no hurry! Just curious what you think of it!


mary Fri Sep 22 08:09:03 PDT 2000

wow, you guys have been busy.

wish i had the guts to use colorful html tags in my posts here but i am afraid we would end up with "Jacks Amazing Technicolor Notebook". i am sure i would screw it up somehow and run colors clear down the page.

glad to see everyone having such a good time. back later.

Heather Fri Sep 22 07:38:05 PDT 2000

Christi! So good to 'see' you!
How did you guess me to be Jane Eyre?

i won't say yeah or nay to that, however.

I thought Mark was Henry too, because of the html italics!
Ha ha, we have caught you purple-handed.

i can't remember what else i had (ill-prepared) to say, so i'll limp off now and leave the NB in peace

oh, yes!
Jack, blessings and many positive vibrations your way. May you rest easy and may your mother in law be well.

Allein, blessings continued your way for your grandfather!

I understand what it is to worry about the health of a loved one - a close friend (my best friend's brother, whom is also a good friend) has AIDS, and is very ill with Tuberculosis at the moment. his T-cell count was down to 10 not long ago. the norm should be between 1000 and 1200 for a healthy person. he was on the brink of death.
He has to take chemotherapy medication as well as tuberculosis medication to kill off what they can of the virus and TB. He takes 45 pills a day.
Pray for him, please!
He's very close to his sister and she is tottering on depression all the time. He himself isn't afraid to die, but he wishes to prolong his life and at least live pain-free, and as healthy as he can.

Let's pray for a cure - for HIV and cancer. It's about due time.


Allein Fri Sep 22 07:31:05 PDT 2000

Tired...ever so tired. What time is it? 7:30 in the morning. Wow, there's a 7:30 in the morning now?! Must drink coffee....

Lankylurkr Fri Sep 22 00:55:26 PDT 2000

Hello once again,

Still on the information hi-way, this time with a spatchula. anywho, Gariess, since I am new to this, I will take a wild guess and take your comment as a facetious comment. If not, well, I'll just make rude faces at you. To everybody else that responded, Thank you all. It's nice to know that people will listen.

doing a scoop flip,


Allein Thu Sep 21 22:03:01 PDT 2000

Everyone - My mom called tonight. My grandfather had a CAT scan earlier this evening. They will get the results tomorrow and if all is well, he will be able to go home. I'm glad he's better and my mom will come home on Sunday morning.

Rachel - How far along is your pregnancy? Expect a card in the mail soon! :)

Jack - I'm very sorry about your mother-in-law. My prayers and good thoughts are with you and your family.

Christi Thu Sep 21 21:28:24 PDT 2000

Hiya! This may very well end up being the longest G-blammed post in the Notebook, but I had to start at the bottom, spending about an hour and a half with you lovely folks, and had to respond to the things that grabbed me no matter how outdated. So I won't be surprised if some of you read a post addressed to you and have no idea what it means! Anyway, my eyes are crossing from staring at the screen, so here goes.

I always pictured you as a swinging bachelor for some reason. ;) Nice to see you, Daddy.

Errr, Contact? What is this Contact you speak of, earthling? Har har. I'm sooo guilty because I've been reading a stack of science fiction anthologys from the library and have left Contact to be finished at a future date. Something about all those wonderful short stories just gets me going. I PROMISE I'll finish the book soon and send it on. ("Sure . . . , right," says Teekay, who's been waiting for me to get off my duff and mail her book back to her. I'm sending it Teekay, I really am, but I'm trying to figure out what other goodies to send with it.) I am enjoying Contact, but it's got quite a bit of mathematical gobbley-gook in it that's attempting to hinder my enjoyment. I'll just keep ignoring that pesky math and keep reading.

My fingers are crossed for your grandfather. XOXOXO

I suspect that you did the right thing by not visiting your friend on his death-bed. My mother-in-law got very embarrassed when people visited her. She was a very strong woman and did not like being seen in that position, even by us who took care of her, really. The person who really needed your support was his spouse, and you did support her by taking the time to talk to her. You'd be surprised how many people don't want to have anything to do with you when they find out someone close to you is dying. I suppose it's thier own fear that keeps them away, but it does tend to hurt your feelings sometimes.

I teared up reading about the family who is losing their mother. But I was glad that there is joy along with the pain; That's what I'm shooting for when I go.
Also, I see that you've posted more of your novel. I can't wait to read it, as I loved the first couple of chapters.

Wonderful, what you said about hospice care and about people who are dying. Our local Hospice was so great. We absolutely couldn't have survived the ordeal without them. I'm so thankful that they were there to help lighten our load--they did indeed help Sandy to die with dignity. I never had to think about how important that was before, but now I feel like my world has opened up after seeing how brave a person can be when death approaches. It's the most important thing I've ever taken part in and I'll never ever forget it.

Hugs to you. You are much stronger than I.

Love to you and your sweet growing baby. You may be losing weight, but I'll bet a million dollars that he or she is not! You take care of yourself, y'hear?
And Happy Birthday!!!

It must have been so hard for you to have experienced so much death at such a young age. I am so full of admiration for all of you who have come through all this pain and arrived at the places you are now.

Also, I loved your shortie! Made me giggle for a while.

Your shortie was gorgeous. And please don't have sad eyes--not on my account. :)

GASP!!!! (Laughing my arse off) Your shortie belongs in the hall of fame--truly! Also, you know how much I love Count Dwacula. Here's a type O cocktail, just for you! And by the way, I DO think your story to be excellant! It was wonderfully written.
Okay, I really have to know. How did you know that Howard was a Scorpio?!

I'm staying, I'm staying! Kiss kiss.

Your poor kitty!

Oh my. My my. I have no words. Okay, one word: Ouch.


You should get a hold of some paper products and mail your poems to a publisher!

PS I am me. Just me.


I respect you even more than I did before. And at least you have ruled out the possibility that you could have been a woman, though I'd pretty much figured that out already.

I liked your comment about the notebook being interactive fiction. I considered making up a name when I first came here, but liked the fact that so many here chose to use their real names. Made me feel courageous enough to use my own name and personality. But I do love all the alter-egos here as well. Best of both worlds, really.

I am still extraordinarily angry at you for the packages you brought, so gaily wrapped that made me squeal with joy as I ripped off the ribbons, only to find socks and underwear that made my mom squeal with joy. Go blow.

Jane Eyre,
Hi Heather!

Hi! Maybe if you just got it out of your system, and went ahead and wrote a gruesome, nasty story you'd be able to delve into the nicer things. It worked for me, anyway.

Henry Rex,
Hello Mark! Who else uses HTML so fluidly, I ask?

I send you strength. You're doing a special thing by taking care of your family like that. It's certainly not an easy thing.
Hugs and kisses to you and your wife.

A huge hello and hug for everyone I missed. And believe me, I really did miss you all so much these past weeks.


Cross-eyed Christi

Jane Eyre Thu Sep 21 20:43:38 PDT 2000

Yes, please let's do change the topic of our intellectual intercourse!
With brevity in mind, and a swift's song rushing through mine heart, nothing could be more sanctified to my sight now than the dashing hues of autumn's rising crown. Will not the warmth of hearths be like a summons, pulling us together, under one great cape, to breath anew our fervered dreams? For autumn does not signify a death, nor a dissipation of sustainment: but a coming of closeness, a delight in the strength of nature's fire. She sweeps long limbs of glorious embers over our vision: ev'ry place we rest, our eyes seems aglow.

Good morrow, to you, and pleasurable season!

--Jane Eyre, respectfully.

Santa Thu Sep 21 18:45:35 PDT 2000

Rachel - I would never forget you. I was just in a rush. One of my elves needed help in the workshop. You're going to get plenty of fabulous presents this year and so will your children - you have such good little children.

Rhoda Thu Sep 21 18:22:56 PDT 2000

I posted Chapter Three of THE RELUCTANT BARBARIAN in the Novel Workshop. I realize I am really behind with my reading there. Anyway, a couple of people asked to read about my heroine and here she is. Also three chapters and a synopsis makes up the average proposal and now you have it, all except the synopsis and I will post that a little later after I do some last minute cleaning on it.

Night, all


Jack Beslanwitch Thu Sep 21 16:48:40 PDT 2000

Hello everyone: My, what a diversity of voices to be sure. Just a reminder about why and what I had in mind when I created the Notebook. This is freedom hall. By this I mean it in the Heinlein sense, you can spit on the floor and call the dog a bastard. The main thing is that we feel free to share our wisdom, our concerns, our worries and wonders. No voice should be deterred, even conservative ones. This coming from probably one of the more liberal people I know. Or relatively so.

When I get home from work tonight I will try giving the Notebook an Archive. Things definitely have grown a bit and it is time.

On a personal note I have been experiencing a bit of sadness in my life. My mother-in-law, who lives with us and who is 92, has lost a great deal of mobility and in the course of dealing with that we discovered that she has cancer. My wife and I are still trying to come to terms with all of the changes. Your prayers, energies and other persuasions of whatever spiritual path you walk towards my mother in law would be appreciated.

Sometime soon I think it is time to do some diving again. There is something about being beneath the surface of the Ocean that clears the head and mind and spirit in no other way. Swimming along at about sixty feet with the sound of my own breath and the bubbles of my tank would likely be a relief. Take care everyone and glad to see that the Notebook is still an alive and growing place.

***The Old Man*** Thu Sep 21 15:46:02 PDT 2000

Greetings and Felicitations,

Please forgive me for using you as a 'lab rat'. It was as much my intention to use you that way as I'm sure it was for Eddie Murphy to go out among the general population in his fat suit to gain a perspective on people's reactions to a fat man. In other words, I meant no offense. I mearly used this personna to gain knowledge, not to confuse or humiliate anyone. If you knew me (face to face), you would know that I (or rather, my real self) is not at all vindictive and has only sincere intentions to all with whom he interacts.
By the way, were you to see the real me, you would see a slightly less than old old man. (but only slightly)

Again, to all of you, you creators of that which will persist in the human conciencness, I hold nothing but the utmost respect...regardless of what name you find associated with me.

The exiting bits are the most fun to write for everyone. It is when we learn to love the everyday that we fill in the spaces between.

Take care, my tutors. I Love You All.

howard Thu Sep 21 15:36:35 PDT 2000

RHODA -- good luck with the closing. My youngest daughter and son-in-law were all set to close on their house this Friday, and move Saturday, when the buyer's inspector finally came in with his report (yesterday)demanding they fix (or address) several items, that will delay it at least a week, and maybe two. Meanwhile, they're closing on the house they're buying, and it's really causing them some extra stress.

ANNE and HENRY -- You're interesting, but you're a demonstration of just why we (enlightened) yanks have a problem with "the royals." So many abuses of (what you term) your God-given right to rule!. I think you need to engage a good marriage counselor, or get chummy with a happily married couple who can show you how it ought to be. Maybe Hill and Billary...

LITTER -- That's a long short story, but I liked it at first reading. Gotta read it again.

MARK -- Hemingway is a tough act to follow. Anywhere. Especially in front of the unwashed. But you did it. On a Thursday afternoon. In the sun.

howard (no *)

Gariess Thu Sep 21 15:23:37 PDT 2000

I do have one suggestion for Lankylurkr. You seem to have the natural requisites for a Hollywood script writer. Mindless violence and no plot.

To the man who would be Limbaugh. You are tempting a massive assault upon yourself if you continue to post these missives. I ask you to consider how many women post here. They don’t live together, but unless you want to become Limburger I suggest you stop being Limbaugh, they might just decide to ‘rush’ you. Haw Haw, I crack myself up.


And I thought I was funny.

Wow, look at this stuff between Anne and Henry. I could believe these two are real. They sure sound convincing. I dare ask, are we amused?



The army must have known about this ‘tide’ thing for a long time. I remember women’s platoons back in the old days. I thought they were off limits for their own safety. Now, it seems that it might have been us they were protecting. I know this PMS business is taken seriously these days. Anyway, this whole topic is distasteful, and I wish we would find better things to yack about in the NB. Who’s with me?

Rhoda Thu Sep 21 15:15:53 PDT 2000

Henry and Anne,

I think perhaps you should limit your marital squables to the musty halls of some old castle. The Notebook is not the best place for you guys to be rattling your chains.


Dittos!!! I wish it were really you. Incidently I read both your books, and here you are quoting from them on the Notebook. If you were the real Rush you would have many new things to say and would not have to plagarize your own writing.

I have some material I wish to submit, one thing to a contest and the other to a publisher, but I cannot because I will soon have a new address and I hestitate to give out the new house address until we have closed on it. I have had a deal fall through just days prior to closing before. I hope that doesn't happen now, and I don't think it will, but one can never be too careful.

My nine year old son is sick with a flu bug of some sort. I suppose it is that time of the year again.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall. We actually had some cold fronts come in and the temperature is quite fallish right now. I have not had to run the air conditioner for two days.

It is so confusing with all these alter egos around. I suppose I should suggest we all go back to being our old stoggy selves, but I will not. It is good to see people being creative and having fun.

Must go and fix supper.

Happy writing, kids.


***Anne*** Thu Sep 21 11:45:42 PDT 2000

E'en majesty must earn respect, and that also in the bedchamber, thou whimpering wretch! I might have honored your standard, had you the staff to fly it from! "When we would take her to us" indeed! Hares and hounds and games of chance held your interest more; 'tis no wonder I was tempted more than once. Please note that I said "Tempted," for I'll never admit to more.
As for the "gutter" language - a mere affectation, to get your goat!
And speak no foul thing of our daughter. She proved more the man than her father!"

***Henry Rex*** Thu Sep 21 11:28:50 PDT 2000

'Pon our honor, you, Anne, are an imposter, an imposter, we say, for we would never take to wife a woman so uncouth to use such gutter speech. Yea, my Nan was no true lady, but she spoke as a lady and a queen.

You mock us. You mock the majesty of England. We, who have been so maligned through history must innocently visit this message board and then be besieged by this barrage of lies. Yea, we gladly signed the degree to have my Nan go to the block. We were so hurt by her treachery and her treason and witchcraft, we would have sooner burned her at the stake... but we were merciful.

'Tis hard for you of these times to comprehend. We were well justified to put Nan to death. She bewitched us with her charm and her winning ways. When we would take her to us to enjoy her, she pulled away and protested her virtue and her innocense. We waited for her eight long years until she would at last succumb to our caresses. To our horror, the woman was not the virgin she had proclaimed herself to be. She had promised to bear us many sons, and all she could give us was dead sons and that runt of a daughter, Elizabeth. Yet, Elizabeth was not our child, but most like the bastard of that Sir Thomas Wyatt. Our Nan was unfaithful and made a cuckold of the king of England. She deserved to die. Nay, not once but several times over.

Causes us sorrow thus to think on it, even after all these centuries. We loved Nan like we loved no other woman. In our sorrow, we penned this song to express our royal disquiet.

Alas, my love, you do me wrong
To cast me off discourteously
For I have loved you ere so long
Delighting in your company

Greensleeves was all my joy
Greensleeves was my delight
Greensleeves my heart of gold
And who but my lady Greensleeves

Jane Eyre

You remind us so much of our dear third wife, also Jane. Perchance we might e-mail you, my lovlie, and present you our picture. It would do us honor to know you better. We could have interesting talks over this marvelous invention, the Internet.

Henry R, the eighth of that name

Rachel Thu Sep 21 11:03:29 PDT 2000

Yikes! so much talk of the much feared red tide... yes people, be afraid, be very afraid!!!!

Santa - You didn't have anything to say to me in your most recent post. Does this mean I'm now on your shit list? Ah well, I'm naughty from time to time and likely deserve a nice hunk of plop in my sock. Hugs for you anyway.

GS - Thanks for remembering me. What a sweetie!

howard Thu Sep 21 10:46:56 PDT 2000

Holy Cow! (should I have posted this as ***shortstop***?)
Those *** must somehow clobber the spelchecker!

But it probably is a good idea to use them if you're going to post under an alternym.

By the way -- did you know that the real name for the * is the "Nathan Hale?" That's right, kiddies -- it was none other than Nathan Hale who uttered those immortal words "I have but one * for my country!"

*h* (shudder)

***Jane Eyre*** plainjane@the pub/Yorkshire Bronte sisters@family Thu Sep 21 10:26:05 PDT 2000

Dear scribes of such the page I feel blest to be part thereof;

What be this 'ism' that you speak of? For these things I have not been priveledged to hear in the quarters that I reside, nor in the wilderness of walking over moor and glen.
Perhaps my beloved, Edward F. Rochester, shall know of what you refer.

A second point has ravaged my countenance and beguiled my head nonetheless: the sychronization of womens' monthly tide: (I daresay we are so bold of late!) 'tis completely true. I ask Howard if he should prefer those numbered cycles to take place apart, and plague him ev'ry week! Indoor plumbing facilities have greatly treated us: if you could see the shameful sod-shacks we had but to suffer in!

(Forgive of me my uncouth lips!)

I must go

Jane Eyre, respectfully.

*** Anne *** Thu Sep 21 09:37:52 PDT 2000

Oh. Right. Me 'at was down over me shoulders! Sorry.

Mind wot I told ya now, stay clear of those bloody men!

yer ma

E_R underthecrown.dom Thu Sep 21 09:29:38 PDT 2000

But Ma! It's right there under your arm!


Debra Thu Sep 21 09:29:35 PDT 2000


If anyone was really listening to Mr. Rush they would have read between the lines that he greatly respects the power of women. He just has a hard time puting that emotion into words.

I will take that as a compliment. The thing is if women were in power we probably wouldn't have physical wars. We would deal with our problems another way.

ALso, if you were to look up conservative in the dictionary, it means to keep with pre-existing conditions. It doesn't actually leave room for growth or new thoughts, now does it?

I thank you for that great compliment.


****R. Limbaugh III **** Thu Sep 21 09:14:13 PDT 2000

Good Morning Ladies and Gentelmen. I see the dump Rush campagin has reached this the very last bastion of free speach, the Writers Notebook. It is indeed a sad day when a person can be shouted down because of his views, conservative though they may be. Whoever attacked me so viciously must indeed be a liberal on the left coast.

I didn't see a thing sexest about my last post, or for that matter the post of Mr. Hammingway. The only problem I saw with that post was the fact that doe deer/elk/moose do not have "racks."

Yes it is a known fact that womens cycles do in fact syncronize when they live together for an extended period of time. It is my feeling that such an orginization could be named "The First Amazon Devision." I know I would be terrified of even driving through the post where they were taking training, for fear that it would fall on the week of their cycle. If we did form such orginizations, there should be 52 of them, so one batallion would be ready on any given week of the year. They could be rotated in combat weekly to insure an uninterupted massive assault.

Proven right 97.77% of the time (based on the lattest data)

***Anne*** shortstuff@tower.urg Thu Sep 21 08:59:15 PDT 2000

'ey 'ank! Can I 'ave me bloody 'ead back now?

***Henry Rex*** Thu Sep 21 08:26:17 PDT 2000

Forsooth, Rush Limbaugh, how We loath you with your tirades about free enterprise and self determination. If you had the knowledge with which you credit yourself, you would know that people are like lambs to be led by their loving and caring sovereign. You are a cancer in the body politic and We will root you out!

Henry R, the eighth of that name

Mark Thu Sep 21 06:50:27 PDT 2000

I'll 'fess up to Hemingway. Hamingway startled me. I posted hem, went away for a bit, came back and saw haw. Huh? Took me a sec. Nice

Hemingway was an interesting exercise. I really wanted to impersonate him. His terse style which is both familiar and remarkably detailed gets exemplified in the first paragraph . . . "You know the stream (familiar) . . . rocks that turn white(detailed)." All of it in short sentences. I think I wrote that paragraph myself, don't know for sure. That kind of thing is always part of Hemingway imitation rituals and may have come from something he actually wrote.

After that setup, however, came some interesting problems.

Uh, gotta go. More later.
Debra Thu Sep 21 05:59:12 PDT 2000


It was me. It's kind of sad that story is true.

As I said that I don't usually go for those kinds of rustic stories, but this one had me.

Thanks for remembering.


howard Thu Sep 21 05:16:00 PDT 2000

ROSEMARY -- I'm right here, just haven't had much to post. Or maybe I've been posting all along and nobody knew it was me.
Mr HAMINGWAY -- I heard that someone just bought your old writing desk, and in it they found an unopened telegram from an ammunition company. They opened it and it said "WAIT! STOP There has been a mistake in our shipping department. STOP That last box of shells wasn't blanks! STOP"
GARIESS -- Having a wife and four daughters (and only one bathroom) I can personally testify to the "Synchronization of the Curse" theory. It's real! It happened to me! Twelve times a year! To this very day I cringe on and around the 23rd of the month.
ALL -- Is sasquatch gone walkabout? Did he say that?

back on your heads

Teekay Thu Sep 21 01:21:19 PDT 2000

GARIESS: Yes there have been studies that prove the monthly cycle thing.

The lab rat thing was a bit of sarcasm - forget it.

Have just finished this hilarious, laugh out loud book called 'RACHEL'S HOLIDAY' by Marian Keyes. If you're feeling down or if you're not, read it. Fantastic.


lankylurkr Thu Sep 21 00:22:58 PDT 2000

Hello all, I happened to stumble across this site by accident tonight while peering over the firewall at some roadkill on the information highway. Lovely thought. I've been having the worst time trying to dislodge several ideas that have been fermenting in my mind. Mostly when I start to write something, it usually ends up with the character suffering a nasty, gruesome, senseless violent death. Normally that would be fine for a story, but it frightens me that these ideas flow so easily, while "normal" ideas (i.e. basic plot lines, ect.) do not. Does anybody have any suggestions, aside from staring at a piece of paper until beads of blood form on my head?

Thanks for listening,


Santa Wed Sep 20 22:08:10 PDT 2000

Allein - Perhaps you think your parents told you this just so they didn't have to get you a pony, but it's true, I can't fit a pony in my sleigh, besides, as I recall, you got several My Little Ponies several years in a row. But you're a good kid anyway, expect a special gift this Christmas. Glad your Grandfather is doing okay. Can't wait to see you at the mall.

Jerry - If you're really really good for the rest of the year, I won't leave reindeer poop in your stocking. Besides, Rudolph has had constipation lately. Blitzen on the other hand, is constantly suffering from the runs, so if I hear you've done one more naughty thing....well, you get the point.

Jon - I look foreward to working with you this year. You will find a giant bag of kitty treats and toys under the tree on Christmas. You're a good cat.

Sweet dreams to all,
And to all a good night.

Allein Wed Sep 20 22:01:35 PDT 2000

Hi everyone,
My mom sent another e-mail. She says that my grandfather had all of his tubes removed today and tomorrow they'll run more tests. If the tests are negative, he may go home on Friday. I guess I got my Christmas present early. Now, Santa, whatever happened to that pony I wanted?
I just got the new Little Mermaid movie. I've watched it about three times already. I also have this strange craving for sushi. :)

Wed Sep 20 21:58:12 PDT 2000

I missed Rachel. How could I? Hugs Rachel.

gariess Wed Sep 20 21:55:03 PDT 2000

One more thing,

Teekay, that just sounds like what they actually do with lab rats. It doesn't sound like a game. Besides, why do I have to be somebody's lab rat? Why not let somebody else be a lab rat? I didn't think I would like this game. How about playing something else? Checkers? Old Maid?


gariess Wed Sep 20 21:48:29 PDT 2000

Well, folks, those are some very interesting impersonations.


I believe it is you, after all. I have another freind in Australia who supports your claim that it is sunny.


If you look carefully at that second Hamingway thing, you will notice that it is just the same as the first thing with the He's changed to She's. Anyway, there was one good gag in the first part about the biggest rack, and after that it was pretty much a waste. Rosemary seems to have gotten a gag out of it, anyway. Cheer up Rosemary, The Rush Limbaugh piece is far less sexist.

The Limbaugh thing sounds so authentic I believe someone actually transcribed it from one of RL's broadcasts. I haven't listened to RL for a couple of years because he always made ME gag. I must ask, however, is there any actual study that shows women become synchronized in such matters if they live together? I find this very... what shall I say... apocryphal?

I am glad everyone is having a good time. Heather, Americo, Tina, Litter, Jerry, Allein, Debra, what a nice bunch of NBers. Hope I didn't miss anybody (I'll work on my marksmanship.)


Teekay. Wed Sep 20 20:43:20 PDT 2000

GARIESS: Lab rats. According to the rats it's not much of a fun game but, it's where said rats are put in certain situations and given certain stimuli just to see what they will do. Sort of like you being T.O.M's rat. Or Rachel's, or God know's who elses.

Yes, I'm really Teekay. I can see why you would doubt it.
From where I'm sitting Australia looks sunny.

Rosemary Wed Sep 20 20:10:23 PDT 2000

Has anyone else noticed that HOWARD is missing? Did he say he was going somewhere and I missed it? I hope he is just working hard and not sick, or, maybe he turned into someone else?

I found Hemmingway's second rendition not only sexist but icky. My personal opinion is that someone will probably hear from the Hemmingway Estate lawyers.

Of course the thought of blowing the first deer to smithereens to have a trophy on wall was not much better.

The above two paragraphs are not comments on writing style or ability, just content.

Meanwhile, someone should hunt up HOWARD.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Sep 20 19:48:15 PDT 2000

Santa - SAY IT AIN'T SO - pleeeeeze, I want something besides raindeer pop for xmas, SAY IT AIN'T SO!


Heather Wed Sep 20 19:43:11 PDT 2000

No, Americo! I have not fallen into any streams of late.
Certainly not with Hamingway!

And who is Bill?

He is but you, Americo! I knew.

Heather Wed Sep 20 19:40:18 PDT 2000

Wow! I have stayed away from the notebook for a few days and look at the action, the personas; the stage has been set quite well!
And what will transpire, now?

tee hee!

Hemmingway, Hamingway, Eyre and Limbaugh. Sasquatch, T.O.M. and shitdisturber, Santa, and Jon and more!(Teekay, I knew that shitthrower or what was that name? -was you!)

Even Rachel has used another character to speak with here long ago! (by the way, Rachel, I do not mind at all that you don't want to contribute to the aliases on board. And I think it is great practice to use a character's voice to speak with - it really helps getting to know your characters for your work!:o)
With that in mind, I could prattle on as Hannah, or perhaps another of my little seeds.
I wrote 'Whisperings' in another voice entirely, and found that I was able to pull it off without worrying too much about an authentic voice. I was worried that my telling of the tale would seem contrived, but so far no one has said so, and if I read it, it doesn't sound that way to me.

I can't remember who asked, quite a while ago... (Debra, was it you?) someone asked if the story 'Whisperings' was based on a true story, and it is.
I embellished the story with names, and certain circumstance, but the basics are true. White Buffalo Woman indeed came as a Vision, and warned the tribes of the coming of the white man. She gave them Sacred Rites, but I don't know how much hope she gave, being that the whites surely would have over-run North America, no matter when or where they landed. The European sees open fields and meadows as opportunity to plow and fence off porions: the native sees the land as shared, between nature and themselves, and must be treated with respect - they did not plant in great squares, which depletes the soil, but rather here and there, in more natural clumps and strands. They did and do not take more than they need, either.
When the whites arrived, they were angry that the native people did not 'know how' to farm or use the land properly, when in fact, it was the white man who did not. You see, in England, and so forth where there is little land in comparison to the population, they 'needed' to plant food close together, and felt it was 'beneficial' to fence off property in order that no one intruded and that everyone was fed.
Here lies the problem in itself. The natives had/have such a better ideal for the Earth and each other than did the whites. Their principles could have been taken to heart and learned, instead of plowed over and rid.
But I digress painfully.

I didn't mean to fill your ears with pox, or your hearts with gloom!

Now, for the real business: who on earth posted what?
It's a good thing I noted long ago to put asterisks around aliases, so that we could figure out that they were only characters.

Welcome, all ye aliases!

And a good night to all.
An early one for me.

Heather (I have not disappeared long, have I?)

I have visited this site earlier than now, but can you guess my alias?

Litter Wed Sep 20 19:21:38 PDT 2000

Hi People,

Very busy in my lucid hours. No time to catch up on the past weeks postings yet, so it is just Hi for now and hopefully I'll be back soonish.

Have left a short story on the s.t. workbook so comments will be welcomed.

ciao for now


Does my bum look big in this?

Jerry Lee Wed Sep 20 19:08:40 PDT 2000

Yo all,

A lot of activity here lately! Maybe I should come up with another personality...just so I'll fit in. How about Lurch from the Addams Family?
Naw, all he ever says is "You rang?" and "Uhhhhh!"

Anyway, Heather and Hallie, you'll like to visit my new site. It's about the riddle.

No time to hang around too long,
Jerry Lee

Rachel Wed Sep 20 18:50:58 PDT 2000

Hallee - Hi, it's nice to see you.

Santa - I send you hugs and big smiles!

Americo Wed Sep 20 18:50:08 PDT 2000

Oh, I'm really enjoying this.

Welcome, welcome, Jane Eyre, Hemingway, Hamingway (yes, I noticed the difference between the first and the second posts) and R. Limbaugh III — sorry, I don't know this name, but he's equally great.

I must go to bed now.

Pussy has discovered that the suspense thriller is her genre. She did not know she was a writer, didn't even know she knew how to read. Another miracle of the notebook.

Incidentally, where's Heather? Not in Hamingway's stream, I hope.

****R. Limbaugh III **** Wed Sep 20 18:35:45 PDT 2000

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today I wanted to talk to just a little bit about the feminatzies. Now we all know that the woman's lib movement is dead. Dead that is except for a few militerstic types who keep the idea alive.

It is my contention that these feminatzies sould all be forced to live together for six months. Now we all know that if women live together their monthly visitors tend to become syncronized. Once this syncronization occures, we will enlist them into the United States Army, and put them on the front lines. Can you imagine the fear that will reach into the hearts of our enemies, when they realize that an entire batallion of women, all of whom are suffering from PMS are assaulting thier borders with loaded weapons in their hands, and an attitude that would put the fear of God in any man.

Thank you, in my next post, I will delve into the happenings on the left coast.

Rush Proven to be right 99.9% of the time.

Pussy Wed Sep 20 18:09:54 PDT 2000

Three knocks plus a false one. Is that you, Heather?

But how "alive and well"? My anxiety grows. Heather is gone. Notebook, stop breathing!

(Suspense thriller in progress).

Hallee Wed Sep 20 17:33:58 PDT 2000

Hi everyone! I'm just popping in to say hi. I wish I had time to catch up on the posts from the last few days, but there are so many, and I simply don't.

Hope all is well with everyone! I'm into chapter 3 of my next book - work is nuts - the fall at church is always the busiest time - and everything else on top of my family. (sigh)

Happy writing all! (My daughter is calling from the bathtub)


***Hamingway*** Wed Sep 20 14:08:18 PDT 2000

She was in the stream. You know the stream. The one that runs below the cabin, out
back, with the rocks that turn white in dry summer.

Her rack was as big as I have seen. This was a prize. I hesitated just a moment,
watching her movements as she strode easily through the shallow water. She dipped her
head for a drink. I backed slowly around the cabin corner and inside for a trifle. "A
herd of males may want you soon, big girl, but you'll be the talk of the hill when I bang you on my wall."

The three o'clock sun favored my chances. Slanting the light into her eyes, I knew if she
looked my way she would see more shadow than detail. Quietly, before leaving the
cabin, I pulled my belt back, slid it around into place, and closed the belt. Outside,
around the corner again, I could see her still in the stream. Queen in her realm. This big
girl was simply at ease with all the world around.

Debra Wed Sep 20 11:44:39 PDT 2000

Jane Eyre:

You're welcome. I hope to have lenghty conversations with you at some time in the future.

At this point, my twins have me on the run.


***Hemingway*** Wed Sep 20 11:33:59 PDT 2000

He was in the stream. You know the stream. The one that runs below the cabin, out back, with the rocks that turn white in dry summer.

His rack was as big as I have seen. This was a prize. I hesitated just a moment, watching his movements as he strode easily through the shallow water. He dipped his head for a drink. I backed slowly around the cabin corner and inside for the rifle. "A herd of females may want you soon, big fellow, but you'll be the talk of the hill when I hang you on my wall."

The three o'clock sun favored my chances. Slanting the light into his eyes, I knew if he looked my way he would see more shadow than detail. Quietly, before leaving the cabin, I pulled the bolt back, slid a round into place, and closed the bolt. Outside, around the corner again, I could see him still in the stream. King in his realm. This big fellow was simply at ease with all the world around.

***Jane Eyre*** Charlotte Bronte's Enigmatic Alter Ego@plain Wed Sep 20 11:14:32 PDT 2000

O, Dear Deborah: I thank you for your gracious welcome.

What wonders have I uncovered in such short time coming since? I marvel at the promptness of reply!
A letter surely would be a fortnight in arrival; but who shall be left in wont with such prize as this set of keys and modem? Not I.

--Jane Eyre, respectfully

Debra Wed Sep 20 10:39:35 PDT 2000

Jane Eyre:

What could I possibly add to that?



Jane Eyre Charlotte_Bronte is alive and well@heaven.calm Wed Sep 20 10:31:54 PDT 2000

Dear Writers and Readers,
It is with profound pleasure and great import that you have become a discovery! It was quite by accident, as you might well postulate. To err is but a human trapping, but to have erred and find new wonders upon dusting oneself off, only to be bonded as if by spell and happenstance, is itself a miraculous thing. I wish not to advertise any presumptuous art I may have presumably adhered to: rather in so visiting this site recommended to me by fellow admirer, it shall yet be proven of worth. My sincerest regards and humblest mien presented forthrightly to you, blessed scribes of thus ingenius page.

--Jane Eyre

Pussy Wed Sep 20 10:11:42 PDT 2000

Tonight is not a night at all, but just an alter-ego of today seen from the other side of the earth.

Heather, still alive? Knock knock knock (Three times at midnight, if not).

Tina Wed Sep 20 08:56:24 PDT 2000

Hello all!

Oh, my, how easy it would be to mess with everyone's minds just about now. :~0

What strikes me as odd, though, is that on the weekend I wrote a poem (odd enough right there since I rarely write poetry) and two short verses have similarities to what's going on here.

'Life viewed by the future
Ignores the past and sees the story
A written record of memories and actions
That never existed except
In the story tellers mind.'

'For the first time in good company
A soul knowing its power
Finds itself as one, without fiction,
Sees others in honesty not as they should be
Only as they are.'

They're a bit out of context, but it still caught me as echoes of the current conversation.

Allein, I'm glad to here it.

And now work calls out again. Have an excellent day (or virtual day for all you aliases)!


Jon Wed Sep 20 08:55:14 PDT 2000


I do not wish to bother you with many questions. But how about giving Jerry (besides Rudolph's surprise) health, complete health, so that he jumps and dances and writes a shortstory about how good it is to be alive?

Could we give psychological presents too? I'd like to present Allein with a strong and healthy greatfather, Litter with a complete recovery from his RA so that he can enjoy the pleasure of being a successful writer soon, and Rhoda light to see the truth (okay, forget about Rhoda).


(the proud assistant cat to Santa Claus)

Jon Wed Sep 20 05:29:20 PDT 2000

Oh, Santa, I'm so happy! To be your assistant cat and help you give the presents!

Hope there are no guns (even plastic ones), silly books for silly children, and other silly things silly parents ask you to give their intelligent children.

You come from heaven, don't you? If you need any help there, just ask me.

mary Tue Sep 19 23:21:57 PDT 2000

oh Gary, you are too much.

i must go

gariess Tue Sep 19 22:10:21 PDT 2000


Just what is this game called lab rats? By the way, I trust that you are indeed Teekay, but just to be sure, what does Australia look like?


gariess Tue Sep 19 22:04:05 PDT 2000

I must say that I would not want to rain on anybody's fun. I just always thought that T.O.M. was T.O.M. I even emailed him on one occasion when I thought he was at risk. I had no idea I was speaking to an old man who might be a young woman. I don't recall any Jones but I don't think I ever read all the biographies. Besides, who can vouch for the biographies? I know mine is obsolete.

As far as Sasquatch goes, I see this as a thoroughly harmless and enjoyable impersonation (imbeastination?.)
No one is expected to believe that a furry, ape-like creature goes about in the forest toting a lap-top. Of course, for all I know, now, Sasquatch could be The Old Man, Rhoda, Americo, or even Tiger Woods in an ape suit.

I still like you all, even if you aren't who you are supposed to be. I know Debra is real because no one could make up going to Federal Hill for a tuna melt. A meat-ball sub, maybe.

I used to just ignore posts by people who seemed to appear out of no place and presented curious and often obscure agendas. After all, how can one really respond? Not that some of our good intentioned participants didn't try. I always held Rhoda and others in high regard for their hospitality toward people such as those. For myself I found it hard to get past my skepticism. That's one of the problems with skepticism. It can't be developed to a skill of any accuracy. It sweeps a wide path and still misses many real targets.

Rhoda has hit upon an excellent idea. We are overlooking a potential market: people who want to speak to fictional characters. This could be the dot com of the decade. We could make a fee system like those feeble pshycic phone scams. Only we wouldn't be scamming, we would deliver a legitimate service. I think there are people who would pay to talk to characters like Captain Ahab, or James Bond. We just have to come up with equally attractive characters. Well, those are details. I always do better when I leave the details to other people. You guys will come up with something.

i must go


Teekay. Tue Sep 19 22:01:56 PDT 2000

So, anyone up for a game of lab rats??? hee hee

Allein Tue Sep 19 21:57:16 PDT 2000

Santa - I get a gift? I feel special. The last 3 years I've gotten snowman poop, raindeer poop and raindeer patties. I finally made the good list! :) Well, I have 3 more months to go, but I can stay good until then. I will visit you at the mall this year. :)

All - I just got an e-mail from my mom. She says that my grandfather is doing much better. He's been eating well and walking around a bit. They were able to drain more fluid and the doctors now think that he does not have cancer. I'm glad to get good news.

Santa Claus Tue Sep 19 21:52:31 PDT 2000

Jon - You may come along as my assistant cat and help hand out presents and when I visit malls around the world, you can give candy canes to all the good little children.

Jerry - I'm sorry, you are on my naughty list this year. Rudolph will leave a surprise in your stocking.
Santa Claus

Jerry Ericsson Tue Sep 19 21:26:02 PDT 2000

Jon - I will not have it, you cannot have the presents. Santa, don't listen to the fat cat, you must agree to do your job. By the way, I want . . .


Jon Tue Sep 19 18:28:49 PDT 2000

Santa ! I was writing my night's post almost at the same time as you! Isn't this exciting?

I had an idea. How about if I do your job of giving the presents this year? You could rest for a while perhaps... I'm so sorry when I think of you walking on the snow.

Well, I'm afraid you'll have to accept. Otherwise I'll conquer --- what's tyhe country you come from?

Jon Tue Sep 19 18:22:55 PDT 2000

Just a moment. Who has been using secret pseudonyms all these months after all? Not me! (No kidding).

A*, in his infinite boredom, asked me to tell you that he was Bill for the strict purpose of the alter-ego thing. And that he has never liked pseudonyms, though he will probably use one soon in the USA for professional reasons.

Who were you?

My love tonight goes only to one and a single person — Allein.

Santa Claus Tue Sep 19 18:14:54 PDT 2000

Ho Ho Ho! Yes Jon I am real! And since you believed in me and you've been such a good kitty this year, I'm leaving you an extra special present for you in your stocking. Rachel, Allein and Mary also get something special for believing in me.
Those who do not believe in me, get something else in their stocking. You're thinking of coal, no. There has been so many naughty people this year, that I've run out of coal and must now use Reindeer gifts. The elves find them fresh every morning in the stables. Perhaps when you find that in your stocking you will change your mind about me.
Merry Christmas to All!!!
Santa Claus

mary Tue Sep 19 17:46:42 PDT 2000

well, i have to chuckle. sorry everyone i am not sasquatch. i even hesitate to say that, because sasquatch's is the last post before mine.

as far as no caps: i think that comes from too much online chat. it is faster and lazier. no offense to anyone, it wasnt intended. if i dont put caps...i can type 128 words a minute with no errors. with caps...well, lets just say..much slower. i caught myself, when writing a post for this site, reverting back to my chat typing mode of no caps, and more than once, had to go back thru my post correcting all the missed caps and apostrophes (which i also omit for the sake of speed). one day, i didnt feel like going back and fixing i didnt. that is the no caps story.

i must admit that i am flattered that some of you might even consider that i am sasquatch because he is indeed a wonderful creature. he can bring forth giggles and tears as quickly from me as gariess can..that is the only reason that i thought it was him. just a gut feeling. alas, gary has made perfectly clear his aversion to masquerades, so like i said before..most probably i am wrong.

i have thought that this was a pretty good exercise all in all. albeit confusing at times. and i hope that everyone continues to feel comfortable posting as whoever or whatever they want. more power to ya.

c-ya later

sasquatch Tue Sep 19 16:29:21 PDT 2000

hello again i sasquatch am not mary person but i am proud to be thought so. it is not same for Yeti to be someone they are not but i sasquatch have learned this is a way to stay well in this place. there are those who speak here who have looked on sasquatch as i am. i too have wish to learn of other voice as The Old Man. i wish to speak with that person one day. i do not memory time when others were here but i have love for those in this place now. also for some that went away. i sasquatch must leave for now also to learn of other things but may be come back as well soon and not gone long from here i love it. i must go

Rosemary Tue Sep 19 15:37:56 PDT 2000

Hello all. Am I someone else?

About alternate persona, the only one I have noticed particularly is Sasquach. I wondered if his aversion to capital letters might have been inherited from Mary. Earlier I wondered if there were psychological reasons for this aversion since it usually included personal names, but I also noticed she was not the only one that had it. If we are going to notice psychological problems, my spelling (and sarchastic humor) might come to the front.

At my monthly writers meeting last Saturday, I learned that the Southwest Writers Conference might be held here(San Antonio) next year. Has anyone else heard of this?? Of course, I have not gone to the major expendure of energy of checking their web site, but that would not be as much fun as having someone talking to me on the notebook.

Writing is fun (at least part of the time)

Rhoda Tue Sep 19 15:24:25 PDT 2000


I have NEVER been offended by you, merely fascinated. You know how mysteries are. Everybody itches to solve them. No matter how gifted and imaginative you are in creating this persona, I have no doubt that there is much of your true self (whoever you are) in this persona, so I will accept you as T.O.M. just as I always have. For the moment I will resist the urge to further snoop....opps, sluth and will not serch the biographies looking for an individual with the last name of Jones. I do not want to destroy the mystique of T.O.M.

There is another good aspect to being an old man. For some reason older people engender trust, at least in me they do. Maybe that is because I have a good relationship with my father. Old men seem above the fray of things and above trivial day to day concerns. I suppose that is why they engender respect.

In a more philopsopical note, I think we should all realize that to some extent or another, we are all persona here, some of us more so than others. There are those here that only use a screen name or a pen name, and one only learns the real name by exchanging e-mail. Furthermore we all give away only those parts of ourselves that we feel comfortable revealing. This is the nature of the Internet, but it is also the nature of society in general. For instance, how many of our co-workers, fellow church members and next door neighbors really know us? And do we really know them?

I think as time goes on, our character or true personality shows through, but I honestly have to admit that some people keep a tighter lid on all that than others.

I still think sasquatch is Mary. Mary gives herself away by using no caps.

And what about T.O.W.?? Or should I say T.V.O.W.--that very old lady, Robi who is ninety years old and whose father is still living? She is very funny and interesting.

This Notebook is the closest thing technology has given us to interactive fiction. Here you speak your mind to fictional characters, and they answer back. Perhaps someone can turn that into some sort of moneymaking concept down the line.

Enough mental gynastics for now.


***The Old Man**** Tue Sep 19 14:29:25 PDT 2000

Greetings and Felicitations!

Alas, having read the posts concerning my "host" personality, I see that none have guessed correctly.
Would that I could be attached to the wonderfully talented people you have tried to associate with me.


That was the sound of me changing gears. I address you now as the "original" persona.
Reading the posts concerning this subject, I must say that I meant no offense to anyone. I created The Old Man as nothing more than a writing exercise. Please forgive me if I have upset any sensibilities.

Looking back, I remember my first creative writing teacher giving us an assignment that was very simple. She requested that we write a half page on "What I Would Like to Be When I Grow Up".
The other 10th-graders handed in the obvious Doctor, Lawyer, Fireman...whatever. She read aloud each one in turn.
When she got to my paper she hesitated for a long time. She seemed choked up, nearly ready to cry. And then she read it. "Mr. Jones (my real name) has answered this assignment in a fascinating way." she said. "He says that what he would most like to be is an old man."
The rest of the class giggled a bit and I could feel the eyes of all of them on the back of my neck.
As I was beginning to get mad at the teacher for having made me the center of attention, she went on. "He says here that he would like to be an old man because old men have respect, and that that is something he thinks he would like to feel." She hesitated before going on. "It seems that being respected would be a unique experience."
At that, she stopped, turned and sat down at her desk and began reading the next paper on the stack.

In the creation and use of The Old Man character, I have learned so much both about myself and the way people percieve me that I have actually begun to shed some of the self-awareness that has clung to me my entire life.
I thank you for your unwitting help in that.

I have also learned by comparison how people respond to my personal self. While not nearly as welcome as the old man, I have seen that I can carry on conversations with you and that you lend a measure of respect to even me.

I have learned a lot during this exercise. Not the least of which is that I can write a believeable character. I have interacted with most of you and have learned a great deal on the subject of character development and voice.

Thank you.

Take care,

Rachel Tue Sep 19 12:59:19 PDT 2000

Garries - Hi you (smiles). Yah, i do see where the confusion comes in with the persona. That is why I am back to being me, me, wonderful me (GRIN). It is also a lot of hard work. I am certainly not Sasquatch. I love the posts by that person. They are one of the unknowns that I very much enjoy. I would never claim to be something with so much body hair! Not that there is anything wrong with a lot of body hair, i just wouldn't want it for myself. yah see I live in a house and I don't need to keep all warm and fuzzy. I have a nice coat (not made of fur) that I use to keep warm.

Heather - I'm not trying to spit all over this exercise. I hope I haven't left you feeling peeved.

Sasquatch - Between you and I, I am sure that you look very nice with all your hair and that if you were without it you would look very strange to all your Yetti kin.
Keep out of the trees you.

gariess Tue Sep 19 12:25:48 PDT 2000

Rhoda, T.M. Spell?

I am quite sure you can remove T.M. from your list. We spoke a few times after her confrontation with Philip MacLaren. That was a few years ago. T.M will not return to the NB. She was a very interesting participant, none-the-less. T.M. is a very gifted and accomplished writer. She impressed me as too direct and strong-minded to be tempted by impersonation. All the same, I hesitate to rule out any of your other guesses.


Debra Tue Sep 19 12:15:26 PDT 2000


Wake up! Wake up!

What were you dreaming about? It sounded like a doosie.

You're sweating. For the love of Pete, are you all right?

Jepers crow!


Rachel Tue Sep 19 12:07:13 PDT 2000

Allein - I was not going to mention my birthday (grins). I can't believe you remembered. What a sweetheart you are. What would be a lovely gift, would be a new picture of you. It would be wild to see you with red hair. I think it must suit you very nicely. I also would like to get together. Dan and I are thinking of a trip to Seattle some time in October/November. If we can get that organized i would like to make a plan to meet up at that time. I don't want to say it will happen for sure, because nothing seems to be for sure these days (grins). Yikes! I can't get over how busy it is in this house. three kids in soccer, one in hockey, two in music lessons. Ahhhhhhhh, help me!!!!!! Did I mention that I am an assistant coach on a U13 boys soccer team. Not bad for a preggers gal who never played organized soccer herself (only disorganized soccer). Dang, I'm sure glad that I learn quick. I hope that things are looking up for you. Many, many hugs.

Yes Jon, there is a Santa Claus. There is no need to cry. The people who don't believe in him must be very naughty and not on his list. They just say they don't believe because they're pissed that he skips them on his Christmas run.

sasquatch Tue Sep 19 12:05:11 PDT 2000

so many of us! i must go

gariess Tue Sep 19 12:02:51 PDT 2000


I know you are a sweet person, and if you have used other voices, as you call it, I am sure you did so with good intentions. I believe that the suggestion to use alter egos as an exercise is also very well intentioned. I believe that came from Heather who surprises me because she is so straight forward and direct in her posts.

I am sorry if my objection has caused any upset in the NB. I don't intend to do that. As an example of the confusion that can happen, Mary claims she thought Sasquatch might be me. I can not imagine why, because I have no familiarity with the Northwest where 'S' is rumored to exist. My store of Yeti lore is probably the lowest among the people here, and yet the more I explain all this, the more you all are likely to believe that I am Sasquatch after all.

You see, when a person rises up to deny a claim, that person only feeds the fire of speculation. The better the refusal is constructed, the more convincingly he appears as charged. It might be better to just say that I am Sasquatch after all. That way only those who have posted as 'S' will know the truth. Notice that now I raise the question that more than one of us could be 'S'. Those of us who are not, and never have been Sasquatch will now suspect everyone else of being Sasquatch. How do you like that? (jumps up on table and starts to rave [now I insert stage directions so you will all think I am Allein]) YOU'RE ALL SASQUATCHES! DO YOU HEAR ME? YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF SASQUATCHES!!


Rhoda Tue Sep 19 11:36:52 PDT 2000

Other possible identities for T.O.M.:

Bob Hanford--possibility remote

Bill Whitney--" "

Toby Buckell--" "

T. M. Spell--" "

And most likely one of all, Jai.

That is the best that I can come up with. I imagine I will want to kick myself when and if I ever find out the truth, because it has probably been staring me in the face all along. Other then the individuals I have mentioned, I have no idea.

Mary, you are sasquatch then? And Santa Claus does exist? Well, that is a relief. Though I am disappointed that sasquatch is not a real yeti, at least Mary and Allein have assured me that Santa Claus is indeed real. In my heart, I knew it all the time. Perhaps Mary is a real yeti, or could it be this lovely human being, Mary, is just a persona of sasqatch the yeti?

This is getting too confusing. If I keep racking my brain like this, I will wake up the next morning not sure who even I really am.

Come on, T.O.M. Time to come clean. Just one more little clue? Please? I bet you are just laughing your head off.


mary Tue Sep 19 11:14:48 PDT 2000

i think i remember someone saying to avoid confusion of who is 'new' and who is a ' personna', asterisks should be placed around personna names when you post. Had this happened...we would indeed know who was real and who was memorex(tm).

i have absolutely no grounds for this theory, but just between you and me..i have always thought that gary was sasquatch. i am probably wrong. more than likely wrong actually.

i agree with Allein on the Santa Claus thing..he is most definitely real..i have sat in his lap after all.

HOWARD: hope you find those sites useful...smiles.

probably everyone knows who i posted as before. she never said anything important really..just posted a few exercises.

hope you all enjoy your day. c-ya later.

Allein Tue Sep 19 10:46:13 PDT 2000

Rachel - That's right, your birthday is coming up. ::devilish grin:: I'll have to get you a present of some sort. It's been almost one year since I've seen you. We should make plans to get together sometime.

Jon - Don't cry. Of course Santa Claus is real! He is a personification of the Chrismas Spirit, so he is real and anyone who says otherwise will have to answer to my attack dog! She'll drown you in drool and lick you to death! I love you Jon. ::tosses him a kitty treat::


Jon Tue Sep 19 10:34:03 PDT 2000

Who said that Santa Claus is not real?
I'm deeply hurt in my innermost feelings and beliefs.

And I'm crying.
(Sob, sob, sob)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue Sep 19 10:10:55 PDT 2000

Garyss - THATS IT! It is just you and I the rest of the voices on the notebook are our alter-ego's.

Well maybe not.

Hope everyone is well.


Rhoda Tue Sep 19 09:45:51 PDT 2000


Please do not ever admit that you are not who or what you say you are. I do not think I could stand it. It would be akin to the feeling I had when my brothers told me that Santa Claus was really mom and dad. You are a yeti, right?


You cannot be S.K.S. Perry because that guy was never old. Oh if you are, I will never forgive you coming here and putting your two cents in without anyone knowing it is you. I have missed S.K.S, and I will just cry if he has come here and thought he had to keep his identity a secret. I have also entertained the idea that you could be Philip MacLaurin (wishful thinking, I guess), but Philip is a straight-forward guy and I cannot picture him taking on a persona (then again I could be wrong. He is a writer and could get away if his life depended on it). But I think he just would not. Perhaps you are Goodweed? But I think not. You do not sound like Goodweed. Hmm... Intriging. I must think on this today.

I agree with Howard. This is too confusing. Who knows whom one is talking to?

Incidently, I did try being Rip Van Winkle for a few days, but could not find any fun in it. My conscience got the best of me, and I put Rip back to sleep for a few more decades. Now, there is my big admission. I will surely sleep better tonight .

Maybe we should set aside one day where no one gives his or her true name and then we guess the next day who was who. Wouldn't that be fun? It would be like a masquerade party.

Got to run!


Tina Tue Sep 19 09:25:00 PDT 2000

Morning All!

Teekay, I'm glad you like your cotton wool bud. But me, a teacher of some kind? Not at all. I did spend three years at art school, where cotton wool buds were a daily staple. Among the things I gleaned from college was how to offer my opinion about other people's work. Visual art and writing are not far apart and I go about the process in the same way. 1) Break it down into small bits... sentences, paragraphs, scenes. 2) Identify what I like. 3) Identify what I don't like. 4) Analise these points as technical mistakes or stylistic intention. 5) Look at the whole work as a complete communication. Does it achieve it's goal? Did I understand the characters, setting, dialogue, action, plot, resolution? 6) Offer my thoughts and opinions in the spirit of honesty and with the intent to be helpful, not hurtful.

I don't, however, feel myself qualified in the slightest to give cotton wool buds about poetry. I know next to nothing about poetry from a technical side, don't even know the terminology.

Hmmm, I'm sure there's more to it. I can make everything complicated; it's one of my especial skills in life, to complicate things.

I'm gonna go now. The wind is blowing and my hubby and I are going to go fly a kite! (It's a really big one, for big kids like us)


Americo Tue Sep 19 08:35:30 PDT 2000

Good morning, everybody!

Heather, the NB became a bit confused with all these strange posts of late. We'd better revert to normal.

My prize goes to sasquatch, the best personification on the block.

Why is it that we, mortals, cannot do without our precious reality? Even virtual reality makes us feel a bit uncomfortable. That's stange. But it's a fact.

Jerry, sorry for your neighbour's demise. Glad you are feeling better with the new medication. This reminds me that we are all sending healing vibes to Litter and to all those who are not in their best health.

And kisses to all.

Rachel Tue Sep 19 08:03:08 PDT 2000

You guys know about all but one of the voices I use. I am not E.J. She is a real person. I have corresponded with her more than once. I guess she could be one of you, if she is then like I said, nice is nice and I don't really care. Maybe people found E.J. interesting because she wasn't afraid to be herself and state her views. She didn't just back down at the pack attack. I think she was a rare and interesting person. It is sad that you were not able to get to know her well enough to see that.

Teekay, the reason I say that nobody guesses, is because at the time when I was using other voices everybody was on and on about how they could tell it was this person or that person. We had a lot of those kinds of posts going around. Strange lurkers with no names, who left nice messages, then everyone would guess at who they were. Not unknown posters, or strange posters who come on and leave crap, nasty messages. I think that is pathetic. I would never be a party to anything like that.

As for my other voice that has been used on this notebook it has gone quiet and will remain quiet. It is really a lot of work to generate a persona and keep it interacive. I don't have the time between my writing, famliy, reading, etc, etc, etc.

Now I need to go. It is time to get the kiddies ready for school.

Howard Tue Sep 19 07:33:57 PDT 2000

GARIESS -- I think you're right about all the personnae appearing in the notebook. How indeed will we know when someone is new, and not just a fragment of our collective imagination? Perhaps it's not such a good idea.

SASQUATCH -- "right on, baby?" Where have you been lurking?!?!?
By the way - I see what you mean about the "trees" but I think it would be very easy to draw the wrong conclusion from what you wrote. Is the word you're looking for "metaphor?" You used trees as a "metaphor" for the optical illusion caused by the sun's rays coming through the vapor in the air?

MARY -- Those sites look good too!


mary Tue Sep 19 06:35:06 PDT 2000

Jerry, you might want to check this one out. :-)

( the link i mean )

mary Tue Sep 19 06:30:18 PDT 2000


Debra Tue Sep 19 06:08:16 PDT 2000


All I wanted was a Tuna Melt. I swear.

I don't know anything. I didn't hear anything. You've got to believe me. Please! please!

I'm to young to die.

Well I don't want to.

Truthfully, we never went back, ever.

It was like walking into one of those places you might see on deliverance. As soon as we walked in every one stopped and starred.

Debra as herself.

sasquatch Tue Sep 19 06:08:12 PDT 2000

gary person i sasquatch think you are right on baby. i must go

Gariess Mon Sep 18 22:43:30 PDT 2000

Okay, now see what you've done. The NB is way too confusing, now. With all these people popping up declaring that they have been somebody else for two years, and now Rachel admits to being a ventriloquist. Have you people thought about this? What if somebody new comes along and everybody thinks the person is not real. How would that make us look? Pretty silly I would say.

I would rather have everyone keep being whoever they are. But then I am silly that way. And all you people who are somebody else, just stop being whoever you are not and go back to being who you were in the first place. Unless who you were in the first place is somebody else who you are not. Does anybody understand what I am saying? If so, you might try explaining it to me.

I think Jerry is really himself, though. Why would anyone pretend to have gas stolen? Besides, I think he really takes that pain medicine. He seems to know a lot about it.

If you are really Jerry, I hope you get well. Actually, even if you are not Jerry, I hope you get well.

Let's see how we all like it when we don't know who anybody is anymore.

Also, Debra is really herself, too. Too bad, because she is soon to be in the Witness Protection program. I can't think why anyone would go eavesdropping in a Federal Hill cafe unless they are just plain tired of living. What's next Debra? Are you going to South Boston to see if you can pick up some choice dope on Whitey Bulger? Have you seen all those bodies they are digging up in Southie and out in Quincy? I'll bet some of those people liked to listen too.

Just kidding, Debra.

Stay tuned.


Teekay Mon Sep 18 22:15:24 PDT 2000

TINA: WOW!!! What a fantastic cotton wool bud!! Thank you sooo much but, I've gotta tell ya, I'm never gonna master that grammatical stuff. Whoosh! Right over the top of my head. The typo's I always spot 'em after I post 'em but, then it's too late. Thank you so much for spending the time and effort to do that. I really appreciate it.
Are you an english teacher/proffessor or something? Did I mispell professor. Yes I did.

Teekay. Mon Sep 18 22:06:12 PDT 2000

Teekay's Mum: *sigh* No Mum, I didn't mean... I was just.... Oh never mind.

Teekay's Mum Mon Sep 18 22:04:59 PDT 2000

Teekay: Yes Dear?

Teekay Mon Sep 18 22:03:42 PDT 2000

***shitstirrer**** : They won't hear it from me. Mum's the word.

*****shitstirrer****** Mon Sep 18 22:02:31 PDT 2000

Teekay: Yeah. But don't tell anyone, okay?

Teekay Mon Sep 18 22:00:41 PDT 2000

****shitstirrer******: are you me?

******shitstirrer***** Mon Sep 18 21:59:05 PDT 2000

Hi All,

HEATHER: Thanks heaps. Canned air hahahaha good one.

TINA: I shall check out that crit shortly. I hate that word, it sounds prickly and unwelcoming...and scarey. Maybe we should change it to....I don't know, something softer sounding. I know! How about a cotton wool bud. I left you a cotton wool bud in the cotton wool bud section. Doesn't have that same sense of dread about it. Thanks.

BILL: I do believe you are AMERICO impersonating JON who is doing an impersonation if PUSSY.

TOM: You are also AMERICO, for when he goes missing, so do you. And who else is quite so wise???

I think this impersonation stuff is a load of crappadoodie(there GARIESS how's that for articulate?) What's the point???

RACHEL: The reason nobody said anything is..why would they?? Why on earth would anybody suspect that it was you being another character? One would have to be pretty paranoid in that case.
Were you EJ by any chance. She sure sounds made up. And AMERICO found her interesting. Hmmmm here I go making enemies again.

If nobody guesses who this post is REALLY from then you've all got real big problems.
So childish. You'd think we had better things to do with our time.

Rachel Mon Sep 18 16:35:16 PDT 2000

Hi all - I'm not going to play the name game today (grins). I have posted in other voices more than once and nobody has ever guessed who I am. If they did, they never said anything about it.

In fact people thought my other voices were other people on the notebook. If I had others voices, well, other than the ones you all know about I would never tell. At least not today.

I used to wonder about who the secret posters are. some are easy to sort out. Others I think i know, but then you never really can be sure. What I decided is that I just don't care. If they are nice, they are nice. If they want their identity kept quiet for any reason, that is their business.

I know that if I'm posting under a different voice it is because I want to try out a character, or i want to see if I can write as a man, or I'm just feeling playful. I never intent to hurt anyone and I don't hide behind anything. If I have a bone to pick with somebody I don't dance around it.

I also do have different voices for my writing. That might sound a little strange, but it is the best way that I can explain it. I have a different mind set when I write different things.

Now I have to dash. It is birthday central at my house. We had a party on the weekend, another tonight and then another tomorrow! This weekend there will be more cake to eat. Yikes! I'm getting tired of looking at cake.

Debra Mon Sep 18 16:29:16 PDT 2000


I'm glad I could help. You have helped me so much with your links. I really liked the last one. Keep them coming, if possible.


I think you already know too much about Federal Hill. I was in a cafe in Federal Hill and you could cut the tension with a knife. A few months later someone, was arrested there. He has one of those neat nicknames. He was also there that day.

I told my friend that we might know too much. She told me that she heard someone say......... and we left quickly.



Mr. B. of San Diego Mon Sep 18 16:07:10 PDT 2000

I am definitely one of those people that will be writing all my life whether anyone publishes it or not. But it will be published.
Interested in being published in a small publication yourself? E-mail me for information about our Halloween magazine. We are always looking for new writers.
I've been writing since sixth grade (I've gotten better since then) and calcutlate that I wrote 200,000 thousand words in pencil before I got a hundred dollar dinosaur computer. Still, the dinosaur took me through my first book. I'm looking for publishers for my works now, and I am getting very serious about making writing a source of income.
Feel free to e-mail me if you have similar interests.

sasquatch Mon Sep 18 16:04:31 PDT 2000

i sasquatch thank you for words of my poems but i think i did not a good work to make describing. the trees are not real trees but the golden things that look to hold up clouds before raining. very tall as some trees so i sasquatch made those words as to be like now i do not memory the word to describe what it is called in poems. there are many strange persons here. i must go.

Jerry Ericsson Mon Sep 18 16:01:31 PDT 2000

A sad note, my next-door neighbors son died last night of a stroke, he was 34. Death comes so rapidly and unexpectedly. He was a fine young man and his future looked so bright.

Gas prices here in town are increasing so rapidly again that some are turning to theft. My wife filled her car the day before yesterday, yesterday it was empty again, only 13 miles on the odometer since the fill. I have ordered two locking gas caps for our two vehicles. They only cost 17 dollars each much less then a fill of gas. I never expected crime of this nature to visit us in such a small town, but I guess there are thieves every where.

I am trying to dream up a new persona, who knows I may or may not be successful.

Debra, I don't have a beginning to my shortie, but now that you mention it, it does sound like a good idea, maybe I will begin working on one tomorrow.

The new pain medication that my Dr. put me on, seems to be working, however it does leave me very sleepy at times. It is nice to have some relief from the pain, but I am uncertain if it is worth the drowseyness. The literature that came with the pills say that the sleepiness may go away when my body gets used to the new medication. I hope it does. It also seems to have a mood altering property, I have been rather down for the last few months, but I feel much better now, and my concentration seems to be improving.


Pussy Mon Sep 18 15:43:55 PDT 2000

The three latest poets are not by me. But they were not written by those who never enter these competitions: those without imagination, without charm and without Heather's generosity. With such a straightforward language this post can only be by...

Americo, I suppose.


Could be Heather too Mon Sep 18 15:36:01 PDT 2000


You are SKS Perry. I knew it on the very first second I read you. But I thought that I'd better not tell you anything so that you thought you were someone completely different.

Not Jon I think's post is by Allein, but could also be by A* — that chap is the devil.

Who am I?

Not Jon, I think Mon Sep 18 15:30:46 PDT 2000

In my opinion Bill's post was by Jessica. There is that warmth, that feminine quality which makes me believe it was written by a woman — an exceptional woman with a heart as big as British Columbia. But I may be wrong of course.

As for the other contribution (ben Jonson's) only A* could have spelt his own name wrongly.

Guess who I am?
(Not Jon)

***The Old Man*** Mon Sep 18 15:23:51 PDT 2000

Greetings and Felicitations one and all!

Yes I am in fact, but the deep-seated coidentity of one of your own. Granted, the culprit is little-known and even less popular, but sometimes throws in a phrase or two to annoy the rest.
We have occupied a bit of space here for nigh on two years. We continue as seperate entities and unless you find us out, we will continue on.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve." Bill (Shakespeare)

This is a wonderful exercise. Although I have lived as a character in this place for a long time, none have questioned me about my origin for over a year. This gives us an opportunity to find out if you had all known my true identity and for how long.

Who am I?


Bill Mon Sep 18 12:17:30 PDT 2000

Oh, our dearest Ben. Protesting as always, kicking his own pants this time.

I'd better go and have some wine with my own character... what's his name? Never mind. What's in a name, after all?

Heather's contest is very good to exercise the art of developing characters, but who cares about characters? Who cares about writing in this boring world of Internet television? Anyway, a cookie for who guesses my true identity. Not Shakespeare.

Gariess Mon Sep 18 11:43:09 PDT 2000

That was me.

Mon Sep 18 11:41:45 PDT 2000


My reference was to the piece in the workbook that is near Teekay’s Dwacula. I felt that your ‘verbal flow’ was, how shall I say? Very articulate, how dumb is that? If I can’t come up with something more articulate than articulate, I mustn’t be very articulate. Ignore that last. You write very nice sentences.


You are so cute. Kissy kissy.

I must remind Sasquatch to stay dry. For such a long time, old furry one, you have managed to remain elusive and avoid the confirmation of your existence. If you should get careless and let the scent of wet Sasquatch loose upon the air (really funky), only the feeblest and most decrepit bloodhound could mistake it. We will surely see you on the six o’clock news. Remember, habitat is shrinking all the time.


That thing I saw floating washed ashore at Eastham. It turned out to be a piece of Montauk. They are towing it back tomorrow. We already have more of New York here than we want. Don’t be afraid to go outside. Just stay away from Federal Hill in the evening. In fact, stay away from Federal Hill any time. Bristol is nice this time of year. I might visit the Colt farm one day soon. I just heard that Cumberland has some of those nasty African virus mosquitos. Don’t get bitten. This is an example of very fragmented information dumped into one marginally cohesive paragraph.

I don’t think I wish to participate in the alter ego exercise. I have too much trouble with one ego. It often is more than I can handle. The only possible advantage I can see in it is that, if one’s alter ego becomes a problem one can simply end its existence. Still, any advantage seems that it would be offset by a disadvantage of equal or lesser value. That is if one’s coupon has not expired.



If the passive voice is so much trouble, why do we have one?
Or perhaps I should say, If we are so troubled by the passive voice, it should be gotten rid of. Like those prepositions that you end sentences in. And sentence fragments. And starting sentences with conjunctions. Who needs that?

ben johnson Mon Sep 18 09:56:34 PDT 2000

Sacrifice my ego 'pon an altar? Never! 'Tis mine and all that flows from't as well! Neither will I lay what I've writ under the name of another. There's too many professors doing that already; just look at what that heap of dried out bones has been credited with already!
No, none of that for me!

Tina Mon Sep 18 08:38:49 PDT 2000

Hello all!

Teekay, I left you a crit in the workbook.

Allein, lots of strong thoughts and prayers to you.

Laura, are you out there?

Sasquatch, enjoyed your poem. Thanks for sharing.

Rosemary, I've read the first three Harry Potter books, in three days. I love them. I'm very impressed by the writing. Yes it's for kids but Rowlings has an amasing knack for pulling you into the story! I'm also very impressed by the effect the books are having on kids who normally don't read much. My niece - who almost never reads - loves them all and is reading them for the second time. A true success!

Hallee, I'll do so, but not right now. Gotta go get ready for work.

Hhmmmm. An alter ego. Hhhmmmm.


Heather Mon Sep 18 00:20:03 PDT 2000

Teekay, here is what (little) I know of Feng Shui [sp]

Round things invite more positive flow, including rounded furniture, placing furniture so that the movement (walking around and air flow) in the room flows in a circular manner. Sharp, angled things produce negative or intimidating energy. If you have a lot of squarish furniture or tight, narrow hallways, open them up by placing round shapes on the walls or tables (round mirrors, pictures, or round-based lamps or other objects) and minimize the total furniture overall.
(ie: don't keep your giant rectangular table in a tiny hallway and if you don't use it, remove it from the room...)

Plants: Any plant with round shaped leaves and reaches upwards or has a sort of stretching appearance (for large plants) will work well. Smaller plants that have cascading trails such as ivy or baby's tears for example, will work equally well. Pothos, Defenbachia and succulents that aren't jagged edged, and even heart-shaped leaves are fine too. The plants to stay away from in Feng Shui are ones with pointy knife-like leaves or spikes (Yukka trees, spider plants) because(again)of the shape. But, these are fine also (although not best) if they are placed either with round shaped leaf plants, or in a pattern that enhances the circular flow in a room. Banana leaves would be marvellous as indoor 'shade', but I am not a botanical wizard, nor do I have the space.

Entrances: These are important as the entrance to your home must be inviting in a positive way in order that positive opportunities, energies and people are welcomed. If you have a closed off entrance-way to your home, open it up with mirrors - if you come in and there is a wall right in front of you, put a mirror and plants there. (Even better, take that chainsaw you bought your brother for Christmas and make that entrance wall a window)
... This will guide the energy in, and invite financial gain as well. (Don't ask me how, I saw it on a show about Feng Shui.) At the very least you won't be staring at the wall when you walk in. Remember to place the mirror at eye level, and a larger, round shaped mirror is best.

There's more, but sheesh, I remembered more about it than I thought! Oh, one last note - in your home the key to finding positive balance is to ensure you have all four elements represented in as many rooms as possible. (Eg: candle light for fire, water (little table top fountain, drippy tap), earth (soil with plant life) and air (preferrably fresh, but canned works in a pinch). Add a mirror and some plants here and there and you will feel more refreshed, relaxed, and hopefully more cash in your pockets.

Look at me, now I'm a Feng Shui sponge.

Next project - is as Americo states!

Let's see... Can each of us post as an alter ego, without giving away who we are? If you can guess who posted which alter ego, prizes will be awarded! Hint: Remember to post as yourself every so often, just to throw us off the trail; remembering not to post two separate messages a minute apart!

Please note - to avoid any confusion if perchance a newbie drops in and we think they are but an alter ego, let us always remember to put ***'s in the upper portion of the first field!

Name: *****Bonnie Tyler****

Then we know it's an alter ego, yet won't know whose.
(Am I confusing enough already?)

Who will be the first to throw us a loop?

Heather (NOT an alter ego)

Teekay Sun Sep 17 17:33:01 PDT 2000

Okay, I have looked everywhere I can think of on the net and I cannot find this information, can anybody help?????
Here goes:
In feng shui what are the plants recommended to invite prosperity.
I know there are some but I'm blowed if I remember them. Pomegranite springs to mind but,.......

Debra Sun Sep 17 17:08:49 PDT 2000



blub blub......*******what






Teekay. Sun Sep 17 16:57:32 PDT 2000

Hi All,

GAWIETH: Thankth tho much you little thweetie you. Kitheth and hugth to you. (Gee thith ith fun.)

HEATHER: I completely agree with you on the grammar thing, and it has nothing at all to do with laziness.

AMERICO: I had something enlightening to say but, I've forgottten what it was. Oh that's right, did you know that forgotten has only 2 t's not 3? That wasn't really it.

CHRISTI: Please hurry up and get back here. It's now Monday so that phone jack shouldn't be too far away.

To all I send wonderful thoughts and great big feeling warm and fuzzy all over feelings. Hope you get them. I've sent them air mail and I hope you receive them REAL soon. Sun Sep 17 16:41:25 PDT 2000

Allein Sun Sep 17 11:55:43 PDT 2000

Heather - Thank you for your kind words. You mean Cheerios aren't doughnut seeds?! (I may be a redhead now, but the blonde still shows through).

Americo Sun Sep 17 11:16:17 PDT 2000


I did write a little thing on one of the blank pages of your book. As for the photo, I did not send any, but, after writing, I noticed a sort of drawing next to my name. I wonder if that's my profile seen by Jon's malicious eyes or his own muzzle seen by my hand. Tell us when you get the book.

The art of being two
Is the art of being too

It would be interesting if each notebooker invented an alter-ego. Could it be our next creative exercise, Heather?

Heather Sat Sep 16 23:09:06 PDT 2000

It is quite possible the authorities may have to change the name of Rhode Island to 'Row Island'.

Heather Sat Sep 16 23:06:18 PDT 2000

Allein, blessings to you and your loved ones. I pray for the best outcome for your grandfather. I also pray that he's not in any pain. Hang in there. Any time you want to talk, you've got my icq and full attention.

Why, Gariess, thank you for your compliment. What particular piece of writing (if any) are you referring to?
Just curious. Sometimes I have really off months/weeks/days/dreams, and it's always great to be able to find a boost. Thanks for the boost today!

Ahhh, Tim Horton, you are my saving grace on many occasions.
teasing - caffeine kick
swirl of cream and little brown stick
to stir your full-bodied flavour
just a touch of sweet;
to warm my hands and palette
with the caress of
dark retreat.


Odelay odelay odelay-heee-hooo!

(What ever possessed me to spin that off is out of reach at the moment - well, at least I have to reach across the desk. Coffee beckons...)

Q: What does a nimrod say when he/she looks into a box of Cheerios (tm)?

A: "Oh, look! Donut seeds!"

Litter - where are YOU???
Eddie! You've disappeared again!

Oh, goodness, grammar check in a word processor program has actually helped you, Lorraine? I find mine to be a waste of time. I also remind myself often that writers are allowed to break the rules. Might be just an excuse to leave the grammar texts on the shelf! I would rely on the text moreso than the grammar check personally, because I find that it so often corrects things but takes out any artistic grammar-twists, and those arty made-up verbs are nixed immediately. In reality, made-up verbs or adjectives can really add interest and spunk, so long as it's not overdone.

And that, folks, is my opinion.

(Grin, and bare it) I mean...

P.S. Sasquatch! I enjoyed your lovely poem. The clouds really do seem to sit on top of the trees when they are heavily-laden with moisture.

gariess Sat Sep 16 22:23:39 PDT 2000

Quite amusing, the Count Dwacula story.

I like the way you write.

Everybody else,
Keep on keeping on.

I saw this thing floating by the other day. Somebody said it was Rhode Island. I don't want to frighten you, but have you been outside?


Allein Sat Sep 16 21:33:51 PDT 2000

Hi all,
This is just an update on my grandfather. He's not doing very well. Since he has pneumonia, fluid built up in his lungs and they've been able to drain most of it but not all of it. My mom is flying out to Denver to be with him tomorrow. I'm really sad. I knew this could be coming but I didn't expect it to come so soon. I just hope everything is okay. The only comfort I have is that if he does die, he's lived a good, long, fulfilling life as a very religious person. I can only pray though that he's okay.
I guess I should go now.

Lorraine tnubian Sat Sep 16 18:48:34 PDT 2000

I have not been able to keep up with the notebook on a regular basis due to busy schedule. I took a the time this evening however to look over the last few postings and I was glad I did. The site that deals with grammar is great and I know it will be of assitance to me in my writing. I usually spend I don't know how long going over the varied grammatical errors I catch in my writing. Of course the computer grammar check is a life saver. I have a myraid of books on writing and I use to spend hours at a time going over and over my sentence structures. I must say that the short time I've been writing, about 4 years, I have improved. There is still room for improvement and I'm trying. I know one day, I'll get something published, don't care if it's when I'm ninety!! Good to hear so many are in the same world as myself. Bye for now. Good luck to all.

Teekay. Sat Sep 16 17:58:43 PDT 2000

Dearest AMERICO: Did you perchance happen to autograph the book?? I do hope so. I would hate to think it travelled so far and had naught to show for it.

Did you also include your own photo? Or is that asking a bit much?

You really didn't need to send it airmail but, thankyou. I'm relieved to hear that things are not so bad as I thought.

Heather Sat Sep 16 10:56:44 PDT 2000

Ahh, I am back, now - as Queen Etherby. I didn't choose the name!

Princess Hailey and Prince Christian are enjoying their newly-sprouted wings and head-gear. (Hailey is sporting the Monarch butterfly wings and antennae I made for her last year, when she was the butterfly and her brother was a caterpillar... Christian is sporting the bumble bee wings and antennae from a toddler costume.)
I think they decided they were princess and prince of Faerie folk.


My novel is coming along slowly but surely, Americo!
I have had to re-do chapter 5, from scratch, though thankfully it was no longer than 17 pages. There is much to improve in chapters 3 and 4 as well, and a few minor points to alter in 1 and 2, but those will wait until I have finished either the entire novel, or at least this chapter.

Now, I am off to clean my house - disaster zones distract me too.


Heather Sat Sep 16 10:31:03 PDT 2000

I'm glad that so many enjoyed the shortie short night.
It's part of what I enjoyed so much when I first started posting here.

Jerry, best of painlessness on your new medication!

Does anyone have any neat riddles? Jerry Lee - thanks for keeping an eye out for more Einsteinish riddles.

I can't think of any at the moment myself...

My kids are playing dress-up with all the old Halloween costumes, and some of the dress-up clothes from our 'tickle trunk'. I am distracted by my daughter who insists that I dress up also! Here goes...

The tiara is quite nice

Debra Sat Sep 16 09:54:26 PDT 2000


Thank you for the site on Grammar. I will refer to it all the time.


Rachel Sat Sep 16 08:06:42 PDT 2000

Heather - Wanted to tell you that I thought the short thing was fun. I don't always jump into these things on the notebook, but this time I had a couple of minutes and was able to join in. Thanks for coming up with the idea.
Take care you,

Rachel Sat Sep 16 08:01:08 PDT 2000

Jerry - I hope the new meds work out for you. It was nice to find you in chat. Most of the time when I look in there it is empty. I'll look forward to reading something on the lighter side. From our little chat yesterday it would seem that your life has been full of joys and adventures with family.
Take care you,

Jerry Ericsson Sat Sep 16 07:54:05 PDT 2000

If you need to brush up on your grammar, check out the site above, it has plenty of online exercises to get you back on the right track. I know most of you don't. But I can use it, and have been playing around with it for a few days.

Saw my Doctor yesterday, he put me on a new pain medication that seems to be working very well. He explained it as sort of an artificial morphine without the narcotic effects. I hope it continues. It is a relief to get away from the narcotic pills I have been on for the last five years, the druged feeling, sleepiness and lethargy seem to be leaving. Maybe I will be able to write something happy for Americo now.

Feeling much better now.


Americo Sat Sep 16 05:08:19 PDT 2000


This post if for you!
How's your book going?
Very good job as taskmaker. The shortie day was a great success. You must organise other events like that one. But don't forget to fine those who did not contribute. They must write TWO shorties next time.

Seraphine — if you want to have an idea of how people spent their free time in XIXth century England the best is to read some good novels of the time. Thackeray's "Vanity Fair" is a must.

Heather Fri Sep 15 21:59:28 PDT 2000

And I was so hoping that post was for me...


(wink wink)

Americo Fri Sep 15 17:26:09 PDT 2000

Don't worry, Teekay. Your book is readable, just a little bit too browsed. Remember that it has already travelled around the world and read by twenty intelligent fingers (at least : Jon's paws don't count). But, I repeat, it is still in lovely condition to be returned to you.

I have found a minute and post it today, air mail. The post clerk told me that it would take 7 days at the most to reach your sobbing chest and longing eyes on the other side of the world, where you are head down and feet in the air (or is it me who are upside down?) We antipodes are always right.

PS. I've bought myself a copy at last! (Isn't this great?) "Pillars of the Earth", by Ken Follet. Recommended by Teekay. You can't miss! And thanks again, Teekay.

Teekay Fri Sep 15 16:27:59 PDT 2000

My book is unreadable?? What *sob* happened to by booky???

Jerry Lee Fri Sep 15 15:39:28 PDT 2000

Yo all!

Seraphine, I, too looked for any reference to parlor games of the type you mentioned. Alas and alac, there were none to be found!
But (and this is a BIG 'but') If we keep in mind a few things that are simply universal, we can deduce the information you require...
First, we have to remember that these people were just like us. EXACTLY like us. They got up in the morning and tended to the same things we do, they tried to fill their days the same way we do and they had all the same 'needs' as do we. That said, we need to remember also that they had no T.V. No radio and very little of what we would call 'entertainment'. It was a very boring time in history for an individual to live through, and yet, they were still just as horny as the rest of us. With few other pass-times to fill their days, the rich in particular had a lot of time to chase their hedonism. (and each other)
With the oldest form of entertainment being the most convienient, there is little doubt that the upper crust (who looked at themselves as being above the rules of the common folk) took to their parlor games with little else in mind than to mix media. If a parlor game existed, no doubt it was turned into the risque form at one time or another. Therefore, whatever you might write in reference to this type of game being played will, in all probability be completely accurate.

Heather, No...the only riddle I know of with such an extraordinary history is the one you've already seen, but I'll keep my eyes open.

Ada, Welcome! Think of the old texts. Maybe Homer was educated, but then maybe he wasn't. It could be that he simply wrote what he liked and then went down in history as one of the world's best storytellers.
The moral to the story must be that, like bicycle riding, we can read books, sit through classes on the subject and pay instructors before we actually pick up a pen (or a bike) and learn to do it. All the advance knowledge in the world is wonderful, but it won't teach you balance. THAT must be learned by doing.

Jerry Lee

Rachel Fri Sep 15 11:18:58 PDT 2000

Sasquatch - Nice to see yah! I love this time of year, the time when the trees blaze with colour. I don't even mind the rain, at least not for the first month or two... Keep dry and happy.

Ada - Welcome. With writing I don't know if you can learn everything you need to know to write. Some of it just has to be there inside of you. If you have an desire to write, then chances are that something is there inside of you. The question you ask is not an easy one to answer. How do your write? There are so many ways to learn. For myself I just sat down and did it. It took years before I learned the value of a period (grins). You could take a course, you could get a book (I'm pretty sure that there are lots of books on how to write books and short stories). Look into your local schools and see what they offer for night/weekend courses. You can take writing through correspondence (my mum is doing that). I wish you all the best of luck with your writing.

sasquatch Fri Sep 15 09:29:38 PDT 2000

Here is another poem from sasquatch i wrote this.

i see in the sky again
golden trees
holding up clouds
soon it will rain

i think my cousins in the high places will write it so:

in the sky again
golden trees holding up cloud
soon there will be rain

i must go

Americo Fri Sep 15 05:20:45 PDT 2000

Oh, dear, my latest post should be addressed to Teekay and not to Heather. Apologies to both of them. That's the result of writing looking anxiously at the clock.

Americo Fri Sep 15 05:01:53 PDT 2000


I told you once that I consider you a "very promising writer" and I stick to it. That's a high praise, coming from someone who believes that sincerity on the part of the critic is better for a writer than acritical kindness . This latter attitude can be very harmful both to the writer and to the critic — I know it by bitter experience. I must add now that I feel you are improving, at least in formal terms. I also think that the anguish you feel in relation to your output is the best sign you'll go far. Keep up the good work and do not forget that my opinion is not the last word on the subject. I am wrong quite often (well, sometimes)...

I received "Pillars of the Earth" some time ago (I announced it on the notebook on the day I got it). The book is unfortunatelly not in the best condition to be read, and mainly to be sent to another person. That's why I'll return it to you, its owner, as soon as I get a minute to go to the post office (coming week hopefully). I have been trying to find a copy for myself, as the theme of the book is very interesting and it seems to be well written. Rhoda's photo with family will also be sent in the same packet, as I think it was meant for you. (Jon would like to keep it for himself, but he won't have any luck).

I take this opportunity to thank you for the good idea of sending your book to notebookers and also for your photo with baby. I tried to thank you privately twice, but your server had some problem at the time.

PS. Jon told me that he saw you waving to him this morning, on the telly, from the Olympic Stadium in Sydney (I think it was in Sydney) and that he sent you thousands of kisses. The screen of my telly was in fact greasy with prints of his paws and other signs of his lips. Crazy cat — not even a cat, a figment of imagination.

Mary Thu Sep 14 22:06:09 PDT 2000

sorry about chat you puter froze up and i had to reboot...just didnt make it back...c-ya

Heather Thu Sep 14 21:28:07 PDT 2000

*First person, married
*Action potential - exponential
*Would love to speak with Omniscience but can't come up with an adequate resume - perhaps just one more year of education
*past tense, and possibly a little bit future nervous
*dangling modifiers are exciting, but even moreso when not dangling.
*Well versed.
*not verbose; verbalicious! (n)To love the taste of high-intensity verbs
*Third person singular would be my 8-year-old. She's the third person to enter the family. And she'd better stay single until she's long past 30!
*Gerund - my real estate agent.

Silly, silly, silly.

howard Thu Sep 14 19:47:45 PDT 2000

MARY -- Where'd you go?!

howard Thu Sep 14 19:17:41 PDT 2000

TEEKAY -- 11/16/41

JERRY -- Your story is a heart-wrencher. I've got one going about an old man visiting a nursing home, but am having a problem finishing it.

I'll be in the chat room for a while -- jump in and holler!

Rhoda Thu Sep 14 18:50:03 PDT 2000


I am sorry too. Perhaps we shall try another time. Now I must sign off and get back to that article.


Teekay Thu Sep 14 18:06:02 PDT 2000

RHODA: Missed you in the chatroom by about 2 hours.

Teekay Thu Sep 14 18:03:30 PDT 2000

Hi All,

AMERICO: I fear you may never see a great piece of writing from me, I do not think I know enough. Especially when I read books like "ice station" and to see the depth and detail and research that went into it. Not to mention how the author skillfully managed to make the reader hang onto every word.
Oh that I could write such a gripping masterpiece, and it is a masterpiece. It may not touch the soul and change lives, but it grips the mind and it doesn't let go even when you've read the last page and closed the book and prepared to get on with the rest of your life.

Have you received "Pillars of the Earth" yet?

HOWARD: You must tell me your birth date as I do believe we share the same star sign. Not(to use CHRISTI's words)that I'm that type of person. Just curiosity. :-)
TINA: I haven't read Harry Potter yet, but am still waiting to get a copy from the library. I am soooo curious about it.
P.S. My cat is Tres boring!

JERRY: I'll say! Your shortie was cringeable (not in a bad way). It brought to mind when I read "the horse whisperer" when the accident was coming up and I didn't want to read on but, of course I had to.

ah, and today we have another truly blissful day, with the sun shining benevolently upon us and as soon as I have aaarrrghhh mopped the kitchen floor (just a touch of reality there folks) I shall plonk myself into my banana chair in the shade, with my notepad on my lap and my pen in hand and stare blankly into space for, oh, I don't know, a couple of hours maybe.

Debra Thu Sep 14 17:42:37 PDT 2000


I just read your story. I've been out for the past few days. I feel. I feel one of those rushes of blood in the middle of the torso that means only one thing, despair.

I want to read it again. The thing is I don't think I can. I would like to read a story though about how he and Jane met and married. Why she thought it was a joke from the begining. The usual and the unexpected. Those are my two favorite ingredients.

I hope you have one.


Rhoda Thu Sep 14 16:46:35 PDT 2000

In the chatroom.

A* Thu Sep 14 16:32:04 PDT 2000

Forgot to mention that my latest post was in answer to the "high praise" mentioned by Heather.

Heather, you are a third person, aren't you?

(This post you can comment on).

PS. The notebook is loading awfully slow for me.

Americo Thu Sep 14 16:27:03 PDT 2000

For the sake of truth, and with due respect, I must say that I do not consider Teekay's story a great one. It's funny, and refreshing after Jerry's text — this one a terrible account of suffering. I wish Jerry wouldn't write only about sad things. He owes us samples of his humour and a healthier view on life. There are also in his stories hints of sadism and masochism and an obsession for death and suffering which I cannot approve. But he researches his stories with seriousness and depth and tries to tell them in an original form.

Sorry, Teekay and Jerry, for my sincerity, and for talking about you in the third person. (I would not like public comments to this post).

Rosemary Thu Sep 14 16:24:28 PDT 2000

Greetings all,
I am so glad to hear about another adult that loves the HP Books. I have inhaled each one as it becomes available and then reread the flaps and the comments on the back cover.

My novel (in progress) is close to being in the 'young adult' genre, so under the guise of research, I have been stripping that section of the library for fantasy and SF. It is amazing to me the quality of writing in those books. The characters are well developed, you can visualize the settings, humor is often used and the stories make sense. Ocasionally, if you are not careful, you are taught a lesson about life and morals.

we finally got rain Tuesday evening, and this afternoon it is threatening. But I'm afraid I jinxed it by feeding the animals early so I wouldn't get wet. Also, I went out to the main road and collected the mail so it wouldn't get wet. My mail box leaks. At least the temp. went down to the 80's.

The short short about pain was so realistic it made my teeth hurt. It was excellent but please don't do it again.


Americo Thu Sep 14 16:12:12 PDT 2000


I'm sure you'd agree with me (and Jon) more often if you knew me better. And the points we don't agree would be healthy topics of discussion. Religion for instance would be high on the agenda.

PS. Needless to say that you'd not necessarily become a saint overnight. Mainly if Jon shared the discussions... His humour is sometimes absolutely devilish!

Heather Thu Sep 14 15:32:37 PDT 2000

Teekay! I keep forgetting to hop into the WB and take a gander at your highly praised story!

Jerry, well done! It hurt to read it... in a good way(?)!
Great pile of shorties this week!

Tina, enjoyed your short shortie too!
It must be more than just your cat eating toxic plants. Mine has a funny wretching noise she likes to make in the night, which I have attributed to the large amounts of plant-life she often ingests. Perhaps she simply grooms herself fat too often, having little else to do all evening; producing ten times the number of hairballs allowed per feline. My cat is very odd - she actually knocks on the front screen door to be let in with her paw. The first time I heard it (at 1:30 am) I wondered who in the HELL was at the door so late! I assumed it was a human. My cat also sits and stays if told to do so. She responds to finger-snap commands as well. Her only vise is a hearty appetite for poisonous fauna, and a grand love for vomiting on my plush carpet.

Ashling, I am so glad to hear you have had a better week. Survivor guilt is far more weighty than regular guilt. Does it come in flavours? I'd prefer Raspberry if I have a choice. So long as it's not burnt raspberry.

Learning how to write...
Welcome, newbies, by the way!
Stick around, we may actually discuss writing one of these afternoons. (Kidding)
On the Victorian stealth games, anything they played that would be a 'No-no' was played behind closed doors. I believe they invented strip-poker. Without the deck of cards. (That was another terribly dumb joke, I apologize...)
I really have no idea what sort of games were played during that period and culture.
Hope what has been provided by other NBers will help.


howard Thu Sep 14 14:33:04 PDT 2000

TEEKAY -- You know I don't always agree with Americo,:-) but this time I have to say "Right On!" Good story! Beautiful turn of phrase there!

ada Thu Sep 14 14:23:19 PDT 2000

I want to learn how to write.

Found this site and bookmarked it quite some time ago. This is the first chance I've had to come back and actually read the posts. I have a lot to learn.

Americo Thu Sep 14 11:48:23 PDT 2000

Oh, Jerry ! Jerry! Do you want to kill us all? Your text is so dramatic, so true, so good. But, for once, I must advise my dearest friends to go to the workbook right away, after reading your post, and have a healthy laugh with Teekay's count dwacula.

Now if you people go on writing so well maybe I'll ask Jon to start a new round robin. Keep up the good work. Perhaps in a lighter vein (?).

And, Allein, I'm looking forward to seeing your photo (if Jon allows me to see it, of course — that cat is terribly jealous).

Jerry Ericsson Thu Sep 14 10:21:20 PDT 2000

Hope I am not to late for the shorties day (week?) here is my contribution:

The End

The pain was exquisite, even the morphine could no longer keep it from entering his brain. His bones were being destroyed by the very weight of his body. The cancer that began well below his belt line now attacked the very structure of his body, his bones. Last week it was his arm that broke when he attempted to lift the weight of the coffee pot that Jane left on his bedside table. This week his spine began deteriorating. His doctor fitted him with a neck brace because the vertebrate in his neck shattered when he turned his head to speak with his daughter Julie.

Leroy reached up and increased the drip rate on his morphine drip, the increase in the flow of the drug into his vein gave him a rush he would have enjoyed not so many years ago, now it simply gave some relief, perhaps a chance for him to get some much needed sleep.

In the hall Jane retrieved her jacket from the closet, and stopped for just a few seconds to insure that her hair looked just right, her makeup was applied the way Robert liked it. She couldn’t wait until the cancer did its job and she was free of Leroy. Her marriage began as a joke, and quickly turned into a tragedy, when she found herself forced to care for her invalid husband. She hated every second of it. Changing his dirty diaper made her cringe, she would have left him had the cancer not evolved so quickly.

Jane left the house and headed uptown to the Hub bar, where Robert waited. She couldn’t wait for the change in pace, she needed the relief that alcohol brought her, she needed to feel Robert’s strong arms hold her close, she needed to hear his declaration of love, even though she knew deep in her heart that it was a lie.

Leroy slept for a few minutes, those minutes were minutes of freedom form the pain, minutes when he could again walk through the forest, feel the wind in his face, enjoy the aroma of the dogwood, the fresh smell of the wind as if flowed off Lake Louise. Beside him in his dreams walked Duke, his favorite hunting dog, the one that Jane had put to sleep so she wouldn’t have to feed and care for. Together they walked, his shotgun carried at his side, not really even looking for the elusive grouse that hid in the underbrush. Then the pain hit him again, and he was awake. He felt at his side with his good left hand for the buzzer that was clipped to his sheet. There it was, slowly so he didn’t break a finger, he picked it up, and pushed on the button. He needed to be turned; his muscles were in spasm, a condition brought on by the drugs that kept him alive. He waited, but no one heard, no one came. A few minutes later, he pushed the button again, perhaps, he though, Jane was in the bathroom, or maybe outside having a cigarette. Again his bell went unanswered. He grabbed at the rail that kept him from falling from the bed, and pulled with all his might. The bone in his left arm snapped like the twigs that he used to step on in the woods on his fathers farm. The pain was overwhelming. He fell back in his bed, gasping for breath from the exertion, and the pain. Slowly now supporting his left arm with the cast that encased his right, he reached for the IV control that fed the morphine into his withered body, he opened it wide open, and within a half hour, his pain was over. His last waking though was that Jane would be so relieved when she came home.


howard Thu Sep 14 07:51:09 PDT 2000

For those who haven't seen it yet, the above mentioned site is kinda neat!

MARK -- I was just checking the archives and saw one of your posts -- any followup on those keretoses? I hope all is well.

What are those blank posts with the hotel stuff in them? It's interesting that I had just been into the notebook, then went to the Red Roof Inn site to book a reservation in Orlando. I then went back to the notebook and saw all the hotel site headings. For a moment I thought something had happened while I was at the other site, but there was apparently no connection -- only coincidence.

back on your heads...

Ashling Thu Sep 14 03:38:33 PDT 2000

Hi one and all.

HEATHER: It's gotten a lot better around our house the last few weeks. Thanks for sharing your experiences with survivor guilt and the other phases of grief. Some of the sweetest words ever heard are--you are not alone.

Take care,

Tina Wed Sep 13 22:51:02 PDT 2000


I almost didn't post this but in the spirit of shortie day/night...

My cat eats spider plants.

She really shouldn’t do that, as they are mildly toxic. But I cannot convince her of such trivialities. When she is done at the plant, she often chooses to lie in a warm pool of brilliant warmth. Eventually she demands dinner, crouched at her double bowl in the kitchen. The food goes in the right side, not the left.

After dinner it is required that I sit on the couch and provide her with a warm lap. Should she permit me, I may scratch her chin and ears. Occasionally she runs across the room in a tragic attempt to appear panther-like. I am not convinced.

She doesn’t believe in literacy; no effort may be spared to prevent me from reading. A furry feline body can block and cover any form of literature, be they books, newspapers or magazines. And most definitely, doors are not to be closed at any time. Failure to obey that rule will result in strict punishment. Fur up the nose while sleeping is her favourite torture.

Her behaviour is odd, her choices unfathomable. Only when she crouches quietly among the houseplants do I realise the answer.
My cat eats spider plants.
They are mildly toxic.

I spent the night reading the second Harry Potter book. I LOVE HARRY POTTER BOOKS!
In the back cover there are letters from her fans. A little girl wrote what must be one of the best compliments to get. 'The only problem with this book is that I couldn't put it down.' I can't imagine a better compliment!

The problem with reading 300 pages (even in a children's book) is that now my eyes are tired and sore. No writing tonight.

Have a good one! :-)

Mark Wed Sep 13 20:41:37 PDT 2000

SERAPHINE -- is your last name pronounced " pile 'er on "?

Speaking of which, Hiya HEATHER.

My shortie, laundered and cloroxed for the occasion (also a work of fiction):
}} He knew that to simply sit and stare at the blank page was going to be increasingly fruitless. He needed a distraction. One deep enough to absorb his thoughts yet shallow enough to unfetter his unconscious mind, let it percolate the possibilities of his next chapter. Beneath the keyboard he spied a short stack of unpaid bills, "Ah ha! The perfect distraction. A real-life chore to complete, a resulting sense of accomplishment, a good-attitude return to my story." He rose. Envelopes. Stamps. Checkbook. Mailbox. Mildly absorbing time spent on the chore he capped with three minutes of walking in crisp sunshine. The blankness of the page no longer an issue, he simply saw space upon which to flow.

ALLEIN -- may good thoughts come your way

TEEKAY -- well done. Timely, too.

Howard, Jerry, Tina, Rhoda, Rachel, Mary -- sublime subliminations
sublime subliminations

CHRISTI -- Weirdos??
I am rubber, you are glue.
Whatever you say
Bounces off me and sticks to you.

p.s. Come back when you can stay longer. Wed Sep 13 19:47:31 PDT 2000 Wed Sep 13 19:47:27 PDT 2000 Wed Sep 13 19:47:25 PDT 2000 Wed Sep 13 19:47:22 PDT 2000 Wed Sep 13 19:47:19 PDT 2000 Wed Sep 13 19:47:16 PDT 2000 Wed Sep 13 19:47:10 PDT 2000

Rhoda Wed Sep 13 18:58:57 PDT 2000

I meant books or sites. Forgive my errors. It is Howard and all these subliminal messages he has been bringing to the Notebook.

Rhoda Wed Sep 13 18:57:14 PDT 2000


I don't know any games or sites referring to such games, but if you are using the Regency period or the Victorian period, polite people did not play risque parlor games in just any ole parlor, and if they did, they most likely kept mum about it, except in memoirs and such. This is not the type of information you are going to find in let us say, WRITER'S GUIDE TO EVERYDAY LIVING IN THE REGENCY AND VICTORIAN PERIODS. Perhaps you can dig this information out by reading hundreds of primary sources, but I doubt you have that much time.

I think you could use your imagination and think of interesting things to do with billard tables, a deck of cards, dice, or whatever. So you really don't know? Who is going to be able to dispute your accounts?

I could not imagine writing anything like that for one of my high school literature classes. Then again that was centuries ago, and literature teachers in my high school were not people with whom you felt comfortable presenting that type of stuff.

Anyway, lots of luck with your project,


Rachel Wed Sep 13 17:47:51 PDT 2000

Heather - Hi yah, how are yah? Yes, you can use what it is that you found helpful in my sort of short. Good luck with your project.
Take care you,

Jon Wed Sep 13 17:31:54 PDT 2000

Corrigenda: gents (and not dents) obviously.

Have a pleasant trip, Robi. And bring to this paradisiacal place that girl of yours who caused havoc when she first made her apparition here. I like people with imagination. Every writer should.

Mary: there are lots and lots of people with a password to the workbook. Most of them are just passersby now (former notebookers once).

Heather: shouldn't you fine those who did not write the shortie? Only you and Rachel and Teekay. Shame, shame, shame. Ah, yes, I also wrote beautifully. Kisses.

Jon Wed Sep 13 17:25:10 PDT 2000

Seraphine —

Parlor games played in XIXth century England?
Chess was my favorite. But card games were also much in fashion. I used to play whist with Queen Victoria. Do you know the meaning of "rubbers"? I'd pronounce it "robbers" (my being foreigner and all that). Till I was chased from the palace for calling names to the courtisans. I miss those times, you know. Those where the days when Robietta and I were the dandies most admired by the ladies and the gents (Robi by the dents). Brummel and Byron and even Wellington (this nicknamed "the dandy") were envious of our impeccable black and white suits — gentlemen of real distinction only dressed in black and white, following my fashion. Ah, yes, games. Backgammon and also draughts I hated those. Chess for me, please.

Write a good essay, darling.

Teekay Wed Sep 13 17:00:44 PDT 2000

Just a thought BUT, are you aware that the letters in EDITOR are an anagram of RE DO IT?
Is that really old? Does everybody already know that and I'm just slow?
Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Teekay Wed Sep 13 16:56:33 PDT 2000

Hi All,
Hmmm, I wonder what's going on in HEATHER's house this day? Or was it yesterday?

TINA: Thanks. *kiss* *kiss* (((((((HUG))))))))))))) *kiss* ~grovel~ oops, that one slipped out. :-)

JERRY: kisses and hugs to you to.

As a matter of fact, kisses and hugs to everyone who liked the story and none to those who didn't.

RHODA: Extra big kisses and hugs to you.
HOWARD: If Lieberman does have to go places of a Saturday, do you think the car will go really slowly so he can keep up with it??
When did this rule come in anyway??? There weren't even any cars around when Judism was invented. Perhaps the rule was that there would be no camel riding on the Sabbath.
Maybe every 200 years or so a group of the oldies get to sit around the poker table and who ever wins a hand gets to pick a new religious rule.

JERRY: I'm far too scared to go to that site and see if they sold any of my stories in case they didn't. Ha hahahahahahah. Well, I thought it was funny.
Okay, here is my short shortie. Rolling head on shoulders, taking deep calming breaths. Fingers poised.


The night was.............. ummm,

It was a chilly day no ummm.

How the words buzzed in her head. Mocking her. Their silent scream driving her almost to the brink of insanity. How to let them out? How to free them? How to free herself of them? She tensed as a thought from the very back of her mind somehow managed to squeeze it's way past the big, rough, shoving , raucous thoughts which were all clambering for freedom, for voice, and in it's tiny little gentle like the breezelike whisper, it gave her the answer. She smiled quietly to herself. Of course, the answer was so very simple. Her ears were on way too tight. First she unscrewed her right ear and then she unscrewed her left ear and all the words fell out, some onto the page and some into the abyss where, if they were worthy they would be called on when the time was right to take their allotted place in the great story of life, or death, or whatever the story may be about. It may be a story about worms. Yhere are not a great many words who want to be in a story about worms. It's true, but if you don't believe me just go to the library or any bookshop and just see how many books there are on them. And they lived happily ever after.
The End.

Seraphine Wed Sep 13 16:44:01 PDT 2000

To anyone who may have this information,

I have searched the web looking for info. on slightly risque parlor games played in eighteen-hundreds England, but to no avail. The info would be very much appreciated. It's for an English Lit. class, and I am determined to write the best damn novel out of all of my classmates.

Seraphine Marie dePeylerogne

Rachel Wed Sep 13 15:27:45 PDT 2000

Robi - Thanks for the kind thought. I'm so happy that things are going better now. As for you being old I have my doubts about that. You sound like you get up to everything. I'm just into my 30's and I doubt that I have your energy! Enjoy your adventures.

Take care you,


Robi Wed Sep 13 14:54:02 PDT 2000

Acheness, (not a word...) Must remember am over 70 and cannot be as young as I used to be.

I heard about that RAT thing, how amusing.

Jon! (First in your post list, you've made my day.) My first name is Robietta, (no "n") don't ask, my parents were a bit odd. And my father still is.
I'm sorry the Well has been delayed. I know I looked forward to you becoming the Emperor of Well. I supposed then that all things you didn't like would be considered, "Crimes Against The Crown."
Thank you also for the warm Welcome you gave me.
I shall stay away from this ship that you speak of, it sounds a bit more than my weary old bones can handle in their fraile state.
I'm going on a holiday in a week or so.... decided destination yet to be found. I'm thinking Peru, but I'm open to all suggestions on where I should spend some of my hard earned savings.

I am off now. Meeting the kids for some 'adult' stuff.
Good Lord, I don't think I can take much more.

Simply Crazy,


howard Wed Sep 13 14:41:32 PDT 2000

I was just wondering what it would take to insKUDZUert a subliminal mesSHRUBage in a computer-generated advertisement. I was also wondWEEDering whether or not the rnc ad pack was brLOONYight enough to carTOONSry out such a dasTARdly act. I know they're not abFEATHERSove such petty nonsense. I do have to admire the veep's stand on the selling of sex and violence to children. I too think such filth and GORE should be done away with.
It was interesting that DUBYAH didn't even appear to know what they were all talking about, couldn't even pronounce subliminiable/sumblimabul/subabubalabaloo whatever.
This whole campREEKSaign stinks!
Oh for a McCain-Lieberman ticket!

Rhoda Wed Sep 13 12:41:24 PDT 2000


Howard must speak for himself, but if you ask me he is inserting subliminal messages in with his posts in an effort to make us all dislike Democrats. You know, Demorcrats, rats, the rat in democrat.


How could you? I have never seen the like of this outrage on the Notebook before. I read the Notebook earlier today, and against my will I have been saying "rats." I even inserted the offending words in my last post. I just cannot get this word out of my mind. If there is some type of ruling body on the Internet, they ought to investigate this web-site because subliminal messaging should be against the law. Oh how nasty is the thought of demo...opps, I mean rats.


Heather Wed Sep 13 12:29:58 PDT 2000

Did the 'RATS!' mean you lost you original post, Howard?

Bravo to Jon and Rachel, for your lovely shorties. Especially love a particular line in your shortie Rachel, that sparked a whole new side-line (undercurrent) for a point one of my characters was floundering about, attempting to make! Mind if I expound on such a thought in my work? I won't use your exact wording, but that is in essence what my character has been trying to achieve.
Her father already has.

Jon, sweet kitten of Light, there are reasons for everything. However, when one such as the lofty cat that pushed off to the stars leaves this mortal sphere, he or she cannot speak loudly enough for others to learn the secret.

Hence the whispers and echoes that only the soul can hear. We could all hear, even in bodies, if we knew just how to listen.

I think kitten ears are likely the closest to hearing it, above and below the song of the wind.

Must run off to pick up Hailey from school! Egads!

mary Wed Sep 13 10:18:18 PDT 2000

Just a thought about something you said about the workbook being what keeps passersby interested in the Notebook, making them want to join us. In can't even get to the Workbook until after you have already decided to join us. It might be what makes people hang around, but it isnt what attracts people. The notebook is what attracts people. C-ya.

Rhoda Wed Sep 13 09:28:33 PDT 2000


Just seeing your name among the new posts makes my day.

Such a busy day. Not enough hours. All my problems, more numerous than I can name-- rats, rats, rats.


Rachel Wed Sep 13 09:23:22 PDT 2000


The Maias is an excellent book. I also know someone who is about to finish a great essay about the novel! I of course am making my own notes as I do when I read a book, but I am far from the point of writing an essay. Know what I heard? I heard that this essay is a great piece of work.

Hum... My father is a pirate, it is strange you would mention pirates.

The one that I know who is writing an essay on the book is not a pirate, I guess it must be a different writer. I hope that your pirate friend finds all that he seeks.

Take care you,



This is a sort of short in response to your post.

On a day when one feels invisible they are often about to come to a great realization of self. That feeling of floating, being disconnected from the world, it is just the calm before the storm. It is the moment before the chill fortress of ice that has formed around a heart will be shattered.

Sometimes when this happens, the heart will be pierced by the shards of ice and the one set free will die, but they will die in pure ecstasy as they for the first time feel the world around them. Feel it all with such intensity and brilliance that death does not seem at all a high price to pay. For one moment in a lifetime the soul was not afraid to live.

Your spirit breaks free and streaks away in a swirling stream of color and light. You call out hello and a joyous chorus responds. You cry out “Where have you been all of my life.” They respond, “With you, always with you.”

The knowledge that you were never alone warms your new elevated self and you turn your attention back towards the earth where you see a million fortresses of ice walking through life, calling to you, calling to everyone, to anyone. You hear the great song that is given in response to each call and watch the shoulders slump inside the prison of their own construction. You know that one day they will be free, but that for now they can not hear. It makes no difference you still call out your greets, because you know. You know that one day will come for them too.

Wed Sep 13 08:58:33 PDT 2000

Jerry Ericsson Wed Sep 13 08:58:26 PDT 2000

Tekay - GREAT, your wonderful story has made my day, thank you so much.


Jerry Ericsson Wed Sep 13 08:35:37 PDT 2000

Just received an e-mail from a writers site I subscribe to reporting that the above link to has been illegaly selling works that have been published anywhere on the web or in magazines. They are being sued by the Writers Union, and all writers should go there and do a search for their names to see if any of their material is involved. This from


Jon Wed Sep 13 08:06:12 PDT 2000

Heather — shortie day?

It was one of those days when you feel you are invisible. You say good morning to people but there's no goodmorning to you. Till you find that you died on the eve and are just the whisper of the goodmorning you thought you said. A great sense of trust in the others grows in you and you understand that everyone is always innocent. You take off your hat and bow courtesouly (sp) to your neighbour. Now you know that he will not correspond to your greeting. But you don't mind and, jumping on your left foot, you rise to the stars, where you have always belonged. You'll come back on the next day, and on the next day, and on the day next to the next day, always saying goodmorning, only to find the echo of your mute voice in your non-existent heart. This is the history of every soul. Don't ask the gods why. They don't know the answer either.

Tina Wed Sep 13 07:53:09 PDT 2000

A quick good morning!

Everyone with ten minutes must go read Teekay's short story!

Teekay, I love it!

Despite having many chores and things to do yesterday, I spent 7 glorious hours writing! I'm at peace with my muse... she was getting cantankerous about my neglect.


Howard Wed Sep 13 05:45:14 PDT 2000


Wed Sep 13 01:12:30 PDT 2000

Hi everyone!

HOWARD: Haha..HE knew I would lose my driver (me? I'm ignorant about the whys and workings of the computer) - he just thought that the bootable disc from Windows 95 would have a driver on it. It did not. BUT..creating one from Windows 98 here I am.

ALLEIN: My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I've just been there, and I know how your heart hurts right now.

TEEKAY: It's good to see you (smiles).

HEATHER: I'm still sniffling after getting caught up on all the posts and reading the ones about your experiences with death. much. It has to help you love life all that much more. And on another subject...isn't it frustrating to work what you've written so many times before going forward? Don't you ever just want to sit down and get the story out - to go back and rework it later?

JERRY: My prayers are with your friend and his family. I've never had any situation like that, unless you count my grandpa. But whether or not it's hard to see someone who was once strong weakened, maybe your heart would be at ease if you went, anyway. To squeeze his hand, to let him know how much you care for him. It could be something he needs, whether it's something you want or not. I don't even know if that made sense or not.

HOWARD: My prayers are with your pastor's mom and her family.

MARY: Sending you smiles.

Okay - I think I'm caught up now. I could jump into the political talk, but that subject seems to have passed, so I'll wait til the next time around.

Have a great Wednesday all!

Heather Tue Sep 12 23:03:08 PDT 2000

Should have read: He found the sock-mulch stuffed most ceremoniously INTO his cheeks. (not 'in')

Surrah surrah, typos gotmeagain.


Heather Tue Sep 12 23:00:48 PDT 2000

Today is short shortie day... or for those of us not jumping online and into the NB at this hour, make it tomorrow!

Here we go.


"Take your rotten sock-mulch off my coffee table!" Vera stood towering over him, pointing the vacuum nozzle with accusation at his feet.
"Sock mulch? SOCK MULCH? I work on my feet all day! What do you expect them to look like? And I paid for this bloody chunk of ugly wood so I'll put my feet on it if I bloody well--"
"Anthony Paxton James, I clean this house and that goddamn ugly chunk of wood you're slopping up is part of it! I practically OWN every ounce of furniture in this house because I'm the only one who cleans it! Without one pinch of money for my work, I might add! So get your stinkin' duds off the table NOW!" Her voice was a sonic thunder and her eyes were as red as her face. She glared down, piercing into his pupils with deadly aim.
Anthony wriggled his toes. He stared back into Vera's eyes as he lifted one foot at a time, leaning forward to snake off each sticky sock with forefinger and thumb. Then, ceremoniously, (and with relish) he tossed the soggy wads of greyish cotton into a far corner and onto freshly cleaned carpet. As he bent to inspect the distance-records he must surely have made with such a pair of ooze-weighted darts, he failed to see it coming.

Vera smacked him squarely on the top of his head with the power nozzle.

When he woke, he found the unsavoury sock-mulch stuffed most ceremoniously in his cheeks.


Ahhh, doncha just love those messy things we call people?

I'm in a better mood now.

Mary - didn't realize it was quite so obvious that I'm an emotional see-saw. *giggle*!


Jon Tue Sep 12 19:09:05 PDT 2000

Robi (or Robinetta?),

Well was postponed. I failed in my first attempt to conquer it. As usual when I fail, my secretary and neighbour, A* (I'm ashamed of writing his name), suffered the consequences of my emperor's wrath. I sent him on a trip around the world to get rid of him. He was murdered (I like this passive) near Ocklahoma. He is now a ghost, the only sailor aboard a ship called "The Flying Dutchman". I'm sure you've already heard about it. Avoid that ship if you happen to encounter it in one of your own travels. And tell us any adventure which you yourself may have had in your long existence. Be welcome to the notebook.

Allein — a photo of yours? I'm thrilled. Write something on its back: I'm collecting autographs of future Pulitzer prize winners. (I haven't any yet).

Jack — glad to hear that you are writing your great story. I suspected you were. I just wanted to make sure.

Rachel — isn't "The Maias" great? I know someone who is about to finish a long essay about that novel. (He is a pirate aboard a ghost-ship, but he'll probably get another job soon).

Christi — I noticed your absence but I knew that you would come back and let my sad eyes speak for myself.

Rhoda —how can you agree with Jon? I disagree completely with you.

Arik —

Telegram from Litter — " A* seen trying to steel crude from a well in the North Sea. Would you believe it?"

Teekay Tue Sep 12 18:47:20 PDT 2000

er...that's assemble (which I'm sure you all got)
and my SON (not some). (which some of you may have missed. I'm pretty sure I would have.)

Teekay Tue Sep 12 18:44:10 PDT 2000







I've posted a shortie in the short story section if anybody wants to have a look. Is it a little too slow?
Does the ending suck?? No pun intended.
Does it fall down in the middle?

GARIESS: Where did you put your story about where you live? I couldn't find it in the short story or the novel workshop.
I'm still wondering what happened to the boy, the dog and the casserole, or was it pie?

Well, I must go and re assemblr my typewriter - yes typwewriter. My some pulled all the tape out of it while I was trying to catch up and now his hands are all black and the ribbon goes out the door and into the yard.
Maybe, I'll just bin it.
No I won't, it makes a good toy for about 20 minutes or so. Albeit, a messy one.

Teekay Tue Sep 12 17:42:44 PDT 2000


Phewie, what a week! Or was it a fortnight? Time has just whizzed by and left me gasping, but things are slowing down now and are getting almost back to normal. I am definitely not a person who thrives under pressure. Pressure blah, I'd go live in Nimbin and grow beans any day. Nimbin is sort of a laid back hippy joint. I imagine there's a lot of pot smoking, nirvana and other healthful stuff going down there.

Well the olympic games are about to begin and I don't know if it's just me but, thing seem pretty much the same. Not much atmosphere going down here.
This is band town BTW. All the band members are staying here, so that's a bit thrilling. Still, things seem pretty much the same.

I have thought of you guys for the past two days and thought it was about time I got my tooshie back here.

I can once again feel the writing bug coming on - what a relief!

Well, I've got stacks of posts to catch up on (so what's new?) and I'm am going to dedicate the next 3 hours or so catching up on them.

Catches latter.

Tina Tue Sep 12 17:27:04 PDT 2000

Christi, that's calling 'em as you see 'em!

Did you see any wierdos? I didn't see any wierdos. What do wierdos look like? Oooohh. I see. Lots of wierdos. Gotcha.


Christi Tue Sep 12 17:08:34 PDT 2000

Hi ho, everybody! Don't know if anyone noticed my absence, but I have been off of the internet for about a week because I've moved my desk (brand-new . . . yipeee!) into the living room and made the place my own. But I have to wait until US West comes out to put a new phone jack in so's I can get online again. I have to wait until (*sob!*) this coming Monday, and am pilfering a peek at the Notebook on someone else's computer today.

No time to read all the posts for this very reason, but I am downloading to disk so I can stick my nose back in where it doesn't belong.

See ya'll in about a week's time, and until then, keep your noses clean! I sure have missed all you weirdos.



Robi Tue Sep 12 15:21:02 PDT 2000

My son has been keeping me on my toes for the last few days. Jher took me to all these places of 'importance', but it was nice to spend time with him. I wish he'd AT LEAST move to the east coast. I don't see what California has that the eastern part of the U.S. doesn't. I mean, it's not like I'm asking him to move to New York!
Emily Jane has been in the process of moving her office to the bigger building closer to 'downtown', so we helped her with that.
I decided that I may consider taking the job offer I was given a few weeks ago, I'll tell you more once I move into a lesser stage of percrastination.
Writings been slow, I've been a bit neglectful in all this 'autumn' chaos.
Hope everyone is well.
Allein, sorry about your grandfather, my best wishes for you and your family.
Emperor-Cat-Jon, the Well is progressing nicely?
Mary, hello to you too, the first time, I believe that anyone has given me a sincere hello.
Rachel, glad to hear you and your son/daughter are doing well.
I'm off on another one of Jher, Martin, and Emily Jane's aventures. Bowling I think. My heavens, I am very old. A bit too old I think to be "hanging out" with my 'kids'.
I'll check in if I recover from the evening out on the town with them.

Your crazy woman,


Allein Tue Sep 12 12:36:23 PDT 2000

Jon - I still have to go back to my friend to put some finishing touches on my hair and then I will have pictures taken and scanned and I will send you one as soon as possible. :)

Jack Beslanwitch Tue Sep 12 11:34:54 PDT 2000

Jon: :-) I am still writing my great story, just not putting the words down for public consumption as yet. Life, whether via work or the tribulations of family and friends are percolating in ways that call for gestation. At some point they will arise. Also, the great work has been percolating for ten years and hope to have it at least starting to get to disk at some point in this coming year. So, I am not quite lost and gone. Just lurking a lot lately. Take care.

Mary Tue Sep 12 11:23:24 PDT 2000

JON: Yes, you are right.

Rachel Tue Sep 12 10:49:55 PDT 2000

Jon - I saw that you left a blank next to my name. Hum... Is that to say you wonder what I am up to (smiles and a nice scratch behind your ears). I have been writing again. I have also been reading some very good books. Americo told me about the book that I have been reading and I have to say that it rocks. It has given me cause to sit back and think more than once. I enjoy a book that makes me question myself. I can't go back to many of my stories, they have been consumed by my PC, which I am tempted to toss of the cliff and count the bounces that it makes on the way down. Then I would write a story with as many chapters as bounces made by the damned thing on the way down the hill. I still can't quite believe that so much work is stuck in that thing. Lucky for me i did have the common sense to save much of the work to disk, still there is a lot in there that I want to get my paws on.

I am currently writing a few sad stories. They will come out in a positive way, but at no time do I think that any of them will be happy, happy. I don't feel like writing happy, happy just right now.

I have a couple of silly, fluff story ideas that I plan to work up. They are told in a different voice from the one that I usually use for my writing. These will be happy, silly, but as I said I don't feel like writing that right now, so they will wait. It isn't as if the ideas will go away. They will be there when I want to use them.

My writing seems to have taken on some new depth of late. I look at what is on the page and I like it. I even like it the next day. I'm having moments when I sit back and thing "gezz, I wrote that?" It is a nice feeling. Mind you i get the "gezz, I wrote that?" feeling in the negative way from time to time as well.

Take care Mr. Kitty


Rhoda Tue Sep 12 08:56:53 PDT 2000


You did not affect my day negatively or depress me. So you are a real person as I have suspected all along. You are very emotional and have your varying moods, but you manage to stay lucid and interesting through all of them.

There are times we need to air these things, and I just feel honored that you feel comfortable and at home here amongst us enough to do that. And consider the great inspiration these moods give us at times. Once in awhile we have to give way to the darker side of life.


For once I agree with Jon. Keep your work above the fray of politics and such debates. I think as an artist we must be careful that no one can brand us as one thing or another, because true artists do not fit into norms or catagories. Who we are and what we think and how we look at the world is reflected in our writing, but I think there is more to us than these temperal issues. Also be careful about giving your work away for free. I do it, but rarely, and not to just anybody. If you do this, at least do it for a print medium where you can actually have a physical by-line.

Now I must go find that story Howard refers to.

Happy writing!


Jon Tue Sep 12 08:06:50 PDT 2000

Allein — redhead? You've painted your hair carrot-colour? Must look gorgeous. Send picture, please.

Howard — I liked your story of the lady who had an entertainment house. I was sorry you did not complete it. You are right, life begins at one hundred. But time passes so quickly!

Mary — wrong. No one must expect masterpieces in the workbook, but at least texts with good grammar and the right punctuation (forget about the passive voice — one of those things made worse by silly wordprocessors correctors). That's the only way for passersby to like our notebook and join us. For advice it's better to use email to reliable correspondents with a knowledge of literature and the indispensable sincerity.

Heather — I've been thinking of inviting you to reform the notebook with me. I would play the role of a right-winger, you the role of a left -winger. The purpose would be to show that it is possible to discuss any subject without hurting morality, feelings or intelligence. The problem is: do we have time? I certainly don't.

Heather — your post on your friend is very moving. I remember a beautiful poem of yours on the same subject. Each of us has a big bag of tears hidden somewhere in one's skin. Our particular ocean and its unique colour is made of it. I sometimes wake up in the night crying. Then I drink some milk and smile to the stars. That's where all our loved ones are, waiting for us for a splendid pic-nic. Those of us who have the luck of writing must take a bottle of our best wine in their honour. In the form of a book. Or only a poem. Or a short-story called "Annie".

Jerry Ericsson — do not collaborate with right wingers or left wingers. Your pieces are good enough to be considered for publication in paper, and a writer should not sell his products to anyone with a particular tendency. He must preserve his total independence and freedom.

howard Tue Sep 12 05:35:13 PDT 2000

There is a very interesting news article currently on about the possibility that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle actually stole the idea for "Hound of the Baskervilles" from a friend, and then murdered him.

JON -- it's taken me 58 years to get this far. What's your hurry?

HALLEE -- A PC guru who thought you could format your hard drive without erasing your CD driver? Hmmmmm...


Hallee Tue Sep 12 01:31:42 PDT 2000

Hey everyone! My computer has been down since last Thursday. I decided to clean it up, so I called a computer guru friend of mine, and he talked me through the steps, only neither one of us thought that by formatting my c drive, I would erase my CD Rom driver. Hahaha. Leave it to Hallee.

We took care of it, though. Now my computer is all nice and clean and running smoothly. But it was a LONG weekend (although, I will say that I read 2 books and my house is sparkling clean).

I printed the notebook yesterday at work to get caught up on it. There were 12 printed pages since my last post. I have no idea what's going on with anyone right now, but I'll get caught up today.

Take care all.

Tina Mon Sep 11 22:58:42 PDT 2000

Heather, the Green Mile is a great movie, and I'm told the book is even better. I haven't read it yet, though. I plan on it. I spent all night reading the first Harry Potter book, and it's no wonder that kids love it. It's so FUN! :-) But now my eyes are bleary and I think I should go to sleep.


Allein Mon Sep 11 22:00:25 PDT 2000

Jon - I am still here and work on my writing as much as I can, but with both work and school, it is difficult to find time.

Everyone - Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for my grandfather. My family appreciates it and thanks you all.

And, I am no longer blonde. I am now a redhead and I must say that it looks pretty damn good on me. I'm Irish, so I knew I'd make a good redhead. And I also look like my mother but she's a pretty woman so I don't mind.
*smiles and hugs*

Heather Mon Sep 11 21:20:50 PDT 2000

Oh, Jon, I may be in need of a very special extension on the telling of my story.
You can't know until it's finished how long it will take. But a deadline is good - gets my butt going - even if it still has a ways to go.

Dang, chapter 5 has got me by the ______

Fill in the blank.

P.S. Just saw 'The Green Mile'. Excellent. Wrenching. Sniffles. Sigh. Stephen King wrote that? And it didn't have one single vampire, MicMac burial ground or death-clown.


Heather Mon Sep 11 21:16:10 PDT 2000

Don't everyone stop enjoying life now. Please excuse me if I let loose too many personal artifacts. At least Jon and Mary know to pick up when the NB goes silent. Maybe everyone else is busy?

Good thing we're buoyant around here.


Mary Mon Sep 11 19:33:22 PDT 2000

JON: Ya know what, forget I said anything about it. I am just being bitchy~~not your fault.

Mary Mon Sep 11 19:31:55 PDT 2000

I thought the whole point of the WORKbook was to publish drafts and get help revising them and learning what goes wrong (sometimes even right). Huh?

Jon Mon Sep 11 16:48:40 PDT 2000


You have just told your great story. Now go and write it. To die is just to go unseen for a while. So don't worry.

Jon, emperor Mon Sep 11 16:01:15 PDT 2000

I have been reading some archives of last year.This is a list of the best notebookers of 1999:

Thomas — gone.
Howard — has not finished his great story, as usual.
Lena — gone.
Rhoda — has not started her great story yet, as foreseen.
Eddie French — gone.
Hootie — gone without telling his story.
Jack — gone. He has neither finished nor started his great story. A lost cause for literature?
Heather — the right time to tell her story, some more months and it will be too late, at least for that one.
Litter — in the middle of his story.
Jerry Ericsson — the only notebooker who learned how to write a story with the notebook. And an interesting story-teller too. About to be eaten by the right-wing. Oh, well.
Rachel —
Allein —

PS. Don't let the notebook die, please.

PPS. The workbook is now much livelier than in any time before. But avoid publishing your drafts and post the real thing. Critics should also try not to exaggerate their praise, though being nice has never hurt. And for God's sake: watch out your English. I'm here to learn it.

And this is my best post ever, as usual.

Heather Mon Sep 11 12:17:29 PDT 2000

Ashling ~ Oh, dear. I send you blessings and hope that everything has drastically improved since (ulp) June.

Allein, blessings your way too, for you and your loved ones.

Mary, I have heeded many a time the call to delve into used books, and used book stores. In fact, there are many in my area and all have held my deepest attention on numerous occasions. The passage you wrote about freeing a book for 2.00 really struck me - for how many beloved volumes have we freed from the stagnant air of lost shelves? Glad to be a rescuer, if only that the book sees one more reading.

I too, have wondered whose eyes have touched each word, whose fingertips have curled the pages, what thoughts were going through their minds when they underscored a particular passage?

On the subject of death, too many times I have been unable to say any goodbyes. The deep regret for not having had such a chance has been one of the most difficult hurdles for me.
My best friend from highschool was killed by a truck in front of me at age 16, the second week of grade 11. No amount of yelling could have stopped it, and had I been running out to grab her as I had wished so many times, I would have been hit as well. I hadn't had time to run out. I hadn't had time to think. I damned myself many times for coming out to begin with. Maybe, just maybe she wouldn't have crossed just then...
I came out to the road in the middle of Science class, because I thought something was wrong. She and I and a pile of our friends used to cross the two-lane highway in front of the highschool to smoke since smoking wasn't allowed on school property. Some of the smokers went to the recreation centre behind the school, but we opted for the fenced field.
Anyhow, she and her boyfriend and a few other friends were (I think) skipping the first afternoon class. I was just about to reach the side of the road, and Jennifer and her boyfriend Dave were standing on the other side, fooling around. She looked over at me, and waved, then pulled Dave onto the road to cross over to my side. She didn't look before she crossed, and neither did I. In the blink of an eye a mack truck came out of nowhere, and the driver tried to swerve into the left lane to avoid them, but by that time they were still in the truck's path. Before my breath could be exhaled, her body was thrown to the grass on my side of the road, 40 feet from impact. Dave was thrown almost as far, his head hitting the curb. He lived. Jennifer did not.
The truck driver had had 28 years of driving without a single accident. He sold the remains of his truck and moved away. Later on I felt terrible for him. It hadn't been his fault at all. The speed limit was 80 km there. He hadn't been speeding.

I had never really faced death before. My great-grandmother died when I was nine, but I had only met her several times, and didn't go to the funeral. It wasn't very real to me.
I couldn't eat for days after Jennifer died. There was a memorial service, but no traditional funeral, and no body was present. Her body was so mutilated that they cremated her remains, with no possibility of a viewing prior to that.
The Pastor/Priest at the memorial service was harsh and crude, making over-mention of trucks and brutal accidents, and then didn't allow me to read the poem for Jennifer that I had told him I wanted to read.
I was filled with a very tangible hatred, which did nothing but intensify my grief. I almost failed grade 11 math. I simply blinked one afternoon, and realized that the entire year had passed while I was mourning Jennifer.

If my mother hadn't been there for me, I would have failed. The only subject that I was truly failing was math, because I hadn't touched my homework. I don't remember any of the other subjects I took, but I know I didn't fail anything. My mother is still a math teacher.

Then came grade 12. We had moved to the U.S. with my Dad's promotion in Chrysler. I made some new friends, and the change did me some good. I experimented with a ton of things, which didn't. I met Shawn.
Shawn committed suicide three months after I moved back to Canada on my own.
I came back to the States to be with my friends, but we didn't go to his funeral.

Then my closest friend from childhood, Liz died. (Jennifer I met when I moved in grade 8) I have posted poems for Liz here, and one for Jennifer as well.
I hadn't seen Liz for two years before she died. She lived in Sault Ste. Marie, (Ontario) and I lived in Guelph. I had no money to fly to visit. Now I wished I had hitchhiked, or walked the way there. Unfortunately, no one knew that she was about to die. SHe hadn't been under the weather for a few months, and was supposedly feeling quite fine and as healthy as someone of her condition could be. I still wish I had at least visited.

Then my grandfather died, from a culmination of strokes and gangrene. My mother said that if I had visited him, he wouldn't have known who I was. For some reason I was in denial that my favourite grandpa could die. So I didn't go to see him when he was dying, and in great pain. I wish I had. More than I can say.


Morose afternoon?


Debra Mon Sep 11 10:57:23 PDT 2000

I haven't posted in a few days. I am still here. I'm just busy trying to shovel myself out off the messes that my kids make.

I'm afraid that the four of them are going just a wee bit faster then me. If yo do the math, I'm sure you can form a picture. I say four of them, but my husband is no stranger to wondering where the towel rack went either. So really that makes five.


Rachel Mon Sep 11 05:19:41 PDT 2000

Jerry - Even if you do recognize that the bad things will not be all bad it doesn't really help at the time (grins).

Arik - Don't hate your life (hugs for you). It was nice to see Alfred again.

Allein - I will hold you and your family in my thoughts. I as I have said so many times to you, I can not know what you are feeling, but I can send you my support. I'm here if yah need me, you've got my e-mail (hugs).

Mary - Thanks for the greeting. Hello to you too!

All - My baby is doing well now. There was a time when things weren't going so well, but now all is stable. I can feel baby moving all the time. I'm still losing weight, but I'm sure that will end very soon (grins). When I look at myself I don't really see how I could have lost an ounce. So that will be that for the baby update (smiles).

Ashling Mon Sep 11 00:44:51 PDT 2000

RHODA: Once upon a time, I resided a while in a tiny town--so I well understand your gratitude for

ROSEMARY: The man asked for help--give it to him, nicely. I encountered a vaguely similar situation a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, the author didn't snap my head off--instead they thanked me profusely. Miracles do happen.

MARY: Your lovely description of the used book store made me smile and nod in recognition, although I've not really been there. My mind free-associated to a shop just off Bourbon Street that I browsed on vacation a few years ago. The manager smiled and nodded when I came in, then went back to reading his book.A few chairs lurked in corners, and a comfortably worn couch beckoned from the middle of the room. It felt like I had wandered into the library at the vicarage in a Victorian novel.

JACK: I hope you sandwich a bit more writing in between the
scuba diving and computer techie stuff. Your poetic prose deserves to reside inside the covers of a published book.

HOWARD: So true about the publishing biz. The up side is I've flung my nets out wider, and discovered pearls I wouldn't have glanced at, much less read, in my thirties.

Thanks to Tina & Jessica & everyone else who commented on the topic I threw out.

On a more somber note--I hail from a large family, which means I've paced the floor of intensive care waiting rooms and taken the slow ride behind the hearse far too many times in 40+ years. I've come to understand that how I act isn't half as important as what I learn from each new experience.
And there's always more to learn. In June a close relative, staying at my home on an extended visit--committed suicide.
Growing spiritually wasn't my only choice, but it was the best choice for me. My prayers are with you all.

Take care,

Tina Sun Sep 10 23:56:47 PDT 2000

Mary, welcome to the club!

Allein, Prayers and thoughts and healing energy for your grandpa.

Rhoda, I don't know the books by Francine River, but I will check them out and let you know. 'Sophia' sounds good but I'm not familiar with it either.

My thoughts about visiting people who are dying. First my great aunt and then her husband my uncle passed away a few years ago, she from cancer, he from a mixture of things. Going to visit them was one of the harder things I've ever done, but I know how much they enjoyed the visits. It tore at my heart and my faith to see them like that, but when I remember them, I don't remember how they died but how they lived. I remember that she made the best pies, and always caught the biggest fish. I remember that he grew the best tomatoes, and loved to sing. I remember how much they loved each other.

I'm outta here, thinking about a song.

'All you need is love'...

Mary Sun Sep 10 20:32:38 PDT 2000

Ummm...I dont know what happened to the italics here, but just for the record, I did NOT put any html tags in my post Jack..smiles..really, I didnt.

Mary Sun Sep 10 20:28:24 PDT 2000

Hello everyone! Hope all is relatively well. After reading tonights posts, I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head that this addition to the board will probably be scattered at best. My apologies in advance.

ALLEIN: My prayers are with your Grandfather and your family.

JERRY: I have been in your position, and did the same thing you did. I have always regretted not going to visit one of my girlfriends from school before she died of lymphoma at age 26. I chose to remember her as she was in high school--and that is precisely how I do remember her. But last year, when my husband was faced with it, he said he wasn't going to visit because he wanted to remember the person as he was. All I told him was that it wasn't about what he wanted..that he needed to take himself out of the equation and do what he felt was right for the dying person. To think long and hard about whether that person would want to see him one last time. If the answer to that was yes, then he should most definitely go. The next day, he arrived home late from work and said that he had stopped to pay a visit to his old friend. He was so very glad that he did. Why does the right thing to do always have to be the hardest thing to do? Anyway Jerry, big hugs to is terrible to hear of an old friend who isn't doing well. Makes us all feel a little mortal.

HOWARD: I just watched a show tonight on Hospice Care. I dont know if you know much about it(I didnt until tonight), but I was very impressed. People helping people retain their dignity while they walk their last miles. One of the lines I remember from the show was "Life and death are the two gifts that humans pass on...but usually they go unopened." Sometimes I think that when we(I use this term loosely) find out that someone is dying, we start to look at them like they have crossed over a line that makes them different from us. But really they are not any different at all. They are living still just like we are. And to really be 'there' for the dying and their family, we need to understand that. You are a compassionate fellow Howard, and I am sure that your presence at the hospital meant very much to them.

Enough from me about death.

RHODA: Before Francine Rivers started writing Christian influenced books(which I must admit, I haven't read any of them), she wrote a book that I must have read ohhhhh....15 years ago. I was so taken with it that I still remember the title, "Not So Wild a Dream". I have loved books since I could hold one in my hand. I asked for them for every birthday, Christmas, report name it. Little Golden Books, Nancy Drew, Black Beauty, Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Gulliver's Travels, Moby Dick. To pick a favorite would be impossible. BUT "Not So Wild a Dream" was the first book I ever snuck out of my mother's bookshelf. The first book I ever read that made me want to be able to write like 'that'. I guess I was like 14 years old. Have you ever read that one?


I love new books. Love their smell and the way the binding sounds when it cracks, the way the pages feel so cool and smooth. Virgin pages that no one else has seen.

I love old books. The musty shop on the corner of 13th and Market with the noisy bell and the worn carpet. The overly friendly lady trying too hard to help. Deep in the back, halfway down the stack is a book that needs air and I buy its freedom with $2.00. I get it home and wonder who else's hands have held it, who's eyes have touched it before mine.

I have never ordered a book online, but am not against it. I have bid on books at E-Bay before, but dropped out when the price went too high. As far as e-books go, I have downloaded a few straight to my printer and have yet to read them. They dont have the aesthetic of print books. But I wanted them, and at the time thought I needed them right away. Turns out they werent so important after all.

This might very well be the longes post I have ever done here. Bet everyone is thrilled.


Jerry Ericsson Sun Sep 10 19:35:16 PDT 2000

Just reveived an e-mail from offering me a column in their new right-wing web site. No pay of course, unless I want to place banners on my column. I guess I will have to give it a little thought, I am not sure I can generate enough good conservative though to publish an article every week.

They say they found me through themestream.


howard Sun Sep 10 18:10:38 PDT 2000

It's been a long weekend. We were at the hospital until after midnight last night, with a family from our church. Their mom is dying, and we just went to be with them. There's 12 kids in all (including our pastor) and we've become very close to all of them, having watched them grow up. It's hard, but there's peace there, and joy as well.

RHODA -- I've read most of Stephen Lawhead's books, and O'm sure you'll enjoy "Taliesen," and the rest of that trilogy. He also wrote "The Dragon King" trilogy, and several other books, including "Byzantium," and "The Iron Lance." I'd recommend any of them, especially for those who are interested in Celtic themes.
Another author I'd recommend highly is Alan W. Eckert. His books are excellent, and his "Winning of America" series is a "read-again" set of books.
For any interested in gardening I strongl recommend a quarterly magazine called "Green Prints -- (the weeder's digest)" It has some excellent writing, and it's well worth the subscription price. The current issue has a story called "Love and Daffodils Forever" that totally reduced me -- then my wife -- to tears, then another that brought a smile. "Daffodils" is being considered for the upcoming "Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul."
Teekay's copy (where are you, luv?) of "The Pillars of the Earth" made me check the garage sales to locate a copy for myself.
Much of the current crop of "best sellers" leaves me cold. Dunno if it's because my tastes are changing, or because we're perhaps "dumbing down" everything in our society, including (what we're being told is) our collective taste in books and entertainment material. Let's face it, we're being stuck with what the publishers/editors/stockholders think will make a buck, and unfortunately, the only thing they appreciate in reading is the bottom line.
There are exceptions, though, and we still see some of the Grishams, Kings, Perrettis, Morrisons, and a few others who can still concentrate on satisfying (as well as edifying) the reader.
ROSEMARY -- I've seen the same things in some of the vanity press offerings. Again, all they care about is the buck, and a fool's money (their assessment) is the same color as Tom Clancy's. And a lot easier to get.
Well, my eye is starting to go again, so I'd better hurry and post this. Having more trouble with it, like two years ago, and the scarring on my retina is really causing some interesting effects. But there's even an up-side to double vision -- you get to see the good things twice! :-)

Rhoda Sun Sep 10 16:09:31 PDT 2000


Your grandfather will be in my prayers. I will be hoping and praying for the best.


Rhoda Sun Sep 10 16:06:50 PDT 2000


I would love to read Taliesin. I will send you my address.

Once again I am announcing my offer to send the first two books of Francine River's Mark of the Lion series, A VOICE IN THE WIND and AN ECHO IN THE DARKNESS. If anyone is interested in Anne Chamberlin's SOPHIA about the young man and young woman captured by the Ottomans and sold into slavery, I will send that one too, providing I can get another copy. I will not offer again, so think about it.


I am glad you enjoyed the cold front. I regret to inform you that after about two days, it just gets disgustingly hot again. I hope there is some more relief on the way.

That example you gave about the man who had self-published his book is classic. There are many self-publishing efforts like that and that is why I am terrified of the idea of self-publishing. It is so easy to fool oneself about the quality of ones work. I do it all the time. I read work I have written two or three years ago, and I cringe, it is so bad, yet I thought it was really cool then. I think authors need editors and a system that properly filters junk so that we can keep working to meet the standard--at least the standard of good writing. I have no doubt that there are some people who can regard their own writing with proper objectivity, but I would say those people are rare. I think reading one's own work over and over again exerts a form of brain washing where if our mind pours over it enough, it glosses over the defects and makes it read like music to our ears. Whatever we think of editors, they at least have the perspective from reading hundreds of manuscipts a year.


I read one book by Tom Clancy and enjoyed it. It was one of his early ones, PATRIOT GAMES. I could read more of them, for my husband has several. Frank does not like Tom Clancy as much as he used to and contends that the last good book by him was CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.

Happy Writing,


Jack Beslanwitch Sun Sep 10 15:34:36 PDT 2000

Hmmmmmmm. Books I like to savor one word at a time and not leave until bleary eyed the book drops from my cold exhausted fingers in the wee moments of oh dark thirty after reading the last page...... Ok, I'll bite. Usually any book by Lois McMaster Bujold. Civil Action, her latest, was read and re read several times as I laughed, cringed and thoroughly enjoyed how one man could dig himself a deeper and deeper hole and then jump in only to be rescued. Cannot wait for the next one. Others I have gobbled up? OK, guilty pleasure time, cannot stand his politics and detested his last book, but the latest from Tom Clancy is not bad. Oh, and I was totally enraptured with the Goblet of Gold, but then who in the English speaking world was not. Well, off to buy a Palm 3C and then hit a more technical manual on Action Script for Flash 5. Have fun everyone.

Rosemary Sun Sep 10 15:17:04 PDT 2000

Greetings all,
A couple of days ago, Rhoda's cold front came through and cooled us down from 111 to a tourists delight of 98. A few days of 110+ will really make you appreciate 98.

I have to admit that years of belonging to book clubs resulted in so many books on hand that I forbid myself to buy any more. Now I use the City Library exclusively. Lucky me, San Antonio has a pretty good library system. I can check on line to see if my branch has a book I want and if it doesn't, I just call and request it. If it isn't a hot best seller with a gigantic waiting list, it comes within a week. I really lucked out and got Harry Potter #4 that way.

About self publishing; an author guest speaker at my small local writing group handed out his paperback book a week before the meeting(I live too far away and didn't get it) and requested that we read it and give him our opinion. I'm really glad I didn't get it before hand because the poor man could not have had anyone edit it for him. The paragraphs ran up to three pages, dialog from three or more characters could be within that paragraph, and I found most of the basic writing problems on the first few pages. Duplicate words, redundant phrases, passive voice, extra long sentences---you get the idea. It sounded like he had a really good story about the first woman president and her trials and tribulations, but the writing was so bad I couldn't read the thing. He may be at the meeting of the 20th and I will lie like a dog. This man has invested thousands of dollars publishing this book and it is part of a trilliogy. I may get brave and suggest professional editing next time, but should I?????

I could really use opinions about the above question.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sun Sep 10 13:11:13 PDT 2000

Well the pin isn't connected to a hand grenade, at least I hope it isn't.

Took a short road trip yesterday, up to a town where I was once the police chief, more years ago then I would like to admit. Went to an auciton there, and while looking at all the items, I met the wife of an old, very dear friend. He and I went way back, we were hunting and fishing partners, when we went to our club, we always sat together. We had coffee almost daily back in the mid 80's. She told me that he now is in the final stage of bone cancer. He has days, at best weeks to live. Very sad, yet some how, I couldn't bring myself to go to his home to see him one last time. I think I would rather remember the good times. His wife told me that she didn't think he would be awake at any rate, as they have him on very strong pain medications, and he sleeps most of the time now. Sad case. He was always so strong, he stood six foot five, and weighed in at well over three hundred pounds, yet now she tells me he is under 200, guess I will be traveling up there again soon for the funeral, but I keep kicking myself for not visiting him one last time.


Allein Sun Sep 10 13:07:48 PDT 2000

Hi everyone,
We just got a call from my aunt yesterday and she said that my grandfather is in the hospital with pneumonia. My mom talked with my grandmother today and she says that the doctors saw a spot on his lung - one thinks it could be just a cyst but the other thinks it might be cancer. If it's a cyst then it can be drained easily, but if it's cancer they won't do anything because of his age and because he's had so many surgeries. This makes me very sad because I love my grandfather and no one in my family close to me has ever died before. My great-grandmother died when I was 10 but she was almost 100 and I didn't really know her.
This is really hard on my grandmother, because my grandparents have been married for 60 years.
Anyway, I'd like to ask all the religious people here to please pray for my grandfather so that he'll be okay. And for those who aren't religious, please keep him in your thoughts.
I'm going to get going now.

Jessica Sun Sep 10 11:01:51 PDT 2000

Ashling: I bought Chicken soup for the writers soul and loved it! It now resides on top of all of my other books, for easy access.

I am almost done with chapter three, it has been realy slow going, the only time I can write is during school. Oh well, at least its moving along.

May your muse grant you lots of inspiration!

Tina Sun Sep 10 09:27:39 PDT 2000

Morning all!

Where to find the lovely volumes I eagerly devour? Usually used. I really, really have to want a book before I buy it new. I can spend hours wandering aisles of used book stores, seeking gems. I've found some amasing books that way! I found a 'Used and Rare' book store in Concord, California a few years back. I left with four large bags of books, some titles that I'll simply never find again because they're out of print. For decades. How could I pass that up? Didn't. Hauled those bags all the way up the Oregon Coast and back to Canada.
As for the local library... it sucks. The only way to get most books is to find them on the system computer and request them to come from another branch. But our library budget is pathetic and they rarely get anything but best sellers, so forget anything eclectic.

I fervently hope that one result of e-publishing and print on demand is that book availablity will open people up to whole new realms of titles and ideas and style that they've never experienced before. I think we will always have paper books; computers will never feel or smell or entice us the way a bound book does. And no matter how well they make portable readers, I doubt I'll ever take one into the bath with me.

Rhoda, I have those Stephen Lawhead books about Arthur. The book exchange is still up, so I'll happily send along 'Taliesin' if you'd like. Just e-mail me your snail mail.

Which reminds me... Christi, how's 'Contact'?

And Laura too. I'd love to read more of your story. Send it on if you'd like.

I think I'm going to do some editing now. Or gardening.

Although editing is nothing more than gardening words. Taking the rough possiblities and refining them into unique, individual blossoms. Alternating textures and colours and height, to add interest and challenge and emotional response. Weeding and feeding and pruning until the eye and mind are delighted. Edging and planting, and sometimes removing whole plants that are overgrown or redundant or choking out better growth.

I'm off to garden my story.


Rhoda Sun Sep 10 01:56:19 PDT 2000

Is insomnia a thing that happens primarily to writers, or do all mortals struggle with it at sometime or another?

Books? No I don't get mine hot off the shelf. The books I read are rarely ever best sellers, I am afraid. When I am at Borders or Barnes and Noble, I often get the books buried deep within the stacks.

As far as the convienience of getting books by the click of a mouse, guilty. I do not know what I would do without or First of all, living here in Hinterland, I must drive over 100 miles to get to the nearest bookstore. Sometimes I do not want to wait until my next trip to Amarillo to get a book that may or may not be available at Hastings or Barnes and Noble. Furthermore I hear of books that rarely are found in stores. For instance, my father brought my attention to a book about writing on wood shavings found buried near a Roman fort along Hadrian's wall. Wonderful book, but very technical, and unfortunately out of print, but I did get it from Barnes My writer friend had a book come out every nine months or so from Harlequin Historicals. Once in awhile, I could find her titles at Walden's or Wal-mart, but not consistently, so I started ordering them from Amazon where they were always available. Even the existence of super bookstores does not ensure the availibity of many books, romances espacially. Romance selection often depends upon the tastes and perceptions of the individual store managers. Unfortunately most of those are men, and so romance titles in such megastore are very much lacking. Actually the process in which books are marketed and displayed is a very emotional issue among writers these days. When one's book is ignored my megachains, one's sales and one's consequent career go down the drain. It is quite frightening really.

I think I will be a great fan of e-books. I have only read one, and I liked it, though it was not great, it was at least entertaining and readable, more than I can say about many romance books I have happened upon in the bookstore. I am so fed up with the women's fiction offered by the large publishing houses. I really long for romances that are different and show some originality. It seems so many romances lack...soul. Simply put, they are NOT romantic. I think e-books can offer better selection. I am sure there are plenty of bad e-books, but you can at least take some comfort in the fact that you didn't pluck down quite as much money as you would have with a print book. There have been a couple of books so revolting, I have actually thrown them away because I would not have felt quite right getting credit for them at a used book store. If I had a fireplace I would have gladly burned them. With an e-book, you can eliminate the offending piece of literature with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Tonight I have finished my last Vulcan Star Trek book. I read four of them all through the summer. I greatly enjoyed them all. Recently I bought a mainline historical called BYZANTIUM by Stephen R. Lawhead. It is about Celtic monks on a journey to Byzantium to deliver the Book of Kells to the Emperior, and these Christians are the good guys! What a refreshing change. This author has written many other books on Celtic themes, including a group of Arthurian ones. If I like BYZANTIUM, I will read all his other books and have reading material for a long time to come. I also bought a Harry Turtledove book that sounds interesting. It is a time travel where a modern housewife goes back to Roman times. That should be exciting. I have not read a romance for over four months and I must admit, I do not miss them.

Well, it is late and I am rambling on.

Happy writing,


Ashling Sun Sep 10 00:02:47 PDT 2000

Hi ya Heather & Rhoda! Y'all snuck in a post while I was
rambling, uh, composing mine.


Ashling Sat Sep 9 23:59:26 PDT 2000

Hello everyone.

JERRY: As long as the pin isn't connected to a hand grenade,
I think we'll be okay.

My husband Barry brought me home one of those, "Just because I thought you might like it gifts." Barry thinks he's not very romantic--I know different. The gift was Chicken Soup for the Writers's Soup. It just came out a few months ago--I hadn't even had time to hint at Santa that I wanted it for Christmas. After showering Barry with kisses, I terrified my Dog-Children by doing the Happy Dance all around the living room. Then I skimmed the contents page and read the first
story. Yep, it was as yummy as I hoped ... heartwarming, inspiring & informative. Diverse authors contributed, including Ray Bradbury and Clive Cussler.

What about y'all--Which books mean the most to you?

The ones you picked out yourself or those given to you by a special friend or relative?

Do you like to spend hours trawling through used book stores for treasures?

Is strolling through the library stacks a regular exursion in your life?

Or do you prefer getting them hot off the shelf at Books-A-Million, Barnes & Nobles, et al?

Do you opt for the convenience and time thrifty method of ordering online with a click of your mouse?

Have you answered the siren call of high-tech, reading mostly e-books via computer?

For myself, it's all of the above except the last 2. The first thing I do with a new book is flip to the middle, stick my nose in, and inhale the heady perfume of a recently killed tree. Of course, I'm partial to anything to do with trees--perhaps I was a Druid in a previous life-time. Okay, y'all can stop snickering now--but you can't convince me I'm the only one here that likes new book aroma. Anyways, I'd miss out on that treat with e-books, and as for online ordering--I'm allergic to credit cards.

Alright Tina--there you go--I make no claims as the above being useful or interesting, but I've definitely filled in the hollow spaces in the weekend.

As if you couldn't tell, I'm in a jolly mood--because my Muse has been kind this week. Finished chapter 9 and wrote most of chapter 10.

Happy-Happy-Happy Writing to All,

Rhoda Sat Sep 9 23:33:28 PDT 2000



Heather Sat Sep 9 23:18:43 PDT 2000

I'm tired, but it's a happy exhaustion.
I'm drooping over in my chair at this time of night (morning) but I still have a pulse.
I am filled with sparks,
even if the flame is lowing.
I am drenched in the colour of living,
even if the tones are more subtle at the moment.
Dove grey-green has a supple quality, and does not bring hospitals or cow pastures to mind. Ferns.

My favourite shade of green, Trudy!

Is there anybody out there?
Just nod if you can hear me,
Is anyone home?...'

That's it! I am confortably numb. Really.


Tina Sat Sep 9 22:27:15 PDT 2000

Guess it is! Wow, everyone must be sleeping, or busy writing, or have laryngytis. (ha ha)

Or, like me, have nothing useful or interesting to say!


Tina Sat Sep 9 22:22:29 PDT 2000

Hello! Just checking to see if my line is working.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat Sep 9 21:22:01 PDT 2000

you can hear a pin drop in here today.

Robi Sat Sep 9 07:08:11 PDT 2000

Good Morning Everyone!
My 'son' came from California to visit with me for a while. (He's on 'business' here, seeing his 'mom' is just because she has a guest bedroom.) Please forgive me for not posting since I got back from New Zealand. The gathering of people at Professor Falk's house was very nice. He's a very brilliant man.
I ran into a woman, (her name's Eva) who had apparently read some published work of mine from the '60s and complimented me on it. I was very happy, one of those moments where you're feet don't touch the floor. She said to, "keep writing, I think you've gained another fan." That just made my day.
Now, if Jher would just settle down and stop working so much, (Emily Jane and he comsume themselves in their work,) then he would be a lot happier than he is. But that's just me being a worried 'mom' again.
I've tried keeping up with the election this year, even though I'm not a U.S. citizen, (I'm an Italian citizen) I find the whole U.S.-democracy thing very interesting.
Well, I'm off to see my 'son', Jher and what exactly he does all day with numbers and such.

Your crazy ranting and raving woman,


Sat Sep 9 02:07:17 PDT 2000


Oh, and Philip, good luck with traffic this coming week what with the Olympics starting in Sydney :-)

Jack Beslanwitch Sat Sep 9 02:05:54 PDT 2000

OK, things should load a wee bit faster now. Sorry that it took so long to get back to this. I had a wonderful time in Chicago and am beginning to settle back into the stride of things with the new job. There is always a few insecurities as time goes along, but this is hoping that my tenure in the world is enjoyable.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Americo, Allein, Rhoda and if you are lurking, Philip. This is hoping that I can make a trip back to Australia sometime soon, only this time I will be certified and can dive in the Great Barrier Reef instead of floating above.

Take care everyone.

arik Sat Sep 9 01:12:49 PDT 2000

ok all. I hate my life :-). However, now I have free time, so I'll be here for a while. You dont know how hard was the last month.... at last the kids are going to school, work is fine, and everything is back to normal :-)

Heather Fri Sep 8 23:39:41 PDT 2000

Ho hum --editing again. Seems I am still trying to pick up threads that I'd left in mid-weave before my vacation. I just came from re-writing a number of passages, fixing places that I felt were lumpy and stagnant. Reading it again and again - tedious but necessary.
If we are not ultimately intimate with our own work, what can we be intimate with? Writing is exploring the intimate corridors of the self, the mind, the soul, and finding something worthy of mention.

Padded corridors?

I thought so. Recognition, you know.

Ok, everyone, encouragement I send to all. We could all use some positive words on occasion.
And a forthright muse.

Mary, dear jewel, I've sent you an icq chat request!
Gary S, SO great to see you back and making us belly-laugh again. Do stay.
Jerry Lee, long time since you last posted! D'ya have any more Einstein mind-benders?

I can't get into a political debate over U.S. campaigns, because:
A) They bore me so terribly I fall asleep standing up...
B) The U.S. is my neighbour down the way. I don't care if they throw wild hooker parties and dance with banana peels for socks, so long as they don't shit on my lawn.
C) For that matter, I don't care much if they order nuclear weapons for breakfast as long as they don't cook them.
D) The candidates are so alike that I'd have to say NOBODY for President, and in my opinion NOBODY could run the country and things would likely improve.
E) I don't vote for P.M.'s in my own country for similar reasons.
F) The real 'Good Guys' who wouldn't corrupt everything don't run for presidency because running means having a humongous ego.
G) I could be wrong and I could care, but I don't.
H) Pardon me, an ant-acid might help me right now...

Wasn't I just expounding on the virtue of encouragment?


Allein Fri Sep 8 21:38:53 PDT 2000

Litter - I checked some of my links on my webpage and they seem to be broken, but my brother (who is very good with computers) says that when I did my webpage, the links were fine. I've been having a bit of trouble with Angelfire lately, I'll try and figure out what the problem is and post when I can get into the drawings.
Thanx for letting me know though. I appreciate it. :) And you were not numero uno. :( The counter resets anytime I do something to the index and I was working on it today, so you were numero uno today. :)


Litter Drive by Posting Fri Sep 8 19:34:30 PDT 2000

Allein, I think I am numero uno? Left a note in your guestbook.

Busy Busy Busy


Jerry Ericsson Fri Sep 8 16:21:32 PDT 2000

Ah the presidential race, what an nice interlude in our normal lives of boring television, tabloid news and junk-mail. Where would we be without it. My personal preference would be for Bucanon, but he hasn't got a chance so I will not waste my vote. Guess I will be marking the box next to GW's name. I don't know about Swartzeneger, maybe Norman Swartzcauf, I would vote for him, or my personal favorite Owley North.

I don't think my sanity could handle another four or eight years with our wonderful VICE president, (I think the name better fits Clinton, but what do I know) al'gore. He doesn't strike me as a good candidate for the office of dog catcher, but then I don't much like dogs either.

I love my guns way to much to vote for the democrats, and I think it would be nice to have a chance to see what would happen if we had both a Republican congress and White House. You see, I don't much care for GW either, but he is in fact the only Republican running, so I guess to get my wish I have to vote for him.

Also I think the nightly comedy shows, like the Tonight Show would have way to much fun if al'gore gets elected, not that they didn't have a good time with Clinton, but it does get tiring after a time.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Rhoda Fri Sep 8 15:52:54 PDT 2000


Point well taken. I am afraid I must concede. George W. is probably not the guy for the job. I shall have to look toward the superior intellect, Mr. Gore. Surely the man who invented the Internet and single-handedly cleaned up Love Canal is worthy of my support, and boy can that guy kiss! I'm a soft touch for a man that loves his wife. Considering the fact that Mr. Clinton has done such a good job at revitalizing our military and improving our situation throughout the world, I must conclude that Al Gore will do more of the same. I mean now that most our missile secrets are in China's hands and that those computers from Los Alamos are safely hidden in someone's closet, I will sleep so much more secure at night. And all those generals who have quit? Heck, we needed to get rid of some of that dead wood and introduce some new blood. New ideas, why not?

You see, Jerry, the problem with these debates is that nagging desire to get in the last word or the last dig. You couldn't resist and neither can I.

Enjoy the next couple of months,


Jerry Lee Fri Sep 8 15:20:10 PDT 2000

Yo all,

Rhoda: Yes, I guess that's true. From now on, I'll refer to George W. Bush the way the political cartoonists do; "Dubya".
And for that matter, I'm sure he's not running because of George Bush's old war stories. It's more probably because he thinks it would be 'cool' to be president. After all, he obviously has too high an I.Q. to think he knows enough to lead the world's most powerful military.

Honestly, though Rhoda. We could go back and forth like this for days and not get's just fun to make fun of ALL the candidates during an election year. (It's just that with Dubya, is so easy!)

Jerry Lee

Rhoda Fri Sep 8 13:49:43 PDT 2000


The only junior in this race is Al Gore Jr.

Allein Fri Sep 8 13:48:08 PDT 2000





I'd better get outta here!

Jerry Lee Fri Sep 8 13:25:37 PDT 2000

Yo All,

Rachel: Hear, hear! Those who recognise even the bad things as having a benefit are the happiest of us. If only we could do the recognising while the bad thing was happening...

Gariess: Hear, hear! It seems to me that Junior is only running for president so that he won't have to listen to Dad's boring old stories of how he defeated Saddam. (sarcasm)

All: Did any of you see the 'eMpTy V' music awards yesterday? What a mess! (again) Not only was the production done by 3rd-graders, but doesn't it seem as if Emenem is becoming some kind of hero? What's uuuuup?

Jerry Lee

Jack Beslanwitch Fri Sep 8 13:17:14 PDT 2000

Sorry about the slow load time. I have been away at the World Science Fiction Convention then rather swamped at work as soon as I got back. When I get home tonight I will make a point of archiving everything back to an agreable size. There are times when a cable modem or a nice fast T-1 connection makes you forget how big the Notebook grows. Thanks for the reminder.

Heather Fri Sep 8 10:06:34 PDT 2000

Howard! I have finished your book, 'Holding Wonder' by the great Zenna Henderson. She really blows my mind with the characters, how they jump out alive right off the pages in a matter of three sentences. I aim to carve characters that easily. (well, perhaps it should be 'easily', because it looks and reads easily, but we all know it's not as easy as it seems...)

WHO WANTS TO READ 'HOLDING WONDER' NEXT? Just email me your snail address, and it's on it's way to you!


Debra Fri Sep 8 09:57:24 PDT 2000


Thank you. I just read your last post on 9/6. I had a problem with the fact that I had only 2000 words to write this story. Even one more word, would disqualify it. I had to take out 944. First I just wrote the story then worried about what to take out. Maybe I took out too much, or the wrong things.

I am not an experienced writer yet. I am sure that down the line I could have had a great begining, middle and end.

I do have the long version of this story. If anyone is interested, I could fix some of the things that were mentioned and submit it let me know.


howard Fri Sep 8 09:31:02 PDT 2000

Fom my archives: (I didn't write it, but I wish I had...)

The Thunder God went riding forth
Upon his fav'rite filly;
I'm Thor! he cried,
the horse replied:
"You forgot your thaddle, thilly!"

it's been one of those days...


Heather Fri Sep 8 09:16:37 PDT 2000

Schwartzeneggar's got my vote!

He might even help America get healthy if he took office.
And he'd certainly improve the schooling situation.

Imagine Arnold coming to visit a school with a gun problem. The weapons would be eradicated in zero-point-three seconds. The Terminator would order that all battles be fist fights. And that all fist-fighting must take place in an arena, with coaches. Better than in the street...

or the schoolyard.


mary Fri Sep 8 07:04:55 PDT 2000


I'm republican too, but I am not thrilled with George the son. However, he is better than the alternative. I was rather partial to McCain myself, but it is probably a good thing that I don't get to hand pick the candidates. I would choose THAT'S a president! True republican with enough democratic influence to keep us all safe. (And no it doesnt matter to me that he doesnt fit all the criteria for being a USPresident) ;-)

Rhoda Fri Sep 8 06:17:58 PDT 2000


No I am not in exile much longer. I move on to Tulsa in mid-October. I will register to vote there. George W. has Texas all sewed up. He doesn't need my help there, but Oklahoma might not be so much a shoe-in, so I can do my part for Grand Ole Party there in Oklahoma.

Fair game for you? Perhaps, but not on this forum. This is for writing. I would ammend my previous gratitude list a little, however. Instead of saying I am grateful for the Republican party, I should have stated that I am grateful for the two party system. That was what I really meant. I think a hundred years ago I would have been a Democrat. I am just happy that after eight years of what we have had, I get the opportunity to voice my displeasure by voting for the loyal (and sometimes not always so smart) opposition.

George W. Bush? Well he isn't Bob Dole, and for that I am also grateful. George is not exactly a new incarnation of Ronald Reagan, but I really think he will do a good job. I do not support him because he is the alternative of Al Gore (though that would be incentive enough), but I believe he is a good man and will have capable people working for him.

Well, enough of that. I always like a good political debate. I think they are fun, but such debates do not usually work out well here, espacially since so many here who don't even reside in the USA. Debates do lose their charm when the one you are debating with starts taking things personal and then resorts to name calling, personal insults, and whathaveyou. I have had that happen to me too often, so as a result, I try to be careful not to discuss politics with just anyone. I respect passion, but there are a few people who do not know where to draw the line. I think that is why politics is one of those three subjects to avoid alongside sex and religion.

Well, I must be off. We had a cold front came in which dropped the temperature from highs of 103 and such to low nineties. How glorious! Enjoy the day, everyone.


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