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Allein Mon Dec 25 22:34:59 PST 2000

VIVIAN!! I'm so happy to meet you. I'm so totally interested in Japan that this is perfect. I took two years of Japanese in school but I've never been to Japan. I hope to travel there someday. I feel like I'd belong more in Japan than I do in America. But, anyway, BIG WELCOME to the notebook and a ((BIG HUG)) from me!! :)

Megan Mon Dec 25 19:03:51 PST 2000

Hello I am back again.

I have not really been away very far because I have been reading your posts and you're stories and am triying to learn from you all.

I am listening to what you say and have been very carful to take time with my typing because I know thats important.

So how does this sound? Kerry looked over her long slender shoulder. She was naked. She was looking at Mick and he was looking at her, but not at her eyes either.
She turned around and walked into his passionate imbrace. She could feel the lump of his manliness against her thigh as she clutched him to her. With her breasts pushing against him they kissed. "I love you" she said. "So do I " he said. And then to prove there love for each other they made long, beautiful, lovely, luxurious love.

Its a bit risky I know but I've been reading about some of you wanting to try writing hot stuff so seeing that no one has I thought I'd jump in first and give it a try.

Like I said, I think my best writing lies in the romance side of it and I guess this is just a deeper version of romance.

Theres a lot of you people here who I am making my writing mentors. I hope you don't mind and when I write my first book and get it published I dshall dedicate it to them.

Oh and Merry Christmas to you all. It's a bit late.

Vivian http:/ Mon Dec 25 18:36:47 PST 2000

I'm new to both computers and this site. I love to write, but I have trouble getting enough time for quiet. I live and work in Japan at a little University and part time at a juku (after school-school). I am not Japanese.

I looked at your work and I hope I can join you! Just reading is a treat! Great writing! It will be fun to practice and see if I can get this good.

Here are two small poems because I'd like to give something in exchange!

(The Hana in this poem is my 13-year old daughter and C.C. is her dog. They are both adolescent! Long skinny legs and lots of energy. They walk down the road wearing big smiles)

Hana and C.C.'s Poem

We two
true pound puppy and I
together like a smooth symphony
shadow - worship
friend Spring-ship
summer time days.

This is for all of you who are thinking of going on a diet after Christmas!

Chocolate is a
Enormous Delirious
Gift of
to the tongue

Would you do something for me? Could you talented people think about a poem in perhaps iambic or dactylic that would bring the power of speech to a dragon?

Thanks! Sorry to be so long winded!

Teekay Mon Dec 25 18:14:33 PST 2000

Hi All,

EDDIE: Aaaah P. Cushing eh? I'm sorry, I've been skimming a bit lately and I missed that bit. My new years resolution will be.......................................nope, can't think of one yet.
P.S. P. Cushing was a very normal seeming person. If you're going to take on a new personality I think you should make it stand out a little from the norm.
Actually I don't think you should take on another personality. I would have enjoyed your posts much more knowing that they were yours.

JERRY: I've just read 'Lady in White'. What a great story. I love happy endings. I read Christmas Carol In Blue too, but it reminded me too much of scrooge just with different characters.

JACK: The page looks great.

Boxing day seems so quiet. There's hardly been a car go by on our street. It's a gorgeous day. One that would be perfect for a picnic, but we're all too lazy recovering from all that Christmas food to actually do anything much, except maybe type a line or two.

Litter Mon Dec 25 15:13:08 PST 2000


Wonderful Christmas Day (Both Spiritual and commercial!) Everybody liked what they got, including me, who got and MP3. (poetic huh!) I'm not sure I like what my younger daughter got. (Although I had a hand in buying it.) She got a double pedal for her drum kit, which allows her to play double bass-drum sequences… Ah well, she is a good percussionist, even if she is somewhat noisy on occasions.

Thanks to those who commented on my shorty -- your comments are always welcome.

Thanks also to those who wished me a return to health. I'm afraid I am one of millions awaiting a medical breakthrough -- what I have is not life threatening but neither is it, at this moment in time, curable. Your good wishes, however, do make me feel somewhat better and are greatly appreciated.

TINA -- Way to go! Many congrats. Now that you have done it once, go an do it some more. :o)

HALLEE -- Prayers said and fingers crossed.

ALLEIN -- Ta for sending the daily pics -- I'm very impressed. :o)

JACK -- I hope you have been able to salvage something from this Christmas. I know how I felt the Christmas after I was told I couldn't work any more.

Now I'll try and get this posted before Christmas day ends here in the UK.

Ciao for now,


Pussy Mon Dec 25 14:33:38 PST 2000

My imperial thoughts

(Hope you like my poem)

Jon Mon Dec 25 14:30:00 PST 2000

In my modest opinion
the prettiest Christmas cards
on the net
are those sent to
(that's a secret)

This is another great poem signed
(that's me)

Richard Mon Dec 25 12:53:49 PST 2000


Thanks for the card Rhoda!

- Richard/Charles/Any more choices?

Tina Mon Dec 25 11:14:41 PST 2000

Merry Christmas everyone!

Best wishes to everyone!

Have a spectacular holiday, and don't eat TOO much turkey!


Mary Mon Dec 25 11:05:29 PST 2000

Merry Christmas Everyone. HO HO HO

Allein Mon Dec 25 11:00:36 PST 2000

Hi all,
No Christmas pictures yet - I guess I'll send them late this year. Today's picture is of Lunika and Mali (again with a more mature look.



Pussy Mon Dec 25 10:33:26 PST 2000

My Christmas speech this year to you all.
Pussy (Queen)

Jon Mon Dec 25 10:30:39 PST 2000


I'll give you the prize of the most prolific writer on the net. As for the NB prizes, that's only for the happy few (smiles). But you have my love.

And so has Tina, who I'd like to congratulate for her first published story.

PS. I've already received a Christmas card, but I won't tell anyone...


Rosemary Mon Dec 25 10:00:00 PST 2000

Christmas Greetings All,
Just popping in for a second to say I hope every one received their heart's desire this holiday.

Haven't had time to catch up on posts the last couple of days, so if anyone said anything to me, I really appreciate it and will catch up later in the week.

The Card was great. Thank you very much.


Hallee Mon Dec 25 09:12:06 PST 2000


I got everything I wanted for Christmas....


*sniff* being named as one of the best notebookers *sniff* and I *sniff* try so hard.

God bless all of you!


Jon Mon Dec 25 08:57:57 PST 2000

Jon speaking.
How come A* got Christmas cards and I didn't get any?
Not that I am jealous.
My email address is on top. Just in case you have a heart.
Pussy sends greetings.

Americo Mon Dec 25 08:52:35 PST 2000

Good morning, everybody!

I slept till 4 pm!

That's what Christmas is for,
to sleep till four.
(Another great poem of mine...)

I got news from my favorite notebooker, Thomas!

And a Christmas card from Rhoda and family! Aren't you jealous? You probably also got one, but mine is the prettiest.

You people are very special to my heart. I love you and send you kisses and hugs, all.

And, Howard, I'm worried about your health. How's Sasquatch? (In case you are priviledged enough to know him...)

Rachel, two great hugs to you.

Rachel Mon Dec 25 08:23:19 PST 2000


I wish you all the very best.

Americo - I send you very special hugs.

All - I send you all hugs!


PS - My children are very busy trying to get my husband to wake up (grins). That is no easy thing. They have even made coffee! I wonder how it will taste...

Mark Mon Dec 25 06:11:19 PST 2000

Merry Christmas to all. And to all a Good Night.

Rhoda Sun Dec 24 21:12:29 PST 2000


I sent you an e-mail Christmas card. As far as I know it does not carry a virus. I wanted you to know before hand because it does have an attachment with it.

Merry Christmas to all,


Jack Beslanwitch Sun Dec 24 21:06:34 PST 2000

Hello all: This is wishing everyone a very merry Christmas. Given circumstances in my and my wife's lives this past several months we have been more or less down, what with Fran's mothers death and my lay off. Still, it has given me time to work on I invite all to take a look and see if the new UI breaks on anybody. It has drop down menus with choices for a whole variety of different areas. Now all I have to do is sit down and start plowing through the huge back log of link requests.

I will also be starting either a topica or egroups mailing list for announcements about forwriters. If anybody has submissions for that or suggestions which to use feel free to contact me. Also, feel free to give critiques on the new look and feel. Take care everybody.

Eddie Sun Dec 24 17:48:13 PST 2000

You really must pay more attention to the posts here on the notebook.
Everybody knows by now that I am also P Cushing.
Look back to last week for a full explanation.

Americo Sun Dec 24 16:59:35 PST 2000


Thanks to P. Cushing (thanks, Eddie, and btw, if you look up in the archives of one or two months ago, you'll know that Jon gave you first prize, ex-aequo with Jerry, for best collaborator of SM**) I already know how to see your pretty pics. Canova and Leona today — beautiful!

Teekay Sun Dec 24 16:04:13 PST 2000

Merry Christmas To You All!!!!!

DEBRA: That wasn't a joke. My husband really does do that. :-) Really, he does. Sometimes it gets right up my nose.

RICHARD: Hmmmm, yeeeeeeeesssssssss, but how do I know that's really you hmmmm?? How gullible do you really think I am hmmmmmm. Anybody else look up that word by any chance????
I also read about that author who had a room or wall covered in rejection slips. I found it to be rather inspiring actually. :-)

EDDIE: So, who were you when you weren't yourself???

ROBERT: You just need to type work book instead of notebook in the toolbar address section. Now there's a bit of De Jevu for you.
Very descriptive.

TINA: Perhaps you've been imbibing a little more of the Christmas spirit than you realized. Thursday indeed! :-)

HEATHER: What a relief that I am not a heckler then. Although turns out I wasn't a heckler anyway, even with the other meaning.

Gotta go. Christmas lunch at MIL's. I hope every one is happy today. It's a big hope.

P. Cushing Sun Dec 24 15:37:25 PST 2000

If you have Ms IE5 x tools you can right click and select 'Image list' and the pictures will magically appear.

Happy Christmans Americo, and to all in Portugal.

Eddie Sun Dec 24 15:33:17 PST 2000

Just a quick word to all of you wonderful people.

Christmas All

See you in the new year on the notebook (Or maybe sooner)
howard Sun Dec 24 14:22:20 PST 2000

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! I hope your holiday is wonderful!
It's great having the whole family here together, for the first time in a few years.
The only problem is that the doctor has put me on some different meds, and every now again I just sort of drift.
I'm thankful for someone to reel me in now and then!

Allein Sun Dec 24 13:53:49 PST 2000

Americo - I don't know what's wrong, 'cause I can see them, but I have your e-mail address so if you like, I can add you to the pic of the day list. And you're on my list of top favorite notebookers. *hug*

Americo Sun Dec 24 12:06:34 PST 2000


I've tried several times to see your pics but I can only see a white page and a logo. I suppose your are the white of the page, so it's all right.

A Christmas kiss to Christi, the Minister of Love Affairs, and, through her, to all.

My thoughts go to the homeless, the sick, the elderly and to all those who suffer. That's what Christmas must be for: a period of thought and reflexion. And of course, of some good Port Wine too. Cheers, everybody.

PS. I don't understand why Jon has not included me in his list of the best notebookers of the year. That's not fair. (Sobbing).

Allein Sun Dec 24 11:20:08 PST 2000

Today's picture (I still don't have the Christmas ones back - sorry about that) is of Cosmosa and Patches (Leona) with short hair.

Christi Sun Dec 24 09:29:09 PST 2000

MERRY CHRISTMAS, TEEKAY, AMERICO, LITTER, EDDIE (P. Cushing too!), RICHARD, and happy holidays to ARIK! I hope your holidays are as wonderful as you all are.
Since you are ahead of us here in North America, I'm hoping to see your holiday stories!

Litter, Get well right now, won't you? :) It's not fair being sick at this time of year.

Mary, I've read "Enchantment." It's not nearly as good as others he's written. Lately I think Card's been watering himself down a bit on the new stuff. Still, it was a good story, just nowhere near EG.

Tina, Congrats and Yipee!!! That's just wonderful.
BTW, I have about sixty pages left to crit on your great story. Sorry it's taking so long, but y'know ... with Christmas and everything.

Hallee! Wow! It sounds like you're in. Way to go, sugarpie! (I always wanted to call someone that.) Really though, Internationally is one of the best ways to break into the 'biz'. Here's another YIPEEEE!!! Now stop reading this post and get to writing those chapters.

To all, Everyone on this site has the potential to be published. I've been wowed on so many occasions I can't remember them all. Perhaps this place is the catalyst that will hurl us all to publishing heaven.

Teekay, Hee! I hope to be a do-do! That's the first time those words have ever been uttered I'll bet! :)

Robert Jones, I was interested in what you wrote, but kept thinking, "Wow, is that ever a whole heaping lot of adjectives!" One of the best writing tips I ever got was to cut out most adverbs and adjectives. It enables you to say what you want to say as powerfully as possible.
Your second contribution was much more succinct. Still, I'd choppity-chop some of those adjectives.

Richard, I was scared of rejection too, but I just got my very first notice a week ago and I am so proud. It means that I am really trying and that I believe in my work enough to send it out. The rejection itself was very nice, not at all discouraging and even had "Good Luck" scrawled in pen on it. As I told Teekay, I'm hoping that wasn't sarcasm.

Heather, :) There's a big smile for you and here's a big {{{{{{HUG!}}}}}} Glad to know I'm not the only one, though this season has been pretty uneventful for me. Embarrassment season isn't usually open until I'm in front of at least a hundred people.

Americo, Give Jon a big Christmas kiss for me, and yourself one as well. Happy Christmas!

Love and sugarplums to all,
(Does anyone know what a sugarplum is?)


Jon Sun Dec 24 08:21:02 PST 2000

Jon speaking.

Today is Christmas eve, the day I give my presents to the notebookers of the year.

And the notebookers of the year are:

Jack- who, in a difficult year for him, managed to keep this page alive and kicking.

Howard - who managed to maintain a balance between extremes.

Christi and Allein — for identical reasons and for their charm.

Rachel - whose baby to be born in February will give a new light to the world.

Jerry and Teekay - the NB short-story writers of the year.

Heather — whose magnificent posts reveal a poet and a true writer, that is to say, one who plays with words.

Mary — a good choice for leading the shorties night. Let us hope she has the stamina (and the character) to keep it going.

I'll give the prizes for the worst notebookers some other time. That'll be hot!
Happy Christmas to all.

(Thanks and complaints to be addressed to my secretaries Americo/A* as usual.)

P.S. It's Heather Griswald knocking Sun Dec 24 00:17:29 PST 2000

Did anyone see the undercurrent in 'cry colour' (my shortie)? Just wondering if it was so abstract that no one saw the irony. Absolutely great shorties this week!

Litter, you are wonderful and ALL THE BEST WISHES to you, for a safe return to health.

The same for all of you. Stay warm (or cool, for Teekay)! I'm trying not to think about that 'september babies' comment... I had better not find an electric blanket in bed when I get there! There is such a thing as being so fertile you can't think of sex without needing to buy a pregnancy test.

Oh, almost forgot! Teekay - I'd love to read it, send it ON! Great bit on the new Ferrari - loved it!

Tina - 'Holding Wonder' is in the mail this week! (Phew, finally - they're now dry - just finished painting all my little watercolour gift tags tonight... it's always good to know which gift is which.) I mention this because I promised to get the book into the mail soon, and as evidenced, I am always fretfully busy the few weeks prior to the 25th.
No matter how well I plan, the calendar somehow adds ten things into each day that I'm not expecting. I might have to lie awake watching to see if the calendar is up to no good with the pen jar...


Heather Sun Dec 24 00:02:31 PST 2000

Congratulations to both Hallee and Tina! WOW! Excellent news all around!

A heckler, from what I understand, is more along the lines of someone who ridicules someone when they are speaking publicly or in front of a group. For instance, a standup comedian is in mid-act, and an audience member shouts insults and generally gives them a hard time. This is what I know as the 'act of heckling'. I've never heard of a heckler being someone who simply tells a joke after someone else tells one, but I may be wrong. It could also be that both definitions are correct, and one is a more modern slang usage. Or perhaps the 'heckler' just tells better jokes than the comic on stage.

You've now been heckled.(kidding) There are no hecklers here.

This might bring up some interesting terminology. Let's try some online 'Balderdash'!


And now for something somewhat different:

I am the 'Griswald' of the family. You can make some pretty safe bets that I'll be up to some UNintentional shinanigans during the slippery season. Make that any season - but this one just seems all the more apt to be riddled with my flavour of 'stupid human tricks'. But I may just be the best idiot in the neighbourhood.
To give you a clue of what I'm talking about, I'll tell you what I did tonight.
I started the car after saying goodnight to some friends I had visited. I left the car running so it could warm while I scraped the windows free from snow and ice. As I was ready to step into the car and drive home, I realized: I'd locked the keys in the car. The spare set was at home, in my sleeping husband's top drawer. Fat lot of good they'll do me there, but who ever takes their spare set along? I keep them in the house for such happy occasions. At least I won't lose them there. (Well, that's another bet)

Here is the clincher: Would the car run out of gas before I got back with the spare keys? Would my husband wake up when I knocked on the door? My friends live on the other side of town - a fifteen minute drive from my place if it's summer, there aren't any other vehicles in sight and the lights stay green. I had very little gas in the tank, and my house keys dangle from the same chain as the car keys. I was parked where I shouldn't have been, too, and liable to get a ticket! (There were no visitor spaces left so I parked in the lane!)

So, this Christmas I have been attacked by a tree, two slurp-crazed dogs and a cat in heat; I've been snowballed by ten year olds, locked my keys in a running car, and I forgot to buy my mother in law a gift - and she dropped by today from out of town without calling in a warning! To finish me off, all I need is to slip and fall in public, with a Tim Horton's coffee in hand. I might soon declare total ineptitude and simply go off to join the small but growing rank of hermits. At least no one else would be around to witness my stupidity! It's much easier to laugh at oneself in those circumstances.

But I know I'm not alone. There are other Griswalds in the world. Hey, at least I haven't stapled my fingers with a staple gun lately. (Then again, I haven't used one lately) I fulfilled the quota for flesh-stapling this year, when I was decorating a gazebo for a wedding! But there are always other tools...

Well, it all works out in the end anyhow, as usual. I tend to be able to slide out of these positively grating situations without too much loss of face. One of my friends drove me home to get my extra keys. The car had quite enough gas when I got back from my house, and my husband was roused after the first rap at the door. He, however, couldn't stop smirking while I gave him the fast low-down on the incident. Never do you see such shining eyes in your mate until you've gotten yourself into a predicament at least half as embarassing. Believe me, I recognize that shine immediately.

Grinning is Griswald, ON

Tina Sat Dec 23 18:56:23 PST 2000

Oh my, I just realised how out of touch with reality I am. I wished everyone a 'happy short shortie' day... and it's Saturday. I need a vacation. My only excuse is that I work in retail, and there's only one shopping day until Christmas! I really, really can't wait for Monday. (How's that for a wierd turn around?

Off to finish dinner.
Bye all

Allein Sat Dec 23 18:12:01 PST 2000

Hi all,
My holiday drawings may be delayed a few days until my boyfriend resizes the drawings and gets them to me. I've asked him to e-mail me the holiday ones and hopefully he will by tomorrow but if not, I may have to delay them until Tuesday. Sorry about this, but I'll still have pictures coming even if they aren't holiday related.

RobertJones Sat Dec 23 15:25:28 PST 2000

Prometheus's unyielding wrath unleashed upon the starless night,the raging flames consuming and ravishing through the night, yet when they died down to sizzling embers amidst the ash there he stood. Head lowered and back straight he stood tall within the circle of the dying blaze, thickly corded muscles tensed and glistening in the early morning rays of the sun.With the rise and fall of his broad shoulders he lifted his gaze, the smoldering intensity burning within the indigo pools seemingly able to set your soul ablaze. Brushing back a lock of dark hair from his bronzed features, he turns away from the circle of crackling embers and dried ash, giving way to a full view of the labyrinthine golden phoenix emblazoned upon the whole of his back, the wings of the phoenix extended fully to cover the breadth of his broadly muscled shoulders. And carried upon the waves of heat rising from the ashes of the charred earth, these words echoed silently:: the Eternal Order of the Phoenix

What about this one?

And I can't get onto the workbooks because I have the links to them on my computer at work. So if someone would send me it through my home e-mail that'd be great. Thanks!


Mary Sat Dec 23 14:10:31 PST 2000

Happy Holidays to you all. Hope that all goes well and that there are plenty of beautiful, funny stories to share when things get back to normal after the first of the year.

Big warm hugs all around.

Richard Sat Dec 23 13:36:11 PST 2000

Wait a second... first 'Charles' now Eddie?

Richard Sat Dec 23 13:32:27 PST 2000

Opps :p

Teekay: If you need proof, look at my staff profile at KalidorWorX, my autobiography in my Misc. Section, and I'm listed in an online SW club as 'Character Age: 27, RL Age: 13'... I'll be 14 in February though.

Hallee: That all sounds exciting! I want to start sending books to publishers soon, but I would find it very disheartning to have a book refused, which happens a LOT - it didn't help when my Mum told me at least one author who was famous, don't know who, had an entire room wallpapered with rejection slips for books. I don't think I could take that *shudder*

SCHOOLS OUT!!!!!!!! Dunno about over there in America, but here in Nortumberland, UK, we just got let out - and boy am I tired. Tired of school tired of the people, tired, even of some of my freinds (nasty thing to say, I know, but even people you like can wear you down). Two weeks off will do me good - I'm trying to sort out my room and get myself organised properly. I want to spend more time on my writing and drawing, and I'll be able to do that... I got a new display file for my drawings and I've noticed there are a few not finished so I'll get back to them. I have another spare file I might use for a collection of my writing.

Oh yeah... Happy Christmas everyone!!!

- Richard

Richard Sat Dec 23 13:17:28 PST 2000

Allein Sat Dec 23 09:48:40 PST 2000

Hi all,
Here is today's pic. Allein in a cute outfit and his uncle - a weird picture of him.

Tina Sat Dec 23 07:34:33 PST 2000

Hallee, that sounds all so exciting! Big business, publishers, deadlines... what a way to move into the new millenium!
From your description I'd say that avoir. ounces are the ones to use when I need to convert. I don't have all that much gold to weigh...
Now I know! Thanks.

Teekay, a melted car... LOL! Sounds like my kind of heat. I love it hot. It didn't get hot enough here last summer and I really missed it.

Happy short shortie day!

Debra Sat Dec 23 06:16:33 PST 2000


I said that I had my son call across the street to get my daughter. Then I made my not so funny joke.

You then said that it was the worst abuse of technology you had ever heard of. You said I was just like your husband who would drive his car across the street rather than walk.

It was funny.

Is it all coming back to you now?


Teekay Sat Dec 23 01:51:10 PST 2000

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you all,

DEBRA: I suspected a heckler was something like that. What was the joke I made after the joke? I'm too lazy to go back and lookj it up and I'm too curious to just let it go. :-)

JERRY: Surely you would not trade with me this weather. At least you can warm up sitting in front of blazing fireplaces (like on all the Christmas movies), butt there is no escaping this hideous, cloying all enveloping heat. Okay, I got a bit carried away there. We had a cool change today, so that was pretty nice. A little bit cooler and there may be snow for Christmas after all. Fingers crossed for it. C'mon El Nino, do your thang!!!

RICHARD: Did you say you were 13??? I can't believe your 13. You're probably EDDIE.

LITTER: I'm sure we all missed you. There you go! Now you've got me sounding like a parrot!!! :-D
BTW your story explained the benefits of meditation perfectly and those feeling are not transient, they are your core and you should watch those ripples every day and stay in touch with the universe.

JERRY: Good one. The shorty I mean. I'm still trying to get to the workbook.

MARY: Yeah, well that sounds too cold. I only like it when it's cold so I can be warm. I'm so glad you know woolies too.
I went to the shops yesterday and it was soooo hot, when I got back to the car from spending 1/2 hour in the shopping centre I couldn't even find it! The dratted thing had melted! Anyhoo, scrapped it up and put it in my handbag, when we got home we reshaped it and stuck it in the fridge and now we have a ferrari. It's great!
Okay, that last paragraph was my shortie for Thursday night coz I missed it and I feel a bit guilty. :-)

ALLEIN: Great pictures.

CHRISTI: Isn't that a great feeling. Eyes and fingers crossed for you too. The difference between those who do and those who don't are that those who do do and those who don't don't.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I made that one up. I reminded myself of Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch take off's. Do you think that one's worth putting on the bottom of a calendar???

MARY: No, I haven't read it. BTW do you want me to send you "midworld"? It's HOWARDS book. I don't think HEATHER respionded to my offer. If you have HEATHER then just skip in and let me know.


ROBERT: Very poetic. Seemed to flow okay to me. Was it a shortie for shortie night or a short story you working on or a novel?? If any of the last 2 post them in the workbook, but I think you'll need to put in a little more. From what I read it sounded fine.

HALLEE: Good luck. My fingers are crossed for you. :-)

Well, the health kick, the writing and practicall all else is on hold till after Christmas. Guilt Free!!

Sat Dec 23 00:50:12 PST 2000

Oops...meant to add this, too:

1 Ounces (Avoir.) * = 0.9114583333333334 Ounces (Troy,Apoth.)

Okay, now I'm seriously going to go write.

Hallee Sat Dec 23 00:47:35 PST 2000

TINA: I did a really quick search and found this:

Avoirdupois (Avoir.) is the weight system for commerce. This is the most common weight system.

Troy is the weight system for precious metals such as gold.

Apothecaries (Apoth.) is the weight system for druggists.

It means nothing to me, but maybe it means something to you.


Hallee Sat Dec 23 00:44:14 PST 2000

TINA: (((((BIG GIANT HUGS FOR YOU))))) Congratulations! That story definitely needed to be printed and shared.

I finished my proposal package yesterday. It ended up being sixty bound pages - and it looks really good. I'm real proud of myself with this one. I've been reading the posts every day, I just really haven't had the time to say anything, or the mental energy to compose it.

And now I have the weekend to get caught up on life, finish Christmas shopping, and get back into my writing.

I also received exciting news about that - though I'm not really sure how excited I should be, so I'm staying on an even keel for now. But, apparently, a friend of mine who lives in Germany handed a book I wrote to a friend of hers who is a translator for a big publishing house in Munich, and now it's sitting in some head guy's office under recommendations to be published. (TINA: This is the book you read.) I have no idea how or why or whatfor, so I'm just going to go with the flow. There's also something about meetings with people in New York - but I know so little about this business and have no idea what half of the terminology means, so I guess I'll find out more soon. Somehow they are also asking for the trilogy I'm working on now and gave me the laughable deadline of January 3rd to finish the second book. As fried as my mind is, even under normal circumstances I don't think I could write seven chapters in a week. (Though, you'll notice I'm sitting here at 3:45 in the morning and I'm already on my second cup of coffee - haha).

And that about catches me up with you guys. JERRY - it's good to see you writing again. Everyone else - hugs and kisses - I'm off to finish chapter six.


RobertJones Fri Dec 22 23:55:56 PST 2000

::Teasing zephyr toyed with tenebrious locks, swiping them from his shoulder. Not that it mattered much to this strange man kneeling before the headstone set upon that mound of verdant delight. Skilled, artistic fingers traced the words etched forever into that cold granite.Chest and shoulders shook with a sudden expulsion of breath. That ivory hand, illuminated by the silved kiss of the moon's favor, dropped from the cold granite, moving into the inside of his ebon coat before pulling out a long silver box. Flipping the lid open he reached in, pulling out a longbladed steel dagger. Gripping the ivory handle he twisted it thisway and that, studying the blood that had crusted onto that Spanish steel. Finally he lowered that bloodstained blade upon thethe top of the headstone, dusted his hands onto his coat and stood. It was when he finally turned that the satisfied grinshowed upon those sculpted features. Cold greys reflected that amusement as he headed away, promising to the night::One down...three to go...::Flipping the silver coin, he caught it in midair, coniving grin settled upon that icy countenance::

Anyone like? It doesn't flow well enough for me, so if anyone could help that'd help. Thanks!!


Tina Fri Dec 22 23:09:57 PST 2000

Jerry, I'm being a bit facetious. Water simply freezes, the official temperature is redundant. But when I was a kid, and heard the american weather reports saying to 'expect freezing temperatures of 10-15 degrees' THAT confused me. I figured that americans must be whimps if they thought that was cold! Then I learned the imperial system and went 'Oooohhh.' Of course, I learned about as much about imperial as you did about metric :-)

Does anyone else know the difference between the two kinds of ounces? I'm still curious.


Allein Fri Dec 22 21:36:40 PST 2000

Tina - I'm so proud of you!! (((BIG HUGS))) Congrats!!

Jerry Ericsson Fri Dec 22 20:30:32 PST 2000

Tina, Congrats on the publication, way to go. As far as that metric stuff, last time I had to use that was back when I attended intoxalizer school in, I think about 1989 or so. I am sure I have forgotten all I ever learned about it since then, and I have no idea which ounce is which, in fact I don't think I ever knew which was which but that's just me I guess. As far as water freezing and boiling and things like that I think it is just a matter of what you learned in school. Way back when I was in grammar school they told us that the metric system existed in some European countries, and that is where the instruction stopped. I think we had to do some conversion in high school, but that was way back in the late 60's and most of that all went by the wayside many years ago. I seem to remember something about changing temperatures between C and F. Something like C = F -32 * 5/4 but I could be wrong on that one too. I do remember when we lived up north and listened to the Canadian broadcast stations on the radio that their temp reports were confusing. I think they were confusing to some of the radio guys to, as I once heard the announcer (probably an illegal alien USen) say "The temperature is -2 or 29 degrees in real temperature." It did warm up a bit today, but the weather man says don't get used to it, as another Alberta Clipper is on the way and that will push the thermometer back way below zero by midnight. The highs are not expected to get above 0 F until Friday of next week. No real problem, except that the price of propane is getting up there, last fill of our tank was over $385.00 US. Guess we can live with it though, we have to.

You know it bugs the heck out of me, for years I wanted to move home to Lemmon, where I now live, but always figured I would have to get on the PD, and the openings on that PD are few and far between. Now that I am down here, I have been offered several good paying positions, none of which I can take, as my back would never allow it. Had I known that a few years ago, maybe I could have avoided the fall, the pain and all that followed. Oh well, like dad used to say, if the dog hadn't stopped in the middle of the street to take a dump he would never have been run over by the truck either.

Have a great Christmas everyone!


Tina Fri Dec 22 19:14:53 PST 2000

I'm so excited! The local newspaper printed their Christmas supplement and they included my story! I'm just thrilled! It's the first time I've seen any of my writing in a real publication. It may be just the local paper, but I'm still bursting! Of course, they made a few typos but oh well at least they printed it! I'm so happy. :-D I can't stop grinning!

Jerry, according to my chart your +15oF is still -9oC. So water freezes at +32oF ??? That would confuse me. That does confuse me.
Here's a 'metric' vs 'imperial' measurement question that's been bugging me for awhile now. What's the difference between 'troy' ounces and 'avoir.' ounces? I never know which to use when I have to convert something to grams. All grams are created equal.

Hallee, are you out there? Hope you're not sick again!

Here and gone again...

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Fri Dec 22 12:01:33 PST 2000

Yep, had the old electric blanket on 6 last night, but we have a reprieve today, it got up to 15 above right now, think I will take a trip up town, gotta drop off a few checks, pay some bills so my creditors can have a merry Christmas.

I posted another story in **P**, I haven't had a chance to edit it as of yet, but since it deals with Christmas, I felt it best to post it as is, you are getting it in the raw without any editing so keep that in mind. It is called A Christmas Carol in Blue, I hope you enjoy it.


Mary Fri Dec 22 11:59:06 PST 2000

TEEKAY AND CHRISTI: Did you guys read Orson Scott Card's "Enchantment"?. I have a copy in my grubby hands and plan on starting it tonight. Perhaps you spoke of it here before, but until I read "Ender's Game" I don't think it would have registered in my mind. Let me know if you liked it. See ya.

Mary Fri Dec 22 10:17:23 PST 2000

JERRY: Now THAT'S cold! That's electric blanket and a fire weather. Bet there's a big population boom in your town next September.

Christi Fri Dec 22 09:22:50 PST 2000

P.S. Allein, Your drawings are fabulous! I'm so thrilled to finally see them.

Christi Fri Dec 22 09:19:13 PST 2000

Hulloo Guys and Gals!

Thanks for the shorties, they were lovely. ;)

Litter, I loved yours dearly. (Thanks a lot to Mary and Rachel for making that sound so lewd. Yeesh!) Really though, Litter, the end was heartstopping. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

I'm so thankful for you all more than ever. It's enough to yank me out of the holiday blues I was considering taking a dive into. And now I'm off to get the very last present on my list.

I've gotten a gem of an idea (I hope) for a rich fantasy story and I'm hoping it develops into the novel I've been wanting to write. *Gulp* Lots and lots of world-making and character creation awaits.

Fingers and eyes crossed,


Allein Fri Dec 22 08:26:07 PST 2000

Hi all,
Today's pic is one of Princess Mali in a wedding dress. :)

Tina Fri Dec 22 07:56:41 PST 2000

Mary, Jerry, when I read those numbers I stopped fussing over our -15oC. I mean, -36oF is about -45oC... {{{brrrr}}}

Gotta go catch the bus. Have a good day all!


Jerry Ericsson Fri Dec 22 06:59:47 PST 2000

Mary - hate to endulge in one-upmanship, but when I went to bed last night, there was no wind but the actual air temp was -36 F. My dog let me know in no uncertain terms that it was cold out, when he refused to exit the door for his nightly duties, I had to physicaly push him outside, and he was back at the door within seconds crying to get in. He must have done the deed as there was no mess on the floor this am.


Mary Fri Dec 22 06:14:13 PST 2000

Good morning everyone. I haven't read thru all the posts yet but I am planning to as soon as the coffee gets done perking. I did notice in my quick fly by that Mark is back. Hurrah!

TEEKAY: Last night I ran to Woolies to pick up some wrapping paper and last minute stocking stuffers and for the hour and a half I was in the store, the Diet Coke I had left on the dash of my car froze. Unbelievable. With the wind chill last night it got to -35F! That's not fit for man nor beast!

Rachel Fri Dec 22 02:38:52 PST 2000

Good morning all :0)

Mark - You didn't read my post with much attention. I did not say I would not post a short story. I said I had not posted one in a long time.

Richard - I know how it is to have people rush me off the computer (smiles). I have four kiddies who are forever and always up to something. They have been home with me for most of the month of December. They attend school on an alternative schedule. Hum, know what? I had to look up the spelling of schedule... How sad for me :o(

Mary - So, our minds dwell in the same areas... That is a frightening thought (grins and laughter). I love when people say things that can be taken in different ways. I don't always pounce on the chances to play with words. I only tend to do that with people I think are open to it. You seem open to some word play. I'm happy I was no wrong in this:o)

Take care all,


Richard Thu Dec 21 23:30:59 PST 2000

Sorry 'bout the errors - Dad came in and chased me off the computer so I had to finish quickly and press submit :p

Tina Thu Dec 21 23:01:12 PST 2000


Now that I've woken you all up...

I'm skipping on shortie night tonight. I won't bore ya with the sob story of the kind of day it was.... but I'm lovin' reading everyone elses! (Does enjoying other people's short shorties make me a voyeur?)

Litter, after I read your offering I had to sit and think for awhile, soak it in. Just wanted you to know.

Allein, I just went to see your art and want to tell you that you have a beautiful talent! I'm not into anime at all, and I found your drawings charming, fresh, and lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through them!

I'm thinkin' that we need a 'hot night', but not to be funny. I think we need to steam up the workbook, rub aromatic oils on the screen, get out the whipped cream and hand cuffs, and see what our short shorties are made of! :-) Any takers? If it makes anyone uncomfortable we could do it under pen names. Or we could post in the workbook if Jack objects. Hmmm?


Jerry Ericsson Thu Dec 21 21:15:20 PST 2000

Well since I messed up and put my shorty in last night, had to sit down and do another,so here it is:

Don't dink and shoot

“He looks like he's asleep.”

“Yes he does, like any minute he will sit up and offer you a cigarette like he always did.”

“Remember that time when you and me and Robby hitch hiked down to Reno.”

“Yep, them were good times.”

“Never thought he would go before we did.”


“You think we should call the cops?”

“Call the Cops? Why the hell would we do that?”

“Well isn’t that what you are supposed to do when someone dies?”

“Ya, but not when you were the one what killed him you dumb shit!”

“Oh, jeeze, I forgot.”

“You forgot! How the hell could anyone forget killing his best friend?”

“Well could have been me that got killed.”

“Me too, Robby just got unlucky that’s all.”

“You got anymore shells?”

“Got two more.”

“Ok, hell load that revolver one more time, bet you I win this time!”


Mark Thu Dec 21 21:03:33 PST 2000

Long ago and far away in a land called Greece, the people had no lawyers. When neighbors had a dispute, they took the matter to a council of city elders and each man presented his own case. Sometimes, people believed, cases went to the man with the best skills at making a speech, the best persuasive skills.

In order to keep from losing a case simply by not seeming to argue persuasively enough, Grecian men would hire a rhetor, a speaking tutor. Rhetors were a gypsy bunch who made their living by helping average citizens prepare for a day before the council. Depending on the skill of the tutor and the merit of the citizen's case, speeches sometimes really did take on the aura of grand oratory and win on matters of style rather than substance.

Afterwards, when reflection on a particular case showed that the real merit of a case had lost to the skill of a well-tutored speaker, rhetors and their craft began to get a bad name. Rhetoric (from the rhetors) was considered then much like an American handgun today; that is, far too persuasive for neighborly conflicts, dangerous in the home, and yet readily available.

Other men with persuasive skills headed local schools, or symposia. The school masters stayed in their home cities, argued cases into logical abstractions, taught and learned mathematics, and headed schools of drama. The home-loyalists and the gypsys disliked each other. From the home-loyalist perspective, gypsy rhetors would come into a conflict, drop a high-powered weapon into the hands of a citizen for one-day use, then skedaddle.

Citizens who won would often feel as though they knew how to use rhetoric and would sometimes feel compelled to use it again in later situations. Inappropriate situations.

at this point I feel compelled not to mention Rachel's talk of how she'd "not put in a shortie" and then shown us Some Sweet Ass.

In America, the persuasive skills handed down from ancient Greece have been preserved in colleges and practiced in Republican political press releases. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, practiced rhetorical skullduggery in the Illinois courtroom.

One of Lincoln's more famous cases has him in a rural courthouse losing to a lawyer from Chicago who brought great rhetorical skill to the room and the case. The lawyer wore the latest of fashion, including a fancy, ruffled shirt that buttoned in the back (all the rage in New York and Paris!) In rural Illinois, however, when that lawyer took off his jacket, Lincoln could see the crowd was more amused than impressed. In summation, Lincoln asked the jury, "Who would you trust more? A simple lawyer from home? Or a man from Chicago who puts his shirt on backwards?"

Lincoln won. The rhetorical question is an example of a method called "argumentum ad hominum," argument at the man. In other words, if you can't attack the logic, attack the speaker.

My shortie grows long. I shall withdraw. More later.

Mary Thu Dec 21 19:29:19 PST 2000

Well Everyone,

I know that I am the Minister of Short Shortie night, but I got busy watching The Rock on "Smackdown", and now something else has come up and I won't have time to write my own short for the evening.

I notice that several others have been contributed though, and I can't wait to read them over my morning coffee.

Good night everyone.


Rosemary Thu Dec 21 19:06:05 PST 2000

Back again,
I read 'The Trouble With Time' instead of writing a short,shortie. The story was excellent. I will admit the beginning gave me a few worrisum moments but it soon picked up and ran away with me. I expecially liked two phrases.
1-Time stood still, slowly.
2-Genius does not always come with common sense.

The first line was smart and catchy and the second is so true it hurts.

Good luck with your career.

Allein Thu Dec 21 17:30:45 PST 2000

Litter - I think I have all the drawings working now. Try and check them out and if they still don't work I'll send them to you.

Litter Thu Dec 21 16:39:57 PST 2000

Hi all!

Christmas fast approaches and there is still much to be done.

TEEKAY -- thanks for missing me :o)

ALLEIN -- the above email address will always get to me. Perhaps now I can see what most others have already seen. Looking forward to it, my exposure to anime is somewhat restricted.


Watching a drop falling into a pool of water can be more fascinating than most people imagine. If you've ever seen the frozen images of the stages of a droplet splashing into the pool, forming a crown and resolving by sending the drop temporarily part-way back from whence it came, you'll know what I mean.

Drop after drop I have watched, close up, trying to catch that 'slow motion' feeling, imagining I can see the various stages more clearly than I actually can. The fascination is giving way to a 'high' -- a euphoric feeling that I hadn't expected. Almost incongruously, the troubles I have felt during the past few weeks seem insignificant, at least while I watch. The simple beauty of surface tension and gravity on a natural form leaves me breathless.

I won't watch for too much longer. The truth is that such feeling can only ever be transient. So it is for me. The feeling of cold I felt a short time ago has left me now. Sensation has ceased to have meaning and my failing sight never was too good to begin with.

So it is. I close my eyes and listen to the drops fall. In my minds eye I still have the picture, the richness of colour deepening to primal primary red.

It won't be long…

Rachel Thu Dec 21 16:36:17 PST 2000

Richard - I like your story. It has a sense of reality to it that is painful, but excellent. I feel like I should give you a hug! Okay, here it is (big hug).

I think you tense shifted on you a couple of times and there is a word that is a misprint. I doubt that you are looking for a crit so I won't go into that with any more depth.

Hope all is well with you,


Richard Thu Dec 21 14:39:37 PST 2000


"Hey, thanks Kev!"

I grinned and gave Dave a thumbs up as he walked away toward his next class, working at the seal of the closed envelope I had given him.

The narrow corridor was crowded. Students moved in two seperate directions like dual carraigeways, only with poorly defined boundries and plenty of crashes. It never failed to amaze me how schools, of all places, seemed to have narrower passageways then most other buildings I'd visited.

Escaping the great crush of human bodies, I stumbled slightly as I headed toward the glass-paneled doors that led in and out of the school's main academic building. Directly across the way was the technology block and to the right the drama and music centre. Stone flagged pavements crossed at a nexus - closely-cut grass filled in spaces between them and a few litter bins lay to the side.

I only had one more Christmas card to deliver. I wanted to get them all handed out that lesson brake - didn't have the time to be chasing people around during lunch hours, especially since David and Chris were expecting to meet in the social rooms for lunch.

Looking down at the remaining white-flapped envelope, I felt a little colour come into my cheeks. My last card was for Julia.

Julia wasn't exactly my freind.

Glancing around, I caught sight of her coming my way, clutching a collection of work files in her hands. Her honey-burnt hair was held into a resemblence of order my a single red and pink clip, though stray locks had escaped and hung down over her face. She was alone.

Suddenly nervous, I ran a hand through my own hair and stepped forward to meet her. Had to get it over with quickly - around him, the last students were passing into the building.

I caught her eye and stepped forward. My chest felt tight all of a sudden, my movements jerky. I shook my head. What was wrong with me?

"Hey..." I smiled weakly at Julie. She returned my greeting, and I held out the envelope, my grasp on it weak. In one fluid motion, Julie took it. I watched abstractedly as she ripped it open and drew out the thin card, decorated in bright and cheerful patterns.

She looked at the card, then at me, a frown creasing her forehead. "It's very nice Kev... but why?"

I wet my lip. "Why? Well... I just thought... we could be freinds you know?"

Julia gave me a harrowing luck and I almost winced. I hurried "Not like that! No - I just thought we could be freinds." Something settled in me as I made that statement. The tension in my chest lingered.

Silence. I couldn't bring myself to look at Julia... I feared what I might see. Then, I felt something stiff being pressed back into my hand. It was the card.

I looked up. There was regret in her face - maybe she didn't want me to see it. She gave a small shake of her head.

I felt something give inside of me - I almost sagged. I felt like whimpering. My gaze fell back to the card lying in my hands.

I studied it intently as Julia's footfalls, softened by the blowing wind, retreated toward the sanctuary of the building.

Allein Thu Dec 21 12:04:40 PST 2000

Today's picture is of Leijing - the spirit that visits Rean in the story.

Rosemary Thu Dec 21 10:02:05 PST 2000

Hello All,

I've had an ergonomic keyboard for about five years and I absolutely love it. When I got my new computer with all its bells and whistles (now out of date and slow) about a year ago, I left the new keyboard with all its special buttons and clean keys in its box and plugged my old scratched and dirty microsoft erg. into the port and haven't looked back.

The only problem I have found with the angled keyboard is that when I have to use a keyboard somewhere else, it takes quite a while to get used to it. A lot of backspacing and cursing goes on.

I'm going to try to do a short, shortie later today, but things are hetic around here lately.

My sister and I and some friends want to eat dinner out on Christmas day. You would be amazed how many businesses are going to be willing to miss out on our business. How dare they prefer to stay home with their loved ones. The nerve of them all.

Well, back to calling restaurants.

Jerry Ericsson Thu Dec 21 09:01:49 PST 2000

Teekay - I would gladly trade you a couple of hot days for a few of our sub zero days. Yesterday the wind chill was -48 F. Today the wind has gone down, and the temp is hovering around -7F we have had so much snow now that I have lost track but would guess it to be about 25 to 30 inches. My snow blower is broken down, and my good neighbor Jon is now working full time, so cannot get over to remove my snow as he did the past few years. This leaves the job of snow removal to my wife, who shouldn't have to but does it cheerfully.

We will have a white Christmas, that is certain I only hope that the weather clears up and temps get above 0 so my son and his family can make the trip down to help us celebrate, as is our custom.

Boy am I looking forward to Spring, and this is only the second day of winter, or is it the first, I forget.

Mary - I don't know how I got a day ahead of myself, but I understand shortie night is tonight. I will have to make another attempt at writing a short-shortie.

Americo - Republicans believe in less government, we believe in freedom of businesses to grow and prosper without the interference of the government. We believe in the sanctity of life. We believe that it is wrong to take the guns from the hands of the honest citizen, and leave them defenseless in the face of the well armed criminal. These are just some of the beliefs of the Republican party they are the ones which pulled me away from the party of my father, to give a full platform would require much more room then I wish to take up in our notebook. I know I said I would not talk about politics, but this is different.


Debra Thu Dec 21 08:58:26 PST 2000


A heckler is a person who makes a joke after someone makes a joke.

I didn't mind.

I liked it.


Americo Thu Dec 21 08:56:38 PST 2000

Jerry and Rhoda,

No need to apologize. I was not really offended. I understand that this election was a bit too complicated and long and might have gotten on the nerves of good, intelligent, lively Americans as you are. It also happens that here, in Europe, we have soccer to vent our personal frustrations and wave our flags. We reserve politics to kill one another, something you have been civilized enough not to do... In this respect, America has given a good lesson to the world.

Despite our differences of opinion, I like you. I like you, Jerry, because you are quickly becoming a great writer (I read you ghost story and enjoyed it — perhaps I'll speak about it some other day); I like you, Rhoda, because you are also a dilligent writer of professional quality. And I love you mainly when you write about your personal problems and dreams. It's fascinating to see your souls under your words.

Richard, what a great idea: a political thriller!

PS. I really think that our president Howard should make a speech, don't you all?

Teekay Thu Dec 21 02:16:43 PST 2000

Hi All,
Well *gulp* did it again and missed about 2 days of the notebook so I'm just gonna blab on as I come across the posts.

DEBRA: I'm not a heckler. Why am I a heckler? What's a heckler anyway???

LITTER: I too miss your company, but you come and go so often I'd sound like a parrot or something.

MARY: Things are soooo hot. I'mmmmm dreammmmiiiinnnngggg oooooffff a whiiiite Christmaaaaaaaas. Not bloody likely. We've gone and hired all these Christmassy videos to watch. Of course they're American so they'll all have snow in them. Can't wait, that's what we're doing when I finish here. :-) I lerv Christmas. I don't fancy the heat overly though.
Have your fingers dropped off from the cold or are you wearing those nice warm gloves I sent you? I did send gloves didn't I??? Thought I did.

ALLEIN: Tried to have a looksee at Tanek and it said if I was looking at this page it was no more.

JERRY: Whooohoooo glad to hear it. Can't wait to check it out.

EDDIE: You weren' weren't....*gulp* you weren't whatsaname were you?

TINA: An ergonomic keyboard. I'd love one of those. I'd also love a new mouse. Ergonomic, it has such a gastric quality about it I think. I'd still like one though.

ALLEIN: Oh, okay, don't worry it's working now.

HEATHER: Your story reminded me of the time I was lightening my hair and I was a bit worried that it might all fall out or break off. While I had my eyes closed and was washing it out my daughter held out a handful of hair and said 'Mum, look what fell out of your head.' I was sooo scared. She'd gotten it from the hair brush. We were both hysterical after that. Her because she thought it was funny and me simply because I was hysterical. What a relief!

I can't write a short shortie tonight because here it is Thursday so there it is only Wednesday. What a relief.

Gotta go. We're watching Scrooge with Bill Murray.
I confess. I skimmed the long posts and most everything with the words polotics Bush and Gore in it.
EDDIE: Okay, who were you???? I wish I could remember the name I'm thinking of. You tell me and I'll tell you if you're right. :-)

Allein Thu Dec 21 01:23:26 PST 2000

And Allein appeared to the notebookers and said "Fear not, for I bring you tidings of great joy. Unto my webpage today, there are updates and a new chapter is born. Come and see..."

That's right - I finally finished the first chapter of Morningbird Lane (my coming of age novel) and it's posted on my wepage in the Morningbird Lane section. But, you all can just follow the link and there will be character information and the first chapter of this novel. Please read it and tell me what you think.

Now I'm going to bed.

Tina Thu Dec 21 00:22:50 PST 2000

Did I say that? Moi? A really naughty girl?


I'll refrain from considering the implications of holding a 'longer is better' night, or maybe an 'undercover' night, or even a 'fantasy' night. ;-D

Way too late to think.

Heather Wed Dec 20 22:49:15 PST 2000

Short shortie already! Yahoo-ey! (Can't copyright infringe, you know)

So WHOOP, here it is:

(c)2000, by Heather Myles

I'm in mid-dye, my scalp is stinging. I'm hoping this loose pile of saturated hair won't fall down and graze me in the eye. I've taken cotton balls dabbed in water to my forehead and behind my ears to swab up any stray permanent glop, I'm sitting at my keyboard right now, waiting for the timer to ding. And I'm nude.
Soon to be a red-haired nude.
If I ever catch a strand of mousy-brown sneaking out at the roots, you know I'm the first in line at the drug store counter, buying the freshest colour there is. I don't go for the same shade every time. I like to mix it up - and nobody's fooled anyhow. You don't grow hair this red unless you're the one that was tied to that circus tent pole your whole life, so that desperately unhappy people can pay to laugh at you and make you desperately unhappy.
I'm no clown, but you can bet half of any damned acre I'm made for red.
Didn't you know? Clowns aren't happy, or funny, or silly. They're pathetic. Milky cake makeup and loud colour won't hide what they so want to kill on their insides. And all the red on Earth can't steer them away from the inevitable cliff of sorrow. Bleeding hearts, trying to scrape in some money; wishing on stars that faded long before they ever set foot in the Master's ring.
But I swear I'm no bleeding heart, either.

The timer just went, and though there's no breeze, you can tell I'm excited to see this hue laughing away the bitter brown of my locks. Laughing all the way down to my toes.

I dance for a living, up poles and on platforms slippery with beer foam and drool. I feel powerful on nights like tonight. I feel red. This dancing doesn't touch me; those jeering men with hungry desperation so plain in their eyes, it doesn't come near. And this life can never make me cry shame.

Uh, sorry about the lack of humour in this one...

Jerry Ericsson Wed Dec 20 22:11:48 PST 2000

Americo - I have to apologize for my recent behavior. You see I just got way to wrapped up in this damn election thing. I have been spending hours on end in political chat rooms screaming my head off at democrats, who were screaming back at me. (Figuratively you know all CAPS) No, I don't think I represent the republican party, we are a party of peaceful conservative gentlemen. Normally found sitting around the table, smoking large cigars and discussing our investments. It was just the whole insane mess of an election that has put me and many of my brothers in the fight or flight mode. Never have I seen such actions on both sides of the political split. Never have I seen such anger. I myself have sent angry letters off to my Senator, who happens to be a big-wig senate minority leader, Tom Dashal. I have done things that I would never believed I could do just months ago. But aside from that, the beliefs that I shout over the web are indeed those of the conservative branch of the Republican Party.

I was angry, but that is no excuse for attacking fellow notebookers, and for that I am sorry. I will try to get over it, so we can get back to the peace and tranquility that is the notebook.


Allein Wed Dec 20 22:01:14 PST 2000

Hi all,
I'm working on some holiday drawings. Hopefully I'll be able to scan them at my boyfriend's house this weekend. I have two Christmas ones (one for X-mas, one for X-mas eve), a Chanukah one and a New Years picture.

Mary Wed Dec 20 21:57:41 PST 2000

TINA: If you are looking back for when you won the prize, it was Saturday. :-)

Mary Wed Dec 20 21:53:23 PST 2000

RACHEL: Whew.....boy am I glad that I am not the only one that thinks on the level I do. I have seriously considered changing the name of short shortie night over it. But I can't bear to part with all the little 'slips of the tongue' over the phrase. No, short shortie night is here to stay.

My favorite one this past week was from Tina which I didn't say anything about at the time because I was just giggling too hard. It went something like:

"I was a very bad girl and did not put in a short shortie last night..."

hehe....sorry but that one is classic. High fives to TINA! She get's the wicked grin prize of the week.

Hugs to all, and I hope you don't start being super careful about the way you phrase things like that now, because I am having way to much fun. See ya.

Oh yeah, technically it is Thursday so I guess I can say, "Please post your short shorties tonight! If not I will really miss them!"

Wed Dec 20 21:29:10 PST 2000

Peace be with you

Rhoda Wed Dec 20 20:18:40 PST 2000


I take no offense whatsoever. I personally do not know how representative a republican I am, nor do I really care right now. I only know that after a grueling month of the presidential mess, I am sick and tired of politics--so much so I will not look at the news on the Internet or listen to any politcal talk shows. When I come here and see it discussed I get suddenly very tired.

Let us take a rain check on all that please, Americo. Passion is tiring and I am afraid that all my political passion is spent up. I just do not like to see my friends upset and I do not want to beat this dead horse election thing anymore.

Just stick around. You will learn more in time.


Rachel Wed Dec 20 20:05:57 PST 2000

Americo - Drat! I thought you were all going to get wicked and lusty (grins)! That would have been some fun reading.

Ah well, I see that it is not to be (sad face).

Allein - I'll look forward to the pictures (hugs).

All - I haven't put in a shortie for a long time. I use the word "ass" in my story. If it is going to offend you then don't read the short.

This short is the short of a short that I felt was a little long for the notebook. Yes, it is a true story. If there is anything not quite right about it, that would be due to the fact that I wrote it in about five minutes. I don't have a lot of time these days (sad face).

Some Sweet Ass

I was early, I was always a little bit early. I enjoy going into the schools and listening to the other mother’s talk. It was enlightening and reassuring to hear that all schools seemed to have the same problems. Every school had a bully. Every school had that kid that cried day and night. Every school had the teacher from 1902, that should have retired in 1903, yet was still teaching in 2000.

The conversation this afternoon focused on the sweet ass of one of the male staff members of the school. I listened with interest to what the women were saying. I, after all can appreciate a tight toush as much as the next gal.

Being married doesn’t mean you don’t have eyes anymore. Eye candy is always a nice treat, I was looking forward to a good eye full. Apparently the source of erotic delight would be coming our way shortly.

I thought about the staff members of the school. I knew each of them quite well. I could not think of any of the male teachers whose asses would qualify as an eye candy. I decided that they must be talking about a substitute. I knew several young teachers who floated in the district who had what could be called “a sweet ass”.

A flurry of movement and a rush of whispers told me that the owner of the ass was coming our way. I watched as the women shifted for the best positions to observe this wonder.

When he came into sight I knew it was an ass to end all asses. It was sweet as sweet could be. My husband held out his hand, “You ready to go Rach?”
I placed my hand in his and stood up with a smile for only him, “Yes.”

The next time that I picked my husband up from that school the conversation that greeted me was not nearly as animated or as interesting as the talk of my husbands behind and the things that these women would have liked to have done to him and his sweet ass.

Oh well...

Jerry Ericsson Wed Dec 20 19:16:19 PST 2000

So, who could pass up a shorty night?

“He should have won, you know that if the damn judges would have let the count go on!’

“Ya, well maybe, but it is way to late now, it’s all over.” Ralph said, as he pulled up the long zipper on the naugahide bag.

“If they just would have listened to reason, it’s just not fair!”

“Grab that handle, the top one there.”

“Come on, you know I’m right, he would have won if they would have counted them right”

“Well we will never know now, even if someone does count now, they won’t use the same standard as the election people did.”

“But it just ain’t right, this is America damn it, the voters are the ones who are supposed to have the say, not some damn court!”

“Lift over that railing there, he is just too stiff to make the corner on these narrow steps.

“You think it would have made a difference if he would have won?”

“Well he sure as hell wouldn’t have shot himself if he did win now would he?”

“Ya, guess you’re right, but he sure would have made a good mayor.”

Allein Wed Dec 20 18:54:50 PST 2000

Rachel - I hope to have some pictures developed after Christmas. I have some of Pepper that I hope to get scanned and then I'll put them on my webpage.

Americo Wed Dec 20 18:53:19 PST 2000

Jerry and Rhoda,

Are your thoughts in any way representative of the Republican ideal? Do the other American Republicans think like you?

I'm asking this because I'm here to learn and I think the NB should be informative. I hope you do not take this as a personal attack on your intelligent, creative selves.

Americo Wed Dec 20 17:39:03 PST 2000


Hot nights on the NB just means something funny to mellow things.

This NB has done much progress in some items. The shorties night was a good contribution for that progress, for instance. But it needs more humor.

Rachel Wed Dec 20 16:50:56 PST 2000

Allein - Hi you. I have been enjoying your picture of the day. I like your characters. I really have to send you some of my drawings. I have the characters set out for the story I will do for my daughter. Now I just need the story (grins). The hardest part will be in keeping it to a reasonable length.

I also received your Christmas card. thank you (smiles and hugs). Glad mine reached you. I hope to have the pictures developed soon.

All - Things have been a little hot on the ole notebook. I hope that all will mellow as time goes along.

Rhoda - I know people in Canada who flip right out over political stuff. I tend to be quite mellow. I only ever talked openly about my political feelings once to a friend. That was the day that I turned out to have somebody else listening in on my line! Can you imagine? Now some person I don't even know knows how, why and what was the motivation behinde my vote.

Mary - So, you only want him for his short, shortie... Uh, is it only me or does that sound wicked as sin (grins).

Americo - Hot stuff! Yum, yum, yummy! What sort of rules would we have around the writing of what is to be considered hot and what would be considered not? Would it all just be a personal taste thing? Taste... Hum, this could be an interesting set of stories. I might just come out of the shadows for those ones (wicked grins).

All - Okay, preggers woman will not get her mind out of the gutter.

Take care all,


Eddie Wed Dec 20 16:48:05 PST 2000

As it's now Thursday where I am, I thought I'd get my shortie in.

Happy Christmas Pete

Three shots rang out in the still night air. I gripped my 'gat' just a little tighter and looked through the slit in the corrugated steel wall in front of me.

It looked almost beautiful out there. The frost had settled heavily on everything around, white light from the outdated street lamps added to the Christmas card image out in front. I looked for signs of trouble within my arc of observation then quickly radiod in a 'shots heard' report.
Low velocity, probably large calibre hand gun.
Not on my patch.
Sighing resignedly, I settled back into the shadows to wait out the rest of my Stag. I checked my watch, reading the illuminated fingers easily.
Quarter to midnight. Two hours left then it was sausage baps and a cup of strong hot tea. I might even manage to write a quick letter home before I fell onto my bunk for a couple of hours sleep.

The cold really started to bite during the second hour. Thin steel and sand bags do little to insulate a body from cold night air, and two by three yards of enclosed space leaves little room for warming exercise. I stamped my feet and blew warm air into my gloved palms. Keeping well back from the weak light coming through the observation slit I lifted my gat and used the optics of the night sight to sweep the area in front one more time. There was little else to do.

Pretty soon I would start talking to 'Pete'. Pete was a bundle of rags stuffed into a combat jacket, wearing a black visored helmet on his 'head'.
He was placed right up against the slit. All of the sangars had a Pete. All of the Petes' had bullet damage around the head and shoulders.

Sounds of a scuffle drifted in from the street below. I moved across the floor to better the angle for seeing out in that direction.
Drunks, a petty squabble. The sound faded slowly as they moved on down the street. Deathly silence soon enveloped my little world once more.

I'm a kid again, I've sneaked downstairs to give the presents under the tree their customary prodding, feeling and shaking. I've opened a few chocolates hanging so temptingly from the lower branches and ever so carefully reshaped the sliver and gold wrappings, placing the now empty shapes back exactly as they were before.

I'm a very grown up sixteen year old. We have been chased from the pub by the red nosed manager but we've got an adult to get us a couple of bottles of cider and we're having a ball. We are all wearing tinsel and Santa hats, we're kissing all the girls.

I look at my watch again. It's midnight.
'Happy Christmas Pete.'

Mary Wed Dec 20 14:57:12 PST 2000

HOWARD: ;-P..... you know I want you back for more than your short shortie.

Richard Wed Dec 20 14:31:23 PST 2000

Please stop the politics!! They're on every board I read right now!! Unless your writing a political thriller, please no politics...

Lets see, checklist... Tech done, English done, Science NOT DONE... KalidorWorX in desperate need of update... haven't sketched in ages... haven't written in several days... urg...

Don't you wish you could just put life on 'freeze-frame' sometimes?

- Richard

Eddie Wed Dec 20 14:19:10 PST 2000

I said earlier that I thought you suspected.
P Cushing (Peter) was the actor who played the venerable Dr. Van Helsing in the Hammer Horror films. Dr Helsing was a fictional character set in Victorian times. He spent his time hunting and slaying Vampires, usually played by his oppo. Chrisopher Lee, hence the Victorian mode of speech.
I enjoyed playing Dr Van Helsing. Thank you.

Jerry Wed Dec 20 13:26:41 PST 2000

Ok, I will check in next week when I have cooled off

Rhoda Wed Dec 20 13:19:08 PST 2000

American contributers should follow the example of their Canadian, Austrailian and European friends who don't make a big deal of politics. I am going to ponder that difference as I go make supper tonight. Perhaps other nationalities are a bit wiser, more diplomatic?

Shame on you, Americo. Jerry can you not see that it doesn't take much right now to push your buttons? Lighten up, friend.


Rhoda Wed Dec 20 13:12:56 PST 2000

Republican and Proud of It!

So make speeches. I'll not waver.

Jerry ~ Wed Dec 20 12:58:12 PST 2000

Americo - So even you, the man who does not even reside within this nation are against the Republican party, by making such remarks, you are only keeping our minds ON the political differences, not keeping them off. I thought better of you, I guess I was mistaken!


howard Wed Dec 20 12:48:43 PST 2000

AMERICO -- Thanks, but I don't know now if I want to come back or not, now that I know Mary only wants me for a "short shortie..."

Jerry Wed Dec 20 12:17:50 PST 2000

Did you miss it, mixed within my political rants was the notice I POSTED A STORY IN **P**


Americo Wed Dec 20 12:10:22 PST 2000


Were you Cushing? Only you could be so gallant and dare to face monsters like Frankenstein and (cannot remember the others)...

Who's in charge of the hot nights? Tina perhaps? I'll ask Jon.

Howard: there will be no more "fringe element rants". You can come back. But you must make a presidential speech (hopefully against the Republicans...)

Eddie French Wed Dec 20 11:26:22 PST 2000

No, Not T.O.M.
Not bigfoot either.
I doubt I could be as wise as The Old Man.

Allein Wed Dec 20 10:56:56 PST 2000

Hi everyone!!
Todays picture is of cute little Prince Azol. I don't have an adult picture of him yet.

Rhoda Wed Dec 20 10:25:23 PST 2000


I am so happy for you that you will have your family with you. There is nothing better at Christmas time. Your grandchildren are truly precious. It will be just me, Frank and the kids this Christmas because after our move we just don't have the inclination to travel all the way to Louisville, KY to see Frank's parents. Besides my husband's brother and his four kids will be visiting there and there is simply no room with our brood also. My father will be in California around Christmas time visiting friends.

Dare I ask, Eddie, if you are The Old Man? He has not been around lately, whoever he is, and I miss his imput. Surely you are not Sasquatch. I really cannot picture that. Sasquatch is merely Sasquatch and is like no other. But if you are that character then I have even more respect for your creative abilities.

It is so quiet here today. I cannot believe that I am Wedensday's first post. Perhaps I should get some rousing political topic going to stir some excitement. No, just kidding. I really do not want to do that. Hopefully everyone is just building up steam for tomorrow's shortie night.

Happy writing,


Tina Tue Dec 19 23:53:28 PST 2000

Hello all!

Laura, I just e-mailed you a crit on chapter 3. Let me know if you don't get it. Can't wait to read more!

Mary, no book yet. Can't wait!

I so happy! I'm typing happily on my new ergonomic keyboard! My in-laws are going away for the holiday so we already did our Christmas thing with them. They gave me my keyboard! Yay :-D !!!!! My wrists aren't sore, my errors are fewer, my fingers happy!

Bedtime for me. Happy dreams all!

Mary perfectlydotcalm@last check Tue Dec 19 21:56:52 PST 2000

EDDIE: Sorry, I thought I was fairly calm in my last post. I didn't say anything derogatory about anyone here. I think everyone here is great. I refrained from any sort of contribution whatsoever to this debate all along. Thought it would be safe to throw in my two cents at the end.

Can I send an email to Howard now? We need him for short shortie night Thursday.


Jerry Tue Dec 19 20:41:40 PST 2000

Eddy, No, sorry never made it on R and R, I just took in-cuntry R&R's, two of them at China Beach. Not a great place to rest and recreat, but it was cheep, and I didn't have a lot of money back then, most of what I had, I sent home for my wife and son to live on.


Eddie French Tue Dec 19 19:23:27 PST 2000

Hi Rhoda,
Strange how we always get together around Christmas Time.
Kyesha and Cassius have just left for home.
Kyesha is two years old now, and has (almost) grown out of her respatory problems. They managed to get a posting in UK and now live in Newcastle (Just 175 miles away to the North)
Kyesha just loves her 'Gan Gan'

Eddie French Tue Dec 19 19:15:36 PST 2000

One of my very favourite things about HK was the way that you could walk into a record shop and pick up an LP, ask the shopkeeper to transfer the disk onto cassette and come back an hour or two later (after a walk around the bars) and pick up the cassette for a fraction of the cost of the LP.
Talk about copyright infringement!!
Another of my fav's was the Midnight Market. What a lifesaver for insomniacs. This Market was situated in Wan Chai, opened up at midnight and went through till six am.
What a place. I wonder what the place is like now?

Rhoda Tue Dec 19 19:08:37 PST 2000

The Old Man,

Where have you been hiding lately? Strange that you have not posted for awhile. I hope you are still alive and well.


Eddie French Tue Dec 19 18:59:10 PST 2000

It is quite possible that you and I have shared a pint of San Mig in a HK bar back in 70/71/72.
Perhaps the Back door club in Wan Chai
The Yellow Submarine in Kowloon
What say you?

Jerry Tue Dec 19 18:43:57 PST 2000

Eddy - I did get the grand tour of Khe San but a year and months after the famous action took place there. You see there was an operation in 1971 called of all things, Lam San 719. The idea of the operation was to have the Army of Vietnam go into Laos to block the Ho Chi Mhin trail. My unit, the 18th Eng, 45th Gp was tasked with building a road from Khe San into Laos. I was with the task force running a radio relay back to the Headquarters in Da Nang. When I was there, however it was quite peaceful and very quiet compared to what the Marines faced in '68.


Jerry Tue Dec 19 18:37:32 PST 2000

The above points to a very good article that I agree with 100%, the premis of the article is that Al Gore SHOULD be the 43rd President. A must read for all political pundents in this notebook.


Eddie French Tue Dec 19 18:04:35 PST 2000

Hello again all,
Don't apologise to me, after all, it is your wonderful Celts who are causing this Isle to tilt at the bottom end. Of course, we could not send them all back up top. How drab this end would be without them.
By the way, I never noticed the changes, being right on the pivot point.

Now, an apology to all. You see, I have never really been away for as long as you think I have. As we were all experimenting with alter egos, I thought I would have a go too. I think Americo had an inkling at one time regarding my alter ego.
Anybody care to have a guess?

I have also kept a low profile during the American election debacle. (Who could blame me)
Boy....the claws really came out.
Rhoda.....A lioness at heart it becomes apparent.
Jack.......surprisingly polically minded.
Jerry......Of course, a VET through and through.
Mary.......Not so dot calm.
By the way Jerry, I have been watching the discovery programs depicting Khe San, were you anywhere near there?
What a tough eighty something? days. I met many of your compatriots on R&R in HK back then. Good men all.
Ok, who is the other me?

Allein Tue Dec 19 15:32:02 PST 2000

Richard - I've added you to the list. :)

Rachel - I got your card in the mail today. Thanks. Pretty glittery snowflakes. It doesn't take much sometimes to make me happy. :)

Heather - Thank you.


PS: I'm working on a new webpage, hopefully it will be up and running soon.

Heather Tue Dec 19 14:00:24 PST 2000

Well, hello there, politically distressed ones. Fear not, for the Jolly Old Elf is on his way, and he'll leave large dollups of reindeer poop in the appropriate stockings! (He did away with coal years ago to be environmentally correct - you can use the poop, if, heaven forbid you get any in YOUR old sock, for growing the most odiferous roses in 2001.)

I have an incling that G.W. AND A.G. both already have some pretty nice roses.

How about the rest of you?

Giggling and running away...

P.S. Allein! Great stuff you've been sending! :)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue Dec 19 13:55:28 PST 2000

Ok, ok, I am done with this, I don't know how many times I will say that, but THIS TIME FOR SURE!

I have posted my first contribution to **P** in the workbook for your reading pleasure, pleas feel free to comment, be they good or bad, after all that is what we are here for, not political reasons of course.

It is sad that this has split this nation, and for that matter this notebook. I guess I was right the first time when I said this is no place for politics.


Oh, and sorry about the double post, one of those double click where I should have single clicked things I guess.

Richard Scott Tue Dec 19 13:55:10 PST 2000

Allein, can you add me to the POTD list, and send me all the previous ones you've posted, because I still get 'Hosted by Angelfire' images.

- Richard

Rosemary Tue Dec 19 11:50:29 PST 2000

Hello everyone,
I went to the magazine and printed out "A MATTER OF TIME". It was a great story but didn't corospond faintly with *A's description and was written by a woman. You know how names are, you never know but I thought Litter was a man. I went back to the notebook and sure enough, I read the wrong story, so I'm going back to get the right one. To anyone interested, the above listed story was brilliant and I think especially RACHEL would like it. It is in the same genre of one of hers I talked to her about a few months ago.
(that was a really really bad sentence.)

Politically incorrect,

howard Tue Dec 19 11:33:39 PST 2000

Will someone please send me a note when we're done with the fringe element (BOTH EXTREMES) rants?

Allein Tue Dec 19 11:26:39 PST 2000

Oooh!! Today's picture is of Rags' little angel - Tanek! :) She's cute. I drew this one from a picture of Chibiusa from Sailor moon. :)

Thumper Tue Dec 19 11:08:44 PST 2000

I only like bushes you can hide in, and gorey things remind me of the day my 49th child was caught by the fox who lives under the stump of the cedar tree tipped over in the big storm last year. My wife still cries about that.

I held a vote and everyone in the forest agrees that Flower is gonna spray anyone who breaks the golden rule. We all know the golden rule so I'm not gonna recite it. Then, maybe, all the other forest creatures will come back to this meadow and talk about writing, and family, and Christmas, and the latest thing to inspire them to great heights of writing, and offer critiques to those brave souls who've posted bits of their hard work, and maybe post a bit of their own.


Jerry Tue Dec 19 10:38:34 PST 2000

Rhoda, Thank you for the complement, no I can no longer get the Rush Limbaugh show on the radio, seems that the radio station manager of the station which carried the show thought he was a bit to conservative for his tastes. I do from time to time find his show at however most of the time the bandwidth stops the show from making it to my computer. No, those are my feelings, I am not simply parroting Rush Limbaugh. I was going to let it go, I planned on not saying another word about the election, after all G.W. Bush did win the election 4 times now, and will in fact be sworn in as our nations president, however the uncalled for attack on the Republican party by the liberal fringe here at the notebook caused me to react, and I will defend my beliefs no matter who attacks them. When will the democrats give up and support the United States of America, after all this nation belongs to ALL the people. What the U.S. Supreme Court did was to stop the insanity that was started by Vice President Gore, when he became the first presidential candidate in the long history of our great nation to contest a presidential election. There have been many close races yet the Vice President could not resist the temptation to do every thing in his power to ste