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Jack - I would have LOVED to go to the anime convention - lots of people I knew went! But I'm poor. :( Glad you had fun though. :) Someday, I'm gonna get my butt to one of those anime conventions though.

Allein Allein's World 4-29-2001 12:53

NGI: I read the thing you posted about Gallipoli. I have to agree with everyone else. I was too short and there wasn't enough detail. I'm a wwI buff--try again.

So my son phoned us last night from Banff, having missed the night before and feeling bad about it, because he knows how his mother gets. When he phoned to tell us that they all arrived safe and sound, he added: But whew, it was a close one Mommy, especially when the tires on the bus went over the side of the cliff and we went down the road on two wheels. She screamed at him and he laughed, saying, just kidding Mommy.

He calls her Mommy on the phone for the sake of the others in the room with him--two of them are seniors (grade12). He told her he hates being there though, because the food is terrible--buffet dinners and continental breakfasts! He says he hates being responsible and having to pick up after himself, or clean up the bathroom when he leaves. He says he misses having her yell at him to do everything. When she asked him how his day was yesterday, he said: Wow Mommy, I'm lucky to be alive because Iwas chased by a cougar and barely got away. Just shittin' ya Mommy, he said when she screamed. I don't know how she lets herself fall for those lines, but she does. We had invited a friend over and she was sitting beside me on the freezer in the garage--we were all having a smoke together--and she was laughing, grinning, just watching the wife's face light up as she spoke to her first born--(at times like this, he's not "our" first born, but hers; she doesn't say "our" son called, but "my" son). She was jumping up and down in one spot after she hung up, laughing, saying how happy she was that he missed her as much as she missed him. She told him things just aren't normal around here. There's milk in the fridge, and juice, and the left overs aren't being eaten, and the food isn't being eaten. Which is all true. He thinks the juice container is his own personal drinking cup. Now he's off to Edmonton for the day where hopefully he'll see my brother, and then one more day and home on Tuesday. Of course, I'll be on the afternoon shift and won't see him until Wednesday.

Now does anybody know, or is perhaps old enough, to remember about the Mau Mau uprising back in the early sixties? Anything about it? I'm trying to think out a background history for a story and thought that it might be a good place to put it. It's still open, the story I mean: It's like wet cement--whatever falls on it makes an impression.

Anyways, gotta go. The wife's gonna have to wake up and get ready for work, so that means the daughter and I have to sit at home and do the laundry I guess--okay, I have to do it, she'll be watching T.V. probably. But that's because it's pouring outside. Rainy day Sundays. I used to love those when I was a kid...still do as a matter of fact. Hard wind and rain! Great walking weather as my mother used to say when we were younger, and then she'd go out the door.

BEN 4-29-2001 12:13

Ah, for those who read my story in the workbook, please disregard the name change on the woman at the end of the story

Jerry Ericsson 4-29-2001 11:58

Hi there all,

I think there is something wrong with the Notebook??? I posted last night and included the name of a publisher that I thought HEATHER might be interested in for Phantasium. I reread it after posting and this morning, all that is left is my **Rosemary** that was at the top. There are a lot of choppy posts with no name lately.

If you saw the post and want the name of the Publisher, let me know. Or if you want to read the post, I'll try to do it again. Hopefully a little clearer.

About Ghosts,
I don't ablolutely not believe in them, I just haven't met any or seen evidence of them or met anyone who knows one. There are a lot of theories around that I feel the same way about. I also feel there are a lot of people making a living by exploiting those who do believe. This goes for ghosts, religion, aliens, and a whole raft of other things.

That ought to be enough for now.

Rosemary 4-29-2001 11:36

Looks like my post ran away before fully clothed, too, Mark!

I was going to tell you that since I sent you my ms, there has been an increase in conflict.

Better keep this short or my post may get a haircut.

Heather (blushing) 4-29-2001 11:00

*** Mark *** Wow. Whole bunch of my stuff fell off the bottom of my post to NGI.

Mark 4-29-2001 10:56

4-29-2001 7:05

This would be my last post for awhile...PERTH HERE I COME!!
If I get the urge I'll do a rewrite of that Ghost story, if you send phantasium off. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT send that one of mine with it...At least not until I can fix it up

At least I got something ro work on on the train...

All this talk this week about war and anzacs on the radio and tv, has refreshed my memory about a war story I was going to write...But never got around to it.

I will let you all know if I goto Freo Jail...And maybe I put in the wrong story for phantasium...Too late now, i have made a commitment to stick with something

My Elvis thing went well last night, dressed up in the gold suit, big intro music, but only a couple of songs
Crowd there was larger than I had expected...That was good

Sorry about long post, this will be last one for about 5-6 days

taylor 4-29-2001 5:51

Just got back from going to a local Anime Convention this afternoon as part of my advertising for Westercon56 and had occasion to pick up a couple of DVD's. One was Vampire Hunter, something I have seen part of before. Another was Ghost in the Shell directed by Mamoru Oshii. Just got through watching on my big screen television along with a new sound system. I was more than blown away. I WANT MORE. This was really really cool and the story line and the graphics were impressive. Only problem is Ghost in the Shell seems to be Oshii's latest project that has made it to an English DVD. Cannot seem to find anything else. However, this may be the spring board for me to get a lot more interested in anime. I do have some other pieces in my collection including the Logoss War and Princess Mononoke. I just stuck around after our small event for Westercon for about an hour. Now I think I will get just a wee bit more involved in anime. This is impressive, adult, well written and engaging. Now, I believe, I will sit down and watch Vampire Hunter for the first all the way through. Take care all. Nice day to discover a whole new realm of appreciation.

Jack Beslanwitch

Ah, Mark, have added some conflict since I sent Symphony, so there has been a bit of 'upping the stakes'. Thinking now about the conflict issue - how to up it even more...

read your shortie in phantasium Jerry...

That would be the first and last family to live in that house after the girl died, I shoul learn to proofread BEFORE I push the send button.

Jerry 4-29-2001 0:55

Oh, I guess I didn't tell you how the little girl who haunted our farmhouse came to be there, it all happened some fifteen years before we moved on the place. There was a young couple, the grandson of the old man who rented us the place that lived there. They had a young daughter who was only four years old, and a large German Shepard dog. It seems that one day the little girl got outside, when her mother failed to lock the screen door, and was playing beside the well when the dog attacked her and ripped a huge hole in her throat. The mother in panic on hearing her child screaming ran from the house, and beat the dog off with a spade, then grabbed up her little daughter and brought her into the house, and lay her on the kitchen table that was in front of the kitchen window. The poor little child lay there and bled to death as the mother sobbed over her. The couple were so heart broken that the moved from the farm shortly thereafter. We were the first and last family to live in that farmhouse. I often think of the poor little thing there in that old house all alone. Well the house is gone now, and I don't know much about what happens to ghosts after the house is gone, I would guess she is still there, nodding her head back and forth as she always seemed to appear to those who saw her there.

Unfortunately I have not seen a ghost for quite a number of years, but I felt presences.

Ghosts - I believe in ghosts. *singing* Casper, the friendly ghost...

Rosemary - scoff if you will about there being real ghosts. I know there are. How you may ask? Well I have seen a couple of them, in fact I spent a couple of years growing up sharing a house with one. I only got fleeting glances of her, but other members of my family saw her many times. She caused one of my uncles to quit drinking, one of my aunts who fled when she saw her, taking her own kids with her, and leaving us alone refused to ever visit us in that house again. Oh they are real. I saw one once in a graveyard, while on patrol. Now you may say that I was looking for one, and found what I was looking for, but you would be wrong. I regularly made passes through the grave yard because there had been vandalism. One night as I was passing through, I saw movement, and hit it with the spot light of my patrol car. What I saw could not have been alive, it was the torso of a person, no head, no legs floating sort of, bobbing if you will from the railroad tracks that border the west end of the cemetery to one gravestone, then it disappeared. I drove over to headstone, and it was the grave of a nice lady who burned to death at that very railroad crossing only a couple of months before. Oh they are real, probably not all of them that are the subject of stories around the campfire, but there are spirits of the dead among us. I think it is simply a matter of being in the right place (or wrong depending on how you look at it) at the right (wrong?) time.

Sorry, Not Giving It (Can I call you NGI for short?), but it's too skimpy on details. That thing assumes we are all WWI buffs and know the quirky things that lead to the unnecessary loss of those regiments.

I'm just surprised there's not more books on Ghosts, even though there's more crap ones than good ones


That bad huh?

Not giving it 4-28-2001 23:01

Yeah, Yeah. That thing in the Workbook about Gallipoli . . . What was that? That was the tables of contents, right?

Mark 4-28-2001 22:58

** Mark **

Anyone read the short story on Workbook

Randall: It was not that no need to be sorry, I just didnt catch the full conversation and just wandered why the guys running barefoot thing


Randall "Red Face"

to be really SICK I mean.


Melanie: You're right! I enjoy living here most of the time. It's home, but I sure wouldn't stay here if I didn't have my family here. That's what makes it so great. There's nothing like coming home after working really hard all week. I have one bad week a month where I go out early and get home about 8:00PM. Luckily my husband can change his hours to be with my daughter but I miss them and it bothers me.


That makes sense,

Hello all - what was this moving and not telling me about it :p

Hi every1 its me again

Hello everyone. Thanks for the well wishes. Still sick, but oh well. It's the first bug I've caught all winter or spring, so I can't complain too much.

Just a note, I checked that page again, he put my little article on page one!

Jerry Ericsson Conservative Redneck Page 4-28-2001 0:44

** JERRY**

i sasquatch for get to manner. tired i think. this is nice place to be. very nice i sasquatch thank jack person for allow to be here. i must go.

sasquatch 4-28-2001 0:09

hello? is this where my humans friends are staying now? i sasquatch have been fearing we are lost but Yeti seeking can find friend most time. i sasquatch have looked on much waters and have found one humans old man person and carried to high place out of the water. he was afraid to see sasquatch but i could not think of that. it was you say comical to see him look at sasquatch, eyes get big, look at bottle in hand, look at sasquatch, look at bottle, throw away bottle and speak with the one i think. but safe now. i must go.

sasquatch 4-28-2001 0:06

No I havent ran through an open field of sand barefooted. But yes I was brought up in a large city, now I live in a smaller one

Just a note - I offered one of my old themestream articles to that fellow who runs the Conservative page, and he has accepted it. Kind of nice to see it back where it can be read again.


Kitty - It's the one hosted by the International Women's Writer's Guild. :)

Allein Allein's World 4-27-2001 19:41

Hallee: You certainly know how to leave a reader hanging on a cliff. Romancing the Skyze is that the title of the story or the publication? I like my mysteries with a little romance. Who do you read? Who would you say is your greatest influence?


Laura Claire chronicles 4-27-2001 18:15

Hey everyone I'M GRADUATING!!!!!!!!!!!



Tina - Feel better soon! *gives her a bowl of chicken soup* I can put goldfish crackers in there, or real goldfish if you want. :)

Allein Allein's World 4-27-2001 16:59


Litter, I think what they were referring to was the growth of the collumer juniper bushes, which are known to grow only at that point and some point in Russia. They are the juniper bushes that normally grow along the surface of the earth, but because of the coal gas, they grow straight up, much like a pine tree. It is said that should you cut a branch and start a bush outside the area, it will return to the earth, and grow as it should. There have been cases where whole plants have been transplanted, they continue to grow, but fall to the ground and grow as they should. I think the reason for this growth is the arid region where the vein is, that being the badlands, which are mostly sand, with very little plant growth. They are wonderful places to tour on horseback, or in a four wheel drive jeep (for the open top you know).

Check out

Hello all: Just got around to sitting down and watching 'Looking For Forester'. It got mixed reviews when it first came out, some claiming it was too derivative of Good Will Hunting. However, I liked it more. That could be a function of the fact that this is a movie all about those consumed by their respective muses and the burden of the same. Connery does a great job and overall, I am glad I acquired a copy for myself. Hope everyone is doing well. Will look forward to all who elect to come to the social. I am still planning on trying to get some Copper River. We will see.

Jack Beslanwitch 4-27-2001 5:37

thanks for the input people, and no teekay, I'm not upset or hurt by yours or any others comments.

Deafinattly, Edgar, I leened how to speel that way to.

Hey all! I get to go to a writer's conference in New York this summer which means I get to meet Cassandra and Sqrl (some of you may remember her). :D


*****Rachel***** :0) ;0) :o) ;o)

*****Rachel***** :0) ;0) :o) ;o)


TAYLOR: Just read your phantasium contribution as as you are asking for comments in the notebook, well, here it is:

Lesson Learned -- God, I am so unteachable. People have to whack me with a board to get my attention. I know it's a weakness, but when I try to remember to do something about it, I just get sidetracked.

(JACK cover your eyes now:)

oops. The stuff in the OpenLetters archive to look for is listed under the author name "X" (for "ex"-wife. Get it?)

Mark 4-26-2001 20:53

*** Mark ***

Have a great weekend all! I'm off to Cape Canaveral...




They did quote an article in the American Medical Journal that said a pregnant woman is (I think they said) 40% more likely to be assaulted then here non-pregnant sister. This I think is referring to many of the drunken bastards who, when confronted with their responsibility of caring for a child they were responsible for creating, punch the poor mother in an attempt to rid themselves of 18 years child support. It is a little reported crime that does happen quite regularly. The law is not only to protect the woman, but hold the criminal responsible for any damage to the unborn child. I do recall a case when I worked on the PD, where one of the oil field trash who were working the oil field near the town I worked assaulted a woman who was eight months pregnant for removing his laundry from the dryer when he was in the bar next door drinking and placing her wet cloths in. This being a small town, the man disappeared, and was never heard from again. Now I don't know that he ran (although I suspect he did) or was done in by a relative, but nobody came to report his departure. It was the Sheriff who said he was gone, after searching the county for two weeks in an attempt to arrest him.



JERRY: I am horribly remiss on my local news, but I do know that last week or so there was a mentally retarded man scheduled to be executed here in Ohio. I remember seeing the stay of execution announced on the news to give them time to decide if lethal injection was really something that should be administered to a MR/DD criminal. I don't know what they decided, if anything, I haven't heard anything since the stay.

Mary 4-26-2001 14:33

Taylor: A few thoughts about the guy who paid for (insert name of evil female character here) to clean up his yard: If I refused to pay someone that I hired, and they sprinkled all the stuff back on the lawn, I wouldn't be hiring the SAME people to clean it up AGAIN. If I wouldn't pay the first fee, I sure wouldn't be paying double. When you are thinking up situations to make your baddie look really BAD, make sure if she's taking advantage of others that the other people's actions are logical. This is a big challenge for all action situations like those. It's easy to concentrate on the main character, and their development, but it's still important to scrutinize the actions and apparent logistics the other characters use (or DON'T use, according to their personalities.) Maek sense?

- Yes it is shocking to see that there was a need to pass such legislation, but it was just passed in this congress, that the United States (Federal) Government will not execute a woman with child. This, of course, does not insure that states will not do so. They would also need to pass such a law if they desire that protection. I am sure some have it, our state does, I believe as well as having a stipulation that they will not execute someone who is mentally retarded. Oh how understanding a people we are. I do however support a death penalty for the murder of a peace officer, fire fighter (both while in the line of duty) and children, there must be a special place in both the law and hell for those who take the life of a child.

Oh gosh I was up all night again last night doing the dance of vomiting twins.




JERRY: Yes, the topic for tonight was "teaching or learning a lesson" or something like that.


**from MEL** for those who need to know now! (I'm not sure I have a style yet, JACK) :-/

I did not know I had that shortie in me...WOW!!



here are a few notes

Well, my contest entry is a bust. But at least I don't have to feel like I failed. The ezine went bust, its a no fault match. Damn it anyway. Here is the email they sent me:

boo at my story??

taylor 4-26-2001 10:25

Taylor - I like Della for a baddie. For other names how about Jaden, Kenna, Veronica or Aja?

Howard! OHhhhhh! Skunk strips! (A little like chicken, with a pungent aroma and basil, served on a bed of rice or pasta...) YUCK!:-) Sorry about the breakfast turnoff!

its not sci fi

TAYLOR: It just occured to me that I don't know what genre you write. If you are writing Sci-fi, those names will probably not fit the bill and I apologize.

Mary 4-26-2001 10:12



also I have a slight problem, could someone help me with female's name for a baddie.

Christi: I sometimes get scared about writing, this may seem silly.

I just posted my shortie for Phantasium, I will be happy for your comments on it....I think.

*Heather* (like the idea of typing in our names at the top for a while, as acclimatization seems a good idea. I have to keep scrolling back down after I've scrolled up to read whose post it is again - cause I forget it's not at the top)

It's too late for me to say anything other than hi there. I have to get up early--just like any other day--but this time I have to take my kid to school. He's going to Banff and Edmonton with the school band. He has to be at school by six'ish. Renu's up in the kitchen making a huge lunch for him and his friend--burgers and roast beef sandwiches (none for me though)--because it's a 12 hour drive and the information sheet didn't say anything about them stopping for lunch anywhere. Obviously, I won't be writing anything tomorrow morning, but I just wanted to say, TEEKAY, don't worry about me being a minute man, she's a half a minute girl! And HOP, you still have to learn to lighten up a bit. Try laughing once in a while. :-) BTW I know what a rain forest is.

Hello all: Yes, things will remain the same here for the foreseeable future. If I make any more changes, it will be to move the location of the nameing structure to the top of the post. This will mean I have to work through the new script and figure out how I would do that, but at this point I kind of like reading without being sure who is writing and catching from the flavor of the language who it is that is writing. My biggest endeavors for the Notebook will be getting the workbook functioning. Again, the reason for the move and the change, was that the current location of the Workbook and the former location of the Notebook is not long for the world. Or, at least, if the fact that the parent company's recently became and I quote '$6 billion in debt (with a "b"), missed payments to Lucent. 2,000 laid off employees and now going into Chapter 11.' This is from a web site for companies that fail on the internet with a name I will not use here. Given the above I felt it prudent to move the Notebook. I tried using the previous script and was not able to get it working on the new server, so switched to the tdforum version instead. It actually gives me a couple of administrative options that are somewhat nice. So, that is a long winded way of saying that I will not being making many changes and the reason I had to make changes at all.

Jack Beslanwitch 4-26-2001 1:54

Well now, that little cat, called Goldy by my wife, the name accepted by both the cat and my daughter, she is a cute little cat. One of those with real long shaggy fur, looks a bit like a fugative from a 1960's shagg rug. Then count the stub where her tail was (it was a sad sight when my daughter rescued her, the tail was so badly broken bones stuck through, the vet had no choice) She is really fun to watch, as she climbs about. It seems that a cat must have some of it's balance in their tail, or maybe this is just a clumsy cat, but when she jumps up on things, she usually falls once or twice before gaining her ground. Funney you would think she would learn, but she just keeps trying until she makes it. She looks a bit like a rabbit also, with short front legs and long rear, kind of walks down hill all the time. Oh but she is a friendly one, starts to purr loudly when one comes close enough to pick her up, and it just gets louder if you do. Guess I will let her stay till her house is ready again, I can be carefull that long I guess.


Hallee -- Congratulations. Wow. I'll bet you've been light on your feet for two days. Here's to more success.

Mark 4-25-2001 23:25

Uh...Jack...what the?????????????

Top 'o the mornin' to y'all,

ANZAC day yesterday 25/4. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Armed Corps day. It celebrates all those wars Australia and New Zealand went into and remembers and praises those who were in or died in those wars. A veterans day if you like.

Kitty: an interesting idea and could be done with a bit of work. But I suspect we are sufficiently free floating group moving in and out and such that maintaining it would be something of a chore. I will not have time to try to pull that off. If anybody else wants to take it up, I would be willing to host it and maybe even give technical advice on how to pull it off.

Jack Beslanwitch Jack and Fran's Place 4-25-2001 20:29

You guys made me feel so happy and loved that I actually cried. Wow. Thanks. You all are wonderful!

Almost forgot,

Greetings All,


Teekay - Your poem made me sad. :( There were quite a few people in my family who fought in wars - my great-grandfather in WWI and WWII and my grandfather in WWII. I was going to join the army, but they'd probably kick me out for being too much of a b*tch.

Marking territory.

Hi guys!

Two early darts in two days!!!

Hallee - wonderful news, always great when someone succeeds and sells a story.

Christi and Tina - I hope that your nervousness will never stop you from writing. I don't get nervous at all. I can tend to get jumpy if I don't get to write.

Jack: Hard work does pay off. Haven't yet explored the new site fully, but like what I see. I vote for the parchment background. Here's a suggestion for a future graphic, if you like. Is it possible to do (and/or remotely interesting to attempt) a flat map of the world where the location of the various Notebookers was pin pointed. And to add a flourish, if you clicked on a pinpoint, a list of those Notebookers in the general area would pop up in a small box. I like to know where everyone is located, it gives me points of reference. Also, I could better understand the weather thread-hahaha! Just a suggestion.

HALLEE -- Congratulations! Will you remember us when you're rich and famous and hob-nobbing with Danielle Steele and Stephen King and Teekay?

Hello everyone!

Hi, Everyone! :-)

Hallee: Congrats!

Hey everyone!

nuttin like toilet humour, huh?

Wait, Teekay, there hasn't been a fart among us in the new home for the NB!

Mark! That link was scary-true! I laughed so hard reading the bit about Tim Horton's, because just last night I said to Wayne, "I'm going to Tim's; want anything?"

Jon - I am so glad to see you here, I was hoping you would come by. You see there is this new cat who has invaded my home, she came along with the old cat and my daughter when the ceiling of her house came tumbling down on her bed.

Me again. I forgot to check the archived messages. This is what I've been led to believe. Your basic, contemporary, story is written simply, and basic in language and theme. Man meets girl, loses girl, gets her back kinda thing. But written in plain ole language, like right now. That's what I'm led to believe. Literary is something that's written with depth of thought and theme. Instead of writing: the rains came in the night, the literary story would tell you what sort of thought the rain brought with it, what sort of feeling they dropped, and the depression that followed it. A good literary story in a contemporary setting that I can think of right now was, uhm, I just had it, oh yeah, A DEATH IN CANAAN, or something like that. It's just that the language is different. Does that make any sense to anyone. Robert Ludlum was not what was considered a literary writer, nor was Harold Robbins. Two of the most successful writers ever, sold millions and millions of books, but the type of books the so-called critics never took as serious fiction. Now I happen to like both men. Hemmingway's OK, but I don't really like a lot of his Nick Adams stories as far as short stories go. For literary short stories, I refer you all to my favourite SS writer alive today Alice Munro. But all of this of course is speculation on my part. I'm will to listen to anyone's explanation if they can elaborate even further than we seem to have come up with so far.

The web link is in honor of our Canadian and Australian colleagues here in The Notebook.

Mark Link 4-24-2001 23:01

Signing in Jack. Scrolled through the site (you mean there's more here than just the notebook?). I like the names on the bottom part, because when I read, I always start from the bottom anyway. I like to read the posts in order. It took some of the confusion out of it that way, instead of reading replies to questions I don't get to until I get to the bottom. I've always done things sort of bass-akwards I guess.

Mama was in the kitchen

And again.

Me again.

Oh yeah! I've finished reading 'Holding Wonder'. Quite a nice read. I rarely read short stories, except here, so it was a treat. The Big Question is... who would like it next? Hmmm? Hmmmmmm?

Walking around, sniffing in the corners, checking out the view.

Christi! I want to read your new book! Do tell all!

Tina, you hit it on the head. That nervousness is because we're pushing boundaries, creating new artistic endeavors that may, no matter how much we like them, cause someone else to say 'YECHHH!' Not that everyone is going to like what we do, what we write, etc., but being a successful writer in the marketplace tends to be an audience-oriented profession! Of course, writing for our own pleasure is a great break from that. Not near the amount of pressure. That's part of why this forum and shortie night, and the round robins have been so successful! There's no pressure to post, and mistakes can be reconciled.

Posting this again for anyone who hasn't had a chance to read it because it was archived when the new site was put up.

Hail hail the gangs all here!

Wow! New house.

Well, look at this. Good job Jack. It'll take me a while to get use to the names being at the bottom instead of the top but it's fun to guess who it is and then see if I am right. (on the long ones)

OK, everyone. I have archived the messages through the last version of the Notebook on Have been a bit busy getting an antenna put in and getting everything adjusted to receive the local channels here in Seattle in HDTV. They look awesome. This is looking forward to near future when all programming should be produced in HD. The difference is substantial. Point of fact, I liken it to the difference between black and white and color TV. 30% more viewing area and 10 times the resolution of normal analog broadcast television. Take care everyone. Hope this new location and new version of the Notebook is the foundation for a broad range of issues, interactions and improvements on all our parts as we know our existence as authors and ever so close kissing cousins to our muse.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!! Cool, Jack! It's like an adventure, finding a whole new place with all my old friends. I love it.

Jack - LOVE it, I reset my link to the new site, without bouncing off the old, and it loads so much faster then the other. Even thought to purge my cache before the test.


This is a good one.

Thank you Jack,

er. Me again. Eddie - what I meant to say was 'your long post is NOT lost' Somehow that did not come through correctly. Sorry.

4-24-2001 15:13

Hey! This is cool. All new and improved. Looks great Jack.

p.s. Remember everyone that you have to click on the post a message button above to post a message, not just scroll down. Take care.

4-24-2001 15:11

Eddie: No, your long post is long lost. I have it archived. However, just have not had a chance to post the archive from the last little while. It has grown to about 350k. And, more to the point, the way things were set up and stored previously was incompatible with the way the new script works. This does not effect the archives, but makes it difficult for me to archive and leave messages posted from a certain period. So, stay tuned and I will get your message and all the others up on the archive.

Jack Beslanwitch 4-24-2001 15:11

WOW man, what a trip, what the hell was in that can of V* Splash I had for lunch? Clicked on my shortcut to Writers Notebook, and I came to this all new improved site. Is it real or is it LSD?

Jerry Ericsson Stories 4-24-2001 14:29

Great........Just great....First post in weeks and it goes down the tubes.

Yes, me again. Jack, I like the blue highlighted name when we include our email on the header! Very cool.

Wow, now I don't have to sign twice. Nice!

Ha ha!!!! Am I first?

OK, I archived all the messages up to now from the previous Notebook and placed a pass through to our new location. There are still some things to get worked out, but hopefully this is sufficiently well put together that we can get on with the discussion of the writing life. Take care everyone.

Jack Beslanwitch 4-24-2001 13:26

Well, this is beginning to look like it is going to work. With any luck at all I can move everybody over to the new Notebook and reposition the other pages involved. I still have to work on the password protection for the Workbook and work out the details for the Tree form scripting, but that should work as well. Look for that sometime later this week. At any rate, take care all.


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