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Jerry: Fran and my own prayers are with you, your son and your daughter in law. This community has felt many measures of pain and loss and we are sad to hear of yet another. As writers we should have the words to express our sadness, but it is especially at times like this that we are at a loss for those words. Take care and feel our virtual arms around the shoulders of you and yours.


Jack Beslanwitch 5-29-2001 6:12

Teekay: Read your latest Ghost story...A personal thought here, 'Seems better as a UFO story' But it is still a good story though.
Title suggestion: Yesterday, Today? it seems to fit in with it

taylor 5-29-2001 5:34

Jerry: Terrible news to read. You and your family have my deepest sympathy in this time of great sadness.

Kitty 5-29-2001 0:38

SHORTIE NIGHT THEME: Something a little different this week, Folks, but remember that the theme is only a suggestion, please feel free to still contribute outside the topic.

~~Write a poem, any form, under 20 lines, about a beautiful place.~~

Mary 5-29-2001 0:15

JERRY - You're not alone - Good wishes and prayers coming your way.

howard 5-28-2001 19:35


I don't know what to say. My thoughts and prayers go with you.

Rhoda 5-28-2001 14:36

Jerry - My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. ((((HUGS))))

Allein Allein's World 5-28-2001 13:50


Jerry - I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. I send you a hug and a hug to each member of your family.

5-28-2001 13:12

Hi all.

Jerry, I'm sending you what strength I can, and putting you and your family in my prayers. (((HUGS))) for you and you family.

My brain is otherwise unable to focus. Hayfever has destroyed all semblence of intelligent thought, so I'm gonna go find medication and sleep.

Be well.

Tina 5-28-2001 11:02

Yeah! I just registered for a great conference. They gaurantee to pick several manuscripts to publish at this shindig. At last, I stand to get published or at least have a human read my stuff. Glad to tell you more if anybody is interested.


Lola Vincetti 5-28-2001 10:59

I re-read that post and it sounds shallow and hollow. Sorry I can't say the right things on this. What a tough day, and it had to be on your birthday. My best to you and your family.

Tina: Thanks for the encouragement. My ghostie wanders away on me and tricks me, I about have it then it goes off on a terrible tangent and even bores me. It's really playing games. I about have that ghost by the toe though! Give me this week and I think I will, I think I will, I think I will finish it off.

Viv 5-28-2001 10:44

Dear Jerry,
What a rotten birthday. I hope that you have used up all your quota of disasters for the year to come. I wish I could come up with a special day tomorrow. I'll send my wish your way and we'll see what happens.

Heather: Still working on the ghost story. It's evolving and I like the changes. I may have to do a lot of cutting and will show you the finished product. Thank you for all the advice. I'll just keep plugging and maybe this one will turn out the best thing I ever wrote...although in a couple of years I think I'm going to look at it and laugh. At least I'm learning and it's interesting! The title is really beginning to fall in line.

Viv 5-28-2001 10:33


I feel very strongly that they haven't yet invented words to express how sorry I feel for you and your family right now.

Just know that if they had I would be using them.

My prayers are with you. I hope your daughter in law doesn't give up her dream to have a family.


Debra 5-28-2001 9:15


our best thoughts go to you, my friend.

Americo 5-28-2001 8:43

JERRY: I'm so terribly sorry. I've been there too many times, and I know there is nothing really for anyone to say. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family, and I send you warm hugs.

Thank you, everyone, for all of your warm thoughts and hugs. I love this place.

Hallee 5-28-2001 6:53

Jerry: Sympathetic thoughts to you and your family, wish I could do more wish I could say more...

My muse came home to me Saturday night finally. After the past life thing.
Heres a 'piece' for lack of a better word.

'There comes a major change in one's life, when they could look at their own reflection and honestly say they hate the way they are. For example.
"I am fat, I am unfit, I could be a better person" One might say.
"I have TERRIBLE habits"
But when you are able to say that about yourself, you know it is time to make that change, kick the habit and do what you can about yourself.
When you are unhappy with who you are, you are ready to go forward. For one time at least, stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself exactly what you think. Out aloud so you can hear the words.
Make the necessary change ASAP

taylor 5-28-2001 5:13

P88 for all of you who are wondering, is a top secret story about a girl who keeps getting her fingers all knotted up when it comes to the caps lock key.

(Psssssst JACK, I meant P**, but tell no one.)

Teekay 5-28-2001 2:40

JACK: Do you think we made need a new page for P88? It takes me about 1 235567 light years to load the page. (Could just be me though.)

Teekay 5-28-2001 2:37


JERRY: (((((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))) I am so so sorry that this has happened. I feel dreadful about it, so I can barely imagine how you must be feeling. (((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

HEATHER: What's this I hear about wisdom teeth not making you wise?????
Stop spreading such vile untruths I say!

Can't wait to read your ghostie.

ROSEMARY: Nor yours.

CHRISTI: I got it, I got it. I got contact, but, umm, but there's no writing book there.
Did you not send it? I hope that's the case because I'd hate to think that maybe it fell out of the packet, though it did seem well sealed.


Teekay 5-28-2001 2:30

Jerry, I'm so sorry. I wish you and your family the best, and my deepest sympathies are with you. If you don't come by the notebook for a while we'll understand, but any time you want to talk, or maybe just read a little bit of what's going on, we'll be here.
If this gets archived before you get back, I'll gladly write it over and over until you get this message. I'll miss you while you're gone; I hope your wife and son and daughter in law are all going to be just fine.
And maybe 51 will prove to be a happier birthday.

Happy 49th Jack!

And belated Happy Birthday to Christi!


My sizzle just waned away there.
I was just about to sit down and write my ghostie for P** when I refreshed the posts and there was Jerry's most recent. I might take a hiatus for a few minutes, and write the ghostie in my Corel Word program or something. Take a few skips through the net and see if I can't lift the funk. Maybe if I ... *sigh* I don't know. Now I'm boggled.

Teekay: I've added a sentence or two to the latest scene to make the time frame clearer - it's not enough to send it again I don't think, but I'll just give you the idea: After Piper feels better (before last scene) & she goes to the pub in the afternoon, she sits there drinking and muddling in thought until sometime into the night. (This I didn't bother mentioning) I missed the sentence or two about that time frame ~ must have skipped over it in my handwritten pages. It's not very important, but it does keep the reader from wondering how it got to be nightfall all of a sudden. I also did a few very minor edits that I noticed after sending you Symphony, too - sorry 'bout that!
I may have already sent it to you again, so forgive me if this isn't news. It's been a very LOONNNGGG weekend.

There's still mud all over the basement floor. (We built a great big sandbox for my son's birthday over the weekend, and it rained as if Noah would float by any minute in the Ark...) "Hey there, Noah, can we thumb a ride?"

Christi - I sent you Symphony after I noticed the omission of the above-mentioned sentences,(and edits) so it's in your copy.

Allein - glad to hear you're up and around and back to your chipper self. Who misses those way-back teeth anyway? Not that those little pearlies embody wisdom itself or anything... though they do keep chunks of carrot from hitting getting stuck back there.

Hallee - sent you a 'proof' of the prologue for the next book, but called it chapter 1. Ooops! Excuse my... uhm,
well, my cafuffle.

Litter! Hope your hands are better.

Eddie, how've you been?

Howard, where are ya? Or have I just missed your recent post?

Mary~ where have you been hiding?

Randall, still dreaming up ways to include the rainbow(s)?

Gariess, ALL RIGHT. STEP OFF THE CHAIR AND HAND OVER THE LIGHTBULBS. We know where they've been. We just don't know where YOU'VE been.

Pussy, an interesting bunch of birthday poems.
Americo - thanks for the POD vs. TRAD publishers info!

Laura, can't say I'm a fan. Sorry - haven't been able to get past the first ten paragraphs. Some sci-fi & fantasy I like, some I don't.

Mel, how's the bus-writing been going? How do you read your writing afterward? I have trouble reading mine when it's not been written in transport.

And now, *shudder - eek - eeeeeek* I will try to compose some or all of that stupid ghost story I've been putting off for so long. It's stupid because every time I sit down intending to write it, I yawn and remark, 'DUUUUUHHHHHH'.
Not D'oh! Just a boredom-laced, slo-mo kind of feeling.

Heather 5-28-2001 2:12

Thank you all my friends. To be honest with you, this has been the very worst birthday, worst day maybe of my life.

It began with little things, my wife fell on her way out the door to go to play cards, opening the wound from her surgery, we got that in hand. We were giving our old couch to my poor cousin, and while loading it into her trailor house, my son stepped off the front pourch, fell about five feet landing on his back. No serious injury. We went and played cards, and visited. Both my kids home with me, what more could one ask.

That night our daughter-in-law complained of cramps, and retired early, she was of course pregnant with twins. Latter that night, she had more problems, and called her doctor, who advised her to come to the hospital, right away. The hospital that is 140 miles north. My son got her in the car and began to drive, after 30 miles, it was apparent that they would not make it, and they stopped at a small hospital, where she miscarried.

We got home this eveninga at 4:00 and went to the party at moms. Everyone tried very hard to be strong, there was cake and ice cream but I hardly noticed.

The only thing that brings any comfort is that it happend the day after my birthday, but that is of no comfort right now. Needless to say we are all devistated.

I may not check in for a few days.

Jerry Ericsson 5-27-2001 23:57

Jack and Jerry - Happy Birthday! Hope you both had great days.

Christi - You too! Happy Birthday!!!

Take care all.


5-27-2001 21:11

Happy Birthday Jack and Jerry:

My daughters just turned 3 on the 25th. So I'll be sure to remember yours.

I hope it is the best one yet.

Debra 5-27-2001 21:03

Rhoda: Yes, I am aware of Movie Star Trek X . Not very many details, but hoping that some of the characters from some of the other parts of the universe show up in addition to the Next Gen types. Also, wondering how they are going to justify bringing Worf in. But we will see.

Thanks for all the happy birthdays. A bit quiet. Since Fran had to work. Most likely we will do something later this week to commemorate things. As for turning 49. I think I will start doing a Jack Benny and have anniversary parties of my 49th birthday. Just kidding.

Jack Beslanwitch 5-27-2001 20:42


Happy Birthday to JACK AND JERRY!!!


I watched less DS9 than any of the ST series because when it ran we had no television. I agree about Voyager and 7 of 9. She was a good character, but her trials and tribulations did get a little old. Furthermore the 7 of 9 romance with Chakotay seemed a bit contrived to me. Absolutely no sexual chemistry there until one day the writers decided they would manufacture a relationsip. I did enjoy the Reggie Barkley and Doctor episodes. The most irritating thing was the overreliance on time travel. Everytime they had a time travel or temperal wave episode I would just cringe.

Incidently there is a movie planned for sometime next year. For further details check out,


5-27-2001 17:25

And a very special birthday poem to Christi,

Too young to be a great policewoman
but old enough to be wise and

Pussy, the lousiest etc.

Pussy on birthdays 5-27-2001 17:17

Here's one of my famous poems.

Happy birthdays

To Jack and Jerry
too old to start a career as policemen maybe
but young enough
to be good and

Pussy, the lousiest poet in the word for happy birthday poems (next to Jon)

Pussy 5-27-2001 17:05


Christi - I'm doing peachy. :D I've been up and doing stuff and taking the dog out and everything. :)

Allein Allein's World 5-27-2001 13:28


One more year 'til you're officially wise!!!!!!!!!! :) Jes kiddin. It's just a way I cheer myself up about getting older. It usually works too. I think it may be true!

TINA, Thanks, I think! ;) Howdy doo!
Hey, somebody stole my sheep too; I was up until one in morning. We have a sheep thief in our midst.

Thank you, TEEKAY! And I'm so glad you liked your Limerick!
*smack* That's for Ima. (a kiss, not a slap!)

I had a very nice birthday on Monday that I didn't tell anyone about 'cause I didn't get online. Now you should all work on what you're going to get me. (big cheesy grin) Honestly, I just had a great day relaxing with my family. Thirty-two is nothing to get all worked up about, I think.

Hubby's yowling at me to gt off the computer so I don't even get to check out the new ghostie. Sigh. Maybe after my sis's going away party today. *sob!*

Have an awesome day!

Christi 5-27-2001 13:02

5-27-2001 12:11

Where did those dang sheep get to?

Tina 5-27-2001 4:19

JERRY & GARIESS: Have posted some comments in the S.S. Workshop.

Teekay 5-27-2001 3:59

Uh oh. I'm still awake. Been awhile since my last bout of insomnia, so I'm due, but it still sucks.

Really need those ZZZZ's. Many things to do tomorrow.

Wonder if my muse knows the Sandman? Maybe she can call him, have him send me a dream. What's a favour among myths, after all?

Tina 5-27-2001 3:56

**Teekay**Hi All,

HALLEE: ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) There are times when words just won't cut it.
I can say that here can't I?
It's not some sort of writer blasphemy is it?




My arms ache.

BARNABAS: Now it doesn't really matter if the people are real or not does it? It's what we learn from them that's important.
It's not like we're gonna hafta get married right? :-)
I tried the site but I think the addy is wrong.

BAXTER: You'll have to be the judge of wether or not your wit returned, I was just taking your word for it that it was gone :-)

HEATHER: Got it! Thanks. I'm reading yours off the monitor though coz I can't get it to the paper size I want. That just means I'm going to be a little longer with it than if I printed it off and curled up in bed with it.

AMERICO: Dr. huh? Well that explains a lot.

CHRISTI: Apologize?????? For what pray tell. That is the second limmerick I've ever had dedicated to me. I'm truly honoured. Thank you.

I've posted another ghostie in P** If anyone can come up with a better title let me know.


Teekay 5-27-2001 3:35

Happy Birthday Jack! Many many Happy happies! I'm thinking that a birthday cake is called for, maybe a bottle of a tastey liqueur, some candles and streamers, and the little party hats! Definately the party hats.

Have a great one!

Tina 5-27-2001 3:09

Jerry: Happy Birthday and, yes, sigh, my own 49th birthday comes along in about an hour. Or, more accurately, about five in the morning mountain standard time on May 27th. I had almost shut it out of my mind. Well, did my interview about possibly being the chairman of Westercon 56 as well as the bid chair. Fran was not sure whether to pray I get it or not get it. I am a little on the equivocal side myself, albeit I want to maintain ownership of the theme of the convention in some manner. We will see.

Also, on a whim I picked up the collected poetry of Allen Ginsberg. Rereading Howl and discovering new gems such as Kaddish. There is so much more that shows a command of language that is disguieting and awe inspiring at the same time. Ginsberg's muse must have been relentless and unremitting its command for honesty. I have to admire that in what I am finding here. Of course, there is much here that is almost too honest for my own sexual orientation, but even there the language captures my attention. I picked up other items at the bookstore, but this had a certain impact. Take care everyone.

Jack Beslanwitch Westercon 56 5-27-2001 2:25


Jerry! Happy happy happy birthday! (I’d sing too, but no one would appreciate my screechy voice) A touch belated but still well meant! May you win every pinochle game!

Baxter, I’ll keep a copy of that autograph :-)

Litter, I completely agree about DS9. Definitely my favourite Trek. Almost every show stood on its own, but the ongoing lives and political developments were excellent. Every character was given the chance to be important, even the minor ones, and that doesn’t usually happen on those shows. I mean, the last two seasons of Voyager were almost the chronicles of 7 of 9. It’s unfortunate that apparently the actors from DS9 had conflicts; guess that means we won’t get a movie!
Speaking of Trek movies, we MUST be due for another one soon!

Christi, good shortie. Surreal, but good.

Viv, hope your ghostie goes better than mine. I have two underway now. One is getting too long to be called a shortie, and the other keeps meandering away from anything interesting. Arrgh!

Heather, can’t wait to hear what happened at work! Chills and shivers and ghosts, oh my!

Mark, has ‘Holding Wonder’ shown up there yet?

A wonderful Event happens here this weekend. The local library has its discard sale. Books and books and books, anything they have that’s extra, or is donated, they sell off. $1 for hardcovers, 50 cents for paperbacks. It’s heaven on earth! The treasures I have found there! (sigh)

I’m gonna go write now. My muse has been happily cooperative lately, sitting down with me whenever I have time and not being too demanding, or sulking when I can’t accommodate her!


Tina 5-27-2001 1:53


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUOUOUOUOU. (That last bit was vibrato!)

Happy fiftieth, JERRY! If you weren't already (and I think you were), you are now officially wise.

AMERICO, That was a very interesting, and articulate discussion on the different choices writers have in publishing. I enjoyed it.
And Pussy has been particularly articulate as of late also. Her last few poems were very nice.

MEL, Thank you! That was sweet of you to say. Your novel idea sounds like something I'd like to read; go for it!

There once was a girlie named TEEKAY
Who wrote out a story in one day
Then she screeched, "I'm a fighter!
I'll sign 'Ima Ryder!'
Then give my confession come May!

I apologize, TEEKAY! I don't know why, but the devil made me do it. My first limerick and it's really terrible don't you all think? But it was fun to write! Did I at least do it right? Ugh. Think I forgot to take my Valium.

Speaking of Valium, how are you doing, ALLEIN? I hope you are feeling better today.

RACHEL, I love it when people don't act blase about something they're proud of accomplishing. Get excited all you want! Of course, you've had a lot more time to think about this. We all just found out about it. :)

Hi ROSEMARY, The class sounds like great fun!


Have a fantastic weekend!


Christi 5-27-2001 1:46

Well I have survived, I am now officially 50 Years OLD. By the way, isn't Jack's birthday around this date somewhere? For those who wished me a happy birthday, thank you all. Yes it was a happy birthday, and the celebration continues with a family gathering tomorow, for my official Sunday birthday. That is sort of a family tradition, all birthdays are celebrated at dinner on the nearest Sunday. Sunday is our day of gathering, so I guess it is only right.

Anyhow, thanks, and good night.

Jerry Ericsson 5-27-2001 0:24

To all those who commented on POD (and traditional publishing): I appreciate your thoughts and agree with you. We also know perserverance is almost as important as skill. And a lot of the work out there is bad even if the publisher is one of the "giants."

Thanks again,

Mary Lou

Mary Lou 5-26-2001 22:57

Kitty - I'd also be happy to sign a copy to you. Maybe when it reaches Jack or Rachel, they can pass it on to me.

Allein Allein's World 5-26-2001 20:35


That is the piper outside of St. Giles.

Rhoda 5-26-2001 19:46


I had the address for my pictures from Britain posted before Jack archieved. Here it is again.

Good to see you again. Missed you.


Rhoda Link 5-26-2001 19:44

:0) Rachel ;o)

Christi - I also like the cover of the book. I was very pleased when I saw it. Who am i kidding, I was very excited.

Jack - Thanks for the link :o)

Teekay - You found it! Yeah it is exciting stuff.

Hallee - I'm so sorry about your dog. I send you a very warm hug.

5-26-2001 18:34

Mary Lou - Ditto to what Americo said. Don't be uncomfortable about writing to PA. They are very nice and quick to respond. I think that as long as your respect the deadlines that they lay out that all will be well.

Kitty - I forwarded my address to you. I would be delighted to sign your copy.

5-26-2001 18:28

Oh, my God. The Nb transforms the underlined 0 in 1/4.

But the following will reach me:

Rua Fernando Pessoa, 147, 2 Dt

Americo 5-26-2001 18:04

Kitty (and Jack)

Sorry, where is 1/4 read nothing. It happens that the NB can't print the underlined ¼.

Rua Fernando Pessoa, 147, 2¼ Dt¼

Americo 5-26-2001 18:02


I'll be pleased to sign a copy of "Shadows in a Dream" for you. My address
Dr. A. G. de Sousa
Rua Fernando Pessoa, 147, 2¼ Dt¼
2765-483 Estoril

On publish on demand (POD), e-books and traditional publishing:
No POD publishers are already sufficently established for anyone to be sure about their future, so much so that the big publishing houses seem to be doing everything they can to hinder the prestige of POD publishers, which are really a tremendous threat for them. They must also struggle against the naivete of inexperienced writers who believe that all is wine and roses in the traditional market. Having published several books in traditional and prestigious publishing houses (6 in Portugal, 2 in Romania -translations from my Portuguese booksÑ and 1 in England, besides articles in anthologies, encyclopaedias, etc., in other parts of the world) I know that the sheer truth in traditional publishing is far from rosy.

I believe that traditional publishing still has an edge over more modern ways of publishing, but the only real difference between PODs and TRADs is honesty/efficiency and dishonesty/inefficiency. I'd rather publish in an honest POD than in a dishonest TRAD. Ultimately what really matters is the quality of a book: there are very good books and very bad books in both PODS and TRADs. An intelligent reader should not discriminate publishers but only books.

As for e-books, that's a new and interesting business. Let us wish the pioneers of that new form of implementing reading and therefore writing all the best. We should be open to progress.

Mary Lou,
Publish America /America House took about one year to publish "Shadows in a Dream". That's the average time you can expect from any publisher (traditional or otherwise) to publish a book. Good luck for you.

Americo 5-26-2001 17:59

Oh, forgot to mention. Jen Holling who was once a regular at the Notebook (check the bios) had her second historical romance published this winter. She has a website and can be founda the Oklahoma Writers site as well.

Kitty 5-26-2001 14:02

Hey, y'all! Get busy with end of year presentations, performances, outings, etc… and before you know it you're a couple of archives behind. No hope of catching up, so best thing is to plunge in.

Congratulations to the collaborators Rachel, Allein, Americo, and Jack on Shadows in a Dream. I will certainly order a copy. And I would be especially pleased to have my copy signed by all authors, but how? If I were to mail the copy to Jack and include envelopes with postage for the other author's destinations would y'all be willing to sign and pop the book back into the mail? And to avoid those 27 stalkers still waiting for the geographical pinpoints, I would only put names on the envelopes and request that that whoever receives the envelope put the address of the next recipient (I'm assuming that y'all know each others whereabouts and I'd send the book off to Jack first since he posted his address when inviting all to his party). Or y'all could just plan a national book signing tour. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like their copy signed.

My understanding is that Publish America is one of the new publish-on-demand e-publishing houses, and, if so, then your next challenge may be in promoting and publicizing the book-assuming y'all are interested in that aspect of book production. Last summer I participated in a group writing project that resulted in a short story anthology which was published by "iuniverse", another print-on-demand e-publishing house. We chose iuniverse because, at the time, it was partially owned by Barnes & Nobles. Also, we had the opportunity to have an author of several books published by iuniverse speak to the group and relay advice and experience. The anthology is listed in the iuniverse on-line catalog and is available at and Barnes& You can go to B&N and order the book in-store, but you will not find it on the shelves because the publishing house does not accept "returns." As well, though iuniverse provides a "toolkit" for authors, they don't really have a promotions department like traditional publishing houses (on the other hand, who gets the big push in a traditional publishing house, depends on a lot of factors none of which the author has any control). The onus then is upon the author(s) to promote/publicize the book. At the moment the Queens Writer's Group out of Charlotte, N.C. has just embarked upon a promotion campaign for Starside Tales of the Galaxy Belle that the group began planning after the book became available. The first book talk was a couple of weeks ago and was very well received. This has been a tremendous learning experience for everyone in the group. Plans for a second short story anthology, Winter Tales, are well underway.

So perhaps, this could be an interesting subject for a writing discussion topic here at the Notebook. Print-on-demand e-publishing pros and cons? The wave of the future? A learning tool for new writers? A new life for out-of-print books? The death of the vanity press? Legitimate option for established writers (both Stephen King and Diana Gabaldon have published on demand)?

Hope everyone read the article about Time-Warner e-publishing. (another e-publishing discussion tie-in?) It seems to be making the rounds of writers' groups.

Hallee: My condolences on the passing of Pepper. There is a wonderfully written and beautifully and whimsically illustrated children's book, Dog Heaven, that I have found very consoling at times lie this. My children and I read this when Nanny, the Great Dane and then T.C., the Dalmatian, died after very long, good lives.

Rhoda: Did I see somewhere a link to a review of your trip?

Melanie: The hunk wall is getting crowded, but I think we can find room for a few more.

Jack: I can't seem to access the last two archives. Whenever I click onto them there is an error message and then I can't click out. I have to exit Netscape and re-enter. Very vexing.
Also, we watch Buffy tonight. Hope your message wasn't a complete spoiler or I will be pretty pooked out. My theory about the "death is a gift" thing was that Buffy would kill Glory while she was in her/his Ben persona. At the last moment I thought she would realize she had to sacrifice good Ben to destroy bad Glory. But maybe they're opting for the phoenix story line and she will rise from the ashes of her past life to be an even greater slayer? I don't think the slayer thing really worked in a college atmosphere. As to Dark Angel, not sure I agree entirely with that season ending. The last little bit seemed over the top and lacking logic (t.v. serial logic, that is). And how would you compare Pearl Harbor with From Here to Eternity?

Well, back to the things which must get done… a short story, a vegetable garden and a messy room.

Kitty 5-26-2001 13:54

Rachel: Jack referred me to you when I posted an inquiry re Publish America. They will publish my novel, but I have no idea when (except the deadline is Feb. 2002). How long did it take them to get Shadows of a Dream into print after you submitted all the materials? Were there any problems with the manuscript when you "proofed" it? I hesitate to contact them as I got the feeling they aren't overly receptive to inquiring authors. Thanks for any comments you want to share with me.

Mary Lou

Mary Lou 5-26-2001 11:20

5-26-2001 9:56

Hallee: Real sorry to hear about pepper, I hate when its time to lose a pet, even though I never had that choice to make my heart goes out for you.

Had a very interesting day today, did this day thing about past life regression in meditation thing.
Some of it made some sense, and other things didn't, all in all I enjoyed it.

taylor 5-26-2001 5:32

Mary Lou: You really should direct that question to Rachel. She was the one who did the negotiations and other aspects of dealing with PublishAmerica.

Oh, on another note, I just went to the movie Pearl Harbor today and was impressed. This movie is on par or better in many ways than Saving Privating Ryan. There are several movies that come to mind that probably I might consider better representations of World War II, but this still is right up there if for no other reason than the job they did in recreating the actual attack. That held me rivited and definitely brought back memories of the days when I was in the Navy and a navy hospital corpsman. Well done, despite some lapses in writing here and there. Of course, that charge could be leveled much more aggressively on Private Ryan. At any rate, hope everyone has a great weekend. It is absolutely gorgeous here in Seattle.

Jack Beslanwitch 5-26-2001 2:38


I've been reading the news about Shadow of a Dream and checked it out on your web page. What a surprise to learn that Publish America is your publisher. My book, Tarnished Honor, was accepted by them back in Feb. How long did it take for them to get your work into print?

A return "hello" to those who greeted me.

Mary Lou

Mary Lou 5-25-2001 23:14


Evening Everyone,
When it rains it pours and I'm not talking weather this time. Copeing with so many things at once is a real stress incubator. It'll take a while to get over losing your dog and nothing but time will help. But right now, having to move again so soon and losing your trust in a friend must be almost as bad. Look on the bright side, maybe your new place will be closer to work. I seem to remember you mentioning a hellacious commute.
Speaking of weather,
I think you can also say good bye to those cool evenings. We only had about three of them here before it went back up to almost the 70's at night.

I am suposed to take a 300 to 400 word story to the next class. The teacher likes Sci/Fi. so I'm going to take Sweet Obsession. I added a few words and got it up to 300. See---notebook participation can be handy.
ALSO--This teacher is the first one I've had who does not have it in for adverbs. She is an editor for a small Cristian newspaper and is very interesting. I think I'm going to learn a lot.

Got to go for now,
Write happy thoughts,
ps: My ghost story is ready but I am waiting to use another computer to post it.
Gone for sure----

Rosemary 5-25-2001 22:30

My dog named Pepper is a Yorkshire Terrier. We got him as a cute puppy. After about a year when he was full grown, he still weighed only five pounds. Realizing we still needed a dog, we got a Scotish Terrier named Max. He weighs 22 pounds and has the bark of a 150 pound dog. So we are fine now.

Does anyone's grandmother have so many moth balls in their apartment that they can find her with a blind fold on?

Just wondering. I try to tell her that the moth invasion is long over and she just looks at me and smiles. She is cute, but............pheeew! Enough, is enough.

Debra 5-25-2001 20:04


My dog is named Pepper too. She's about 3 now, so I expect she'll live a while.

*weeping for Hallee's Pepper* :(

Allein Allein's World 5-25-2001 19:18

Criminy! So many with dogs named Pepper. I'm really sorry to hear about your dog, Hallee.
Our cat Babe is very old and she has trouble sitting down these days - her hips seem to be stiff. She had surgery ages ago for a torn ligament in her back leg, so that could be part of the trouble. Babe is due for a vet visit, but I have been delaying it because I'm afraid they'll say it's time to put her to sleep. It's not that she's in pain - she's just slowing down. She doesn't play much any more either.

Teekay! I will send on Symphony as soon as I've got that last section edited - the kids aren't giving me a break right now (there are toys circling my head as I type) so I'll have to get to that tonight after bedtime!
(Ah, the writing hours)

Take care everyone, and go out and treat yourselves just because you're wonderful.

Yes, did you hear me, one and all? WOnderful.
Litter, it's great to hear from you!
You wished me a happy birthday in the month of May, so you still made last call!
Tee hee.
Didn't miss much. I just turned old.

Heather 5-25-2001 18:36

There was a lot of great shorties.


I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I have a dog named Pepper too. Was your dog old?

I hate to lose a pet.

Debra 5-25-2001 17:51

Hallee - I know exactly how you feel, being old means you have had to say good bye to many pets. It never gets easier, in fact I think each is harder then the last. Our last good bye was Lady, a blue-healer who lived and loved with us for nearly twenty years. She was scheduled for execution way back when I first pinned on a badge, and I was the assigned executioner. As ordered, I waited until 2:00 AM (Nobody notices gunshots at that hour) then went to the pound (A walled off corner in the city pumphouse) I opened the top half of the dutch door, and there she was. She was so happy to see me that she jumped over the door, and began licking my face. Well after that welcome, all I could do was to take her and her four pups home. You should have seen my wife when I opened the door and let that crew in the house. They ran though the house until they found her fast asleep in the bedroom, they jumped right up on the bed and began licking her face. That was enough to get her attention, and from that day on, she was our dog. Her pups all found good homes as did the next four litters. Finally we had her nutered, as we should have at the start. Her last day, she was tied out back on a bright sunny day, the MDU meeter reader came by (He hatted dogs) and I didn't see him comming. I heard her barking, and went to look outside, and at that exact minute, he sprayed her in the eyes with his pepper spray. She was over 25 years old, and her poor system couldn't take such an assault, she collapsed with a stroke, and I had to carry her out to the vets, where she was put down. I know how you must feel, as now that I have told the story, I feel the same.

Jerry Ericsson 5-25-2001 17:43

Hello again!

Wow, there's a lot of writing going on here. Guess I didn't hang around in the wings long enough to notice just how much happens here in one day.

Hi everyone who greeted me. It's like walking into a writer's group and everyone already knows me.
Did I write a best seller I don't know about?

Well, here's my autograph just in case,

(Teekay: Did my wit return? Oh, well)

Baxter 5-25-2001 16:48


Hallee - I'm sorry about Pepper. :( ((((BIG HUGS)))) for you. I can't imagine losing a best (canine) friend like that. I hope you feel better soon.

Allein Allein's World 5-25-2001 16:16

LITTER: Hi! :-) Somedays my fingers and joints ache (arthritis)- I understand part of your dilemma - I'm writing while I can! Hang in there.

HALLEE: Oh, I forgot to send you (((HUGS))) for Pepper. We had to put down our first cat; it's not easy to lose a pet. Hope your weekend is all up from here!

CHRISTI: Glad my shorty gave you a smile. :-) Yours gave me goosebumps (the good kind) - I have a romance story on the back burner that's star-crossed lovers reincarnated too...only it happens to them over and over...I love a teary romance... and happy ones too! :-)

YOU-ALL have a great weekend!!! May your Muses be MERRY!!!

Mel again 5-25-2001 15:50

OH Hallee, I'm so sorry about your rotten, no-good day. I hope your day at the beach is wonderful. Here's a biiiiiiig {{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}

Hi Litter! I'm horribly glad to see you! Do stay!

Christi 5-25-2001 14:46


Debra, Stop kicking yourself, girl! Kids do stupid things, it's a fact. That's how we learn important lessons. Besides, I'll bet Bob doesn't even remember the incident. Now you go out for a well deserved night on the town, doctor's orders! (Please don't ask for my credentials!)

Heya, Viv!

Ha! Grrrrrreat shorties, guys!

Mel, Yours made me laugh!

Hallee, Yours made me sad. What was on that post-it note??? It seemed important there at the end.

Jerry, Mark, and Taylor, I enjoyed yours too!

I didn't have time to write one until today; I hope it's not too late. OR too long!

Past Dream

It was a typical pick-up bar in disguise, and though it was dressed up with the newest technology, he saw the same old scammers and the same old sleezes. Things never changed. Why did he come here? Something had pulled him here tonight, but what? To come to a place just because of a dream was ludicrous, but he had to see it for himself. It had existed after all: Gilligan’s Booty Shack, though it wasn’t a shack at all. Techno music thumped and lasers swept over a dance floor packed with sweaty, scantily clad girls hanging onto guys with casually lustful eyes.

Emil sat at the bar nursing a Killian’s Red. He needed to mellow out, get rid of the desperation he felt. It was all too surreal; like the next time blinked he’d find himself waking in bed breathing hard. But at the same time it was painful and real.

He’d never been one of these fresh-faced kids, out to have a good time even when he’d been their age. People didn’t seem to understand his seriousness, and he’d never made friends easily.

A tingling sensation at the back of his neck made him snap to attention in his barstool. She was here; he could feel her. His eyes darted around the bar, searching. Please, God, let it be her.

His eyes rested on a girl, slight of build with cropped blonde hair. Her skin was fair and there was an innate frailness there, like it wouldn’t take a whole lot to hurt her. She looked lost; she didn’t belong in this place and she knew it. But she didn’t look like the girl brown-haired girl of his dream … she didn’t … but then she did. It was inside her, the part the Emil couldn’t see but could feel and taste.

She was a waitress; her head was bowed down, taking a drink order from a group of guys at a table by the thrumping dance floor. How she heard them was anybody’s guess, but she nodded her head and started for the bar where Emil sat, mesmerized. She started for the opposite side of the bar, but then she felt his gaze and stopped dead in her tracks. Her head turned slowly until she was looking straight at him. At first her eyes questioned, and then they flickered with a kind of wistful recognition.

It was now or never. Emil slid off the barstool and walked to her, every step feeling more like a walk home. And then he was standing in front of her. What could he say? She’d call the cops if she knew what he was thinking; that he wanted to pick her off the floor and take her out of here and hold her hand until they died. He hesitated.

“You,” he saw her lips say. “I know you.”

He nodded. “Yes.”

He couldn’t hear her voice, but he knew what it sounded like. Smooth and gentle like a breeze.

“You … you’re in my dreams.”

“And you’re in mine.”

She hesitated now. “We knew each other before--”

“A long time ago.” His heart brimmed as the visions of his dreams came to him. He saw the ship that had brought him to the new world of America, his proud new bride next to him. He remembered finding the perfect place after looking for what felt like forever, a plot of land on the edge of a green forest where they would build their home and have their family. He remembered it all, the hardships, and the love that grew with each day, and the promise that they would always be together.

She threw her arms around him. “Charles!”

He wept then. “My Emma, I’ve finally found you.”


Christi 5-25-2001 14:41

Pepper's down. That was so hard. I've never had to be courageous before.

We're off to the beach for the weekend. Be safe, everyone, and have a great Memorial Day for those of you who live where it's celebrated.

Happy Birthday, Jerry. ((Hugs))

Tina - Thanks. *sniff*

Hallee 5-25-2001 14:35

Hi all,

I have been watching but not writing as my health still sucks big time. Still, the sun has started shining on my little corner of Scotland and hopefully it will have the desired effect.

Many many congrats to the Shadows and a Dream Team, I shall have to see if any of my family are short of gift ideas for me…

HEATHER -- Very Belated Happy Birthdays to you. Sorry I missed it.

RHODA -- Glad you had a good time on your UK holiday. I had a look at your pics -- nice memories. I had to laugh when I saw the Piper on the Royal Mile (Outside St Giles Cathedral?) He has been there in the same spot for years and I have several friends with almost identical pics of him taken years apart!

HOWARD -- know that you whimsical emails are always welcome

DS9 does it for me -- the close interaction between alien species has some very interesting corollaries with western society and the introductory title sequence is wonderful -- comet - space station - shuttle craft fly by…

NEWBIES -- welcome! Gather around the fire and listen to the unfolding stories.

Everyone else -- Hi!

“Energy gap off the starboard bow capt’n, and the shields are down…”


Litter 5-25-2001 12:54


DEBRA: Have a (((hug)))!

VIV & TINA: Thanks! :-)

JERRY: I may not get online tomorrow, so may I be first (?) to say, a day early, HAVE A SPLENDIFEROUS 50th!!! :-) Firefighters ready? Okay, light 'em up!! WHOOEEE, it's hot in here!!! Now make your best wish... Well, look at that - he blows 'em out with one breath! (My prediction) YEA, JERRY!!! On to the next hill! There's no stoppin' ya now. It's gonna be a great trip. :-) (I can say so 'cuz I'm not 50 yet -- tee hee!) Enjoy your last day of being 49 (unless you're holding right there...?!?!) :-) Birthday smiles and (((((hugs)))))

Mel 5-25-2001 12:38



Great shorties! Ants and post-it notes, Woodstock and more! Another good shortie night.

Laura, I forgot to say, Congratulations!

Taylor, did you really and honestly see that demo my Bruce Lee? Or are you just teasing me?

Hallee, (((HUGS)))

Off to work now.

Tina 5-25-2001 12:02

Great Shorties folks! Melanie, I liked your ending with the ants! It was a fun read because I never knew what would ruin that picnic next.

Jack, I think the book looks interesting. I'll give a try at ordering but if it moves as slow as Heather's video tape, I'm in for a long wait. Heather, sorry, still no tape. Joe gave his slow shrug and smiled at me again today. Sigh.

Heather, Hope your back is feeling great again. That hurts. Thanks for the encouragement and the critique. I've about got it now but it's getting a bit long. This may be like my first knitting project. I ended up with a nice sweater for my three year old, with arms long enough for her to grow into until she was 30.

Barnabas: So who are you today?

Catch you all later! Sorry to miss the last shorties but I'm struggling fighting this *P* story. My ghost won't come out right.


Viv 5-25-2001 10:36


I know. It is sad.

For thirty years I kicked myself for not stooping to Bob's level. Now my reward is I can be confident I am not one inch part of the pain in Bob's heart that lead his son to that black place in HIS heart.

I'd go back to kicking myself in a minute to bring him back though. I know I can't.

Debra 5-25-2001 10:01

thats the first thing I have written for awhile...
Mel: Well I am going to strive to be that fit...It can be done, but now I have decided something
It is time to do the things I always thought about doing, when its possible...including martial arts

taylor 5-25-2001 9:31

HOP: Good luck on your exams!!! :-)

TAYLOR: Two-finger pushups? Oh, to be that fit... :-)

Mel 5-25-2001 9:11


Back in the saddle. Yo, round 'em up! No, that isn't my shorty, just bidding you a good new day! :-)

JERRY: I was so Sleepy last night I didn't realize I'd already read your short shorty - remembereing Woodstock--hahaha! :-)

DEBRA: How sad about the suicide... :-/

MARK: A few minutes ahead of everyone else? Interesting perspective. :-)

TEEKAY: Hmm. Quadra-vision... :-)

CHRISTI: Um, PINK ping pong balls? Ping pong was our #1 college dorm game, back in the '70's...

HEATHER: Your three libraries should merge their reference budgets so at least one of them could have a WM chained to a desk for you when you need one! Sheesh!

HALLEE: Oh, dreams of the '50's... :-)

Okay, here's my shorty. I couldn't decide which time so...


"Mom, we're leaving for our time-picnic now."

"Okay, hon. You three be careful - no interfacing with the natives."

"Right. Jim's on lookout and Ricky's got the picnic basket. I've got the Timer - just Popping the last five centuries today, Mom."

"As long as it's only Popping - no staying to rearrange history again!"

Steve hugged his mother. "Believe me, Mom, I don't want to spend another Saturday cooped in my cubicle while Dad time-travels to fix what I broke!"

"All right, then. Go on, get outta here! Be back before dark!"

"Yes'm." The three boys stepped through the time curtain and found themselves on a pleasant beach, the ocean air crisp and clean.

"Okay, Ricky - spread out lunch on this big rock."

As Ricky scrambled to lay out sandwiches and fruit-tubes, Jim suddenly pointed toward the ocean. "Uh-oh! Pilgrims!"

"Drat! We're going inland." Steve clicked the Timer to the next setting. "Let's get outta here!"

Ricky shoved the food back into the basket and the three boys touched the Timer.

As the time-waves settled, the boys spread their picnic between the treeroots of the wood. Before they had eaten two bites, gunfire resounded through the trees. "Uh-oh!" Jim cried, pointing up a ridge. "Minute-Men!" They threw their lunch back into the basket. "We're going to more open spaces!" Steve clicked the Timer and they vanished from the wood.

Prairie dogs skittered as the boys reopened their basket. Steve squirted his fruit-tube and caught it neatly on his tongue. Just then, jim yanked his sleeve. "Uh-oh...Indians! I mean, Native Americans!!" Sighing grievously, Steve reset the Timer and Ricky tossed their lunch back into the basket.

"We're headed for less open spaces, some nice farmland." Steve grabbed his brothers' hands as the Timer vibrated its waves through their bodies. Farm buildings in the distance reassured them. "Okay, Ricky, this is it." Ricky spread their lunch on the ground. As they chewed cookies, Jim noticed a dust storm on the rise. He stood to get a better look. "Uh-oh...Hippies!" The twang of a rock guitar split the air as Ricky grabbed the basket and Steve clicked the Timer to its last outing. "I've had it. We'll have to picnic in the City!" They vanished before the stream of vehicles bedecked with flowers caught up to them.

The City park was mostly pavement but the boys found a patch of grass near a monument of a robot. They stretched out to enjoy their colas. All at once there was a din of whistles and ear-splitting sirens. Jim jumped to his feet. "Uh-oh! Robots!! It's A.I. Day! Better get us home quick, Steve! Before we get trampled in the celebrations!"

Ricky had already repacked the basket. Steve set the Timer for home. As soon as they stepped through the time curtain back into their own livingroom, they flopped on the floor. "Well, that was fun." Steve punched the Timer off.

"Yeah," Jim threw his shoes across the room. "Hardly had time to enjoy the views, or to see any changes."

"Um," Ricky stared into the remains of their lunch in the basket. "Some things don't change. Do ya think Mom will mind that we brought home some natives from another time?"

"What natives?" Steve peered into the basket as Jim reached over his shoulder and picked up a scurrying little black body. "Ants..."

Melanie 5-25-2001 9:04

About living in another time...

As I was a young boy in early 1960's I believe, my parents tried to ban me from going to see this martial arts competition in Sacremento I think.
"No you can't go" My mother said in her most serious tone, "I don't want you to go it's way too violent for you"
I held my head down, moped about for a week, to try and force my mum into letting me see the competition. Until one day she could not stand it anymore.
"Alright" She said, disappointed about backing down, "But after that I don't ever want to hear you talk about martial arts...Alright?"
Her tone was serious, this was my one and only chance apparently.

The big day arrived, I waited at the front entrance early, eager for the competition to start, almost turning around and entering the building before it opened.
Finally, the crowd were allowed in, I had talked my mother into staying with me and see what it was all about for herself.
To my disappointment, the competition lacked something, I did not have any idea of what.
There were the people trying to kick others, trying to win matches and all. But it seemed like there was no real skill involved.

During the break, a young oriental man came on and talked about how he had come up with a better form of martial arts, he looked like the bestt athlete there. I listened intently on how in his art there were no fixed positions. The crowd did not like it, they booed at him, I continued to listen, leaning forward to hear more easily.
Then there came the demonstration.
The young oriental laid on the ground and started to do pushups, a couple with one hand at first then stopped. He adjusted his hand and did three slow push ups with just two fingers on one hand.
I almost leapt off my chair, I had never seen anyone do that, this guy was great I thought.
The young man introduced himself as Bruce Lee I think his name was.

I so badly wanted to learn what the man was talking about. But my mother would not allow it. Her thoughts never changed. So I never got the chance to study the art of Jeet Kune Do.

taylor 5-25-2001 8:44

Remember my writing club? Well, the prototype's up at
The internet address should hopefully be correct now, the last one was wrong. Had an extra slash.

Congratulations to the writers of Shadows of a Dream. I'm going to have to check other sites on the net to see what critics say.

Okay, so the above sounds a little dull but what can I say after everyone practical fell over congratulating the writers?

After I've wrestled out part two of Psi force I'm going to try and write my ghost story to add to Phantasmium.

Someone please tell me what the fuss is about Taylor Dane? I faintly recall his name but maybe that's because everyone's excited about him.
Speaking of writing, the first story I made up and recounted was about how roast suckling pig was cooked. It was deliberately illogical and involved suckling pig as a species of fish which was caught by fishermen using electric eels which fried the suckling pig into space.

Exams are coming up so I may not have time to do much posting. Don't say I didn't warn everyone.

So. The truth is out.
Okay, now everyone is wondering whether the people in the note book are real people or other people in the notebook pretending to be real people or real people pretending to be other people from the notebook. Now start again and repeat that really fast.

Taylor Dane
Hello. Stick around please.

Hello. I've been declaring myself a writer for less than a year so I'm sort of in the same boat. Are you from the South Pacific perchance?

Barnabas "Hop" 5-25-2001 8:32


Well, we aren't going to get to buy this house. There's a long story about being screwed over by a friend. The short story is that we have to move two months after we moved in.

I also have to take our dog Pepper to be put to sleep today. Another long story I don't have it in me to go over.

Today sucks. But, tomorrow we're escaping to the beach. Watch - it will rain. *sigh*

TEEKAY: I heard an explanation on Rush Limbaugh about a certain type of nuclear weapon. The explanation was thorough and detailed, I looked up what I could and found it was true, and used that. Everything else was on the fly, and it was a romance, which is a major part of the story, so it was actually really easy to do.

MEL: Thanks.

Okay - I've had this shorty idea since last night. Let me see if I can pull it off:

~Different Time Shorty~

She added one more potato to the pan, put the lid on it, and set the roast in the oven. Once that task was finished, she poured a cup of tea, added a dallop of cream, and was walking into the front room just as the phone rang. She smiled as she answered it, knowing it was Claire, ready for the half-hour gossip session they had every afternoon.

"You won't believe this, Nancy, I'm about to come out of my skin. Bob is buying us a television!"


"Yes! He's finally decided they aren't just some wild fad. He said he was going to stop by Harvey's Appiances and bring it home today!"

Twenty minutes later, she was laughing as she hung up the phone, and heard the school bus gun its engine. Within seconds, the front door was thrown open and the children spilled in, excited about their day, ready to tell her all about it. She nodded and made the appropriate comments as she gathered coats and bags, hanging them up in the hall closet, then followed the children into the kitchen where they raided the cookie jar while finishing their stories. As soon as the maximum limit of cookies allowed were consumed, glasses of milk emptied, they were outside, ready to work off the energy stored from being cooped inside classrooms all day.

"You're Tonto today!"

"I was Tonto yesterday!"

Smiling at the argument that was almost a daily routine, she rinsed out glasses, wiped crumbs off the countertops, and pulled the beans out of the refrigerator that she'd snapped earlier in the day.

By the time she heard the car pull into the drive, she was pulling the roast out of the oven. She went to the back door and called the children in, then went to the front door to greet her husband. "Hello, darling. How was your day?"

The shrill of the alarm clock broke through the dream. After stumbling to the bathroom, she made her way to the kitchen. She mentally cringed at the dishes left over from the night before, but by the time they were finished eating and she'd gotten the kids to bed, it was late and she was exhausted. She poured her first cup of coffee, blessing coffee pots with timers, and headed back to the bathroom for a shower.

Mentally organzing her day, she stopped at each kid's room, flipped on lights, sing-songed good mornings, and headed back to her room. "Honey, six-thirty, time to wake up."

Heading back to the kitchen, she loaded the dishwasher, wrote a note on a post-it to turn it on before she left, and stuck the note on the door leading to the garage. She headed back up stairs, yelled for everyone to get out of bed, flicked on the light to her room with no mercy for the husband still trying to catch a few extra minutes of sleep, and pulled the last suit she had clean out of the closet, adding a trip to the drycleaners to her list for the day.

In the hall, she realized her voice was a little shrill as she informed the children they now had fifteen minutes to get their butts out of bed, get dressed, and get in the car. Back downstairs to use the bathroom there to put on her makeup. They were up now, she thought with a satisfied smile. She could hear them.

Lunches were slapped together, coats and bags gathered from various corners of the living room, and her family converged in the kitchen, ten minutes late.

"Mom, don't forget I have dance this afternoon."

"Dad, are you coaching baseball this year?"

"Mom, I need twenty dollars to pay for the soccer jersey I lost."

"Mom, dad isn't coaching baseball this year, are you?"

"Mom, don't forget the Scouts meeting tonight. You told Mrs. Jensen that you'd bring snacks."

They piled out the door, the post-it-note falling forgotten to the floor, landing next to the bag of dry cleaning. As she started the car and waited for her husband to back his car out of her way, she had a fleeting glimpse of the afternoon gab session from her dream, then shook herself out of the past and prepared herself for the morning rush hour.

Hallee 5-25-2001 5:30


HEATHER: Well DUH! Of course I want to read it. I've been hanging to read it. Send it. Send it now. Please (with sugar) :-)

BTW: All those shorties had very slight variations which added to the overall blah blah blah.
There are some who may think I just like the sight of my own type.

Oh that's right, I was off to get a life wasn't I.

P.S. Have contacted my bookstore (yeah, the dickhead one) about getting a copy of S**

Teekay 5-25-2001 3:30

Forgot to mention: Scott Bakula is NOT gay, as far as I know. He just played a VERY convincing gay guy in 'American Beauty'!

Hmmm. Haven't checked out his buns.

Sorry, no shortie tonight.

I'm happy in the time I'm in. I could use a little more of it, however.

Teekay Teekay Teekay Teekay!
Good one good one good one good one!!!!

Heather 5-25-2001 3:23

I like the cover of 'Shadows'!
Oh, man, I'd not be able to sit still either...

Gotta get me a copy, gotta get me a copy, gotta...

Mel - I don't know why, but the downtown library only has one copy of each WM. It might be because it's just not that popular an item, or because the budget for new books is sadly (and sorely) dwindling. My daughter's school library is almost the same size as the public one near us and her school only has 300 kids... does that tell you anything? No city money for much, it's all going to roads and parks or something)
I could probably cruise ALL the public libraries in town,(there are three) but I'd end up shelling out that $40 in gas instead of buying a copy of 2001 WM for myself!
Or, I could sign up for the online version, which is a little cheaper...
But I'm worrying about $40 when I could actually be MAKING money if I had the darned book!!!
So I'll shell out and dog-ear the pages without feeling guilty!
And who mentioned another book on the publishing market? I have to scroll down - want to check it out too!

Someone should pat 'John McIntyre' on the back! I mean, ahem; Americo, Rachel, Jack and Allein!


have to go and tweak my latest (steamy) scene. Should be interesting!
Teekay, wanna read again for me?

Heather 5-25-2001 3:21


Zowie! Thanks you'se guys! It's soitenly nice to be back.

Oh Howard, it's just too late for such a baaaaaaaad joke! Groan. Did I ever tell you the one about the pink ping-pong balls?

Has anyone said that Scott Bakula has a cute butt? He does, you know. You guys are kiddin about the gay thing, aren't you? Say it isn't so! Oh well, I'm a married lady; what do I care?

Congratulations, Laura! Great job!

GAR#@$! Laughing at Teekay's post about mornings ...

Rachel, Wow, I think the cover is brilliant! All swirly and mysterious. Great job, you guys!

Mark, It's good to see you!

Teekay, Sorry, I didn't catch your shortie, you'll have to post it again. Oh wait, I loved all four of them! You had to make up for the lack of shorties tonight, didn't you?

Yucks to all and to all a good night.


Christi 5-25-2001 2:06

Hello all!

No shortie. Spent all night with my sister-in-law. She's trying to do the internet dating thing, but knows nothing about computers.

Laura, I went and read your post in the workbook! Yay a new chapter! I've been WAITING and WAITING for new material! ;-) Right now I'm doing a big crit for Hallee, but I'll get in there and do one for you, just not immediately.

Allein, I'm sending you virtual tubs of jello and ice cream! Heal up well!

Heather, glad you got the book so quick. A scary thing... you received that parcel in the post faster than my sister received a letter that I sent out at the exact same time. And she lives here in B.C.

Be well!

Tina 5-25-2001 1:40


Yeesh, who would've thought one little 'n' would've made so much difference?

Well, I'm off to get a life now, so happy writing everyone.

Teekay 5-25-2001 1:37


Umm really sorry 'bout this:"Oh how I wish I lived in the past. Things seemed so much more interesting then.
I think I was born too late. My sister Joanna calls me a romantic, she's so down to earth and practical. I'm not. Going about my daily chores I imagine myself back to a time long gone and imagine my life taking place then, it always makes me fall behind in my tasks, and then Joanna says 'Alice, stop your silly daydreaming, it's time you woke up to yourself and started living in the fourteenth century.' "

Teekay 5-25-2001 1:35


And now let's see if we can get it right on the third go:

"Oh how I wish I lived in the past. Things seemed so much more interesting then.
I think I was born too late. My sister Joanna calls me a romantic, she's so down to earth and practical. I'm not. Going about my daily chores I imagine myself back to a time long gone and imagine my life taking place then, it always makes me fall behind in my tasks, and then Joanna says 'Alice, stop your silly daydreaming, it's time you woke up to yourself and started living in the fourteeth century.' "

Teekay 5-25-2001 0:34


JACK: Yeeehah, thanks so much. When I first got to that page there was no sign of the book. Oh how thrilling it must be to see your work there in a book. I don't know how you're all managing to stay in your skins!

Teekay 5-25-2001 0:32


Actually, I like it better this way.

"Oh how I wish I lived in the past. Things seemed so much more interesting then.
I think I was born before my time. My sister Joanna calls me a romantic, she's so down to earth and practical. I'm not. Going about my daily chores I imagine myself back to a time long gone and imagine my life taking place then, it always makes me fall behind in my tasks, and then Joanna says 'Alice, stop your silly daydreaming, it's time you woke up to yourself and started living in the fourteeth century.' "

Teekay. 5-25-2001 0:29

This should get you to the appropriate page.

Shadows In A Dream

Jack Beslanwitch 5-25-2001 0:28


RACHEL: I went to publishamerica and couldn't find shadows. Any hints?

Teekay 5-25-2001 0:18


Okay, thought of one.

"Oh how I wish I lived in the past. Things seemed so much more interesting then.
I think I was born before my time. My sister Joanna calls me a romantic, she's so down to earth and practical. I'm not. Going about my daily chores I imagine myself back to a time long gone and imagine my life taking place then, it always makes me fall behind in my tasks, and then Joanna says 'Alice, stop your silly daydreaming, it's time you woke up to yourself and started living in the fourteeth century instead of in the past.'
She just doesn't understand.

Teekay 5-25-2001 0:03


RHODA, JERRY, GARIESS: I've finally printed out your stories and shall get around to reading them tonight. Not all yours though ROHDA.

Cripes, I hope I get something published real soon so's I can claim all this ink and paper on tax :-)

JERRY: Oh how horrible about the credit card scam. thank goodness it had a good outcome.

Going to try and think of a shorty.

Teekay 5-24-2001 23:54

** Mark **

TREKKERS -- DS9, hands down, wins the "Most Literate" prize. I think I'm repeating myself here (Jerry, something you can look forward to in your fifties), but Rene Echevarria brought real theater to DS9 as well as a touch of classical literature. He's now involved with Dark Angel and, not coincidentally, it's my favorite current show.

Scott Bakula -- really? Gawd. I should be able to overlook such personal trifles, but sometimes the actor comes through and sometimes the character.

HOWARD -- Halo!

If I could live in a different time, I'd live in the present.

I see things coming, I know events before they happen and when they do I generally sit actionless and watch to see what Earth people do. Frequently I'm ahead of the action by only seconds, but it's just enough to make me sit back in a kind of daze.

  • In 1965 I was a Camp Counselor sitting by poolside as some kids exhibited newly-learned skills. One boy walked to the end of the springboard, took his first bounce, and I thought, "He's not going to go out far enough. He's going to hit the board and enter the water hurt." The boy took his second bounce. Then he went up high, arced to curve back down for the water, and skinned the front of his head on the board.

    A few of us saw it happen. The lifeguard wasn't paying as much attention as we were, these were --after all -- the best swimmers up there. But the kid's entry into the water was off and it sounded odd. The lifeguard heard the splash, looked, but missed the part where the kid hit the board. Nobody went in after that boy. I sat tensed to jump, but did not or could not move.

    The boy came to the surface just as I was needing another breath. He was OK, but I still don't know why I did not jump in the pool as soon as he hit the board.
  • Last month in a parking lot I knew before it happened that my car door would swing fully out and bang into the car next to me. Still, I opened my door enough to get out, let go of it to reach in for a bag, and felt the breeze gust into me and my open door. Yup. It swung right into the door of the next car. I closed the door and stood for minutes amazed at how I could know it was about to happen and still take no action.

When I'm not seeing the future, I spend gobs of time in the past. My history has left me with regrettable incidents, but nothing so bad as to make me live my life on the run. I've come to terms with it. I simply find it too easy to fall into a memory pit and play out all the ways I could have done something 'better.' I find it easy to live in the past.

Mark 5-24-2001 23:49

It was a bit strange today, and as a former trained observer, I am amazed that I didn't notice it myself, yet my sister did, and remarked on it.

There we were six of us sitting around mom's dining room table, cards in our hands, drinking tall glasses of ice water. My sister looked around and said "Wow we are quite a bunch, six cripples playing cards." She was right, at least right now, you see, she had gall bladder surgery last week, my wife had her knee surgery last week, me with my bad back, my mom, who was in a horrible car accident back in '67 and has been crippled ever since, my brother-in-law who is a former deputy sheriff, until he had back surgery much like mine, and our niece who was born with all kinds of problems, keeping her from working at all. Hell, we could have opened up a re-hab hospital right there, just think of all the money we would make. Wait. We would just have to pay each other, scratch that idea.

Jerry Ericsson 5-24-2001 23:37


Christi - Hey you :o) I like your exclamation marks. In friend writing, you can use as many as you like. At least you can when you write to me ;o) Yup, Americo, Jack, Allein and myself. I don’t know how to add links. You can find the site at
If you look there you will be able to find “Shadows in a Dream” The name that it is published under is John McIntyre. I’m excited too (big smiles).

Taylor Dane - Welcome.

Mary Lou - Welcome to you too. I don’t think I said hello to you before this.

Banky - Happy and productive writing to you.

Ben - I went to Edmonton in November of last year. It is a long drive. I hope that it is enjoyable for you. I am sure that you will be great. Enjoy the experience (smiles). I like the line about the women between the ages of 18 - 25, it is cheeky and fun. have a blast!

Jack - Your t.v. looks like a lot of fun. Maybe I would watch more t.v. if I had one like that. I also have a bit of screen envy where you computers are concerned. Wow, what a pleasure it must be to work with those puppies.

Teekay - No problem (smiles). Sorry to give you cause for concern. Net communication can be a bit of a trick sometimes. You can’t see the look on my face. You can’t hear the inflection in my voice. You don’t know when I’m drawling at you in cheeky accents.

Garries - Where are you Magoo?

Hallee - Yes, it is exciting. Thanks :o)

Sasquatch - Whatchoowatinfor?

Mel - That would be great.

Tina - Hope your neck is feeling better (hugs for you).

Take care all.


5-24-2001 23:25

Here's my shorty. It's a true story.

Years ago when I was just a kid of maybe tweleve, my parents had an obnoxious friend I'll call Bob. He was over six feet and probably weighted in at 250. His voice was all you could hear when he was in the house. His favorite thing to complain about was life itself. I can still hear him saying, "is this all there is?" He reminded me of a Fred Flintstone as a mean drunk. Although Bob wasn't drunk.

He was sitting in our living room one night in a big chair right outside the second bathroom door. I came out of the bathroom and he grabbed my arm and pulled me on his lap. He started to tell me how cute I was and what a cute little body I had going.

I squished up my face and told him he was gross and wiggled off his lap. To this day I get haunted on a fairly regular basis that I didn't just grab the fatty cheeks of his face and give them a good squeeze until his eyes watered. He wouldn't have been able to scream with my parents in the house. I know he wouldn't have complained to them either. I regretted not doing that. I always wished I could go back in time and right that wrong.

That was until I found out that his fourteen year old son committed suicide last year. Now I just feel pity for him. It's even more haunting.

Debra 5-24-2001 22:41

Okay, JERRY's written his shorty! Yea, Jerry! But I'll haveta read it tomorrow - half asleep here...zzzzzzz...........

Mel 5-24-2001 22:13

Hmm, gee, now I don't feel so bad...NOBODY's written their shorty yet! Hmm...must all be off time-traveling...yeah! Sounds like a good idea...On my way to zzzZ-Land...

Mel 5-24-2001 22:11

THis is shorty night, is it not? I think it is, this is Thursday, and Thursday is indeed shorty night. At any rate, I have an exceptionally short shorty, and I shall post it here, for an exploration into the future, check out my story in the short story workshop.

Where you ask me, would I live in time, should I have the opportunity? There can be no other choice then Woodstock, on the weekend of August 15th, 1969. And this time, I WANT TO REMEMBER!

Just got a call from my Credit Card company, it seems some A__ Hol_ found one of my credit cards and visited an online porn site. Luckly this has happened to a whole bunch of folks. According to the credit card outfit, this site called was working Ebay, and being one of those credit card pay outfits. Well they went broke, and out of business, and the fellow who owned the business SOLD all the credit card numbers to the PORN SITE! The Porn site was putting a few charges on each card, and those who simply paid the bill were billed more and more. This came to the attention of the credit card outfit (God love them) and they cancelled all those charges. I won't have to pay any of them, and of course they cancelled the credit card too. They will send out new ones. I guess you can't be to carefull with that damn plastic.

My sister and her hubby just came down for my birthday celebration, and we have been over at mom's where they set up their camper. Now the rule over there is that when company comes the very first thing that has to be done (after feeding everyone) is play pinochle. My team won all the games, but it was fun for everyone anyhow.

Jerry Ericsson 5-24-2001 22:08


Hi All,

HALLEE: A book on nuclear espionage?!?!? Wow! I'm really impressed. I can tell you, if I wrote a book on what I know about nuclear espionage it would be a very short book. Well not even a book really, maybe a novella? Or a short story? Nope I don't think even that, perhaps maybe a paragraph, no wait, I don't know a paragraphs worth. I think maybe a sentence,
an unfinished one at that.

RHODA: A western sounds fantastic. I bet you do it brilliantly. Bags reading it when your done. Or even before your done.

BTW: If you love the Janet Evanovich books, try Catherine Alliott. Totally hysterical. The one I'm reading at the moment had me giggling so hard, hubby came it to the bedroom to check that I wasn't choking or dying .
Then of course I had to go and read that particular part to every one in the house, they just smiled indulgently at me while I cackled my way through it.
Try it, I'm sure you'll love it.

HEATHER: Have you read 'The Law Of Love' yet? By Laura Esquivel? I'm sure you'll love it.

MEL: I too am a morning person who loves the sound of birdsong and watching the rising rays of the sun spread across the land bringing warmth and life to all it's creatures, but dang if I don't love my bed more.
I think the only times I've been up to see the sunrise is when working night shifts #GAG# #VOMIT# which I'm eternally gratefull I don't do anymore and on an early bathroom call. I squint out of the window and think 'gee, that looks pretty' then I stumble off back to bed.

HOWARD: #grrrooaaaaaaaannnnnnnn#

My novel is still on chapter 6. I've scared myself silly with the big plans I had for it, now I'm avoiding it like the plague.
I'm going to give up the grand plan and just let it write itself I think otherwise it'll just stay as is forever and a day.

Scott Bakula - sounds like an alcoholic beverage.

Teekay 5-24-2001 21:56

I'm hoping to get a shorty posted in the morning. I have a good idea, but honestly, I'm pretty sapped right now. I've had another migraine today - that's two in a week and normally I only get them about three times a year. All sorts of things are going on here...not a whole lot of them good.

Hallee 5-24-2001 20:34

Ok, for all you Curtis fans, I posted another two chapters...

Laura 5-24-2001 14:02


HEATHER: Nope; haven't seen American Beauty. Um...Is "sort of gay" like "sort of married" or "sort of dead?" Are you saying Scott B. is, er, heterosexually challenged? I hope you just meant that for his character in the movie!? And, um, Gordon L.--are you saying he's also got the same problem? Ohh, no, and I always liked his music (well, I like Elton John's music too, but I'd already heard about HIS missing genes). I still like their music.

BTW, HEATHER, re: WM at the library - if they're CIRCULATING the newest copy, there should still be at least ONE new copy that STAYS in the library. Whatsa matter with your librarians? Did they check out their brains with their only copy of WM?? Did they get their librarian's certificate at "LIBRARIES-R-US?" And you can check that psycho laughter at the door, woman. We don't allow that sort here in the library (um, and take the toe-kissing gentleman with you, please). AND why are you working with your back a-mess?? Stay on that couch. I has spokened.

HOWARD: HAR-DE-HAR-HAR-DE-HA-HA-HEE-HEE-HO! :-) Now go bet someone I won't be able to tell your joke, or Mary's, straight to my family without messin' up the punchlines, and you'll be a richer man! :-)

TINA: Trekkers unite! Long live S.T., whatever the heck series it is!! :-) The original and Voyager are my favs, altho' NG and DS9 were also very good.

LAURA: CONGRATULATIONS on college graduation!! :-) Yea for you!!! What's next--travel or a job in mind or just writing (drool! I wish!) --??!! :-) I haven't had time yet to critique anything on the WB, but there's some really good stuff there...

Havin' trouble piecing my shorty together...still working mentally on it. Maybe it will be a little late...oh, to live in another time...which time, which time??

Mel 5-24-2001 13:54

Ask and ye shall recieve, seek and ye shall find....

In other words, someone called?...I've been graduating from college and trying to get my novel finished...speaking of which I haven't had my new post of chapter three critiqued....

And I changed the title....

Laura 5-24-2001 13:09


Just a minute for a quickie this morning....

Slept wrong, neck is all wierd and twisted. Ow.
(quickie and twisted neck have nothing to do with one another... ;-D )

Scott Bakula will be on the new Trek? Yay! Haven't watched the finale yet. We don't get it here, but my sister tapes it and sends it up to me. I can't go without my Trek! I'm hopelessly addicted. For now, I'm carefully not reading any posts about what happens on the finale!

Don't forget about shortie night tonight! Mary, what was the theme? Of course, I don't know if I'll have any time to put one together, but I'll try.

Hallee, sure I'll read the next one, but wait until I get #1 done! I'll try the new format and let you know if it works better.

Sasquatch! Good to hear from you! Do you know where the other MW's are? (Missing Writers) Viv! Gariess! Trudy! Barnabas! Old Man! Laura! Everyone else who's name I've forgotten! Miss ya all!

Gotta go now.

Tina 5-24-2001 10:57

SASQUATCH - Welcome back! Missed ya!

MARY - HAHA - one of my favorite contractor jokes! Here's another:

An old immigrant won the lotto. He didn't have much English, and wasn't really sure what to do with all the money, but his friends talked him into having a new house built.
The contractor came to show him some plans, and he liked it, but asked if he could have a "Halo Statue" in the corner of the great room. Not being a religios man, the contractor wasn't sure what the old man meant, but he was eager to get started, so he said "Sure, we'll make certain there's a Halo Statue there for you."
Construction went well, and it wasn't long before the contractor was escorting the old man through his nearly completed house.
As they entered the great room, the old man looked around in dismay, and asked "Where is my Halo Statue?"
The contractor stuttered a bit, and finally asked the old man "Please, I'm not a religious man, what exactly is a 'Halo Statue'?"
The old man looked at him in amazement, and said "You don' know what is Halo Statue?"
"No," admitted the contractor, "I'm sorry to say that I don't. Please tell me what it is, and I'll do everything I can to make things right for you."
The old man laughed, and said "Halo Statue! HALO STATUE! It sits over in the corner and sometime it makes sound like RINGARINGARING and you pick up and you say HALO STATUE!"

Howard 5-24-2001 10:45

BTW, as far as I know, Bakula isn't REALLY gay. Just sort of. HA HA HA HA

Look at that. UGH. I must have witty's block too...

Heather 5-24-2001 10:26

Hey, Mel, did you get a peek at Scott Bakula in 'American Beauty'? His hunkiest - HA HA HA HAHAHA!!!!
The kids these days call men like that 'Gordon Lightfoots'. What, they're not just GAY anymore? They have to be legendary singer/songwriters too???
Oh, and I long ago found the writer's market books in reference - the latest years are just always gone. At the library here there are certain reference materials that can be taken out overnight or for a week - and WM happens to be one of the week-long round trippers. Why is it all the reference books I WANT to take home for a week aren't even allowed out the library doors? Not that I'd keep them HEE HEE HEEE HAAA HA H AH- *psycho laughter*

Baxter - pull up some couch and let's start the analysis.... I think we're all certifiable...



some on our way to being certified writers, some made it, some still working on it!

Teekay - HA HA HAHA! Witty's block!! AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HAHAHA! (I scared my cat with that laugh)
Megan, eh? Well! I never! *pinch*

Hi Sasquatch!

GREAT to see you, CHRISTI!

Mark, where you been?

Gariess, you better be lurking...
I was going to post the crit for your short story a while back but you disappeared! It wasn't even going to be painful!

Ah. Sigh. Didn't get much done on Symphony last night - went to work and then prepped for my son's fourth birthday today... right now he's so deep in construction vehicles and lego and balloons he is merely a tuft of Calvin-ish hair in the centre of a wild, roaring parade!

I'm pooped. Time to recline on the couch and watch Christian slam a front end loader into a wee dumptruck, who is so blissfully unaware of the snappy fate...

Heather 5-24-2001 10:23


Mel 5-24-2001 9:09


G'mornin' all you writers! :-)

BEN: Aha! I heard you say the "sequel" word... :-) BTW, congrats on the hopeful rejection slip! Maybe one day, I'll have some of those, if I ever get my novel done! Sigh. Good luck with your collection--may it be slush-free. Good luck emcee-ing too, and safe driving.

Agents? When I'm ready, I'm gonna try without one first, too--maybe more work but I've heard more bad than good re: agents.

HEATHER, SHERWOOD: The NEWEST Writer's Market is usually kept (in libraries) with other new REFERENCE books, in a SPECIAL section of the library, not with the rest of the nonfiction books. DO ASK the librarian if you can't find it!

HEATHER: I think you do an exemplary job of keeping your Internal Editor in check while you crank out a gazilion words daily... :-) Er, can you teach me that kickboxing step you used?

TEEKAY: I haven't "zinged" out of bed since I was a kid--and only then to catch a school bus or something! Altho' I am a morning person, enjoy the early birdsong fest and the natural quiet of the house before the kidlings awaken...ahh.

BAXTER: Hi! There are all levels of writers here and not all "pro" -- Welcome! :-)

RHODA: Oh, I missed the last Voyager! Darn!! Was watching the re-run of S.K.'s "The Stand" and forgot all about ST. Rats. Say, try a five-minute free-write: get yourself started on that new writing project - how about a western romance? :-)

RACHEL: Thanks for the publisher info on "Shadows" - gotta get me a copy for the books-by-mail library here. :-)

RANDALL: "Write to feel good"-- Right on! :-) Adventure? Absolutely!! Never Never Land? Of course!!! Not just writers want to feel young again--most everybody does; readers certainly do. If they want maturity, they can go read the "Farmer's Almanac." Uh, "Reader's Digest?" Okay, I give up--I'm not familiar with any mature reading. I like ADVENTURE! :-)

And if ANYONE still has writer's block after Randall's nursing home remark, I urge you to go outside right now and smell the lilacs (or count snowflakes, whatever's around!)--Life: we only have one and it's much too short. WRITE ON!!

All right, BANKY! Write up a great adventure! :-)

JACK: Scott Bakula??!! Ohh, yeah! (KITTY, Scott's on the hunk wall too) I loved Scott in "Quantum Leap." :-) :-)

HALLEE: Feedback coming, really! Truly! I'm just a bit behind, as usual...And I would love to read the next one too; just wait till i send my critique of the first one first, okay? You go, girl! :-) You're not so far from a publisher, methinks. Your stuff's better than a lot of books on the shelves here!!! :-)

SASQUATCH: What are you waiting for? Don't you know we all hunger for your wise words? :-)

Now you-all go out there today and bang out a bunch of good words! :-)

Melanie 5-24-2001 9:07

**Blond Joke** -as per request ;-)

A painting contractor was speaking with a woman about her job. In the first room she said she would like a pale blue. The contractor wrote this down and went to the window, opened it, and yelled out "GREEN SIDE UP!" In the second room she told the painter she would like it painted in a soft yellow. He wrote this on his pad, walked to the window, opened it, and yelled "GREEN SIDE UP!" The lady was somewhat curious but she said nothing. In the third room she said she would like it painted a warm rose color. The painter wrote this down, walked to the window, opened it and yelled "GREEN SIDE UP!"

The lady then asked him, "Why do you keep yelling 'green side up'?"
"I'm sorry," came the reply. "But I have a crew of blondes laying sod across the street.

Mary 5-24-2001 8:34


The VOYAGER crew did make it home--twice. In the original time-line, the journey took an addition 16 years. Of course not everyone made it, soooo the now admiral Janeway goes back in time to make it right, and because of her intervention the VOYAGER crew do make it home soon enough to save Tuvok from a degenerative brain disease. It was a good show, but too much like an episode they awhile back where Chakotay and Harry go back in time to stop VOYAGER from coming to an all too early end. Oh, well, it was all good fun. I will miss VOYAGER.


I didn't have access to STAR TREK until I moved to the Tulsa area and I could pick up UPN on my TV's rabbit ears. I have many TNG and ST classic tapes. I am relatively new to VOYAGER and have picked it up the past year on the reruns.


What is my next project? I have a few chapters of a western I did awhile ago. I also have jotted some notes down for a Regency Romance. At this point it is anyone's guess what I do. The important thing is that I do something. I have to prove to myself that I can do something other than spend the rest of my life revising the only two books I have ever written.

Rhoda 5-24-2001 8:18

humans persons i am here, only waiting. i must go

sasquatch 5-24-2001 8:12


RACHEL: How exciting for all of you! I can't hardly get over it!

AMERICO: See? You came to this site to practice on your English, and ended up getting published in English! ***Great big smacking kiss*** I'm glad you're here - you don't post enough any more.

BAXTER: Welcome!

RHODA: Did they make it home? I kinda liked Voyager, but I was going through such intense withdrawls for Next Generation - to me, that was the best one. Oh - while you were across the great expanse of the Atlantic, I posted to you that I found a website that had a 10-part written lecture on querying and synopsizing romances. This is the best thing I have found yet - wonderfully done, full of examples, easy to understand and read. Let me know if you want the link.

RANDALL: I wrote a book about nuclear espionage involving the Chinese (well before it all happened here). An agent rejected it about two weeks after the big press blow up about China stealing nuclear weapons secrets on the basis that it didn't have a timely plot. Hello? I wanted to send her a headline.

ROSEMARY: Enjoy your class. ((Hug)) Stay cool. This morning it was 56. 56? In late May in Florida? Is Armageddon coming?

CHRISTI: How could you not be missed? (grin) Welcome back.

JERRY: I would like to say that I write for myself, but I don't know if I do. I don't get the same pleasure getting the words out that I do in getting feedback from the people who read them. So, perhaps I write to entertain. And maybe I'm not good enough to ever actually be published, but I sure have a good group who pass my books around. (My grandmother's hairdresser's daughter - hahaha - 3,000 miles away).

BANKY (again): Good job kicking the block!

BEN: You probably won't see this, but I love that line!! HAHAHAHA - perfect way to break the ice.

JACK: Scott Bakula??? Hahahahaha - well, I guess if they can have that kid from Silver Spoons on NYPD Blue, they can do anything. Congrats, again.

MARY: You've been quiet. Hi there. Tell us a blonde joke. (grin)

Okay - off to edit the last chapter. I did it! I wrote nothing (except my shorty) and edited a whole book! Whoo-hoo. (But, I still have nine more to go - *sniff*)

Hallee 5-24-2001 5:21


Hi Again,

HEATHER: (((((HUG))))))))) You're a grrrr...grrrr.... great sport girly. :-D
And yes, rejection slips are a good thing. It means things are happening. Don't know if you read the book, but S.K. had a spike in the wall which he filled with rejection slips.
I'm flattered that you think I may be wise poetic SASQY, but I cannot lay claim to that name.
No, I'm not anybody else. A while back there I was MEGAN with the really bad story writing, but that's all, I promise.

BAXTER: Welcome to you. Yeah, dontcha just hate it when you get witty's block. Witty's block, get it! Witty's block!
Yeah, guess I must have it too :-)

RHODA: I knew that you knew that you knew that I knew you knew that I was IMA. And remember IMA is always amongst us, watching, waiting.
What's your new writing project? Any hints?

RACHEL: Well that's a relief, guess I was feeling a bit parsanoid. Fantastic news about 'shadows'.

BEN: There was something I had to say to you in reference to your last post, but Dang! D'you think I can remember it? No.
As my Mother would say, 'must've been a lie.'
I don't think it was though.

RANDALL: I am so glad you're back. I love your posts. I can do with all the inspiration I can get.
Sometimes I think that if nobody were ever to read my writing I simply wouldn't bother to do it. I'm not sure if this is a constant, because there are stages when I just get the itch to write and then write I must, but I think in the back of my mind, it's always with the thought of sending it off.

ROSEMARY: HAHAHAHHAHA hopefully it's coz I'm just a writer.

CHRISTI: I'm sooo glad you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And BTW I was rather careful about not posting IMA's and my posts too close together. In the beginning anyway.
Yeah, and sure you already knew.
P.S. that $150:00 was worth it if you ask me.
Not being one to brag, but I still have all my wisdom teeth so if there's anything you need to know, well, you know who to ask. :-D

Right that's it for today, must go and see how I can go about ordering 'Shadows'.
Man! I'm so proud of you guys.
And I'm still jealous too.

Teekay 5-24-2001 3:44

Yes, I am the fourth member of those contributing to the release of Shadow. Just in the midst of watching my recorded copy of Voyager. Also, Amazon shipped the first season of SG-1 on DVD. It is very very nice to have it in wide screen. What I find interesting is the advertising for Enterprise, the new Star Trek series coming to UPN this Fall. Just wondering what kind of series it will be without the prime directive, or, at least, a very early version of the prime directive. That and how they will dumb down the look and feel to accomodate the 22nd century as opposed to the 24th century. Should be a fun romp. That and having the Scott Bakula playing the new head of the Enterprise. All in all a fun rump. Just wished my recorded copy was a little better, but then I have gotten a bit spoiled by DVD and HDTV. Take care everyone.

Jack Beslanwitch Link 5-24-2001 2:22

I'll be signing off for the weekend. Gotta leave for Edmonto Friday morning. It's a long drive. I hope we can get on the road by eight thirty at the latest, and driving straight through, get there by nine or so, maybe ten. Both of us driving will make it a little easier. We'll bring Kaisers, and all sorts of other little munchies, and stop for pee breaks, but the idea is to get there first. No time to do much of anything tomorrow except get packed and prepared.

So, I've got people giving me a little bit of advice about speaking in public. I'm not really as nervous as I thought I would be. I've already got my opening..."They say that the easiest way for a person to stand here and speak, is to picture his audoence naked. In the spirit of that advice, I'd like to ask all the girls between eighteen and twenty-five, to move to the front row." The wife likes it. Had her laughing with that one. I'm not going to try to be funny, because it never works like that, does it? Of course, the table I'll be sitting at will be the first table after the bridal table, to eat. But that's because I'm calling the game. :-)

But I gotta agree with a lot of what you say Randall. I write for me. I write what I like to read. I write stories that are a part of me. I look at life a lot differently now, looking for things to put in my writing. Walking part way home today, I was thinking how trying to find whatever shade I could, I found myself walking down the sidewalk and trying to keep the line of shadows from telephone pole to telephone pole on the back of my head. It was like walking a tightrope. All sorts of things came into my head with that one thought.

When I was a kid, I used to tell stories to my older brother and myself when we went to bed. I'd rambled on for hours it seemed. My mother would yell up the stairs at us to go to sleep, and I'd be quiet for about four or five minutes before I started in again. I was always the hero. I was Alexander Mundy, or Spiderman--Alexander Mundy was Robert Wagner in IT TAKES A THIEF, a great series when I was a kid about a jewel thief. I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to be the greatest thief in the world. Thank God that didn't pan out.

But I gotta run now. See you guys later. Have a good weekend and don't do nuthin' I wouldn't do--which ain't much.

Ben 5-24-2001 2:19

Hiya all,

just wanted to say that I've kicked my writers block and am at present doing the happiest of jigs : )

Banky 5-24-2001 0:56

Me again - Rhoda - They had a final episode of Voyager - dangg it, that is the one show that we could no longer get when we moved south, and I loved to watch that dang show. Well not the only one, we couldn't get any Star Trek shows what-so-ever and I sure do miss them. I do have several tapes of the old original Star Trek series that was rerun on one of their anniversary, and a few of the Next Generation on tape also, the first and last episodes and some others. I did so love those series I think they did more for SF then most of the books written, I know they sure got my kids hooked on reading SF. Both my kids were voracious readers, and they still are, my daughter has more books in her collection then many small town libraries, and when she puts her mind to it, she can do some fine writing too, but she would rather paint, she is even better at painting, in fact she recently had a showing of her art at a local museum. Anyway, I ramble on, and say little so will stop taking up Jack's valuable space.

Jerry 5-24-2001 0:27

Randall - why do I write? You know I don't have the faintest idea. I never used to. The truth is, I always had stories forming up in my mind, I can remember so many nights spent in a patrol car, just me the car and a sleeping town, and boredom would overtake me, then stories would start to form, and go on, and on, and on. Some of my stories would have made several volumes should I have written them down. Then when I could no longer work, and the Bureau sent me to college to learn a new trade, I was forced to take English 101. Oh, I was so afraid of that class, I could handle all the law classes, they were a piece of cake, but English? English was one of my most hated classes in High School, and Grammar School. I simply couldn't get it straight, what an adverb was, or an adjective, and parts of sentences threw me for a complete loop. I quickly learned that, although I still didn't know the difference between an adverb and an adjective, I could put them together and make a fairly good story. English 101 was of course English Composition, and we had a wonderful teacher. I told her at the beginning of the class that I couldn't get all that stuff straight, and after we completed the review portion of the class, and wrote our first composition, there was a note attached to mine. It simply said, yes you are right you don't know the difference but you sure know how to use them. That was my start writing, and it has brought me great joy. Right now I don't care that I don't get published, although it would be wonderful if I did. The pleasure of putting words down on paper is enough, and besides if I did sell something, I would have to report it to the bureau, then the fight would be on again, and I would be forced to get a lawyer . . . Should I sell a novel, it would have to be a best seller, so I could get by without my monthly check from Workers Comp. But that is a different story. Writing also keeps me sane when I sit in the same room for six days at a time, looking at the same walls, the same television, with the same programs on. Oh there are the occasional moments when a new and different bird arrives at my feeders, just outside the large picture window in our living room, when I rush to find my bird book and identify him. Then there is my dog, who gives me my daily exercise letting him outside, and in again, but writing brings me great pleasure. It is even better when someone reads what I have written, and gets a bit of enjoyment, from it. You asked who we write for, and I guess my answer would have to be, I write for myself, and all who come across our little notebook.

Jerry Ericsson 5-24-2001 0:19

Sorry guys; that link's no good! I typed in a funny and it didn't show (I put it in the wrong spot). No loss, it probably wasn't very funny.

Christi 5-24-2001 0:14

"Mary Lou"

Haven't posted for awhile but keep up by reading almost daily.

Taylor Dane: Beware of Kelly O'Donnell. My experience with
her cost me bucks with NO results. Also, it is not a good idea to pay an agent anything. Those that charge are not playing by the rules and usually do nothing to earn their money. You can always try submitting over the transom for a lot less.

Mary Lou 5-24-2001 0:13

Moi below.

5-24-2001 0:12

Hello everybody!

CONGRATULATIONS you guys, for publishing SHADOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, overzealous use of exclaimation points is perfectly acceptable at a time like this!!!!!! Gads, I'm excited. Going back, I looked for the post with all the contributors and can't find it! Who are you lovelies?? Americo, Rachel and Allein, I think, but who is the last lovely contributer? Be you Jack? Do tell! Anyway, I'm dying for a copy; where's that link, Rachel??? :)
(I'm also ready to buy your book, Debra!)

SHHRRRRRRREEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! Teekay, you bad, bad, bad bad girl!!!! You ... Ima ... well I never! H'yuck. That was a good'un there, mate. I guess I already knew; maybe 'cause Ima's posts always followed yours!
(PS Thanks fer missing me, palie!)

Taylor Dane, Don't you own a Writer's Market??? :) There are a TON of agents who take fiction in there. Also, there is 'Jeff Herman's Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents'--a mouthful to be sure, but I think it's the better of the two. My Writer's Digest is collecting dust while 'Jeff Herman' is a dog-eared and coffee-stained mess. The reference section of the library has both usually. And after that long string of probably-useless info, I say WELCOME!


Debra, Welcome back! You were missed.

OH Hallee, your wisdom teeth woes sound like my own. I had four at a pop too. I paid $150.00 extra that I didn't really have just to be put under I.V. sedation. It may have been a bad idea; I woke up with a giant bruise in the shape of the dentist's hand covering the front of my throat (like he'd been choking me the whole time!), and I threw up for three days. At least I lost five pounds in the deal.
For anyone who's hasn't had theirs out yet, I apologize. I've heard that some people's go so smoothly that they're out having hotdogs afterwards, so what do I know?

Heather, Got the newest of Symphony! I can't wait to read it!

Randall and Ben, I relish your posts. Just wanted you to know.

To all of you other friends that I missed (and I did miss you!) I give a big HELLO! and a kiss. Unless you don't happen to like kisses for fear of germs, and in that case I give you a hug whilst donning a surgical gown with cap and gloves. Grrrrr. Big bear hug.

G'night you all!


Christi Link 5-24-2001 0:11


Hi there, Youse guyes,

I've never actually lived in the East but thought I would try out an accent anyway.

I must have suspected you all along, remember--I said your purse contents didn't fit your personality and earlier than that I wondered if we had imposters because your posts didn't sound like you. It might be a good idea to have someone professional check out this personality shifting. Or--are you just a writer?

Got to go to the first short story class tomorrow. Need to get my rest.

Rosemary 5-23-2001 23:23


Randall - Hey there. I enjoyed your post. Thanks.

5-23-2001 23:18


What's happening Guys and Girls?

Published or non-published? Agent or solo? Movie deal or paper book rights? East coast or west coast publishers? All valid questions, up to a point. Title this post toastie ... :-) Why do you write, and for whom? Who, indeed, do you serve, who is the master?

Somewhere in the back of my ancient brain a ramdom thought floats, forever in limbo, but always there. The greatest writer ever, fill in the blank here, probably wrote initially for the fun of it. Perhaps this person couldn't locate the type of novel he or she wanted to read, so out comes paper and pencil. Or quill and ink, or stick and mud. Right you are, writing is a valuable human ability used to convey vital information about most anything under the shoulder of Orion. Amount of grain in pyramid #4. Number of slaves, seasons of the year. Et al.....

However, writing is a fantastik (not the cleaner!) process to relieve stress. Or relive the good times in ones life. My first "real" book, (not counting the teenage boy fantasy, based on War Of The Worlds, staring....guess who and, of all people, Haley Mills, teenage English actress,) was about summers spent on my grandparents small ranch in Mason County, Texas. It is/was an attempt to relive a splendid time in my life. The main charactors are my grandparents, my brother and a Mexican Burro named Bertha. We named the 4 legged critter, short-tailed, obstinate headed, iron-willed, stubborn cuss, lazy bones, good for nothing corn converter after our grandmother. If I chance to meet my grandmother in Heaven (FAT CHANCE) I would ask what she thought of us naming a burro after her?

But the point is friends. Working on the book made me feel good, revived old childhood emories....and perserved my younger life for my grand-children, or a national library named in my honor. Uh............ speaking of fantasy!

Write to feel good. Write blessed SF so you may escape the ho hum of life in 2001. Write for stress relief. (Or is it 2000, I sometimes lose track of time?) Write "Old Time" adventure. A guy looked at parts of my latest ms last year. E-mailed me back a list of what was wrong a mile long. But....he gave me a credit when he said it was too passee, to much in the style of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. "Not popular....."

The Hell! Horse feathers! That's why I wrote the durn thing. Adventure, adventure, adventure. If I want morality lessons, church. Clebrity stories, People magazine. Mystery, Sherlock Holmes. Horror, Ed Poe.

Serve yourself first in writing. Write for the guy or girl behind the keyboard. Write for the person who's eyes scan the words. Write for the little boy or girl hidden inside, the one who yearns to live in Never Never land and fight pirates all day and sleep in the trees at night. (A sudden thought; are writers expressing immaturity in the printed word? Never grew up? Never want to grow up? Are readers seeking maturity from you? Or enjoying your youth, wisdom or skill?) I ponder...........

And if the novel makes you some spending money, a little respect among your peers....sauce for the goose. Because you are already content, knowing the ability to write, a true gift, is yours to posess and cannot be taken away. Unless you have a massive stroke and spend the rest of life drooling in a nursing home while your kinfolk live the good life on the royalties. :-) Ah, humor!


Hi You!

Randall 5-23-2001 23:06

Hello Baxter! Lurking, were you? That's okay. Welcome!
You like to write? Good, that makes you hugely qualified to come around here!

See ya around!

Tina 5-23-2001 23:00


EVERYONE! - I have an announcement to make. You can now order “Shadows in a Dream” directly from the Publisher. I will attach their site address, so that you can go and look at it. Before now I didn’t really want to get excited. I wanted to wait, I wanted to see the book available before I allowed myself to get excited. Rest assured, I am now excited! I’m also done feeling shy (huge, happy smiles all around).

Teekay - Ciao girl! That would be like saying “Later babe! See yah! Catch yah on the flip side!” or any other regionalization/colloquialism that you like. If I wasn’t going to talk to you. I would just say nothing.

5-23-2001 22:26


No real surprise there. IMA was just a bit too bizarre to be anything other than someone's alter ego. I will miss the ole girl though.

And speaking of our other Notebook mysteries--where is SASQUATCH? And THE OLD MAN?

I watched the VOYAGER series fanale. I don't know exactly what I think of it. I can't say it was a disappointment because I expected much worse. It wasn't a bad episode, but I don't honestly feel that VOYAGER has had a good year. I hope the new ST series will be better. And I hope that the newer series will not be relying too heavily on time travel.

I have worked too hard trying to get my garden in and I have not finished yet. Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids. I hope I can focus on a new writing project soon.

Happy writing,


Rhoda 5-23-2001 22:12

Hello there writers.

I've been hanging around for a little while, wondering when to step in.

There is my confession? As long as you don't mind silent parties.
I've only been into writing for about one year, so I guess I'm just hopeful to think I might be ready to write pro.

Just wanted to introduce myself,
and nothing witty seems to be coming to mind.

Baxter 5-23-2001 21:41

Teekay! Just read your latest post, and you're not, you can't be.... you're not SASQUATCH, are you?

Just when you thought the forest was safe.

Heather 5-23-2001 21:34

Teekay: Grrr. Grrrr... GGGRREEAT job stirring us up and stringing us along! Had me fooled. Just when I was about to invite Ima to a boxing match, too. Well, poop.
In the ring alone, with mere figments again. I shadow box my self.

Really really had us going, by the way!

Should have known - "I'm a Writer". But NO, I just thought 'Rider' as in Harley Davidson Motorcycles... HA HA HA HAHAHAHA!
Remember what I told Ima? I said to post it and get it over with!

And Teekay, I just loved the other one you posted a while back... 'bout the 'tour guide', heh heh.
(No, I won't be spoilin' it for everbody else if they haven't read it)

Oh yes, am I supposed to be whooping it up over the rejection? I guess I am! They do want to see more. And the rejection at least means I've sent something out!
And here all along I swore up and back and sidelong that I was too longwinded to write short stories. Then I went and proved myself wrong. Don't know about the long-windedness, it still gets me in my posts.

*Internal Editor On*

Bewwhhhhhoooooooop! Grrrnt Grrntt!
Aha! You! Yes, you! Go back and erase ninety percent of this darned elongated babble!
*sock! BASH!*

*Internal Editor Flailing like a wimp in Mime costume*

Well, last night I wrote another 1700 words! So, that little green rejection slip (crammed with offers for 10% off the newsstand price of Glimmer Train, and various other doodads, I might mention) did nothing to scare away my muse!

Good thing, too. She's gotta have heart and tenacity to stick around this long with no final copy in her sweaty palms!

Oh crap, here it comes again.

Signing off to edit something else!

Heather 5-23-2001 21:30


While scrollong down to where I left off yesterday I noticed a few posts with my name in them so I figure you're still talking to me.
Which makes me think I can now share my second confession with y'all at the end of this post.

MEL: I find it pretty hard getting out of bed, dreary weather or not. I'd love to be one of those people who can just wake up, zing out of bed and feel fantastic.
I'm working on it though :-)

TINA: You, you, you figured it out? But how? How?
And there I thought I was being the master of disguise. *sigh*

JERRY: That's great news.

RACHEL: Ciao girl? Is that like goodbye? You don't wanna talk to me anymore? Hope not.

Okay, here's my other confession.

I've also been posting as...........
nope, can't do it. HOWARD would probably kill me.

Teekay 5-23-2001 21:07


Teekay - I was sure that you were IMA. Your news is no surprise;o)

Ciao girl!

5-23-2001 18:00

Take a look at Writer's Market specifically for the UK, if there is one (fiction,non-fiction, short story and novella ms format should be in one volume). I know there are a few UK listings (but not many)in the Writer's Market available in the US and Canada. I don't have the 2001 WM, either, so the markets may very well have changed since 2000. I have to scurry to the library to see if they have the 2001 issue. So many times I've scooped up the whole mussed-up row only to find the latest year or two missing. It could be a conspiracy... to have me shell out $40 for it! HA HA

There was a link to a whole slew of markets but I don't have it any more since my old computer hissed, blew sparks and went belly up under my desk. (Okay, that was hyperbolic of me, apologies..)

Tina! Just got 'Dirk Gentry's...' in the mail today! Yippee!

Heather 5-23-2001 17:28

Hi guys,

Can any of you suggest any interesting publishers (small or large) that may be interested in looking at a 50,000 word crime/suspense novella. Preferably, these should be in the UK, as thats where I`m based, but any pointers at all will be gratefully recieved.

Thanks all.


Sherwood 5-23-2001 16:36

Ok, ok, you guys and gals are getting to me now. It has been in the 30's at night, and only up to the low 50's (F) here now for the past week, the wind has been blowing at a steady 30 MPH with gusts up to 50. It may clear up a bit by the weekend, I hope so, as there are a bunch of folks coming down to help me through my 50's birthday. I told them that they must all wear black, and join me in mourning. My wife is healing very fast, she has tossed away the crutches that they sent her home with, she has put up the cane that she needed for a day and a half, and is on her own two feet already. We are very pleased with the results of her knee surgery. (Did I tell you that I posted a new short story in the short story section of the workbook? If not, I have now.) Oh and the enter button is on the right sided of the box on my computer (running windows ME with IE 5.5)

Jerry 5-23-2001 14:24


Richard - SPLASH! :)

It was fairly hot here yesterday - about 80 degrees. Pepper spent a lovely day outdoors. I was inside - today I'm not feeling much better - my cheek is swollen and a bit bruised. Oh yeah, and it hurts like the dickens but at least I can chew a little bit on the other side of my mouth. The painkillers help but they also put me to sleep, which I don't like. And I have to take them with food and I don't really feel much like eating either.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for their encouragement. :) And for sharing your stories.

*smiles* and *hugs*

Allein Allein's World 5-23-2001 14:04


Someone, *please* toss a bucket'o'water over me head?

Richard 5-23-2001 12:54

Hello everyone!

Mel, I do I do! Today is the fourth perfectly beautiful day in a row! Yesterday we topped 30oC. Yay!

Heather, congratulations! Ben, you too!
What with everyone receiving rejections lately, a song seems appropriate…

Da da da… Another one bites the dust!
Da da da da da… another one bites the dust!
And another ones gone
And another ones gone…
Another one bites the dust!


Yes, Teekay, kinda figured that one. Won’t hold it against ya.

Welcome Taylor! Sorry, I’m no help about agents. Haven’t gone that path yet, and I think I’ll do the same as Heather and Ben.

Many things to do today! Be well everyone!

Tina 5-23-2001 10:52

Okay that was me.

Debra 5-23-2001 9:42


I know everyone's thinking it so I'll say it! THE Taylor Dane?

5-23-2001 9:42


Mark 5-23-2001 9:19

CONGRATS on the book guys. Excellent job all around. Wish I could have been around to see it, and hope it takes off into the stratosphere!!

I just got the most promising rejection slip yesterday. The editor actualy wrote on top of the form letter, saying, "Sorry, not this time, Thanx," and then sent me the guidelines for a writing contest, writing across the top, "Thought you might be interested in this."

It was THE MISSOURI REVIEW, and the story is called THE ICONOCLAST, the story of an artist in pre-world war one Vienna who just happens to be a dwarf. It's an extension, or a sequel of sorts, to the novella I'm reworking right now, CINDERELLA AND HER SISTERS, all of which I'm gathering for a collection I hope to have together soon. I'm just gonna mail them all off at once and go the way of the slush pile. I don't care about an agent. If the book gets picked up, I'll get an agent. I think it'll be a lot easier to get an agent if you write and say, Hey, I just got accepted for publication, wanna represent me? And with the CanLit market being the hotspot right now, I'm kinda hopingthings will work out.

Ben 5-23-2001 9:18

Anyone else find it hard to arise on a gray, dreary morn? Bah humbug! It would be a great day for writing though, if I were at home. Maybe this evening...

Say! Heather! Congrats(?) on the rejection slip - you're one up on me! It's really good though that they want to see more of your work--so, show them!! :-) And if you don't want to shell out right now for a new Writer's Market, check your library's reference section - most libraries have a copy of that.

Teekay - Hmm. Your confession leads me to wonder how many others here are simply the same person writing under different names...Ain't it just like a writer to assume pen-names to confuse everybody? :-) At least, at the library they're confusing...until you learn which authors have which names and then you read everything by your favorites under all their pen-names...!? Kinda fun, actually! Love ya (and IMA too).

Time to get to work, darn it. Y'all have a great day (and who, I want to know, has the lovely day today?? It sure isn't me.)

Melanie 5-23-2001 7:51



HEATHER: ((Hug)) Now, get something else out to them.

TAYLOR DANE: I know there is Romance Writers of America, and there is Mystery Writers of America. Do a search and see if you can find Horror Writers of America, or something similar, then look on their website. They would have a list of publishers or agents who specialize in horror.

Okay - it's later than usual. Need to get to the next chapter and (groan) edit it. Oh, MEL - there are two chapters left. I split the last one and added to it.

Happy Wednesday all!

Hallee 5-23-2001 5:04



HALLEE: All horror stories should be directed to P*. Who knows, we may just get published!!
(In case you're scratching your head wondering what I'm going on about, I'm referring to the wisdom teeth story -ugh ~shudder~)

MEL: Well thank goodness you told me your dirty, no wait, that's funny, little secret, for I never would have guessed it :-).
Actually, I have a rather nasty little secret and I think I may just reveal it at the end of this post unless something happens to make me change my mind. Like for instance, my brain kicks in and stops me.
Anyway, we'll see.

DEBRA: Welcome back girly.

TAYLOR DANE: Welcome to you you shy little thing. Nevermind, we shall take you under our wing and bring you out of your shell :-).
Can't help you with the agent thingee though.

HEATHER: Whoo hooo CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your first rejection, I'm sooo proud of you.
Hey! they want to see more don't they.

Okay, here's my confession. And if any of you are thinking of holding it against me, I want you to remember that I love you all and for you to hate me would be unatural in the extreme, and it just started out as a bit of fun and well, that's about it, but my confession is that I was the person posting under the name of IMA RYDER.
Now, please don't think I was being deceitful coz actually IMA is just an extension of my personality (one that you don't see too often)

So now, with that said, I'm going to go and post 'Un-named ' in P**, because I really would hate to have written it for naught.

I hope you're all still talking to me tomorrow.

If you all decide that you hate me, well then I shall just go away - and post again under another name.

Byeeeeeeeeeee. Guess my brain didn't kick in after all *sigh* what's new?

Teekay 5-23-2001 3:10

Sorry, no info on agents. I plan to submit my ms 'sans agente'. (All right, I made up the agente part.)

I joined the NB a little too late to even get to read the ms in the WB... *sniff*
I would have loved to participate.
Which makes me wonder - has anyone added more to 'Rebecca' lately? Perhaps I should go back and add another few paragraphs, get it going...

Well, last weekend (not this most recent one)
I really had a time at work, but I still haven't written my Phantasium story about it. I am (oh yeah) putting it off for reasons of piloerection and a twangy set of nerves somewhere between my lumbar and my cervical vertebra.
(That's hairs on end and the chills up my spine, in case anyone who wasn't sure didn't want to bother asking, assuming, or looking that up)

If I sound a bit peevy, well, I now have something to put on the nonexistant spike. My first rejection.
They want to see more of my work. But it wasn't even a form letter - there were three sentences, with boxes ahead of them, and the middle one checked off. Hey, at least they took a pen and underlined the 'Thank You'. Does that mean they are emphatically thanking me? Or do they underline that on every rejection they send?
They also sent back the first page of the ms, I suppose that is to indicate what story they are rejecting. Or maybe they want to be certain the writer knows in case they have so many mss' out there, they forget what they submitted where?
I'm not the type to forget that. Not even if I never wrote it down.

Anyway, let's not dwell too long on that...
Now I must dash out and buy the latest writer's market before I send the mss again!
I also think I'll send Glimmer Train other things, since they asked. Maybe I'll enter that New Writer's Contest. Might have less competition.

I say 'might', really hoping it'll be true! I think we all need every good chance we can get in this biz.

Why am I beginning to feel like an actress from a small town, just stepping off the bus into New York City?

Well, of I go to write.
It might be one of those nights where I just stare and stare and then finally write ten sentences as if I had to strangle them out. Sort of a mental kidney stone...

Ready to bounce back and I hope the muse has hitched a ride!

Heather :o/ :o? :o]

Heather 5-23-2001 2:18

Welcome to the new faces. My thoughts are a little sidetracked by watching the season finishers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Hmmphhhh. Just wondering how http://www.upn.comis going to resurrect Buffy after she sacrifices herself for Dawn. My conclusion is that there is no way that UPN would pick up Buffy at 1.2 million per episode without Buffy. Still, between the supposed loss of Buffy and members of Charmed and others, I am a little nonplussed. Did not take a look at Dark Angel, but looking forward to the fact that Angel will not be in conflict with it, but will be on Monday. Oh, well.

As for agents, good luck in your searches. And caveat emptor. For those light on their Latin. Buyer Beware. Ciao. See you all tomorrow. Little tired at the moment.

Jack Beslanwitch sfnorthwest 5-23-2001 2:04

Hello, like your writer's forum. I have written a fantastic horror entitled, Grave With A View. I am a published author with several publishers, mostly non-fiction however. I wrote a mystery/horror which is almost better than Stephen King and Dean Koonz. I said "almost."

Is there anyone out there who can direct me to an agent or a publisher who may be interested in my horror manuscript?

Thank you.

Taylor Dane

Also, does anyone know of a literary agent by the name of Kelly O'Donnell or Cynthia Sterling? I queried the O'Donnell Agency and I believe they are not accepting fiction. It is so hard to find an agent who takes on fiction. Sterling however, wants to see the work, but charges a lot of money.

Taylor Dane 5-23-2001 1:04

Dag Gone it, I forgot to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you the published authors of Shadows. I shall kick myself every day for dropping out of that fine project. I guess that will teach me.

Jerry Ericsson 5-23-2001 0:15

Well I began my shorty for this weeks shorty exercise, but it became way too long for this notebook. So I posted it in the Short Story area. I need to work on it a bit, but thought I would give you something to tear apart for me. Keep in mind I wrote this after reading the book about Timothy McVeigh, then reading about half of the Turrner Diaries.

Jerry Ericsson 5-23-2001 0:13


Thanks to everyone who supported us and gave us words of encouragement during writing and publishing Shadows and for your words of congratulations. :) May all of you have a book published one day.

Rachel - Shy?

And now a haiku:

Pudding for breakfast,
Chocolately, delicious food,
Really can't eat much else.

Thank you.
Now we return to our daily lives. :)

Allein Allein's World 5-22-2001 22:23


Pussy - You are a wise, wise cat. I think I will take your advice. I will enjoy my naked walk...

5-22-2001 21:59

PUSSY: A kitten??? Is there perhaps news you haven't shared with us in your sporadic absence? Are congratulations in order. Do tell, sweet kitty. :)

Hallee 5-22-2001 20:36


Is that the walking naked on the mall sensation?
I wouldn't miss a single moment of it, if I were an author...

Here's one of my poems (dedicated to all who wished well to S*)

To book or not to book

i publish
you read
she yawns
we write
you sleep
they (the publishers) laugh all the way to the bank

Pussy, probably one of the best poets in the world (next to Jon and my kitten only)

Pussy 5-22-2001 20:24


Thank you to everyone who has offered a kind word about S*. I find that this sort of celebration makes me feel a little shy. Don't mind me, if I duck down for a bit. Know that I'm reading your words with much pleasure. Thanks.

5-22-2001 19:57




Great to see you back.

Rhoda 5-22-2001 16:36

HOWARD: Thank you so much, but I already did that. As a matter of fact I opted to run everything by my computer, not just office tools and it still is asking me for the disk. When I go back into Add/ shows that my office tools are not "run by computer", so I do it again. I go back and check....and they are not set to run by computer. I don't know what the problem is. That is why I tried to manually input them into my home publisher folder with windows explorer, which didn't work either. Big hugs for trying though! Thanks.

Mary 5-22-2001 16:29

Hallee and Mel:

Thanks for the welcome back.

Debra 5-22-2001 15:53

Ooops! Forgot to sign it! sorry.

howard 5-22-2001 15:20

When you install Publisher, if you select the Typical installation option, the Setup program installs only the clip art used by the wizards. The rest of the clip art is represented by indexes and thumbnails contained in media catalog (MMC) files.

A Typical Publisher installation leaves the clip art files on the compact disc because they take up a lot of space on the hard disk. If you copy all the clip art files to your hard disk, it may take an additional 270 megabytes (MB) or more of hard disk space.

NOTE: Because there are several versions of Windows, the following steps may be different on your computer. If they are, please consult your product documentation to complete these steps.

To work around this problem, it is possible to install all the clip art to the hard disk. Make sure that you have at least 270 MB of available space on your C drive.

To install all of the Publisher clip art from the compact disc, follow these steps:

With the Publisher compact disc in the CD-ROM drive. Click Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.

Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

On the Install/Uninstall tab, click Microsoft Publisher 2000 from the list of installed programs, and click Add/Remove.

Click Add or Remove Features from the Microsoft Publisher Maintenance Mode window that appears. This will bring you to an Update Features window where you can add or remove components from Publisher.

Open the Office Tools, Clip Gallery, Clip Files item.

Click the computer icon for Clip Files, and click Run from My Computer.

Click Update Now.

The Installer will then copy the clip art files to your system.

Clip Gallery will now have access to all of the Publisher clip art without needing to access the CD-ROM.

5-22-2001 15:15


JERRY: As if you don't have enough family and friends pulling on your sleeve, asking for computer help. Is there any way I can take a CDrom and install its contents to my hard drive so that whenever I want to use a program I don't have to install the disk? My MSPublisher is constantly asking me to put in different disks for all the different clip art that I need. It is a pain. I used my Windows explorer and copied the contents of the CDrom to a new folder, but I can't get my program to recognize where it is. It keeps asking me for the disk still. I understand why, I just don't know what to do about it. I really don't want to have to change the file path for every little image in those folders. There are thousands and thousands. I am sure that if there is a way to do it, you know what it is. Thank you!

Actually, there are several people here who may know how to do that, and if you don't mind letting me in on the secret ;-) it would really help me a lot.

my email addy is here.

Mary 5-22-2001 14:20

Thanks, Jack. I'm very happy to see that everyone is rejoycing with the publication of "Shadows in a Dream". It's too early to know its fate but it can be a good starting-point in the literary career of its American collaborators (Rachel, Allein and yourself). Now we must make it a big success.

BTW: S* is not an e-book but a traditional paperback with a cherry on the cake: it can be ordered directly from the publisher and hopefully from and other Internet bookshops. These details and everything connected with publication and post-publication chores (including contracts) must be checked, privately, with our efficient secretary and great writer: Rachel.

Americo 5-22-2001 11:15


Please fill me in. I've missed so much. How did Shadows in a Dream come to be published in the first place? Are the earnings checks being distributed equally to all who wrote it? Who did participate in writing it?

Is Shadows in a Dream the title? What is it about? See I told you I missed so much. I know nothing, nuuuthing!


Debra 5-22-2001 8:46


Hi, All -

I look forward to adding "SHADOWS" to the library shelves here. Congratulations to all of you who worked on it! :-)

Howard - What I should have added to "typical male" was "whispering sweet somethings, then leaving his enraptured lady love wanting for more, he so carefree while she remains rooted to the ground (kinda like my husband leaving for drum corps rehearsal every weekend of the summer, and I left at home with the kids) - Did he (the wind) hear her (the tree) cry? "Take me with you!" Did he heed her plea? "Come back to me soon!" Your poetry is very beautiful, Howard. :-)

Debra - Welcome back! Glad you're better (the kids too, I hope).

Taylor - You could write a story about your MUSE's trip to get back home to you... :-)

Teekay - Okay, I confess. I have loved books and writing stories since I was a young kid. I have volunteered in school libraries and later in a public library till I finally got hired, took courses to earn my librarian's degree, became a librarian and still I write, hoping to one day see my own stories on library shelves. What I didn't know, back in high school days while filing away library shelf cards, is that I was destined to fall in love and marry a man named--Hemingway. His nose and chin bear a faint resemblance to THE Hemingway, "Papa" Ernest himself, and we have a niece whose face is a dead-ringer for Ernest's granddaughter. Don't know where the connection is, really--but I'm afraid the last laugh is on me: either I have a gigantic "family reputation" to live up to in my written works or perhaps I'd better use a pen name? At any rate, being a writer and a librarian with the name "Hemingway" certainly makes my life entertaining! :-)

May you all have a splendiferous writing fest today, inspired by the spirits of the masters!

Melanie 5-22-2001 8:44

YES! Congratulations on "Shadows in a Dream!" And thanks indeed to Americo for proposing the idea to begin with. It's a real encouragement for the rest of us! I'll be ordering a copy. Now how do we go about an autograph party?

My computer at home is in several pieces, so I'm temporarily without Email or web access except from work, and I only have the web there. Maybe tonight...

howard 5-22-2001 8:29

Allein: My tale of woes re the wisdom teeth took place about twenty five years ago when I got ushered out of the Navy. The dentist in question took one look at how nervous I was, handed me a 10 milligram tab of valium, 50 milligrams of demerol and said take these a half hour before you come in. I did. And the dentist could have taken my head off at the neck and I would not have cared in the least. The only problem in having all four wisdom teeth taken out was that one became a dry socket and I had some minor problems. Other than that it went just fine. Sounds like you are getting first hand experience before you set out on your mundane job.

I also am virtually celebrating the upcoming publication of Shadows. Hope Americo is peeking in on occasion and hears us patting him on the back for his suggesting the project in the first place. Take care everyone.

Jack Beslanwitch sfnorthwest 5-22-2001 5:34


TEEKAY: I'm celebrating along with you, babe. I just kept getting an Internal Server Error when I tried to post. My home computer is very old and very sad - I have WINDOWS 95, AOL, and WORD 2000 on it. That's it, and it's like 80% full right now. Poor baby. I need a new computer.

DEBRA: Good to see you! I was so worried about you. I hope your babies are feeling better soon.

RANDALL: Conan and I have so many discussions like that. A somber post, but so true.

ALLEIN: My wisdom teeth were removed all at once. Four of them. And the bottom two were lodged under my jawbone. They had to drill through the jaw, break the teeth apart, and pick out the pieces. The top two were cut out and came pretty willingly. It took 27 shots of novacaine to numb my mouth enough to do it. And I was a painful, bloody, sloobering wreck. Watch a dentist try to take Kaylee's without putting her under antethesia first.

MARY: I got an email from the same people who sent me this email about iPublish when they first started iPublish. I would have posted the link had you not done so first. Also, if anyone is interested in the research I did about, let me know. It seems like I remember a link for them about a year ago here. They're a total sham, too.

Okay - off to finish editing. I had a horrible migraine yesterday. I'm better today, just a little tired, so I hope I get a full chapter done.


Hallee 5-22-2001 4:56


I can't believe how cool everyone's been about this SHADOWS IN A DREAM being published thing.

This is just mind blowing.



*POP* *POP* (party streamers)

PHSHHHH PHSHHHHHHHHH PSHHHHHHHHHH (and coke for those who don't drink)

CLUNK (me falling over coz I'm exhausted from celebrating all by myself.)

Teekay 5-22-2001 3:33




I've been away for a little bit so I've just done a scan through.

MEL: I thought you had a secret? A funny one. I didn't know I was guessing your last name (BTW; is it Rich?)
Have I missed something here or have things just gone way over my head?
(Maybe it's not Rich - that's not a funny.)
.......confused (yet again)

Gotta go.
I'm just feeling really hyped about this 'SHADOWS' thing and not a little green.

Teekay 5-22-2001 3:23

Hi all...
I figured out what happened to my muse...I think I may have left the BEAST in Mandurah when I was there last...
Still trying to write something, but honestly, I think I am all written out at the moment...

But I am waiting...

taylor 5-22-2001 2:28



I added them to my favorites. I'll look them over soon.

I think I would like the future. Who knows what that is bringing. All I know is I would have not sit out in the sun so much as a kid if I knew. I'm not shriveled or anything, but I did do a lot of sunning myself.

So if I lived in the future I would know a big bunch of stuff way ahead of time. Right?

I haven't decided yet. I'll work on it.


5-21-2001 23:16

DEBRA: Welcome home girlie! The shortie topic for this Thursday is "If you could live in another time..." Please check out the links I left yesterday too, I am thinking you might find them helpful! Glad you are back!

Mary 5-21-2001 22:51

Hi Debra! Glad all is well. See ya around!

Tina 5-21-2001 22:33

Wow Hi Guys:

I just stopped in to find tidbits about Time Warner and hate groups. Boy have I missed you guys. My kids have been sick, I started to work out and general stuff have left me exhausted.

I'm feeling better and I hope to be here on a daily basis like before.

I can't wait to keep up with the posts and leave a few too.

Have a great night.

What is the topic for the shortie this week? I hope I can produce one.


Debra 5-21-2001 22:13



Jerry, I read the Turner Diaries, to see what it was all about. And arrived at the same conclusion you did. Very poorly written, how the author persuaded ANY publisher to print it is beyond me! Unless it was self-published?

The plot is laughable, the scenerios put forth wildly inaccurate and the best thing for us "Average Guys" is this. There is no way a bunch of "Speed Bumps" that is charactors, could maintain the secrecy and disicpline to initiate such an undertaking. As you know, in any criminal activity; if 1 person initiates an illegal act he has an "iffy" 75% chance of getting away with it. If 2 are involved this drops to 50%... 3, 25% chance and if 4 or more are involved no chance to succeed.

In the Turner Diaries there are thousands of so called patriots. Ask the KKK leadership about FBI infiltration. Weather Underground. Cold War Kremlin. Even Sadam Hussein never knew what hit him. There are simply too many people who will sell out for money or morality. Even now, many nations of the world are infiltrating any... any group they feel dangerous to their political system. But hate, self-generated hate is self-destructive...and in the end will destroy the bearer. On a national scale or a single person.

I read many years ago a tale of a Colonel in the OSS. He wrote that the scary part about WW II Germany was Hitler was stupid and almost pulled it off. The colonel said when it was all over the staff of OSS got drunk at how close a thing the allied victory really was. Hitler managed to carry the dreadful affair along for just over a decade, but in the end lacked the intelligence to take advantage of what Germans had. Technological abilities and mechanical aptitude. If Hitler had left the war to his general staff, not exterminated the Jews and everyone he disliked, captured the entire British Army at Dunkirk, not invaded Russia, left Italy alone, stayed out of Africa, developed synthetic oil reserves, not declared war on America and Canada, listened and followed the advice of many intelligent advisors....the war might have ended differently.

Ditto with TD. Most radical groups are composed of social losers, misfits, dunderheads, malcontents, ego reinforcement junkies and just plain stupid people. (Very few rocket scientists!)The scenerio of TD would be doomed as too complex. I once knew a guy who told me he would follw a radical group as he believed in many of their claims (KKK) but he said none had the common sense or imtelligence to make it workable.

Satan will lose in the end. He knows it. God knows it. We know it through the Bible. Radical anti-establishment groups are like that. But in the fury of the destruction they embrace, therein lies their demise. Timothy McVeigh was as stupid as Hitler or many other hate group leaders. But as he lashed out at the society he could not live with, he murdered innoncents. If he thought he had to make a statement, why not crash the main gate at the White House? Go in shooting at someone who was armed. Die in the glory he sought. But he was not a brave man, not smart...stupid as Hitler or Satan or any other ego seeking personel redemption through the death of persons not capable of defending themself.

The scary thing about hate and hate day a leader along this line of thinking might arise. Possibly in America, perhaps elsewhere. And this man or woman will be of superior intelligence, capable of attracting multitudes, cloaked in goodness. And he shall carry the mark of 666.

A somber post.



Randall 5-21-2001 22:03

Hello all!

The mystery, the intrigue, the deviousness... another day in the NB! hehehe

Ben, keep your chin up. My suggestions for the emcee-ing? Talk slowly. So often those sound systems (if they use one) jumble the words and you can't hear the speaker. Something the emcee at my wedding did was create a rule that if anyone tapped the glasses, to make us stand up and kiss, the tapper first had to get up and tell a story about one of us. Sure cut down on the constant glass tapping. Not that I minded having to kiss my groom! ;-D

Wisdom teeth...
I had mine out awhile back. No big deal. 40 minutes in the dentists office, local pain killer, two stiches, reduced activity for a few days.

'Shadows in a Dream' sounds great! Yes I'd love to get a copy, fer sure!

Ben, I actually did know why we celebrate Queen Vickies b-day. I'm curious about why we don't celebrate Lizzies. Vickie may have had the longest reign, but Elizabeth is the current monarch. Seems like a more important reason to celebrate, if you ask me.

Time to go. See y'all!

Tina 5-21-2001 21:28

Here in Broome County (I am not making this up, and Mark can certainly vouch for it) we have dentists named Payne and Fiddle. We really do have a Fiddle D.D. ! Really!
Wisdom teeth? I had my last ones pulled while in the Army, in a military dentist's office, with only a shot of novocaine to dull the sensation. I had already had the others removed, at age 21, along with 27 or 28 other teeth. That time the dentist strapped me in his chair, gave me a shot of sodium pentathol, and I woke up an hour later with new dentures and lots of pain. This man now sells used cars. He should have been selling used cars back then!

howard 5-21-2001 20:23

I had my one and only remaining wisdom tooth taken out last year. The other three (horror story) were smashed to pieces with what looked like Fred Flinstone's arm-sized chisel, and then sucked out of my oral cavity with a nauseating suction hose. I was awake for those three. When the fourth became to painful to bear (it had a cavity so deep the root was exposed - yeah, you could say I hate going to the dentist) I had it removed with general anaesthesia. I woke up faster than they had anticipated, feeling rather fine. I took a few deep breaths and said, "It's gone already." To which, my dental surgeon (Dr. Charles Parker something or other - no kidding) said: "You sure popped up fast."

I'm glad your teeth are out and everything's over and done with, Allein! The pain won't last long. Just take your meds until you aren't in pain any longer. If you try to suffer your way through, your healing will actually be delayed.

Don't feel bad, Mary. I checked out the site, but I don't want to e-publish. Something about the way they picked the mss had me leery. I should have mentioned it.

dinner's on its way

Happy Victoria Day!

Heather 5-21-2001 19:14

ALLEIN -- CometCursor is a "snoop" that passes information back to its creators/owners about your web activity. It's a marketing tool that's "legal" but questionable. It's also not unique.
There's another tool called AdAware, available free from that will identify and help you clean out these snoop programs. Some of these things will actually dial up the internet and connect to a site to pass information that they've gathered on your internet travels. They know what shopping pages you look at, what entertainment and music you've downloaded or even looked at, and they use these bits of info to tailor the ads that they place on your screen when you log on. That's why those ads look so inviting -- they're skewed to your interests!
Like one of our favorite SF authors used to say: TANSTAAFL!

howard Link 5-21-2001 19:07

Allein - I'm glad the surgery went well. Take it from a person who did wake up during dental sugery, it isn't a lot of fun. I don't remember much, other than making a break for the door and back-handing a nurse across the room. Apparently I freaked out in a big way. I had no problems moving at all... Hugs for you.


5-21-2001 19:04

Hi everyone!

It's been an exciting day here in Mt. Pleasant. A tornado touched down east of town. Fortunately for me that was well away from the trailor park where my husband and I live. But it was quite frightening. We had to leave home and take shelter in the basement of some long time friends. I was in a panic. Allen was struggling to stay calm, and the cat was hysterical. It was not fun. Thankfully that crisis has passed and now it is mearly raining. Well, at least I don't have to water my tomato plants tonight. Always look on the bright side of life. I got that from the movie "Life of Brian".

Melanie, I'm glad to hear you like my main character. I always worry that the male characters I write will sound effeminate.

SusanS 5-21-2001 19:01


By the way, I got my wisdom tooth removed today as I said I was going to. I can only eat soft food and I'm on a narcotic pain killer. I've been numb the last few hours but now the feeling is returning and I'm in a considerable amount of pain, but I expect it will go away soon since I've taken the medicine for it.
It was very weird waking up from the anesthetic though - my entire body was shaking and I had trouble walking. The doctor said it was normal because they gave me lots of anesthetic - enough to knock out a cow, which they do so there's no chance of waking up during the surgery and it went away soon after. I don't remember how I reacted from the last surgery I had - but I think I was just groggy for a while.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who gave me words of encouragement before the surgery. :) I hope to feel much better soon.

Allein Allein's World 5-21-2001 18:53

Oh did I mention that this book is very poorly written? I think any one of us could write a much better book, given the facts that the author wanted to put forward. From what I have read, however it is THE handbook for the patriot movement, and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. I guess sometimes it doesn't matter how good you are, if you put the right HATE words in print, those who hate the most will beat a path to your door.

Jerry Ericsson 5-21-2001 18:41

I left you a link to the book that the worst serial killer in the history of the United States, says showed him the way to kill. The book is the Turner Diaries, and of course most of you know the killer who should have been put to death a couple of days ago, except for the major screw-up of the FBI, is Timothy McVeigh. In the recently released book about McVeigh, he says he used a method put forth in The Turner Diaries to build his bomb, in fact even the type of building (Federal) was described, except in the Diaries, the fellow blew up the FBI Building. The link is to the home of what was one of the first "Patriot" groups formed here, called the Posse Comitatus. It was members of that group who killed two US Marshals, and wounded several North Dakota Peace officers at a road block back in 1984, causing a nation wide man hunt for Gordon Kahl, that ended tragically with the death of both Gordon, and a Sheriff in Arkansas. The Posse is still very active in this area, but have now retreated a bit farther underground and are attached to the Christian Identity Church. I knew many of the peace officers who were injured in that gun battle, as well as many of Gordon's relatives, who lived in the area of ND where I worked back then, in fact I sat at a road block for over eighteen hours following the gun battle, just in case they tried to leave the State on one of the highways that went through our fair City. Isn't it amazing the power of the written word?

Jerry Ericsson A scary book, take a look 5-21-2001 17:59


Mel - My back feels some better. It still is bothering me. Yes, yes, feel very sorry for me (grin/wink).

Heather - That Robaxacet is pretty decent stuff. I don't often go in for pain medication. I have a thing against meds. I went to get these myself because I was worried if my husband went he would come home with some sort of natural herbal thing. I didn't want to muck about with that. I just wanted relief and I wanted it FAST!

Take care all.


5-21-2001 17:42

Richard - CometCursor is the name of the webpage where I got images to make my cursor look like more than just an arrow - like a flower, dog, or even person. But I didn't put the prompt on there, the company must have done it - can you tell me how to get it off.

Allein 5-21-2001 16:41

RHODA: Yes you are right, I am guilty of a little displaced aggression there. I do love the internet. Probably too much. But there is just so much THERE! :-)

Mary 5-21-2001 15:37


Don't blame the Internet. The problem is publishing. There are so many schemes out there, and many by "respectable" publishers that take advantage of inexperienced authors and of those wishing publish their work.

There are too many authors, too many people willing to write for nothing, or barely anything so that they may see their work in print. No wonder companies like Time-Warner do this stuff when people seem to be falling all over themselves to get duped.

Just keep on reading that fine print, Mary, and believe in yourself and your worth as an author, and someday you will come into the real thing. Thanks for the warning!


Rhoda 5-21-2001 14:36

Hi guys - Shadows in a Dream... The back cover of the books says ...Shadows in a Dream is a novel written by four different people with different cultural backgrounds but a common passion: literature. It is probably the first interactive novel in which the co-authors play the role of their own characters, thus creating a dense atmosphere where passion and psychological adventure soon prevail over all the events of an unforgettable weekend. A number of writers come from several parts of the world to meet together in the famous Chesea Hotel in New York. They had only virtual images and virtual relations with one another. Now they have the opportunity to compare their impressions about the others with their reality. Will the dream survive this confrontation? It does, at least in the case of the two main characters, the Portuguese Sebastian and the Canadian Emma, whose virtual love was just a shadow of a reality much more intense now that it can be fulfilled in a place where everything is possible. Helas, only during the time of an intense weekend, before they have to separate and return to their spouses, who they love but in a very different way than the dreamy irreality which is the stuff of their correspondence. Written by e-mail, by four writers who do not know one another in real life, Shadows in a Dream is a novel of great beauty, where dream and reality are dealt with as if they were characters themselves, abstract, intense, passionate elements of a world without any more physical boundaries--excpet those that result from the constraints of a life to which it is necessary to return in the end.

Heather (Allein) - Yeah, that girl was a real piece of work. Well, you know what I wanted to do to her... I don't really spare the descriptions of what I would like to do to people do I (grins and laughter)? It was nice to see you again. Daniel and Dan both wanted to tell you how good the cookies were.

Jack - Thanks for the party. It was a pleasure to meet you. I'm glad that you liked getting to see the book. I received the guides for how to order the book. I will forward them to you. I didn't think I should post them on this site without your approval. If there are people here who would like to know how to order "Shadows in a Dream" they could contact me directly, or if you don't mind you could post the methods on the NB, or I could post them. Whatever you think is best. It was not problem for us to bring the wine back. It is now safe on my wine rack. Safe for how long... I can't really say (merry laughter).

It was so, so nice to meet you and Fran.

Take care all.


Rachel 5-21-2001 14:02


It was I who posted the link to iPublish. I'll tell you what, you never know what you can get into with this internet. Glad I didn't take that bait.

Mary 5-21-2001 13:58

It's annoying to jump in on half a conversation. What's Shadows in a Dream?

Allein: You know on your site, it prompts for a Comet Cursor download? Is this something you put in, because you might want to reconsider. Cursor Comet is spyware, meaning it can be used by the company who distribute it to watch your web movements and gain certain information from your computer.

Richard 5-21-2001 13:29

Hallee's at home today, and her home computer has a really hard time accessing the notebook or posting to it. So, I'm posting this for her. She thinks everyone will find this very useful, especially since someone posted the
link to a few weeks back.

<< May 17, 2001
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE >URL for Authors Guild-ipublish information<


New York -- The Authors Guild today warned its members that
experimenting in digital publishing with Time Warner's new iPublish division presents substantial legal risks and loss of literary rights for little pay.  The Guild urged all writers, including new writers not yet eligible for Guild
membership, to approach iPublish with extreme caution.  Established writers who are merely dabbling in a new medium may find they've inadvertently granted a laundry list of rights to Time Warner and agreed to a bargain-basement advance for print rights to their work.  Worse yet, writers
surrender rights to their next work as well, agreeing to sell the digital rights to iPublish for advances as low as $25 or less.

Writers agree to the terms of this contract by merely submitting their manuscripts to iPublish.

"The seductive appeal of e-book publication should not blind authors to the risk involved in the iPublish contract," said Guild president Letty Cottin Pogrebin.  "No professional writer or responsible agent would accept terms
that call for the author's virtual surrender of basic literary rights, yet with its pitiful advances and Draconian option clause, this contract does just that.  The Authors Guild deplores Time Warner's exploitive approach.  We strongly advise authors who are interested in digital publication to hold out for a publishing partner who respects their work and a publishing agreement that reflects fundamental standards of fair industry practice."

The publishing contract contains several unusual provisions that could prove costly to unwary writers.  The terms are among the worst the Authors Guild has seen from a publisher of any size or reputation.

For example:

1. WRITERS GRANT BROAD RIGHTS TO iPUBLISH. Writers expecting they are granting merely e-book rights are in for a surprise:  Time Warner claims the exclusive rights to any means of delivering digital content, regardless of whether those means have yet been invented.  The sweeping definition of digital rights granted includes audio book rights and rights to digitally printed books, such as print-on-demand books.  The writer also grants Time Warner an option (discussed below) on the traditional print rights to the work.

2. ROYALTIES ARE LOW. Royalties for e-books are pegged at 25% of net sales(except in the highly unlikely event that the author earns $25,000 from digital media sales).  This is a scant amount for e-book royalties, since e-books can be produced at practically no cost.

3. NO ADVANCE IS PAID FOR THE E-BOOK. Time Warner's iPublish is selective in the works it chooses to publish as an e-book. Just as a publisher pays the author an advance when it selectively acquires rights to publish a work in
traditional form, so should a publisher pay an advance when it selects a work to publish electronically, especially when the publisher ties up other literary rights as well.

4. PRINT BOOK ADVANCE IS LOCKED IN AT $5,000. Time Warner obtains an exclusive option to publish the work in print form.  This option is carefully crafted to assure that the author (a) won't receive more than $5,000 as an advance and (b) won't be able to effectively negotiate a competing bid from another publisher.  The advance for print publication is fixed at $5,000, even if the author and Time Warner fail to agree to the other contractual terms.  If, on failing to negotiate an agreement with Time Warner, the author goes to another publisher, Time Warner still has the option to obtain the work on the same terms as the other publisher, but never has to pay an advance greater than $5,000.

5. TIME WARNER CONTROLS THE AUTHOR'S NEXT WORK. Regardless of whether Time Warner acquires the print rights to the original work, it has a claim on the author's next work.  It can acquire those rights by exercising an option equal to the proceeds the author earns for the first work.  A creative writing student, for example, who uses Time Warner's iPublish to publish a collection of short stories which are bought by a few classmates and friends, earning the author $25 in royalties, would find that Time Warner has a $25 option to the author's next work, which could be a best-selling first novel or memoir.  If Time Warner chooses to put that work into print form, it could do so and be assured that its advance payment won't exceed $5,000.

6. AUTHORS COULD BE FORCED TO PAY TIME WARNER FOR SPECIOUS CLAIMS. If anyone makes a claim that an author's work is libelous or invades privacy, regardless of the merits of that claim, Time Warner has the right to settle the claim without the author's approval and charge the author for the settlement amount and Time Warner's legal fees.  There is no provision for insuring the author against such claims, as is generally included in traditional publishing contracts.

While iPublish provides a link to this contract on its Web site, the site otherwise makes little mention of the extensive rights and options writers grant to Time Warner by submitting their manuscripts.  The Guild believes there are serious legal questions as to whether writers may license exclusive rights to a publisher merely by submitting a manuscript for review.  Even a broad grant of nonexclusive rights, however, would effectively block authors from licensing most of those rights elsewhere.

Writers seeking more information may contact the Guilds legal services department at or 212-563-5904. >>

Mel, for HALLEE 5-21-2001 13:15

Howard, love that imagery, even if the content is typical male (**teasing**) :-) Out west somewhere, there is a scenic hilltop where my family once stopped for a picnic lunch (back in the '70's) - a restful roadside park where the wind whispered through the tall grass, passing secrets to the pines...I think the place was called "Sleepy Grass" - it really was inspirational, as I've remembered it all these years! :-)

Mel again 5-21-2001 12:54

Hey, Ben! Welcome back!! :-) Sorry to hear life's been kickin' you around - the only good thing about feeling so low is that the only way left to go is back up! Now about boys and 17-yr-old wears his white t-shirts till they're black (never to be white again!); my 10-yr-old wears whatever until he runs out of clean choices, then wears the last outfit over and over until I catch up his laundry (ha!) and also has been known to borrow his 13-yr-old brother's white socks, which go thru the wash and return black as they were worn. My 13-yr-old is a **SHINING STAR** - meticulous (yup, he really is a boy! There must've been a mutated gene in there somewhere) - he complains about borrowed socks that return in a different color. And occasionally he does his own laundry (ah, my little angel).
My two girls - experts at throwing the dirty laundry over one shoulder and wondering what else is there to wear...At least the oldest learned to do her own laundry before she left home. There's hope for the rest...(I hope!)

Mel 5-21-2001 12:47

MEL -- WhisPer, yes.
And sometimes she moans, as the breeze gently caresses her branches -- softly at first, then rising to a crescendo as the breeze becomes an irresistable wind that toys with her strength, and takes advantage of her weakness, until they move as one in the beautiful, yet frightening dance that is theirs alone. Then as she reaches out to follow, he leaves her for another, and she settles back to await his return, for she knows he has many lovers, and must visit them all. And in the weeks that follow, she sees her daughters appear. Born from the seeds she scatters in his wake, they reach for the same life and love.
Until I run over them with the Yardman...

howard 5-21-2001 12:41


Tina: I believe we used to celebrate Victoria's Birthday on May 24th, but as to why they've made it a floating holiday, well, I guess that's because they wanted to make a long weekend out of it all the time. The reason we celebreate her birthday?(don't quote me on this 'coz I could be wrong), but she was the longest reigning British monarch, and under her, the British Empire reached it's largest peak. "Et Ind Imp.", and all that stuff. When was it? from 1840'ish to 1903, or something like that (maybe 1837). You'll have to look up the exact date in MARY'S awesome links. I want to thank her for those. I'll be lost for hours in those. Or maybe RICHARD knows, he's still in school afterall.

I've been away for a while. No big deal. Been working on my novella, TEEKAY. Lost a part of it and had to start all over again. No big deal. I still screw up a lot, because I don't bother to learn anymore than I have to as far as p.c.'s are concerned. As long as I can type my story in, and print it out, I don't care what happens in between. The computer to me is nothing more than a fancy typewriter.

We're planning on going to Edmonton next weekend, for a wedding. My niece has this crazy idea that she wants me to be the emcee. I'm no public speaker. But I do know I'm supposed to picture everyone in the room naked. I sure hope they have a podium for me to stand behind :-) and I'll insist they put all the grannies in the back row; I shudder at the thought of what that could do to my poor, warped brain. All I have to remember is to keep it light (damn, and this is the dry wedding too, I thought that was the other niece, in July), and to remember to write up my notes on memo cards. D'oh, I've forgotten to even write them up in the fist place! God? Please, don't let me think I can do this off the cuff...

I haven't been around here for a while because I was somewhat depressed, not clinically like so many others in the world, but emotionally because of the usual money problems that plague us all. It gets me down once in a while, but then I snap out of it. The car's fixed now, or partially. The trip to Edmonton has been bouncing around with yes, no, yes, no, maybe, okay, no, and finally yes. They announced a shut down at the mill last Thursday with no prior warning. Not even a hint. Just a notice on the board that says the shift I was working on the job I was doing will be the last one. Hullo? I'm laid off? So we've all been scrambling around trying to find jobs in the mill and planer, because they're shutting everything down to one shift. I get to work for a couple of days, and then I have to take the three days I was planning for the Edmonton trip all along. Even if I cancelled the trip, I wouldn't be working.

Whoa Jack...what the heck was that? Renu came downstairs to touch base with me. We were visiting with the neighbors and drinking with "The Captain", spiced rum and gingerale is my drink of choice right now--but it always changes--and my daughter crawled into bed with Renu. Rather than wake her up, kick her out, and crawl into bed myself (she's almost thirteen and takes up all the space in the bed now, compared to when she was five, or eight, or three, and used to crawl into bed with us) I just went and slept in her room. Renu thought I was sitting at the computer all night. I guess she thought I fell asleep in the chair here and hadn't moved. But that's because she was drinking Gin (yech). She wanted to talk to me, so I went off line and stopped writing for about five or ten minutes. Neat effects! I caught it out of the corner of my eye and Renu asked me what it was, and what was wrong. She asked me if I was gonna fix it. I told her it was all right, it was supposed to be there. But way cool, dude.

So now I have to go. Renu has to go to work, and since we were sitting beside a firepit the neighbour's have, drinking, all our clothes stink. So after doing four loads of laundry yesterday, drying them, and folding them, I have another two--it seems the boy has a habit of not bringing his laundry out of his room when he should. After telling him and telling him, we figure, what the hell, he'll start listening once he runs out of clothes. Ha-ha, (as if I didn't know), he's a boy, and they just don't care sometimes. He steals my underwear, recycles things--black clothes so they don't show the dirt--and wears my dress clothes to school. He's pretty sneaky that way.

Ben 5-21-2001 12:26

Tina - Shadows was a joint project, much like **P**, except it was a continuing story. I began as a contributor, but dropped out after the school shootings. My part in the book was as a crazed x-cop, who after murdering his wife and burning his house left to destroy all those who snubbed him on the writers notebook. The book itself dealt with the notebookers who decided to physical meet in New York City, at a hotel, it started with the trip, ending with the meeting. I regret to this day dropping from the book, but I guess we make our decisions and we have to live with them.

Jerry 5-21-2001 12:23

Howard - that was "whispering"

Mel 5-21-2001 9:00


Good Morning, all you writers out there! :-)

HOWARD: HIERO received (Friday). And your singing, whisering oak tree sounds magnificent! :-) Nice imagery.

HALLEE: Chapter 18 received! Enjoying your story so much...

SUSAN: SKALA (through Ch.2) received. Your lead character is so cool! :-)

HOP: PSIFORCE (1st email) received. Do you want a critique after I read through it all? Be glad to. :-)


HEATHER: Hope you're feelin' a bit better today...backpain is yeowchy! :-/

RACHEL: Hope your back is better too...

BANKY: Writer's block cure: Patience and distractions (like the great posts here) :-) The Muse WILL come back. (From one who knows)

JERRY: Trees - I grew up with a family of favorite cousins (five of them, three of us) - we had a club that required scrambling up into a gnarly old apple tree with very interesting limbs. Of course, I was the wuss who sat on the lowest limb. :-) We also made "houses" among the trees of either our back field or their rolling acreage. You can never quite get the dirt floors clean, though... Many great childhood memories among the trees. :-)

JACK: SHREK!!! I saw it Friday with my family. :-) I was shrieking with laughter and giggles. Twisted fairy tale lovers, waste no time! Go see this wonderful, adorable, insulting movie today! We lost track of how many spoofs were included - must see it again and again!!! :-) WHAT A GREAT YEAR FOR SF&F MOVIES!!! My family will be living at the theater...
BTW, JACK, glad your social was a huge success! Also BTW, names back at the top of the posts would be great, altho' we'll use whatever you give us!

TINA: There's a kids' book "ME FIRST!" The kid ends up slaving for a SAND-WITCH...rather funny. :-)

Wow, I think I'm done for now. I even finished the rough draft of my new chapter one. Now where's that sandpaper to smooth it down? (It's the fastest way to edit - whatever words remain, after the sandpaper has made a pass-over, get a second chance! kinda hard on the keyboard though -heh!heh!) WISHING YOU ALL MOUNDS OF MAGNIFICENT WRITING TODAY (and I mean, AFTER the sandpaper test!) :-)

Melanie 5-21-2001 8:59

Oh, one other that intrigues me, the first movie in a long time that Stephen Speilberg directed himself, AI.

Jack 5-21-2001 5:20

Just a quick comment that I am hoping to carve up enough time in the next several days to implement a new and different script for the Workbook. If I am successful getting it to run correctly it will provide a different mechanism for setting up login and passwords as well as a tree design for posting manuscripts and having them critiqued. By this I mean that the first subject area in a posting will be the story and then all subsequent responses will be critiques of the story in question. Also, the entire story will not be listed, but just a short description along with one line notations for each of the responses, so that load time will be faster. Given I can get everything to work correctly I am hoping to have this up no later than the end of the week. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and minions and so forth.

Oh, also, has anyone else gone to Shrek. If not, GO. Go now. It is an absolute hoot and whoever did the writing had a great deal of fun. Some of the throw away bits and pieces are great and quite literate. Excellent fun both for the kids and the adults. Which, I might add, is the mark of children entertainment destined to become a classic, which I believe this one should. If you have a high speed connection check out the quicktime link below to see what I am talking about. While you are there poke around and check out some of the other plums coming down the pike this summer. I am especially looking forward to Final Fantasy and Tomb Raiders. Ciao.

Jack Beslanwitch 5-21-2001 5:08

Shadows in a Dream will be availible for online ordering soon - by August it should be in book stores.

Allein Allein's World 5-21-2001 2:57

Pardon me (Robaxacet did it) - that should have been 'drifted'.


Heather 5-21-2001 2:43

Here's the first thought that comes to mind when I think of the shortie night topic:

I was born a long time ago.

I can't figure out if that should be depressing or not.
I guess not, if I have to think about it.


I looked about myself today,
and found no fuzzy borders,
no aimless lace
only earth
that soiled my hands;
and as the moss soaked
in the mist that
drifting onto petals and leaves
under the deep, dark, breathing green ~
I felt around

and found me.

Congratulations on 'Shadows in a Dream'!
Where might I get a copy?

And now for something radically different:

Anyone read Anne Tyler, 'The Clock Winder'?
It's excellent. I'll be passing it around soon. Started reading it yesterday and when I tried to put it down it just kept sitting there in my hands...

Ta ta for tonight

Heather 5-21-2001 2:41

About that Shortie theme, already know where, when and what I would have liked to have done...To have lived.
I kept saying to my mate that I was born in the wrong time...He Agrees...ha ha :-)

taylor 5-21-2001 2:11

I stand corrected, I just spotted the The legendary lost sequel to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings among the choices. The People's Republic of Eriador including Hobbiton takes the cake :-).

Jack 5-21-2001 1:23

As I am sometimes want to do, I backtracked on one of the URLs below and discovered some delightful speculative pages wrapped around various alternate history endeavors. I especially liked the political history of the twentieth century if the Confederates had won. At any rate, I agree that the historical Atlas is useful.

Jack Beslanwitch 5-21-2001 1:20


Annnnnd, a link for everyone who doesn't want to write about the twentieth century. :-)

Have fun and good luck.

Mary historical periods list 5-20-2001 23:33


If anyone chooses a time period for their shortie that falls within the twentieth century, this link has some awesome information.

Mary historical atlas 5-20-2001 23:26


JACK: Thank you! :-)

One of the great things about this new and improved Notebook is that even with as full as we were, it still loaded quickly. In our old house, it would have taken forever!

SHORTIE NIGHT TOPIC FOR THURSDAY: If you could live in another time...

Mary 5-20-2001 23:05


Me first! Me first!
(I've always wanted to say that:-) )

Uhmmm, Errr, what is 'Shadows in a Dream'? Perchance is it the collective story effort made here awhile back? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Jack, sounds like the party was a blast. Now you can relax a bit again!

Just burnt out my kettle. Yay. Can a person replace just the element in those things? This I must discover.

Fellow Canucks, any theories as to why we celebrate Victoria Day, and not Elizabeth Day? Must we wait for the current Queen to die? Or is there some other arcane force at work?

Why is it that a brand new motion light works for the first five minutes, and then stops working?

These are the questions of my day.....

Tina 5-20-2001 23:00

OK, I have archived the Notebook, all half meg of it. In the future I will be making an endeavor to toy with the PERL script and see if I can get the name to the top. Or, at least, I will do so if people would prefer things that way. Let me know. In any case, there is now this great big blank slate, tabula rasa, or what have you, just waiting for everybody's muse to write small and large all over. So, please have at it.

Jack Beslanwitch 5-20-2001 22:40

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