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What a glorious day! The hot air is all gone, replaced with that crisp fall stuff. Just saw two kids walk by, must be from different families, one was wearing a parka, the other in shorts! It has been raining now for about three hours, boy did we need that everything was so brown, maybe it will perk the grass up a bit before the snow flies. Oh did I mention it was snowing in the Black Hills this morning?

Jerry 9-7-2001 17:05

Uh microsoft 9-7-2001 15:55


Mel - Big smiles and hugs to you :o) Days are busy right now. These young years are so wonderful. Yes, they yap our ears off, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Okay, maybe there are the odd moments when I would have them all be silent. Those times don't come along very often.

Take care you.

9-7-2001 12:00

MEL: Thanks! I don't think it sucks to have to pay though because it increases the quality of websites. If it weren't for those fees I would have submitted my site before it was even finished and then worked on it as I went. The internet would be even more full of half-assed sites if nobody had to pay anything. I am even semi-glad that Yahoo! raised their price...I just wish I hadn't waited that one extra day. Snooze ya lose.

Mary 9-7-2001 11:01

Hi everyone!

JACK: Good job on the video! You always choose such nice music. Also, thanks for your help with the search engine question.

HOWARD: How are you feeling? I am sure you will be doing the funky chicken in no time.


HEATHER: Did I miss something? Where are you?

CHRISTI: Hi Hon! Whatcha doin'?

TEEKAY: How are things on your side of the world?

Mary CeltiCreations 9-7-2001 10:45


Hi, guys and gals! What wonders a good night's sleep can do for an otherwise-zombie! :-)

VIV: :-) To "write short quick stories that exhausted people can enjoy" - that's a nice goal, Viv! And lots of potential readers for that too!!!

RACHEL: I've been too exhausted lately to stay up late or get up early, even to write, more is the woe! Am trying to find a happy medium (now, where'd she go?!)... Yes, my littlest one is also a major 'chat factory' (so are her brothers!).

BEN! Welcome back. WOW! Lots of forward-motion writing - good for you!! :-) Titles - I was gonna check the library's BOOKS-IN-PRINT online for your titles to see if they were already used, but I haven't been able to get into the computer program for BIP yet. Still, "TAROT..." is more likely to be unique, I think. Good luck selling your mss! :-) Wish I were to that point, but not nearly ready... And for you and your family, (((puppy HUGS))).

HOWARD: Glad your shoulder is healing...start therapy yet? Hope it's do-able for you. re: GREEN PRINTS - have you got a new subscriber card or a phone no. or address for them? I'd like to get a subscription for our library-books-by-mail program. We have several gardeners/garden lovers among our at-home patrons. While you're looking for that, if you stumble across HIERO #3, I'm ready... :-) I am so enjoying Lanier's trilogy!

TINA: Thanks for the hug; I needed that!! I'd read for you, but I gotta finish a few crits first - will let you know when I'm ready to read. Your shorty was right on target with the style of children interrupting conversation! Ha! You must know some kids personally (or be an overgrown kid, Peter-Pan style, heh heh!). Back-up muses are nice ; sometimes my 11-yr-old helps me brainstorm, especially helpful when Ms. Muse is on strike (she has her own Union of One - usually gets her way, too). BTW, I now have two of Howard's HIERO books for the book exchange - interested? Or are you into LOTR just now? If you want the HIERO books, just email me your snail-mail addy and I'll send them to you. BTW, how was THE DIVE? Didja do it yet?

JOHN: Belated (?) Happy Wedding Anniversary! :-)

ED: Your new site looks good! :-)

ALLEIN: (((HUGS))) for you and your friends. How utterly sad.

JERRY! (((HUGS))) for your rough childhood.

MARY: Congrats on the website award! :-) I think it "sucks" you have to pay anything to anyone for weblinks, commercial, domain, or otherwise. What a rook!!! >-{

JACK: Australian pages are really nice at first scan - thanks for the armchair trip! :-)

DAI, BRIAN, and any other newbies - HELLO and WELCOME! :-)

UNIDENTIFIED LURKERS: Front and center! Hello!!

EVERYONE ELSE: HIYA! :-) Been missing you guys all week. Glad I'm back; now I've gotta go have a weekend, hopefully an UNEVENTFUL one after last weekend's mess! I may or may not get to check in before Monday - tons of laundry, groceries to get, housechores...and chasing Ms. Muse somewhere in the weekend. I'm gonna duct tape her to the bottom of my feet!!!

Mel 9-7-2001 10:30

Well, for your viewing pleasure, here is my first attempt at filming underwater. It is outtakes of Fran trying to get her buoyancy correct. She is still having some dizziness in the evening. The point about blood pressure is something I will pass on to Fran. As it happens, I am fighting a bit of a cough and chest congestion. This is hoping that it goes away by the time we leave. The interesting part was that I had no problem while I was underwater. We were going to transfer the camera over to Fran so she could film me, but did not happen.

Jack Beslanwitch Fran in the pool 9-7-2001 6:29

This is such a great site! I found it surfing. Was wondering if anyone's read Lit Life yet by a new writer named Kurt Wenzel. It's fiction and great especially if you're a writer, since it's focused on the publishing industry and set in both Manhattan and The Hamptons. Really fun and blows Chabon and that new one called "About the Author" out of the water! Gotta check it out if you're in publishing at all. Let me know if you guys have read it.

bookworm33 9-7-2001 5:47

Eddie, I've known a couple people who have that kind of story. Fiji sounds like a great place for the adventurous type.

Mel, ((HUGS))

Here's my kinda longish shortie...

When the bus pulled up to the stop, Marilyn scanned the people inside for familiar faces. She only spotted Shelley, and wondered where Joanne could be. She should’ve boarded five stops back. Before she could wonder for long, the doors swung inward and Lia tugged on her arm, anxious to climb on.

“Yes, sweetie,” she agreed, following her five-year-old daughter up the step. Lia handed the driver their pass, a duty she gleefully performed.

“Hello, Mr. Glen!” she bubbled before heading for her favourite seat.

“Hi Lia,” the driver replied, nodding at Marilyn with a smile on his face from Lia’s contagious joy.

The bus pulled away from the curb as Marilyn took her seat beside Shelley, with Lia just in front, on the seat by the window. Lia had already removed her pink backpack and placed it carefully on the aisle seat.

“Hey, Shelley, where did Joanne get to today?” Marilyn asked while she got comfortable.

“Dunno. She didn’t call and say she’d miss today.”

“Not like Joanne to miss the Thursday Afternoon Coffee and Bagel, and never two weeks in a row.”

“Mommy, there’s a taxi!” Lia piped up, excitedly pointing out the window.

“Uh huh,” Marilyn agreed, looking over at her daughter. To answer Shelley’s curious look, she added, “We took a taxi on the weekend, and now she’s pointing out every one she sees. Maybe Jo is sick?”

“I talked to her last night, and everything seemed alright. She didn’t mention anything, anyway.” Shelley grinned. “Maybe Drea slowed her up. It can take so long to get that girl ready. She’s so easily distracted!”

“Well, if she just missed the bus, she’ll be along later.”

The bus stopped at a light. “One, two, three, four… five! Mommy, there’s five of those pretty trees!” Lia reached over and tugged her mom’s sleeve. Marilyn looked out the window and saw the flowering crab apple trees.

“Yes, they’re very pretty Lia.”

“What kind of tree are they?”

“They’re crab apples.”

“Crabby apples? Are they mean?”

“No, it’s just a name, hon.”


“I don’t know.”

“Can you eat them?”

“I don’t think so. They don’t taste good.”

Lia turned back to the window, stretching her neck to see something up high.

“Last week she said she couldn’t get out because Drea was ill. Maybe she caught her bug,” Shelley mused.

“Drea was sick? She didn’t say anything when we went over
on Saturday. I hope Lia didn’t catch it.” Marilyn looked at Lia, still peering happily out at the street flowing by. Lia loved Thursdays, when she could ride the ‘adult’ bus with her mom. She’d watch the world going by from the time they got on until they reached their stop at the school, and talk continuously through the trip. She loved the bus ride to kindergarten as much as she loved school.

“Mommy, look at the doggy!” Lia fairly bounced in her seat, but stayed sitting.

“Drea catches every cold that comes along,” Marilyn shrugged. “She’s always sick.”

“Mommy, look at the dog!”

“Okay, hon! Yes, he’s pretty!”

“Joanne’s a bit of a hypochondriac. If Drea is really sick even half as often as Joanne thinks, I’d be surprised.”
Shelly obviously didn’t approve.

“Mommy what’s a hypadrac?”

“Hypochondriac. Someone who thinks they’re sick all the time, even if they’re aren’t sick,” Marilyn answered automatically. “Was Drea at school yesterday, Lia?”

“Uh huh,” Lia replied absently, looking back out the window.

“Of course, something just might’ve come up.” Shelley shifted on the seat uncomfortably.

“I’ll call her later, if she doesn’t show up. Lia, our stop is next,” Marilyn warned her daughter. “Grab your bag.”

“Can I push the buzz yet?” Lia’s eyes shone hopefully.

“Wait… okay, push it.”

Lia’s little hand pushed the button, and she looked up at the ‘Stop requested’ sign that lit up.

The bus pulled in to the curb, and Marilyn held Lia’s hand while they stepped onto the sidewalk. Shelley followed, and the bus pulled away. The trio headed for the door to the kindergarten room.

“Drea isn’t sick, mommy. She was okay yesterday.”

“Oh?” Marilyn replied, amused by Lia’s concern.

“Uh huh. Drea said that her mom couldn’t pick her up from school yesterday. She said the auntie Joanne stayed in bed all day, crying.”

“Oh?” Shelley and Marilyn exchanged concerned looks. “Did she say why, hon?”

“She said she had to go to bed early, before her dad came home. But she heard them have a fight.”

“Auntie Joanne and uncle Steve had a fight?”

“Uh huh. Drea heard them talking, and auntie Jo told him to stop betting, and uncle Steve got mad and yelled at her.”
A bell rang, and Lia pulled away from Marilyn’s hand.

“Bye mommy!” Lia ran for the door with the rest of the five-year-olds. Marilyn saw Drea’s trademark pigtails among the bobbing heads, and looked at Shelley. Her friend couldn’t wipe the shock from her face.

“How about we get our coffee to go, and go see Joanne?”

Tina 9-7-2001 3:54

Jack - I have been experiencing dizziness myself. It finally got bad enough that I went to the Doctor to complain. He did a through examination, then gave me a cure. Not one that cost an arm and a leg at the pharmacy, seems my blood pressure was too low. I am taking two blood pressure meds every day. He said not to stop taking them, just start eating salt! What a wonderful prescriptions! Now my food tastes the way it did when I was young and active. After several weeks now, the dizziness is going away, only happens now on rare occasions.

Jerry 9-6-2001 22:37

Your coming trip to Fiji has awoken many memories for me.
I spent three days on the the Singatoka river back in the early 70's.
The map showed the road running alongside the river all the way down. The map was wrong. at times the road was over 50 miles from the river course. Our support truck was often this far away from us. We were shown how to build rafts from the bamboo stems alongside the river by 'Joe' and left to build our own. (All of our guides were somehow called Joe) The raft was a simple six pole construction with a raised seat about 2 thirds of the way down towards the rear. Most of the time the 'floor' of the raft was under water. The seat was extremely important for keeping dry.
On the second day we stopped alongside a steep bank which showed signs of travel up and down to the river bank. After a short time a young head appeared over the ridge line to covertly inspect these barefaced intruders. We were eventually invited up to the 'Village hall' and afforded all of the hospitality of honoured guests. We were fed and watered, offered dry clothes and entertained royally thru the late hours. I was honoured to be (As we all were) the recipient of the 'grog presentation'. Grog is a slightly narcotic substance made from pounding the bark of 'Gava' thru a sacking filter into a half coconut shell and beautifully offered on bended knee to the visitor. Ceremonial clapping and nodding takes place while the visitor embives of the liquid in one attempt.
During this ceremony the fires are piled high and the wonderful Fijian sung harmonies fill the air. The flames climb high as the grog begins to take effect. The voices of the singers penetrate deeply. The dark night seems to fade away as the atmosphere thickens and these wonderful people work their magic on you hour after hour. It is a magical place. Jack, try to get away from the 'civilised' coastal regions and get up into the hills. Try to see the 'real' Fiji. You won't regret it.

Eddie Ed's Writing Life 9-6-2001 21:55


Tired...been a terribly stressing week, husband's been seriously ill, sleepless nights... I'm ready to try another dimension now.


Pre-dawn birdsong reached my ears as I stretched within my sleeping bag. Most campers around our pop-up were still sleeping soundly. Then I heard the footsteps and voices of a father and young child heading for the campground outhouse.

"Daddy, a bug bit me."

"Bite him back."

"I did. I ate him all up."

That was enough to arouse my family for our own breakfast, no bugs allowed!

(a true story, from a camping trip in the 1970's)

I will answer posts tomorrow. G'nite. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

mel 9-6-2001 21:55

VIV: My site only costs money because I own my own domain and I am a commercial site. I am sure you won't incur any costs with easy. :-)

Mary 9-6-2001 21:26

I know the assistant does not bother to even go for eye contact....the script plays out on auto (They all look the same to us) ......Then wakes up suddenly!
Either that or you are shrinking fast!
I have the same problem frequently (I wish)

Eddie Ed's Writing Life 9-6-2001 21:26

Eddie- Thanx! That will be helpful information for me!

Jack- Isn't it funny how you always get second thoughts right before you jump into strange new waters? I always have to really work to jump into anything new...this website for me is full of sharks and what if's.

Hope Fran's dizzy spells go away your diving waters are clear and the sharks, mantras, moray's, and lion fish are all on vacation and feeling laid back. They're fun to shoot with a camera, but not so nice if your feet or hands get in the way!

Viv 9-6-2001 21:23

You scared me. You said it cost money to make a website on Yahoo. I am doing it for teaching so I HOPE NOT. The place I have mine says it's free.

Mine is pretty awful yet. I'm not impressed at all. I think I'm going to have to try something else because this form is very constricting but nice if you don't have the time to do more. I'd like to do more but for a test class...MAYBE it will do.

I have to skip the shortie this week. The website and the classes are going to need a little more concentration, plus I'll start up teaching again....sigh. Vacation seemed short this time.

Viv 9-6-2001 20:45

Eddie - no, really she did, then busted out laughing with the rest of us.

Jerry 9-6-2001 20:25

While I was looking I found this too.
Try it out

Eddie Zdnet - Writers Word processor 9-6-2001 19:05

BTW, The file size shown on the page is is under 1 meg to download!

Eddie 9-6-2001 18:56

Just for you (All)
How many times have you been typing into the message box here at the notebook and got stuck on a spelling?
Having to open Word and type in the word is a pain, admit it.
Click the link below to get a FREE spell checker that will run in the background (If you wish) so that you can spell check on the fly.
.....Don't mention it

Eddie Webfree - Spell Checker 9-6-2001 18:55

Do I detect a little bit of wishful thinking there? ;¬(
I wonder where everybody is?
If everybody is writing that is going to make me feel soooo guilty.
2 fdisks' in 48 hours and everything is up and running good this time. The first re-build just went tits up from the get go. Second time I got a really good build and it's running really well now. Funny thing was the Microsoft applications (Office, Frontpage etc. that gave me all the problems. (You listening Mr Gates?)
Any how, this build feels good for about six months (Hopefully!) so I should get some work done for a while.

Eddie Ed' Writing Life 9-6-2001 18:39

Strange thing happened last week. We went to Walmart, a 90 mile trip, and I found Quake II on sale for $9.00. I love the original quake, so I couldn't pass up this bargain. When we went to check out the lady at the cashier CARDED ME! Wow, did I feel young. You see, you must be over seventeen to buy this game and being 50, it made me feel young if just for a few seconds. I think she was just being kind, but my wife cracked up. So did the cashier when she saw my DL.

Jerry 9-6-2001 14:20

Well guess I am out of the dog house. Things were just a bit tense yesterday after I cancelled the camping trip. One of those things where everyone said something like "it't OK we don't need to go if it is ggoing to be that hot." When all the time in the back of their minds they were thinking "you bastard, and when we were so looking forward to camping!" So yesterday was a bit tense, but after living through the heat sitting in front of our small air conditioner, they relented and all is forgiven today. Ah life, what would it be without emotions.

Jerry 9-6-2001 13:45

Hi everyone. Top o'the mornin' to ya.

JACK: Would you mind answering me a small question with your experience as a webmaster? If I am already listed in a search engine's directory but I have changed my meta description and/or keywords on one or more of my pages, should I resubmit the site to refresh those changes in their directory or is it done automatically as their spiders are crawling around? Also, if I do resubmit them, is there a time consideration so that it doesn't appear as if I am spamming the engine? (Even unintentionally?) Thanks for your time! :-)

Mary 9-6-2001 10:43

Well Dai, if I had a quarter for every time one of my characters went and did something unexpected...
It's nothing unusual for that to happen; I think it's a sign of complex characters, and knowing them well in your head. No matter how much you plan something, suddenly a character will go and do their own thing, without your prior consent. I find that it's usually a good thing. It keeps my writing fresh and unstilted. But it can be frustrating when your characters show such disregard for your plans ;-)


Tina 9-6-2001 10:17

Thanks for the great welcome everyone, a bit overwhelming. So far no men in epauletted shirts and jangling keys (security) have come for me. So, I might have got away with it, hopefully. Just a qick comment, when I started writing this story, i seemed to have a definite idea of what i wanted to write, but the story has taken on a life of its own and totally changed from my original idea. Is it just that i am so inexperienced at this or is it commonplace. I have written song lyrics/poetry for years but have never come across this. Thanks again all, for the welcome I will no longer just be a silent observer maybe i can gain some more divine inspiration from you.


Dai 9-6-2001 7:18

Thanks for the great welcome everyone, a bit overwhelming. So far no men in epauletted shirts and jangling keys (security) have come for me. So, I might have got away with it, hopefully. Just a qick comment, when I started writing this story, i seemed to have a definite idea of what i wanted to write, but the story has taken on a life of its own and totally changed from my original idea. Is it just that i am so inexperienced at this or is it commonplace. I have written song lyrics/poetry for years but have never come across this. Thanks again all, for the welcome I will no longer just be a silent observer maybe i can gain some more divine inspiration from you.


Dai 9-6-2001 7:18

Wellllll, got up this AM and turned on the radio, anouncer said be prepared for the hottest day of the year. After a short conversation, we decided not to go camping in the heat and wind.

Glad we didn't got up to 103 winds up to 30 MPH. Maybe next week.

So since I didn't go camping, I decided to work on my computer see if I could get Norton from saying I had a virus named Explorer.exe. No matter what I tried it didn't work, so I gave it the old fdisk and format. I have enough put back on now to use anyhow. Sure glad I backed up everything, but this putting everything back ever few weeks is getting old. Maybe I should be a bit more careful.

I did start a shorty, but lost it when I formated. I backed up my docs before I did the shorty. I may try and remember what I had put together, but maybe not. With the heat came my hayfeaver. Ever had a sneeze so bad that it hurt. Did that about an hour ago, still sore in the back. May just go to bed.

Jerry 9-5-2001 22:14

(I always repeat myself when I've had a beer or two!)
I loved that little story about your email to yourself.
It could be worse - You could be on close personal terms with the whole fifty of them! (Meybe there are only twenty of them)
I bet you never meant to give that much of yourself away to that BLOODY LOT!
Never mind......At least you don't have to be there much longer.


Eddie Eds' Writing Life 9-5-2001 21:15

As long as this 'Literary Agent' asked you for no money up front then I would go with him.
If, on the other hand, he asked you for money to procure his services, then you should be still running!
Welcome to the Writers Notebook.
You can't get better advice and learning.

Eddie Eds' Writing Life 9-5-2001 20:36

Hi all. I'm here - just super busy and not able to keep up with everyone. I do skim the posts, though, and I'm half-way keeping track.

Have a good rest of the week!

Hallee 9-5-2001 14:35

Viv - Sorry, I haven't been around much. I did copy the translations - thank you. Thank Hana for me. They're great. :)

Dai - Welcome. :)

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-5-2001 14:22

This probably wouldn't sting so much if they hadn't just raised the price YESTERDAY!!! GRRRRRRR!!!

Mary 9-5-2001 12:44

Here is a perfect example of being damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I have waited until I couldn't find anything more than a speck of dust wrong with my website to submit it to Yahoo!. I obsessively agonized over every little thing to make sure that the editors couldn't disqualify me over something lame. This morning I finally decide to fork over my $200 and submit my site. I go to the page to enter my data and VOILA...they have raised the submission review fee to $300!! I am now going to go pound my head on the toilet and try to figure out how to make another $100 before they raise the price again. Sighs. Sometimes I wonder about the obstacles I run into and what I am doing wrong in my life to deserve them.

Yet another lesson learned.

off pouting...

Mary 9-5-2001 12:43

Morning To Each and Every one of you,

If you can't make a disk copy of your beginning manuscript real fast,(listening for heavy footsteps) don't worry. Very few of us can leave the beginning 1/4 of a novel the same. Usually it is the most re-worked section of any work. It is also the most important part of your manuscript. If you don't catch the reader in that part, no one will ever read the rest of it.

Welcome. I don't know this person's name but be sure to do careful research about him. I have heard that one of the main signs of a bad agent is if you have to pay him anything up front. Even his expenses are suposed to come out of the earnings from the work he has sold for you.

The fact that he contacted you, (barring facts that we don't know,) is the most suspicious part. Of course, he could be new, trying to get started. Maybe you have friends in common and he heard about your writing.
Just be careful. A lot of hopeful writers have been taken for their hard earned money with nothing in return.

I obviously am no expert and this is just a suggestion, but you might have Fran's sinus'es(?) checked out. Mine ocassionally cause a little dizziness when I lay down or lean back in the evenings. If I take my sinus med. it doesn't happen.

I just want to know who gave TEEKAY permission to leave us for a whole month. This looks to be a slow month and we need all the posters we can get. That goes for HEATHER too!
[Insert a bunch of silly happy faces here]

You people with a real life have put us too low on your priority list. My opinion. Maybe I'm getting out of control?
Better go now.

Rosemary 9-5-2001 12:34

Hello Everyone:

This is my first time using a bulletin board like this, so please bare with me.

I am a sci-fi & fantasy writer. And, as I am sure many of you know it is very difficult to find representation when you are just starting out. Well, I have been fortunate enough to be contacted by a literary agent by the name of: Donald P. Kng out of Whitefish Bay, WI.

Before I go jumping over into the abyss, I was wondering if anyone out here has had or has heard of any dealings with Mr. King. Good and bad.

I would like to find out everything I can before making any kind of decision.

Thank you for all of your help.

Brian 9-5-2001 11:25

TINA: Yep, the shortie night theme is "An Overheard Conversation"

Mary 9-5-2001 11:19

Dai: When you look back on this later, you will laugh. Your first published work and you didn't even get paid! Unless of course, you count the two week vacation you are going to get as a fringe benefit. Ah well, not much you can do about it now, just enjoy your time off if you get the boot.

Mary 9-5-2001 11:18

A much better morning!
Thanks Jerry. No, nothing too serious. It hit so hard and fast that I'm actually wondering if it wasn't food poisoning at all. I've heard that some pesticide sprays on vegetables can make a person nasty sick, so maybe it was that.

Jack, every time I start thinking, 'maybe I should sell my dive gear, I never seem to use it anymore', you pop in with diving stories that get me fired up again. (sigh) have enough fun for me, too, 'kay?

Dai, welcome! Yup, you've definately got the bug. That's some security system, if you can't even e-mail yourself a text file.
This place can definately be inspirational. In the last year since I found it, I've learned more and written more and been more satisfied and confident about writing than I'd ever been before.
So, what kind of novel is it? 4600 words is a good start, it must of been kicking around your brain for awhile?

John, Alexandra and Julia, hope you're still around! Are you back from Rome, Ruth?
Mark, how's that course going? It must be nearly done (I think it's been 6 weeks or so).
Goodweed, you popped in and left again. Hi you.

Is there a shortie theme yet this week?
Time for work, I'm outa here!

Tina 9-5-2001 10:37

Where are my manners?

Dai - Welcome to our little group. Another voice in our great debates and story telling is always welcome. Sounds like you have been lurking for so long, you allready know all of us. Now you can tell us all about you.

Jerry 9-5-2001 9:25

Tina - hope it wasn't anything serious, it is hell to be sick.

Jack - be careful with both types of sharks. We would hate to see anything bad happen to you or your lovely wife. Sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have a terrible effect on one, especially in a politically charged situation such as is going on in Figi. I recall those terrible photo's of the US Service man's dead body being dragged behind a pickup truck in Africa several years ago.

I understand the possibility of being attacked by a shark are about as likely as winning the power ball lottery, but you have to figure, someone has to win it. I am sure that poor lady laying in a hospital in Virginia Beach is thinking the same thing right now, what with her boyfriend dead, and she missing a good chunk of her behind. From what I understand the reason that the press is paying so much attention to the shark thing, is that they think we are getting tired of the Condit thing.

Jerry 9-5-2001 9:21

Hi, I'm reasonably new to this posting message lark so bear with me, just thought I'd tell you what I just did. I have been reading your messages for months, and your collective advice has inspired me to 'try' to write a novel/short story. After weeks of planning, research etc, i started writing it in work in my lunch hour. Well 4600 words later, I decided to e-mail it to my home PC as I resigned from the job and just working my notice period. So I emailed it, but forgot about the Office's Email Security text checker, which checks for 'unauthorised' words. As my 'story' contains a few 'unauthorised' words, its been quarantined and sent to all department heads for auditing and checking. Help.....does this mean by virtue of about 50 people reading my unfinished work mean I am a published author. I better start clearing my desk now rather than in 2 weeks time.I sense Security coming for me....

Dai 9-5-2001 9:00

Viv: We are planning on doing a pool dive this Thursday to test out some equipment and try to do some filming with the ikelite housing. If I succeed I will try to digitize and post the video here. At the very least we should be able to get some pictures of Fran and I being suitably underwater. Only main troubling point is that Fran is still having some dizziness, especially in the evening. We will see how all of this turns out, but I will have my laptop with me and have definite plans to get some writing down, particularly drawing from our experiences being in the south Pacific and diving and all the rest. I have plans of being much more extensive than what I accomplished with the Australia page, albeit we are going to be much more restricted in the area we are visiting than we went to Australia. In that case went from Melbourne to Uluru(Ayres's Rock) to Cairnes and down to Sydney. The dimensions of our travel while in country in Fiji will be much more restricted. Only question mark is probably the political equation. The individual that sponsored the coup a year ago was elected to be a member of parliament while still in jail. Or, I believe that is what I heard on the radio on NPR earlier. Throws new wrinkles into things. At the very least I will probably get insights into a country in ethnic turmoil. And most definitely we will get a chance to see some beautiful sites while diving. The only thing that gives me pause is the fact that we will likely encounter sharks. Definitely will get pictures if so. With all the hype going on here on the news about the deaths and the attacks, some of the reality of the situation is getting lost. Including the fact that shark attacks are actually down and the probability of being the victim of a shark attack is so low that it is six times more likely that you will get struck by lightning than bit by a shark. We do not even taste good once they realize what they are biting. The interesting bit of info I got recently was that they navigate by electrical fields. That is the reason they end up eating things like license plates and such since metal in salt water gives off an electrical field. Has some interesting possibilities for SF stories. At any rate, catch everyone later. Been a bit overwhelmed by a commercial contract.

Jack Beslanwitch Australia Pages 9-5-2001 7:19

Hi all!

Not much to say, but since it's so quiet here I feel bad about lurking!

Gave me and my husband food poisoning tonight. Just mild, but I wish I knew exactly what caused it, the meat or the soup or the rice. We're both exhausted now.

As far as writing goes, my new idea for 'Freeborn' is slowly taking shape. Had plenty of time to write last weekend, and it feels SO good! Not the exhilerating rush of ideas flowing faster than my fingers can type. No, it's the satisfaction of effective editing and much improved plot lines.

Speaking of 'Freeborn', if anyone has spare time (I know, I know, spare what? Time? hahahaha) and feels like doing some reading... a big chunk of my story needs input. Not necessarily the line by line typo and grammar editing, but more of the overall are the characters developing the way I want them to and does the plot develope in a logical, understandable way without being boring/predictable kind of input. If anyone is interested, just drop me an e-mail.

Okay, I'm off to bed now. So tired my eyes are shutting involuntarily.

soft pillow...

Tina 9-5-2001 1:39

Finally, the floodgates opened and I'm putting the classes in correct order. It's funny, suddenly you can do it again after you hit a stopping point. I've been at the computer since 7:00 and it's now 2:00. Time for a break.

Mary, I really really want to hear about how you loaded the wav. files onto your website. I also want to hear if they were wav. files or MP-3 files which are supposed to take up less space and download easily. I'll attempt to understand but have a lot of patience because I am so slow to catch on. It takes hours of hands on time before I have it on my computer and in my brain!

Heather and Allein: Haven't heard from you all lately. Heather did you get Mr. Bill or should I start to wring my hands. I insured the package so I can put a trace and also claim any damages.

Allein: scroll down down down because the translations are here. I hope they are good enough!

Jerry: My best wishes that your computer is back up and in business shortly. There is nothing as frustrating as a broken computer.

Jack: Have fun in Fiji and hope you get some great pictures. Take it easy!

Viv 9-5-2001 1:10

MARY - Your webpage is SUPER! I really enjoyed it, and I'm not done visiting it.

I got separated this morning from the harness/pillow that I've been wearing since the shoulder surgery. Should start therapy soon, but I'm not looking forward to it. Right now it hurts like crazy, and I can't lift my arm at all. Doc says it'll get better.

At the risk of redundancy, I'll repeat my recommendation for anyone at all interested in Celtic/Druidic/Arthurian legend to read "The Pagan King" by Edison Marshall. It's long out of print, but well worth the effort to locate a copy. Marshall also wrote "Earth Giant" (Hercules), "West With the Vikings" (Leif Ericcson), "Journey to Xanadu" (Marco Polo), and others, all re-tellings (in first person) of well known legends.

Also, for those gardeners among us, beg, borrow, buy, or steal a copy of "Green Prints." It's a quarterly magazine about gardening. Not "how-to," but personal articles related to gardening experiences. The writing is excellent, and the editorial staff is bent on keeping it that way. I've been a subscriber for several years now, and plan to continue for as long as possible.

howard 9-5-2001 0:06

I wonder, what does that say for us? Or maybe it should be what does that say about the rest, they must have very busy lives, and we on the other hand, must have too much time on our hands.

Jerry 9-5-2001 0:04

JERRY: Looks like it's just me and you fella. It is very disconcerting to come back to the Notebook after a whole day to find that the last person who posted was yourself.

HEATHER: Did you get my email? Sorry it took so long for me to respond, but your pictures were delivered into my 'Bulk Mail' folder and I only open that once a week because it is usually just SPAM. Sorry sorry...please forgive me. BTW, you don't need to send me all of your pictures now if they aren't ready, but if you could tell me how many there are, that would be good. I just need to know how many pages to format, that's all.

I could just dance, dance, dance right now. After ten days of feeling like a complete loser-idiot, I finally figured out how to get my sound files to play on my website. I knew how to get them to the site, I just couldn't get my html to work right and play them. Sighs. What a relief because my Gaelic pages are complete except for the sound files and if I couldn't figure that out, I would have wasted all the time I spent on those pages. Now I am in for a few days of ftp hell, then I should be good to go.

Hopped online tonight and opened my email to a nice surprise. Someone read one of my poems,that had been posted for a shortie night a while back, and told me how much they really enjoyed it. Made me feel pretty darn good.

LITTER: I put an itty-bitty thank you at the bottom of one of my web pages for you. My heart says that it should be font size 72 and blinking in all different colors, but you are a little more understated than that. (winks) How is your site coming?

Off to run the sweeper and fill the dishwasher, then I can sit here uploading files to my heart's content without feeling guilty.


Mary CeltiCreations 9-4-2001 22:41

Ok, so I'm talking to myself now. I posted the last post early this AM, and nobody has posted since. There seems to be an echo in here.

Norton cleaned off the viruses, but left my computer extremely ill. Every time explorer runs into a script, or I guess I should say the wrong script it freaks out, flashes the NORTON VIRUS screen then shuts down explorer. I am left with my wallpaper and nothing else. There is nothing I can do but reboot! This is going to be the ultimate test for GO BACK, in a few minutes I will tell it to go back to a working version. Hopefully it can find one, but it is scary as it will probably put those stupid viruses back where they were. This could be one of things that is insurmountable. I am now burning a CD with everything I care about on this machine, earlier today I copied all my MP3's all 987 of them that took five CD's but I have them. Would have taken 4 if my daughter wouldn't have started messing with the machine that has the burner on it and locked it up, thus making another coaster for my collection.

If this doesn't work, then it is time again for that horrible command FORMAT C: /U!

Just as well, since I installed partition magic, and tried to use that on this machine. Partition magic told me that I also have an invalid partition, so it needs FDISK first I guess. That too is my fault, as I didn't frisk it when I installed it, and it's prior owner had this hard drive in his MAC.

At any rate, format or not, we are going on what will probably be our final camping trip tomorrow, right after meeting with our new insurance lady. Found her when mom lost her insurance through some screw up at the bank and couldn't find anyone who would insure her house as the former agent had things so screwed up that it appeared on the computer that mom was turning in frivolous insurance claims, and might have been guilty of insurance fraud. Now I know mom, and I know she didn't do any of those things, in fact we got into what turned into a rather heated argument with that idiot who sold her the insurance, nearly got thrown out of the bank, now that would be a new one for me. The complaint has been filed with the insurance commissioner, and this nice lady actually listened to our story, and believed what we said, then sold her insurance on her home for less then she was paying the idiot.

Well I found her to be a very nice lady, and the fact that my insurance agent refused to sell insurance to mom based on that mistake, I think it is time I say farewell to him, you know the old adding, screw with mom and your screwing with the whole family.

Jerry 9-4-2001 20:46

The virus that attacked my machine didn't come via email. I have received a bunch of those email viruses too, and never open them. No this one came in a downloaded shareware program called Galaga. I love those old games and I never pass up one of the new re-makes of them. Guess that is my downfall.

Just received my weekly update from the North Dakota Supreme Court. I still subscribe to their site to keep in touch with the legal system. Once bitten you know. Anyhow they are concerned with the fact that several of the good folks of North Dakota have suffered identity theft. This has cost them their reputation and their credit rating. These thefts have taken place over the internet mostly, although I guess it can also take place over the phone or when criminals get access to your garbage, either from your garbage can or at the local dump. I guess the local dump is out of the question in many local's but it would be possible here, as the dump is open daily to the good citizens of our fair town so they can dump tree branches or lawn clipping and that sort of thing. I know there are several scroungers who are there daily going through the dumps for copper wire, aluminum and that sort of money making things.

But I digress. The link below will take you to a US Department of Justice site on identity theft, and I would suggest anyone who uses the internet read the material, it is a real eye opener and they give great advice on how to avoid identity theft. If they can steal the identity from the ultra conservative folks who live up here, they can steal it from anyone.

I am off to update my Norton Anti-virus files.

Jerry Identity theft 9-4-2001 11:01

Over the last couple of weeks I have been under continued attack via email. The subject of these emails is usually SBDcat. A short message in the body of the email requests advice and there is an attatchment called something like The files are unusually large for a virus (About 400kb) The worm virus is hidden amongst zipped files which look fairly innocent. I isolated one email a few days ago and checked it out. Norton picked it up but then I update my Virus Definitions fortnightly. If you get an email like this do not, under any circumstances open it. Don't even save it for scanning, just delete it right away and empty your re-cycle bin.
Has anybody else had a similar email over the past few weeks?
I ask this for a good reason. If we all have each other in our address books and somebody has opened one then it will do the rounds. I do not have any notebookers in my address book for this reason.
Be careful,

Eddie Eds' Writing Life 9-4-2001 7:23

Jerry: Do not feel to bad. Over the six years and more that I have been on the internet, most of the time I have had no encounters with viruses. But in the last seven months I have been inundated with countless instances, all caught by Norton. Unfortunately, Windows XP has part of Norton incapacitated, but I can generally spot the offending email and usually avoid opening anything that looks even remotely suspicious until I have checked it. The new Norton 2002, which I have on order, will handle both XP and knock out the kind of viruses that steal your email list and then send the virus off to everybody on the list. Of course, that is given you are using Outlook or Outlook Express for email which I am not. I have been a Eudora user from day one. Oh, well, blathering on again. BTW, I have some feelers out on a potential technical book project. We will see. And wish me luck. Nothing will happen until after I get back from Fiji.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-4-2001 7:06

Forgot to mention - like a good little computer owner, I subjected my computer to a virus scan. The main reason was not the fact that it has been quite some time since the last but the fact that Norton Anti virus has been popping up saying that there was a virus in EXPLORER.EXE. Now Explorer.EXE is in truth the whole control over windows. Well the scan said that out of the 56 thousand files on my system, 7 were infected with Back Orifice virus. They were all quarantined, and hopefully my computer will now behave itself. Shame on me for downloading those files that contained the viruses, and shame on me for not doing my virus scan as regularly as I should.

Jerry 9-4-2001 1:02

What a wonderful life story, oh unnamed one.

Had a super labor day, topped it off with a trip to Walmart, just me and the wife. Found bargins galore, now if I just had the money to take advantage of them. I did buy some more CDR's as they were dirt cheap, as in 9.90 for 50 of those silver little wonders.

Jerry 9-4-2001 0:57

20's Tri-weekly
40's Try weekly
60's Try weakly
80's Try *what* ?

9-3-2001 22:53


Allein - I've been thinking about your friend. I can not find words to express what I feel. I came so close to not having Sebastian. I hope that her heart and mind can heal. You are good to stand by her. I send you hugs and very warm thoughts.

Take care you.

9-3-2001 22:43


Mary - I think I'll like the book well enough. I'm working on being a little more romantic, or as I say morantic (grins). I think I'm likely one of the least romantic people to ever draw breath. I'm a tad on the realist side (grin/wink). I know, it's hard to believe (merry laughter). I am not very comfortable with romantic writing. I tend to back away from it. I would rather kill off a character than deal with a romance. It's only in the last couple of years that I've developed any sort of knack for romantic sorts of writing. Some people might think I'm romantic, but that's only becasue they can't see how I pick apart every little thing that enters into my mind (wink).

Gezz, I better go. I have two little girls to get off to bed. I can't say how excited I get about 7pm or so. I find that I am looking very forward to sitting down and not having a little girl talk non-stop at me. these little ladies are chat factories. I am sure I never talked so much at their age. In fact I know I didn't. I didn't talk at all at their age.

Ciao for now.

9-3-2001 22:18

RACHEL: "Outlander" isn't really a romance, so you should be able to get into it. I don't personally read romances either, but I am totally hooked on this series. I am not saying there isn't any romance in it...but the story line doesn't revolve around the love interests.

JACK: Actually, I did put the http:// in there. The only difference I have seen is if I TAB into the entry box, it will attach to webwitch. If I click into the box, it doesn't. Maybe that is a coincidence, maybe it isn't. I have no idea, but thought I would mention it.

Mary 9-3-2001 20:28

VIV: Thanks! I am sure that your site will be great because it really matters to you. People can tell when they visit a site whether any heart went into it or not. If your heart is in the right place, and you are careful about the way you construct your site, people will be happy. Good luck. Here are some things to make sure you site does NOT do if you want to make it visitor friendly and likely to win awards.

Broken images and links. Make sure all your images display properly, and your links actually go somewhere.

Spelling and grammar misteaks.

Slow Pages.

Stupid Java applets. If it doesn't have a real purpose get rid of it. They are annoying.

Colored text on a colored or patterned background to the point where it is hard to read the text.

More than 1 ad banner per page.

Your entire site is on a single page. Books have more than one chapter - so should your website.

Extraneous content. Don't put up an animated gif just because it looks nice. "Perfection is when there's nothing else you can remove."

And the #1 way to annoy your visitors:
Music. It takes forever to load. It crashes browsers. I hate music on websites unless there is a stop button (which I instantly use) or better yet, a button you have to press to get it to play in the first place.

Sometimes a list of things you shouldn't do is better than a list of things you should. C-ya.

SHORTIE NIGHT THEME: An overheard conversation.

Mary 9-3-2001 20:23


Mary! Way to go :o) I'm having a B-day soon. My mum gifted me early. She wanted to put a gift in my hands. It has been some years since she has been able to do that. She lives far from me. Anyway, she gave me the book 'Outlander' I look forward to reading it. I'm not usually into romantic stuff, but I bet I'll like it. How could I not, it's from my mum (she's so cute)!

9-3-2001 20:23

When adding a link remember to use the http:// at the beginning. My suspicion is that is what sabotaged the link. Also, it might be one of the features of the update that I plan to implement sometime soon that it will obviate this issue. We will see.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-3-2001 20:20

Mary- congratulations! You deserve it though, your webpage is absolutely beautiful. I can't get into the URL though, and that's disappointing. If I could see the criteria I could use them to keep in mind when I created my webpage. I'm trying Yahoo's virtual classroom but I think I still have rather fuzzy ideas on what I want to create. The good thing is I have all day today except for my two hours of writing time, which I'm starting now and hoping does not get too interrupted.

Viv 9-3-2001 19:22

Huh! That's never happened to me before. I have noticed that it has happened to other people here and never knew why, but now I really don't understand it. My link attached itself to 'webwitch'. Go figure. Hope this one works. ;-)

If not, no biggie.

Link 9-3-2001 2:27

Hi guys. Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day, for those of you who observe it. Big picnic at my house at 4pm for anyone interested. Four whole bbq'ed chickens, 6 dozen ears of corn on the cob, s'mores, sparklers, watermelon and pretty much anything else you can think of. Watch your plate...the dog is sneaky.

I got a wonderful Labor Day present today! My website has won its first AWARD. This is so cool! I wish I had done this a year ago. VIV: I wish you all the luck in the world because once you get into the swing, it is addicting and rewarding!

Mary WebAwards 9-3-2001 2:24

Rosemary - I guess I don't mind that they banned bat hunting in Texas. The scary part is that there must have been some folks who were hunting bats, or why else did that law get passed?

As far as growing up in an alcoholic household, it did do me some good. First off, when as a police officer, I had to deal with a drunk, I knew exactly how to deal with them, which buttons to push to get them to cooperate and so forth. It got so bad that when any officer was having trouble with a drunk, they used to call me to see if I could "talk some sense into the ass hole!" Another thing, when I arrested some little criminal who had just pulled a burglary or some such thing and they started crying about how tough they had it at home, I could shut them down real quick, knowing that there aren't many around that had the upbringing I had.

Even when we moved into town, off the farm things didn't get much better. The first house we moved to was an apartment of sorts, but not really. What it was was a fairly small house that was inhabited by a very old man who lived on cigars. His two back rooms became our living room/kitchen, and mom and dad's bedrooms. The girls stayed with Grandma Hay, and I got to share another spare room on the other side of the house with this transient type guy who was washing dishes at the same cafe where my mother was a cook.

Well come Christmas time that year, the celebration was a huge drunken binge in the back room of the cafe, followed by the usual horror of riding home with dad at the wheel, drunk as always. Well we made the trip home, it was a blessing that we had moved to town in that respect. After some more partying in the living room of our house, everyone went to bed. About an hour after we went to bed, Dale (the dish washer) shouted at my dad, and dad kept telling him to shut up and go to sleep. Well after a few minutes of that, Dale turned on the lights, and I sat up in my bed. When I looked over at his bed the first thing that went through my ten year old mind was "wow look at those red sheets, I wonder if he got those for Christmas?" then when my eyes cleared a bit, it was obvious what had happened, he slashed both of his wrists, then changed his mind and was calling for dad to come help him. When I shouted to dad to hurry up and get over here, he did. Now dad had been around for awhile, and he knew what to do, he took the belt off my jeans, and his belt and made two turniquit on Dale's arms, then had mom call the cops. Well mom had to run across the street to the neighbors who had a phone, and made the call.

That was my first contact with the police, and I thought they were neat guys. They took me out to sit in the car, while one of the others took care of getting Dale fixed up and out in the ambulance. Then when I went back in the house, I had to go back to that bloody room and sleep. Mom was worried about that, so she scrubbed the bed down with Lysol, and took the sheets. I don't think I got more then a few minutes sleep that night, and as I recall it wasn't that good of a Christmas. The only good part was that the folks felt bad that I had to go through that, so Dad bought me an electric train, first real nice toy I ever got.

Jerry 9-2-2001 23:17

TINA: Just posting my email for you.

Teekay 9-2-2001 21:58

Hi all,

BEN: welcome back :-).

TINA: Please email me your address so I can send 'Contact' back.

I'm going to be away for a month or so, so please try not to forget me okay?

Be well all.

Teekay 9-2-2001 21:57

We need to get the soapbox ready. As of yesterday, it is illegal to hunt BATS in Texas. :oP

Why would anyone hunt bats? How many bats does it take to make a good batch of bat soup? Is that with or without wings? Do you put batter on deep fried bats? Or are they crunchy enough without?

I obviously don't have enough to do.

Looks like our wet weather went your way. And after all that puffing you did. In the last 4 or 5 days, we have now had about 7 inches of rain. (at my house, more in other places) Mostly it soaked in real well. Filled up the cracks and washed off the trees.

Everyone have a good holiday tomorrow,

Rosemary 9-2-2001 21:27

Alien; It is my belief that sometimes, a sweet child is born to teach us. A tiny baby is so close to the spiritual world, we can't help but feel that wonderful feeling of absolute innocence and trust, given freely, and with no strings attached. That is how we all should be. Sadly, we learn coruptions as we strive to survive in this harsh world. Mortality teaches us cyinicsm if we let it.

Babies are blameless, and if taken back into the spiritual world, really had nothing more to learn in this mortal plane other than to recieve a physical body and touch the lives of the parents. If you are Christian, then remind your freind that she will again meet with that child, though not in the mortal plane.

Take comfort in the knowledge that life is a form of energy, and as we all know, no matter the religeon, energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. It only changes forms.

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Goodweed of the North 9-2-2001 20:26

Morning whenever you are,

I hope you are keeping all these memories safe. That story about your dog sounded like one for the Chicken Soup books. Excellent.
I'm sure it reminds all of us who had upraisings that could have been better of some moment in the past. My Parents were alcoholics also. Things were the worst when I was about 10 to 14 years old. They had drunk friends that I hid from, cats that were shot, fights that we shivered through. There weren't any drunk relatives so I don't really think I had it as bad as you but those memories are painful.

Only time will help your friend. Just be there for her. My husband died 23 years ago and people still tip toe around mentioning him. I know this is completely different, but I'm just saying that not many people know how to give or accept sorrow.

OKAY, We need cheering up. :-P-- My assignment for a writing group was the dreaded POETRY. I don't do poetry, I don't even like music. I think I must have been between schools when poetry was taught. But below is my attempt.
ALL POETS, either skip this or grit your teeth.

How do we start rhyming?
Are there a certain number of words per line?
What do we do about timing?
Does it really have to be mine?

They said, "Syllables can be tools."
Do they have to be long or short?
Are there specific rules?
Will I wind up in court?

Harmony is crucial, they said.
What if I'm tone deaf?
Or is that just in music for the dead?
Do I need a treble clef?

Is this poem worth at least a dime?
I looked at others, and I just can't see.
Now they tell me it doesn't have to rhyme.
Back to prose for me.


Rosemary 9-2-2001 12:42

Allien - so sorry to hear of your friends loss. About the funeral, I think I would go if I were you. Funeral's aren't for the dead, but for the living, and at times like that people need their friends the most. I was never so aware of this until last year when our neighbor lost his son. Now this was very different from your situation, their son was twenty six and living with them. Anyhow, when the funeral came around, we went, just to support our neighbor's who have been so very good to us since we moved in. A couple of months later when everything had settled down, our neighbor and his wife came over and told us how very much it meant to them just to have us there, and I wasn't even sure they saw us, as like most funerals, they sat in the first row, and we, not being family sat on the other side of the church near the back.

Ben, sorry to hear of your loss, I have lost so many pets in the many years I have haunted this old planet. I recall the first, it was a little cocker spaniel that loved me more then any animal has a right to love a human. He used to protect me in that nightmare house we called a home. Should any of the drunk friends that regularly gathered at our house even act like they were going to grab me, he would be right there, snapping at them. Then one day he was gone. We looked all over the farm for him, we searched the neighboring farm land, even went back to our old farm to see if he went home, but we never saw him again, or at least that fall. When winter came and the ice was on the lakes and ponds we found him. He was frozen in the top of one small pond. Dad went out on the ice and broke his little body free, then brought him home where we had a proper burial. When dad got him out of the ice, it became apparent what had happened, there was a rope around his neck, tied to a stone and a bullet hole in his head.

It wasn't until our Christmas party that we found out who did that horrible deed. Do you recall my earlier description of Clarence, the one-eyed filthy uncle for whom I worked when I was young? Well he was the one who killed my pet. At that Christmas party, as we celebrated the holiday, and the return of another of my uncle's from Vietnam, Clarence let it slip about the dog. He said he caught that damn dog over in his yard breeding his bitch, so he took out his .270 and shot him dead. Well when dad heard about that it took several big men to hold him off the top of old Clarence. When Clarence left, it was with a split lip, black eye and rubbing his ass where Dad kicked it.

As happy as I was to see old Clarence get his ass kicked, it didn't bring skipper back, and I never had a dog that was so attached to me since.

Yes, loosing a dog can be nearly as hard as loosing your best friend, in fact sometimes it is the same thing.

Jerry 9-2-2001 11:09

Sorry to hear about your friend. All you must do is be there for her. Sadly, I have been in that situation. You do get really fed up with hearing the same old words. That is no fault of your friends or relatives at all, it is so difficult for everybody at these terrible times. I think the least worse thing that I heard was, 'Just pick up the phone and call me if you need anything'.
Having said it though, you must mean it.


Eddie 9-2-2001 9:48

Sorry to take up space folks but I promised Allein. "And a promise is a promise no matter how small." Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss.
Allein- here it is:
This is Hana’s translation of Allein’s songs!

Dear Allein,
I’m so sorry that this took so long. Thank you for being so patient and kind.

Broken by life
Not sad at all you,
Not hot on guys
A simple little life

Hey, this is great!
Koishi* is beautiful
Even if this is a lie
Honey, is sweet
What I say is
Think now and then act later
*Koishi is an untranslatable word. Maybe it is a nickname? All I can come up with is “child stone”.

Which one is good, do you suppose?

The one broken by life, of course.

The easiest to unstand is
Life is difficult
Impossible to kiss,
The soul is crucified,
Can’t cry anymore

It’s okay the sky cries
Your feeling are safe
Baby, soon now
Boys will cloud up your head
You are an adult now
So hurry up now

Which one is right?

Hey look that one is like ice

Hey wait Koishi* (see above) that is what you are called?
Leave me alone,
I don’t want to see you

This is not right!

That is true, I won’t say I’m in love.


Look please
Isn’t it wonderful?
But if you look carefully,
The girl child has nothing of her own

Look please,
See, what are these numerous little trinkets?
A strange story,
That will never end

How is this used?
Oh how I want to break this unintelligible cycle
If you look from here,
Twenty (things)
But I still want yet more

I want to go to the human’s land
Humans are so strange
Dancing… is this it?

To walk with legs,
I would give anything, anything at all
To go there at all…but where is the boy?

Hey you,
Sparkle sparkle,
Flowers smell sweet,
That kind of perfect world is what I want

If I could give anything
I would give it all
Just to be there right now,
But still

My body is not like yours,
And it will never change

A sweet,
A sour,
Moment for us all

On a good day
I will come to you
I will marry you,
And we can have a big family

But still I am trapped in this body
Burning (ship?)
One at a time,
How I wish I was there.

Viv 9-2-2001 8:02

Jack: Programming on the old C64 now that is going a long way back

I dont use tarot cards, but a couple of times I open my mind up to maybe channel a story...Doing one like that now

taylor 9-2-2001 7:17

Ben: I also like the Tarot Cards and Tea Leaves. Another thought, depending on the nature of the story, is to employ one of the hexagrams from the I Ching. You might even throw the coins and generate a hexagram specific to the story if you are at all knowledgable about such things. I happen to be somewhat proficient with either Tarot or I Ching. I prefer the Morgan Greir deck myself. And, yes, I am an Episcopalian or Episcopagan. As it happens, one of the early things I did with a computer was a computer simulation of both a Tarot Card reading and an I Ching reading for the Commodore 64. Long Long ago in a galaxy far away.

I am sad to hear about your puppy dying.

Take care everyone. I will probably archive and repost the Notebook sometime in the next day or so. This should wipe out the scripting error. I realize now that once the log file is established with the database of the messages, to alter things I have to handle it a slightly different way. The easiest is to just start over.

Still trying to get ready for Fiji and also trying to establish the Workbook again before I leave and hopefully with enough time to beta test and finalize it. Especially since I will likely be without the internet while in Fiji.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-2-2001 6:20

Ben -I took a vote at my house and we like the title Tarot Cards and Tea Leaves. We thought we'd pick that book off the shelf and take a look at it. There is the danger that you will offend some heavily Christian folks who associate Tarot Cards with witch craft, but I think it makes it sound more interesting. What about the rest of you? What do you think.

Allein: That is a tough tough situation to be in. I would not have wanted to try to comfort a friend who lost a baby because there IS NOT any comfort anyone can give. Still, to have someone to sit beside you in such a horrible time is much better than sitting alone. You did all the right things! You said the right things. The first time I encountered a woman who'd lost a baby I said, "Well, you are young, you'll have another."

Open mouth, insert foot. She whirled on me and said, "I wanted that one!"

Wrong answer. I eventually learned how to say the right answer...I'm sorry.

What grace and poise you showed in such a tough situation. It's wonderful you knew exactly the right thing to do!

Viv 9-2-2001 4:45

Allein, huge (((HUGS))) for you and your friend. I know it's so very hard, but you being there for her, now and on Tuesday and after that is part of being a friend. It will be heart wrenching, and very little will seem to help her right now, but be there anyway.
My prayers for her and her family, and for you.

Tina 9-2-2001 2:34

Hey guys, bad news. My friend lost her baby last night. He wasn't even a month old - it's so unfair! People are supposed to die when they're old - with accomplishments and a life lived, not when they're babies with hopes and dreams infront of them.
I went down and tried to help them pack up the stuff so she wouldn't have to do it, but it was too sad packing up the clothes he was never going to wear, the crib he won't sleep in and the toys he won't get to play with. I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child.
I saw my friend and hugged her and told her I was sorry. I was nervous because I really didn't know what to say - what do you say to a parent who just lost their child.
My friend, Pete, was really distrought about it - he was mad because he did everything he could to try and save the baby, but it was too late.
The funeral is Tuesday but I'm not sure I'll go because I'm afraid it'll be too sad to see that small casket there.
I'm going to try to do some writing to get my mind off of it.

Allein 9-2-2001 2:13

Well Laura, I finally sent you that crit. If you haven't received it, let me know and I'll try again. I sent it to your address.

Tina 9-1-2001 22:04

Hi All,
I promised that I would go through all of my work and sort out the mess that it was in. Well, I have made a good start. I began at around 9am this morning and have just finished (it's just after midnight)
I have collected some of it together and given it a new home on the site shown below. I hope everybody finds something there that will interest them.
Thank you

Eddie Eds Writing Life 9-1-2001 19:05

As long as you avoid technical and scientific details, just setting your story in the future safely makes it sci/fi. Most of my sci/fi writing is character and plot driven with a sprinkling of futurestic items like plastiform or jetpods. Reading Sci/fi for a lot of years probably helps. There may be a book of terms somewhere. I have thought about hunting for one but haven't gotten around to it.
It's fun to streach your mind.
Good luck and have a great time.

Rosemary 9-1-2001 17:36


John - What a romantic sweetie you are! My word, your wife must just melt.

Happy anniversary to you both :o)

9-1-2001 14:49

Another song-poem in honor of our approacing 11th wedding anniversary,our 17th year together.I woke up this morning

To the scent of a spring day

And the light that was shining

Was the light from my lady....

Chorus: She's like a flower in the spring

full of joy, which she brings

to me

She is the star in my garden

a Cinderella full of sunlight

I'll keep her safe and warm

From anything that might harm her

With my floral serenade

To the love that God gave

To me

Refrain : It takes a lot of work

to make a flower like her last

Just keep sprinkling on the love

But don't you do it too fast

slow's the way to caress

This little flower Princess





Repeat !st verse and Chorus

John Breslin 9-1-2001 14:32

Hi All!

I'm typing one handed today; i'm dog sitting for my i-laws and the pooch is on my lap demanding attention. Such fun! She's a sweetie.

So sorry for your puppy, Ben. Pets shouldn't ever die.
It is good to see you here again. Sounds like the summer has been productive. I'd offer to read, but as Hallee and Laura can attest, I'm horrendously slow at getting back crits these days.

(Side note: I'm still working on them!) -[

Alexandra and Julia, welcome!

Our gas is sitting as high as it's ever been, at .80cents/litre. While I don't believe for a second that the recent increases are justified, I think in the long run it will force people to give more consideration to the efficiency and economy of their vehicle. We North Americans like our SUV's and and other wasteful vehicles, so the sooner we realise that Europe is way ahead of us on gas efficiency and hybrid and electric vehicles, the sooner we'll push our dealers and manufacturers to go that way. I'd love the irony if higher gas prices were to lead to lower consumption of fossil fuel. I have no sympathy for the oil industry. hahahaha
I recently read that the American military is switching to hybrid and electric vehicles on their bases, and large universities are as well. That should help encourage and educate and familiarise people with these new vehicles.

Had a wonderful new idea to twist up the plot of 'Freeborn' It means lots of rewriting... again, but it will be great in the long run.
My hubby is great. Every time I hit a snag, I discuss it with him and he gives me wonderful ideas. My backup muse is wonderful!

Time to go to work! See y'all!

Tina 9-1-2001 11:27


Ben - Sorry about your puppy (hugs to you).

Julia - When I saw your name I thought instantly about the screen Julia. I am sure you get that too often and would rather not hear it (smiles). So, you can't get the words right. That sounds like a writer (grins). What I suggest is that you kick back for a few days. Read a magazine, a book, take a bath strictly for relaxation. Go for a walk, think of everything and anything other than your story. It is likely that when you return to the writing things will just flow for you. If they don't, well, er, uh, um... I think that a little time and distance from the writing will get you exactly what you want. Not too much time or distace though, okay ;o)

Take care all.

9-1-2001 11:27

Hi Ben- Good luck on publishing those stories. I hope you get it! Sorry about the pup.

Hey Jerry! We're kind of broke big time. My husband is smart but we do a lot of dreaming about computer things. Mostly we don't buy but salvage parts from old computers. Luckily he is smart enough to canabalize old junk and make it into something that will run. Right now we have the pieces from my older daughter's computers minus the motherboard. I'm definitely going to try out some little speakers he found that don't have power and see if my computer can make them go.

Mel- Thank you for the critique! I'm going to try to see if I can gather all the loose ends and have some fun with that science fiction story! How funny! I'd say I was the LEAST qualified to do science fiction because I really don't have a good handle on science at all! What fun if it turned out I could actually write something interesting.

Rachael- my daughter has long curly hair and no bangs but she pulled some curls down in the front, snipped them and now with a few curls hanging over her brow she doesn't look naked at all! In fact she looks kind of pretty.

Jerry- I got a laugh out of your friend's predicament with the eyebrows & sweat. My daughter licked that a long time ago! She wears antipersperant on her brow! She decided last summer that a sweaty face was a fashion no-no so she started putting deoderant on her face!!!! Too bad your friend didn't have my daughter around to consult. She has all the kids in the neighborhood going around with a stick of deoderant in their pocket on hot sunny days. They whip out the "stick" when they feel an urge to sweat!

I have to say I enjoy teenagers. They think of interesting ways to abuse fashion ideas.

Viv 9-1-2001 11:18


Good to hear from you again. I too am sorry about your puppy. It is so hard to lose a pet.


You lucky guy! And it is all you easterners who complain about the price of gas and how all of us Texas and Oklahoma oil companies are stiffing you. Well, while you guys back east are paying discount prices, we are paying $1.68 a gallon. Actually I think the reason we are paying higher is that a refinery in Louisiana or someplace caught fire and is out of commission and the area where the refinery was is buying the gasoline that is normally supplied for this area.


Strange thing is that while your petroleum costs are so high, I found taking a cab much cheaper in Edinburgh and York than what you can get one for here. No doubt there is a trade off because your petroleum prices finance your very efficient mass transit system. I would really prefer it the way you have it, because you can live most places in the UK and not have a car. Try that here. I am sure you noticed how spread out everything is here when you visited. In this part of the country, a car is independance, because you can't get anywhere without one.

I have a Ford Windstar van that is getting 10 miles a gallon in town when the air conditioning is running. When I was in Britain, I saw few SUV's, and many smaller, more fuel efficient cars.

Rhoda 9-1-2001 10:12

The shoulder is healing nicely, thanks - a few more days in this harness, then I can start therapy. It still hurts, but it's a different kind of hurt.

Gasoline prices? Right now it's $1.42/gallon here in this part of NY State, and just down into PA it's in the $1.30s. I still remember my outrage back when it reached $.50 (fifty cents!) per gallon back in the late 1960s. I also still remember pumping gas for $.29 ( and less) in 1959.

I quit smoking when cigarettes were $.50/pack. They were $.15-$.20 per pack when I started smoking. I remember when I started working in IBM we had cigarette machines that sold for a quarter a pack, and each pack had 4 new pennies just inside the cellophane, so they were $.21 total. Also remember guys who had their workbench drawers full of shiny pennies. I don't think there were ever enough pennies to cover a funeral, though.

Hearken all ye Celtic buffs - check out the Chiff&Fipple website! It's for tin whistle enthusiasts, but has all sorts of links to Celtic music and information.

And for those into Arthurian legend, try "The Pagan King" by Edison Marshall. It's a great read, and it's definitely not Disney!

howard Link 9-1-2001 9:41

felt like dropping in

Ben: Sorry to hear about the puppy

taylor 9-1-2001 7:06

I Know that you have probably worked this one out, but on the Tank Full of petrol I multiplied when I should have divided. So:
My $17.00 for a tank of gas in the US should have converted to £12.14 - Not £23.**

Eddie 9-1-2001 6:15


Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in...

Hey, Teekay, saw your message earlier today. I tried reading the posts earlier too, but I'm so far out of the loop, I just let 'em slide.

I cleaned up five of my major stories, (14,000-17,000 words each, and one lonnng one of 26,000). I feel good about them, real good. Trying to choose a title's the hard part though; I was thinking of either THE DAWN PATROL, or TAROT CARDS AND TEA LEAVES--any opinions? I plan on sending them out as a collection because I've always had a problem with word restrictions, and the market for selling long stories like mine are limited to the Alice Munro's of the world. So, if I can get a bite with them as a collection, I might be able to sell stories to magazines after. Kind of a back-handed way of getting in, but worth a shot I think. What've I got to lose? I found a publisher here in town that looks interesting, and have a few others lined up for when I get the ms. back. Hope to be sending them out soon, but I want someone to read them for me, just for an outside opinion. I was thinking the local librarian might be a good choice. Then again, school starts next week, and I might give them to one of the teachers.

On a sadder note, our puppy died last weekend.

I'm still working, but it's so day to day, and week to week, I don't even think about it anymore. Why bother? I'll just have to go out and get two or three jobs to make up the difference.

That's it for's back on my head I go.

Ben 9-1-2001 5:20

Viv - It didn't show up again! Damn Hotmail - it was probably sent to a junk mail filter because it doesn't recognize the address. Why not post it on the notebook and I'll just cut and paste it into a Word file - that way I'm sure to get it. Good luck to Hana on her exam.

Allein 9-1-2001 3:38

Will the world promise good tidings????
I can't get my story right!

Ahh well, why am I complaining? I DO know thatfrustration isn't the key to getting goals perfect, so why insist?

Roses blossom beautifully -i don't. People shine successfully -I don't. I've been trying for 9 months to get my story running. Up to one of the final chapters, but I can't word the Big Revelation properly to get readers interested. GRR!

Anyone willing to help? Email me.

Julia Roberts 9-1-2001 2:59

Doesn't Look Like much of a trouble. After all Wuthering Heights is great to its excellence but i've got to say, not very much of promises. Where in the world's greatness is Joel Mackie?

While winners know time is precious, how do they know what is right. Life may be troubling but it certainly fails to greet me! Graciousness, time flys by!

Alexandra 9-1-2001 2:50

Oh, by the way, you all have got me thinking. Maybe I will tackle writing a novel, what the heck, it might turn out ok after all. Maybe some day I may even send it to some publisher in hopes of a sale.

Well I can dream about doing that anyhow. I do have several story lines floating around in my skull, might be nice to give them life.

Jerry 9-1-2001 0:09

Back in the 60's many young men wore long hair to protest what ever it was they thought they were protesting. Our neighbor's son was the opposite. He was sort of an early skin head without the racial stuff. Yep, he shaved his head one day, then came to help us work on building grain bins. The boss tried to keep him inside, as he didn't bring a hat and it was HOT. Well that day he got quite a sun burn anyhow, when he got home his folks gave him particular hell over the hair cut. In anger, he took his razor and shaved off his eye brows. Boy the next day, inside that grain bin catching bolts with a pliers and putting the nuts on them while someone on the outside was spinning them with an electric wrench got to be work. The work and the heat got him to sweating. It wasn't long before he was screaming in pain. You see those wonderful eye brows serve to deflect that sweat from the forehead down the side of the face, away from the eyes. Without them, he was getting the sweat, filled with the dust and dirt that comes with construction work. That was his last day on that job. A few weeks later found him working the milk truck delivering milk bottles around town. At least the dairy gave him a white cap, and sitting inside the van that had to be kept cool to keep the milk and cream good, he barely broke a sweat. The only problem, we were making good money on the bin construction, while he was working for pennies. Just goes to show you that one should think before they shave.

Jerry 9-1-2001 0:07

Me again (aka Rachel)

Mel - Last night I decided that I just had to write. There really was no good time. Kiddies, kiddies every where (glad that other people have that). In the end I stayed up to write. I got some good writing in. I could have done more, but I decided that I wanted to get to bed. Late nights and I do not agree well with each other. I need my sleep.

Later :o)

8-31-2001 23:27


Viv - I had a friend who plucked her brows right off. It started out well enough. The next thing she knew she was almost out of brows! She shaved what was left. It was pretty weird. She had one of those very round, long foreheads. She kind of needed brows to break it up. I recently had a plucking incident (grins)! I hardly ever pluck my brows. They just kind of grow nicely, so I leave them alone. Anyway, I decided I wanted to try a new brow shape. Only trouble is that I forgot about this scar I have in or I guess under my right eyebrow and how I'm lucky that the brows grow the way they do, or I would have a hole in them. Well, a simple little pluck and presto! I was reminded of the hole. Right now my bangs are doing the curl under right at the brow thing, so nobody noticed. I made a point of showing Dan, he laughed. He didn't laugh till he knew I was cool with it. I took a look the other day. The hole is gone again. My brows are back to their own shape. I think I'll just leave them alone (merry laughter).

8-31-2001 23:20

One quick note,

I noticed you kept refering to your story as a 'romance' and I remembered an excellent beginning to a sci/fi story with a posibility of romance on the side. I thought I had missed something so I went back and read it again. Same impression. This story can have some romance in it, but the other lines of plot are just as important if not more.
THIS is of course, just my impression. Still great writing.

PS--Printerwise, I have a HP710. I find that it does just about everything except make coffee in the morning. It is not a morning machine. ;o) It prints, faxes, scans, and copies. The copy feature us not one you would want to use for a large job but comes in handy when the copy store is 15 miles away. I got it the same time I got the rest of the computer about two years ago. I think it was about $200 after rebates. Should be less now and more updated versions available.

Bye again

Rosemary 8-31-2001 22:20

Viv - Your husband has a good head on his sholders, that would be my choice too if I had the bucks. My last job we had a HP 870EX or something like that, anyhow it was a super printer and had ports to plug in both a mac and a pc. That was super, as I used the PC and my boss (who couldn't even find the power switch on the pc) used the mac.

Jerry Ericsson 8-31-2001 21:49

Eddie - WOW - I won't complain again! As far as smokes, I think they are going for around $30.00 a carton, don't know for sure as I quit those horrid things about five years ago. On the plus side, my doctor says my lungs look almost like a non-smokers. I really enjoy this lady doctor, even if she does lie about things like that a bit (or at least I suspect she does).

Jerry Ericsson 8-31-2001 21:47

Jerry- showed my husband the site with the computer stuff and he got very excited. Thank you. We're going to get a couple of speakers for 5.00 and then continue looking for a printer. We want to find a Hewlett Packer??? Oh well, I'm not the person who does the computers around here as you can tell.

Mel- Those cow jokes really were funny! I somehow find cow noises something that tickle my funnybone. On the self criticism on the longy-shortie, don't fuss. I want to get so I can write short quick stories that exhausted people can enjoy. I think that is a upcoming market if the recession holds. Looking at the price of gas in England, I think novels will be selling there as more folks go nowhere!

Don't let me upset you with my self-critique. I liked what you had to say. Quite frankly, when I wrote that romance thingy, I had no idea where it was going. I was just having fun sticking those descriptions on a page. It was a Dali style exercise. In itself, it's not good for much. I can have more fun with it though and If you want more, I'll write more because that idea is an easy one. I had a solution to what the kid had done before I even fell asleep that night. So, I'll write another bit just for fun.

What I'd love to be able to do is write short stories though. Those are really hard to get right. Everything has to fit together. I think they are good practice for writing longer things because you don't have a lot of latitude for mistakes. What I love to see is a clear quick story that sets a mood. I try analyzing what it is that makes that story click and catch me. I can do endings, but my beginnings and middles are very weak. I have one I'm trying to fix. I wrote it for my husband for our Anniversary. True to form, he read it, sort of tossed it aside, then went on to other stuff. What would be really fun would be to PUBLISH that sucker and then spend the money on getting the main computer in this house up and running. NOW that would be an anniversary present, right out of a romance novel. Unfortunately, just as my story is titled...reality bites. He got a card and the story in rough draft form.

You know my daughter just finished her first try at plucking her eyebrows. It's a interesting result. She's so cute right now. She came in with one eyebrow that went up and the other that went down and said, "Wow, I can't get them to match." Then she came in again with one that went up and another shaved completely off. Next she finished the job. Now I have an eyebrowless daughter.

Viv 8-31-2001 21:13

$1.89 a gallon!
A few years ago when I was in the US I paid $0.95 a gallon.
I was astonished at this wonderful cost for petrol.
Over here I pay £0.85 per litre! That works out at about $6.30 per gallon. This price is set to rise shortly. I can fill my tank for about £45.00 ($63.00) Last time I was in the US I could get a tank full for $17.00 (£23.00)
What about cigarettes?
I can get a pack of 20 for £4.50 ($6.30) A carton of 200 costs £45.00 ($63.00)
You lucky lucky B********

Eddie 8-31-2001 19:35

Rosemary - Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. I'll give the suggestion to the wife, but the main reason we are giving them away, is that the relatives who don't have gardens are begging for them. This year, mom tried growing tomato's in her flower bed, but they never amounted to much. My sister did the same with like results. I think their problem was that the plant's don't get enough light, combined with the fact that we have our garden professional tilled, and this year upgraded the soil by having a load of aged farm yard soil tilled in. Also they don't seem to tend them as much as we do, and they water with city water that is full of chemicals. We have our own well, so use fresh uncontaminated water that helps a lot.

You can send us some of that rain back though we are drying out now, I mowed the lawn that we have watered, but left the rest as it is going brown on us. The weatherman is saying we might get some tonight, I will keep my fingers crossed.

Hope all have a wonderful labor day weekend, I know we will as our son is coming home for a visit and we haven't seen him since his wife miscarried.

Jerry 8-31-2001 19:10

Rosemary - Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. I'll give the suggestion to the wife, but the main reason we are giving them away, is that the relatives who don't have gardens are begging for them. This year, mom tried growing tomato's in her flower bed, but they never amounted to much. My sister did the same with like results. I think their problem was that the plant's don't get enough light, combined with the fact that we have our garden professional tilled, and this year upgraded the soil by having a load of aged farm yard soil tilled in. Also they don't seem to tend them as much as we do, and they water with city water that is full of chemicals. We have our own well, so use fresh uncontaminated water that helps a lot.

You can send us some of that rain back though we are drying out now, I mowed the lawn that we have watered, but left the rest as it is going brown on us. The weatherman is saying we might get some tonight, I will keep my fingers crossed.

Hope all have a wonderful labor day weekend, I know we will as our son is coming home for a visit and we haven't seen him since his wife miscarried.

Jerry 8-31-2001 19:10

I know, PROOFREAD BEFORE YOU POST! Sorry for the typos.

Jerry 8-31-2001 19:00

“Now Mr. Anderson I see on line twelve you already have one loan against your home.”

“Ah, yes sir.”

“What other collateral can you offer?”

“Ah, well there is my truck.”

“Truck, you mean that beat up old pickup you drove down here? That thing looks like it gets what, fifteen miles per gallon?”

“Twelve highway, six in town.”

“You surely don’t think we will give you a loan against such a vehicle.”

“But it is paid for, and look, it is only seven years old.”

“What else do you have?”

“Well, there’s the cabin down by the lake, that’s worth around fifteen thousand bucks.”

“Yes, but the lake is eighty miles south of here, if we gook that and you defaulted, who would buy that from us?”

“How about my wife’s little Buck.”

“Now really Mr. Anderson, do you expect us to give you such a large loan based on that little outfit, it’s only worth around half what you are asking for.”

“But I have to make the trip, I need to get my eyes examined so I can see.”

“Look, we can give you seven thousand dollars against all four items, your house, your wife’s car, the cabin and that old pickup truck, how about that?”


“Should we make that check out to you, or the gas station?”

“The gas station I guess.”

“Beth will have those papers ready for you soon, and the check will be sent to the Amoco Station downtown. You should be able to get about a half tank in that little car, if you drive economically, you should be able to make that round trip.”

“Thanks.” Mr. Anderson said, as he got up to leave the bankers office, “Thanks a lot.”

Yep, gas prices are way up in this neck of the woods, $1.89 and rising, it won't be long before it happens.

Jerry 8-31-2001 18:59

Another sad couple of days, 7 dead in Iowa, now another assault on a citizen by the ATF. When I watched that house burning, I couldn't help but think of Waco and Ruby Ridge. Granted, the fellow in the house was no saint. No, he was being arrested by the ATF for firearms violation. Now it seems when the ATF goes after anyone lately for firearms violation there is a death, sometimes more then one. I only hope that our new President will take a good look at this case, and do some house cleaning. I know that had I been the Sheriff in LA County during this incident and the ATF came to me requesting back-up I would have sent them packing.

Jerry 8-31-2001 17:05

The Afternoon of a large drying out city,

I'm sure you know this, but just in case,---You can dip those ripe tomatoes in boiling water, peel them, then drop them in zip lock bags and freeze them. They are then excellent for anything you would use canned tomatoes for and the taste is even better. If you want to save time later, you can chop them up, add seasoning, whatever. But I found tomatoes and Okra were the two easiest vegetables to freeze.
Right now I really envy the great seasons you have up there. But in a month or so, I wouldn't want to be there for about 5 months.

Thanks so much. It is just as great to have someone hate your work (when it is suposed to be hated) as it is to have praise heaped upon it. (I heard that somewhere)
That Shorty was a try at a clasic way to write sci/fi. Take a current event and run wild with it.
That one was a combination of stem cell research and cloneing and too much government interference. (and I had just watched Kelly Rippa on All My Children have a baby. Just to see if she can act.--I still don't know.) Honest, people, I don't watch soaps. :o#

Thanks all for a very productive Shorty night and JACK, have a great time in Fiji. Avoid sharks.

Rosemary 8-31-2001 14:13

As one who has no time nor talent for gardening and canning, I just want to say, JERRY, I'M SALIVATING! Look at this, drool all over my lucky ones, to have all that fresh garden nicely packed for Winter Feasts!!! :-D Yummmmmmmmmmmm

Mel again 8-31-2001 13:26

Haven't read the page yet, but will post now, and catch up later today.

It’s more then falling leaves that make this time of the year special, oh no. It is the harvest; the reward for all your hard work in the yard and garden. The past week or so have been filled with more action in the kitchen since Thanksgiving Day.

First came the canning of garden produce, in particular to our garden it was the ample harvest of green beans. Our pantry shelves are now lined with jar after jar of these delicious morsels.

Then the chokecherries ripened on the trees that separate our yard from our good neighbor Jon. Way back when we first moved in, Jon in his welcoming visit told us that since those chokecherry trees were on the border of the property line, he would let us have the harvest every other year. This was our year, so joining the jars of green beans are jelly jars filled to the brim with that sweet jelly, along side those jars rest the chokecherry syrup that we love so much on our pancakes.

Last year our plum tree failed to produce, you see a lilac bush had rooted itself alongside the plum bush, and was squeezing it out. Well my wife likes the wonderful smell of the lilac, but our driveway is bordered on the east by huge lilac bushes standing well over ten feet tall, so this little bush was chopped down. So too was the plum tree, just a couple of scraggily sprouts remained after her assault with my manual hedge clippers. I just knew that this was the end of that plum tree, could it take such abuse and come back. You bet it can, and it came back in spades. The tree grew back to six feet high, then bushed out like never before. It produced more fruit then I have ever seen on one tree. Now plum jam and plum syrup joined the rest in the pantry. The other plum bush in our yard is full but has yet to ripen.

Oh but is sad, as we see then end of the sweet corn that grew in the middle of the garden, the cucumbers are still producing, today we made relish, and there must be twenty jars of dill pickles on the pickle shelf in the pantry. The tomatos are now ripening, and we have way more then we can eat, so have been giving them away. The wife has already made her famous tomato juice, tomato salsa, and canned tomato’s.

Yep, come winter, we could be snowed in for a month or more, and never want for food, thanks to our little garden and all that wonderful rain that blessed us all summer. This last month, however has gone with little to no rain, but this is a good thing for both the farmers who need to get into their fields and harvest their bumper crops, and the gardener who needs the warm dry weather to properly ripen the garden goods. We will miss the garden lettuce, the radishes and onions that have graced our table all summer, but can remember this wonderful growing year each time we open one of those lovely jars.

Jerry 8-31-2001 13:20

Oh, rats. I forgot to include in my cat-poem the time when Mad Max launched himself from the back of a recliner into the middle of our Christmas tree (our then-seven-yr-old son had hung on the tree, unbeknownst to us, a dog-biscuit ornament) - Max's great leap knocked the whole tree to the floor. 8'/

Mel 8-31-2001 13:15


Lunchtime, yea! Oh, what a week. The eldest daughter who's been living her bizarre life elsewhere is coming home for a few hours' visit tomorrow...The hubby's breathing problems earlier in the week have led us to find a new home for our cat, as we know allergies are involved bigtime. Sigh. Oh well, the cat deserves a little tribute:


Pet-store kitten
We were smitten
Five years ago.
First-time home,
touched the floor -
Scared no more,
All felt right -
Tail-up delight!

Tore thru the house,
right up the drape!
Really part ape,
that Mad Max.
Once, in the kitchen,
caught in the fridge -
Had a COOl Cat. 8-]

Drinks from a faucet,
from toilets or dishes;
Strange feline,
his drinking wishes!
Mad Max,
Gone to live
in another home,
where allergies have no urge to roam.

Shadows in the windows,
fleeting touch...
G'bye, li'l puss,
We'll miss you much.

ROSEMARY: :-) Thanks. I had thought of *P* too... Your shorty was--!!!!! Shocking! Wonderful! Horrible! Oh, I liked it but I hated it! :-) Good writing, with a fantastic, terrifying plot twist. ;-] And you hooked me, as a mother of five, all natural births; the one thing I wanted most, each time, was just to hold the newborn in my arms. A new mother ACHES for that until she holds her new little one in her arms for the first time - must be WOMB-Withdrawal or something, ha! You hit on target, anyway! :-)

ED: Wow! "By our Lady" sounds so formal, uplifting, and mannerly, whereas "Bloody" just sounds downright earthy, vicious, and SO to the point, heh heh! So, submit your shorty a bloody bit late. We're waiting. (*tapping toes, drumming fingers, deep sighs, counting spots on the walls, counting blades of grass in the yard...soon it will be snowflakes...*) BTW, enjoyed a few of your website stories (didn't have time yet to read them all). :-) Jack Dooley is a priceless treasure!!! Well written, Ed! You should get that boy published, if you haven't yet.

RACHEL: Yup. Similar stuff at my house: I get nicely settled with my mss. and stuff at the diningroom table...pretty soon, along comes a kid--and sits, talking a mile a minute. Next thing I know, another kid's there, sitting, talking (to me, of course), and then another, and another. Pretty soon it's feeling like a regular family reunion. I get up to make popcorn. We scarf the snack, they're still sitting and talking. Finally, I go turn on the tv or do some laundry...the kids finally scatter...and so has my muse. Sigh.

VIV: :-) Thanks. That moo-ving stuff, Anita and I are just swapping some writing cows (just becows we wanna, heh heh). I felt your shorty was the beginning of a much longer story, thus my cry for MORE! Good characters and plot hook (what DID Paulo discover from the little girl??) - it doesn't matter that your shorty wasn't so concise if it's part of a larger story.

JERRY: :-) Thanks. The same to you, fella, for your shorty! Nice photos. :-) Thanks for sharing!

JACK: Fingers, toes, writing implements, all crossed for luck for you, Jack! Take your time - the end products will be well worth it! :-) Ah, Fiji...never been. Enjoy! (Another undersea video would be nice, hint! hint!)

JOHN: Yup. Tabs don't work on the NB. Just use the enter key on the keyboard to start a new line or to skip a line (at least that's how it works for me).

Any of you Christians out there, check out a beautiful, inspirational website at: for an "Interview With God." VERY nice.

A good writing day to y'all!!! Report in, if you haven't and update the rest of us on what you're writing, pretty please? You're my inspiration to keep chasing my bloody elusive muse!!!

mel 8-31-2001 13:08

Hi Jack! You know, you sound like me...loads of guilt over loads of projects. Hope you'll sit back and look over the's chugging right along and all the people are happily writing. We're passing stuff around to each other to critique as well. What you've set up here is doing great. It's the work of genius. I've looked over other sites but I'm turned off by the contribute or die atmosphere.

Creativity isn't pushed, that's like overwatering a seedling and expecting it to grow. Learn while you do your client's work, then apply it to the site when you get back from Fiji.

What you have to remember is you had a big loss this year. Take time out to enjoy Fran, look at the autumn sunshine, and smell the change of seasons in the air. Pack slowly and think about the adventures you'll have in Fiji. Get rested up for the big trip. These trips take a toll in themselves. Long airflights are not good for your body, so don't start off exhausted. The guys who do the environmental work in the Pacific area have a policy, before a business trip they take one day off to rest, and when they return they take another day off to rest. Why? Three of our guys had fatal heart attacks because they tried to get everything done before a business trip. We were loosing all the working staff to heart attacks until this policy was created.

So please take it easy. We need you to archive the site and we're going to be tickled when you have the time to get your "dream site" launched. But until then, please relax. Great is good enough, and we like you and this site just as you are.

Rosemary: I'm so tickled that you think that this romance I cooked up between midnight and two is good. I actually AM going to keep it going. It's fun and a wonderful escape. Today in a traffic jam I came up with the answer to what the child had done wrong. Now all I have to come up with is a possible solution to her "problem".

Allein: Hana sent you another translation. This time she saved a copy and says she sent one to me. I'll send it to you as well! It's going to make it to you...I just hope it's ok because she's still inexperienced. Pray for her on the 10th (which is our 9th) She's taking level 2 of the translator's exam. If she passes that she's probably going to pass the BIG MAMA which is the translator's exam in December on the 2nd. If she passes that....well, then there's another one...and another...until she makes it to level one. It's a long uphill climb to get good at Japanese. I think it's a lot like climbing Mt. Fuji. If you actually make it to the top, what a view. What is lucky is she's only 14. Young enough to fail and still have an opportunity to learn more.

Viv 8-31-2001 10:01

Hello everyone: I have the scripts and files I plan to use filed away on the back burner. Along with that an upgrade for the script that is used for Notebook that presumably will fill some holes and bugs that occasionally crop up. However, I am desperately trying to take care of a paying contract before I head to Fiji and that is taking up a lion share of my time. Part of that project will involve taking care of a Workbook script similar to what I plan to use that my client wants implemented on another site. So, as part of a way to reduce the cost on the client, I can concentrate on doing the Workbook first. But not sure when I will have enough the main site taken care of so I can work on this. I have all the login and password requests filed away and probably should note that I will be sending out to everyone when I get things up and running. The only way this will work effectively is if I can implement a more robust login and password situation. Keep your fingers crossed and pass some prayers/energies in my direction so I get things done for my client and the Workbook without too many snafus. Take care.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-31-2001 8:30

Got called over to mom's tonight, seems they were short two for six handed pinochle, and since learning that version nobody wants to play 4 handed anymore. Well at least my team won the game! A good time was had by all.

Just watched the last part of a night line type show, they were amazed that one person could down a fifth of whiskey in one day, hell I remember dad used to open one after breakfast, and another around supper time, but he had years of practice.

Jack - how's the workbook coming? Just asking, not that I have anything ready to post or anything.

Jerry Ericsson Photo's of my life 8-31-2001 0:27

As Ronald Reagan would say "There he goes again!" When i pasted this onto this board all the spacing got compressed making this one unbroken piece. It did have a lyric type spacing before transfer.I'll get the hang of this format eventually. sorry...

John Breslin 8-31-2001 0:05

And how about another song? I wrote this after my cousin, a Marine, described to me his work in body disposal while in Somalia ..........Sitting at the dinner table Just the other day Two fat pork chops lookin' at me prepared in my favorite way when i overheard the newsman on the television say "feuding clans have got the roads blocked no food will get through this day" chorus: And the childrens pain falls at night in our minds like rain their wide eyes transmit shore to shore a message we can't afford to ignore So boys from Gulfport, Mississippi are building roads in Kismayo California girls prepare the runways at old Mogadushu They'll spend their Christmas in Somalia to stop the crying in the night but here, my chops have gotten cold and I've just dropped my fork on the floor..... Repeat Chorus:

john breslin 8-30-2001 23:59

I'm so sorry for the triple post. How it happened is a mystery. again, so sorry for the inconvenience.

John Breslin 8-30-2001 23:28

Thank you Mel and all of you for your feedback. A little attempt at humor here.......I wanna be in La Cosa Nostra*** The people who made burgers out of Jimmy Hoffa*** They even kill Presidents I've heard it said*** Give one the finger when you're driving*** You might end up dead***Pow!!! _______

John Breslin 8-30-2001 23:25

Thank you Mel and all of you for your feedback. A little attempt at humor here.......I wanna be in La Cosa Nostra*** The people who made burgers out of Jimmy Hoffa*** They even kill Presidents I've heard it said*** Give one the finger when you're driving*** You might end up dead***Pow!!! _______

john 8-30-2001 23:24

Thank you Mel and all of you for your feedback. A little attempt at humor here.......I wanna be in La Cosa Nostra*** The people who made burgers out of Jimmy Hoffa*** They even kill Presidents I've heard it said*** Give one the finger when you're driving*** You might end up dead***Pow!!! _______

8-30-2001 23:24

Hi again quickly.

Your story was an excellent beginning to a novel I would love to read. The possibilities of characterization on just those few characters is mind boggling. The atmosphere is set and I am waiting and expecting.

Thanks for your kind words. Shows you what TV can do for you. I have never been in one of those places personally. With or without a government agent.

Rosemary 8-30-2001 22:56

Just a note, anyone looking for a CHEAP printer, check out the link. I have purchased quite a bit of stuff from these guys and never been disappointed.

Oh and I do have to comment, we have a great bunch of shorties tonight, best participation in a long time, and such wonderful tales.

Jerry Cheap printers 8-30-2001 22:56

Rosemary, Mel: The nicest thing happened this morning. I was excited and apprehensive as I checked into
our Notebook. Those wonderful words were there. It wasn't too silly, someone wrote that they liked it.

Rosemary: Yours was a work of art. It's just what a shortie should be, very short, and creates
a fast shiver that runs down your spine. Your descriptions of the birth room were exact. I've
been there, seen it, as so many women have. But I'd forgotten the sterility, and the colors, the ice
chips. You didn't run the descriptions on and on, just touched on memory cells 14 years dormant.

Mel: I even like the title Daisy Day. The mix of the old table set for an anniversery dinner,
juxtaposed against the allowed day off that is taken by tube travel is great imagery. I was glad
they got to marry. I was ready for a happy ending for that couple. I'd have been mad if he'd been
sucked into that tube alone...which tells you I got caught up in a nice read.

Thanks you guys! Oh and Mel, you gave me a real chuckle. While my daughter was copying down Allein's
e-mail addresses, I caught a little flicker of your writing. "Okay, girls, back to the barn! Moove it! heh heh :-)"
I got a little giggle there, but then my eyes moved up and I saw a bit more of what you'd written. "Of course,
the best stuff is more concisely written, has purpose and drive...Are you calling those things "structure?"
I just call them good style." I absolutely agree. That's why I'm not really satisfied with my shortie. It's not.
Not consise at all and there were a lot of details I left unanswered. Would have been better if I could have written
it consisely. What I'd ultimately like to get these shorties down to is a quick blast of emotion type deal.

Mary: Thanks to your last two themes I have a short story (romance) finished and ready to edit and that chunk I stuck in the
notebook to "deal with"! Thank you. After a long dry spell, my fingers are back dancing on the keyboard. Yes!
The notebook proves it's worth once again.

Allein: Hana will try again tonight. She groaned but realizes the value in doing this. Maybe Yumiko will come over.
She's our very good friend. We share a lot of ideas. Even our DOGS get along well. She brought a huge list
of Kanjii for Hana to memorize. I think the two of them will pass that translator's exam in fall. They are both
taking it. Yumiko needs to re-up her level 1&2 (the highest level one can reach), and Hana's going to try
the 3&4. These are the beginner's levels but are quite difficult. If she manages them at such a young age she'll be
able to write it on a college application. Your work is actually helping her improve and it's her first written
translation assignment. She's ALWAYS getting yanked aside for spoken translation. Everyone here goes, "Huh?! Haaaannna,

Yikes! I'm late. I have to go in to work today. Yaaargh! And it's raining...of course.

Viv 8-30-2001 21:12


Eddie - I love your stories.

All - Know what I forgot? I forgot how exhausting little kiddies can be. Yikes! It is never easy to get out of the house. With these guys it is even more of a trick. Then there is hair to braid, faces and hands to keep washed. Questions and questions and more questions. They are such little explorers. My other children think that they are sweet and cute. They also think that they should stay out of their rooms (grins and laughter). Today I sat down to write. Want to talk about a silly idea. The two girls came to my side and began to identify each letter I put on the page. I decided to draw instead. Then they wanted to draw. Yikes and double yikes. so that will be all about that. Just wanted to yap for a moment.

Till later my friends

8-30-2001 21:06

I almost forgot.
ALL NEWBIES (The rest of you old timers talk amongst yourselves for a bit) If you wish to read some of my work go to the site linked below. I find that I really get a feel for people by the style and content of what they write.
You will find young Jack Dooley here, and lots of other stuff..

Eddie The Writers Retreat 8-30-2001 20:53

I believe it is anglo saxon, derived from the oath :
By our Lady!
It sounds a likely derivative to me so I think I'll stick with it.
I am trying to squeeze out a shorty for tonight but the house is crowded as usual so don't hold your breath.

Thanks you for your kind words, and well done once more.


Eddie 8-30-2001 20:46


Eddie - Know what? Shadows in a Dream had many different faces. It changed and moved with each person who came in and went out. It could have been many different stories.

Anita - Thanks you :o) I know how hard it can be to keep up with the posts.

Hop - I don't allow my kiddies any unsupervised net time. I'm pretty strict about it. Maybe in the fall I'll let him go on more. I think that once we have the PC set up with the internet that I will be more interested in allowing some unsupervised net time. I guess he is almost 13 years old. Yikes! Still, I don't want him to turn into some square eyed mush brain who can't and won't look away from the computer.

Later :o)

8-30-2001 20:35

Hi there all,
A good bunch of shorties showing up.

VIV, I love it and want to be there when you do another installment.

Neat combination of romance and future. It would be very easy to make that story into a GHOSTIE for *P*.

Great to know how much fun nursing homes will be in the future.

Glad you're feeling better. Don't you hate it when the Dr. says "I've never seen that before, let's throw antibotics at it." At least this time he was right. BTW, you can stop puffing now. Most of San Antonio is under water. Up to 12 inches. We are on the far West side and in three days have gotten about 3 1/2 inches. Just about perfect.

Here goes my shortie for this week.

-------------PERFECT BABY--------------------

A high pitched scream split the air. Smiles twitched behind masks.

Jenny levered herself up on one elbow. "Let me see it. Please let me see it." Exhausted, she fell back against the pillow. "Will we be able to keep it?"

Brad pulled the top of his mask down a fraction so he could see without obstruction. He peered over the shoulder of the attendant who was suctioning mucous out of the mouth and nose of the screaming infant.

Then he staggered. The Government Agent had pushed him aside and said, "No! You were allowed in here only because you agreed to stay back until the infant is certified."

Jenny sobbed, "Oh please hurry. We've tried so many times; it's been so long." She pushed away the hand that was trying to put ice chips into her mouth.

The nurse moved back, finished with administering to the child, and handed the baby to the agent. "All readings are normal and the blood scan is perfect," she said this with a catch in her voice. It was her only sign of emotion.

"No! Oh God, not again." Jennie threw herself against the side rail of the bed. Sympathetic hands helped her back onto the pillows.

The agent took the squalling bundle and headed for the door. "Your Government needs every undamaged child available and you agreed to this when you were given the license to conceive." Brad was held back by the attendants, but he still tried to reach the screaming baby.

In a pompous voice, the agent lectured the room. "You all know that only the Government is capable of careing for these rare perfect genes. The future has to be protected."

As he went out the door, they heard him encourage them,

"Maybe the next one will be defective."

Maybe it's the overcast sky, but that is not the most cheerful story I have ever written.
Bye for now,

Rosemary 8-30-2001 18:07

Oh, whew! It wasn't as long as I thought. Maybe you-all will let me live to submit a shortie another day, ha! :-)

Mel 8-30-2001 15:39


Welcome back! Now that I have your undivided, captive attention (or if I don't, just skip this post and carry on to the next...), here is my 2-for-1 shorty on a romance in the future...


A table for one looked much too lonely.

Lori removed a second set of ancient china from the glassed display and placed it upon the exhibit table. The hem of her daintily-flowered dress swirled around her calves as she lit the candlestick with an old-fashioned lighter. Then she surveyed her work.

Peaceful and inviting, the re-adorned antique table glowed with pale lavendar as the old candle burned. The dishes sparkled in the flickering light; the air became heavy with lilac scent. Lori felt a sting of longing in her eyes. If only the love of her life was here to share this special anniversary with her. She missed Nathan so much.

The digital clock spanning the wall above YesterYear's Diningroom flashed the year "2135" into Lori's eyes. Could it really have been seven years since that fateful day they had dubbed "Daisy Day?" Lori could still remember the day as clearly as if it had happened only last week.

As high school seniors a few weeks shy of graduation, her entire class had celebrated "Senior Day" with a rarely-permissioned excursion from the Domes. Most of them had zip-tubed straight to the ocean beaches. Lori smiled, remembering how Nathan, the handsome, gentle boy from the poor sector, had taken her hand in his and led her not to sand but to a daisy-filled meadow. They had laughed the entire afternoon, romping through the flowers, hands never letting go. And there, in the fresh air, he had kissed her, for the first time, the only time, before they returned to the Domes, to school, to homes separated by financial circumstance.

She had never seen nor heard from him since that day. Wiping a tear from her cheek, she recalled his father's shady life, a life that had forced his son to leave the city with him that night, never to return.

"Am I in time?"

Lori whirled from her reverie, drinking in the heart-healing sight of her beloved Nathan, a single daisy proffered from his hand. He hadn't aged and was dressed finely in a well-tailored suit of dark blue to match his eyes.

"Oh, Nathan!" Lori flung herself into his arms, and he chuckled in her ear, kissing her hair. Suddenly, he pushed her from him, staring at the table.

"Oh. You're expecting someone...someone else. I'd better go."

"No!" Lori clung to his arm. "I--I'm alone. I was only wishing you could be here, and I set the place for you..."

"For Daisy Day." Nathan smiled again, and Lori relaxed, taking his hand to lead him to his chair. How fitting the two of them should at last be able to share his grandmother's legacy of furniture and dishes that had waited so long for his return.

Nathan stopped abruptly as they passed a chair holding a laminated newspaper. He picked up the paper, his eyes scanning the front page article, a picture of a ghastly, fatal zip-tube accident of seven years ago.

"I--had to go with my old man, y'know--Dad's loan sharks..."

"I know." Lori tugged his hand and his gaze dropped to her hand, her wrist. With his other hand, he traced the jagged scar there.

"I--missed you so much," Lori whispered.

He looked into her eyes, his own misting. "I'll never leave you again. Let's...go home."

The purple candle guttered in its wax, and the two ethereal figures vanished.

Lori jerked herself backward, freeing herself from the Bio-Augury receptacle at the Zip-Tube Station. Her life readings still registered on the panel for a brief moment longer, noting her complete health and strong vital signs. She jumped in shock when a gentle hand touched her shoulder.

"Looks like a healthy time for a Senior trip," Nathan turned her to face him. With a broad grin, he lifted her chin to help their gazes meet, and she felt her knees turning to water, her heart thudding painfully loud. "The others are headed for the oceanfront. What say, you and I head for the meadow? I hear the daisies are in full-bloom now..."

"Nathan!" Lori cupped his face with her hands, tears threatening as her heart roared into her head. "I--love you! Let's get married, today, right now! And no fair looking back, for anything."

Nathan pulled her close, whispering huskily in her ear, "That's all I wish."

Mel 8-30-2001 15:38

Printers? Well I like my Lexmark 5700 but it really doesn't do much more then print. It does do color, and does a very nice job of it, in fact I have printed photo's using that glossy paper that look almost as good as a professional print. It is reasonably fast, and the ink cartridges aren't all that expensive ($35.00 each). But like I say it doesn't have a lot of creature features.

As far as grammar checkers, I let MS Word do it in conjunction with my spell checker, but then I filter it through my own brain and reject such suggestions that I deem unacceptable. It is programmable, and I have mine set at casual writing, not professional which is the default.

Jerry 8-30-2001 15:11


Hi, everybody! :-D Put up your feet, break out the popcorn... long post coming...

VIV: I loved your shorty - More! More! What happens next? :-)
MARY: Yeah! I'm ready for Fall too. We had a nice crisp morning today - felt great!

ROSEMARY: I do love animals and enjoy your anecdotes and visuals so much. :-)

HEATHER: You have a strong, forthright style of writing, like Jerry. Yes, you guys make people sit straight and LISTEN! :-) My 2 cents: stem-cell research, YES, but not with growing, fetal lives! Use those cast-off placentas after the babies are born, by all means!

JOHN: Only set-off WITH commas those prepositional phrases that are additions TO the main sense OF the sentence, OF lesser importance. I'm capitalizing my prepositions AT the beginning OF their phrases so you can see better where they are and the effect OF their importance, FOR what they're worth. The commas happen BEFORE those phrases that could be deleted FROM the sentence and still have the sentence make sense, AFTER all is said and done. BY the way, nice song. :-)

EDDIE: I do admire you for your resolution of the week, to gather your story ideas and WRITE. :-) I hope you make it happen!! I also enjoy the British (?) expletive "bloody" - it's so bloody appropriate in almost every bloody situation. :-]

JERRY: What? No saving water in the Future? :-) Surely, they'll have handicapped-accessible showers-for-two by then...? ;-]

TINA: Good luck job-searching. Make sure you save yourself time to write!

ANITA: Same can be said for "good" poetry or any written piece - you start it with a beginning, it meanders through a middle, and always comes to an end, no matter what format you write. Of course, the best stuff is more concisely written, has purpose and drive...Are you calling those things "structure?" I just call them good style. Hm, Picasso-poetry - I used to write some of those brainless things, called them "hugger muggers." I'd never try to sell them; they amused only myself and were totally senseless, bad style; NOT how I hope my writing to be remembered! Okay, girls, back to the barn! Moove it! heh heh :-)

TAYLOR: You are so right! Education standards have fallen deeper than all of Jerry's outhouse holes put end to end into the ground (uh, sorry about the unintentional pun!) - I just can't tell which direction they're headed, from the Western hemisphere down to the backyards of Taylor, Teekay, and ANita, or vice versy? 8-}

HOP: :-) Good luck with the University literary club - what a great endeavor! :-] You go, Boy! BTW, NO WAY am I gonna tell my 13-year-old son an easier way to spend MORE time with RPG, heh heh! He'll have to discover it all the hard way, on his own, in his carefully-disciplined SHORT time online! ;-] Maybe when he's 18, I'll tell him - hee ha ha! Oh, DO tell us more about the romance you're writing mentally. :-) I'm eager to hear a guy's take on romance as most romance authors are traditionally, or largely, women.

HALLEE: (((HUGS))) and prayers for you and the family of your Sunday school teacher.

Um, I have my shorty ready, but it', not short in the sense that it's longer than I would prefer to submit for a shorty, although it's much shorter than a short story, I think. Yes, much shorter than that. Still, with no Workbook, I hesitate to put too long a shorty on here...but maybe you guys can consider it two shorties stuck together as I missed submitting a shorty last week? Well, I'll give y'all a posting break first... Go load the dishwasher or feed the dog or something and then come on back...

Mel 8-30-2001 14:49

Viv - Unfortunately, it didn't arrive. Try sending it to these addresses as well:, and One should work. Make sure she puts on there "Translations" as the subject so I don't just see "Hi" from an address I don't recognize and delete it by accident.

Allein 8-30-2001 13:54

Mary: A quick attempt at a futuristic romance. Did this between 12:00PM and around 2:00PM. Not exactly optimim conditions but quieter. Seems like our house has a revolving door lately. It's nice confusion but it makes it pretty hard to concentrate. Anyway, it was fun. Not finished but it looks like I'm doing the usual longy. Hope I have time for the other idea I have kicking around.

Heather: I was the one mentioned the grammar checker. I don't use it all the time, but if you have a specific problem with something, like commas, it's a nice feature. It'll help you work with that problem. I use it to check for problems with semi colons and partial sentence structure. I'm terrible about writing a part of a sentence and leaving off the subject. I think faster than I write. You just don't need it because you're beyond needing a fix! Wish I weren't posting this shortie before yours! Well, I guess it's better than after. Mostly, I'm glad because I'm back in the swing writing again. I couldn't hold back any longer. I'm miserable if I can't escape now and then.

Paulo negotiated the confusing maze of hallways with the ease of a veteran now. It hardly seemed strange to put his face up to the screen for the retinal imaging required for the final doorway to slide open admitting him to the innermost parts of the dwelling place. This was the portion of the Haole reserved only for the leaders and their children. In order to be admitted you had to be one of the royal family, or one trusted enough to work for them.

It had been Michael who’d first brought him. “It won’t be easy,” he’d warned. “She’s a little hellion at best to look after. You can’t leave once you are there. It won’t be possible until I return from the Zarole with the others, if they’ve survived.” Michael hadn’t added, but they shared the unspoken “if I survive” with a grim set to their battle weary faces.

Paulo paused once inside and watched as the door slid back waiting until he heard the locking mechanism click. The doorway became a seamless metal wall. That was one thing that made this place so impregnable. It was a maze of hallways some seeming to end but if you knew where and how to press, the retinal imager appeared and if the match was correct, the wall became a doorway for the chosen few.

The guard standing at his station just inside the door waved and smiled. Paulo recognized him and relaxed a bit. “How’d it go?” he asked. “Is she safe?”

The guard smiled. He understood the concern, and he knew well the source of Paulo’s anxiety. Paulo was one of the chosen now; a true member of the elite guardians to the children of the royal family. And now they were down to a single child who was entirely of the Arina bloodline; all the others were now, in captivity. It would be months before they knew how many had survived.

“She’s fine,” he chuckled. “Most likely, you’ll find her in the dining hall by now.”

Paulo relaxed for the first time that day. This was what made these trips outside so nerve wracking. It was his responsibility to pick up the information from the final courier but he hated to be gone for even a moment. His duty here was so important. This last royal child of the Arina line, they had to be so careful. Unmarked by the scars of captivity, she had to be taught the leadership ways for her people. The others, the captured ones, if they survived it would be years, if ever, before they could be trusted again to take their place inside the inner walls of the Haole.

Paulo turned left and headed toward the dining hall. He was late. He grabbed a tray and proceeded down the line. Everyone worked here, even the royal family. It was required that all do their part in serving the community. There was Lorianna, in the serving line. It was impossible to mistake her. She was obviously royalty; even in her regulation white apron and a pink headscarf over her thick dark shoulder length hair. Small and elegant, she had a way of holding her head and shoulders that commanded respect. Her blue eyes crinkled a bit at the corners and she gave him a warm smile. “Glad to have you back, Paulo. Gianna has been her usual self. She’s in the dining hall waiting for you.”

She handed him a bowl of thick tarugani soup, then watched as he ladled a heaping spoonful of pepper sauce onto the surface. He grinned at her, knowing she disapproved of the pungent spices.

Lorianna smiled wryly. She watched the big Wahiri male carefully make his way through the tables to where Gianna sat. His well-muscled shoulders and height classified him as a warrior, yet here he was performing the duties that required such gentle patience. He was a Wahiri, yet you’d never know it except for his habit of adding pepper sauce to everything he ate. Yet it didn’t seem to affect him. He was quiet and calm, handling every crisis with the same cool, resolute steely gray gaze.

The other guardians saw him coming and slid their chairs away from the child. Paulo hooked an empty chair with one foot and half-slid, half-kicked it into place at the table next to the tiny child. Excited she stood on the seat of her chair and lifted her arms to him demanding attention. Paulo put down his tray quickly, knowing how lightening fast she could be. He wasn’t a moment too soon. She jumped and grabbed him about his middle. If he hadn’t been quick she would have fallen but he deftly caught her and lifted her up. “So, have you been busy today?” he chuckled knowing full well his answer would bring groans from the five other guardians.

Instead of the usual humorous recital, suddenly all eyes turned away. Gianna, usually boisterous, suddenly went unnaturally quiet.

Paulo stiffened. Something was up. Firmly, he pulled her from him and placed her back in her chair. “What happened?” he said sternly.

Gianna slid out of her chair and turned. “I’m finished eating. Can I be excused? I’d like to retire now.” She stood commandingly beside the chair staring at the others.

Paulo shook his head. One large hand came down and clamped on Gianna’s shoulders. She was steered back into her chair. “Sit,” was all he said. “I’ll eat, and then we’ll talk.”

Gianna wiggled, wanting to get up but not quite daring. She knew from prior experience that she’d better sit, but the quiet was agony. She looked up and took a deep breath, prepared to blurt out the story. Here, now, in public. It was much better than waiting until they were alone.

“It’s not their fault,” she said quickly, then saw Lorianna coming toward their table, a tray in hand. “Oooh,” she groaned and brought her forehead down on the table with a bump.

“Is something wrong?” Lorianna stopped, looking puzzled. She set down her tray in an empty place on the other side of the round table.

There was a sudden chuckle, and a small bearded man stood. “Nothing that can’t wait until everyone has a full stomach, I’d say.” He extended his hand to Gianna. “Come little one. It can wait until they’ve eaten.”

Paulo gave him a measuring glance. “Are you sure John?”

The young man grinned. “There’s nothing so amiss here that you can’t take your time over your supper, then hand in your report. I’ll take care of this handful. I’m sure she’s about finished with her mischief for one day.”

Lorianna was suddenly alert. “What happened?” she demanded. “Gianna?”

Gianna darted from her chair and over to John. She took his hand. “It’s just as John says. It will wait until Paulo has made his report to you. I promise to be good until then.”

Lorianna rolled her eyes. “Well if you are sure it can wait. We do need to get this finished by tonight.

Turning to Gianna she gave her a cold disdainful stare. With one eyebrow arched she said clearly, “you best behave, little cousin, I’ll expect a full report from You in the morning counsel.”

Gianna sighed, shook her head, then turned and stood close to John. “Paulo, if we have your leave,” she said uttering the formal permission request.

Paulo eyed her sternly. He was interested. Only the pressing problems with security caused him to turn to the others and say, “you are excused.”

The guardians rose as one and followed the small princess and her friend John from the dining hall.

viv 8-30-2001 13:14

Forgot to mention that I'll be back later for shortie night!

I also printed out my novel last night (economy fast mode, of course :o) for the first time in a month. It's so heavy! Must be about ten or twelve pounds! Is that possible??? I printed it right from page one all the way to page 137. It took more than a quarter of a package of paper.
I hadn't been keeping as careful track of the page numbers as I had the word count, so it was a pleasant surprise. I thought I was still around 130. I know, only 7 pages more, but still, more than I remembered writing.
I've got another ten pages to type in, too, so hence my excitement!
I'm at 36,000+ words.

Went out last Sunday night to hear a live band at a local '30-something' pub, and really enjoyed the music, but wow, it's really odd to go to a pub alone! Felt all 'what do I do with my hands' uncomfortable at first. Wrote a poem. Laughed at myself for feeling like an awkward teen.

Mary, I'll scan some pics to send to you as soon as I post this! If you have time - if not, don't get 'knotted' up over it, okay?! :-D

CHRISTI! Where art THOU?

Heather 8-30-2001 11:56

Hi Mary! I love my printer: It's an HP Deskjet 830 C, photo quality and it prints really fast - about 12 pages a minute on economy print (using less black ink) and about 8 pages per minute full colour. It's faster if it's only colour text, of course, but a full colour picture filling the whole page is still fast. I can use photo paper to print out pictures as well, and even use envelopes to print on. I find the 'best' quality printing setting is very high quality - as if I've had colour copying done at a print shop. The printer also has separate colour and black ink cartridges, (IMPORTANT FEATURE!) so if it's just black I've run out of, I don't have to buy a whole new shabang. Colour cartridges aren't too expensive, which surprised me. (actually, first time I replaced it was a few weeks ago, after almost 2 years!!!) We bought a twin pack of colour cartridges and it was only $60 Canadian. The black is a little more - about $45 for one. I go through about two black cartridges a year, but less now since I print practically everything on 'economy'. I'd been printing out my novel to edit on 'normal' (thank goodness it wasn't on 'Best'!) and what a waste of ink! Especially when I'd be changing things and then needing another, revised copy after I'd made significant changes...
Okay - from what I remember, the Hewlitt Packard Deskjet 830 C was about $300 Canadian(which might not be available, but a similar one will be) In U.S. funds, I don't doubt you could find one like it for about $180, which is a little more than you mentioned you wanted to spend. Believe me, it's worth the extra investment to have the added capabilities; otherwise you may find yourself needing a print shop visit anyhow. I can even do my own business cards, if I buy the card sheets from 'Staples'. It's a sheet of thicker paper, and the cards punch out (without leaving little half-ripped dotties, by the way). COOL!
My daughter even has this weird fabric with a paper-ish backing on it for her Barbie Designer CDrom, and it will print out the cloth in the pattern needed for the clothes she's making, with her own design and colours on the fabric. Very neat. Some printers are not able to print on surfaces thicker than 40lb. paper.

Wow, did I even know I loved my printer quite that much? Well, YES!

Hop - I love playing 'Blade of Darkness' - have you played that one? You can play it online with your character, in whatever skin you like best... and when you hack your opponent, they actually get a wound WHERE you hacked them, instead of just 'generic' wounds. You can turn the gore off, if you really want to. I play the Amazon woman warrior, but I've also played the Barbarian, and the Dwarf. I couldn't stop laughing at the way the Dwarf jumped, so had to go with another character! The scenery and realism of 'Blade' is quite extraordinary, and it's none too easy a game, either. I don't know how it stacks up with other, similar styled games, because I haven't played 'Doom' type games before. For some reason, I was watching my husband play, and we were trying to figure out part of the level; where to find something, (very puzzling a lot of it) and I thought I'd like to try it.
I'm old school video gamer (WAS); loved games like Pac Man and Frogger, that sort of thing. Loved 'Impossible Mission'. And, it was impossible!

John - good to see you sticking around. It's really hard to kick the comma habit, but keep working on it and you'll see how much your work will transform.

Hallee - Sorry to hear about your Sunday School teacher. I'm glad you're feeling better, but what an event to mend for. Funerals. I think we've all been to ten too many.

I can't recall who mentioned 'grammar checker' but I never use it. I find it rather incompetent when it comes to 'artistic license' (ie: not conforming to every writing rule); but of course, it is just a program. If I felt my grammar was in need of checking, I might use it, but I've tried it and because my ms is double-spaced it keeps telling me I've got sentence fragments. Occasionally, that's true, but the program does not recognize where my sentences are actually starting and mistakes the spaces to mean that each line of text is a separate sentence. If I wrote my novel in single lines, and then double spaced it when I had finished the book, grammar check would work.
Be careful, too, that you don't rely on the G-checker to provide for a sense of voice, rhythm, and artistic expression! You'll sound as mechanical/technical as it is. Might as well write books on the inner workings of a cell phone.

Happy day, all!

Heather 8-30-2001 11:13


Shortie night theme: The Future

TINA: I can't find a single thing in your last post that I don't totally agree with. Especially the phonics issue. Good luck with your job search. I am sure you will find something soon.

HOWARD: How are you feeling?

LITTER: Just letting you know I am thinking about ya.

I am on the hunt for a new printer. Anyone out there love the one they have? I really like the one I have now, but I am looking for more speed. I am seriously considering the Epson Color Stylus 8Cube. At approximately $130 it is my cup of tea.

The leaves are starting to change here already. The grass is slowing down. The morning mist is getting thinner and soon we will have crystal clear sunrises every day. Say goodbye to corn on the cob, tomato sandwiches and cucumber salad and hello chili, pot roast, and beef stew! I just love fall.

Mary CeltiCreations 8-30-2001 9:30

Barnabas "Hop"- Great advice...just what I needed.

John: On commas, I make a comma when I take a mental breath. I'd say that like this:
On commas....
I make a comma when I take a mental breath.

It's a pause in the writing where the speaker takes a breath. So if you are hyperventalating, there are too many commas.
There are some tricks to use if you see too many commas. Try breaking a sentence that is long and making two sentences.
I like to write the predicate (end of the sentence) before the subject (beginning of the sentence). When I do that my sentence
gets commas. A good example of this is: "So if you are hyperventalating, there are too many commas." You can switch it around
and take out the comma if you like. There are too many commas if you are hyperventalating." I don't pay a lot of attention
to punctuation. I just ignore it and read anyway. So don't worry. I read what you wrote and liked it. I ignored the commas
once I figured out they weren't in the usual place. In a lot of languages the punctuation is different so you just learn not
to pay attention and to make your own mental picture of where the familiar structure is for you. Unfortunately, editors aren't
so nice about stuff like that. Try watching your grammar check. It's like spell check and it's 99% of the time correct. It's
always catching my partial sentences because I do that a great deal!

Tina: Nice answer on the schools. I absolutely agree. I also think homeschooling is nice because you have the time to teach the
child and the child has time to work on the subjects slowly and without fear of public humiliation for not "getting it right".
You can get it wrong a couple thousand times and not worry because eventually you will learn it. In writing, that's what's
important. Trying...not getting it perfect, but just doing it.

AAAAAANNNND Speaking of doing it. I'd better get back to work. I really haven't liked the way I've been working lately.

Allein: Did you get it? The translation. If not...say. She'll do it again. She needs the practice. Her test is on the 9th
of September. I am SCARED for her. The first one was a given but this next level....hummm. Not good.

Anita: I hope your shortie is good. Mine is sort of doing a belly flop and seeming really dumb. What is bugging me about writing it is my anniversery is on Sept. 1. I don't want to work up a lot of non-realistic ideas and not put them in the fiction department in my brain. My husband is only human and we are so broke we can't go anywhere right now!

Viv 8-30-2001 9:13


Hi all! Thanks for the get well wishes.

I thought I had strep, but the strep test came back negative. Problem was, whatever I had was trying to attack my heart. My bloodpressure was dangerously high, and my heart rhythm was out of control, so the doctor went ahead and gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. If it was a virus, they wouldn't work, but if it was a bacteria, I would start feeling better within 48 hours. Wow - you could have set the clock by it. I'm nearly normal today. Probably at about 75%.

Found out yesterday that my Sunday School teacher died. It's very sad. He was in his 50's, had a grandchild on the way and a daughter about to get married. Everyone is in utter shock. Please remember his family. Today is the visitation, so I'm glad I'm feeling better. The funeral is tomorrow.

TINA: I'm sorry you're ending up having to look for a job after all. I know you loved what you do. Did you leave the mall with any good contacts or offers?

I'll be back later with a shorty. And after I read the posts more thoroughly. I just skimmed them.

Happy Thursday all!

Hallee 8-30-2001 5:30

It's the holidays again for me. More time to write.

Trying to start Auckland University's first literary club is hard and courageous work. Fortunately, I talked to two of the Professors in the University, both who are very famous New Zealand writers. Professor Witi Ihimaera and Professor Albert Wendt. I doubt anyone has actually heard of them much less read their works but you never know.

One thing I do know about Windows, their Bill gates explanations are simple but rarely help.

Checked out your website. Very cool.

Some advice for Mel and Rachel
Being a bit of an RPG lover myself -I never actually got round to playing because they were so expensive and Dad considered it a waste of money- I've been around the net to try and find some way of entering the RPG world. To save yourself a bundle of money tell your son (I'm assuming this because a large proportion of RPG players are male) to search for free RPG enhancements on the net.

A good place would be the official dungeons and dragons site where they have free classic RPG modules for download. Another place would be which has an industry directory of free RPG's

As for my RPG saga, I've ended up downloading sourcebooks (guide books to the various universes) as a source for inspiration and never actually bother playing the game.

I usually have a sort of running character profile in my head (what the person likes dislikes, what I want readers to feel is their main personality) other times I do actually base it on a real person.

I was just reading the start of one of your posts (Four and a half months ago, I stumbled onto a fantastic writer's website that reawakened me, inspired me anew, and welcomed me into a caring, talented and intelligent circle of writing friends)-- and I was thinking (for a split second) "I wonder where she's been going?" Then I realised. "Oooohhhhh! She talking about us!"

The trick with most computer games is not to look directly at the screen.

In my opinion age of Empires isn't that good. I don't know about its sequel but in terms of game play Age of Empires is average at best. I can't say anything about it really stands out. Oh sure it looks okay but when you turn and run and the enemies' axe still does damage even though you're far away you know you're in trouble.

For some people, collecting viruses is like stamp collecting. Admittedly they can be dangerous but if you don't touch them usually they won't work (at least for the serious collectors, I mean it would be self defeating if they did). Also, some virus collectors collect viruses to see if they can beat them.

I've been reading a few of those internet storybooks and that's what they say anyway.

To those who have returned

Hello. Hope you stay awhile.

Ahhhh! All the personalities are getting mushed up. Perfect. Another symptom of notebook addiction.

I usually write Sci-fi and fantasy although I have plans to write a romance book. Hopefully I'll get some ideas for all other genres as well.

My guess, you like sharing ideas and opinions? Do you think that's the reason why you're here? Are you going to be here a while?

Barnabas "Hop" 8-30-2001 5:07

I am from Kalgoorlie

I think Education standards have plummeted...I would post why I think that is, but I may offend someone

taylor 8-30-2001 2:45

Hello again,

So Allein is German? Well I would never have guessed that in a trivial pursuit game. It's lovely though.

Hi Teekay, another Australian I see. Thank you so much for the exhuberant welcome. :-) I live near a small country town about an hour and a half from Adelaide. Actually it was a bit of a lucky guess on your behalf because I'm pretty sure both Tasmania and New Zealand have gum trees. :-) And I didn't think for a moment you could have been a stalker, your 'i's' are too nice :-)
Yes I think in the eyes of the rest of the world Australians are being set up to look pretty hard hearted about the illegal immigrants, but if they knew the whole story they may not feel the same way. The press certainly have a lot of influence and plenty of the time it isn't good.

Wow, Heather, how fantastic would it be to dream an entire trilogy? Make sure you write it down because even if you think you'll remember it, these things have a way of getting hazy and being forgotten.
Thanks for letting me know about the workbook, I was wondering why it was taking so long.
I totally agree with what you said about the stems cells.

Rachel I forgot to thank you for the welcome. Thankyou :-) Sorry it took me so long, but it just popped into my head then. Adam has shown me how to line up the pages so that I can read the posts and comment at the same time. I have no idea how he came to know how to do it.

Gee Jerry that was one interesting post. It brought to mind those novels by Virginia Andrews. V.C. Andrews now though. Looking on the dark side of family relationships.
I thought your short story was very well written. That'll be the day though, when they let you smoke in a nursing home.

That sounds wonderful Rosemary. A little farm with animals and some family nearby. I think I'd like to retire on something like that, but I wouldn't have too many animals, that would just be more fulltime work :-). The place we have isn't overly large, but it's still a full time occupation, and sometimes more, but I love the lifestyle, I would never again want to live in the city.

Oh Viv, I understand exactly what you mean. I woke up this morning thinking about what to write for the 'future' theme for short story night!

I gather by your post Taylor that you are Australian. Yes, I know I'm hard to fool :-) Are there aby other Australians here? Where do you hail from?

Hope you feel better soon Hallee.

Hi Mel :-D Now I must say that I disagree with you there. A novel and a short story have to fit into a structure. I know it's probably been said countless times before and I don't want to sound cliche, but they have to have a beginning a middle and an end and really, they do have to make sense. Now that probably sounds like an easy thing to do and I have tried it and personally I've found it to be not so easy. Also if you want to write a 'good' book, one that you hope other people are going to want to read you can't just blabber on about nothing just to fill in space, it's got to actually mean something and to be going somewhere.
Now with poetry, yes, there are a lot of defining boundaries if you want to write a particular type of poem, like haiku for instance, but if I don't want to write haiku there are plenty of other options open to me and the beauty is, it doesn't even have to make sense, because even in the worst cases, there are people who are going to work their own meaning into it. Saying that made me think of those abstract paintings that make no sense what so ever (to me anyway) and yet you'll have people tell you that the green blotchy blob in the corner is the woman's head.

ripping, shredding rent the being
whose colour is the night
darkness has another name
but no voice
no ears
no heart
yet lies within
one who would deny
what vengeance it does seek.

Now that is an example of a poem that really has no form and makes very little sense to me at all, but if I try hard enough, I can work something into it. :-)
Some may even think it quite good, but if I did that with a short story everyone would be able to call my bluff. :-D
Oh, is that you Maisy? Feeding time is it?

Hi John, great party huh? :-)

Hi Eddie :-)

I can't believe how long this entry has become. I'd better post it now before it gets even longer.

Anita 8-30-2001 2:32

Such a busy place these days! It's great to open the page and find so many others have been here to.

About stem cells...
I don't agree with harvesting them from embryos. Fortunately, with all the progress being made in parallel research, it could become less of an issue. There are stem cells in placental blood, and recently stem cell-like cells have been found in virtually all types of tissue. If these lines of research pan out, they might supercede the ethical debate of zygote harvest.

I support many of the liberal teaching methods being used in the classrooms today. Every kid learns differently, and needs appropriate teaching. Unfortunately, the system is so gung ho to implement new ideas that they too quickly discard old, reliable things like phonics and memorization. Not all of the traditional stuff should be discarded.
Where I think schools fall short is in discipline and social learning. The stories I hear from my two good friends who are primary teachers! Kids can get away with everything but murder, and the teachers can't lift a hand. Also, between bullying and peer pressure, non-aggressive/assertive kids need a lot of luck to get through school. Returning to the excessively strict methods of discipline is out of the question, but respect and responsibility should be an urgent priority.
Personally, should I ever have kids, I think I'd home-school for the first three or four years, at least.

Okay, I'm off to work on my resume. Now that summer commitments are winding down, I need to apply myself to that most unpleasant task of job hunting. I'm down to being very part-time, and simply have to find other work!

Tina 8-30-2001 1:31

ROSEMARY: It's Epstein Barr. My husband has that and boy is it ever a pain in the patoot. He is exhausted all the time. Sometimes he gets achy, almost like when you feel the flu coming on. I have never had mono, but if any of you have it is just like that, except it is chronic.

Mary 8-29-2001 22:28

Been playing around with my shorty for this week, guess I will just post it as it is.

When I Grow Up
By Jerry A.G. Ericsson

“That was great as usual honey!” I said, rolling over to my side of the bed and lighting up a smoke.

“It was good for me too dear.” She answered, pulling the sheet to cover her nakedness. “Now we best get out of bed.”

“Yep, guess it’s about that time of the morning.” I said, finding my slippers and robe. I stood just for a few seconds; while I put the robe over my shoulders, then fell heavily back to the bed.

“Ooff!” she said, “Can’t you be a little more careful, bouncing on this damn old bed makes my arthritis kick up and it damn well hurts!” she scolded.

“Sorry hon, lost my balance, happens once in awhile.”

“I know.”

I stubbed the cigarette out in the emesis basin, then grabbed my walker and made my way over to the window. I opened it wide and fanned the air to try and get the smell of smoke out of the room.

The door swung open.

“You smoking again Mr. Ericsson, what have we told you about that, you know smoking is prohibited in the rooms!”

“You leave my husband alone, you old bag!” my wife said in my defense.

“Sorry about that,” I said to the nurse, as she began helping my lovely wife from her bed into her wheel chair.

“Well which of you folks want to get the shower first?”

“Best let the wife go first, after all today is her 96th birthday, oh and by the way can you let Rita in Activities know that tomorrow is our 75th wedding anniversary.”

“They know Mr. Ericsson, they know.”

Jerry 8-29-2001 22:04

I don't know if this is allowed here but here is a song lyric i just wrote.....Anniversary Song Written by John Breslin

Before you came along

I was a man without a song

I was drifting

Sure to drown, girl

My past had not been bright

Was littered with sleepless nights

Allowing me time

To dream about you


That's when the spirits took us up

I picked up your love

Put down my cup

I'm at attention

Always on guard

I'll protect our love

‘Till were beyond the stars

Before you came to me

Nothing was ever free

The music in my head

Came from the outside
But now my demons have died

As our hearts and souls collide

And the sound that they make

Is heard at springtime

Repeat chorus

Repeat verse 1

Repeat chorus

john 8-29-2001 21:55

I liken that sentence. Edited the first half, and not the second!
(Getting tired already and the kids are still awake, lying in bed...)

Heather 8-29-2001 21:53

Hi everyone!

John - dinner did go well, though not according to the carrot plan! Thanks for wishing me well - might get sick from it (ha ha ha)!
About commas and prepositions, I don't really remember any rule about that. There could very well be something in the rulebook about that, but I don't think the rule is to put a comma before and after each preposition. There must be particular instances.
For me, spelling, grammar and punctuation come quite naturally (though it's certainly not perfect) and I've been interested in writing since age 9, maybe even earlier. I liken the ability has been developed by being highly interested in language, and not via some sort of weird gene that I was handed. It could be both.
Some of us have to work a lot harder at the mechanics of writing and personally, I don't find it a pleasant reality. My mother, for instance, and my best friend Liz from childhood - both highly intelligent - but can't seem to remember that there is an 'e' at the end of 'before'. My mother has a dictionary handy whenever she is writing, and she has told me that she can't believe she has to look up 'necessary' so often and still can't remember how many c's and s's are in it.
Being a good speller may have a lot to do with schooling, and how each of us learn.
I'm a very visual learner - some people aren't. If I've seen a word spelled properly, most cases I can spell it correctly, even years later.
I remember I had a rather tyrannical grade 4 teacher, who seemed to enjoy torturing people who made spelling errors. I guess she considered good spelling a virtue. The only time that year I made a mistake on the spelling test, and I remember it clearly even now. We all had our heads down, waiting for the next word to be called out in Mrs. Thompson's raspy old voice. The first few words were long, but easy as pie. Then, all of a sudden she calls out, "Of!" in her demanding way. As if it were her dying word.
"Ov?" I thought. "Ove? Uv? Is that a word?" This word had caught me offguard. I was expecting something long and complicated like 'bashful' or 'saturated' instead. Who would call out a little stupid word like that anyway?
I couldn't think. I must have been in shock. I wrote 'Ove' after much deliberation; at least the most I could fit into the space between 'Of!' and the next word. When the spelling tests were handed forward it was too late. I'd made the error of the year.

Typos are a whole other story. Those I just miss on occasion.
I have a friend who learns best audially. She needs to hear the lesson (say, in school) to remember it; seeing diagrams and working it out herself on paper aren't nearly as effective for her.

Hallee - get well soon, girlie!

Jerry - I can see exactly your point, and I would agree with you if I didn't think that the soul was already in the zygote at the moment of conception. But again, that may not be so. I've heard that some believe the fetus doesn't have a soul until just before, or during birth. Who knows? I think it's better to be safe, however, and not go there.
I think, as you do, that it's quite possible that if they allow this embryonic research and it proves workable, then pretty soon there will be harvesting. On the up side, though, only certain amounts of the stem cells may need to be collected. Once a particular stem cell is taken, it can be multiplied many times in a lab without having to take more zygote cells. But one grouping, one 'brand' so to speak, of stem cells isn't good enough. They will need many more lines than that - just for the research. So, it's iffy to say for certain that the 'harvesting' would need to continue from actual zygotes. If it did, then it's only one step away to the commercial need for wholesale.

Anyhow, Viv - think I've used up my quota of space here today, but most of what I think about the school system is in the NB, yesterday and today. I can talk about it more tomorrow, but for now I think I should spend some of this wild typing on my novel!

Take it plain, with a little pickle on the side, folks!

ta ta!

Heather 8-29-2001 21:51

Allein: Tell me you got the translation this time! I sure hope so. Hana was supposed to work on that while I was at work. She says she sent it. Since she failed to keep her own copy twice now...I'm shaking my head.

Heather: I missed something, what are your basic views on schools? I find I have about three different views on schools depending on which shoes I'm standing in. I have parent's shoes views, teacher's shoes views, and observer of three different countries school systems from a parent's view. My final summary: What fits the child is the best.
It takes great courage and persistance on the part of the child and the parent to say, "this doesn't fit me, I need to find another way to learn this subject."

Viv 8-29-2001 20:47

Heather - I guess I haven't given the stem cell issue that much thought. At one time I was pro-choice but now, as I get older (and hopefully wiser) I find my thinking more pro life. Not that I am militant either way. But thinking about it, should stem cell research be the cure-all that some claim it will be, then why not allow the use of those zygote's that are to be destroyed anyhow? I think I would draw a line at making a zygote bank, or having destitute women selling their eggs for use in such research. But the usage of cells that are to be destroyed anyhow, I think would be OK.

Now I know the old adage, give them an inch and they will take a mile, and that may very well happen. I guess in a world where it is illegal to hang the ten commandments in the classroom, but OK to sell condoms in the boy's locker room. Where it is OK to kill a murder, but a crime to kill a person who is incurable and in horrible pain. In a world such as it is, you may be right. I guess time will indeed tell.

Jerry 8-29-2001 19:25

Eddie - I had completely forgotten about tRace. Have to do a search and find it back. Thanks, if I find it I will look at working it over a bit.

John - I too have been guilty of comma abuse. You see, I too am a high school drop out (there were plenty of us back then) but I went the other way, and ended up in Vietnam. At any rate, I suffered a disabling injury back in 1993 and Workers Comp decided to see if I were re-trainable. They sent me for a series of tests, and based on those results decided I was indeed re-trainable, then enrolled me in the University Of North Dakota Lake Region. There I studied paralegal studies and graduated at the top of my class. While there, I had to take many of the required courses, including English. Now there was a class that had me scared to death, as I remembered in high school it being one of my toughest subjects.

It turned out just the opposite though, I found it very enjoyable, in fact I then signed up for all the English courses I could fit into my class load. It was during English 101 though that I found I could write a bit. It was at that time too, that I found I too had a bad case of commaitis. On one of my essay's my English instructor wrote: "You need to put a piece of tape over your comma key and write without it!" Well I didn't go that far, but when I reach for that key now, I think twice before pressing it.

Jerry 8-29-2001 19:10


Take a look at the paragraph below. Recognise it?
Why would you write like this when you are talking to us, yet use all of those commas when 'Writing' ?
Don't try so hard....let it flow.

((Thanks for the feedback Heather. I must be mistaken but I was under the impression that you put a comma before and after a prepositional phrase. When I read what you wrote Heather I felt you had missed some places where commas were called for. Here for example I normally would put a comma before "after" "where" etc. I guess I need to brush up on my grammer. Thanks for the critique. Hope dinner went well.))

Eddie 8-29-2001 19:02


I spent a little time on a revision of your text aerlier this evening. Heather beat me to it so I won't make it look as though we are ramming it down your throat. :¬)
I think that enough has been said about the punctuation.
I was cowering slightly before I had got through more than a couple of lines - Just take it a bit easier with the information flow - Make friends with your reader, don't force everything on him/her all at once. Sneak up on them!

Good to see you so productive mate, even if it is just for our pleisure alone. Did you spot that post about me reading your reflections on trAce?
You should work on it and get it published.
Americo - Where are you?
I have been ignorant so I will make amends:


Congratulations to the gang of four with regard to Shadows in a dream. Having read it in full, I know that I was right to drop out - My initial chapter just DID NOT FIT though it will make a good yarn in its own right.

My firm resolution for this week:- Get all of those scraps of stories together and organised and GET SOME BLOODY WRITING DONE!


Eddie 8-29-2001 18:55

Thanks for the feedback Heather. I must be mistaken but I was under the impression that you put a comma before and after a prepositional phrase. When I read what you wrote Heather I felt you had missed some places where commas were called for. Here for example I normally would put a comma before "after" "where" etc. I guess I need to brush up on my grammer. Thanks for the critique. Hope dinner went well.

John 8-29-2001 18:37

Hmmmm, perhaps I should say that Americo is Jon and Pussy's creator, or 'human caretaker'. Just to be a politically correct pain in the ass.

John: You're still using way too many commas, and your spacing has improved in some spots, but not all. Still had trouble getting through your piece. I also don't think it necessary to mention your birth date or too much information right away. We can figure out what time frame it is merely by hearing about Frankie; most everyone knows that time period, and if they don't, then they know the Beatles timeframe.
Starting off the story with so much exposition can completely bog down a piece of writing. Perhaps you could muck around with it and get us, the readers, involved personally. Try asking a question to start off with: Remember ol' Crazy Guggenheim? How 'bout Frankie... (etc)
When you speak directly to the reader you grab their attention, and then you can proceed to pull a few heart strings, if you like.

Yes, it was mentioned earlier (I think Mel said it!) that a comma is used to separate ideas in a sentence as well as for natural pauses in the wording.

On the Notebook, indents don't show up, but in a word program there should be a decent sized indent at the start of each new paragraph. The best thing might be to get a few books on punctuation and grammar so that you can brush up on them. If you want to send your writing to a publisher, the first thing they will notice when reading the opening lines is whether there are grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. But for now, on the NB, since we can't indent, it's best to leave a blank space between paragraphs.

Here's an example right from what you wrote:

Sorry, but i found more errors, in my intro, that needed correction. Thank-you, for the feeback. I've made some corrections. Some mistakes in punctuation, were made...(etc.)

Here is how I would revise it:

Sorry, but I found more errors in my introduction that needed correction. Thank you for the feedback. I've corrected some of the mistakes in punctuation...

Note: The first sentence is apologizing for re-posting the introduction, right?
Sentence three was fine on its own, but I combined 3 and 4 to prevent redundancy.
Take a look at how many commas are in the revised version, and how many were in your version. Yours has five, the second has only one. Too many commas and it's like being a passenger in the car with my mother-in-law driving! She pumps the GAS. Sometimes I wonder if she's TRYING to hit my head on the windshield every three seconds, or it could be that she needs the motion in order to keep her dinner down.

(Actually, in my last sentence, I use a comma to separate two different ideas - see?)

Anyhow, instruction ended.

Off to make some semblance of a dinner, though I feel like passing off carrot sticks as an entree!

Thanks Mel, am I really so debatable? Heh heh. :o)

Heather 8-29-2001 17:39

Jerry - what a story about your (distant?) cousins! Whoa. You've got such a huge pile of life stories to choose from - police stories, army/Nam stories, childhood and early adulthood stories, mean old uncle stories, neighbour stories, family, town, so many! But, I guess we all do - just not all as interesting as yours!

Perhaps we'll need to do an eye-opening session of "Oh yeah? My story's more astounding than your story!" (I'm kidding!)

Yes, we agree on the schooling, definitely. The thing is, if one of us were to somehow nab a seat in Congress (or equivalent) to try and change things, we'd be dealing with more than just an issue or two - and that might mean we haven't got a good solution for many of them.

Has anyone been keeping up with this stem cell debate?
I don't agree with some scientists who say that the grouping of cells is not a human being - because it would be a person. I don't agree with fertility clinics creating all sorts of pre-embryonic zygotes to implant, and then tossing out the ones they aren't going to use. That to me is like aborting those unused zygotes.
I think that if a couple is unable to conceive children, there's a reason for that; there are also other options. Such as adoption, fostering, and there are opportunities like being an aunt or uncle, to have the pleasure of being around and playing with kids. I know you may think that's biased, because I have children. But had I no children, and if I were unable to conceive, I would live with that, as I believe that's what would have been meant to be.
Just the same, though I understand it's not an easy thing to face (having diabetes myself), if killing an embryo to extend or improve others lives is the only method, then I'm sorry, but that's how it must be. Meddling with what's meant to be is not a good practice.
I adore Michael J. Fox, but he's meant to struggle with Parkinson's; these things make us stronger and we earn good Karma through it. (As long as we are struggling in a good way, and not finding ourselves at McDonald's with a sawed off shotgun and uncontrollable rage)

Now, adult stem cell gathering and experimentation I agree with and I hope this method does pan out. I just can not justify using foetal cells because of the ethics - what's next? Will fertility clinics harvest crops of fetal cells for sale to companies making the new wonder drug to reverse MS? Diabetes? Parkinson's? That's what could happen. And that, folks, is something I could NOT condone.

I can understand why some might not see the zygote as a human being YET, because scientifically, they can't tell if it has a soul at that point in LIFE - yes life. If the zygote weren't alive it could never develop into a child.
And I don't believe we own our children, so we really shouldn't have the right to end that life. So, I guess you would say I don't believe in abortion. No, I don't. But I also don't picket or harrass those who do. It's my belief, and everyone is free to believe what they will.

So - if you would like to put forth your point of view about stem cells, let's just try to keep it unheated!
I'll not get all bent out of whack if you don't agree with me. I know myself I wouldn't condone this stem cell procedure unless it was available with ADULT stem cells, and the donor was perfectly willing to donate them. See, that's voluntary, informed consent. I don't think a parent should be able to give consent to use an embryo for research, since that child isn't actually 'theirs'. That embryo is a person in it's own right, as far as I'm concerned.

Sorry for this babbling! I'm still willing to listen to other opinions - though it may not sound that way from the above rant!
(Reading and watching so many things about stem cells lately - there is a high emotion to most of it, so I take my own advice and set emotions aside when thinking about it. Actually, this is very hard to think about, but if I had MS, or someone in my family, I still wouldn't agree with using ebryonic cells. My mother was mis-diagnosed with MS years ago, so until it got straightened around it was a horrible few months of reading up on MS and worrying...)

Oh, wow, I've really been ranting on.
I haven't even gotten to the rest of the posts! Just wanted to pop in and tell Jerry about agreeing again (always nice to confirm agreements!) when I suddenly took an about face and went streaming off into science and politics vs. spiritual ethics. No wonder Pussy has promised a shortie - she's been impressed with the fervor around here. Always that strong, slicing topic to attract her!

Possibility of emotional charge and stoked NBers? Pussy's here. And Jon, and their owner, that distinguished trouble-maker, Americo! *wink wink*

Heather 8-29-2001 17:03

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mrj75 Published Illinois Writer 8-29-2001 14:03

Sorry, but i found more errors, in my introduction, that needed correction. Thank-you, for the feedback. I've made some corrections. Some mistakes, in punctuation, were made due to impatience and laziness. Others I'm sure due, to the fact, that I left high school, in my junior year. I was convinced, that my work, in the anti-war movement, was far more important. Along with some other less altruistic diversions. Sorry i had to double post. I hope you will find, this corrected version, more reader-friendly. Well, here goes.......You don't know me and I don't know you. This allows me the liberty, to write openly and honestly. I promise you.....this won't hurt a bit. I wish I could say the same, for me.
I was born ,Sept 17,. 1953 in Winchester, Massachusetts, a suburb, of Boston. This town was home, to Frankie Fontaine. He portrayed "Crazy" Guggenheim, on the old Jackie Gleason show. I spent many nights watching the adults around me, roar with laughter, at this character. He would, at first, mug, for the camera. Like an inebriated Irish Quasimoto. He would then remove his crumpled hat, placing it over his heart. Suddenly He has become an Irish tenor. He is now singing, as if his next romantic conquest or adult beverage depended on it. He was, at the top, of his career ,when I was a schoolboy. By the time I was a teenager, his career was in turmoil. His show biz buddies, Frank Sinatra et al, were throwing benefits, in his honor. They worked valiantly, to save his home, from foreclosure. This home was almost next door , to the hospital, in which, I was born. It seemed that Frankie was down, on his luck and in failing health. I thought, to myself, "wow,... He was so popular, so funny." He had such a great voice. He seemed so care-free. He always appeared, to be, so "happy." How could this be? In the years ahead, I would watch many others end up the same way. Others, who put on a " happy face", as if putting on a neck-tie. They too found themselves losing ground, in their upstream struggle, against the current, of life. Knocked about, like bronco busters, by the flotsam and jetsam, contained theiren. Yet, all the while, wearing the facade. What a shame. For I had made a determination, from watching those old shows. Frankie was...... "cool." It may sound strange but it is true. With the rare exceptions, of men like "Crazy" Guggenheim, the 3 Stooges and Pinky Lee,to this young boy, most adults seemed like very odd creatures. If this is what lay before me, down the road of life, then I was looking, for a more attractive "alternate route. " But was there one?", I asked myself. On February 9th,1964, that would change. I was handed a whole new set, of instructions, on how an adult could choose, to live, ones life. These instructions were delivered, by what seemed, to me, a "cosmic courier." He was aided by 3 of his friends. They had journeyed, from a foreign shore , just to enlighten me. Or so I felt. Wow! Look at this guy. Look at the way he stands. Like he was posturing himself, to strike out at every adult, who had ever harmed him. Using his guitar, as his weapon of choice. And that smooth sandpaper, it scraped away every layer, of self-doubt and indifference , I had ever felt. I was now optimistic, about which my future may hold. My manic reaction, towards John Lennon and his group, "The Beatles" was another source, of amusement, to my family. They had been watching the " Ed Sullivan Show, along with me. Pointing, to me, my "Irish Twin" brother, Paul, said this to my father. "Look, Dad , He's flippin' out!". He was right.
I had just been saved. Surly, as a career criminal "finds religion", in prison. Along with all the extra privilages, which that brings him. I had found my path, to salvation, from the luke-warm, yellowed world, in which I had lived. Until this magic night.Both my Father and Mother assured the rest, of the family , that "John won't even remember who they were, in 6 months". I became indignant. As keeper, of the newly lit Beatle "eternal flame", I responded........"Oh yeah?....I'll still be listening, to these guys , when I'm old , like, when I'm 30!!" This comment also provided amusement, to my always supportive family unit. Yeah, right. Come to think of it, most of my thoughts and ideas provided amusement, to those around me. My most common retort was, "Just wait ...You'll see." I thought I had all the answers. And see, we did.........

John Breslin 8-29-2001 11:51

John Breslin 8-29-2001 12:02

Thanks, for the feedback. I've made some corrections. Some mistakes,in punctuation, were made due to impatience and laziness. Others I'm sure due, to the fact, that I left high school,in my junior year. i was convinced, that my work,in the anti-war movement, was far more important. Along with some other less altruistic diversions. well here goes.......You don't know me and I don't know you. This allows me the liberty, to write openly and honestly. I promise you.....this won't hurt a bit. I wish I could say the same, for me.
I was born ,Sept 17,. 1953 in Winchester, Massachusetts, a suburb, of Boston. This town was home, to Frankie Fontaine. He portrayed "Crazy" Guggenheim, on the old Jackie Gleason show. I spent many nights watching the adults around me, roar with laughter, at this character. He would, at first, mug, for the camera. Like an inebriated Irish Quasimoto. He would then remove his crumpled hat, placing it over his heart. Suddenly He has become an Irish tenor. He is now singing, as if his next romantic conquest or adult beverage depended on it. He was, at the top, of his career ,when I was a schoolboy. By the time I was a teenager, his career was in turmoil. His show biz buddies, Frank Sinatra et al, were throwing benefits, in his honor. They worked valiantly, to save his home, from foreclosure. This home was almost next door , to the hospital, in which, I was born. It seemed that Frankie was down, on his luck and in failing health. I thought, to myself, "wow,... He was so popular, so funny." He had such a great voice. He seemed so care-free. He always appeared, to be, so "happy." How could this be? In the years ahead, I would watch many others end up the same way. Others, who put on a " happy face", as if putting on a neck-tie. They too found themselves losing ground, in their upstream struggle, against the current, of life. Knocked about, like bronco busters, by the flotsam and jetsam, contained theiren. Yet, all the while, wearing the facade. What a shame. For I had made a determination, from watching those old shows. Frankie was...... "cool." It may sound strange but it is true. With the rare exceptions, of men like "Crazy" Guggenheim, the 3 Stooges and Pinky Lee,to this young boy, most adults seemed like very odd creatures. If this is what lay before me, down the road of life, then I was looking, for a more attractive "alternate route. " But was there one?", I asked myself. On February 9th,1964, that would change. I was handed a whole new set, of instructions, on how an adult could choose, to live, ones life. These instructions were delivered, by what seemed, to me, a "cosmic courier." He was aided by 3 of his friends. They had journeyed, from a foreign shore , just to enlighten me. Or so I felt. Wow! Look at this guy. Look at the way he stands. Like he was posturing himself, to strike out at every adult, who had ever harmed him. Using his guitar, as his weapon of choice. And that smooth sandpaper, it scraped away every layer, of self-doubt and indifference , I had ever felt. I was now optimistic, about which my future may hold. My manic reaction, towards John Lennon and his group, "The Beatles" was another source, of amusement, to my family. They had been watching the " Ed Sullivan Show, along with me. Pointing, to me, my "Irish Twin" brother, Paul, said this to my father. "Look, Dad , He's flippin' out!". He was right.
I had just been saved. Surly, as a career criminal "finds religion", in prison. Along with all the extra privilages, which that brings him. I had found my path, to salvation, from the luke-warm, yellowed world, in which I had lived. Until this magic night.Both my Father and Mother assured the rest, of the family , that "John won't even remember who they were, in 6 months". I became indignant. As keeper, of the newly lit Beatle "eternal flame", I responded........"Oh yeah?....I'll still be listening, to these guys , when I'm old , like, when I'm 30!!" This comment also provided amusement, to my always supportive family unit. Yeah, right. Come to think of it, most of my thoughts and ideas provided amusement, to those around me. My most common retort was, "Just wait ...You'll see." I thought I had all the answers. And see, we did.........

john breslin 8-29-2001 11:51

Gads!!! The older I get, the worse my spelling gets.
Sorry about the errors below.

8-29-2001 9:53

A wet good morning to all,

Don't worry about the 'clodhopper' incident. Being about 5'10", I wound up with large feet. If they had been size 6's I wouldn't have noticed. I was joking anyway. Left out the :o>. I really enjoy what you do with my silly animals.

I love your memories with all those relatives. Both my parents were only children and between that and being in the military, I don't have that background.

Geese are wonderful birds to have around as long as they can't reach you. Ours would make great watch-geese except they fuss about almost everything. most of it unimportant.
A long time ago, my sister and her (then)husband lived in the country and a neighbor gave them a pair of geese. These birds were vicious. One day, the county tax assessor came by to look over the buildings and those geese chased him all over the place. Don't know if it affected their taxes.

The lady that wrote the book about 'Seabiscuit' the racehorse was on the morning show. She has something like Epson Barr syndrome and it took her 4 years to finish that book. It has been #1 on the bestseller list. Shows what a writer can do despite everything.

Rosemary 8-29-2001 9:50


A smile-heaped morning for all you with gloomy skies (I'll keep a few smiles for here). :-D

JERRY: You have GOT to get yourself that political newspaper column! :-) Have you tried all the big SD papers? You CAN do something about this fouled-up world; we ALL CAN. We're WRITERS. We have VOICES, especially eloquent in the written form. Jerry, GO FOR IT. You're really good at this stuff!

JOHN: Hi! :-) I remember "Crazy Guggenheim" - even used to do an impression of him that kept my parents laughing after the Gleason episodes ended. I think you have some great things to say as a writer. :-) Your punctuation needs a bit of help, as others have mentioned (think of commas as a pause when you speak, like Heather said, to separate one idea from another, related idea). Keep writing! And thanks for sharing! :-) We here are glad to listen and help.

ROSEMARY: Apologies for the "clodhopper," nothing insulting intended. Just trying to write from a small creature's perspective; I, of course, need much more practice!

MARY: Ouch for your neck! Hmm. Did you also have to hit your husband-to-be with a volley ball to snap his attention to you? :-) I had to be best friend to my husband-to-be while he waded through relationships with three other girlfriends, one at a time, two of whom became fiancees while I was drumming my fingers in the wings (a very polite metaphor for what I was really feeling!). So, you see, I understand these things, heh heh! :-) Sasquatch and e.e. cummings are two of my favorite authors!!! :-)

Hi, HOP! :-)

Hi, Heather! You and Jerry could write a great social-woes column - back and forth, back and forth. :-) SERIOUSLY!!! BTW, Tolkien's elves: not sure they always wore green...a different kind of elf, more classy...

ANITA: Okay, I'm chewing cud some more on this one. I think short stories and novels are the LEAST structured in comparison with poetry; short stories' only defining limit seems to be length, or word-count. Novels, anything goes. I agree that a poem usually sets a mood, an emotion or a thought, a moment in time...Bessie's goin' home, now, moovin' right along... :-)

HALLEE: Feel better soon! Virtual chicken noodle soup zapping your way...

TEEKAY! So glad you reported in; the NB family worries, y'know. re: Ben, I think he'll be back in Sept., when Summer here is ended. Meanwhile, how's your novel going/coming? Are YOU coming or going? I believe I am going...

Later! :-)

Mel 8-29-2001 9:18


The same thing has been happening here. It's hell but when it all works out, then yiiiippppee. Don't extend the bed time. Kids need ten hours of sleep until they are adults. So you have to count from when they are sleeping. We're not extending either.


Thanks for saying that. Sometimes I forget how simple things mean so much. I needed that. Giant hugs right back at ya. In fact they are the tight kind. ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

Debra 8-29-2001 8:49


ROSEMARY: Watched the Weather Channel this looks like you're going to be getting a lot of rain. That's a good thing (to an extent) :).

TEEKAY/ANITA: I've heard other romance writers say the same thing. How they fall in love with their heroes/etc. I don't think I do that.'s hard to put into words. When I write, it's like I'm there. I can see the sights, smell the smells, hear the sounds, etc. And, I'm merely an observer of everything that's going on. And my fingers are recording what I'm observing. I know my characters inside and out, every aspect of their lives, even if it's not recorded in the book, etc.

And I've totally made a mess of this explanation, so I'll leave it at that.

Back to bed with me. I'm sick. Ugh. I hate being sick.

Take care all.

Hallee 8-29-2001 8:41


8-29-2001 8:27

Teekay: thank you, I wasnt going to post anything today, but thanks for the subject

This may sound cold...But they should be sent back, we arent really prepared to handle that much of an influx...And I think Australia needs to turn that boat around and send them back to whence they came...We are still having problems controlling those forgotten the names...compounds as it is

taylor 8-29-2001 2:54

I'm having so much fun with this future romance idea! I picked up a book and started picking out characteristic words....many of them adverbs. Just single words I can combine to create character. I've never done this before but I think I have the feel for it now. Anyway, brainstorming is working. I'm off on another planet, been there all day while I xeroxed papers, got groceries, unloaded groceries took child to a class, now if I can just teach this class on another planet I'll have all night to write this...hope I don't loose it when I'm working. It's hard to teach with half your brain in the future. (And not too smart...I'm going to bring a pizza. That ought to keep folks pretty occupied doing comparisons. I do a half and half, then bring in weird drinks and we do a comparison using good, better best, worse, worst. I think I can do this while off in space.
(And you always wondered what teachers were REALLY thinking) Hope no one has ESP.

Viv 8-29-2001 1:06

Rosemary - I recall when I was very young, we lived on the old home place up north. That house was built with very little foundation, and over the years from 1910 until my day, it had sunk into the ground, at least the north side had, and the kitchen window was nearly level with the ground. We too raised geese, ducks and chickens. Now we kids loved our little bird friends, but our double cousin's from the next farm were afraid of geese, or at least one of them was. One day they were over for a visit, and we kids were messing around in the kitchen when the biggest gander of the bunch decided to look in and see how we were doing. Well our cousin saw that goose looking in the window, and just the fact that it was tall enough to look in the window was enough to get her to screaming (I don't think she realized the house had sunk). Well it wasn't long before all four of our parents were in the kitchen, thinking we must be killing one another with screaming like that. We still talk about that day when we get to talking over old times. Funny how often we get to that now days.

Jerry 8-29-2001 0:49

Just dropping in for a moment.

Sorry about the speech about writing a short shorty. It wasn't you who was having trouble with the format. BTW, my farm is more of a 'farmette'. My sister and I live on three acres (separate homes) on the outskirts of a very large town and seem to be trying to cover it with animals. We don't grow crops, just buy them to feed to all those animals.

Please see my earlier post, the encouragement for Anita is for you.

Thanks for the puffing. Got another small shower this afternoon. If it keeps it up like this for about a week, we'll probably get a good inch of rain.---You know-- you blew the rain clear into Mexico and it came back up to us like a boomarange. Pretty good puffing I'd say.

Rosemary 8-29-2001 0:11

Wow, what a busy notebook tonight. I love it when it gets busy.

Heather - I guess we mostly agree on the school thing. Back when I was in school, they still flunked kids. Oh there were social promotions back then, but those were for the folks who just didn't care, who refused to learn. Now they would probably say they were learning disabled or some such thing. I remember one kid who was in my grade for a year, he did no work, never even tried. If the teacher called on him in class, he ignored her but come years end, he moved on to the next grade on social promotion. I would guess the fellow couldn't read, but I do remember that he didn't go to high school. Not sure if it was his family's choice or the school. I was very happy to see he wasn't there, as he was a bully, and picked on most of the class, me included.

Oh and I do remember one of the neighbor boys who was also not so good in school, decided that he would be a junior criminal too, and began breaking into stores, and houses. It wasn't long before he was in reform school. Again I was happy to see him go, although he wasn't a bully or anything, he was sure a pest. You know one of those kids who tags along despite the fact that nobody likes him. He was one of those, and I prided myself on trying to get along with almost everyone.

Had two cousins who were what they call today retarded, I have talked about them before, they were the two who murdered their husband here in town several years ago. Now they were never institutionalized, but stayed at home with their parents. Now their father (not the blood kin) was himself a bit on the dim side. Their mother, dad's sister was sharp as a tack, but became very involved in the Church of God, a very fundamentalist church. Well she was engaged to this nice young man, but then met her future husband. Now as I say he wasn't the sharpest tack in the box, but he did Inherit his dad's fancy three story house built on the shore of the Ceeder Creek. What a beautiful house it was, we always looked on in awe when we drove by it. Well she went to her betrothed, and told him that God had come to her in a dream, and told her to marry the fellow with the big house.

It took the fellow two years to completely loose that big house, and most of the land his father left to him, and the poor gal found herself pregnant and living way back in the sticks on the last few acres of land her husband owned. Instead of that gorgeous house, the lived in a little shack that he put together from trees he cut down on the banks of the creek. Their first child was a son, he was what they called mildly retarded, and her doctor told her no more kids! Well she didn't listen to her Dr. No, she listened to God, and became pg again, this time it was the twins that came. Oh she was proud of her kids, and as the twins grew, it became more apparent that they took after their dad. What put the frosting on the cake, and sealed the fate of the terrible twins was when their father began to teach them the ways of the world, and began sleeping with them. This began when they were twelve, and only stopped when he had his heart attack while driving them home from Church one Sunday afternoon.

Boy did I get off on a tangent or what? Sorry about that.

Jerry 8-28-2001 23:56

Oh, Teekay, you're so brilliant!

Garden type variety of stalker!

I'm still giggling... spluttering... wiping my eyes.

Pussy will grace us with a shortie this week?
I love... uh, maybe I had better not say that I love that cat in quite that WAY...

*shade of red never before seen on my face as I go now, pressing the increasingly tantalizing 'enter' button*


Heather 8-28-2001 23:20

Oh, wouldn't you know it? I'm giving John my thoughts on punctuation, and I spell it incorrectly?

Mary, are we having a karma night?

Oh, and by the way, JOHN ~ WELCOME to the NOTEBOOK!

Anita! Glad you've kept coming back. The workbook isn't up and running right now. I'm not sure if Jack is still going to change the password process or not, so we may all be needing new passwords soon!

I also forgot to tell you, Anita, what I write. Literary fiction. But the strange dream I had the last night my family and I were at the cottage just last week, was a fantasy-type novel. Yes, the whole book (or even a trilogy) came to me in dream. Weird enough for me. But not so weird that I woulnd't put it past me, nor would I spurn using it!

The elves are everywhere. Just look at a box of Lucky Charms. I know, I know, Lucky's supposed to be a leprechaun, but really! Have you ever seen an elf that didn't wear green?

Happy Scribbles!

Heather 8-28-2001 23:15

OHMIGOD!!!!! I almost forgot:
ANITA: Did you say 'gum trees'??????? You live in Australia?????
WHOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE another countryman or country person for the politically correct. Where are you from?
Don't worry, I know it's a stalkerish sounding question, but I don't think your genuine garden type variety stalker is quite so obvious. :-)

Teekay 8-28-2001 23:11

Hi all,
Once again I've left too big a gap to try and catch up with the posts except for the latest.

ANITA: Welcome to you. I think I must have read the same thing as you re: the romance writer and the mental affairs :-) Or maybe all romance writers feel that way. HALLEE could you please verify this??? :-)

HEATHER & JERRY: You guys seems to be having a rather interesting debate about illiterates and the school system. I'd love to join in, but I think you're both saying it all anyway. So I'll just watch.

Ummmmmm what else. Nothing really. Have you guys seen the news about the 'boat people' who are trying to get into Australia?
I'd love to know what light they're showing it in. Does anybody want to be forthcoming? Are we looking like the worst people on earth? I think we worry a bit about that here, being the nice guys I mean, which is probably why every one from opressed countries wants to come and live here.

Listen to this:
There was this paedophile who was arrested and sent to prison and while he was there he decided he was a woman trapped in a man's body and wanted to start hormone treatment and because the Government wouldn't allow it (wasn't in their policy you see) the discrimination board's taking on the guys case and they wanted something like $37 000 compensation, but the govt. would only pay $5 000?!??!??!?!
Do you believe that?
They should elect me for government. I'd sort it all out over some very lavish business lunches :-D

Ah well, that's it me hearties.

BEN: Please reconect to the internet. I for one miss your presence dear.

Teekay 8-28-2001 23:04

Sorry, had to rear my writing fingertips once again.

JOHN: I couldn't get past the fifth sentence in your work because of the puntuation - the overload of it.
You have so many commas in each sentence, it's practically unreadable. It's not what you said, but how you went about saying it. Try to hold off on using more than one comma in a sentence of ten words, two if really needed in a longer sentence. A comma is only used when you want to reader to pause - try saying the sentences out loud, and where you would pause slightly, use a comma. Otherwise you are free to leave them out.
Another note: Leave a space (I prefer two) between the the period of the previous sentence and a new sentence. It is customary to leave two spaces after a colon, and one after a comma or semi-colon. The reason for this particular spacing is for the reader's ease. It's much harder to read something crammed up, easy to miss where a sentence ends when there aren't spaces; this throws off the flow of reading and the reader usually has to go back and re-read. Frustrating, since a lot of this can completely ruin an otherwise wonderful piece of writing.

I had to point that out. Perhaps you would rewrite your piece with the suggestions in mind, and more will read it?
Then you will likely receive the critique you wanted - on the story itself, not the mechanics of writing.
Try again!

Oh, Rosemary, Mel? I think it was the two of you: Guinea is how it is spelled when pertaining to a guinea pig - might that be the same spelling for the bird in question?

Heather 8-28-2001 23:02

Viv - My e-mail is still active:

Anita - Thanks, my name means "alone" in German. I just like the way it sounds.

Allein 8-28-2001 22:56

Hello Friends and Fellow Writers

Jerry, I think it's wonderful that your wife reads your stories. Stories should be shared and the more they're shared, the more value they have.
Does your wife still write poetry?

How long does it take to get a pass to the workbook?

Shortie night mistress (what a great name :-)), I'm really looking forward to participating in shorty night. Now I'm going to be constantly thinking about what to write for it .

I think it would be great to be able to write romances Hallee. I read somewhere once about a woman who likened her romance writing to having an affair with each book she wrote. Talk about safe sex :-) and without leaving your own home too.

Mary, I can relate very well to your last post. I too do things that I think are really clever only to find that I've ballsed up somewhere along the way. My mother calls it 'being cocky', :-)
I find it's really cute when other people do it, but when it's personal its just embarrasing :-)

Taylor, I'm probably too new to be giving advice, but let go of the limits. Breathe in nice and deep, undo all your conscious constraints and let your creativity spill out. :-)

Tina, I imagine science fiction would be one of the hardest genres to write. You would have to conjure up a world that didn't exist and then explain that world so that others saw it through your eyes.

Viv, hi, thanks for the welcome :-)

Hi Allein, I love your name, does it have a meaning?

Mel, I used to think that poetry had rules and structure and that you could squeeze anything into some format and give it a name. To be honest I never thought it was poetry unless it rhymed, but that was a long time ago :-), but unlike the short story or novel which really have to fit into fairly definite structures I find poetry to be much more boundless because really, there are no laws. I mean, you can't write "Trespassers will be prosecuted" and call it poetry :-), but you can set out to write something beautiful or ugly or happy or sad and if it's not prose, then it's poetry.
Of course there are certain cadences a poem must have to fit into a certain category. I feel like I'm raving now, time to stop :-) Is that cow bells I hear?

Hello John, I guess we're new together. Good, I hate walking into parties on my own :-)

Hi Rosemary, thanks for the welcome. I'm under the impression you live on a farm. So do I. We grow some crops and run a few hundred sheep, but that's about all. It's a fairly arid area, flat, with lots of salt bush and gum trees. I love it. Thanks for the advice on the short story night.

It was great to see so many posts since yesterday. I love reading through them all.

Hasta manyana (I'm not sure what that means, but I've always wanted to say it :-) )

Anita 8-28-2001 22:43

JERRY! Very important point too -

IF THE US DID NOT HAVE MULTIPLE CHOICE EXAMS IN THE SCHOOLS then the illiterate would immediately be discovered.

Even final exams are multiple choice in the States! In my opinion, that is ludicrous! Of course it's easy enough to cheat and look at a neighbour's paper if it's multiple guess, as it's sometimes laughingly called. So, in Canada, there are far fewer illiterate people because of the testing method? I am willing to bet a large sum it is. And who implements the testing policies of the schools? The school board sure, but ultimately, the government.
It has less to do with teachers and more to do with methodology, I think. Parents too, should know what their children are up to, into, and learning, even if they work two jobs - even if it is to take the time to check homework only once a week, or two.
There was a highschool in the States that had a lot of sporty kids failing - the emphasis was on goals, not grades. The main problem was homework. So, the principal began a program for the teachers to send a report home every two weeks that detailed how 'Johnny' did with his homework in the past fortnight. Well, the method worked well. In two weeks, a student, had they not done a stitch of homework or studying, wouldn't necessarily fail if it was 'caught' quickly. Anyhow, most of the students were meticulous about homework with that plan in effect.

And now, without further ado,

I go back to reading the rest of the posts today!

Might make another appearance - if you hope not, hope I didn't hear that thought! (Jibing ya, really...)

Heather 8-28-2001 22:42

Jerry: I didn't mean to say you had to pick a side. Both sides will screw up here and there. Try stepping back and detaching your emotions from things a bit before you decide what is right or wrong with each particular item on the list, okay? I realize how touchy you are about certain subjects because these have affected you personally. But to truly be fair in this political arena, we must put our emotions aside and think carefully about all the possibilities, and which is the most fair.
Now, just because the Liberals were voted in doesn't mean the Liberals are perfect, or more righteous than Conservatives. Voting - It's basically a choice between what candidate earns your trust, your faith, or at least a good wad of hope that they'll do a good job. Liberals and Conservatives alike have botched things, and times are changing, as they always have. There's nothing the government can do in a 4 year or 8 year term to stop it. Society demands certain things, and it's usually someone other than the Gov't that provides. It's the techies, it's the scientists, it's the toy store, the car dealership, Nasa, the latest business venture, whatever. We cannot blame the school system for turning out illiterates unless we know exactly where the problem is - how are they slipping through unnoticed? Are they failing repeatedly and then promoted because of age alone? Not always. Kids who are illiterate aren't necessarily idiots. You can cheat and fudge your way enough to pass I'm sure. I know of one kid in particular that did just so, and no one knew until he didn't have anyone to help him fill in a job application. His parents didn't even know.

If you think about it, many of the people in institutions in the 50's didn't really belong there - it was common practice for parents of children potentially a handful or very difficult to raise because of impairment of one type or another, to send these children off to institutions. Most of the time it wasn't the parents' idea but the family doctor or psychiatrist. It was a socially acceptable if not encouraged thing to do at that time. No one was made to feel that they should try to raise them. My mother's brother, my uncle, was supposed to have been sent off at age 4, but my mom insisted she'd sleep in the same room with him just in case he had an episode at night, so instead he stayed at home. Want to know what he had?

Epilepsy. That was 1951.

But you are right in that some of the people in those institutions needed to stay under constant care. However, there are only so many solutions, and most of those solutions won't be half-way perfect. It usually comes down to money, in the end. If there was little funding left, and the family could not pay, (was there coverage at that time?) what is anyone to do about it? Tell me that you have a better solution. You never know, we might come up with something!

Remember that Horaldo news story, way back when he was a NY reporter? About the conditions in the institution? Absolutely appalling. Hard choices, friends; politicians do NOT have an easy job. No matter what they do it's going to be a gamble for success, and an even worse gamble for public approval. There's no win-win situation that everyone will agree on, as far as I've heard.

Guns: The fewer there are in the hands of anyone, the fewer bullets flying about and hitting people. SIMPLE. Basically the US is in an arms race, a revolution of sorts. These guys (criminals?) have guns, so in order to feel safe we, the everyday people, have to have guns...
everyone stockpiling weapons does not guarantee safety, nor does it guarantee anything but the fact that inevitably, somebody's gun will go off and kill somebody. Somtimes it's a child.
I'm glad that you choose to store your weapons safely, Jerry. If you have to have them to feel safe, then by God, keep them locked up and the ammunition in a separate lock box.
BUT, hey - if someone comes busting down your door, will you have time to unlock the boxes, load the gun? There are always going to be annoying thoughts like that! That's why so many people don't want to lock up a weapon, or even the ammo. That's why there are a lot of bullets flying around.

I come from a line of hunters. I've shot a .22 and a .45 myself, at a row of cans in the wilderness under supervision. The guns, frankly, scared me. Not the fact that I shot it, but the fact that anybody can shoot one. It's not that hard.

In Canada it's illegal to store ammo within a certain range of the weapon (I think they have to be stored at least 10 feet apart????), and they must be locked up - both weapon and ammo.
Conversely, I know a few American people who carry a loaded handgun in their purses, pockets or cars. It's illegal, unless you're an officer or an agent of the law, to do that here. There are far fewer shootings here, too.
We have approximately 20 shootings a year in all of Canada, most of the time it's less than that. (That doesn't count other weapons, but that is low as well). Average it out by population, and compare it to the US, and you have yourselves a whooping gun toting party going on over there, with twenty times the murdering going on per year. You tell me which is the better idea. I understand that you feel the need to protect yourself. Everyone does. I lock my door, or have a security system, and I also know how to use a tonfa, a bamboo staff, numchucks (spelling!?) and sai.
You don't hear the sai go 'click' when you take off the safety, either... heh heh heh.

On Racial Quotas in the workplace, I happen to agree that it's not the best solution. SOMETIMES the very best person for the job (no matter who they are) won't get it because of the quota. But, the quota does stop a certain amount of discrimination that before the quota was in place, was happening a little TOO often. Tit for tat - we can't have it both ways. So which is it? Or is there another solution?

Don't worry, be happy.

And don't take anyone's head off. Unless it's a fake.

Heather 8-28-2001 22:32

:o) Rachel :o)

Hi all!

Jerry - Dangerous animals? Are you thinking about my children (grin/wink)?

Rosemary - Contact P.A. that isthe best advice I can give. They are there to work wiyh you towards publication.

Anita - Hello :D

8-28-2001 22:24

JERRY: I agree that in a story or any writing where it doesn't serve a 'creative' purpose, that correct grammar, punctuation and capitalization should be observed. However, I don't think that the curve towards not capitalizing 'I' and so on comes from not caring, I think it is just a product of this age of real-time, typed-in communication. I did it just to be faster. Unfortunately that had a price as well because my lax habits whilst chatting would carry over to when I was writing. (Had a tough time separating the two) I would get on a roll in a manuscript and just type, type, type and I had so many typos to correct in anything I wrote that I eventually had to forego 'chat speed' for more traditional typing.

Not to mention that it DOES indeed irritate quite a few people out there (just like yourself) and I don't like to irritate people when I can avoid it. Correct methods of writing are always the best way to go. (Except for genius beings like sasquatch and e.e. cummings.)

Mary 8-28-2001 21:18

Hello everyone, I'm back again. I've been so busy these few weeks with tests and essays so I haven't had time to post a message.

Seems everyone has been having Notebook vacations too. Must be the time of the year.

Anyway, I'll post again after I've read all the messages.

Until then.

Barnabas "Hop" 8-28-2001 21:15

Oh Allein! That's why we didn't hear back after we sent them. I still have the posts you sent with the translations. Didn't delete them and I'm glad. She'll go at it again and send them to that address. It's active isn't it???

No time today to chat! Back to work. Still want to do a shortie. Romance of the future. I'm going to try out the style they have in drugstore novels. Fun.

Viv 8-28-2001 20:55

Dear Allein
I am so sorry. I will send the translations again; thank you for being so patient. The more I do these translations the more understandable they become. Again I am so sorry. I will have them done by tonight. Thank you for being so patient.

8-28-2001 20:52

Now I'm excited, it has been so very long since Pussy has graced us with her presence, and I can't recall her ever leaving us a shorty!

Anyone who has been on the internet for any length of time at all, has become aware that there is a DARK SIDE to the web. Now I am not speaking of those stupid porn sites that seem to pop up when you least expect it, no, what I am referring to is much worse. The Z sites.

Some of them are warez, serialz, appez, gamez and so forth. Now many of these sites also have links to the porn industry, and they usually make their money from those pop-up sites.

What the sites contain are illegal copies of software, the serial numbers for that software should you ever download it, and should a serial number not be enough to make the downloaded software work for you, the crackez are programs that go in and change the demo to the full versions, by turning on those parts that do not work in she demo, or shareware version.

Why am I going into this? Well there is some useful things there, for instance when I purchased my LS-120 large capacity floppy drive, it came with software called SUPERZIP. Well I was so excited to have my new drive that I must have thrown away the serial number for it. One day I ICQ'd my son, who sent me to a site that has links to serial numbers. I guess the site is probably as illegal as all the others, but it did have the serial number I needed for my legally owned software. In such cases, I guess it is legal, or close enough that I don't think I would go to jail for copyright violation for using it. In case this happens to you, loosing a serial number, or CD-Key, I have placed a link to that site.

As I said, it is on the dark side of the internet and it does have pop-up porn stuff, but should you be in such a situation that you need to get your number for what ever reason, it is a good place to start your search.

Now this site also has links to such things as a virus warehouse, where you can download viruses. Now I can't for the life of me see any reason why anyone would do that, download a virus that is, except to use it against someone, and the very idea of doing that makes me a bit red under the collar.

With all the viruses out there now, there is one, and I don't know the name of it, but my niece had it on her machine. What it did, was first attach itself to one of the CAB files in her _restore directory of Windows ME. Norton Anti Virus 2000 found it there, but could not remove it. While she was searching for a fix for it, that CAB file grew from 2.4 meg to 174 meg, then the computer went bonkers. It started rebooting itself at random times, then about an hour later, the reboots came so fast that the computer was virtually useless, in fact it would reboot in the middle of a reboot. Now my niece does know a bit about computers, but this scared the heck out of her, and she shut the machine down and called me. This was late at night, and I told her to just leave it alone, I could look at it the next day. The next morning I had to be over to mom's (my niece and her mother live next door to mom's) and brought the latest version of Norton 2001 to see if it would fix the problem. While I helped mom get her insurance straightened out, my niece took the CD over to her house and started to install it. The machine behaved itself long enough for the CD to begin the install, then up popped one of those BLUE SCREEN'S OF DEATH well known to anyone who runs a Windows 9X based machine, but this was a GOOD blue screen. It said something about a virus, then said it was removing it, and her machine was fixed!

My niece is so happy, she is going to run uptown and buy herself a copy of Norton Anti-Virus 2001!

Jerry Security site 8-28-2001 20:45

...heard it through the grapevine that PUSSY is going to have a shortie for us this week. Pass it on.

psssst..... 8-28-2001 20:21

John - welcome to the notebook. As far as critic, I am never comfortable writing about others writings, but in your case, I will make a few comments.

First off, I know you must know better, having received your initial schooling way back about the same time I did. The personal pronoun "I" is always capitalized. Also your name should begin with caps. Other then that, I found your personal story interesting. It is just one of my pet peeves, the misuse of capitalization in today's who care's world.

Jerry 8-28-2001 19:57

MEL: I tell you what, revenge sure comes when you least expect it. I finished typing my last post, ate my last bite of grilled swiss cheese sandwich with a razor-thin slice of onion and went to grab a beer out of the fridge. Gave myself a charlie-horse in my neck trying to get it open without using the bottle opener. That'll learn me.

Mary 8-28-2001 19:11

MEL: The last time I played volleyball, someone in the next court ended up with a neck brace. The funny part is that the person I hit was my current husband's girlfriend at the time. I can remember those two walking the halls of the school holding hands, he carried her books because he was so distraught about her 'injury'. Give me a break, I think she was putting on the act the whole time. Sure, I hit an over-head spike and she didn't even see it coming, but geez.

Mary 8-28-2001 19:07

Whoopie, ((Rosemary))
It's trying to rain some more. Might not have to water that lousy tropical angle trumpet tree today. In the summer, it demands thorough watering daily or else it wilts all its leaves. Then if I don't make it in time, it turns those leaves a bright yellow. If all else fails, it starts dropping said leaves. Five minutes after watering, it perks back up and you would never know it had been near death. (it's opinion.)

Loved your shorty as usual, although 'big clodhoppers' was a tad mean. I have decided that that bird is spelled closer to 'ginnea' that still might not be right, but I'm sure it ends in an 'a'. Rosie O'Donnell talked about them for a while a year or so ago. She had moved into the country and had ticks in her back yard. Scared her to death (like everything does) and someone recommended these birds.
Needless to say, the whole neighborhood was up in arms. They are super loud, sound like someone being killed, and can fly. They went where ever they wanted and wouldn't stay in her back yard.
They will rid your area of ticks though.

Welcome. The short shorty exercise is a wonderful tool for a writer. I have accumulated a selection of short stories that I never would have had except for the notebook-- and am thankful. Just sit down and start on line one. With the weekly theme in mind, it will come. Don't over think it. No one will laugh at you but many may praise it.
AT worst, no one mentions it.

I can understand your change of opinion over the years. I have found that when one is young, starryeyed, and broke--they tend toward liberalism. As you gain experience and money, the conservative view looks better and better. I don't know what happened to Barbara Striesand. She got old and rich but still wants everybody else to give their money away.

Now I got carried away. That's usually a dangerous subject for discussion.


Rosemary 8-28-2001 18:56

this is my first attempt,at letting anyone see anything i've written.i've actually written very little.but,in my head i have "written" very much,in a sense. i would so appreciate it,if any of you would take the time to read these auto-biographical musings,of mine and provide feedback,as to whether or not i've got a clue,as to what i'm goes...........You don't know me and I don't know you. This allows me the liberty,to write openly and honestly. I promise you...this won't hurt a bit. I wish I could say the same,for me.
I was born,Sept 17,. Winchester,Mass, a suburb,of Boston,which was home to Frankie Fontaine,"crazy" Guggenheim,on the old Jackie Gleason show. How fitting. I spent many nights watching the adults, around me, roar with laughter, at this character.He would at first mug, for the camera, like some mentally challenged,drunkin' Irish quasimoto.He would then remove his crumpled hat transforming himself, into an irish tenor, who sang, as if his next romantic conquest or adult beverage depended, on it. He was, at the top, of his career,when I was a schoolboy.By the time I was a teenager,his show business buddies,Frank Sinatra et al were throwing benefits,in his honor,trying to save his home,from forclosure.This home was, in the same town ,in which i was born.In fact, it was nearly next door, to the hospital. It.seems ol' frankie was down, on his luck and in failing health. I thought, to myself, "wow,he was so popular,so funny,had such a great voice,seemed so care-free,so..." happy".How could this be?" In the years ahead. I would watch many others,who wore the" happy" face ,find themselves losing ground, in their upstream struggle,against the current of life. Knocked about like bronco busters, by the flotsam and jetsam,contained theiren. What a shame,as i had determined,while watching those old shows,in my little boy "adult accessment" mode that.....Frankie was "cool." Funny,but, with the rare exception,of men like, "crazy" Guggenheim,the 3 Stooges and Pinky Lee,to this young boy,most adults seemed like very odd creatures. If this is what lay before me, down the road of life,then i was looking, for a more attractive "alternate route"." But was there one?"I asked myself. On February 9th,1964, i was to be handed a whole new set, of instructions,on how an adult could choose,to live,ones life. These instructions were delivered, by,what seemed,to me, a "cosmic courier" aided by 3 of his friends,who journeyed,from a foreign shore ,just to enlighten me,or so i felt. Wow! Look at this guy. Look at the way he stands. Like he was posturing himself,to strike, every every adult who had ever harmed him, with the sound,of his guitar. And that smooth sandpaper,scraping away every layer,of self-doubt and indifference i ever felt,about my future. My manic-like reaction,towards this,John Lennon and his group,"The Beatles" was another source of amusement,to my family, watching,along,with me. Pointing to me, my "Irish Twin" brother, Paul, said, to my father, "look Dad , He's flippin' out!". He was right.
I had just been saved. Surly, as a career criminal "finds religion",in prison,and all the extra privilages,which that brings him,i had found my model, to salvation, from the luke-warm,yellowed world, in which i lived,up to this point.
Both my father and mother,assured the rest, of the family ,that "John won't even remember ,who they were,in 6 months". Indignant and, for some reason,in the voice, of a protector, of the newly lit "beatle eternal flame" I responded..."Oh yeah?....I'll still be listening, to these guys ,when I'm old ,like, when I'm 30!!" This comment also provided amusement, to my always supportive family unit [yeah,right]. Come to think, of it,most, of my thoughts and ideas provided amusement,to most,of those ,around me. My most common response was "Just wait,...You'll see"......for I had all the answers. And see, we did.........

john breslin 8-28-2001 18:38

Heather - well it would be nice to be able to be so detached from what is happening, but somewhere along the line, I became conservative. Now I don't know exactly when it happened. It was so very strange. I know when I was young and knew absolutely everything I was rather liberal. I had such wonderful ideas, of spreading the worlds wealth among the poor, of making every man and woman equal both under the law, and in society. I thought the ideal world would be to intermingle all the races to one non-ethnic, non-seperatists race. This would stop wars, end violence and make a new eutopia here on earth, or in space if that's where we ended up.

Then one day I woke up and began to look back. Back to the way things were when I was so young and so liberal. Then I looked around me, at what the liberals who found their way to power had screwed up, the inequality of man, the further isolation of wealth. I saw how the NOW were advocating the suppression of men, how they would only be happy when men were all castrated and woman would learn to reproduce without man. I saw how the liberal courts were releasing repeat offenders back on a society who were left at their mercy by those who taught everyone that it is a sin to have a hand gun. It is wrong to protect yourself, after all that's what we pay the police for.

I saw what happened after the minorities got equal rights, then went on to get more then equal rights, at the expense of those who in reality probably didn't have a thing to do with those who were not displacing them in the work place.

I saw the courts, now populated by liberal judges changing the very meaning of our constitution, inventing rights where there were no rights before. Preventing the police from doing their very jobs by giving more rights to the criminal and less rights to the victim. I saw men get elected to congress, by the people based on what they said they would do when they got there turn 180 degrees and pander ONLY to the party. I saw the promises go up in smoke and the congressmen go on to re-election based only on name recognition, not on what they accomplished.

I saw unemployment raise it's ugly head, and the courts acting as GODS releasing all this nations insane from the insane asylums upon a unsuspecting populous, the raise in homelessness, by this very release. I saw homes for the insane turned into penitentiarys for criminals, homes for the retarded turned into vacant buildings. I saw schools forced to treat some students special, I saw the end of the word flunk, and the replacement word social promotion take it's place. I saw our schools fall into a state so low that it now graduates students who are not even able to read or write, yet they have a high school diploma.

Then I looked back over these years and decided in my own mind that things were indeed better back in the 1950's when I was so very young, before there was a telephone in every home, electricity in every home, and computers in every classroom. Before the basics of reading writing and arithmetic were replaced with classes to explain why Sally has two moms, or Sammy has two daddies. When beginning readers involved fun with Dick and Jane, and that were the names of the characters, not body parts.

I recalled the large framed documents in the back of our one room school house in rural North Dakota, one was the Constitution, the second was the Declaration of Independence, the third was the Ten Commandments.

I recall starting our school day with a daily prayer, and ending our YCL meetings with and ending prayer. The recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance was said daily before the school started, and we all held our right hands over our hearts, and looked lovingly at the wonderful flag of our great nation. I remember studying phonics in school, not on some program bought off a TV commercial, because the schools decided there was no room in the curriculum for such ridiculous classes.

I recall a time when there was no need for drug education programs because nobody would even think of high school students trying drugs, let alone grade schoolers. I remember the days before school shootings, days when over half the pickups parked outside the high school had rifles and shotguns in the back windows, used by the students on their way home to the farm to take care of skunks, or maybe bag a pheasant for supper.

Then I discovered somehow somewhere along the way, I became conservative, and I guess when I write, I would feel so very wrong advocating the liberal cause.

Now I will admit that I am amazed that liberal icons such as Geraldo Riviera is now speaking out against Gary Conduit, in fact it is a relief to hear him only mention in passing the things that our new president has done. I guess he isn't as one sided as I always believed, or maybe he is, maybe he just doesn't like Conduit.

Oh well so much for my daily rant and rave. If I have offended anyone with my raves, I apologize. I am not racist, although it may sound like it in the above. Just tired of things being so fouled up and not being able to do anything about it, but complain.

Jerry 8-28-2001 16:27


"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." Oh, oh. Shower's over. Um, Hi you-all! :-) Just had rain, now it's sunny 70's Fahrenheit kind-of weather! Yahoo! :-D The husband got some good sleep last night and I'm a happy camper.

TINA, JERRY: I've become old before my time. At 46, some days I feel 82. >{ I've decided to work SERIOUSLY on getting YOUNGER. :-D So when I'm 75, I hope to really be, oh maybe only 9. :-)

DEBRA: My 11-year-old, who's been staying up VERY late, is balking "brain-retraining." I knew he would. Surprise for him - I'm NOT extending his bedtime this Fall. However long it takes him to get to bed with lights out, beyond his bedtime, will be taken from his bedtime the next night. Last nite, he took an hour and a half to settle; guess he'll be heading for bed an hour and a half earlier than his bedtime tonite - heh heh! Maybe he'll get the idea soon, ya think? ;-)

ROSEMARY: Hiya! Geez, working on a farm, even in Texas, seems to be a dangerous job, for your knees, your hands, your ears... I wonder how those guinnies see things:
Granny Guinny: Junior? Did you get your fair share today?
Junior Guinny: I-um-well I tried, Granny. I dodged the moving trees. I even caught some manna raining from heaven. But when that great big thunderbolt clodhopper dropped on me, I was rather hard-pressed to keep a civil tongue in my mouth. I thought if I had to live the rest of my life as a worm smushed into the ground, I would let ev'rybody know about it, right up front. Screaming my lungs out seemed to do the trick - the wind lifted the storm from me and I survived, the tail tells all. (hmmm, humor meter seems to be damaged...guess you had to be there...)

ANITA: Poetry is one of my formats, next to sf&f, romance, and occasional bits for kids (with lots of inspiration from Rosemary). :-) Only, my muse tends to be lazy, especially with poetry. She'll start me in the right direction...and then dances from sight, leaving me holding the poem, half-written, in my hands. I usually botch the meter, not having enough patience without Ms. Muse handy. I do think there is an invisible structure to most poetry, the "pulse" you "finger" has a definite meter, with or without rhyme. But without the meter, it falls back to prose, not as elegant, in my mind, but still very striking, as your tin with the bullet.

MARY: Me an' the uneven bars NEVER got along! Give me the balance beam, the trampoline, or better still, a volley ball. The heck with gymnastics! >P

TAYLOR: Nah! Just jump in and start writing about Year 2048... "The clock chimed '2048.' I rolled from my ergonomic hammock to the galvanized floor and immediately executed my New Year's resolution of a daily 48 two-finger push-ups." heh heh. :-)

HEATHER: I like 'sticklish.' I like inventing words too, although the spellchecker gets confused, especially on character names and places, heh heh! The other night, one of the kids asked what was for supper, and I said "haggy baggers." He looked at me like I was nuts (well, I am, but I'm not telling!) I had to explain that when I was a kid that's what we called hamburgers: haggy baggers. (Don't ask me where it came from - I'm just here, repeatin' silly memories!) ;-)

HALLEE: :-) I love reading your story. Um, I AM still reading/critiquing...(I must be the slowest critiquer on the planet...but well-intentioned! And hopefully helpful, when you finally get the end product.)

Hi, ED! :-) I enjoy hearing about your travels.

Hi, VIV! :-) I think I'm gonna make my shorty a future-romance too, since I've got the romance part already in my brain and didn't submit it last week in time...Good luck with yours!

Time to clean up my desk. Write tight, you-all! And if you have trouble with that, read William Zinsser's ON WRITING WELL. :-]

Mel 8-28-2001 15:17

Anita - Hi and welcome. :)

Viv - I didn't get the translations, could you try sending them again?

Allein 8-28-2001 14:58

TAYLOR: It's SHORTIE night, remember? We don't need all the lead up. Start where the action is...that's always better.

Mary 8-28-2001 14:00

Hi Anita! I'm Viv, another of the notebook addicts. Welcome! I'm somewhat new. I am still trying out many of the forms of writing. Never knew I could do most of them until the shorty nights and the round robins pulled me in. I haven't had as much time as I've wanted this last couple of months due to summer vacation antics, but hopefully this will settle down this week. I want to get back into the swing of things here at the notebook. I'd like to try a romance and future all at once. Hummm, and here it is 12:56 AM. Tomorrow I have to work. This ought to be interesting. The job goes until 10:00 PM. Rats! Well, maybe there will be a free space in the day. If not it's going to be a late shortie.

Heather: I got that package posted! YAY! One more thing I'd been procrastinating doing...checked off the summer list.

Allein: Did you get that translation. I hope it was ok. Hana's loosing it to the battle of hormones...age 15 is taking her by storm (and me too). I'll try to get her to go over it with Yumiko but Yumiko is translating and acting as a counseler for a mixed summer camp. (English/Japanese). She's so exhausted when I see her she can't put two sentences together that make any sense at all.

Got to get to bed...I can't seem to make a lot of sense either.

Jack & Mary: I got the sound thing to work! Now if I can just sit down long enough to get this site up and running.

Viv 8-28-2001 12:15

Hello everybody,
Just got back from the Welsh coast, where we went for the long weekend (Bank Holiday)
Here is a very sensible tip: Do not try to water Ski in choppie seas!
Woke up this morning feeling like I had done ten rounds with Mike Tyson, Ouuucch!
The weather was ok, but the price of fish and chips in those sea-side shops!! Can't really complain as we stayed at a friends house so no accommodation charges.
I will check back in later.

Eddie Africa 8-28-2001 10:57

Hi all!

Anita, I'm writing a novel, kinda science fiction but not really. I dabble in short stories and poetry, but not regularly.

Hallee, the party was good! It didn't go late. I guess my friends just aren't party animals. But I had about thirty people over for a BBQ, lots of cake and good food, and friendship! All that's left is the Big Jump, hopefully this coming weekend or the next, depending on the weather.

Taylor, go for it! Just remember, you don't need to worry about rules/expectations/boundaries on shorty night. Length is the only restriction, and even that is mallable.

Off to work now. Holiday is over. (sigh) :-(

Tina 8-28-2001 10:49

ROSEMARY: Yay! I'm so glad you got rain. I kept blowing your direction, but I guess I'm a little short winded. (har har).

ANITA: I write romances.

TINA: How was the birthday?

JERRY: I was going to say something about going back in time and erasing all of the handguns people now own, but you beat me to it, so I'll leave it there. I will say I prefer my little lightweight .22 rifle. It's made of plastic, easy to handle, and I'm a much better shot with it than a pistol.

T.O.M.: Howdy. :)

TEEEEKAAAY: Where are you? (said in a sing-song, calling voice.)

DEBRA: You're a good mom. ((hug))

MARY: Aww (I'll admit I laughed - does that make me a bad friend?)

MEL: Howdy. I love reading your posts.

CHRISTY: Hope you're feeling better.

Okay - I think that about catches me up.

Have a great day, all!

Hallee 8-28-2001 3:24

OK...I'll write as where I wanna be and what I wannd do in say 10 yrs or so

taylor 8-28-2001 3:22

Taylor: Take what I wrote as it stands. Why limit yourself? Society does a pretty good job already. Oh, for ($&%)&*$% sakes! Is the whole room tilting?

Heather 8-28-2001 3:17

Pardons and sloppy grinning: That link was purely radical blarney, and didn't show up anyway. Here's to fictional links, Mary! *clinking glasses*

Heather 8-28-2001 3:16

just thinking about future, my future

damn there are so many things I wanna do, but wont be able to do them all...does the future shortie have to be based on reality or just dreams

taylor 8-28-2001 3:15

Post script, addendum, whathaveyou, forgotten note:

Jerry, to be a political commentator/writer, wouldn't it be in the best interest of the publication to have the opinions expressed be of a wide-angled view? To take both sides (or however many there are at the time to choose from) and weigh them each, scrutunizing with the same careful eye? I realize many political commentators lean distinctively one way or another, but is that really the best way to decide whom is ultimately correct? Oh, wait, I forgot! They're politicians. None of them are 100% correct. Ooops, I'm slanting again.

Heather Link 8-28-2001 3:14

Taylor - nothing is impossible, and, depending on how you broach the topic, you may or may not require a lead-in. Think BOUNDLESS here. SKY, FUTURE, TOMORROW, POSSIBILITY - aren't they synonomous?

AWKWARD - yes, T.O.M., yes. 'AWKWARD' is sticklish to say, never appears to be spelled correctly, and it stumbles down the ear-pipes to boot - so is representative of the meaning itself in more ways than one! And that's exactly what those English-language inventors intended, t'ain't it? Perhaps it is really derived from Latin or French? Maybe we could change the spelling to 'ackvaard' just to be squirrely, and sound remotely Germanic. Though in the German language, it's the W that is pronounced as a V.
Therefore, the VW us really Vuh-Vuh. Vuh-vuh-vuh VROOM!

And yes, I did intend fully to invent the word sticklish. It sounds rather stuck up and well, silly.

Though, speaking of onomatopaea[sic, too tired to look up the speeeeling] it makes perfect sense. However, this does not discount the fact that a tree does not look or sound remotely like the word. Neither does a railing, a bird, or for that matter, people. Though Homer Simpson is accurate enough. Ever notice that some fictional badguys have last names (or first) that are subtly repulsive? Okay, some not so subtle.
The 'B' in subtle is very subtle when said. So subtle, indeed, we usually skip over the B entirely. Ha ha, caught you!

Admit it!

Signing off, since I am no longer mad at the world, or smallish portions therein.

Just checking to see if you were paying attention.


Thanks, Anita. Knew it!

Heather 8-28-2001 3:08

Shortie night theme...The future

A little impossible to write about, need the whole lead up

taylor 8-28-2001 1:30

Should you be interested, I have placed a link below to my web page, it is rather old now, but contains some of my short stories.

Jerry My short stories. 8-28-2001 0:54

Old age. What a topic, something we can all look forward to, some of us are closer then others to that point in life. I have started a little shorty, and this one will be short even for me.

Jerry 8-28-2001 0:48

Anita - I write short stories. Haven't sold any, haven't really tried either. I just like to write them. The only ones who read them are here at the notebook, and my family. I have shared a few with friends, some of who now believe that in addition to my physical disability, I also have some sort of mental disability. My biggest fans are my daughter, my niece and my sister. I thought for a long time that my wife ignored what I write, and never wanted to confront her about it, as way back when we wed, she was a poet and I rarely ever read her poems. I have just found, however that she does read my work, just doesn't comment on it. The other day when we were at mom's playing cards, my niece commented on how much she enjoyed my shorty from last Thursday (I copied it and pasted it in an email for them), my wife popped up and asked me why I haven't left her copy on the table as I have been. Well you could have knocked me over with a sand flea. I usually print out my work, and put it on the table, with full intentions of filing it away. Usually I get off on a different tangent, and it stays there for several days. Seems she has been picking them up and reading them all. Now I will print her out a copy too from now on. Oh and by the way, she says she enjoys my work, that was nice to hear.

All - sorry about my ranting on gun ownership, I am aware that many of you feel strongly about this issue, I shall try and stay away from any more comment on the subject.

Jerry 8-28-2001 0:30

Oh yeah, and it wasn't the parallel bars, it was the uneven bars. Very much higher.

m 8-27-2001 23:27

Every time I think I am being clever I do something really boneheaded to remind me of what a total geek I was in high school. Like that time the phys-ed instructor had to call the art teacher into the gym to help pry my fingers off the parallel bars. Oh yeah, I was stuck way up there and frozen stiff. I must say though, gym teachers never forced me to do anything gymnastic again. Hehe.

Mary 8-27-2001 23:24

Ok folks. Shortie night theme, huh? Ummmmmm.....

Ok,ok...this is a good one:


Take this as you will. Write a shortie on what you think it will be like, what it will have in store for you, where you think you will be in your life or whatever inspires you. There is no time in particular...future could be tomorrow or 2084. Good luck and I hope we have a banner week.

ANITA: C'mon girlie, show us what you've got. ;-) Welcome and please note that we are very casual about shortie night. (Thursday, by the way)

PS: This link is fictitious, and quite clever I think. ;-)

Shortie Night Mistress 8-27-2001 23:20

I'm back again, obviously showing signs of addiction. Sorry to ask, but rather than back track through the archives to see what you all like to write would you mind just saying it one more time???

And now, I'll try not to come back until tomorrow. :-)

Anita 8-27-2001 23:19

I'm sorry, it was Mel I was meant to be responding to and not Hallee, but thanks for the welcome Hallee. :-)

Rhoda, it seemed really funny to be referred to as another personality, but I guess that's what we all are isn't it?
Your words made me feel a bit like an ethereal spirit with no substance, just flitting about the place. A personality, no body, just an essence. I think that's pretty cool. :-)

Anita 8-27-2001 23:00

Hello everybody.

Heather your list was really funny. I'm pretty sure I'll be an addictee pretty soon if I'm not already.

It's rather awkward (speaking oh which T.O.M, I don't think it's an example of onomatopeoa sp????)trying to keep track of all these posts and remembering who wrote what, but I think it was you Hallee, please forgive me if it isn't I should have written down who I wanted to reply to first.
You asked what I liked to write and the answer to that is poetry. I think the great thing about poetry is that there are no rules. It's like sculpture where beauty is in the eye of the beholder, where a twisted piece of tin with bullet holes through it can be considered a work of art,a product of a creative imagination, a thing of beauty and worth.
That's probably a cop out due to a fear of failure or something, but if there aren't any rules, well then, you can't do anything wrong, right?

The writer's Lonliness:

Can you hear it?
It's calling out my name?

Can you see it?
It's come for me again.

Can you sense it?
It's tugging at my mind.

How could you understand?
For you are not my kind.

Rhoda and Jerry and all, thankyou so much for your welcome, and Heather you are right, I couldn't wait to get back here to see what the latest posts were.

Until tomorrow.

Anita 8-27-2001 22:53

Evening all, Warrior and Pacifist alike,

We're finally getting some rain in the S.A. area. Varies from three inches to nothing. We got almost 1/10 inch yesterday and 6/10 inch today. That's the most we've had in about four months. I don't know if you need it, but the charts didn't look like its coming your way.

PublishAmerica sent out the letters for Mary Lou's mailing list. The first she knew about it was when I showed her my copy of it. She had to email them to find out what was going on. They said the book was in the cover art dept now.
Didn't say anything about the letters. They don't tend to answer direct questions. She's/I'm worried that her friends will order the book now and it won't come for weeks and weeks. Does this sound like your experience?

I got a horrendes scare today. Some of the chickens, ducks and one of the geese are beginning to eat out of my hand. The goose is painful but he is so pleading. His beak is not sharp but the edges are serated. Gives my fingers a good scrape. I digress....I was sitting in a lawn chair waiting for the horse tanks to fill and handing out the last bits of bread. One of the guinnies(sp.I looked it up and couldn't find it.) got all brave and helped herself from my hand. About then, the water topped off and I got up and stepped toward the tank. I accidentally stepped on the guinny's foot and the most horrible screech almost knocked me over. I think my heart stopped for a minute. You have not lived until an irate guinny screams at you close up.
Maybe some one else can explain their voices to those who are not acquainted with this bird. We have three of them and that is plenty. ;-P

What is your inspiration for this week's SHORTY????? Hummmm? I didn't try romance. Tend to avoid it like the pleague.
Take it easy all but write your fingers raw.

Don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but super glad to hear from you. Sorry you're sick but glad it's just flu.
Gone for sure now.

Rosemary 8-27-2001 22:15

T.O.M - I would suggest to prove your point correct, you try the following:
Find a shotgun, or say a two by four, cut it to the length of a typical shotgun, say 48 Inches (That's the length of the one I have in my gun cabnit). Now turn off all your lights in your house. Now act as you would should you hear a burgler, leaving the lights out, try and make your way from your bedroom to the kitchen carrying that two by four and you must keep it pointed away from you, paralell to the floor, in case the prowler meets you somewhere on your trek. Now, return to your bedroom, and grab something say eight and a half inches long (My .32ACP) and make the same trip. Now decide which you would rather have in your hand for the trip.

Jerry 8-27-2001 21:04

T.O.M - Well I guess we must then agree to disagree. You surely have a right to your belief, and far be it from me to try and change your mind. I assure you you shall never change mine. It is my belief that every my should have the right to carry concealed on his body, a handgun, (Those who are not criminals, or mental defectives). If you think about it, there are all ready millions of handguns in circulation in this society. Now if we could go back to the founding of this great nation, and insure that absolutely no body has ever owned, or will own a handgun, then I would agree with you, only those who are paid to kill should have them. There is however, no chance of ever doing that, and to pass new laws banning such ownership would just create a new class of criminal, those who choose to protect themselves. If you think about it, should every person who is not a felon, or mental defective carry a handgun, then wouldn't that mugger in the alley in New York City, or Chicago think twice before he went after your wallet? Wouldn't that idiot who would force your door open at 2:00 AM think twice before he made that first kick? Now I advocate safe firearm ownership. Guns should be stored so as not to be available to children, and children should be taught at an early age exactly what kind of damage a gun will do to a living thing. My kids learned this by accompanying me on my hunts, and viewing the carcass during the butchering. Personally, I keep all my firearms under lock and key, with the ammunition in a different location under lock and key. I do, however live in a very safe city, where the last murder took place nearly ten years ago, and that one was out in the country, not in town. The last murder here in town was a middle aged slightly retarded lady who murdered her 89 year old husband, simply because she had been married to him from the time he was 60 and she 21, and he refused to die. She only married him because he was an elderly farmer with money, and he just wouldn't die. She had been married to him several times, and divorced several times, as he her twin sister. They just got tired of waiting, so they held a pillow over his head till he stopped breathing. Well the death was ruled accidental, and since the coroner here is the Sheriff, and has absolutely no medical training, it would have been left that way, had the lady not been arrested a few weeks later when she was involved in rustling sheep. She was sentenced to six months in jail, and while in jail bragged to her cell mate about murdering her husband. Her cell mate, wanting to get out early told authorities, the body was dug up and an autopsy done, leading to her conviction. Her twin sister was found to be too retarded to be charged, and was set free, but the murder is now doing live without parole in the State Pen. Before that, nobody can remember the last murder here. Other crimes are also rare, as there just aren't all that many people around here, and most are good salt of the earth northern European farmers kids, who value their peace and simply wouldn't think of harming another.

Jerry Ericsson 8-27-2001 16:26

Greetings and felicitations,

Rhoda, I hold no grudge for those who hunt and I understand the absolute need for it so that we are not overrun by wildlife. Interesting how modern life and lild life don't get along too well, huh?

Jerry, Yes, I am absolutely saying that handguns have no place in ANY society. Define "handgun": Small, conceilable and deadly weapon that can be used from a distance that was designed and redesigned to kill human beings. Unless one is hunting bear or some other large and visious animal, a handgun has a single purpose; to kill me.
Yes, we've heard the proponents of firearms speak about home defense, but could the task still be accomplished without a small weapon? Does not the advantage go to the prepared homeowner who knows the layout and has a shotgun? (Shotguns are multi-purpose weapons, are large enough to be tough to hide under a jacket and are noisy)
I respect the notion (2nd amendment) that we should defend ourselves against the bad guys, but with that in mind let me say that I would gladly un-ring the handgun bell and ban them entirely. The only people who should have such things are those that society trusts to kill people for them.
To give up a "wrong" right for the good of all is the gaining of a freedom.

Thought for the day...Is the word "awkward" an example of onomatopoeia?

Take care, T.O.M.

The Old Man 8-27-2001 13:09



8-27-2001 12:58


Actually we have a similiar commercial but they are singing
"It's the most wonderful time of the year"

It sounds like Christmas.

And yes, I love that one too.

I do I do.

You know what. It is the most wonderful time of the year, because we are not putting them to bed earlier calling it retraining their brain to get up earlier. They start this week.

My dream writing job would be to explore my world and create fiction stories from my experiences.

At this time I only have my mind to explore. I'm too busy being a mom. My kids like all kids need to see my face. That's the most important thing to a kid.

Soon though, I will have more freedom. In the next five or six years I think. It's really not that long.

Debra 8-27-2001 12:58


So glad to see another new personality. HEATHER and JERRY are absolutely right about the Notebook addiction.

Must run. I have some reading to do.

Rhoda 8-27-2001 11:54

Dream writing job - I have always wanted someplace to express myself. A syndicated column dealing with politics would be right up my line.

Jerry 8-27-2001 11:16

Calling all poets... ( is having a poetry contest. This is a legitimate contest. Free to enter. Three poems and poets will be chosen for posting to site. The winner will receive a copy of D.E. Williams' book "Imperfect Logic". Our judge is a published poet himself (Russell Hultgren) who has also contributed an excellent article on "impure poetry" to our site.

"The poetry of D.E. Williams is a lean animal on the prowl. Experimental, innovative, and concise writing are seen from this poet. Williams draws the reader in and catapults them through the ride."

--B. S. Allen, poet, editor

The contest runs through September 25th. Poets will be notified by e-mail of receipt of submission. Winners will also be notified by e-mail. Please visit the site for details. Winners of the previous contest will be notified shortly. Also, find out how you can turn your life into a book. Thank you.

Emma 8-27-2001 11:14

Hi all!

Anita welcome! It's always excellent to check in and find someone new here. I found this place over a year ago, and it has kept me inspired, improved my writing, and also become an emotional harbour full of good friends.
What do you write? Shorties, novels, poems...? Can't wait to see :-)

Heather, good list. My addition...
* You routinely boil the kettle dry, because you get too involved with the NB and completely forget about it.
* You constantly make references to people and stories on the NB while talking with family and friends.

Jerry, I have to wait until 75 to be an adult? Sounds good! I've always believed that age is in your body, but maturity is in your head! hehehe

My dream writing job would be to write about science and astronomy and new technology, for a laymans magazine like 'Discover' or 'Popular Science', or to write science-related books that excite regular people about the amasing things being discovered and learned. (A la Carl Sagan or Kim Stanley Robinson or Terence Dickinson) But I'll settle for being paid to write things I'm passionate about :-D

Today is the last day of my holiday. Pooey. I think that the beach, the garden, and writing will be the perfect way to spend the day.

Tina 8-27-2001 10:45

Yep, just reading it, although writing one is a good idea, the wife keeps after me to write something longer, all she ever reads are my shorty's that I post here, and the occasional short story that pop's from my head into the computer when the time is right.

Jerry 8-27-2001 10:27

Well, once more into the breach. I found another instance of errant javascript. Did a complete search of the Notebook to make sure there was no other errant code sitting around to trip anybody up. Check it out and let me know, preferably off line.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-27-2001 10:15

I'm just gonna let those typos go...attack me if ya wanna - they are rather silly. :-)

Mel 8-27-2001 8:55


Hi all. A dreary sky this morn, my eyelids droop empathically...Could be my husband's sleeping woes, or lack of sleep thereof - apnea? allergies? nerves? all the afore mentioned? He may have to go to a sleep clinic to learn what's causing his breathing-interruption problems at night. Anyone inclined to prayer for him, thanks in advance. He could use some help in any form.

TAYLOR: SCHOOL Librarian?! :-) Hiya, fellow Keeper-of-the-books! A poem for the occasion, written by an unknown author:

I am the Library.
I am neither walls nor shelves
nor even the books that stand in rows.
I am the wisdom of the universe,
captured and arranged for you.
I am the Open Door.

I may have remembered the ending wrong, but it's close. I just love the poem anyway! re: dream writing job - somewhere, there is an attic writing room with a view of a lake, meadow, forest and distant mountains; solitude, pens and paper and a pc there have my name on them; I'm my own boss, and no other job is needed...sigh. I think I have to sell a bestseller first to earn the money to own such a dream place for writing...sigh.

JERRY: Oh, you MUST write the uncle Clarence tales, even if it hurts! What a character!!! And poor you for having to put up with him for a time. Um, BTW, that novel you're half through - I assume, as Heather, you're READING it and not WRITING it? CLARIFY!!! :-)

DEBRA: I love the commercial where the grinning father is pushing a shopping cart through the store (STAPLES?), gleefully gathering school supplies, kicking up his heels and singing "Happy Days Are Here Again!" Heeeeeeeee - yeah! Bring 'em on!! :-)

TINA: Addictive games are, I've decided, necessary diversions once in a great while. Yes, you'll be buried with them for days, but they SO inspire and renew you, it's worth the mental vacation. So, enjoy! :-) Set yourself a timer, if you need one (Game one hour, timer says DING! Write for an hour...etc.) Make your muse sit on the timer - she won't let you play too long (I hope!). BTW, how come you had to clean up after your own party? Couldn't the guests have helped, before they left? (Ha! yeah, right!!)

RHODA: I like Free Cell Solitaire for a few minutes of grueling, all-worry-erasing, totally absorbing fun. :-)

ANITA: Hi! and Welcome! :-) Nice poetry. Do you write other formats too? Favorite genres? Come on - I'll talk writing all you want; I haven't any cows to wait for - heh heh! I too have little-to-none other than NB friends with whom to discuss the writing life. I think writers "finger the pulse" all the time - and then the imagination goes crazy, scrambling through all the word-possibilities, not so much an effort to choose WHAT to say but HOW to say it, that was clear as mud...I better go feel that "pulse' again...! :-)

HEATHER: Loved your NB-er list - heee! SO TRUE!!! BTW, what kind of fondue (your last word)?

You know you're a full-fledged Nb-er when:

-your spouse pouts because he/she hasn't seen you in hours because you were on the NB!

-you feel unfulfilled if you haven't posted a shortie for the week! (Um, my unposted romance shortie is niggling my brain - will have to post soon, very late, or my muse will duct tape ME to the mirror and my mirror won't hold put up with such nonsense!)

Write well today, my word-chasing cronies! ;-]

Mel 8-27-2001 8:51

JACK: I retract the "fixed" part of my previous post. It's still doing it. It just didn't when I refreshed the page earlier. I guess that means it's halfway fixed?

Hallee 8-27-2001 5:03

Howdy all.

HEATHER!: ((hug)) Welcome home!

ANITA: Hi there. Welcome to our little corner of the net.

JACK: Yup - all fixed.

JERRY: The age of adultry is moved to 60 years? Does that mean we're free to "play" until we're 60? Hahaha - I had to read and re-read that paragraph. Go read it yourself - it's funny.

I'm a working mother/wife. My list of what I've been is too extensive and thought provoking to get into. (Because lazy would be at the top of the list - haha)

Okay - I've spent an hour catching up my email and everything else, and nothing on the novel has been written. (sigh) Off to it, all. Have a wonderful Monday.

Hallee 8-27-2001 5:02

Howdy folks

Whats everyones idea of a dream writing job...Apart from their novels and stories, who would you like to write for

Me it would be a writer for wrestling, or a paranormal magazine

taylor 8-27-2001 4:19


And here it is: 8-27-2001 3:55

Last word!

Heather 8-27-2001 3:52

Hi Anita! Welcome to the Notebook. Since you must have pulled up a chair to read this, get comfortable!

As you have been warned already, I don't need to re-warn about the nature of your new-found notebook addiction (I know you're dying to check back in and see what's been written since you've left your message!), but there are some dimensions worth mentioning:

You know you're a full-fledged notebooker when:

* You can't sleep until you've had the last word;

* You begin thinking in emoticon, or worse, smiling on a slant :o)

* Every time you get up to pee, refill your coffee, or spank the dog off your leg you imagine your actions written between two asterisks (*pauses to swipe a spider from draperies and scream*)

* You can't imagine, or remember for that matter, what the rest of the house looks like - your head is constantly facing the computer and fifty percent of the time, it's on this web page

* Friends whom you have actually met are trying to call all week but your line is busy

* You've been checking the mailbox (in your purple terry robe) for parcels from NY, BC or Australia;

* You have the customary nail with rejection slips on it and proudly show it to all of your family, and take pictures of it for Mary to post on the web

* Most of your email 'contacts' also haunt the NB

* You stop trying to explain what short shortie night is and just hand over a copy of last Thursday's piece.

* You post links on the NB to cool webpages, and also email the link to the same people (Howard!:o)

* You find a strange release in carrying on conversations with two cats from Portugal, or get into hissy fits with a fictional character named Ima

* You make infuriatingly long bullet lists just like this to amuse yourself when you should be writing on your _______(novel, short story, article, memoir, etc...)

You know, this sunburn isn't so bad. I've had far crispier versions, and this is turning into a healthy glowing tan very quickly. Must have been the light tanning I had from.... my husband! (KIDDING) No, from the beginning of the summer! The only thing still rather red is the tip of my nose - figures. My nose will be all that peels - but for the duration it won't be pretty.

Which reminds me, I still have to send you some pics Mary!
(The bold and the beastly) :-O

Jerry - had me going there for a minute - thought you meant that you'd written half a book already! Sheeesh!
What's holding you back from writing about that evil yuck of a man? Perhaps one more for P** is in order with a little imagination?! If you're ready to delve into it, that is.

Ta ta for tonight folks!

Oh, and feel free to add to the 'you know you're a full fledged Notebooker when' list. I know I've missed a caboodle of things. That might be another sign I'm an NBer with no hope for a cure!


Heather 8-27-2001 3:49

Side note - I started on a novel yesterday, about half way through, going great. The story of a soviet spy from recruitment to death, should make for good post cold war reading.

Jerry 8-27-2001 0:04

Anita, welcome. It is always wonderful to have a new writer amongst us, but be warned, this notebook is terriably addicting, it is much like the song about the Hotel California, you can check in any time you want, but you can never leave.

Tina, I forgot to mention, I was at mom's today for our weekly pinochle game, now she is 75, and just now thinking about growing up and being an adult. See how much longer you can be a kid. (of course she says it is her second childhood)

Jerry 8-26-2001 23:44

Hi everybody,
I've just discovered this place and it's wonderful. I've been looking for writer's sites on the web and what I've come across has seemed so cold. I love this noteboard idea where we can chat back and forth, I've not seen another place with such a thing.

Anyway, I know you all from reading your posts (and peeking through your windows heh heh) and hope that you'll get to know me. I feel a bit of an outsider at the moment, but hopefully that feeling won't last for long.

Enough about me, now about writing. I love writing!!! Writing and reading. So you can't imagine how happy I am to find this place. I could talk about writing until the cows come home, but sometimes it seems there's only so much one can say and the rest is indefinable. An intangible feeling that one simply can't put into words.

I know it seems a strange thing for somebody who loves to write to say, afterall, shouldn't a good writer be able to put their finger on the pulse? To be able to put emotion into words? To be able to round up the passion, the desire and the aching need and sum them up nicely with a bunch of letters?
I guess, and maybe that's what we all strive to do, what brings us all here together. People from all over the world, drawn together through all our differences and distances to share this common interest. Wow, what a buzz, thank goodness for the internet, because there isn't one person I know personally who shares the love of writing with me.

Sorry, now I'm babbling, but it's just the thrill of finding this place. I want to get myself out in the open so that I'm no longer a stranger.

Sometimes a glimpse
of another life
another time
A yearning
to capture
the longing in my soul
so I can come home again.

Well, that's it from me. I don't want you all to think I'm a space hog, so I'm going to go now.
Until tomorrow my new found friends.

Anita 8-26-2001 23:39

OK: One person pointed out the line number. Not sure if someone else dropped in a javascript coding or if it was somehow dropped in by the server by mistake. But it should be cleared up now. All that was in the javascript brackets was a br tag. Nothing that would bother anything, except to throw up an error message for certain people. Hope this solves the problem.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-26-2001 22:37


For me, the game is Spider Solitaire--a highly addicting and frustrating game.

Rhoda 8-26-2001 21:51

Tina, haven't you heard? They moved that age of adultry to 60. I am so relieved, having just turned 50 myself, I know I can still be a kid for ten wonderful years!!

(Adulthood) (Adultness) (Quasiadult) (Mesoadult) (Comming of age)

Jerry 8-26-2001 20:32

I have been getting word of a possible scripting error, but not sure what is causing it since all attempts to check the page with IE, Netscape or Opera all do not create the scripting error. So, whoever is having this problem could you let me know privately what platform and what browser you are using so I can potentially run down what the difficulty is.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-26-2001 18:31

Hi all!

Okay, I'm officially an adult now. hehe I now have the obligatory '30 something' t-shirt now. That makes it true, I guess.

I haven't gone skydiving yet. Next weekend, if the weather is good. Every time I think about it, I get this nervous, excited thrill up my spine. I can't wait! I've wanted to do this for ten years, at least.

Something happened two days ago that might change my life, at least in the short-term. I discovered 'Age of Empires'. What a horribly addictive game! If you've never played it, don't start or you will think about it all day and dream about it all night. Especially if you already have a penchant for creating worlds, like I do. The problem is, I should be writing but I keep ending up playing the game. bad Tina! bad bad bad!

Viv, that sounds like a blast! I'd best not tell my husband what your plans are, or you might suddenly acquire houseguests. Kayaking to beaches in Thailand... I'm green with envy. We've always wanted to go to Thailand and climb the cliffs along those gorgeous beaches. Lucky you!

Taylor, no, I'd say that all my characters start out fresh in my brain. I've played the game of 'who would I choose to portray my characters in a movie', and have a few in mind. But they always start out as themselves, first, and grow from there.

Well, I gotta go clean up the mess from my party last night. Much fun was had, much food was eaten, much mess was made. TTFN!

Tina 8-26-2001 11:16


Heh heh indeeed!

I can't wait until they go to bed early and leave me my usual amount of me time again.

Yes indeed.

I am glad that they had a nice summer.

Yeah right!

No I am.

I need some rest.

Debra 8-26-2001 0:05

Sunburn, OW - I recall years and years ago, 1970 it was, we were in training at Fort Leonard wood Mo, one of my buddies signed up for adventure training. Now it sounded like a great idea, he was bussed up to the Lake of the Ozarks, where he went afloat on a rubber mattress. Well he fell asleep, and when he awoke, he was redder then an East Coast Lobster fresh out of the pot. He returned to the company, and lay on his bunk, on his belly and moaned and groaned for the best part of Sunday. Well old Runnin' Bear, our Drill Instructor came in Monday morning, and saw this fellow still laying on his bunk. Being the kind and understanding person that DI's are noted for, he ordered him on his feet. Put him in the front leaning rest position and had him do twenty quick push ups. Then the caring individual he was, ordered him to report to the Orderly Room, where he was promptly given an Article 15 for intentional damage to government property, then sent on sick call.

That job as an out-house hole digger, I came by that one when I was enslaved to my Uncle Clarence. Now Clarence, God rest his evil soul, was about the meanest SOB that ever walked the tall grass prairie of North Dakota. I worked for him for several summers, and this one year, he needed a new hole for the out house. Well it was me or this other hired kid, and since I was the tallest, he determined that I could dig a deeper hole, and not need help out of it when I needed a drink or anything. So dig I did, took me the best part of a day, but I got him his hole, it had to be precisely six feet deep, and the rest of the size was ordered, but I can't recall the dimensions. At any rate, when he saw what a good job I did, he decided that he was on to something. He took of the next day and drove all over the neighborhood, advertising that his hired kid could dig a great out house hole, and he would only charge them the ten dollars a day that he paid me. Well he didn't pay me ten bucks a day, it was five, and then only for a FULL day, dawn to dusk of work. I spent the better part of the next week and a half digging out house holes for most of his neighbors! Oh the stories I could tell about old Clarence, that one eyed unshaven bald headed little troll. Regrettably, space prohibits such a tale, maybe one day I will write a short book about my adventures at Clarence's place, how he would give us beer while we were driving his tractors, just to make sure we didn't get overheated don't you know, and we being only thirteen years old. I could tell the tale of his coming home drunk one night, and telling his wife that "the kids were in a hell of a wreck, killed both of them!" Well he was talking about his own kids, and it was all a lie, after his poor wife wept and carried on for a couple of hours, he started laughing and told her it was all a joke! Or I could tell the tale of his finding one of the sheep on his farm dead, and feeling to see if there was any heat in the body. Finding it warmer then the ground, he proceeded to butcher the carcass, and we ate from the carrion that night for supper. Oh there are a million Clarence stories in my memories, some day; some day...

Jerry 8-25-2001 23:51


my list

School Librarian
Forevermore a student
a listener
Karaoke singer
Actor(on stage, not professional)

taylor 8-25-2001 23:26


Unfortunately two finger pushups is out of reach at the moment, I hate pushups, cant even do 1 proper one yet...But still working on it

Taylor 8-25-2001 23:12


Hi y'all! Had a very busy Saturday here at home. No writing time but I plan to make up for that tomorrow.

ED: I too loved the teenager line from the Apes movie -so true, so true! Nice resume of diverse roles you've had. :-)
Here's a short list for me (too tired tonite to think of more):

I've been:
bullied and mended
in love and then spurned
office organizer
account clerker
volunteer worker
peace-loving fighter
best of all loved
as a wife and mother
as a child of God, my Savior-no other.

SKS: I LOVE sock monkeys! :-) Had one as a kid - must be in a box now somewhere in my parents' house. Nice website! :-)

ROSEMARY: Glad you were careful unloading with that knee!

TINA: You forgot "a skydiver!" Or did you chicken out? heh heh, yeah right! How did the experience feel? Asking as one who will never dare it for myself!!!

DEBRA: Ah yes, Summer sleepovers... "Mom, can my buddy stay overnight?" "Sure." "Mom, can I stay over at my buddy's house?" "I guess." "Mom, can..." "NO!!!" Time to return to advanced school conditioning, (translates to earlier bedtimes for all students,heh heh!! )

JERRY! What a list! Of all you've been, "Cow boy" seems, somehow, outstanding in its field (heh heh) - ooh, that pun hurt. Digging out-house holes plain stinks! Phew!

CHRISTI! Glad you're back and feeling better. Uhh, do we want to guess why you have paint cans on your desk? Hmm, maybe not. (((HUG))) back, sweetie - Hey, you missed Romance shortie nite - so did I - shall we enter a couple late ones?

TAYLOR: Think healthy thoughts now, y'know 2-finger push-ups kind-of-stuff! :-) re: characters - sometimes it's fun to attach characters to actors in preparation for the great day when your story becomes a movie and you'll have the cast all lined up - heh heh! Mostly, my characters come from unknown places - they don't look like anyone I know, onscreen or off.

HEATHER: Glad you had an inspiring trip, even if you did cook yourself! :-o

VIV: Kayaking sounds fun - maybe someday...

I think I better toddle off to bed. The eyes are blearifying...g'nite. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mel 8-25-2001 22:19

Hi All:
Glad to have you back Heather. Sorry about your sunburn. Have you tried a vinegar bath? I hear it stings but takes the fire out. I never did it because I heard it this summer but have yet to burn. I'll try to do that today on the bicycle rally. Hey, a package coming your way...Mr. Bill and a tiny omiagi. Watch out because here goes Mr. Bill. I'm also sending you a picture of what Mr. Bill looked like when he came! Ohhhhh no! Mr. Bill! I have to somehow slow down his voice and lower it on the video so my students can understand him. Like me...he talks too fast!

I went Kayaking for my first time yesterday. Our family rented Kayaks and went over to the pond next to the rental center for "instruction". It seemed pretty self explanitory which means the instruction was very good! What was funny was the dirty little pond where I collect crawdads became a completely different place from the perspective of a kayak.

Jack & Mary: I got the winap to work! It's really nice. Now if I can figure out how to get it to a site. Wow! I'm learning sooo much about teaching using an internet site. It's really something the things you can do. Feel like my head is going to explode, and my eyeballs are fried but it's worth it.

Jack: I'm going to try out Sea Kayaking next weekend off Izu. Have you ever tried this? I'm taking my snorkle and mask so I can see what's under me during a roll over. I don't know if I'll use the snorkle but I'll sure enjoy the mask. I'd hate to miss something because I couldn't see it. What I'm looking for is a way to access different beaches in Thailand, just across from my favorite place on Koh Chang. There's a string of little islands poke-a-dotting the water. All of them look interesting, but it's just a tad too far to swim safely.

Viv 8-25-2001 21:28

Ah. Back in the chair again, (akin to being back in the saddle, I am guessing). Hello all of my friends!
I have missed you mightily while away in the sand land of Lake Erie. I brought enough home in my bathing suit to build a small castle and ramparts, my kids splash enough water out of the tub for a decent sized moat.

And, I should warn all of you now;
I'm crab-red and liking it anyway. Yeah, the wind was balmy, and I was roasting, although I did not realize to what DEGREE until nightfall. Ack, my family said I looked a little 'red'. I thought they meant the highlights in my hair. ;o)

I dreamed a novel last night, on the last night of my holiday. Actually, it could be a series from the looks of things. All I needed was to write down one of the lead character's names and I can remember it all, clear as a diamond. Malec. Or Mallec, or perhaps I'll spell it Maleck. (Malleck?) Pronounced with the same emphasis on the A, like 'Alec'. Anyhow, I suppose this new idea would be best categorized as fantasy.
BUT I have also come up with another few scenes for Symphony, so I've yet to type them out. Shortly! I will tonight. Hopefully, I will have a total of at least ten pages, to make up for this week of lazing about in the sun, on the breezy beach, collecting large rocks for my rock garden. Oh, it was heaven bottled up on one small beach, it was. Messages? I think I received them last night.
So, on my down time from other writing escapades, I will begin writing down character names, traits, and other smallish points to keep the dream clear in my mind until I can pursue them in writing.

Ah, hope all has been fair and prolific for all of you while I was away!

Kisses and hugs to all and to all

a wonderful... uh,
whatever you wish!

Heather 8-25-2001 20:05


Aobh and Stuart here. We would like your input on an idea of ours, if you please ^_^

Personally, the both of us have in the past written fragments of many stories, be they a few lines, a page or even a chapter or two.

However these fragments were never completed due to either running out of creative energy/steam or because of doubts about the plot/characters. Maybe you had doubts about your own ability/ talent and you felt your fragments weren't good enough/ suitable for others to read.

You may have such pieces of writing yourself, and like us, are unsure what to do with them.

We have hit upon the idea of gathering such fragments from varying genres and peoples, and arranging them in a quarterly e-publication.

We wish to provide an online environment where anybody with the merest interest in writing can, quite literally, hang out on the page, conversing with like minded people around the globe, and not to pay a penny for it.

Basically we are suggesting a free quarterly e-publication for download of yours and our fragments, along with a supporting website, which would contain journals, message forums and a plethora of related links.

We feel that this publication will give you the opportunity to showcase these fragments to a much wider audience, with the added bonus of feedback and critique. In some cases this may prompt you to continue writing but also would allow publication of fragments not otherwise considered suitable for general release.

You have the option of being an anonymous contributer should you wish, all the while bearing in mind that this is a free service provided by us for everybodys benefit.

What we are looking for from you all are suggestions or ideas about this venture. If you have anything at all to say about it, even just to pledge your support, please contact us both at

Aobh and Stuart.

Aobh&Stuart 8-25-2001 19:26

I have just ordered SHADOWS. I can't wait to get it.

Rhoda 8-25-2001 11:48


Jerry: It sounds as if you done about everything

Saw planet of the apes as well...Thought it quite funny

This week things haven't gone that well for me...After a couple of months of trying not to get the flu...I have got it...Unfortunately with larangitis as well, not too good for a karaoke singer

Still writing on...Felt like dropping in to see how well everybody is

ps: when people here write stories, when they write characters do they sometimes write them with someone in mind, like an actor or something

taylor 8-25-2001 11:40

Anyone else here getting emails from a site called

Mary 8-25-2001 9:25



I Get the picture - Shhheeeesh


Eddie 8-25-2001 6:48

Somebody stop me please!
Continued IV
Worked helping set up circus big tops several years when it came to town
Worked for carnivles when they came to town, helped set up the rides then sold tickets.
Sheep Sheerer
House painter
Garden weeder
mowed lawns
Shovled snow
Shovled wheat
Dug out-house holes
milked cows
butchered chickens
sausage maker
jerkey maker
turkey smoker (Man do you have to have BIG papers for that one!)

Jerry 8-25-2001 0:17

And Mel, here's a hug for thinkin' of me. :) {{{{HUG}}}}

Christi 8-24-2001 22:55

Hulloooooooo, Notebookians!
Yipee! A new list! Hmmmmmmmmm ...

General pain in the ass
Fast food worker
Keyboard player
Hack artist
Pizza slinger
X-ray technician
Phone catalog order taker
Airline reservationist
Retail clothing salesperson
Legend in my own time (HAA!)
Liver of life (most times)

THis list is hardly complete, but as good as I'm likely to produce at the moment. And okay, some of these weren't jobs, but I couldn't resist. And if you work too hard at ANYTHING it does seem to become a job. :)

Brilliant pix, Ed. And it's so nice to see you, I might add.

So glad to see Americo too!

Rosemary, I hear through the grapevine that you were asking after me. Thank you, you big sweetie! I missed you a lot too! :) Picture this. Lone girl/woman (depending on mood) sitting in front of nineteen inch monitor which sits atop a desk fully covered with mail, paint cans and CDs that she can barely see over. She has a great big smile on her face for the first time in days.

Thanks guys. I sure missed you. Been sick, but still wanted to pop in and say howdy.

Teekay and Heather, I owe you mail, girlfriends. Don't get the panties in a bunch, I'll do it tomorrow, promise!

Tina, Thanks for the uplifting emails. I always look forward to opening them.

Welcome back to all the old-schoolers and just plain welcome to any newbies.
Sorry for not reading all the posts. I do have an excuse. My hubby fixed up a hot toddy for my poor throat and it tastes like it has a gallon of brandy in it. I'm 'bout to go nightie nite.

Hugs to one and all,

Christi 8-24-2001 22:54

Continued III
Gun show host
Gun show sales
Made hand made knives to sell at gun show, quit after nearly cutting off one of my fingers.
Served on the West River Housing Council for low income.
Served on drug free schools committee
No damn wonder I am tired!
outdoors man

Jerry 8-24-2001 21:40

Rosemary - dang you just reminded me, when we were kids, this buddy and I used to work for all the moving companies when they loaded out or moved in a family, we also took on the ultimate moving job, we moved an attorney from his ground floor office to an office up three flights of stairs. Now that might not seem to bad, but this fellow had a COMPLETE set of law books, consisting of several hundred volumes of leather bound law books. Now that was a move. But in reality, many of those jobs I held at the same time, so it wasn't all that bad. Job wise, my full time jobs from the time I first enlisted in the Army were either military or police, the rest were supplemental jobs to try and keep our family in shoes and groceries. Besides that, and all the moves we made, I also helped several of my friends when they moved, with the loading and unloading of furniture. No damn wonder I have a bad back.

Jerry 8-24-2001 21:16

The official name, in the employment game, for a person with your work history is "JOB HOPPER" I realize this is not true. That you had long periods of employment in the crime prevention line. It was after the third list of jobs that that label just jumped out at me.

Obviously I lived through the unloading. But I will admit, I only unloaded half the bags instead of two-thirds. That might have done me in.

Rosemary 8-24-2001 20:54

Eddie - on a side note, we (my self and the other Jerry Ericsson) found a third Jerry Ericsson, this one in Sweden, he is a bass player, and has several records out.

Oh forgot
played claranet in the school band

Jerry 8-24-2001 20:26

Continued II
Army Recruiter
Sgt. At Arms local American Legion Post
Flag Bearer at the 1974 Sun Bowl Parade (US Army Flag)
EMT Ambulance Squad Member two different squads
Self Defense Instructor
Furniture Delivery man
Truck Driver (Army)
Infantry man (Old Guard again)
State & Territorial Flag custodian (Old Guard)
Pants Presser at dry cleaners here in town (High School Days)
Cow Boy (Working cattle from horse back at uncle's farm)
Dish Washer at a truck stop
Fry Cook at the same truck stop
There are probably more, but I am getting tired just thinking of all the things I have done in my life.

Jerry 8-24-2001 20:22


Hi I'm here. I've been trying to shop for the kids for school and consolidate our bills on one bill and retrieve all the information that that requires. Also, my kids have inudated me with friends in the house and sleeping them over too. I have been on a tread mill for at least a month.

I see the light at the end.

It's nice you asked.

Debra 8-24-2001 20:05

Theatrical lighting and sound stage specialist
Office manager
Paralegal law clerk for a District Court Judge

Jerry Ericsson 8-24-2001 19:57

Camping- well the campgrounds stay open, however they lock up the showers and rest rooms, and the campground hosts go home. One must self register, and there are no police or anything like that, so almost anything goes off season.

Let me see, what I have been:

grand father
pump jocky
factory worker
soldier again
tv repair man
computer programer
police officer
police sgt.
police Lt.
Assistant Chief of Police twice
Chief of Police twice
president of local Lions Club
President of the Board of Directors for Abused Spouse Prevention Inc.
Member of the Eddy County Child Protection Team
Built Grain Bins
Unloaded Quanset machine sheds
Built Pole Barns
Farm Worker
Custom Bailer
Firearms Deisgner's assistant
Lobbiest for firearms rights (Only one trip to DC as the Rank and File Police officers supporting the 2nd Amendment)
My hobbies include:
Computer Repair
Computer Assembly
Software INstaller
Small appliance repairman (Boy does that not pay!)
janitor for City Hall
Janitor assistant when I was a kid, worked with mom cleaning a laundrymat and bank
Watchman for a car parts thief (Crimes of the children you know)
Officer Bill in several schools (took officer Bill on the road all over southwest ND and northwest SD
Member of LEPSA (Law Enforcement protecting the second ammendment - I was among the first fifty members we founded it in DC following the assault on the Hill)
Ceramonial Soldier (The Old Guard)
Comsec Custodian (Communications Security)
Pole Climber
RTO (Radio Telephone Operator)
INstructor with the 3rd Armored Cav, teaching Communications to trainees
think I am forgetting some stuff, but dinner bell just rang.

Jerry 8-24-2001 19:36

Jerry, why does your camping season end so soon? Just the weather, or do the campsites all close? We'll be camping here until October, at least.

Acch! It can't be fall already! No nonononononono!

Okay, I've had my rant and I'm calm again...

With curiousity I'll offer my list (in no particular order)

A daughter
A wife
A sister
An aunt
A friend
A student
A weeder
A fruit picker
A gardener
An artist
A cook
A salesperson
A writer
A florist
A framer (of pictures)
A student of martial arts
A traveller
A hiker
An amateur astronomer

Okay not as interesting as you Eddie. But my personal river won't let me rest yet! Many more things to come... :-)

Now I must get back to cleaning. TTFN

Tina 8-24-2001 18:49

Hi there,
I tried out the baby site and it is infect-u-was. Absolutely loved it and I tend to avoid kids. I sent the address to a bunch of friends. Thanks a lot.

Some of you may believe that I am feeling better when you hear that I now have 1,000 lbs. of feed in the back of my truck and have to leave now to unload about 2/3 of it.

If I show up in the next couple of days, you'll know I lived through it.

PS. Really great to hear from old (figurative) friends.

Rosemary 8-24-2001 18:44

Sorry you missed your camping weekend. I used to be a dry liner (We call it plaster boarding) I used to make good money at it too. Believe me it is hard work, don't blame your son for that.
Talking about germs in the soil - Foot and mouth in the soil is killed off by ultra violet light. It thrives in overcast and rain. Hog fever loves sunlight, it lies dormant in overcast, cold weather. One for summer and one for winter. Every organism finds its niche.

A thought comes back again!
Does diversity make a writer?
A look back at my life makes me wonder... I have been:

A soldier
A roofer
A carpenter
A taxi driver
A Manager
A project co-ordinator
A bass player in a band
A pop star (minor) (Local)
A lover
A husband
A dad
A grandad
A Student
A Businessman
A web site designer
A tech support op
Unemployable (for the first year after my Northern Ireland Tour)
A truck driver
A factory worker (Ford Motor Company)
A formwork joiner (Concrete construction)
A dad
A son
A singer
A DJ in a rock venue
I have probably missed some out. But you get my drift.
Ok.......Who's next?


Eddie 8-24-2001 17:31

Speaking of reading, you know the wife used to give me particular hell because I would have half read books laying all over the house. She couldn't understand how I could keep all those plots straight. Our entire family are avid readers, but only one book at a time for all but me. I think reading is the ultimate escape, like they used to say about those old radio shows, theatre of the mind. I am leaving this stupid computer in a second and search out one of the many books in my library that I have yet to explore and enjoy.

Eddie - by the sounds of the news, that is what they are doing with the anthrax outbreak. They say that the anthrax organism can live for over a hundred years in the soil where it grew, then because of a flood, or heavy rain, be brought to the surface and infect what ever happens to be in that area at the time. There are many other things like this I guess, I recall a patch of land on my fathers farm, it was fenced off on all four sides, the frame of an old straw shed covered the top, the wire still intact. When I asked dad about it, he explained that it was his old hog pen, but because the hogs all died off from hog cholera, the soil was infected and had to be quarantined. My last visit to the old place show that the fence is now gone, but it hasn't been used as pasture, it is now planted to alfalfa.

Strange thing happened to me today. On a quirk I decided that the computer I use most of the time, the one beside my recliner was a bit slow. Now the computer in the Dining room, the one that hooks up to the internet and forwards that service to all the other computers in the house has a much faster processor. Both computers have the same motherboard, and the processor that resides in my recliner computer came installed in the one in the dining room. So I tore off the cover of both machines, removed the 400 Mhz processor from the recliner machine, and the 500 from the dining room. I put the 400 mhz processor in the dining room machine and tried it. Nothing. Not a peep, not a whistle, nothing, just the fans spinning. I tried everything I could think of to get it up and running, but to no avail. I began to kick myself (metaphorically) for my stupidity of not taking care that static electricity not enter the processor chips as I carried them from room to room. So I took the 500 out of my recliner machine, and put it back in the dining room machine, vola it was back and running. I almost trashed the 400 mhz chip, but I figured, I should really try it just to see if it would work. Fired up the machine, and it too ran perfectly. I guess these computers are getting smarter all the time, the one in the dining room REFUSING to be downgraded. Ah well, life goes on.

I must apologize again for the up's and down's of my posts, just a sign of old age and my reaction to so much happening all at once. Some times it just seems overwhelming. It will all be over soon, I hope. Got a letter from that outfit that sued me. It said that they just became aware of a change in my income, and should I desire lowering the payments on that account, please fill out the enclosed forms and mail them back. There was a phone number on the cover letter, so just for the hell of it, I called them. I asked the lady what payment would be lower then 0. Well she said she didn't really understand my point, so I explained the whole situation to her. She advised that I just throw the forms away. Now I have heard all that before, so after making a copy of them, I forwarded them to my bankruptcy attorney. There is probably nothing he can do with them either, but just in case you know?

On the plus side, the weather has been just fantastic. Perfect for the local farmers, who have cause to celebrate. What with all the rain the past few months, then this hot/warm dry spell, they are having a bumper crop! The dry weather, just what the Dr. ordered so they can have a great harvest. Now if we could just take off like Rachel and go camping, but it is not to be. Our son was planning on coming home for a visit, but called last night and said they can't make it. It seems he became tired of flying all over the country teaching desk clerks how to use the software his employer writes, and quit. He has taken a job as a dry-waller, something he did a few years back, at an increase in salary. Only problem is, he is warn out from the new physical labor, and needed the weekend to catch up on his rest. Our grand daughter starts second grade next Monday too, and her mom want's to use the weekend for last minute shopping. Sure wish they had let us know earlier so we could get our reservation in for a campsite, but it is not to be. They are now coming down next weekend, so no sense in getting reservations for then. After that, the camping season ends. We will miss it very much.

Jerry 8-24-2001 16:34

Hey all,

A quick blurb as to what I've been up to: writing and working. I still haven't sold anything yet, but I'm coming close. My second novel was a finalist in the Warner Aspect First Novel Contest, and though I didn't win, a member of my Critique Group (The Sock Monkey Parade) did.(Way to go, Karin!)

I'm going to World Con in Philadelphia next weekend, so if any of you are attending, let me know and I'll be sure to look you up.

Howard. I'd have thought you would have graduated from comas and moved on to semi-colons by now. You have to grow as a writer. :-)

Be Well, Live Well.

S.K.S. Perry Link 8-24-2001 15:47

I have bookmarked the laughing baby site. Every time I feel a bit low I shall go there to cheer myself up.
Thank you for that.

Eddie 8-24-2001 15:44

Sorry this is late.
The most effective weapon in the fight against any epidemic is the one that is most unpopular with the people.
Restriction of movement is the only way (after you have implemented all of the on site precautions). No movement of animals to slaughter or to market. One of the most harrowing things about the recent Foot (Hoof) and mouth epidemic over here was the total ban on animal movement - even from pasture to sheds or from pasture to pasture - Once healthy animals became malnourished or even starved to death because they were penned into overgrazed fields for months. These fields soon became barren mudbaths, animals lay dying in rotten mud. This, during the spring transfers was devastating in the short term for the animals involved, but essential to the containment of the disease.
Of course, after all that came the slaughtermen!

Eddie 8-24-2001 15:35

Evening all,
The best one liner I have heard in a while was while watching Planet of the apes last week.
A young human child had just been given to a spoilt young ape as a pet. The keeper has this advice for the young apes' parent.
'Make sure you get rid of it before it reaches puberty, the last thing you need in your house is a human teenager'
Soooooo true!


Eddie Africa 8-24-2001 15:03

BTW, I noticed some of you getting a script error...I am getting a runtime error. At the time of this post it was line #553 if that helps at all. C-ya.

LITTER: Thanks!

Mary 8-24-2001 12:24

OWHARD: Someone sent me that site in my email ages ago and I bookmarked it then. Anytime I need a little pick me up I go and swing that baby around. Love it...thanks. :-)

Mary 8-24-2001 12:21

Rachal - take care on your camping trip. Some of the most dangerous animals in the world will be just outside your tent.

Jerry 8-24-2001 11:35


Lean - Nice to see you :o)

SKS - You! You!? Yup, I think it is you :o) Hi you! Good to see yah.

All - I am going away again. This time I will do some very exotic camping (grin/wink). I will be camping in my sisters back yard. Two days ago I had two little girls come to my house to live. I don't know how long they will be here. I never really expected to have a three and four year old sibling set of girls, but when I heard their story I couldn't say no. They are quite the change from the children that usually come to my home.

Take care all.

8-24-2001 11:10

Got this from a cop friend of mine, who is a poet, or at least he likes to call himself one. From the looks of his work, I think he may be right.

The breeze was blowing briskly
And the kite was in the air,
But the holder of the kite string
Lacked success to keep it there.

It spun, it dipped, and took a plunge
It twirled, and jumped and dived,
You could tell by his facial expression
That no amusement was being derived.

Just then a nearby window was raised
Where his wife had patiently observed,
She laughed at the futile atempt being made
And how it fluttered and swerved.

" That kite won't fly the way you want
You need some tail to guide it true,"
He replied," That's what I wanted last night
And this is what you told me to do. "

Jerry 8-24-2001 10:57

HOWARD: That site is a screech! Heeeeeeeeeee - um, I better wait till I get home to turn it up full blast! It's certainly contagious! :-)

Mel 8-24-2001 8:32


Four and a half months ago, I stumbled onto a fantastic writer's website that reawakened me, inspired me anew, and welcomed me into a caring, talented and intelligent circle of writing friends. I had lurked for awhile, read new posts and some of the oldest archives, became acquainted with more writing friends than I've ever known. The best part is they all feel part of this same NB writing family, and so attached that, even after long absences, they still come back to visit awhile. :-) (Thanks again, JACK, for creating such a wonderful place for family reunions!!!)

HELLO to all you "Oldies" - I KNEW you were still lurking! And it's great to have you "report in" and update us on what you're writing, doing, thinking... Every shared thought is an inspiration to me - reminders that there are other writers out there, just like me, perhaps at different levels of the writing journey, but we're all headed the same direction. It feels good to have company!!! :-)

JERRY: Cute shortie. I haven't read much lately either, and I miss it too. Just reading one book seriously right now, as I commute to work everyday on the bus (when I can stay awake!): THE UNFORSAKEN HIERO - what a GREAT adventure!!! (Thanks HOWARD!!!) :-)

TINA: Welcome back! :-) The visual of your father-memories was very nice. And tomorrow...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't say don't do anything I woldn't do, 'cuz you're jumpin' out of a plane! Geez, I admire your courage. You'll never catch me doing that! But I'll gladly watch your video - and hold my breath till you're safely back on the ground! Heh heh! Have FUN!!! :-)

GOODWEED: HI! :-) I'd be glad to exchange proofreading, um, sometime in the hopefully near future. First, I must finish a booklength crit for Hallee, a shorter one for Susan and one for Hop, but then... :-) - I don't mind editing; English-majored in college, and my eyes seem attuned to spotting all those little things that need fixing. My own great weakness, to apply to my own work, is the harder editing of rewriting whole scenes, adding in necessary character or scene descriptions, etc, as my first drafts I throw with wild abandon on the paper, knowing I will "later" fix it all...heh heh, yeah right!!!

RACHEL: I read a phrase recently that describes my new-story-inspired-by-dream dilemma: "creative procrastination." That settled me. I finished jotting all the notes for the new story idea--and then closed that notebook. I need--and WANT--to finish my first novel FIRST! I'm so tired of my procrastinations. BTW, I too can't write with people (family) reading over my shoulder. That cuts my writing time short, but I just have to get more creative (and devious, heh heh!) to find self-time, alone-time, for writing! :-)

OTHERS: Hello, VIV, ROSEMARY, RHODA, MARY, HALLEE, EDDIE, ALLEIN and LITTER! :-) A newbie's Hello to "oldies" SKS PERRY and LENA! :-) Hello to T.O.M. and Sasquatch! :-) Climb every mountain with a writing pad and pen!!! :-D Okay now, the REST OF THE FAMILY, REPORT IN!!! DEBRA, where are you? SUSAN? TEEKAY? HOP? KITTY? TRUDY? CHRISTI? GS? HEATHER? RANDALL? RICHARD? SHERWOOD? TAYLOR? EVERYONE ELSE who discovered this great writing family website before me and is STILL LURKING??? :-)

You-all, have a great day. Um, I might be back later with a belated shortie. Time! Time! Where is that little gnome that turns the pages of the Mighty Book? I need to SIT on him!!!

Mel 8-24-2001 8:30

...make that "listed below" -- forgot about the new format!

howard 8-24-2001 8:15

If you have MSIE, turn the sound up and try the url listed above! It'll make your day!

howard Link 8-24-2001 8:14

TINA: Happy Birthday!!! You turn thirty 6 months before me! (haha)Definitely find a way to have some pics of your skydiving - how exciting!

Hallee 8-24-2001 4:49


Is Heather about these days? I have a new ghostie to run by you, Heather. Your deadline was a good thing, it got me busy!

In 14 hours I officially begin my fourth decade. I've decided that the 30's are my decade, and I'm gonna start it off with a dive... out of an airplane. Not tomorrow, but maybe next weekend, I'm gonna take the plunge. Yessir, some women try to fight gravity as they age, but I'm gonna embrace it! I'm nervous but even more than that, excited. Apparently, my hubby is gonna arrange to video my jump; I'll post pics if I can!


Tina 8-24-2001 2:16

Jack - I can understand the terror when a child goes missing, having been involved in a quite a few searches like that myself. I also know the terror of having your child go missing, many years ago my son decided that enough was enough, although I don't recall the crisis that set him off, but at any rate he ran away. We searched for him high and low, and being on the PD, I was quickly joined by my fellow officers in my search. We searched all the streets and alleys, called neighboring police agencies, and enlisted their aid in the search. The hero, who was never properly thanked was a truck driver who picked him up as he hitch hiked north. His destination was Canada, where he dreamed of working as a woodsman, well the trucker picked him up, and began talking to him about all that could and did happen to young men such as himself when they run away from home. He told him tales of the cities, the evil places where young men are sold to the highest bidder, and used as the toys of the powerful. After about ten miles in that truck our son, who was at the time I believe ten years old, had a sudden change of heart, and asked the driver to pull over and let him out. Well that trucker said no, he found a place to turn around, and took him to our front door. We heard the noise of the truck, as it pulled away, and our son, tears in his eyes, knocked on the door, and asked if he could come home. After the nice reunion, I asked who that driver was, and what company, but our son couldn't remember. I wish I had the chance to thank that gentle man, but I know that will never happen. I am so very happy that men such as that one still haul loads from coast to coast in our fine nation.

Oh and what is new with XP? I was going to order the first CD, but didn't have a credit card to get it with, my son, who has a high speed connection is going to download RC 2 for me to try, but it won't be down here until next week. I am very anxious to see it.

Jerry 8-24-2001 0:32

Ah, say Eddie, just heard on the news the other day that there was an outbreak of anthrax in Minnesota, with fifteen cases showing up in the prior week, additionally there have been a few cases in neihboring North Dakota. Any advice for those who are investigating this outbreak and possiable epidemic in the making?

Jerry Ericsson 8-24-2001 0:21

O my! this new box is getting to be quite the time machine! Turn it on and old friends keep popping up. I love it! Welcome back all!
SKS - I still haven't finished a thing! Coupla shorts and poems, maybe, but nothing major. Still haven't run out of commas either.
LENA - welcome back to you too!

howard 8-23-2001 22:39

SKS and Lena - ((((BIG HUGS)))) Glad to see you guys again!! :)

Jerry - Wonderful shortie. *claps*

Here's mine. :) (obviously characters from Mali and Azol - since I'm unoriginal that way)

Patches sat on the straw mat unsure of herself, waiting for her new husband. The wedding had been fast. Patches had made herself a nice, plain white dress and had a headdress of flowers. Being slaves, they didn't have money for extravigant things. She knew she was beautiful and had a terrific singing voice. She was a wonderful cook and seamstress - what man wouldn't want her as a wife?
Her wedding dress lay nearby - she covered her naked body with a wool blanket. After the wedding, the other slave woment bathed her in a fragrant mix of water and flower petals.
A draft blew through the small room. She shivered - not certain whether it was the cold night air or her own nervousness.
Her heart raced as the door creaked open and he stepped in. He was fifteen, a year older than she was - slaves often got married early. She lay down, pulling the blanket to her chin. It had been an arranged marriage - he was strong, handsome and skilled at building, everything a woman would want. She studied him, never remembering him ever wearing a shirt and tonight was no different. She noticed his biceps and pectorals were bulged from the hours of hard labor he put in every day. His dark silver hair hung loosely; he never tied it back. Patches' lighter silver hair was usually tied back in a braid, but tonight it fell free and wavy down to her rear end. Upon removing his pants, she could see that he was well-endowed. His pink eyes met her purple ones as he crossed the room. He strutted like a peacock, appearing absolutely sure of what he was doing even though, she knew he was a virgin.
She was not - several of her masters had taken advantage of her starting at a young age.
She was nervous this time though, because this time she was consenting to it. Other times, she had fought to keep it from happening, other times she had been hurt, this time she wasn't sure what to do.
He lay down next to her and tenderly kissed her mouth. She felt his hand on her head, his fingers running through her soft hair. His other hand ran down her face, her neck and finally to her chest where he caressed her breasts and his fingers teased her already taut nipples.
His mouth had moved to her neck - she would no doubt have a hickey in the morning. His grip tightened on her breast - it felt as though he would rip it off of her body.
She pushed him away only for a moment. "Those are attached to me you know."
He quietly mumbled an apology.
In his eyes, she saw it - fear, doubt, he didn't know what the hell he was doing either. This simple fact made her more relaxed. She wrapped her arms around him, feeling the scars on his back - the result of a cruel master's whip. Every scar telling it's story. Perhaps some were from stealing a loaf of bread to feed other slaves her were hungry, maybe he broke his master's most treasured possession in an accident or he could have tried to escape and been caught.
She didn't know how long the act lasted but it felt like an eternity to her - exploring each other's bodies, him entering her, their hips moving together in an almost musical rhythm. She felt as though she was a volcano - her breath the smoke of an impending eruptions, her blood the lava about to pour out from the bowels of the planet. In the heat and passion, the volcano blew up, the lava flowed down the sides, still burning then cooled as it hit the cold ocean waters.
She lay there panting, covered in a fine misty sweat that seeped into her hair. She looked at her husband as he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead.
She gave him a sweet smile. He kissed her and they fell into a deep sleep embracing one another.

Allein 8-23-2001 22:15

Eddie - yep, if you look in the spare bedroom, under the spare computer desk, in a box there resides a 3.2 gig hard drive that failed on me when I had it set up on a unix box. Another 2.5 gig that locked up on me in this machine, and several old 400 and 500 meg hard drives that, while working are so small that they are practically usless. I know that the old ones will never come back to life, in fact I should have thrown them away months ago. The little ones have proven usefull though when the wife's friends come around with thier "sick" 386's and 486's, to them it is like bringing an old friend back to life. For this purpose, I still keep ten old 486 motherboards, complete with processors, and memory. Makes quick work of those old 386's that they want fixed up for that kid who comes to shovel the walk.

Jerry 8-23-2001 21:47

Hallee is right I'm afraid.
Just when I could be useful around here I discover that I have yet to re-install my dev. tools after frying my HDD last week.
Anybody else find it hard to throw away a fried HD.
It was like throwing a part of me into the bin. Everything I had ever written was on that bit of scrap metal. (I had back up of course.)

Eddie 8-23-2001 21:38

Haven't noticed any script errors here

Jerry Ericsson 8-23-2001 20:45

ROSEMARY: I'm getting a script error, too. I thought it was just a poor connection from my home, but I got it at work today, so it must be the site. JACK - what is a script error, and why would it be?

Hallee 8-23-2001 20:34


Larry Lung 8-23-2001 20:22

I see, but I'm not sure I'm ready to believe!
Steve, Lena, I think I might just go to bed and come back in the morning just to see if you are all still here.
Steve, What have you been doing lately?
Lena, Good on ya for jetting in right now.

G'dnight all

Eddie Africa 8-23-2001 20:15

Shank of the Evening to all,
Especially the long lost returnees.

This morning I composed a post of extordinary quality. It showed insight, feeling and compassion. :o> Then when I hit ENTER, it disappeared into cyberspace. :o< I suspect it was because I had mentioned to JACK that there was a 'script error' message each time I opened the Notebook. Computer world takes care of its own.

I do remember mentioning that TINA's visual was excellent. I could feel the sense of history and the presence of her father washing over her.

Is it just me, or do all writers catch themselves editing their thoughts? I was thinking about something and caught myself correcting my grammer, then relocating a clause. This was just a thought, not something I was planning to say or write. Wierd.

OKAY CHRISTI. All these old friends are showing up. Where are you????

Rosemary 8-23-2001 19:34

Hi Peeps,

Welcomes back to Goodweed, TOM, Sasquatch, and anyone else who may have recently returned. For myself, I have just returned from 3 days in bed – 1 hour of physiotherapy and three days in bed seems strangely unbalanced but, to quote and increasingly common phrase; “No one said life was fair!”

Lovely site Mary, good research too :o)

Anyone here get really fed up that you get your best inspiration when you can least do anything about it?

Nearly forgot to Welcome Eddy. I see you have changed your name from Eddy French to Eddy Africa – bit of ethnic diversity going on or do you just have a good tan?

Bed is calling, but so are some strange and exotic herbs…


Litter 8-23-2001 19:27

sorry about that space, had no idea it would turn out like that.

Jerry 8-23-2001 16:27

Like I say, I am no romance writer, but I had to give it a shot anyhow, it may be a bit warped? Maybe not, anyhow here it is warts and all:

The Romance

by Jerry Ericsson

"Got a smoke?"

"No smoking in this room, can't you read?"

"Look, no smoke,  not talk, got that?"

The officer got up off his chair across from the suspect walked
around behind him and opened the opaque window about three inches.  The
smells of the city filtered in the exhaust, the decaying garbage below in the
alley, along with bits and pieces of the sounds below, car horns honking, the sound of a jack-hammer breaking up concrete just a block
away and somewhere off in the distance, a mother calling to her child to come in
for supper.

"Ok, light up if you must."

The suspect leaned back in his chair, pulled a filtered cigarette
from the package still in his front shirt pocket.  He tapped it
several times on the table, filter first, until tobacco sank below the face of
the paper, just a few millimeters, enough to tell him that the smoke was packed
just right, then he brought it up to his lips.  The cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, he asked "Got a light?"

"Here!" the officer said, pulling the chrome Zippo lighter from his shirt pocket and flipping it open, then spinning the striker
wheel.  The flame grew nearly an inch high, as the officer presented it to
the suspect across the table.  The suspect drew deeply, the end of the cigarette
glowed with fire, and smoke came from his lips.  The officer
withdrew the shinning lighter and replaced it in his shirt pocket.

"OK, now lets get on with it.  Start at the beginning,
when you first got to the apartment last night."

"Well it was like this; we had a date for last night, I
planned to take her out to dinner and a show.  When I got there, she was
nearly ready, the gown she chose was elegant to say the least. When she walked
away from me, I could see that little enticing wiggle that she did with her
hips, God how I loved that wiggle."

"Ok, enough with the wiggle, let's get on with the

"I am, you see the wiggle has a lot to do with what
happened next.  Like I said, she walked away from me, to the kitchen where
she poured us each a drink.  A double scotch and soda for me, a vodka 
martini for her.  We sat on the couch and drank our drinks, discussing the
show we were about to see.  As we sat there, I could smell her. Oh God how
wonderful she smelled.  It was the smell of cleanliness, mixed with the
musky smell of a perfume, that I just could not place.  Her hair was down,
which surprised me a bit, as most ladies now days would never be caught in a
formal setting with their hair down, but on her it looked wonderful.  Then
she giggled at some comment I made, what a sweet laugh she had, it just made me
love her even more."

"Let's get down to the incident, enough of this rambling on, what do you think this is some kind of stupid soap opera or something?"

"Well then she got up and put the dozen roses that I
brought with me in a vase of water, to keep them fresh.  The wonderful
smell of the roses mixed with her perfume, and it had some sort of aphrodisiacal
effect on me, I could feel my pants swell with the erection, but I had to hide
it, it would be just too embarrassing to let her see."

"Ah, let's not go there OK, now get back to the

"Well ok, but you have to understand all these things had
some influence on what happened last night."

"Yes, I understand, but how about telling it to me like
your mother was sitting here next to you at this table."

"God no!  I would never have my mother sit in this
awful place!" he screamed, dropping the cigarette on the floor.

"You want to step on that damn stinking thing before it
sets this whole place on fire."

He reached down and picked it up, the fire had fallen from the
end, so he placed the cigarette on the fire and held it there until it had
re-attached itself, then put the cigarette back in his mouth, much to the
dismay of the detective.

"Anyhow, she came back and sat down next to me, and gave me
a long gentle kiss for the roses, I think, but it felt so wonderful, you just
don't know."

"Hey, we are getting down a criminal report here, not a
damn true story for some lonely spinster to read."

"Oh but she felt so wonderful in my arms, so soft, so very
warm, and her lips were on fire, as she kissed me, her hand brushed against my
manhood.  She didn't pull her hand back, but let out a soft moan. I took
this as a good sign."

"What did I just tell you, I don't need to know about
things like that!"

"Oh but you do, as it has everything to do with what
happened next."

"Ok, but let's keep that sex stuff to a minimum, please, my
old heart isn't that strong anymore, you know?"

"Well I gotta tell you, I was feeling a strange sensation,
something I never felt before, I think it was love."

"Ah humm!"

"Well it was about this time that the door bell rang, and interrupted

"Thank God!" the officer sighed.

"What's that?"

"Never mind, go on with your story."

"Well it was Richard Cummings at the door, she tried to get
rid of him, but he insisted that he come in, wanted to discuss something about
the office where they both work.  Well when he got past the door and saw me
sitting there, he came unglued!"

"What the hell are you doing here!" He screamed,
shaking his fist in my direction.

"Now Richard, Bob is just here to escort me to the show,
nothing to concern yourself with!"

"Well now Richard could plainly see my embarrassing
condition, and it only made him angrier, you see, I think Richard had a thing
for Gloria, but I can't be sure, but it sure looked like it.  Anyhow, he
pushed Gloria aside and walked over to me, he grabbed me by the front of my
jacket and pulled me to my feet.  Now what choice did I have, I had to
defend myself, right?"

"Well I suppose, but you know that didn't give you the
right to shoot him, no I think maybe if you had simply slugged him, that would
have been all right, but to shoot him in the head, that was just a bit overboard
don't you think?"

"Well I guess so, and it sure took the wind out of my sails
too, and Gloria, I don't think she will ever forgive me for messing up our
little night out.  She hasn't called for me yet has she?"

The officer got up and left the room, outside the door, he met
his partner who had been observing through the one way mirror. 
"Romance, sure has a way of screwing with a guy's head don't it?"

"Yep, romance."

Jerry 8-23-2001 16:26


Wishes do come true!


Great to see you back. You both must had posted as I was posting. How are you both doing? Please, don't just show up and then fade away.

Now, how about Philip MacLaren and Hayden? Lydia Sweet. I will be spending the rest of my afternoon thinking of more.

Rhoda 8-23-2001 15:29



Kind gentle soul. You are a wonderful person, and I am not at all surprised you would not hurt any living creature. But black widow spiders? Wasps? Centipedes? House flies? I had all these creepy things living in my house when I was in Farmington, and I sent a great many of them to their reward. Then there was that poor deer who ran into my husband's truck a few years ago. Frank had no intention of killing it, and he does not hunt. But I would have rather had JERRY shoot the thing, butcher it and put the meat in his freezer than to have my husband hit it on the road. Fortunately Frank was not hurt, but other innocent drivers have not fared so well.


Welcome back, friend. I hope you will stay awhile.

Rhoda 8-23-2001 14:58

Here try it again, **---**

Space screen savers 8-23-2001 14:58

this is kind of impressive

Lena 8-23-2001 14:57

Ask and you shall receive. Well, unless you ask for a Porsche, or a million dollars or...well, you get the picture.

Be Well, Live Well.

S.K.S. Perry 8-23-2001 14:54

T.O.M - ah, OK. I will have to read that again, and try to translate it to street level English. Are you saying that we need to stop the bad folks from carrying handguns? If that is your statement, then I could not agree with you more. However, if you are saying that, in order to keep those bad people from having a handgun then we must disarm the public as a whole, then I would not, could not agree with such a statement. I have seen that cruelty that man has committed against his fellow man, and when I was young and knew absolutely everything, I felt that only the police and military should own a handgun. Now that I am old, and have forgotten all but the basics that I have learned over my lifetime, I feel that every man or woman, who has not been convicted of a felony, who has not been convicted of a crime of violence against another, who is not a mental defective, who can demonstrate that he knows how to safely handle a hand gun, should be allowed, no encouraged to own and carry a hand gun. I believe that to stem violence in the schools, that teachers should be allowed, encouraged to have at their disposal either a handgun, or better yet, a shotgun to stop that crazed child with a gun or a bomb from harming, or killing his classmates. I have learned that when you call 911, the police usually arrive to investigate a crime that has been committed against you, not to prevent a crime from happening. This because this is a free nation, and as such, having police arrest someone for suspicion of intent of committing a crime is not allowed. Should you be in a situation where a home invader has pushed down your door, and has a gun on you or your wife, and you do not have a handgun to stop them, then you and your wife are indeed in a very bad situation. If, however you hear those very same thugs kicking down your door, and you retrieve your handgun and use it to defend yourself, and your wife, you are in a much better situation. Granted should you be forced to kill an intruder, you may have to attend weeks maybe months or years of therapy, it is better to attend therapy then to die. No, handguns are not evil, they are not the tools of criminals, they are not the killers of children that the press would have you believe. A properly kept, properly secured handgun, can be an asset in your home, it can indeed save your life and limb.

Ok, I am done with my rant. Now back to romance.

I tried that screen saver link again, took me right to it.

Jerry 8-23-2001 14:54

Goodweed - I remember you! Nice to have you back! :)

Short Shortie Night - Romance. :)

Allein 8-23-2001 14:29

Greetings and felicitations to one and all,

Sasquatch, Que paso? A point to ponder...Everest is a foot tall if you are a foot from its peak. (but the trip is a hard one)

Jerry, I understand the absolute need for hunting even in this age of supermarkets and hold no dissent to those who would partake for sport or especially for food. I will tell you, though, that I have not intentionally killed a thing for the greater part of my life. Ants and spiders need not fear my passing. Deer and javalina would welcome me if they understood. But on the issue of guns, especially...nay specifically...handguns; Allow me to express myself this way,
The weak are without retribution against a strong antagonist. The wicked are those with weak minds. Allow these to carry retribution, to feel the weight and the thrill of an easily hidden and terrible machine such as a handgun and the strong are in danger. Those who would otherwise slink into the shadows, fearful of a better man's power take courage in the false power they buy from any sporting goods store.
If we deny those with weak minds such ferocious retribution, we keep order.
And by the same token, knives are also terrible weapons, easily concealed and easily aquired. The difference being that to use a knife requires a close proximity to the intended victim. The weak cannot use it because the very idea of imposing such a weapon means actual physical contact. To smell the odor of strength is daunting to the weak and they must needs keep their distance. No, to empower the wicked we need the handgun. We need a device that will keep them hidden, to keep them from seeing the eyes of the strong as they devour them.

Take care,

The Old Man 8-23-2001 13:07


You might try that screen saver URL again. I could not get it to work.

Rhoda 8-23-2001 12:24

Here are some super screen savers I ran into today, some from the hubble and others. Inseration for your next sci-fi adventure.

Jerry Ericsson Space Screen Saver 8-23-2001 11:55

Waitaminnit! Eddie, T.O.M., Goodweed and Sasquatch all showing up at the same time!? What're the chances of that?

howard 8-23-2001 10:49


Hallee - Hey girl (smiles)!

8-23-2001 10:42

This is starting to look like the 'Old School Reunion!
It's so good to see lots of the old faces here.
All we need now is for SKS to rear his head.
Now that would be something.

Eddie Africa 8-23-2001 9:31

MARY: Wow! They put you way up at the top. And added a description (which they don't do with all of them)!


Hallee Mary's Link Page 8-23-2001 5:06


*Whew* Think I got caught up.

EDDIE: Welcome back! I'm glad the crisis is over. And a trip to It looks like you had a great time.

RACHEL: I'm a little tired of summer this year, too. Two tropical storms, moving, no secretary at work. As much as I hate having goosebumps due to a temperature lower than eighty degrees, I'll be happy to see this summer leave.

JACK: Good luck keeping up with the goals. From experience I know that once you set a schedule and keep with it for a while, it's hard to break it. I guess it runs along the lines of a habit.

THE OLD MAN: Howdy. :)

JACK (again): WOw. How scary about those girls. And so lucky that they decided to get themselves caught.

ROSEMARY: Aww..Sorry about the lawnmower. At least now you can say, "Now I know..."

RHODA: Wow, have a great vacation in Las Vegas! (sorry about the weather, though). And good luck with your chemistry review. I'm sure once you sit down and really start studying, you'll realize that you haven't forgotten quite as much as you think you have.

MARY: That is so exciting!! Congratulations! Does this mean that you're coming down to do a booth at the festival? (Just think of everything you can sell...(grin)) (You are, of course, welcome to stay here...which would cut out hotel and food costs from your budget...hint hint...nudge nudge)

GOODWEED: Wow! So many names popping up. And, congratulations on the shooting - it's so not easy to be that proficient with a bow and arrow. You should see if there are some competitions you can join.

TINA: Welcome home! I'm glad you had a good time. But I'm really thrilled that you have the capacity to put something like that visual into words in honor of your father. Us writers are pretty lucky.

I think I found a secretary. Won't get as excited about this one until I see if she stays more than three weeks. But, she has skills that rival mine, and can work for what I'll pay her because she's only 19. Which means, I can dump a lot of what I do to her and get on with my big projects and not have to worry about whether she's (computer-wise) capable of the job.

After Tuesday's banquet & installation ceremony, I'm also now the president-elect of my women in construction chapter. Somehow, I also agreed to do the newsletter this year (don't ask - I barely even remember the conversation).

My new book is going well, finally. I didn't write for a while, then I wrote half-heartedly. Now I'm back to full steam and loving it.

Okay - off to write. Have a great day all!

Hallee 8-23-2001 4:59

Hello everyone: Just getting use to Windows XP RC-2. I like. At any rate, have not heard anything more from my neighbor, but I strongly suspect that the two girls are on the carpet for some time to come. Better that than the possible alternative that all of us feared.

One item of possible good news, I have even more motivation for getting the script for the new Workbook working as if I needed more. My paying gig that has kept me somewhat focused elsewhere wants exactly the same kind of tree form message board. So, easiest way to keep the costs down for her, is to implement it for free for all of you.

And, yes, I am excited to see all of these old faces making an appearance. Take care everyone.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-23-2001 3:29

hello humans persons it is good to see you again here. i sasquatch do like this new looking in the notebook it is different but it is good. i sasquatch am happy to see you are still here eddie person. and the old man also and all else as well. i sasquatch have travelled far and have found a truth. a mountain does not become higher if one climbs it. i must go.

sasquatch 8-22-2001 23:23

I hit enter on the post below, and then saw Goodweed's name. Hello you too!

Tina 8-22-2001 22:24

Hello hello hello!

I'm back. *whew* After a whirlwind tour of the four western Canadian provinces, I can now collapse into my bathtub and soak out the exhaustion.

Had many good visits with many good relatives. Dad's burial went well. No vehicle complications, and the sun shone brightly every day until today. Now I'm utterly exhausted. How is it that family can be both wonderfully fun, and horridly frustrating? Sometimes within minutes of each other? I did get to meet a bunch of the newest additions, and visit with cousins that I hadn't seen in over twenty years. But the DRIVING! We tried to take it slow, but some days we simply had to cover a lot of ground.


The prairie sun shines just a brightly today as it did fifty years ago. The Swan River sings lightly over rocks and sand, a muddy ribbon crossing the hills and fields of Manitoba. My father swam here, at this bend of the river, with his friends and siblings, escaping the summer sun after days of thrashing and baling hay. The family farm is just a short ride away. The rocks are the same ones he walked over, many of the trees and shrubs were alive when he came here. He may even have sat under the tall birch guarding the road.
I hear echoes of laughter in the splashing of stones that I throw out into the current. Among the rocks, I find a fossil of a fresh water shell. I know for certain that this rock was here, sitting along the river for eons before my dad or I came here.
The river continues its journey unending, much as my father continued his, and I continue mine. We are all part of one another's journey, now.

I'm not up to trying to catch up on ten days of posts. I see a few names reappearing... hello Eddie and T.O.M.!
I'm going now. There's a steaming hot bath calling my name...

Tina 8-22-2001 22:21

Just read what I wrote. Now you can see why I'm on the ninth re-write, heh, heh, heh. Can I get maximum typo's or what!

Thanks for the welcome back. It's nice both to remember and be remembered.

Seeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Goodweed of the North 8-22-2001 22:10

Goodweed, great to have you back amongst us. As of late, I can't think of one person who is a regular here that would protest hunting. Well maybe we haven't discussed it much lately, but I can't recall the last time someone said a bad word about guns, or hunting.

Jerry 8-22-2001 22:03

Hi everyone; it's been a long time since I last visited. So many things have happened to keep me from perusing this tasty little site; had to fix my computer, the ISP I use merged with another and we all had to recomfigure our machines, had to do some serious contemplating about the quality of my writing, had to re-write, etc. But finally, the time has arrived and I get to "talk" with old freinds and make meet new people as well, and best of all, you're all writers.

My newest project is a cookbook containing 99% original creations, with full color pictures and the techniques used to create the recipes. It is not just a collection of recipes, but includes instructional content to teach everyone how to treat meat, veggies, grains, and fruits properly, and how to squeeze maximum quality from both premium and economical foods.

The other novels are still in progress. I came to realize that though the stories are exciting, and move rapidly along, the characterizations still needed work, and more importantly, I knew practically nothing about dialogue punctuaion. Someone previous to this post (many previous to this post) stated that reading is fundamental to writing. I add that reading coupled with studying those works which most move us, adds to our own knowledge and skill base. I learned an incredible amount of information about dialogue punctuation by simply pickyn up a good book and studying the punctuation.

For those who love discipline, I can now aim my bow at a target, and from twenty yards, place ten arrows within a 3 inch circle. And before any anti-hunters raise their hackles, I don't hunt much (I haven't ever shot a deer, or any other animal for that matter), though I am not against hunting. I do love killing hay-bailes and targets though. As I said, its a personal discipline thing, almost Zen in nature. Ten arrows in a three inch circle is a personal affirmation of my master over self.

Oh that I could write as well as I shoot. I'm also teaching myself the guitar and boning up on my harminica skills. And, as always, I'm open to reviewing the work of others in return for the same (prefer no more than 50 pages or so at a time as I have numerous demands (can you spell family and work, and church) my time resources.

Well, gotta get back to work fixing over 600 pages of bad punctuation (I'm really getting tired of proofreading this thing. This is the ninth time. Just ask Rhoda. She'll back me up.))

Seeeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

P.S. High Jack. It's good to be back. Hope I can find the time to visit often as in days past (or is that years past, Hmmmm.)

Goodweed of the North 8-22-2001 21:57


I need to get
back into reading!

I knew there was
something missing in my life, and all the bad that has happened lately, was
getting me down.  Way down.  No matter what I tried to do to cheer
myself up, it was never enough.  I was relying on all of you to keep me
above water, and I thank God you were all there.  But reading, something I
dearly love, something that has been nearly absent in my life since things
started going down hill

Jerry 8-22-2001 20:58


Jerry - It is always nice to know that somebody else knows how yah feel (smiles). I was lucky enough that the visit didn't stop me for long. I live in a pretty busy home. People are often rushing in on me. I can count the quiet moments (grin/wink).

Rhoda - Americo told me something very like that a couple of years ago. I took it very much to heart and have fallen into reading since. I can't say enough about how much reading is a part of writing.


8-22-2001 20:30


HALLEE: Guess what! The Tallahassee festival linked to my site, sent me an email full of compliments and invited me to join the juried artisans in their festival next year. My head is the size of a small country right now, but I know I should try to remain level. She asked me if I would be interested in running an ad in their program (which I am assuming they would offer that to anyone) and I am seriously considering it.

I see the writing on the wall, and I realize that the more craftsmen they have and the more ads they run, the more money they make, but I am still putting this on my "positive feedback" list.

Thank you for the link and the push in the right direction! This is the first site that has linked to me and I love it!

8-22-2001 18:55

VIV VIV VIV: Download the demo version for free (GoldWave)! It is fully functional and you could probably get all the work finished before your trial period is up. FREE FREE FREE!

Mary CeltiCreations 8-22-2001 18:39


What a wonderful time this is for the Notebook. So many old names and personalities are back--THE OLD MAN, EDDIE, RACHEL, AMERICO. And then there are the rest of you who make it so worthwhile. I look forward to hearing more from HOP and RUTH when she returns from her holiday

After Eddie's trip to the Sahara, I will not complain about the hot, dry weather we are having now. And speaking of hot and dry, Frank and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas next month. I am thrilled to be going even though it is in a desert, and I am sick of hot and dry.


I know what you mean about reading. I have read probably more books this summer than during any other other, and I have greatly enjoyed it. Like you, I am going to have to slow down a bit and get working on my writing. I did hear an interesting quote at a meeting at my son's school last night. I don't remember who first said it, but it goes like this. "If you want to be a better speaker, read. If you wish to be a better writier, read. If you wish to be a better reader, read." I do think all that reading will improve your skill and make you better than you ever were before. Best of luck on those projects.


My voice of reason, thank you, thank you, thank you for the help you have given me.


What an adventure with your neighbor's daughters. It must have been terrifying. I am glad it all turned out alright and that they are safe. I was thinking as I read how good neighbors you and Fran are to have helped search for those girls. I have lived so many places where neighbors didn't know a family enough to know something was even wrong, let alone help.


I moved my three surviving gold fish to a new tank the other day. They have grown so big that they had overwhelmed the old 5 gallon one. I had to put the 10 gallon tank in a bigger room, and the fish just hated it. They retreated to a corner and did not move for three days. I thought they were sick or something, but I think they were just in a funk. Now they are acting more like their old selves.

I can't get used to being in the house alone all day. I miss the kids. I have turned in three applications so far and am working on completing my paper work for teacher's certification. Also I have to take a test in the subject I wish to teach, and I have forgotten so much chemistry. I have bought some review books to study. In between all this I have been writing. I hope I can get some sort of schedule worked out and develope a routein.

Well, I had best get on with my house work.

Rhoda 8-22-2001 17:17

Rachel - I am the same way about my writing. If there is another person even in the room, I find it difficult if not impossible to write. The other night, I was writing one of those shortys, and the wife was in the next room. Well this old keyboard makes lots of clicks, and there is no door between us. After a bit, the wife asked what kind of letter I was writing. I explained to her what I was doing, but after that interruption, I found it almost impossible to get back on track. If finally gave up until she went off to bed.

Jerry 8-22-2001 16:06


T.O.M. - Gezz, you're makin me blush (big grins and a wink). Thanks.

All - So how about that family member hanging over your shoulder reading what your are working on as you write it? I can't think of anything that kills the flow of my writing faster than a person reading the words over my shoulder as I write them.

I used to have my computer in a corner. I had my back to the wall and needed to squeeze to get at my desk. I did that so that nobody could come up behind me. I really dislike that. It doesn't matter how much I love a person, or how comfortable I am with them, I won't want them hanging out behind me. I feel them too much.

How about that? I'm sure I'm not alone with not liking the over the shoulder readers.

Just a little bit of a rant.

I guess it serves me right. I didn't plan to fall into any writing before everyone went back to work and school. I guess I should expect them to be wondering what I'm writing.

Since S* my whole family is very interested in what I'm going to write next. I have a couple of novels kicking around and have decided to clean them up and see if I can find a taker for them. I have an additional few novels at different stages of completion. I guess I just really need to focus on what I want to get done.

I am having a hard time walking away from some great reading. I've read so many awsome books this summer. Ulysses, Baltasar and Blimunda, Love in the time of Cholera, To the Capital, The Yellow sofa, A whack of short stories by Chekhov, Balzac, you name it. I'm still reading Don Quixote. I love it. I know that in order to write I'm going to need to set aside my reading. At least to a certain extent. Besides, I get so busy with Sebastian. I am lucky that he loves to listen to my voice. I just read the books to him. Only troulbe is he seems to want to eat the books... I say he is consuming literature (grins and laughter).

Hey, any one of the books above is an awsome read.

Hum, I guess I won't get a lot of novels completed by leaving long posts here;o) I will see if I can get back to things.

Ciao baybeees!

8-22-2001 15:26

Greetings and felicitations,

Rachel, Of course you woulda thunkit! Faith in one's self is a harder commodity to come by than gold, and you deserve it for accomplishing a task like that one.

Mel, I am the old man on the mountaintop that the worthy seek after. I do not decide who is worthy, you do. I am a commodity somewhat less valuable than gold and jewels and understand and will share the answers to well concieved questions. When I was here on Jack's notebook last year, people thought of my as some kind of character invented by some denison of this place. But what if...

Take care all,

The Old Man 8-22-2001 13:30

I have abandoned several E-Mail addresses, mostly because I changed ISP's. From what I can tell, if the ISP doesn't kill the address right away, eventually it fills up with SPAM and they are forced to remove it as it is taking way too much space. One of them allowed me access to it for several months after the change, and I was able to check it. It was always full of crap, and once in awhile I found something I wanted, but it was rare indeed.

Jerry Ericsson 8-22-2001 13:28

Morning prolific writers.

Well, I have now learned that it is NOT a good thing to leave your lawnmower upside down for two days. The lawnmower man says he will have to take the carborator? apart and clean the oil out of it. He said there was oil everywhere. My ears were burning so much, I barely heard the part about $35 or so----. I don't know about the lawnmower, but I think I learned something from this experience.

I tried to circumvent your training by using an old pillow case yesterday. It was dificult to handle (too deep) but though the ducks (and now chickens..)still jump up and tear at the bottom, their beaks aren't sharp enough to rip holes in the bag. When the geese start tearing at me, I'm going to set up cameras to catch the rogue trainer. Somebody has been very busy. :oD


Rosemary 8-22-2001 12:52

Fried egg eyeballs, that's what I have. Too much computer time spent wasted on trying to accomplish what I've been trying to do all week, get these blasted voice files up and running!

Mary, thank you for your information on Gold Wave. I think it would be great but it looks a little expensive. I've also looked into Divace. It looks like exactly what I want but also looks like it might cost a great deal. I need to get this for free or under $50.00. Actually, I did record myself saying testing testing and save it to a "my sounds" file. Unfortunately when I go to play it back...not a peep!
Boy, a whole day wasted on absolutely nothing and now the Winamp is stuck down at the bottom of the screen because I pushed control and something following one of the File commands. I think I'm going to uninstall it if I can't get it to come up again after turning off the computer. The messes I can make "experimenting" with the what does this do?

Allein: Thanks for your patience! I haven't got my summer moth down to earth yet. I promise to take a net and put it over her head and lower her gently to the computer screen. I'll turn it on and let her bat away at that translation. I promise to be gentle but I'm ashamed we haven't done better than this.

Heather: Same thing with the Mr. Bill tape. It has taken up residence next to my plate at the dining room table. A constant reminder that I need to put the box in the mail...or get the box a fork and a knife and serve it like a guest. Or perhaps I could serve it as main course if I forget to make the meal. I think I'm loosing my marbles here.

Maybe it's just that it's late and my fried-egg eyes have nice hard middles and crispy brown whites.

Jack: Glad you found those two. Don't blame them for shoplifting that meal, I hate to be caught a long way from home with no money in my pocket. What they needed was a magic banker card! I used mine for sushi tonight...and if I hadn't, I think I might have sneaked in there, hidden beneath the counter, stuck my hand up, and taken a piece off everyone's plate. They must have missed their mother pretty badly to have taken all those risks!

Viv 8-22-2001 12:20


Mel - Elusive ideas are not fun. Those thoughts that slip in while you are sleeping. Are we talking the ones that wake you up at night? I'll tell you what I do. I keep pencils and paper on my bedside table. I wake up and write down the ideas. Sometimes I end up writing longer than I thought I would. My family is used to me exclaiming "wait" as I run to grab up and pencil and paper to jott down some notes or a poem. Maybe you could give that a try. I will also sit down and just bang away at something. It will flow sooner or later.

My RPG child is also always wanting to earn money. He doesn't just need it for RPG. He likes paintball, golf, movies. His social life is getting expensive... We used to just dole out for all these things. Now he has to work. Only problem is that his and my perception of a completed chore are very different.

T.O.M. - Hi You! Thanks for the congratulations on 'Shadows in a Dream' As for whoodathunkit, that would be me;o)

Rosemary - I did consider my fav e-address with numbers. Only trouble is that conflicts with my being an original (cheeky grins). I know that I can cancel or change an e-mail address very easily on my system. I'm not sure how it works if you abandon an address with a previous server. I think you would need to delete it before then. In any event, I'm sure that after a certain amount of time in an inactive state that the said e-address would become avaliable. Jack likely knows the answer to these sorts of questions.

Eddie - (big wide grins) for yah. Okay, okay, you caught me skimmin (almost a blush, a sheepish smile). Here we go. I've sat up straight at my desk. I am now paying close attention (grins). I would clear my desk, but if I did that my computer would be on the floor and Sebastian would eat it! Any way you slice it, it's great to see you back! Dang, I think I'm going to hug you (((((8)))))

All - My server stuff is all sorted out. I've got the homepage going on. I've got the e-mail coming in and going out (WEEEEEEE HAAAAAA)! I'm up and in action.

Take care all.

8-22-2001 11:23


Oh, good morning to every one of you, mostly lurking wherever you are! I KNOW you're there... (look for the candid camera, there, just behind you, heh heh!)

JACK: So glad the little girls were found okay! What a scary situation, both for them and for you! Hope your neighbor will be well soon.

JERRY: ROMANCE, as I define it, is not LUST nor just Love, even. Romance is the atmosphere, the behavior toward another human being to attract their respect and deeper affection... (Allein, have I got it right?) :-)

Um, "hjghj" have you got a problem with the English alphabet? Hope it clears soon. Can't understand a letter you're speaking.

ANYONE: Oh, the cruelty of my muse. Not only elusive when I crave her nearness, she drops sparks in my early morning dreams and then I wake unable to remember the dream, try as I might! All I can remember are three wooden pipes, like flutes, sort of, one stained red like cherry juice. So, Ms. Muse aggravates me as I'm trying to rise, wash, dress, pour breakfast down the gullet, and scribble mental notes frantically until I could get to a pad of paper. The story begins on the pad, fresh characters, fresh adventures, fresh symbolisms....oh, come on, Ms. Muse! When do I get to finish my first project, nearly complete, but Musey dances around it, not helping me polish the dang thing. Geez!!! And now a new story, unlike anything else I've written, more magical fantasy than I've ever dared look in the face from an author's perspective, and I can't link it to the old projects in any way, and I'm hopelessly adrift on a new piece of inspiration and I don't know where it's taking me...scary and exciting all at the same time...And speaking of time, I haven't got any more of that, so who the heck can spend time on a new story idea either, any more than I could spend on the old ones! Sheesh!!!! Help, somebodeez...I don't swim too well...

Um, have a pleasant day. :-)

Mel 8-22-2001 8:51

hjghj 8-22-2001 6:01


hjghj 8-22-2001 5:58

Well, everyone: It has been one of those afternoons and evenings to remember. Our neighbor is in the hospital and her two girls decided on their own that they were going to go and visit her. They are 6 and 8 respectively and the hospital is half way across Seattle. And, of course, they elected to do this without telling anyone. So, for the better part of three and a half hours after four thirty in the afternoon until around eight, we were hunting high and loan fearing all manner of nafarious events. As it happened, they got hungry and shoplifted some food and were caught at a drug store that was some five miles away from where we live. Needless to say, we are very very relieved that they are safe. And boy are they in trouble :-) .

As for other comments. Yes, I will have both pictures and video from Fiji that I will post to the internet, along with text and reflections on this locale in the equatorial Pacific with two coups under its belt as natives clash with a sizable and affluent Indian minority. Still, the main thing will be the diving. Take care everyone.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-22-2001 2:55

Romance huh? Never been my strong suit, but I guess if pressed, I may be able to come up with something that half ways qualifies. Gonna have to give it a bit of thought. Now we are talking that old fashioned romance right? Not the kind where we have to go into detail about the exchange of bodily fluids. If that be the case then I will give it a try, after all we do have a couple of days to come up with something right?

Jerry 8-22-2001 0:30

^^^Mel agin^^^

yeah. happily fed. :-)

Now where wuz I? Oh yeah.

ROSEMARY: I'm--uh--on the grounds that it may incriminate me, I'm taking the Fifth re: that duck scandal...hoo boy! Who'da thunk ducks would learn such a thing so fast, er, Imean, at all? ;-]

Geez, my speller's shot tonite. oh well. Y'all will jest hafta suffer the konseekwences. (You know, it takes a lot of serious mental effort to spell that badly for that long!)

EDDIE: Welcome back! :-) We the nature and animal lovers all thank you for your hard work against F&M. Now you can kick back, hopefully for a long while, and do some writin' and stuff. I agree with Rosemary - you have enough travel memories, anecdotes, and inspiration to write several stories, articles and/or books!!! So whatcha writin' now, African tales? F & M essays? Grog poems?? :-) BTW, your grandkids are beautiful. Maybe one day I'll have some (but no rush - my kids are still fairly young and downright young, heh heh!).

TEEKAY: When you left Dodge, did you fall off the planet too??!! :-/ Miss ya.

ALLEIN: So give us a piece of imaging advice. :-) Shortie Nite Romances? ALL RIGHT!!! Love is in the air... uh, oh dear, where to begin, so many love affairs going on...hum hum de hum...

RACHEL: My RPG kid is always looking for ways to earn more buy more games, of course! sigh... oh well, as I go broke, at least the house is getting cleaned... Yeah! Bring on AUTUMN!! (um, looking sideways for Tina) - we can finish Summer first, of course, as long as it's not too hot again! Actually, today ain't half bad - nice cool breeze...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....................

JACK!!! Be sure to send pics of FIJI here for us stuck-at-homeR's. :-) Have FUN!!!

T.O.M.: Um, how old are you? Are you older than Sasquatch? Older than dirt?? Is it just a coinkidink (sp?) thaat you suddenly are here now that Eddie's back??? The Curiouser and Curioser.

Have a great night/day all! :-D

Mel, fed 8-21-2001 20:00


Yo, Hiyo, eeYAhaaa! Um, don't ask me where that came from, it just materialized. I guess I'm glad to be home after a long day at work shuffling audiobook titles around the pc catalog in preparation for producing a new catalog for our books-by-mail patrons. Computer-eye-glazzzzzzzzzzzze...

MARY: Fly strips didn't work. Ms. Muse thought they were amusing, though. She kept zooming between them until they entangled themselves, and my muse evaporated with a hearty guffaw. Unbelievable that such a deep guffaw could emanate from such a delicate, wispy creature (much taller than Tinkerbell but just as fast in escaping me!).

ohh, the dinner gong has clanged. I hope to return later...

Mel 8-21-2001 19:13

Greetings and felicitations!

How are you all doing? I just stopped by for old times sake and I find practically the entire old crowd still punching away! Congratulations on "Shadows in a Dream"! Whoodathunkit?

Take care, all.

The Old Man 8-21-2001 15:31

Hi Everybody,

Your life sounds so busy, exciting, exhausting. So full of potential backgrounds for all kinds of wonderful manuscripts. The hoof and mouth experience, the trip to Africa, the six weeks in the islands--far more fodder than only one writer should need. You could make extensive notes and send them to house(country)bound writer
friends. :oP Hint, hint.

I think someone (You have an alibi handy?) has snuck in and taught my ducks to jump up and tear out the bottom of the bread package while I'm feeding. I have to hold it way up in the air now to make sure of even distribution. Since I usually have at least two bags, it's a pain. I'm considering a large basket, (too heavy) a cloth bag, (dirty & not available) plastic dishpan, (too much trouble to carry?) might try that one out. Nothing like thinking out loud on the notebook.

Have you considered your favorite Email address with a number after it? That's what I had to do. Actually I think the interfering names were mine from earlier servers because how many rcalien's can there be around? I don't exactly understand how to cancel former addresses so the name would be available again.

Got to take my lawnmower to the shop. I turned it upside down to drain the gas out, (thought it might have water in it because it started spluttering and dying.) and left it that way for two days so it could have time to think about how bad it had been. Now it's really mad. It won't start at all. I can't even get the pull rope thing to pull. Might have drained the oil out of someplace important???

Oh well, I'm putting things off again. Got to go and let the lawnmower man lecture me about lawnmower maintance and care. Sheeesh. :-G

Rosemary 8-21-2001 13:22

Now...sit up straight!
Clear your desk!

I am not in Africa anymore. >;¬)

Eddie Africa 8-21-2001 12:49


EEEEEEK! I'm still having some problems sorting out my server. I'm sure it will all smooth out soon.

Bye again :o)

8-21-2001 12:37


Allein - Each time you write 'Koinkiedink' I have to smile. You see we used to say that when I was a kid. It brings back lots of memories to see that funny little word. I had all sorts of strange and wonderful exclamations and words. My sister and I pretty much had our own language. It used to drive my father half out of his mind with the way that we would use and abuse the English language (merry laughter)!

Eddie - Thanks:o) Enjoy Africa! Are you there for business or pleasure? Either way, I hope you enjoy. My brother-in-law was born in Africa. I have friends from all over Africa. There was a time in my life when it looked like I would end up moving to Africa. That time came and went. Now it would seem I am firmly set in North America.

My, my, my! What a blah, blah queen I have become these past couple of days. Hope I don't make you all doze (bright smiles).

Ciao, ciao, ciao!!!!

8-21-2001 12:20


Good to talk to you again. Hang in there. I just went to trAce as you suggested. I applied for the Assistant Editors job. I'm not usually lucky in these things but you never know. I read your post there, I remembered all of it from my times here with you. I feel that I know your home and your family well, especially the uncles.

Hello again. As you can see, Kyesha is doing fine right now. She is three years old this week. doesn't time fly. Casius is so loving and feeling. Ellie has her mums' characteristics off to a tee!.

Hi, well done with Shadows, I was almost editor at one time but I dropped out. Never mind, meybe next time.

How are you doing. So many old friends still about here, I think I will stick around.


Eddie Africa 8-21-2001 8:07


Ahhh...Fiji, you lucky man.
I spent 6 weeks in Lautoka once.
If you get a chance to travel around, try to get into the interior. Up in the mountains the people are so different to the people of the coastal regions. The Gava ceremony (Grog) is wonderful. I remember huge fires made from palm fronds, beautiful music from guitars with broken strings, harmonic voices. I remember spear fishing on the reef, hand-lines from the boat, giant tuna hanging from small gantries bolted to tiny fishing boat decks.
I also remember the fights in the port bars, so be careful.
Suva is a wonderful place too. I spent only two days there but I remember it well, the markets for tourists, the harbour.
Enjoy yourself.

Eddie Africa 8-21-2001 7:55

Re Adobe Premiere, I would point out that there is some other possibilities at considerably less cost. At least one of them came with an earlier capture card that I had. Since I got a copy of Premiere via a reduced price on a very special deal, I was willing to get into. One of the advantages of being a special interest group leader and having presentations being displayed. I will try to find the time to hunt up the name of the other products. One I just remembered is a product by Ulead called Movie Maker - . This is all off topic for writing, but definitely part of the creative process. I am actually working on both the fantasy I mentioned earlier and a science fiction centered around diving in the oceans of Europa beneath the ice layer. Of course, it has more to it than simply that, but the act of exploration and diving and discovery are a context in which to resolve issues of grief and loss for the main protagonist. So, we will see. Of course, I will need to do a bit more research on Europa, lest new discoveries invalidate the main pretext under which I am operating. We will see. At any rate, there are a number of web duties staring me in the face first. Though, I have given myself a tentative goal of writing on either of the two stories at least one hour per day. We will see how this fits in with the goal of walking on the treadmill at least a half hour a day and a whole bunch of other responsibilities before we head to Fiji on the thirteenth of September. Take care all.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-21-2001 4:10

Rachel - My middle name is Dawn too. What a coinkiedink :)

Allein 8-21-2001 2:09

:0) Rachel :o)

All - I have a new e-mail address. I have a couple. I just can't quite decide which one I will keep. I wanted to be Rachel, apparently so did a lot of other people. I tried my first and middle name, which is Dawn. There are a whole lot of Rachel Dawn types out there. I tried all sorts of things. In the end I went with 'RDRKO', that was not taken, but I'm not sure I like it. I also set up and address as 'TheoneandonlyRachel' That seems a little long and cheeky. At the same time I like it. My husband thinks it makes me sound like an ego maniac (grins).

Okay, now I really am off to bed. I've got that spun out, yippity, yappity, time to napity thing going on.

Hugs all around:D

8-21-2001 1:51


Garries - What have I been up to (wicked grins)! I've been up to fun and adventure. I've been up to good times. I've been up to fun in the sun!!! Okay, I'm tired of summer (winks). I really am. Sure, it's been fun, it's just, well, I don't mind seeing summer go. I'm kind of into the fall. Do you know that song, 'Son of a Preacher Man'? I love that line ...being good isn't always easy. No matter how hard I try... Isn't that a great line?

So that's what I've been up to. How about U?

Oh, the cable thing is quite nice. I've sorted out the homepage thing. The fellow who set us up neglected to mention the alternative address. We needed the alternate. You see, my computer doesn't just jump at the first thing that comes along, she is quite selective (grins and laughter). Naw, my computer is a perfect doll. I love my little iMac.

Well, then, there little darlin, it's time for this little lady to head off to bed. I am ready to bag some major Zzzzzzz time.


8-21-2001 1:47


Hi, what have you been up to? How fast is that cable service?


Good to see you back.

gariess 8-21-2001 0:35

Ah, sorry about that spelling Eddie, you see, I used to work in New Rockford ND, where I served as the Chief of Police, and it was located in Eddy county, so it comes naturally you see.

Jerry 8-20-2001 23:42

Eddy - Welcome home, wow, looks like a fantastic vacation, I am very envious. I don't see where I shall ever have chance to travel so, I guess I will just have to be satisfied with what I have around here. That surely is enough for anyone I guess.

Jerry 8-20-2001 22:51

Rachel again :o)

I just had cable internet service hooked up to my computer. It sure is fast. Now if only I could find my home page... My computer also seems to be having a bit of a hissy over my e-mail. I currently have both servers up and working. I was told that would not be a problem. Hum, hum, hum.

8-20-2001 20:57


Eddie - It's nice to see you back:D

All - I've been away again. More camping with the kiddies. It's been a lot of fun.

Mel - I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a kid living in RPG land (smiles).

8-20-2001 20:54


Welcome back!!! I am glad the foot and mouth problem has much improved. You pictures were great. The sky looked so blue in Northern Africa. Furthermore, their Roman ruins are fantastic. I suppose those things preserve better in that dry desert climate.

You and Anita looked cool in your desert garb, and your grandchildren are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Rhoda 8-20-2001 20:04

Hello everybody,
Yes, I'm back! The foot and mouth crisis is just about over and I have had a nice long break to get over the hard work and long hours.
I intend to get on with some serious writing now that I have more time on my hands, and of course, contribute more to the NB.
Hello all you newbies!! Wow, so many.
A warm hi to all of my old friends out there too.
I have put a link to a new web I have just written below. It is a pictorial record of my recent travels in Africa. Have a look through it if you wish. Have a little patience while one or two of the pictures come in, they are worth waiting for.
I will now go through the archives and see what you have all been up to in my absence!!


Eddie Africa 8-20-2001 18:45

Mel - No big name authors at the workshop. Zeta Christiansen, Judi Beach and Emily Hanlon all had books published along with some other people but no bestsellers or anything. The workshops were great, I got to learn imaging to be able to describe better (which I need to do) and how to just write and worry about editing later.

The Shortie Theme: Romance (I wrote a great piece around this I want to share here). :)

Allein 8-20-2001 14:20

George W. went to a garden party on his new motorcycle. While he was there Dick Cheney admired the bike so much that he asked George if George would take him for a ride on it. An advisor stepped up and whispered in George’s ear that he had neglected to get passenger insurance on the bike. George turned to Cheney and said. "Okay, Dick, but there seems to be an insurance problem so it looks like you’ll have to drive."

8-20-2001 14:13

JACK: Checked out Adobe Premiere...that is one powerful piece of software. At least it seems so to me. The price was a little steep for what I wanted it for, but I was very close to downloading the trial version. Checked a little deeper into the system requirements though and I don't think my little HP can take it. I have so much on this hard drive already I am getting slow. Ah well...if I end up actually needing it, it would be worth the space.

Mary 8-20-2001 12:00

Good morning everyone.

HALLEE: Thank you for the link to the festival. I did put a link to them on my page and sent an email asking them to link back. I will just have to wait and see if they will or not. They seem pretty choosey about who they link to judging by their current links page, but that is a good thing. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will keep my link to them up on my page whether they link back or not. :-)

Off to the Department of Motor Vehicles...this ought to be good.

Mary CeltiCreations 8-20-2001 8:34

That whole post is poorly worded. It should say his Italian is very important to him. It should also say "I thought you might want to check it out and see if you want to link your site from here." Sorry...I believe that was pre-coffee, or perhaps the coffee level in the cup was still a little high.

Hallee 8-20-2001 7:26

MARY: I loved your site. I'm sorry I didn't go into any detail - I was in a hurry. This link is for a links page off of the Tallahassee Scottish Festival website. Conan and I go every year (he's big into "roots" - his Italian is very important to me, and he loves the fact that I'm Scottish and look Scottish and wants Kaylee and I to get into our Scotts background.) I thought you might like to see if you can link your page to here with the people who do the site.

Hallee for Mary 8-20-2001 4:49

Re the comment about things being too short on the video, I have plans to expand it a bit and include some of the before and after as we were entering the boat to give context. However, this was a first time experiment with Premiere 6.0. A somewhat pricy piece of software, but I am finding it useful.

Americo: Thanks for the suggested comments. I am going to ask others who are not among the four of us to drop into Amazon and do a search for Shadows In A Dream and then enter their comments. I feel that it should come from others than the four main writers. Take care everyone and will let you know both on the Workbook and the expanded video as soon as I can. I have a paying contract that must take precedence. Still, I have given myself a goal to cut out time each day to write. If I am going to have any chance at all to attend Clarion next year this will have to happen.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-20-2001 2:54

Hi guys.

JERRY: Come here and let me give ya a kiss. Thank you for such a glowing review. Totally makes the hours I spent worth it.

MEL: I suggest using those sticky, yellow, fly tapes. I haven't seen one of those in years. I don't even know if they still make them or not. You know the ones, right? They are a little thing like a film canister and when you pull the tape out and hang it from the ceiling the flies are drawn to it and permanently stuck there. It is quite an ugly, unsanitary looking thing but it sure works. You could always sprinkle a little glitter on it or something to purty it up.

Maybe your muse is too big, I don't know your muse. I don't think I really have one, but if I did I would want her to look just like Tinkerbell. I think I remember joking here one day about my muse looking like Danny Devito in drag...that would be more likely.

ALLEIN: Glad you are working on a shortie theme. I figured with you being newly inspired and all you could really pump us up this week. Thank you.

HOWARD: How ya doin' hon?

LITTER: I can hear your keys clicking. Winks.

TEEKAY: Hope all is well on your side of the world.

MARK: Hello? Yoohoo, yeah you! Come on back, we miss ya.

AMERICO: I don't think I have ever typed your name that I didn't type America and have to backspace one space and fix it. My fingers just want to type America...they have a mind of their own sometimes, which is very good when I am up at 2AM working a bead pattern that I can't even see anymore. No need to thank me for the link to *Shadows*, it was my pleasure to do that.

Well, I am off for the night. Found an awesome octagonal coffee table at a yard sale that needs a good polish. See ya!

Mary CeltiCreations 8-20-2001 0:08

Mary - Just went browsing in your new web site. Wow, you are so very talented, some of that bead work is fantastic. Your talent in web design is also right up there.

Well another great day in paradise. Spent the afternoon at mom's playing pinochle. My team lost all three multi hour games. Well as mom says, somebody has to be the good looser.

Jerry 8-19-2001 23:25


Howdy, Writin' Friends! :-) My weekend's a-goin' an' I'm not sure where but it's about went and gone... Ain't seen my muse today - she musta slipped out the door while I was at early church service. Phooey on her! She better git back here tomorrow or else I'll think of somethin' worse than duct tape to entrap her! (Uh, anyone got any helpful ideas??)

AMERICO: Thanks for the translation that JON was too lazybones to do! I did think he said he was king of something lowly, and I may resemble a lazybones too often but I won't tell the King if you don't! HA! :-)

ROSEMARY: Mark isn't due back for a few weeks - he said 6 weeks training or something in Rochester...???

MARY: BTW, I LOVE your amulet bags. Wish I could afford one... I'm glad to hear your hubby is spending more time tickling the ivories. Good for him. Hmm, makes me wanna break out my 'cello from the closet...the music muse is gettin' closer... :-)

JACK: LOVED your glass-sided boat video, music and all!!! :-) It was very relaxing, refreshing, and inspiring! But it had one terrible flaw: it was TOO SHORT!!! :-)

ALLEIN: So tell us about the conference - workshops? Authors present? :-) Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Still LAUGHING over the Bush joke - heh heh heh!!! :-) Oh me oh my, and me a registered Republican too... (please don't throw rotten fruit at me! I always vote for the best candidate, regardless of political party...well, the best in my opinion, of course!) :-)

Okay, I'm gonna sneak some writing projects onto the diningroom table now, muse or no...maybe she'll come a-runnin' when she sees I'm gettin' serious. And everyone else in the house is currently occupied...

sneaking...sneaking...(*whispers, wish me luck!*) ;-]

Mel 8-19-2001 19:55


I loved your Celtic creations web-site, especially the stone circles pictures. Your photo was cute. Strange, but I pictured you a little older.


I hadn't seen your Australia web-stie before and enjoyed looking at it. Unfortunately I am only connected at a slow 28,800. I have a faster modem, but backward phone lines. I could not see the video, but I did enjoy the rest.

Loved the joke about intelligent Repubicans!

Take care, all

Rhoda 8-19-2001 18:16

Mary - Sure, I'll try to think of a good one and post it tonight or tomorrow. :)

Viv - I understand. I was that age once. I'm in no hurry for the translations. :)

Allein 8-19-2001 15:19

JACK: Wow! I love that video you made and my daughter went screaming yellow bonkers over it. She is big time into marine life, I had to play your video for her three times in a row and she is still mad at me for turning it off. Way to go. That looks like it was fun to put together too. I am going to go check out Preview right away.

VIV: Sent you an email. Actually sent you two, so if you only get one let me know so I can send the missing one over again. I am only worried about you only getting one because I think I just might have typed your email addy incorrectly on the second one.

ALLEIN: Would you like to pick this week's shortie theme? Take a whack at it if you like, if not I will pick one.

Happy Sunday(Monday) all.

Mary CeltiCreations 8-19-2001 14:26

Allein: IOU an apology. I haven't gotten Hana to finish the songs. She is unenthusiastic about any study because she's in a summer vacation mode. This week night school begins once again but I really think she's not going to settle down until her friends go back to school in two weeks. Here's the big problem, I agreed to allow her to take one class at the local high school. I'm not at all enthusiastic about this move, but she's more interested in having friends right now than being a very mature individual. I'm going to collar her tomorrow moring and MAKE her fill out her examination forms which are due at the end of the week. I'd fill them out but they must be filled in Kanjii. She's being a little summer moth. Sleeping late, running with a pack of kids down to the swimming pool, coming home hungry with a swarm of barefoot kids, racing to the refrigerator and making sandwiches, then racing out to see what someone else's mother has at her house. They are a pack of puppies. I don't want to scold because she has been studying so hard, but on Tuesday she's going to stay home until those songs are posted to you. Please accept my apology for the delay.
I'd yell at her more but I'm the same way...sloppy and flighty.

Viv 8-19-2001 9:54


I switched my settings to Times New Roman and it didn't make any difference. I normally use Courier New because it's easier for me to read. BUT, I don't think it's your site because the text upon text happens to me on a number of other sites including the top of the Notebook. The pull down menus are almost impossible for me to read. I just know which ones I want and what order they are in.
Good luck with your new business and how did the decoration of the Dentist office come out. (That was you, wasn't it?)

Going to the flea market before it gets over 90 degrees.

Rosemary 8-19-2001 9:42

The post below is mine.
And a correction for Mel: Faineant (with an accent on the e). It means lazybones.

Americo 8-19-2001 9:37


Here are some impressions of readers of Shadows in a Dream, all signed by famous critics... Maybe they inspire other reviewers and help make S* the best-seller we need to get a good contract for our next NB project.

"S* is a landmark in the history of the Internet. For the first time a full-fledged novel was started and completed by e-mail, according to a detailed plan and without any concession to "Internetese". It's a traditional novel in the sense that it deals with feelings, thoughts and emotions, but its original structure makes it something new in its genre. I believe it's the most beautiful novel ever written by email by four people who did not know each other physically. An additional point of interest is that its collaborators are also its main characters, and the NB and some of its denizens play a crucial part in the story. A must for anyone who believes that the Internet can be a step forward in the history of human relations and literature." (AGS)

"A work of genius. I still can't understand why my collaboration was rejected though". (Jon, translated from French).

"I wish S* were an incentive for all writers and an example to follow by Notebookers past, present and future, but I fear it will be instead a source of scandal, war and Earth upheaval. The novel is certainly scandalous, and not the kind of thing I'd like to be caught reading on a Summer's evening. It's a very dangerous book, unfit to pure souls and tender hearts (like mine). I'm making some cakes to take to my bunker, where I like to take refuge... with a book or two in my excited, trembling hands. " (Pussy)

Now some secret thoughts of NB regulars:

"My dream would be to play Emma in Tim Burton's inevitable movie." (Rachel)

"So young and so famous!" (Allein)

"I never guessed I was so talented! But wait for the next project..." (Jack)

"Now what shall I say in the Pulitzer Prize address?" (A*)

"How could I ever think that the NB was just an idle chatroom and not the best community of writers in the Internet, as S* is here to prove it?!" (Annonymous)

8-19-2001 9:35

I was wondering if anyone else noticed that has a significant discount posted for Shadows In A Dream. So, now is the time to buy it if you have not. Also, for those who have read it and feel so inclined, perhaps you could drop by and give a review. And, also, please check out the video I recently created with Premiere.

Jack 8-19-2001 5:44

I have returned to the evergreen, earthquake, Starbucks state. :)
I had a blast at the conference!! For those who remember Cassandra and Sqrl - they're wonderful. The very first day we were there it was like we were old friends just chatting it up.
I got a lot of compliments on my writing and some ideas for Mali and Azol which were all helpful. My self esteem also got a major boost. At the end of the conference we had a dance most of the dances in high school I wouldn't even think of dancing in the center circle, but this time I did it without even questioning myself. :)

The Anything Box - I did remind Cassandra about it but with the conference going on (and we were at the college where the conference was being held not her house) and all that we didn't have time to look for it but I wrote her a reminder to look for it (and posted it on her refridgerator) - she's packing up for college in 2 weeks so hopefully she'll find it then, but she said she'd really look and send it to me. And I will harp at her about it too (maybe not harp, but remind her when I can).

Anyway, jet lag starting to take over, mind going away, need sleep.

Allein 8-19-2001 2:19

Hi guys.

Went on a lovely picnic/hike today. We were just packing all of the stuff into the trunk for the trip home when the first raindrops fell. It was meant to be.

Thank you all for visiting my site. I am still plugging away at it. I have been running over to friends/relatives houses viewing it on their computers to make sure it all comes out ok. Only one of them had the problem with the text overlapping. I don't know if this will fix it for everyone, but in his browser preferences, he had changed his default font to Arial. As soon as he changed it back to Times New Roman, my site viewed correctly again. I am going to have to do some research on how to make sure that it gets viewed correctly no matter what font the browser is set at. I think I have a good lead on how to do it. Anyone who has any tips about that I would love to hear them.

My husband somehow or other has become the new piano player for church on Sundays and tomorrow is his first day. I am excited for him. I will also be glad to hear him play more regularly again. He was practicing this evening after dinner and I never once minded doing the dishes; he played me right through it.

All that fresh air today has made me sleepy so I am off to bed.

Take care.

Mary CeltiCreations 8-19-2001 0:22

Republican chuckles, oh mysterious jester.

8-18-2001 23:00

While visiting England, George Bush is invited to tea with the Queen. He asks her what her leadership philosophy is. She says that it is to surround herself with intelligent people.

He asks how she knows if they're intelligent. "I do so by asking them the right questions," says the Queen. "Allow me to demonstrate." She phones Tony Blair and says, "Mr. Prime Minister. Please answer this question Your mother has a child, and your father has a child, and this child is not your brother or sister. Who is it?"

Tony Blair responds, "It's me, ma'am."

"Correct. Thank you and good-bye, sir," says the Queen. She hangs up and says, "Did you get that, Mr. Bush?" "Yes ma'am. Thanks a lot. I'll definitely be using that!"

Upon returning to Washington, he decides he'd better put the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to the test. He summons Jesse Helms to the White House and says, "Senator Helms, I wonder if you can answer a question for me."

"Why, of course, sir. What's on your mind?" "Uhh, your mother has a child, and your father has a child, and this child is not your brother or your sister. Who is it?"

Helms hems and haws and finally asks, "Can I think about it and get back to you?" Bush agrees, and Helms leaves.

Helms immediately calls a meeting of other senior Republican senators, and they puzzle over the question for several hours, but nobody can come up with an answer. Finally, in desperation, Helms calls Colin Powell at the State Department and explains his problem.

"Now lookee here, son, your mother has a child, and your father has a child, and this child is not your brother or your sister. Who is it?" Powell answers immediately, "It's me, of course, you dumb cracker."

Much relieved, Helms rushes back to the White House and exclaims, "I know the answer, sir! I know who it is! It's Colin Powell!"

And Bush replies in disgust, "Wrong, it's Tony Blair."

8-18-2001 22:01

Afternoon all,

Neat site. My computer loads it with the writing all on top of itself also, but the pictures are clear and the links all work. The text problem is probably CompuServe's fault.

Has Mark told us he was going somewhere and I forgot? Seems he's been gone about as long as we allow.

Glad you've gotten moved, sorry you had to. Things will straighten themselves up if you don't fuss over them too much. (My father was in the military until I was about 13 yrs. old. We moved every 1 1/2 years.)

the peaches sound wonderful. They grow quite a lot here but I think they send them all to California in exchange for the green, harder than a brick expensive peaches that are in the groc. stores. I gave up peaches a few years ago.

Last Thursday was such a great shorty day here on the notebook that when Jack archived it that night, I thought I'd dreamed it.

Got to go vacuum pack some bacon with my new gadget from EBay.

Rosemary 8-18-2001 15:23

Mary: lovely site. Thanks for the link of S* to
Howard: isn't S* a wonderful gift to the world? Thanks, and glad you liked it.
Mel: faitsnean=farniente, from French to Italian through Jon, the king of the good-for-nothings, too busy for writing romance, just practicing it...
Happy weekend, all.

Americo 8-18-2001 13:58

MARY: I like your site! :-) Only, on my home pc, some of the text overlapped with other text...perhaps a loading problem at my end? I'll try it again when I go to work on Monday.

Happy day, you-all! :-)

Mel 8-18-2001 13:18

MARY: Wonderful. I loved it.

HEATHER: Getting there - slowly but surely.

VIV: Aww ((hug)) - that has to be written down somewhere so that you and your daughter can pull it out in twenty years and laugh about it.

I love my new house. My office is bigger than the living room of the last one, and has 15ft ceilings. It's neat. But, I feel like I'm getting nothing done in the settling in part. Maybe I'm at that "it gets worse before it gets better" phase, because it seems like the more I unpack and put away, the bigger mess there is and the more I have to unpack and put away. haha

Okay - off to do more. Have a great day all!

Hallee 8-18-2001 11:05

God am I tired tonight, not that I did much today. The daughter decided that the old carriage house in her back yard was an eye sore, so she borrowed my hammer, and went to work on it. Well not one to miss a good show, I drove over to watch, as did the wife. Well I tell you, I have never seen such quick work of an old building, by the afternoon, the old building was nearly on the ground, and they began loading the old lumber in my pickup. Three trips to the dump grounds and well over half the carriage house is gone, now all that remains is about half the roof and the front doors. Those were left for tomorow. Just watching such work has tired me to no end. Off to bed now, I can hear the sheets calling. Oh did I mention, it was a glorious day, only reached 80 degrees, and the sun was our companion all day.

Jerry 8-18-2001 0:15

Well speaking of peaches, the wife bought a lug of those little golden orbs of delight, and I have enjoyed one every night since. God how I love peaches, and they are good for me too. A peach a day keeps the doctor at bay. Peaches and cream, with a bit of sugar, oh what a lovely combination.

Owhard, glad to see you posting again, be they ever so short, fear not the pain will subside one day, and you will again have two hands to punish those keys.

Jerry 8-17-2001 23:54

HEATHER: Sharp jewelry is never a good idea when on a dinghy. Hahahaha...I gotta get my mind out of the gutter.

*anonymous peachie poster*

8-17-2001 23:37

Who wrote the peach shortie?
Talk about the skitters!
Ugh - peaches are not good on the wind pipes...!
(just thought I'd add a little toilet humour before I fly off)


Heather 8-17-2001 23:19

Hello rack full of spices in a gourmet laboratory;

my zip and zest friends.

What's the flavour of life tonight?

Americo! Great to see you here more often! Doth the wind blow warm and gently against the fur of your dear catscompanions? I think Pussy should pay alimony.

Hope you get settled quickly, Hallee!

Mary, site is par excellence! *wink wink!*

Jack - A fresh page! Thank you! (we'll fill it up fast, as you must know by now) Sorry to hear about the possible loss of your story beginnings - hope you are able to salvage some.

Howard - may the Force be with you.

Teekay - great shortie! Rucksack, eh? Reminds me of the movie 'Trading Places'... "Hello, I'm Inga from Sweden. Will you help me with my rucksack?" (But you're wearing leiderhosen!)

Viv - I'd love to know what you told her! (heh heh) Could be a best-seller for mothers of young women.

Mel - hey there! Rain? It's raining here too. My daughter did a rain dance and now it's been raining for two days. She did the same thing last year, and it rained for five and some parts of the city flooded. She finally had to do a 'stop the rain dance' and that worked too. Hmmmmmm....

Off to the cottage on Lake Erie for a week, everyone. Think of me AVOIDING poison ivy, won't you? And remind me not to wear sharp jewellery when out in the dinghy with the kids. Oh, and I'll post a little note to myself:

Do not stuff sand into your bathing suit to take home for later. It comes out in the wash.

Do not bring 500 proof sunscreen unless planning to stay white as a dead fish. Do not wear sunglasses when tanning either.

Do not make the local spider population angry.

Do not substitute 'Raid' for 'Off'.

And, last but not the least of these: Do not hang towels to dry over the BBQ or on the ancient ceiling fan.

That's it. My cottaging rules. Oh, and here are a few Cottage Laws (taken like Murphy's):

Wherever the outdoor beer cooler is placed it will be tripped over, even if it is hidden underneath the deck.

No matter how many times you rinse off the sand, when you lie down in bed there will be a few dunes to contend with.

Enjoy itching; itching is your friend. It will be a few weeks until the bumps die down, and there was no call for using the frying pan.

However well behaved your children are, there is no such thing as 'No Hand Land' in the back seat of the car. Tennis nets will not work. Scuba gear is not a worthy deterrant.

GOt another 800 words written before the jaunt to the cottage, and I'll be dragging proliferant numbers of journals, blank notepads, pens and the like with us on the trip. Nothing like not having access to the computer to refire my muse.

Have an awesome week, everyone!

Heather 8-17-2001 23:16

He sank his teeth into the soft flesh and loved every drop of sweet juice that ran down his chin. That familiar smell filled his nostrils and he was, for a moment, in heaven. His wife, hearing his frenzy, lifted her eyes to him and said, "You will be sorry if you eat too many more of those peaches. Remember what happened last year?"

Paradise lost.

8-17-2001 22:57


MARY: You are amazing. And gorgeous. If JON has any brains he'll marry you instead and give up serenading the wretched PUSSY.
Is that the photo you are going to be using for your book? Love the blonde.
Speaking of which, my blonde is now at the stage where I really like it. You just keep putting this stuff in until you get to a shade you like. And my scalps stopped itching too, so I guess it was just fleas after all *phew* :-D

JACK: I'm glad all your story was not lot, frustrating as it may be you are lucky to have something to fall back on. Just ask JERRY :-)

GOODBYE DODGE CITY. (A belated shorty)

She flicked a strand of hair from her eyes and straightened her back.
That was it then, she was packed and ready to go.
She pulled the rucksack onto her shoulders and looked back just one last time.
So much energy had been spent here, so many lives and hearts touched, and there had been lessons learned here too.
But this class was over and it was time to move on, she tossed her cigarete butt onto the dirt and ground it underfoot.
"Goodbye Dodge City, I've loved you well."
And there was no more looking back.


Teekay 8-17-2001 20:49

Yep, thats it.

Feel free to nominate me for any web awards...Hahahahaha.


8-17-2001 19:50

LOL, I did it again for crying out loud. Talk about a good first impression, I can't even get the stinking link to work. Ok, I got it for sure this time.

CeltiCreations 8-17-2001 19:49

somehow I switched the url and the page name...sighs.
Maybe this one is better. 8-17-2001 19:48

Hi everybody.

If anyone has been wondering what has been keeping me away from shortie night, away from reading/writing as much as I want, away from training my dog to retrieve anything but sticks, here it is.

My website. To submit the site for inclusion into the yahoo directory, I can't have any links to parts of my site that are still under construction, but officially there are four more pages to go up.

The one I am working on now is the Gaelic site where there will be wav files and pronunciation aids. Then the Celtic Christianity, Celtic History, Legends and Myths go up. For now, though, it is at least presentable.

I have about ten more books to put on my recommended reading page and countless pieces of beadwork/misc. art to scan or photograph and include on the site. My Highland Games page needs some work...

Anyway, if any of you care to take a peek, I am welcoming feedback of any sort. I would like my site to be the best it can be before I send Yahoo their $200.00.

There is a link to *Shadows* on my recommended reading page that will take you directly to the ordering info at

Thanks in advance and please be brutally honest and constructive in your comments/suggestions to me. Love you guys...back later.

Mary 8-17-2001 19:46

HI! I received my copy of "Shadows in a Dream" from last week. It's interesting! Good, too! :-)

Shoulder still giving me fits. Hard to type, so I won't anymore for now.

howard 8-17-2001 18:22

Hello everyone: Made the change to the typo in the Archive.

Others: As for getting your sound file onto your computer. This will require some type of sound editing software. I believe there is something on Windows itself that you can use, hook up your recorder through the microphone input and then record it as a wav file. You will need something else to turn it into an mp3 that winamp can play. Also, check out my video from my trip to australia. If you have not seen the page - . This does require real player to be installed and you will need a high speed connection.

Jack Beslanwitch boat video 8-17-2001 14:09

Oh Mary! I missed the shorty again this week. My youngest is on summer vacation and my oldest wrote a letter saying that it would be more economical if she moved in with five boys. I spent a long time on the internet convincing her that this was the LEAST thrifty idea she'd ever come up with! I was so buy writing "screamers" and keeping up with youngest that I pretty much had to give it up. Sorry! Even killing characters was put on hold to convince oldest daughter that she doesn't want to live with five boys to economize on rent.

Now there's a letter every writer should have to answer! It takes every bit of skill and tact not to write in all capital letters. Guess what, I wasn't that skilled. Lots of capital letters. Whew! I did get my idea across and she bought it. I'm exhausted but it was worth it.

Hallee: I hope your move goes easily and everything snaps right into place in your new home. Tell us all about your nice new house!

Jack: What do you know about recording a tape into a computer using Winamp and music match. I don't want music, I want to record a tape from a tape recorder into a voice file so I can use my computer to repeat a line or word in a dialog as many times as I need to during a class. I also want to have a phrase of the day on my website that the students must learn in order to pass a quiz. I have downloaded winamp and some sort of fancy little stero type image onto the computer but I can't seem to find out what to do to make it record. Do you know anything about this. It's something I want to finish before October 1st and my advisor is on holiday until then. Any ideas??? (If you could please use Bill Gates Windows type explainations it would help a lot. I'm still pretty much a Neandrathal when it comes to the computer.) Thanks for helping with this. It's another thing that's keeping me from getting some time for writing. I'm worrying about this silly project and the deadline.

Viv 8-17-2001 11:18

JACK: Hmmm, "aidea"..."idea" idea to aid you could be an "aidea"...what do you think? Can I save face with that typo? Heh heh hoo boy.

Mel 8-17-2001 8:12


Hi, everybodeez! Enjoying RAIN here in the Northeast USA! :-) Maybe we'll yet have to mow the lawn once more before snow flies, heh heh! (I can laugh because the hubby and sons tend to the lawn; me, I get...the laundry. Sigh.)

JACK: You probably already know this but just in case...the Archives labeled "7/12 - 7/18" are really 7/13 - 8/16. I know the 7 for the 8 was just a typo, but maybe some visitor will wonder...? Ohh, too bad about the "loss" of your fantasy story - that does slow down the works! But in return, I suppose that when you "lose" an aidea and have to create it again, perhaps the second time the wording and the writing are better? Just a thought...

ROSEMARY: Oh yeah, babyduck fuzz. Um, I knew that! Sometimes, in writing shorties quickly, ya just can't think of the right words in time. And I struggled with the verbs: I wanted to humanize the ducks, just a bit, but not to have them lose their "duckness," and yet not to have to mention that they were ducks. Is a "flock" right for ducks? I know "gaggle of geese, bevy of quail, school of fish, herd of cows," etc., but wasn't sure about duck groups. I think your shortie could be an interesting short story (or longer) with some polishing. Characters were interesting, :-) even the dog.

HALLEE: Well, my goodness. Mary has us writing about moving while you were DOING the moving! Interesting way to contribute a shorty, heh heh, 'though I prefer writing about moving to actually MOVING! Hope you're surviving the box wars (where is that thingamajig? don't know -try that box over there...what is this box still doing here? wait! - don't throw it--) :-/ :-)

AMERICO: So when do we get to purchase and read a published version of the CATS' ROMANCE? :-)

Y'ALL: Write good today (even if it means you're gonna kill off a character or two...sigh. No sequels for them...only posies.)


Mel 8-17-2001 8:09

Hello and good morning to a brand new page.

Jon was seen playing guitar and singing a love song under Pussy's window yesterday night. As the best Notebookers know our favorite cats divorced in Paris this Summer. Will Pussy resist Jon's beautiful voice and marry him again? Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.

Jerry, what you wrote about all the family gathering to hear your late father's recorded snoring is one of the best posts ever published here. This reminds me that we miss Arik and his fabulous prizes.

Americo 8-17-2001 7:01

Hey all! I'm back...and the first after Jack to post in a fresh Notebook :). Hope all is well with everyone - we've been busy moving. Still not settled in, but hopefully this will be the last time in a long time.

Maybe now I can actually keep up with everyone's posts. And maybe even start contributing again to shorty nights.

Have a great Friday!!

Hallee 8-17-2001 6:22

Hello everyone: I finally got far enough along on recouping from the death of my primary hard drive. So, here is a brand new tabula rasa for the Notebook. I have not read the Notebook for the last day, so not sure if there was anything critical to be carried over in terms of conversations. However, I did note that Americo had returned to us. :-) and with that said, sometime Sunday when I get back from Viking Con I will implement the new structure for the Workbook come hell or high water. The one I have finally found looks like it will fill all the bills, including a more robust login, treeform message board so that the first message can be the manuscript and all additional messages critiques and more. BTW, if I do get this implemented, I will be somewhat rutheless about the first messages being a manuscript. The one draw back is that I lost the work I had done on my fantasy story. The major part of it is somewhere around the house in printable format, but when my main hard drive corrupted and they attempted a ghost to port the data over, about sixty per cent would not be ported. Things had gotten that bad. Just glad that I attempted to install Windows XP or I really would have ignored the minor warning signs I had gotten. Anyway, take care everyone and I will get the past notebook up and archived before I go to bed tonight.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-17-2001 3:37

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