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RANDALL: Funny as always! Thanks. My kids are angels now.

RACHEL: I know just what you mean about being fine during the crisis and then falling apart afterward. Isn't is amazing what a human is capable of? And turn that right around...isn't it amazing how delicate we are?

DEBRA: My dog really is a sweetie. Dumb as a rock, but sweet. The cat is like a rag-doll; if she didn't purr and crap you would think she's dead.

JERRY: I don't have anything against spanking. I have had a few myself, some more memorable than others. I just have to pick my battles around here. I am way more lenient than I should be, I recognize that, but I can't help it. My mother says that when she calls me on the phone, it sounds like a carnival in the background. I don't have the heart to tell my kids to be quiet too sternly because, quite frankly, I know how the silence sounds and I don't like it.

I revel in the toilet paper trails down the hall, the jelly-prints on the tv screen and the crayon on the walls. Wet streakers and dirty sneakers.

They are quiet in church and they don't hurt anything or anybody...those are pretty much my rules. I am relatively certain no animals were injured by the bungee cord incident but the dog is too dumb to tell me and the cat just don't care. ;-)

This discussion reminds me of a story I heard growing up about a young boy who stole something from a grocery store. He was brought home by the police officers who kindly handed him over to his grandmother who had raised him since he was a baby. The store owner didn't press charges against him. After the police explained to the grandmother what had happened, they left. The grandmother went out into the side yard and cut a switch from one of the trees and handed it to the boy and told him to wait for her in the woodshed.

The boy waited and waited, dreading his punishment. When his grandmother came into the shed, he extended the switch out to her but she refused to take it. "My boy, I have failed you miserably if you believe that it is all right to take things that don't belong to you and I need to be punished for that."

The grandmother insisted that the boy use the switch on her for his own wrong doing.

Mary 10-4-2001 3:37


Randall - Thanks for the story :o)

Take care you.

10-4-2001 1:05

Ok now Randall - you have this wonderful ability to keep us laughing with your wonderful stories. Put them down in book form and I think you would have a best seller. I know I would pay good money for a collection of your great tales.

This one was super.

Jerry 10-3-2001 23:56


Thank you, my day is complete. That was one fantaboulous
story. I think I know that kid.

Debra 10-3-2001 23:21


I know what you mean about joking on one hand and on the other feeling like your stomach will come right up thinking about it even months later.

I have learned it is all for the greater good of making them know that it hurts to bang your fleshy body on hard stuff. You did a great job saving him from a really horrible injury but I think the lesson he was supposed to learn was installed. Just think of it that way.

Debra 10-3-2001 23:16



What's happening gang??

John Fogerty sang a song in the late 60's.. BAD MOON RISING. "I see a bad moon rising, I see trouble on the way......" Heard it? My wife and I were coming back from buying groceries only minutes ago when she called my attention to the moon a'rising. It was great big, orange and a cloud pierced it horizontally, left to right.

Gave me the shivers. I felt it was a portent of impending doom....Boys and girls, we're in for a world of trouble on this terrorist thing......

I noted some discussion on children.....Deal me in!

Have I related how my brother and I scared our cousin, our stark naked cousin so many years ago? No? Well, goes like this.

Our cousin from Kansas City, Ronnie was a holy terror when he was 6. Perhaps not the anti-Christ, but darn close. He reviled in plugging bare wires into wall outlets and giggling at the sparks. That he wasn't killed early on might relate to the anti-Christ thing, who knows. He took my Dads hand drill and planted every bit Dad had in the back yard one summer day, and some of these were a foot long or better. Then pounded screwdrivers in the yard with a hammer. After one visit from the KC terror Mom's cats had to undergo weeks of feline therapy. The family dog had to have it's tail surgically untied and we didn't see the canary for days, then found it hiding in the hamsters cage, featherless.

A favorite trick of Ronnie's, after a raucous bath was to run screaming through our house bare beamed and buck naked. His mom would chase him down, attempt to insert the lad into PJ's but this usually failed and he was sent to his room sans clothes. The first streaker I ever heard of. I mean the boy was years ahead of his time, in a social sense.

One October night our cousin and his parents were visiting, staying several nights at our house. Ronnie was his usual self, a demonic Dennis the Menace run amok during the stay. He had discovered our collection of model airplanes and melted holes in them with a soldering iron. My brother and I spent an hour retrieving the beleaguered housecats from a pecan tree in the back yard. The family dog had taken to fits of mournful howling, followed by prolonged scratching. This could be because Ronnie had dumped a gallon of bleach on the animal..."To make him blonde."

To paraphrase Winston Churchill..."Never have so many, been tortured by so few, in such a short time."

It was bedtime and my brother and I laid our trap carefully. Ronnie was in the tub, indeed everyone in the neighborhood knew by his mothers frantic shouting.

"Put down the bubble bath bottle Ronnie!"

"Not there!"

"Wash behind your ears. With the washcloth, not the towel!"

"Hand me the canary!"

"Don't pull on the shower curtain!"

"Now see what you've done Ronnie!"

The previous Halloween my brother and I had purchased a poster of a large, door sized, human skeleton. The kind that glowed in the night after being exposed to a bright light. We placed it on the inside of a closet door just outside our room. From inside the bathroom we knew the nightly bath was ending. Sure enough Ronnie burst from the water drenched room and headed to our bedroom. He streaked through laughing with only a towel on. Now Dad's house was built so you could move through it in a circle. Ronnie streaked through our room, past a closet door as my brother and I sat in our beds. We heard him blast through the living room where our folks were playing 42. His giggling was infectious, he wasn't mean or cruel, just a rounder. He entered the bedroom with a full head of steam, laughter on his merry faced. Now completely naked he shrieked in pleasure as we sat in our beds watching. My brother jerked the closet door open with a string, when Ronnie was only a few feet from it...and there it was. The nightmare of every child, a grinning human skeleton....glowing with a spectral light in the dark room.

Our cousin, Ronnie, executed the finest about face at full throttle I have ever seen. NFL running backs Emmitt Smith or Barry Sanders would stand mouth agape at the maneuver. With a flash (no pun intended) he reversed course and ran screaming into the living room, and from what I have gleamed from conversations at family reunions, leaped into his mothers arms from 10 feet away. Collapsing the card table, bottles of soft drinks, ashtrays of cigarettes, dominoes, etc., Ronnie was one frantic, terrified kid. Of course both sets of parents immediately came to the bedroom to see what had caused all the uproar. But all they saw were the sleeping forms of 2 young boys, all clothes hung on the bed posts, toys picked up, closet door shut.

It was months before Ronnie dared to enter our room. Claimed he saw a skeleton in there.


Good night


Randall 10-3-2001 23:15


With the flying baby thing. That really freaked me out. I was fine when it was happening. Just took care of my baby. After the fact I shook for near to an hour. It not fun stuff. I make light of it, but there is not really any light point to a baby doing flips in mid air. I wish Sebastian were not in such a rush to do everything. He climbs, her walks along everything. He can even walk from one thing to the other as long as he is holding on. He can and does climb everything. The only problem is he isn't any good at getting down safely yet.

10-3-2001 23:10


I have pulled some strange ass shit out of our VCR on many occasions.


I am in favor of spankings. I like the one quick one on the butt. Yes, I have resorted to that. The stuff I complain about is the kind that is just uncivilized stuff, not really bad. Well it's bad. I like calm and quiet I always have. For the past tweleve years I have not had that. My first child Curtis, was a good little boy. He is a remarkable man too. I got lucky and take some credit too. I have learned to write and think around all the chaos but I stil don't like it. I sift out all the annoying stuff which one hundred percent and react accordingly to the stuff that needs dicipline. I don't like them playing with the water in the bathroom sink, they use the hot. That was stopped. I don't let them out the front door for a second, we needed contraptions for that one. I don't let them say bad words or use violence towards each other or others. But make no mistake, all the noise they make is annoying. I don't sit here like Mary Poppins and smile thinking those little dears. I'm more like a grumpy old man who just got used to it and would miss the little buggers.

Debra 10-3-2001 23:08


Bookcase yes bracketed to the wall.

The eighty pound dog thingie. It adds up if the dog is an absolute sweetheart and it sounds like that has to be so.
The cat I can't explain. I think that the dog now owes him a big favor. My dog pepper is a huge old man. I always say he was an angry old man died and then became my dog pepper. My dog Max is a sweetheart, but the girls are too rough. I always make them stop whatever it is they are doing just for his sake. He would never do anything. The funny thing is he gets this look on his face if I take too long getting there.

I did dodge the chair tieing bullet for one reason, my mother didn't, with me. From what she tells me my father had to put up one fence after the next and I kept getting over them. She kept getting calls from her neighbors that I was blocks away chatting with strangers in the center of town. NO matter how high or where they put the candy I would get it, that included the fridge. She told me she found me teetering on a makeshift ladder made of many flat and some not so flat toys all before I was five.

She and my father finally moved more into the suburbs close to this place that is a shrine and has wonderful light display at Christmas only to find me hand in hand with one of her new neighbors telling her I was found in their daughters bedroom getting a new pair of panties. Apparently mine were in some sort of soiled state. I was three at the time. So I dodged that bullet, but my kids won't when they start to have kids, that is if we don't die of the plague. I won't start again with that.

Mothers are special aren't they? My husband would be coiled up in the fetus position at the end of the first week. He can't stand having a job well done, undone for no reason at all, except the fact that you can't help it because you're a kid.

Debra 10-3-2001 23:01


Mary - Try baby surfing down the stairs. That will give a new spin on that idea... Sebastian tried that the other day. I surprised myself, my friend and my husband with just how fast I can move. I can catch a flying table and a baby at the same time. Damn I'm glad I'm and ambi!

10-3-2001 22:52

Anyone else hear that there is over a half billion dollars stored in vaults somewhere in the WTC? Also lots of highly classified documents in the CIA office that went down with the WTC?

Oh and on the child rearing problems, has anyone ever heard of spanking? I know it worked well when I was a child, and both my children knew what the spanking was, in fact they acutally experienced it once or twice each. It only takes one or two of them for the kids to get the idea that mom and dad are the boss, and that they mean what they say.

Maybe I am just old fashioned, but I do know it works much better then time outs and such. It also prepares the kids better for the outside world, where there are rules and laws that must be obeyed, or you are punished.

Jerry 10-3-2001 22:46

Here is the answer to the bathroom problem:

If you have one of those doors that has a hole on the outside into which you can poke a pointed object to pop the lock, put a wooden barbecue skewer on top of the door frame. It's octagonal shape prevents it from rolling off the edge of the trim, you can keep the door locked all the time, and only adults can reach the 'key'. But no matter what you do, never let your kids see where you get the key down from.

I also have creative ideas on preventing whole boxes of graham crackers being dumped down the back of a fifty gallon aquarium and how to keep your kids from opening the glass doors on your entertainment center and using the 500 Disney tapes as Barbie surfboards down the steps.

Just ask, I share. ;-)

Mary 10-3-2001 22:40

Are your bookcases anchored to the wall studs?

Mary 10-3-2001 22:35

Yesterday I found the dog and cat bungee corded together. Here is the equation:

1 four year old girl + 1 three year old boy = 1 eighty pound dog tied to 1 half-pound cat

Even now it doesn't add up to me.

Mary 10-3-2001 22:33

DEBRA: You aren't getting any kid sympathy from me until you say you had to tie the kitchen chairs to the table legs to keep the twins from climbing on top of the fridge. Oh yes, it's true. My chairs are tied to the table and my mother is mortified.

Mary 10-3-2001 22:31


You could send him to the dog and cat groomer with the dog and cat of course, and give him bogus directions.

No that's just mean.

Actually I love my dogs, and my husband too, but they do need a little something in the way of discipline once and a while.

With my husband, I just make really good points that cannot be argued with. I don't do that unless I'm really angry.
Usually I let him think he got me. It really works better than you think. You need to really think of what you want to say and practice it a few times before you say it.
Watch out for flying feathers. The way you know you won, is when he says "I don't know what you're talking about" Then you win!

Debra 10-3-2001 20:17

Hi All :)

Mel -- thanks for explaining the haiku form so nicely. I had a vague idea, but really needed your words to clarify it for me before I would give it a shot. Never tried this form before.

Debra - I love your punishment methods. Killing two birds with one stone and all. Now, got any ideas on how I can do something similar with dogs, cats and husband??? hehehe

Randall - keep posting! I get so wrapped up in your stories. Thank you again and again for sharing them like this.

I got the inklings of a verbal picture coming ..... later! :)

Carol 10-3-2001 19:39


10-3-2001 19:10


It sounds like we are living paralell lives.

I think we will be telling people we miss these days when the kid get older.

Debra 10-3-2001 18:55


You'd think so. I was watching CNN and they did not. I was struggling, especially when one of the reporters asked if they brought the evidence to the Pakistan government and the person to whom he always does business with and he said no. He wanted to meet face to face, and I think he said with Bush.

Imagine, he might be trying something like a killing on international TV?

Debra 10-3-2001 18:34


DEBRA: Yeah, but don't they dub what the Taliban people say?
That's what I thought you meant.

Teekay 10-3-2001 18:26


I have been able to lip read since my daughter was born back in 89). She was just like the twins, but she was just one person. I always told people if I was an indian squaw I would have named her "Tweleve People" and called her "Tweleve" for short.

When my son was born I extended the joke by telling them he would've been named "Another Tweleve People" and I would have called him "Another" for short.

The twins I would just call Prozac and Refill Please.

Debra 10-3-2001 18:20


I wasn't really out on a limb. I didn't have to pay up, unless I wanted to of course.

Debra 10-3-2001 18:07



RACHE: It seems BILLY DEAN spotted the poet in you before you even knew it was there :-)

CAROL: I read 'Chicken Soup for the Writers Soul'. I didn't cry though.
Composting - what a fantastic term. :-)

SASQUATCH: Now where have you been? Rummaging in the forest eating berries no doubt :-). Welcome back, and please stay a little longer this time.
That was a really good horrible haiku.
After reading MEL's post I conclude that it was the perfect haiku.

JERRY: I'm so happy for you. I'd feel the same way if they put on 'The Darling Buds of May' or replayed 'The Little House on the Prairie.
I've never in my life watched star trek before, so I don't know what I'm missing there.

JACK: That sounds absolutely fantastic. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. And I'm so glad you're back too.
I adore the sea, I am a definite sea person.

And on the Jihad front, I guess there are probably all different sorts of meanings put to it. I'm fully prepared to believe the guy I was speaking with didn't have a clue as to what he was talking about.

DEBRA: 'he can have what ever he wants you know where'???????????? You don't mean...........?????????? :-*
'Lip reading the Taliban people' HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Gotta go, I can hear a coffee calling my name. ( I'm out if tea bags.)

Thursday haiku:

crystal lights bounce up
rainbows of shattered colour
driving in the rain.

I had to hold my chin AND count my fingers for that one. Looked like a right toddy I did. :-)

Teekay 10-3-2001 17:52

Jerry: Yes, when I get back later this afternoon or early evening I will archive the Notebook.

Jack Beslanwitch 10-3-2001 16:43


They are awfully cute though.

Here is a webpage that Mary made me with their pictures some time ago.

I pasted it everywhere. I don't really know how to work that page paste thingie.

Debra 10-3-2001 16:25


Mel - I get a little more than arguing. As I said in past, the children in my home tend to have some pretty hairy behaviour issues. That is the least that they will have. My biological children have learned much about life that many other people don't learn in a life time. I in truth have been feeling a little short and our of sorts the past few days. I hope it has not reflected in my posts. I'm making every effort to be nice. One of the girls has been screaming for about four days. It has begun to wear on my patience. I will think that she is done with the tantrum. Everything will be going well enough, then it begins again. I am quite certain of what is at the root of these tantrums and after consultation with the professionals involved the issue in question will not come up again for a length of time. If I am lucky, it will be quite a length of time. I hate to think that I will just have her stabalized and all will be smashed down again. That really does make my work harder. It also makes her life much harder. It is work and trauma enough to have lived the life that she has to this point.

10-3-2001 16:07

Thanks for that. I'm starting to feel better. I'm not ready for round two.

For anyone who's now wondering how I got so much done yesteday that's easy to answer. I got lucky. My oldest daughter broke a major rule and got herself grounded for three days. I made a deal with her to drop two of the days for one day watching them outside. The catch was if either of them even got so much as a scratch on their little finger she was getting an extra four days.

She is forbidden from saying "A duh" to me. She slipped. Lucky me!

Debra 10-3-2001 14:06

Mel - the dirty face thing, I remember that from when I was a kid. My Aunt Margret (Clarance's wife) used to look us over when we came to visit, should one have a speck of dirt on one's face, she would take care of it by grabbing us by the ear, dragging us to the wash stand, and scrubbing our faces with a wet wash cloth, hard enough for one to only show up there once with a dirty face.

Jerry 10-3-2001 13:42

Jack - welcome home, any chance of an achive soon, it is taking a very long time now to load for those of us with modem connections.

Debra - sounds like the FBI is on top of this thing, they are saying it is an isolated occurance and not part of the terrorist attack. I guess we can wonder, but I wouldn't get too excited over it. It is sad to see those deaths but even with the terrorist threats, there are still a bunch of kooks out there, and many of them travel by bus. I think the cooperation between Greyhound and Amtrack was a good thing, anyone holding tickets on a Greyhound can trade it in for a train ticket if they desire. I tell you what, I would be first in line to trade up to rail, having traveled by both types of mass transit, I find the train much more relaxing then the bus. (of course this based on travel many years ago back in the '70's I understand train travel as well as busses have changed since that time)

Jerry 10-3-2001 13:40

DEBRA: Good Lord, you need to duct tape those twins to something stable, like an anchor! It would be "time-out chair" time in my house or "Can you say GROUNDED from everything you want to do?" Ee gads!!! (((((HUGS))))) No wonder you're having a melt-down! :-)

RACHEL: Arguing? In my house? Only the daily "your face is dirty" "no it's not" "yes it is" "no it's not" and the supper table arguments (they'll even argue over what color carrots are, if you let them!) And yes, my 17-yr-old and the 11-yr-old are ALWAYS right, even when they're arguing with each other, of course. My oldest son would make an excellent lawyer, he's been practicing the argumentative spirit for so long! They'd rather argue with each other than any other cooperative venture - hah!

Mel 10-3-2001 13:35


Thank you. Since we can't bring those people back, let's just hope it's a case of a mental break down and not someone wanting to die before something big happens.
They should do a background check on this guy, just to be sure.

Debra 10-3-2001 13:33

SASQUATCH! -- Welcome back! I remember your haiku from several months ago -- who is the hunter again? And you said that Yeti and other creatures feel that the One will not wait much longer. What other creatures? Tell us more, please!

DEBRA -- According to latest news reports the man on the bus carried a Croatian passport and "sounded like a foreigner." He was killed in the crash, but the bus driver is in stable condition following surgery.

howard 10-3-2001 13:16


My two older kids would fitht to the death if we didn't step in. They don't even know what they are fighting about most of the time. Mostly it's not moving over enough when they are getting into the car, or taking the other's seat at the table.

Debra 10-3-2001 12:59


Mel and Debra - You guys are making me laugh. I love it. My kiddies do these same things. Here is a new spin. Yesterday evening my 13 year old got into an argument with my four year old. She told him she had lost her toy at McDonalds. He said she did not. She stood in the parking lot without her coat (also inside) and empty hands. She pulled up her shirt enough for him to see she had no pockets and said. "Can't you see? I am not holding a toy. There are no toys on any part of me. I have lost my toy." The 13 year old replied "No you didn't." They got into a "did too, did not" deal. Mean while my 10 year old had returned to McDonalds to get the coat and toy. Upon his return he handed the things to the four year old who ended the fuss with "I did too." holding up the toy in her hand. The 13 year old responded with "did not." ARGH! My poor husband thought this was about the most foolish engagement he had seen in quite some time. Told the 13 year old to knock it off. The 13 year old responded by telling him that he was "debating a point" with the four year old. He always thinks he is debating. I think it is something else... I'll not say what here (winks). Does anyone else get that sort of fuss and bother in their home? That is the sort of thing that just makes me shake my head. Why would anyone argue a point that they are so clearly wrong in? It blows my mind. He didn't even argue, he contradicted. Makes me think of a Money Python skit (grins and laughter).

I better go.

Take care all.

10-3-2001 12:44

Also, they sometimes take the toliet paper right out of the bathroom and in doing so slam the door open. When they slam the bathroom door open they hit the lock up against the door behind it,thus locking the door. The they run out of the bathroom with their loot, toliet paper, and shut the door when they leave and that leave what?

Unsuspecting people rushing to the bathroom for you can imagine, first finding the door locked and finally getting in shutting the door only too late to find the paper gone as well. Of course your question is why at this point are they still unsuspecting, well who can answer that question when we have to use all our brain power to figure out what is going to happen in a world when druglords are calling for a holy war to protect their drug trade.

Debra 10-3-2001 12:43

So if you think about it the big kids want money, food and freedom, they are really refugees. What does that make us?

Debra 10-3-2001 12:31

God made little kids cute for a reason.

Debra 10-3-2001 12:26


They rip up toliet paper and flick the lights in evey room they enter on and off until we all go nuts. The thing is there are two of them. They seem coordinate their efforts and that's how they can get the chaos to continue.
while I'm trying to hear what the leader of the Talibon is saying they are flinging their arms around my neck and yelling in my ear. You can't lip read with those talibon people, it just doens't work.

Debra 10-3-2001 12:25


Plus if I get the mail and leave it on the table they rip it to shreads like a pack of dogs would do to a caucus.

I still count every minute a blessing though. They grow up fast.

Debra 10-3-2001 12:20


Yes, the older kids always want money and food. They want food for their friends too.

They want to go places without us all the time too.

We are in a constant battle with them and even when we win we lose, because they punish us by fighting with each other relentlessly.

The twins rip everything out of drawers in the kitchen bathroom, and bedroom. The only room they have no interest in is the toy room, which is always a mess anyway. I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they hate a clean house. I will clean it up and they seem to have a meeting and the crashing starts. While I'm inspecting that, more crashing happens in the room I just left.

My husband is funny when he gets home he usually asks me what I have been doing all day, and I tell him I have been getting the girls dressed and making the beds. When he doesn't believe me I tell him that he can have whatever he wants you know where if he can get the beds made and the girls dressed for one straight hour.

He usually gives up after the first 35 minutes or so. They are quick little buggers. Yes, they go outside in a fenced in yard, but for a month before the attack on America they were both afraid of planes and I had just gotten them calmed down about that when we all became afraid of planes, now they need someone to go out with them, they are that scared. I don't understand it either. I haven't shared what is happening with them. They are only three. I would need to be jailed if I did, and they still wouldn't understand.

So if I want them outside I have to stop all work in here or wait for my oldest daughter to come home from school and she has a meltdown about staying in the yard when she had been planning on going two houses down to her friends. My twins don't leave my sight so they can't go with her.

Debra 10-3-2001 12:18

Good morning everyone,

Gosh, it's hard to keep up with this forum. The last posts I saw yesterday are already scrolled down a mile!

Thanks for the haiku history, Mel. I'm not sure that the tanka is a haiku, but it is a bit interesting, too. Made of 31 syllables in five lines: 5-7-7-7-5.

Your comment that the haiku is almost like a photo of some specific moment of nature reflects my view that word pictures of any kind and photographs have lots in common. Sometimes a few words can be worth at least one picture...

Billy Dean Link 10-3-2001 12:16

DEBRA: My 4-yr-old doesn't know about spitballs (shhh!) but she casts off used clothing in similar manner in her room! Clothes everywhere!!! The older ones always want money or food, imagine!

Mel 10-3-2001 12:02


Maybe we can find out if we are more than cousins.

Do your kids take every piece of paper or book or mail
and rip it up and turn it into spit balls, subsequently trashing the place with little white pellets?

I'm talking about the three year old twins, my older ones,
would never do that, they like their freedom too much.

Debra 10-3-2001 10:17


G'mornin, everyone! Another day to write good stuff! Here's to all your fingers being nimble and inspired today! :-)

CAROL: With all that stowed garden food, maybe we should have an NB Thanksgiving at your house. :-) A spooky with ladybugs sounds challenging! Go for it, girl! But someone else will have to proof it for you - I can't stand suspense!!! I like your idea of stories "composting" in your mind. :-) My novel is composting a lot these days - all I need is a pitchfork to start throwing it where it's needed!

TEEKAY: Um...that "your mission is..."-thingy? It self-destructed before I could absorb it and I haven't a clue to what you're referring. (hum de, it must be time to go to the new pen store now, can I go, Mom, can I?) :-) I'm an expert only at distracting myself, heh heh! And tell your kids you'll be "just another (Mommy) minute!" re: Jihad - I recently processed a new book on Islam written by a Sufi and he explains that Jihad really means--not a holy war against other people you deem evil but--a holy war WITHIN ONESELF to rid yourself of all the evilness in your own thoughts. Hmm! I like his definition better than the terrorist version.

DEBRA: Your day sounded like a cousin to mine; I planned quality time with family, then reality struck - insurance wars at the pharmacy, late supper that took too long to prepare and then half the family didn't like it, tv-time turned into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I was out of there like a speeding bee-bee, only to read the 4-yr-old a story with a witch that scared her, then found a quiet corner to write and the hubby came to practice his trumpet...Arrgghhh!! Sigh. Some days it doesn't pay to plan. Distractions win and fill the evening.

TAYLOR: Hee hee hee! Your boss has a smart idea! (Probably not his first, of course!)

SASQUATCH: Beautiful Haiku! :-)

And now, as resident librarian, I have done a brief research on "Haiku," for inspiration for Thursday's shorty theme, taken from several websites:

Haiku is a contemplative poetry popular in Japan that valorizes nature, color, season, contrasts and surprises. Haiku writers are challenged to convey a vivid impression in only 17 Japanese characters. Usually it has 3 lines and 17 syllables distributed in 5, 7 and 5. It must register or indicate a moment, sensation, impression or drama of a specific fact of nature. It's almost like a photo of some specific moment of nature.

In Japan these poems are valued for their lightness, simplicity, openness, and depth.

People have tried to translate the Haiku into an English form, using no more than 17 syllables, arranging these often in lines of 5-7-5 syllables, avoiding similes and metaphors, and retaining Japanese values.

"More than inspiration, it needs meditation, effort and mainly perception to compose a real Haiku". (Rodrigo de Siquiera)

History of Haiku:

Renga (15th century Japan) is a poem several poets create cooperatively. Members alternately add verses of 17 syllables (5, 7, and 5 syllables) and those of 14 syllables (7 and 7 syllables), until they complete a poem generally composed of 100 verses.

In the 16th century, instead of renga, it was haikai - humorous poem - that became popular. Haikai (haikai-renga) is a poem made of verses of 17 and 14 syllables like renga, but it parodies renga introducing modern vulgar laughter. Haikai poets used plays on words and treated preferably things of daily life renga hadn't found interesting.
The first verse of renga and haikai is called "hokku". Haikai poets sometimes presented their hokkus as independent poems. These were the origin of haiku.

It was traditionally demanded to adopt a kigo (season word: word referring to a season) in the first verse of renga and haikai. Therefore, they demand to introduce a kigo in a hokku (and in a haiku) too. -- Ryu Yotsuya

Mel 10-3-2001 9:30

Am I an idiot, but why hasen't anyone said what nationality that the man was who crashed the bus?

Could this be the bio attack and we just don't know it yet?

Debra 10-3-2001 8:38

Hello all: Just finally getting back to some semblance of reality. The main thing I wanted to recount was the awesome level of diving that both Fran and I experienced while we were in Fiji and the subsequent comittment to diving here in the Seattle area. Perhaps the one dive that exemplifies it all was the Great White Wall. We entered this dive via a tunnel that dropped us from 40 feet to eighty feet and out along a sheer wall that spanned in all directions that our perceptions could tell and in reality went from 20 feet to 240 feet below. On this wall with the help of a rather precipitous current was an unending array of soft coral that was flowering, all iridescent lavender to our pink colored Sea Vision masks. Others would likely see white flowers, hence the name the Great White Wall. After some Oh Wow factor I realized that I was at around 94 feet and put some air in my BCD and went neutral at about 81 feet. It was at this point that I realized that Fran was slowly flowing down the wall well below me and made the spot decision that I wanted to discourage her of this. By the time I got to her and tapped her on the shoulder and gently tugged at her elbow, she was at 117 feet. We made it up and after some disorientation met up with our dive master and entered a second tunnel that put us out on the top of the reef at about 42 feet or less. All in all, a thoroughly riveting experience and one of the more extraordinary dives that I have made so far. I know something of what has been described to me about wall dives. I include three pictures to give a taste of our experience.

Jack Beslanwitch 10-3-2001 7:15

I don't know about the rest of you, but this wonderful five day mission of the Starship Enterprise is having a super effect on me, it puts the horror of the last month behind, if just for the few hours I spend watching, and allows me to relax just a bit. I was shocked that my lovely wife has joined me in my mission watching, as this was once one of her favorite shows also. (something I seemed to have forgotten.)

Jerry 10-3-2001 0:50


Your hiku was so good I pasted it here just in case
some people missed it.

This is Rachael's about the terrorists.

anger, hate, devotion,
is the locomotion drive,
cause a moral dive.

I hope you don't mind!

I was in a store shopping a few days ago and the twins saw
some costumes that they wanted. I told them no. I guy came by and said you know I hear that they will be having Bin Ladin costumes this year.

I told him we would be chosing something more family friendly this year.

He looked at the twins and nodded in agreement, but before he could say a word I said " like Jack the Ripper"

He laughed in complete agreement.

10-3-2001 0:07


Sasquatch - Hey you Yeti you. It is nice to have your fuzz covered backside on the site again. May the ground under your feet be steady and the sky over your head be filled with dreams and tender memeories. I like you Sasquatch. You are a very interesting individual. Hope you scrunch about in the underbrush of the site for a time.

Hugs to yah.

10-2-2001 23:59

hello again humans persons. i sasquatch have been lurking quietly. i try to understand how it is that some humans persons can hate so very much. in Yeti memory there is not such a happening. some yeti and other creatures feel the One will not allow very longer but will make ending soon. but then i sasquatch come and watch here and see love is not gone. not all humans persons are alike with these bad feelings. and i sasquatch am still to have hope. long from this time when we are not there will be Yeti memory of the good that is here.
it is again time for this that i sasquatch have written before about this time of change to season. perhaps it does fit with other poems now here.

hunter returning
drags prey over autumn hills
stained with summer’s blood

i must go

sasquatch 10-2-2001 23:45


In honour of the evening I will try another.

Desire, fire, passion,
Niether willing to lose face.
Ugly pride lacks grace.

These things don't need to really rhyme do they? I've got a thing for rhyme. I don't even mean to do it. It just sort of happens. Sometimes I'll go on a rhyme rampage. My husband will plead with me to stop. I however have no mercy!

Dang! Give me more poetry structure. I'm gonna go wild! This is kinda fun. Usually I just sit down and do my rhyming couplet deal (I think that's what I get up to most of the time, and I do get up to it, for pages and pages and pages). I guess I've done some free form stuff to. Hum... Bet I've been writing structured poetry and didn't even know it.

I think it is time for a cup of tea.

10-2-2001 23:39

HOWARD: You post that haiku about the geese every fall and I absolutely love it. It has become quite a harbinger of the season, at least for me. Love your humor and can honestly say I wish I knew you in real life.

I think that a Haiku shortie night is an excellent idear. If nothing else, it should bring LITTER out of hiding (he is an expert). C'mon big guy, we miss ya.


This is gonna be great.

Mary CeltiCreations 10-2-2001 22:40


Debra - Ahhh, so you have the no worries approach. Extra fun (wide wicked smiles).

Teekay - I have to admit that I have beige burbur in the family room. That is the only non white carpet that I've got. Even the freaking tiles are white. I'm lucky in one way. The stuff between the tiles is this lovely rich burgandy colour. I don't mind that at all. If it was white between the tiles, well... That would be too much!

Now I must run. I have a fliet-o-fish about to be delivered to me. YUM!

Take care you.

10-2-2001 22:25

Okay wait, I did wash the bread pans, but they were that teflon stuff so they actually looked clean, but I still washed those.

Debra 10-2-2001 22:06


Don't feel too lazy. I ground up the zuchini yesterday. I put it all in a bowl and today I only needed to mix ingredients. If you take three bowls and have a dry mix, and a wet mix and a third bowl mix them into, you can bang out the loafs without batting an eyelash. You don't have to keep washing them inbetween mixings if you have three. See it takes 47 minutes to cook. I only have two pans. It takes a few minutes to slam all the ingredients together so thats it.

Every forty-seven minutes I drop the breads out, mix up another batch and pour them in. Then forty-seven minutes later I repeat. It's nothing. I promised my husband I wouldn't let one thing he grew in his garden go to waste. I spent weeks boiling tomatos so now I have enough sauce made to last until next August. We have an extra fridge downstairs. The zuchinis were in it for a while, but today was the day. Rage created energy. Poof many loafs of zuchini bread!

Debra 10-2-2001 22:04


RACHE: 6 kids? White carpet?
I am banging my head against the wall at the madness of this world. :-D

How can you be sane?

I would love to take a wander through your files.
I tried to make up a haiku on what MEL said. I stared at the screen awhile, I counted on my fingers a bit, and then I gave up.
One of the reasons I don't have white carpet. :-D

I love letters to the editor, and it's no big deal, they publish anything. :-D

DEBRA: Good girl. You're making me feel positively lazy though :-D

Teekay 10-2-2001 21:20



I mentioned this tale last year, and Halloween is soon to be here. Soooooooooooo... BTW, Jerry was writing his tale of a phantom battle about the same time I was working on mine. Uh huh, freaky ain't it!!!!!!!! But I decided to wait a few days to post mine. Nice story Jerry. Thank you Mel and Teekay for the nice comments on the RV story. If I forgot to mention any others my sincere apologies. Once you get past 50 the body goes, then the mind, then the sex drive, it's all over :-))))))

As best as I can recollect a Halloween tale from my grandmother...........

"When I was a young girl we sometimes would ride up to the Jim Ned creek on Sunday afternoons to picnic. After church was out, Dad and several other men would hitch up the horse carriages and take the families to the creek bottoms where we could play and picnic in the summer. It was cool there and there were great big cottonwood trees for shade. There were several girls about my age and we played hide and seek while our mothers cooked and our fathers and brothers played baseball.

"Near where we picnicked the old Abilene stage road crossed the Jim Ned creek and went on up toward Cross Plains then Abilene. I had heard Dad talk of the Indian raids hereabouts, but they were gone by the time we came along. He said the Indians raided the remote homesteads, killing people and stealing horses. Dad said they were of the Comanche tribe and mean.

"Well one afternoon our fathers got together and decided to spend the night in the bottoms. They always prepared to stay overnight, carrying bedrolls, groundsheets and lanterns just in case a storm came up. We kids were excited as this was a big deal. Home was 10 miles away and spending Sunday night meant no school for us on Monday.

"Along about sundown one of the girls found a piece of old leather half-buried in the ground beside a dead cottonwood tree. We struggled to pull it out, but it was in there good. One of the boys brought a shovel and we dug it up. It was part of an old saddle. Dad and several men came over and decided to dig a little more. They lit up some lanterns as it was turning dark and began to dig.

"That was when we first heard the sound of a horse running. It seemed close to us, and faded away. Everyone looked around but all our horses were on a picket, most sleeping. Someone went and checked but all our horses were tied up. Two men started digging again, and found more of the saddle and some horse bones. By now everyone was gathered around the hole. I could sense that something was wrong though. There was a damp fog forming along the creek bed, and I went to my mother who was standing next to my dad. Dad was a big man, big enough to throw a steer down, but he looked scared.

"Suddenly we heard a yell beyond the creek, then the sound of many horses running. But there was nothing around us. It was pitch dark. All the people were here. One man jumped out of the hole where he and his friend had been digging. The other man started digging again and pulled something out of the ground. I couldn't see what it was but mother told me many years later it as an old time calvary belt buckle. The kind the calvary troopers wore.

"Then I heard guns shooting, followed by men yelling, and the sound of a horse in pain. Everyone jumped. The noise I had heard last summer when Dad's horse broke a leg as he chased a steer and he was forced to kill it. It was a high pitched screaming sound, like a woman dying with great pain. The noise was all around us, like we were in the center of a battle. There were men shouting and screaming like they were being torn apart. There were guns shooting and running horses and barking dogs. The noise came in waves, very loud then fade away as if the battle moved away. But it always came back over us. Mother hid me in her skirts. The menfolk pushed us into the center and stood facing outward. But there was nothing to see beyond the lantern light. Nothing but the horrible sound of a phantom battle. Someone had us move to the wagons and lifted the children inside. I lay in the bottom of the wagon under a tarp and shook cause I knew we would never be allowed to leave this cursed place.The men quickly hitched the horses, and funny thing is, the horses acted like nothing was going on. They couldn't hear what we could.

"We left everything that terrible night, food, blankets, lanterns. Several men had brought their Winchesters and they rode beside the wagons as we moved away from the Jim Ned bottoms. Dad always carried an old double barrel shotgun, for birds he said, and he had it in hand as Mom drove the carriage. Slowly the noise faded and it was very late when we arrived back at the church. We stayed the rest of the night there, then everyone went home at dawn.

"I never went back. Mom said that Dad and a bunch of the men did many days later and gathered up all our bedding and such. The old saddle, belt buckle and horse bones were reburied in the same hole. Much later I understand somebody put up a marker, but like I said, I never went back there. I asked Mom a couple of weeks later what was going on and she told me to never mention the night again. Well, you know I went to Dad and asked him the next day. He said the same thing.

"I was a married woman 20 years later going through the depression when a fellar from the government came by the house one afternoon. Mom and dad were dead then and I was just married. This man said he was a writer and them fellers in Washington was paying him for to write down old time stories. I told him several then the one about the Jim Ned creek. He pulled out a bunch of papers and told me he had heard the story before and had done some research on it. He said a calvary patrol had caught a bunch of Comanche Indians camping in the creek bottoms one night. There was a great battle and many men were killed. It was late in the day when this fellar left out, said he was going to spend the night at the old Jim Ned crossing. I never heard of him again, though he said he would be around for a while. Looking for more stories I suppose. But I guess he left the country for we never heard of him again."

I heard this tale somewhere in the area of 44 years ago. The old Abilene/Brownwood/Jim Ned trail crossing is now a hundred feet under Lake Brownwood. The old cottonwoods are now host to catfish and bass. But I'll tell you one thing my friends. I sure as hell would not like to be scuba diving there late some afternoon, and find the remains of an old saddle on the bottom.


Randall 10-2-2001 21:18


Not the kiddie, just the practice.

He can't make any more. I'm still a bulls eye. But since he's all set I can't make any more either. It's just that simple.

Debra 10-2-2001 20:38


I wouldn't sky dive if my life depended on it. If I did dream about it, I would think I was having a nightmare.


Nice catch on the Hiku with Howard.

I wonder if that's how they originated. I'd like to find how they did orginate.

Debra 10-2-2001 20:37


Teekay - Hey again. I've more to say. So yah think that was poetic... Hum, I should let you wander through a few of my files. They are loaded with stuff. I feel a great wave of poetry coming on. I don't know how much I'll share. The stuff today was just tongue in cheek. I wrote it all in as long as it took to count the syllabas.

Debra - You go for it! Be wild and wicked ;o) Hum, is she going to try to go for six kiddies? Hope I haven't got the wrong idea about what you are going to be up to (laugher)!

Take care all.

10-2-2001 20:34

Teekay, eekay, beekay (smiles),

Sooooo, that is what those bits of paper are for... I had thought those were for making boo ghosts with;o) As for carpets and such. Just think mine are all white (merry laughter). Yes, they really are white. I am the queen of getting out stains. I've had red wine dumped on my rug and had it up and clean. The only stains I can't seem to get out are those that have sat for years. Those were in place long before I ever came to this home. Had I been on the spot when they were made I would have been done with them too (winks).

Rachel 10-2-2001 20:28


TAYLOR: I think we should take in refugees too, but I think first they ought to be processed and does it matter where they're processed so long as their needs are met?

I was reading in the paper today how Australia only takes a certain amount of refugees and it's heaps smaller than England say, now I don't know what the economic climate is over there, but over here where you have all these bloody left wing activists who are all for peoples rights to the extreme, we have a country that is going totally nowhere.
So there goes economic growth. And our taxes are sucked from what we already have here. Sure we have some exports, but hell, we could have heaps more, but you have your labours who want every bloody thing, and you have your liberals who would like to see the country grow, but don't want to take the risk of having shoddy workers they can't get rid of and all the horrors that unions bring, and you still have these activists who have the luxury of only thinking with their hearts and not their brains.
Let's not mention the mind states and the religious beliefs of these people.
I found out what Jihad really means from a Lebanese person the other day.
What it is is a call for all people of a certain race to band together against a common enemy. Now even if you don't want to, if you want you and yours to get to the promised land you just gotta, and if you've been brain washed long enough, well, you know what you've got to do.
God do gooder left wing activists give me the shits.
I am a nice person, only I think with my head as well as my heart.

Sorry, I feel another letter to the editor coming on.
Must go and compose.
Should have left that darn paper alone.

Teekay 10-2-2001 19:55

Oh I forgot my husband's redeeming one of his coupons tonight. That shouldm't take even as long as it took to wash the dogs. heeeheee!

I always tell my friends, always say yes. It takes nine hours to say no.

It takes, insert number of minutes here, to say yes!

It's cost effective time wise to always say yes.

Then you can get on with your evening.


Debra 10-2-2001 19:19

teekay: I did hear about the Air Marshalls last night...But I dont think I can fully trust the Air Marshalls, unless I know that they would be totally Untouchable
This is totally unfair of me I guess...But anyone whos has been closely associated with obl should be watched carefully

I am still trying to think about the fleeing Afghanistan people...Part of me says Australia ahould take in son, but another part of me thinks we shouldnt because of security reasons

A funny not...well in a way it is...My boss at work is convinced hes cursed...When he went to the gold coast this time, this happened...Last time he went to the gold coast, Princess Di died, he told me of a couple of other things too
as a joke, he said next time hes going away hes going to ring up the secratary of defence or whoever and warn them

taylor 10-2-2001 19:15


I know just what you mean, give em an extra squeeze for me when you do it next time. Will ya!

In fact, today I did all the stuff I didn't want to and that made me feel good.

I took my daughter to her dentist
then to school

Came home gave the twins lunch
they unmade the beds for the second time
today, so I made them again,they got undressed
for the fourth time I just let them run in their

I washed the two dogs down to the bone and
tied them on the warm front farmers porch
to dry. I put their doggie bed in the washer.

I cleaned the tub after them
I made six loafs of zuchinni bread.
I washed all the floors, kitchen, bathroom and tiles in the front of the house.

I made a good supper for my family.
I made a few phone calls to keep in touch.
Now I have to clean the kitchen and the twins.
and put them into bed.
Then I have to make lunches.

Then it's my time.

Wait that will be technically tomorrow,
but who cares.

Debra 10-2-2001 19:10

My last was of the sun--here's one of the moon. Comments are very welcome--just email them off list. Thanks! Hope everyone enjoys it...

This Lady is a Moon

The stars,
Hiding in the sputter of their own glitter,
Put on the same old twinkle, twinkle every night

But she entertains lovers and insomniacs.
Curve by curve,
She takes off her velvet wrap
And stands in the spotlight--
Still, iridescent and nude.

This public face winks at her fans,
But her smile is a thin disguise.
Can you see the scars on her soft cheeks
Where critics have thrown hard things at her?

Wise old owls ask “Who? Who are you?”
Wolves and maniacs beg to see,
But she keeps her private side for only me.
She sends me love notes, too--
Not in tossed bottles,
But riding waves kissing sand.
I read her ebb and flow in the tides
Lapping code upon the shore.

She followed me home last night
Quietly as smoke drifting through the trees.
To light the street?
To tease my dreams?
Who can tell?
But I liked walking,
Wrapped in her big-eyed glow...

Billy Dean Link 10-2-2001 18:57


Hi All,

DEBRA: No, not really, but you know on those days when you'd rather do anything than what you really should be doing, I sort of flick around then to see what I might find, and I haven't found any other place like this.
WHOOO HOOOOOOO I am so glad to see you have moved on to angry.
I've found it simply doesn't pay to read or listen to the news, most times I do I just want to race screaming down the street, find the first lefty, do gooder, peoples right activist and choke them-slowly.
And I see my self as a very compassionate person.

RACHEY POO: That's what paper towels and baby wipes are for :-) And please let's not talk carpets. I don't want to go there.

GARIESS: Don't diet, just walk more.
I actually went to the vidoe store yesterday afternoon, and guess what I did? Thanks very much!

TAYLOR: Did you see that talk about air marshalls on Orstraylyian planes last night? The guy reckons it's only so the passengers feel secure. Said the real security should take place before people get on the planes.
Did you read about the guy they found here who was at one time connected to ObL? They interviewed him and feel that he's no threat. He's over here on some type of visa. What a joke huh? Don't THINK he's a threat. What? Did he have a nice face?

MEL: Ah, now I know why I always wanted to live in America. Over here it's the kiddies who dirty the floor and the Mummies who clean them. Hot dog!
Today your mission is to go up the attic, pick up that cross stitch of the dust mice and bring it down stairs. You don't have to begin on it today, just look at it and contemplate it and then put it where you can get to it easily.

RACHEL: Not a poet? I think you have a great talent for poetry. Especially haiku. I even found this quite poetic:
'You have to say what you want to say
in a strict and measured way.
That is kind of fun. '
Hubby's home with the newspaper, bust go and get my daily dose of antagonism.
I'm sure there's more I want to rant about, but it's school holidays dontcha know and the kids are doing the 'MU-U-Um, how much longer are you going to be' thing.
So I'll catch you guys later when the chilun's have had their allotted hour.

Teekay 10-2-2001 18:37

Hi All :)

A productive day for me so far. Broke my back digging and filling four five gallon size pails of russet potatoes. That should last us most if not all the winter. Did I mention we grow a VERY large garden? hehehe I've got enough corn frozen for all winter too -- 79 bags in all. Hand cut from the cob, another ouchee day.

Teekay -- ever try Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul? Lots of tears to fill up the kleenex in there too.

Howard -- No, I don't mean she omniscient POV. I enjoy reading that when its done well. This was straight out telling and not enjoyable to read at all. It also made the characters flat and hard to care about.

Jerry -- Watch a few NG for me. Hubby has sat through so many episodes over the years with me, he's got me on a diet -- mainly late night airings when he's in bed. :)

Tina -- ok, where exactly are you finding Enterprise? I looked all through my satellite guide, every FOX listing and a few others. I just can't find it listed! Hubby can't argue with a new series. hehehe

Mel -- regarding my lady bugs. Actually I was thinking of a horror story with them. One bathroom curtain hides the bugs and when the sun shines through there is quite a strange looking moving mass there. Whatca think? Regarding your POV challenge -- it sounds highly interesting. Sounds too like its workable given your POV character. I'd love to see it sometime. Have fun with it!

Hubby gave me a story idea the other night that is composting in my mind. He found one that will put my experience with dogs and their unique abilities to work. I'm looking forward to working on it and the first sentence has finally appeared. Now, to find the next sentence. :)

Carol 10-2-2001 18:34

Well pook!
Oh well, click on the link thing below and it should take you there.

Allein Flush 10-2-2001 16:30">

10-2-2001 16:29


10-2-2001 16:28">

I love Haiku!!

Very kakoii
boy. But when he gets wet
He becomes a pig.

Those who are anime/Ranma fans will know who I'm talking about.

Anyway, just checking in.

Allein Peachick's Gallery 10-2-2001 16:28


I think that abusive parents and terrorists have a lot in common. They are both hard to find, hard to stop, will not accept any consequence and always claim that it is done in the name of one thing or another. They say it is not them but something that made them do it. Argh! I do not hate them, not any of them, but I do so hate what these sorts of people do to children.

Just a moment of frustration from me. Sorry guys.

10-2-2001 15:04

JERRY: Another HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :-) (First one was for If you can't spit on the tv for me, then just leer at "Q" for me, okay? Thanks. GOING!!!

Mel, last time 10-2-2001 14:06

JERRY: Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha! :-D But it really wasn't a hacker - check the URL: (I'm at a .org so I noticed, and .orgs are not for business but for nonprofit organizations). The REAL Microsoft page is still there where it should be: at (.coms are for business/commercial sites).

RACHEL: See! You are TOO a poet! And a very talented one by the looks of these nice Haikus you're spinning in your web. :-)

DEBRA: :-) Kinda like the movie WHAT DREAMS MAY COME - what a depressing thing that was! But the guy went into HELL to pull his wife from there so they could be together in Heaven. :-) Thus do-eth your NB family for you-eth. Now, pull your ears and make that grin stick! :-D

Um, I have to get back to work now. :-( You guys are so much fun! 'Bye.

Mel - I'm back! 10-2-2001 14:04

Mel - you would not be enjoying the marathon then, the I have seen three episodes so far with Q in them. Had I spit on them, I am afraid my television may have shorted out, and then where would that leave me for the rest of the week. It would require a quick trip to Dickinson, or maybe Bismarck, where I could find another TV. No, Wait, I could use a new wide screen HDTV.

Just a second.

No, that didn't work and the wife is looking at me like I am crazy.

She is picking up the phone.

Their coming to take me away, ha ha, their coming to take me away, he he.

To the funny farm, where life is happy all the time, and every one is joyful and gay.

Back to the TV.

Jerry 10-2-2001 14:03

Thank you guys for diving into the depths of dispair to rescue me.

I'm lucky to have friends like you.

God Bless you all!

Debra 10-2-2001 13:10


Haiku is kinda fun. I like that I can sit down and do one of these little buddies in as long as it takes me to count. Well, provided I don't get kid pounced. If that happens I could easily make a mistake (winks).


Silvery, silken,
shimmering, crystalline strands
a web, a new day.

Think thats right. I like these. You have to say what you want to say in a strict and measured way. That is kind of fun.

ALL - With all these posts and poems you guys will think I've nothing but time on my hands. I assure you that is not the case. I just type very quickly. I can sit down and crank out a post or a poem in no time. That is about how much of it I have. My poetry and posts sometimes suffer from great poverty due to my time constraints. I hope that you all can forgive me for not always being an active person on the page. I can't say I'll stay as active as I've been the past day, but it could happen (winks). Kind of depends. Ahhh and now I am sure that Billy Dean will understand very well that I am no poet (merry laughter).

10-2-2001 12:41

Need a chuckle, I think we all do right about now, (except me, I am sitting in my recliner watching the 2 Capt. Piccard episod) Check out Microsoft's MSLINUX page. It appears someone not all that happy with Microsoft has hacked in and replaced just a bit of the text. Read it very carefully and you will see what I mean.

Jerry MS Linux 10-2-2001 12:30

Oh, I give up! Rachel had to talk about food. Guess I'm on early lunchtime today! Hmm, maybe I'll take Ms. Muse with me somewhere, a nice quiet cubbyhole inthe public library next door... :-)

Hungry Mel 10-2-2001 11:33

RACHEL: "Autumn Thoughts" was a nice haiku! :-) However, the anger one, first line a syllable too long (remove "hate" maybe and it's a.o.k.) - hold your chin when you're counting syllables. (And watch for the Candid Camera!);-) Also, "Mommy moments" sound even nicer than Mommy-minutes. A Mommy-minute is when a kid calls "MOM!" and you say "Just a minute!" Knowing they only want to know what is for the next meal or why their siblings keep getting into their stuff or hitting them, etc, etc, you finish reading the chapter of your book and then, ten clock-minutes later, you reappear from the bathroom, heh heh! :-)

JERRY: The NB, ST:NG, and your sure do have a nice relaxing life today. :-) ENJOY!

Mel should be working 10-2-2001 11:26

Well saw the first three NEXT GEN episods then went to bed, but I am right back at it this AM. Strange, I have new (to me anyhow) computer parts sitting on the dinning room table, untested, my wife thinks I am ill or something, until she sees what is on TV then she understands.

I did get my $16.00 motherboard and stick it in an old case I had laying around, I allready had an extra 166 processor, and lots of RAM. Have the unit almost completely together, maybe after the NEXT GEN is over. I did have the good sense to remove most of it from the dining room, but as the Next Gen was begining, this lady brought me her old monitor for fixing her new machine, and that sits untested on the dinning room table. Maybe during a commercial break or something.

Back to the Marathon.

Jerry 10-2-2001 10:42


Mel - Mommy moments. I like that. It sounds nice. I love hugs. Thank you (big smiles). I about wet myself when you posted about the book in water and the microwave.

Take care you.

10-2-2001 10:21


Debra - I do not want to win. I want you to win (hugs). I want you to win/take/claw back what you used to have.

I will try this 5/7/5 thing.

anger, hate, devotion,
is the locomotion drive,
cause a moral dive.

Hum, that wasn't so bad. At least the writing of it wasn't (winks).

Autumn thoughts 5/7/5 style;o)

autumn cool and crisp
beauty of golden light sighs
red gold leaves fall, die.

Garries - Diet food... Your post made me smile. Damn I'm feeling cheeky this morning...

Frozen entre in a box
I dream of cream cheese and of Lox.
Not so good for my ass.
This poem, it lacks class.
Still yes, still yes I will go on
If I do can I make a song?
I would need to create a chorus.

No, no died food for me.
No diuretics in my tea.
Healthy eating, less t.v.
That will bring a tight ass to me ;o)

Hugs and some kisses.
It is time for me to go.
A new day as dawned.

10-2-2001 10:12

Oh, lordy, lordy, we just got back a library paperback that a patron dropped in a sinkful of water; he then put it in the microwave to dry it off...heh heh...ohhhh noooooo, Mr. Bill! It looks like Custer's last stand. What the patron's kitchen must have smelled like, only the patron knows. But I think if GS smelled that, he'd never eat-anything-again!!! :-)

Mel again 10-2-2001 10:11


Hi, all! Okay Lurkers, report in! HALLEE, HEATHER, HOP, BEN, MARK, AMERICO, WHERE ARE YOU??? EDDIE, RHODA, CHRISTI, LITTER, ANITA, RUTH, JOHN??? More recently, ROSEMARY, ALLEIN, MARY, VIV??? Have we lost BANKY, KITTY, LESLIE, LIZZIE, MARY LOU, RICHARD, SHERWOOD, SUSAN, TRUDY??? All others I have forgotten to remember??? Come on back to the table! There's second helpings and dessert yet to come. :-)

Now we know who's out there REALLY writing their stuff. See, you guys are inspiring even without reporting in here, heh heh! You go, girls and guys!

DEBRA, TINA, RACHEL: It must be a guy-thing (my hubby too), to make up incredible one-liners and make little kids believe them...or at least make them smile. :-)

RACHEL: From one mother to another, (((HUGS))) and many MOMMY-minutes (as long as you want a minute to be) for you! :-)

GS: Hahahahaha! :-) Next time you want to diet, remember it's not how much you eat (or inhale!) but WHAT! Try lots of fresh fruits and veggies and whole grain fibers - yum! You won't starve. BTW, what an interesting hobby for a writer, going to the video store and retitling movies. :-) Inspirational!

TEEKAY: Um, you wash floors? Isn't that what kids are for? (Hey! Did you spill that soda on the counter? Well, look, it's splashed all over the floor too - get the mop!) :-) BTW, that bad-ending book reminds me of FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON and the movie "Awakenings" - characters evolve wonderfully then devolve back to where they were - definitely, Kleenex stories. Um, handcrafts? heh heh - look in my attic; there's a nice little cross-stitch picture I started before my first child was born, a nice little poem about a mother telling the dust-mice to hush because she's rocking her baby and babies won't keep...I've rocked five babies and chased a lot of dust-mice since I started that fine little handcraft, never got back to it! BTW, your intended haiku could fulfill the line-count if re-arranged, but the sense of it may be lost:

"Bees drunk with nectar, (5)
sweet voices calling me home, (7)
raise (their) sleepy heads" (5)

and "Piggy Sue" reminds me of a Quantum Leap episode where "Sam" encourages a budding guitarist/singer to change his lyrics from piggy suey to Peggy Sue ... hee hee!

CAROL: Yep. The NB family is quite a nice, chit-chatty bunch. :-) BTW, maybe those ladybugs have called a convention on your ceiling...could be a story in there, somewhere... :-)

HOWARD: To heck with archives! Tell your muse to help you write some NEW stuff! :-) We're listening! Mouths agape--hurry now, before we choke on our drool...BTW, nice writer's link (Pam McCutcheon's site) about POV... I have a POV challenge in my novel as I am determined to use an unconventional omniscient POV - the character is psychic, has foresight, can mindread, and has empathy too. I begin each chapter with his first person POV (present tense, as he's discovering things) and then zoom, through his consciousness, into third person POV (past tense) as he interprets with his extrasensory senses what's happening/happened with his loved ones and others affecting their lives. It certainly is tricky but I really think I can make it work.

JERRY: Enjoy the ST:NG marathon! :-) If you see "Q" you can spit on the TV for me! I hate that character!!! ;-[

DEBRA: I understand your empathic gifts and tendencies, but don't let the evil suck you in. There is a Power STRONGER than evil - loving, peaceful, and mighty in justice and grace - that enfolds us all, if you will let it. You have freedom to choose: outstretched hands of confidence and encircling arms of security...or a swirling whirlpool of negativity and chaos... You choose. We all choose. I choose the Higher power. BTW, you have, I think, written an unintentional Haiku to Howard:

"I can't write my name. (5)
I (am) having a melt-down. (7)
I should try to sleep." (5) Heh heh! :-) Peace to you.

Y'all go write something inspiring today and then share it here, will ya? Thanks! From one who hasn't nearly enough time to write the stories swarming in her head...

Mel 10-2-2001 9:50

scary thought today...there was a plane crash north of the capital of Western Australia, it was an indonesian jet...
someone started the rumour it was 2 jets...but it wasnt

TG the plane crashed short of the Airbase, the pilot ejected but is in a serious but stable condition...I tell you, my first thought when I heard about it that it was a terrorist here...Think I am a little paranoid

Nobody else hurt...Luckily

taylor 10-2-2001 6:51

Deb: its a long story...ended up landing on my rifle

Unfortunately I have only recurring dreams at the moment
Dont know if this is good or bad thing...Australian Government talking about putting Air Marshall on Australian planes as well

taylor 10-2-2001 1:53

Did you ever eat one of those frozen "Diet" meals? I got a few on my last shopping trip. I had one tonight. Inside that rectangular and narrow carton there was a tiny shapeless mass surrounded by a lot of empty carton space. I threw the box away, but I think it stated the calorie content to be about 15 or 16. I bent over to smell the damn thing and I accidentally inhaled it. The sensation of it thawing in my nostril was exquisite, but I still felt unsatisfied and empty somehow.

Tomorrow I will try to get a refund for the rest of the "Entees." Why in heaven's name people will pay a store $3.29 not to feed them is beyond me. From now on, if I want to diet I will go to the local lunch counter and when I get my plate, I will scrape four fifth's of the contents onto the counter. That, or I may invite four other dieters to join me. I will get the same nourishment for less money and my friends will share in the experience. I am still unsure how to decide. On the one hand I can split the tip five ways, and the other I get a slap from the waitress for messing the counter. Hmm. I have to go now, I have four phone calls to make.


gariess 10-2-2001 1:03

Hey Debra, if I manage to dream about anything other than skydiving, I'll let you know! :-D (You'd think I enjoyed it or something.)

My solution: find something wacky and full of life (ie: skydiving or another suitable activity) and do it. Immediately. I know the truth and facts of what's going on in the world around me, I acknowledge and worry about it, but refuse to be defeated. Yes we will ALL take appropriate action - the US is not alone in opposing those people! But you and I and all the rest of us need to keep living.
Now let's see, we need an activity that's very involving... interesting... are you an adrenaline junkie?... Take you and hubby to out of the way romantic spot and - well - you know :-) Or do a culture day. Nothing but museums and galleries and good food for one entire day, to remind you what it is we have here in N.A. that makes us such 'infidels'. Or make friends with someone's horse and lose yourself in the landscape for a day. (((HUGS)))

Jerry, a marathon of N.G.? Count me in! I get TNN, I hope it's the same here. Yay! Just watched the 'Enterprise' pilot tonight. It was great! A way better first effort than NG, or DS9 or Voyager! It can only get better. I like the doctor. must go check the guide.

Tina 10-2-2001 0:23


I don't know who invented Hiku, but I'm very thankful.

It's short and sweet, and we have time for one more, always. Well not me. I can't write my name, I'm having a melt down, for some reason. Maybe I should try to sleep!

Debra 10-2-2001 0:03


Okay wait, you wanted to get into the trench, but fell in instead.

Good one. Maybe it's one of those you should watch out what you wish for, you might get it.

You know!

See you wanted it, you went for it, then you ended up landing on your head, figuritively of course.

Debra 10-2-2001 0:01

DEBRA - That link is very nice, but it's not haiku in the classic 5-7-5 pattern. Thanks, though, for posting it. I like the work very much.

Here's an old one that I wrote some years ago:

Geese honking southward
One arm of vee is longer
More birds on that side

howard 10-2-2001 0:01


Since they're vaired, can you think of another one? If I start to think about your being thrown into a ditch, I'll just start ranting like an idiot again.

Got another one!

Debra 10-1-2001 23:58


You win. I'll consider that a verbal slap in the face, the kind I need. You know the kind that wakes you up after you start to rant like an idiot and can't stop.

I like the dream. The way I figure it you got published, good reallll good.

You have a guy named Jeeves and a closet full of white dresses.

Debra 10-1-2001 23:51

Deb...well my dreams are ver varied
for instance about just over a month ago I had a dream about falling into a trench I was trying to get into...I have dreamt of glass compounds and other stuff...keeping a dream diary

taylor 10-1-2001 23:50


Debra - Okay, how about a change of topic (hugs). Another dream... My dad's wife called me up to tell me she has dreamed of me. She says in the dream she comes to visit. I look fantastic and am wearing the beautiful white gown. There is a strange woman in my house who keeps telling her how she can and can not do things and how she should and should not handle Sebastian. What do you think that is about? I like the part where I'm looking great in a white dress. If I'm in white dress it must mean that I'm getting to have a little R&R. I never clean in white dresses (winks).

Howard - Hi you:o) Uh, er, it wasn't me who helped you out. I would love to say it was and get some big hugs from you, but nope, it wasn't me.

Carol - I wouldn't mind having eight arms. That would be wayyyy cool. I could get more done in a shorter length of time. Maybe I could even write while I did the dishes!

Teekay - My life is an adventure everyday. I have friends who joke that my life should be one of those reality shows. I kid you not. Three times a week sounds fine to me. I wish I could do that. It's just that somebody is always splashing something or tracking something or splashing then tracking something, or the dog runs in with mud on her paws, then I get to scrub the rugs and the floors. Ohhhh the joy of it all (winks). Okay, I admit it the top ten thing was cheeky (smiles).

Debra - Yup, I'm a split ass too ;o)

Take care all.

10-1-2001 23:42


They are advertising a 5 day mission, in other words the next 5 days nothing but NEXT GENERATION ALL THE TIME.

Ah did I mention that I may be very busy these next five days, well I might, something important just came up, you know how it is with us old disabled folks.

Jerry 10-1-2001 23:37


I know you're right, but is that what you are going to be saying when you see the video tape of journalists in yellow suits taping the whole country of dead bodies? Are you going to say I will just take my children to the playground because that will just show them?

I hope you will, but your country has art and free women. Right? Do you think terrorists will snuggle in their bed when we are gone finally happy? NO! They will be feeling another round of the plauge coming on for the next country with art and free women. And who do you think will be next? Well that depends on how much plague they bought.

This whole thing is getting so sickening. I just can't stand it a minute more.


I'm not upset with you, you're are right as rain. It's just sometimes I go through the cemetery and see all the people and wonder how many of them died being right. No one can say not one. I don't want them to win, by making me afraid, but just because others hide it better than me, doesn't mean I'm the only one. On some level they have one one of the battles, we as a nation are afraid. We are.
We are Rachael! I'm just the only one saying it out loud.

Debra 10-1-2001 23:29


Debra - That was supposed to say "suicidal heretic". Sorry about that.

10-1-2001 23:00


Debra (hugs) - I'm going to respond to a post of yours before I even read the others. I do not think you should apologize to your children for anything. You have brought them into a world of love and of hope. You have brought them into a world of hate and despair. You have given them life, what they do with it will be up to them. Perhaps they will be the ones to make a difference. Maybe one of them will formulate an idea that will change he world. You must not and can not allow yourself to fall into this sort of thinking. Just give yourself a mental smack and move ahead with your day. If the terror attacks come to other places then people in other places will deal with them. I am still living with deep worry for many of my US family members. I think about them each day. I hope that they are safe and well. That no suicidal herreic is going to shatter my family. If that were to happen I would go on and I would continue to live. That is how we win against these ones. Each day that we all get up and carry on, each day that we do not fear one another and look upon each other with the "evil eye" we have won against them. Each day that we celebrate the life we have and the life of those that we love we win. I don't hate the people who did these things. I hate what they believe in. That is what you need to hate. You need to hate their actions, not them. To hate them is to give them another victory.

Well, I think that will be enough from me.

Hugs to you.

10-1-2001 22:57


I wish I felt better.

Debra 10-1-2001 22:22

Hello notebookers especially you notbookers in other countries.

I have been watching every second of information and everything there is on this new scourge and I have one thing to say, is anybody paying attention. They have said that they don't like our artists, or our free women and the list gets scarier from there. America is every country mixed. If they get rid up us, the next counrty on the list that has artists and free women who is not standing in the middle of Isreal and Palistine is next, that's the rest of you.

I can't imagine why we are even trying to prove we are good people. No country should have the right to stand up and hey you other country we don't like you, you must die.

I'M SICK TO DEATH OF THE WHOLE THING. I'm especially sick of the countries who have people of the same nationality who claim that we cannot do anything about it, just because they look like them.

HOw would the world like it if we started to do the same thing. Yeah, I know they said we do it all the time.


I've been contemplating on apolgizing to my children for even bringing them into this world.

I might be PMSING but so what, I'm still right.

Have we all lost our minds? You must die. What is that?

We need to look like we care, what is that? They came here.

They are killing us and tell us that the rest of us will die, men women and children, and we are the moral decay.

Am I sleeping? Did I die and this is hell?

Debra 10-1-2001 22:21


The long one is all Hiku press it not the one with the family thing on it. I don't know what that is.

Debra 10-1-2001 22:01

Howard try this.

Debra 10-1-2001 22:00

Howard try this.

Debra Link 10-1-2001 21:58

MEL&RACHEL -- thanks! I've been looking through my archives for some other haiku that I've put together, but for some reason I can't find some of my files.

CAROL - welcome! By "telling the story" do you mean she used "Omniscient" point of view? Sterling Lanier uses that quite effectively in his "Heiro" books. Not exclusively, but he does use it quite a bit.

howard Link 10-1-2001 20:58


Are you looking?

Debra 10-1-2001 20:57

I found 'Chicken soup for the woman's soul' at the library the other day, and I started reading it last night. man, talk about cry.
I do so hate to cry. Maybe it's just seasonal.

CAROL: Yeah, isn't this place great? You know you're meant to be here when you get that feeling like you've come home. I'm sooo glad I discovered this place. I hadn't found anything like it before and haven't found anything like it since. :-)

Teekay 10-1-2001 20:01

I know now why I liked the feel of this board -- with all the various topics of conversation taking place, I feel like I'm at the family table during a holiday trying to listen to everyone at once. hehehe And before anyone wonders -- I have a family that is close, loving and very supportive. Even the ex-in-laws attend funerals with complete acceptance and appreciation.

Regarding the good/bad books subject. I've read my share of both. We have a local writer who has self-published her series of fantasy novels. Of course I had to buy a copy, now I only hope I never meet her. She has a wonderful story idea but that's as far as it goes. She broke one major rule that I don't think anyone has found a way to successfully break yet -- she told the story. I did read the first book all the way through. I kept hoping she'd turn it around but nope. I glanced through the pages of her follow-up novels and could tell that she had kept up with her same style in them. That is one lesson that I hope I've learned from and if anyone ever sees me "telling" my story please yell, shout, scream, kick me! I would deeply appreciate it. :)

Another subject brought up was dreams. Sounds to me Rachel that your dream described you. A busy spider enjoying her work and its rewards.

Aargh! I'm currently going a little nuts here -- my house is invaded with flys and Asian beetles (lady bugs). I'm bombing my house on the 12th when we've got a long road trip and will be out of the house long enough. I can't wait! If I sound disjointed in this post at all, blame it on the bugs.

Spouses, friendship and cracked bums -- yep, that sounds familar. :) I don't think a marriage can survive for long without friendship, without the acknowledgement that each person is going to grow and change. I think its necessary to be aware that such things are going to happen and to enjoy the process no matter how frustrating it feels at times. Anyone ever notice that when you get angry at a spouse, its usually for something that you thought adorable when you were courting? Just one of life's curiousities that I enjoy. Kept me from getting divorced a few times too -- once I noticed. :)

Mel -- thank you for your words about "Chrysalis". I want to sit down soon and see if I can work out a general outline and flesh out the characters. It feels like something I can get my teeth into though and I'll try to keep you posted.

Randall -- your story about your RV really took me back to my youth. We also had a Chevy truck which hauled the cab over homemade camper to the fair each August. The boys would sleep in the bed above the cab, Mom and Dad on the table bed and me -- I had the honor of sleeping on the floor under the table bed. I cracked my head on that thing every blasted morning! We didn't have a potty inside though, much less a shower. I also agree with your sentiments about Chevys. They'll last years past the loan, do whatever you ask of them and just keep on going.

Well, the lady bugs have repopulated my ceiling, its time to take the vacuum to them again. Sheesh!

Carol 10-1-2001 18:44


GARIESS: That be one sad block buster shop you be hangin' out at boy.
At our one's here in Orstraylya we got ones like:

The wedding sanger (sausage)

What flies bequeath. (Well that was one letter each word)


Piggy Sue gets married.

And many many more other titles at yer faverit store.

Teekay 10-1-2001 18:24


Mornin' y'all,

RACHEL: well I told a bit of a porky pie in one of my last posts. I said I read to escape and after thinking about it I've decided that's not quite true. There was a time when I did read for escapism, but when I read these days is more for an alternate adventure.
I don't just read the top 10 you naughty girl, where did you get that idea. Although I do only read things that interest me, including the classics.
Sometimes I get unlucky, or lucky, depending on how you want to look at it and find I've spent time or money on a dud, but then if it teaches me anything, well, then I guess it's not entirely wasted.
For fear of sounding like a dreadful slob, I wash my floor maybe 3 times a week if I can get away with it. :-)

TINA: You lucky thing. We don't celebrate Halloween here. I wish we did, it would be so much fun.


MEL: No it wasn't a sequel and it wasn't at all badly written, in fact it was brilliant, but the fact that the main character ends up in worse than the same position she bagan in was just too depressing.
There was this girl who was having problems she needed to work out so she went of and had this adventure thing and it was all very exciting and she learned more about her self and made some discoveries and the whole thing was just brilliant.
In the end, and this is the last 3 or so pages, the girl ended up with less than NOTHING. She went back to where she came from in the same position she left, only now she had lost everything she had gained throughout the story.
It was just awful.
It was like it was a non-story.
And you don't have to have a green thumb and a packet of seeds to hide behind, just take up handsewn patchwork, or some other meditative process. :-)
About haiku, I read somewhere that haiku was Japanese poetry and it was difficult to fit the english language into those ummmm, numbered thingees. (My poetical knowledge shining through :-D) I'd best get back to the garden. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA
I can't remember what it said was acceptable, but yes, it was a rather desperate attempt at haiku :-D
'NIce 3 liners' indeed! Don't choo know choo nuthin' bout poetry gel? :-D

DEBRA: I can't remember the last time I had a dream.

RACHEL: Wow, you really get into reading a book. It reminded me of what MARK said in one of his posts. Something like, he reads it once for enjoyment, and then again for analysis - or something like that.
I do mine all at once thank goodness, which can be a bit of a bummer because that way I can't completely lose myself.

Ten years ago I never would have said a prison bus smelled good. That was before I did time bunked up with Willie down in Lovelock. Willie could make a camel's nose hairs curl and I was sure as hell glad to get away from his whistling. All day, all night he whistled. Some days I actually wished I had been in solitary. Well, I would be solitary soon. There is nothing for me to go back to when they let me off this bus. Nobody waiting. I just hope the sixty bucks in my pocket is enough to get me to Carson City, as good a jumping off point as any.

I look out the big glass windows, out at the desert and the stunted shrubs and red dirt and see the night crawlin' in over the hills, I haven't seen that sight for a good many years now, but it looks the same as it ever did, guess there are somethings never change. Behind me someone is snoring fit to burst, would that I could just close my eyes and let sleep take me away for a bit.

Teekay 10-1-2001 18:11


Do you mean.....................Your bum is cracked too?


If you do need a life, I shamelessly hope you don't get one.

I like having you here.

Debra 10-1-2001 18:07


About your remark, "I keep telling him that's not nice and try to explain that everyone's bum is cracked, but
you know how powerful dad's words are."

It would seem that your husband would know this by now, but the idea of you explaining it to him is really quite amusing. Sometimes the only fun I have all day is reading things like this. Do I need a life?


Gariess 10-1-2001 17:52

Things got so dull that I went to the video store to see how many titles I could mess up with one letter. It was a slow day; all I came up with were the following:

The Legend of Bugger Vance

Attila the Hung

Rules of Engagment

Spice Cowboys

Well, not much, I know, but it gives you something to think about when you go to Blockbuster and you wonder what that old guy is thinking when he looks through the choices.

You say you never wondered about that? Silly me.


gariess 10-1-2001 17:44


Billy Dean - I like your quotes. Consider the misnomer forgiven. Not that it really needed to be forgiven, but thanks ;o) I just didn't want you to sit around thinking I'm some wonderful poet. I simply am not. Maybe one day I will be. For now I sit in admiration of all the poets.

Mel - Friendship is essential for a long term relationship. At least i think it is.

I am lucky I'm ambi, it works for me getting things done.

I take pictures while I walk, though I have taken pictures while out on runs. If I know I'll be passing something I want a shot of then I would do that. I do stop to take the shot (grins and laughter).

My children are 13, 10, 8, 4, 3 and 7 mos. the 13, 4 and 3 year old are my foster children. They 10, 8 and 7mos old are my biological children. It makes for a busy and loud home.

One day you will have uninterrupted time to write. When it does come along I bet that you'll miss the distractions (winks).

Another thing that I do when I'm reading is to keep notes. I like to write down my preconceptions and prejudices that I walk into a read with, then when I am done I like to write about the book again and mark the differences between what I thought and what I discovered between the covers.

Some of my books I do not wish to mark up (ie highligher). With those books I make notes. I will mark down the page #, line # and ...start of text in question... so that I can return to look at and consider it later.

I also like to read books by the same authors. I like to look for differences in style. See if they try new things. How they change as they go along.

Debra - I love that! My kiddies were told the very same thing;o)

Take care all.

10-1-2001 17:04

Tina => You are so right about poems and music. It's probably not true, but it always seems to me that most songs now a days rhyme and that most modern poems do not. I think it was Robert Frost who said that "Writing freeverse poetry was like playing tennis with the net down..." Structure of one sort or another does seem to sharpen the craft of any writing...

Rachel => Please forgive the misnomer--I wasn't trying to nail you into a box labeled "Poet" Maybe you're a poet and don't know it! :)) Perhaps there is something about you and your writing that is poetic? Reminds me of Rilke's comment to a young poet struggling with his life of writing (I can tell you are not), "If your life seems poor, perhaps you have not yet become poet enough to call forth its riches..."

Mel => Glad you found something of value at my site. It is a work in progress. I am trying to make it a family affair without compromising my web design business or chasing potential customers away with what looks more like a totally personal front page. Right now, it is a kind of portmanteau...

Billy Dean Link 10-1-2001 15:17


He's messing with your head too huh?

How's that going?

Debra 10-1-2001 14:53

Debra, that sounds like something my hubby would pull, if we had kids.
Oh wait, he does that to his nephew already. I'm always saying, 'Don't TEACH him that!'
I think he'd be like the father in 'Calvin and Hobbes'... always concocting silly/crazy stories to mess with the kid's mind. I mean, he tries it on me all the time. :-)

Tina 10-1-2001 14:20

DEBRA: Hee Hee Hee Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

RACHEL: My hubby and I are also a team, best friends through thick and thin. YEA! :-)

Mel 10-1-2001 12:54

Lately, Dan has convinced our twins that their bums are cracked. They both think something is wrong with them.

He's only said it a couple of times when they are getting out of the tub, for instance, uh oh, girls your bum is cracked.

I keep telling him that's not nice and try to explain that everyone's bum is cracked, but you know how powerful dad's words are.

So now we we are just leaving it alone. I hope they don't bring it up in a store or anything.


Hi! My bum's cracked.

NOt good.

He's handy at causing trouble too.

Debra 10-1-2001 12:48


Debra - No, I don't think we have ever talking about the both of us having a Dan of our own. I adore my husband. He is tall, dark and handsome. I met the guy when I was 15 years old and that was it. No need to look any further (okay, maybe we both had a little sniff about in the first couple of years but only when we were on breaks from our relationship). We grew up together. We have watched each other develop, change then develop and change some more. I like that we did stupid kid things together. That is pretty good stuff. Better than being my husband, Dan is my friend. The fact that I married such a dear friend is wonderful. When times are rough we always have the base of our friendship. Dan is an amazing father. He is very involved. He stayed home with our first child while I went to work. He told me that one day I would get to stay home. Now that has happened. He is a man of his word, a man of honour. We are a team. That was our agreement from the start. We approached parenthood and life together as a team. It works well for us. Again, likely more of an answer than you were looking for. Thank goodness that I type quickly. Now I must set the girls up with some colouring. I've typed this note to you while making sure that Sebastian is off to sleep. He is. Now I have no excuse to stay here any longer (smiles).

Hope you are having a good day.

10-1-2001 12:42


Howdy, you-uns! Wow! Look at all the posts on writing! :-) You guys are keeping the sparkle in my muse's fingertips!

TEEKAY: Was that bad-ending book meant to have a sequel, perhaps, to tie up the loose ends? And how about bad-beginning books? It took me three tries to get into Stephen Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant as the main character is a pessimistic, short-tempered leper and I didn't want to identify with him! But once I got past that base reaction, I was ABSORBED fully into the series and had a great time. BTW, watch out for the "niggly bits" - they're the very sort that plague me now in my own novel, all needing revision - yikes! And I don't have any plants to hide my black-writing-thumbs either, oh woe is me...(may my tears of despair water your plot-growing plants nicely.) :-)

RACHEL: You're certainly ambidextrous! Do you take pictures while you run? :-) 6 kids! There but for the grace of God go I, heh heh! What ages are they? Although any age is noisy and potentially distracting, I seem also fated to the combination of early/late or write-where-and-when-I-can schedule. If I'm not rested, that crazy combination also doesn't work! So much for Writer's Clock.

RACHEL & BILLY: re: Writer's Block and the coming and going of muses - Most of my "block" comes from outer distractions, the distractions come, the muse goes. I dream of uninterrupted muse-time (I know it will never happen) when I will be able to write, write, write to my muse's content; there will definitely always be an unending supply of ideas to whittle and words to sculpt!

BILLY: Your poetry is lovely! I loved your variety of sensory images. :-) Your website is also very nice. :-) Still exploring it...

DEBRA, JERRY: re: nursing home fog of sadness - I know that feeling first-hand as my mother has been in a nursing home for five years now, a stroke victim, can't walk or talk. So many lives there, once were full...It's so hard to visit, the frustration is tangible on both sides, ours and theirs. But as writers, maybe we can steel ourselves long enough to go in there sometime, not just to visit but to write their life stories for them? Those who can tell us, that is - it might be as close to a cure as they can come in this life, and we could share their joys and life experiences with so many others... A noble goal but where is the gumption to start such a project?

JERRY: re: your "Fog" shortie - LIKE it! Keep at it. :-)

RANDALL: In case you haven't counted, there are several of us here who want to buy a book written by you. So, where is it?!! :-) You could be hauling in the dough and stuffing your retirement rocker pillows with crisp dollar bills (you rock, write, sell; we buy, read, demand more. A happy team effort.) :-D

VIV: re: church choirs - When the Spirit moves you, there's no holding back, in tune or off pitch! :-)

HOWARD: NICE haiku. :-) More! More! Meanwhile, the Wingdings-thing was - um - spooky! 8-o

DEBRA, TEEKAY: Nice 3-Liners on the seasons. :-) Hope you both intended them as non-haiku's (the 5-7-5 syllable approach for haiku as Howard wrote his).

RACHEL, TEEKAY: When I read, I notice style and classify it for myself: #1 - I could write better than that! or #2 - Wow! Wish I could write like this! :-) A lot of books fall inbetween these parameters, of course, with bits and pieces of both styles or something approaching middle-of-the-road status.

TINA: Sometimes, "block" happens so you'll WAIT for a new inspiration to come that's needed to improve your plot or characters. Then you say, "Oh yeah! Wow, no wonder I was blocked without this new stuff!" :-)

CAROL! "Chrysalis" was lovely! :-) DO write Part 2...and SHARE! :-)

STEPHEN A.: My sf writing is more in the fantasy arena, but
a couple suggestions for you to get your sf novel going:

#1 - Take your storyline, expand it into a chapter-by-chapter plot summary (list all the basic plot events you have so far imagined to occur and in the order they should happen). Then take your chapter-by-chapter plot summary and annotate each one in greater some point you'll probably feel the "pull" to convert the chapter annotation to story-form (e.g. expand it further).

#2 - Don't feel pressed to start at the beginning, one of the hardest parts, sometimes, to write. Start ANYWHERE, write any scene, any piece of the plot, large or small. You can connect your scenes later as your pile of scenes increases.

My advice, however humble and in-expert, I offer for free. :-) Have fun with your novel!

And a great writing day/eve/night to you all! ;-]

[And a great big "HOWDY!" to everyone else I didn't mention above here. :-D ]

Mel 10-1-2001 12:40


Did we ever talk about the fact that we both have a Dan for a hubby?

Mine is definitey a handy Dan.

Pick a topic, he's handy.


Debra 10-1-2001 12:08


Debra - I don't think my dreams have anything to do with the U.S.

10-1-2001 12:01


Debra - I like spiders. I like that they play a role in keeping my house tidy (winks). We have a lot of spiders. I back onto parkland. I think that all the spiders climb the ridge and take up residence in, on and around my house (merry laughter). Don't get me wrong, I don't pick up and stroke spiders, nor do I run screaming from them. I like to watch them work. Once when I was very sick I lay and watched a spider spin a web. It was fantastic. I suppose that find spiders fascinating. I'm as apt to crush one with my bare hand as I am take it outside by its web. It all has to do with my state at the time that I encouter the thing. I don't like to have some big freaky spider sit over my head while I sleep. Those are the sort that end up dead. I won't kill them when they reach a certain size. That is when I call on Dan (my hubby). Is that enough info on my feelings around spiders (smiles)? Likely more than you expected (laughter).

Take care you.

10-1-2001 11:58


Do you hate spiders? Or do you find them to be necessary even though lots of people find them awful.

If it's the latter, then the spider could be us or should I say US.

HOw do you feel about spiders.

How weird is this, just seconds ago I was going to press submit and my twins brought me a book of my son's to show me a flying sauce that looks like a spider. It is supposed to be a kite now but they have information about planes that look like spider tht were made in the 1930s and a jet powered one that was made in the 1950s that couldn't reach a very high altitude. It took off and landed like a helicopter.

So I ask again, how do you Rachael feel about spiders?

WE could be on to something here.

More bits and pieces needed.

Debra 10-1-2001 11:43


I've been dreaming of a very large black spider who spins a web and kicks back to enjoy some R&R. What is that about? Nothing freaky about it. Just kind of weird.

10-1-2001 11:34


Say them. Maybe we are the international meeting place of dreams. Mine didn't make much sense either. But maybe in time it will, then we could all have more faith in the drips and drabs and post them. We could all get together and finally form a complete picture.

Debra 10-1-2001 11:02

Deb: I could say alot about my dreams...But mine never seem to make much sense...But I get alot of base ideas from my dreams

taylor 10-1-2001 11:00

Hey guys!

I made a decision. I'm going to share my drips and drabs of information that I dream about with you. Who knows maybe this is the place I was meant to share it with.
My new dream is in little pieces.

It is a white building with a little black window. That doens't mean only one window, but one of the little black windows is where something is. I don't konw.

Any way, there is a possibility that the building is oddly shapped. I'm not sure about that. Sometimes I get the feeling it's a goal post, and sometimes I get the feeling that that's just the part where the window is.

If you know of such a building you should call the police in your area to check it out.

Weird huh. Not much either, I know. I've been here over a year and gotten less that makes sense way too late. So consider this the first of the weirdest messages you will ever read from me.

Another thought, is so many of you have experienced the same thing that you should put it in here too. Maybe we can together form a bigger picture.

Debra 10-1-2001 10:07


My husband's way ahead of you. He forced me away from the tv for the weekend.

Anyway, I can start off the storyline on the two murderers.

They both act, I mean bad acting normal. Then they can both simutanously wait for the other to let their guard down. Of course it never happens on either side. That when it can get funny.

Debra 10-1-2001 9:19

I am back from Fiji and this is being written after most of twenty eight hours of traveling. So, a little out of it. I will attempt to get the Workbook up this week along with a number of other responsiblities. Take care all. I will have more tomorrow or whenver I get enough sleep to rub two neurons together.

Jack Beslanwitch 10-1-2001 4:10

*me again*

Just thinking about how most of my favourite songs are also good poetry. Part of the evolution of poetry has been into popular music. Sneaky, in a way. People who 'don't like poetry' rarely even realise that they're getting a good dose every time they say, 'Hey, I like that song!'

Tina 10-1-2001 1:14

Jerry, people either say 'Are you absolutely crazy? Why on earth would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?' or they say, 'Oh! I've always thought about doing that!' Me, I'm doing it because I refuse to stop living for even a day, and this seemed like a good way to do so!
I was just listening to some music and a song came on that sort of captured the feeling I get skydiving. The song is by Mary Chapin Carpenter, called 'Almost Home'. The verse goes...

I'm not running, I'm not hiding,
I'm not reaching
I'm just resting in the arms of great wide open
Gonna pull my soul in, and
I'm almost home.

How so! That's it exactly!
With any luck, I'll get out again next weekend. I sure would like it if it becomes less extrodinary for me to do this! Of course, once winter sets in very few people go. Only the true addicts. :-) I don't like cold, so that won't be me!

Tina 10-1-2001 1:07

Tina, sound like fun, but I think I shall pass on jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. They used to have a saying in the Army, something like "only bird shit and fools drop out of the sky!" Now don't get me wrong, I do think it is great you can and do jump out of planes, and I think if I were in better shape, it is something I would enjoy too, however I am a bit afraid of heights.

Bad books, I have picked up a few. I hold that if Chapter two isn't better then the weak opening, then I simply won't read any farther. Well not all books, if it is by Gresham, I give it till chapter four. He has put out a few that aren't exactly barn burners but I guess we all have our bad days, and his failures are selling much better then anything I will ever write.

Pinochle was good today, I even won one game, but the pizza was absolutely horrid. Oh well you can't win them all, but I much prefer mom's old fashion fried chicken that we usually get for Sunday dinner. I think everyone agreed, in fact mom promised no more pizza.

Jerry 10-1-2001 0:48

It was nearly Christmas, the year was 1974. My kids were two and three years old at the time, walking and getting into trouble seemed their only occupation. I was working on the Police Department, right here in good old Lemmon SD. It was my first cop job and I loved it. It was a tradition with this PD that the Chief, who loved wine making, would give each officer a bottle of his home brewed apricot wine. Oh how I loved apricot, still do but that's a different story. I brought the pint bottle of wine home and placed it in the refrigerator. I dropped it but the carpeted floor kept it intact. I chuckled to myself at my good luck, what with the wife always complaining about that kitchen. "Who in their right mind would put carpet down in the kitchen!" she used to say when cleaning. I had worked the night shift, and slept for about four hours, then as usual, I was up and about. My first trip was to the kitchen to see if the wife had left me any coffee in the thermos, as was her habit. The sight that confronted me, stopped me in my tracks.

There in the center of the room were my two kids, the wife was out hanging up laundry in the back yard. The kids decided to cook, or so it seemed. They had the egg carton out, and a dozen eggs lay broken on the floor. Mixed with the eggs was my bottle of home made apricot brandy, and topped off with the bottle of tabasco sauce that I loved so much on my fried eggs. The kids seemed no worse for the wear, except my daughter had one eye watering a bit must have had some of the tabasco sauce on her fingers and rubbed her eye. It did, however make a very colorful design against the bright green carpet. (We had no choice in carpet color, it was a rental)

Now the clean-up was a nightmare, but the Chief, who just happened to drop by while we were in the process, brought us another bottle of my favorite wine, this time a quart, so we could relax a bit from our chore. The wife swore she would NEVER live in another house with carpet on the kitchen floor, and we didn't until I bought this house. (She wasn't along when I went house hunting, so I take the blame for this one.) But I think our kids are now old enough so it shouldn't happen again, John is thirty, Joanne is twenty eight.

Jerry 10-1-2001 0:39

Anyone up for a shortie round robin right here on the Notebook? Add whatever suits you; here's the start:

Ten years ago I never would have said a prison bus smelled good. That was before I did time bunked up with Willie down in Lovelock. Willie could make a camel's nose hairs curl and I was sure as hell glad to get away from his whistling. All day, all night he whistled. Some days I actually wished I had been in solitary. Well, I would be solitary soon. There is nothing for me to go back to when they let me off this bus. Nobody waiting. I just hope the sixty bucks in my pocket is enough to get me to Carson City, as good a jumping off point as any.

9-30-2001 23:53


I Did It Again!
Better this time. Looked up at the plane, counted right (kinda) did my stuff... and didn't fall over when I landed (For those just tuning in, I just took up skydiving :-D )

About bad books...
I can't say that I always finish a bad book. It depends on the degree of badness. I sent a novel back to the library after only 40 pages, it was just too bad. And by an author I usually love! BUT if it's just not great, I'll try and finish it and consider it an educational project in 'What Not To Do'. I've learned a lot about writing just from those books, but it is a chore to get to the last page.
I find I'm getting pickier about what I read. I try to ingest a few classics every year - 'The Oddessy' and 'Great Gatsby' happened in the last year. I guess it's time for another. Maybe I'll try and finish 'Moby Dick'... again. Other than classics, I recently found myself sticking only to the authors I know well. I purposefully went out and found a few titles by writers I don't know, and it was a good move. I was getting too hidebound.

Busy busy weeks ahead. I went and volunteered (silly me) to help with a haunted house project for Halloween. So much to do, and no one wants to make decisions. sigh. So much for my spare time. But if it comes through it will be so cool! It's in a big old brick schoolhouse, in the basement and attic and lots of great fun and scary stuff going on. I think I'll be the witch.

See y'all!

Tina My pics (skydiving and stuff) 9-30-2001 22:38


Teekay - I do things to escape too. I run, or walk or take pictures and I do go to karate twice a week. That however is part of my research for a couple of books I'm working on. Its funny. I thought I would just take a karate class and be able to write about fighting. Uh, guess again (grins and laughter). Now I love it. It however is part of my research. Just a part I happen to have integrated into my life in more ways than one. I've done a good hunk of reading on martial arts and will continue. I tend to lump things together. I don't really have time to do something just for the sake of escape. The running works as fitness. The only thing I really do that serves no purpose other than the pleasure that it gives me is to take the odd picture. I'm not expert on it either. Don't think I am. Still, I wouldn't go out just to take a picture. I would be out doing something else, walking to pick up or drop kids off or help out at the school or, or, or. I think you get the idea.

It is now time to rinse the conditioner from the girls hair. I must go yet again ;o)

9-30-2001 22:29


Teekay - You only have to mop the floor once a day? Lucky girl. I am forever cleaning, mop, wipe, sweet, wash, dry, sweep, mop, bath, sweep, bath, wash, dry, cook, cook, cook. Did I say sweep? Argh! Often these activities are done with a book in hand. I kid you not. Oh and let us not forget -- play with the kiddies :oD Today I was doing back bends and attempting these walk over things. YIKES! No wonder my back hurts...

9-30-2001 22:20


Teekay - Reading should be for more than escape. Yes, that is a nice thing to do sometimes, but there is more to the world of reading than that. At least I feel that there should be for a writer. It is important to read the classics. Not just popular/best seller stuff. You will find some great escapes and not be left feeling you have been shorted if you look to something besides this years top ten.

9-30-2001 22:15


And what I really meant to say was :-) :

I guess it's true after all, you should read the good and the bad, so you know what kind of effect the bad can actually have and the many easy and numerous ways there are of making writing bad and in doing so, losing the reader.

Man, I would do just about anything to avoid mopping this kitchen floor.

Teekay 9-30-2001 22:10


It's suddenly struck me why you should read the good and the bad, but is it really possible to read past the bad once you have found it?

I bought a book called Renato's Luck. All was going swell until I got about a third of the way through where he jumped to some conclusion which was crucial to the plot and supposed to be convincing to the reader, but so was not!
That was it for me. The book has been sitting on the book shelf ever since.

I guess it's true after all, you should read the good and the bad, so you know what kind of effect the bad can actually have many easy and numerous ways there are of making writing bad and in doing so, losing the reader.

Well, this has been a long round about way for me to come to this conclusion.

Teekay 9-30-2001 22:07


RACHE: The whole reason behind my reading a book is to escape.
I do have the editorial side of me that will pick things up as I go along, but generally it's an exit from the real world for a while.

The author of which I'm speaking about has four more books out, all of which I was going to buy and now none of which I am going to.

You are right though, by reading that book I did learn a very valuable lesson and though I won't buy or read any more of her books she has definitely taught me that endings are very important and that it doesn't do to not only have an unsatisfactory end, but one that goes so far as to leave the reader depleted.

Teekay 9-30-2001 21:59


Teekay - Don't be put out by the ending. Take heart my dear. Think about all the excellent writing that you did read. When I read I will highlight sections that I like. If something moves me deeply I will stroke it with highlighter and go back to look at in a cool and detached way later. What was it in the writing that moved me? Just a thought.

9-30-2001 21:48

Poetry, the undiluted essence of the spiritual language.

RACHEL & ALL WHO CARE: Good and bad writing I decide for myself. If an author can't capture me in the first few pages I doubt wether they are able to later on in the book.
To me it shows lack of skill.
Some may say that it's dependent on the subject as to wether or not I like the book and there was a stage when I thought this might be so, but after reading 'Ice Station' by Matthew J Reilly, which is on a subject I would not have been even slightly interested in, I no longer believe subject to be relevant.
If the author can grip your imagination and hold onto it until the very end of a book, then that to me, is a good book by a talented writer.

There is a popular author whose book I read not that long ago, it was only one, but I found the characters to be lacking in dimension and it wasn't a story I was able to delve into. Unfortunately, because it was the first of hers I read and because I found it disappointing I haven't read any more of her work, of which there is a fair bit, so somebody must like what she's doing, or I was just unlucky enough to have chosen the dud book first.

Which leads nme to speak of endings.
Recently I finished a book which up until the very end I thought was wonderful. Absorbing, clever and vivid I had the book rated at a 9 and a half.
But the end was a terrible disappointment. I regretted having spent the time reading the book after reading the end.
There was no resolution of the initial problem and the protagonist ended up in a worse position than that in which she started out.
A book that I was delirious about went to a book I wouldn't recommend to anybody all because of the ending.
And what's more, I even got annoyed at the author. I felt duped. After commiting myself to that book for 400 or so pages I was left feeling worse than flat.

Teekay 9-30-2001 21:39

***Rachel Again***

Billy Dean - I've got another moment and read again what you have said. I've a little more to add to what I said before.

In the future our poetry will be viewed as "classic" It is all a matter of time. It will be set between one year and another, then given a name tag. It will be read by critical minds. It will be weighed, so to speak. How ever it holds up, it will have a place. It will mark the evolution or devolution of writing. It is relevant. Good, bad, powerful or weak it will have a place.

Ahhhh ha! That is where "show don't tell..." comes from. I think that is one of the most over used and abused lines in the world of a writer.

I agree, words can not be the thing, language however can. It does not matter what approach you take. If you are not in love with language, do no appreciate and admire it and the use of it, then there is a high rate of chance that your writing will fall flat. That's what I think.

Catch yah later;o)

9-30-2001 21:21


Billy Dean - I am not a poet. I admire poetry greatly. It however is not a strong point in my writing. I don't think that writing should speak up or down to people. It will say something different to everyone. It might even say nothing to some.

Writing and the appreciation or lack of appreciation that each person has for it has much to do with their life, who they are, all that stuff. At least that is what I think. Also it has to do with time. If a person doens't have time, they aren't going to want to read many things. They will select their reading with great care as it is special to them. I know a lot of people who only get to read the paper. It's all they have time for and its contents are important to them and their life.

I feel that poetry will have and has had a significant place in literature. It might not be what everyone likes, but hey if we all liked the same thing this would be on boring ride.

I hope I haven't just gut jumped all over this. I only have a quick moment to respond.

A question... What made you think I was a poet?
People always think I'm a poet. I am so not a poet. Not that there is anything wrong with being a poet. I just don't think I'm one.

Take care you.

9-30-2001 20:46

Rachel => Your comments about inspiring others with your poetry raise some questions that others in this forum might have asked themselves from time to time. Who is inspired by poetry? Why? Who in our society still thinks poetry is just silly, stupid sissy stuff? Should we write down to our audience? Should they read up to our poetry? Who is our audience? Is today's poetry relevant? Why do we write this stuff? What is the role of poetry in our lives? The lives of people who read or hear our poetry? What have other poets said about poetry, its power, their frustration?

For me, poetry is storytelling at its best. Something very different than other kinds of writing--not better, just different. Most writing, for example, leans toward explaining and describing, but poetry (and stories) convey word pictures so the reader is empowered to re-create the experience in her or his own way. That, for me, is the power of poetry and storytelling. It was Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) who said "Show, don't tell..." Another example is metaphysics (philosophy), which tends to consist solely of abstract concepts "about" the thing. Words can never be the thing itself, only handles for carrying our inspiration to others. What do you think?

Teekay => I think you are right! Writing, like many other things in life, ceases to be fun, worthwhile, a source of inspiration, when it becomes attached to some agenda outside its own creative roots. The desire to become a "published" poet, for example, can become a destructive obsession. Some writers go so far as to say that one is *not* a writer until she or he has been published. Gosh, I always thought writing was about doing, not being--that the journey was almost always more important than the destination. I mean, was I a non-writer until somebody published my first article, my first poem? A month after the check arrived, was I still a writer, or had I fallen back into the non-writer ranks until my next piece was published? Do you ever really arrive?

And thank you for your kind remarks about Seasons of the Sun. In my next post, I'll share one of my views of the moon--a celestial object at the concrete level, but, in my opinion, a metaphorical lady no matter how you see her...

Howard => You have my vote--let's make next Thursday a haiku night. Crackles, what a great sounding word!

Debra => I agree. Teekay has the beginnings of a great storyline--one with really powerful possibilities. Every storyteller knows she or he is a teacher...

TTFN => I like your comments about writer's block. Angeles Arrien, a sociologist, has advice she garnered from her many years of studying indigenous peoples around the world. Advice which, in my opinion, is relevant to what you said, life in general and the writing life in particular:. Show up; Pay attention to what has heart and meaning; Say what is true; Be open to the outcome...

My best regards to everyone...

Billy Dean Link 9-30-2001 20:12


Teekay - The good and the bad... Hum, I've read some books that are viewed as good and have not enjoyed them. I read them, I appreciate them, I consider them and they style that they are put for in, but I don't always enjoy them.

A bad book. I don't think I've read one of those in a very long time. I know I haven't. A few years ago I started to read a book by a well known author. It was a "bad book" as far as I was concerned. I didn't get past the third chapter. I gave it the one, two, three, I'm still hating this approach and tossed it in the general direction of the trash bin. I then had to quickly pick it up, as it had been a gift from one of my children. I've read some pretty slip shod books in the name of friendship and gifts received. In the past several years that come to memory I've not been given a stinker. That is a nice treat.

I know the "hum, oh yes, of course, isn't that interesting" answers that you are talking about. With the two little girls in our house (three and four years of age/biological sisters). They never stop talking. They even talk in their sleep. They don't scream and cry out in their sleep anymore. That is a nice change. I guess they know that they are safe here.

I'm not sure how it is that I'm able to write and read in the middle of roaring noise. I just am. It's kind of the only way I can get to do the things I want to do.

Into the deal noise doesn't really bother me that much. I mean screaming trantrums that go on for hours bother me, but not just regular noise.

I wish you much productivity!

Take care you.

9-30-2001 19:17


RACHEL: I know!!!! And every time we finish a great book, there's another there waiting for us to come along and pick it up.
And one day, one of them, or twenty of them, or more, may even be written by one or more of us of us.
Hey wait, that's already happened :-D.

I read somewhere that you should read the good and the bad. I can't bring myself to read the bad. If I come across a bad book I just put it right back down. My mother forces herself to finish a book even if she doesn't like it.
I do like to read a lot of different writing styles though.

I bought a book called 'La Cucina' not long ago because it looked and sounded interesting. It's written in the first person, but the person knows what everyone else is doing or saying and it's so false. I can't lose myself in the book because it just doesn't ring true.
Maybe at the end it could reveal how she knew everything, but it's a bit late then, the damage has been done, anyhow, I doubt it.
I wonder how it ever got published. Perhaps I'll send my novel to that publishing house :-D.

TINA: I find when that happens to me it's because I'm not writing for myself, but am trying to write what I think would please others.

DEBRA: It's just a short story idea :-D. But I guess it could make an interesting novel. I'll wait till I'm finished the one I'm on first.
I also have another which I've jotted down which I can't quite think of a way to do yet, but then I haven't thought about it too much.
It's where this woman picks up a murderer whose posing as a helpless guy with a broken down car, which is how he murders unsuspecting women all the time, so she gives him a lift somewhere, unbeknownst to him though, she is also a serial killer who picks up and kills hitch hikers all the time.
A match made in hell so to speak.
This is definitely a short story.
Oh, and it's s'posed to be funnily bizarre.

Well folks, today is a public holiday and the girls have 2 weeks vacation from school so it's holiday time at my house.
Suprised myself and did get some writing accomplished yesterday before heading for MIL's.

There I was sitting on the bed pen in hand pad in lap, oblivious to the wild childs jumping all over the bed (Rachel, you'd know this bit.) And it was like slipping into an altered mind state, where the story was what absorbed me.
The kids would talk to me, but a seperate part of myself would answer with a 'hmmmm?' and an 'oh yes' and an 'is that right?'. Now you'd think they'd get the hint wouldn't you? But nooooooo.

Well have a great day all.

DEBRA: NO TV for you today. I want you to lose yourself in a good book, either of your own making or somebody else's. I thoroughly recommend 'The Law of Love' by Laura Esquivel which I wish somebody would read because it's so fantastic, and when I find something fantastic, I just want to share it with everyone.
Now I've probably gone and over rated it.

Teekay 9-30-2001 18:47

Well, I have just discovered the penalty for not visiting or responding to the board for more than one day. I've got names and responses for everyone plus my very late shorty.

1st - Rosemary - Whew! (wiping the sweat from under my sagging boobs) Thanks. I was hoping I'd be forgiven for my delayed entry. At least this time I didn't let my guilty conscience stop me from completing it like I normally do.

Due to the number of responses I've missed, I'm going to forgo answering all of them. Most were for the Thurs. entries -- suffice it to say that I throughly enjoyed each and every one! What a wonderful and talented group of people hang out here.

Now for my little entry.

by Carol Floy Geniesse

Shile stretched her leg muscless one more time to reach the summit assigned to her. Sheka had already gained the summit and settled herself for the wait.

"Come sister, though hard, it is comfortable." Sheka patted the smooth viewing rock.

"Don't rush me, Sheka. Let me enjoy the last moments of this season while I can." Shila did a slow rotation in place, drinking in every sight, sound and smell her senses could grab onto -- and hold.

"Shila, hurry. The time grows short. We must end this season so the next can begin. To delay will upset the balance of the whole world. Do you want to be the first of our family to bring chaos to the planet and those we love?"

Shila shook her head. "Of course not. I just keep thinking how close to death we move with this season change. Only one more change ... one more and we die."

Shila raised her tear filled eyes to see her sister's serene smile. So like their mother she thought, so wise. She could never hope to attain that wisdom, she only wanted to live and enjoy life.

"Sister. Just as the chrysalis cannot hold an emerging butterfly, our bodies cannot hold our next life form. Personally, I think you will be a very beautiful butterfly." Sheka held out her hand.

"There is that." Shila grinned. Taking her sister's hand, she sat down next to her. An indentation worn into the rock from generations of her family did indeed make it a comfortable place to sit.

The women continued to hold hands as the love and wisdom of the ages flowed up through the stone, into their bodies and out their eyes. They watched in amazement as green hills turned to a patchwork of red, orange, yellow and russet. Music filled their ears as the birds sung their gathering song. Fruit and vegatables swelled, readying themselves for the ripening. The air became light, crisp and clear.

Their task complete, they relaxed and took in the wonder of their work.

"This is a beautiful season." Shila said, her voice soft in the mountain air.

Sheka placed her hand on her sister's cheek. "So are you, sister. So are you."

end -- for now.

Once I got past the first two sentences I was able to move a little faster. Now I feel that there is much more to this story that I want to explore. I'm glad I kept at this and I thank you all for these assignments and your forgiving natures. :)


9-30-2001 18:46

I am a writer and publisher of business 'how to' books and I have written six books on the subject. For the past year I have had this overwhelming obsession to write a science fiction novel, but that is not my expertiese. I have written the story line for the novel, but I can't get past the first paragraph.

I am looking for someone that has excellent skills in writing science fiction to work with me in writing the book. You will receive 50% of the proceeds from the book, as well as other activities that I plan to promote.

If you are interested, please send me a sample of your work. The story has to do with a military plot with new high tech weapons not in existance at this time. So it would be a futuristic plot to do away with weapons of mass destruction.

Stephen Anderson 9-30-2001 18:10

Here I thought it was my computer again. Nope. Quiet as a turtle and just as slow in here! Yikes.

Tina 9-30-2001 15:23


9-30-2001 15:22

Sometimes, when I sit down to write, it's like a switch goes 'on' in my brain. Words come out on their own, thoughts form on the page almost without my coercion. Other times, the times I call 'blocked', are the ones where the switch just won't budge from 'off'. Is it all in my mind? Is it the result of everything else I'm worrying about/considering/dwelling on? Doesn't matter. No words. Occasionally I can use excercises and techniques to trick my brain, flick the switch, and get words out, but not always.
The one thing I do find, is that often when I'm 'blocked', it's not because I can't think of things to say. No, it's that I'm working on the wrong thing. For example, I have three different sections of 'Freeborn' underway, and usually I can work on at least one of those. But then I suddenly can't, and it's really my subconscious saying 'Hey! You have something else more important to say today! Get a new page and listen to me.' It might be a different story, or a poem or an essay, or just journalling. I've learned to pay attention when I'm 'blocked', to be open to the possibilities and go with it.

All of that is moot if the problem is just that I can't keep my eyes open! Like now....


Tina 9-30-2001 1:51


THEN he thinks he has absorbed enough from this crowd that he actually starts to write a book about pretending to write a book will in the midst of the artpharty crowd.

Now do you want a happy ending or the need for a sequel? That's the question.

Happy ending, great book. Need for a sequel, lawsuit by one of his peers that he bashes without using his name, but everyone knows. You know one of those colorful characters you just can't ignore.

Debra 9-30-2001 0:03


9-29-2001 23:42


It's good. In fact, you could make everyone ask all the time what he is writing about and his secrecy could create a mystery and make the talk of the town.

See writers block to me is convincing yourself that you need to stop what you are thinking so you can let the good stuff in. The good stuff is right there. Let it out.

Debra 9-29-2001 23:30


I'm not sure if that's good news or bad. No rationale, so seven cops can't hold him down or seven bombs. I have heard those stories from people who are in the law enforcement business. It's never pretty.

There is always the kidney problem I have heard about.

I'll tell you what though, one man can make a difference. If one man can cause so much bad, then one man can cause an equal amount of good. We should use him as an example for that arguement.


Have you been talking to my husband. He keeps telling me the same thing. He's disconnected himself with this thing. He only has one son, I don't know how he cannot worry about a long drawn out dirty business.

I have Mad Tv on right now. So don't worry!

You silly goose!

Debra 9-29-2001 23:26

Me again. On the 11th, this lady came to our house to try and sell us insurance. As she came in, she saw that horrable film of the plane slamming into the WTC.

I asked her how she would like to have held the insurance on those buildings. She explained how terriable that loss would be in no uncertain terms. Then she went into the fact that even insurance companies can go through bankrupcy.

Think about those insurance agents, boy that is one job I am glad I don't have right now.

Jerry 9-29-2001 22:59

Debra - I was watching one of those stupid news hour shows tonight, don't remember which one, 60 min or nightline or something like that. Anyway, they interviewed two of his brothers, who just happen to live right here in the good old US of A. They said his folks knew he was getting nutty when he started growing his beard. They dissowned him after the first bombing of the WTC. Six of his 49 brothers live here in the US.

If they think he is nuts, and they know him, I guess I would go along with them. I have taken many insane people into custody in my day, and believe me there is no rational to their thinking.

Jerry 9-29-2001 22:51


Teekay - I think that would be a great story. You should write it. It could be a real zinger (wide wicked grins).

There was a portion of time when I didn't want to read a lot of writing styles. I was so worried I would style copy or worse! I wanted my ideas to be my own. What I came to realize is that there is nothing that is really new. Americo once said something to the effect that we must learn from the masters, but we must not copy them. We have to discover our own voice/style. He said it a lot better than that ;o)

I also missed reading. Part of my move away from reading was due to the fact that I needed reading glasses. Once I put those puppies on I didn't take long to fall into the books again. When I was a kid I read like a wild thing. I have consumed books for the better part of my life. I am happy to say that I can count the years when I let my colouded thinking disrupt my reading enjoyment.

These days I've discoverd some many wonderful authors. Weee ha! I love that I could read all of my life and never ever run out of excellent material. What a freaking dream!

Take care you.

9-29-2001 22:45


RACHEL: I know it, and you know it, but there are people who don't think it's necessary to read in order to write. Honest, I'm not making it up :-D
Which makes me think of one of the stories I've jotted down to write one day, it's about this writer who hangs out at all the arty farty places and is right into the 'writing scene', the only thing is he doesn't write anything.
Hmm, sounded funnier in my head.

HOWARD: For you:

Bees drunk with nectar
raise sleepy heads
sweet voices calling me home.

DEBRA: Turn of your TV right this minute!

Teekay 9-29-2001 22:01

Maybe he figues he only has to spout enough crap, then piss off the right people enough and everyone will do the killing dance. He must have done the math and found all the numbers of people to be in his favor.

I pray he ends up dissappointed.

Let's pray for human nature to control this spinning top.

Debra 9-29-2001 21:28

Leaves turning redish hue
air getting jaggard
lungs inhale refreshing snaps

Debra 9-29-2001 21:26

Okay, gotta start somewhere - how about a haiku in the spirit of shorty night?

Grass crackles with frost
Tomatoes still ripening
Under the blue tarp

howard 9-29-2001 20:56


Do you think that this Bin Ladan fellow is really just engaging in ethinic cleansing on a global scale?

I mean could that be his goal?

Debra 9-29-2001 20:48


Teekay - Gezz gal, of course a writer reads (grins and merry laughter). I read upwards of twenty books a year. I wish I had time to read more. I love reading. I read all sorts of literature. I happen to think that all of life is writing. I say that because all of my life goes into my writing. Each thing that makes me who I am will be and is reflect in my writing. I don't think a writer needs an excuse for anything, not even for not writing. You can't write all the time, but you also can't say that "I am unable to write." I just don't buy into that. When I sit down if I can't work on one project then I work on another. I joke with my husband that one day I will complete all of my novels, then I'll be quite put out. I suppose that that point I'll need to start a new batch and see about publishing the stack that I've got kicking around. I do this sort of peck along writing. I can sit down and complete a novel. I just choose not to. They get completed sooner or later. Often later than sooner (grin/wink). I'm not worried. I know that if I wanted to I could sit down and complete a novel in a short space of time. To do so would put stress onto my family. i don't want to do that.

Ciao girl :o)

9-29-2001 20:39


RANDALL: HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA what a loveable, interesting character you are. Your story reminded me of when my mum and dad and sister and her husband and their child came to stay, for 2 weeks I had the Partridge family bus, same year, looking a little worse for wear, parked out the front of my house.
I loved it though.

BILLY DEAN: Your poem was wonderful. I enjoyed everybodies shorty contribution this week.

JERRY: I think you need to give your story a little more anticipation, make it a bit scarier, creaking branches, crackling leaves, something wet and slimy at the back of the neck.
A sense of doom and something horrible yet to come.

RACHEL & BILLY DEAN: For a long time I was haunted by the saying 'A writer writes - always', because I don't.
I thought, well, I can't be a writer because I certainly don't write all the time. In fact, the only time I write is when the mood moves me, I couldn't think of anything worse than to force myself to write when I don't feel like it.
I have come to the conclusion that one must write to be a writer, but one must read to be a good writer.
Which is a really good cop out and a great excuse to read all those fantastic books I borrowed from the library, before I ressurect the novel (again). :-D

Another glorious day, and for all you gardening buffs I planted all my flowers. Marigold, sweet williams, blue blankets (ageratum), Rosie O'day (alysum) and canterbury bells, amongst the flowers already there.
It's looking gorgeous, I love our yard in spring. All the trees are a froth of pink and white blossom and the flower bed's a riot of colour.
It's so inspired me that I have even seeded some sweetcorn, butternut pumpkins and rockmelons. As yet I have no idea of where I'm going to plant them when the time comes.
I also planted another tomato bush to replace the one number one son stepped on and snapped in half.

I took the novel out to catch up on it yesterday and read it aloud to my younger daughter who was sunbaking at the time (yes, I'm afraid the idea of skin cancer is still less scary than being seen with white skin to a teenager) and was gratified to find that she loved it, and was even disapointed when I'd read all that I'd written. Which is an amazing boost, because this daughter doesn't like anything unless it's Joshua Jackson (Pacy, from Dawson's creek).

It was good to know that even though I saw the characters as three dimensional that they were coming across that way.

Had she told me that it sucked, I simply would have put it down to her youthful ignorance, so you see, I was in a win win situation. :-D

And now, I can continue on with a lightened heart. Poor Joanna awaits my attention, I must wake her from her extremely lengthy faint (sorry Joanna, but I just wasn't in the mood) and see to what the future may hold for her and Mumsie and Brigit. Of course it's nothing too stressful and there is definitely a happy ending.

This novel is simply the type of book I would like to read. If it ever gets published then HOORAY, but if not then I have still enjoyed the process and I have surely learnt something from it.

Must go, I see boy child in the garden trying to get the lid off the fertiliser beads. I have taught him well.

Have a wonderful Sunday all, when it finally catches up to you. For us this is visit the in laws day, so, I imagine I won't be doing too much on the writing front.
But I never know - I may just surprise myself.

Teekay 9-29-2001 20:10

Allein: I'll go to work on that chapter you sent today after I record a few things for class. Gotta hit the church. Today I think I'm going to sit and think how to describe the choir. There's something about church choirs. Why is there always one lady who refuses to sing quietly along with the choir instead of always singing just a tad louder, off key, and a little ahead of the group? I had to start sitting in the back because I end up snickering. I had to stop going for awhile until I could control the urge to giggle better. I seem to have Mark Twain sitting there beside me...

Viv again 9-29-2001 19:22

I can't figure it out. Why is it my muse suddenly becomes so unstuck right when I have to go back to work and I'm supposed to be doing something else? Writing is always a guilty pleasure for me.

Q33NewYork (rats, it's not coming up on the computer screen the way it looks in Microsoft word. Disgusting. Well try it again using Wingdings Version I, II, and III.

While version one is scary, version two looks a little like garbage day at my house. I tend to run along behind the trash truck yelling, STOP! Wait! It takes about 6 seconds for the guys in the truck to slow down, 9 seconds for them to stop, and 2 seconds for them to dump my garbage in the truck.

Version three looks like how I feel this mess in America is going to go. For a few seconds we took a turn for the worse, and stopped. We went backward for a few days, then circled and came around. We went forward, stopped and said a few prayers. We consolidated and now we’re on the upswing.

Neat idea to play with the script that way! Thank you!

Billy Dean: I like that poem! When do we get another one?

Viv 9-29-2001 19:16

Sorry about that previous post - I've been informed that there was no flight 33 involved with the tragedy. I gotta start checking my sources better!

howard 9-29-2001 17:19

:o) Rachel :o)

Debra - Kiddies are great fun. At least most of the time:o)

9-29-2001 15:30


Billy Dean - I couldn't agree more. A writer writes. It is as simple as that. You sit down and it happens. I think that block is something that a person allows to happen. Hum, bet that one will get some folks barking at me;o) Any time that I've been "blocked" it is because of something I am allowing to happen. When I have found a block, I have discovered that a little introspection will clear it away. Sometimes that can take time to do, sometimes it takes a second. Kinda depends. Then again, that's me. Who knows what its like for others. I also don't believe that a muse is something that can come and go. We are our own muse. That is how it must be. We must inspire ourselves. If we can not, how could we ever inspire anyone else?

9-29-2001 15:26

The idea that a writer can be "blocked" reminds me of the movie Finding Forester, with Sean Connery, who encourages his young friend to just sit down at the typewriter and start typing. His young friend says, "Type what?" Forester says, "Just start typing!" This is repeated a few times, until the young writer does exactly that: he just starts typing and begins to find what it is he must say.

As Flannery O'Connor said, "I don't know what I think until I see what I say..."

Hemingway's comment that "Writing is easy--just sit down at the typewriter and bleed..." highlights another facet of this idea.

So I think it is perhaps a good idea not to wait until we have something to say, or feel in the mood to write. Just start writing and It will find you.

And the movie in general, and that scene in particular, invites me to entertain the idea that my relationship with my pencil, typewriter or keyboard is like that of a musician's relationship with their piano or clarinet. That is, perhaps my writing, my inspiration, is more in my body than in my head?

Just a thought. But words tend to satisfy the intellect so quickly that we only think we understand. I'd love to see yours...

Billy Dean Link 9-29-2001 14:38


Let me just answer that comment with one of my own. Every yer around this time, I boycout my coat. I figure if I dont' wear it, it won't get cold.

See where I'm going with that? If we don't visit they'll still die, just their spirits might die before their bodies.

It's too awful to bring up more pain, before we have absorbed this new pain.

What are we doing to ourselves?

Debra 9-29-2001 10:51

I don't know who comes up with these things, but someone just sent me a note telling me to do the following:

In a word processor (I used MS WORD) type:

Q 33 N Y

(flight 33 is one that hit the WTC on 9/11)

Then select it, change the font size to 24, and then change the font to WINGDINGS.

It's scary!

howard 9-29-2001 10:30

Teekay, Keep talking gardens. I have to get motivated to do something about my tangly weedy webby garden. It's a bunch of overgrown impatients but they are still in bloom. I need to replant, reoganize and regroup them all.

Jerry: I want to read your story but everyone is in the room talking at me. Need to walk the dog! Frustrating there's so little time.

Randall: If I hurt you when I said there were some small changes that story needed, I'm sorry. My offer was to change a few miniscule details to a publishable story. I'm ok on grammar but I couldn't come out with a voice like yours in a million years. I look forward to your posts and read them and get all excited. It's exactly what I love to read. So hurry up and make a book I can buy of all the bits and scraps of your writing. I want it.
Actually, there was a story teller like you in my family. My grandfather used to be able to do that. I'd laugh and laugh at his stories. I need to write the one he told me about the segurrillo (sp?) cactus and the cigarette lighter

If I don't walk the dog before curfew kicks in I'm going to get shot. Bye.

Viv 9-29-2001 8:55

Yes, Jerry, add your polish! As always, you had me captivated, and on your first draft no less!

Tina 9-29-2001 2:06

Debra, there are a couple of things that effect me as I walk down those corridors. First, I am 50 now, I used to think 50 was old, but now I am rethinking. Anyway with my disability, I see myself sitting in those wheel chairs, drool running down my cheek, ghasping for air.

Then there is the fact that everyone I used to visit regularly died. Now I know that nursing homes is where many go to die, but I think in the back of my head it rings that when I visit them they die. If I stay away, maybe they can live just a bit longer.

Working on another spin off from the seasons thing, I have it roughed out now, and I think I will post it for comments. If it works out I may put it with our little ghostie collection. That is, of course if the deadline hasen't gone by.

Oh well here it is. I know it still needs some polishing, and I will continue working on it. Just need to know if you think it is worth working on or not.

But Can You See Them In The Fog?
By Jerry Ericsson

The fog was so thick that I could barley see the white line that ran down the side of the highway. I was happy not to be driving, no this night I was on foot, my car dieing on the side of the highway. As I walked along, I wished that a car would come by, any car, or maybe an eighteen-wheeler. Yes, that was it, an eighteen-wheeler they always ran with fog lights, they could see to get through this mess. I kept walking. There were so many curves in this road that I became quite lost, and in this thick fog, all I knew was that I was walking upright that and the comforting feel of the asphalt under my feet was all that kept me going.

It was one of those strange fogs, the kind where you can’t see the road ahead, or anything on either side of you, yet if you were to look straight up, you could see the moon and the stars. Out here in the country they appeared so bright and so close that I felt I could touch them. If only this fog would lift. As I continued walking, I recalled another night when the fog was thick, and I was driving my family home from town, where we had just enjoyed a movie, some tale of war and death, I don’t recall the name. As I drove slowly down that road, my little son John, then no more then five years old had been watching closely out the window, seeing the fog, he asked “can you see ghosts in the fog daddy?”

“I don’t know John, as I have never seen a ghost, fog or not.”

I drove along, and it wasn’t long before John was asleep. That night we arrived home safely, but tonight I was becoming concerned that I may never again see John, or home again.

I continued walking down the road for what must have been another half hour or so, the fog was becoming thicker. The leaves from the trees that now lined the highway were falling from their branches, a precursor to the change of seasons. The leaves now covered the road, and muffled the sound of my feet. The fog became thicker, the moon and stars were gone now.

As I walked on, I noticed that the white line was gone. I could no longer see the road, but on occasion the leaves became thin, and I could feel the change. Some how I left the highway, and beneath my feet I could feel the gravel that covered the side roads. Now I knew I was lost. While I have driven these roads many times in daylight, I never left the blacktop. No, I was lost. I thought about my car left behind on the side of the road where it quit. Beneath my breath, I cursed the mechanic who told me it was in great shape, I recalled his words “You could drive that old car from here to the west coast and not worry about a break down.” Just words to encourage me to buy it from him, but one shouldn’t have to worry about a car that belonged to a garage mechanic should one? Then dad’s words came back to haunt me “Doctors never take care of themselves, mechanics never take care of their cars.” “Picked a good time to think of that idiot!” I said to myself, and anyone else who might be in hearing range. It was comforting to think that there might be someone in hearing range, but I knew better.

I walked on, my feet now crunching down on the gravel making a sound that was somehow comforting. Then I stopped to think, should I go on, knowing that each step took me further from the road where traffic may happen by? Should I turn about and walk the other way, in hopes of finding the highway again, and if I did, how would I know for sure when I reach it, in this fog that could be difficult. I could sit on the side of the road and wait out the fog. No, I had to do something. My wife was surely worried by now, as I was very late for supper. In another hour or so, she would call our neighbor Bob and ask him to go looking for me. I had to make it back to the highway, but which direction? Oh if I hadn’t turned to relieve my bladder, I may have known which way was back and which was front, but now I couldn’t be sure.

Go on I decided, try and find my way back to the highway. I turned to my right, and began walking again. As I walked on, the fog began to lift; the trees began to come back into focus the moonlight shimmering off their now wet leaves. Then the fence that was on the side of the road began to appear as the fog lifted even further.

Then I heard it, off in the distance. Hoof beats, it sounded like many horses, but who would be riding horses at this time of the night, and so many. Must be horses on the other side of the fence, I decided, after all there weren’t all that many folks living out in the country anymore, what with corporate farming buying out all the small farmers.

The hoof beats came closer, and I could hear voices swearing hooting and hollering, as the sound grew nearer and nearer. It was coming from behind me, no in front, no both in front and behind. This was confusing to say the least, and I must admit I was becoming a bit afraid. I decided that I best get off the road before these two groups of horsemen come together. Down in the ditch I stumbled, then crossed the barbed wire fence, and into the trees that lay beyond. The fog was gone now, and the full moon cast a pale glow on the road. It wasn’t but a few minutes and they were here, coming from both directions on the road, men mounted on horseback, their cowboy type hats firm on their heads, shouting and cursing. A flag flew above the second man of each element. The stars and stripes for one group, the stars and bars the other.

A reenactment of some battle by history buffs, I thought. Then as they came together, I could see the fire from their guns, men fell on both sides. After the first volley the sabers come out, their blades glinting in the moonlight, as they slashed and stabbed their enemies. This went on for what must have been ten minutes. I could see the fallen corpses on the road, blood seeping into the dirt, one horseman flew from his horse when struck by another volley from a mounted soldier, his head hung from the body by a couple of strands of flesh, the blood spurted toward me, I jumped but it never reached me.

The fog descended again on the road, and in a matter of seconds, they disappeared. The noise of battle was gone. I returned to the road, and it was empty. There were no bodies, no horses, no weapons, no blood, nothing!

I began walking down the road again, this time whistling as I walked. “Whistling keeps the ghosts at bay.” Grandma Hays always said. I hoped she was right, and I knew that when I got home, I could finally answer John’s question, you can’t see ghosts in the fog.

Jerry 9-29-2001 0:49


TGIF, you all!!!

Thank you my friends for the nice comments on my "trucking" story. And Viv, yes I noted a few spots that needed polishing....afterwards. Annnnnnnnnnnd, if that wasn't enough, my cut and paste left out the paragraph detailing why the brakes on the truck wouldn't work. The truck was too light, the brakes, though air, were ineffective and we had too much weight pushing us forward.

Oh well................

I've gotten into a camping mode the last few months, which partially explains why I am tardy in contributing. After work I usually have something to do to my recently acquired camper. My wife calls my cherished good old boy RV, a "Beverley Hillbillies" reject. It's a cab-over camper, a BIG cab-over camper which I have installed on a 3/4 ton Chevy pickup bed trailer...which I pull with my Chevy pickup. HEY! GM all the way!

For a visual image of Randall's RV, try this. Imagine an elephant sitting on a football...that's pretty close. However, it has a potty (small, back in, sit down, stand up, walk out) icebox (small, but cozy) wash basin (uh, small, but enamel) shower (in with the potty, which makes showering with ones mate....ah, exciting, but dangerous), kitchen stove (propane, 3 burner w/oven) furnace (propane, ah, heats rapidly) running water, (about 1 psi) and a double bed (way up high) and all in all is not a bad deal. And yes it looks quite stunning as I motor down the highways of Texas, just not sure which end of the scale it is on. Remarkably bad or a stunning achievement to "southern engineering." Poor boys have poor ways. I only have a little over a thousand bucks in the rig and am justifiably proud.

I recently pulled the thing through town and a local policeman followed me all the way. My Silky Terrier, "Bubba Dog" (we're hell on names, huh?) was hanging out the pickup window, ears and nose in the wind. The cop and I parted ways with a wave as I headed to my daughters place in the country.

I looked at Bubba and grinned. "Slid one by then didn't we?"

He woofed once, then returned to whatever canines seek in the wind.

The officer was in NAPA this week and asked if the rig was mine?

"Yes, it is." I answered proudly.

"Thought the Clampett's were moving through town," he retorted. "And what was all that stuff hanging off the side?"

Well! Great corn shuckings granny! Where else could I hang Bubba's food bowl, washtubs, bird cage, fish trap, and my cooking gear, but off the camper? I'll swear, some folks are so dense! :-)

Goodnight all


randall 9-28-2001 23:06

There is no one last note on elderly people, but I'd like to note the ever, present, twinkle that shines through the cataracts. I just know it's the same twinkle from their first day in the maternity ward. It's always there, ever present.

It is truly beautiful.

Debra 9-28-2001 22:32


I know what you mean with the women I can see their strong bodies and their young smiling faces and then blink and see them again in front of me like they are now.

With the men I can see the war heroes and the lovers and the gentlemen with their hard arms and their futures way ahead and then slam I blink and there they sit. I start to hold my breath and before you know I can't breath at all.

It's awful. I wish I had the courage to go to them and visit anyone, people I don't know, just anyone. I feel like I am supposed to go but am resisting it. So far so good, or is it?

It's not just the aging, it's how did they get there? Where are their families? Why couldn't anyone take them in? They are so alone and old. I'm sure it's not just the lack of caring on the families'part; it's more complicated. I know. They're dinosours and they were once great. Although, that's the part that surges through me the most, their greatness is still there alive and well, but trapped. It's not push pull, it's pull pull. Ya know?
I'm no match. The riptide underneath is only if I'm luckey some day I'll get to join them.

Jeeeshhh! I pray I live long enough to make sure my parents are always comfortable and with us at our home. Right now they are fine living in their own house and running to Foxwoods every two seconds. I'm hanging on to them with both hands and one heart.

Debra 9-28-2001 22:17


The way I read that article was that these writers were just blacklisted from that one newspaper, however with so few newspapers around that area of that caliber, I would think it hurt. I mean all they were doing was standing up for their (our?) right to the copy write we are guaranteed in the law. Granted they ended up suing, but when all else fails, that is sometimes your last choice. It isn't like they sued and won millions of dollars, they just got what was rightly theirs, paid for their work.

So, I took this old thing apart, dug through my pile of junk and came up with a 486 motherboard a 400 meg hard drive, sound card, bigger video card and 33.6 modem. Now it is actually usable, and the building was fun, although it took me three days (with a day of rest in the middle). Just can't move like I used to, but it was good to get my hands in the works again. Like writing, working on computers gives one immediate rewards. You can see what you have accomplished when you flip that switch, and Windows 95 springs to life, much as you can see your stories come to life when your characters interact on paper.

Now as far as what I will do with that old 486, I have no idea, maybe someone will come along and just want an old machine to surf the web with or something and I can give it to them. Maybe I will make an end table out of it or something who knows, but the building was fun.

Debra - I am the same way with nursing homes. My wife worked at nursing homes for nearly twenty years, yet I think I was only in them probably ten times in all that time. Most of those visits were as a police officer investigating complaints. I did visit some relatives who were in the homes, but only when I was hog tied and drug kicking and screaming from the car to the home. There is a sadness that hangs like a fog in those places. It is like walking into one of those hallways in the horror films where the doors slam shut as you come close, and the hall fills with fog, red lights showing you the way to your doom.

Since my wife moved into the office, down here, I did make a few more visits, but to the office only. It seems that there was no body around that could make their computers work right, so the wife asked me to come down and help. Once I started, it became a job almost, with calls from different departments, requests that I come down and install software, fix hardware and so forth. Now that the wife no longer works there, the calls have diminished, the administrator that I knew has moved on, but the new one is a promotion from within, and knows my phone number. They have a new director of nursing now, but she heard of my computer ability, and just the other day came to visit my wife with her computer under her arm. I fixed it, and as always never charged for it. It was simply cleanup on the hard drive, and tweaking here and there to make it work like she wanted. Anyhow that was last week. Monday, she showed up again at my door, with another computer under her arm. This one she gave me to play with. It was an old IBM desktop, that originally was an 8088, or maybe earlier. Where the two big 5 1/4 floppies used to be had been replaced with a hard drive (80 meg) and a 3.5 inch floppy. The ma inboard had been replaced with a 386 processor. She will bring the monitor keyboard and mouse next Monday.

Jerry 9-28-2001 22:01

Hi folks,

Sorry I missed the Thursday shorty night. I have been as busy as a nine-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Here is my late addition to your forum about the seasons...


At dawn,
A new melon peeked over the edge,
And blue-shifted into day
With promises from green to gold.

Humming a one-note samba
Of vanilla and gray,
It rose in pitch,
Climbed to loud and red,
And seized the top of day--
A young persimmon
Bulging into a blaring pepper
Pelting the world with hot, heavy metal.

At dusk,
It sang a rainbow of melodies,
From shimmering pink to dappled blue
And honeyed yellow--
An old tangerine slipping off the rim of evening.
One last breath,
And daylight red-shifted into the night...

Billy Dean Connections? 9-28-2001 21:12

Okay Rachael:

Six children? I thought I was bad with five. WOW!

My hat's off to you girly!

Debra 9-28-2001 20:55


Mel - I have six children. If I couldn't learn to write with them bouncing all over the place I would need to put away my pads and pencils. There are only so many hours in a day that I can be awake for (grins). I've tried the stay up late, get up early thing. I find that a combination of early, late and write where and when I can is working very nicely.

Take care you.

9-28-2001 20:40


I'm so envious. Please fill us in all winter about your plotting and planting and your conquests in the garden.

Pictures to if you've got em!

Debra 9-28-2001 20:39

Okay, it was just my computer. Until I posted, it wouldn't refresh and show any posts since last night! Wierd.

Teekay, my discovery of the year was zinnia's (thanks to Heather for the suggestion last year:-D) While you're planting spring plants, I'm out doing fall bulbs. My least favourite thing about winter is that we get far too cold to do any kind of gardening. Oh well, my house plants appreciate the extra attention I give them then.

It's great to see that most of our muses have returned to active duty.

I'm getting excited again. If the weather holds out, I'm going skydiving again on Sunday! Can't wait...

Tina 9-28-2001 20:38


Is good on you the opposite of fooie on you?

If it is thanks.

Debra 9-28-2001 20:35

Is it quiet in here, or is it just my computer?

Tina 9-28-2001 20:31


ROSEMAERY, VIV & MEL: Thanks for the kind words. I feel a bit like a fourth grader looking for compliments :-)

MARY: I so love having you here on the Nb* and I really enjoy the interesting ideas you come up with.

Ummm what else, what else?

I bought a stack of new plants yesterday, so I'm going to be busy thinking up new and interesting story lines for quite a while.
I've gotten to the stage where I've typed out all I've written to date and now, because I've left it so long I'm going to have to go back and read the entire thing and see what direction I'm heading in and what's already occurred in order to carry on.
I do remember the main parts, it's the niggly bits that need refreshing, so I'm off to do that now and then it's out in the garden for me, plotting and plotting, so to speak :-D.
Another gorgeous day here. I hope everyone else is having a fine one.

Teekay 9-28-2001 20:22

I'll admit I didn't read that article closely. But you keep saying 'blacklisted'. By that, do you mean that the one newspaper is refusing to use those writers, or do you mean that they convinced a lot of publishers to not use those writers? It seems that the old meaning of 'blacklisted' was that nobody would hire you if you were on that list.

Thanks for the kind words. I think everyone (including TEEKAY) did a really good job this time.

Just jump right in. We don't enforce the time limit of Thursday for posting a shorty. Sometimes someone will post a day early or late. We just want to see the work.

Good on you!!! ((hugs))

Suposed to have my house painted tomorrow. Can't wait to see if they show up.


Rosemary 9-28-2001 19:51

MARY: That's a great exercise. Thanks! I'm going to work on it, not just for a month but anytime I write - if I can remember it! :-)

Mel 9-28-2001 12:34


Viv: :-) I'll keep writing then. BTW, your shorty--just a few words too long...if I may illustrate:

Suddenly, October rain stops.
Oppressive heat, Summer haze end;
clouds vanish.
Evening-cool, the sky, deep blue velveteen.
Stars sparkle; crickets call.
White and crisp, a spotlight.
Mothers point and say,
"See the rabbit in the moon?"

"Where?", one child asks.

"There!" says the mother.
Just there.
Oh, I don't know, Viv - think about it! :-)

DEBRA: This is getting spookier! :-) My Althea, unknown to her, is from another world where a man 16 years older than her has "watched" over her from afar with his psychic gift of Long-Sight. He has fallen in love with her over the years and when they finally meet--boiling hot emotion! They too are soulmates, only one-sided till they meet when she is about 19. Thanks for your perspectives - I'll take that dollar to round out my empath's character! Cool! :-D

Mel 9-28-2001 12:28

Hi guys!

Excellent results for Shortie Night, the best we have had in quite a while. I think that writing is just what the doctor ordered around here. Anyone interested in a little more of the same can take on this exercise.

I think that the 'show not tell' theory can be confusing. It is something that is easily slipped into and once you get familiar with your own story, you might miss what would stand out like a sore thumb to a fresh reader. We all use too much introspection. We all do that and have to train ourselves to keep it in check.

The best way to train yourself on how to use introspection correctly is to deliberately not write it at all. That is what will give you the real feel for what is and isn't too much.

Here is a poorly written example:
Jill quietly listened to Mark tell her they were finished. I'll die, she thought. No! I'll kill myself. Mark said, "I'm going back to my wife. She needs me." Jill felt obligated to commit suicide.

Here is the improved version:
Jill listened to Mark tell her they were finished. She wound the telephone cord tightly around her wrist. "I'm going back to my wife. She needs me." Through her tears she saw her wrist swell and redden as the black cord strangled her flesh. Mark asked, "You won't think of hurting yourself, Jill, will you?" She looked over at the sleeping pills next to her bed.

Keep writing scenes with NO INTROSPECTION until the scene, almost in hunger, screams "Introspect me!" Then put one introspective line into it. Be confident that the one line you add is the ONE that adds an explanation to what could not be accomplished through overt description. Then get away from it.

Do this for one month and you will be amazed at how your scenes not only move, but explain themselves as they go along.

(based on an exercise by Leonard Bishop)

Mary 9-28-2001 12:12

Best I can do for shortie night. It's not exactly what I want. I'm beat though. I think I wrote myself out today and Websited myself to death this morning.

Night all. Oh yah,sloppy shortie.

As suddenly as it began, during the last weeks of October the rain stops. The oppressive heat and haze of the summer ends, and the clouds vanish. The evenings are cool and the sky is the deep blue color of a velveteen dress. Stars sparkle the surface and down below the crickets call. This is the time to come out to see the moon. It hangs white and crisp in the sky like a spotlight. Mothers point at the sky and say to their children, "see the rabbit in the moon?"

"Where", asks one child. "I don't see a rabbit!"

"Oh, he's up there!" says the mother

Sorry, sometimes you bomb one!

Viv 9-28-2001 11:06


First let me just say, you're shocked? I'm shocked. I've always felt so alone. Maybe I'm just seperated. I kid.

I do sometimes feel alone. Who doesn't. I can inflate your character if you like. Fist my sensations don't carry on like Hollywood. When they come I tend to quietly hold my breath off and on until I almost seem irrated and a little dizzy. Second you'd think I would freak out at a hospital. They're fine. The people there feel like they are going to get the help they need and be okay.

Nursing Homes is a different story all together. I can't go there. I can feel misery and sadness galore. The last time I went, was over ten years ago, when my Great Grandmother died. On the way home Dan and I got into a huge fight about his driving, but I'm sure he was driving fine. Let me just say it's not always fine. He's a hotdog at the wheel. See no Hollywood. Just breath holding and arguing with loved ones. It's not that interesting but I don't want to lie. I don't do that well.

I do dream about healing people, not like you think though. I wrote a manuscript for teen girls to help them see domestic violence for what it is. I also made sure I didn't leave out why it felt really good sometimes. These kind of men blow away normal men when they are trying to be good. The problem is they can't keep it up for very long. I dream of one girl, just one, telling me that after reading my book she left her boyfriend. She tells me that she knows for absolute sure she woulnd't have left him without reading it. She claims I saved her life. I didn't write it for married women. I couldn't.

I stop the dreams by staying up late so I am so overtired I just lay there almost dead in sleep. I do that at great expense to me. I first want to say I would die before I was ever, ever, ever, should I add another ever, be unfaithful to my husband. But when I am well rested, I have a dream lover who has been with me all my life. We are soul mates. He can't get to me when I'm over tired. He hasn't seen me at all since these attacks. I know he's suffering because of that me too. My heart aches for him. He was with me when we were kids, but we were just friends then. When we got older we became lovers. I still remember our first time. I've told my husband about him. He just laughs.

I could be making this up to help you with your character. You decide. Whatever you like help yourself to. I also love to share. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing with my friends. It's not that I think I gave you anything good, good. But it's all I got at this time. So in essence I only have one dollar but it's yours.

Debra 9-28-2001 10:26

Teekay (who just won't go away) Don't go because you write great poetry.

Mel: I like it, keep on writing!

Deb: I have those experiences too! Especially with my kids I have that! I'm glad your husband is there with you, I was a little worried.

I have a weird dream too where a Coke Machine falls over on my husband and he's trapped! Now since he's addicted to Coke it's kind of funny. He sneaks Cokes, and is always swearing he'll quit drinking them.

Viv 9-28-2001 10:25


You-all, 'Mornin'! :-)

DEBRA: re: your post to Tina - I am in new shock; one of my fictional characters is you!!! Not to downplay what you're feeling, nor have I the same problem/ability? to feel the keenness of others' emotions as you do---but my Althea does, just as you describe it! She's an empath; at first stranded on Earth, not knowing why she feels the waves of emotion from others nor how to control its continual rush-and-seeping into her (like a sponge!!!), she feels cursed too. She later learns control, a personal sort of shielding that lessens the effects on herself, and then she learns the next step: to heal others' pain. Maybe you are an empath too; you can learn "shielding" and healing, too, I believe it! (Maybe I watch/read too much sci-fi, but I believe in possibilities. So should you!) (((((HUGS))))) Peace be with you today, my friend! re: your post to Rosemary - You're not only empathic, you're a seer! You've got TWO of my characters inside you!! Don't be afraid, Debra - you have special GIFTS! Ever see the tv show "First Edition?" Or the movie "Sixth Sense?" People with gifts to help other people save their lives or to complete them - yours can be such a gift. SMELL the dust? Geez, you've got THREE of my characters inside you! The one who can smell other things that others can't can also teleport himself. Quintuplets in my novel, each psychic in different ways, learn to combine their powers to help others. I wish you, my real friend, even more good things! You can choose to use your gifts for the better good - and in doing so, help ease your fear of having such gifts. I do believe it!!!

JERRY: Your shorty was sad but restful - LIKE it! :-) re: psychic connections - I believe we all have the potential ability for those in our brains - most lay dormant, some become active at varying levels of use depending on how well a person is able to make the personal connection.

ROSEMARY! Your shorty was SO-O-O COOL!!! :-D LOVED it!!! You go girl!!! Loved the "Lumpty lumpty" and Serina sliding down the rail - a typical tomboyish teen! A good character --- you should write more about her and her world. :-)

RACHEL: Kids all over you and STILL writing? YOU GO GIRL!!! :-) I used-to-could do that. I need to re-learn that trick...

TEEKAY: With beautiful poetry like yours, how could your novel be any less lovely? :-) SHARE. BTW, You've got Spring? Uh-oh, that means Ol' Man Winter's done napping in your backyard and will soon be headed for mine, sigh...I'm enjoying some pleasant Autumn days now, first. :-)

TINA: Beautiful poem! :-)

You guys outdid yourselves for shorty nite. My muse feels all mellow and squishy! A good sign - maybe there'll be some EARNEST writing at the Hemingway household this weekend! Heh heh - sorry for the punny name - have to live with it all my life, don't-ya-know?! A smile a day keeps the writing muse squishy. Remember that!

Mel 9-28-2001 9:17


I've finished. I've finished.

And now I'm going into the garden to plant my impatiens.
I always find it best to get into the garden after I've been writing because I find it conducive to planning what happens next.
Yeesh, I sound like one of my characters. Conducive? Conducive?
I would normally use the term 'good'.

Till tomorrow my whacky and wierd whiting fwiends.

Don't think I should stay in the sun too long today, no telling what damage it might do.


Teekay 9-28-2001 1:47

I'm turning in now.

I'm sufficiently tired.

Am I ever.

I might not floss.

Debra 9-28-2001 1:40


I think it's time for Deb. Yes indeed, now that you brought it up.


I love your poem. It's teaming with life.

It is life. I love it!

Deb 9-28-2001 1:39


TINA: Oops, I mean 'cheesy', not corny.

Teekay 9-28-2001 1:32


TINA: If your poem is corny, then my poem is vomit making.

Teekay who just won't go away. 9-28-2001 1:31


DEBRA: Or what about DEB?

Teekay 9-28-2001 1:29

Here's my shortie. It turned into a poem while I wasn't looking :-) I know, cheesey!

The world spins around its axis
Around the Sun
In the Sagittarian arm -
The suburbs of the galaxy.
Feel it turn.

Seasons follow a path
Intricate webs of sleep and birth
Death and awakenings
Endless circles
Tall trees and towering waterfalls
Yellow buttercups and red ants
Sunsets unprejudiced in every season.

Watch the clouds
Catch snowflakes on your tongue
Listen to rain on the roof
Grow dizzy in the motion of life unending
Brace yourself
And feel it turn.

Tina 9-28-2001 1:29


Debra it is!


How do I get to Afganstan and finally bin ladan's hideout?

Debra 9-28-2001 1:21


DEBRA: Lordess Queen of a biting bottem lip thinking.

Hmmm, dunno, maybe a bit lengthy. Yep, let's just settle for DEBRA. :-D

Okay, back to it.

Teekay 9-28-2001 1:15

Soooo anyhow, anyone interested in looking over some satallite data? This site lets you look over the world, or your state. Lots of fun and photo's.

Jerry Visible earth 9-28-2001 1:04


I know what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful I still have my husband. I feel for all those loves who lost theirs.

I'm thankful I can still hear the familiar sound of his truck pulling into the driveway. Watching the dogs dance upon his entrance and see the kids run towards him in glee.

I'm thankful that he can still make a bee line for me and grap me inappropiately in front of our kids. I always complain, but I'm still glad I can.

Debra 9-28-2001 0:55


Actually you can call me Lordess Queen of um.....a....biting bottem lip thinking....

Nope let's stick with Debra.

That's fine!

Debra 9-28-2001 0:48



It's true, it's true, DEBRA has magical, mysterious powers.

From now on I'm going to think of you as......ummm,,, as,
is that okay?


Ah sheesh, back to typing out chapter 8.

Teekay 9-28-2001 0:35


By the way, the evil eye works realllll good on everyone except terrorists.

They need something else.

Them rotten dastards!

Debra 9-28-2001 0:30


I don't give myself neat names like that.

I do on occasions have a crappy memory. My husband tells me I haven't been keeping up on my quota of his happy times and I'm pretty sure he's ahead of the game.

Yes, it was there for six years and just fell five minutes



Debra 9-28-2001 0:23


DEBRA: Pffft some psychic you are! Okay, here's a hint to the Christmas payback.
Close your eyes and concentrate really hard.
Okay, you can open one so you can read the hints.
Here I go, sending out my mental thoughts to you.
6 years ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm
children hmmmmmmmmmmmm
decorations ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm
fall down.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
5 minutes
NOT the number 11 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You go girl.

Teekay 9-28-2001 0:21


That all makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for sharing. I do feel better hearing that. I know what you mean about your wife knowing about trouble with the kids ahead of time.
That's another whole story. No time for that.

I did always know that my grandfather was going to die in Woonsocket a town near by. I new it my whole life. He died there over ten years ago now. He had a heart attack at work. The thing with him is the day before he died I came by my mother's, he and my grandmother was there, to drop something off I had to run. He asked me to stay because he wanted me to visit. I was in a big hurry to get somewhere. He was perfectly fine health wise. I said I couldn't say. I went to my car leave and it just seemed to park itself. So I didn't resist and got out and spent the night with them and hand dinner. He was gone the next day. If I hadn't stayed I would have been haunted by that invitation I refused the rest of my life. I'm glad I didn't refuse.


You silly goose. Good one on the rain. I'll bet your cat is still telling his buddies. What's with the Christmas thingie. I forget.

I'm not upset. I just feel like I'm letting it all out right now. It is so awful. I heard another story tonight about a guy that got out and found a 77 year old man with another guy that was hurt waiting for help. He had only left the building for a minute or so when it came down. I could see these two in my mind, hearing him tell it. When I see the videos of the clouds I can smell the dust. The place where he saw them wasn't burning or smokey. It was the forty-fourth floor. That must have been pure shock and horror when it crumbled around them. There are 6000 more storys just like that one. That's the horror of the whole thing is the numbers and the horriffic distruction and the pure evil of the devil, we know his name.

Debra 9-28-2001 0:15

You know Debar that you could write about yourself, well not exactly but you could make a charcter and give her/him your gift. Sounds like a good novel in the making to me.

Jerry 9-28-2001 0:01

Well, I guess I wouldn't hire someone who sued me either, but if I were the newspaper, and had such talant available, I think I would at least think twice before saying I would absolutly blacklist them. I guess the irony is that this newspaper was once noted for standing up against the blacklists of the 1950's.

Debra - I have had dreams like that, well not exactly like that, but dreams that come back to haunt me. Nothing like seeing crime or terror, no just little dreams about a place, then a week, or a month, or maybe a year latter, comming across that place, and recognizing it. Happened in Vietnam, when we came to a small village, I knew exactly what would be around the corner, and what would happen when we got there. Things like that, I once drempt of going around and around in a barrel, then about three weeks latter as I rode with a new-found friend and his father from the bar in Thunderhawk, where my folks had been spending the day drinking with his dad, we came to a corner, the kid's father was way to drunk to be driving, and was going very fast in his old pickup, then we were going around and around in the cab, breaking bones, noses and such as he tried to make a corner and rolled that old pickup truck over three times before it came to rest on it's side. His son and I, both about eight years old at the time made out fairly well, but my nose is still a bit crooked. I spent that night in hospital, and I think the whole experience had something to do with my being a cop, where I could prevent this from happening to others by arresting drunk drivers.

Now my wife, she can tell when the kids are in trouble long before the call for help, she told me when her father died, about ten minutes before we got the call, and he hadn't had a sick day in his life, just lay down on the couch and his heart stopped. But she just has this with the family. I feel sorry for those who are burdoned with precognition about crime, terror and such.

Oh and you mentioned the evil eye before, my mom always threatened us with the evil eye, as did her mother.

Jerry 9-27-2001 23:52


and DEBRA: If you dream about me I don't wanna know. :-D

Teekay 9-27-2001 23:43


DEBRA: Wow, coooool! I don't think your loopy, but you're the first psychotic er...psychic I've ever known :-D
I owed you that from my Christmas decoration post.

I understand what you mean though. On one occassion I was sitting inside and I could hear this noise, it was a sort of thrumming spattering noise, and I said to the cat, he was the only other one home at the time, I said "Archie I think it's raining." The cat didn't say a thing, he is soooo rude. Anyhow, I got up and had a look out the window and GUESS WOT!!!!!!
It was raining!
No word of a lie.

Other things like that have happened too. For instance, I can hold someone's hand, and just by holding it I can tell if it's their left or right hand.

I love you Debra, and I'll still talk to you. :-D

Teekay 9-27-2001 23:42

Nobody, But Nobody is about to kick you out. I just feel that it's not good for your health to dwell on these things for too long.
That is strictly my opinion, and the fact that I probably have ostrich in my family line (hides head in the sand) explains why I like to avoid thinking about painful things for too long. I always find a way to distract myself. A good book does wonders for clearing bad stuff out of the brain. At least for a while.

Sorry if I upset you. I'm sure we all care about you and want you to be happy.

Bye for tonight.

Rosemary 9-27-2001 23:41


I know you think I'm cracking up right? Well this has happened to me all my life. I remember the day John Lennon was killed. I had a terrible feeling all day. I never get these feelings unless something happens. It's few and far between. The day John Kennedy Jr. died I was blind sided. I didn't see that one coming. I was really tired from the twins though. That's makes a difference, for me it's a benefit of being tired. I get nothing. It was the first time I ever used the expression "SHUT UP" to the person who was telling me by phone. Unfortunately, I was talking to my father. He forgave me. When I was a kid I was going to summer camp and my sister was really scared. I dreamt about the whole camp. I told her about it the next day. When we got ther everything including the bathrooms was right where I said it would be.

Two weeks before the attacks, I had a dream that the Statute of Liberty was on fire. I woke the next morning and told my husband that I was afraid it would burn. Then the next day, we saw a person with a parachute land on it and then get rescued and jailed. I saw pictures of this happening on tv and the parachute was red. So I was convinced that was it. But still I had a weird feeling not.
I feel I had a premination of this whole thing. Well not what happened. I had a bad feeling about something bad. I never imagined how bad, ever.

I dreamt about a murder in my area and two years later it happened. They could not find the person who did it. I knew from my dream that there was two men on the first floor of a three story house that saw the whole thing. They weren't too happy about seeing it either. Yes, I remembered these details two years later. Remember the dream about the bear and signing on to the notebook and finding a post about a bear then I wrote the shortie about being chased by bears. It was called can you bear it.

Who cares! Anyway, two weeks later when they made no arrests I called the police department and told them about the two men. Yes, I told them I dreamt it two years ago. They get those calls all the time, so they told me. They said they have quietly solved many things with these kinds of calls. I watched the tv and papers and sure enough a week later it was in there that two men had been questioned who was on the porch at the time. ONe man refused to admit anything except being there at that time and the other was in jail already on another matter. He was being questioned in jail the paper said. They both admitted to being there at that time but were not charged. I know the motive too. The boy who was killed was living in a poor section but received a scholorship and was going to college. He wasn't in any gangs. He was a good student. No one put this in the paper but he got a girl pregnant and was leaving her behind. That was the motvie. I think she actually did it herself. They never charged anyone. I feel strongly they know it was her. I told them the motive.

I've had other dreams as well, many. One hasn't happened yet. I can give you those details and when it happnes you will believe me. I don't like them dreams at all. In response I stay up as late as possible so when I go to sleep and cannot remember them.

Here it is. A women comes home from a trip, not shopping, but some travel trip. She lives in a metropolitan area and comes in to find her grown dautgher dead in her bed. The case is unsolved but the person who did it got the key to the apartment from the housekeeper. She gave it to him willingly. He either lives across the hall or across the street. He is a known pervert. So when something like this happens remember who did it. You can make that call. I want nothing to do with it. They always ask your name.

I have had the same dream all my life that I die by a shark. I don't like the water very much!

There are more. I don't have out of body experiences just regular dreams. So either now you're sure I'm cracking up or you will stop worrying. I do feel other's pain.

For instance, my nieghbor across the street says hi once and a while. The other day it was warm and she was standing at the bottom of her stairs. She said hi and I walked over to her because her dog was at her feet. When I got there to pet her dog, liza, I put my hand on her head and said what was wrong with liza. She told me she wasn't feeling well for some reason. She was surprised I knew. I just felt it. Liza didn't tell me. I'm not George Anderson. I'm a knucklehead. I don't know a thing. It just comes or not. I hope not. I always hope not. I'm not cracking up. It's just one of those things.

I can tell you there is sadness blowing in the wind coming from New York and I can FEEL it. I'll be all right long before anyone who was actually there will be. I do feel another poem coming on and it's not about flowers.

I think Tina is right still. I'm going to try to focus on the good stuff, like the fact that our president is using his head and if and when military strikes do start we won't or at least I hope we won't look like more bad guys. That's a good thing. Right. It's not flowers but still good.

If I'm kicked out for being luupy, I need to know immediately. I don't want to sit around for weeks wondering why no one seems to respond to me anymore.


I do appreciate your concern. I really do. It's a tough time for all of us, the whole world feels a little less safe now.

Debra 9-27-2001 23:23


Hi All, well I've found Spring, it's here in my back yard, and about time too.

MEL & CAROL: Thanks, and just for you guys I'm posting a very small excerpt from my novel :-). Because I'm a bit too lazy to think of a shorty. It does have something to do with a season so it's not entirely cheating.
If it sucks, I don't wanna know because I would probably give up on it entirely. So if you don't like it just say you do, because if you say nothing then I'll think you hate it which is the same as telling me you hate it. Of course now if you tell me you like it then I won't believe you anyway.
What to do?
BTW, don't critique it, it's the very first draft.

DEBRA: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

TINA: Wow, beautifully said. Sound advice if I ever heard any.

JERRY: *gulp* I know what I'd be doing.

BILLY DEAN: Hi there and welcome.

MEL & CAROL: I changed my mind. Too scared :-/

I remember once when we were young,
amazing lives only just begun,
when pink Spring buds bloomed
and robins sung
that was once when we were young.

And then there came our Summertime
when red roses bloomed and life was fine,
I became yours
and you mine
for not much longer than a summertime.

I recall the colours of an Autumn day
the one in which you went away
it was much too soon
I begged you stay
you died on a russet Autumn day.

And now the pale Winter I spend on my own
the seeds of my life have long since been sown
not too much longer
of this life alone
soon winter will end and you'll call me home.

Have a great day all.

Teekay 9-27-2001 23:05


Mel - I dream of naps. They don't happen though (grins). Today I sat down with a notepad and I wrote. It was wonderful. The kids ran all over, jumped and climbed on me and I wrote. It worked very nicely. I think I'll continue with this.

Take care all.

9-27-2001 22:15

I made a last minute change on the last line and messed the whole thing up.

A nice cheerful poem about the seasons would be nice. Please no more doom and gloom. I know we don't have to read it, but I'm beginning to worry about you.

Be happy

Me Again 9-27-2001 21:02

Hi all,
I'm all for writer's rights, but, would you hire someone who has sued you? No matter why. Even if they stopped you from ripping them off? This is freedom to hire anyone you want to.

I'm always in trouble for trying to see all sides of a problem.

Since I was pushing for everyone to do a short shorty, I suspected that I probably should do one.

So---------------THE CHANGING SEASON----------------

Serina gazed over the balcony toward the mountains in the distance. She loved the view, the tall craggy peaks, the lush forest surrounding her hillside home, and the sight of flocks of migrating birds.

The weather was cooling down a little bit more every day, and each day was a little shorter. She was slightly misty about the coming change. Soon she would have to pack her bags and fly out of here for the coming winter season.

It was moving day and Serina searched her room for forgotten items. "Mom, I can't find my blue sweater." She threw the edge of the spread back and looked under the bed.

"Forget it, Serina. We have to leave now. The change is starting already." Serina's mother tossed a soft duffel bag over the railing to her husband who was standing below with arms outstretched.

Serina shoved her bag out of the bedroom door and said, "Are they moving already?" She hauled the heavy bag to the stairs and shoved it. It went lumpty lumpty down the steps, landing at the bottom with a thump.

Her father answered, "Yes. The weather cooled faster than we expected and they're starting to shift. We've got to go immediately. The Jetter is already warmed up and the Conklins are waiting for us." He disappeared out the door with a bag under each arm and one hanging from his left hand.

Serina ran to the balcony and grabbed her magnoglasses. She trained them on the distant mountains that she loved so much. Sure enough, the tallest peak was shuddering. It leaned a little to the East as she watched.

"Serina!" her mother almost screeched. There was a touch of hysteria in her voice.

A deep sigh escaped the teenage girl as she turned and ran. She slid down the banister and was out the front door before her mother.

Wonder Colony had learned the hard way that when Autumn came to this planet, the mountains migrated with the flocks and herds of animals. Winter was no fun for anyone on the winter side of WonderWorld.

How about that MEL, not a ducky or toad in sight.

Rosemary 9-27-2001 20:57

TINA: Your post to Debra was eloquent.

Mary 9-27-2001 18:44

Freedom of the press took a hit in the chin, as the New York Times came out with a blacklist of writers it will no longer hire. You can read about it at the link below.

Jerry Times BLACKLIST 9-27-2001 18:20


I'm gonna try. The thing is I have always been cursed with being able to feel everyone's pain. It's almost like I'm a sponge for it all. That's just one of the reasons I always make sure my family is always okay. Of course it's also because I'm the oldest child.

The thing is here in Rhode Island we are so close to New York that I can feel like it is something tangible. The sadness, pain and anger is like a cloud you can actually see. It's coming into me on a second by second basis. It comes in waves of sadness, then pain, then anger. It hasn't let up since September 11.

I've always wanted to write a book about my feeling about why people get panic attacks. Although, I don't suffer from those, it almost seems to be in the same family.

It's almost as if the people who can't bear it all send it off to the other people who pick it up and I can't stop being one of those people.

It's horrible what's coming from the hroizon.

I will try though. I thank you for a goal.

I feel another poem coming on about the loss.

Debra 9-27-2001 16:48

Oh FOX, ok, well we get a FOX channel but when we moved down here, it wasn't the same FOX as the one we got up in North Dakota. The one here didn't show Star Trek Next Gen, or Voyager, so it probably won't show the new one either, but I will keep a watch. We can't get a TV guide here for our cable, as there arn't any that cover it right, but I have TV GUIDE software and will keep a watch for it on there.

Here is my shorty, it probably isn't right with the assigned topic, while it does have a change of season, it isn't at all funny or cheerful. I guess I'm just not in a cheerfull mood as of yet, no matter how hard I tried to write cheerfully, it just came out sad. Anyhow here it is:

A Change of Seasons
By Jerry Ericsson

It was late September 1967; an old man sat in his porch rocker. The view from his porch was spectacular. The sort of view that movie actors, oilmen, and other millionaires paid millions of dollars for, yet his family had owned that same cabin, with that very same porch and that very same rocker for over an hundred and fifty years.

As he rocked the chair gently, he lit up the old corncob pipe that was filled with tobacco that he grew back of the cabin in the little garden that he and Elma tilled up by hand so very many years ago.

Just beyond the garden lay the plot where Elma slept for eternity, in the grave that he dug himself just five years ago when scarlet fever took her from him. He thought of that awful day, and how she made him promise to go on, to be happy with his life, and if he wished to find another woman who could make him happy. Oh how he cried as he told her that there would never be another, he begged her to stay but she didn’t have the strength to go on. Theirs was the love affair the writers tried to write about, filled with passion, filled with a love that could never die. The love was so strong that no writer, no matter how talented, could ever capture completely. Had the bard himself lived in these turbulent days, he could never put such love down on paper.

As he sat and rocked, he could see the leaves on his mountain begin to change, from the brilliant green that they showed in summer to the bright yellows, and reds, and oranges, and all the shades in between. Fall was always Elma’s favorite time of the year, and so it was with him. As he gently pulled the aromatic smoke into his lungs and rocked in his chair, his mind wandered back to those happy days, when he harvested the garden, cleaned the harvest and passed them to Elma who packed them in jars, and pressure canned them on that old wood cook stove that stood in the corner of the cabin.

There was always excess garden goods that Elma put up then when the canning was complete, and he had finished with the hunting, and smoking the meats from his hunt, they walked to the neighbors cabin’s and shared with those less fortunate. Still after all these years, he continued the tradition, and was well loved by his scattered neighbors.

His old blood hound, that faithful hunting dog was sleeping in the corner of the porch, when he heard the old rocker creak as the rockers rolled over the well warn wooden porch floor, he came to the old man, and rubbed his head against the old man’s leg. The old man smiled, and reached down to stroke the aged dog’s head.

“We’s both getting a bit old, over the hill like they used to say.” He said knowing that the old dog would understand every word.

The sun was dropping behind his mountain now, and as the light faded into twilight, the color of the trees changed ever darker until he could just barley make them out in the darkness. His pipe dropped from his mouth bounced off his blue jean clad leg and onto the porch floor. As the darkness claimed the night, death claimed it’s prize, and the old man would once again join Elma in that big cabin up there in the sky.

Jerry 9-27-2001 16:34

An early Mel:


"Hon, wake up! The alarm just rang!"

Phil rolled off the bed with a grunt. "Oh, I hate alarm clocks!"

"Get going; you have a job to do. I'm going to catch forty more winks." The wife returned to her havenbeneath the warm blankets.

Phil shook himself awake. Barely dawn, he headed for fresh air. Nothing like a good bout of chilly air to clear his lungs and head.

He stuck his head out the doorway and was nearly deafened by a sudden roar of voices! Peering cautiously into the fading shadows of early morn, he perceived hundreds, no, maybe thousands of neighbors. The BIGS always made such a ruckus on the first day arousing from his long nap.

Suddenly, the sun pierced the clearing surrounding his home. Flashes of light exploded in his eyes, the crowd roared again. "Hmmph. Enough of this tomfoolery. I'm going back for breakfast."

As he pulled his head back inside his cozy home, he heard the moan of the BIGS. Silly humans, he snorted. They should all be home eating breakfast and taking their own naps. Why, in a couple weeks, Spring would be here and there'd be so much to do!


Hmm, yeah it's rough, need more oomph on the ending, but just to get you-all thinking... :-) Happy Shorty Night!

Mel 9-27-2001 16:01

'Enterprise' isn't on here until Sunday, on the Space Channel. I'm getting impatient, what with everyone else already seeing it!

Billy Dean, welcome! Glad you found our little corner of the 'net. Though I rarely write poetry - SF prose is more my thing - I love to read it, so post post post!

Lurkers! If Dai, Ruth, Brian or John is out and about, come say 'hi'. :-)

Okay, now it's chore time..... :-X

Tina 9-27-2001 15:24

JERRY: "ENTERPRISE" was on Fox, our channel 13 here in NYS. Funny you should ask; just before it started, my husband, who always seems to have the remote, pressed a channel identifier and on the tv flashed NBC-channel 3. And I said in surprise "Enterprise is on NBC???" My spouse, grinning like a fox, directs my attention back to the tv, where "FOX" showed in the lower corner of the screen and "NBC-3" flashed again in the upper corner of the screen. NO ONE should mess with me after 9 P.M.!!! My braincan't figure it out...He wouldn't explain the paradox to me, made me work for it. Finally, I realized he had the VCR on (our tv set to channel 3 to view any channel thru the VCR) and the VCR was 13, FOX! Geez, at that time of evening, I'm more than half asleep - have mercy! :-)

Mel 9-27-2001 14:48

Mel, What channel, probably one I don't get, as I haven't heard much about it.

Jerry 9-27-2001 14:33


Hi, you-all! :-) Anyone got big writing plans for this weekend? I'd like to hear about them so my muse will get off her duff and plan my weekend too! Heh heh!

RACHEL: I need a nap too...anytime is good...zzzzzzzzzz

CAROL: Hmm, "muse-jiggling" sounds like a method I haven't tried... I better be careful, I might get addicted! Is a proper muse-jiggle a gentle shake or an all-out rattling?

VIV: I'm nearing the end of my critique for Hallee (light at end of tunnel - yea!) and then I finish a short crit for Susan and one for Hop. Then, Tina's ms. gets a look, then...maybe! :-) I enjoy proofing; reading other writers' stories , I learn a lot to apply to my own writing style as well as hopefully help them with theirs. Not that I'm published or an expert either, but grammar and typos come easy for me to proof (would that they came as easily to write for myself!? Why is that???!!!) Hmmm, a magazine article on organizing me??!! Hmmm... :-)

JERRY: Cute trucker story. :-) Hee hee hee!

DEBRA: Listen to Tina.

TINA: Good words to Debra (and to all of us!).

BILLY: Hiya! Hope you'll share a poem with us today/tonight; it's "Shorty Night" (every Thursday) and Mary says the theme is "the changing seasons." :-) Welcome to the NB!

JERRY, TINA, ROSEMARY, RHODA, and all other TREK-fans out there: I saw the first hour of "ENTERPRISE" last night (they ran it 10 p.m. to midnight! Past my bedtime, darn them! But my hubby taped it for me to see, maybe tonight or on the weekend). I AM PSYCHED! :-) What an excellent beginning. I think Scott Bakula makes a terrific starship captain. Interesting crew...I'm ready to see more!!! Oh, to be able to write sci-fi like that...draws me in and entertains in such a satisfying way!

Um, I have a short shorty brewing, not ready to post yet, hopefully later...

Till then, :-) keep your smiles in view!

Mel 9-27-2001 14:12

Just joined For Writers and stopped by to say Hello and to say I prefer poetry to express my thoughts and feelings. Or those of whoever it is that moves through me with words. It will take me some time to get the feel of those here in the forum. Best regards to all...

Billy Dean 9-27-2001 13:17

Anyone see a problem with the lattest from the White House, and the Pentagon?

I was just watching the President give a speech to a gathering of airline workers, in the speech he said that America should not fear flying, he encouraged all America to buy a ticket, fly to Disney World, Fly to New York and take in a play, Fly to Washington and view the monuments. Then, just a few minutes latter, the Secretary of Defense is giving a press briefing on the fact that the military has permission to shoot down any aircraft if it appears it is violating the no-fly zones over America's great cities.

Jerry 9-27-2001 12:25

Thank you Howard for sending that link. It is very well done, very moving.

Debra, a suggestion to help you get away from the haunting; jump into Mary's shortie theme. Look out your window, take a walk out your door, and find a dozen beautiful, wonderful things that are happening right now. And I mean really look, deeply and closely. When you've found those dozen things - or maybe more - write them down and then say why you think they are beautiful and wonderful.
The gauntlet has been thrown down and many horrible things will continue to happen. But, if everyone looks around and sees the beauty of everyday - the grass growing and the children laughing as they play in leaves and the trees falling asleep and the pumpkins rolling with orange laughter - if we all find these precious things around us, we'll build the solid foundation we need to stay the course and defy the terror, and the haunting.
"The best revenge is a life well lived."

Tina 9-27-2001 11:44


I am haunted.

I wanted to be with someone, now I'm haunted alone.

What people are capable of doing to each other is the worst.

I never understood it, and hope I never do.

If I understand it, I'll be half way there to the other side, the bad side.

Let's just put an end to it instead of jumping in.

Of course that's the million dollar question, HOW!

Debra 9-27-2001 9:25

Randell, that reminds me of an old story I once heard. Seems there was this old truck driver, who had been driving big rigs most of his life. He and his partner Leroy had enough miles between them to have driven around the world twenty times. This occurred back when the first Federal Regs required special tests to be able to operate the big rigs. This old fellow was taking the test, he finished the written test, then went into the next room where they had set up the oral board.

The first question was asked, it was "Ok, now you are driving your truck and it is loaded with a legal weight of pig iron. You have just topped the Forth of July Pass, and began the downward trip on the other side. As you approach the first curve, you hit the breaks to slow down a bit, and find that you have lost your air, and the brakes will not work. You shift down only to find that the clutch sticks. You pull the emergency brake, but it does no good. You hit the Jake Brake, but it doesn't work. What will you do?"

"Why hell, I'd wake up Leroy!"

"Wake up Leroy what good will that do?"

"Oh won't do much good, but Leroy ain't never seen as big of wreck we's about to have!"

Ok, so I am no Randall, but I thought you might enjoy the tale.

Jerry 9-27-2001 0:19


What's the feeling in Japan about us Americans and the terrorists? Do they support us and if they do, are they wishy washy?

I mean are they committed to stomping out this stuff and do they say anywhere in the news that if we don't beat them that they know that they or someone else might be next?

Debra 9-26-2001 21:17

Carol - Nope, wasn't me from the UP. I do have some relatives who live there, distant relatives at that, but we do hear from them on occasion. I grew up right here in good old Lemmon SD. You can find out about me in the bio's section.

Jerry 9-26-2001 21:16

Randall: I love the way you write. I'm always immediately pulled into a Randall story! That was a neat trucker story. I could just see your cigar chomping buddy who sat in the garage with the dog to drink. I grew up near enough Wolf Creek Pass and have seen a few runaways and a bunch of jack knifed trucks on the passes. Wolf Creek, Vail Pass, those were nice spots to find a runaway. You know I don't want to insult you but we had a saying in Colorado on the ski slopes, "Watch out for those Texans, they're crazy! If you hear anyone shout,'Hey Bubba', watch this!' get out of the way. Some nut is going to try to make it down the entire slope without turning once. Anyway, I love it! You have a voice that rings out clear and true. Would you mind if I "played editor" because I found a few little spots that itched when I read it. You don't have to listen to what I say because I'm not an expert! Have no idea what you'd do with it because I never got as far as publishing a thing!

What I'd like to read is a whole Book of Randell's Adventures (or situations you'd rather avoid but make great stories!)
I wish Jack had that page up so we could do this in private and not on a public page where stuff could sort of sneak off and get itself published. That's not a criticism Jack, but I'll sure be glad when you get yourself back here.

Allein: I'm working on yours this morning! I read it on the train yesterday, just a read through. I'll pull it together this afternoon and send it back to you! I can tell you I like it!

Mary: I showed a few students my internet site. I was in the teachers lounge yesterday running off a bunch of copies, when I heard some kids out there discussing signing up. It went like this: "Man, I hate this! I can't figure out what to know anything about these classes?"

I thought, what the heck and took a copy of the paper I was running off (Welcome to Business English) out to them. I asked who liked computers, and spoke ok English. They got very excited. Then they passed around the paper and more got excited and more....looked like we sort of made a run on the office. Most of the kids signed up. So now we've got the audience.

Bad news, they aren't good speakers. I have a total rewrite job all weekend to lower the level of English I used. Then I'll walk into the classroom and find I have another rewrite to cover class needs on Monday! It's scary, but I know this is going to work. One thing that was interesting, my class wasn't posted with the others. The kids jumped on the bandwagon, went up to the office to ask where it was. I never heard the end of that story, but I think I have some students! (Hope I didn't step on any toes because usually the administration has my best interest at heart. Then again, it doesn't hurt to know that the kids are as interested and excited as I am. We're all going to be learning this semester. I hope I can keep up with them!

Thank you for your encouragement. It kept me going when the whole idea looked like it'd fall apart due to the fact I couldn't make the stupid Website even using a canned program! You pulled me through.

Carol: I'm glad you've joined the notebook. You're a good writer! This is going to be fun for all of us. That's what makes this notebook fly, lots of nice people all joining up to make our writing stronger. I'm doing mostly technical writing for making classes. I'm not great at that, and I'm trying out fiction because I like to write it. I've had some very good critique work done by Heather.

Heather I MISS YOU! I think you're off curled up trying to organize and get *P* published. (Heather, if you are worried about feelings, don't. We all know that you have to fit the stories together and they have to blend perfectly with the theme. If some get left out, it's not because they were bad, but because they were not the right fit. Sometimes when you go in a shoe store,a pair of shoes doesn't fit. It does not mean it's a bad shoe, just not the right foot) There's another round of shorties coming up...historical fiction. So if that's the reason you're quiet, not that you are up to your eyeballs in trying to get this coordinated, come on back. If you are swamped, well...I'd offer to help, but I'm not good enough to do that job yet. Let me work a little more on how to critique. I'm doing that now. Teekay, Mel. I'm not exactly volunteering you, but are you up for the job? I'm a little bit worried about Heather. I've got Mary bogged down right now. This is a group, we can work together. I can also critique, but what I do needs to be sent to a stronger writer so that it isn't incorrect.

Back to work because I'm getting behind just by writing this. Mel: I read your bit on writing about getting organized! That's a good lead in to a magazine piece! Maybe once you're finished doing your presentation, you can sell your article. I sure need to read it. I'm procrastinating right now as I write. Back to Work for this person!!!!!

Viv 9-26-2001 20:39

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. The weekly shorties do sound like fun and I've got my brain working. One would think it would be easy except I'm finding too many angles to choose from. :)

Teekay -- please dust off those cobwebs -- just the little bit you've mentioned of your novel sounds right up my reading material alley.

Jerry -- I believe I saw an earlier post from you where you mention growing up in the U.P. of Michigan. I'm a "yooper" by birth as well, getting transplanted when I married.

Randall -- what a wonderful story to read, thank you. Your talent put me as close to that type of situation as I would ever want to be. I think that's one of the things I like most about writing and reading -- talented writing lets you experience something without the actual danger.

Mel -- I'm not sure blowing up the closet would work. (though it would be fun to do!) Handy storage places seem to crop up wherever they want. A stack on the floor here, a box shoved there ... . I'd have to blow up the whole house! hehehe

Now, I'm gonna see if I can jiggle my muse loose and have something ready for tomorrow to post.

Carol 9-26-2001 17:13


Teekay - Hey girl (smiles and hugs). Hope your daughter had a great B-Day. I had a very nice one.

Allein - Hugs back at yah and thanks (big warm smiles).

Eddie - Thank you for the B-Day greeting. I send you a hug. Take care you.

Carol - Welcome :o)

Not much time for any more chat. It is almost nap time. I wish it were nap time for me ;o) Why can't I ever get a nap or a time out? Kids don't know how lucky they are!

9-26-2001 15:27

make that sound FOUND

9-26-2001 11:24

Well another casualty in the rodent war. This one was sound laying in the middle of the dining room floor. I must have walked right over it this morning and not noticed it. The wife called me when she came in the living room, and delegated the job of removal to me. Another one bites the dust! Decon is great! I am happy that these mice at least come out in the open before they die, as dead mice seem to stink rather badly after a couple of days.

Jerry 9-26-2001 11:13


Yo! It's nice to see lots of names and posts here since I last visited! :-)

TAYLOR: "Avenues of Escape" was very nice, and so true! (At least the writing and reading bits; I've never tried karaoke.)

TINA: Okay, let's get your muse back here. What's her draw? A writing challenge? A contest of wits? Freeborn on the loose, or worse, in cages?! As soon as you retrieve her, I've got the duct tape ready, to apply wherever you see fit. (I bet she's out there skydiving...)

ROSEMARY: Oh yeah, those genes. I inherited list-making AND procrastination from my dad; meanwhile, Mom quietly paid thebills, kept the house in order, cooked meals, etc. :-) I have yet to inherit Mom's talents! BTW, Did I hear poor little Ducky saying "Where's the T.V. remote?" Oh, sorry; that was what my husband said, last time he was sick!

EDDIE: (((HUGS))) The cat tail tale couldn't be much worse than when we accidentally shut our feline Mad Max in the refrigerator for about five minutes.

CAROL: Welcome! :-) My novel sits a lot too, but mostly it's lying down, each chapter ina folder, altogether in a bag on a closet shelf. I revive a chapter now and then - read it, frown, and put it back in the closet. So much to revise! So little time! I keep pondering ways to fix it. I know Way #1 is to not put it back in the closet! Or maybe I could blow up the closet, thereby removing the handy storage space for unfinished novels...Hmmm... (uh-oh, flying clothes everywhere! INCOMING!!!)

TEEKAY: Thanks. :-) Yeah, Ms. Muse just likes to jerk me around...truth be known, she can't bear to be away from home for very long. :-) BTW, your novel sounds charming - I do hope you're lining up a couple real hunks for B & J! I do so love happy endings.

RANDALL: Yea! LOVED your runaway truck story. :-) So glad it turned out okay, too!! Welcome back to the NB. Your stories have a way of stealing me into them, leaving all else behind me. That was a great escape! :-)

Time to get organized for my organization's organizing tips session tomorrow. Wish me neat-notes and a mind clear of ratty-eared lists!

Mel 9-26-2001 9:17

Eddie - I'm sorry about your loss. (((HUGS)))

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-26-2001 3:04

Randall, great to see you back again, and I am still chuckling about your latest. You should write a book. Oh that's right you have, well you should have it published so I can read it damn it!

You know when I was growing up things were not all that happy. From time to time I would be just terrified over the things I heard and saw, but I always felt better when I pulled those covers over my head and plugged my ears. Then I couldn't hear it, I couldn't feel it, and it just wasn't there.

Tonight I think I will pull those covers over my head again, and plug my ears, just to see if this horror that is just isn't there.

Jerry 9-26-2001 0:08


DEBRA: I'm glad I didn't get to see that picture. It would have haunted me.

RANDALL: Well written, and soooo funny. I almost choked on my apple.

Teekay 9-25-2001 23:00



Haven't posted anything in a while. With all that has befallen us, it's no wonder I've been glued to the TV. I am a history kind of a guy...and the attack upon New York and Washington is the greatest historical event in my life. And, that being said...I wish it wasn't. But time moves forward, ( no shit Ace!) And all things must pass.

Did I ever tell you guys about my trip many years ago in a runaway truck? No! Well now, kick off your shoes and lend me an ear.

Back about 1970 and something I was a rookie with the Texas Highway Department. Fresh from the Navy I went to work with a state crew that operated heavy equipment, laid asphalt and drove large trucks. One summer day I was witness to an event that was similar to C.W. McCall's song "Wolf Creek Pass." I was paired up with an incorrigible older man named "Spud." At that time his claim to fame was an ability to get rip-roaring drunk...on the job...and not get fired. How? Beats me, I just write this stuff.

We were pulling an empty, 12,000 gallon asphalt storage tank to a town south of us called Lampasas. The following day we were to start a seal coat job there and asphalt would be stored in the tank, heated and then applied to the highway. Our job that day was to move the tank, then sit it up at the job site. Nothing difficult here.

All of the crew's equipment had names...the D7 dozer was Tom...the motor grader, Brutus...a smaller grader, Mighty Mouse...a cab over Ford truck, Little Joe. Clever huh? Our big yellow storage tank was...Big Mama. Wouldn't you know! Early on the trip was routine. Our truck that morning was a 1961 International "Binder" apply named "Old Binder." We were speeding along at a mind-blowing 35 MPH. Capable of pulling enormous loads the poor old thing was not a speed demon. Spud was regaling with me with his tales at the department. One of note was astride an 500 gallon asphalt tank as it was being pulled through town. Drunker than Cooter Brown's goat, Spud was riding the tank, whooping and hollering like he was on a bucking horse. It was rodeo in town and Spud felt the need for lubrication and participation.

Spud liked cigars. And sometimes he felt the need to even light them. Mostly he chewed them. He was a combat veteran of WW II, a simple man, married to a strong willed woman of front row Baptists temperance who made him sit in the garage when he drank at home. Not without feelings she allowed him a chair and table and company of the family dog. Spud said he spent a LOT of time in the garage with the dog, developing a strong rappor with the animal. I don't doubt it at all.

Within 10 miles or so of Lampasas the land begins to drop, slope down to the town which lays on the Lampasas river. We had been on the road for a couple of hours and the heat, Spuds dead cigar and enough tales to fill a book had drained me. Journeys end was in sight. Thank goodness. The truck began to gain speed as we descended toward the town. Old Binder slipped past 55 (gasp) and the RPM gauge rose accordingly. As the gauge neared a red line Spud, cigar clenched between his teeth down shifted the transmission from hi 5'th to low 5'th. The shift was smooth and we slowed for a minute. Spud applied the breaks...but Big Mama behind us...had no brakes. I glanced behind me to observe the big yellow tank wallowing like a beached whale behind. The dead weight was pushing us faster and faster.

Spud shouted at me."Randy did you plug in the elec brakes?"

"What brakes?" I managed to get out.

"Damn son, we ain't got no %#$@!*& brakes on Big Mama!"

The highway into Lampasas rises and falls and winds along some beautiful scenery, but I saw none of it that morning. Spud moved to down shift Old Binder again. This time he tried to go from low 5'th to hi 4'th. The clutch, never that good anyway under pressure decided not to work and hung the transmission in neutral. Now we were really moving, approaching 65, an unheard of speed. It was widely known Old Binder wouldn't go 65 even when pushed out an airplane. We were on new ground that morning. If "on the ground" was a proper phrase that day. We lost speed as we climbed a gentle hill, but rapidly gained like a bat out of hell on the down side. The old truck was groaning, fenders flapping, side mirrors vibrating, wind screaming through the open windows.

"Damn Randy boy," Spud shouted in glee, cigar clamped between his teeth. "We're hell on wheels today!"

He jerked the hand brake back shouting, "This'll stop the old bitch!"

It didn't.

And now the cab was filling up with an arid smell of a burning brake band. Through a hole in the floorboard flame was visible, as the emergency brake assembly had now caught fire. I grabbed a fire extinguisher which had been bouncing around the floorboard (along with chains, chain boomers, grease guns, and assorted soft drink cans and candy wrappers) and sprayed the emergency brake shoe. Smoke exited the cab and Spud could drive with his head inside the cab! We roared by numerous vehicles, no doubt startled at the apprition. One car we flew by ran off the road in a cloud of dust. I glanced behind us, a 3" steel hose, 30 feet long had slipped off and was dragging on the highway. Sparks flew as we dragged it along.

Lampasas was in sight, the speedometer was bouncing at 70 as we approached a T intersection. Cursing and kicking the floorboard Spud was vainly trying to get the runaway truck back into 5'th gear. With the intersection in sight, (along with my own mortality) amid a flurry of curses, Spud managed to get Old Binder back into gear. We sped to the right taking an exit route that bypassed the stop sign. Our speed had dropped to 55 or so but still very fast, even for a gentle right turn. Behind us Big Mama leaned, then began to tilt. I watcher her in the mirror as one wheel lifted. She's going over I thought! This is it! Time's up for the kid! But the trailing steel hose caught a culvert pipe and exerted enough pull to bring the tank back onto rubber and road.

Spud down shifted and we slowed and stopped in front of the Lampasas maintenance yard.

"Well Randy boy, that was some ride. How about coffee and an early lunch while we get these brakes adjusted."

This is a true story my friends. Spud is long gone, no doubt trying to get a cigar lit in Heaven. After the ride he gave me that morning I have no doubt he'll succeed. Big Mama and Old Binder are gone as well. Probably sitting rusting in a weed overgrown wrecking yard somewhere. But on a dark night, I'll bet if you stand real close to them, listen real might hear a chuckle as they remember the time a young Vietnam vet was truly scared on the road to Lampasas.

Good night and God Bless America


Randall 9-25-2001 22:21

It was a little boy when I put it up. The thing is now he is gone. He was in his mothers arms and at first it look like she has slung a leather scarf over one shoulder. When you stopped and looked it was a baby who might have weighed six or seven pounds.

He was probably one years old.

He was a skeleton and still with the living.

The talabon has taken all the food that the countrys sent. Do they send it just to make themselves feel better, because no one is really making sure it gets there.

I feed my kids every night, but if I didn't stand there and drill sargent them they wouldn't eat it.

Well Ms. Gracie would. She is a chowhound, Bless her soul.

Debra 9-25-2001 21:53

Oh, where are my manners? Carol, wonderful to see you posting, welcome to our little family. I'm usually not such a hawk, I don't want to see war any more then anyone else here. I hate war, and even more then war, I hate seeing those brave young men and women come home in those damn tin boxes. I have seen way too many in my lifetime, and hoped to never see it again. I fear that we will however, and that is the worst thing about this evil attack on our soil.

Anyhow, I too am from the north country, living now in South Dakota (well you can spit in North Dakota from here. But loving this bit of summer that hangs on now warming us just a bit. We haven't had a hard frost here yet, just one of those light ones that leaves a bit of moisture on your car, and attracts all the dust off the streets making your car turn that ugly rusty color.

Jerry 9-25-2001 21:36

Eddie, so sorry for your loss, losing a pet is nearly as hard as losing a best friend.

I know, we must control our power, having all those nuclear bombs, and not using them, what a waste.

When you think about it though, would you rather send, oh sat three or four thousand eighteen to twenty-one year old soldiers into a meat grinder, or drop a few low yield thermo nuclear devices, and take out say an encampment of terrorists who are sharpening up their skills at flying 676's into sky scrapers, well then it becomes just a bit more difficult.

Just kidding, we should send the troops. Nothing brings out the flags as a bunch of young men comming home in tin boxes. The flags draped over so gently over them.

Jerry 9-25-2001 21:29

My sympathies for the loss of Thomas. I have lost pussy cats many times. I always missed them terribly. On the other subject you raised, there have been countless times when a little tail has come between friends, but I don’t know that there was ever a cat at fault. Still, one never can know for sure.

I am glad that you have surfaced as a correspondent. I am sure you will have fun if you stay around.



gariess 9-25-2001 20:47


Hi all and welcome to my overcast Wednesday. Where is Spring, where is it I say?

TINA: Thankyou :-) re: my submission. I took a look at your site, you're not a bit as I pictured you, but nobody ever is.
I'll never know how you have the nerve to sky dive. I've imagined doing it, but I start to hyperventilate even then.
As well as being claustrophobic I guess I have a fear of heights as well.
And of the parachute not opening *gulp*. Doesn't bear thinking about.

AMERICO: Hear hear!! No more idleness and cruelty on the notebook.
This is a big step forward, it's probably the first time I've agreed with you - ever. You really ought to be more like your cat JON, now there's a dear, and so very wise too.

MEL: Gorgeous poem. I see your muse's short Fijian vacation has done her the world of good. :-)

MARY: Hi there, I have missed you so much.

RACHEL: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!! I should have remembered, my daughters is the same date as yours. Anyway, I hope your day was wonderful. :-)

TAYLOR: Now why would you want to ignore those avenues????????
I'd love to try karaoke. I'm tone deaf, so I think I sound good when I sing, but nobody else can stand it.

EDDIE: ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

CAROL: Welcome. Wisconsin, gee doesn't the sound of that dredge up visions from 'A Little House On The Prairie'? I loved that show and the books so much!

DEBRA: I looked at the site, but couldn't see any boy, and there were 1000 photos to look through.

Well, both my ghosties are finished and ready to roll.
The novel is collecting cobwebs on the top shelf, but I do believe I can hear the voices of Brigit and Joanna, the two spinster daughters calling out my name. Seems they might be wanting me to hurry back, blow off the cobwebs and perhaps see to arranging a little romance in their lives. What with them finding out that there's no money left in the family trust fund and with Moreland Manor falling down about their ears, and Mumsie not allowing her daughters to lower themselves to employment, it seems the girls are going to have to hope that the man of their dreams is not only continent, but wealthy as well.

AMERICO is right, the notebook is a place where artistry and creativity meet. It is a place where art is born. It is a place above the everyday, not a place for pettishness, for nastiness and cruelty, but for higher , more beautiful things.

Teekay 9-25-2001 20:45

Welcome Carol!
Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

As Rosemary said, Thursday is shortie night and they are an excellent excercise. Check the archives if you haven't lurked through one, and you'll see what we mean.
I love Anne McCaffery too, although I was disappointed by 'Skies of Pern'. It wasn't focussed enough.

Eddie, ((HUGS)). I truly believe that pets shouldn't age so soon. Be well.

Working on my ghost story again. Heather, if you're around, what's the prognosis/deadline on *P*? Or is it still in the air? I have two stories almost ready.

Tina 9-25-2001 19:56

This is gastly.

It is a little Afghan boy.

Debra 9-25-2001 15:56

Great to meet you. If you can get flash fiction published, you will be a boon to 'short shorty night.' If you haven't lurked during one, (not the last couple of weeks) I think you will enjoy it. Mary gives us a subject. This week is the changing seasons. We then write as short a story as possible and post it on Thursday.

Looking forward to all of us getting back into the groove this week.

Rosemary 9-25-2001 15:46


My husand's grandfather has a saying when he meets someone for the first that I adopted and it's

Glad to know ya!


Debra 9-25-2001 15:33

I've been reading the NB for several weeks now. I stumbled upon it one day when I was searching for something to get my muse going again -- knowing I needed, but not knowing exactly what. I hope you all will allow a new presence to enter and I hope you find that I can contribute to your muses once in a while. I wish I could respond to each of the posts that have been entered in the past three weeks, but I'm afraid that is beyond my abilities.

Even after two weeks, I don't know how to respond to the changes this country and the people of the world have seen. I do know that major changes have been initiated in the way we live life and look at it. I also know that no matter what road we take in responding, there will regrets that we will only see in hindsight. For now, we can only do our best and pray that freedom -- for the world -- survives.

Now I guess I better introduce myself a little. I'm a 41 year old fiction writer. Haven't found a specific genre to lay claim to. I enjoy the works of Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, John Irving, Dorothy Eden and so very many more. I've had numerous poems published (though I confess that was in my younger days and with a vanity press! live and learn) and very recently a flash fiction in FUTURES magazine. I have a couple novels started and sitting, added to and sitting. They sure do like to sit a lot. But I figure they are practice pieces and the more I practice on them, the better the next novel will be.

As far as my personal life goes, October will see my 21st anniversary. My husband is a disabled Vietnam Veteran whom I've learned a lot from. He has two children from his first marriage and both are now adults living their lives with only his son staying in contact. I spent 15 years working on breeding German Shepherds and being very picky on what I would and wouldn't breed once I learned how many genetic problems ran through the breed. I ended up with three litters during those years, the last one being perfect in every way. Unfortuntely the mother died from when the pups were six months old. I tried to look for a new female but my heartbreak was so complete I decided to retire from breeding. Now I've got the animal family down to four GSD's, one long-haired minature dachshund and three cats -- more than enough since they all live in the house with us.

We live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, grow our own vegetables (I just got done freezing 79 bags of corn!). We had our first heavy freeze last night but only the potatoes and carrots remain. I also love to grow flowers but have to battle the deer on that one. A flower garden just doesn't look right with a six foot fence around it.

Well, is that enough for everyone to absorb for my first posting? :)

I do want to add my condolences to Eddie on the loss of his cat -- I know the feeling only too well.

Ok, I've thrown my hat into the ring, I look forward to getting to know all of you more as time goes on.


Carol 9-25-2001 15:28

I posted a site that is showing a show called frontline diaries. It's about the northern region of Afganstan filmed last year.

I can't get it.

Would someone like to record it for me. I'll pay to send the video back to my house.


It's on tonight at 9:00 pm. on the National Geographic Channel.

The president Mooostof who was killed is in it and the man who filmed it is Sabastian Junger. He lives in the same section of New York that was ruined. He came home just before or just after it happened. He must have felt like he brought bad spirits with him.


Debra 9-25-2001 15:07


I know what you mean. When I take my two guys (dogs) to the groomer, I find the house too quiet. Although, I'm getting them back and poor Thomas is not coming, back I'm afraid you will do it for quite some time.

You'll miss the purring and the kisses and the wondering why he has taken so long to go the new room you walked into only to find he was already there.

I know.
I do.

I had cats for a long time, but after my daughters birth I suddenly became allergic.. I could have lived with sneezing forever, but my lungs shrink up to the size of a brand new wallet and no air gets in. That's harder to live with.

So my cat dissappeard. Now everytime I go to a house with a cat I run straight for it. I soon find I can't breath, but live with it for as long as possible to be able to stay in that wonderful company.

Debra 9-25-2001 14:42

Jerry, and all,

It is great to hear everybody posting and writing and ranting. Only people who are alive do that.


gariess 9-25-2001 14:41

Rachel - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (((HUGS)))

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-25-2001 14:32


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Better late than never eh?

Sad news, I just got in from the garden after burying Thomas. He was just too tired to go any further. Coming back in through the back door I looked down, as I always do, to make sure he didn't have his tail in the way of the closing door! but that's another story and I'm sure he knew that I didn't mean it back then. It was a long time ago, and what's an inch of tail between good friends?
Rest well Thomas

Eddie 9-25-2001 14:25

Rosemary you are so right, so right.

It's terrible what fear does.

It's causes the last causality that no one see or puts into a body bag.

Debra 9-25-2001 12:09

It's great that you had a good birthday. We all need some happy time right now and sharing yours was a gift to us all. Happy birthday!!

I suspect that organization comes in the genes. I love for everything to be organized. It's just that I can't do it. There is nothing worse than being a sloppy perfectionist. :-))

I find it completely unfair and unreasonable that the new Star Treck is only on cable. I suspect you had something to do with this plot. :-<

Please don't waste your life obcessing about the terrible things that might happen. If they did happen, you were miserable for that last precious time when you could have been enjoying this beautiful fall weather and that wonderful family you have. If they don't happen, you still wasted all that time. Gather up a bunch of huggs and spread them around. That would completely ruin the terriorists plans.

Poor little ducky can't walk. Did the big mean horse step on you? Now you sit in the hospital cage with a soft pile of hay to rest upon, ample supplies of fresh water, mounds of food, and sympathetic humans cooing around you, trying to make you feel better. Might go visit that horse again after recovery.


Rosemary 9-25-2001 11:56


Mel - My hubby wouldn't blow out my candles (grins)! Dan is a great cook. The meal was great!

Tina - Thanks (big grins and a hug for yah)!

Jerry - It was a Happy Birthday. Thanks for the B-Day greetings.

Debra - I didn't really plan to mention my B-Day on the NB. Now is such a dark time. I thought I would just let it slide. I suppose that Jon didn't agree with my plan (smiles).

Jon - Thanks for telling about my B-Day. It was nice to have all these extra greetings.

I am sending you all hugs!

I love you guys!!!


9-25-2001 11:10

Jerry, just because the US has 'the bomb' and has used it before gives the US absolutely no right to ever ever ever use it again, for any circumstances whatsoever. We worry over all the small, irresponsible power hungry countries who have nuclear capabilities. The rest of the world keeps them in line, just as we must keep the US in line as far as using 'the bomb' goes. I have respect for many aspects of the US, I have friends there, the country is beautiful, BUT the US does not possess the moral superiority to judge when it is or isn't okay to use nuclear bombs or biological substances. IT IS NEVER OKAY!

Okay now I've ranted.
Mel, my muse could use one of those virtual conventions. Except, I think she DID go and join Jack in Fiji. She'll be back eventually :-)

Going now....

Tina 9-25-2001 11:05

Oh, forgot to mention, we are in the midst of a wonderful Native American summer. Highs to reach the 80's today, and stay there for the next seven days at least. A nice relief after the cold near winter nights of late.

Jerry 9-25-2001 11:01

Garries - When I said that, I didn't mean that we should, I just said I was angry enough to agree with them when it happened. I would never advocate using the power of the atom to rid ourselves of the rat bastard who planned the death of six thousand four hundred folks who's only crime was to show up for work on time.

No, a quick death by nuke is simply too easy for him and his minions. But you gotta admit that two relatively small nuclear devices dropped on Japan brought a quick end to what could have been a disastrous invasion by ground forces of the home island of Japan. Since the US is the only nation to ever use the atom bomb, what makes you think we won't do it again?

If we knew it would work, I think they might use it, but everyone knows that it would do nothing but increase the hatred of the citizens of the US, and would bring massive retaliation by the terrorists who continue to live.

No, what we really need is a group of assassins to quickly infiltrate the area where these terrorists hide, and one shot them.

Jerry 9-25-2001 10:35


Debra 9-25-2001 10:19

Debra: "Hey You!" also works. :-)

Mel 9-25-2001 10:09


Tha's a pretty safe bet.

Right back at ya girly. Or would you prefer I go formal and call you girly girl?


Debra 9-25-2001 9:25

hi there people:

Avenues of Escape(things that make me happy)

Karaoke - Where I can pretend to be someone else that I admire even for just a few minutes
Thats why I like it

Writing - A way that I can express how I feel, where I can create an ultimate hero or an ultimate villain
Thats why I like it

Reading - Everytime I pick up a book and start reading, I am in that book, I go where the book takes me
Thats why I like it

All these provide me with Avenues of escape, where I can hide
A time where I can throw away my anguish, my sorrow, and my pride
There is no chance of ignoring these avenues, even though I have tried

taylor 9-25-2001 9:11


GOOD MORNING, all you sleepyheads!!! (Um, I think I'm included in that descriptive head's around here somewhere...Ill find it as soon as I can keep my eyes open...)

RACHEL: Did you survive your hubby's cooking? :-)

DEBRA: :-) Thought you might need one of those today.

JERRY: "Old" news stories are just fillers between the "BIG" news stories--When the old stuff returns, so will mundane-ness and complacency. Revel in the change of pace that's awakening sleepy thinkers! re: ST:NG on TNN? I suppose you mean reruns...but they were good too.

JERRY, TINA: Do me a favor: DO NOT let me miss the premiere of "ENTERPRISE" with Scott Bakula!!! I don't watch much TV but I adore ST episodes - always very inspiring for my sf-muse! :-)

GS: Religion-abuse really bugs me. If someone wants to be a power-monger, they shouldn't hide their ambitions behind "religion." Call it what it is: letting Satan (aka EVIL) rule your life. That's not the kind of freedom I desire! And you're so right - Bin Laden is just a scapegoat, just the tip of the iceberg. I'd rather be enfolded in the peace of the HIGHEST POWER, and leave Him in charge of everything. :-)

Y'all, have a great day!!! BTW, anyone ever been to a virtual convention for muses? My muse may have returned home, but she's chomping at the bit for some thorough encouragement and brainstorming with other muses. Each of you must have a forte in your writing abilities, don't you? Come on and share nice with a poor, discombobulated muse-owner, will ya? :-)

Oh, your joke for the day/week: go ahead and laugh at me all you like for this one! At work, I'm in charge of organizing this month's continuing education meeting for our member librarians in five counties. My big piece of the meeting is a session on "Organizing Tips." Now, I've been collecting organizing tips for YEARS - a folder of magazine articles, books, notes for that personal "someday I'll get myself organized" - HA!! Now I've got to get my notes on getting organized ORGANIZED so I can tell everyone else how to get organized and in the process I hope I'll get myself better organized! HEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA Oh it sounds like the fodder for a LOONEY TUNES cartoon - Elmer Fudd Gets Organized. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Oiy veh - somebody help me! Hoo boy.

Mel 9-25-2001 8:41


Maybe we can get rid of the enemy before we give him to much notarity. Then he can suffer the worst fate of all, losing and being forgotten. Thank goodness for the alliance I think before this is over they will prove to be so valuable. We can have the citizens of Afganhasan who invite troops there. No one could complain.



I coulnd't stand to think of you in the ant position. I'm going to blind myself now.


Debra 9-25-2001 8:38

To all of you in this discussion.

Religion has often been the rallying call of people who don’t really care about religion, certainly not as much as they care about their own ideas of their grand destinies. In our own history we had the Salem witch hunt which was the device of a Cleric to accumulate power. There was the Inquisition which was Christianity’s greatest abuse of religion in Europe. All such events resulted from attempts to gain power.

Bin laden is certainly nothing new in that regard. He has just devised a simplified approach to global power gathering. To hell with war or any conventional means of political contention. Just kill everybody who isn’t us in the most convenient way possible. We hate Jews, and we hate Americans for supporting them. Kill them all with extreme prejudice.

I hate bin Laden as much as anyone here, but all our verbal saber rattling is not going to upset him in the least. It would make him smile to hear it. If I had my chance, I would stake him and his followers to nests of fire ants in a way that would acquaint their genitals with the most excitable and voracious insects imaginable. I have heard that men will scream in intensity beyond belief in such circumstances. So what does that make me besides extremely vengeful? It makes me next in line for the fire ants.

I hope we win this one, but I hope we don’t take an eye for an eye until we are all blind, a leg for a leg until we are all crippled, and an arm for an arm until we are all disarmed. We have had these lessons laid out for us in the last century. If Ghandi hadn’t made his bid for peace in India, there would be no Pakistan for us to turn to today. There would only be a broken and disabled India. At that, we have little hope of achieving what we need in Afghanistan. What can we gain by getting our hands on bin Laden? His organization has its plan to go on without him. Bin Laden is one man; what can we do with him? Are we going to feel safer because we have him in our custody?

I have heard the slogan, "Nuke ‘em till they glow and shoot ‘em in the dark." It may gratify someone’s sense of verbal acuity and it may be a release for the frustrations of the mindless, but I am afraid it is an utterly useless sentiment for us in any practical sense, and only promotes the kind of hatred that put is in this mess. I have to hope that the future rests with cooler heads and better minds than my own, and if I dare say, some that I find here. We are going to need the best of minds and the coolest of heads to see our way through this.


gariess 9-25-2001 5:34

I should have separated the afterthought about grass in a thunderstorm from the remark to you and placed it with the remarke to Taylor.

Americo, my good man.
Just when I was bemoaning your absence, you appear as if by magic. It is surely good to see your Portuguese presence here in the Notebook. I hope we will be enjoying more of your posts.

I will have to return later to finish all the posts.

gariess 9-25-2001 3:18


Happy B-day Rachel!

Jerry, even better is the NEW Star Trek! I can't wait for Scott Bakula to sit in the captains chair. Yay!

On a sombre note, Debra, I was a teenager at the end of the Cold War. I did not feel safe, I did not feel secure, but at least we did know who and where the 'enemy' was.

See y'all!

Tina 9-25-2001 2:39

Oh, and I am just so excited! Star Trek The Next Gen is comming back on TNN begining on 10 - 10 - 01! Yaaay

Jerry 9-25-2001 0:26

Rachel - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

I wonder, what ever happened to Shaundra Levi, and who was that congressman who was under investigation?

I wonder, what has become of the Social Security Trust Fund, that the Senator from South Dakota said would be emptied if President Bush's tax rebate came to play?

I wonder where the money for this new war is coming from.

I wonder what ever happened to the news that was taking place before the 11th?

I wonder if anyone really cares?

Jerry 9-24-2001 23:59


Thanks, I either have to feel low or go where you just said.
I see those choices and I know you're right.


Debra 9-24-2001 21:17


By the way Happy Birthday to you! Birthdays always made me feel like I was walking around with a really good secret.


Debra 9-24-2001 21:16

RACHEL: BIGGER LETTERS! YEA YOU! YEA YOU! YEA YOU!!!!! :-) Don't let your hubby blow out your candles if you're on the other side of them...!!!

Mel anuther time 9-24-2001 20:33

MARY: 'Welcome. :-D

Mel agin agin 9-24-2001 20:31


Mel & Mary :O) Thanks for the happy birthday! I love it (great big grins). Yeah me, yeah me, yeah me ;o) I'm just having a little Rachel appreciation moment over here.

Take care :o)

9-24-2001 20:31

Hey, Debra! I believe there's yet more peace coming for our kids...gotta think positive. Gotta teach them to look for the peace too and help make it happen as often as they can (now if I can just get them to stop arguing over who's got more dessert or who wears cleaner clothes or who's the smartest, etc, etc, we'll be in great shape!).

Tonight, after dinner, my husband thought he was so smart and instead of blowing out our America-candle, he clapped his hands over the top of it to extinguish it...hit the candle and tossed hot wax all over my arms and shirt...had an instant wax-job done on the hair on my arms! I don't think I want to do things that way again...!!! :-/

Mel 9-24-2001 20:29

nappy birthday 2 U
nappy birthday 2 u
nappy birthday, dear Rachel--------------
nappy birthday 2 u ... and many more!!! :-)

Mel 9-24-2001 20:23

Hey all:

You know what I was just thinking, was that our children won't grow up in the same America or world that we did.

I mean they won't have that unshakeable feeling of being safe. That will not even BE.

Sad. That took so many lives and the life we promised them.

Debra 9-24-2001 20:23

Happy Birthday Rachel!!

MEL: Way to rise to the occasion! Thank you.

Mary 9-24-2001 18:50


Jon, Pussy and Americo - Thank you for the birthday greetings :o) I am having a very nice day. This evening Dan will cook. I am going to have Gnocchi, Green Beans and New Potatoes with Pesto. YUM!

Jon - An extra scratch behind your ears.

Ciao for now ;o)

9-24-2001 18:02

Tina, Viv - I'll send the first chapter ASAP. :)

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-24-2001 15:42

As (virtual) emperor of all the gallaxies, I have ordered all my armies to stop all kinds of fighting today and join together in the loudest song ever: Happy birthday, Rachel!!!

I also have ordered Pussy and Americo to come out from their bunker and sing something in Rachel's honor. Which they are doing now, though a bit out of tune, I'm afraid.

As some of you know, Rachel was the most dedicated and competent secretary and agent to "Shadows in a Dream" , that beautiful book which, in my opinion, has changed the world... for the worse. (If my collaboration had been accepted, the change would have been for the best, of course).

So happy birthday, Rachel !!!

Jon 9-24-2001 15:18


Americo, well said! More words to inspire come from Martin Luther King Jr. at

Meanwhile, as the rain falls drearily in downtown Ithaca, NY, I plunge blindly onward through the day-to-day with little to no at work, soon at home; my writing? muse defection...

Suddenly-- What? Ms. Muse pauses in half-stride on the way to Fiji, head turned expectantly toward home, then --

HOME IN THE HEART (or, a few things I like the best)

Lilacs, Lego blocks,
Cedar chests, small-town fests,
keychains, Summer rains,
Henson Muppets, storytime puppets.

Looney Tunes, cookies (Half-Moons),
Father-smiles, bicycle miles,
Mother's hum, chocolate - YUM!
Husband's teasing, children's pleasing.

Gladsome sunrise, words to be wise,
glorious sunsets, instrumental quartets,
kittens and pups, Crystal cups,
dainty windchimes, dancers and mimes.

Spring breeze, Christmas trees,
Candle light, peaceful night.
Carols and hymns, climbing limbs,
WORDS that FLOW, children's eyes aglow.

Vivid flowers, hidden bowers,
rustling leaves, wind in the eaves,
snow on snow with no place to go.
the stars, antique cars, the sea, living free.

Thanks, Mary, for bringing my muse back home! (Am now preparing a new roll of duct tape to apply to her twinkle-toes if she even thinks of strolling out the door...!!!) :-)

Mel MLK Jr. Speeches 9-24-2001 14:19

Hello Everyone!

Been offline for a few days and unable to get here or to my email. VIV: I am so sorry about that, I am sure you were freaking out a little bit...never fear, I will finish up your website and place the link today. It is all under control.

In the wake of recent events (btw, I have not caught up on all the posts yet, so forgive me what I have missed), I am leaning toward a more light-hearted shortie night theme this week. It would be easy for me to choose 'mortality', 'solidarity', 'patriotism' or such the like, but you all have been bombarded by images and gut-wrenching stories as much as I have, and I am sure you need a break from it, even if just in theory. Sooo:

SHORTIE NIGHT THEME: The change of seasons...doesn't matter which seasons you choose to write about, so long as your story revolves around changing seasons. Maybe you will write about the bears starting to hybernate, your great-grandmother canning applesauce for the winter, filling your bird feeders or closing up a summer cabin. Good luck and I hope that this theme produces at least a few feel-good, comforting stories of human resilience and habit.

A DIFFERENT EXERCISE ENTIRELY (Raindrops on Roses): A poem, or even a glorified 'list' of your favorite things. Activities or memories that make you feel happier, more content.

Bye for now

Mary CeltiCreations 9-24-2001 12:17


I understand what you're saying, but remember earlier this year our country was divided in half, IN HALF, on a huge issue like who was really elected. We went to court and we screamed and argued. NO one I mean no one citizen or politicain was murdered. That's what we are fighting to save our right to argue and disagree. We will disagree forever, if that's true, and it is we need the RIGHT to do it without being murdered. That's the right of the whole planet and the whole planet understands that.

That is what is driving the people who side with right.

We know we will never all agree. If we let this hate take over all the world, only the most evil and awful people will be able to speak. And if they are the most evil and awful people imagine what they will be saying and most important DOING!

Debra 9-24-2001 12:16

Hello, Notebookers!

I have been away from the NB but as much sad and worried with the World's situation as all of you.

This is time to remind that the best policy is love, not hate. Any word against peace, fraternity, tolerance, written on this page, makes me shudder and go away. I do not feel like discussing politics or war strategies at this moment in history. This is time to be human and think about the humankind. All the rest sounds idle and cruel.

Americo 9-24-2001 11:33


G'mornin', you-un's -- sad to report my weekend's vanished...To where? I asked myself. Myself replied, Lessee, went to bed late last nite 'cuz of late supper. Had late supper 'cuz of afternoon grocery-trip. Had afternoon grocery trip 'cuz of not doing that Saturday. Didn't get groceries Sat. 'cuz of family distractions, afternoon cleaning, and paying bills all morning when I shoulda been cleaning. Paid bills in the a.m. 'cuz I didn't do that earlier in the week. Didn't pay bills earlier in the week 'cuz I stay up too late to get up too early. So why am I staying up so late??? Um, oh dear, I think my muse has packed her bags again... maybe she'll end up in Fiji with Jack's muse. Is it proper etiquette to wish one's own muse bon voyage??!! :-{

ALLEIN: YEA for finishing two novels! :-) You go girl! I'm glad SOMEONE's muse is not on strike!

TINA: :-) Enjoy travels with Hiero, but watch out - he'll pull you into the strangest adventures...! :-D

VIV: Oh yes, I too watched Rocky & Bullwinkle - LOVED Fractured Fairy Tales, and Sherman and Mr. Peobody, Boris and Natasha...We had a cat once named Natasha; we were going to get a dog and name it Boris. :-D Comes from having our first cat named Ernie and wanting a dog named Bert; after Natasha, we had a cat named Clyde and thought we'd get a dog named Bonnie...We never did get the dog.

TEEKAY: I agree; In my opinion, NO ONE who terrorizes or murders can be religious (unless they repent); cultist or gang member, yes, but not religious. They are the ones who give religion a bad name, hiding their cowardly and violent behaviors behind "religion." They're really "nuts!" To lighten up, I must add that my hubby often calls me his MARS BAR (candy) - a little sweet, a little nuts! (But not in a violent way, mind you!)

Oh dear, I better get to work. Y'all find some happy thoughts today.

Mel 9-24-2001 8:34

teekay: No dont get many papers here...first saw pic on foxnews...haha at the Elvis joke

Working on a poem here, may post it later if it turns out to be alright...

taylor 9-24-2001 1:11


Teekay, that was a lovely submission. Send that to the CNN comments on their website.

Yes, bin laden's mother was married. Fourth wife of Mohammed Laden (I think his name was Mohammed, could be wrong). Something like 50 siblings. BUT he was disowned by his family, so bastard is still appropriate.

I added more skydiving pics on my website, for anyone who needs a break from reality. I'm having so much fun with my site. Now I need to figure out how to add captions with the pictures, and space them where I want them. That'll be my next 'HTML all nighter'.
I think I need to take my muse skydiving again. She's glum from watching CNN and Newsworld. For that matter, so am I. I've been giving a lot of thought to going back to school lately, and now it's hard to imagine committing to that.

Allein, I agree with Viv. E-mail me a couple chapters at a time. :-)

Be well.

Tina My home page 9-24-2001 0:40

JERRY: And it's not like it's just one person to direct all this anger at. It's a whole organisation and hubby reckon's Saddam Hussein(sp?) would likely be one of the leading men behind it.
And as racist as it may seem to say so though I don't think it is at all(you have no idea how much that word is being bandied about here on all this chat sites.), I personally think the Taliban is in itself a definite form of terrorism rather than a religion.

Teekay 9-24-2001 0:33

There once was a bastard named bin-ladin
Who took joy from big building poppen
He blew up two big ones
And thought wow that was fun.
Now bin-ladin's ass is for stompin!

Jerry 9-24-2001 0:31

Oh forgot to mention, should anyone send me any email, our email server seems to be down. I haven't received any email now for two days, and can't seem to send any either. I have put my secondary email address with this message, should anyone need to contact me for any reason. Funney, usually when the email server goes down, so does the internet server, but not so this time. Oh well.

Jerry 9-24-2001 0:26

Teekay - now that one is a bit scary, a very good friend of mine's daughter and her husband and child are missionaries there. I hope they will be aright. I guess once the peace on earth can be ruptured, it will cause a fault across the world that can erupt anywhere that Christian's and Muslim's meet. I am sure the local Muslims's would be very happy to kill Christian missionaries. Well I am not sure, but I fear they would.

Jerry 9-24-2001 0:24

You know when we go to the pinochle day over at mom's, politics are forbidden. Seems my sister, who is a staunch democrat, refuses to hear bad things about democrats, or good things about republicans. One day I tried to explain to her that the democratic party that my father always pledged allegiance to, had long ago changed their beliefs, in fact were father alive today, he most certainly be a republican. Well that got me nowhere, except I received a very long lecture on supporting the party of your father and all of that.

At any rate, today she told me that she will no longer watch television, because there is just too much talk of the war, and they keep showing those awful pictures of the attack, it is just to much for her, she explained. Now she has retreated to reading newspapers, and surfing the web. She does, however, limit her contact with the web to those sites, her former minister sends her to. This way, she can avoid all contact with the war, except what makes the papers. Maybe she is right, there can be to much of anything, and the way the press has fallen in love with those shots of the airplane's impacting the world trade center is simply sickening. I did notice however that they have dropped back a bit, and are now covering the coming together of all America against a common enemy.

I have yet to see what enemy, I guess bin Laden, or as I saw the Pakistani spelling BAN LADEN.

You are right though, it is hard to get a grasp on who to be angry at, should one simply be angry at bin Laden, or Afghanistan, or should we, as many are now saying also go after our old adversary, Iraq, and Sadam Hussaine? Now there is a target to get angry at. Personally I am not all that happy with those in Pakistan who have been burning our flags, and our President in effigy, but each to their own I guess. I would hate to be an American Soldier or Sailor stationed in Pakistan supporting action in Afghanistan with the public there being as they are.

Let's just go get the sons of bitches all, Hussain, Kadafi, bin Laden, the Iatolla in Iran, and the rest. No sense in screwing around with them, let's just drop a nuke or two on their capitol's and see what we can "smoke" out. Or like my friend's tee shirt, "NUKEM TILL THE GLOW AND SHOOT THE BASTARDS IN THE DARK"

Jerry 9-24-2001 0:17

Sorry that link was from me, and here's another one and now I'll stop for a bit.

DEBRA: You are naughty.

Teekay 9-23-2001 23:52


I know the message is peace on earth and now that seems to have fallen and it can't get up.

I just saw a chance to mess with you and figured if I didn't take someone else would.

Ya know!

I am a naughty girl though!

Debra 9-23-2001 23:50

How's this for an of the wall sense of humour?

Link 9-23-2001 23:47


TAYLOR: That reminds me, I went to that site you suggested to see the devils face and it wasn't there, but they had a picture of it in the Telegraph the other day.
Do you get the Telegraph where you are?
What paper do you get?

Teekay 9-23-2001 23:34


DEEEBRAAAAAAAAAA: No, 11 wasn't the message I was trying to give.

Read it again you naughty girl. The message is obvious.

Teekay 9-23-2001 23:32



We'll cover him with the gas that's mustard?

We'll show him that rotten dastard.

er I mean bastard.

Debra 9-23-2001 23:23

DEBRA: It is too!

And how about-

We'll feed him pork diguised with mustard,
that'll show him, the rotten dastard.
Err, I mean bastard.

Teekay 9-23-2001 23:20

We could call him that rotten mustard?

He'll be reeling from that for a long time, won't he?


Debra 9-23-2001 23:14


six plus five is 11.

Is that the message you wanted to give us.

Debra 9-23-2001 23:08

I have a christmas decoration that one of my girls made years ago hanging in the doorway between the kitchen and the loungeroom.
It has angels swinging off it and the writing says 'Glory to God in the highest.....
Peace to his people on Earth.'
It's been hanging there for 6 years because I couldn't bring myself to take it down.
It fell onto the floor 5 minutes ago.

Teekay 9-23-2001 23:05

I've just read that Muslim gangs are warning American's in Indonesia that they'd better leave if America strikes Afghanistan.
Bloody hell!

Teekay 9-23-2001 22:19

TAYLOR: Hi there. Sorry I didn't notice you there at first, thought it was Elvis :-D

How about Mustard? Mustard rhymes with Bastard.

Teekay 9-23-2001 21:55

JERRY: Beautifully said.
I was actually thinking about it last night and I think it would be easier if there was actually somebody to hate.
I detest terrorist organisations, it's like a mindless body which is below hate, below any human consideration. It should be eradicated from the earth in its entirity.

I was reading in the paper yesterday about how these babies who had just been born would never know their fathers,I read about a four year old who couldn't understand why her Daddy still hadn't come home, and it hit me in a place so deep that it was beyond tears.

I can't really get a sense of what it's like over there. I heard on the news that the anger was almost palpable. To take a really bad example I imagine the feeling to be contagious, rather like the mood at a football match.

Here we all watch and wait to see what happens next.
We have mindless wankers here burning mosques and attacking those they think are Moslems and though I wouldn't want to be a Molsem (or a Jehova Witness) I feel so sorry for them.

Of course I don't have to say how sorry I feel for the people who were killed in that mindless terrorist attack, that goes without saying and it goes beyond sorrow.

I hope by my earlier post I didn't give the impression that it was all just water under the bridge, because I certainly don't feel this way. Like I said earlier though it happened in America, it effects everybody who lives in a free world.

Here is my condolence message I sent into the paper:

"May your faith not crumble,
nor fear trip upon your heels.
Where stands adversity, cowardice and evil,
seek unity, honour and justice,
-and prevail."

We also have the those here as you probably have in America who are feeling that it should go unavenged, they are not the majority. They are the few who can't see beyond tomorrow.

Teekay 9-23-2001 21:46

Huh? People move to the northern part of the country?

"I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, Dec. 7, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese empire." FDR Day of Infamy speach.

I don't know that his mother wasn't married, I was just making the comparison of words. Bastard - unknowon father
SOB - mother was a dog.

I guess his country has disowned him, and revoked his citizenship many years ago when he showed his true color's and became a terrorist.

Heard that the FBI has arrested a fellow in Minneapolis Mn, somthing to do with trying to rent s spray plane. Wonder what he was going to do with that, since he is connected to this terrorist network. My guess is that had he succeeded, we would now be hearing of some sort of chemical or biological attack on the twin cities.

And so it goes, assault and counter assault, that is war. May God help us all.

Jerry 9-23-2001 20:31


Do you know that his mother wasn't married when he was born?

I had never heard that. I've just come from CNN and watched a portion about skinning people killing women in the football field and other horrible acts.

I can't imagine why all the people just leave the country and never come back.

Can you?

Or why doesn't the whole country just move to the norhern part of the country. I'd be there in a second.

Debra 9-23-2001 20:17

Well since bastard just means there is a question as to his father, since his mother wasn't married when he was born, I think we can use it. I mean it is nicer then calling him a son of a bitch, or worse.

Eddie - I love visual basic. I have VB6 installed on my machine, and have done a bit of programming with it. It is nice in that you can make a nice application without knowing much real basic. I used to program in basic for the commodore 128, in fact I actually sold some software that I designed. Not on the open market or anything, but I designed a billing program for a hardware store. The payment was a new Dremel that I needed. Also wrote a program that automatically programmed the police department schedule for a year straight, printed them out and all. We used them all the time, just that when someone needed vacation, we would pen in the name of the part-timer who worked instead. I wrote a program for the local Dairy Queen to keep his books, it too worked nicely, and contributed to the growth of my belly on top of it. He paid in ice cream. Got a free dental exam and teeth cleaned for setting up another program for the local dentist. He however purchased Quick Books, so all I had to do was set it up for him.

I used to buy a lot of stuff off an auction site that has now evolved into and isn't that great any more. At any rate before they got bought out, I bid on a sealed copy of VB 6, and won the bid at 30 bucks. I figured when it came that I was getting something like the old enterprise edition of VB 5, you know the kind that only allow you to write applications for the web, but when I installed it, I found I had the professional version, and could use it to design and sell software. Prior to that, I studied VB 4.0, and had a copy of that too, I have the books to learn VB 4.0 and finished the course, designing all the programs that were required by the book, hand a nice collection of usable software, but lost it on one of my many crashes. I also have the book on VB 6, and have dug into it a bit, but somehow lost interest in it. The book sits on my bookcase, half read, as do the ones I got for VB 4. I should really get back to it, I really enjoyed programming when I did it. That stuff I wrote for the Commodore was back when I worked as the Chief of Police, and spent some of my off time working for a local gun smith, plus worked with the Ambulance squad as an EMT. Now when I have so much time to use any way I desire, it seems I don't do much. I was writing, and I still fool around with writing, and I play with my computers some. Must be a bit depressed or something, maybe it is just being lazy.

At any rate, enjoy Visual Basic Programming, wish I were with you in the class, I love classroom work programming. I did take intro to programming in college, but that was after I did all the programming on the Commodore, and it was a breeze, just looked up the differences and did all the projects. I also tutored that class.

Well think I will stop and watch dateline, more on the war. This is getting a bit old too, I think we all have seen way more then we need to about that, but somehow I just seem pulled to the stories.

Jerry 9-23-2001 19:28

Gariess, that was too cryptic for me!
Burning grass in a thunderstorm? Your paper is going to get wet???? If you are burning grass, smoke it inside and have it done with, then go back to work! Oh!!! Another solution presented itself: roll them inside the house before you step out for a smoke.

No, the lifestyle isn't exactly our choice. It's a choice between have a job or sit around begging to be the next K-mart greeter. Getting jobs and making them work meant 6 years in Japan, 7 in Germany and 8 back in Japan. We were there because no one wanted those jobs. They sucked.

I'm very ready to be in a country where I don't have to spend 6 months proving I'm not a bad person simply because I happen to be American. You work very hard to make friends, then all friendship and reason flies out the door the minute something unusual happens. It's like having this sign pasted on your head...hit me, I personally caused whatever recent problem that's upsetting your delicate equalibrium. NO, my husband is NOT in the military! He's not walking out of the house in uniform or marching around with an M-16. I'm not either. Neither are the kids, but they get beat up whenever America goes to war, or does something to say, "Hey, that's enough of this garbage!"

So pardon the "it will blow over" attitude. I say it a lot, and in all countries it's true. Whatever happens blows over sooner or later, and people forget. "Friends" come back. (And personally, once they do that little desertion act, I don't feel quite the same about them.) Around here, I'm sticking up sandbags and waiting for the reaction to the news that America did something in retaliation. I say to the kid, "well, it's going to get a little tough here," so keep in mind it all blows over.

Why was Germany harder? People are bigger, more direct, and hit out when frustrated. Here it takes more than one kid to bring my kids down, mentally and physically. We have a great system. We just block it out, wait and watch for public opinion to swing back to normal. Meanwhile we proceed with business.

(Oh, and right now it's the Americans getting kind of mean. Must be frustrated.... Well, once they get this out of their system....)People are people. They have good points and they have bad points. I don't care what country they are from. When frustrated they hit out the best they can. What I care about is an abnormal situation makes it tough to get on with your life.

And personally, I think I'll join you in that thunderstorm...just let me roll it first (and get it lit) before I step out in the rain. I could use a break from all this reality.

Viv 9-23-2001 19:11


May I suggest Shirley Maclaine?

She is the queen of out of body experiences.

Debra 9-23-2001 17:36


Do you like the evil eye?

because all the other attacks the Cole, the embassys and all the innocent people, he got not even a slap on the hand.

So it really makes sense.

Ya know?

Debra 9-23-2001 17:28


I've been thinking, well still thinking, why don't we take the high road. We could just skip the word bastard all together. See maybe it would better than the "Ya mamma"

We could keep everything and just call him that rotten dastard. He is a sneaky coward. We could leave his poor mother out of it. In the process we could breath new life into that forgotten word. He could be the poster boy of a word like dastard for everyone who wouldn't say bastard. We can all play, it will be The America of words.

What do you think?

Debra 9-23-2001 17:25

Visual Basic is the programming code that most applications are run on. Windows is mainly Visual Basic driven, although more fluid code is beginning to be used in certain areas of the operating system. Did I make sense?
Let's just say that when I have finished I should be creating real applications for use with windows. (If I wished to)

Eddie 9-23-2001 14:20

I mustnt have worded the message right

I dont get the same enjoyment as watching or reading the stories as I use to

Normally I think I would have loved turbulence 2 & 3...havent read much lately

taylor 9-23-2001 12:06

Hello, Taylor,
I have to agree that reading books and watching movies is different. Different, let's say, from taking a bath with your boots on, or trying to burn grass in a thunderstorm.

Having said that, I see that I have established a choice of distinctions rather than having made a distinction. Reading books and watching movies are different from one another. Well. That’s enough, I’m getting too tutorial. Say that five times, fast.

It is difficult for me to imagine what it is like for a woman and family in Japan in the present day. We dropped a couple of nuclear bombs there way back when, and a couple of years later I went there with a few thousand other guys who wanted to get drunk and play with the girls. Strange, is it not, how playing with the girls becomes an obsession at eighteen when just a few years earlier it would have been repugnant. It must be a guy thing. Of course, I was different from those thousands of other guys, I went to chapel a lot and did crossword puzzles. I Drank orange Nehi. I Thought Nehi was a Japanese drink.

Of course, that was in the aftermath of a nice, civilized and conventional war, conventional, at least, up until those two big muthas. Luckily, the Japanese had a uniquely philosophical acceptance of defeat. I concede that the two big blooeys rather caught them by surprise, but Harry was trying to make a point that could not be misunderstood. Vaporizing a city is always a good way to avoid snags in the translation even though it means far fewer girls to play with, afterward. Still, they were a stalwart bunch so he had to do it again. It turned out well that there wasn’t a third time. When you start running out of girls, you are also getting low on other essentials, like short order cooks, bar tenders and night club singers.

I seem to have gone on a bit and gotten around to the subject of mass destruction. Funny how that theme keeps coming around.

Oh, I almost forgot, if you have to burn grass in a thunderstorm, do it inside and keep your papers dry.


gariess 9-23-2001 11:53

Everyone knew Dudley Do-right, Rocky the Squirrel and Bullwinkle too! Fractured fairy tales! My favorite show! It's so nice to have everyone know what I'm talking about!

Tomorrow is a holiday! It's a celebration of Fall. We all sit around in our gardens at night and look for the rabbit in the moon! We eat noodle soup with an egg broken into it so that you can see the yellow yolk (sort of yeeech! I leave out the egg because I'm not into being sick), and gather big batches of these weeds that look a lot like wheat to use as center pieces in the Tokonoma.

It's a good night for telling ghost tales and if you're in a rural area, the kids go trick or treating and are given vegetables! (I guess the practice died out in the city because the kids aren't too hot on getting vegetables!)Tomorrow night I'm going to try to post a ghost more time! Nothing too violent, or believable, because I think we've all had enough of that for now.

Mary: I finished Web Site number two. I finally bunted and put it up using the old Yahoo format. I gave in so I could just move on and get the work done. I'll keep trying to learn and eventually I'll get this down to an art. Meanwhile I'm going crazy because I can't write, can't move out of my office, and my bottom feels flat. When I finished Oral Communication's Website, I went to the mirror and cut my hair. It looks back to normal. It was down past my shoulders, and at 43 that is not a good look. (Although when I hit 50 I'm going to let it go and grow down my back. I will braid it if it gets in the way. I think by the time I hit 50 I'll be able to be eccentric...but if I publish a book, I'll just let go and do what I want...including grow my hair)

Eddie: I envy you! I'd like to learn what Visual Basic IS! That's how Basic my knowledge of computers is at this point. What do you use it for?

On the terrorist book, you have your human reactions right here in the notebook. Why not use them to document some of the emotions that will rage after your dastard strikes. Have a good character that gets injured and his friends... You're writing the right thing at the right time. Start up and go full steam between breaks on the computer.

This time will pass and, people will feel safe again. We had bombings in Germany quite often. A three year old had her leg blown off in the local ice cream store about a mile away from our house. A couple of women went to Frankfurt for a train exhibit and were blown apart. We'd get upset for a few weeks, then the peaceful lulls would come and we'd all forget. There's usually at least six months to a year between terrorist activities.

I know it sounds kind of strange and harsh, but my daughter and my husband were on their way to the ice cream store on the day it blew up. It was Thanksgiving and I sent them to get them out of my way...but not forever...just long enough to stuff the turkey without having them swipe the dressing. What was weird was in a few weeks I was back to normal with my family. There for a couple of weeks both my husband and daughter could get away with ANYTHING! Feelings don't last, and this outrage will fade although it doesn't seem like it will. Even when it hits close to home, and you can imagine what I felt when I heard on the radio that the ice cream parlor had gone up and that there were 15 dead and an injured and unidentified small female child. My daughter was three years old at the time.

So finish it up and forget the guilt. Writing doesn't flourish in an atmosphere of "shoulds"! (Just don't ask us to critique it right away. Be quiet about it and write carefully. I predict you ought to get it finished in about two more weeks. There will always be a rise in train wreck stories after a big train wreck. It isn't wrong, it's just human nature to pick at a scab.)

I know this sounds so hardened, but I've watched too many disasters and the series of disaster books afterwards. People read them because they have a need for them. Where there is a need, there is a sale. Writers sell books. Ethics have a place in writing, but showing the harm that terrorism causes is not wrong. The methods you cook up can be altered if you have a degree in Chemistry, Physics, Bioengineering, or military science. It can be realistic without being the real thing. That's ethical. Avoiding what is a touchy subject today is an over-reaction.

Viv 9-23-2001 9:36

Me again,
Almost forgot - The hosting side of my Web Domain ran out a few days ago and I have not got around to renewing it yet (Money!) so 'Hackerweb' is down for now. This is the one that holds my writing so it is a bit of a pain. I can't decide whether to transfer everything to a free host or renew the hosting services. I have the domain for another year......

Eddie 9-23-2001 6:59


Still here!
I think what's happening on the Notebook is just a natural extension of what is happening on Wall Street, LSE, etc....A general slow down...Everybody needs to catch a breath, get back to normal life. It will happen, but at different rates for different people.

Thomas says thanks for asking, he is hangin' in there. He had a bad day yesterday, he was quiet and listless. He lay by the door most of the day asleep. Last night he came to life and was really perky. He is never far from me when I am at home, I think he knows. A big test coming soon - he is almost at the end of his months' supply of steroids. We will have to watch him during the day or so after he has taken the last one.

I am back in college now doing Visual Basic, it is a fifteen week evening course. It is for a recognised qualification so I hope to do well. After the fifteen weeks I will have a three week break then go on to Advanced Visual Basic. I have to do the first one as it is a pre-requisit for the advanced course. I enjoy programming so it seemed the best way to go.
I will check back tonight.

Eddie 9-23-2001 6:53

I think reading some books or watching movies is different

I finally got around to seeing Turbulence 2 & 3 on thursday, but watching it through was hard

Suspended work on my big novel at moment, it contains kind of a terroristlike group...feels like in bad taste...anyhow gives me chance to get other projects up and running

taylor 9-23-2001 2:41

I'm glad that whole dastard thing worked out for everyone.

Where are the Notebookers? If we discount the posts from Jerry and Debra, this place is real dead lately. How about Americo, he always livens things up. Could be that since he brokered the publication of Shadows, there isn't much of interest for him here.

Has anyone had trouble reading the same kind of stuff they read before the tragedy? My mind seems to reject everything I was accustomed to. I always liked murder and crime fiction to read in bed. Now it keeps occurring to me that such frivolous stuff is so... out of touch.

Out of touch reminds of the Billy Joel line from New York State of Mind. You might know he did that at the telethon last night. "... out of touch with the rhythm and blues."
Okay, I always loved that number, not many people do. So sue me.

Who has a suggestion for researching out-of-body experiences? You know, croaking and coming back.

Yes, Bullwinkle was my favorite cartoon show. How about the other guys? The dog with the Wayback Machine. How about Fractured Fairy Tales?

Did you know that dolphins have sex in a few seconds. That would be about right for Rush Limbaugh. I think he needs a dolphin real bad. I just don't know what gender to recommend. Either way, that would be a distasteful chore for a poor dolphin. They have enough trouble just keeping out of those tuna nets. Other than body shape they have little in common with Rush. Oh, of course, there is the fact that they have no necks.

Keep writing

gariess 9-23-2001 2:25

Of course dastardly is a word, I recall that there was always a dastardly villain in most of my old Saturday Morning cartoon shows. Remember Dudley Doright of the mounties? He was always chasing down those dastardly villains.

Somehow though calling the terrorists dastardly just doesn't fit right, it makes me think of Snidely Whiplash, not bin Ladin.

Seems the weather goes by the calendar up here, today the first day of fall, started out at a wonderful 70 degrees, now is down to 50 and falling. The frost is all ready on the pumpkin, my sister-in-law just called yesterday to announce that, and invite us up to wife's family farm to pick pumpkins and squash.

I love eating squash, could eat it twice a week, smothered in real butter, ummmmm good. We have been dining now on all the fresh veggies from the garden, but since the frost hit, I took my little riding mower and drove through the garden, chopping everything to little bits, catching it in the bagger, and a quick trip to the dump grounds where they were properly disposed of. Now we have but to invite our friendly neighborhood tiller service to work the ground for the winter, and again next spring so we can start the cycle all over again.

Have to call the plumber too, to have him come over and blow out all our well pipes and winterized the camper, as it won't be long before the cold north winds blow that white crap all over everything, we have about a month before that happens, and our plumber has the reputation of being extremely late every time we call him.

There is a tale quite well known around here telling of the plumber/propane dealer and his tardiness.

Seems one fall our neighbor called him to fix his furnace before the snow fell. Well at the same time he requested a fill of his propane tank, always a shock to the pocket book.

Well the propane truck made the delivery the same day he called, but the furnace remained on the deadline list, awaiting the plumber/propane guy to come and fix it. Ten days passed, then twenty, then thirty. Each week our neighbor called reminding the fellow to come fix his furnace. It was getting cold, and the hint of snow was in the air, when the bookkeeper called from the Propane/plumbing place wanting to know why the bill remained unpaid now for these sixty days.

"We need payment on that bill!" she exclaimed.

"Why I paid that bill, in fact I have it written down right here in my check book, paid it the day of delivery!" he retorted.

"Well we haven't received it yet, and we must have a payment every month, even if it isn't paid in full!" she sassed.

"Well I don't know what could have happened, I wrote that check and taped it right to that furnace they were supposed to come over and fix two months ago!"

The lady was not amused and slammed down the receiver, my neighbor laughing so hard I could hear him from inside my house. That afternoon the Propane/Plumber guy came and fixed the furnace, picking up the check at the same time.

Loved the story, but it hasn't improved their promptness. That same outfit was supposed to fix the chimney on my daughter's thousand dollar house. They came one day, after weeks of calling, and cut a hole in her new roof, put part of the pipe in, then left. The carpenter who was fixing the roof, saw what they had done and climbed up to put a coffee can over the top, as there was no cover on the pipe, and it was flush with the new roof. That was two months ago, and my daughter called them every week, but they never came. Then one day, that secretary called, seems she was having trouble with her computer. Now I don't fix them, but the word has gotten around that if you call me I can talk people through their computer problems. I helped her get her computer back up and running, and she was so grateful, promising to do me a favor some day. Couple of days ago our daughter came over and told me of her trouble with the chimney. I called the place, and talked to that secretary (Who just happens to be married to the boss there). I told her of the problem and that it was getting a bit chilly at night, our daughter needed to light her stove but couldn't until that chimney was finished. That very afternoon the fellow showed up, finished the chimney, then came in the house, cleaned her heating stove, and light the pilot so she could use her stove. Guess there is something to that Golden rule after all.

Jerry 9-22-2001 23:36

Not to change the subject, but I'm more than a little concerned about this extra licenses issued under the same names for truck driving of explosives and cropdusters.

This is a mad new world.

I don't like it.

Debra 9-22-2001 20:51

Allein: E-mail a chapter to me a week and I'll critique it as well! I can't take the whole thing because I'm kind of busy but if we can do it on a chapter by chapter basis, I'll go over and be honest about what I think needs changing. Only one problem, I'm not a really great writer yet, so all the changes you will have to balance with your own good judgement. I'll just be providing reader reaction. Would that be ok? I can do it on the train on the way to work.

Viv 9-22-2001 20:26

Rosemary and Gariess: I love it! There's nothing better than a new word...dastardly. I used to hear that word on Bullwinkle cartoons! Anyone remember Bullwinkle and Rocky?

Tina: What I like about Canada and Canadians is that they are capable of origonal thought! If one guy thinks it, not everyone thinks it. I think a lot of opinions are a lot better than just one, because it shows a bunch of free, intelligent people are working on a problem. Don't worry about a comment that misfired. My own reactions swing from very pro-War "Let's take all the oil in the Mid-East and then say to the world, Don't like it? Too bad!" to the extremely pacifist: "Look at those poor people. How could they know better than that."

I'm always kind of suprised at how I can think such wildly diverse thoughts. Usually the first is a rage reaction when I'm dealing with an insensitive idiot.

Allein: Is that story posted on your Website? Neat! I'm going to take a peek today!

Viv 9-22-2001 20:08


It just shows to go you that even the most unlikely requests like please give me something that rhymes with bastard are possible.

Maybe we will get this dastardly bastard yet.


Debra 9-22-2001 19:55

Well, Rosemary, you and I both, it seems are surprised by the legitimacy of the word "dastard." I looked up dastard and it turns out to be a noun from Middle English meaning coward. So we can properly call someone a dastardly bastard or a bastardly dastard. It only requires that the object of the phrase be of uncertain birth and wanting in courage.


gariess 9-22-2001 19:18

Hello all,
Looks like it's trying to storm on us here.

Highly intersting word. I have only heard it used as an adverb, such as, a dastardly deed. Never realized it was also a noun. Original usage.

Got to go get stuff ready for rain.

Rosemary 9-22-2001 17:50


I'll send you the revision.

I changed the name to

Something So Dastard!

Debra 9-22-2001 16:56

Allein, I hesitate to commit to a critique, but I'd love to read your story. I don't think I'd be too quick at a paragraph by paragraph crit, not right now with so much on the go. What I am willing to do is read it and discuss stuff with you, if that helps.

Tina 9-22-2001 16:14

Tina - It's not on my website anymore, but if you wouldn't mind critiquing it I'll e-mail it to you.

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-22-2001 15:17


Allein, that's excellent news! You Go Girl! Is it still on your website? Maybe I'll swing by for a read.

Mel, I just received the books yesterday. Can't wait to get started. (Howard, I have your books now!)

Oh, the sky is that perfect bluewithoutacloud again. I so want to go jump out of another airplane, but I'm all bruised from jiu-jitsu practice, so no luck this weekend. I just knew that after I jumped once, I'd want to go again and again.

With great relief, I see that China has put its support behind the US. With trepadition, I see that some moderate Muslim countries are seeing the US action as an act against all Muslims, instead of just against terrorists, many of whom happen to be Muslim. It makes me want to go and shake them, and tell them that in our eyes there is no difference between Muslim terrorists, Irish Catholic or Protestant terrorists, or American White Anglo Saxon terrorists.

And as one Canadian to a bunch of USians, please don't resent the Canadian reaction to Bush's Thursday night speech. It only comes from a few, petty people, and I think it is borne of the helpless feeling we all have.

Okay, it's time to get on with the day. Be well all.

Tina My Home Page 9-22-2001 12:17

Evidently your wish has been granted.

I love it Taylor

Debra 9-22-2001 11:34

geez i wish I could do poetry to put my thoughts into words
But this is probably way off base

"One man attempted to take down a nation just the other day
Yet the people within the country has pressed on with their lives...
But as a nation we plan to make one evil person pay
And prove to him that the soul of america if attacked, it never dies

The man who is so insistent on murdering the thought of freedom
His name is osuma bin laden, whose heart is the colour black
But now alot of people who has been hurt dont care how we treat them
He will find out just what america means when we attack"

Well poetry is not my forte...but what the hell huh?

taylor 9-22-2001 11:19

This bastard's going to get it good by land and by sky.
His final words and he said them with a sigh,
this time he'll get more than the evil eye.

There done!

Debra 9-22-2001 11:02

His final words were said with a little sigh,
this time he'll get more than the evil eye.

Debra 9-22-2001 10:58


As Bush said when he addressed the nation on just who could do something so dastard, we know his name but refuse say it. We've all just decided to call him that rotten bastard.

He went on to say either you're with us or you're the terrorists. That means putting him and all his minions out of the rotten bastard business.

I like that!

Debra 9-22-2001 10:52


As Bush said when he addressed the nation, either you're with us or you're with the terrorists.
That means putting him and all his minions out of the rotten bastard business.

Debra 9-22-2001 10:45

That Rotten Bastard

I feel for the children who will never again see their father, the wives heavy with child who will never feel again the touch of their husband. I feel for the mothers and fathers who will wait forever for the return of their son or daughter who simply went to work on the 11th, never to return again. Who could’ve done something so dastard?

I feel for those children who might have been, had that terrible day never happened, and for those brave men who gave their lives trying to help others to the door, or down the stairs. Who could’ve done something so dastard?

I feel for those workers who now have to dig by hand in that gore, trying to separate building from airplane, from human remains. For the fact that now, they must wear Vicks vapor-rub under their noses to cover the smell of burning and rotting flesh that before the 11th were living breathing people, just trying to make a living, to provide for their family, so they could buy nice things for their husbands and wives. Who could’ve done something so dastard?

No, I don't hate anyone, but I am sure damn mad at those who believed that their religious beliefs were more important then those six thousand three hundred lives that went up in smoke on that terrible day 91101. In answer to the question to who could something so dastard. we know his name but refuse say it.
We've all decided to just call him that rotten bastard

As Bush said when he addressed the nation,
either you're with us or you're with the terrorists.
That means putting that rotten bastard out of business.

© Jerry Ericsson 2001

What do you think?

Debra 9-22-2001 10:34


You're very welcome.

I'm glad you liked it. I wanted to explain the feelings that so many of my friends and family and I had when we seem to make call after call and found our family still here. We were all still lost. I understand it was our country. I just wanted it to be clearer.

Debra 9-22-2001 10:22

The last verse

As Bush said when he addressed the nation,
either you're with us or you're with the terrorists.
That means putting that rotten bastard out of business.

Notice I didn't even caps on his name he doesn't deserve them.

Debra 9-22-2001 10:16


Did you know that there was a word dastard. It means sneaking coward. Hummmmmm.

We could use your post and end each verse with who could do something so dastard.

Then the last verse.

In answer to the question to who could somthing so dastard.
we know his name but refuse say it.

We've all decided to just call him that rotten bastard.

How's that!


Your post was as well beautiful. I'm going to copy it and save it with the other one you posted describing your town.
Remember that one.

Debra 9-22-2001 9:50

Debra - It's very touching. :) Thanks for sharing.

Well, people, I've gone and done it. Mali and Azol and the sequel are both finished and after a final revision I'm looking to get them both published. :) YAY!!

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-22-2001 6:24


I want to post a few lines of a poem written about a town nearby. It’s a town I lived in for many years. The poem, written a long time ago, opens with the following lines.

Never was there a lovelier town
Than our Falmouth by the sea
Tender curves of sky look down
On her grace of knoll and lea.
Sweet her nestled Mayflower blows
Ere from prouder haunts the spring
Yet has brushed the lingering snows
With a violet-colored wing.
Bright the autumn gleams pervade
Cranberry marsh and bushy wold,
Till the children's mirth has made
Millionaires in leaves of gold;

The poem goes to greater length, but the reason I wanted to share it with you is because of the writer. I never knew the woman, she lived in my former town many years before I did, but what is significant to me about these lines, and the piece in its entirety, is how perfectly they capture the essence of a place I have known for so long.

If you knew Falmouth as I do you would have to believe that one who could so eloquently capture it’s essence would be someone capable of greater notoriety in the literary world. The fact is that she was capable of that greater notoriety, and she achieved it in the earlier part of the last century for another piece that she wrote down hastily in a notebook while she was visiting in the Colorado mountains.

Her name was Katherine Lee Bates. She was born in Falmouth in 1859. She was a noted scholar of her time and in the 1920’s one of her poems was put to the music of Samuel A Ward’s "Materna." There were other musical compositions that were used to sing the anthem, and a few are still used today, but the Materna is the one we all recognize.

With the same eloquence she used to speak of cranberry marshes, bushy wolds and lingering snows, she described a land of fruited plains, and told of the majesty of purple mountains, and of the richness of beauty in a land between two shining seas.

Of course, I speak of the anthem we all know as "America The Beautiful." You all know the anthem, you all have heard it, and you all have your own feelings about it. What I want to bring in this message, to many of you whom are in places around the world, is the perspective of one who knows how aptly the writer was able to put her impressions into words.

The town has changed significantly since the time of Katherine Lee Bates, but the elements portrayed in her writing are still in place. I get the feeling I know the specific places she had in mind when composing certain parts of the poem. I am sure I know where she found those "leaves of gold," and the "cranberry marsh." I suppose many people in the town have the same feeling, and even though these places may be different to each person, I am certain the underlying connection is as real to everyone who feels it.

As for the anthem, it was criticized by some notables in its early days for containing the word, "beautiful." A few complained that it was trite and too simplistic. Katie defended her use of the word, saying that it best suited her impressions. "America is beautiful." Why should another word or manner of speaking be any better.

Tonight, at the closing of a televised benefit for fallen heroes broadcast to a nation in mourning and on the very brink of an ominous future, the anthem, simplistic or otherwise, stirred the soul of a nation as it was sung by a gathering of luminaries the likes of which has not been convened in America in half a century. A gathering of celebrities who, imbued with a new found sense of themselves as ordinary people, are threatened and struggling to cope as we all are.

I'm just like everybody else these days. These are hard times and they will likely get harder. I don't think I will be able to take much certainty with me into the future. But I am certain of some things that I will take with me from the past. One is that while I haven’t seen all of America, I have seen all of Falmouth and I can tell you, if Katie says it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful.


gariess 9-22-2001 4:36


Your post was perfect, now all we have to do is squish rotten bastard in there a couple of times and you did it.

Debra 9-22-2001 1:20

no tribute to america my end, on later tonight...Dont like that guy from Oreily on foxnew though

thought he was up himself during his interview with Tom Clancy...thats what I thought anyway

Just trying to find something to write thats not in bad taste

Teekay: Nice to hear from you again, hows it going?

taylor 9-22-2001 1:10

Ok, a rotten bastard poem we shall write. You go first, I have already shown my inability to make two words rhyme.

Teekay - I think you are right. I don't hate anyone in particular either. Now I don't particularly care for bin Laden, and I absolutely hate what he did to us here in America. But hate is such a strong word. Being an x-cop/EMT I feel great sorrow for those public servants who now lay blended within the steel and mortar, the three hundred fire and police men, who shall never draw another breath. In fact when they show those pictures of the burning buildings, I still find a tear in my eye and a lump the size of a basketball in my throat.

I feel for the children who will never again see their father, the wives heavy with child who will never feel again the touch of their husband. I feel for the mothers and fathers who will wait forever for the return of their son or daughter who simply went to work on the 11th, never to return again.

I feel for those children who might have been, had that terrible day never happened, and for those brave men who gave their lives trying to help others to the door, or down the stairs.

I feel for those workers who now have to dig by hand in that gore, trying to separate building from airplane, from human remains. For the fact that now, they must wear vicks vapo-rub under their noses to cover the smell of burning and rotting flesh that before the 11th were living breathing people, just trying to make a living, to provide for their family, so they could buy nice things for their husbands and wives.

No, I don't hate anyone, but I am sure damn mad at those who believed that their religious beliefs were more important then those six thousand three hundred lives that went up in smoke on that terrible day 91101.

Well I am off to bed, hopefully to dream a happy dream, I think I need a bit of happyness. These past nights have been filled with echo's of the 11th. I think it has probably effected everyone's sleep just a bit. Everyone's but maybe bin Laden and his minyons.

Jerry 9-22-2001 1:09


Did you get the tribute to America over there in Ausie country?

Debra 9-22-2001 0:45

Oooops I did it again. I know I'm a baaaaad girl.

Now help me find some words that rhyme with THOSE ROTTEN BASTARDS!

I can feel it in my bones there is another poem out there that that's the thyeme.

Debra 9-21-2001 23:19

I give to you my fellow notebookers the final


It was September 11th I arose safe and happy.
That’s when it happened and at first
I felt thankful it didn’t include me.

Nineteen people committed suicide
and then took six thousand more out.
Religion mutated and produced a tragic result.

Guilt had a face and
grew into the most frightening figure.
When I thought of him
it seemed there was no one that was bigger.

They said have patience we’ll get him,
then send him away.
They said our lives would get back to normal,
after this dark, fateful day?

I watched it unfold in horror, but from safety on my TV.
I was again thankful I didn’t lose a loved one personally.

Still night after night I lay awake and just cry.
I went from person to person in the hopes
they could explain why.

Through the huge clouds of dust came an answer for me.
It was the bravest of brave running towards the tragedy; they were our fireman, police, our military, doctors, nurses and citizens ordinary.
More heroes emerged from the planes and then more on the ground.
No matter where you looked another hero was found.

That was the end of this mystery.
Our heroes’ cleared that all up you see.
Our country, our America, our family
were united in pain and all took the loss personally.

© Debra J. Palardy 2001

Debra 9-21-2001 21:49

Yo Dudes and Dudettes,

JERRY: Your post about CNN reminded me of this comedy show we had here, where the news station would go out and do all these crimes so that they could have the latest news update. They'd say, "Join us tomorrow at 7:30 where we'll give you the latest news on the fire at the city police station, and how one man was run down by an unknown motorcyclist."
Well I thought it was funny.

DEBRA: I think if George Bush said "if we don't beat them, you're next." It would have made everybody wonder if America and all the nations offering their military support were capable of success.

HOWARD: WOW! Lucky friend.

Well guys, I can't find it in myself to hate anybody, I can only feel a great sense of dissapointment that such a thing should/ could/ did happen.

This may even earn me a verbal stoning, but I can even understand the mindset behind such actions, but understanding them certainly does not mean condoning them.
I think as writers we should all be able to stretch our imaginations to that extent.

And for those who would question where such hate comes from, you only need ask the little old lady who would ring the Arab looking man who owns the local store to leave vitriolic messages, or those who would victimise Moslems whose only guilt is to have been born to such a sucky religion, for it is in those hearts that you would find the same mindless poison.

Teekay 9-21-2001 21:39


Let's work together and write a poem with words that rhyme with rotten bastards.

What the heck we can throw in the evil eye too.

Debra 9-21-2001 21:00

Debra - you're right, I wouldn't just spouting off again, like usuall. I should watch myself that way, but when I see them burning the American flag, I just get a bit more angry.

Jerry 9-21-2001 20:05

We, well most of us, scream bloody murder we are not like them. So we can't start to be like them.

Is that a good reason?

Jerry I know you wouldn't feel very good if you were caught on camera doing such a thing.

Is that a good reason?

Debra 9-21-2001 18:11

I am kind of getting a kick out of CNN. I have left it on most of the day, every day since the 11th. Now that the President, and all the staff have said "we are at war!" CNN not getting any information from the Pentagon, [which is absolutely the right thing for the Pentagon to do] have decided to do "what if's" and make the news that they can't get themselves. They have their little boards with their little ship diagrams, showing where "they" would put the ships, were they in charge. I hope when it all hits, all CNN said the "thought" would happen, doesn't.

I can't see why they need to try and give the enemy ideas of where we might hit, what we might invade, where we might post troops. If they had information as to where each ship were going, where each troop movement were headed, you can bet your bottom dollar they would broadcast it to all those we seek to punish. It makes me feel so much better when the President is asked about sending troops, he always says something like "I ain't saying, and you can't make me!"

So what do you think, should we hold protests, and burn bin Laden in effegy, the way the Pakastani's are burning President Bush in effegy? I say yes, let's stuff a dummy with hay, put a long beard and long hair on it, then burn it in effegy, maybe that would satisfy CNN's quest for information.

Jerry 9-21-2001 17:40

I just received this from a friend.

> Every U down in Uville liked U.S. a lot,
> But the Binch, who lived Far East of Uville, did not.
> The Binch hated U.S! The whole U.S. way!
> Now don't ask me why, for nobody can say,
> It could be his turban was screwed on too tight.
> Or the sun from the desert had beaten too bright
> But I think that the most likely reason of all
> May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.
> But, Whatever the reason, his heart or his turban,
> He stood facing Uville, the part that was urban.
> "They're doing their business," he snarled from his perch.
> "They're raising their families! They're going to church!
> They're leading the world, and their empire is thriving,
> I MUST keep the S's and U's from surviving!"
> Tomorrow, he knew, all the U's and the S's,
> Would put on their pants and their shirts and their dresses,
> They'd go to their offices, playgrounds and schools,
> And abide by their U and S values and rules,
> And then they'd do something he liked least of all,
> Every U down in U-ville, the tall and the small,
> Would stand all united, each U and each S,
> And they'd sing Uville's anthem, "God bless us! God bless!"
> All around their Twin Towers of Uville, they'd stand,
> and their voices would drown every sound in the land.
> "I must stop that singing," Binch said with a smirk,
> And he had an idea-an idea that might work!
> The Binch stole some U airplanes in U morning hours,
> And crashed them right into the Uville Twin Towers.
> "They'll wake to disaster!" he snickered, so sour,
> "And how can they sing when they can't find a tower?"
> The Binch cocked his ear as they woke from their sleeping,
> All set to enjoy their U-wailing and weeping,
> Instead he heard something that started quite low,
> And it built up quite slow, but it started to grow-
> And the Binch heard the most unpredictable thing...
> And he couldn't believe it-they started to sing!
> He stared down at U-ville, not trusting his eyes,
> What he saw was a shocking, disgusting surprise!
> Every U down in U-ville, the tall and the small,
> Was singing! Without any towers at all!
> He HADN'T stopped U-Ville from singing! It sung!
> For down deep in the hearts of the old and the young,
> Those Twin Towers were standing, called Hope and called Pride,
> And you can't smash the towers we hold deep inside.
> So we circle the sites where our heroes did fall,
> With a hand in each hand of the tall and the small,
> And we mourn for our losses while knowing we'll cope,
> For we still have inside that U-Pride and U-Hope.
> For America means a bit more than tall towers,
> It means more than wealth or political powers,
> It's more than our enemies ever could guess,
> So may God bless America! Bless us! God bless!

Debra 9-21-2001 14:13

These terrorists remind me or a virus. We the world didn't realize we weren't really feeling bad, we sort of did, but now the fever has left us looking for anitbioitics.

We are now on them in doses that may or may not be enough.

I guess will will have to wait and see.

Debra 9-21-2001 14:07

I'm thinking of writing a fourth poem for PA crash with lots of words that rhyme with rotton bastards

Debra 9-21-2001 14:01

Well he was right about one thing. He lost his job!

Debra 9-21-2001 13:23

I just heard from a friend whose son was working in New York City - for a firm in the WTC. He got to the subway a minute late that morning, and was running across the platform as the train pulled out. He hit the door, but it wouldn't open for him. He resigned himself to catching the next train, and possibly losing his job for being late. There was no next train.

howard 9-21-2001 13:14

Morning Peeps.
(I know, that's too cute for me, but I just felt like it.)

Thanks for the condolances. I catch myself looking for that silly bird when I go to feed.
We name the dogs,(Chicky, Bozo, Gizmo and Useless) cats (Zorro, Fuz Face, Tiger, and Greyness,) and horses, (Ghost, Yorkie, and Champaign). Occasonially, we will name a vehicle.(Betsy the step-van and I can't repeat what my sister calls her current van.)
The geese pretty much look alike. Big white birds. One limps and one is smaller than the others. That gives us Limpy, Tiny, and those geese.

You must realize that as a generalization, writers are GRUMPY. Don't feel bad, we all get yelled at on occasion. Even by someone who has no right to do it.

Remember everybody, Jack said we were to play nice.

Rosemary 9-21-2001 12:30

You know I know he did say this in so many words. I would have liked have heard him say this after he said "if you are not with us you are with the terrorists."

If they beat us you're next!

That is what he meant but don't you think it would have had more impact?

Debra 9-21-2001 12:09

No word from Jack lately. I do hope it means he's in Fiji! Yay for Jack.

Eddie, how's Thomas?

Those poor mice! I do like the image though, and it does my soul good to imagine that Bin Laden is afraid of mice.

Rosemary, so sad for your goose.

Today is the day I make salsa. Lotsa salsa. Much fun.
Be well

Tina 9-21-2001 11:32

Viv, Rhoda, Mel, Jerry, Rosemary:

Thanks for all your kind words. I really appreciate them.

We do need to stick together. I think that the human mind can only be angry at one person at a time. Let's focus all our anger on the person or persons trying to stop all our future disaggreements from coming to fusion which we ar entitled to.

Debra 9-21-2001 11:22

I agree, if a poster fails to leave his name, then his/her post should be totally ignored. I see no problem with 911 being posed as it grows and matures. I think it a good thing to see how the rewrites improve, how the passion increases with each writing.

Yes, sounds like a wonderful idea to send the mice to ben Laden. Wouldn't you love to be a mouse in the corner when he opens the package?

At first, after the election (Yes I did vote for President Bush, and in fact got into major fights in a politics chat room about the long election) I worried at his inability to express himself well. It reminded me of my speech class. I began, much like the president, stumbling over words, yet as the class went on, and I spoke more and more to the class, my ability improved. Likewise the President started off stumbling over a word or two, yet his speech last night (what I saw of it) was wonderful, as have been all his address to this nation in so great a pain.

What angers me right now is to hear people attack our President at this time when we should all be united in our effort to fight terrorism and hatred. I don't think we should be angry at a people, this is nothing like the world wars, where there was great anger against the Japanese. It is not the Afghanistan people who attacked us, just some off the wall cultists.

Any way, I have said this way too often, so I will shut up before I break one of the fathom poster's rules.

Jerry 9-21-2001 11:15


I hate the anonymous posts. I guess I should say that I hate most of them. Sometimes a person will leave a nice anonymous note. However, they are most often nasty little bits of crap that fly. If a person doesn't want to read something they should skip it.

Ciao for now :o)

9-21-2001 10:39

thanks mel...Sometimes I almost feel american, I almost stand everytime I hear the anthem, silence for those who are lost, and I really feel for soldiers and rescuers, I feel that President Bush has done things right

I havent agreed with everything that President Bush has said, especially "If youre not with us, youre with the terrorists"
Of course hes going to say a couple of wrong things

I am disappointed in some media interviewers too...but thats going way off course...I guess I better get to writing again

taylor 9-21-2001 10:37

Ooops, forgot.

VIV: I used to name my favorite things - every stuffed animal had a name (the big ones: pink dog with plaid hat was Chester Peter Clancy; purple pig with flower on head was Petunia; tiger was Stanley Irving; and a small purple figure with a yellow smile was Mr. Nice Guy), my musical instruments had (still have) names ('cello - Arathodden, 'cello bows - Arathol and Arathil; guitar - Scoby), our first car as a married couple was "Woody"...I don't name things regularly now but I did up through my teen years. Why did I stop? I don't know.

Mel again 9-21-2001 10:17


Hi, everybody - Another :-) for each of you. And if you need one, take a (((HUG))) too!

ROSEMARY: So sorry your goose didn't make it. :-[ It's hard to know how to help the ill or wounded if they can't talk to us. A big (((HUG))) for you.

DEBRA: It's good you're channeling your emotions into written form. The best thing a writer can do!

TAYLOR: Americans and others appreciate your compassion and support. Consider yourself an adopted American, right now, if you like. :-)

RHODA: SAFE travels for you and your family!

JERRY: Can't you slip those rodents onto a Middle Eastern-bound flight? >-) Kinda like when Scottie sent all those Klingon-hating tribbles onto the Klingon spaceship??

ANNITA, where are you? My muse is running marathons around the perimeter of the house, looking for stray cows when she should be - ahem! - inspiring me to write better stuff! The pens are all drying up...

TEEKAY, BEN, and the rest of you - time to report in! (at least, I wish you would; or have your muses do so for you; my muse needs a good knock around the ears to get going, do muses even have ears?)

Mel 9-21-2001 10:10


Thank you for the kind sentiments.


911 is a poignant poem. I appreciate you posting it.


I too think George W. a good man for the task. He does have an excellent team of staffers. I voted for George W. and have always been an ardent supporter, but I do wish he hadn't made the ultimatum that whoever isn't with us in our efforts to curb terrorism is against us. Inevitablely there will be countries in the world that are not going to approve of something we do in the comming battle, but it doesn't mean that they are a supporter of terrorism. But I do understand that tensions are high and rhetoric can get a bit unrestrained.


I don't think we can be too careful to inflame passions. I read reports of people attacking Sekh's because they wear turbans, and these people are not even Muslims. Obviously there is much ignorance around. Yes, I would like nothing better than to drop a few bombs on people who are of the mentality of those who attacked our Pentagon and World Trade Center, but who exactly are they and where do they live? And as a newspaper column I read yesterday so rightly pointed out, what can we do to Afganistan that it hasn't already done to itself between twenty years of war, civil war and religious oppression? There are probably only about 25 true Talibans in the whole country. The rest of the people are oppressed, poverty stricken and powerless against the government that oppresses them.

Also consider how many Muslims have died in the last decade or so because they were not the right kind of Muslims? The first group of people these fundalmentalists go after are the well educated, more creative people among themselves whom these religious fanatics consider too liberal or too tolerant. Consider the people who have been beheaded, have had hands amputated, etc.

I think if certain people would take some deep breaths, count to ten, read some newspapers and some books from the library and really learn about the people we are dealing with, then they would get some perspective on all this mess. In the meantime I believe other more sensitive people have to be careful to be especially tender toward Arab and Middle Eastern people who live in our land and not to send along things that could even be mildly construed to be critical or mean. I am not saying that this was the case in your e-mail, JERRY, but it is best to err on the side of caution.

BTW--I envy those of you who can pour out your grief and thoughts into poetry. There has been so much fine work displayed here on the Notebook.

Rhoda 9-21-2001 10:00

Hi Debra: Don't let it get you down! I feel the same about rewriting. You have to do it and it's ok to post something you've revised. Revision is a vital part of writing. I'm like you. I dash it down, then I read it and think, I can make that better if I change this and that. We all do that. What is missing are our pages where we post, criticise and revise. They'll be back! Until then, keep writing.

To the person who posted the awkwardly written, bald statement about making rules. You just did a Bin Ladin! (An attack without a signature.) Try again, revise it so that it reads with complete grammatical accuracy...and has the kind of phrasing that doesn't put teeth on edge. You can learn to write too! Revision is one part of the process; "to envision", the reaction of the readers, a second part. If you can envision, and decide that it's not something you want to post your name to, do what I do, hit the x at the top of the screen.

Rosemary: I'm so sorry about the goose! What a poem that would make. Autumn leaves falling, the feathers falling off a goose...well, you'd do it better. The tough part of caring for something is you do care. The more you care for it, the more you care. I understand though. I do the same thing with the American's here in Japan. They come, stay a couple years and go. I pretty much stay neutral, or without obligation of friendship. You can't get all emotional about people too often. It seems kind of cold, but it's easier if you just don't put too much heart into it. That's one big thing I'm looking forward to in retirement, stopping for a long time in a place where people don't pop in and out like a bunch of White Rabbits.

Speaking of naming things: What Things do you name? I name places and cars. Here we navigate mostly by landmark because usually the streets don't have names or signs. If you give something a catchy name everyone can find it. I named a few of our local landmarks. There's suicide grocery (where you can get hit by a car because the front of the shop opens onto a busy street and there's no sidewalk).

The Joe Stall Memorial Bridge (where a friend named Joe got drunk and tried to drive down the pedestrian side of a one car bridge...he lived but the car didn't. We had to practically scrape it off the bridge!)

All the cars in the neighborhood have names. There's The Green Bean Machine which is a Mercedes that is the exact color of a green bean. Hot Tamales is a little red sports car, driven by a beautiful young woman. More sedate is our "Nezumi" (mouse) which is a little grey two door Ford. Finally, there is Bumpster, the car down the street. It is owned by a teenager and has speakers instead of a back seat.

We live in "the house with the double-ding-dong doorbell", and the list goes on and on. I like naming things, and hearing things named.

Oh, a Bin Ladin joke or maybe a joke on Bin Ladin. It appears an American radio station is raffling off Bin Ladin Pinatas to raise money for the families of the victims. Not a bad idea! Capitalism at it's best!

Viv 9-21-2001 9:42


Thanks, we are all on a little bit of an edge. The whole world. This is a mess. I think the most firghtening thing is what ultimate plan does this and these bad guys have in mind. Could they be planning something so awful that we cannont even think about it.


Could it be that he has just finally cracked up?

It's the question on everyone's mind and it makes all a little more than squirmy.

Where's Arik?

I'd like to get his perspective on all of this.

Debra 9-21-2001 8:15

I probably cant comment on President Bush, me being in Australia and all

But I think nobody could be better in this situation than President Bush...I am surprised at how many times I have stood up for him against people in chat...I fully support him...
And even now Im beginning to call him President Bush instead of George Bush

But I get the feeling that alot of times my opinion dont matter since Im not in america...But I continue to do so

I dont hate a country, I dont hate certain people...I hate terrorists, and I hope we give them a GIGANTIC BLOW AND CRIPPLE THEM!!

taylor 9-21-2001 3:25

Just a reminder. I have been visiting this NB for a long time, and no one makes rules here except Jack and he has always been very reluctant to do so. A suggestion should be enough to alert anyone if they are causing a problem or appear to be causing a problem.


gariess 9-21-2001 1:26

Well another one bites the dust. Mouse that is, had one in the trap this morning. Guess I am going to have to quit threatening to call the city about that mess across the alley and do it.

Just got an email from my old childhood friend who chastised me for being hateful against Arabs? Seems I forwarded an email that he found offensive, although I don't know how. Oh well I guess it takes all kinds. I did however reply with an apology, although I don't think I owed one.

I guess his liberal ideals just can't understand how ANYONE could support President Bush either. Seems he stands alone criticizing our president when even the leaders of the opposition stand beside him, support his every move.

Anyhow, I guess there is a lot of tension everywhere. I will try not to get too angry with him, after all we have been friends for over forty years, no sense in letting anything as small as the third world war come between us.

To tell you the truth, I nearly blew my cool when he forwarded me an email that was very critical of our President.

Jerry 9-20-2001 23:55

I said I was sorry.

But I rearranged it and it made more sense.

I don't do it all the time.

Whatever rule you make I'll follow.

I promise.

Debra 9-20-2001 18:51

There is going to have to be rules about how many times a person can put the same thing on the notebook. Over and over again.

9-20-2001 18:38

I said I wasn't going to do this and this is the last revision. I promise.


It was September 11th I arose safe and happy.
That’s when it happened and at first
it didn’t seem to include me.

Nineteen people committed suicide
and they took six thousand more out.
Why when religion mutates comes such tragic results?

Guilt had a face and
grew into the most frightening figure.
When I thought of him
it seemed there was no one that was bigger.

They said have patience we’ll get him,
then send him away.
They said our lives would get back to normal,
after this dark, fateful day?

I watched in horror from safety on my TV.
I was thankful I didn’t lose anyone personally.

Still night after night I lay awake and just cry.
I went from person to person in the hopes
they could explain why.

It didn’t take very long to clear up this mystery.
Our hero’s made it clear; America’s one big family.

© Debra J. Palardy 2001

Debra 9-20-2001 16:53


It was September 11th, I woke up
relatively happy.
That’s when it happened and at first
it didn’t include me.

I didn’t lose anyone close or personally.
I just watched in horror from safety on my tv.

Still night after night I can’t sleep and just cry.
I go from person to person in the hopes
They can tell me why.

They show his face every two minutes
until he becomes the most frightening figure.
When I think of him in my mind it seems there’s
no one that’s bigger.

They say hang on we’ll get him.
Even if they do, and they send him away.
Will our lives ever get back to normal,
after that dark fateful day?

He convinced nineteen people to commit suicide
and in the process took six thousand more out.
Why when religion mutates comes such tragic results?

© Debra J. Palardy 2001

Debra 9-20-2001 15:45

Morning All,
Getting ready for the long-awaited Dr. Appointment.

Our monthly third Wednesday writers meeting had a total of 3 members show up. One of them was an hour late. We will not suggest writing something that we don't like again. I personally thought my two goofy poems and your and Viv's poems were kind of fun. One of my two, I am holding back to post on the notebook later. Things are just too serious right now.

Well, the bad news is--The goose didn't make it.--I tried to put the goosey poems up as a tribute to him, but the Garbage men wouldn't tape them to the truck.--That was a bad joke and completely not true. We still don't know what was wrong with him. We had seven geese and he's the only one who has had a problem.

With farm birds, you cannot become really attached because the fatility rate can be fairly high. Between hawks, racoons, neighbors dogs, stupid accidents, and wierd bird diseases, they come and go. Generally we don't even name these birds. That may sound hartless, but if we did it otherwise, we couldn't keep birds at all. Sometimes that sounds like a good idea.

I think I know where your mice have gone. Do they go South for the winter? I opened a drawer that had extra supplies of cotten pads and Q Tips and it was a shredded mess. Normally I keep the cats out of the main part of the house. They have their own door for the utility room and I keep the door closed to that room. Lately I have let them in and so far I have found two deceased rodents. They were kind of wet and beat up looking. Should we send condolences to your brood?

Well, I went back and read my post. It sounds completely politically incorrect and unfeeling. My job is done.


Rosemary 9-20-2001 11:58

Strangest thing last night. As my wife was walking from our bedroom to the living room, this kamakazi mouse came out from under our bookcase, my wife let out a little shout ("It wasn't a scream!") and the mouse lay down and died. I was called to pick up the body and dispose of it. Victim, I believe, of the Decon that we have placed around the house.

I hope this is the last soldier in the rodent assault, but we remain alert just in case.

Jerry 9-20-2001 11:16


Mel - I think it was you who had kind words about the poem I left here. Thank you. My poetry is only a humble attempt at trying to share what I feel. Poetry is not a strong hand for me.

Rhoda - I am glad to hear that you will not let these terrorists change your plans. That is what their aim is. They want to make everyone so full of fear that you and your country are disabled. It is people like you, people who get up and keep going that will win the victory. From what I have seen of the past days, America is full of brave, amazing and resilient people.

Take care all.

9-20-2001 10:32

Hello, all

Just posting to let you know that at least I am around. I haven't had much to say because I am busy with company and with getting ready for a little vacation we planned weeks ago--to Las Vegas, and I am not going to let fear stop us from going.

I have had many thoughts these past several days, but few that I wish to put into words right now. I am managing to find time to write some on my Scotland novel.

I'll post something longer and something more profound at a future date, but just to let you know that there is a bit more activity on this Notebook then meets the eye.

Rhoda 9-20-2001 10:15

The title of that long prose message was "Today Only"

Mel 9-20-2001 8:41


G'mornin' all you WRITERS out there! From me to each of you for today: :-) Don't spend it all in the same place, now.

I have a few BRIEF comments, then a not so brief message to share as my round-up comment on the tragedies of last week. I feel it's time we got back to living - I know it's time I did.

ROSEMARY: Glad you liked the poem for Goosey. Don't give me all the credit - I'd never come up with such things if not for your wonderful visuals and animal tales/tails. :-)

MARY: Although we had a nice sprinkling on the NB of heartfelt poems, etc., after the U.S. tragedies of last week, NOW we need a shorty night/day theme to get the rest of us back on track with our writing muses. My muse has one foot nailed to the floor and has been spinning in circles long enough! About what shall we write now, O Wondrous Shorty-Theme Queen? :-)

JACK: Enjoyed the Seattle fountain pictures - what a very nice remembrance for all.

TINA: I'm with you! Let's live every day the best we can!!

And now, I wish to share the sentiments of an email I received from a friend yesterday. Alas, I cannot share it fully, as it came in an email attachment, some of which are unsafe these days, as Jack reminded me when I asked him about a way to share the attachment here. The text in the attachment is beautifully supported by full-screen color slides of nature, sunsets, sunrises, shorelines, the sky, etc. So as you read the following, let your imagination soar with the words and picture your favorite natural locations. And most of all, I hope you'll find the message heartening, as I did!

<> (Author unknown)

Think it over --

Today we have higher buildings and wider highways,
but shorter temperaments and narrower points of view.

We spend more, but enjoy less.
We have bigger houses, but smaller families.
We have more compromises, but less time.
We have more knowledge, but less judgement.
We have more medicines, but less health.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.
We talk too much, we love only a little, and we hate too much.

We reached the Moon and came back,
but we find it troublesome to cross our own street and meet our neighbors.
We have conquered the outer space, but not our inner space.

We have higher income, but less morals.
These are times with more liberty, but less joy.
We have much more food, but less nutrition.

These are the days in which it takes two salaries for each home, but divorces increase.
These are times of fewer houses, but more broken homes.

That's why I propose, that as of today,

You do not keep anything for a special occasion,
because every day that you live is a SPECIAL OCCASION.
Search for knowledge, read more, sit on your front porch and admire the view without paying attention to your needs.

Spend more time with your family and friends,
eat your favorite foods, visit the places you love.

Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment;
not only about survival.
USE your crystal goblets. Do not save your best perfume,
and use it every time you feel you want it.

Remove from your vocabulary phrases like :one of these days" and "someday."
Let's write that letter we thought of writing "one of these days."

Let's tell our families and friends how much we love them.
Do not delay anything that adds laughter and joy to your life.
Every day, every hour, and every minute is special.
And you don't know if it will be your last.

If you're too busy to take the time to send this message to someone you love, and you tell yourself you will send it "one of these days,"
Just think-- "one of these days" you may not be here to send it!

[End of message, but the beginning of your NEXT minute of life, a very SPECIAL occasion! What will YOU do with it?] :-)

Make your today a good one, my friends, no--make today a GREAT one!!!

Mel 9-20-2001 8:38

Not many people posting. I hope the latest virus/worm (or whatever it is that's bringing down the different servers) isn't the reason for the low attendance. Just in case, I've backed up everything on our computer that's important. I'm tempted to write down all the important e-mail addresses and wipe my address book clean. I think I'd better check it out further.

Our wonderful indian summer (is there a politically correct term for that?) is still going strong. I think I'll go hiking tomorrow, enjoy it while it lasts, maybe get in one more swim at the lake.

Oddly enough, despite the current events I'm finding a strong inclination to work on 'Freeborn'. It's always been my retreat from reality, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.

Be well.

Tina 9-20-2001 2:52

Debra - no, I don't feel anything brewing, but I do know that our soldiers and sailors are on their way to war. I don't know where they are going for sure yet, but they are going. Were I a bit younger and able, I would be right with them and that would be my choice. I subscribe to an army site for vets, and today they ran a story on the sudden increase of enlistments in all the services. They recruiters are overwhelmed by the sudden walk-ins who want to go, and they want to go now. Both young men, and old vets who are still able to go are going. People like me, who are not able, have been calling their local recruiters asking what they can do to help.

What Ben Laden has done was not just to hurt us, but it angered us, and we must respond. I am not saying that we are better then those who live in Afghanistan, not at all. For to judge people by where they live, or how much money they make, or for their religious beliefs would be wrong. But I do know that we have the best trained military in the world. Nations by the hundreds send their people here to train with our Army to learn how we do things, and come home to train their people that way. Even back when I was in the Army, we had people from Germany, Spain, Holland and many other nations come to Fort Bliss Texas to train with our air defense troops.

The reason we are a super power is because we have so many well trained people. We have the best equipment in the world to fight with.

But most of all, we have the greatest leaders in the world behind all those brave men with that equipment. I pray to God that they do the right thing and bring swift justice to those who would attack us.

I do believe that the terrorists will strike again, I don't know when or where but I think they will. I think they have the people in place to do their evil, with orders as to when and where to strike. I can only pray that those I know and love are not among those who are injured or murdered.

Jerry 9-19-2001 22:03


Is there a specific reason why you say that, or is it just a population thing? I know just in Pakistan there are 140 million people. That's half of this country for jus them.

Is that the reason or is there another one?

Do you feel something brewing?

Debra 9-19-2001 21:30

Well I guess things could go that way, but I can't imagine how. Of course before Tuesday I couldn't imagine that two planes would hit the WTC either.

Jerry 9-19-2001 21:17

Is anyone here?

Debra 9-19-2001 20:54

Don't laugh, or maybe that's not what you will do anyway,
but what are the chances we could all be standing in concentration camps here on American soil waiting for rice?

Debra 9-19-2001 18:41

Debra - both questions are us. We are of course in the right, after all, didn't they attack us without warning, killing nearly six thousand of our citizens? What could be right about that.

Secondly, we are the most powerful nation in the world, bar none. So we must be the strongest. Now if you are asking who will win, then that is a good question. I thought we were winning in Vietnam. I was wrong I guess. I think we can win this one too, but it will not be a cakewalk like Desert Storm was. It will be pure hell for several years.

But I could be wrong, it has happened before.

Jerry 9-19-2001 18:37


Here's another question. I know why we think, know, we are the good guys.

Why after they are killing people leaving kids orphans, and burying widows alive, do they think that they are the good guys?

What reason do they claim?

Debra 9-19-2001 16:29


I know one thing, one of us has to be wrong. Either it's us or them. That's the one thing I'm sure of. There's the million dollar question out there for all to see.

Who is wrong about who will be victorious? Will it us or will it be them?

Then the next question is who is really more powerful. See I don't think it really matters who is the most scared, I think it matters who has the most power. So are we being amubshed? Or are they the stupidest enemy in history?

Debra 9-19-2001 15:50

Debra - unlike the movie, if we cut off the head of the monster, it's body will continue to hurt us. It is said that Ben Ladin has followers all over the world, that if we get him, it will only make his followeres more dedicated to "get even" with the US. That said, I wonder if there is a way we can win, other then hunting down each and every one of his followers, along with all the other terrorists, and kill them. Next question, do we have what it takes to turn our military into mass murderers? Or would it be murder, after all in a war soldiers are supposed to kill people and wreck things.

Jerry 9-19-2001 15:16

The element of this guy that scares me the most is
he reminds me of the horror shows where the creature can walk slow and calm with that look on its face like go ahead run, run faster it won't matter and until we get to the guy at the end it didn't him.

The question is are we the characters in the middle who get it or are we the guy at the end who didn't get it in the end.

Debra 9-19-2001 13:21

Debra - to tell you the truth, I don't know. I am sure that our government knew about the horror that is Afghanistan, as they were there to help Ben Laden and his cronies win the war against the Russians. They were "on our side" then, only because we would help them take over their nation. Now that they have it, we are the ultimate evil in their eyes. Why? Well from what I have heard, because we are free. Because we have separation of church and state. Because our women expose their face in public. Because we have equality (or at least we say we do) of the sexes, of the races, of the people. They hate us because we are happy with our lives, we are happy with our freedom, we prosper because of it. They hate us because we are the greatest nation in the land. They hate us because we help Israel; and I guess they hate us because they think it is right to do so.

In other words, I guess I don't know. I think we have never helped those poor people because there was nothing in it for us. Because they are a Muslim nation, because they are our sworn enemy, and because we support Israel.

Jerry 9-19-2001 13:15

Here's the last verse I just added to my first peom. OsA Bin U Sea

Evil is its own worst enemy.
When consumed sometimes decisions are made in haste.
They forgot what comes from drinking freedom,
and we’ve had more than just a taste.

Maybe that is what is happening.

Debra 9-19-2001 12:57


So he's saying it's a set up? Let me ask you this, do you think that this person is the only person who has this information or do others, our government perhaps, have it too.

If they do, then why oh why hasn't anyone done anything all this time. Why Why Why.

Do you know. I really don't. I was hoping you did.

Debra 9-19-2001 12:52

I received this from a very good friend who is a diventity student, at present he is interning in Kansas City and will graduate soon and begin his ministry. I think it does a wonderful job of explaining the people of Afganastan, and what we are up against in the comming battle.

Something to think about:

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I heard a lot of talk about "bombing Afghanistan back to the
StoneAge." Ronn Owens, on KGO Talk Radio allowed that this would mean
killing innocent people, people who had nothing to do with this atrocity,
but"we'reat war, we have to accept collateral damage," and he asked, "What
else can we do? What is your suggestion?"

Minutes later I heard a TV pundit discussing whether we "have the belly to
do what must be done." And I thought about these issues especially hard
because I am from Afghanistan, and even though I've lived here for 35 years
I've never lost track of what's been going on over there. So I want to share
a few thoughts with anyone who will listen.

I speak as one who hates the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. There is no doubt
in my mind that these people were responsible for the atrocity in New York.

I fervently wish to see those monsters punished. But the Taliban and Bin
Laden are not Afghanistan. They're not even the government of Afghanistan.

The Taliban are a cult of ignorant psychotics who captured Afghanistan in
1997 and have been holding the country in bondage ever since. Bin Laden is a
political criminal with a master plan.

When you think Taliban, think Nazis.
When you think Bin Laden, think Hitler.
And when you think "the people of Afghanistan" think "the Jews in the
concentration camps."

It's not only that the Afghan people had nothing to do with this atrocity.
They were the first victims of the perpetrators. They would love for someone
to eliminate the Taliban and clear out the rats nest of international thugs
holed up in their country. I guarantee it.

Some say, if that's the case, why don't the Afghans rise up and overthrow
the Taliban themselves? The answer
is, they're starved, exhausted, damaged, and incapacitated.

A few years ago, the United Nations estimated that there are 500,000
disabled orphans in Afghanistan -- a country with no economy, no food.
Millions of Afghans are widows of the approximately two million men killed
during the war with the Soviets. And the Taliban has been executing these
women for being women and have buried some of their opponents alive in mass

The soil of Afghanistan is littered with land mines and almost all the farms
have been destroyed . The Afghan people have tried to overthrow the Taliban.
They haven't been able to.

We come now to the question of bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age.
The trouble with that scheme is, it has already been done. The Soviets took
care of that. Make the Afghans suffer? They're already suffering. Level
their houses? Done. Turn their schools into piles of rubble? Done.
Eradicate their hospitals? Done. Destroy their infrastructure? There is no
infrastructure. Cut them off from medicine and health care? Too late.
Someone already did all that. New bombs would only land in the rubble of
earlier bombs. Would they at least get the Taliban? Not likely.

In today's Afghanistan, only the Taliban eat, only they have the means to
move around. They'd slip away and hide (they have already, I hear). Maybe
the bombs would get some of those disabled orphans, they don't move too
fast, they don't even have wheelchairs. But flying over Kabul and dropping
bombs wouldn't really be a strike against the criminals who did this
horrific thing. Actually it would be making common cause with the Taliban —
by raping once again the people they've been raping all this time.

So what else can be done, then? Let me now speak with true fear and
trembling. The only way to get Bin Laden is to go in there with ground
troops. I think that when people speak of "having the belly to do what needs
to be done" many of them are thinking in terms of having the belly to
kill as many as needed. They are thinking about overcoming moral qualms,
about killing innocent people. But it's the belly to die, not kill, that's
actually on the table.

Americans will die in a land war to get Bin Laden. And not just because
some Americans would die fighting their way through Afghanistan to Bin
Laden's hideout. It's much bigger than that, folks. To get any troops to
Afghanistan, we'd have to go through Pakistan. Would they let us? Not
likely. The conquest of Pakistan would have to be first. Will other Muslim
nations just stand by?

You see where I'm going. The invasion approach is a flirtation with global
war between Islam and the West. And
that is Bin Laden's program. That's exactly what he wants and why he did
this thing. Read his speeches and statements. It's all right there.

At the moment, of course, "Islam" as such does not exist. There are Muslims
and there are Muslim countries, but no such political entity as Islam.

Bin Laden believes that if he can get a war started, he can constitute this
entity and he'd be running it. He really believes Islam would beat the West.
It might seem ridiculous, but he figures if he can polarize the world
into Islam and the West, he's got a billion soldiers. If the West wreaks a
holocaust in Muslim lands, that's a billion people with nothing left to
lose, even better from Bin Laden's point of view.

He's probably wrong about winning, in the end the West would probably
overcome -- whatever that would mean in such a war; but the war would last
for years and millions would die, not just theirs but ours. Who has the
belly for that? Bin Laden yes, but anyone else?

I don't have a solution. But I do believe that suffering and poverty arethe
soil in which terrorism grows. Bin Laden and his cohorts want to bait us
into creating more such soil, so they and their kind can flourish. We can't
let him do that.

That's my humble opinion.

Jerry 9-19-2001 10:54


I saw my name and read the post. I didn't see who it was from while I was reading it but knew it was you. When I scrolled down I got an even bigger laugh to see your name appear without dissappointment. You goof! Yes, I'm Italian. My mother is Italian on both sides of her family from the beginning of time. She is pure. Growing up with her was an experience. In fact because of that I'm the country's leading expert on the evil eye. I get calls day and night reporting possible sightings of the evil eye.

I didin't think that's how he transmitted the chems. Oiy! Of course! But didn't you hear Jerry say it doesn't need an obvious cloud. By the way, yesterday they had to detionate a bomb on a gas station owned by Arab Americans on the road of Diamonds.


Debra 9-19-2001 8:37

Jerry: If you will notice, George W. made a point to visit an Islamic Center today and note with clear and unequivocal language that Islam is a relgion of peace. As it is. For most of Islam suice is an unforgivable sin and that includes those that believe sacrificing their lives to further a political cause. Those that kill or attempt vandilism are being arrested and being subjected to the further indictment for hate crimes. As you indicate, we have learned and learned well from the bigotry of the concentration camps set aside for Japanese Americans during World War II. What is truly troubling is that other minorities such as Sikhs (a variant of Hinduism) and others who have no relation to Islam are being targeted as well.

What gets me is that survivalist stores in the south are sold out of gas masks and cannot keep them in. That and camoflauge clothing is flying off the shelves. Being patriotic is one thing. Being paranoid is something entirely different.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-19-2001 6:52

It has been said that the best revenge is to live well. It sounds like your friend is acting on that thought. It has also been quoted by someone quite notable that revenge is best served cold.

Now I know you are Italian, My first Mother-in-law was Italian and I should have a dollar for every time someone gave her the evil eye. The "A" rab you saw was probably thinking about his supper. I don’t know much about biochemical attacks, but I am sure they can’t be released by the evil eye.

Quite so. If the administration is lame enough to make public the details of their strategic plans, then we are indeed in deep doodles. Good luck with the mice. Don’t let them know your plans. Don’t even tell the cat.

In response to the idea that this matter is beyond our jurisdiction. The nature of this attack denies the very fundamentals of jurisdiction. The terrorists have made the entire world the jurisdiction of this prosecution. I am sorry it is so, but the entire world has a serious stake in this matter, and I suggest that any nation that can handle it better than we can, should take it off our hands. Otherwise, they should take a side and get on board, there can be no neutrality when the entire world is within range of these desperate and determined zealots. Everyone should know that we are in for something unlike anything in history.

As to your second post, whatever the great statement, we in the U.S. have already paid a hefty price. We will pay an even heftier one before there is an end to it all. If the rest of the world does not pay a hefty price as well, it will be miraculous.

Nice try, but what the hell are the Afghanis going to plug those computers into. You are talking about one of the poorest countries in the world with a war battered capitol and vast mountainous regions without electricity. It has already been noted that to bomb Afghanistan could only accomplish a different arrangement of the rocks and rubble of prior wars. The only importance Afghanistan has in this situation is that it is a hiding place and a refuge for a terrorist we have been unable to touch for a decade. The candy bars will be nice for the kids, however.

Please don't take this to mean that your intentions are not noble, because they are, surely.

The pictures were well done. Seattle is a good place with good people.

Later, guys,


gariess 9-19-2001 3:02

Boy this is sure bringing out the patriotism of America, that seems all that the news is showing now, along with those clips of the planes slamming into the buildings. If you watch closely though some are showing the horror of racism. The unprovoked attacks on Arab-Americans is nearly as horrible as the attack on our nation. I guess it has to come out, in such a free land, where people are allowed to believe as they please, there has to be a dark side. It's just to bad that there aren't more patriots that have the backbone to stand up to those racists and say stop. These attacks have been against non Muslims as well as Muslims, I guess racism knows no separation but goes by the color of the skin and the dress. It is sad though to see these things happening to good Americans who morn the loss of life as much as you and I.

Will we, in the end gather togather all Arab-Americans and put them in holding (concentration) camps untill the end of the war, as we did with the Japanese American's of WW II. I hope we have learned from that and it doesn't happen, but the way things are going, it could be a possiability.

Jerry 9-19-2001 0:26


Immediately, take that idea to high people in power.

Get back to me when it is starting.


Debra 9-18-2001 19:39

I wonder what would happen if we responded with Berlin airdrop tactics. How long would those children cheer for Islamic leaders if they found chocolate bars, transistor radios, and decent clothing in the packages? Sure, at first the people would be wary, but if it went on a long enough time, no one could resist it. It'd cost a lot less than a war, take a lot less effort, and it's using the same tactics as the Teleban. They go into a poor area and feed the people then give them religion. What would be ideal would be to drop computers so they could "see" the outside world. We need to think about that and support movements in schools outside of America. If we can provide people with a way to look at and understand Occidental culture, we won't have as many troubles.

Heather: Nice to see you in the notebook.

Ok, first I need a computer muse today, then I need a muse muse for writing projects. Come on muses, get to work.

Viv 9-18-2001 18:35

Mary - I would say that my computers have problems because I am always messing around trying new things, but that isn't the case anymore. It was several years ago, but now all I want to do is use them. Granted, I use them at least fifteen hours a day, steady. That is I use two of them that long, my server and my recliner machine. The main reason for the trouble with the server, I think is that I have neglected it now for about a year with no upgrades, or reformatting just to keep current. In fact I think the last time I dumped it and reformatted it was about three years ago, so it is definitely due. Also I go places on the internet where experts fear to tread, and I think the breakdowns are from the viruses that come with some of the things I download.

I go to what are called warez sites, that contain copies of commercial software that can be downloaded. Yes I know that is illegal, and immoral. I don't keep the stuff, just try it out to see how it works and if I want to spend the money for it. Most fail to make the grade. The problem with that though is that many warez sites have viruses for the download, and I believe many of the files are infected on them, so you can pick up a bad bug without trying. Also they have pop-up porn, but I have found an anti-pop up program that keeps them at bay.

If I would simply behave myself, I would probably have better luck. Another problem I have is that I take them apart and upgrade them. I have replaced the on board sound cards with genuine sound blaster cards that I got off EBAY, replaced the on board video cards with 3D video cards also used from EBAY. The same with the on board modem's I have replaced the on my server with one from EBAY. In reality, I should take the AMD K6-2 stickers with EBAY stickers and it would be more representative. I have also bought all my hard drives from EBAY, but only one is used, that being the one on my Recliner machine.

So if you add up the factors Used equipment, Used software, Used memory, Used sound cards then put them on the new motherboards (made in china) and you come up with computers that break down regularly.

Now my daughters machine is different. I bought the best motherboard I could find, a true Pentium II processor, brand new hard drive, video card, sound card and modem. I put only original software on it, and it has been running like a charm since I put it together. This is the first time she has had any problem with it, and I think that can be traced to something she picked up on the internet.

I have learned my lesson, but I still have these machines, so I guess I will put up with the trouble, after all it keeps my mind busy, and keeps me from getting bored.

Oh, incidentally, we just had a power outage, and with three computers running that was a thrill. Seems there is a small thunder storm just south of here. The sun is bright and shining, but I guess the lightning struck the power line that leads into town. It appears that the only damage was to my wife's machine, as it is now complaining about a missing DLL. Easy fix, just copied one off my machine over the network. I also have GOBACK on two of the four machines, and it will go on my main machine as soon as I reformat and rebuild the hard drive. My daughter says she doesn't want to loose the disk space it takes so she will go without it. It is a great program.

Heather, I fear that no matter what the President does, it will lead to more deaths. To sit aside and do nothing only encourages these terrorists to keey nation that attempted to capture it. Starting with Alexander the Great, and ending with the FORMER USSR. A limited war will bring death and destruction to both our nation and those harboring terrorists. All in all it is a no-win situation. I only hope that those here in America who are today flying old glory on every light pole and house will still support our nation after ten years of body bags and sending our youngest and brightest off to war.

Jerry 9-18-2001 18:31

Debra - perhaps not befriending (for that is sanctioning their actions) but ignoring the Islam nation would be the best action (oh, yes, excuse me - non action!)

That always worked against bullies. Ignore them, and eventually they give up and move on.

Ah, yes, but I can also see the point of aggression - of asserting that we won't stand for terror in our land. This is a GREAT statement - so long as it isn't taken so far that we all end up paying a hefty price.

Heaven feels closer doesn't it? Which is scary, yet reassuring.

Heather 9-18-2001 18:01

Hey there, everyone;

Such gloom is pressing down on this Notebook. I fervently wish that there were other ways for those responsible for the attacks to pay for the deeds; ways other than declaring holy war. Isn't this a new precedent? After Pearl Harbour, a holy war was not declared: 53 dead at P. Harbour, and the whole of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed, killed. How many more will pay for the death of 5,000? And, could the 5,000 be the first among a more staggering number, if Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries decide to return with nuclear weapons, germ warfare, and God only knows what other weapons they have up their sleeves?
Isn't there another way to punish those responsible? After all, the people directly responsible are dead. Those that instructed and harboured them are not - but are their crimes less, or are they far more heinous? We should be weighing this carefully; and where is the World Court?
Whom has the right to decide? Yes, no one but those terrorists decided to kill many people in the US. But when deliberating the response, should the thought of a total world war (111) not be the first thing to protect AGAINST?
Any decisions should be very carefully thought out - not just made at a football type rally, with emotions running rampant.

I don't know, maybe it's just me. But I tell you, I live very close to the US, and anything radical they decide will undoubtedly affect us almost as much. Nuclear war? It's possible - the middle East has been stockpiling nukes for twenty years - wasn't it just last summer that the Pakistanians were testing their nukes? And didn't I see news footage of some people of Pakistan laughing at the destruction in NY and DC?

Careful. If Bush were to read this, I advise him to not let ego, or anger, or any high emotion to bring about more force than necessary. It's a saying, so I've heard: By any means necessary. Does this also mean by and amount of FORCE necessary? I'm sure it does. But how to estimate that force?
Could the US not find Ladin himself and take him prisoner? (Hey, it's out of our jurisdiction, that's for sure) THink of all the Afghanis that are innocents, also. They may be killed simply for revenge. Sad, when the rock and the hard place is happening, in a size manifest that has rarely been seen in this century.

I can tell you, I wouldn't want to be making decisions with the President right now. He can't back down or he'll be ridiculed and possibly asassinated... but how aggressive should the US be? It's not pride here we're all defending, but LIFE.

George W.? Did you hear that? I hope you did. God give you the wisdom and strength for this. You're famous already. Let's just make sure there are people left to pass on your fame.

SOrry, am I a complete downer?

I heard that the US has given Afghanistan until tomorrow at midnight to surrender Bin Ladin. (I think I spelled his name correctly)

Poems, poems -
Can't write poems this soon after shocking and distressing news. I let my thoughts simmer a lot longer. I don't know why, but my poetry seems to come out so much better that way

At least, it has since I learned to do that.

Take care, everyone. My heart is cradling all.
Keep writing, expressing...

even if it's negative

but serious - Heather

Heather 9-18-2001 17:54

I added two new versus so my point could be better made.

Why, Who, What now

America’s spirit
is something I share.
America’s anger
is something I fear.

Although its origins are just,
the people it might hurt
include all of us.

Please no one hurt the people of Islam with blows or sticks.
Terrorists can pose
as Christians, Mormons, or Catholics.

We need to band together when
we fight the good fight.
It might be the last we have to do it
if we do it right.

I pray our leaders think
and think some more
before they send one Soul
to the terrorist’s door

Some say there’s nothing better
than an enemy
whose dead

Still others think the only way
to eliminate
is make friends instead.

They say we’ve been enemies forever
so why
even try.

Because we’ll quickly discover
forever is
a long time to cry.

Debra J. Palardy September 14, 2001

Debra 9-18-2001 17:11

JERRY: You have more computer problems than anyone I have ever known.

Mary 9-18-2001 17:01


WHAT I shouldn't play power ball?

Only kidding. I know what you mean.

I hope you're right. I'm going to say a prayer
that no Arab American gets hurt again.

I can't stand hearing that. These people could just as easily be posing as Chatholics.

It's just religion gone wrong.

Debra 9-18-2001 15:05

Well, I think it would be good news, at least for now. I know that if I were from the middle east right now, and were in a public place, I would be very afraid of almost every non-Arab I saw. Not because of anything I have done, but because the outrage is so strong, that many people are attacking each and every Arab they see. Already there have been reports of the murder of several Arabian Americans across our nation. So the fact that he looked at you with the evil eye, can be expected I guess.

I don't think you should worry too much, I know it is a scary feeling to be in such a situation, but I think the chances of you being the target of a terrorist right now is probably as likely as winning the power ball lottery.

We should, I guess pray for our nation, pray for a quick healing, and pray that we not become victim in this horror.

Jerry 9-18-2001 14:41

The sky's have been so quiet. It's one of the most scariest things about the news and our own personal lives.

Debra 9-18-2001 13:50


The typical question would be is that good news or bad news?

I'm sure no one has that answer. The next question is what should we do?

I can give you a discription of him and his van with a partial plate in case we all die. At least you could tell the FBI that much.

Debra 9-18-2001 13:23

Debra - Just found an article in the last American Legion magazine, it brought up something I never thought of, but should have.

These diseases that the terrorists have a rather long incubation time, thus if you and your children were exposed yesterday, it would be at least a week before any symptoms appeared, probably longer.

I was amazed to see this article, published last month before the attack, how prophetic.

Jerry 9-18-2001 13:19

Debra, I reread your post - yes, if they release germ warfare there wouldn't be any cloud, or any discernible smell. It is just as if someone who had the disease were in the location, the germs spread the same way, except you would not have to be close to the person, the germs would simply disperse in the room, mall, or whatever.

I don't want to increase your fear, and I think (hope) the terrorists will wait for our response before they try any more terror. That seems to be the way they work, or has been in the past.

I don't think I would worry to much, it may be that your children were simply exposed to a cold virus at the mall, or elsewhere. It is after all the beginning of the cold/flu season. My wife and I both have the sniffles right now, which is driving her nuts, as when my nose is plugged, I snore loudly all night, even moving to one of the other bedrooms does no good, as I am a very loud snorrer, or so they tell me, I don't know for sure, as I am sleeping of course. I have occasional woke myself up by snoring though.

It appears that with the pressure that law enforcement is making on the suspected terrorists acorss the nation would keep them undercover for some time, as if they are caught, they cannot go forward with their plans.

Jerry 9-18-2001 13:08


So you are saying there needs no evidence of a cloud or a gas.

I just have to sit and wait.

Is that what you are saying?

Debra 9-18-2001 13:01

I just watched Secretary Rummsfield's press conference. Having such wonderful cabinet that President Bush has gathered is comforting, as were the Secretary's words. Like the press, I long to hear the plans for retaliation, yet listening to the reason's that the Secretary gave, that of needed secrecy makes perfectly good sense. Should the administration give details of what is to come, they would be heard not only by the American People, but also by the enemy. There is no sense giving them advanced warning, as has been done so many times in the past.

We have to rely on our leaders to do the right things. We must trust in our authorities to keep us safe in our homes and our cities. We must pray to God that we make it through these trying times in one piece.

I have begun a story I think I must write to relieve the stress of this horror. It begins with the tragedy that just happened, and goes forth with the life of a group who were themselves training in a militia group. I have just the first outline of the story. I am not sure how long it will be, but there is enough there to make a long short story or maybe a full novel.

Am I wrong to think such a story is right at this time and place in history?

Jerry 9-18-2001 13:00

Debra - Well I guess it could happen like that, but if we allow any Arabic dressed person to put us in panic, then we have allowed them to win. I think Tina was right, we must live our lives to the fullest, we must go on as if this hasn't made any difference in our lives, to do otherwise would be giving the terrorists a partial win. I too fear what is to come, but we must go on.

On the mouse in the house war. It seems the angered mother has called in reserves. We haven't seen them as of yet, but they have let their presence be known by leaving shredded paper, dryer lint and what the old timers called "sign". We must reorganize our defense and go on with the battle.

Jerry 9-18-2001 12:47


I had an experience yesterday. I saw a man of Aribic dessent standing in front of a long, extra long white van smoking a cigeratte. He stared right at me and gave me the evil eye.

I'm now wondering if they can release biological germs without a cloud or gas of any kind. Could we all be in danger who entered the mall after this siting? One of the people who entered was me, my twins and my mother.

I'm scared. This morning they all woke up with running noses.

Have I lost it?

Debra 9-18-2001 11:35

Thank you Jack for that picture link. I especially like the quote from Ghandi. So so true.

A friend where I work said to me that the only thing she can think of to do right now, is to live every day well. Despite the shock and grief and anger and helplessness, live every day fully. Find reasons every day to look at the world and appreciate what we have, to recognise the diversity around us and the value that has, and to see beauty and love for it is everywhere. When we can do that, then we can see honest justice instead of blinding revenge. I think she's right.

Tina my home page 9-18-2001 11:20

Viv - yes, if the terrorist released the smallpox virus, he would probably get it himself, but then that probably wouldn't make any difference to the, since they are suicidal to begin with. As I understand their thinking, there is a special place in heaven for them if they die while taking an infidel with them. It is hard for us to understand such beliefs, but if one would compare them to the early Christians, who were willing to give their lives rather then to forsake Jesus. Not that they would kill in the name of God, but were willing to die in his name. See, it is so hard to understand, I get lost in the attempt. Maybe I don't understand them either.

Took most of yesterday off, I have a house full of sick computers. First my wife went crazy, that was a couple of days ago, I finally discovered the cause, a burned out cooling fan on her processor was allowing it to overheat. Then my server went bonkers, and still is acting crazy. It needs a reformat, but I have so very much data on it that I don't wish to loose, yet it is so messed up that it refuses to burn CD's anymore, so I can't back it up that way. I am going to try and back it up on my recliner machine over the network, then format and reinstall windows, and the other thousand programs I have on it. In the midst of that, my recliner machine began locking up, very regularly, every time I clicked on a shortcut, it froze if I let it go for five minutes or so, it would begin to work for a short time, then freeze up again. I traced this down to Norton Anti-Virus. I don't know how it did it, but once I un-installed Norton, it began working again. To top that off, my daughter came over, her computer tower under her arm, saying "it's broke, please fix it!" So I dropped everything else and went to work on hers. Couldn't find much wrong with it, did some tweaking and it seems to be working again. While I was working on that one, my server did it's scheduled anti-virus scan and at the end listed SEVEN viruses that it found and isolated. Maybe that we the problem, but it still makes coasters out of CD's that I try to burn so I think it will still be FORMAT C: /U for that poor old pelter.

On the rodent war - I think we can declare victory! The past two nights have been peaceful, and my traps go un-sprung if it is indeed victory, then the smell should indicate the location of the last mice who avoided the traps but not the mouse poison. I don't look forward to that but I guess it is all part of war.

Had a nightmare last night about this upcoming war. God I hate that.

Jerry 9-18-2001 10:58

Jack: Great pictures. I wish I could have been in America to add a flower. Right now we're awfully homesick. Luckily my husband found a job he could apply for. Fingers crossed, he's sticking in the application tonight. At least we'll have something out there to hope for.

Rosemary: Glad to hear your goose is coming around a bit. I hope you manage to find a feeding system. It's time consuming to sit and feed a sick animal. We've had a sick cat for the last two weeks. He got in a fight and the wounds became infected. There's nothing like sticking antibiotic pills down a cat! We resorted to hiding them in fish, so we ended up cooking and eating fish for two weeks. Then he caught on so we ended up getting scratched. I am so glad he's better.

I agree with you. I wouldn't want to stick a goose on an airplane right now. I'm glad he's already safe and sound down south! He's right where a goose belongs in the winter. Now he can gather steam and be ready for Spring.

Mary: I sluffed off for two days. Hopefully this dry spell will end when I wake up. Dry spell nothing....sleepy spell. I can't wait to snap out of the drowsy mood. Come on energy...where are you hiding?

Viv 9-18-2001 9:47

Viv - yes, actually. It was just one of those CD booklets - I was able to make good copies and fold them up and put them into an envelope. :)

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-18-2001 2:32

p.s. Thursday is when hopefully we will be able to head for Fiji.

9-18-2001 1:30

For those who had not heard of this. There was a planned event this previous Saturday when people were going to lay flowers at the Seattle Center Fountain over the course of several hours. It was assumed that several hundred would do so. Ten thousand came. And they extended it through Tuesday. I have put together the pictures we took when we laid our own flowers. I have no idea who any of the people in the pictures are and hope that the pictures do not offend anyone. However, I felt these were powerful enough they cried out to be seen by others.

Jack Beslanwitch Seattle Center Flower Ceremony 9-18-2001 1:28

I need someone to make sense of this for me please.

I've always been afraid to fly. I flew twice in the seveties. That's it.

This whole thing has made the PLANES themselves seem safer.

Does that make sense?

Debra 9-17-2001 22:16

Hi guys.

The number of people unaccounted for involving the WTC attack is three times the total population of our whole town. Now there is a thought. Compare it to your hometowns and get another perspective on the tragic volume of lives lost.

MEL and VIV: I sang, "Down in the River to Pray". I don't have that great of a voice, but I can hold a tune and the audience is small and forgiving. :-) I think there are 200 of us in the congregation at present. It goes up and down but I have to say there has been a recent surge of newcomers.

I am off to work on my girlfriend's website.

G'night all.

Mary 9-17-2001 22:07

Your poem was really neat. I think your class might enjoy it.

Glad you enjoyed my nonsence. The goose seems to be feeling better. I'm worried we're not feeding him enough. The chickens steal everything we try to give him unless we squat there and shoo them away while he eats. Could put him in a cage but he's pretty large and probably wouldn't like it. He still has all his feathers but he can't walk. He can, however, bite.

Maybe a jumbo jet would be a good idea except we are in the south that some of the geese go to. Since he is an African goose, would he go to South Africa? Expensive ticket.

Maybe I could send him to JERRY for a couple of months. He would be very happy with our temperatures after that.

Personally I wouldn't put my goose or any one else on an airliner for quite a while.


Rosemary 9-17-2001 22:06


I liked your poem, but now my brain's on the loose.

Debra 9-17-2001 21:08

Hi Allein: If it's small and looks like a letter there's a chance I'll get it! If I do I'll let you know. It isn't the booklet is it???? At least it's not in a Batsu-man envelope!

Rosemary: I giggled and enjoyed your poem and post! For someone who doesn't enjoy poetry or music, you'd never know it! I keep wondering what happened to your goose.

A Featherless Goose
is on the loose
in Rosemary's yard.
So send her your feathers
but stitch them together!

We do not have feathers!
We can't stitch them together!
We’ll have to send money
And we’re not being funny!

The Summer is cooling into Fall.
Rosemary's goose won't be happy at all.
We’ll send her the money,
She’ll buy him a seat,
On a Jumbo jet liner
That’s not headed East
It’ll have to be South because winter is coming
And all of the snow birds to warm places are running.
Or flying or hopping or going by jet,
To the South where the winters are warmer and yet….
Rosemary’s bird does not have a way,
He’s lost all his feathers,
He can’t fly today.
So please get together and put in your cash
Frequent flyer miles accepted, especially from Jack.

We’ll get your goose up out of the yard,
Since we all like you Rosemary
It won’t be too hard.

And now my brain is stuck this way.
I know I’m going to talk today,
Like Dr. Suess
My tongue’s got loose,
It’s saying things like Mice and Moose.
I cannot stop
I’ll “Hop On Pop”
And Pop on Hop!
And when I go to bed tonight.
I’ll get some sleep to put it right.

Sorry folks. Nope! I'm not a poet! But it's kind of like jumping up and down and pointing at the sky when you write a poem like this. It's catching. Pretty soon everyone is jumping up and down and pointing at the sky. (Although I don't recommend that activity in a big city today).

Mary: Congratulations on your solo. It sounds pretty scary to try that. No piano or anything to cover up a boo-boo. You must have a great voice. What'd you sing?

Viv 9-17-2001 20:42

Afternoon all,
I loved, loved, loved your 'poem'. I'm making a copy of it along with Toady Dances Down to take to the Wed. Writer's meeting. Will of course, give you all credit. These should show the other members that poetry can be fun.

I know there must be a circut missing in my brain, but I really don't like poetry or music. A lot of people don't like poetry, but either I am the only one against music or else no one else will admit it. Of course, there are times and special music that do affect me, but in general, I'd rather listen to a talk show on the radio.

All that said, I thought I would amuse you with one of the two efforts I made for the next meeting. I had to do the assignment because when someone said "Why don't we do something none of us likes?" I suggested this subject, everyone groaned but agreed.

by Rosemary Croom

How do we start rhyming?
Are there a certain number of words per line?
What do we do about timing?
Does it really have to be mine?

They said, "Syllables can be tools."
Do they have to be long or short?
Are there specific rules?
Will I wind up in court?

"Harmony is crucial," they said.
What if I'm tone deaf?
Is it just music in my head?
Do I need a treble clef?

Is this poem worth at least a dime?
I looked at others, and I just can't see.
now they tell me it doesn't have to rhyme.
Back to prose for me.

As of yesterday evening, the goose was still alive and seemed to feel a little better. My sister tends him mornings, I check on him in the afternoon. If he makes it through this, I might even name him.


Rosemary 9-17-2001 16:45


Hi, you-all. Seems a quiet Monday around here...

DEBRA, RACHEL - good poem messages.

We lit our candle Friday night outside our home, the rain approaching but not yet arrived. The wind whipped and extinguished our first match; we immediately lit a second and then our candle. A few moments of rare, family silence for our ravaged countrymen and then we took our candle into our diningroom, placed it upon the table there. My 11-year-old and I softly sang a few songs for America, while my 4-yr-old sat and listened. We have been lighting our "candle for America" at suppertime every night since then.

JACK: You may be in Fiji now but before I forget I have to say thank you for the 'round-the-world pics - flowers, lighted candles and other remembrances at all the U.S. embassies and in so many countries made the seas disappear, the fences vanish, and everyone was in the same backyard together. Emotions I had bottled for five days poured forth at last. I needed that. Thank you for sharing the World, our brothers and sisters truly.

JERRY: The 9/11 number facts were uncanny. The Sturgis, SD pics were inspirational...until the bandaid brigade! You men!! The Solar System Simulator was actually comforting - I looked at the Earth from a variety of views, and found it--reassuring and peaceful (hopes to come?). Hang in there with the mouse house-hunt. May you be victorious soon!

ED: Gentle ((hugs)) for Thomas.

MARY: Solo in church? Good for you! What did you sing? :-)

TINA: WOW! Your pics and your skydiving tale were awesome! You had me right there with you --- but I didn't jump, heh heh! YOU did great!

ROSEMARY: Okay, here's one for Goosey. Keep in mind that my muse still has her eyes crossed >8-} and she's not much help.

Poor little goose,
feeling loose in the caboose,
or maybe worse, like a moose
in dire need of a masseuse,
or like a bear with no hair,
shaved rare in icy air -
Oh, Brr! Where's Dr. Seuss?
Poor little goose, do not despair;
Soon again you'll feel more fair;
Dr. Rosemary is there. :-D

Peace to you, my friends. Worry not about what the future may bring; TRUST in our government leaders and in the ONE almighty power who's on the side of love, compassion and justice.

Mel 9-17-2001 14:18

Actually, I have a second webpage on Tripod that I'm using until Netcolony is working properly. It won't allow image tags but you can get there from my first webpage. I've got a lot of new pictures up.

Viv - I sent you a small flat envelope with Hello Kitty on it, so hopefully it'll get to you and they won't send it back.

Remember Tanek and Tabari - those cute babies from the first novel. :) Here's a small piece from the sequel.

Tanek flipped through the book Tabari had brought with him - it was small. She knew it was for children and he brought it in hopes that it would be easy for her to read since she was only beginning to learn braille. “This, is a children’s book, right?”

Tabari reached out and ran his fingers along the page. “Yes.”

“How come there are no pictures?”

“I’m not even going to grace that with an answer.”

Tanek blushed. “I’m an idiot.”

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-17-2001 3:41

Hi, me again! What do you say we all take a break from our troubles and write something that is complete fantasy? I think we all need the escape. It could be anything from an ideal day to the ideal fantasy!

Viv 9-17-2001 1:24

hi guys :( Muse left me for awhile I think, but have been working on a short piece may post it later...If it doesnt sound too bad...

Biochemical war scares the hell out of me more than any other, the thought of people Dying slowly from an incurable disease...And then some diseases spread like wildfire...

The news about showing planes slamming into WTC over and over again is making me really annoyed...Wish theyll stop

Hope all goes well for america and its trading later when it opens...I think it will

Haad to turn off news now...Since flying over east next month, Im beginning to get nightmares, it sounds silly and self centred to...
I will see about writing that piece...
God Bless you all

taylor 9-17-2001 1:09

Jerry: You and I posted within minutes of each other. Seems we agree about small pox. I think though that even a terrorist would realize that if they let that loose they would be very likely to suffer from the result themselves, unless vaccinated. Time to start creating enough of the vaccine to create an immunity! If we can fix a problem spot, that is one less problem that can be created.

It's easier than creating new laws and has a more predictable outcome.

Viv 9-17-2001 0:49

Debra: Biological warfare is a very old dirty trick. It's generally always been small pox. I think Americans need to campaign to get the small pox shots given again in the schools and clinics of America. It is not an extinct disease like our great center for disease control tells us. Smallpox goes dormant. It can be revived simply digging up a garment a smallpox victim was wearing. My husband has begged and begged for smallpox vaccinations for our children but was always laughed at. Write your congress person and the CDC. All it takes is a small pox shot to ensure masses of people do not get the shot. If you have a very allergic child, that child should not receive the shot. I am one of those allergic folks who can't take the shot or be around others who have received the shot for a week. (That is the big and only concern for giving these injections in a school setting).

With the ability we have to travel now-days, this is a real concern that needs to be addressed. It doesn't even take evil intent.

Allein, we cannot get or send mail right now. I can't do much until the ban is lifted. No boxes, no big envelopes. Bills and letters can travel, but nothing that could hold an explosive device. Sad isn't it.

I'm sick of mean people posing as religious leaders. Organized religion can be so easily perverted. Last Sunday we were supposed to give a blessing, I looked at all the outstretched arms and recognized the Nazi salute and realized how it started out. I left my arm down. No one else around me realized it, so that was nice. I figured as long as they were all satisfied and happy no one would be bothered. I tend to do my own thing anyway.

Viv 9-17-2001 0:24

O*&%)(^@&$#( Just finished a major post – clicked on send and it disappeared, gone down the tubes!

It went something like this:

Yes, I too am worried about the future. It seems so unstable now war has come to our shores for the first time in over a hundred years. This new kind of war is very different, very dangerous.

It has been over twenty years since I wore the Olive Drab uniform of the U.S. Army, but I do remember about Chemical, Biological and Radiological warfare.

Chemical warfare is, of course the use of chemical agents to inflict injury and death on the populous. There are three main forms of chemical that were used in my day, and that has probably been expanded. They were, nerve agents, blood agents and blister agents. The lesser form of chemical agents includes several forms of tear agents and vomiting agents.

Nerve agents are the most dangerous; the last time that I am aware of was the Serine gas that was released on the Tokyo subway, causing many deaths and injuries. This was an act of terror. Blood agents are becoming a thing of the past, but are still around. I don’t recall ever hearing of one being used, and I can’t remember the symptoms of exposure. Blistering agents were used in WWI the easiest to make and most used was mustard gas. This not only causes blisters on exposed skin but blisters within the body for example the lungs and inside the mouth and nose. Such exposure can lead to death or permanent disability.

Biological agents are more dangerous, simply because they are self-replicating and spread at a terrifying rate. The most talked about today are the newer forms of Anthrax, Plague, Colora, and, believe it or not, Smallpox. There are hundreds of labs across the country that have samples of all these biological agents, for research purposes. It would be an easy thing to break into them and retrieve enough to infect a small city. Since the public is not vaccinated against such things, it would spread rapidly. Even Smallpox, which many of us received inoculations against can still infect us, as those shots were only good for a limited time, and that time has been gone now for many years.

Recently a research team made it’s way up to Alaska where they dug up victims of the Spanish Flu, from that flu epidemic that happened during WWI, (In fact it was partially to blame for ending the war, just not enough soldiers to fight.) These viruses were retrieved for study, with finding a cure in mind. Should terrorists find a way to get their hands on this virus, it could again circle the world killing the strongest and the youngest.

As far as releasing these agents; the easiest form is simply releasing them in a crowded area, since these are crazed suicidal, this would be the easiest for them. They can also be delivered by missile, bomb, or spraying such as a crop duster.
The latest I have heard about nuclear devices, the only terrorist nation that has the bomb is Pakistan, and it appears they wish to remain friendly with the US. Others may have them in secret, but most experts say the ones they have are early models, and must be delivered by missile or bomb. There have been built briefcase nuclear devices that are big enough to wipe out a small city, but as far as I know only the US and the former USSR have them. With the problems in Russia, I would not be surprised if some of these have been sold, since Russia doesn’t even have enough money to pay their military.

We can only hope that, now that we know it is here, our government can protect us. I guess I feel relatively safe here in this small town, but you never know. Back when I was in school, they taught us that our area was within a target pattern from the USSR since they were believed to be interested in bombing the Garrison Dam. This would release billions of gallons of water into the Missouri River, causing flooding all the way from above Bismarck ND to Missouri, then flooding the Mississippi river all the way to the Golf Coast.

What I would worry more about is the plans already in the works in Congress to curtail our freedom. New laws are to be passed that will remove many of the protections that the Supreme Court has produced by their liberal ruling on the meaning of the Constitution. Gone will be many of the search and seizure laws, freedom of travel may be curtailed in the name of safety. Should they curtail too many of our freedoms then the terrorists will indeed have won.

To tell the truth, I think our freedom is insured, and that the terrorists will be stopped before they do much more damage. Or at least we can pray that they are.

Jerry 9-17-2001 0:18


Your poem is a thing of beauty. It's tragic beauty.

It's better than good.


I think you need to submit that one somewhere.

Debra 9-16-2001 22:53


I am also heart sick from seeing the same pictures over and over. I don't want to see any pictures anymore. I worry about everything that has and could happen. I saw a person questioned and treated poorly because he looks a little different. The person I'm talking about was born in Canada. I wrote a poem about my feelings around that. It likely isn't that good, but I'll share it with you guys. I really worry about the racial issues that would seem to be lurking.

Eyes of hate you stare with intent.
On destruction I can see you are bent.
Compassion from you will not be sent.
Destruction, disaster you will rend.

All the horror that we see.
The death and the injury.
The people cry in anger and rage.
This anger sets us up for the next stage.

Strike one was by the hand of evil.
Strike two comes from those who react.
Strike three comes from the innocents attacked.
Join three with one and then combine.
Hate to hate we draw a new line.

We can stop this ugly fight.
We must keep within our sight
That those whose skin does hold a shade
Are not the enemy to be made.

They are as innocent as the rest.
Their loss is no worse, nor any less.
They feel the horror and the shame,
that comes from sharing the same name,
with the dark ones.

Do not brand one and all the same.
All they share is a name.
Innocents made to feel shame
All so that our anger can lay blame.

Don’t blame the innocents.

9-16-2001 22:15

Well since we are talking about our feelings I'll share mine.

I'm so scared of biological war. I just can't stop worrying about it. How is it done? Can the whole country be wiped out at one time? what would happen to the rest of the world?

I'm weak and feel like I can't lift my arms. It started yesterday. I can't take my eyes of MSNBC.

This is just the worst. I find myself worrying about all the family members wandering around and the people who suffered and died. I worry about the people who might be trapped and can't be found. It's too terrible.

Debra 9-16-2001 20:59

Ah, is anyone else becoming a bit angry at the Networks for continual showing those planes slamming into the towers. In the last ten minutes, they have shown them now at least ten times. This on Nightline.

Jerry 9-16-2001 20:47

I guess we all have a bit different feelings about this horriable week. It wasn't until this afternoon that my wife expressed hers.

Like myself, she is a child of the cold war; she remembers the bomb drills, the fallout shelters. The TV comercials telling us to drop - duck - and cover. On the way home from pinochle, she asked me if I thought we would have a nuculear war. I told her I didn't think so. "Well if we do" she said "I don't want to survive."

Jerry 9-16-2001 20:45

Eddie, thanks for the offer, but I agree with Tom, that name would be hard to live down, for cats and people.

We have made a bit of headway this afternoon (after pinochle) our daughter came over, and she along with my wife assaulted one of the closets. Three juvenile mice were captured. I was called in to take their surrender, and handle the execution. It was as painless as I could make it, their bodies now rest within a plastic bag in our garbage cans out by the alley.

My wife worries at the feelings of the poor mother when she returns to the nest and finds it empty. I told her not to worry too much, as the mother is not long for this world, at least I hope so. Two more traps were deployed in an attempt to intercept her on her way back to the nest, and save her from heartbreak.

Jerry 9-16-2001 20:09

I asked Thomas to volunteer for the job but he said he wasn't up to the traveling. 'Besides', he said, 'I'd never live it down, TOM AND JERRY??'.
His words, not mine.

Eddie 9-16-2001 19:44

Tina, loved your home page.

Mary - congrats on the singing career you must be multi-talented.

Well we tried enlisting a couple of cats from our daughters house, but the daughter gave a resounding no. Seems that since she moved, every time she brings her cats over they are very angry when they get home. Her male sprays for weeks. They really love it here since spending a couple of years here, but so long as they don't come to visit, they are all right.

We have put out the word that we are seeking the enlistment of cats to act as ground troops. Hopefully we shall find one or two who are willing to serve.

Jerry 9-16-2001 17:31

Hi guys.

Well, I did it. It isn't anything nearly as death-defying as Tina's skydiving, or as riveting as the latest edition of Rodent Rumble at Jerry's house, but I was pretty scared. I sang a solo in church today. A cappella. Was shakin' in my boots. Literally boots, since today was 'Old West Day' and we were all dressed up like a bunch of outlaws and school marms. "Little House on the Prairie" revisited if you will. I think I must have done fairly well, at least they said I was 'great'. They wouldn't exactly tell me I stunk though, now would they? I am glad it is over, I have been sick to my stomach over it for days. Glad I did it though, and dedicated the song to all the victims of the attack on our country, essentially everyone in America (more specifically all those injured or killed and their families).

I have noticed quite a few people wearing a red, white and blue ribbon pinned to their lapel or near their shoulder. Much like the AIDS ribbon, but it is three thin ribbons, one of each color, braided together and then looped and pinned. I think I will make a few this afternoon to hand around. It's a good show of solidarity I think. I have also seen lots and lots of flags flying on car antennae. There are several half-mast flag beading patterns floating around (us beaders don't waste any time, hehe.) One by one, up and down my street, more flags and colors are appearing. Took the kids to the Dairy Queen today and there was a sign in the window, "If you want to donate your change to the New York Disaster Relief Fund, just ask."

So many signs of support and caring wherever you look. That is something to be proud of.

I am off to write something, anything. I feel inspired. Be well all.

Mary CeltiCreations 9-16-2001 17:04

The rodent war continues. The enemy has become aware of the danger of the traps and are now avoiding them. To counter my assault with Decon and mouse traps, they have engaged in psychological warfare.

Early this morning, the first assault began as the rodent army began digging in, into my walls that is, we both awoke and checked everywhere we could reach, but the rodents were well camouflaged and we could not find them.

This morning we called in reinforcements, my daughter came over and is aiding my wife in moving all the furniture out seeking to destroy the cover, and curtail the psychological warfare.

Tonight will tell the tale, but I sure am tired having slept little since the rude awakening at 3:00 AM, and another at 4:15 AM, another at 5:00 AM at which time I said the hell with it and got up, to the joy of Renn, who has been keeping me company since that time by sitting on my lap joining me in my surveillance of CNN.

Jerry 9-16-2001 12:18

Allien, I am not sure if you can link to them or not but webshots will let you post pictures at their site, you can make them public (accessable to everyone) or private (you furnish the password). You can give them a try.

Jerry 9-16-2001 12:09

TINA: Wow! Looks like you were having an excellent time. Great pictures too. I bet you just can't wait to go back again. All the other pictures on your site are fun too. Your dog is beautiful. The shots of you and Troy remind me of my husband and I before we had our kids. Now our trails are just a tad easier and a lot shorter; the canoes involve five-strap life jackets and jiu jitsu has been translated into getting footed sleepers onto screaming toddlers.

You looked fantastic hanging in the sky!

Mary 9-16-2001 10:37

Thomas is still with us this morning!
He has even perked up somewhat. I know he has not long to go, the tumor is getting worse, but it's good to see him looking bright eyed and responsive. I have been asked why I don't have him 'put to sleep' but I know he is not in pain just now. I would not let him suffer, he will let me know when the time is right. He revels in my touch or proximity, he knows what is going on and seems to be just enjoying the company when he can. His medication is quite expensive but he is a friend so he gets it. All the vet can do for him is prescribe steroids to 'shrink' the tumor.
He is having a good day today. Soon the bad days will outnumber the good days.

Eddie 9-16-2001 6:25

Okay that didn't work. The Shaw at home link isn't really meant to be a link, and I typed my web page address into the wrong box. I'll try again.

Tina My home page 9-16-2001 4:45

Jack, I think using a radio is pretty standard nowadays. I was sure glad for it!

I've updated my website, including some pictures of today's adventure!

Allein, I just use my internet provider, Shaw@home, and a basic HTML programme. It's included with my cable service, and very nicely set up. I don't know of any open use sites.

Tina 9-16-2001 4:44

Does anyone know of a free server that will let you link pictures using image tags? I've tried several, I'm on Netcolony now and it doesn't allow you to do that and it's being difficult uploading pictures - if you could point me in the right direction, that'd be great.

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-16-2001 2:08

Tina: Congratulation. Although, having someone guiding your every step with a radio almost sounds like cheating
Not that I will really complain. If I had that option I might indeed still be skydiving now. So, have fun and go for it. My passion will be scuba diving.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-15-2001 23:29

Want to take a trip away from it all? Want to get your mind off all that has happened this week?

Well I can't help you do all that, but I can give you a peek at the scenery that I drive through when I go to my Dr. at Fort Mead, which is just outside Sturgis SD. The last few photo's show why band aides are indeed a girl's best friend.

Jerry Sturgis SD 9-15-2001 22:56

Congratulations. A marvelous experience and a wonderful piece of writing.

Rosemary 9-15-2001 21:47

Tina - wow, sounds like it was great. Congrats.

I have discovered how to solve this little problem with ben ladain. Let's just send a half dozen or so fire fighters from NYC. I won't take them more then a half hour or so to find him, then several hours while the beat that slimy bean pole of scum bucket until all that is left of him is a grease spot on the desert sands. That man deserves no less after what he has done to our countrymen and our nation. (NOTE: capitalization on his name done on purpose, he doesn't deserve capitals)

Jack, thanks for the help on that picture, I thought the gif very appropriate.

Jerry 9-15-2001 21:46


I did it I did it I did it I did it! :-O

Okay, take a deep breath Tina, breath in... breath out...

From three thousand feet, all the comfortable elements so familiar on the ground could be children's toys, small and imperminent. The wind from the open door, however, is real and strong and somehow both joyful and terrifying.
The student reaches out the open door of the Cessna, slowly edging out onto the wheel strut, keeping close eye contact with the jumpmaster. The wind pulls at you, wants company in the wide open sky, so blue it feels endless. For a moment the student hangs there, holding on easily, until the jumpmaster says 'GO!'
The carefully learned lesson, finished just an hour ago, disappears into the oblivion of fear. For three endless seconds nothing holds you; the world has deserted you and even gravity has signed a betrayal. A tug at the shoulders reclaims presence of mind, and the student counts '3000, 4000, 5000, checkthousand, canopy check'. Look up! The parachute is open, a welcome rectangle of white and yellow penetrating the blue.
A voice on the radio prompts the student to test the controls, and then welcomes me to the world of skydiving. Tony, standing 3000 feet below, watches and coaches me from the radio, and his voice is my mantra. Go left, go right. The world turns below me and I turn above it, we dance.
Too soon the earth wants me back, willing to lend me to the sky, but not relinquish me completely. The target - white tarp stretched across green grass - welcomes me and I wait... wait... flare! and I slow, touch the ground, and whoop for the joy of it all.

Other than the heart bursting moment of absolute, positive fear that the canopy wouldn't open, that was the most amasing experience I've ever had. And yes, I will do it again.

Eddie, I've lost three precious pets, all before their time. My heart is with yours. Your cat knows your love.

Be well all

Tina 9-15-2001 21:00


I now remember the problem with geocities. Sometimes when you try to link to a graphic it will spit you out. I have taken the liberty to save the picture, place it on a web page and you can reach it via Eagle

9-15-2001 17:07

Thank you all,
Thomas kicks against fate and says hi.
The little sod has me up the wall!
He just came over and jumped onto my lap.

I should be grateful for a few moments of recognition.

ain't life strange

Eddie 9-15-2001 17:06

p.s. This should get you to the eagle that Jerry was trying to show.

Jack 9-15-2001 17:04

Tina: Good luck on the skydive. Long ago in a galaxy far far away, er, 1973, Missoula, Montana, I thought I would solve my fear of heights issue by skydiving. Silly me :-) Got out on the strut and froze. They had to virtual push me off. I was on a static line and the shoot opened, but it was somewhat twisted so I went turning around and around and around until it fully deployed. At which point I started having fun. As you probably may or may not learn, given that there are much better chutes these days and you can land standing up, I was supposed to have my legs flexed, look at the horizon and then do a planned landing fall to the left when I landed on the ground. Yes, you guessed it. I stared at the ground in fascination, had my legs locked and watched everything coming closer and closer, really enjoying it, until I landed and instead of falling to the left or right (I am forgetting how it went) I just sat down and then did not sit down for a week as I had bruised my tale bone aka coccyx. I was a medical aide working in one of the hospitals at the time and about a week later one of those in my sky diving class came in with a broken ankle when she went off course and landed on a black top roadway. After that I had little or no desire to leave a perfectly good air plane. Still, I do remember that one skydive fondly and did enjoy the ride down. So, go for it and have fun. I think some of the joyous feeling I got from floating down is kissing cousins to what I experience when I am diving in crystal clear 160 foot visibility water when I jump in and do a five point descent down into the glorious beauty waiting for me below.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-15-2001 17:01

Eddie, so sorry to hear of the illness of your cat. Those things hurt terribly when they happen. At least you can be with him in his final hours, I am sure he knows of your love.

You know this bankruptcy thing has me wondering. We went to court on Monday, yesterday in the mail, I get this offer for a credit card. It says I need to restart my credit record. On the application, it has all the information on my bankruptcy, the court date and time, my attorney's name, and the discharge date. Now I tore the damn thing up and tossed it in the garbage, they only charge 26.9% interest for credit card purchases, and 28.9 on cash advances. Plus they want $65.00 annual fee. Now I don't think I really need one of those damn things anyhow, I do have a debit card, the kind that allows me to make credit card purchases using money from my bank account. This keeps me honest and out of debt, a place I wish to stay for as long as I am able. Then today, we get a catalog from Fingerhut, again with the "you need to re-establish your credit, buy from us on credit!" another item tossed in the garbage.

Life goes on. I am still watching this crisis on television, now on the FOX network which is now linked to the FOX NEWS channel, one channel we don't normally get. I am going to contact our cable company when things settle down and request it though, I like their style.

I find myself wishing I was young again, so I could return to the Army and fight these terrorists. Not that I like war, nothing could be fruther from the truth, but I want to do something. I cannot give blood because of some health troubles that make my blood usless to others, I don't have enough money to send a check right now. All I can do is pray and fly the flag, and I guess I am doing both as best I can.

I am thankfull that my son, who has been working for a computer company flying all over the U.S. installing and training people on the use of his companies software recently tired of all the travel. He quit two weeks ago and is now working for a construction company building homes. He has no phone, but has internet service, so right after this terriable thing happened, I emailed him to tell him how happy I was over his new job, and to tell him I love him. His return said he was very happy about his new job too, as he could very well have been on one of those flights, he spent lots of time in New York City, as his company sold software for large hotels to do reservations and other things they need to do.

Jerry 9-15-2001 16:37

My thoughts are with you. I have only had two long term animals die on me and it is very painful. To watch their last days is both terrible and wonderful. Terrible that they have to go through this and the knowledge that soon they will be gone. And wonderful because you know that you have had so much time and love from that pet.

My poodle, Turkey, was 17 years old when he finally gave up and died, and Chocheise, a paint gelding and the only horse I would ride, was about 35. Both ages are extra long for the animals and I really appreciated both of them.

When I was young, we moved so much I never remember having a pet for any length of time. There was always a dog or cat around but when we moved on, they never seemed to come with us.

EDDIE, (still)
I don't think I mentioned it before, but I am really glad you are back on the notebook. The opinions and impressions of all of us are important, but especially (my opinion) from one who is so far away and has had so many unusual experiences and is so good at experssion.

Good luck with your dive. I'm surprised they are allowing private planes up already. Be sure to remember and write down every impression and feeling. Not just for us but it could be very useful in your later writing.

I'm really glad your vacation was able to be rescheduled.

I know how you feel. I watched the ongoing events of the 11th and was horrified and amazed, but until I realized that my Dr.'s appointment was canceled and I was going to be in a lot of pain until things settled down, I didn't understand that these things would impact more than the victims directly involved. Even my sister has decided to wait a while before entering into a long term financial purchase. She drives 18 wheeler trucks and is afraid her job might not be as secure as it was before the 11th.

I think I'm having TV withdrawal. This morning before leaving for my monthly writers meeting, I watched (and enjoyed) one of those teenage programs that are always on NBC on Sat. mornings. I think it is the first non-terrorist program I have seen since early Tues. morning.

We have a sick goose. He is our grey African goose and the tamest one of the bunch. That doesn't mean he wouldn't give you a nip now and then but he isn't really mean spirited. Maybe a nice poem from you would cheer him up.

Got to go now,

Rosemary 9-15-2001 16:12


I am so sorry to hear about Thomas. We have two wonderful cats of our own, and my whole family would grieve terribly if anything happened to one of them. I remember vividly the pain of putting my black cat, Pepper, to sleep several years ago after he experienced kidney failure. Even my husband who claims to be indifferent to cats cried. It is so hard to see those innocent, dear friends suffer.

Rhoda 9-15-2001 15:38

On a more personal note, Thomas, my feline companion of the past 13 years, is rapidly sliding away from us. He is sitting in a corner of the front lounge with his back to the business end of life right now. He has been suffering from a brain tumor and for the past few weeks has been unable to turn to the left. He has earned the affectionate nickname of 'lefty', becuase of his constant circling to the right. I fear he will not make it through tonight, I reached out to pet him earlier and although he purred loudly, he almost fell over due to my light touch. His eyes are dull and he just lokks as though he has finally given up.
I will, of course let you know how he does tonight.

Eddie 9-15-2001 14:24

I am sure that the picture you pointed us to will, in later times, become as inspiringly recognised as the Iwojima photo of Marines hoisting the flag.

Eddie 9-15-2001 14:17

Nope, that didn't do it either.

Well if you copy/paste it into your url address box, it works:

sorry, I tried.

Mary 9-15-2001 12:05

JERRY: I think I figured out why your link won't work for the eagle picture. Try this one.

Mary eagle tears 9-15-2001 12:03

Mary - you're right, just put that one up with the eagle on my desktop.

Jerry 9-15-2001 11:59

Well backfrom karaoke...Did the Elvis thing honestly thought I could not through with it...I felt not in the mood

It was well received by everyone...I think I did it better than ever before, though things hasnt seem to really hit where I live yet...But had a blast

taylor 9-15-2001 11:52

TINA: Have a great time, I understand that the feeling you get from skydiving is unparalleled. I have never done it myself, but have often thought about it. Let us know everything when you get back! :-)

Mary 9-15-2001 11:45

Speaking of desktop wallpapers, here is the one I have been using. Reminiscent of a certain veteran memorial that all U.S. Americans, as well as other people around the world, will recognize. I just love this picture and hope it gets used in some way to symbolize the strength of our nation during this terrible time.

Mary awesome picture 9-15-2001 11:44

Ooops my finger slipped. Told you I'm excited, I can't even control my mousing!

Tina 9-15-2001 10:50

Thank you Jack for that link. It shows - yet again - that this was an international tragedy, and that the whole world is ready and willing to take action. Nothing has ever come close to creating this kind of response, and it humbles my heart to see people put aside their prejudices and nationalistic pride. It makes me think that surely those cowards who planned this had no idea of how massive the outcry and response would be.

On a happier note... I'm skydiving today! About 2pm PST the plane will go up... and I'll come down! I'm so excited :-D

Be well

Tina 9-15-2001 10:49

Thank you Jack for that link. It shows - yet again - that this was an international tragedy, and that the whole world is ready and willing to take action. Nothing has ever come close to creating this kind of response, and it humbles my heart to see people put aside their prejudices and nationalistic pride. It makes me think that surely those cowards who planned this had no idea of how massive the outcry and response would be.

On a happier note... I'm skydiving today! About 2pm PST the plane will go up... and I'll come down! I'm so excited :-D

Be well

Tina 9-15-2001 10:49

Allien - yep that's the one. I have it on my wallpaper now, in the top right corner of my screen. The wallpaper itself is of the twin towers, the way they were on the 10'th. There are a bunch of photo's of the NY skyline, including that of the towers available free of charge at

Jerry Webshots 9-15-2001 9:46


I have dragged myself away from CNN at last. I have spent the last few days glued to the tv watching History turn. As we head into this new era I would like to offer a few words to my friends here on the notebook. I could well be wrong, but I keep getting this sense of coming events, I can see things happening which need to be talked about before they begin.
When a nation decides to declare war on terrorism (and this is, in my mind a noble cause) we have to be mindful of the fact that this will be a dirty war. American, British, Nato, and coalition forces marched to war in the Gulf under the glare of video lamps while the world watched. This was considered to be the first info war. The information which came out of this arena was, in some cases, seen by the public even before the military commanders.
As we hunt down the faceless cowards who committed the atrocities in New York Washington and Pittsburg, we may be denied the sanitised images generated by that last conflict. The covert nature of any action which will be necessary to undertake will mean severe censure of information output. Your government will be testing your resolve to be trustful of them in the future and there will be times when you may ask what it is that your forces are doing right now. (I am saying 'your forces' and no doubt I mean 'our forces')
I am absolutely certain that there will come a time when all of us will have our resolve tested in these hard times ahead. We have to be sure that we have placed our sacred trust to the right guardians of freedom in this world right from the start. We won't be able to change our minds later.
I think we have it right. I have thought this through progressive British and American Governments. The reason?
Our democratic system by far overshadows the frailty of any single man or cabinet. These people we elect to guard us are answerable to history as well as the electorate.
This is a war which we shall win.
Rant over

Eddie Eds' Writing Life 9-15-2001 9:12

Well everyone: Looks like we will be able to get out this coming Thursday. So, our vacation will last at least a week and we can get some diving in. Not quite the event we hoped, but it will at least be something to experience. I also wanted to share a very very very special page with pictures from around the world that reflect the impact of this terrible event. I find myself somewhat nonplussed that it really did not start to resonate and allow me to emote until it impacted my vacation. At that point I could begin to feel my anger and then my tears and finally make a true connection with the absolutely unreal event of the building falling down, of other pictures of people hanging on the window with flames licking up the side of the building and then tumbling out. There are pictures of those as well. I hope to catch some truly awesome video to share with everyone when I do get to Fiji, albeit there will probably be a tussle over the weight of our luggage when we get into Nandi and then make the trip to our final destination. We will pay for it if it comes to that. At any rate, take a look at the web site. It is a very long compendium of extraordinary pictures that will touch the heart string, I think.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-15-2001 5:28

tonights the night of my little Elvis performance....I got to at least cheer myself up

All I have to say now....Is hold it together George Bush.....and...God Bless America

taylor 9-15-2001 4:59

Jerry - is that the picture of the eagle crying with NYC in the background?

We lit our candles tonight. I'm not angry yet, still shocked and sad, but I'll get angry later.

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-15-2001 3:30

Ode to a Terrorist

You may laugh and revel

At what you’ve wrought,

That brought me to my knees.

You brought me down

With a sucker punch

While I stood in apathy.

But fear will be your constant mate

When I get up off this ground.

You will rot in hell,

You will know my wrath

In any sanctuary you have found.

You may rejoice; be proud

Now while you can

There in your terrorist role.

But the next time you gaze on my face

May God have mercy on your soul.

9-15-2001 0:52

Got this in an email, I would never have thought of that, or stopped to figure it all out.

Fellow once told me in response to my "there it is, figures don't lie!" His response "Figures don't lie, but lier's figure!"

Here are some scary facts for you....

The date of the attack: 9/11 - 9 + 1 + 1 = 11
September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4 = 11
After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.
119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran. 1 + 1 + 9 = 11
Twin Towers - standing side by side, looks like the number 11
The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11

State of New York - The 11 State added to the Union
New York City - 11 Letters
Afghanistan - 11 Letters
The Pentagon - 11 Letters
Ramzi Yousef - 11 Letters (convicted or orchestrating
the attack on the WTC in 1993)
Flight 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11
Flight 77 - 65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11

Jerry 9-15-2001 0:42

Debra, I join in that prayer, however I think it has gone way to far for anything else. Once the body count is done, I fear it will be in the thousands, already it is over four thousand missing. I have heard some estimates that it will be over twenty-two thousand dead (the record of American citizens lost in one day, at Antittum Battle during the Civil War). The horror that those poor workers must be seeing. One report said that when the trucks deliver their load of concrete and steel, it must be unloaded by hand, the body parts separated from it all then sent to the morgue for identification.

I fear that this will be a terrible war with many dead on both sides. You never know though, I could be wrong, I was wrong about the Invasion of Iraq. Hopefully I will be wrong again.

Has anyone thought about the fact that Pakistan has the bomb? Remember a couple of years ago, both India and Pakistan announced that they were nuclear powers.

No, this could be very bad, very very bad. Someone must avenge the death of all those people who's only crime was being to work on time. Think of the wives who weep for their husbands, the children who will never see their mother or father again. It is just too much. It appears the nation has unified around this cause. Only days ago, my senator was angrily accusing our President of reaching into the Social Security Lock Box. Suddenly all thoughts of that are gone, and Billions of dollars are put into the war chest.
Thousands of National Guards men are being activated to protect us on our own land. Jet fighters now patrol our air space, others sit at the end of runways ready to respond in seconds to another attack.

Around our great nation, people now fear another attack. Those who only days ago called their congressmen urging new gun restrictions are now standing in lines waiting for their chance to purchase a firearm for their own protection.

The United States has joined the world in their fear of terrorism and only a joint world task force can defeat such an enemy.

No, Debra I fear it has come to far now for the peacemakers to bring peace to our bloodied land.

We must now pray to God that it is over soon.

Jerry 9-15-2001 0:31

We light a candle here. It was really weird to see a piece of paper in my mail box that someone had to have put in by hand.

We are getting smaller each day.

I pray no one has to go to real war over this. Maybe we will be surprised by a mircle and the bad guys can be brought to justice.

I pray.

If the whole country and world could pray for the same thing, who knows. Maybe it could happen.'

Debra 9-14-2001 23:44

Well that's a fine mess I have made of this page!

Sorry about that, I really thought you would like it. Guess I simply forgot how to code. Maybe I never knew how?

Jerry 9-14-2001 23:31

New Page 1" width="360" height="360">

9-14-2001 23:29

Guess my HTML code isn't that good anymore, or more likely, the Geocities has put more stops on their sites. Try clicking the link, it might work, maybe not it sure didn't work when I tried to post it here!

Jerry Eagle 9-14-2001 23:10">

Ok try that again!

9-14-2001 23:03">

9-14-2001 23:00

The site below lets you do something, you can send condolences. I have, don't know if anyone will ever read it, I suspect they will, as there are already a couple of thousand names there.

I didn't light the candle, it was raining here too, and cold. In my mind I did, just not my body.

I have had my flag out for a couple of days now, I take it in when the rain starts. It's the least I can do.

Jerry Condolences to those still living 9-14-2001 22:36

I did get the message about lighting a candle tonight at seven o’clock. I found my candle and stepped out in the front yard when the time came. The light was dimmer than it might have been. The sky was cloudy and there was a light rain, so different from the night before. It felt strange to be doing such an unusual thing. One doesn’t often stand in the front yard holding a lighted candle in the rain.

Up and down the street there were no other candles. A light showed in a window here and there. They were mostly distant. There was no one in sight to note my presence or to see the candle glow. Still, I exercised a vigil. Alone, wet and resolute, I sheilded the little flame from the raindrops. No choir sang. No bells rang. At some point something told me it was time to go inside, that my statement was made, that my point was taken by the gathering gloom.


gariess 9-14-2001 22:29

Ok, it is time to get away from it all. It's just too damn depressing sitting here. Take a trip, in your mind, click on the link below and you can fly to any planet in our solar system, and view it close up from space.

Jerry Solar System Simulator 9-14-2001 22:24

Gariess and Rhoda:


I always write a poem when something really upsets me.

Just to show you what difference a week makes, the last poem I wrote last week was to critize customer service.

I'll post it sometime when it's more appropriate.

Debra 9-14-2001 21:59

Debra, and Litter,
Nice poeting.

I know what you mean about the muse. Mine has been slapped silly. I don't seem able to absorb all the input in the last three days and still have room for the muse.

Blessings upon New York firemen.


gariess 9-14-2001 21:28


Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

I hope you like the twin poem too.


Your poem was a thing of beauty.


Debra 9-14-2001 18:43

I decided to write twins poems. I had two sets of feelings and the twins towers seem to make sense.

Why, Who, What now

America’s spirit
is something I share.
America’s anger
is something I fear.

Although its origins are just,
the people it might hurt
include all of us.

Some say there’s nothing
better than an enemy
whose dead

Still others think the
only way to
eliminate is make
friends instead.

They say we’ve been
enemies forever so why
even try.
Because we’ll quickly
discover forever is a long
time to cry.

I pray our leaders think
and think some more
before they send one
Soul to the enemies door

© Debra J. Palardy September 14, 2001

9-14-2001 18:29

Our local news interrupts the national from time to time, they just did to report that there are scam artists already taking advantage of this situation. Several have been arrested for soliciting funds for relief, when the only thing the funds relieve is the solicitor's desire for money. This taking place in Florida and Texas. Locally they are recommending that you only give your money to a fund you know. Fund drives NEVER ask for your credit card number on the phone, and the Sheriff recommends that should you desire to give money to those suffering in New York, or Washington DC give it to your local church, that way you know where the money goes. Good advice always.

Jerry 9-14-2001 16:11

Well not good news, but I have just heard the confirmation from Flight 93 filled with hero's all (Except of course the hijackers!) The flight was supposed to take out the Capitol, but was stopped by these hero's, who in their attempt to stop the hijackers caused the flight to crash into the ground, saving hundreds more. God bless them all, they died for their nation. They died for us.

Jerry 9-14-2001 15:41

My thanks too to DEBRA and LITTER for putting some of our feelings into words.

HALLEE, thanks for sharing the words of Leonard Pitts Jr. More words to express our feelings.

TAYLOR, DEBRA - re: That devilface pictur; my 17-yr-old, with whom I am at home today, belives that is a doctored picture as the pixels are rough. Besides, if it had been in the original coverage, SOMEONE would have noticed it sooner and made a big thing of it. I think someone is just having a little morbid fun, although I do not doubt the presence, the encouragement, and the guilt of that unholy fallen angel behind the tragic events of this week.

JERRY, I too cannot keep from returning to news coverage, hoping to hear more successful rescue stories or more solid leads toward justice to be done, the sooner the better!

Am home today, trying to write/critique. The muse is rather be expected. I've tried to express my feelings in my own poem/prose, but can't get the words right. Glad a few of you did, as it helped me. Thanks again.

My family Will be lighting a candle tonight at 7 p.m. - hope the rest of you can too.

Be well. I feel the world becoming so much smaller, closer, bonded across the oceans by these events. My prayer for peace I share with all of you.

Mel 9-14-2001 13:47

I have been amazed since this horror began, at the reaction of our great nation. I have been watching it, second by second with but a few breaks on our ABC channel. There have been absolutely NO commercials. They are behaving exactly as their name implies, the American Broadcasting Corporation. Seeing our congressmen and president speak with one voice, with but one mission in mind.

Also internationally, watching the British as they play the Star Spangled Banner during their changing of the guard, in Canada, where they today held a prayer service in conjunction with the one held in Washington DC. The expressions of support world wide, tug at my heart strings.

Jerry Ericsson 9-14-2001 13:46


Thank you.

Rhoda 9-14-2001 11:45

The sky weeps for our loss, both in New York and here.

On a different note, I am becoming quite a trapper, caught my second mouse this morning. You know when I was growing up, we had no money, because my father was sued by the Federal Government and forced to pay for his father's bills owed to them. I have never really understood how it worked, but something about dad being his father's executor. At any rate, twenty-five percent of all sales went to the government, every bushel of wheat he sold, every cow he sold, but there were things he could do to help us buy our groceries (and his whisky of course) one of which was to trap for fur. Every winter he set his trap lines along the rivers and creeks, catching mink, beaver, otter ermine and other fur bearers. It was one of the few good memories I have of growing up, walking the trap line with my father. The lessons he taught me then, when he was sober and in good health I shall remember forever. Somehow trapping these little critters brings back those memories and right now, any good memory is special.

Jerry 9-14-2001 10:59

I got it. I hope it's a fake.

Debra 9-14-2001 10:47">

not sure if this will work

taylor 9-14-2001 10:38

sorry goto

goto what news? and click on 12/9: photos of 911 terrorist attack...Its not a joke

taylor 9-14-2001 10:36

What face, what picture.

Get it and show us.


Debra 9-14-2001 10:24

Me again, cant believe all of this....But my hats off to Bush, for keeping it together

Touched by this, very much, I thought about writing a letter to the US...Since I cant be there physically to help out I want to send my condolonces and my everso heartfelt sorrow and prayers

Even in Australia...I just lost it and broke down on wednesday...I hope it turns out
This has definately put things into perspective...

Before I vore you all... Did anyone see the face in the smoke picture?

taylor 9-14-2001 10:22

Thank you, Litter. Eloquent and inspiring. I could just hug ya.

Mary 9-14-2001 9:40

The Rubble of Dreams

I tried to write today.
I'm a poet -
It's what I do -
But the world had changed.
lay butchered, and buried,
Matched mountains of ash
become bookends
to incomprehensible carnage
and misguided zeal.

An incinerated moment,
and another,
An hour of dread
obscuring hope -
The rubble of dreams
and fragile mortality
become sombre cenotaph,
Punished and apologetic,
melancholy sentinel
to a grey world's tears.

Such outpouring
of grief,
Such outpouring
of condolence,
The all but drowned voice
of violence,
brutality, and boundless evil,
seeks audience,
but finds none of consequence
in the rising roar of outrage.

In but one hour
the pride of America lay low,
Bitter valediction
of prosperity and pride,
anachronistic to civilised ideals…
And so it is that I urge you,
'midst the tears of global grief,
and through the veil of mourning,
Re-affirm your spirit -
Rebuild your towers
in your hearts, if not in substance.

14th Sept 2001

Litter 9-14-2001 8:41


I don't mind. I am however shook up by Nostradamus. I sometimes put him out of my mind and he always gets back in.

It's so scary to read his words. I think even the word THE if it were written by him makes me tremble.

Debra 9-13-2001 23:39

Debra - I hope you don't mind, I shared your poem with my family. They too loved it.

Thank you

Jerry 9-13-2001 23:34

This is absolutely the last one. I mean it.

OsA Bin U Sea

They compared it to Pearl Harbor.
We just didn’t agree.
They wanted civilians
and the military.

This was a different kind
of atrocity.
A black cloud had covered our statute
and liberty.

When we looked for the sun
we saw there was no light.
What could the face of this
new enemy be like?

What do they want?
Why are they so mad?
They claimed freedom
in this world is bad.

The horror they left to even their score,
destroyed any chance their cause
might be explored.

Instead they wanted a fight.
Now they’ll be getting them one.
Did they leave themselves a place to run?

Our response will be swift by land, by air and by sea.
Their allies will be too, when by their side they do flee.

Sticks and stones have broken our bones,
painfully hard to believe.
Our beloved country and our deep spirit,
from us they will never relieve.

© Debra J. Palardy September 13, 2001

Debra 9-13-2001 22:50

Viv - I hope they will deliver to America. I know maybe 25-50 kanji. I hated Kanji in Japanese class - why they just don't use hiragana for everything I don't understand. But if I want to learn to read Japanese I need to learn it.

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-13-2001 22:33

I am frightened. Peter Jennings is reporting as I type, that there have been at least two more attempts to get onboard by terrorists, one in Washington DC, another in New York. This has been confirmed by Senator Joseph Biden.

God help us.

Jerry 9-13-2001 22:10

I lied, but now I'm done. Not that there's any one here.

OsA Bin U Sea

I looked to my sun
and saw no light.
What could this enemy
possibly look like?

What does he want?
Why is he so mad?
He claimed our freedom
for this world is bad.

The horror he left to even his score,
destroyed all chances his cause
could be explored.

He wanted a fight.
Now he’ll be getting him one.
Did he leave himself a place to run?

Our response will be swift by land, and by air and by sea.
His allies will be too, when by his side they flee.

Sticks and stones have broken our bones,
painfully hard to believe.
Our beloved country and our deep spirit,
he will never relieve.

© Debra J. Palardy September 13, 2001

Debra 9-13-2001 21:31

Last rewrite I promise. It's done.

OsA Bin U Sea

I looked to my sun
and saw no light.
What could this enemy
possibly look like?

What does he want?
Why is he so mad?
He claimed our freedom
for this world is bad.

He wanted a fight.
Now he’ll be getting him one.
Did he leave himself a place to run?

Our response will be swift by land, and by air and by sea.
His allies will be too, when by his side they flee.

Sticks and stones have broken our bones,
painfully hard to believe.
Our beloved country and our spirit,
still you’ll never relieve.

© Debra J. Palardy September 13, 2001

Debra 9-13-2001 20:42

OsA Bin U Sea

I looked to my sun
and saw no light.
What could this enemy
possibly look like?

What does he want?
Why is he so mad?
He claims our freedom
for this world is bad.

You wanted a fight.
Now you’ll be getting you one.
Look around because there’s nowhere left to run.

Our response will be swift by land, and by air and by sea.
Your allies will be too, when by your side they flee.

Sticks and stones have broken our bones,
painfully hard to believe.
Our beloved country and our spirit,
still you’ll never relieve.

© Debra J. Palardy September 13, 2001

Debra 9-13-2001 20:29


Sticks and stones have broken our bones,
hard to believe.
Still our beloved country and our spirit,
you’ll never relieve.

Debra 9-13-2001 20:13

OsA Bin U Sea

I looked to my sun
and saw no light.
What could this enemy
possibly look like?

What does he want?
Why is he so mad?
He claims our freedom
for the world is bad.

You wanted to fight.
Now we’ll give you one.
Look around there’s nowhere to run.

Our response will be swift by land, air and sea.
Your allies will be too when by your side they flee.

Sticks and stones have broken our bones.
It’s hard to believe.
But my beloved country and my spirit they will never relieve.

© Debra J. Palardy September 13, 2001

Debra 9-13-2001 20:04

Garies - I agree.

Hallee - Thank you, I don't think I could write anything so wonderful given a million years.

Today I turned down the TV, and went to the other room where I worked on my daughter's computer. It didn't really need much work, but I did everything I could think of to tune it up, then installed a bunch of new software that she wanted. It was a wonderful break from this harsh reality. I am done now, and am watching the television again, somehow I can't stay away from the news for very long, even though it feels so good to take a break, I must know what is being done, how many are being rescued.

I am amazed at the willingness of the people to give up their travel plans so readily, without a bunch of screaming and complaining. This had drawn our nation together. I even found myself writing again to my Senator, who I have screamed at in letters ever since I saw him following the former Vice President all over the country like a little lost puppy, and to my surprise, I wrote encouraging things, I gave him my support, I thanked him for his work in such a difficult situation, I told him I will be praying for him, and I will, as I will pray for those who have lost family, those who have lost lives, those who must work amongst such horror, such gore to rescue those who are buried alive.

Oh to think of being down there under all that cement and steel, waiting, praying that someone, anyone will find you before the rubble shifts and you die, before you breath all the oxygen in your hole. The fear, the darkness, the pain, the inability to move, the hunger, thirst. It is the things nightmares are made of. I am so grateful that there is a God looking over this, helping those who can be helped, taking those who cannot.

I ramble again, but to do any other would not be me I guess.

Funny, I have heard from friends who I haven't heard from in years.

Jerry 9-13-2001 18:55

Please hear this.

Nothing confirms the convictions of our tormentors more than when we attack innocent arab people in our land. When we do this it convinces the terrorists that they are right, that we are wrong and they have acted correctly when they bombed us.

We had to expect that the worst of us would be heard along with the best of us. I would not give one New York fireman for all the arab beaters in our nation.

Gary Souza

gariess 9-13-2001 17:52

HALLEE: Wow, isn't it amazing what a good writer can make people feel? Anyone who didn't feel the need to rally before, certainly would after reading that. Thank you for posting it; I hadn't seen that one before.

Mary 9-13-2001 17:37

This gave me chills - I had to share it:

by Leonard Pitts Jr. of the Miami Herald

We'll go forward from this moment.

It's my job to have something to say. They pay me to provide words that help make sense of that which troubles the American soul. But in this moment of airless shock when hot tears sting disbelieving eyes, the only thing I can find to say, the only words that seem to fit, must be addressed to the unknown author of this suffering.

You monster. You beast.

What lesson did you hope to teach us by your coward's attack on our World Trade Center, our Pentagon, us? What was it you hoped we would learn? Whatever it was, please know that you failed.

Did you want us to respect your cause? You just damned your cause.

Did you want to make us fear? You just steeled our resolve.

Did you want to tear us apart? You just brought us together.

Let me tell you about my people. We are a vast and quarrelsome family, a family rent by racial, social, political and class division, but a family nonetheless. We're frivolous, yes, capable of expending tremendous emotional energy on pop cultural minutiae -- a singer's revealing dress, a ball team's misfortune, a cartoon mouse. We're wealthy, too, spoiled by the ready availability of trinkets and material goods, and maybe because of that, we walk through life with a certain sense of blithe entitlement. We are fundamentally decent, though -- peace-loving and compassionate. We struggle to know the right thing and to do it. And we are, the overwhelming majority of us, people of faith, believers in a just and loving God.

Some people -- you, perhaps -- think that any or all of this makes us weak. You're mistaken. We are not weak. Indeed, we are strong in ways that cannot be measured by arsenals.


Yes, we're in pain now. We are in mourning and we are in shock. We're still grappling with the unreality of the awful thing you did, still working to make ourselves understand that this isn't a special effect from some Hollywood blockbuster, isn't the plot development from a Tom Clancy novel. Both in terms of the awful scope of their ambition and the probable final death toll, your attacks are likely to go down as the worst acts of terrorism in the history of the United States and, probably, the history of the world. You've bloodied us as we have never been bloodied before.

But there's a gulf of difference between making us bloody and making us fall. This is the lesson Japan was taught to its bitter sorrow the last time anyone hit us this hard, the last time anyone brought us such abrupt and monumental pain. When roused, we are righteous in our outrage, terrible in our force. When provoked by this level of barbarism, we will bear any suffering, pay any cost, go to any length, in the pursuit of justice.

I tell you this without fear of contradiction. I know my people, as you, I think, do not. What I know reassures me. It also causes me to tremble with dread of the future.

In the days to come, there will be recrimination and accusation, fingers pointing to determine whose failure allowed this to happen and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. There will be heightened security, misguided talk of revoking basic freedoms. We'll go forward from this moment sobered, chastened, sad. But determined, too. Unimaginably determined.


You see, the steel in us is not always readily apparent. That aspect of our character is seldom understood by people who don't know us well. On this day, the family's bickering is put on hold.

As Americans we will weep, as Americans we will mourn, and as Americans, we will rise in defense of all that we cherish.

So I ask again: What was it you hoped to teach us? It occurs to me that maybe you just wanted us to know the depths of your hatred. If that's the case, consider the message received. And take this message in exchange: You don't know my people. You don't know what we're capable of. You don't know what you just started.

But you're about to learn

Hallee 9-13-2001 16:34


I know. I wasn't saying anything in patuclar, but I don't think that those towers are the ones referred to. I also think that they might not even have meant literal high.....towers.

I'm with ya.

I believe.

I just think that mess this was brought on by a little boy that needed to spend more time in the time-out chair.

Debra 9-13-2001 14:15

If you copy the message below this post to anyone else, it starts with Fwd. and ends with "we need the world to see."

Mel 9-13-2001 14:03


Please understand that everything described in Biblical phophecy is not stuff done or even sanctioned by God. It is a description of what is to come. I don't think anyone here is saying or thinking that God brought down those towers or in any way approved the action. Goosebumps only come from the uncanny way that biblical passages can sometimes describe and relate to what is going on.

A horrible thing has happened here in Tulsa. A Pakistani man was attacked and beaten up outside a store this morning. There were several others around and no one came to this man's aid. The others merely watched. I feel so ashamed that such a thing happened here in this community. This type of action is what I feared, and when things like this happen, the bastards who bombed us and attacked us score a victory.

Rhoda 9-13-2001 14:03

My fellow U.S. Americans:

I want to share an email message I just received in my office:

FWD. Candle Lighting

Friday night (Sept 14) at 7:00 p.m. (starting EST), step out your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle.

We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism.
Please pass this to everyone on your e-mail list.

We need to reach everyone across the United States quickly.

If we all light candles at 7:00 pm in our own parts of the country, by 10:00 pm EST, the whole country will be lit up with the light of hope.


We need press to cover this--we need the world to see.

Mel 9-13-2001 14:01

Mel, feel free to save away.

Got a lump under my Adams apple for about the thousandth time today when the Royal Family announced they would play our National Anthem with the changing of the guard today. This international support is overwhelming, and deeply appreciated by so many of us.

Jerry 9-13-2001 13:53

Jerry, that's just the light-hearted "tail" I needed to hear today, laundered and cooked mice! :-D The poor, disgusting things. We had a clan of mice when we first moved into our current house; peanut butter on the traps works most excellently.

Um, hope you don't mind if I save that little mousey tail for a tale someday...kinda along the lines of Rosemary's visuals - your experience perked my muse (she has a terrible sense of what's inspirational sometimes!).

Mel 9-13-2001 13:40

On a completely different note, there is this abandoned house across the alley from us. The owner, who is a know drug dealer, went to Denver for some business, and ended up in jail down there. At any rate, it got cold here, and those mice who lived in that house decided that ours was much more comfortable.

Thus far, we have washed one in the washing machine, dryed one in the dryer, and roasted one in the oven (that's a wonderful odor). Oh and I did manage to catch one in the trap.

Jerry 9-13-2001 13:16


If I did get goosebumps it would be just because I love God.

I didn't get them in this case, because this mess in that city with those high towers was not handed down by God.

It was handed down by a coward.

Debra 9-13-2001 12:56

Where are my manners, MARK Welcome back, so good to see you posting again, even if it is to comment on this horror.

HOWARD, so good to see you typing with both hands again.

Jerry 9-13-2001 12:43

The news just reported the recovery of two more people from the WTC, and they were alive.

That very same news just said it isn't over yet, don't relax your guard, this from someone HIGH in the Government.

Jerry 9-13-2001 12:42

I have been receiving so many Emails calling for action against Arabs. It is frightening. I have responded to each with a call for level headedness, to temper our anger with common sense, but I fear my advice will go unheeded.

I can see where this is bringing many Americans together, yet I fear the lunatic fringe will make things much worse.

Jerry 9-13-2001 11:42

Taylor - Go for it, everyone needs a break from this horror and if you can cheer up even one person, you have made this world a better place.

I woke up this morning to reports of heroism, of American's pulling together, of the world offering it's support and assistance. Then I turned to NBC who was doing a story of more horror but this time against Arab Americans.

A man trying to run an Arab American down in a parking lot. Another of a man shooting at an Arab American who was at work in his Service Station.

This MUST STOP! My God, we can't blame an entire race for the crimes of a few. I share in the anger, I share in the sense of revenge, I share in the sadness, but we must place it where it belongs, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with our leaders, one solid front against those who have done this, not against our fellow Americans just because of the color of their skin or the cloths they wear on their backs!
Have we learned nothing from the action of our Governement against our fellow Americans who happen to be from Japan in World War II?

Jerry 9-13-2001 9:39

I think yoou should do it and invite the local press to watch. You have to show that life goes on and these cowards have not achieved their ultimate aim.
Just my gut response.

Eddie 9-13-2001 8:54

looking for advice...
I am at my wits end people about this one

its local raceround in town. been asked to do elvis thing again...dressed up and all, I debated whether or not to do it, then with wtc hit...I thought should I or shouldnt I?
Shouldnt?-people may not like it

Should I? People may need cheering up

can anyone give advice? I know this is so trivial...

taylor 9-13-2001 6:09

Jack - it sounds like your vacation will again be put off for another day. I hope this doesn't queer the whole deal for you. Should you happen to get lucky and the news is wrong, then bon voyage.

Despite the urging of our great Governor, gas stations here in town have raised their prices from $1.72 per gallon to $1.97 per gallon. This is legal in our state, but will be changed in the next legislative session. I am thankful that our daughter, who heard of the price increase called us last night, and I took both our outfits up to the station and filled them to the brim. Travel could get difficult before it gets better.

Jerry 9-13-2001 0:40

MARK - Welcome back!
Since you asked, no, driving the money changers out of the temple was not the response of an immature 12 year-old. It happened when Jesus was 33, shortly after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on what we now call Palm Sunday, just a few days before His crucifixion. The account is given in Luke chapter 19.
The event that took place when He was 12 was when He lingered behind as Mary and Joseph left the temple, and impressed the pharisees and scribes with His knowledge and understanding of scripture. When Mary and Joseph returned to find Him, He asked "Do you not know that I must be about my Father's business?"

howard 9-13-2001 0:37

RHODA: I absolutely agree with you, and in the passage I quoted, to me anyway, the 'fortified cities' and 'high towers' actually refer to the extent of God's judgement. I think my husband's study bible says something about there being no adequate defense against His judgements, but when I read that last line, about the high towers, it just seemed too potent to not mention in the context of what has happened over the last few days. Nobody knows or could possibly guess about the end times, but you must admit...that passage is strong and even out of context perfectly describes recent events.

Take care all.

Mary 9-13-2001 0:14


Well said.


It certainly does give me goose bumps.

Concerning biblical prophecy, I can only see the connection because these terrorists hate Israel and are angered with the U.S.'s support of Israel, or so they say. In my estimation "end times" began when Israel was established as a nation back in 1947(?). Every substantial step in the march forward to the tribulation and Christ's returns involves Israel. The next major event should be the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. When the Dome of the Rock is destroyed and when they begin breaking ground for that temple, I shall certainly stand up and take notice. That event could be next year or it could be 50 or 100 years or more down the line.

I believe biblical prophesy is one of these things that can be best understood a few steps at a time. I am sure that early Christians had no clue about passages that involve the increase of knowledge and people going to and fro throughout the earth and nations that could deliver armies of over 1,000,000 men and a mark which everyone must receive in order to be able to trade and buy food. Only with today's technologies are these things feasible. As the times get closer and closer, the picture will get clearer and clearer.

In the meantime, I believe we are just to live our lives as Christ has commanded us and let God take care of the rest. As long as we and are loved ones are ready and prepared to meet Christ, does it matter how the times progress? Right now people are hurting and our great nation is deciding what to do about it. And how the United States lines up with biblical prophecy, I must admit that I have no clue.

My husband is glued to the television news and I had to get away. The stories given by people searching for their loved ones nearly broke my heart, and emotionally I could not handle it.

Rhoda 9-12-2001 22:02

Jack - those photo's are horrable, much worse then watching it on TV where you only get a glimps of the gore. Thanks for posting them though, we should all look at them closely it will help us understand.

Jerry 9-12-2001 21:01

Sorry: That was me

Jack Beslanwitch 9-12-2001 20:16

This is what I posted to my site:

We deeply regret the loss of life of so many people in this senseless act of terrorism on American soil. It is with saddened heart that our prayers go out to all those who have lost love ones and all those who have lost their peace of mind and their sense of an open society. We as members of fandom must hold tightly to our unanimity of disgust for this ourtrageous set of actions, but also must not surrender to our fears or let ourselves demonize those who are believers of Allah and Islam who, by vast majority, do not condone the actions that have taken place, just as most Christians detested the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building. At lunch today, one person said 'I do not want justice for those who did this; I want to send them to hell'. As natural as this feeling is, we must hold tightly to our sense of justice and see that this new Pearl Harbor leads to appropriate responses that punish those that deserve to be punished. And, most imporantly, have compassion for all those who are injured and all those who have lost loved ones.

I still hope to fly out tomorrow for Fiji, but my anger steadily grows against those who perpetrated these events. I suspect the response from now on will be similar to what is reported from the Jerry Pournelle page:

For those who have not seen some of the more disturbing pictures:

9-12-2001 20:13

Hi, all. I should be in a hotel in Rochester right now, but I am home. Our Microsoft to-do was postponed due to the events in NYC.

Thanks for your thoughts, TINA. I am about a 4-hour drive from NYC, but everyone here has some connection. The University here is populated by New York kids. Probably 80 percent of my former students were from NY and headed for jobs there. Because I taught for two years in the Business school, I know probably 100 kids who were headed for the NY financial district.

I'm originally from the Niagara Falls area (four hours the other direction). I worried about the Falls Power Project being a target. My sister left a job in the World Trade Center a few years ago so that she could raise her daughter in a real house with a real yard. She now works in Buffalo.

I'm numb, dumb, and speechless regarding the attack. I have an overwhelming desire to scream, "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR." I don't really know who to say it to, and I wonder if we haven't already turned both cheeks.

I was watching the morning show on ABC when they began coverage of the first incident and noone knew what had happened. While we watched, the second plane hit the other tower.

Christ drove the moneychangers out of the temple, so he knew how to vent anger, but he was only 12 -- that was his _immature_ response, wasn't it?

I don't know. In this whole mess I see one guy jumping from the building. 70 stories of straight down. No hope, no miraculous awning to break the fall, just straight drop down the straight wall. I don't want to imagine what it must have been like, I don't enjoy imagining what it must have been like inside that building to make him run to that option. I don't want my imagination to work any more.

Mark 9-12-2001 19:50

Jerry: Well said.

On vacation: we will see. It appears that getting from LAX to Nandi will not be a problem. The problem is getting from Seattle to LAX sometime tomorrow. Cross your fingers with me and wish Fran and I luck.

There are starting limited flights now, but mostly just to complete flights that were grounded in the interim. The earliest that anything can happen is noon tomorrow and at that it will still be limited.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-12-2001 19:31

ZephaniaH, sorry. I mis-typed and put an n at the end and when I deleted the 'n' I apparently didn't put the 'h' in where it belongs.

9-12-2001 18:57

Zephania 1:15

That day is a day of wrath,
A day of trouble and distress,
A day of devastation and desolation,
A day of darkness and gloominess,
A day of clouds and thick darkness,
A day of trumpet and alarm
Against the fortified cities
And against the high towers.

Got goosebumps yet?

Mary 9-12-2001 18:40

Read what I wrote. It sounded like I would try to buy Challenge. Nope, will buy or get a newspaper but on Challenge I'll send you the advertisement and check with the company. Hana can ask them if they'd send a subscription to America. What you need is the right level of kanjii. How many do you know?
Challenge goes from 1st grade all the way up to junior high. It is a little silly when you start but covers all the subject that the kids learn in school. That way you get a healthy mix of kanjii.

Viv 9-12-2001 18:14

Actually, I don't buy the newspaper. I probably should and could though. Hana's to the point that I need to check into that...but she has very little interest in the news and I don't have the reading skills to pick out a decent newspaper. For all I know I'd be getting her something like the National Enquirer and she'd be reading about Space Alien Babies being born to rock stars. Still, I'm going to check this out because it's a good idea. I'll be going in to school in a week or so when they allow American's to move around. I was just talking about the junk you get when you go out...sometimes I do get a couple of newspapers handed to me but what they say is ????? When you come out of and go into a station there are always a bunch of people standing around. They hand you stuff like papers, advertisements and little kleenex tissue packets with advertisements on them and in them. I always get one for a real estate company. I'm not supposed to take the stuff but that doesn't seem very kind so I take it, stuff it in my bag, and just keep walking. I'll send what I get to you! I'll also look into that newspaper idea, see if I can get the old copies at Tokai or buy my own subscription.

I have always hesitated on subscriptions because I got ripped off in Germany. I took the paper and the bill just kept getting higher and higher. I sent the company a note saying I'd like to discontinue...they wouldn't. I sent another note saying discontinue...nothing. It went on and on until I got a friend to get on the phone and talk to them. She yelled and screamed a bit and finally they stopped coming. Still, as my daughter has the skills to yell and scream now, I guess we can afford to get a subscription and have her read the political news. What is killing her on these tests are the political and scientific kanjii.

I used Challenge to get Hana started in Japanese. It's a kiddy magazine, but it's really expensive. They still send the advertisements to us so I'll see what is possible.

On the Canadian terrorism, what happened? I hope they don't plan to attack all NATO countries. It's bad to have it in America but all over the world? This would start a war. I really hope we stay very very calm. No one has won a war in Afaganastan yet. It's like Vietnam...a drain on resources. Sometimes I think if you just say, that was a truly horrid thing to do and walk off, you win an argument. Rebuilding, getting stronger and working together would foil their plans best.

Viv 9-12-2001 18:10

Sorry bout that, forgot to put my name on that last post.

Jerry 9-12-2001 15:50

To those who killed my countrymen.

I know that you think you have done something great, that your cowardly act will bring you a reward in heaven. Rest assured, it will not. No, in fact you have done something that far greater nations have feared to do, you have done such an evil thing that you no longer deserve to be a member of the human race.

You have awakened the sleeping giant. You can run, you can hide but we will find you. You can try your treacherous act again, and it will fail because we are ready for you now.

I urge you to look back at history. Look beyond our last major fight in your neighborhood, look beyond that little skirmish in Vietnam, look back way back to World War II. That my enemy is what you have awakened. At this very moment, we, the American People sit before our televisions, still a bit in shock, but we will soon be over the shock, we will soon be over the mourning, and that sir, is when you best get to worrying, because when the shock is done, when the mourning is over, comes the anger, the desperate need for justice; and rest assured, we shall find justice, we shall overcome any barrier you place before us, we shall flush you from your dark underground hiding place like the rat that you are.


An Angry American

9-12-2001 15:28

Rosemary - I may have been confused, it happens from time to time with me. Someone said they disconnected from Cable, I thought it you, may have been someone else. I was just saying that without cable, we get zip so might as well dispose of all the tvs in the house. I watch way too much TV simply because there is little else for me to do. (I know I should be writing.)

I went up town yesterday, the Legion was placing flags on all the poles down Main Street. Businesses all had flags in the windows. Houses down the streets all have flags out, as do I.

Our governor called for all church bells in the state to be tolled at noon today. The TV station in Rapid City was telling folks that the airport would be allowed open at noon, then at 6:00 PM, they are saying allow at least 2.5 hours early because of security checks. They are also reporting two main streets in Rapid City were closed this morning to allow the National Guard to use them. Apparently they are being activated or something, I never caught why or where.

Heather - I haven't heard of your troubles in Canada, but it wouldn't surprise me that our news is too centered on the tragedy in New York to report anything else.

Jerry 9-12-2001 14:21

I am beginning to wonder about our news coverage. I watched most of the day yesterday and a good bit of last night and never heard anyone mention the Canadian hijackings or the bridge. HEATHER or TINA or HOWARD-- What happened? I am going to check out the Toronto newspaper next.

My knee appointment was for 8:00 this morning and they called me at about 9:00 last night and canceled it. Since I am a Military Dependant who uses a Military hospital, I was not surprised because I saw that three busloads of medical personell were sent to New York City, but they wouldn't give me any idea of when they would reschedule me.
This appointment had taken a month and a half to get. I know that in the scope of the world, my knees are way down on the priorety list. That doesn't keep them from screaming because I have to go back to using Alieve. A double dose brings them down to a dull roar.

Gasoline had jumped 20 cents by yesterday evening. No telling where it is now even though our prices are usually low compared to the rest of the country. The news shows (only thing that is on) are giving numbers to report price gougeing. My sister said it would be easier to report who isn't gougeing(sp?) Anyway, Between the knees and gas prices, I'll be staying home a lot.

Enough of my griping. Our airport is still closed. I wonder if Jack is going to be able to go on his vacation.

Did I say something about your TV? I don't have cable but we get about 7 channels with the outside antenna. I watch too much TV with just those. If we couldn't get anything with the antenna, we surely would get either cable or a dish. It would be very high priority on my budget.

I've been listening to the TV while writing this and it sounds like they've already arrested some terrorists. Going to go see what's going on.

Rosemary 9-12-2001 14:00

Damn spell checkers - read co-workers in place of college

Jerry 9-12-2001 13:58

I have been receiving a steady stream of Emails from former colleges, some current peace officers, others now out of the business, professionals all. The tone is frightening, the anger, calls for instant retaliation. When we former and current peace officers see our comrades anywhere injured or killed it has a terrible effect, that - there but for the grace of God go I.

I have responded to each and every one with a call for the level headedness that we have had when responding to emergencies in our own back yards.

I join with those in this wonderful notebook who call for a time to let the shock wear off, then approach this as we have other such incidents with our sights aimed at JUSTICE, if that be a full state of war with another nation, then so be it, but our leaders, those who know the most about this horror be allowed to lead us through this terrible time.

Jerry 9-12-2001 13:56

Oh Christi I know what you mean. I dreaded waking up today, and dreaded the moment when I opened my e-mail this morning. I get the CNN breaking news bulleten every morning, and yesterday that was the first thing I saw. I didn't want to wake up this morning, and it is with relief I see only a bomb threat in Germany that was not real, and no new disaster.

Heather, do you have more info on the bridge bombing? I watched CBC last night but nothing was mentioned. As for the planes here, only one was a true concern, and it turned out to be a Korean airliner running out of gas. It had been flying the holding pattern for too long, and had to make an emergency landing. There was, however, a bomb threat at Parliament in Ottawa yesterday.

Has anyone heard from Mark? I hope all is okay for him and his family.

I have to get ready for work, and it feels like such a inane thing to be concerned about opening a retail store today. There's no reason not to maintain business, but somehow it seems very very wrong to cater to our usual consumer frenzy today.

Be well

Tina 9-12-2001 10:36

I wish I had work to go to. Sitting here watching it second by second is so horrable, yet somehow, I can't look away.

I am glad to see survivors being interviewed, each one means mone less dead in the pit.

I pray for those public safety workers who have died in the line of duty, rescuing those who were trapped in that horror.

Jerry 9-12-2001 10:32

For the first time since the Gulf War I find waking more nightmarish than sleeping. Today the feeling of vulnerability and utter sadness continues and magnifies. I feel so lucky, and somewhat guilty when I look at my son and husband, knowing that there are those who will never look upon their loved ones again.

Not much else on my mind at the moment. I'm very glad that everyone here is okay. God bless.

Christi 9-12-2001 10:00

Nearly 24 hours after the initial heinous event, I'm still in shock, still wanting to drive down to NYC (about 250 miles) and help the rescue workers, and frustrated knowing even if I went down there I couldn't get into Manhattan with the bridges and tunnels closed, can't reverse the nightmares of yesterday... but I will donate some blood as soon as I can arrange it . I hear they're short on O negative and that's what I've got. Wish I could do so much more...

I'm trusting in God to bring good from this evil; He has done so several times in the past. And I'm trusting in President Bush to keep his head and make the right decisions at the right time; I feel he will.

It helps to know that so many people, around the world, are compassionate and praying for us here in the U.S. and Canada; we do the same for freedom-loving people everywhere. I'm with G.S. - may the Palestinians and any other terrorist-supporters have their very own torment-causing diseases and illnesses haunting them all their days and nights... and if not here on earth, I know Someone who will see to it in their next life.

I wish you all a safe, healthy, pleasant day. And many more to come!

Mel 9-12-2001 8:29

Hi all - I live about 200 miles from NYC, so we weren't anywhere near the tragedy, although as everyone else, we're deeply shocked by it. We have some friends in the area, one of whom was in the WT complex when it was hit, but all are okay so far.
A friend of mine at work was actually in a teleconference with a data group in one of the towers when it happened. He said there was a loud noise, static, then a dead line.
Just pray for comfort, healing, and wisdom.

howard 9-12-2001 7:14

I hope that everyone is safe. I also hope that something good will come it.

Barnabas "Hop" 9-12-2001 6:59

HEATHER: I tuned out so much yesterday evening, that I had no idea about the bridge in Canada or the two planes. Please, keep me updated, either here or in email. As for my brother...haha - my husband kept trying to reassure me. "Of course Jim is okay - he's been everywhere and seen it all. He skateboarded through south central LA in the riots and was never touched. He's fine. I'm sure." And he was.

Do we have any NY'ers? Has everyone checked in?

I'll say this poorly, but I'll say it anyway.
I think that one of the reasons that something like this has so rarely happened here is because people on the outside know that we don't play games, we will not tolerate terrorism, and we meet force with force. We, as a country and with our military, are respected and feared. If we sit back and do not retaliate with some kind of force, then it will happen again and again, because some of that reverence and fear will be lost.

It's too open of a country, too integrated, not to be a sitting target. The strength of our military and the strategic brilliance of the military leaders are what allows us to be everything we perceive America to be.

So those of you who are suggesting or thinking that it would be wrong to retaliate I don't think understand that if we want to maintain the security and freedom, maintain the sense of peace that Americans wake up with, that it is necessary for us to retaliate militarily.

I don't believe the government will just arbitarily start shooting. They'll use the extensive intelligence that we have and hit the right target. But they will hit it - and it will be the right thing to do.

God bless you all. I'm eternally thankful that, as far as I know, I've not lost anyone. I'm afraid to read the Pentagon list. I know so many military.

Americans, please, fly your flags and get on the list for blood donations. America and Canada will be in my prayers.

Love to you all.

Hallee 9-12-2001 6:17

alleinn: you had a war dream in a past week too, m not the only one then...I had a dream of fighting in trenches, about three nights ago

On radio this afternoon, they were comparing the attack to some movie plots...

work was hell...can I say that here...I havent smile all day...its terrible how things change so quickly
last night at 9 pm to 9 14 pm, my time, I was channel surfing between Springer and talk show Beuty and the Beast, laughing away at some funny parts in it

9 15 pm, that message of a plane crashing into wtc buldings flashes beneath screen
How quickly things change

I am dreading the words,
"I regret to imform you all but we have declared war, from now, the US is at war with ?"

this may sound silly...this morning when I heard a plane and saw it flying over kalgoorlie, I almost jumped out of my skin

taylor 9-12-2001 5:30

My heart goes out to all of you in US. I was caught up in the Canary Wharf bomb in London a couple of years ago. It was terrifying, but I cannot imagine how the poor people in and around the WTC felt. This act has sent shockwaves around the world, and I was numb when I first saw it on TV. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. Tom Clancy's book, Sum of All Fears, was a bit too prophetic. I hope Bush thinks before he acts, as much as I want those responsible for ordering it to be brought to justice, I'm afraid of an over-reaction. Osama Bin Laden has apparently got 2000 trained terrorists ready to unleash on the world, the prospect of that is too frightening to even think about. Well, excuse me for rambling on, but the events of the IRA bomb in Canary Wharf still affect me, I was about 600 metres from the car bomb, and was lucky to get away unscathed. So, to all those suffering today my heart goes out to you, and may God take care of those whose sufering has stopped.

Dai 9-12-2001 4:52

Viv - I didn't see your message until just now? You would be willing to send me Japanese newspapers - that would be wonderful. It would improve my Japanese skills. :) That is only if it isn't any trouble and if there's anything from America you want, I can send it to you.

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-12-2001 4:23

Three nights ago I had a dream where I was sitting in the mall and I opened a newspaper and in the front the headline was something about an attack on America and the possiblity of war.

It's so surreal - 24 hours ago, New York City was in tact and the US was peaceful.

I can't even imagine the horrible pain the families of the dead and missing are in right now. No one I know lives in New York City or DC so I'm certain my family and friends are okay.

All day on the TV and radio we're presented with this harsh reality. I can't believe it. I'm just praying to God that it doesn't get any worse.

What would possess people to do this? It's pointless.

I should go now - I'm pretty upset by this and sad.

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-12-2001 4:20

Oh Heather! Everything arrived in one piece..I'm so glad. I do that when I send something risky like OH NO MR. BILL. Did you see those pictures we took of the tape. What I like is it looks good as new. My husband even peeled off the label so it hardly shows what Mr. Bill went through. Husband's are a great thing to have.

Those dishes may be Chinese not Japanese. I got them at the train station. They have vendors who set up outside the OX store every day. Each day is a different thing. Prices are a bit less, and the fun is walking the market and getting what you want, a new dress, some fruit or veg day. Each day is a different thing. Prices are a bit less, and the fun is walking the market and getting what you want, a new dress, some fruit or vegetables, and sometimes some pretty dishes.

I didn't realize the newspaper was interesting. I didn't look at what I stuffed in there to keep things intact. I just grabbed what was handy. If your daughter would like more "junk" for show-n'-tell, I'll start stockpiling stuff like that. I get stuff handed to me everyday that sort of piles up on the table. Flyers for sales, tissues with very racy advertisements for the local dial and date services (but if you can't read it sure doesn't matter.)

This goes for Rhoda and Rosemary and Allein too. I'm not promising good stuff but stuff you just pick up in the ordinary course of a day and drop in the garbage when you want to find the table. I'll be a little selective so you don't just open up a pile of trash with gravy stains. I forget what is neat because I get a lot of it. Funny how you miss what's neat until you are gone.

What I'll do is label three or four manila envelopes and what I find, I'll just distribute. You'll be doing me a favor. I'll stick on a stamp at the end of the month, drop it in the mail box and pray like crazy that it actually arrives in one piece!

In another month I'll have a ton of school papers I can send to you all since once I go back to work I don't read or translate anything unless it's written in English. I get a bit frustrated and behind, and I figure whoever wrote it, if it's important will let me know sometime.

Gotta' go. Sorry not to talk about the subject of the hour but I don't want to think about this too much. I'm going to concentrate on little stuff since I can't fix anything. It's sort of like not noticing an elephant! (No elephant here, nope nope, haven't seen any elephants!)

That's the way I handle things. I hate to let everyone worry for me, but I'm not good at handling a crisis. In an emergency with the kids I do the same thing. Whatever is bloody gets wrapped in a tea towel and the crying child is delivered to a doctor or her Dad. Then I go in the kitchen and bake something for whoever got hurt.

Right now, I oughta open a bakery.

Viv 9-12-2001 3:42

Thank you all. It means so much to read all the comforting words of support and love. I think the entire U.S. is in a collective state of shock where this tragedy is concerned, but to see everyone pull together as they have has renewed my belief of the good that lies in the human spirit. I think the terrorists may be surprised to learn how strong we all really are. If we stick together we can get through anything.

Sermon over, I guess I'm just feeling rather proud at the moment. I wouldn't have believed that pride would be an emotion I would experience today and yet here it is. Pride in democracy and in civilization and in the tough stuff we're made of.

Goodnight, my friends. Tomorrow is another day.

Christi 9-12-2001 1:27

GS - I can't say this often, but you are absolutely right, about the books, the movies and the rest. This horror surpasses anything Hollywood has come up with, even our hero Stephen King has never written anything so horrible, so evil, so shocking!

May God give us all comfort on this the worst day of our nations life.

Jerry 9-12-2001 1:10

Just sticking in another thought. An event such as today's changes everything. In the near future the nation will be adjusting to a new sense of reality. The movies that have been made, the books that have been written, the TV shows that have been produced will all be obsolete as of tomorrow morning. New themes will be presented. People who have, up to now, been entertained with violence, and cheap sensationalism will reject these offerings. We can start to look at new ways to write, new perspectives and new perceptions. They won't really be new, but they will seem to be.


gariess 9-12-2001 1:02

Here I am, back again to weigh in on the worst day in American history. This is my second Pearl Harbor. One should be enough for any lifetime.

They hate us so much. They hate our freedom. They hate our success as a people and a nation. They hate the fact that we thrive and flourish in the greatest democracy and the greatest republic the world has ever known. They hate us so much that they will kill themselves to bring us down. Well I don't like them very much either. I hope they get a nasty rash and itch and scratch all night.

Seriously, though, I'm really depressed. I can't believe they did this to us. Talk about ornery. And from my home airport, too. It's doubly disturbing.

I hate most of all how happy this makes them. I would like to smash their happy dance-in-the-street faces. I really hope they get a bad disease. I hope the bullets they shoot in the air come down on their heads. I hope their camels have diarhea in their tents. I know; camels don't have tents. I just want something really bad to happen to these nasty bastards.

Well, if George Bush doesn't get them, they will have to face the wrath of the TV stars who had their Emmy show cancelled. They may not be afraid of our armed forces, but hell hath no fury like a sitcom star scorned. Wait till they come up agaist Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Ally McBeal or whoever that anorexic woman is. Boy, I really hate those terrorists, I wish I knew who they were.

I'll see you guys later.


gariess 9-12-2001 0:38


I appreciate so much the words of love and support that have been spoken here. Thank you, EDDIE, AMERICO, TEEKAY, TINA, HEATHER, PHILIP, TAYLOR and anyone else I may have missed. It is times like this I appreciate the Notebook most of all because it is like one large, farflung family.


I can't predict what will happen, but I think, I hope fervently that our president and our government will take only actions that are appropriate in a spirit of justice rather than vengance.


I also share your concern for the innocent Middle Eastern Americans or those Middle Easterners visiting who might be unfairly targeted with insults or worse. I remember back during the hostage crisis several years ago how some of the Arabs in our chemistry department were jeered at and insulted because of something that people in Iran did. Some people feel that they have to strike out at something or someone. It is unfortunate. Today, we have seen the best of what Americans can be. I can only hope that as time passes and the feelings begin to sink in that this continues to be so. Deep down in my heart I feel it will.

Now to get to bed. I am almost afraid lest I wake and hear some other horrible piece of news tomorrow. But God is in control; of that I have no doubt about.

Good night and God Bless you all!

Rhoda 9-11-2001 23:50

I have just come from the Senate home page and expressed my support for our Senator, Senator Dashel. He probably has my name flagged as a Conservative "diddo head" or something, as I regularly let my feelings be known as to how he has been using his power and fighting against the administrative branch since the election of President Bush.

Today, however, I have to stand beside him, and pray that he and the rest of the senate, and the government as a whole do the right thing.

What is the right thing? I guess I don't know. My knee jerk reaction was let the dogs of the atom loose, nuke those who are found responsible off the very face of this earth.

After some though, however I can see where that would be wrong. I cannot, however stand with those who urge us not to fall back on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. This has indeed been an attack on the American people, and on American itself. It cannot be allowed to happen. Estimates are floating around that upward of thirty thousand are dead. THIRTY THOUSAND men and women, who's only sin was to be working in that building on 9-11-01. That very number is so hard to picture. Thirty thousand, my God, and you say we must not retaliate?

I just cannot fathom that many people, maybe you who live in populous cities can, it has been over twenty years since I moved to this low population area. That is more people then live in either Bismarck North Dakota, that state's capitol, or Pierre, our state capitol. That is nearly every man and woman and child who inhabit Rapid City, the City I was in yesterday.

I would urge every American who reads this to send a note to your Senator, then go on and send one to and let the president you stand beside him in any decision he makes.

Jerry 9-11-2001 23:45

Missed the URL on that last one

Jack Fran 9-11-2001 23:05

Americo and Philip: Thank you for your thoughts. By my comment, I was not personally advocating the kind of uninhibited retribution than may ensue. Still, if the evidence can be put together, I will not necessarily discount it, but I may secretly feel pleasure and a moment of sadness that others have committed such actions on both side.

I am still hoping to try to make it out of here on Thursday for Fiji. We will see. Our DAN insurance will probably cover us for the Aggressor Fleet, but not the rest of the trip. I really, really do need to be 60 to 100 feet underwater and film it all. There is a need :-) And an equal need to share it here.

My one prayer is that those who react to this realize that very few of those who subscribe to Islam condone these actions, any more than Christians condoned the actions of the Oklahoma Federal Building. I have close friends and neighbors who are Islamic and I am sure they are as horrified as I about all of this.

Have to say I have had several beers, so this may be a little bit scattered, but I am, as always, impressed with the broad breadth of the Notebook to draw from all over the world and share in a moment such as this. Take care everyone. My love and prayers go out to all of you.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-11-2001 23:04

Hope everyone is no sleep last night....Kept thinking of George Bush's words
"We will Hunt them down and punish them"

Even though I am all the way in australia, I wish I could offer help

taylor 9-11-2001 23:03

Mary - had that warning about gas earlier today, went up town and filled both outfits. Our daughter heard it from a friend that our prices were to double in the morning. Could be rumor, hope it is but I am not going to take a chance.

I keep hoping I will wake up, this nightmare cannot be true.

Has any one else been running dialog of those people on the plane through their heads? I keep imagining myself in one of those seats, watching it happen, the helplessnes.

Sleep will come hard tonight.

Americo, thank you you too, Teekay, Eddie and the rest who have offered condonances from across the seas.

Teekay indeed the world is quickly becoming very small.

Jerry 9-11-2001 22:50

As I've followed the news today, I've felt a cold chill that had nothing to do with the weather. I so pray that this is over, that nothing more will happen, and I pray that all of you whom I call friends are and will be safe. Hallee, Heather, I'm so glad to hear that your loved ones are safe.

The world is shaken, and no one will be untouched by this. I was appalled to see celebration in the Palestine streets; no matter the feelings between one person and another, one society and another, one country and another, nothing can even suggest to give credence to this act.

I just found out that my cousin who lives in Manhattan is okay. She's a surgery nurse, and has been busy today, but phoned my aunt to say she's okay.

Be well, and pray for what comes next.

Tina 9-11-2001 22:15

Prayers for all those people who were devestated by today's cowardly events. I just can't get the picture of the second plane going into the World Trade Center's tower out of my head. It penetrated that building like a diver into a pool with barely a splash, then of chaos.

Can you imagine how terrible the last hours of life were for the people on the hyjacked planes? The victims in the buildings never saw it coming, but the plane passengers knew they were going to die and had plenty of time to think about it. Just breaks my heart.

Something nobody has mentioned yet is how prophetic this is biblically. I am sure I am not the only one thinking it. The President himself quoted the 23rd Psalm in his address to the US. Just a thought.

On a practical note: If you need gasoline, you better get it tonight. Probably be $5/gallon tomorrow morning.

I have a very dear friend who works at NSA and I was terrified for him all day as he sometimes has business in the Pentagon. I haven't been able to get in contact with him, but something tells me he is all right. Let's hope that there really is something to 'women's intuition'.

Mary 9-11-2001 21:58

Dear friends, it seems all are well among us after today's tragic events. My younger brother was supposed to have been in NY city today, but his classes were cancelled, so thank GOD he wasn't there. His close friend worked in one of the Trade buildings, but just so happened to be late for work. I was watching CNN right from when the first reports of the plane hitting the first tower, and so far we haven't turned it off for long - have a terrible headache, but worse I think, is the ache that somehow doesn't seem rightly placed. It feels as though it's in my stomach.
There are still two planes under terrorist control in Northern Canada, right now. Up in the North West Territories - a part of today's plans, I'm certain, though why they weren't in the air (thank God) or what will happen I am none the wiser.
I know the two planes in Canadian territory are second rate news in comparison to the NYC and DC tragedies, but they still bear announcement, as well as a volcanic eruption today, and a bridge was bombed in Canada as well, collapsing on a whole lot of people.

What the President said, about 'Mark my words,' or however he said it exactly, made me shiver. It reminds me of gang wars - this gang strikes against another, drives by and shoots someone, then the other side strikes back out of vengeance' the cycle keeps repeating. This is global scale, or will be shortly. I do not think attacking whomever was responsible for this terrifying calamity would bring matters to justice, especially not if the US just decided to indiscriminantly bomb away. It would solve nothing. Could it be the intention of these terrorists to start a war, or to get the US to join in the war, as was the purpose of Pearl Harbour?
Now, I am not, by any means, suggesting that this go unpunished - but if I could be an advisor to G.W. Bush right now, I would advise heavily that he spend more effort aiding victims and repairing damage and security, than on seeking the individuals responsible, if that is possible - at least for the next week or two. How long does it take to clean up a disaster of this magnitude? The death toll hasn't and won't be available for many days yet, as the rubble is slowly removed.
I really feel for all of the families and individuals involved and hurt by this horrid event. But at the same time I fear war. I fear there are worse things on the horizon if North America is not very, very careful with every move they make.


Back home, I guess, to watch another stomach-ripping hour or two of the CNN frontline videos and interviews; and to see how the Pentagon is as well, and the other place where the car bomb hit (can't recall, all of a sudden, what the building was). That fourth plane was headed for either the White House, or for Camp David, don't you agree? Imagine if the fourth plane had hit it's mark, too. THe most terrifying and horrible of all today's events, I think, is to imagine those poor people trapped on the planes under hyjack. Sheer terror. THe shudder runs through my very bones.

Viv - I LOVE the beautiful dishes, and everything made it through perfectly intact. I've saved the newspapers too - what a novelty to have Japanese newspapers. My daughter is going to take some sheets of it into school to share.

It sure is hard to smile today. I'm just so relieved my little brother wasn't there today - Hallee, I see your brother lucked out again too!
WOW, how many times is that?

Take care all. Let Love WIN

Heather 9-11-2001 20:42

How sad this day.
Americans aren't alone in this, it affects the entire free world, and the repurcussions will be felt by all for a long time to come.

How complacent we had become and who could blame us
for thinking it could only happen between the pages of a book, or in a movie, or in our worst nightmare?
God, how could we have known that our very existence hangs on by a mere thread, a mere whim?

Do not be angry, for mistakes are made in anger.
Be sad, for all the children, for the loss, the heartache, the waste, the destruction and that there are such in this world who would do such a vile thing.
But most importantly know that we are all in this together. The world is no longer a large place and we are all much closer than once we were.

Teekay 9-11-2001 20:39

Interesting to hear the reactions to the news. I thought Jack had a neat idea, could we all write down an overheard comment that we thought was wise. (Uh, if you can go out today!)

My question: The last bit I heard was that 2 planes had yet to be accounted for. Were they found? In what shape where they found? I'm not turning on the news and running it because my daughter doesn't need to hear it over and over. Neither do I. To hear once is enough.

Rosemary: You are probably safer because the bases are there. If one is an airbase, I don't think they'll be messing with anything in your area. That'd be like messing with a twice shaken hornet's nest!

Hallee: You must have worried so hard about your brother. I'm so glad to hear he's safe and sound! Hope you get a good night's sleep!

Viv 9-11-2001 20:30

My dear American friends,

We in Australia are deeply shocked by the attack on your country.

My family and I extend our best wishes to you and your loved ones, hoping these massive acts of
terror have not touched you personally.

Sincerely - Philip.

Philip McLaren 9-11-2001 19:16

Deepest condolences to all the victims of hate and insanity and the hope that stupidy does not spread worldwide with the primitive wishes of revenge that are so bad councellors in the world of politics and war.

I would like to subscribe Rhoda's post on the need of justice, not hate and discrimination against the innocent.

Americo 9-11-2001 18:30

It’s hard to know what to say. I switched on the tv and for a few minutes I thought I was watching a film or tv drama. I now know it is real but can’t quite get my head around the scale of these atrocities and sheer evil of those who designed and implemented these terrorist attacks.

My prayers go to the victims of these atrocities and to those who have lost family and friends or who still wait to find out if their loved ones are alive, dead, or injured.

I have not been about for a while due to the ‘evils’ of my own illness but somehow that all seems insignificant now.

I also pray that we shall not see any more attacks and that the culprits will be found and brought to book.


Litter 9-11-2001 18:09

The one interesting overheard when I was out for lunch was, "I am less worried about bringing whoever did this to justice than sending them to hell"

Jack Beslanwitch 9-11-2001 16:44


Some people search their whole lives looking for love… Wandering through out time. Just hoping to finally find it… They have a few here and there that may accept as their significant other… Yet still lacking that one thing needed to make it a truly full experience to reach full circle in this world… we walk and live in.
This is a story of two such people who have been doing the same as any other. There are many choices one can make in the life. Some for the best and some for the worst. But either choice made lead you down a path in life that no other will experience. For each of us have our own story to tell. This is such a story… A story of Two star-crossed lovers, from one lifetime to another, having found each other.
As you read this you decide if true love does exist… If there is a greater purpose of it all…



This we dedicate to all the searching souls that are looking for their soul mates. When you find that true mate, and come full circle, your love will become the pages of a thousand books, one chance in life… Step forward and may love find you now.



We reach so much for that certain love… And when we see it in sight… A pull from circumstances takes that love again from sight. You work so hard to make that love… You enjoy the feelings it makes. Then all of a sudden it’s out of reach and then you have to work hard again. You yearn so hard each day to make this love reality… You hope that soon you will feel the reality of the flesh. You wonder if it will ever happen. That you cry within the soul. So many days and nights you dream of your love coming home. But then that circumstance becomes a nasty deal. Again your special time has become further from your reach. But you pull your self together and become closer again in dreams. So many have gone through this desired love… So many feel the pain of wanting love… but with the desired love you have… Desired love turns to Destiny love… And that’s the love you shall always have.
So when you think there are no hope… and when you think to give in… Just ask yourself from inside… Do I really want this love…? Or do I let circumstance win. I decided to take this chance and to always continue to follow through… Because I have one chance in life for my soul to find happiness and to find love. So I choose to take Desired Love and make it a Destiny Love in the end.


I'm 5+ chapters strong. That was just the fwd to the book.
Writing it with another. My honey from Australia. My wife to me. Yes we have done a bonding ceramony and exchanged gifts (tokens) of our love and devotion.This is a true story. Name of book is Star Crossed Lovers. It will be marketed with the song written for it. A cd attached to it. If you want more email me RE:my book or i will not even open it. ty.

JOHN DEFER 9-11-2001 15:04

I am trying to get a picture in my mind of ten thousand people. Somehow I can't. I think back to when we put on the show "Spirit of America" in the Capitol Center back in 1976, it was a pagent giving the history of the Army. There were a little over ten thousand in attendance.

Jerry 9-11-2001 14:21

All I can do is pray and when possible donate blood. King 5 here in Seattle is reporting that there is a 3 hour and longer wait to do that and are recommending doing so in the next week. I feel absolutely horrible about those killed or hurt. And hope against hope that whoever coordinated an initiated this has enough lack of judgment to somehow let slip that they were the ones that did this. America is a very diverse and variegated group of individuals, but when something like this happens I believe there will be some surprise at how quickly we pull together. The Pearl Harbor analogy is not a bad one.

Speaking only personally, this could not come at a worse time. I am still hoping we can get out of here and make it to Fiji, but even this is an iffy proposition. SeaTac is closed until at least 7 tomorrow morning. When it does open, it looks like a tremendous wait and confusion and problems. If we do make it out of here across the Pacific I will be truly terribly sad as we go.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-11-2001 14:16

Anyone notice the date: 911
Don't know that it is significant, but I guess it is appropriate.

Yes, I can join with those who are mad as hell. If there were anything I could do, I surely would. We must stand behind our government, our people and help in any way we can.

The first politico who try's to use this in for his political purpose should be egged from his platform and removed from his office.

Jerry 9-11-2001 14:04

Rosemary - 50,000 were employed in the twin towers...

My heart goes out, especially, to the little ones kept in the Manhattan schools right now because their parents cannot get to them...or may not be coming at all.

I think when I recover from shock, I'm going to be very, very angry...

Mel 9-11-2001 13:43

What can we do? Other than pray and then help with financial and material support, nothing. But actually there is one other thing--don't hate those who did this attack and who sanctioned it. Find them and bring them to justice, yes, but do not hate them. And I also pray for those people of Middle Eastern and Arab ancestry here in the States. Throughout the years innocent people who happened to Arab have singled out for hostile and violent attacks after the Iran hostage crisis and during the Gulf War.

I pray that no more outrages happen and that cooler heads prevail and do what must be done. I also pray for those individuals hurt and the families of the victems. And I grieve that our society will never be quite as open and quite as free and quite as carefree as it was before this tragedy occurred.

May God have mercy on the souls of people who harbor such hatred in their hearts.

Rhoda 9-11-2001 13:43

Friend of mine in the Army worked for the NBC (Nucular Biological Chemical warfare) Used to have a t-shirt that said "NUKEM TILL THEY GLOW AND SHOOT THEM IN THE DARK!" That expresses my feelings right now.

Jerry 9-11-2001 13:40


This is honestly the definition of terrorism. Look up into the empty sky and what you will not see is happy little contrails that reassure us that the world goes on ticking. The FAA has grounded all airplane traffic so that we can know that if it is in the air at this point, it is either military or enemy. Will we look up again with wide eyes?

The people that undertook this amazing cruelty will ultimately face the same. It is certain.

My mind goes to the families across the globe who are scrambling as we speak to find out the disposition of loved ones who may have been involuntarily snagged by this thing.

The apparent ease with which this thing was undertaken is also a concern. To overtake four airplanes at the same hour should simply not be possible. It is this day, 9-11 that will be remembered as the day of emergency in which we as Americans finally understood the actual need for security. The annoyance of a metal detector, the delay in getting to class as a backpack is searched and the general idea that we should be bothered for the sake of security is now somehow more acceptible.

Too bad for us.

Take care,

9-11-2001 13:31

not on writing

Best wishes and heart goes out to you all in america

taylor 9-11-2001 13:21

Eddie, my thoughts exactly.

I heard them interview Tom Clancy earlier, he had much to say about all this, but I shan't go into it now.

Should one of us write a novel about something like this happening last week, it would have been criticized as saying such thing could never happen here.

Somehow I can't believe that it has, even though I sit here watching it unfold. When I was stationed out in Ft. Meyer Va., I used to go to the pentagon weekly to destroy classified documents as I worked in vault containing classified material. It appears to me that where I used to go for that process is no longer there.

We must take action, but again, we must insure that the action we take is against the right group. I recall another day spent glued to the television watching the horror of the Oklahoma City bombing, cussing the president for not taking action against the middle east terrorists. Then to find it the act of that coward Tim McVeigh, a US Citizen who believed too much of the rhetoric of our lunatic fringe.

Must go, President is speaking.

Jerry 9-11-2001 13:17

I hope all are well. I've heard from my older brother - he's a few blocks away from the Towers, but so far, he's okay. Just can't get back home to Brooklyn, so he's camping out at work.

My prayers and thoughts are with the families of everyone. If you can give blood, please do it. The Red Cross is calling for it.

God bless-

Hallee 9-11-2001 13:12

What can I say?
I feel like I should wake up at any moment and find that this hasn't really happened. My thoughts are with the families of those people who were in the Trade building.
My gut feeling right now is to say 'Go Get 'em' I don't know if that is right. We all have to do SOMETHING!
I'm just not sure what?

Eddie 9-11-2001 13:06

When we left the Federal Building yesterday, which of course was where our court was, there was a couple waiting outside our courtroom. I nodded politley to them, the lady bowed her head a bit, and I noticed they were from the middle east, the lady with her head covered, as you see in films from that area. The thoughts of terrorism crossed my mind, just for a flash, as I have never seen such people here before. I am sure it was nothing, but today I wonder.

Jerry 9-11-2001 12:51

I don't know what to say, my heart breaks when I think of all those people dead.

Yesterday when we were in the Federal Building, I felt a bit put off by the metal detectors, but I knew it was to prevent an attack on our government, I wondered at the placing of concreat barriers all around the Federal Building in Rapid City SD? Now I see why.

They have alerted our National Guard, the Air base in Rapid City has been closed off, with armed guards all around the parimiter, All the Chief's of Police in SD have been called to the Capitol by the Governor, the Rushmore Memorial has been closed. Even the Rushmore Mall has been closed.

Jerry 9-11-2001 12:43

I could check the dictionary and I'm sure I cannot find a word that adequately describes this tragedy.

Debra 9-11-2001 12:41

We should never complain about the weather--or anything trivial--again... just be glad to be alive. My God, all those people...

Mel 9-11-2001 12:36


I woke up this morning to the sight of the first tower being hit. (My TV automatically comes on at 8:00am in the morning) As I pulled myself up to see what seemed to be an accident, I saw the second plane crash into the second tower. Someone said that about 10,000 people worked in each of those buildings. This disaster is unbeliveable. The feeling is of watching a bad movie. As the morning moves on, more and more terrorist attacks are disclosed. At least four planes hijacked, the two buildings in New York, the Pentagon building. The horror of all those people. I really can't believe it. We have got to be at WAR for all this to happen.

South Dakota sounds like a more and more desirable area to live. San Antonio is surrounded by five military bases. This can either give you a feeling of safety or the oposite.

May whatever Powers are available protect the victims and their families.

Rosemary 9-11-2001 12:17

Add my prayers also. And my prayers are with those who have friends and family in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Rhoda 9-11-2001 11:52

Add my thoughts and prayers for everyone affected, and an extra prayer that nothing more happens.

I'm so in shock. Everyone be well.

Tina 9-11-2001 11:48

I just saw it. No one read my post to Jerry. Jerry don't read it. I wrote that before this happened and it is sick now. In times of peace it's ok to write something like this but now with all those people.

I'm sorry I wrote it. I hate violent topics and usually avoid them.

This leaves me speechless. All we can do is pray for the families of those involved.

Viv 9-11-2001 11:02


I just saw it too. I don't know what to say.

God help our nation. It will never be the same again.

The lives wasted.

Rhoda 9-11-2001 10:53


All USA people. I've just turned on the t.v. I hope you are all well. Please take care and be safe.

9-11-2001 10:40


Rhoda - Oh my goodness! I took a look at your post. Wanted to give you a hug ((((( 8))))) . Thanks for your words about 'Shadows in a Dream'.

Viv - I saw SHREK (spelling)? I loved it. My kiddies loved it.

Jerry - I'll send you and yours all a hug.

Now I have to get everyone ready for school and off to work.

Take care all.


9-11-2001 10:40

Rhoda: Don't feel bad when you are too busy to write. Keep on posting. We all get busy and can't write sometimes. Right now I have to do a diffent kind of writing...all directions. It's tedious sometimes. What you have to bless are the times you get to write and all that is inside pours out in this beautiful burst of raw energy. This site brings it out in you!

Enjoy the kids and the activity. It goes so fast. My daughter is the same. All the new people you are meeting and the activities are backgrounds for future writing. What you are doing is the background investigatory work.

Don't worry Jack! We'll play nice! Go have a good time. When you get back you can look at my new website and laugh. Boy do I have a profound respect for those who can make one. Back to spending another couple hours trying to get SOMETHING to go right so I can get that good old "Hey, if I can do this...I can do ANYTHING!" feeling.

Jerry: Ditto on what I'm saying to Rhoda. You can take this bankruptcy court thing and make a book. Include the cold house and the creative things you do to stay warm. It's a painful experience but you aren't alone and in fact, if you can just keep it positive and end up selling a novel, you'll inspire others (and there are lots of us teetering around from paycheck to paycheck). With your knowledge of law and courts you could write a doozy. Include a twist in the plot with a mystery from your days as a policeman. My husband once worked in a Toxicology lab in Germany. There was a case where a body was found in a car on a military base. The car had burned up and there was absolutely no trace evidence. The only thing they found were cigarette butts and a hose from the exhaust leading into the the filters of three different types of cigarettes. Yes, the filters did not burn. They were under a rubber mat in the car that melted and fused into the mat. All they had was this burned car, and a body. Can you figure out what happened? There is an answer to this mystery. It's gruesome but there is a real answer. One cigarette butt was under the mat on the passenger side of the vehicle and the other under the driver's side mat.

Now, I'm definitely, back to work, before I know it this deadline will catch me if I don't.

Viv 9-11-2001 2:56

Hello All:
I came here because I'm totally disgusted with my attempts to make a Website using a canned Yahoo program. I saw it and thought, no problem, this is easy. Well, too many hours of frustration later, I have to say, it's harder than it looks. Thank God there is MARY! She is talking me through the worst of the frustration but I have to think that with computers there are good days and there are terrible days. Today is a terrible day. I can't even get into my site. So I'm going to take a minute and write you while I cool off before I begin again.

Heather: I was so glad to hear from you! I wrote you to ask and I'm sooo glad to hear the package arrived. Was it in one or multiple pieces?

Jerry and Everyone else- What is the 5ii danger? I can't even begin to figure out what you are talking about. What is the volcano? I need to go into that computer dictionary Mary gave me and find out more what Javascript is. Maybe that will clear up the ?

Rosemary: I'm with you about tv today. Since I'm not into C&N sports, or crime shows, I don't watch a lot. What I really love is a good movie. HOW MANY PEOPLE SAW SHREK? Now that was the hit of my movie watching this year. What I really love is to see something so origonal I think, "Why didn't (couldn't) I think of that!"

Back to work. Surely I can get into this site. I did it before a million times. Here I go again. Maybe it's because I keep getting kicked offline! AAAAAAARRRRGH!

Viv 9-11-2001 2:12

Hello my name is Comedian TOMMY I am from the midwest in search of a ghost wrighter with an out landish sense of humor to finish editing a very funny story .It's been three years now please can anyone help if I could I will post a bit of this story if anyone is interested in reading. it would appear to be in the form of more of a screenplay .I just need help ...signed... GUY WHO NEEDS HELP...

Tom Ferge no gots 9-11-2001 0:39

Rhoda - sorry bout that, what I said to Rosemary was meant for you, my old mind isn't as sharp as it once was, and this format where on cannot scroll back up to see who said what is often confusing for me.

Jerry 9-11-2001 0:04

5iiiii's thanks for coming forward with your identity, and for the warning. I just didn't want anyone thinking I was doing such a thing. I guess it is something we must watch for, the internet is itself a microcosm of the world, or rather a microcosm. The best and the worst intermingle here, and on who is not careful can indeed find himself in deep doo doo.

Heather, sorry for the computer woe's I know the feeling.

Rosemary, I was just a bit down and that tv stuff struck me all wrong. We went to bankruptcy court this afternoon, now we must wait thirty days to see if anyone contests our filing if none come forward, it will be final at the end of that thirty days. It was not an easy thing to do, in fact it was very hard to go before the bankruptcy arbitrator, and say that you can no longer manage your own funds, that you are basically a failure at managing money, although I know that some of this was not my fault, it still feels that way.

I agree that Television is not the whole problem, just one of the many things to confront our children. Sadly we cannot do without cable TV as there are no television stations that come in without a remote control roof antenna, and those things haven't been made in many years. The nearest TV station to us is ninety miles north, the next well over a hundred. The nearest that has South Dakota news is two hundred, and not access able without a rather large tower for your roof antenna. Since it is now just the wife and I, cable is nice for those days when I can't get out of the house because of weather, or those days when I pay for doing something that should be on the forbid en list, like helping mom fix her furnace, or changing her filters for her roof vent, those days must be spent in my recliner, with heat on my back. Now I do have the computer I use the most beside that chair, in fact I am sitting in it as I type, with Law and Order playing on the TV (RERUN).

With my background, Law and Order even in reruns is a pleasure to watch. In fact dealing with attorneys again, even today at the bankruptcy court brought back nice memories of my days working with the Judge during my internship, and those college days where all our legal instructors were lawyers. You can say what you want about those bottom feeders, down deep they are nice people doing a thankless job for people who, at the time are in desperate need of assistance. The lawyer we chose reminds me of a blend of the ND Bureau of Investigation's officer who worked with us when I was the Chief of Police in Bowman ND, and my primary legal instructor in college. Both of whom I considered very good personal friends.

See, just visiting here and getting my troubles off my chest makes me feel much better.

Thanks JACK, and thanks to my great friends on this fine notebook.

Jerry 9-11-2001 0:01

p.s. As I said before. This was always possible on the Notebook and is not unique to tdforum.

9-11-2001 0:00

OK everyone: Please play nice. Especially since I will be gone between the 13 and the 30th. As adults I think we can all live with the fact that HTML is available on the Notebook. But I request that nobody use anything involving javascript or scripting. Yes, the simple script that Jerry put up does indeed generate a problem. I have removed the code. If forced, I will use the preferences available to disable coding and html. But I would prefer not and presume that we can all be adult about this.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-10-2001 23:58

Hi everyone!

JERRY: I never thought you were 5i's cuz I went to his site and checked out his articles. They really are quite interesting and I would believe quite true.

The 'better safe than sorry' message we are getting is, I am sure, his attempt to prove to us that we are in danger of malicious html if someone were to ever take the notion to fry us big time.

Kinda like the guy trying to tell everyone in the valley that the volcano is going to blow but nobody believes him until it is too late.

5i's: Thank you for your concern and consider us well-warned. However, even if nothing changes with the tdforum, I will continue posting here as I have for well over a year with no problems. If somebody fries us, well then shame on them for blowing molten lava all over us unsuspecting townfolk.

HOWARD: How is your shoulder? No, wait...How are YOU?

HEATHER: So relieved to see that you aren't dead. Big hugs. Come back to us soon.

Love you guys, love the Notebook and be aware that autumn is coming and our activity here picks up as the leaves fall down. Can't wait for it to get lively again. I have missed ya.

Take care.
PS. Anybody gets html'ed here...please email the others to keep us safe until Jack fixes it up. I would think that is the best that any of us could do, really. Right?

Mary 9-10-2001 22:45

Hey everyone! Sorry, computer's been DOWN for the count these last few days and I am actually at the library typing this into a computer that had better behave more readily than mine!
I have sorely missed you all, and hope you didn't think I was... well, not breathing.
Hoping to have the *#&%&*)% machine up and running by the end of the week - but I must say that the break has been refreshing... daunting, but refreshing. I realize this is hardly a compatable mix of emotions (including 'refreshed' as a mental status) but that's what's been emitted lately.

Still scrawling it all down by hand and with such a break, I can get back to re-reading - Mark, you're right. The bar scene in Symphony is BORING!
Only now, after a bit of a break from writing and editing it, can I see that.
What distance can do. Mind you, distance in this internet era doesn't carry the same implications.
Teekay! I may have lost all on the hard drive (tears at bay for the moment, but V may be a goner) Might you have a recent copy?
VIV - THANK YOU SO MUCH! A week ago a huge parcel awaited me, between my doors - but the screen one wouldn't even close!
Have to run, it's shutting down! (the library I mean)

Heather 9-10-2001 20:52

Evening all,
Been very quiet around here since the archiveing.

Is it just my computer, or is anyone else getting a warning message when the notebook opens? It says, "! Better Safe Than Sorry" and at the top is Microsoft Internet Explorer.(which I don't use)

Is this something 5-i's has done to the notebook? Do we need this harrassment? The tone of the whole notebook seems to be changing. Even Jack sounded unhappy with it.

Well, I'm going off to sulk.

Rosemary 9-10-2001 20:08


I hope that previous post did not sound so negative. Actually I have enjoyed being busy. The increased involvement with my children's school has been from my own desires. Not only have the children benefitted, but I have too. I have met many parents and finally feel I have some sort of social life.

My only regret has been my writing. I wish it were not so sporatic.

I just finished reading SHADOWS last week. Good job, ALLEIN, RACHEL, AMERICO, and JACK.

Must run now.

P.S. It has been awfully quiet today. I hope Larry hasn't scared everyone away.

Rhoda 9-10-2001 17:32

What a week-end! Nothing spectacular happened, but it has been eventful none the less. We are barely into September and flu season has arrived. My daughter has been down with it for two days now. I had great plans to clean my house this week-end, but they did not materialize. We spent most of Saturday shopping in Tulsa, and yesterday, I don't know exactly what I did, but I was busy all day. Actually I wasted a lot of time trying to set up a seller's account with e-bay and then photographing and scanning an item. Strange that you can be busy a whole day and then when you take stock at what you accomplished later, it all doesn't seem to tally.


We got rid of our cable about five years ago. It was difficult at first being without it, but now I am reluctant to get it back because my children have been so much more productive without it. We now pick up channels from rabbit ears in the Tulsa area, and we have started watching television again on a limited basis. I thought it was bad back when I canned it before, but it has gotten unbelievable worse in these past years. I stopped watching Star Trek on UPN because I couldn't stand the program advertisements. It is bad when even the adds are unfit for family viewing.

As far as what is to blame for violent kids and bad TV, JERRY, I don't know. I have asked myself that question many times and must admit I don't know the whole answer. I do believe that every generation has its particular set of trials and challenges. Where the challenges of past generations involved wars, taming the frontier, economic problems, and the work involved with getting a roof over the head and food for the family, I believe families and societies these days are bearing the burden of too much prosperity, materialism and too much leasure time (for a certain segment of the population). Then there is the break-up of the traditional family and too many situations where children have no stability in their personal lives.

The only thing I can speak about with any certainty is the immense time and energy children need. Before they enter school, they are physically demanding, but afterward, it gets more complicated. My thirteen year old daughter can now dress herself, take herself to the toilet, bathe and physically do everything an adult can, but she is more work now than she ever was when she was an infant. Same with the other two. Between homework assignments, special events at school, boy scouts, sports, etc. it seems I am always having to drive one or more of them somewhere or run to Wal-mart at 10:00 pm to get something they must have for school the next day (and they didn't even tell me about it until 9:30pm). Another thing is that children want their parents around, maybe not in the same room or within eye-sight, but they demand your presence close by. If I were to work full time, I could not give them that. I could not be aware of some of the things I have needed to be aware of at school or within their own hearts and minds. Where before I mentioned too much leasure time, that seems to mainly apply to the very old and very young. People in their late 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's till retirement are working harder and longer than ever (there are statistics that back that up). Parents are so distracted and torn between home and the work world. Even in our family where I do not work outside the home, my husband struggles balancing his work with family time. I do not know what I would do if I had that same struggle.

Let's face it, the United States of America is not a very family-friendly place. Child molesters spend hardly any time in jail and are free to roam about and hurt more children. Mothers who kill children are made into martyrs. Television, the movies and the media do not try to contain their more violent and sexually orientated fare to places and times when children are not as likely to see it. Married couples are taxed at a higher rate than non-married couples. Too many schools in this country cannot teach basic education and cannot ensure the safety of the students. I could go on with the list. In the meantime parents have to fill the gaps left by our society, and not all parents are willing and able to do that.

Just some thoughts.

Why haven't I posted much lately? For one thing I haven't done the quantity of writing I usually do and it is hard to come here on the Notebook when I don't much feel like a writer. The fact is, I have been busy--busy with children who now come before the Internet and who come before my writing.

Rhoda 9-10-2001 16:00


The "alias" has been my posting handle on the Net since '94. But, for what it's worth, my real name is given here, as it was in the links to the BugTraq reports I've filed. Also, my phone number is listed in the New Orleans white pages if you wish to confirm who I am.

And (to everyone else), no, I'm not Jerry. Nor am I some child sitting at his parent's keyboard. Nor am I trying to put down this forum.

I am simply a concerned netizen who discovered a serious vulnerability, specifically a client-side security risk, in the program code. I also find myself in the somewhat awkward position of having to stress the importance of correcting the author's error. If I have upset you or in some way disrupted the forum in attempting this, please accept my apology.

Larry (5-i's) Lung 9-10-2001 11:50

5 iiiiis'
Thank you for that. We really do apreciate you concern, and I am sure it is genuine. However, we are big boys and girls and we know the risks. If this is some sort of vendetta against the writer of the program then please go to that site. Thank you once again.

Eddie 9-10-2001 11:24

So much for open sites - will whoever is screwing around please stop the nonsense and go away!

howard 9-10-2001 11:14

5 iiiii's - it would be nice if you would identify yourself, instead of hiding behind an alias.

I want to assure the notebook, I AM NOT 5 iiiiis and I rather like the site the way it is. I don't believe that any of us who regularly post on this site would ever do anything to harm the notebook or one another.

Should you wish to make your warning's using your true name, they may have a bit more impact. For all we know this 5 iiiii's is some child sitting at his parent's keyboard making an attempt at putting our notebook down for some unimaginable purpose.

Jerry 9-10-2001 10:00


You wrote:

"However, the way that tdforum handles such things generally mangles attempts to place malicious coding in the page."

I truly wish that this was true! Please remove this posting (which contains a non-malicious alert) so as to not alarm the readers that have javascript turned on. Also, attempt to remove or modify my original posting (9-8-2001 3:42) with the program's administration interface, which will show you the seriousness of the problem.

5-i's 9-10-2001 7:57

Happy Grandparent's Day (Sunday)!

VIV: Comparing my site to Jack's is like apples to oranges. Jack works a heck of a lot harder and longer on his sites than I worked on mine. It is like the difference between French Silk Pie and Chocolate Instant pudding poured into a graham cracker crust. Mine looks all well and good, but Jack does all his own HTML, a task I have no energy for. Thank you very much though, for the lovely compliment. And 'hats off' to Jack because he deserves it.

A new round robin eh? Okie dokie...sounds very interesting and I am off to find my thinking cap.

Mary 9-10-2001 2:06

Haven't made it to bed as of yet, got sidelined some how or another. I just saw one of those V chip commercials, you know the one, where you can control what your children see by setting the V chip on your new TV. Now on the surface this seems a good idea, however I can see where it is going. All ready we can subscribe to such things as HBO and SHOWTIME, with the advent of these new V chips will the networks begin airing R rated and X rated movies? It is a sad testimony to where the morals of our nation have gone when such a thing as a V chip became necessary. I long for the days where the worst you could see was Ms Kitty giving the Doc a hard time about his beer drinking, and Hop Sing chasing Little Joe around the kitchen with a meat cleaver for some insult to his cooking. I guess we will never again be so innocent, and maybe that is the problem with our kids now days.

Just visiting with my niece, who lived with us for many years as she was growing up, as a built in baby sitter. In the town where she now lives, a young student in high school has threatened to get a gun and kill all the students, except the chosen few who he likes. This was reported to the school, and the child has been suspended indefinitely. It is sad but once the genie of school killings have been released from the bottle it may never be stuffed back in. Can this be the result of our liberal television, of our lack of dicipline in the schools, in the home? Could it be the result of working mom's and absentee fathers? Or is it simply an awakening as to the lack of civilizaiton of our people, our return to anarchy, to the law of the pack instead of the law of the many? Aw heck, guess I am just tired! I am off to bed, it will be a better day tomorow. Or at least we can hope.

Jerry 9-10-2001 0:59

Well I gave in to the urge to light the furnace. Just got too dang cold to put up with it anymore. Must be a sign of aging or something, feeling the cold all the way down to your bones.

Tomorrow is our court day. Another of those long 200 mile trips we make to get to the big city where they have such things as federal courthouses. I hate those drives, but I guess that is the price we pay for living in "GOD'S COUNTRY" guess I will be off to bed, as it will be a long day tomorrow.

Jerry 9-9-2001 23:24

Me again,
You will see that it is also in the first person so perhaps it would be challenging!

Eddie 9-9-2001 18:46

Jack, and all,
I really like that idea about time travel. In fact it goes back to my initial contribution to Shadows, the one I pulled out when I realised where the plot was heading. It began in Victorian England. This piece has a working title (The Lodging House) It begins with a mysterious character who suffers from strange dreams. He keeps a notebook by his side but never manages to get anything down on paper after waking. The dreams are vivid in the Notebook of his mind.
The door we walk through could lead us to Mrs Bates Lodging House.
If you would like to read the opening chapter, please follow the link below and you will find it in the SCI-FI section entitled The Lodger.
Let me know what you think.

Eddie Ed' Writing Life 9-9-2001 18:43

Hi all; I just read that my little home town of Sault Ste. Marie, MI was rated by the "Farmer's Almanac" as 4rth in the list of tp ten worst weather places in the U.S. They gave us a "kudos" for somehow living in such a miserable climate and still maintaining a positive attitude. We were virtually tied with Marquette, MI but someone had to be fourth and the other, third. They get a bit more snow (about 200 inches compared to our 150 inches per year) but we get a tad colder. I say that the snow has trained me to be a superior driver, especially with rear wheel drive. I automatically compensate at the first hint of a fishtail. I haven't been i the ditch since I was a teenager (and that's thirty-some years ago).

I know that we have possibly the least amount of direct sunlight in the nation. Weather systems converge here, where the three largest of the Great Lakes meet, from every direction. And yet, we are often warmer in the winter than the Dakota's, and are never as miserably hot as the Deep South or the scorching Southwest. And though we are frequently listed with the coldest temperature in the nation, it rarely stays that way for more than a couple of days. And we are protected from most of the winds by a tremendous amount of forest. The same is true of Summer. It does occasionally get hot. But we are never the hottest place. Our average winter temperature is around 20'F. Our average sumer temp. is about 80'F. Spring and fall average in the 40's.

I do have to laugh when I hear about people suffering in the bitter cold of 40'F. I have slept in tents in temperatures below 0'F. very comfortably. 45'F is when I start to get comfortable if having to do strenuous outside work. It keeps me from sweating. I do fear that my poor Southern California born & bred wife does not fair so well in the cold as I do. But then again, she thrives in heat that makes me melt. I start becoming very uncomfortable when the mercury goes above 78' F. I sweat profusely at anything above 75 when having to work. But I'm peeling off my hat, then gloves, then coat when I'm shoveling snow in the winter.

I don't know why this is so, but it is, and there's not much I can do about it. Fortunately, the water from Lake Superior never gets much above 65' and is a great place to cool a body down during the summer. Also, the beaches stretch for miles. You can walk for hours and not see another person at the beach. The privacy is great.

I lived in the San Diego area for ten years. Though the beaches are beautiful, you have to contend with frequent sewage spills, thousands of people, no parking, etc.

The North has made me strong, hence my nick, "Goodweed of the North".

Great Authors have lived in my home-town. Such men of fame as Longfellow "The Song of Hiawatha" lived here. President Eisenhower frequently visited Mackinaw Island, fifty miles South of me. We have two towns named after famous writers; Pickford, and Rudyard. We have a current mega-writer living about 20 miles South of the Sault. Sue Harrison is the Author of "Mother Earth, Father Sky", "My Brother, the Moon", and several other best selling historical romance novels.

Where we live shapes us in some part. I would have a difficult time writing about the inner-city. I have never lived there. I come alive when writing about the forests, the changing seasons, and the snowy winters.

We must use the things we know in our writing, and constantly try to learn more. I have the advantage of living on the Canadian border and dealing frequently with my Northern neighbors. My life is richer from the cultural exposure. I have had to deal with the rediculous predjudice born of "national pride", i.e. "My country is better.", or "Those Canadians can't drive!" What's laughable is that I hear the exact same thing from both sides of the border. And it's true on both sides of the border. There are bad drivers everywhere, just as there are good drivers everywhere. But I still hear the categorization and misconceptions from each side and laugh to myself at the narrow-mindedness of so many people.

I salute you in the Dakota's. You put up with the somewhat barren Badlands and manage to make a go of it. Anyone in Southern Cal, I don't know how you can live there. Way too many people for me. But I salute you also. To keep sane is a real feat with so much pressure. In the Souther states (including anything South of Michigan), you get tornedoes, oppressive heat and humidity, huricanes on the coast, and are plagued with mosquito born sicknesses which we just don't have here. We are also free from poisonous spiders, scorpions, and snakes. We do have our fair share of biting and stinging insects though.

All in all, this is not a bad place to live. I wish all of you great writing, and success with your personal goals.

Seeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Goodweed of the North 9-9-2001 13:53 left off. I'm tired and punching buttons randomly now.
3. Make sure you have rugs everyplace you can. If you have tile, put down a bit of carpet. Bare floor is cold.
4. Get a little electric space heater and use that if the electricity bill will permit in the bathroom when you take a bath. Always take a really hot bath before bed.
5. Exercise in the morning. It makes your ankles warmer.
It doesn't get cold long here, but in the winter that's what we do out of habit. We have heat now but we forget to turn it on.

It's typhooning outside. Lots of rain. Wind will start in 24 hours. This is earthquake weather. We should be in for some nice little tremors that will keep things peaceful for another hundred years! Nice day to make a website.

Viv 9-9-2001 11:58

Jerry: Hi! Know all about the money hungry furnace. Here's what I did when I lived in a house with only a kerosene heater.
1. Keep the areas you heat small. Close the doors and stay in your smallest rooms.
2. Put a big comforter(blanket) over your table where you eat. Make sure the ends of the comforter reach the floor. I don't know what size you'd need but for a small table I use a queen sized comforter, and a board on top of the comforter. This keeps out the drafts on your feet. Stick a small table light (lamp you would sit on a table) under the table. Take off the lampshade and turn it on. (Presto! Instant Kotatsu)

Viv 9-9-2001 11:53

Mary: Hope you aren't too busy to check the notebook. It may be a bit before I get back to you. Tried to change that password on the Website so you could help me and wouldn't you know, I now can't access my Yahoo mail with either. Lost both websites I created for now! What a looong day. Well, I have most of the information saved so it's just another day putting it back in again. I'll try again tomorrow. Luckily I said I'd send you everything by Sunday your time. I'm a day ahead so that will make everything better in the morning...right???

Jack: After trying the simplest, form letter website I now can see that this takes HOURS of time and energy. I appreciate all the work you have been doing. I was running in the dark there, but Mary came in with spotlights blazing. Think this will work out but it's sure not going to look anything like yours and Mary's. It's interesting though! I'm finding a million new ways and a million new little buttons on this computer. When I actually get this off the ground it will be a high comparable to yours when you get to 100 ft. (I've only been down as far as 60ft and that was deep enough!) Visability was lousy on that trip.
Hope you have clear seas and plenty of interesting things to look at when you are down there!

Like the idea for your history project. That should be neat...will it still be going around Christmas? This website idea may take my time up for a bit, but I'm really excited and already have chosen when I want to live and where. There is an abundance of research material. Are we all different people in different time periods that this character will slip between as he accesses the doors to the past?

Heather: Are you ok? Haven't heard from you in forever!

Viv 9-9-2001 11:47

Jack - Love the idea of going into the past, sounds very exciting. I will participate and unlike Shadows, I will not drop out when I have everyone in my sights.

Got so cold last night that I had to get another blanket on the bed, but the cool weather makes sleeping so easy that I welcome it's return. I do fear however that I will have to light that money hungry furnace in the basement. I like to put that off as long as I can but it was very cold this morning when I got up. Had to put on one of my winter shirts, the kind with thermal lining inside a flannel shirt.

Yesterday was filled with computer problems. The wife's computer has been misbehaving now for quite some time, last week I reformatted it and reinstalled most of her software. We were still working on putting on her favorite games when it became unstable again and began crashing regularly, despite my best efforts at insuring everything was well with windows. Finally last night, I became frustrated and took off the cover of the tower. I began wiggling connections and pressing on things. I took out the ram and reinstalled it in case it came loose somehow. Then I turned it on with the cover off and there was the trouble! The stupid processor cooling fan was frozen. When I spun it, it would squeal like a stuck pig for a short time then freeze again. Since I had a spare in my bag of tricks, I replaced the ailing cooler and all was well again with her computer. Now if I could get my main computer running that well, I would be thrilled. My cd burner has began stopping it's burn about half way through creation. This began when I installed updated software. Guess the old stuff will have to go back once I get the new stuff un-installed. Some days you just can't win. Anyone need a dozen coasters, they are real pretty look just like CD's because that was what they were designed to be!
Well I am off to mom's for another rousing day of fine food and pinochle.

Jerry 9-9-2001 10:34

Also, I finally got the archived Notebook up and realized that I had provided a link for the previous Notebook back. So, both are now available.

One other thought on the Round Robin I propsed below. What if we did each of our portions in first person. It would possibly make it considerably harder to do. But just a thought at making it a more challenging exercise. At any rate, once I do get the workbook operational, this and other similar possibilities can come to fruition.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-9-2001 6:27

Just wanted to rest people's fears or perceptions. The dangers of having a mailto or depositing a script in the guestbook has always been present in previous versions of Notebook. However, the way that tdforum handles such things generally mangles attempts to place malicious coding in the page. I would actually rather have the opportunity to do HTML on occasion, ala, the picture that I included. Things seem a shade quiet here. If I can get the commercial page I am working on done tomorrow, which I hope, I will try to fit in trying to get the other script that I have in mind working and running so the Workbook can finally come back online. Sorry about the very very long wait. If I do things get my jammed up, it will have to wait until after I get back from Fiji, but I will have lots of writing done there and video and pictures to share. So, stay tuned.

And again, I would like to invite people to express their own preferences of what they like to write. When I get back from Fiji I would like to get us a little more targeted on writing as well as the writing life. This will become especially true if I get the Workbook going. Americo had another project that he had in mind, to begin with. And I have another round robin that I would like to propose that follows on a bit on what happened in Shadows In A Dream. If I can get the Workbook running again, I would like to propose that we pick a time in the past and posit that we ourselves each step through a door somewhere and by some unexplained means are all dumped into that long ago place and time. A basic time travel story, but with the twist that like in Shadows we will be writing ourselves into that past history period.

We might want to speculate on what period of time and where and come to a mutual agreement. Just one potential concept.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-9-2001 6:07

hi people
just dropped in to let you know I am alive

Quick change of weather now has threw me off,

taylor 9-9-2001 3:29

You know you just gotta love the Dakota's. Two days ago, I had the air conditioner on, and didn't go camping because of the heat. Today I am freezing, it got down to 36 degrees last night, and only warmed up to the mid 50's today. Maybe frost in the next few days. That's a 67 degree drop in temperature in the past 48 hours.

Jerry 9-9-2001 0:03

Sorry wasn't me but I did go there and read all about it.

Jerry 9-8-2001 23:04

Everybody who has used tags on this page knows about this security issue. With email adds being on the same page it is a little more risky. Low risk, but people are getting paranoid about 'Vunerability issues' nowdays. The link, by the way, is quite safe, and reasonably interesting.

Eddie 9-8-2001 22:08

Blessing you with good weather (I hope) and a great camping trip.

What is that posting about SECURITY about? I'm not trying it. You know about those things.

Bath time, been mowing.

Rosemary 9-8-2001 20:54


Tina - Have fun you!

9-8-2001 18:50

Have fun Tina!

Mary 9-8-2001 16:46

Hi all!

Off camping for the weekend. See y'all on Tuesday!

Tina 9-8-2001 15:19

Bad News Here :(

5-i's 9-8-2001 3:42


Randall - That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Mel - I'm still a little tired. The last few days have been wild ones for me. Many, many things going on. Chit, chit, chit, chat, chat, chat, it never does stop. The little girls even talk in their sleep! I wake up thinking something is wrong. I go to their rooms and they are shouting in their sleep. I tell them it is okay and to go back to sleep. They sometimes open their eyes to look at me, other times just roll over and smile.

Take care all

9-7-2001 22:46

Viv - Would you ask Hana if she would mind translating a few more songs? I've tried doing it myself, but there's so much Kanji and the songs are so fast that I can't even write down the Japanese much less translate it into English. So I was hoping she would write down the Japanese lyrics in Romanji and translate it to English so I know what the songs say. I have a friend who is interested in the translations as am I. I can xerox a copy of the lyrics to you, or send the booklet if the copies don't turn out (however, if I sent the booklet I'd need it back). And I would need an address to send the copies to.
If she can't or won't do it, that's fine and I'll try to do it myself (though I'd probably fail). And there's no hurry to get the translations, but I figure it will give her some practice.

Allein Peachick's Gallery 9-7-2001 20:50


I ponder...

Incipient movement...

All is still...

Softly I am...

Sunset to sunrise...

Star Tiki conceals...

Sunrise to sunset...

A dream...

Beyond the midnight...

We fled...

Along the rainbow bridge...

I hid...

Among the tall trees...


Under the rocks...


No reflection...

No vision...

No harbor...


The door opens...

I enter...

Not to understand...

The simple rose of life...

I ponder...

The dawn...

The felt of night...

The children of dawns laughter...

I'm back!!!!


Randall 9-7-2001 20:10

OK: I took the moment to archive and strike everything back to square one in hopes that the scripting error would not keep jumping to the fore.

Also, as a parting shot before I head off to Fiji, I wanted to try to generate some discussion about what kind of writing does everyone like to do. This can be what genre, what point of view whether first person or third and why and other issues relating to how we sit down and face our computer screens and our muse guides our fingers to put words on disk. I will be doing a travel log of Fiji and working hard at relaying my impressions of the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the culture, the conflicts and the range of everything I might encounter. In addition to all of that, I will be relaying how Fran and I do at taking the class and passing our advanced open water certification. Crossed fingers there. Diving to a hundred feet, night dive and navigation, all have their individual challenges. We will see.

To answer my own question, I tend to like to do things in third person present tense a bit and play around with the words and the personalities. Then range outward from there. Having always been a fan of James Joyce's Ulysses and Chip Delaney's Dhalgren, I love the play of language and interior interaction with the outside world that both explore to their fullest. Some find this type of things off putting. But I link to at least pepper some of what I write with simular slips of whimsey ever so often. At heart I am always a science fiction or fantasy writer for my fiction and also like to do technical writing and travel writing. So, there, I started what I hope is a lively discussion. If someone else wants to bring up some other topic, please do so and I will catch it when I get back. And, later today I will archive the last Notebook.

Jack Beslanwitch 9-7-2001 18:19

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