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Do you have an available job? I have a master's degree in Analytical Chemistry. No one here around New Orleans is impressed, but I can do a mean chemical analysis. Really I can.

Rhoda 9-3-2003 11:21

I got these neighbors,
ya know?
They keep throwing this HTML bold OR italic stuff out there
that just doesn't end.
Ya know?

Mark 9-3-2003 10:27

Wasn't me!
(this time)

I'm about to join the ranks of those changing ids.

Film at eleven...

howard 9-3-2003 10:17

Who did that?
I don't believe it, I'm actually growing fond of talcy Yang!!

Eddie French 9-3-2003 8:28

Shortie theme for this week: A tale of Inconsiderate OR Strange Neighbors

Mary 9-3-2003 0:16



One of the oldest rituals I participate in is the annual Texas dove season opener. Dove season opened September 1 and our gang was out amongst ‘em. As was your field reporter "Old Randall Sure Shot." To get something out of the way really's not the killing of doves, but the fellowship of being with long time friends that I cherish. Oh, I killed a few, four, not even close to the bag limit which is 10 per day. Just getting outside with the "boys" is enough for me. And of course the food.

Standing at the edge of a 200-acre sunflower patch I applied a writers logic to what I was doing. The gift of life is the most sacred of all. A rough count of expended shotgun shells on the ground, versus the few doves that fell to my prowess with a shotgun (that refused to shoot straight) revealed a startling truth. I was giving more life than I was taking. Indeed it seemed more than a few fleeing dovies glanced over their shoulder after the barrage, and with a decidedly look of malice ... snickered evilly ... extended one small leg ... and gave ME the bird.

Riding a 20 to 30-mile an hour north wind, the doves came across our position with velocity and flight characteristics aerodynamically analogous to an F-16 Flying Falcon on a low-level bomb run over downtown Baghdad. Even an average Texas dove excels in mind numbing high speed pivots, increase and descent in altitude that would have a Top Gun jet jockey gasp in admiration. How any bird can come in at tree top level at speeds just below the speed of sound, stand on one wing and drop 10 feet in altitude in the space of .000009 seconds is beyond my comprehension!

Just after sunrise I managed to track one bird over the barrel of my trusty, but obviously defective shotgun, only to see it disappear. Coming in high and fast the wily feathered adventurer dropped 20 feet in less than a second. I could only stare dumfounded as the dove settled a few feet off the ground and disappeared into a mesquite thicket...birdie afterburner on combat setting and wing to the wing with fellow comrades of the feather.

However, sadly, the local wing and tail club are missing a few comrades. Turn their drinking glasses over. Yes, numerous birds gave their life, but their sacrifice was not in vain. Our crew stuffed themselves with the luckless few who zigged when they should have zagged, gained in altitude when they should have headed for the hard deck. Probably rookies. They always seem to bite the bullet first rattle out of the box ... no pun intended. My hat is off to the doves who fell...valiant is thy name...tasty is thy flesh...

Soooooo, our host's recipe for bar-b-que dove is this...remove the breast...slice the meat off the breast. This leaves two pieces of meat. Then...wrap the meat around a slice of hot pepper...wrap the meat and pepper with a slice of bacon...hold all of this together with a toothpick...and place on a wood fired pit. Cook until one degree from incineration, remove, and eat. Wash the whole mess down with a cold refresher. Ahem... soft drinks ARE frowned upon but permissible...

Side dishes are popular as well. Take a fresh Jalapeno pepper and remove the seeds. Stuff cream cheese inside, then wrap the pepper with bacon. Pin everything together with the ubiquitous toothpick and cook on the grill till one degree from incineration. Chicken was also on the menu for lunch. Take one chicken and pluck it. (Long pause...) Uh, buy a chicken from the store, (or use one of your neighbors) remove anything inside...enlarge the southern end...sit the chicken on an opened beer, ah, full beer. Place chicken on the grill in a sitting position, (extra kudos if you can cross it's legs) ignore gales of laughter from the less informed, cook on the grill until one degree from incineration and serve. As a backup a 20-pound beef brisket that has been cooking all night is also on the pit, just in case.

All in all a good time was had by everyone. Although the peppers I consumed are exacting a terrific toll on my stomach, intestines and parts farther south. This is a matter of great humor to my spouse, "Giggles" who stayed at home. But then ... what does she about hunting doves and eating peppers under the Texas sky?

Come on ice creme!!!!


Randall 9-2-2003 20:08

yang is alive -all's well with the world...

9-2-2003 16:48

talc, caustic calcine magnesite, magnesite, magnesium oxide, dead burnt magnesite, brucite, talcum, etc, you can go and view our web site at: 9-1-2003 21:28
I think it was in 'The Paris Option' and I think Robert Ludlum wrote it. The main theme of the story was the development of a super computer (On the molecular scale) that could break any dynamic encryption across the world. The first two strikes of the computer were somewhere in the USA and then London.
Sound familiar? The cyber terrorists targeted the power systems first as a warning to the respective governments. Blackouts in America and then London!
(You did hear about the big one in London last week didn't you?) I was imagining the secret service working behind the scenes while the world knew nothing except the fact of the blackouts. The main event was much more deadly!
But don't worry, it's just fiction..............
isn't it?

Eddie French 9-1-2003 16:47

HEATHER -- You wrote, "Thank you Mark, for a nice spot of clarity on this walk of mists." You can't help yourself, can you? Poetic at every turn.

ANDREW -- Workbook has not been abandoned. Just a bit slow of late. Most of the recent activity has been in shorties. It happens that way.

ALL -- Speaking of Shorties, we have been making a new forum for every topic. You'll notice a "Memories of Mom" forum, a "Disappointment" forum, an "Infatuation" forum, and the original "Shorty Thursday."

No shorties in Infatuation? I'm sure I've been infatuated in my shorties, but that's the whole story.

All the regulars here probably received an email that said "Congratulations, you've been added to Shorties ..." Making a usergroup was for my sake. Each new shorty forum requires that someone grant permission to each individual who will be allowed to read the forum. Uh, four fora and 22 people, that's 88 times to go through the process. Or, TADA, put all the individuals into a usergroup and simply allow the group entry. Now it's only one step to open a new forum for 'just family' and one step to add a new family member to the inside stuff.

Now -- Do you like the Individual Forum setup? or prefer the "Shorty Thursday" where everything lumps together?

AND - don't touch that dial - Should the Work In Progress section be broken into Prose and Poetry fora?

Personally, I'd vote for individual shorties because there's enough activity there that the page would get massive. WIP is a toss-up for me. There has been little poetry posted, and the activity level is low enough that page length is not an obvious concern.

Mark Homepage 9-1-2003 16:16

Thank you Mark, for a nice spot of clarity on this walk of mists.
It is so reassuring to come back and find that all have been carrying on, inspired or not... and that not all messes are permanent.

Rhoda, congratulations! I know just what you mean about one more day that the ms hasn't been returned unwanted is a victory! Phantasium - still no word yet, but I see it as a good thing.
Of course, now that the first ms copy is out, I've been pouring over my printed copy and finding... oh yes! finding things I should have revised! Of course there are some things... LOL (Or I'd be a professional editor by now)

Mel's advice is sound - go ahead and give yourself permission to jump into the spy novel now - you have waited and deserve to have the fun and frenzy of a new project!
When you need a break from the new book, pull out the older ms and plump up the beginning. Sometimes it takes a while to see that your own characters are a bit flat - good for you that you can see it now, and that is all the weaponry you need to change them into full-bodied folks!
Best of luck with your new group - oh, how I want to do the same here in Guelph! But not yet - if I jump into organizing a writer's group too soon I'll be sacking myself with more work than I can handle at the moment. It would help inspire me to get back to 'Symphony'; yet that will happen of its own accord, and the time is nigh anyhow.

Ugh, I'm typing to loud music so my words are not carefully chosen, but the ideas are there. Better loud music to carry my mood than to sink into the one that threatened me earlier!

Good to see everyone here - intact and at peace....
Thank you Jerry, for those wise sayings - I found many of them to have that ring to them.... and now to go back and memorize a few, so I can let them fly when appropriate. Not to mention that they're good for a chuckle...

Here's one that a good friend said when we took my kids up to the studio rooftop, and they wanted to be a bit too daring: "Better to ride a bicycle than a wheelchair."
I had to laugh at the looks on their faces. Curbed the enthusiasm to lean over the railings too far, that is for certain!
Anyhow, before I impart too much personal confusion, time to be off.....

Heather 9-1-2003 15:42

Just curious, but is the Writers Workbook been abandoned? I noticed not very many people visit it lately. Perhaps it is because of the SObig virus. If so, is there a new place to post work?

Andrew 9-1-2003 15:30

Hi People!

As with Teekay, I'm going to have to give up one of my email addresses, thanks to the sobig virus. Sobigs are coming in at the rate of 360+ per day, it would be more but my inbox is showing full at least twice per day and bouncing some mail.

So, anyone using my address please cease and desist forthwith. In its stead, I will be using
* gkmcl 'at' *
– I think you know where the @ goes, but I don't want this address harvested so I've left the link cryptic.

Back later,


Litter 9-1-2003 15:16

Hey Mel! Hi all!

Happy Labor Day. :-)

In answer to your question, Mel, I just finished with my book, and am waiting to get the cover design, hear the final pub date, etc. It's great to be done, but I've already started on the accompanying "workbook" because part of me doesn't want to stop writing! I'm not so crazy about the next phase - publicity. (I'd rather be sitting in my office in my pjs ;-)

I also started journaling again. I've haven't really written anything exploratory since my dad died, but I think I'm ready now. Also, I realize that I'm still making memories with my mom, and I don't want to forget any of them.

[Pamela, ask me about the reading I had done with medium Patrick Mathews. It was incredible.]

Hope you're all doing well, and enjoying your writing!

Sunny 9-1-2003 15:14

In doing some research for a journal entry for a class I'm taking (Folk Tales from around the World) I found an interesting entry for St. John's Eve. Perhaps it will be interesting (and of use) to others here:

"Another interesting thing about the Feast of St. John: the Breviary's hymn for this day, Ut queant laxis, is the source of our names of musical notes -- Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. The hymn, attributed to Paul the Deacon (ca. A.D. 720-799), was noted by a monk to rise one note in the diatonic C-Scale with each verse. The syllables sung at each rise in pitch give us the names of our notes (the "Ut" was later changed to "Do" for easier pronunciation):

Ut queant laxis
Resonare fibris
Mira gestorum
Famuli tuorum,
Solve polluti
Labii reatum, Sanc
Te Ioannes"

The feast itself is to celebrate the birthday of St. John the Baptist, and occurs on the summer solstice - June 24. It's amazing how much the Bible has influenced literature around the world! I may do my term paper on that subject.

howard 9-1-2003 14:26

Hi, RHODA! Congrats on getting your novel done! Yeehah!! You go, girl!! On to the spy novel - you deserve to try a new idea. The older ms. will still be there, when you feel like revising something.

It's also GREAT you've found a critique group to discuss writing! :-] I used to come here and find more of that... not sure what's happened here to lose that inspiring writers' talk... oh well, back to lurking and surfing other writing sites until more writerly stuff may turn up here...

ROSEMARY, you out there? I need farm animal visuals to inspire my writing!!!

PAMELA, you writing?

SUNNY, you writing?

EVERYBODY, you writing??? Well, for MEL's sake, please tell us about it!!!

Have a good day, all - may your keyboards click freely and your inkwells never run dry.

Mel 9-1-2003 14:11


Hi folks, how are you all, had a great holiday, family and friends, the love of a good woman, summer days, children, ice cream, what more could a man want? Well now you mention it…, no all is well.

Thanks Eddie for suggesting the link back to notebook, was gonna suggest it mesel but ya beated me to it.

Time for some more meanderings.

Being educated has very little to do with going to school.

The world is full of unbalanced people, it's no wonder they keep falling over.

Every where we have people going nowhere, getting there fast and not even knowing what to do when they get there.

We're victims of our past much more than we know.

Man doesn't understand others because he doesn't understand himself.

A man doesn’t want to change he wants to keep on complaining about things and go on blaming everyone and everything else but himself, for the misery that surrounds him.

We look for things outside of ourselves when in general we have all we need, we are all we need

We spend our time moaning about headaches while we watch people drowning.

Children have an instinct for life; unfortunately they often have it all but knocked out of them in the process of being ‘educated’ by adults.

Praying is like phoning a shop (Which may not exist) to ask for something that we should endeavour to make ourselves.

Look at man, the first mistake he makes he is not relaxed, he carries his history on his shoulders, and his pains in his pocket.

Politics is just the usual business of people doing things the wrong way, dividing themselves into parties, colours, philosophies, morals etc.

We suffocate and die under routine and comfort, we develop through adversity.

We are controlled by unconscious drives and compulsions, if we deny them we do not necessarily control them, they are transferable, they have energy and powers within mind and body they seek expression.


Forever the tree

That stands in anger

Forever the leaf

That refuses to fall

Forever the branch

That toys with danger

Forever the root

That cracks the wall.


As the summers night, crosses into daybreak

Early birds make the most beautiful music

Having that instinct

That it would be foolish
To wait....for the sun.

Th th th th that’s all folks love Pester.

Pester 8-31-2003 19:10

Some words of wisdom I wish I'd written that all country folks know and most city folks should learn:

Don't name a pig you plan to eat.

Country fences need to be horse high, pig tight, and bull strong.

Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.

Keep skunks and bankers at a distance.

Life is simpler when you plow around the stumps.

A bumble bee is faster than a John Deere tractor.

Trouble with a milk cow is she won't stay milked.

Don't skinny dip with snapping turtles.

Words that soak into your ears are whispered, not yelled.

Meanness don't happen overnight.

To know how country folks are doing, look at their barns, not their houses.

Never lay an angry hand on a kid or an animal, it just ain't helpful.

Teachers, bankers, and hoot owls sleep with one eye open.

Forgive your enemies. It messes with their heads.

Don't sell your mule to buy a plow.

Two can live as cheap as one if one don't eat.

Don't corner something meaner than you.

You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, assuming you want to catch flies.

Man is the only critter who feels the need to label things as flowers or weeds.

It don't take a very big person to carry a grudge.

Don't go huntin' with a fellow named Chug-A-Lug.

You can't unsay a cruel thing.

Every path has some puddles.

When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.

The best sermons are lived, not preached.

Most of the stuff people worry about never happens. .

Jerry 8-31-2003 12:29


Your post was just fine. I saw nothing the least bit sarcastic. I was sarcastic in my last post talking about the blackouts, because all these government officials are bending over backwards to tell the public that these incidents are not due to terrorists. Well, they might not, and yet they might. I just get irritated when the governmnet treats the people like a bunch of little children who have to be comforted lest they go out and take revenge on their Arab neighbors or lest they panic. Truth is that no one knows what caused the blackouts, but in this day and age and political climate, sabotage is as worthy theory as anything else.

As for life in general, it is much better since I finished my novel. The agent has had it a month. Everyday that I go out to my mailbox and see that it is not there is a victory. The longer he keeps it, the happier I am. Now I am doing yard work, studying for that test to get my teaching certificate, and trying to think about what I should write next.

I have some writing ideas. I have this old manuscript, VALERIE'S SONG, which I really like. The first three chapters are flat. Looking over it, the minor charaters are a bit paste-board. The book has some problems, but I believe it is a good story. Should I take the time and fix it up and try to market it again?

Or...should I go and write my Regency spy story that has been swimming around in my brain for three years? I think this story has excellent promise and also has better market appeal. Books like VALERIE'S SONG have only about three publishing houses. I have a choice of perhaps six or seven for the Regency Spy story. Any suggestions?

My children are adjusting well to school. Russell, my ADHD child, has responded very well to his medication and so far has turned in all of his school assignments. That is victory indeed.

One last thing is that I found two like-minded writers at my last SOLA meeting who wish to be in a critique group, so we got together and formed one. That is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time. There is nothing better than getting together with fellow writers at a coffee shop and discussing writing.

Rhoda 8-31-2003 11:52

Thanks, Jack. Read/Write permission settings. Install doc says chmod 777, but that didn't set 'others' to write. But then the doc has permissions get changed in one directory and then get moved.

I never did memorize the chmod number system, I learned it by alphabet. So that was the fix. A user named Jack exists, so that much worked.

Ah, the value of testing over the net. Thanks again.

Mark 8-31-2003 7:40

Thanks for the linking back to the Notebook. Re the Chat. When I attempted to login as a new user and go to a chat I got the following error message:

An error has occured. Please login again
Bing File: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/achat/Jack.html
Permission denied

On the assumption that Jack may have been used I tried a different more exotic login and got similar error message. However, the concept of a chat room is one I think is a good idea. So, see if you can make it work and I will link to it from here as well.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-31-2003 1:26

OK boys and girls. In response to a note from Eddie in the WB, I added a link back to the NB. I also added a link to my new chat server. oooh oooh oooh. Just for us! Use it. Let me know how it works. It came from U of Toronto and is designed for handicap accessibility.

RANDALL -- figured you'd catch the twinkle in my eye.

ALL -- Link at the bottom of this message is to my homepage, which takes you familiar places. Feedback is welcome

Mark Mark's Homepage 8-30-2003 23:31



Ah, Mark...sea stories. Right up my alley...(grin) I was aboard the USS Platte AO 24 from January 1967 to May 1970. The Platte was a fleet oiler in the Pacific, 7th Fleet, that is she carried oil, mail, movies, ammo and transferred them to other navy ships at sea. Once our ship was caught in the tail end of a typhoon in the Taiwan Strait. Basically empty of bulk fuel oil. That is we had transferred our cargo to other ships and were headed for Taiwan to reload. When loaded fleet oilers sit low, mostly 70% of the ship would be underwater. When empty or dry...they ride high and rough.

At that time I was mess decks master at arms...which meant I was boss of the "kitchen" and eating area. We had room for 50 sailors or so and with a crew of 300 eating demanded one eat and move on. No frills. Not Hollywood leisure dining. During the second or third day of rough weather it became apparent that most sailors were occupying one chair to eat and using a second chair for their "Mae West" life jackets. Sailor capacity was suffering as we moved through some very rough weather...high wind and high seas.

The Platte was riding high and with swells of 30 to 40 feet it made for an uncomfortable ride. Imagine a cork in the middle of a typhoon... The bow (GRIN ... front part, Mark) would ride the swell up and slide crashing down. Meanwhile the swell would lift the middle section of the ship up, then down, then the stern up, then down. Adding to the fun the entire ship would shake violently from side to side and loud banging noises come up through the hull. Anything not secured would slide, slither, crash, bang, spill, slop, fall, followed by wild cursing. In general, holy hell in a salt water environment was an ongoing process.

One afternoon on the mess decks, I watched a soft drink machine topple over and slide across the mess deck almost crushing a scrambling sailor valiantly trying to hold onto his meal tray. Only a super human effort on my part saved the white cow and brown cow from following its example. (White and chocolate milk dispenser.) Work topside was secured and the crew confined to quarters, except for chow. The braver ones, those with stout stomachs, stable inner ears, and agile footsies made their way back to the chow hall to eat. The remaining sailors, easily identified by a greenish facial tint, lay in their racks praying to die. In between dashes to the head, or shower stall, or mop bucket.

It was a fact that a sister ship of the Platte broke in half during rough weather. The Platte was commissioned in 1939 and no doubt had a lot of stress related steel just barely keeping the old girl afloat. Or so most on board thought. What was not a fact and yet to be proven was a rumor racing throughout the crew's quarters. Someone had received a letter from home that Jeanne Dixon (The seer who foresaw JFK's assassination) had foreseen that an American ship with the number 24 would be sunk... Presto, quicker than a sea bunny making love ... out came the life jackets. Sailors were having a difficult time eating as it was without competition from a life preserver! I finally posted a notice that yes chow was being served, but Mae West was not welcome.

True story...


Randall 8-30-2003 19:57

OK - got The Two Towers ($14.68 at Wal-Mart) and watched it last night. Probably won't watch it again this week...

Just got back from the NY State Fair. Feet hurt from walking, neck/shoulders HURT from carrying Joel all afternoon, but it was worth it. Probably won't go back again this year...

Random thoughts that occurred this afternoon:

Never eat at a fish-fry whose manager is wearing a Jiffy-Lube hat.

Use the word "horticulture" in a sentence:
"You can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think."

I saw a booth (at the fair) with a sign that said "Hot Cinnamon Nuts" and all I could think was "I bet that hurts!"

Drugs --- I need more drugs!

howard 8-30-2003 18:02

Ah, the eye of the shitstorm. Hello, HEATHER.

Funny how that slow-motion thing happens. 1975 I was a deckhand on a coal freighter in the Great Lakes. We sailed right through a storm that kept bashing our starboard (that's the right side, RANDALL). I kinda knew that you shouldn't let a storm push your boat sideways, but figured this was a big boat with enough weight to keep it steady. I went through a good part of it in the galley.

As the new guy on board, and a first-time sailor, several of the other guys thought they should enlighten me on the dangers of being in a storm. A few decided to test my faith by deriding the competence of our captain. While that was going on, a few others sat quietly or actually enjoyed the boat's right-to-left rocking motion. I saw and heard every one of them.

"Six hours ago this storm was on Lake Michigan and it capsized a tanker. Poor bastards on Lake Michigan got no place to run when it hits. Damn! Here we got ports all up and down Michigan on one side and Canada on the other. Little spots to duck into and we just keep steaming. Crazy bastard captain don't know enough to sail INTO the wind."

My crew leader poured a couple ounces of milk onto the table in front of him. As the boat rocked slowly to his right, the milk ran downhill. I looked at him. He grinned and said, "It'll come back." he placed a napkin just to the left of the original spill. The boat came slowly upright and rolled left. His milk ran backwards and into the napkin.

The deck watch on my shift picked up the don't-sail-sideways thread. "Good thing we're not in Lake Superior. More ships lost there than in Bermuda. That tanker that went down in Michigan today was in a bad lake. No ports on that lake except all the way at the top and all the way at the bottom. Ontario's plenty deep, too. You go down there, they never gonna find you. Erie ain't so deep. If you're in a bad storm in Lake Erie all you gotta do is get out of the channel and sit on the bottom. Course, Erie's so shallow that a good wind'll lift a hell of a lot of it right off the bottom and slap you with it. We're in a good lake. Huron's got ports for ships our size all up and down both coasts. Don't know why we're sailing sideways to this thing. I don't believe I ever heard good news about this captain."

So it went. Cool heads and jokers. One guy may have been seriously concerned. I never got scared. Today I wonder if I was simply too stupid. You know what they say, "If you can keep your head while everyone else is losing theirs, maybe you don't understand the situation." I still remember the moments of calm, all-observing reserve that let me take everything in at once.

My time on that ship ended after a big Thanksgiving meal and a bottle of wine. My partner and I were both stuffed and a little drunk. I offered to take his side of the hold, even though I'd never worked it. I was 28 and he was 19. I figured I could handle the wine better than he.

His side of the hold was the top side. To get there we climbed down ladders until we reached the hold floor (about 60 feet). Plates on the floor opened to conveyor belts. Coal fell onto the belt and was conveyed out of the ship. Top guy had to climb the sloping floor and then all the way up to the top of the wall by way of chains. There he would dislodge lumps of coal that had frozen to the hull or had lodged in the ribs at the top of the boat. Bottom guy pulled, pushed, raked coal onto the conveyor belt when it didn't fall there by itself.

On my third chain, I was all the way to the top of the hold, the ceiling above me was simply the bottom of the ship's deck. Holding the chain in one hand, with the other I poked at a clump of coal that was as big as I was. It had gotten wet and frozen in place in the girder that the deck sat on. I couldn't hold the chain.

Fortunately I hit the floor where it sloped, so I didn't just hit and come to a sudden stop. Still, it was a 60 foot fall. Next day I couldn't walk. Torn achilles tendon. Pretty lucky really.

I thought about that fall when I took another one on the ice last March. In the boat I saw everything. I saw the floor coming at me. I knew it was sloped. I saw the chain I would have to grab. I knew if I missed I'd land on the conveyor and quickly be rolled under tons of coal going to the big belt to be massed on shore. I had all the time in the world.

On the ice I had no time. Pieces of the experience flashed like still photos. What was in between the photos is simply gone. Before I could get over seeing my foot in the air, my hip was on the ground.

I could credit a) the relaxing effect of the wine for my first vision. b)I could also note that I was 28 then, 56 now. c) To fall then and there was not so surprising as here and now in my own driveway. d) All of the above.

Whatever the storm you're in, whatever space you're falling through, I'd have to say you have a) something that helps you relax, b) youth, c) no real surprise there.

Mark 8-30-2003 15:13

Hee hee! After rereading your last post, RHODA, I realized that my comments to you might be look sarcastic, but they're not! I was mainly referring to all of your postings of the last month wrapped in one. You just sound happy. :P

Heather, I hope all is well! Hope you remain calm and centered through all the big decisions you're about to make. Sounds pretty serious. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and love to you.

Christi 8-30-2003 12:01


Cecilia, I would not read your lenghty diatribe in a box, could not would not with a fox, not on a train, not if insane ...
What's with the load of stinking feces around here? Clean up on aisle 3!

Teekay, darlin, I did send you an email a few days ago, it's probably in your throwaway bin as usual. Need me to resend? Want me to give your box a smacking around? Mine's finally beginning to behave, only had four sobigs this morning.

Hey Taylor, enjoy LOTR! I've only made it halfway through, what with all manner of ding danged interruptions!

Hey Rhoda, you sound as if you're doing great, very at peace with yourself. Good stuff.


Christi 8-30-2003 11:53


Morning all...


I'm not sure what is happening to our nation. The old saying "As goes California, the rest of the nation soon follows..." quite frankly scares the crap out of me! And the debacle in Alabama decided not upon the Constitution, but the apparent inconsistency of whether the Ten Commandments should be displayed, despite the fact that it IS in numerous federal judicial offices is mystifying. (Gawd, what a sentence!)

California to give illegal immigrants state driver's licences? Why? By definition illegal is illegal! I've heard from friends that numerous small towns along the Texas/Mexico border, for all intents and purposes are more attune, legally, to the nation of Mexico than Texas. Children of illegal immigrants are schooled at Texas taxpayer expense!? Workers in Mexico, for all their good intentions send most of their American income back to Mexico. The government of Mexico would fail if this was prevented. That is exactly why Mexico complains loudly when Americans threaten to "crack down." The cash cow syndrome.

Illegal immigrants are just a trip wire for the aware. A friend of mine hunted mule deer in South Texas last year. He said the land manager told him to stay in the blind, not walk around, and beware of men moving north carrying backpacks. The old rancher said these Mexican nationals are carrying drugs (and Lord knows what else!) And are often protected by the MEXICAN ARMY! He also related not to be surprised when he saw turban headed men also headed north.

So...where is INS... They are stretched so thin that America is being successfully invaded. And assisted from within state and federal bureaucracy. The state of California is a great example of liberal policy run amok. State and federal handouts, inept officials, grab and get have bankrupt the state. That is, the 6th largest economy in the world is failing. Hear the alarm bells ringing? As goes California... America, the most powerful nation in the world will fall not to foreign armies, but from within. Tax and spend...


Randall 8-30-2003 11:17

Teekay - I've been threatening to do the same, but then I only got like seventeen of them today. I've installed a SPAM checker that interviews all the stupid ENLARGE YOUR PENIS adds and the VIAGRA NOW adds, just the SOBIG that make my Norton snort.

Randall - just goes to show you what the old song said "all of the monkeys aren't in the zoo!"

That kook makes Yang look like an old pal. But then I guess there is something to be said about someone who is not afraid to show their idiocy in a public forum.

Everyone heard of the big to do about the ten commandments? Well not to be undone, another group of idiots (five in all) have filed suite against the City of Fargo to have their marble rendition of those self same commandments removed from City Hall.

Now I don't know about you, but when I read the Constitution, I read it to say that the Government is prohibited from establishing a state religion, much like the Church of England and that sort of thing. The learned idiots who now staff the Supreme Court have used that bit of the bill of rights to prevent the Public PRACTICE of religion, despite the fact that the Supreme Court begin their sessions with a prayer to God, the Congress begin their day with a Prayer to God, and prayers are regularly said in schools (especially around final times), as well in the military (again especially around foxhole time).

It's all a crock but they have to make their show.

Such is the price of freedom I guess, but you know there used to be a copy of those Ten Commandments hanging in the classroom where I attended School in North Dakota (a matter of public law back then they were REQUIRED to be posted in each classroom in the State.)

Sometimes I wonder what happened to our wonderful nation?

Jerry 8-30-2003 0:07



Cecilia... Please! I would strongly urge you to immediately seek out and retain competent medical care. Soonest... I did not read your shrill tirade, merely skimmed through. What I saw was laughable at best. Such incompetent drivel would make wildly erratic fruitcakes like H. Himmler burst out in uncontrollable giggling and engage in frantic scratching of their lower extremities. Please stop drinking your bath water and have a CAT scan ASAP! Or else, observe the shirttail at my buttocks and stop insulting my intelligence...

It may come as a surprise to you my inept dorkweed, but most citizens of the world understand what is happening in the Middle East. The Jews have taken a raw ... waterless desert of rock and stone and made it bloom with hard work and ingenuity and technological management. (Ever hear of drip irrigation?) This is the same desert that countless Arab cultures were unable to move beyond the level of 7th century technology. The men sat on their ass in tents while the women did the work, and they ate dates and discussed the in and outs of breeding camels. ("Ahab the Arab, sheik of the burning sand...") Savvy cultures that strive to improve their environment ... progress ... move forward physically, mentally and religiously. That is ... develop their home for the common good and advancement of future generations. God (and/or other Deities) demand humans follow a time tested plan identified as CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. (Arabs in Israel are teaching their children to hate, make bombs and kill innocent people. Which, BTW has never advanced ANY culture. For reference ... ask the Germans, North Koreans and more than a few African governments. Shedding blood WILL NOT get one an interview with any deity! Well, maybe Lucifer.)

Consequently, less motivated cultures like some Arab folks sit and wait for someone else to do the work. The blessed handout. Sit in the sand pit for an award in Heaven so to say. Down in Texas we call this behavior white trash welfare and BINGO many Arab's in Israel are nothing more than welfare trash on the dole from the UN that is supported by ... kind hearted Americans and JEWISH owned and operated industrial giants throughout the world. So there probably IS a Zionist movement and it exists to HELP inept cultures that seem to exist mainly in the Middle East. Self destruction is a well developed art form in most Arab cultures especially in Israel...

Amazed at the idiocy...


Randall 8-29-2003 23:39


I'm changing my email address, and I'm not giving it to anyone until either this virus disappears or the other person changes their address too.
I had 340 emails today and of those about 10 I wanted, and of those, none from any of my buddies here.
This probably sounds insane, but that's what sobigs done to me.
It's even swayed my views on the death penalty.

Thanks for the anniversary congratulations.
Hubby's juicier than ever, I think he could probably use some of that garlic of yours HOWARD.


Teekay 8-29-2003 19:28

OK I want to know who did it!

Go ahead, step forward and take your medicine!

Somebody did it, and we need to say THANKS.

Today's high was only 68 degrees F!!!!

First day since August 2nd that it wasn't over 90 degrees F!

Somebody had to throw that switch on the thermostat!!!

It feels SO good, well it feels SO COLD!!!

Guess that's part of life in the upper Midwest, a sudden change of climate, well change of season one day over a hundred degrees the next you're shivering and looking for that sweater, where did I put it back in May when I last needed it?

Hope that they fry that little nineteen year old nerd!!!!

They charged our former governor/congressman with second degree manslaughter, in case you haven't heard it on the news. Sad deal all around but the Highway Patrol is bravely doing what is right and it's great to see them take the bull by the horns and stick the horn where it belongs. Not that I dislike Bill Janklow, I've known him for years, though I doubt he would know me should we meet on the street, but he was the Attorney General for our state back when I graduated from the State Police Academy, and made a great speech for our ceremony, and I've met him several times at different functions, but damn it if you drive with your head up your ass, you deserve to get your knuckles slapped. Now if they just find a judge with the balls of the Highway Patrolman who investigated the accident, and the State's Attorney who drew up the charges... I don't really want to see him kicked out of congress as that would be a mess but I think that's what's going to happen. John Thune may be next in line should the current Governor be forced to appoint. Thune was our congressman (We only get one due to our sparse population) before Janklow ran. John stepped down to run against Senator Johnson (D), but lost the election by just a few votes (Big scandal but Thune refused to drop to the level of our former vice president when he lost the election by under a hundred votes and there was ample evidence of voter fraud!)

I liked Thune too, though I've never had the pleasure of shaking his hand. He did a great job when he was our congressman, and only ran against Johnson at President Bush's request (The same is true for Janklow too, he ran for congress at Bush's request, looks like Bush had a hand in our elections doesn't it?)

Jerry 8-29-2003 19:26

Thank you everyone for the welcome home - I can't even begin to say what is going on in my little world right now - too much and too little all mixed together, as if that makes sense...
Well, let's just say that with the shit storm blowing as it is, I feel a bit paralyzed. Huge decisions I can't bring myself to make just yet, but I know they teeter not far in front of my path.
Gravity, thank you for existing; how else would my feet find floor?

Funny.... at the same time the shit storm rages, I can stand looking at it all, as if it were slow-motion, and am completely calm.
Hold my breath, it's 'back on my head' soon enough. LOL

Oh, and what the HELL is this huge load of crapola posted beneath me?

Cheri - please no disparaging 'I can't possibly be a writer' announcements... It's too late - you're already one. BWA HA HA HAH AHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Now, the real challenge is to not worry about whether you're a good writer or not as you dive into the work of it.
No need to worry until the writing's done.

...and then there is revision.


Heather 8-29-2003 14:32

Thank you everyone for the welcome home - I can't even begin to say what is going on in my little world right now - too much and too little all mixed together, as if that makes sense...
Well, let's just say that with the shit storm blowing as it is, I feel a bit paralyzed. Huge decisions I can't bring myself to make just yet, but I know they teeter not far in front of my path.
Gravity, thank you for existing; how else would my feet find floor?

Funny.... at the same time the shit storm rages, I can stand looking at it all, as if it were slow-motion, and am completely calm.
Hold my breath, it's 'back on my head' soon enough. LOL

Oh, and what the HELL is this huge load of crapola posted beneath me?

Cheri - please no disparaging 'I can't possibly be a writer' announcements... It's too late - you're already one. BWA HA HA HAH AHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Now, the real challenge is to not worry about whether you're a good writer or not as you dive into the work of it.
No need to worry until the writing's done.

...and then there is revision.


Heather 8-29-2003 14:30

The Saga of Staffan BECKMAN; "Undermina...zional"...

** - They began to play non-masked? What kind of play?
- It described by Jewish Propagand Newspaper DN correspondent on November 15,
1999 ? - It caricaturized an Fatty Imbecill Premier, looks like G.rån Petsion
and Zionist Capitalism forced him like a toy... - Chutzpach! Typical
Jewish fräckhet!... But there is reality or I see any true effects for instance
Zionist Capoitalism needs toys... - Example? - Expo!... Very
useful toy by the side of "Living History" propagand product Co.
- What is Expo?
- Exported Fascist Actors of Zionist World Congress... Exponent of Jewish
Fascism... Expo-members playing legal masked shows on the Swedish scenes...
Zionist imperialismhave a lot of instruments to manipulate the history; Expo is
a such instrument and manipuate all the available siócial issues...
- ?!
- Expo is supported by all major bourgeoisie parties. The members of Fasvcit
Provcation League Expo: Tobias Hübinette: Infiltratör proocatör a time by AFA
and the first editor of Expo propagand bulletins. He was a victim in the
Childhood, victim of South Korean Pedofila markets... Perhaps therefore, he
always hated human being and civilization adopted by Swedish boss' who
registrated as potential criminals as incest-suspicious machos ... Fascist
Hübinette convicted for sabotage, agitation, slander, molestation and
- Other Fascist freak bitch is Anders Carlqvist: Uses the pseudonym Peter
Karlsson. Co-worker at Expo. Former AFA leader and convicted for assault when he
beat up somebody who didn't agree with him, also convicted for violence against
an official (våld mot tjänsteman).
- Considering how protected Expo is by the government, do you really think most
voters really know what a bunch of anti-democratic bastards they are? The voters
also voted for a party in which Björn Fries is a member. A man who doesn't have
much respect for either freedom of speach or UN article nr 19: Article 19 of the
United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right
to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold
opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and
ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." - Are you N. Socialist?
- No!... I am typical ordinary Humanist!...Just because I criticise Fascists,
they call me N. Socialist as a classical tactic... But they know well, it was 75
years before the N. Socialist had power... It's ironical Expo-members father
chosse the N. Socialists to the democraical power... When they chosse like a
toy, so they call "It's democracy", when you began show their Fascist face, you
are "N. Socialsit"... Itis so simply silly by these freaks... - Other members
of this section? - Kurdo Baksi, a well-paid homosexual half-mongolian
attitude Kurdish traitor who been neo-Zionist... **
- I understand that Expo's dirtiness spreads to the other willing lobbytorpeds
i Scandinavia... A story of democrat-masked league, undermine democracy
instead... Step for step...
- Because it's Expo's mission in SvekJa Kingdom!.

- What have you say about Expo provocations? - It's a freak provocative
instrument... Sleazy smear magazine gains prominent support... Lies beginning at
the first sight, although it is a Fascist magazine, under the "banner" of
anti-Fascism a disgusting product of bad journalism has achieved considerable
success in the Swedish media during the past spring and summer. The magazine
"Expo" has been supported by several prominent Capitalist Jewish Swedes, but is
actually a sleazy product linked to militant Zionist extremists. The magazine
claims that it is owned by a certain "Hill Foundation". However no such
foundation has been registered with the appropriate authorities and either the
foundation does not exist or its representatives are breaking the law.
- What about the redacteurs? - There are several redacteurs; they are
working as military rules... It is certain that some of the contributors are
known as criminals. But the magazine prefers not to give any real names of its
contributors and editors (with the exception of the publisher responsible under
Swedish press law). The member of the editorial board Tobias Hübinette has at
least five sentences by Uppsala district court.. - Uppsala is the
fourth largest city in SvekJa? - Yes, it's!... Pedophile criminals
formerly toy-boy Hübinette (Hübsch und Nette, says die German Pedopfiles on his
DVDs) crimes includes illegal threats, sabotage and harassment. When he
destroyed the cable TV system in a student area in Uppsala he claimed that TV
was a tool of democratical system and that students should not look at TV at
all. He has participated in political burglary and attacked banks (guess how
they fixing money). He has also participated in illegal threats against
democratical opponents.

- I have a question: Zionism (Jewish Fascism) uses Imperialist Tyranny or
Imperialist Tyranny uses Zionism (Jewish Fascism)? - ...or both eachth
other!? This is my answer. Exact the similar question was on any Homepages, for
instance Antifa Hamm's pages... Plus page;
- ?!

- I wonder who rules Expo?
- If we do analysis about this fact so we see firstly the role of "Expo"..
Beyond the fascist role we detect the "Big Fascists" who rules the
- Explain, please!
- An important part in this context is played by a fairly small magazine called
When Expo started in 1995 it was inspired by the British "Searchlight". The idea
was - according to official declarations from the editor - to expose nazis and
fascists, enemies to democracy, people who were prepared to use threats,
intimidation and violence in their political struggle.
Two things, though, soon was evident:
1. The target for Expo was not only these groups. The target included Blågula
Frågor and everyone critical to the mass immigration and the multiculturalism
2. Expo itself had close ties to groups, ready to use threats and violence. One
of their own editors, Tobias Hübinette, had been sentenced on those kinds of
So the real aim of Expo was something else than the proclaimed one. It was to
combat any opposition to the Project.
Why mention this small magazine?
This is not just any kind of magazine! It has been given a key position. When
the mass media - television, radio, nation-wide daily papers - write about these
matters, they quote Expo for the "truth". So whatever Expo writes may be given a
wide publicity.
Expo works not only through its articles but also by sending letters and acting
behind the scenes. For example, it was a letter from Expo that recently stopped
the organisation MSG from acquiring membership in "Open Channel" (a public
access channel) in Stockholm, for local TV-broadcasting.
The recently elected board of directors at Expo includes people high up in the
administration and with access to police files.

- What are you thinking on these incredible scenes? - We must know that
our weakness is Imperialism's strength, I understand here again... - I agree
with you, Comrade Jonas Hållén! - You are welcome, Comrade Lars Törnman!
- I think, democracy should work better!.. Criminals and collaborators should be
- Should we arrest the criminals?!. Don't make me laugh! - Well, I see the
double roles and false rules of the juridical instruments... What a shame we
been forced to label it "democracy"... How thus majority of people, thus living
creators, stinky mass could be so incredible nonsense blind meanwhile all the
enormous fraudulent process?!.. Unbelieveable!... This is a glaring
injustice!.. I wonder, what goes wrong by the juridical instruments... How can I
say?! It is very strange!... You now, if you see all these incredible cases,
nonsense attitudes... - How? Do you explain? What is concrete that you
remember? - Yes, I remember that David Janzon, a redactional worker of Radio
Islam, was sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment in October 1992, for the
station's agitation "against an ethnic group". Are the provocators of Capitalist
Fascist lobbies are really a ethnical group?! - There is so specially
groups? Okay, Jews!... It's the overclass group, nobody can imitate such
shurks... - But when you been oppressed so your accusation can only
be refuseed... The shurks are the masters 'cause they experinced a lot of cruel
methodes since many years... You can only suffer like many freedom fighters...
- Concrete cases? - Very much!... The judges of system who play dirty
rolls... It is extra incredible on Swedish justice-scenes that many foolish
judges been corrupted by Jewish authorities and they play extra horrible rolls
as pycho-proff doctor magister at policlinics... I can not meet all the judges
nor observate all the cases but I met many high-staff at Golf Club Tenerrife,
they explained... Shameful!... I can not explain here what they say on the
corrpted colleges, so awfully shameful... ... Court material look likes
simetrical sences, reasons are too similarly... Many papers of court been
published by the Bonniers, Nordstedt... Same mechanism publish as basic Zionist
propagand material, too... EU-membership... After 1995 impressed it by the
democratical authorities of other countries? - Unfortunately, it's in all
frauds, much more dirty now... If any true jurist goes to United Nations related
commissions or the independent justice authorities, so we shall most interesting
scandals... - What kind of scandals? - For instance Osmo
Vallo&Tony Mutka and other members of the "assassination on the so called
Resande Folket" cases... Märta Pettersson and others who murdered by the
"imported criminals" like Bengalian Zionist Mafia moblized in the EU; similarly
recruitment cases... Remember; what the relatiives of Tony Deogan, Dagmar
Hagelin, Anders Gustavsson demand... - Don't make me worry with
examles, don't list please much more!.. - It's not me who create the
official shame lists!.. Did you hear Osmo Vallo's two brothers and all other
relatives are arrested, too... The victims and witness been arrested instead of
murderers... Otherway, many freedom fighters forced to be jobless and living
under minimal standards... Most famous concret case is Stefan Dimiter
Tcholakov who labelled as "laborious" and Work Rights fighters Jimmie
Östergren, delegated adviser (former grafiker) Bengt Pettersson and Ahmed Rami,
because of these bravehearts criticized the thieves by the Capitalist Jewish
lobbies... Laponians who fight for own mark and minority rights, therefore
prisoned their representative character Olof T. Johansson, the true Socialists
like Bengt Frejd, Sara Lidman, Staffan Ehnebom, so-called the "Free Speech
Fighters", anti-Capitalist demonstranter like Jan Hatto, Sten Arne-Zerpe,
Dietlieb Felderer, movements who struggle against the weapon-handlers like
Henrik Westander (before professur-chair gift) and by his side likely flexible
Calle Höglund, anti-Imperialists Hannes Westberg, Herman Schmid, journalists
Staffan Beckman, Stefan Hjertén, free-mind intellectuals like Rainer Holm, Linus
Brohult, honoured priest K. G. Hammar and hundreds of the anti-Imperialists who
been registrated by the lobbies... - What is common with them?
- Also! When a Fascist accuse them so judges punish the reviewers,
immediately... But when the oppressed people leave any accusation acceptance,
can easily be refuseed ... The requests of them almost been absolutely
refuseed... - Why the DN, Expressen and other big papers awoid of to
publich these true stories?.. They awoid of to show the real discrimination?!
Schindler's List was only a filmatic illusion, actually the true boss never gave
a chance peace in communities... You know, Bonniers, Wallenberg,
Bilderberg-gangs and "Bulldogs" drive the Swindlers' lists, means all the
honoured intellectuals been registrated on their computers... Therefore
Stockholm-Canberra changed to be second plot area of Jew York-Tel Aviv's armed
Mafia... - Yes, it's!.. But what a lucky I have been warned before!.
- The authorities are blind on such actions.. Why? - Because every big
shurk drives by the big lobbies in this big SvekJa zionized Kingdom... - ?!
- How can we could informed and know the truth!?... - I can't reply all in
two minutes?! - Well!... I understand better... It's a modernised
version of enormous hypocrisy... And I understand why the worlkd couldn't react
when Jews slaughed people in Sabra, Shatila, Jenin... Everybody watched on tv
meanwhile druck Coca-Cola, chips, bonbons... - Like the film-druged idiots?..
- No, Sir!... We have incredible reactions and collaborated feelings too,
remember, we all cried when we watched on the Swindler's list, whole lies
master-piece on scenes... - Shame on double-moral masters!.. Where are the
all good peoples now?! - No way to Pessimism, please!.. Well, I see a
positive case here on the Scandinavian Jewish DN, Expressen, Menorah pages;
Maximum sentence for the desecration of cemeteries - an outrage which
traditionally targeted Jewish cemeteries - was raised from 6 months'
imprisonment to 2 years. Yes, the prisonment period raised in 1993, Spring.
Then... - It should not calls for case; it's provocation... There is no any
single case in SvekJa, means nobody sentenced, nobody improsined for
desecrations.. - Maximum sentence will be 2 years! Isn't good? - I
want not talk on the sentences good or not good... But I'm coming from Skaane
and I witnessed who targeted the cemeteries... - Who? -
Jews!... I saw them... They were there and porovoced very succesful so they
manipulated sitation... Therefore there is no prisoner after this pharagraph '
cause they aimed change the rules... - I remember a similarly case,
my mother witnessed and told us about the foxy Jews who played theatre at the
street on 30 November in Germania... It was before WW III, Jewish fanatics
crashed own glass and won enormous generous compensation by the reasurance
firms... But their media manipulated the world by the help of american
Imperialism so all the analphabets crying on every 30 September worldwide, every
year like a crying festival, meantime the Zionist boss' laughing behind the
- This is not the Cold War but a form of ongoing Cold War, what drives now by
the lobbies... This area demands the prejudiced scientists... - Why the
oppressed folk don't protest or discuss these problems... - Ever and never!
This is not the results of the football matches... People need knowledge on
biological developments... - Biological? Bur the lobotomies and
sterilization methodes were only in last century?! - System have now most
avanced methodes for instance isolation, registration and systematically
injustice... Only two tousand youngs become suicide in SvekJa Kingdom, two times
been a short news.. - Youngs?... But adults? - They never
counts by half officially pools.... Animal lover bourgeoisie have
sex-partner-dogs, counts for identification and health rights, but not the
discriminated persons... Never mind!... - There aren't really a single one
modernized democratical institution?
- ?! ** - I wonder why many
immigrants sets to work without language courses meanwhile many others been
discriminated because of their language is not "wonderful, brilliant"?.. - I
met many people too... For example after Warszawa pakt's collapse fleed
manybiologs to the occupied Middle East, Australia, SvekJa and specially the
laboratory workers sets on the jobs without any oppression... - Did you
found any explain about this subject?.. - Not directly... I met a family
in SvekJa, who calls for BOLDTs, escaped from Baltics by the way of so-called
"official Al Capone Raoul Wallenberg" Co's false Finnish pass and corrupted
authorities in Kingdom by the way of Jewish lobbies... A cunning mature, drives
"Invandrar Publications"... She explained that all these scientists had already
one or two international languages what been respected... - She lies!..
I know a writer, know six or seven language but SvekJa system set him too the
cleaner-catch boy courses... - Yes; I understand... Jolin replied this
case too; "maybe the writer criticised the oligarchical targets..." -
And she publish these subjects on the Invandrar Tidningen? Bravo!... - You
will be chocked; she help to the lobbies to registrate opposite... - Was she
biology-worker in Baltics... - No!... But system need such families to
follow the people and therefore she didn't go to the claenar courses and nor any
language course although her vocabulary is worst when I compare with other
immigrants... Nowadays fixed this family a credit possbility by the lobbies and
Swedish American authorities,looks like a support to publish weekly propagand
bulletin, called "Sesam"... - Is it a propagand bulletin which the
redacteurs in Jew York recommended? - Yes!... Worst and most dangerous in the
world... - Do you explain; what you discovered by Sesam or chief Jolin
Boldt or Jusek/jurists' judadominated syndical sect media runs by Göran Boldt
Co. although this zionist gang never had a single one scientist in the
family!.. - Yes, it's!.. But such chiefs are clever to use the regularly
credits of system... I am an ordinary people and regularly reading all the
issues of Sesam/Jusek falsification magazines and look at on these pages, what
these gangsters provoce: "Immigrants always have problems.. They must complete
their education and integrate to the democratical values..." Very
provocative...It means if you never been accepted as true citizen so you must
think that your education is low, complete it... If immigrated person is
non-judaic originated must complete cources to be disher, even if man is
professor.. But other immigrant who came from Warszawa and presented himself as
academician, accepted to be professor wit´hout a true diplom.. If you criticize
this dirty deal, riskable to be labelled that you collapsed on integration...
- A kind of tregistrated psycho? - Definitely!.. This is a nonsense
market... The masters of this neo-liberal "smiling fascist process" show no
pardon... Since many years the Swedish immigrant publications run by the fascist
zionist readcteurs, collaborators and inseminate false imagination... This is a
insemination what the Zionist Fascists do against thesecond class people in Tel
Aviv... In SvekJa Kingdom, by this shurk-coup drivessame project... Look at
these pages, even the Laponians counts like the second class people and never
discuss serious their minority rights, work rights by the industrial
investigations of Kingdom... They handled often like the Gypsies,more worst;
they handled like prisoners on its own marks like the Palestinians who prisoned
his own haoses there in the occupied Middle East... Do you discussuor rights
here on Immigrant pages? Never... Boldt have credit by Spaarbank and Nordea's
Jew chiefs... Why? Because, Boldt-gang is the best flexible which uses like a
condom against Human Rights...According of these shurks there is no any Zionist
Occupational Gang in the world, but Palestinians been counted as problematics...
Palestinians described like the immigrants there, what the oppressed people
behandles here in SvekJa Kingdom... Boldt and her lap-dogs manipulate the
questions of immigrants and never answer thequestions although there is two
pages for responses... - I know a Jewish paper in USA, redacteur send
letters himself and replies later instead of the true readers... -
Similar tactic!... What Big Brother do, Swedish hypocrites just imitate it...
Not only this fetty imbecill's Sesam, all other creit-addicted papers
administrations making copies of ordinary people's letters... mostly all these
half-officially "Invandrar" publication industry "brain washing instruments on
the immigrants" running on this line... what thelobbies, so-called
"registrationsnamnden" and the collaborators by the Swedish ministries like
much and therefore pumping money.. - Now I have a little question; is
Boldt-gangs are Jewish originated... - More dangereous... Members, so-called
"edsvurna" by the Zionist lobbies!...But how you guess about the origins of
these shurks?! - I am not so stupid although I like sometimes discuss
football, too... - ...and maybe a private question, too!.. How you can be so
close to Jolin!... - She like small and younger Africans like a tradition by
the bourgeoisise fetties nowadays and it was plus point when she discovered I am
from Ethiopia... - More question? - No more, 'cause I have
already all the answers on this area specially experiences by such kind of
chiefs who need my massage... This is biology, too; bio-physique... - But why
all these lobbies hate Rainer Holm?.. Rainer is not immigrant.. - He
registrated because of the critics againt the system and projects.. - What
kind of system? Whose projects, whose rules? - Kidding? - ?!
- Different faces but same play on the dirty scenes!..
- That is right!.. Unfortunately, a crow goes but another crow comes...
Betrayers love eacht other and they always have supporters by the financial
lobbies... For example Sparbank, Nordea, Associates thieves Co,
Citibank/CitiGroup, even CSN and other similarly ziondominated betrayers,
- More dangerous than all other classical mafia examples... Because all these
liberalized instruments have both legal and illegal leagues, different faces on
the different scenes...
- Flexible fascism!..
- Not only this case and such victims, all the anti-imperialists
are the potentially criminals, according to the registrators of lobbies...They
are suspicious in all cases, on all the connections... - They are
suspicious perhaps only on our duties... Otherways I met an interesting gay, he
talks perfect Persian like a true Iranian citizen, practiced around of Gulf...
- Dehdari? Kamali? Tagawi? - Bijan Fahimi!.. This gay, Persian Zionist
case enough to explain any connections between many Swedes... Such "imported
instruments" help to compare with the opprtunities and opportunists for example
these persons systematically been discrimined: Staffan Ehnebom, Jimmie
Östergren, Ahmed Rami, Ernst Rainer Holm (regime critic worker, disappeared in
Gaevle city just after May Day 2003), Henrik Westander, Osmo Vallo (murdered by
police torture in Malmuu-city) and his prisoned brothers, Tony Deogan and
Anders Gustavsson (both murdered by system supported violence leagues and
prosecutors didn't accuse anyone because these poor boys weren't from
bourgeoisie cathegories in the community and both criticized sytem by any
articles before), Bengt Frejd, Olof T. Johansson, Sara Lidman, Calle Höglund,
Belay Mekkonen, Hannes Westberg, Linus Brohult, Sven Wollter, Gunnar Thorell,
Murat Yildiz, Bodil Margret Lindqvist, Staffan Beckman, Ísmet Celepli, Juan
Fonseca (when he had not so intensive interesse on money), Ditlieb Felderer,
Stefan Hjertén, Stefan Dimiter Tcholakov...
- Is it dangerous to have same name? - Very riskable!.. Nephew Stefan
forced to be psyhico because one of the his relatives in Balkan were the
anti-Zionist guerilla leaders... One of the guerillas had same name forced for
Independent Makedonia and jailed by false accusations of two Jewish judges from
Bulgaria just after 1945. Guerilla leader had no possibility to defence himself,
Jewish judges published only the false accusations, including fictive movements
who leaned weapon from Germania under WW II. Although many corrupted judges and
prosecutors were the traitors, this power manipulated history; nobody succeed to
choose what is right what is wrong by medial campaigns... Guerillas, like
"Uncle Tcholakov" sentenced without any minimal evidence.. He died there... We
see another Tcholakov in Scandinavia, immgrated, but pursued and falled in
incredible troubles... This nephew Tcholakov, "immigrated heimatlos Stefan"
borned in 1944 as Dimiter, become a brilliant academical carrier in Sofia
university and fleed to SvekJa Kingdom, completed 180 university points but
prevented from work life, pursued, isolated, discriminated by the the Jewish
registrators, lobbies, specially the collaborators of Clas Lilja
"genetical-researcher Zionist clan" members in the Waexsjö city university...
I can add other figures, too; for example the victims from West Front like
Robert Malecki as true Vietnam deserter and as second category; Jan Myrdal,
Teddy John Frank, Frank Baude, Peter Bratt, (his cell-shared-comrade Jan
Guillou pissed off from lists because he is a multi-milliarder rich, reached to
be droged creatur at last), Dagmar Hagelin (been pursued by Zionist lobbies who
collaborated with dictators of South America and murdered there by fascist
military of Astiz.. Dagmar murdered because her father listed as Marxist and
very interesting now, his family affected by persecution, all the relatives
troubled similarly case and systematically hunting by the Zionist lobbies),
Torsten Leander (only this one pursued person compensed as symbolic maneouver),
Work Rights Fighters Jimmie Östergren from Högdalen and his ombudsman Bengt
Pettersson from Folks house Raagsved Ghetto district, Lilian Gustavsson who is
mother to Anders, 17, murdered by torture methodes of bulldog Anders Carlsberg's
fascist boys at Fyrshuset trainee center in Hammarby bourgeoisie area of
capitol. After that Anders Carlberg prized as Integration chief and poor mother
Lilian still betrays by the Jewish manipulation center Expo's "professional
- It looks like a living history...
- That is right and tv redaction collected much more figures, the names of the
victims, all the almost anti-imperialists... - The "Human enemies"
will not like to talk on such cases.. They hate the truth... - It's true!...
The profiteers of system hate human being... We collected here hundreds of
names... Count please the victims of Estonia ferry, which used to transferring
the nuclear weapons to the West and sinked by an explosion; prosecutors hunted
the criticer intellectuals not the criminal propagandists of Jewish
DN-Expressen-Menorah falsificators nor the boss of weapon markets...... Why thus
people counts in two different categories and what is difference between two
oppressed or only been registrated followed people I don't understand... But you
can notice much more if you visit Veritas Co. Veritas fraud league is a computer
and distribution which serve the falsificators, Swedes call him "Jankele Pirat
kopiormästaren!", means "Bitch falsificator masters' bastard"... -
What is common with all these plays? What is the connection but with our
tennisplayer monkey? - That is the question... They don't know
anything and therefore we are on the duty, means their unknowledge is our
gain... - Game?! - You need go to the ear specialist, my
friend; Nordic climate is not fit to your upside... - ?!
- Please, my friend!... Take these coverages back to the archives!.. Explain
nothing there, outside;please! I'll do tanksgiving because I have only ond year
to be retired.. - Wait!.. Wait!.. My son and daughters already at AMS and
their fiancees fixed places at Länsarbetsnämnden, Migration teater's
integrationsverket.. It was difficult to be staff there, without any true exam,
nor really job interviews... We mustn't leave their situations on risk!.. - ?!
- I witnessed any related cases... But a woman who formated this explain she was
been guilt, instead of the suspected persons... Don't make laugh on such
stories, please!... One of these writers named Bodil Margret Lindqvist wrote a
saga/story and faced PUL when the Evangelist coup of Swedish church spioned
her... But folks insist to be solidarised with Bodil Margret Lindqvist... Dod
you know, why? Resistance against discrimination... Saga on Ulf BERG , for
instance, this saga is a strong file of Bodil's works... Saga-files are a kind
of action; yes, I should remember that Bodil Margret Lindqvist was VPK-follower
rebel... - VPK? - Vaensterpartiet kommunisterna.. Main European
leftist parties changed themselves but traditionally hate clans of zionist
imperialism didn'rt change the persecution process on the antiimperialists...
- They hate human being... - That's right!.. This is one of the
reasons; yes, she was a famous member by Communist Party... There are any
related explains on her own homepages what she been attacked and therefore
cleaned many pages..
An example about the first story pages of Bodil Margret Lindqvist:
Bodil's ordinary corrected (nicked A. Maria Oilworkerson) short reserv page:

Short story creations like Comrade Bodil's extra diary pages: There are many
solidaríty groups around such anti-imperialist figures for example, the readers'
notices to the story teller Bodil:
Bodil's close friend Comrade Jörgen "Snegroy" (second nick: Kennedy Palme)
built a support page:
- far you works on Internet, it's possible that anybody try to manipulate
- That is right!.. Tere are many fanatics like Livets ord and other fascist
lkeagues who attacking the anti-imperialists. - Definitely!.. Bodil's
works been attacked by Livets ord... There are many server, like Maccabi Jewish
staff and fake Anti-Fa homepages... They still contunie to manipulate... This
is the true terror, advanced by technical support lobbies...
- Sometimes we see good friends, who show very useful solidarity for instance
Jörgen K.; he is Bodil's close friend, struggles well. - This is the
"True Living history"... - If you have any question so I recommend
you'll call to this civil-courage symbol, "Story-teller".. Here is the directly
phone: Bodil Margret Lindqvist tel. 48 03 e-mail: - 031? - Mölndal, Vetlanda...
- Wet? Land? - Yes, it's is a piece of SvekJa Kingdom!...
- Even it's not acceptable!.. My heart says; "No!.." - What is most
unfair? - To be handled like the animals in the farm of George
Orwell.. Looak at all these swindler masters who have two-legs only difference
between the other kind of piggs... - I understand your reactions!... But if
you insist to go on the last two legs, riskable that you can be sanctioned.. Did
you heard that many people gone suicide? - Media didn't explain......
- Whose media? Anyway there are many people, even an ordinary list can take
many pages of newspapers... Advertisements are important than suicide victims,
nowadays... - You mean that the system can piss off... - Legalized
cleansing by modernized methodes... Hundreds of people gone suicide only in last
year... - Human? - ?! **
- I wonder what is the reason this story-teller uses a strange grammar.. Bad
english, according to the web administrations.... Worst than my chief's school
english level...
- I understand you, too!.. But you know, I met this autor, a clever girl who can
talk wonderful.. I mean, she is a successful person when she talks plenty
fluently on other matters...
- But why this girl tells her story in so incredible strange english?
- I try to explain!... Yes, I asked her about this flat language... She replied;
"When I wrote in correct english, pissed off by the bourgeoisie dominated
media"... So, after this explain I checked it and witnessed that she has
- I wonder the majority been masochists nowadays?!
- Ye', it is stranger than language!... ... Maybe we are living in a period
there bourgeoisie living a social sickness like mass masochistical delusion
system... We piss off the normally attitudes...
- Also, you mean the autor aims to write good tales in bed grammar to fix the
barries of establishment on this sick medial world...
- Approximately...
- But she make folks laugh!... Please, watch this clip, super irritable bad
english.. She makes me laugh, too!...
- Sure!.. Story teller aims it... Otherwise, you are a living evidence that she
succeed to make laugh you like any other pieces of this oligarchical system!..
- What!?..
- ...and at last this story teller added that she believe in "Mankind changed
so much, nowadays civilizated people mostly looks like a kind of animal who can
learn during laughing"...
- ?!


- This broadcasting clip remind me of "the Invisible Writers".
- What does "invisible writer" mean?
- Many years ago I knew a grizzled old playwright named Ray. He lived off state
disability checks, carried his manuscripts in brown paper bags, and drank cup
after cup of black coffee, which I poured for him from behind the counter of the
coffee shop where I worked. He had one piece of advice for me: "Read Othello.
If you want to be a writer you must first read Othello." Ray was a blue-collar
guy who had never gone to college, but he had read Shakespeare, checked out from
the public library near the furnished room where he lived. Ray understood plot
because he had lived and experienced it. He was a born writer. Over the years
I've met a diverse collection of writers who have never been published or earned
any academic credentials, yet whose claim to the title of artist is genuine.
These invisible writers are soldiers and bakers, convicts and salesmen, winos,
hairdressers, firefighters, farmers and waitresses. Their only qualifications to
literary authenticity are their writings and their desire to write. Often the
only time they have is stolen time, and their private scrawls end up on cocktail
napkins, penciled in the margins of receipts, on any piece of paper handy. I
got to know Tom Carson during the first Gulf War, shortly after his platoon had
been sent to Kuwait. We never met in person. He had written to a co-worker of
mine who had moved on, leaving no forwarding address. When I saw the U.S.
military return address on Tom's letter, I decided to answer it myself. We began
a correspondence that lasted through the war and after he returned to Fort
Benning, Georgia. During a hectic two months, Lt. Carson wrote 39 poems. His
themes were the regimented insanity of military life, isolation and loneliness,
the wind and rain of his soul. Carson wrote his lines in rare solitude, in a
barracks or a tent. During the day, he told me, the thoughts gathered in his
head; he censored them but the forbidden words found expression anyway, for even
the U.S. Army cannot discipline the imagination. People imprisoned in
stultifying, menial jobs can summon, with even a minimal command of language,
something entirely private, unfettered and incalculably powerful. Most
importantly, it is something of their own creation that cannot be taken away.
The sense of purpose and identity that comes with being a writer, creator of a
private world, can be life altering. I've known truck drivers who are
natural-born storytellers; fishermen who paint starkly beautiful word pictures
of life on a crab boat in the Bering Strait. I met a barely literate ex-convict
whose short story about losing his wife and child in a revenge killing for a
gang crime he'd committed was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever read. I met
a ex-alcoholic who wrote about being abandoned by her husband. In a few simple
paragraphs this uneducated woman in her mid-50s expressed a universal sense of
loss in an entirely unsentimental fashion; something that cannot be taught in
any MFA program. My own father, a novelist who was never published, once wrote
about being fired for writing on the job – a chronic problem in his lifetime. He
worked on an assembly line in a factory that manufactured radios, and the
foreman caught him writing one day while the neglected radio parts moved past
him on the belt. "I was only half a radioman," wrote my father. "In my heart, I
was a poet." As Chester Himes wrote in "The Quality of Hurt": "No matter what I
did or how I lived, I had considered myself a writer....It was my salvation. The
world can deny me all other employment, and stone me as an a
disagreeable, unpleasant person. But as long as I write whether it's published
or not, I'm a writer." I met Celia at a roadside diner, where she cooked greasy
breakfasts for travelers whose faces she'd never again see. Writing, for Celia,
was a way of being elsewhere, of undoing, undreaming, her mundane daily life.
The monotony of her job and the deadening rituals she performed daily were the
inspirations for the poems she scribbled on used order tickets. To hate your job
and do nothing about it is a failure of imagination: a true life sentence. A
Frenchman I know who was a maitre d' at one of the Washington's finest
restaurants, possesses a novel he composed in the twilight time between the
lunch rush and the dinner hour. His joy on writing it was immeasurable. That it
may never be published did not faze him. The point is that he created it. He
finished it. It is his. "Fiction completes us, mutilated beings burdened with
the awful dichotomy of having only one life and the ability to desire a
thousand," Mario Vargas Llosa wrote. I've often looked for my old playwright
friend Ray's name in print, but have never seen it. I imagine him sitting in a
coffee shop somewhere, brow furrowed as he revises lines of his latest play,
completely absorbed in the world of his characters. I'm sure it frustrated Ray
at times, that his work went unrecognized, but it never occurred to him to quit;
just like it would never occur to him to stop breathing. It is not strictly a
tragedy that Ray's plays, the maitre'd's novel or Celia's poems remain
unpublished. Much of the work comes into being for private reasons of the heart.
If every sentence that was written was printed and bound we would drown in a sea
of words – as it is, thousands of books are hastily published, barely read and
forgotten. Writing itself is the aim, for it is writing, not publishing, that
transforms individual human experience. To write, even in obscurity is
worthwhile. As Samuel Becket put it, writing is a way of leaving "a stain upon
the silence."
- It's true!.. Wonderful described and we are listening a kind of the "stain
upon the silence", just here...
- Tv Independent Laponia got a short list on the fascist league eXpo and
collaborated zionist criminals...
- Let's watch it!..
- Welcome, Comrados!.. These main figures threat free speech...

Richard Slätt: Propaganda chief at the Zionist prop centre eXpo...

Stieg Larsson. Drivande bakom eXpo under många år. Blev under 70-talet
provokator medlem i socialistiska partiet som manipuleade de lättsinniga
bastarder omkriung den siondominerade svenska falska vänstern.
Mattias Våg. Ledande inom Afa, falska Antifa som bildades direkt af judiska
fascister. Nära samröre med eXpo-redaktörerna Hübinette och Flyckt...
Magnus Hörnqvist.Horny visst!... Ledande inom sionistiska Afa ligan. Nära
bekant med eXpo-journalisten Anders Carlqvist. Dömd för brott flera gånger,
bland annat olaga intrång.
Anders Carlqvist (alias Peter Karlsson): . Går under namnet Peter Karlsson.
Medarbetare på eXpo. Har varit ledare för Afa och är dömd för ofredande sedan
han sparkat ner en meningsmotståndare. Även dömd för våld mot tjänsteman.
Mattias Flykt. Aktiv i både AFA och eXpo. Dömd för brott.
David Lagerlöf. Ingår i eXpos styrelse sedan 1995. Medlem i judedominerade
syndikalistiska fascisthärvan.
Mikael Ekman. Drivande bakom eXpo. Tidigare medlem i UMR (Ungdom Mot
Rasism/täckmantel att stödja sionistisk rasism) som då leddes av homosexual
horan Michael Alonzo som importerade instument d.v.s "fake asylumseeker" , som
skrev texter med fraser som "död åt alla" som provokation att hets afolk
Daniel Pohl. eXpo-medarbetare som försökte infiltrera National Socialist
organisationerna. Nära kopplaren till Mikael Ekman.
Tobias Hübinette. South Korean importerad apa och Afa-ledare och eXpos förste
redaktör. Dömd för sabotage, uppvigling, grov uppvigling, förtal, ofredande och
Kurdo Baksi: Murderer (assassinated two Iraqian revolutinaries).. Importerad
kriminell d.v.s. "fake asylumseeker". Utgivare av den manipulativa tidskriften
Svartvitt som finansieras av svenska skattebetalare och där även eXpo ingår.
Robert Aschberg: Ass berg.. Ingår i eXpos styrelse. Typical Zionist
- These criminals are the main threat against the human being!..
- Definitely!.. Because the Zionist Imperilaism is threat against the all
humanist values...



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Cecilia Bergqvist The Saga of Staffan BECKMAN; "Undermina...zional"... 8-29-2003 12:11

I just heard they have a suspect in the Blaster worm attack -- he's a nineteen-year-old living in Seattle, WA. They say he didn't actually write the thing, just modified it to worsen its effects.

TEEKAY -- just so folks don't think I'm ignoring you, and in case you didn't get my email in all this sobig junk, my garden is doing well. thank you.

I'm already planning next year's garden, and should be planting the garlic in a couple of weeks. I dug about a bushel of potatoes from the one row I planted -- got a real nice return on it! We're getting lots of squash, and there are a lot of green tomatoes. The sweet corn is starting to show ears, and I have two nice melons starting to ripen. Beets didn't do well at all, nor did broccoli or cucumbers. The second planting of beans is about ready to be picked, and the basil is doing VERY well! I got several pounds of garlic, but some of it didn't turn out well, so I won't be replanting much of my homegrown stuff. I ordered some fresh stock (some different varieties) to plant this fall.
I did put in some more strawberries, and hope they don't get winter-killed again.

howard 8-29-2003 10:20

Greetings and Salivations to everyone once more!

Just curious, but is the workbook shut down or somethng? I haven't seen any new posts on the new work section since the 21st. If so, please let me know.

On a brighter note, I have still avoided getting the virus so I am quite happy about that.

Watching Two Towers now, so I must go. Ta!

Andrew 8-29-2003 9:11


Girl's day out, woo hoo! Hi everybody! Great to see you Heather and Mary! Nice to see you too, Rachel, Jerry, Mark, Randall, Jack, Carol ... YANG! Weird, I'm not upset to see old Yang joining us once again. It almost feels like he belongs here, that he might amuse us once again with his idiocy. Yeah, I know he's not visiting personally, but I wish he would. Perhaps we should all email him daily?

Teekay, Hi you! Happy anniversary! My gosh, that's an incredible amount of time to have spent in the company of one person. I'm raising a glass to you and hubby. Cheers!
I AM back, as white as ever, but wearing a big grin; vacation was fab! I feel like I'm a real person again. Congrats on winning your auction, I'm so relieved for you. And your daughter is a true artiste! Impressive!

Sobigs have got my email bogged down too, though they only overflowed my box once so I'm not going to complain. I'd almost think it was a good gag if people weren't actually getting their systems infected. Now that's not funny 'tall.

Howard, Your goose joke cracked me up! I didn't get it until you said YOU didn't get it either, and so I looked at it with a different perspective and wham! It's so perfectly cheesy that I've got a new favorite joke. :D

Americo, Are you back from vacation yet? You know the funny thing is that I actually picture you on holiday with two cats, one named Jon and one named Pussy and no one else, sipping/lapping up drinks on the Riviera. It makes for an amusing holiday picture. You have imprinted those two characters so thoroughly in my mind that they truly exist for me. That's what writing is all about.

Now, I'm off to watch The Two Towers. I spent last night watching the documentaries and the trailor for Return of the King! How will I wait until December?


Christi 8-28-2003 23:57


Happy day to yah girlie girl :o) Hope the hubby feels better soon.

Ciao for now.


Rachel 8-28-2003 22:20


Congratulations on your 19th Anniversary. Hope hubby gets over his sniffles sometime soon.

Power outage in London. Of course terrorists had nothing to do with it just like they had nothing to do with the one in the eastern United States. Funny how these coincidences happen. I cannot help thinking there is some connection, but then again I am a writer with an over-active imagination.

Rhoda 8-28-2003 15:47

Teekay - 19 years is a breeze, me and the old battle axe celebrated our 32nd last week while camping. Talk about being married longer then you were single, I married when I was seventeen....

Got to watch a 75 mile per hour wind blow through town today, it was a trip to say the least. The neighbors tree blew down, dang thing was nearly thirty five feet tall, must have been forty years old, at any rate took out our cable tv, ripped the cable right off the old house. Not much more damage though, just a ten foot branch fell from another tree across my pickup cab, just left a few scratches, I watched it fall and ran out (Well sort of hobbled out) and pulled it off the roof before it scratched too deep.

Me heart went out to the fire fighters here though our small volunteer department responded to three large grass fires just before the big blow, and a 75 mile per hour wind can make a fire travel twice as fast. They had their work cut out for them till the rain came and gave them some help. They are just now getting back into town, I can hear them on my police scanner they've been out there since a bit before five PM when the lightning started the fires before the big wind came.

We drove about town, there were trees down all over the place, but it looked like the good Lord was watching out for us as there didn't seem to be much damage to homes, a few broken windows and a storm door or two were gone, but some trees that looked as though they should have crushed the trailer homes that they hit, seemed to blow right over the top and landed on the opposite side. Wind does strange things sometimes.

Jerry 8-28-2003 0:11

HOWARD, CHRISTI & HEATHER: I've sent an email to you titled 'horse picture', so keep your eye out for it.

It's just me doing the proud mum thing.

Teekay 8-27-2003 19:19

365 emails this morning. I've just deleted the whole lot without even sifting through them.

Hubby cleaned out the virus from my machine 2 days ago, but seems it's still alive and well.

HEATHER: Welcome back :-) You know I've missed you.

CHERI: What's a real writer? Buck up, Girly. You are mistress of your destiny.
Follow your passion and all else shall follow. (Just make sure it is your passion you're following.)
A bit of depression relief; go hire some Ab Fab videos, pop some corn, and chill out.

CHRISTI: Are you back? Did you have a ball? Did you get a tan?
I won the ebay bid!! The stress of it nearly killed me, but I won it!! Sweaty palms, palpitations - horrible! The DVD's are due to arrive today.

HOWARD: How does your garden grow, my prolific friend?

It's my and hubby's anniversary today. 19 years. I have now been married as long as I have been single. Funny, it seems longer.
He woke up with a runny nose and red eyes, so there won't be any of that mooshy stuff going on.

Okey dokey. I'm orf.

Teekay. 8-27-2003 19:00

Heather Honey!!!

Love ya and miss ya! I have sent you a couple emails but no replies. If you aren't in the mood for emails...don't be in a hurry, but if you just aren't getting them, let me know! I have been watching for you here; was getting worried that maybe a virus ate your hard drive, or you had problems with the reformat you were gonna do. Good to see you!!! And YES... please post a shortie this week. I would be very interested in a tale about you and your mother. Hugs!

8-27-2003 16:39

I just got home and switched my computer on. Received my email, and there was one from MYSELF! And it was sent while I was not even home. I bet this guy drinks his own bathwater!

h 8-27-2003 16:18

I posted an entry a few days ago, but for some odd reason it disappeared!!!

Anyhow, I haven't been writing for a couple of months now. I think it is mostly due to depression. My job is over at the end of September, so I'll be looking for a new one soon. That coupled with lots of family obligations and an 'I don't think I'll ever be a real writer' complex is just about enough to keep anybody down. I decided to try, try again!

HEATHER: My son's birthday is July 21st! He's a happy six year old now. Congrats to your friend.
I know what you mean about failing to find the words to express what you feel. There are times when I feel such great love for my children and husband that the words 'I love you!' don't seem to do justice to those feelings.

ALL; RE: The sobig virus. I too have been inundated with emails. I did recognize Litter's email address, but no one else. I remember reading that the virus harvests from Outlook Express and that's what we use here at work. Don't know if that's connected in any way.

Well I hope to be writing more soon!

PS Where's that wonderful librarian been lately? Mel? Are you out there?

Cheri 8-27-2003 12:53

Heather - good to see you posting again, welcome home.

Mary find subject for a shorty, I've posted mine, well OK so it's Wednesday and not Thursday, I probably should have kept it a day and edited it, but then again if I did that it wouldn't really be a shorty would it?

Could SOBIG have stopped?? I hope so haven't had any this morning as of yet!

I see our oriental friend is back and posting again, wonder how many orders he gets from this post?

Jerry 8-27-2003 10:40

MARY -- No, actually I haven't got it yet. Not much time to sit for that long right now. Lots of work to do now.

HEATER -- Welcome back!! And I just got one of those spoof mails from your id! Only 51 overnight.

Gee -- maybe it's the Martians! Mars is closer to Earth now than at any point history.

I just found that satellite photo showing the blackout is a hoax. Check for the article, and for some real photos of it.

howard 8-27-2003 7:35

lianchun yang talc 8-27-2003 2:30

Mary! Excellent shortie theme - remind me when it's Thursday? LOL
I could go straight from today into Saturday without noticing! :o}

Heather 8-26-2003 23:39

Ahhhhhhhh, the Sobig virus plagues other inboxes... and here I was grumbling that 'of course it would be my inbox hit with hundreds per day'.
Groaning right along with you, Howard. I received the viral mail from a mountain of unfamiliar emails, and then several from Hallee, Litterali, and Carol!
Something strange is afoot, no?

Good to be back HOME in the virtual sense as well as the physical sense... it may still be some time before my heart makes it back from New Brunswick, however!
What an incredible trip. My best friend's first child was born July 21st, and what a perfect baby boy! His name is Griffin, and has the sweetest elfin ears I've seen. :oD

Has anyone else felt so awed by nature and life that to write of it is to fall desperately short of adequate words? I'm sure we all have, yet this experience feels as if I'm grappling for non-existent adjectives like no other before it.

I'm not certain whether this is good or not! I'm having a time painting anything else but the ocean - it has seeped into my brushes methinks. Funny thing is, there's a saying about the ocean - that we 'lose time by the sea'. Right it is, too. Gone for two weeks, but parts of me are still there; all sense of time was gone - now it has returned but I am still losing track of days... (well, forgive me, oh months of summer, for forgetting your potent magic!)

Hope all is well with everyone here - I missed all of you terribly!
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Heather 8-26-2003 23:38

Howard: Are you watching LOTR Two Towers right now? Hehehe...I just got done with it. This is the first I had seen it, my husband brought it home from work with him. I liked it much more than I liked the first one, but I didn't think the music was as dynamic. I will have to watch it again and see how I feel about it. Hope you are enjoying yourself!

Mary 8-26-2003 23:05

I just opened my mail for the first time today, got 130 Emails total -- 112 bogus (or carrying the sobig virus), and of those, three were from Jerry, Hallee, and Ben.

Several were dupes of other phoney Edresses, and probably 30 or more were returns saying that I had sent a virus or an illegal note.

I'll be glad when this is over.

School looks interesting! Except that one of the profs (both know me) announced to the class that "Howard could teach this course!" Heck of a way to start the year!

howard 8-26-2003 17:10

Just checking, anybody besides me just sign onto the notebook? I just got a burst of three of those stupid virus emails now.

Jerry 8-26-2003 15:51

I can't get anything right today.

That post should say "Howard: I feel so dirty" Not Teekay.

I am gonna call it a night.

Mary 8-26-2003 0:45

Teekay: I feel so DIRTY! LOL

Litter: OK, now I get it. I didn't really feel like you were 'blaming' me...I just couldn't figure out how I had (gasp)"THE WORM" without knowing it. I don't know how all this computer stuff works and I am a bit panicky at times.

I ran a full system scan this afternoon and everything. LOL. DORK.

Innyhoo...SHORTIE THEME for this week...drumroll, not a poem, everybody hates me when I pick that 'bout:
A memory of your mother when you were a child.

Mary 8-26-2003 0:44


I hope.

for now, anyway.

And maybe for next thursday afternoon.

Had an interesting thingie this afternoon. Pulled into the conveniencs store in town, to replenish my supply of my favorite jalapeno-flavoured sunflower seeds (whole, not shelled) and saw a damsel in distress at one of the pumps (it's also a Mobil gas (petrol) station).

I use the term "damsel" a bit charitably, as she was probably very nearly my age.

Anyway, walked over to see if I could be of assistance, and she jokingly asked "How could you tell I was having trouble?"

I said "One -- your car has New Jersey plates (they can't pump their own gas in NJ). Two -- you do look rather flustered and confused (nothing personal, just an observation). And Three -- you're trying to pump diesel fuel into your gasoline tank. That's why the nozzle (luckily) won't fit."

We laughed off her embarrassment, and I got her some towels from the next pump to wipe the fuel off her hands, then went into the station with her to explain to the clerk what had happened. No problem -- she thanked me, and I went over to pick up my snacks. I paid for them, and went back out, only to see that she had pulled over to the next set of pumps, and was trying to get them to work.
"Your credit card goes in the other way -- you have it upside down and backwards."
She handed it to me with an incomprehensible gurmble. (For the uninitiated, that's a sort of a cross between a gurgle and a mumble), then a "Thank you again!"
"No problem -- regular gas?"
"Yes, please. Do you do this often? You're so nice. Most people would just laugh!"
"I think we're here for more than to laugh at someone's troubles. Fill it up?"
"Yes, thank you! Do you live around here? People are so nice here!"
And at that point I saw her looking intently at my left hand, and I could swear her smile dimmed a little.

howard 8-25-2003 22:24

The way I heard it was that Arnold requested the background on his papa, just the fellow he requested it from got a bit excited when he found the SS in his history.

What the hell maybe someone with that sort of background would be GOOD for California. Myself, I've been hoping it'll just fall off in the ocean before the election and settle the mess for once and for all.

Still getting sobig virus messages and have no idea where from, some of the returns do look sort of familiar things like and maybe it's Bush, that's it!!!! Let's blame this on Bush too!!!! Might as well seems their trying to blame everything from the blackout to west Nile on him already. Incidently there have been two more deaths from West Nile here in South Dakota and a fellow just fifty miles south of here has come down with it, that's getting too close for comfort.

I have been thinking of converting to Linux again, I have the latest releases of both Red Hat and Mandrake, in fact I have Mandrake set up within Conectex's Virtual PC on this machine guess I could just use that to pick up my mail but it would be a pain just the same. For all I've been doing of late I could probably do with Linux since I stopped playing games and such a long time ago and I do have Star Office for Linux to use for writing. It's just making the switch and then there's all this software I have that I'd have to run on my server or something....

Jerry 8-25-2003 22:19

TEEKAY! Glad to see you back among the presently accounted for!

LITTER -- Ahh the price of fame! :-})

MARY -- Remember the old saying about "when you have sex with someone you're also boffing everyone that person has had sex with?" Likewise with Email, it seems.
Some people have their mail programs set to enter ino their address book everyone they reply to.

--- BAD IDEA!! ---

Then they're flabbergasted when they find out how many people -- people they don't even know -- are in there. Multiply that by the number of cute Email thingies forwarded, or replied to with "reply all." Throw in the number of rejection slips sent by the editor of Cosmopolitan on a bad hair day, and the number becomes astronomical!
And that's just for my cousin (the blonde) in Paducah!

Like Custer said -- "Holy mackerel, Batman! Lookit allothem damn Spam!" Or something like that...

I tried to post this earlier today -- now, 6 hours later, and after restoring my system back to a Saturday checkpoint (before a Norton Ghost install) I'm back up and running. I hope.
No, it wasn't the virus -- I ran all the checks for that. I think it was actually the Ghost install. Bummer! I was gonna use it for a system backup.
I should just switch over and run Linux, and throw windows oout the door!

Lessee if this will post now...

howard 8-25-2003 21:50

Hi Howard :-)
I got hit *sigh*. Such a pain!

Teekay 8-25-2003 17:11

MARY – The mail PURPORTS to be from you, as opposed to it actually being from you. Eddresses are being hijacked by the virus. As your machine is clean, it most probably got your name from the address book of someone who is infected, or from harvesting yours from almost anywhere you have left a message or appear on a subscriber list. Like I said -- I'm receiving failure notices for mail I know I haven't sent, as my machine is clean and updated daily. Worry not, I'm not blaming you. I'm now running at 350+ sobigs per day – guess I'm just lucky!

Litter 8-25-2003 13:54

That last post was mine. Sorry..forgot to put my name in there.

Mary 8-25-2003 13:14

I am really surprised to hear that Litter got a worm from me. I haven't received any of those types of emails myself and my Norton is completely up to date, and caught several different infected emails which were deleted before I ever saw them. Hmmmmmm. Must investigate. I am not getting the 100s of emails per day that you guys are getting either. What a pain the arse. :-(

8-25-2003 13:12

SASQUATCH -- you'd probably do at least as well as the current gov, and probably better than Anold!

I read in the papers that some investigator has found that Arnold's father was a member of the Nazi SS troopers. Don't ever run for office unless you don't mind having your dirty laundry -- skidmarks and all -- exposed to public view.

Re: the virus -- less than 10% of the stuff I've received actually contains the virus. The rest of it is just scary spam. I think if they ever do find the instigator of this thing he/she is in for a long hard time. I hope they line his cell walls with screens that show constant popups, and beep and chirp all day (and night) long! And give him a radio that only plays the Microsoft logon/logoff chimes! And a dot-matrix printer (just out of reach) that is printing non-stop copies of obsolete IBM manuals! And a mouse that bites! And the one screen that works is off registration!

howard 8-25-2003 11:25

The only NBer I've received any bugs from is Allein, and I've gotten stuff from both Allein_Andersen and peachick Edresses.
I've also been getting stuff from a couple of .indiana... ids -- I remember JERRY said he'd got stuff from a park in Indiana as well.
Lots of duplicates too -- so far today I've gotten over 100 again, with many of them being duplicates, and some looking like possible variations, like someone's second Edress, perhaps.

There's suspicion now that this might be a preliminary to a really bad attack on or shortly after 9/11/2003. It's possible, I guess. It's been reported that the cost of this thing to businesses has gone over $50 million, and some are saying that the blackout may have been caused or at least helped by the blaster worm/virus that preceded sobig.

I haven't heard from several E-respondents (including Teekay) since all this crap started flooding the net. Dunno if they got hit, or if they're just laying low.

I start school tomorrow -- two classes on Tues and Thur, one off campus and one regular class. They should be fun - one called "Story-telling and World Folktales" (Lit-264) and "Literature of the North American Wild" (Lit-272) They're both "Writing Emphasis" classes, so I'll get some practice. The second one is held off campus at one of our local senior centers -- should be a good place to swap tall tales! :-})

howard 8-25-2003 10:46

JERRY -- There's no way of knowing why you are being hit. I was convinced that a lawyer I'd done work for caused me to get started with this because one of the addresses I saw in it all was ricardin@my.isp But I went to his office, scanned his machines and he was clean.

By the volume, I'd guess that someone with an address spider got hit. Someone like a marketer. The workbook gets hit every 20 minutes by someone with klez trying to access my MS scripts directory. Fortunately, I have no MS on this machine. I have been able to discover that the ip it says it comes from is spoofed. From here though, tracking it down is more trouble than my isp wants to handle right now.

HOWARD determined a month or so ago that his address was spidered up by a marketer from NB archives. If the jerk with that spider also got your edress, and got sobig, there you are.

So far only LITTER has reported getting addresses snatched from NB. I must be in someone else's circle of friends. I am active on the net, though, so I could get tagged from any of several places.

Removed about 100 yesterday. Had 47 this morning at 7:30. It's now almost 10:00 and I've removed another 14. I'm not counting any more.

Mark 8-25-2003 10:05

107 sobigs in the last 7 hours (now the norm or me). Might have to abandon my prime email adddress...

Litter 8-25-2003 5:23

Think my count is around 20 for today on the sobig. Just wondering though, could someone on the notebook be infected and spreading? The reason I ask is that I seem to be the only one here in town effected by it. Everyone I've talked to say they just heard of it on the news.

I can't say that I recognize any of the address most appear to be spoofs such as and such but they do get a bit annoying.

I've reverted to Norton and it's doing a bang up job of keeping the email free of viruses, it pops up about every ten minutes or so saying it's cleaned another, then a couple of mins later I get the mail notification of the arrival of a clean email. I've opened the properties but there isn't a clue there either the virus seems to cover it's tracks well like most of the idiot spams that come by.

Jerry 8-24-2003 23:33

howard person i sasquatch will think of to be first Yeti being governor of california. i must go

sasquatch 8-24-2003 23:00

And I just now got another one from Melissa Buckhalter at US Dept of Justice(.gov) !!

Gee -- maybe Neo is gonna run for governor in California!


howard 8-24-2003 17:17

Today's count is way over 100, with lots of repeats. None from any Notebookers, though.
I am getting stuff from municipalities, stores, a Bible salesman, hotels, and some other strange-looking ids.

This could get scary, when you stop to think of some of the businesses and banks that use the internet to conduct their business. Then there are the schools, with online classes and seminars, as well as other folks conduction non-trivial communications. The ripples could affect more than just our Email. Hospitals and doctors routinely send patient data -- some of it rather critical -- via the internet, and some of our emergency services use it as well.

Could get to be a lot bigger than we imagined!

howard 8-24-2003 17:13



Well, it's a slow file this under FYI. A big high five to the SLCT for rejecting an ad that insults millions of dead holocaust victims. Annnnnnnd a thumbs down for PETA who should have known better, but did and obviously didn't care.


By Rhina Guidos
The Salt Lake Tribune

Local television stations in Salt Lake City told animal-rights activists this week that they won't air an ad comparing animals on the way to slaughterhouses to Holocaust victims on the way to concentration camps.

Matt Prescott, a representative for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in Norfolk, Va. said four Salt Lake City stations rejected the advertisement, which depicts an animal inside a truck on the way to a slaughterhouse. The ad was supposed to air in Utah on Thursday and Friday.

David Phillips, KUTV's general manager, said he saw the 30-second spot and made the decision not to air it.

"I thought it was inappropriate," Phillips said. "I think the PETA agenda of linking the Holocaust victims is not good. I just looked at the video and we went no further."

Prescott, who says members of his mother's family died in the Holocaust, traveled with the exhibit "Holocaust on a Plate" when it came to Salt Lake City earlier this month.

He defends the comparison, which has outraged Jews and others around the country.

A voice in the PETA ad says: "They came for us at night. Beat us. We cried out in the darkness. With no food or water, and barely air to breathe."

"It had dark imagery and a real negative, dark tone to it," said Dale Darling, local sales manager of KSL-TV. "It ended with a plea for everyone to be vegetarian."

Darling said he gave the ad a lot of thought but ultimately rejected it. The comparison to the Holocaust bothered him the most, but he also said it wouldn't be fair to advertisers running ads next to it.

"It seemed too depressing with a winter-type scene of trees with no foliage. It had a real heavy tone," Darling said. "It couldn't be next to an upbeat, bright, happy Old Navy spot."

PETA has a history of getting its ads rejected.

In November, two Canadian newspapers refused PETA ads comparing the slaughter of animals to a serial killing in Canada.

Prescott said stations in 15 cities nationwide are airing the ads. Many cities, such as Boston and now Salt Lake, have rejected them.

"I think it's a shame, because people need to understand where their food comes from," Prescott said.

Seems Mr. Prescott's elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. Most intelligent people know where there food comes from. It's all part of FREE CHOICE Americans enjoy. Like chosing to drive SUV's instead of tin cans from Korea that crumple when encountering anything bigger than a German Shepard... I don't know about you guys but I am able to process my own food, read meat and hope to fill my freezer this weekend with plump South Texas Doves...


Randall 8-24-2003 16:55

Hey Litter,

I'm alive and well. I've been keeping busy with kiddies and horses. One of the jobs I took is horse care. Dan and I were seeing to 22 horses. The owner has sent eight out of the 22 back to the track, which leaves us at 14, which is a nice number to work with. I hope all is well with you :o)

Ciao for now.


Rachel 8-24-2003 15:48

Oh my, but it is quiet in here.

Way over 600 sobigs and rising. Seems that they are 90% repeats of addresses that have previously seen. As far as the harvested names of people I know on the Notebook is concerned, Howard's address is at 15, with Heather close behind on 13, then 10 for Hallee, 9 for Rhoda, and a late starter with a modest three, is Mary. Don't fret, I have apparently sent out lots to people as well, including Heather. I've blocked the names of all the apparent senders for the moment and I'll reinstate the addy's of Notebookers when this thing has run its course. Fortunately, only 1 of my email addresses is getting this crap. I'm also getting lots of sobigs from a county park in Indiana!

News here has it as a potential 'Organised Crime' scam, vandalism, or the possibility of 'e-terrorism' (not a favourite theory of mine as it is not nearly nasty enough) and a ploy to get all those infected to visit a porn site. (According to a Chicago Sun News.) The irony is that if enough infected machines are out there, the Porn server would be brought down. Shame. ….But the story is unfolding all the time.

Anyone alive out there?

Litter 8-24-2003 14:40



Will this bug ever go away? I have opened my yahoo mail box twice today. Both times they say I am 125% over my alloted amount of space. Bulk mail is running 47 to 50 messages and one regular mail of 101KB with a notice of error in sent message. I delete EVERYTHING and open nothing... Hope the Good Lord doesn't notify me for any reason by e-mail, cause I'll sure miss it...

Night all,


Randall 8-23-2003 20:01

I wonder what this does --- Ahhhh! They just keep on rolling in! I just opened my mail and got 56 more -- nine with virii, and a whole bunch of the spoof messages saying I'd sent mail to places I've never heard of. ooops! There comes another one. My alert when receiving mail is the "Message for you sir!" line from Monty Python's "Holy Grail" movie. You know, the arrow-in-the-back-with-note-attached one... Never thought I'd get so tired of it!
For Weatherbug alerts I have the "Could be worse -- could be raining" lines from "Young Frankenstein.

Anyway, MARK posted a great article on the WB re the virus/Email flood. Check it out!

Couldn't sleep last night -- dreamed (among other things) that there's another blackout scheduled for the evening of 8/26. All of us who have been waiting for the LOTR-Two Towers video will be frustrated yet again! :-}(

howard 8-23-2003 9:16


Hey! TGIF!

On a somber note the tales of wood splinters remind me of a sad incident many years ago... My wife and I were invited our friends house, Wayne and Suzy, for a small get together. Wayne told me a Vietnam friend was in town and wanted to meet some Texans and chat. We went to their home about sundown for a little beer and bar-b-que. Wayne's friend ... I'll call him Bob was there. He was very thin, pale faced and though friendly I sensed something amiss.

Anyway the night progressed and everyone had a good time. Wayne had a cherry 1957 Chevrolet two door sedan which I admired. Bob and I walked to the garage where it was housed. Bob and I were talking and somehow the talk turned to Vietnam. Bob related he was having trouble with the VA and in fact was in Texas to visit the VA hospital in Waco. I asked, and Lord knows I wished I hadn't, where he was wounded. He sat his beer down and opened the buttons on his shirt. It was all I could do to not gasp aloud. The scars on his chest were massive, extending down below his waist... Not just one scar, but a mass of interlocking scar tissue.

I guess my face revealed the horror I could not conceal. Bob buttoned his shirt. "It's okay Randall. It was the summer of 1969. They came over and through the wire just before sunrise," he said. "We had fought for the hill top all night, but they never stopped coming. There were hundreds of them, little brown men in black pajamas. Hundreds dead, hundreds coming through the wire. Our position was overrun. I was wounded when our squad tried to retreat."

"And you were shot?" I asked appalled at the conversation.

Bob was calm as he spoke, even smiling. "No, bamboo spear. Old Charlie VC looked right in my eyes, ran me through and disappeared. Of all things, a spear. The spear broke and left a foot sticking out the front and several inches out my back."

Bob and I walked back to the house. "Just below my sternum, and came out my back. The corpsman pulled it through and I was airlifted out at daylight. The spear was coated with excrement and I have been fighting infections for 20 years."

Well, the party broke up shortly and as we parted I hugged Bob. He patted me on the back and said he enjoyed meeting my wife and I and looked forward to another get together. I wished him luck with the VA. A few weeks later Wayne called me with the bad news that Bob was dead. I asked if it was the wound and he said no. Bob took his own life.

"Randall," Wayne said. "Bob told me he really enjoyed meeting you. Said you were a good guy and wished he lived closer."

"I'm sorry he died Wayne."

"Me too. But you must understand ... Bob died in 1969. He was just making the rounds of his buddies saying farewell."

True story.

Night all,


Randall 8-22-2003 22:10

I had about 70 emails today. In another window I'm reading discussions at eXtremeTech. Pretty much everybody is affected by blaster or sobig virus. The champ so far is a guy who got 655 emails so far today.

Out of the 150 or so emails I've had in the last few days, I recognized only one sender address and it was spoofed.

I don't run Windows, so neither of these virii can attach to my system, but the email load is a pain.

If you use Outlook or Outlook Express for your email, do not use the Preview Pane and do not open any mail in html format, only open mail in text mode. Microsoft's mail programs are made for convenience and virus writers take advantage of that.

Mark 8-22-2003 22:00

One of the blasted bastards got through my Mcafee's! No I didn't open a blasted attachement, I never open attachements, I have no Idea how the damn thing got through, but it's ok I guess, I've been wanting to reformat my machine of late, it's been slowing down some.

Got this from a nephew, thought a little levity might be in order, that is if your machine doesn't shut down on it's own before you get it read.

Cows and Politics

You have two cows.
Your neighbor has none.
You feel guilty for being successful.
You vote people into office that put a tax on your cows,
forcing you to
sell one to raise money to pay the tax.The people you voted for
then take
the tax money, buy a cow and give it to your neighbor.
You feel righteous.
Barbara Streisand sings for you.

You have two cows.
The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.
You form a cooperative to tell him how to manage his cow.

You have two cows.
your neighbor has none.

You have two cows.
The government seizes both and provides you with milk.
You wait in line for hours to get it. It is expensive and sour.

You have two cows.
You sell one, buy a bull, and build a herd of cows.

You have two cows.
The government taxes you to the point you have to sell both to
support a man in a foreign country who has only one cow, which was a gift
from your government.

You have two cows. The government takes them both, shoots one, milks the
other, pays you for the milk, and then pours the milk down the

You have two cows.
You sell one, lease it back to yourself and do an IPO on the 2nd one. You
force the 2 cows to produce the milk of four cows. You are
surprised when
one cow drops dead. You spin an announcement to the analysts stating you
have downsized and are reducing expenses. Your stock goes up.

You have two cows.
You go on strike because you want three cows.
You go to lunch.
Life is good.

You have two cows.
You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary
cow and
produce twenty times the milk. They learn to travel on
unbelievably crowded trains. Most are at the top of their class at cow school.

You have two cows. You engineer them so they are all blond, drink lots of beer,
give excellent
quality milk, and run a hundred miles an hour.
Unfortunately they also demand 13 weeks of vacation per year.

You have two cows but you don't know where they are.
While ambling around, you see a beautiful woman.
You break for lunch.
Life is good.

You have two cows.
You count them and learn you have five cows.
You have some more vodka.
You count them again and learn you have 42 cows.
You count them again and learn you have 12 cows.
You stop counting cows and open another bottle of vodka.
You produce your 10th, 5-year plan in the last 3 months.
The Mafia shows up and takes over however many cows you really have.

You have all the cows in Afghanistan, which are two.
You don't milk them because you cannot touch any creature's
private parts.

You have two Bulls
Employees are regularly maimed and killed attempting to milk them.

You have a black cow and a brown cow.
Everyone votes for the best looking one.
Some of the people who like the brown one best, vote for the black
one. Some people vote for both.
Some people vote for neither. Some people can't figure out how
to vote at all.
Finally, a bunch of guys from out-of-state tell you which is the best-looking one.

You have fifteen million cows.
You have to choose which one will be the leader of the herd, so you pick
some dumb cow from Arkansas

Jerry 8-22-2003 21:48

Hi Peeps.

Up to 200+ of the nasty little $^&£!?* and rising rapidly. Fortunately only one of my addresses is being targeted, and having been dilatory in advising my publishers of my preferred email address I should still get the mustn't miss stuff. Another good point, albeit temporary, is that my spam has dropped dramatically. Presumably some spammers are being hammered as well? I think I shall take a leaf out of a friend's book (Not going to destroy my own :o) and use a newly registered domain addy for business only stuff.

RHODA – I didn't mean to imply that you were responsible for any breach in security – as others have already said, a great many 'from' addresses are being hijacked/forged and does not indicate the apparent sender is in any way at fault. I've also received a viral package from ROWHAD – sorry about that – and I have ostensibly been responsible for send many viral packages to lots of people I don't know. (And I know that my machine is clean.) I checked out the patch that I proved the address for and it worked fine for me, but if you felt something was wrong you were right not to risk it.

Seems this little bugger is still going to cause a lot of problems. My local newspaper was brought to a standstill just an hour before deadline, and there are lots of other reports from local businesses.

I rocketed into the top 10 (at number 3) of the bookstore where I did my signing. A brief ego trip before I rocket back out, but worth a smile nonetheless. Another tiny bit of ego enhancement is that JK Rowlings' latest backbreaker has already vacated the top 10. She got £30M – so what, I got a bottle of fizzy water and I didn't have to pay for it!

ROWHAD – Ouch! Oyah! Oyah! Ouch! As for the bug bugger, I rather see him wearing a matched set of organic earrings. (Doesn't work as well if he is a she.)

RANDALL -- Next thing you know, you'll be getting the pointy end (stern) mixed up with the blunt end (bow)… Tsk, Tsk…

Litter 8-22-2003 16:22

Jerry: The way the virus works is similar to Klez in that if the individual computer is infected aka someone clicked on the file and executed it, it harvests the address book of Outlook or Outlook Express and then uses those email addresses as the FROM header and then uses the infected computer to send out the emails to everybody else on the list as if coming from the individual emails in the address book. The net result is that anybody who has you in their address book could be the culprit so long as their computer is infected. The result also is that you will get a host of automatic admin emails advising you that you possibly are infected by the virus when most likely you are not. In the case of your wife, she may not be in many peoples address book on Outlook or Outlook Express. If the infected computer is using Eudora I believe that that address book is safe from tampering. Do not know about Netscape or whatever AOL uses. Take care and hope the indundation begins to dampen.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-22-2003 5:23

Howard - ouch! Worst I ever had was back in AIT in the Army. They were teaching us how to climb poles with those neat gaff things that you strap on to your boots. Well we weren't the first to use those old telephone poles, in fact I don't think we were within the first hundred to climb them. All was going well, I'd made it to the top, even enjoyed the little volley ball game they had us play, had been up there for nearly a half hour when they said to DECEND THE POLE!. Ok so I was about half way down when my gaff hit a well used spot on the pole and I was sliding down. I did what they taught us, wrap your legs around the pole and hug it for a bit then try to get the gaffs back in and keep going. Well I couldn't get the gaff in, and began slipping down that old pole. When I got to the bottom I was so relieved I didn't notice I had a good chunk of the pole in my leg. The instructor came over and said "Drop your pants!"

I looked at him like he was nuts and again he said "DROP YOUR DAM PANTS!" So I dropped my pants and the guy took a pair of pliers and pulled a half a foot splinter about a half inch around from my thigh. He put a band aid on both entrance and exit wounds and after pulling up my pants, I was back up the pole (sort of like getting back on that horse that threw you) the pole must have been clean as the wound healed just fine with no medical attention, just the memory remains.

Still getting those blasted viruses. Strange thing though, the wife hasn't gotten one. Could someone have harvested our email addresses from this site?

The names of the senders don't lend a clue, names like and such.

Jerry 8-22-2003 0:57

Sorry about the slow typing today -- my hand hurts like a boil! Last night I went to pick something up off the old wooden steps, and ended up with a half-inch long splinter completely imbedded under the edge of the nail on the middle finger of my right hand. Couldn't get hold of it to pull it back out until I clipped off a corner of the nail. Then my wife managed to get hold of it with the tweezers, but it wouldn't budge! She finally had to wiggle it back and forth while pulling on it, and boy didn't that hurt! I just got over one of those right through the nail on the finger next to it, and now this! Someone's trying to tell me something, I think.

It's still not as bad as the time a few years back (15 or so) when I was cleaning out the barn, and found an old fibreglass fishing rod. I bent it to see if it still had any backbone, and the old resin was brittle, and the thing splintered and snapped, leaving sharp needles of fibreglass strands. Wouldn'tcha know, one of them entered the inside of my left thumb, right below the knuckle, ran up through the ball of the thumb, and exited straight out the end, under the nail! There I was, home alone, with about a foot of fibreglas sticking out the bottom of my thumb, and two or three inches out the end. I grabbed a pair of wirecutters and shortened the lower end so that I could drive to the ER (about 25 miles away).
Walked in to the ER, feeling a mite woozy, and told the triage nurse that I had a sliver in my thumb. She took a look, turned pale, and called a student tech nurse to help. He took a look and barfed! They called the hand surgeon, and he wasn't happy either, but he managed to clean it out pretty well. They kept giving me stuff for pain, and I was in and out for a while, but I did drive back home before I finally passed out. Lots of antibiotics and pain and swelling and drugs later, and it finally stopped bothering me. Really happened!

Dunno why I just typed all this in -- but maybe it's why the kids won't let me use my new table saw...

howard 8-21-2003 22:01


A quick note gang...

Howard... Thank you very much ... Annnnnnnnnd I don't spend a lot of time on the "Red" stories. An hour at most... I'll run spell check and grammer check and proofread a couple of times ... then post it. Grammer check usually lites up on language but I write as I talk... (Yes, that bad...)

The thing is...for some reason I could not sign on the net last night, so was unable to post the story. Around 3 this morning I awoke with a feeling that I had screwed up something in the story.

I brought up WP and reread the story. As plain as day there was a major "naval" gaff. I had confused port (left) and starboard (right), relative to the headings in degrees. I corrected the pertient parts and filed the story this morning.


Reading the story again this afternoon I detected that the port watch sailor had seen "something" on the starboard side of the ship! It is a small thing and the port side watch could have detected something on the starboard side ... Still there is no sub for proofreading ... proofreading ... proofreading.

Andrew...we have a saying in this part of Texas ... let sleeping dogs lie. I might suggest, in a friendly way, that you let the Mean Eddie thingee drop? What say ye?


Randall 8-21-2003 21:59

RANDALL -- !!!!! Excellent! I had a feeling he might have been involved in some sort of sighting -- that would help explain some of the things he's done since...

Thanks for enlightening us!

howard 8-21-2003 21:36

Hello all!

Haven't been writing, haven't been visiting. Could be writer's block, could be depression. Don't know.

One thing I know for sure, I have got to visit here more often and the workbook too. All of you always inspire me to try, try again!

Good to see you all. Now I must be going. I promise to stop in more often!
Take care.

Cheri 8-21-2003 16:46


Thank you for the links. I put the stinger application on, and I think it did the trick.

Rhoda 8-21-2003 11:48

Just added a possible prologue to a sequel of mine. It's up on the workbook for any comments....yes, even from you Mean Eddie and we know you're the world's best writer...Darn that Sarcasm demon he just jumped me again.

Andrew 8-21-2003 10:23

Hi all,

I hope the virus beast will soon leave you all alone.


How do you find out all this stuff? Sept 10th? I wonder why the person would have selected that date for the thing to end? I wonder what sort of people send out virus bugs. It seems so unkind and needless. Is it that they want to upset the computer makers? I mean honstly, all they really do is make more money for those guys. They crash out a whap of computers, then it is Joe Q Public who is out cash and convenience, not the makers. Or is it more of an attack on consumerism? If that is the case, then are these people not aware that they also have computers? I wonder how they feel when they get a virus? I bet it bites their asses big time.


I hope that the law will deal with your past Gov as it would with any other man. I agree with you about the driving with ones head up ones ass. We have so many accidents on the road that I live on. In the summer time the kids like to race up the twists and turns that lead to the lake. It's like something out of a commercial. You know the kind where the sports car is being tested over the beautiful countryside roads? Only trouble is that, this is real life and when you press a car to its limits, sooner or later your luck will run out. They've needed to use the jaws three times that I know of this summer, and those are only the times that I bothered to ask about. The people, young and old alike, blast past my house at speeds that would blow your mind. They seem oblivious to the fact that this sleepy country road has a mass of hidden drives and that children live all up and down the street. I for one can't wait for the fall. When it comes to that time of year all the tourists go home and the townies stop rolling through in their never before seen dirt, jacked up, super lighted, high powered idiot mobiles. Yeah, I'll miss them... NOT!

Wow, am I ever a grump this morning. I think I better go before I start on any more rants and bag onings.

Ciao for now.


Rachel 8-21-2003 9:59


Good morning...

As you command Howard...


By Randall Henderson

"And who is this Howard?" Red Britches asked, a worried look on his face.

"Ah ... Howard writes on the Writers Notebook Forum. It's a web site where we swap stories and such about writing. A cyber friend Red. A fellow writer. That's all."

Red stared at the paper in his hand. It was a copy from the WNF where Howard had mentioned UFO's. I had printed the section to remind myself to ask Red about UFO's. (Age you know!) Red came across the page in my pickup seat as I gave him a lift across town.

"Where is this guy from?"

"Ah ... upstate New York I believe."

"Pretty country there. So, Howard wishes to know if I ever saw a UFO?"

"Well ... sorta." I was embarrassed as I never intended for Red to see the dialogue from that day.

Red turned the page over as if to read the back. He swiveled in the seat. "From the comment it seems Howard is familiar with my name. How might that be Randy boy?"

"I have written some of your adventures Red..."

"Which ones?" He inquired rather brusquely.

"Well, my favorite is about you and George fishing for Old Muckers..."

"You mean when George fell in the creek that afternoon? Not much fun there! And, Muckers!? What the hell is a Muckers?"

"You know. Old Muckers, the yellow catfish that lives up the Jim Ned Creek."

Red sighed. "Fishing for catfish is not exciting." He paused. "Unless you embellished the tale. Did you?"

"Oh no!" I protested. "Strictly the facts Red. Truth is my grail!"

Red snickered ... "And dyed pigs fly in the sky." He stared at me, a wide grin on a whiskered face...

Now I was really embarrassed. "Well," perhaps a little." I hastened to move on. "Have you ever seen a UFO?"

Red was silent for a minute. "I saw a whale broaching one night."

He hesitated, deep in thought. "In August of 1967 I was executive officer aboard a DLG (Destroyer, Large, Guided missile) in the Tonkin Gulf just off of what was then North Vietnam. We were assigned to the carrier Coral Sea as part of her protective screen of four destroyers. It was a chaotic time for us. The Russians were operating submarines up there and tried to disrupt flight ops. Very busy. I was on the bridge for the midnight watch one August night, breaking in a new officer."

He paused. "You been there Randy. Up on Yankee Station, where the big carriers operated. The seas up there can be as still as a mill pond. This night was one the big cruise ships would pay for. The moon low on the horizon, as bright as anything you ever saw. No wind to speak of. Flat as water in granny's bath. Nothing but stars and distant lights from the Oriskany carrier group thirty miles away. Nothing going on in CIC, the watch was uneventful. The Boatswain Mate of the watch had just brought me a cup of coffee and a ham on rye sandwich. He was an old fleet sailor, salty they called ‘em. Served on the battleship Missouri. Claimed he stood close to General MacArthur in Tokyo Bay at the surrender in ‘45.

"About then the port side lookout reported. ‘Officer of the watch. 0200 hours ... Surface disturbance Starboard side, bearing 045 degrees sir! Estimate one-quarter mile sir!' "

"Boats and I went to the starboard side of the bridge. Sure enough, a massive swell of water and foam, had emerged from below. Then an object came straight out of the sea and was hanging there, suspended, just above the boiling water. If I was guessing, I'd say about a hundred feet long and sixty feet high. Micro organisms in the ocean glow when they are disturbed. An eerie sight. The ocean was greatly agitated, glowing yellow, black water streaming down the side of the thing with gold and silver threads mixed in. One of the prettiest displays I ever saw. In the moonlight I could tell the craft was silver, like stainless steel. When the water cleared there was a blue haze around it's edge. It was motionless, while wobbling slightly ... and seemed to be rotating rapidly.

"Boats leaned on the rail and laughed. "Would ya look at that Commander. Old King Neptune, straight from Davey Jones locker bringing green seaweeds and pretty shells to the shellbacks and pollywogs...

"The officer of the deck was a young ensign from back east... Didn't know an anchor from saltpeter. He wanted to sound general quarters but I said no. I assumed command and informed the captain with a messenger. We were making about 30 knots and I ordered the helmsman to come around from our course of 270 degrees to 030 degrees. This would bring us around, but not too close to it. The thing hadn't moved at all. Just sat there as pretty as you please. Captain Smith came on deck in a bathrobe and asked what the hell was going on.

Boats pointed to the port side and laughed, ‘Captain we got visitors!'

"Captain Smith took one look through his binoculars, assumed command of the bridge and countermanded my order. He ordered a turn to 130 degrees and increased to 40 knots ... nearly flank speed. This soon put the craft behind us and was out of sight in minutes. As far as I am concerned it never moved and may be there, spinning like a top to this day!"

"He didn't hang around? Why?"

Red paused. "Well, I asked him that after morning quarters."

" ‘Commander McBritches,' he said. ‘What we all saw last night never happened. There are Chinese Migs in the distance, Russian fishing trawlers harassing our carriers and unknown submarines on the prowl. I have enough problems with the damn Russians and the damn Chinese without engaging something that I don't know what the hell it was. Case closed.' "

Red chuckled. "Captain Smith was an old Alabama plowboy and no ones fool. He knew exactly how careers were made in the Navy. He winked at me and walked away. We were ordered disengaged the next day and put into Sasebo, Japan a few days later. You cannot imagine all the gold braid and suits and briefcases that came up the gangway. Restricted the crew, officers and enlisted, impounded the ships log and interviewed everyone who saw anything that night. A dozen times..."


"A whale broaching..."

"What do you think it was Red?"

"Well, I signed a security oath that week Randy. But I can say this much. If you see something that looks like a duck ... walks like a duck ...quacks like a duck ... then it's not a darn broaching whale!"

Night all,


Randall 8-21-2003 8:03

Could I propose an alternate "shorty" topic?

it is:

If they ever catch the bozo(s) responsible for this (and any subsequent) virus attack, they should punish him'them by:

My suggestion is easy: Tattoo a red "V" on his forehead, plaster his picture all over the world, and turn him loose.

howard 8-21-2003 8:01

RHODA -- you might try
for a small virus removal program. It fits on a floppy disk, and doesn't take long to download.

There's also

from the McAfee site

howard 8-21-2003 7:53

Oops, there goes my web mail server.
For the first time is six years I am unable to access it.
Don't you just hate it when your predictions begin to come true.

Eddie French 8-21-2003 4:44

Re the mail virus. My best suggestion is to wait it out. Even with Norton and the latest virus profiles loaded, I am still getting inundated with the virus emails. Of course, this is just mail as usual given that until very recently when I had spam blockers put on by my ISP I was routinely getting three to four hundred spam emails per day. That recently cut down to forty to fifty. So the hundred or so of the new virus was not that much of a pain. The real issue is that anybody who got infected who had me in their email box in outlook or outlook express is now sending out emails with the virus attached spoofing my email. Point of fact I have had at least a dozen automated messages warning me that I potentially am infected since presumably some server got an email message with the virus attached from me in FROM header. Oh, well. In case others were not aware of this. Back in 1997 someone spoofed my then email and mail bombed the US congress and senate with threatening emails. Four other people on the same ISP had similar occurrences. So, I got used to this early. Take care everyone and hope to flurry ends soon.

jack Beslanwitch 8-21-2003 2:35

And the viruses keep coming, I've been deluged tonight with one about every four or five minutes now for the past couple of hours. Mcafee keeps killing them, but the little buggers just keep trying. My computer is beginning to feel like an ovum after sex, the dang little squiggly things just keep bumping into it.

We in South Dakota had sad news today, our former governor, now congressman was involved in a traffic accident this morning, killing a motorcycle rider. Tonight's news explained that the former governor. blew through a stop sign at seventy-five miles per hour (in a 55 zone) and was struck by a Harley Davidson, the rider presumably on his way home from the Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis. He faces charges ranging from careless driving to manslaughter. It'll be interesting to see how far they press this, were I the prosecutor, I'd be pressing for manslaughter in the least knowing the facts as they exist. Were he just another Joe blow from the street, he'd surely be facing those charges. He was a wonderful governor, and a damn fine congressman, but anyone who drives with his head up his ass that far deserves to be come down on with both boots.

The news says he was noted for speeding and had MANY speeding tickets while serving as governor.

Jerry 8-21-2003 0:49


I followed your link and went to that utility web-site. A strang thing happens: when I get there there is text, but as I stay at the site, the text deteriates into little squares. I downloaded the utility, but I am afraid to apply it.

Does anyone have any suggestion where I might find another free patch.

I stopped getting McAfee updates long ago. The update files were large and my maximum baud speed is only 26,400. Not only is my connection slow, but because of our pathetic phone lines, it cuts off a lot, so downloads that take over half an hour are impractical. If I kept up with virus updates, I would be doing nothing but downloading them. So I let my subscription lapse and will not pay for anymore. Does anyone have any advice? With all the viruses and worms around, I am having a terrible time keeping my system free.

I went for years and never had a problem. I do not open unknown attachments, and I do not recall opening anything remotely resembling this virus. Perhaps I need to stop using the Netscape mail. I only used it because Outlook Express has been hard to set up and for awhile all the e-mail viruses specifically targeted that mail system. I have Eurdora, but it makes my computer crash about 50% of the time.

I really am a mess, am I not? I am about to throw this computer out the window.

Rhoda 8-21-2003 0:02

Well, it's back to school for me next week! I'm taking a class on story telling -- another writing emphasis class that I've been wanting to take for a while. May sign up for the "Writing for Children" class on the same days, (Tues and Thur) and get some fresh ideas.

I'm getting fed up with the techno-wonk stuff anyway. As soon as I learn something new I find out that it's obsolete even before the "C" dries on my report card!

I mowed part of my garden this afternoon. It was so wet there for a while that the weeds got way ahead of me. That plus the fact that this weird weather has been not conducive to most of my garden led me to crank up the old rough mower and thin things out a bit. I did find a couple of nice Haogen Melons (a very tasty Israeli melon) and some ripe Black Russian tomatoes. And squash. Lots of summer squash. Way too much summer squash!

howard 8-20-2003 23:31

Hi all,

I've not had any virus issues. I get my usual e-mails and nothing much more. I mean, sure, I get the penis enlarger stuff, but haven't had any cause to check it out... I guess if I had a penis I might be interested, but then again, had I a penis, I'm sure I would have been hung like a horse (grins and merry laughter)! I now have three jobs. How is that for a change of pace? I don't know if I like it or not. Dan and I job share on the two new jobs. He and I had our 13th Anniversary the other day, and in Sept will have been a couple for 20 years. Yikes! The time goes quick.


Hi you! It was so nice to see a post from you!

All again,

We have adopted a second cat. We now have Nekoe and Ekoe. They are brothers from the same litter. I also call them "the boys" We are having a trial evening with Ekoe to see how things go.

Take care all.


Rachel 8-20-2003 23:02

S T R A N G E - - As I was reading the posts below about the virus attack, McAfee popped up alerting me that I had received that very same virus. Then my email popped up with two email messages, one from someone I'd never heard of RE Your Last , and one from Howard warning me about that virus.

At any rate I made it virus free thanks to the anti virus (Ok Mark you talked me into going with McAfee again guess it works about as well as Norton and doesn't have all that Norton crap running all the time.)

Weird day today, just as the temps got up to HOT, and I turned on the air, a cold front moved through dropping the outdoor temps fifteen degrees in five minutes. Shut down the air and opened the house again to enjoy the coolness.

Damn fires are all around us now, it's so smoky outdoors now that even without clouds it seems overcast, you can smell the smoke from miles away, Montana, Wyoming, the Black Hills, and hundreds of prairie fires in the area are burning, the fire whistles are going so often it reminds one of those end-of-world atom bomb movies. Sure do wish it would rain, they had bits of it up north but all we got was enough to dirty the windshields and make the dust stick to the vehicles. Farmers are putting in insurance claims against their losses due to the drought, while just a few miles north some are having bumper crops. Strange days these.

Jerry 8-20-2003 21:32

I'm getting lots of emails as well, and NAV seems to be working overtime to stop them. Like Eddie said -- don't open atachments unless you verify them with the sender.
Best not to forward anything -- copy/paste it into a new note and send it that way.
And the "returned mail" messages are phony -- just a way to get you to look at something you supposedly sent, and they want you to open an attachment for details. DON'T DO IT!

howard 8-20-2003 20:42

Just to reassure you that it's not the end of the world.
The worm is coded to stop replicating as of 10th September 2003.

Eddie French 8-20-2003 16:48

Me again,
Sorry, I meant to say this in my last post.
This current plague did not originate from this site or any of it's members. It has been gathering momentum for a few days now. (And my web based email has no connection with this site or anybody who frequents it).

Eddie French 8-20-2003 16:39

Don't worry about those emails, they are designed purely as DOS attacks. (Denial of Service). They clog up internet traffic and use up bandwidth. They can't do any more if you don't run the attachment. It's just a really big inconvenience. It could however, bring the whole internet to a grinding halt (Worse case scenario).

Eddie French My Stuff 8-20-2003 16:36

This is by far the worse attack I have ever seen for an email plague. Today my web based mail inbox has been overfilled three times. Usually I can leave it for weeks and still only use up 5% of capacity. One of the more unusual things about this one is that it seems to forward itself without being read. A lot of the emails in the inbox were undeliverable notices from servers saying that the email address was a phoney. This means that the worm is propagating from my address after being recieved there. That is, from my web based SERVER, as it was happening before I even knew it was there.
This does not look good for internet traffic over the next few days. I can see this thing getting out of control.


Eddie French My Stuff 8-20-2003 16:33

I just visited my mail-box and have discovered three e-mail notices telling me the e-mails I have sent have the virus. I have no idea to do. This is frightening.

Rhoda 8-20-2003 16:25


Apparently there is something here I must look into, for I did NOT send you an e-mail. I haven't sent any, so if anyone else gets an e-mail from me, get rid of it.

My computer is not acting weird or anything. I will have to investigate. My son downloads a lot from game sites, and my daughter gets a lot of e-mail from her friends on Thank you for letting me know.

Rhoda 8-20-2003 16:21

I got those emails today also.
Subject lines:
That movie.
Wicked Screensaver
Your details
Etc etc.

Having just changed my pop3 email I was spared all of that but my web based email was saddled with 40 of them.
They all had attachments anyway so it wasn't anything to worry about. You have to be so NOT web wise to get caught out. Something really has to be done about spam and email attacks soon. Problem is, I haven't a clue just what!

Eddie French My Stuff 8-20-2003 16:17

Further information on the virus and a free removal utility can be found on the Computer Associates web site -- the following link will take you straight to the relevant page --

This is a new one, people, found only 2 days ago. Update your AV files now!

I can do no more

Litter Again, Again 8-20-2003 14:16

Greetings everybody,

LITTER, and all others,
I also received those e-mails. One of them said it was from MARY which didn't really mean anything to me as at least three of my friends have names with Mary in it. Not to mention my own.

I always immediately delete any message from an unknown person with or without an attachment. I did notice that the only text in the regular message was something about see the attachment for details. I'm not that curious!

My sister left for Buffalo, NY yesterday. Her son found he could not get a job he could live on up there with just an Associates degree in Computers. The longer he stayed, the more in debt he became and the thought of another winter up there just did him in. She flew up and they are driving back with his car and a U-Haul truck.

He already has a job interview with Computer Nerds set up for next week. I think he'll get on with his life a little easier here. Maybe he'll even extend his education.

I have been lurking as usual, and will continue.


Rosemary 8-20-2003 14:06

Here are the details of the virus/worm concerned (Courtesy of Symantec --

Here are the details:

Virus Profile
Virus Information
Name: W32/Sobig.f@MM
Risk Assessment
- Home Users: High
- Corporate Users: Medium
Date Discovered: 8/18/2003
Date Added: 8/18/2003
Origin: Unknown
Length: approx 72,568 Bytes
Type: Virus
SubType: Internet Worm
DAT Required: 4287

Litter Again 8-20-2003 14:03

Heads up people!

I've just downloaded 16 emails to find that there were 14 with viruses attached, one bona-fide email and one, seems to be a returned mail from an address that I apparently sent a copy of the virus to. (An address that is unknown to me and is not in my address book????) This virus is variously termed: Details; Your details; Wicked Screensaver; Application; Your Application; My Details; Approved; Thank you; That Movie. The virus comes in an email attachment.

Most worrying is that one of the virus carrying emails was from a name known to me – Sorry RHODA – seems that someone is purporting to be you, or you have been infected?

Anyone recognise the following email address or any part of it? (I've added several asterisks in place of the @ sign and the two dots in the '.vasser' and '.edu' to disable the link.



Just checked my email before posting this – got another 4 of the same…

Litter 8-20-2003 13:44

Hi All!

Well, I've finally got time to come to the notebook again. Hubby managed to find a way to successfully ask for one more chance at working things out in our marriage. We both have a lot of "improving" to do. New "rules" have been made and so far things are going rather well. Now to find my way back to my little ole novel.

Litter - I wanted to throw a tidbit at you regarding your RA. I've also got "art" popping its aching head into my life when I least need it. I read a food related tidbit that I decided to experiment with for myself. Apparently nightshade plants can aggrevate arthritis - potatoes being the most common of these. I went six weeks without them (luckily I love pasta!) and when I ate them once again - bang! - the arthritis kicked in with a week's worth of pain. Don't know if you're the type willing to try something like this, but I thought I'd share it and give you the option at least. I'm thrilled to hear how well your novel is doing!

I haven't heard from Viv since her last message that they had turned back. Hopefully she made it stateside without any further problems and she will call me soon.

Well, enough for getting my feet wet in the notebook for today. I want to see all the work posted on the workbook yet. :) I'm really looking forward to that!

Take care everyone and write a word or ten thousand. :)

Carol 8-20-2003 13:38

GARIESS -- Welcome back! It's good to see you again. Yes, most of us are still here, still writing. And yes, we miss Americo as well, even if we did collide now and again.

howard 8-20-2003 7:39

Howard, Mark, Mary, Rhoda, Mel, Eddie, Litter, Jerry, Randall, Teekay, Rachel,

A big hello to you all. I dropped in on the chance that I might commisserate with Americo on the loss of a great fellow Portuguese, today in Iraq. But, alas, Americo doesn’t seem to be around lately. I suppose I expect a lot for a guy who hasn’t showed his nose for ages. It is heartwarming to see how many of you are still around, however.

I have lost any patience with terrorists that I might ever have had. These religious totalitarianists are so out of step with the rest of the world that they can’t understand there is nothing for them to gain with their brainless killing and destruction. No one is going to give them one damn thing. They can’t get it into their addled heads that they are acting solely out of a desire for vengeance. It must make them feel good to kill everyone who is not "them." They certainly can’t expect to get anything else from it.

Saddam is in hiding. Although he was no terrorist, more of a brutal dictator. Bin Ladin has been in hiding for ages now. His jig is up. He can’t move about freely, and I doubt he is able to influence events in anything but the most poriferal way.

Still, there are the mischief makers. They can’t bring about social or political change, but they can committ small scale death and destruction on a limited basis to vent their spleens.

Well, that’s my rant for the moment. Nice to see you all.

gariess 8-20-2003 6:37

Privet, thanks for good work.

HentaiCartoons HentaiCartoons 8-20-2003 3:45

lianchun yang talc 8-20-2003 2:52

Litter - I guess what I want to read has nothing to do with the earth that is suffering unspeakable horrors ending the lives of those who are left behind, but the excitement of the ship traveling into the great unknown seeking a place to survive, to thrive, to form a new peaceful place where human and other lives can go on.

That should be worth several books a'la Orson Scott Card style.

When we were camping, we spent one day touring the North Dakota Heritage Center. It's a big museum tracing the roots of human and animal life on the great planes, and has lots of great stuff plus IT'S AIR CONDITIONED!!!

At any rate, I had somehow fell into the ENGLISH as a national language for the U.S. group of believers, after all if you come to this country, you should learn to speak the language right?

Well touring that museum I came across some newspapers from Bismarck, and other North Dakota towns from the early 1900's some were in English, others in German and Russian. There was even one in Swedish. Then I got to thinking, I have one of dad's old school books from his school days in grammar school. One of them is Andr Lassen Booken, a reader printed in his native Swedish language. Well I guess dad did learn English, but only after he spent his youth speaking Swedish, the language of his house, of his parents and the neighborhood. Maybe having multiple languages isn't such a bad thing after all. Maybe not but it got me to pondering things a bit and that must be a good thing right?

Jerry 8-20-2003 0:11

Sorry this is a day late!

Shortie theme: Infatuation

Mary 8-19-2003 20:43

This goose walks into a bar and the bartender looks at him and says, "Hey,
buddy, your pants are down!"

-- If you didn't get that one don't feel bad. Neither did I.

Punch line explanation later, if necessary.

howard 8-19-2003 19:05


You are right. The guys have taken over. We cannot allow that! Hang in there; sounds like you are having a time. I know how that "we might be moving soon," feeling is, and I hope you find out for sure ASAP.

My kids started school last Friday, and it is their dear mother who seems to be having the hardest time making the adjustment.


Cass is a real cutie. Sol isn't so bad either. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed them.


Congratulations on your success! Sounds like your book is doing great, and sounds like you are having a great time promoting it.


Good to see you back.

Rhoda 8-19-2003 13:24

Hmm, looks like some sort of men's club in here...


And HI to all the lurking females too!!!

I'm, uh, here, but I'm not exactly sure where "here" is these days... Hubby's job-hunting...we might be moving... school two weeks away... eldest son goes to college next Sunday... I'm way behind on laundry, ironing, other house chores... and Ms. Muse keeps darting in front of me, just out of reach, dangling my novel like some juicy carrot on a string. Just as I reach for it, she snatches it away with this most horrible laugh... sigh.

"Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant," somebody once said. I'm pretty wet here.

Hope you-all are writing STACKS of great stuff! :-]

Mel 8-19-2003 12:33

Thanks for fixing what I forgot, JACK!

howard 8-19-2003 7:23

Definitely ignore anime girl. It leads to a pornographic site with multiple pop ups. Will excise it when I get around to archiving the Notebook. I will also attempt to start participating in the shorties as I am able.

Jack 8-19-2003 4:52

now i remember what it was... Sorry, Jack...

howard 8-18-2003 23:56

LITTER -- What, me burnout? :-})

By the way -- I'm still enjoying your book -- haven't had a chance to finish it yet. I think I am beginning to burn out. Sent a check (cheque) to the nursing home for Bryce's monthly bill, wrote one amount in the numeric field and another amount in the text field. Drove down there (20+ miles) today to write another check to correct it, realised as I was pulling into the parking lot that I'd forgot the chequebook. Of all the things I've misplaced I miss my mind the most. At least I think so -- maybe there's something I miss more, but can't remember what it is, let alone where I left it.

howard 8-18-2003 23:55

Who is mihoke?

Mark 8-18-2003 22:21

Hi Peeps.

I'm not sure if I come back into a surreally philosophical discussion or a philosophically surreal one??? ….Or maybe it is all a conspiracy and everyone is out to get me…

HOWARD – pace yourself. You don't want to burn out too quickly.

JERRY – Hope you liked the book. The sequel? Several possibilities –The 'Post Apocalyptic' one, the 'Escape to Beyond' one, or the 'Bobby was in the shower and it was only a dream' one… So many to choose from. I'll have to decide on one and run with it. Meanwhile, soak up the 'senior' insults, take the reduction, and eat them to a standstill!

Well, I had my book signing on Saturday, and it exceeded my expectations. (That of the book store manager as well, apparently.) I had a goodly number of sales and now have the support of the manager in stocking copies. Got good coverage from the local press, as well, and I'm now, (for one month only?) in the shop's top 10 sellers list. More of an ego-trip than anything else but another bite of the cherry, nonetheless. Got my first 'official' review from Stewart Henderson, (Poet and BBC TV and Radio presenter), and I couldn't have paid for a better review. Feeling more like a writer with each passing day… Sorry if his all sounds a little self-serving, but it's all new ground for me.

Now for a bit of sad but strangely satisfying irony – Upwards of 50million people in Northern India and Pakistan are in danger from arsenic poisoning from water provided by modern type 'tube wells'. The danger effects all the population except for 'The Untouchables' underclass, considered by everyone else in Indian/Pakistani communities as little more than vermin – vermin who are not allowed to drink from the wells in question and have to find water elsewhere. These 'Untouchables' show no indication of raised levels of arsenic in their bodies and appear totally free from this particular danger… Blessed are the meek, etc.

Nighty night,

Litter Stuff 8-18-2003 19:38

Would you believe I got two calls from telemarketers before noon today!?

First was some chick from Toronto, asking if I'd be interested in lower-cost prescription drugs. I was so taken by surprise that I had no snappy comeback at all!

Then a "Laurel" called from some resort in the Poconos, asking if I'd be interested in a luxury vacation in one of the "nicest resorts in the Poconos."
I told her "Thanks for the offer, but I'm happily married."

The cheek of these chicks!

howard 8-18-2003 18:04

MARK -- no, a parent-thesis is a momologue.

Re anime-girl below -- but not far enough --- I think we might just be seeing the titp of the iceberg here. With all the spam controls being put into place on various servers, the next logical place to post (pest?) their wares would be open fora such as this. We may have to go to something like the workbook for everything we do, including our open chatter.


howard 8-18-2003 17:57

HOWARD -- The parent-thesis? I have no children, you'll have to ask some of the others here.

Mark 8-18-2003 17:39

Just wanted to drop in and say that I am still in existence. No word yet from the publisher, but I am keeping my hopes up. I started work on the sequel already and am at 60 pages so far. But, that is unedited of course. I keep reading the stories on the workbook and am truly amazed at how talented so many people on the board are! Makes me feel small and insignificant in comparison. *Shrug*. Take care all!

Andrew 8-18-2003 16:48

Litter - finished your book while camping, only question - When's the sequel?

Jerry 8-18-2003 12:02

More garbage from that anime site -- don't bother with it. Perhaps it will go away.

howard 8-18-2003 8:20

I will add this page to bookmark.

anime-girl anime-girl 8-18-2003 4:29

Ok I'm about done now, that damn heat! Think I'm roasted clear through. Were it not for my GREAT idea of sticking an air conditioner in the back window of the camper, our camping trip would have been MUCH shorter.

We had a good time anyhow despite the triple didgit temps nearly every day.

Had my first SENIOR experience while paying for a buffet the kid behind the counter said "That would be one SENIOR and two adults" Thought about strangeling the little twirp but then his mom would have missed her baby soooo much.

Jerry Ericsson 8-17-2003 23:57

And Ffor a Ffascinating Fforay into Ffabulous Ffeats of wordsmithy, and a Ffresh look at literature, especially Ffiction, check out (his real name)



howard 8-17-2003 21:21

JACK -- Welcome back. The Workbook is my pleasure. And you are right about the community thing. HOWARD shares administerial roles here; he kept an eye on the place via his internet connection when I went away to visit my family. MARY moderates Shorty Thursday and we are still figuring just how creative we can get there.
I didn't know how rewarding a thing this could be until people started to use it. Makes me proud to think that all those talented people put their work into space I put up as an experiment. You have a few years as Notebook, Workbook provider; there must be many instances where someone has posted a piece of writing and you simply took a deep breath and said, "Yes, that's why I do this." I have.

Mark 8-17-2003 21:18

MARK -- no, Apostrophe was the third child of Appolo and Strophes.

I actually asked about parenthesis... which is either where the Greek tragedies were performed, or what you said...

howard 8-17-2003 21:16

HOWARD -- To answer your question, an Apostrophe is an action taken by an actor to obviously disengage him/herself from the scene and actively address the audience. The actor generally speaks in a voice known as an 'aside,' which is slightly less loud than the normal stage voice. Speaking softly helps heighten the fiction of the actor actively engaging the audience; it appears as though the rest of the cast can continue with their lives unaware of this contact with the outside world.

Mark 8-17-2003 21:05

Well, everyone, I am finally beginning to truly decompress from finishing up Westercon. Some other ongoing reponsibilities such as web design maintenace for another convention have been handed off to someone else to support. So, now, I suddenly find myself with a lot more time on my hands that previously I had. More importantly, a lot less worry time and dithering drudges that haunted my sleep and moments so I had trouble reaching out to other areas of interest. That, in part, I think, was what led me to my passion for diving. That is one of the few areas where everything else disappears and I am able to focus utterly on just the moment and the slow progression of breaths that bubble up around me. Funny that. It gives a whole new meaning to how Yoga and other meditative practices emphasize the breath as the source of enlightement. At any rate, I am now poised to expand my occasion forays into writing this paragraph or that beginning interesting line to finally setting aside a chunk of time to write. Really write. I will try to be much more active here as well and do a better job of maintaining Currently, I am doing a long over due link verification to weed out the links that have gone away or worse, suddenly become either spam sites or worse pornographic sites. Not that there are that many, but I have run afoul of at least one.

Hope all are having a great time. I also would like to thank Mark again for doing the journeyman duty of getting the Workbook up and running. One of the elements that I am gradually coming to enjoy is having a shared community that helps maintain the joys of exploring our muse at this site.

I am back and ready to have a lot of fun and be a lot more aware of what is important to me.

Take care.

Jack Beslanwitch 8-17-2003 20:33

And RANDALL and ED(nice)


howard 8-17-2003 17:31

MARK -- "Anti-post-modern? Actually I see myself (if I may use the term 'self' in a discussion stemming from "Invisible Art" without drawing the ire (which in itself can be visible or invisible, depending on the civil constraints binding the one so provoked) of this esteemed (indeed, sometimes steamed) company (if indeed I may use the term 'company' without evoking the same expressions of disdain against the free-market mercantile mindset that triggered the reaction commonly known as 'post-modernism) as rather ante-post-modernisitic in bent (ante being 'before'), which, I imagine, (if indeed one can discern the imaginary from the reality) would tend towards cancelling out (or rendering invisible, if you prefer) any criticism leveled against whatever the hell we were talking about at the onset. )) (just in case I missed a 'close parenthesis' symbol)

Which leads to a question -- which is the actual parenthesis -- the ( and ) or the expression contained betwixt the symbols?

And it also brings to mind a line from one of my favorite songs -- "Cowboy Buckaroo" by Mason Williams. To wit:

"Should we be the way we are, or the way that we could be?
Can illusion become reality?"

Now I think (at least I think I think) I'll pick up my flesh-colored Crayola and go back to my room.


howard 8-17-2003 17:29


Howard...I am infuriated at the vicious "critique" some of my fellow notebookers have offered on INVISIBLE ART... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I found your tale refreshing, yet tangy ... but just a little tart. (For a man of your age.) Speaking of tarts... no, better not go there.

This reminds me of the immortal words of Old Ernie Hemingway... "How the hell can I fish without my booze? Turn the boat around captain."

Anyway, write on my New York friend and don't let small minds drag you down....

Incensed in a friendly way


Randall 8-17-2003 15:38

I don't see Howards stance as post modernist. The realist influence of his work propels me into a pourri of conflicting wanderings which may never be resolved within.
I await the next disclosure before daring to commit.
Please Howard, enlighten!

Nice Eddie 8-17-2003 15:28

HOWARD -- Your use of symbolism is both refreshing and enlightening. That, combined with your rather anti-postmodern stance, negates all the deconstructionist rubbish of the prior few decades.

A deconstruction-style critic (whose name eludes me) asked, "There is nothing on my lawn. How did that nothing get there?" I believe he can go home now, gaze upon his grass and utter a heartfelt 'duh.'

Mark 8-17-2003 10:52

EDDIE -- Do you really think the part about the was ?

I do agree with your assessment of

and I'll try for a rewrite soonest.


howard 8-17-2003 8:05

I couldn't just let that invisible art goby without my sincere crit on it's validity in the mainstream art arena.
I hope you take this crit in the spirit that it is written and bear no ill toward the 'Critter'

Critique; 17 August 2003


I hope that wasn't too long.

Eddie French 8-17-2003 4:37



Can't sleep gang. So I decided to poke around the cyber world to see what's what. You know Howard...that is amazing insight on your part. Seems like Red told me a tale about little green men many years ago. I'll have to sit down and put pen to paper. (Grin)

UFO's are in short supply it seems these days. Must be all the weather and traffic cams scaring them away.


Randall 8-17-2003 2:12

Howard, you are adorable.

Mary 8-16-2003 20:06

By the way, RANDALL -- did Red Britches ever run into an alien out there at night?

howard 8-16-2003 18:40

The power blackout rebooted both our computers at around 4:15, and that was the only loss we had. The lights dimmed a couple of times, but we didn't lose power here. On a different section of the grid, I guess.
Now they'll have a brand-new excuse for boosting the rates and the taxes, as if they needed a new excuse.

That call for essays was interesting!
"Invisible Art?" what's that all about?
Here's my essay (from the layman's point of view):

by Howard T. (C)2003

the end

howard 8-16-2003 17:52

If God had intended me to fly, He would have given me tickets.

Mark 8-16-2003 16:35



Hi gang....

How about that power blackout, huh? Howard, that get you? There are all kinds of media theories in play by now ... about the why and why for. Around these parts we call this process ... WAG ... wild ass guess. It also seems American and Canadian electrical company executives are indulged in pass the hot potato or a little CYA. "Your fault Yankee!" "No, your fault Canuck!" Personally I believe a wandering UFO drew a little too much power from a substation and crashed the whole kit and kibbodle. Darn things are always in the hunt for free electrical power. Incorrigible little snits, flying around spooking the livestock... draining ponds, dumping waste, sucking up free electricity, always on the hunt for statuesque blondes or wild hairy beasts. (Sasquatch! LOOK OUT!)There must be a neon sign floating in space just beyond the moon ... FREE POWER BRO AND BLONDE EARTH WOMEN AHEAD. NEXT WATER HOLE ... 1,000,000,000 LIGHT YEARS AHEAD.

I visualize a small green alien intently studying a mercury filled gauge as a malfuncting space ship wobbles over an eastern power grid substation... "Let's see, that page out of the manual is stained with coffee. I wonder, should that read half-full or half empty? Hey Al, drop the girlie magazine and gimme some tendrils here will ya?"

Probably the reason my electrical bill is SO high. Alien freeloaders. I also have problems with non alien freeloaders. Apparently California also has problems with alien freeloaders. But never fear the Terminator is coming!

Of course, it could be that someone forgot to pay the electrical bill. "No honey, I haven't paid it yet. They'll wait. Now leave me alone. The Yankees are playing!" Always seek the simple answer I say.

Easterners and I have similar problems. Along about this time of the summer I too suffer from power shortages. My wife says I'm just lazy. Nope, I don't buy it. I KNOW that a high pressure area, furnace like temperatures in excess of 100 F when added to the wobble of the planet directly affect my inability to move off the couch. The only thing that cuts through this self-imposed conversation of power and energy is news that my daughter and grandson are coming through the front door. The dreaded Fruit of the Loom summer life style I so embrace.

From left field...I have been reading of the Mothman encounters in 1966 and 1967 in West Virginia. WOW! Now that is freaky!

Viv, don't you know that if God had intended for us to fly He would have given us wings...and a stick and rudder...and a set of wheels? (GRIN)

Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb... No, but I wish you luck. As a rule of thumb I never submit anything to a person whose name I cannot pronounce. And you're formatting needs a little editing as well. I might suggest an entry level course into creative smooth out the rough spots. Pal, I have no problem with being hip ... but "Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity?" Is this a Polish underground super model thingee?

See ya


Randall 8-16-2003 15:58

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for Publication of "Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity"
L.C.McCreshly Publications is seeking submissions for their upcoming book entitled: Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity: New age American art.
What is accepted for submission to be included in the book:
Literary essays (1,000-3,000 words) for associative writing on invisible paintings.
The best art is art of fantasy; literary exploration of visual dimension is a new a vehicle but expresses so much more, contemporary directions of aesthetic development in art and art receptors, viewers who belong to the art tradition and never before had a chance to express their opinion on art. This is your opportunity to be a part of a new art and express your understanding of future of fine art.
You can also submit controversial views and any argument to the leading idea of non-visibility of new art.
HOW to submit:
In the body of an e-mail. No attachments.
Send submissions to, with “Submission” in the subject line. Please include your name, pen name if you use one, and author's bio if desired. Your work will be judged on merit of originality and degree of interest in the subject (you are advised to read essays, but the style of writing is not mandated to be professional art-speak and can be free versed.
We ask for reproduction and archival rights. Author retains all other rights.
Closing date for entries will depend on quantity and quality of submissions. We expect to include as many authors who submitted original opinions also depending on length of selected works.
Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb

yustas jaisini 8-16-2003 0:19

Can't sleep -- new "Mattie's Place" story posted in the WB,

And no, I haven't given up on the other one...

howard 8-15-2003 23:21

EDDIE -- Huck Finn, yes! Two real cuties there!

howard 8-15-2003 21:28

Up again.

Mark 8-15-2003 17:23


8-15-2003 15:41

Just got these back from the developers today so I scanned them in for you to look at.
Two really cute pictures.
I thought Cas looked the image og Huck Finn :¬)

Eddie French Pics 8-15-2003 15:40

Hi Pamela,
I'll let Carol know you said hi. I'm going to call her IF and WHEN I get to the states. I noticed the theme this week is disappointment. Anyone ever tried MAC? I'm talking flying military air style. It's free if you can get off the ground. It's an experience. I've already been up and off the ground in a C5A. The seal on a door blew sometime when we hit the coast of Japan. When the great pilot flying this piece of junk noticed he turned around. Now the plane and 50 people sit on the ground waiting for it to get fixed. It's not pouring rain so chances are they'll get it fixed today. I'll get all of 5 days in America before I have to head back to Japan. Started with plenty of time and now to get to Colorado I'll have to do a couple days non-stop driving. Lucky thing my husband is good at rotating the chore of driving all night, sleeping while I drive and then driving while I sleep. Ever notice how easy it is to talk in situations like these? This is why our marriage stays strong. Many travel disasters make for good marriages.WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? School interview for daughter on Tuesday. Get there or bust. Hope we are coherent when we bust through those school doors.

Mary, great theme this week. Howard, I'm going to try to access that workbook and take a quick look. Will let you know what I think (and it'll probably be WOW, amazing. Wish I could've written that.)
Back as soon as I get a computer. Hopefully will bring Carol with me.

Viv 8-15-2003 13:52

Finally got away from house/business chores enough to put the WB back up, and now the power company announces it will have rolling power interruptions this afternoon,

Back down again.

Mark 8-15-2003 11:42

Just heard we may go down again here
Workbook may be offline until tomorrow

Mark 8-14-2003 18:06

power failure here. Took down the workbook, just powered back up now.

Mark 8-14-2003 17:06

Yeah, sorry I didn't post a warning -- that anime site is a porn site. We don't need it here.

howard 8-14-2003 15:51

Well that is just terrific. Thanks anime &%($#(@(*&^^%!

8-14-2003 14:53

You could try right clicking and selecting 'Save Target as'
It's worth a go.

Eddie French 8-14-2003 8:59

this is my last post. Thanks to all of you.

anime anime 8-14-2003 2:40

OK, I posted chapter two of "The Light on the Hill" in the workbook. comments welcome! Please be brutal -- I have a feeling about this one.

I'm Writing again!!!

... but the dreams are back...

howard 8-13-2003 23:39

MARY -- Sorry, I quit using XP when I put up the workbook. I have Linux on this machine.

Mark 8-13-2003 16:49

MARY -- When I click on "save as" I can then choose the file type by clicking on the pulldown arrow in the file type field below the file name field. There are two choices -- bitmap and gif. If I select gif it saves it complete with animation.
Where is the specific one you want to save? I can try that one to see if there's anything different about it.
Respond to my Edress...

howard 8-13-2003 10:47

Howard or Mark: Was wondering if you could help me with an XP issue I am having. I want to right click on an animated gif (free clipart) and save the image to my hard drive, but when I right click, it will only save the image as a bitmap. No longer animated. How do I change the available formats that I can save pictures in with a right-click in XP? In Windows 98, I could use the drop down menu and get loads of format choices, but in XP, bitmap is my only option there.

Thanks if you can help me.

Mary 8-12-2003 23:44

it\'s look interesting. Thanks.

linda linda 8-12-2003 22:44

Just had a brainstorm -- wonder if it will work?

Sgrìob -- there it is! Copied directly from your post!

Can I do it again? -- Sgrìob!!!
What a word!

Do you think we're makìng them curì(thìs ìs fun!)ous?
Why would LITTER (and perhaps RHODA, from her research) recognise this strange looking word?

howard 8-12-2003 21:56

LITTER -- I couldn't figure out how to put the accent over the i in this font -- the character map doesn't seem to show it, but I knew you'd recognise sgriob! Nifty word! Niftier meaning!

howard 8-12-2003 21:51


Howard...I'm here (grin) and you are there. The dog days of August have laid me out actually, so I'm lazy. Still I would like to contribute some humor to the site.....

Lawyers, huh?

"Lawyers typically aren't funny -- unless by accident"

Case in point: The following questions from lawyers were taken from official court records nationwide...

1) Was that the same nose you broke as a child?

2) Now, doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, in most cases he just passes quietly away and doesn't know anything about it until the next morning?

3) Q: What happened then?
A: He told me, he says, 'I have to kill you because you can identify me.'
Q: Did he kill you?

4) Was it you or your brother that was killed in the war?

5) The youngest son, the 20-year-old, how old is he?

6) Were you alone or by yourself?

7) How long have you been a French Canadian?

8) Do you have any children or anything of that kind?

9) Q: I show you exhibit 3 and ask you if you recognize that picture.
A: That's me.
Q: Were you present when that picture was taken?

10) Were you present in court this morning when you were sworn in?

11) Q: Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated?
A: By death.
Q: And by whose death was it terminated?

12) Q: Do you know how far pregnant you are now?
A: I'll be three months on November 8.
Q: Apparently, then, the date of conception was August 8?
A: Yes.
Q: What were you doing at that time?

13) Q: Mrs. Jones, do you believe you are emotionally stable?
A: I used to be.
Q: How many times have you committed suicide?

14) So you were gone until you returned?

15) Q: She had three children, right?
A: Yes.
Q: How many were boys?
A: None.
Q: Were there girls?

16) You don't know what it was, and you didn't know what it looked like, but can you describe it?

17) Q: You say that the stairs went down to the basement?
A: Yes.
Q: And these stairs, did they go up also?

18) Q: Have you lived in this town all your life?
A: Not yet.

19) A Texas attorney, realizing he was on the verge of unleashing a stupid question, interrupted himself and said, "Your Honor, I'd like to strike the next question".

20) Q: Do you recall approximately the time that you examined the body of Mr. Edington at the rose Chapel?
A: It was in the evening. The autopsy started about 8:30 p.m.
Q: And Mr. Edington was dead at the time, is that correct?
A: No, you stupid ______, he was sitting on the table wondering why I was doing an autopsy!

Love that one!!!


Randall 8-12-2003 20:58

Enening all

PAMELA – Howard is correct, I suffer from RA. Makes my life (and the planning thereof), shall we say, interesting. The interview was a great experience, and as it happened I expressed my appreciation as he and I dined with 6 others. Actually I told him (and 6 sundry diners) that I wanted to have his baby… He is a man of metaphor, and I trust he understood mine :o) (And the coffee he choked on only made a little stain.) I have some glucosamine in the house, but it is really hard to gauge its efficacy when the condition swings between mild and acute without apparent rhyme or reason – when I feel okay, I might just be having a good day…

TEEKAY – I didn't realise there was a 'writing community' until I started thinking of myself as a writer (about12 days ago). Now, it seems, they are multiplying before my eyes. Although I feel, perhaps, they should be writing instead? I'm surprised, though, your 'writers' comment didn't get much reaction.

EDDIE – Thanks. I wish it would be that easy, but I have a feeling that my work is just beginning. But there is always that long-odds chance that catastrophe theory is correct, so I work and I wait. (Not chaos theory, something a tad different.)

HOWADR – 'sgriob' – a word I know well. (Even with the missing accent over the 'i'. But, so as not to make you fell bad, I've left it out as well :o)
ì – Oops, there it is… Now we have the Gaelic version, the Laland Scot's, and the English, all on the same page. Swahili/Urdu/Navaho/… anyone?

Now then, PESTER, a good west-of-Scotland word. Harbinger, raison d'être, or irony – I cannot decide?

All Good Things

Litter 8-12-2003 19:35


Helloooo there, ghosttown notebook, Howard, Rhoda, I think we’re alone.

Two letters for you.

Dear Sirp.

I just felt that I had to write to your good notebook about the igorance of people on Philosophosical matters. I noticed, about a quarter past four this morning, that people were grossly igorant on said Philosophosical matters. So here are a few facts for the igorant.
God exists; he lives in a small cottage in Hampshire near Scotland. His mother, lives in London near the Queen, in fact she may even be the queen. His father, owns America. We are here on this Earth to make sure that the Ants don’t take over it. The most intelligent animal on Earth is the common turtle; from whom we can learn many things. So, there you have it. I may write to you in a few weeks to put you right on a few more matters.
Yours tastefully.
John Baloney. (Part time turtle for the R.S.P.C.A.)

Dear Bluebottle.

I would very much be appreciated if you would let me say to complain of the stones in my Barney rubble garden. The Wellingtons have them all the time and the dogs lay them by their waysides of a Saturday morning. No stone by bone the zone is infested and prone to clones. If I’ve never put it better myself, bananas don’t look like cherries wearing yellow thongs.
Very worldly people like me must always be wary of herding sheep sleeping while they’re weeping, of course I’ve heard of sheep, though I’ve never heard of sheep asleep in the late afternoon I know that they’re quite mad in the early mornings unlike myself I don’t usually go mad ‘till ate afternoon. Thank you for being a patient with me and I do hope your boils ease off soon.
Yours fruitfully .

If you do something bad or something bad happens to you, it's very important not to dwell upon or in the feeling that follows, as this only links up with similar events in the past and these other feeling so combined can produce an unnaturally depressed or affected state, which can be very difficult to get out of.

If you've never had a low feeling you'll be much more resistant to having one. E.g low feelings rest upon and reengage previous low feelings in a similar way that injuries, improperly treated, predispose us to more injuries.

Had a real good chinwag with a Krisna monk called Barnaby. Talked about consciousness, higher functions, God, the eternal soul, Jesus etc. He was very communicative and amiable, then he said, that God had no purpose, when I suggested that by inference, this meant that we also had no purpose, he changed it to, ‘God had no duty and Gods’ purpose was happiness’. Hmm.

Teiser was a character out of a book by Hernmann Hesse, he was a man who remained very much a child, this inspired me to write this song, which I recorded a few years ago with a band called Simon Says.


Over the happy fields of joy
Summer days a fresh faced boy
Running free and seeing clear
All to feel and all to hear

Jumping rivers climbing trees
Rolling hills a gentle breeze
Somersaulting from great heights
Turning stomachs warm day nights

I don’t want to be
Tired old and none the wiser
Crippled torn a joyless miser
I just want to be
A child, like Teiser

Dirty fingers hungry faces
Visiting forbidden places
Fearless joyful no ones’ fool
Free of adults over-rule

Rambling pastures fields of corn
Penniless with trousers torn
Careless aimless having fun
Free to walk and free to run

I don’t want to be
Weary bored and none the wiser
Stressed out fed up life’s own miser
I just want to be
A child like Teiser.

Time to go to the dreaming sponge bath, see you folks Love Pester.

Pester 8-12-2003 19:09

make that -- it's the Norton site

howard 8-12-2003 16:04

RHODA -- has a fix listed for it.

howard 8-12-2003 16:04

We have been infected with the new computer worm. It hasn't happened to the computer I am using, because it does not have Windows XP, but it has happened to the computer my children use. I really do not know what to do. I had them turn off the computer and disconnect the phone line. Any suggestions?

Something strange has happened to my Microsoft Explorer. It does not open picture files.

I am about to throw up my hands and get rid of the Internet.

Rhoda 8-12-2003 15:37


8-11-2003 23:20

...and where's everyone, by the way?

howard 8-11-2003 23:02

Another one of those "gee-I-wish-I'd-said-that" by my friend Craig --

howard 8-11-2003 23:01

Thanks for reminding me -- that makes it more special...!

howard 8-11-2003 8:04

HOWARD: I'm not crying because I don't know anything.
I was referring to the post about what your Father taught you.

It was that beautiful one;
he taught me the making sure and he taught me to cry.
And that's what's important.

So, it matters not that I know nought, so long as I know what I ought.


Now I have to go and see about making something for dinner.

Teekay 8-11-2003 3:55

TEEKAY -- no need to cry -- same chasm for all of us. But there's a bridge...

howard 8-10-2003 22:05

HOWARD: Onya HOWARD, I just glimpsed over my shoulder into the big chasm bubbling at my heels, churning with all that I don't know and it's freaking me out.

But, I know how to make sure, and I know how to cry, and that's all I need.

I'll never forget that one. Thanks :-)

Teekay 8-10-2003 19:22

PESTER: So there you go PESTER. See what you have revealed already?
And you weren't even trying :-D

Trying in the 'make and effort sense', I mean.

Teekay 8-10-2003 19:19

TEEKAY (again) -- Dunno about killing good jokes (your comment was funny) but it goes to show just how deeply our knowledge is based on the classics -- even on Scripture.

It can be mind-boggling to stop and think just how many familiar phrases find their origins in Scripture alone! Or Shakespeare, or the "classics."

Somebody oughtta write a book...

howard 8-10-2003 19:17

TEEKAY -- I grew up reading Greek (and Roman) mythology. Spent lots of hours in my treehouse dreaming.

PESTER -- I believe you're well on your way to proving 1 Corinthians 3:19...

Wrong word game -- in today's supplement to our local newspaper there's an article about one of Hollywood's latest heart-throbs (can't remember his name) who is best known for playing someone's "elicit" lover.
The list grows longer...

howard 8-10-2003 19:08

HOWARD: Yeesh, go figure. I didn't even know there was a Greek mythological being called Hermaphrodite.
Boy, you sure can kill what otherwise might be a good joke with all yer fancy book learnin':-D

As you've probably gathered I know bugger all about Greek mythology and muses.
No, really, I kid you not.

My muse didn't come from Greek mythology, I found him hanging around outside a pub.

Hey, wait a gol durn minute.....
You don't suppose he could be a fake do you?

Teekay 8-10-2003 18:31


Hi folks!

It’s a beautiful day
yes a beautiful day
Such a beautiful day
Just a beautiful day

And I’m happy today
Yes I’m happy today
Oh I’m happy today
Yes I’m happy today.

I could tell you everything about myself and still you wouldn’t know me.

I meander, I live to meander I must meander I must be what I am.

The children who are naughty and receive punishment, generally, continue to be naughty and receive punishment.

We have ‘apartheid’ but the division, instead of colour, is money.

Everything must be paid for and money will get you nowhere.

A person may waste their youth wishing they were older, the same person, may waste their maturity wishing they were younger.

Society ‘gives’ you a mask: you do not have to wear this mask, though even if you do not want to wear it, it will be very difficult to pull it off and if you succeed in this, you may not be able to stop yourself from putting it back on from time to time.

Hypnotism shows one thing; that we may be controlled to a greater or lesser extent by unconscious drives and desires: i.e. that we are not ‘masters’ of our own house, something the mystics have said for thousands of years.

Mans’ lazy, fearful mind invents Jehovas’ paradise but heaven is for fools. Reality can be harsh, but it is far better than dreaming of Utopia, for what is a cold harsh world to a warm heart, the all conquering heart of a true human.

Sometimes I feel like a stranger to myself.


Part IV

To break the mood of indolence, I'd brave the strong forbidding wind, run a mile or ten around the house, and scare the neighbours with the sound of heavy breathing.

Then to strike a chord upon an old guitar, I'd stare the portrait of a pretty girl who’s name I do not know and play a tune in my mind, not whistling not humming, thus I could compose without restrictions, descending fast into a netherworld of dreams, I deprive myself of senses quickly lost to the outside world.

Even men of two dimensions have to learn
the basic games of elementary society, so we sat
in a small cafe, drinking lukewarm tea
and munching last years biscuits
with a morsel of personal fancy close at hand
(To some it is a cream cake pressed to mouth
with slithering cream, to another it's a smooth skin,
cold shower, rough towel, or the secret
of a breath that's held within.)

Sitting proud in selfish decadence, churning trivial dialogues with skill over violence and other objects which "disgust", then to scrape the barrel of hypocrisy, shaking hands with a man who's joined the fellowship of God.

Like an ache in the body resides
gone tomorrow here today
a burden few people know
will whisk the years away

Droplets of Blackcurrant blood
rivers of Strawberry wine
these are the things I remember
of things that could not be mine.

Now you choose your favourite topic to consume the time and take you from the comfortable room of misplaced apathy (Which belongs in a cosy chair.)

Suddenly a vague aroma, a silken blouse
upon a frail and fragile beauty, the world is turned so sweet
heartbeats and emotions play allegro, shifting with
each delicate movement of the eye,
a voluptuous curve of the lips,
the sight of gliding tongue upon white teeth,
now you'd sell your soul for a taste of high desire
and wax delirious on a fertile bed of words
so long as they're not blighted with uncertainty.

After the cries of hollow ecstasy diminish
performance hanging heavy in the minds' eye
heartbeats and emotions play adagio, and pathetic
is the only word that fits,
you take your shrivelled ego home
place it near your personal bible, hoping it will grow again
so you can face the shrinking womb of time
with a little sanguine expectation.
In a moment of past memory, you hear the prelude
of an old bohemian, but still it's meaning eludes the brain.
Thus incarcerated by a team of fixed commands
you play laconic episodes, which never seem to follow
in transparent ways (Though appear so to others)
and your soul aches slowly
through the dyspepsia of unsettled verities,
Still you hope to live.

Hope everyone is well, see you, Love Pester.

Pester 8-10-2003 18:30

Yes, MARY, your tittering is tolerable.

Mark 8-10-2003 11:42

TEEKAY -- Doh! :-})
In classic Greek Mythology Hermaphrodite was the child of Hermes and Aphrodite, not of Zeus, so he could not have been one of the muses.

howard 8-10-2003 10:01


MARK!! Your html is showing!

Oh my...blushing and running away. Ok, more like kinda tittering away.

Sorry...please forgive me.

Mary 8-10-2003 1:04

PAMELA: Oh, okay could you ignore my last post to you to, please. I see now where the PESTER/HEATHER thing came in.


I am not slow.

Teekay 8-9-2003 21:22

HOWARD: How about Hermaphrodite?
(Marge Simpson laughter)

PAMELA: You didn't go and confuse me for PESTER, did you? DID YOU????!!?!!? :-D
I ws asking after HEATHER - she should be back now.
It's Phantasium - and she sent it off near on 2 months ago I think - unless you know something I don't know - which is hugely likely when you consider the things I don't know.

ANDREW: Are you sure you mean that, hmmmmm, are you really really sure?

I can't believe it. 5 new posts since sleepy time. I hope you haven't all forsaken the notebook to go type out best sellers or something.
Where are your priorities????

Teekay 8-9-2003 21:15

PAMELA -- I don't think Zeus had any male daughters...

howard 8-9-2003 21:01

Mark, you're terrible! :) That Monk is a cute show, isn't it?

Teekay, thanks for your help and the laughs.

Pester, Heather has been working long and hard on a compilation of writings from members here called "Phantasma..." help me out, guys. She just got the editing done and ready to send out. Started before my relatively recent arrival, so I look forward to seeing the fruits of everyone's labors.

Hi Viv, how are things in Japan? What's the latest on your return to Over Here? Say hi to Carol.

Sure, muses can be male, heck, they don't even have to be human, how about an alien?

pamela 8-9-2003 13:59

HOWARD -- Dunno. That could be the guy. I'll take your word for it.

TEEKAY -- My pleasure.

Mark 8-9-2003 12:08

Hello once more people! Tis I, Andrew, Lord of the Immortals....Sorry. Got a bit carried away there. Well, no word from Mean Eddie, so that is always a good thing...j/k. Any comments are welcome, even from people like him. :)

Andrew 8-9-2003 0:09

MARK -- You mean Eratosthenes? ~267 BC

howard 8-8-2003 22:34

MARK: I just want to say a huge thanks for the 'workbook, you have done an excellent job with it.
And that bit about the BC guy - that's pretty cool too.
I didn't know you could access the workbook through here. Now I don't have to hunt for it on my desktop.

HEATHER: Come out come out wherever you are. Probably in bed.

Teekay 8-8-2003 22:16

Looks like the Screw-Up Fairy has visited again. I did not end the UL tag in my list to Pester. Everybody's post is indented to match my last bullet.

I could go on an ego trip right now and declaim the befittingness of all your posts being subordinated to mine. But I won't. Is someone out there trying on a sheet right now? One that only goes halfway acr ... Oh nevermind. I'm missing Stargate. Following that is Monk. Following that is sleepytime.


Mark 8-8-2003 21:06

TEEKAY -- Not all the Greeks thought the world was flat. One guy, several centuries BC, even made a good approximation of the Earth's circumference. He noted the position of the North Star when in Egypt, then again at points along the way home. He concluded that the different positions of the star when seen from such different latitudes was due to the fact that he viewed it from a curved surface. Came right close, he did. I'll have to research to find his name out.

Not all the Greeks thought the Muses were flat, either. I spent some time a while ago bemusing myself finding pictorial and statuary representations of the gang. Several are portrayed with the sheet you speak of amusingly draped from one shoulder to the opposite hip. Some things are not wholly covered. Quite titillating.