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Jack Beslanwitch Wed Sep 23 02:56:31 PDT 1998

Hello everyone: Well, it has happened again. In six days we have topped 100k. Sometime tomorrow I will be archiving, I will preserver back anything entered up to this point, so please feel free to post. Also, I will be moving all the public archives to the new server. Or, will be thinking about it. My wife and I have been enjoying her vacation by doing things like visiting Canada, going to Tillimuk Village on Blake Island here in Puget Sound (a beautiful boat trip ending with a traditional Northwest Indian salmon dinner accompanied by native dancing in traditional Northwest native costumes) and just kicking back. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line we contracted the yucks, a technical term for a virus or cold of some kind. So we both feel like death warmed over. Take care everyone. Oh, the Workbook is over 150 members and the newsletter is up over 800. Not bad. Sufficient babble.

Also, I was raised Catholic, was confirmed, spent adult life knocking around various spiritual explorations from Scientology (do not ask :-) to Wiccan to what I finally settled down to, Episcopalian, although some friends say I more closely resemble Episcopagan. If you want to ask me any quesitons feel free via email, but would prefer if you would wait a day or two and see if the Vitamin C and chicken soup work.

Allein-chan Tue Sep 22 20:51:51 PDT 1998

I was wrong about the Titanic thing. You can't go to to get the 10 dollar discount. It's only offered through banners on webpages sponsored by Geocities. So, if you're interested surf some Geocities webpages - it's bound to turn up sooner or later. And it's only for a limited time.

Toby Buckell Tue Sep 22 20:43:34 PDT 1998

Just got back from an intense soccer game, we fought hard and I yelled myself hoarse. It went into overtime, so we basically had two hours of physical hardship. I now know what battle feels like... I need a chiropracter please...tomorrow we are to do even more running, including a two mile run in less than 14:20...

On religion, my family is intensely religous, my stepdad is studying in seminary and is a youth pastor, but I myself am agnostic, while I admit there certainly could be a God, the proof goes either way. It really doesn't matter much to me, and I think that ignoring the question is a good thing, as too many flustered and angry arguments are started over this. I do however devote my life to living as a Christian is supposed to be. I live by the golden rule, and my greatest enemies are my closest friends, some of the people I have cause to hate I do my best to befriend. I will give anything I can I will give to whoever asks. Most people assume I am Christian by the way I live, but I share none of the beliefs. If anyone is interested in hearing more though, I will share through E-mail so as not to stp on anytos or anything like that...

I'm relaxing and watching 'The Black Cauldron', it is a really weird Disney cartoon, very dark...

I once again extend a welcome to anyone to check out my webpage, the writers part is interesting... the last time I mistyped the URL, so if it didn't work then, it will work then. Ron Collins, who has a similar 'Persistance' web site about his rejections/writing journal dropped by and wrote a hello and good luck message.

Good writing all...

Rachel Tue Sep 22 18:03:48 PDT 1998

Wow, that old block is shattered, knocked off another few pages on ye old creep me out story and then got another idea and cranked out another couple of chapters on a new one.

I am thrilled. I can see where both are going and the ideas are falling into place nicely. I am not writing my way into any corners and am finally writing some science fiction. Its not very good, but its a start, and I will push thru and finish both.

Hey Lydia - Good to see yah, and i'm glad your doing so well with your story.

Take care all

Allein-chan Tue Sep 22 16:02:59 PDT 1998

Keith - Congratulations!!

Sianana - Welcome. Hope you like this place.

Lydia - I am a Catholic currently undergoing steps for confirmation. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the religion.

Well, that's all, not much going on here.
Bye, bye.

Keith Fox "Dallin Sphere" Tue Sep 22 15:41:51 PDT 1998

Yes... Keith Fox is my real name...

I just felt like posting to let everyone know that I'm engaged.


Sianana Don't have one... Tue Sep 22 14:36:32 PDT 1998

Hi, I'm a 14 year old aspiring author. I'm writting a report for a freshman foundations class and my own personal gain. I've written one 45 page short story and I'm working on a second one. They are both about dragons and fantasy. I would like to set up a time when I could chat with an author and an editor. If you could please e-mail me befor the end of this week thank you.{9-22-98 9-25-98}I don't have the internet at home so please try to befor 3:00pm pacific time.

Cat Tue Sep 22 14:25:02 PDT 1998

Lydia: I sent some info to your e-mail that might help
you with the Catholic Prayer's/Beliefs... I hope they
help you out anyway. Good Luck.

S.N.Arly Tue Sep 22 12:41:56 PDT 1998

Barb G. - it was a response or request for more information from you post dated Fri day Sept 18.
Hi Y'all,
Here's a writing question for you: Is it safe to delete "history"files to free-up hard disk space?

So what did you mean by a "history" file?

To make my characters real. I love it when it works. I do a lot of people watching and I write up character sketches for fun, have since high school. I get a feel for how real people move, walk etc (especially useful if I'm modeling a character afrter a real person). I watch for mannerisms and funny ways they talk. Are their teeth straight? stained? This way I get a good accurate physical description which I keep on hand. I'll sometimes combine mannerisms and movements of one sketch with another to create a character not based on a real person (to describe an actual movement I've seen but not base the character on the person I've seen makeing the movement or action).

I usually have a good idea what the personality of my characters is like and that just comes naturally. I don't use a lot of religion and like... I believe it was KC, I usually make one up because my characters don't usually hail from Terra. I think I've only got a couple of semi-religious characters, for the rest, it just doesn't seem to come up.

And now for something completely different: If any of you are from Minnesota, the Minnesota Arts Board is looking for input from artists. They are assessing the technological needs of artists in an effort to enhance their services. They aren't going to sell your name to anyone or anything like that, and supporting the arts board is one way to promote the arts and reinforce the need for the board. They need to hear back from those completing the surveys by Sept 30, I think, so if you're from MN and have a few minutes to spare it really is in your best interest. You can reach the board at 651/215-1600 or, if you're out of the St. Paul/Mpls area, call 800/8MN-ARTS (TTY: 651/215-6235).

Have writer's gorup tonight. We'll have to se how the latest thing was received. I was actually the main character and it was very interesting.

And on our previous mentions of alcoholic beverages, her's a polka I woke up humming (it's better in German):
In heaven there is no beer,
that's why we drink it here.
And when we're gone from here,
our friends will be drinking all our beer.


Barb G. Tue Sep 22 09:16:33 PDT 1998

Hi Y'all,

Is anyone else having trouble getting into the workbook? Maybe it's just me, but I've been trying -- I used the "Workbook" button at the top of the "Notebook" but all I get is the sign-up form. Jack can you help?


Lydia Sweet Tue Sep 22 09:14:55 PDT 1998

Just a short note. I have posted a chapter to the Novel Workbook and would appreciate any comments. Lydia.

Lydia Sweet Tue Sep 22 08:11:02 PDT 1998

Hi all,

Haven't had much time to participate lately, just wanted you to know I'm still around. I've been busy on my novel and am about 35,000 words along the way.

The discussion about religion is something I'm interested in for my book. I need either a current book of Catholic prayers on the internet or if any one knows where I might find a medieval prayer book. I would be appreciate all help. Or if you are catholic and would like to e-mail me for some correspondence, that would really be helpful, because then I can ask direct questions.


Howard Tuckey Tue Sep 22 04:13:56 PDT 1998

Writer's block? One exercise that can really help is to start small. Instead of a short story, try a vignette. One hundred to two hundred words max, to describe just one scene or character, or even just one element on a scene. Just look around -- then take a closer look. Concentrate on the details. Write about them. Then save what you write, and use bits and pieces of those vignettes in your future stories.
It really helps, and can be a stimulus to get started on a story. It might even be worth the effort to put a list of common things out here somewhere, and try to write a short, tight description or scene centered around one object in the list. Then post them for comparison.
Religion? In the book of James, in the Bible, there's a definition of true religion. You might be surprised to see how the Bible describes it.

K.C. Ramey Mon Sep 21 21:57:46 PDT 1998

S.N. Arly - I stand corrected. I GET to do all those things because I WANT to do them. It is the type of stuff I love to do.

As for religion I am not very religious and never have been. My parents are from 2 different religions and neither of them were really religious to begin with. They decided that if me and my brother (who is a total atheist) wanted to go to church we could but we didn't have to. Because of this I don't use many characters that do have a religion (unless it is one I make up for another world). If I did have to do research to find out about a religion I have a few friends that are really religious and I also serf the net. Last year in World History the teacher had us write a children's story on a religion and how it works. (Everyone in the class wondered why I was so excited about being told to write a story!!) My partner (now my boyfriend) and I did a lot of looking around for information. The library didn't help much because we had the Shinto religion (Japanese). We found most of the information on the net. The only problem with info from the net is you don't always know if it is true or not. We got an A on our project but we still didn't know to much about the religion.

I guess my point is that not all religions and cultures are easy to find. First check the library (most have on-line catalogs now) and then check the net. Make sure that the information from the net matches everything else that you find because someone might have miss understood or typed something and t makes you look stupid when some one of that culture is reading the book and becomes offended by you being wrong about something so dear to them.

I hope this makes sense because I am up way past my bedtime and not really thinking straight.


David L. Gebhart Mon Sep 21 20:33:20 PDT 1998


Wow, religion and everything else! An incredibly commanding topic.
I guess the best way to research any religion is to talk to someone who subscribes to the beliefs that the writer hopes to write about. My advice though is to steer clear of any religion unless the writer has some background in one type of religion. SInce I was raised in a Christian home I know about a lot of feelings that a character would have about their beliefs.
Well, accept for anything like that religion is a wide open topic. I would have to say though that I have a lot of respect for religions in the orient. Chinese and Japenese are like the easiest people in the world to get along with. They also make great food.
Well, talk to everyone later.

Allein-chan Mon Sep 21 20:21:15 PDT 1998

Jack - so far all I have is that she moved to America when she was four. Her family prefers to hold onto Chinese customs as do their neighbors of other cultures, but they also try out other things occasionally. But, there are already three Christians, so I'd want a different religion for some more variety. As most of the characters from other countries came when they were a little older or have similar circumstances. For instance, when the story begins, Claude has only lived in America less than 48 hours. While Adolphine was born in America, yet, has been raised by a German family and in many German communities. Quite a bit of variety.

Oh, and for anyone interested - at - you can get Titanic for only $9.95 + shipping and handling. It's only for a limited time and it's the best offer I've seen so far on this movie. Most other places I think it's $19.95 + tax. So, if you haven't bought this movie yet and would like to, it would be very much worthwhile to take advantage of this offer.

Okay, I'll shut up now and let someone else have a turn.
Ventis secundis, tene cursum (Go with the flow).

Marshall Mon Sep 21 20:04:24 PDT 1998

Hi everyone. I'm new here and just started writing. Already, I have nothing to write about. I prefer Science fiction and Fantasy. Any ideas?

Lisa Mon Sep 21 19:35:06 PDT 1998

Hi, everybody! :) As much as I regret it, I don't have time to do more than make a quick announcement- too bad, looks like I'm missing all sorts of interesting arguments and things.
I'm a good third of the way through a short story of mine now, and I was wondering if I should stop it point blank where I am or continue on to the ending I had originally planned. Any general comments or whatever are very very much appreciated; be as heartless as you please.
It's in the short story workbook which I finally got into (yay! thanx Jack!).
Have a lovely day!


ps- Keith Mercik, if you're here, I did get your email but I haven't time to write back. Sorry sorry sorry!

Barb G. Mon Sep 21 17:34:58 PDT 1998

Hi Y'all,

Snarly: Me, Barb or the new Barb?

Dodger: Remember the old saying: "You snooze, you lose?" Well it applies to writing, too. You have to work the writing muscle (the brain) to get back in shape. Write anything, really, to get back what you want. Your deep depression worries me. I don't think I've seen anyone this low here before. Take a walk. Call your kids or your mom or a friend and talk. Do some light exercises. Do something quickly. Only you can pull yourself out of this hole that seems to be closing around you...

Rachel: Hooray!! Couldn't be happier for you. Wow. You might surprise yourself with some new insights you've acquired over this little down time.

Fleshing out a character: I start at the top of the head and work my way down. I know, you think I'm kidding, but if this person is pivotal to the plot or an important sub-plot he/she needs depth. So color of hair, eyes, nose (just testing you!), long neck vs. short neck, limp, tic, annoying habit, like pulling on an ear until it's blood red (I've used that one twice). Limp, stiff knee, curved shoulders, thick beard, rosey cheeks, use anything that makes that person unique.

Then start trying on the clothes: suit, coat, hat, etc.

Religion: try that on too. Will it fit this character. Or shall the character be more rigid, more unyeilding. One who shuns religion altogether. Maybe the person could be posing as one of the religious to gain upper echelon secrets.

There are a million and one ways to flesh out your characters without going to the library or haunting the search engines. Use that great big imagination you have been blessed with.

So ending with a preposition, I'll say: Havahappi

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Sep 21 17:04:39 PDT 1998

p.s. I have also added a new topic that is germaine to what we have been discussing.

     Given the recent discussion about the religions and cultural background of a particular character, what are some suggested sources for quickly and easily bulking out details for a character. Are encyclopedias a good resource? The Internet? What do you find as your best resources for historical tid bits to drop in. In this I am not referring to how to research or how much, but where to go to find quick facts to make a character more authentic.

I know we have dealt with research in the recent past, but thought if we came up with a list of possible sources for researching a character it might prove useful.

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Sep 21 16:54:43 PDT 1998

AC: I stand completely corrected. Given you are talking about someone living in America, the critical component here is how many generations her family has lived in America. If, say they escaped from the chaos of the Cultural Revolution or just escaped post Tienamin (sp?) would make for a different character. You could, also, side step these issues entirely by making the characters family Christian and having moved to the US to avoid the intolerance and persecution committed on the small in percentage but large in numbers Christian community. Remember all the Christian missionaries that were going over to China ala Perl Buck. Just another in a stream of suggestions. Take care.

Judi Gemeinhardt Mon Sep 21 16:35:21 PDT 1998

To Dodger Maxwell:
I suggest you read your post above, again, Dodger. Turn what you wrote into fantasy. Use that realm of science fiction to go way out there on a limb. Try a different genre...forget about love stories, forget about dwelling on love. That will come when the time is right all by itself. Use your creativity constructively instead of wallowing in depression. Take what you have there and turn it into an angel story / good vs. evil. Use witches, and goblins and have a party with that paragraph. You are a writer, write don't dwell.
I write poetry too. I also write articles, editorials, columns, short stories, and have a book length manuscript out with an agent and have started another book...a murder mystery.
Pick a subject that is interesting to you and do research on it. Then write about it either in an essay, article or develop a short story. Think of charactars you would like to see in your stories, create them on paper, name them, give them a personality. Develop a few, then think of a plot you would like to see those charactars in and write,write, write. Don't stop till it is finished, then edit,edit and more edit until it has shape and substance. You know that saying, Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and write, write, write.
Good Luck!

Allein-chan Mon Sep 21 16:31:25 PDT 1998

S.N. Arly - Hinduism does sound interesting. If not I can always make her athiest.

Jack - About the Mao thing. She's not living in the time of Mao. The story takes place in 1996 and she lives in America. Basically, the story involves these main characters:
Liem Woo: The Chinese girl
Molly Jones: American/Jewish
Mallory Smithe: American/Jewish
Jillian Smithe: American/Jewish
Adolphine Heidler: German-American/Nazi (not really a religion - she and her brother, however, aren't into it, they're sort of rebels)
Paul Heidler: German-American/Nazi
Yoshi Woo: Chinese boy (Liem's brother)
Sealth: Native American/Christian
Claude (Claudine): French/Catholic
Alex (Alexandra): Australian/Christian
There, I think I got all of them. I've included the nationality and religion to show the diversity between them. Basically the plot line is that they all spend a year together and face all kinds of hardships (a nearly impossible romance, two deadly diseases, a move after a rough time, a boy caught between his attraction for two girls and other things). Claude also has a few fantasy-like experiances (she's very mysterious). So, like I mentioned before - a coming of age story.

Well, I've taken up enough room, so I'll be on my way now.
Bye bye.

S.N.Arly Mon Sep 21 14:00:36 PDT 1998

Mmmmm. Beeeeer.

Barb - Going waaaay back to Friday, what do you mean by a history file? Is this old versions of stories or background or what? I'm a packrat and keep nearly everything. If it doesn't fit on the hard drive and I can't get a bigger one then I go to floppies. But it depends on whether you'll ever need it again. Most of my stuff I will.

Allein - College isn't really that differnt from high school, so don't get your hopes up. It's not impossible either. It can be a lot of fun, but it was much more work than I had expected. When they say multiply your cedits by two to get the number of hours of homework per week, or was that by three? Well they aren't kidding.

Also possibly in China - depending on the region - hindu, Islam and Taoism, although with taoism you'll find the same problems you had with Bhuddism.

Rachel - Congrats on the demolition of the block. Kata can be very rewarding. That's where I've noticed an improvement in my coordination and balance. they also look really cool once you have them donw.

KC - On the Lit Zine. It's get to, not have to. You get to do the layouts and you get to make content decisions.

My HS called their Art and Lit magazine The Stylus. And every year had a different theme. One year it was chains, one year it was wheels. the year I was editor it was Imagine, which I thought was pretty stupid, but we voted and that's what won. It was a lot of hard work but it was a lot of fun. As for a name, you may, with the others in your group, want have a brainstorming session where you write down every idea that comes to mind. Don't be critical of the ideas, just write them down. Then look through them and take out the ones that are too confining or don't really work. As a group pare them down until you have something you're happy with.

Dodger - Get the feeling you're a little down. When I started freshman year at UW Madison, I knew one of my 42,0000 undergrad classmates. It was a bit daunting, but if you try, you'll find a niche and some friends and the things you are looking for. Worse than the void left by rejection, is the void left by having never tried.

Cat - On a jack o lantern. I don't generally think of them as creepy or scary, but if you use the way the candle flickers around casting an odd yellow light and making the pumpkin seem to glow (as some light does come through the orange shell - like putting a flashlight in your mouth). You could have the wind mae the flame dance. It could be the only source of light, which would be creepy. So it would cast very odd shadows on teh ground or wall or whatever. Hope this is of help.

Dodger Maxwell Mon Sep 21 12:33:31 PDT 1998

Although I hold a deep fascination with writing poetry, it is nightmarish to think that my story writng abilities are fading. I love writing fiction stories with angelic beings, tales of hope and tales of despair. I've written many, but my poems out-number my stories. Honestly, I'm tired of writing poetry. It would be great if I could use the poetic techniques that I've developed over the years, but I can hardly write a story. I've gradually watched my ability decline over time: first my conclusions were nothing but confusing, and now I start crying when I try to put pen to paper. I can easily write about my life, and the sorrow and deep depression I have, but I want to write more about the Secretios. I think I'm at the point in my life where my life is teetering. I've been rejected by all those beings I so passioned, and the ones whom I did admire and who did respond to me only turned out to be just as whorish as me. I want love, passionate love, even if it's just a week's worth of teenage heaven, it would be better than nothing. I'm tired, I keep writng these poems every day, spitting out the vomit of Agony, and puzzles just like the ones at my website, and yet I can't find happiness. It's like I know that if I wrote a love story, I would be lying because I've never experienced passionate love. I have a loving family and loving friends, but I've just been separated from them all as a result of me deciding to come to Milwaukee to start college life at Marquette. My friends are still in California, my family is still in Las Vegas, and I'm here in Milwaukee, with no one to hold me like I'm used to. My family is so affectionate, my friends are so affectionate, and now I have my pillow to hug, and my guardian spirit (whom I cannot see) to kiss me good night. I have a rare case of strand of writer's block, and it seems I will not be able to crawl out until things get better. Everyone who has passionate love, I pray for you to hold it dear to your hearts because nothing is worse than the void caused by rejection. I feel useless, useless to myself. My poems are loved by many, but I am beginning to hate those things as if they are as vile as the monsters that once lurked underneath my bed. Beware of Agony.

Rachel Mon Sep 21 10:39:11 PDT 1998

Well hello, hello

I am happy to announce to everyone that I have moved on past my block!!!!!!!!!

Yes! I have started on a new story. I just sat down and without even thinking just started to go and as I was clicking along it just took shape in my mind. I already have it all in my mind now I just have to get it onto the computer.

This story is nothing like the last one and its already giving me the serrious creeps just typing it out. I think it will take me awhile before I have the guts to show it to anyone.

I am just so happy the block is gone and yes it passed before my B-day.

Oh well time to go and practice Karate

Take care all

Dallin Sphere Mon Sep 21 06:05:31 PDT 1998

To Kitty...

No, you should not be worried.. I'm not all together I guess.. and I seem to have love to post things when I'm not in a "sober" state of mind. I can quit posting for good.. or I can go on as if I never posted any stupid sh*t, if no one here objects. It doesn't really matter...

...and yes, I was evaluating my life majorly... I tend to do that when I'm over a thou in the hole. ....and especially when I have a time limit to pay that off. Love doesn't wait... and neither will the one I love... or will she? It doesn't matter.

Keith Fox

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Sep 21 00:15:46 PDT 1998


The other possibility that you might want to explore for your story with a Chinese student is someone who is falling into the trap of Mao ste Tung and Communism mixed with Market Capitalism. This might prove more accurate than a particular religious stream. Although, I strongly recommend that you try out Loa Tzu's the Tao Te Ching. This is an extraordinary religious tome that is worth a look for your edfications. Howsomever, something along the lines of Confucianism with strong condiments of Taosim and Buddhism, muted because of a strong training in Communist beliefs overlayed with a bit of Confucianism, might make for a more accurate individual. If you were living in Vancouver, B.C., I would recommend talking with some of the new emigrants from Hong Kong. Good luck with this.

Allein-chan Sun Sep 20 21:08:04 PDT 1998

KC - I mentioned that we were working on a writing journal, but I didn't say much else.

Last year's name was the Periphy - or something like that. Like KC said, suggestions would be helpful.

Auf wiedersehen!!

Rhoda Sun Sep 20 19:28:01 PDT 1998


Your best course of action is to go to the library and check out several books on China. You might actually do better going through the juvenile section as well as the adult because juvenile books give you more basic knowledge in a simple and easy way. I use these books a lot for research.

As far as I know, China is a large, diverse nation with many religions, among them Confusism and Buddahism. There are others, but I don't know them. There are several million Christians in China as well.

When doing a book or a story, research. Go to your library, serf the Internet, and do whatever you have to do to get your facts straight, and then once you learn the facts you need, double check them. That works much better than depending upon word of mouth from your friends. Furthermore, well written books about China will give you a feel for the country and its people and will help you develop your character. The pictures in these books will also help inspire you.

Happy Writing!


K.C. Ramey Sun Sep 20 19:23:43 PDT 1998

Hi all,

My computer is finally fixed so I can write again without my dad kicking me off of his computer. As of the first day of school (sept. 12) I have been able to drive. Get the license and then run to school just in time for my classes to start. Then again I only have 2 classes at the high school and they don't start until 12:30. I start college on the 28th and am really nervous. I will be a 16 year old amongst lots and lots of other college students. Yikkes. I haven't had much time to write yet. Once I settle into school I will have a lot more time for writing.

If Allein-chan hasn't mentioned it we are in the small group (~5 people)at school who are in charge of our literary magazine. We review short stories, poetry, and artwork from our fellow students have done and decide what goes in. We also have to edit and create the templates for the magazine and all that other stuff. We have to come up with a good name for it. Last year it had a really dorky name. For many years before that it was called "Vision". Does anyone have a good suggestion for a name? Any suggestions on how to put together the magazine?

I better scram cuz I got school in the morning.


Allein-chan Sun Sep 20 18:48:03 PDT 1998

KC - I know you're planning to read the entires, so when you do, don't give me grief about what I wrote earlier - I apologized and learned my lesson, K? See you at school.

Irene - Speaking of school, as you can see from my entries, my teachers have been drowning me in homework. I've been very busy lately. I thought I e-mailed you back. If not, sorry, but it must have slipped my mind. I hope everything's going well with you.

Well, have to go now.
Die dulce fruere!! (have a nice day)

Jack Beslanwitch Sun Sep 20 14:46:11 PDT 1998

Cat: At the top of the Poetry page and most other Workshop page you will see text something like this (note the underlined Critique Page:

Welcome to the the Poetry Workshop. Here is a place where you can drop off peoms for critique. If you have a particularly troublesome one or portion of one, let's see it and perhaps we can work out how to improve it. If you wish you can go directly to the Posting Area. Or if you just want to read through the stories posted do so now. When you are ready to make comments or critiques do so directly to the author or post them on the separate Poetry Critique Page.

This may become a moot point. I have a commercial responsibility that will have to take precedence at the oment, but when I can get a little more time together that is not committed to money making enterprises, I will rework the CGI script so that on each posting there will be a CRITIQUE THIS button positioned at the bottom or with the other naming information. Again, this will have to wait why I hit workaday responsabilities for a while.

betty Sun Sep 20 13:07:40 PDT 1998

I still haven't built a home web page, but I am working on it. I was more concerned with trying to build a page for kids because kids' are my mentors.
As a writer, I'm both old and new. After graduating from journalim I worked freelance for a few small papers but quickly came to the conclusion that I didn't have what it takes to intrude on other people's lives. From nowhere, I was offered a chance to produce, edit and publish a children's newspaper. I loved it but it was short-term, a government project for a year. During and since I've written lot's on every subject but while raising three children (two with handicaps) alone, my writing wound up on the back burner. Now two children are gone, however my daughter must remain for life and I've acquired an epileptic grandson. Due to health reasons, it's time to get back on the horse again and accomplish the things I MUST. Problem is' it's just like starting over again--probably because it's exactly that!

Kathleen (Cat) Sun Sep 20 12:14:35 PDT 1998

Rhoda, I stand corrected. My apologies. It's ironic, I actually used to hate the smell of the stuff, now, I love it... That IS, in my opinion a good song though. It brought a smile to my face to see it here..

Jack, Sorry, but I seem to be becoming your number one problem child. LOL! Can you draw me a road map to where that poetry (or S.S) critique area is? I think that you said that it was at the top of the area, but the only place that I can see to put it, would be where we insert the text.
Is this where it goes into..? I will e-mail to the ones that I read, but I agree that if posted, I at least would get some valuable insight into when, where and how, I'm wrong. I know that I will be. It's just a knack that I turned into a fine art! So please, one more time for slow learners, like me? Thanks.

Can anyone help me with a descriptive (as in scary) way to describe a Jack-O-Lantern? Stupid question, I know, but it's for something that I am working on. And quite frankly, I haven't had much experiance with them.

RE: It's a dark and stormy Halloween night, with only a sliver of the moon to see.
It will be used in comparison to vengence and turmoil, with fury and cunning as it's sidekicks... I'd sure appreciate the help. Thanks

Allein-chan Sun Sep 20 12:10:00 PDT 1998

Okay, then, does anyone know any other religions practiced in China - something that's more native to the area.

Mick Sun Sep 20 12:06:56 PDT 1998

Lo Jack, Et al
just a quick line, as , was it Greg said, this is not the place for discusing Buddhism. I have been practicing since 1971, the only real way of finding out about Buddhism is to do it, it is not easy to explain the supra mundane in mundane language, the whole of Buddhist practice revolves about KNOWING, that can't be explained. A little like only a man knows what it's like to be a man and so on. I would say that it is neither atheist or agnostic, one practicing Buddhism does'nt become entagle in that sort of argument, internal or external. Sorry, I was longer than I intended.

Rachel Sun Sep 20 11:26:46 PDT 1998

Allein-chan Sun Sep 20 11:09:54 PDT 1998

Jack - you're right. I guess I should have been specific. The girl in the story is Chinese.

Greg - thanx, I'll try to find those books.

Adrianne - I've heard that before. Actually, most of my teachers are very interesting (all but math) and I do learn a lot. The only problem is that they give too much homework. I know that homework is essential and I think it's a good thing - in moderation.

Viva gorditas!!

Rhoda Sun Sep 20 10:58:53 PDT 1998


I must correct you. I am not a beer drinker. I posted that song lyric because I have always liked it and all the previous discussion about beer brought it to mind so much I hummed it most the night. In my lifetime I have known quite a few female beer drinkers. I grew up in a German community where almost everyone drank beer.

Greg Butchers Sun Sep 20 04:42:45 PDT 1998

Hi all,

Jack and Allein-chan: Re Buddhism.
I like the description of it as being an agnostic relgion, as it's all about self enlightenment and being true to yourself. In fact I can't really see how it could be classed as a religion at all. I don't know a huge amount about it but have done reading and found a book called "Thorsons Principals of Buddhism" to be very informative about the basic tenents. I think you can get it in the USA (ISBN 1-85538-508-2). It is very easy to see how it has become popular in the West, as basically you can do want you want, as long as you don't adversly affect other people. Obviously this is taken from a limited knowledge of Buddhism - so no offence to any Buddhist out there. This is not really the forum for an in depth discussion on Buddhism but if anybody wishes to enlighten me on the "Four Noble Truths" and "The Noble Eightfold Path" then feel free to e-mail me at as I am very interested.

Thanks Greg.

Jack Beslanwitch Sun Sep 20 01:23:43 PDT 1998


Cat: I deleted the hiccupping poetry. Congratulations on writing a new one after three years.

Adrienne: I also moved the poetry you placed in the Short Story area over to poetry.

Hope this helps and glad to see all the posts here and in the Workbook.

Jack Beslanwitch Sun Sep 20 01:15:41 PDT 1998

Quick response to those asking about critique space. I actually emailed Judi directly. There are critique areas for each of the respective Workshop areas and will be so in the future. You can find them at the top of each of the Workshop areas. It is up to you whether you wish to email the author directly or place the critiques for public view. I am almost interested in seeing some of the reviews posted publically so we can learn from each other and perhaps critique the critiques so that the process of editing is honed, but that may or may not work.

Again, the choice is up to those who are members of the private area of the Workbook. I will moderate to an extent, but this is for the members to evolve over time into something as special, I think, as the Notebook has become and is.

adrianne Sun Sep 20 00:36:40 PDT 1998

Ben - i like the idea of re-writing in different points of view, whenever i like something i've written enough to work a lot on it i've found that all the re writing lets me discover a better/more interesting perspective
anyway, my point is that i haven't done that for a long time and you've just reminded/inspired me - ta!

AC - don't want to sound preachy but you can honestly get things out of school, it's just what you make of it. Yeah, homework and exams etc don't seem too thrilling (just time wasting i used to think) but if you make a decision that you want to gain things from school, then you will. Also I found that it doesn't have to be in a traditional way, ie good marks and all that, an inspiring english teacher made a big difference to me, I didn't actually like the course but she saw things in me and I had the best talks with her about books and plays and movies. Once I realized that there is something to gain from EVERYTHING (sounds corny I know but it's the truth) I completely changed and every situation offered things to me. Things are there for you, you just have to learn to take them...

Kathleen J. (Cat) kaj@cyberhighway,net Sun Sep 20 00:33:18 PDT 1998

Hi All!

Short term this time...... Promise!

Jack, is there any way that you could *please* go into Poetry and delete (2) of the Crystal Raindrops??? Please, don't ask me how it happened, because I couldn't tell you, but there are now (3) in there... I wanted someone to read it, but that's a little much!!! Sorry! Again!
Hopefully , it will be soon that I get the hang of that.......
Thank you,

Kathleen aka. Cat Sat Sep 19 22:53:39 PDT 1998

Hello Everyone,

Jack, I was also going to ask where it is that we shuld put any remarks that we might have, for what we read in S.S or POETRY. I've already messed up a couple of times on that and hesitate to do so again.

Rhoda, I'm also a beer drinker & female... The same thing has happened to me countless times! Anymore, I just order my beverage for myself and let the waiter think what he may. Dale (my hubby) has gotten to where he just nods his head over to me when someone asks. LOL! That was hard for him to learn too, seein' as how he's a "Good Ole' Oklahoma Boy!" By the way, what you said really helped me to figure that out. Anyone ever tell you just how smart you are???
Thank you.

Kitty, Never have I heard, the *wonderful* world of education (especially college) put quite so eloquently!!!
You described it to a tee! The only thing that I remembered other then All of that, was the term paper that we could work our hiney's off on, WE knew that it deserved an A+, yet ended up getting lower then a C.... The tied in knots feeling that the grade brought with it, the frustration (in my place , tears...) of knowing in your heart that that HAD TO HAVE been the best thing that you ever turned in! For myself, it was extremely deflating, all of the euphoria that I had been feeling over a job well done, was just swept away at a glance. But you are right also in that it really is worth it..
For everyone that is still plugging away at furthering their education, I have nothing but the highest possible respect. Yes, both high school and college are some of the hardest years (intellectually) that one can have. But they will pay off in the end. That might not seem like much right at this moment in time, but they will. In a multitude of ways. Most of all, they pay off in the RESPECT that it gives the person, both IN and FOR themselves in a job well done.

If one can buckle down, (no matter the homework load, or the fact that doing something else seems alot more enticing)
and stick with it, they will never Honestly be able to doubt their capality and competence of seeing something that they attempt, through to it's end.

School, of any type, is not supposed to be easy. If it was easy, not demanding of us, how much of it would we retain?
What would we learn? What would we be able to accomplish
afterwards? How much is it that we want out of life, how hard will we work for it? I asked myself those questions and I swear that they were the only things that kept me going sometimes.

Life is hard for most of us at one time or another, but I
think that the hardest parts of it, are the lessons that we have to learn along the way---(this is Schooling of ANY kind). It takes ALOT of guts, determination and tenacity to make it through High-School, much less College.

So, if you get tired and your eyes have fire burning in them, if the words are all running together and you're so fed-up that you can't think straight any more. At the times when disgust and discouraged is all that you can feel,

Sorry folks about the long wind tonight. I'll let you go now. See you all later,

Jack Beslanwitch Sat Sep 19 22:10:47 PDT 1998

Allein-chan: You are covering a wide range of territory when asking about Buddhism. It has many flavors and many different emphasis. It really depends on whether your girl is a student of Japanese style, Thervada, Tibetan or what have you. Think of in terms of Christianity where Catholics, mormons, southern baptists and evangelicals are all grouped under the same umbrella. One thing you should be aware of, however. Buddhism has sometimes been described as an agnostic religion. It is more a set of principles than real worship. Gautama Buddha is not so much a god as one of many who attained true enlightenment. There are elements of worship and reverence in many different aspects of this. However, I would suspect that you should look into the customary ritual and practices of the cultural background you want your character to be. She is unlikely to be heavily into koans and other spiritual mind games often associated with Zen. BTW, my favorite koan is:

Observe....a finger pointed at the moon not mistake the finger for the moon

Take care and excuse the ramble. Oh, one other comment before I get off this subject. I have always found it lyrical and somehow revealing that Buddha lived to a ripe old age and died of some poisonous mushrooms mistakenly given to him by a friend. There is something to be said for a founder of a major world religion who goes out in a quite mundane manner like that. As you can tell, I had something of a passionate interest in Buddhism, Sufi and other forms of religious exploration. If someone has more personal knowledge or a better method for explaining the issues please feel free to drop off your suggestions.

Rhoda Sat Sep 19 20:34:12 PDT 1998

I like beer.
It makes me a jolly good fellow.
I like beer.
It makes me feel good and it makes me feel mellow.

Gin is too rough,
Champagne costs too much,
Vodka puts my mouth in gear.
When its all said and done,
It's a matter of fun
As a matter of fact I like beer.

The discussion reminded me of the above little Tom T. Hall ditty. I probably didn't remember it right, but it does go something like that.

As an old time Taco Bell fan, I will attest that Gorditos are great! Sante Fe style are the best ones.


I relate to what you said about high school. I well remember my Latin teacher who had once been a monk and who had met the Pope. I thought he was the most interesting person in the world because he knew so much about so many different subjects. He had a way of making the ancient Romans come alive to the extent you weren't just learning their language but you were seeing their life-style and values as well. Though he tolerated no insolence in his classes, he treated all of his students with respect and never talked down to anyone. If I ever find myself in a teaching situation, I hope I am somewhat like him. I also have fond memories of sitting in Agebra class and looking out the window (those were the wonderful days when schools had windows and didn't resemble prisons), at the most magnificent oak tree. As I stared and admired it, I brainstormed for a Robin Hood book which I unfortunately never got around to writing.

There were nights when I cramed and studied for important tests. There were the tense testing situations where I was so nervous my stomach hurt and I almost felt like throwing up. There were the rough, obnoxious students, the endless homework, the cliques and the typical frustrations, but I do primarily remember the fun times.

Ben and Bob Hanford,

Good to see you all back. This indeed is a joyous reunion with you all returning as well as Toby.

Happy writing, all!


Irene Sat Sep 19 20:22:40 PDT 1998

Hello :-) All
Sorry haven't been around in a while. Just wanted to drop in and say hi...So :-) HI!!

Allein: I havn't spoke to you in a while hope everything is going fine with school and all.

I bought this great book and wanted to share some of the things I read in it, that might help some of you with writers block so here it is...I am paraphrasing this of course.

1. You have to figure out what is blocking you, such as:
Fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of offending,
and or fear of running dry.

Rejection: remember if your book is rejected it is just "that" "your book" and not "you". It is hard to remember that becuase we are putting our hearts and souls into our books and when or if they are rejected we in turn feel rejected. I think this is one of my biggest fears, but I try to remember that it isn't me that is being rejected.

If your book is rejected remember some of these things:

1. They already have a book like the one you have sent in and don't want to risk another one just like it.

2. They can't take another project on

3. the type of book you sent in isn't selling right now


We all have a slight and even hugde fear of change and success if Change. We think our friends and family won't like us or will envy us, but if they really love us in my opionion they will GET OVER IT!!


Maybe one of your characters resembles someone you know well, and you have them as a vilian in your book once the book is published and that someone you know becomes offended. Don't worry they will get over it and if they don't that's there problem.


If you think you idea's aren't good eneough or that you are going to run out of things to say then you maybe blocking yourself before you even get started.

here are some ideas to help you with writers block:

set an appointment with yourself, it has been said that the hand and brain are connected so if you cannot think of anything draw or doodle for a few minutes it might help your creative juices get flowing.

Remember you don't have to start at the begining of your book start where your ideas are flowing you can always go back and feel in the blank parts.

If any of this is of interest to any of you and you would like to have a book that would help you with many more problems the name of the book is "A Complete Idiot's Guide To Creative Writing" It will also help you in writing novels, plays, screenplays, biographies, and Autobiographies.
I am Not trying to sell anything here just trying to help. I hope I havn't stepped on anyone's toes.

They also have a webpage I think it's if you would like to visit this page highlight the above address hit the ctrl and C buttons at the same time then past it by hitting ctrl + V in the address place on your tool bar.

Jack: I hope I havn't done anything wrong here. Just thought I would share some info. that I had learned :-).

Well everyone keep a :-)on and a P.M.A.
this is Irene giving a big wave to everyone from down here in Tennesse Ya'll come back now Ya hear....(Said with a long southern draw and a great big .

Irene Sat Sep 19 19:33:42 PDT 1998

Allein-chan Sat Sep 19 19:20:07 PDT 1998

Barb - yes, we are friends. Friends occasionally argue, but that shouldn't mean that they can't make up. It's okay that you thought I was boy. The name Allein is actually German for 'alone' so, it could be used for either sex as a name. I gave it to my character because while biologically a boy, he looks, acts and sounds like a girl. So, I gave him a neutral name to confuse other characters at first into thinking that he's a girl. But, if there's a Japanese thing such as 'chan' after it, here's a way to tell: 'chan' is used for a girl or a close childhood friend (Cassidy-chan), 'kun' is used for a young boy under eighteen (Allein-kun), 'san is for anyone over eighteen - male or female (Umi-san), 'sama' is reserved only for someone in high respect - royalty or a god (Quachik-sama), a teacher or instructer would be referred to as 'sensei' (Smith-sensei )
This may come in handy if you're reading a story that takes place in Japan, but unless you speak Japanese, you probably won't have much use for it. Although, I find that it's nice to learn new things.
Oh well, I've been rambling. So I'll shut up, do my homework and let someone else write.
Viva Gorditas!!

Judi Gemeinhardt Sat Sep 19 18:20:42 PDT 1998

Hi Jack,
Glad to see this site back! Help me out here, I am confused. I saw your site for Short Stories, Novels, Poetry. Where do you post you email person or do it on this site here? I had critiqued an individual but did it by their email. Response please.

Am published writer (poetry, columns, articles, editorials) Have book length mansucript with an agent at present. Have short story (muystery) out to magazine being considered as well as several poems being considered by two zines. Currently working on a novel. Please excuse any errors as dyslexia sets in when I am tired.

Judi Gemeinhardt
Penn name: Judi Gamin

Ben Woestenburg from the library Sat Sep 19 16:34:12 PDT 1998

Hey man. I just dropped by the library because there's a massive book sale going on here and guess what? Yep! The Net. It's about time. It's a small library, and I wouldn't feel so bad except as I drove up I remembered I emptied my pockets for the kids and haven't got a cent to my name. So I went looking for a book because I'm supposed to be taking one car apart and using the parts for the other. I hate cars. Just a simple means of getting from one place to another as far as I'm concerned. But SHE wants it done, so I have to do what I can. I'd rather be at my key board, but seeing how it's not always possible to do what I want, I have to give in.

I started rewriting CINDERELLA AND HER SISTERS because I love the title and the story itself. I apologize for those of you who don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about, but a few of you do, so I'll leave it at that. I've been writing and sending stuff in constantly now that school's back in and I have more time on my hands. This is when I want the steady nightshift, but that's not possible because the wife's working nights and I have to be around to take the kids to football and cheerleading practice. Another one of life's little distractions. It's bad enough I have to try and cook now -- no one seems to like the bachelor fare I used to eat twenty odd years ago. But then, I can't blame them. I used to think Hamburger Helper was a great treat.

I sent a story to PLAYBOY last week, and another one to THE VINCENT BROS. REVIEW. That was a story that came back. I send them out as quickly as they come back to me. I don't re-read them or try to fix them. I think it's because I'm notorious as a rewriter. I write a page and then tear it apart. I write the same scene from different P.O.V.'s just for the hell of it. I do all of this because I still need a haircut. Of course with winter coming up who wants to have short hair? But I need it.

Anyways, I can't stay because I have to get off so I'll just say adios and take off.

Barb G. Sat Sep 19 13:34:06 PDT 1998

Hi Y'all,

Allein-chan -- are we still friends. Believe me when I say I was ready to go to bat for you and the other younger adults in our group if Jack had decided to not give you access to the workbook. I'm on your side. Honest. Being a writer is not all Pulitzer's and I guess being a young writer is even harder. But, I thought you were a guy -- sorry about that, too.

Rachel: I LOVE BEER!! I'm going to a party tonight where it will be flowing like - uh - Beer! Can't wait.

Whew! I thought you guys would lay it on me heavy after my statement to I out of the woods, yet? Thanks.

I'll read a story for you free of charge and do the editing if you will all forgive my silliness...


Allein-chan Sat Sep 19 12:22:06 PDT 1998

Kitty - Gorditas are a type of mexican food. They consist of meat, veggies and sour cream and/or guacomole sauce in warm flat bread. They recently began selling them at Taco Bell, so on the Taco Bell commercials for them, the little chihuahua says "viva gorditas" and "Yo quiero Taco Bell (I want some Taco Bell)." I've heard that the Spanish for this isn't correct, but I don't speak Spanish, so I wouldn't know. But, anyway that's what they are. My friend says they're nasty - but I've never had them.

Allein-chan Sat Sep 19 12:16:06 PDT 1998

Barb - thanks. I shouldn't have snapped at you though. It's just that I was really angry.
But every one will be happy to know that I'm not angry anymore. My mom recently got angry with my brother for not taking his schoolwork seriously (like he ever has). So, now she's made a rule that we have to have our homework (and chores) done by Sunday morning or we get no TV or computer until it is done. So, if the weather clears up (it's raining here), I'll be able to at least go on a bike ride or something.
Does anyone know anything about Bhuddaism? I'm writing a comming of age story about a group of girls. A lot of it has to do with religion and one of the girls is Bhuddist (I doubt I'm spelling that right). I know they worship Bhudda, but that's about it. Also, one of the girls is involved with the Aryan Nation (she doesn't want to be, but her family is - she's kind of a rebel) so if anyone knows anything about that - it'd be a great help.
Well, I'd better get started on that homework. Bye bye.
Viva Gorditas!!! Yo quiero Taco Bell!!!

Kitty Sat Sep 19 12:13:04 PDT 1998

Allein: Who/what is/was Gorditas and why do we want he/she/it to live long?

Dallin: Was that your anonymous poem posting under the tag line "Reevaluating His Life?" Sounded similar to your previous postings with the cryptic "Dallin will not be back" and "Wish I was dead." Should we be worried?

To those toiling over books and reports inbetween soccer games, study hard! In twenty years you'll look back on your days in school through a golden filter of fond memories. And I don't mean the social life. I'm talking about the English teacher who would stand up on a desk to enact a Shakesperean death scene complete with dramatic collapse and cocking up of toes or the sternest, hardest teacher around whose lessons stick with you to this day or to the cold crisp clarity of the sky and the sharp smell of snow in the air when you step out after finishing, with reasonable expectations of favorable results, your last exam before the Christmas holidays. Y'all have to enjoy what you have now 'cause tomorrow isn't waiting for any of us. Carpe diem! Savor the moment! (I wonder how that translates into Latin?) Of course this is the perspective on one who has been there done that and still goes back for more--education, that is.

Bob, Toby, welcome back! What have you been up to?

Prolific writing y'all!

Sat Sep 19 12:12:49 PDT 1998

Sat Sep 19 12:12:11 PDT 1998

Rachel Sat Sep 19 11:04:41 PDT 1998

Hi all

Hey Adrianne - Welcome - Hope you enjoy the site

Allein - High School can be alot of work and being a teen is not an easy event, but hang in there. The things that you do and go thru now are shaping your future don't wish them away or you could sell yourself short of a brilliant future. I could go on and on, but I won't. Take care of yourself and be happy.

Barb G. - Stereotypes - I'v got one. When my husband and I order drinks before din he likes wine and I love a good dark beer. Every time the server comes they give me the wine and Dan the beer and when we switch are surprised. I guess the idea is that real ladies don't drink beer? Well if real ladies only get to drink white wine then I don't want to be a real lady.

Jack - Used to to add on stories in high school and always had alot of fun at it. Would be interested in looking in on it, but don't know if i'll be able to ever contribute to writing again, what with this block an all. (ha, ha)

Toby - Hey you, I remember you. Good to see yah back!!

S.N.Arly - The Karate is Okinawan, it was founded by Chojum Miyagi in the 1920's. - I am not stressed out about my block it will go as soon as I chill out. In the mean time my house is getting a good cleaning and I have had lots of time to work on Karate. It is three times a week for one and half hours I didn't anticipate it being so much, but I love it. I have spent hours upon hours going over each of the moves that I have been taught and am coming to be more comfortable with them, this is good as each time I go the Sensei adds afew more moves. It's really very nice much like a dance, and I am beginning to get the flow of it, now I just need to firm up my stances so I don't end up sitting on my butt.

Well I think that I have said more than my fair share and will end this blabber.

Take care all

Toby Buckell Sat Sep 19 07:14:29 PDT 1998

Hey Allein,

hate to drop on you, but if you think it is hard now, wait until college... the work load triples, and even though you have the freedom to do what you want, there is nobody who really cares if you do the work, or pushes you to do it, which is why so many of the freshman flunk or drop out. I'm not a fan of the work till you drop hard crowd, (they have no fun with all this like I do), but in order to stay in good standing, you have to at least do more work than high school ever presented. I'm lucky in only that I am a speed reader, because my two to three hours of reading a night is cut down to under an hour, which is when I write...

Hope things get better though, workload does stink! I have two novels to read this weekend, a paper to start, an epic poem to read an analyse, and today I have a soccer game. I empathize with you.


Barb G. Sat Sep 19 06:19:47 PDT 1998

Hi Y'all,

Allein-chan: You're right, I should have e-mailed you with my opinion.

Everybody: I'm guilty of a major faux pas. To link inappropriate language to a certain group - men, is not only unfair, but untrue. My husband, for instance, only has one favorite word he uses when he is angry and frustrated. Whereas, for me, he's always chiding me for my colorful expletives. I've never used that language here. There is a time and place for it.

Sexism and stereotypes rears its ugly head. Shall we talk about it?

A nod and an apology is extended to all.

adrianne Sat Sep 19 03:07:44 PDT 1998

Barb G thankyou for the welcome! Very sweet. Well I posted a short story I wrote the other day, it's about some concepts of life that I discussed with someone very special to me, but I'm too scared to tell him how I feel because we're such good friends, (you know the story...)
I also posted a poem but I think I somehow stuffed up and sent it to the short story section instead of poetry, sorry! I'll get the hang of it soon. Anyway please tell me what you think of them, and what you think of the way I write. Don't worry about offending me, constructive criticism is the best way to improve...
see you

Jack Beslanwitch Sat Sep 19 01:43:12 PDT 1998

      Greg: The idea would be much the same as we did with The Train story. Except, unlike the existing script that is being used now where all messages are deposited at the top of the page, each succeeding addition would be placed at the bottom. In this way a story could be started and all subsequent additions would have to work off of what had been written before. The only point at which any entries would be deleted from the mix would be if they had nothing to do with the story. Even then it would be interesting to see how everything meshes. Also, there would be a secondary discussion forum to discuss what people were writing and their thoughts on what should be added next or not. I am going to limit this to two or three round robins running at any given time. I am reserving the first to start myself with a graphic I will create sometime in the next week and an initial paragraph of text. I may even use the skeleton or dolphin back. The other one I am going to solicit others to send me possibilities. Make them no more than a one or two paragraph opener. If you are good with graphics and would like to add something to accompany it, that would be cool. Also, as we develop this, the possibility remains for those with an artistic bent to add illustrations.

I say again, the ground rules for final disposition of any such round robin would have to be agreed upon at the outset. I will be thinking about this over the next week. Between other responsibilities, this will entail reprogramming the script. Not a big deal, but it will take a little time. Take care everyone.

Greg Butchers Sat Sep 19 00:24:17 PDT 1998

Hi all,

I,m sitting here with my 5 month old on my lap - so excuse any typos.

Jack: Finally got a chance to go in the new improved workbook - and it looks good. The short story section has already got a good number. I like the idea of a collaborative(sp) story. How would it work though, do people submit the next section and then the best is chosen?

Barb G: I think you were a bit harsh on Allein-chan - I've read a lot worse here than that.

That's it for now.

Allein-chan Fri Sep 18 22:33:32 PDT 1998

Okay, I've been away a while and able to think a bit. I'm sorry for what I said - it was inappropriate and immature. I didn't think it was funny, but at the time I was incredibly angry with my teachers for giving me so much homework on a weekend that I didn't care what I said. And at the time, that's how a felt. I had a really fun weekend planned and not only do I have homework, but chores around the house, so now there's no hope for doing anything.
But, the truth is that I am mature - most of the time. Certain people who don't know me shouldn't tell me to grow up because I make one mistake and put something immature somewhere one time.
Again I'm sorry. I hope no one holds this against me. In the future, I'll try not to let my anger control what I write here.
Well, even though it's late, I'm wide awake, so I might as well start on that mountain of homework. &*@#(@$&!!

Jack Beslanwitch Fri Sep 18 21:55:06 PDT 1998

OK, for all of those who have not gone way back in the Workbook Archives and who are relatively new to these pages, I have a treat for you. I have culled out the first and primary collaborative story done on the Workbook in the past three years. You can find it by following the following link to The Train Trish and Lisa Nickles seem to be the main persons I could not find. In particarl, Trish. However, I believe I will chance it and submit it to the clubzine I was noting, called the Westwind, which is the paper magazine for the Northwest Science Fiction Society If all those who were former contributors to this story could get me your snail mail addresses I will be sure to forward a copy to you. That's given one of the authors does not pop up and object. Still, take a look at the story and see what can be accomplished. I will admit that this is a cleaned up version. I went back and normalized some tense changes and a few minor alterations. The actual beginning of the story was the first paragraph.

Allein-chan Fri Sep 18 20:50:04 PDT 1998

Barb - Hey, I'm not the one who first said it. I didn't make it up and I don't think the joke is funny either, but it does have a certain ring of truth to it. I was just repeating what I heard. And another thing - you could have e-mailed that to me instread of posting it on the notebook for everyone to see.

Reevaluating his life... none Fri Sep 18 20:33:25 PDT 1998

Kill me now I beg of you
Would not release end my pain?
Would my last breath not make me sane?
Drain me of my scarlet fuel

Death and life the epic duel
Rage on inside my heart and mind
I never really had the time
To wonder what this sin led to

So what am I going to do?

Barb G. Fri Sep 18 19:17:38 PDT 1998

Hi Y'all,

Allein-chan: I almost wrote that your humor belongs at a truck stop or a men's club, but you know what? The MEN here don't use that kind of language in the notebook. I for one don't think it's funny -- especially here.

Time to grown up.

Bob Hanford Fri Sep 18 18:58:14 PDT 1998

Jack: If I'm one of the Train writers you couldn't contact,
you have my permission to publish it.
Still need help on researching on the net. (Thanks Barb.G.)

Allein-chan Fri Sep 18 15:26:12 PDT 1998

Rhonda, Caroline - yes, I'm sure everybody has had bad high school experiences. My teachers have loaded me with homework this weekend. But I heard a saying today at school (I have to clean it up a bit here): School is like a dick, when it gets hard - screw it. A little inappropritate. I can't wait for college because, as I heard on a TV show - there's a time and a place for everything and it's called college. :)
But, one good thing came out of today - I asked a boy to the homecoming dance (even though it's not for a month) and he said "maybe." Knowing him, he'll probably say yes because I've known him for a while.
Did anyone here watch King of the Hill on Tuesday? I don't normally watch it, but I know that someone was supposed to die and I missed it. So if anyone knows who died, if anyone did, could you please tell me?
Well, better go.
Viva Gorditas!!

Barb G. Fri Sep 18 13:35:55 PDT 1998

Hi Y'all,

Here's a writing question for you: Is it safe to delete "history"files to free-up hard disk space?

Jack: On one of the other writing sites of the net, a huge brew-ha-ha (my own spelling, thank you!) over the multi-contributor story. I think we're all adults here, but maybe a specific proviso could be posted letting people know they had no right to the finished product they have contributed to (how's that for a convoluted sentence?)

It sounds like really great fun, and I'll be the first one to enter my little share, but so many legal questions hovered over the other writer's group that maybe a disclaimer should be posted.


Dodger Maxwell Fri Sep 18 13:17:49 PDT 1998

Here's a small tale I wrote for a creative writing class. I love this tale because it tells so much of the pain I've experienced with love.

The petals of a rose, unpuckered and engaged in a kiss with the world, its private parts exposed in trust. A bee buzzes by and rapes the rose of its rapturous pollen. Its body is rocked back and forth in the caress of the wind. As all of this violation carries on, the rose continues to grasp and induce the sunlight. The sun gives it what it needs - the sun provides like the Grand Lover of Nature. The scent of roses floats by from another source, taunting the pistils and stamens of tis one precious rose. The source of the scent lies in the healthy hands of a seventeen year old boy. His pale complexion is appealing as he begins to stroke the petals of the rose - red satin dress on white sheets. The rose is reminded of boisterous blood on solemn snow when its stem is torn, its juices flowing out. The rose attempts vengeance on the boy using its thorns, but the boy seems invincible, like an untouchable god. "Why did he have to pluck me?" the rose asks. "There was a forest of roses around me and he plucked me. Why?" The thoughts of the rose are drowned in the ice cold water of the vase that the rose is placed in. As the boy grasps the vase in one hand, the rose meets the soft neck of the boy, all the good smells communicating to each other there. "Six ninety-five, please," the boy speaks, his neck vibrating the rose. The boy gives the vase to a woman with chocolate skin - chocolate and strawberries. It never got a chance to say good-bye.

Jack Beslanwitch Fri Sep 18 09:49:32 PDT 1998

Adrianne: No you are not intruding. Pull up a comfy chair, sit down and join in with the rest of us.

Toby: Missed you. I'll be looking forward to lots of interesting posts to inspire and beguile.

Using media frenzy topics as a bases for story development is indeed a useful and interesting conversation and topic.

On the round robin, one other point. I would like to get the agreement of all participants that if we come up with something we all like that we consider how and where to sell or post it to the internet. The collaboration The Train I think is an excellent story, but given I cannot contact all the participants involved has held me back from submitting it for publication in a local free clubzine that has a circulation of around three hundred. Philip gave his permission and another couple did at the time, but some others had disappeared from the Notebook and their email addresses came back bounced. BTW, a little later today I will search through the archives of the Workbook and get the location for that first collaboration up here. Take care.

adrianne Fri Sep 18 07:28:25 PDT 1998

hello i discovered this about half an hour ago and i hope to be here often writing has helped me through so much, inspired me and kept me company however i write in my own way and in the past this has not proven popular with others so i decided to look for places to share writing on the net and here i am...
my name is adrianne i am from australia and want to explore my writing further i hope i'm not intruding in your notebook... about me: i'm 21/love jazz/teach singing and piano lessons/work in cafes and jobs like that to get more money/aspire to be a working jazz singer/and my favourite things are: stars, trees, red, poetry, jazz...
well i hope to connect with you/share stuff with you/and find likeminded people to email -
koolbrightpinklikeapopsikle adrianne

Kathleen % Fri Sep 18 07:19:58 PDT 1998

Good Morning Everyone...

Once again, I apologize for encroaching on territory that should have been left alone and out of here... However, being a mother of four teenage daughters, that very cause and effect, so to speak, hit my homeplate rather vividly that day.

I'm also sure that at one given point in time, one of us "writers" will have cause to enter something of that type into our writing, no matter how much we dislike it...

I am not now, Nor was I, bemoaning the fact of what is going on in our world. I asked a question that I desparately need an answer for, to a group of people that I respect. As human beings, and therefore; capable of open minds and honest answers... No matter the "critic", my opinion has not changed one iota.

To that effect, I will extend my apologies one more time to everyone, especially you Jack. I should not have brought the worlds' problems into this arena. I will not do so again.

I also will not however, write this in blood.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you a good day.

Kathleen Jafek ie. CAT

Rhoda Fri Sep 18 06:46:25 PDT 1998


Welcome back. I do remember you. Do not stay away again so long.


Cheer up! If the high school years are the best in your life, you are in trouble. I heard that crap when I was going through high school too. College years are better, but I didn't consider them the best either. I think it is difficult when you begin to feel and think as an adult, but people (teachers, principals, etc.) keep treating you as a child, but at the same time keep insisting that you are up to the responsibilities of being an adult. That is even more galling when you get to college. I was 20-23 when I went to graduate school at Baylor University. The stupid little rules designed for undergraduates irritated me no end (I am sure they irritated the undergraduates also).

Actually, Allein, every year of your life should be the best, and most of the time it is true, though I must admit there are years I would happily throw out.


What if someone were to write a Greek style or Shakespearian tragedy based on the unmentionable subject? Of course this would have to be done a few years down the road when history has had its say and the events have played out. I used to think of doing that on events related to Watergate, but I soon lost interest because to be honest, Richard Nixon, as smart as he was, did not strike me to be a man of much depth. He was merely a man gone bitter and vengenceful in the later years of his career, and though that is tragic, I can't see it as particularly pleasant to write or read about.

I think that it is interesting to note that the "media frenzies" and the events we are living through will someday be fodder for imaginative minds.

Well, enough of that. I must go work out.

Happy writing!


Caroline Heske Thu Sep 17 22:57:21 PDT 1998

Thanks Rhoda, I hope so!

Allein - highschool was, without a doubt, the worst years of my life, and if you hate it I completely understand... I can reassure you that uni is *much* better - if you plan to go there.

S.K.S. Perry - I sent you some more emails and once again they were returned. So I want you to know that I did get Chapters 4 to 6, and I've read them, and am enjoying the story very much but won't critique it here. Feel free to send me the next bit any time... Why don't you get a hotmail account in case this keeps happening? Anyway, the rest of part 1 is at:


Jack - the multi-contributor story sounds like fun!

This time I'm really going.
See you in 2 weeks.

S.N.Arly Thu Sep 17 20:54:41 PDT 1998

Jack - This may be a moot point, becaue I apparently missed your posting on this when I checked in yeasterday. However, I like the name For Writers Only. I came to this site initially because of the name. I get tired trying to weed through sites that look like they might have something to do with writing, but don't. The title made it abundantly clear. I like coming here and talking shop with other writers who can give constructive feedback and discussion from the point of the writer. Not that I'm trying to be terribly exclusive, but I prefer a place that has just us in mind and focuses on the serious writer.

And your comment on the unmentionables wasn't really censorship. It was a polite request to keep the topics off something completely unrelated to writing. SInce this is a writing site, it seemed an appropritate request. Now if someone had a story idea involving the unmentionables it would possibly be relavent, though I think I'd blurb through it.

Rachel - Hope karate is going well. Our styles may be related. Is it Okinowan or Japanese? Don't get stressed over the block. Too many people get too uptight about these things, which I think only makes it worse. If you're a writer the muse will be back. And lots of luck with the group. I find them immensely helpful... when we can agree ona meeting time...

Toby - Fear not, you have not been forgotten. Just tucked to the farthest reaches of our minds along with Hayden and the others. Hope your busy life is going well.

Allein-chan Thu Sep 17 20:01:04 PDT 1998

Yes, I am still alive - bearly. I've been so tired lately. Too much homework. These teachers forget that us students do have lives. Even if they have no lives, we do and don't have time to do homework. Sorry to anyone I may have offended by that 'teachers have no lives' line. But do they have to give us around three hours of homework every night?
I just finished a comic I've been working on - it's about Rean and Allein. It's very cute. I've just started another one.
Well I have to go.
Viva Gorditas!!

Allein-chan Thu Sep 17 19:57:49 PDT 1998

Yes, I am still alive - bearly. High school is tough, so, if these are the best years of my life, someone shoot me now! Just kidding. :) I've been so tired lately. I'm a night owl and I have to get up at 6:30.
Well, I still have homework to do. These teachers forget we have lives of our own.
Viva Gorditas!!

Toby Buckell Thu Sep 17 19:54:44 PDT 1998

Hi. I was just going through the postings and realized I knew hardly anyone here! I have a two hour shift tonight in the computer lab and decided to catch up. Does anyone out there remember me?

And my computer is fine. (just thought I'd break the trend!)

I was doing some more work on my novel, then it stalled out in favor of short stories. Moods come and go...

Jack: absolutely love everything you've done here! The site has changed so much since I first started coming here. Its awesome. We love you man!


godinblack Dallin will not be back. Thu Sep 17 18:27:00 PDT 1998


Lisa Thu Sep 17 18:08:51 PDT 1998

Jack- I just gave the Workbook thing another go. I filled out every box with the correct info and everything, but when I pressed the "send" button nothing seemed to happen. It was click and then nothing, no thank-you pages, no pages at all in fact. :\ Let me know if you get it, would you?
Have a lovely day, all.


Kathleen Thu Sep 17 17:34:46 PDT 1998

Hi Everyone!

Is there a computer epidemic going on here?????
Mine has been acting like it lost it's best friend for at least a week now !! It's should be fixed now, but we'll see.

Jack, I like that round robin idea you put in here!
And guess what? I finally got that fixed so that I get into
the workbook and poetry sites now. Aren't you glad that I won't be bothering you for awhile? Thought that you might be!
Dallin: Are you alright? Why did you leave that comment
and then nothing more? Come on, where in the beejeezee's are you and what's going on???
Has anyone heard from Dallin?


W. Olivia Race Thu Sep 17 17:09:04 PDT 1998

Hello all. Gee, once again, I seem to have missed a lot by not dropping in. I am a complete idiot w/ computers and for some reason my modem was all wacky after the storm that hit the Rochester area on Labor Day. Finally! the darn thing works.

I have had the worst case of depression lately. It happens every year. My mom died in '95 and for months before the anniversary of her death I limp around in a self imposed "hate everything" mood. It doesn't do my writing much good. I can barely sign my name on letters at work let alone draft a story lately. A really bad rejection letter I received didn't help either.

But enough whining. I missed the flow of chat in the past two weeks and hope you all are doin' well. I am going to force myself to "snap out of it" starting tonight and am not going to bed until I write at least a poem. Or something!

Good writing all!

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Sep 17 16:19:04 PDT 1998

Couple of quick comments, mea culpas and applause. I inadvertantly had all poetry postings on the Workbook targeted to the Short Story Workshop. Silly me. That has been corrected and the problem that caused it corrected.

The consensus I am getting both here and email is that is a better approach. So, when I have time to do the major facelift and changes to the site sometime next week, I will be changing the name, changing the location and registering it to around 600 search engines.

Lisa: did you fill out all fields. If you get a message something like this form was not submitted because x was not filled out, that is the culprit. For the Private workbook I am requiring some kind of snail mail address. This will be kept confidential, but if there are any disputes about something posted and potential plagiarism I want some way to contact people in some other manner than email. I know since I am not verifying the addresses this is a bit thin, but I want to make a partial effort to make the Workbook a comfortable and secure setting for Writers to share their working manuscripts and get feedback.

Oh, on another score, I was wondering about an idea I had. Perhaps solicit people to submit artwork and choose one a week to be posted on a round robin fiction exercise. If people remember my skeleton on dolphin back, you get sort of the idea. I or someone elses artwork would go at the top of the page and people would have to short snippets of story relating to the pictures, working off what the preceding writer has written. I will have to get an alternate version of the Workbook running that posts the pages at the bottom and not the top. Still this is a possibility. Also, a non artwork alternative to this might be possible. Solicit a paragraph to start a story, post it at the top of a Workbook page and let people build on the story. Let me know what you think.

Also, I'll try to come up with an interesting topic for discussion by this weekend. Sorry if I have been so concentrated on the Workbook items and changes to For Writers Only.

Rachel Thu Sep 17 15:34:22 PDT 1998

Goodweed - I can relate to the computer blues. I am not sure what is wrong with mine, but something is wrong. It keeps freezing in the middle of games the kids are playing and I get this weird verticle line business and fonts change all on their own (or so it would seem). I guess I have the added hazzard of 10 different children using my computer and that is bound to lead to some nifty little glitches. (No, not 10 children at one time.) In any event I have decided to call the lovely people who sold me this little wonder and have them come on out and solve my problems. I guess if its been caused by one of the above mentioned 10 children I will get a bill, but if it is a manufacture defect then I think the service is free.

Oh well, just wanted to let you know your not alone and yes its wildly frustrating when your computer system just isn't working right.

Take care all

Lisa Thu Sep 17 14:28:49 PDT 1998

Hallo, everybody... :\ I tried again to send out the form to get my Workbook password, and it still doesn't seem to be working. Is it me (which wouldn't surprise me in the slightest) or some kind of bad link or something???
Please help!
Dallin- hey, is something wrong? Hmm. Stupid question, maybe? People don't usually wish to be dead unless something's up, now do they? That is, unless they're completely off their rocker- like me!- in which case they're just curious about the whole deadness thing. Nonetheless, man, I think you should explain yourself instead of making us worry about you.
Buh bye, all, and have yourselves some lovely days.

~Lisa :)

puh ess (ps with a french accent! :) )- Has anyone here heard from Keith Mercik lately? I'm trying to figure out if there's a glitch in my email (or if he's avoiding me), or if he's just been swept off the face of the planet for awhile. Help wanted...

Goodweed of the North Thu Sep 17 14:12:09 PDT 1998


Sorry lads and ladies. I just had to give an electronic grown. I think my computer has a nasty virus. Not sure though. What I am sure about is that nearly every program I have has corrupted files in it. I can't check my e-mail, get onto the web, run Wordperfect, etc. I have my virus free computer at work available only during lunch, and another computer available from my web service provider if I come to the office before normal working hours. Enough complaining!

I will now format my hardrive, reload the boot sector and fat files, then reload all my applications. My novels and other writing related files are backed up. A lesson for everyone out there; Back up, back up, back up. Gotta go, hardware is waiting to be made intelligent once more.

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Rachel Thu Sep 17 11:40:25 PDT 1998

Hi all

Duh on me. I just realized that "Butoku-Kai" is an organization and the style that I am studying is called "Goju Ryu" and means "Hard and Soft"

I am planning to sit down and actualy write something today. Wish me luck

Take care all

Zinza Thu Sep 17 10:13:30 PDT 1998

I think the name 'For Writers' is better then 'For Writers Only'. I think it might get more people here, people that would be afraid to hear that they doesn't fit in in a group for writers only.

Well, that's just my thoughts on the subject.

Zinza sen Leigh
Sorceress of Averryn

Thu Sep 17 09:35:59 PDT 1998

Dallinsfear I wish I was dead Thu Sep 17 09:02:59 PDT 1998


Cat % Thu Sep 17 07:49:58 PDT 1998

Hi Everyone,

Jack, The two different locals shouldn't make much difference,if any at all. Although, some might take "For Writer's Only" to mean a specific group of people, a more narrow field if you will. "" could be taken
in a more general scope. Anyway, that's my two cents!

Rhoda, LOL!!!!! Don't ya just LOVE that movin'???
There's nothin' quite like it! Sorry! I couldn't resist!
My sense of humor is more then active this morning...

As for the writer's block, what works for me is to either pick up my guitar and start fooling around with it(sometimes for quite a while), or putting together little ditty's or limericks. The guitar is always my first choice though, it's always close by. No brainer, so to speak.
Sorry if no help.
Have a good one folks!!!

Rhoda Thu Sep 17 06:42:02 PDT 1998

Hello, everyone

I'll leave just a quick note here because I have so much to do.

I have a terrible case of writer's block also. After my move I just can't seem to get myself into my writing anymore. I'm just hoping that relocation to the high plains hasn't killed my creative streak (ridiculous notion, I know). Probably all I need do is to sit down and just write, but it is hard. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Have a great vacation and safe travelling wherever you go.

See you all later!


Kathleen Thu Sep 17 06:38:24 PDT 1998

Hi All,
Jack, no offense taken and none was intended. I realized after I posted, I was opening up a variable can of worms.
Unfortunately, there is no delete button in your hall, so by then it was too late. My apologies to everyone.

Bob Hanford Thu Sep 17 06:21:34 PDT 1998

Jack: Ambivalent also about name but forwriters is stronger statement than for writers only.
Hello to those old members still around and a welcome to the newbys.
I'm in need of a course/class/training/book to teach me how to research on the net. Any suggestions appreciated.

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Sep 17 01:33:27 PDT 1998


I think this is a record, almost to a 100k in just five days :-). Archived up to the last day. I think I am delighted that the new server has 50 megabytes of space.

Speaking of new servers and new domain names. Internic has verified that I have It may take a day or so for that news to wing itself around the globe. However, I have one querie for folks. For Writers Only began life as Writer Resources and a sub page of Northwest Science Fiction Resources. At a certain point, the tail began to wag the dog. Writer Resources was pulling in much greater numbers than its more focused science fiction site. That and the fact that there were a number of other sites with the same name led me to change it to For Writers Only. Now that I have the domain name, what do people think. Should I retain the For Writers Only name or rename it I am ambivalent in this regard. Input would be welcome.

Jack Beslanwitch Wed Sep 16 22:44:09 PDT 1998

Just back from a trip up to Canada and quick peruse of the Notebook.

Cat: Quick comment and meaning no disrespect to you. I would request that this remain a Clinton/Lewinsky free zone. If any wish to respond do so via private email and not here on the Notebook. Media frenzies (OJ is another example)leave me with indigestion and massive avoidance behavior, i.e., throwing bricks at the television screen or using clickers for proper things like turning televisions off. Enough said. Take care everyone.

P.S. Errrrrrr....I just thought about it and my above statement sounds a lot like censorship. And this is freedom hall. OK, if you have to post about it here, but I prefer private emails.

Caroline Heske Wed Sep 16 21:34:54 PDT 1998

Dallin McSphere is a lovely name... while you're at it why don't you include... just joking. (sorry, I have a sense of humour that is exceptionally inaccessible to anyone but myself. Perhaps I should design security systems? Oh bugger, there I go again.)

For everyone (probably SKS) who doesn't get the email to say so, I am leaving for two weeks probably cause it's holidays and I may not to get to use email. I know, your hearts are breaking.

Cat - If the only thing your President has lied about is his sex life then you have found yourself a rare person. I must say I feel sorry for all you U.S. people, cause Clinton is getting so much coverage in Aus that even WE are sick of it all... For this reason I shall write nothing more on the topic.

Oh yeah. And I do Kung Fu. Sometimes. Well, actually I haven't been for a couple of months, but I seriously do plan to get into it again... ahem... ahem...

I probably should go before I embarrass myself completely.

S.K.S. Perry - You know your story 'Need To Know', you have a preceding quote, and I just thought of another one you could use... I don't know what the one you have chosen is from, so I can't judge how appropriate it is... perhaps it inspired you... Oh well, I thought you could use part of the 'To Be or Not To Be' speech from Hamlet (note, this is just from memory, and so merely an approximation)

"To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream. For when we have shuffled off this mortal coil what dreams may come?"

Or something like that. Act 2, Scene 3? 5? I'm sure you can find it if you want. It just seemed appropriate.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.


Cat Wed Sep 16 19:51:45 PDT 1998

Sorry folks! I'm back for a minute. Just have a question.
In relation to Pres. Clinton, have any of you found a way
to become comfortable with keeping him in office? My husband and I are having a heated debate about this, and I don't give a rats *** about Lewinski... What bothers me so much is that he flat out lied, and if he has done it once,
he will do it again. HE LIED TO US!!!!!!!

Cat % Wed Sep 16 19:43:14 PDT 1998

Again, you are welcome. I have no idea what is going on
with the e-mail. It is a valid address, but just in case,
I put my second one on here also.
That link will take you to a site called Sphere Solutions.
It is a PC designing and integration outfit, so it looks like you are in good company!!!!!

Dallin Sphere Wed Sep 16 17:50:56 PDT 1998

Cat>- I got it.... thanks. ...but when I tried to reply to you, it said it was an invalid email address...


pS... I have no idea where the link will take you, but it's more than likely a valid link.

Rachel Wed Sep 16 17:48:01 PDT 1998

Hi all

Barb G - I am sure that your right. Even just afew days off have helped and I have come up with some new ideas that I have put afew notes down on, but I am intentionaly taking it slow. I have too many ideas right now and they all keep getting jumbled up and turning into such a pile of trash that I just shake my head and don't even bother.

I also have writers group coming up on the 27th and am feeling nervous about that, but hey i'm not backing out now, I'v said i'd bring in my first chapter and I will. Incidently it looks considerably different from what I left on the workbook originaly. I think it is better.

I get the feeling that this block I am suffering will vanish with the passing of my birthday which is only afew days away and seems to be distracting the heck out of me (the 30 thing, yah, yah I know don't sweat it.)

Take care all

Cat Wed Sep 16 16:03:19 PDT 1998

Check your e-mail. Explanation is in there...

Dallin McSphere "to satisfy everyone" Wed Sep 16 15:48:17 PDT 1998, I did not get the implications of the name. Tell me.


Dallin McSphere

Kathleen Wed Sep 16 15:12:58 PDT 1998

Hi there!!!

*lol* Mr. Dallin Sphere,

Has a nice ring to it(I think!),
I'm glad that you like it... You would never believe where it came from. I got the idea after reading one of the excerpts that you put in here. I thought that it fit you rather well...
And when you become rich and famous, thank you for the generosity that you demonstrated in asking, but it's not necessary. Your name is yours. With my blessings...
Did you, by the way, catch the innuendo with that name?
If you say it out loud to yourself?
Good Luck!!!


I can almost smell the scent coming off the water. See the ferry pulling away from the shoreline, lit with lights swaying gently as it moves. Hearing the soft laughter
float across the waves, coming from the people on board...
To feel mr. winds cold, icy fingers, tear their way through-out my hair... ahh... nothin' better!
*lol* I can also though, remember the smell coming from the fresh *catch* of the day in Pike's Place Market. Good Memories!!!
I can forgive you anything for those!

Barb G. Wed Sep 16 13:33:08 PDT 1998

Hi Y'all,

Words from the ailing -- it's better and thanks for all your suggestions for the dreaded CTS.

Irene: Glad I could help. I saw some real promise there.

Lisa: I'm just a wannabe right now unless you accept PT for my hands... Whoa! Look at her go!!

Rachel: After distancing yourself it's amazing the new insights you'll get.

Dallin: How about - Dallin McNee? Or Dallin McPherson? Dallin has a celtic ring to it.

Snarly: Thanks that helps.

Dallin Sphere Wed Sep 16 12:38:34 PDT 1998

I can't believe it. I love the name.


Irene Wed Sep 16 09:00:25 PDT 1998

Hi all!!

Jack: No hurry on the poetry it can wait :-), sounds like you have had an extremly busy & interesting week. How did your wife do on the Race For Cure? The only thing I have ever done even remote to that was a Stop Child Abuse 10 mile Walk-a-thon when I lived in New York, I was 13 then and was soar for a week. I raised $120 for the cause though it was well worth it!! Then I joined Decatur Counties Keep kids off drugs Walk, no money was raised everyone just got together and paraded down Main St. about 5 miles in protest to drugs and to show are support to the local law enforcement. I am always in support of anything that helps the good of man kind, tell your wife I said "You go girl!"
She should be proud of herself.

Everyone: I want to apoligize for my last entry *The Crash* in the in the short story work book. The misspellings were horrible and it was a jumbled mess.... I guess I was just to anxious to get something in to show my work....I ended up showing how sloppy I am ... I am working on the story and plan to put it back in soon...I think I have decided to make it a novel so look for it in that section. I want to thank Barb. for showing me the error's she is great :-)!!

Well I have taken up eneough space and rambeld (excuse spelling) on enough.

this is Irene and until next time keep a :-) on and a P.M.A.



S.K.S. Perry Wed Sep 16 06:06:25 PDT 1998

I received E-mail from 1 person yesterday (Mick). If anyones sent me any, I didn't get it. Sorry.

S.K.S. Perry

Dallin Sphere Blah blah blah yackity smackity Wed Sep 16 05:35:30 PDT 1998

Kathleen: I like it.... a lots! ....and until I hear something that I like even more "seriously doubt it", I'll keep it!, when I become famous *lol* do you want me to make a mention to you in the short-auto 'bout me?


Dallin Sphere

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