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Goodweed of the North Mon Jun 7 21:53:24 PDT 1999

Yes, I'm still lurking. I've been a bit buisier than a man has a right to be. I did post a bit in "Darkness" though.

Old Man. I enjoy your wisdom. I welcome you (very belatedly) to the group. This place needs some serious archiving.

I have been running a very large phone network by myself for a couple of weeks as my boss got sick, and a co-worker quit for a more lucrative position elsewhere. I take care of five networked PBX's and several key systems spread over about a 100 mile radius. In addition, my Father-In-Law passed away a week ago last Sunday. I had to attend the funeral in San Diego (which was an honor by the way) which is far from the Great Lakes region where I live, about 2500 miles or so. Just got back last night.

Tommorow, I have to go back to work (I sincerely hate working to make others rich, you know, participate in a day job). I love working, but really get disgusted when money and power become more important to the employer than the employees and customers.

In my experiance, management generally fails to manage, but rather tends to promote insubordination, waste, and poor morale. There have been notable exceptions, but that sums up most of my working life.

I hope the potential for writers is greater than for telecom and electronic techs.

Enough of this melancholy tripe. Go to bed you fool and awaken to a new and fresh morning (Sometimes I must give myself a good swift verbal kick in the butt to get over a deep sadness, especially when it's so very late, and I'm so very tired).

In the words of a respected fellow writer, who I will plagarize because of his wise ending,

Live well, Be well

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Sqrl Mon Jun 7 19:11:16 PDT 1999

YIPPEE! I had my very first day at work today! I done good! My boss is very proud! So is my parents! And my grammer just got shot all to heck!

Slightly Elated Sqrl

Allein Mon Jun 7 19:09:27 PDT 1999

Rachel - bai bai!! We'll miss you!! Write me an e-mail, k? Where are you going? Hope you have fun. (((BIG HUG)))

As for me - I'll be leaving on the 18th to go to Colorado and won't be back until the 24th or 25th (I forget which).

Well, bye bye and bon voyage to Rachel.

Rachel Mon Jun 7 16:51:29 PDT 1999

Hey all!

I am posting this note on behalf of Americo. His computer has crashed and he wanted me to let you all know that he is still alive, but furious with computers in general and the internet inparticular. (those are his exact words).

Now this note is from me.
I have turned into an editing machine.
Seems I'm not writing much new. Just a couple of things I'm working on with some friends. I like the motivation of working on things with other people. I can't just slack off and leave things incomplete.
That said I should really come up with something new for Shadows. (grins)
This Friday I will be going away on a trip and will not return till the 28th of this month. I imagine I will find a way to drop in and lurk about some while I am away.
This trip will likely give me quite the inspiration for a story that I have been thinking about writing.

Take care all

Luke Mon Jun 7 16:04:34 PDT 1999

Hi everyone! I'm not quite sure what this notebook is about but it looks pretty cool. I am thinking about starting a writing page with some of my work. What do you think? Also, can anyone tell me some webpages with some writers software? I have been looking alot and haven't found anything good. Also, if you want me to, I can make a quick on of something someone wants. Well, I better get off here. See everyone later! Bye! :-)

Sqrl Mon Jun 7 10:56:41 PDT 1999


Thanks chica. I was REALLY hyper last night anyways. . .::Grin::

I've been working on "S," unfortunanitly there's this one scene that is giving me a very hard time! I know what I want to happen and what not, but it doesn't want to work with me! I keep stammering over what I wan. It's driving mw crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've tried free writing. Not a real help. My mind keeps wandering else wher and by time I'm finished I have a page or two or three or more, of ramblings that make little to no sence. The stuff that is coheriant is all about my Squirrelmunk novel, which has been going NOWHERE sence I finished the first chapter! Grrrrrrr! I have it all planed out. . .I think I need to take a break from writing, just let my mind wander for a bit.

I go now.

Martin Mon Jun 7 02:09:01 PDT 1999

Well for me writing is a bit strange - like jigsaw puzzle. I have an idea what the picture looks like but not what the individual pieces add up to. I start writing with a certain idea but I can't help it that it always ends as something completly different than I intented.

Can anyone tell me what the phrase brush and pallete means in the following sentence?
Although he holds his brush and pallete in his hand, I know his heart is always with me.
The text stems from the Roy Lichtenstein picture »The girl at the piano«

Shoot pool and not people


Cassandra Mon Jun 7 00:28:05 PDT 1999


a quick late night/early morning post... just because I felt like saying howdy.

I don't have to work until Thursday! So I get to spend some time writing, drawing, and building up the webpage. So anyone interested should check it out some time later this week. I'm planning on putting up as many sketches as possible up there during the next few days.

And shadows will continue tomorrow.

Sorry I missed you tonight. My father was doing absolutely nothing online... he was waiting for his girlfriend to sign on, puttering around playing solitare. At least I'm talking to someone, or working on something when I'm online!

Oh, and I'll check out that reference tomorrow. No time for it tonight. I need to sleep.

Good night notebook *hugs*


Xavier Sun Jun 6 14:41:35 PDT 1999

Hello fellow writers:

How doth thou fare?

Well, I'm at my dads, and I figured i drop a quick hello.

So hello!

And goodbye!

"Blessed are those who mourn,
for they shall be comforted!"


Pnokio Sat Jun 5 23:10:42 PDT 1999

Hello to you all.


It's coming-up to 5am. I woke about 4am, unable to sleep, and some things you were saying were floating around every time I surfaced in the night. Surely, all any of us have to sell is our fish? One way or another, that's what I think. And as much as it might be expressed in the rose garden through Bazarov and Fenechka, through Nikolai playing 'Erwartung', through the puppeteer wishing his work could be a real boy and his own son, through France speaking to Burgundy of King Lear, "Love's not love when it is mingled with regards that stand aloof from the entire point", and in ten billion other places scattered throughout literature - isn't truth what any of us are trying for, our truth, and hoping it's good and in some way useful? Literature isn't truth but it's about truth. Either it's that or I've missed the whole point. (So what's new?).

Eddie French, Allein.

It's just something I pick up, and so of course it may be wrong. I really don't know. Difficult to tell from these letters in space. It's a shot in a dark sky at the keyboard, Eddie, and no more than that. Anyway shy is nice. ((I liked what you had to say about the story-teller telling stories, by the way, people gathered around the fire listening. I've always thought of Chaucer like that. Whenever I write I'm listening to someone speaking the words that eventually appear on the page. I suppose we all are)).

Take care everyone.


Allein Sat Jun 5 20:04:04 PDT 1999

Americo shy? Yes, I have to disagree with that one as well. Nice, yes. Intelligent, yes. But shy, never. However, I'm rather shy, but you'd probably never guess it from my posts.

Like Casey, I also need money for college - it's very expensive these days. That's one reason I might join the Army - you can get up to 50,000 dollars worth of money for college.

Here's a little gem I found on the internet (this was featured in Jump magazine Sept. 1998):

MTV's Daria Morgendorffer, that sarcastic, slacker chick we all know and love, gives up her secrets for a successful school year. Use them at your own risk.

1) Never make eye contact with a teacher who utters the words "school spirit" or "extra credit."

2)If something seems really stupid, it probably is.

3)Avoid dating guys whose names are verbs, such as Rip or Slash.

4)It's okay to swap outfits with your friends... but not during class.

5)Whatever that smell in your locker is, it's not going to improve with time.

6)Never accept a collect call from a prison inmate, unless it's one of your former teachers.

7)Teachers prefer book reports that are neatly typed on a computer over those scrawled in lipstick on a supersized Mr. Goodbar wrapper.

8)Nail polish is meant to be applied externally.

9)Avoid after-school jobs that involve mopping up blood.

10)No matter what pressure is brought upon you, avoid the Salisbury steak.

Well, that's it for me.
Hugs to all, bai bai,

Cassandra Sat Jun 5 19:36:07 PDT 1999

Greetings oh mighty notebook people

Tis I your daughter and general all around evil minded type back to inform the populace of what I've been doing/thinking! Try to keep the cheering down to a minimum til the post is over, in order to preserve time. :)

I'm kidding... I've been working for the past week, in order to raise money for my all important college fund. I need money!!! Anyone who wants to donate is free too... just email me and we'll work out the details ;)

Xavier and Agsousa and conspiritors ;) --

I'll be working on the next installment of shadows tonight. Hopefully it won't take me more than tonight, and tomorrow morning to finish it.

I think you'll enjoy it Americo. Though Xavier already knows what's going to happen. I hope he won't spill the beans. hehehe >:)


Perhaps I'll carry it over to the notebook, but I fear some of my more conservative views might spark some discussions that could possibly result in others leaving the notebook as they have in the past. For now, I'm going to leave it on the webpage, and perhaps update it more often than I have lately... *guilty smile*

If anyone wants to read what I've been thinking, simply check out the 'daily musings' part of my webpage.

On POV, I read a book on writing last summer that came right out and said that 3rd person omni viewpoint books don't sell as well, or don't get published as often... I found that odd because most fantasy novels I've read are in that POV... has anyone else heard this?

I must do some writing now.
Good night all :)


Eddie French Sat Jun 5 11:13:45 PDT 1999

Americo SHY???
What colour is the sky in your world? :¬)

Pnokio Sat Jun 5 08:54:38 PDT 1999

Hello Everyone.

Today in London, England, is like April maybe once was around here. The sun is streaming through the window beside me, my old most-wonderful, my most-battered and broken-backed book, my lovely thesaurus, kind of dangling, spilling in shreds from the window-ledge beside me. Actually all my dictionaries are kinda like that as well. I was telling Michele once how to tell, should she want, a good thesaurus - they being much-abused publications - is to lookup 'drunkard'. As I once did. There are many other tests, but this is a good one. What among other things I found there, desperately rooting-around for something as far-away from cliché as I could get, was 'bottlesucker' and 'swillbelly'. Americanisms both saith the book, and aren't they lovely, and so I went right ahead and put 'bottlesucker' into the piece I was writing. Anyone reading that piece who possessed a reasonable thesaurus would know exactly what I was saying, don't you think. Not that there was any difficulty about that anyway! But it's lovely here today, in England. South Africa's playing Pakistan in the cricket World Cup, and this afternoon it's England v. Sweden at Wembley, a game we gotta win or forfeit a place in the Euro 2000 Football Championship. So wherever you are, think positively and well, and shout, 'Come on, you Merry England!'. Or what you will.

Hi Americo!!

You are lovely. You are. Well, if you didn't already know that, then I suspect you must strongly have imagined it to be the case. And it is. I've been away busy, no place special, and it was good to return to your common-sense and dear heart. That stuff under Steinbeck's name is frightening. I hate all that but can't help loving the people mixed-up in it. What you say I would say must be right, about Roosevelt, although I don't know very much about the politics where you are. Or politics generally. It frightens me, the hell you described, which I've elsewhere about. (A view under-the-microscope of where the suffering really takes place can be found in The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - although there's plenty of that in John Steinbeck). I saw something like it in Margaret Thatcher - what she was doing and saying. A lot of people loved everything she did, and yet she wasn't across-the-water from what you describe, and certainly I was on the outside of all that, where I've always been and always will be, I guess, and where I most like to be. But she made me think all the things I believed in were somehow wrong. People like Margaret in high places say things with terrifying power. You know, at the beginning of 1984, January 1st I suppose, she simply said, "George Orwell was wrong!". I might agree - but that's a 15,000 word tangent. I found I had to revert to some very simple thoughts about mankind, just to keep myself mentally intact from one day to another - namely, that in a very old universe we've only been around a little while, are still in embryo, and so bound to get it all wrong. It gets painful, that line of thought, and maybe it as stupid and facile as it sounds, but how else can you deal with it when people are geared-up to smashing-up their lives and the lives of others, and don't seem to see what they're doing? Lovely people do that. Sometimes it feels like an ongoing bereavement. And maybe that's how it really is - you must overcome bereavement or it will kill you, and mankind has to overcome the roots of what fences it off from getting where it needs to be, or remain in this partitioned wasteland. We can do that, get over the colossal problems we have, but it will probably take millennia. But even so, this life is so beautiful to pass through. Although that's a bit of a rub to say the least. But the people who have little or nothing know best how much of a rub that is. - Well now, this little verse flicks appositely to mind. I'm not sure, but I think comes from a poem called, 'The Happy marriage', and it might be by Thomas Blackburn:

They say the cherished son and elder sister
Know but the surface of each common day.
It takes the cunning eye of the neglected
To dip beneath the skin of shadow play.

Anyway, my dear Americo, I want to say one last thing about Point of View before I retreat from this page - but in the area of Showing and Telling. I'll sort that out and maybe post it tomorrow. (Although there is one last little story that belongs to this page, and I'll post that once it's finished, in Workbook).


I'm glad you enjoyed the email and can't wait for your response. There's a little piece I wrote awhile ago, about four children in May, and I'll send that on to you, since you have four children. And also because I'd like you to read it! Tomorrow maybe. Okay? Love to you and your family.

Americo again.

I'd like to read something of yours. I'd willingly buy anything you've written, but you could post something here on Notebook, or email me with a few words. Anything. But I have the feeling you are a shy man, and that's so very nice. But I still want to read something... Also - was it you who somewhere back in the notebook said you play jazz?

Bye Everyone. Take care of yourselves.


Tiger Lady Fri Jun 4 18:01:03 PDT 1999

A fantasy writer I am and thank you for your interest. I tend to do medievil stuff. Swords and sorcery and all that with a few twists in it. Hard to explain how I write since I'm not real sure myself. I sit down with pen and paper, or sometimes at the keyboard, I tend to like to write it down on paper first; it seems so much more gratifying that way; and just write. As far as getting more done, I doubt it. I haven't worked on my books since, well, let me think.... It's been awhile. I have several finished and would like to get them published but, I seem to be running up against all kinds of snags on that one. If you have ICQ we could chat more about this if you'd like; compare notes, so on and so on. My number is 38678775. Since I went back to work, I'm not online as much as I used to be but, I'm there regularly. Having trouble figuring out how to post too. Can anyone help?

Allein Anderson Fri Jun 4 16:47:06 PDT 1999

(BIG SIGH) My creation is no more. No, I'm still writing Mali and Azol so, Casey, Rachel and the rest of my fans do not have to worry. I'm actually referring to the school literary journal.
I've worked hard trying to get it together, however, it's not a job that can simply be done by one person. Sharon - our editor - was gone a lot of times, so was Kai, one of the staff. Other members of the staff were busying themselves watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or playfully argueing about who was the biggest gay/lesbian, cross-dresser, bum, etc. Then we discovered that it was suddenly the first week of June and we had almost nothing done. Sharon and I typed up quite a bit of the poems and short stories and edited them (seeing as how we're the editor and co-editor) and got them ready for the printers. Too bad that we didn't find a printer and Sharon didn't show up today. So, at 4:15 today as I was diligently working on the Table of Contents, Mr. Stone (our advisor) came in and said "Allein, forget it, go home, it's not going to happen." I sadly turned off the computer and called my father to ask him for a ride home. Well, next year, I'll be the editor and there will be NO Buffy the Vampire Slayer or name calling until the magazine is complete. :) I think I'm gonna like this job.
I also got my year book today - my picture is really awful (well, not nearly as awful as 7th, 8th and 9th grade - 10th grade was actually a VERY good picture). I had just gotten braces so I was really self conscious - so I'm kinda half smiling. As much as I combed my hair - it wasn't cooperating with me that day and I'm wearing no makeup. But, at least it's in black and white. Next year, I'll have a color picture and get all dolled up because I'll be a senior (finally!).
Well, off I go (into the wild blue yonder),
hugs to all of you,

Jerry Lee Fri Jun 4 13:39:06 PDT 1999

Yo, all!

I think in my last post, that I was too vague...
What I do is the old kids game of starting with a word, and then adding another to it, and infinitum, thereby making a story.

In example,

Frog...frog prince...frog prince gets...frog prince gets warts...etc.

To me, it's a game, it's fun, and it works...for me.
I just have to make sure to stop at a point when the actual writing starts.

Make fudge, not war!
Jerry Lee

Eddie French Fri Jun 4 12:24:52 PDT 1999

I was talking about the ring of invisibility that Bilbo took from Gollum (My Preciousss) in the cavern during riddles in the dark. He was a small man, unsuited for the task which was thrust upon him by Gandalf

The tip of the space shuttle solid rocket booster.....I just meant that I enjoyed the way your words danced across the page but had to read it twice to fully understand what it was that you were saying. Hence, they went right over my head in the first instance. (Like a rocket booster) :¬)
In essence though, I agree with you......I think....!
My head hurts.....

Xavier Fri Jun 4 12:02:39 PDT 1999


Well it appears that I posted not once, not twice, but three times here! Just my luck.

If jack would be so kind as to remove 2 of them, I would be very grateful!

If anyone is intertested, I will send you a copy of the installment as it would have appeared. Any word proccessor can read it.

I also screwed up the quote (really rough night!)

"One ring to rule them all,
one ring to find them,
one ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness bind them!"

Rhoda Fri Jun 4 09:02:46 PDT 1999


Like you my stories begin at the beginning. While I am thrashing them out in my head, I often start at some point in childhood or young adulthood where the character experiences some defining moment in his life and as a result makes a life-changing decision. In one case, it could a desire for vengence or in another it could be the determination for a man to hang on to what is good despite overwhelming pressure to give into the evil of his times.

When it actually comes down to writing the story, you must start the story where the action occurs and much of the interesting things about the character gets delegated to backstory. Of course, it is the backstory that gives the character his or her depth and provides his motivations. Knowing where to write a story is one of the hardest aspects of writing where I am concerned. The beginning is extremely important when catching the eye of a perspective editor.

When I was at my writer's conference in Boulder a few weeks ago, a speaker encouraged us to start writing where we felt compelled to write and then to start the the story at the "right" place on the next draft. I like that advice because there is the tendency to second guess yourself over the course of your project. The danger is that you refine so much that you never finish the first draft of the book.


Martin Fri Jun 4 03:35:24 PDT 1999

But Américo don’t you know

Every rose has it’s thorn!

What dou you mean with: Authors who express their opinion or their feelings in a straightforward way are usually third-rate? Please inlighten me, I lost my lighter!

I Just checked out your homepage. I enjoyed you thoughts on the daily musing page very much. Why don't you carry it on to the notebook. it might be a nice addition.

Better to remain silent, and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
You made it look like it was your idea, but Mark Twain was faster.

Shoot pool and not peolpe.


Jack Beslanwitch Fri Jun 4 01:25:15 PDT 1999


   I am a little bushed or I would take a quick look. Just for your and everyone else's information, the way to do formatting for when you insert text into any of the boards that I maintain here is to use HTML. Think of the entry boxes here as a raw HTML editor that will append your text and the formatting either at the top or the bottom of the page and then save it back to the server. One way to provide tabbed indentation is to use an '&' sign followed by nbsp and then a semi-colon. This creates a non breaking space.Hope that does not come across as too technical.

   Also, for everyone I have started the first iteration of my Posi-Web page that will be my running journal and pictorial of our journey through Australia and as I am able to meet up with authors at the World Science Fiction Convention as well as later when hopefully I can touch bases with Phillip and Hayden. Take care everyone.

Xavier Fri Jun 4 00:46:35 PDT 1999

Hello everyone:

I posted in 'Shadows' tonight, but it came out totally screwed up!! I didn't realize that the TABS were not communicated when you used 'cut and paste'


I spent an hour perfecting my post, placeing each sentance EXACTLY as I wanted it to appear, and it came out totally messed up.

I was very upset once i saw the finished product.

If, in fact you do read it, please be the pro's you all are and insert the correct paragraphs and indents as you would in your own work.

Oh well, thats the way it goes sometimes.

Sometimes, I wonder why I even try.

"One ring to bring them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to rule them all,
and in the darkness bind them!"


Xavier Fri Jun 4 00:46:10 PDT 1999

Hello everyone:

I posted in 'Shadows' tonight, but it came out totally screwed up!! I didn't realize that the TABS were not communicated when you used 'cut and paste'


I spent an hour perfecting my post, placeing each sentance EXACTLY as I wanted it to appear, and it came out totally messed up.

I was very upset once i saw the finished product.

If, in fact you do read it, please be the pro's you all are and insert the correct paragraphs and indents as you would in your own work.

Oh well, thats the way it goes sometimes.

Sometimes, I wonder why I even try.

"One ring to bring them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to rule them all,
and in the darkness bind them!"


Xavier Fri Jun 4 00:45:59 PDT 1999

Hello everyone:

I posted in 'Shadows' tonight, but it came out totally screwed up!! I didn't realize that the TABS were not communicated when you used 'cut and paste'


I spent an hour perfecting my post, placeing each sentance EXACTLY as I wanted it to appear, and it came out totally messed up.

I was very upset once i saw the finished product.

If, in fact you do read it, please be the pro's you all are and insert the correct paragraphs and indents as you would in your own work.

Oh well, thats the way it goes sometimes.

Sometimes, I wonder why I even try.

"One ring to bring them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to rule them all,
and in the darkness bind them!"


Jai Thu Jun 3 22:45:17 PDT 1999

Where do stories start? Well mine seem to begin at the beginning. What makes a beginning? Well you can't just write one, even a beginning has to begin somewhere, usually an idea. Be it a person, a place or a concept. That is where my stories begin. Once this idea comes to you I suppose you have the choice of starting the story true, or plotting out your idea. Personally I like to start the story. But that being said I still do plot it even before then, but in my head not on paper. So I supose every story begins with three steps - an idea, some further plotting ( be it in your head or on paper ) then the writing itself.

Still some people only do the smallest amount of plotting before begining the story, no one said you have to plot it all. Once you have finished writing your plotted idea then just think of a new idea, exend your plot as you write.

For example the sci-fi story I just finished began on a beach with me running around with a towl over my head. I wrote about half the story before the towl on beach idea had been fully expressed, latter another idea came alowing me to at last plot the ending and finish it.


Thu Jun 3 19:36:14 PDT 1999


Mr. French,
You are the storyteller I was making reference to. Who am I to say when anyone has had enough education to write professionally? Was the man by the fire a Harvard graduate? No. He could not even spell his own name. But, (there is always a 'but') he enjoyed telling stories. He enjoyed the look on those young faces as they understood something they had not previously considered. He was like you in that he liked to tell his stories. I do not judge you or any of you. I admire what you do for the reasons you do it.

Now, perhaps I am too old to understand your meaning, but what do you mean to say in refering to the tip of a space shuttle?

If you fail to learn from anything I have said, then it is my fault for not being clear enough. Writing started as storytelling. It has not changed. To know this makes the issue of 'Point of View' an easy question to answer.


howard Thu Jun 3 19:10:46 PDT 1999

Martin (and anyone else to whom I owe replies) -- I haven't forgotten you! I've started my new job this week, and am absolutely buried! I've retired twice now, and it hasn't worked yet -- I'm busier now than ever before. Mayhap one day I'll get it right!
Can't stay now, but I'll get to the backlog asap!

"...and mails to go before I sleep" (apologies to Robert Frost)

Jerry Lee Thu Jun 3 18:57:46 PDT 1999

Eddie...Actually, his name was Frodo Baggins.
His Uncle Bilbo gave him the ring, and the task of destroying it.

Jerry Lee

Eddie French Thu Jun 3 15:36:45 PDT 1999

That simple little man with the magic ring, (unsuited for the job)... his name is Bilbo Baggins.

Avatar Thu Jun 3 15:36:41 PDT 1999

I'm gonna need to redo my lines in shadows.... *mutter*mutter*mutter*

Jerry Lee Thu Jun 3 15:23:34 PDT 1999

Yo All,

Avatar...It seems to me, that you begin with neither; a good idea for a new novel begins (for me) with a basic concept,ie...
A hero must destroy a magical ring.
From there, expand on it...
A simple little man who has a magical ring thrust upon him must brave many adventures (for which he is ill suited) to destroy what turns out to be the bane of the world.
Starting with simple, and padding it is the thing that seems logical to me.

Martin...What the Old Man said in his last post put me in a contemplative mood, and it seems like your answer lies in his post.
Also...There are those who say that 'The Bard' was not a real person either, they claim he was actually a bunch of different writers who published under the same name. The argument goes that the extreme diversity of stories and poems could not come from the same person.

Old Man...Good advise. Thank you.

John Steinbeck...I'm glad I wasn't there to see it, but we are lucky to have someone like you to explain it.

All...I tried karaoke once, my wife and I were 'volunteered' by my youngest to sing the theme to "Green Acres" at a local festival called "Tater Toot". (I don't make this stuff up) When the time came, my microphone stopped working...I took it as a sign...

Take Care!
Jerry Lee

Eddie French Thu Jun 3 15:19:20 PDT 1999

Those were extremely eloquent, heartfelt, critique proof and sophisticated word paterns which I enjoyed reading.
However..(There is always an however)
You impart no teaching with these words, you merely......... (Delete and start again for fear of causing more disharmony within this recently fractured group)
I am ( I suspect, like many in this group) a simple minded, working class wannabe, who's overiding passion is to write. I have no formal education above secondary school, (college). I also know that one day I will be read by many. I have that faith and I live by it. What I try to do on these pages is give what I can and take what I need. I am always seeking to improve my skills as a writer. Sometimes I get frustrated when these pages depart from the art of writing and embark on what (I) concieve as the frivolous. Then again, sometimes I enjoy reading about the ups and downs of the whole set of wonderful people who contribute to these pages. (I can't make everybody work just when I want to, and nor should I wish to). I fear T.O.M, that some of your wonderful contemplations of the art of writing are metaphoricaly positioned upon the tip of a space shuttle solid rocket booster.
Then again, who am I to judge? I just say what comes into my head!. And you did elicit a response from me so maybe you are just what this forum needs.
PS. Got some great shots of 'Our kayesha' to put up on the web just as soon as I get them scanned in and uploaded. Stay tuned.

The Old Man Thu Jun 3 13:45:05 PDT 1999


When we cook food, we know the origin of most recipies. Mexican food is and was simple peasant food. Tortillas are nothing more than ground corn and water. The things you happen to have on hand change the name of the concoction. If you have meat, it is con carne. You, as a peasant, have lettuce, tomatoes, maybe some goat cheese. You understand how the dish came to be.

In writing, remember the origin. A communal fire, illiterate faces turned toward the storyteller in genuine anticipation. The teller is old and wise. He has told the story many times before and has learned the moral component for himself. He imparts that knowledge to his audience. They learn, and tell the story to the next generation. In this way is wisdom grown. In this fashion is morality and thoughtful knowledge expanded upon. In this way is the art of the writer born.

Printing presses and literacy remove the teller from our presence and create an audience larger than any the old man at the fire could imagine.

With the mental picture of the fire firmly in mind, we understand that 'Point of View' is a simple thing designed to make clear a relationship between writer and reader, teller and wide-eyed listener.

To 'play' to a reader, to revert to old standards in the storyteller's art is not a sign of an upstart or inexperienced scribe, it is the simple telling of a story to as many people as are willing to listen.

When we judge other writers to be "Formula", we are inviting judgement on our own work. We all do the things we do for whatever reasons, but the result is the same. We tell stories. We tell them to whoever is willing to listen.

If we impart a fresh thought somewhere in the mix, a moral point or piece of wisdom, we are doing the best we can do.


Avatar Thu Jun 3 13:43:37 PDT 1999

I'M BAAACK!!!!!!

So, what's new in the neighborhood?

Tigerlady- Ah, a fellow fantasy writer! What is it you write? Do you get more done than I do? Probably.

Sqrl and Xavier- I sent you both e-mail's and the contents of each are secret so don't ask. The gist of it all was that we three psychos should start plotting something in 'S' to at least make it more interesting for the reluctant viewer out there. ;)
Let me know.

Terry- WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! I am the official welcomer here, so you are not welcomed until I have done it. Okay you've been welcomed. Now what?

Americo- Hello again my fine friend. I have an interesting question for you. What should come first: the outline, or the beginning (for a novel)
I know it sounds a bit like the chicken and the egg argument, but I would like your guys' opinions on this.
That means everybody!

Bye now. Going to check on Shadows. Later

I came
I saw
I slept

Americo Thu Jun 3 03:19:21 PDT 1999

Still a bad night. But a lovely morning, and I think you can save your roses for the next flu. I am going to read again "The Magic Mountain" (Thomas Mann) over the weekend.

Yes, Martin, Spanish is a great language. (Of course, what you call Spanish is Castilian, not Basque, Galician or Catalan — the other languages of Spain.) But you should try Portuguese. It's richer in vocalic sounds and sweeter than the language of Cervantes. German is also a beautiful language — incomparable for philosophic terms and really pretty when well spoken. My favourite is still French — all writers should learn it because of its wonderful literature. English is all right — the Latin of today. Esperanto is a miracle : I wish to study it one day.

Have a nice weekend, folks. I'll try to come here and leave a message or two. Behave yourselves.

John Steinbeck for all Thu Jun 3 00:37:41 PDT 1999

Sure I remember the Nineteen Thirties, the terrible, troubled, triumphant, surging Thirties. I can't think of any decade in history where so much happened in so many directions. Violent changes took place. Our country was modeled, our lives remolded, our government rebuilt, forced to functions, duties and responsibilities it never had before and can never relinquish. The most rabid, hysterical Roosevelt-hater would not dare to suggest removing the reforms, the safeguards and the new concept that the government is responsible for all its citizens. Looking back, the decade seems to have been as carefully designed as a play. It had beginning, middle and end, even a prologue--1929 gave contrast and tragic stature to the ensuing ten years.
I remember '29 very well. We had it made (I didn't, but most people did). I remember the drugged and happy faces of people who built paper fortunes on stocks they couldn't possibly have paid for. "I made ten grand in ten minutes today. Let's see--that's eighty thousand for the week."
In our little town, bank presidents and trackworkers rushed to pay phones to call brokers.
Everyone was a broker, more or less. At lunch hour, store clerks and stenographers munched sandwiches while they watched the stock boards and calculated their pyramiding fortunes. Their eyes had the look you see around the roulette table.

I saw it sharply because I was on the outside, writing books no one would buy.

Martin Thu Jun 3 00:35:07 PDT 1999

Yes Grandpa show off.
Who is Mickey Spillane?
and Omni?????
I am just a poor little Swiss fellow who tries to understand the deeper mysteries of English.
Can you tell me something about the basic tools to achieve a seemless cruise through the yet unvisited twich and turns of my story?

I am afraid, that your friend just was to shy to say no, but hope is always good to keep the engine runnung. You still have my two thumps thoroughly squeezed.

Thanks for the consoling words. I always get angry too, when I read that someone else than Miguel should have written my most favorite book. And above all someone
who speaks English. I do not mind the English language, it has so many words and it is great fun to joke around with them, but Spanish ist just a beauty and unbeaten in its sound and aproach to express a certain thing. »Alma de casa« is something completly different and more valuable than just a housewife.

Okay let’s start the discussion. Let me see how few input I get this time. Here is the so called proofe number one why Cervantes is not the author of Don Quijote:

What do we know about Cervantes? We know the date of his death -- April 23, 1616. A familiar date, the date of Shakespeare's death. The two dates are the same, in the records; but as the English calendar differed by ten days, Cervantes died, in the English calendar, on April 13. No friar or nun, no member of Cervantes' family, no friend took the trouble to mark his grave. He never lived in the house now shown to tourists as his own in Esquivias, and Catalina, his wife, never owned any property in the street named after her, Calle de Dona Catalina. The house where
Cervantes was born, in Alcala de Henares, was pulled down in 1955. Over and over again in Don Quixote -- 33 times in fact -- we are told that the real author is an Arab
historian, Cid Hamet Benengeli. There is no such person. Cid is a Spanish title, a lord; it is a word of high esteem. Hamet is one letter short of Hamlet; Ben is Hebrew
for son, Engeli could mean of England. I will not take you into the complicated world of cipher, but the simplest of all ciphers is the numerical one, in which A is 1, B is 2,
C is 3 - and so on. If you turn BACON into a number, using this cipher, it would be 2,1,3,14,13, which, added up, makes 33. Why repeat 33 times in a single novel that
the real author is a non-existent historian with a strange name?

Why use thought in your story? I think if you turn it into a spoken text you can make it much more fascinating than just the thought alone. Thoughts need to be very sharp and concentrate on the point alone. It is something you my strain your reader an loos it. While in a spoken text you can paint the whole picture and give the reader more time to ponder and the P.O.V more present time in its mind and therefore you sink your point of view much deeper. You keep the reader much longer occupied on your point of view.

Well I am off.

Shoot pool and not peolpe is the motto of the day.


Sqrl Wed Jun 2 19:22:07 PDT 1999


And on the spelling of the "K" word it's Karaoke....::Grin:: I did spell check! I always have the problem of putting an extra "e" at the end of that word. Thank God for Dictionaries and Spellcheck.

Okay there's my measely two cents.


Tigerlady Wed Jun 2 17:58:02 PDT 1999

It is almost 7:00 p.m. and I can't seem to get into the chat area. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone that was planning on being there. I will keep trying. For now, until I figure out what it going on I won'd post another time. Please contact me through ICQ with any suggestion's you may have had or if you just want to chat. Thanks for your interest.

Rachel Wed Jun 2 17:32:28 PDT 1999

Hey all

I posted something in "Shadows"

Americo - Get well.

Allein - Hi you. Carling says to let you know that she'll be sending off a package to you in the next couple of days.
I plan to head over to her house tomorrow afternoon to have a visit with her mum and check out the latest stuff you sent (big smile) I have been told I'll get to see pic's of you and your family. That is pretty cool. Thanks! Of course now I will likely send a picutre of me along in one of Carlings letters. Just so you can put a face to the e-mails.

Take care all
Rachel Wed Jun 2 16:58:12 PDT 1999

I'm happy that you are happy, Allein.
I feel much better now. There is nothing like 18 wiskies for healing a cold. Well, in the case of Dillan Thomas, 18 whiskies healed his life... That was in the Chelsea Hotel, by the way.
You can call me Americo, if you like. Especially if you find out the right spelling for "Karaoke" (and its meaning). You were not quite positive yesterday.

Allein Wed Jun 2 16:37:26 PDT 1999

Hiya all,
I'm taking a break from working on the school lit. magazine - it has to be done and to the printers by Friday so we're all working very hard - except Kirstin and Keri who are back in the English room watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The others have taken a food break. Me, I don't need food. One: I (unlike most people)can live on bubble gum and soda pop and two: I'm already fat enough (okay, chubby or not even that - but I'm not exactly thin either!) But, anyway, I'm happy today - why? I do not know, the sun is shining so that might be part of it.

Agsousa - Get well soon! And PLEASE don't die on us!! We all love you! (((BIG HUG)))

Casey - I'll be on IM later tonight if you want to chat. You left a bit abruply without even a good bye last night. Were you just tired or did I finally scare you off? :) I'm good at that. Today my friends and I went into a chat room and we told a guy that we worked on a street corner and lived in a cardboared box with only this computer and our 14 kids. He didn't bother writing back. We've said worse, but I can't post it here.

Anyway, I'll leave you all for a while. Still have quite a bit of work to do. Talk to you all later.
Hugs to all,

"Sharks don't really eat people. They usually just take a big bite and swim away. Of course, they often take a vital organ or two with them."
- Jane Lane

Christy Wed Jun 2 09:36:53 PDT 1999

Has anybody had any experience with agents that they would like to share? I sent my manuscript last year to an agent at a prestigious NY agency. She called a few weeks later, said she would take my manuscript around to editors she knew at lunch meetings, and she told me to make a few changes in the meantime. I sent her a revised manuscript, and then 4 months later, called to ask her the status. She called me back within a few hours, and told me to rewrite the first few chapters. I feel like I've wasted a whole year, because when I ask her for specific recommendations on my work, she can't tell me anything. I've decided to query a few more agents in the meantime. My novel is about an eleven year old girl's struggle for dignity amidst the turbulent 60's in the south. I appreciate any hearing any experiences that you have. I'm new to the board. Thanks, Christy

Americo Wed Jun 2 08:24:45 PDT 1999

Point of view (POV).

It's the narrator's perspective. The narrator can be an "I" character — and the book is usually written in the first person — never think he is the author, unless the book is autobiographical or describes a personal experience; or an omniscient personality, usually confounded with the author, and the book tends to be narrated in the third person. In both cases, the author is usually a non-entity. Authors who express their opinion or their feelings in a straightforward way are usually third-rate — and must be annihilated and their names transformed into logins: the most typical kind of torture of contemporary times.
Why am I so cruel towards authors who use a book to sell their fish? Because literature is the subtle art of suggestion and the best means there is to convey multiple meanings without engaging oneself with a ridiculous thing called truth. For truths, there is journalism — and you know how journalists are usually liars — and there is religion — the most respectable way to express man's tendency to immortality and salvation, unfortunately usually primitive and intellectually wanting.
The good writers of the present are not omniscient and only know what they feel, see, hear and think. They can use any of the personal pronouns: I, you, he/she and their plurals as the main narrator's devices. But they confine their field of knowledge to the perspective of the narrator(s).
An interesting case of experimental literature, Jay Shaw, is "La Modification" by Michel Butor — a long (and beautiful) novel about a person who goes from Paris to Rome to see his mistress and describes everything he sees, hears, etc. in the second person. The idea is to make the reader the narrator. Thanks to Butor's talent, the project succeeds.
But I would not recommend the second person to anyone who is not confident of himself as an author. Third person is all right; first person is even more difficult but rewarding, if you forget about yourself and manage to do what any great actor knows well: to put himself inside the skin of an imaginary persona.
And why have I used the adverb "usually" so much in this message? Because exceptions are the rules of creators. And this is the only rule we, writers, must follow.

Americo Wed Jun 2 03:22:08 PDT 1999

If you are thinking of kissing me or something, forget it. I have a bad cold and a terrible bronchitis that does not let me breathe as sweetly as in the past. I also cough a lot and my throat aches. I sleep with aspirins and a pile of paper handkerchiefs handy. If I die, please send me roses. Velvet Bacharat roses. One rose will be enough. Just a bautiful rose.

Jack Beslanwitch Wed Jun 2 02:17:14 PDT 1999

Given my own experience with karaoke at my local bar, I will let Fran do the singing and myself do the listening. Then, again, maybe the looks of revulsion on everyone's face when I attempt to sing in voice over would be an appropriate plot twist. I am a bit busy at the moment. Else I might try to work something up for 'S', but I will be thinking about it catch as catch can. Fran and I took time out and a much needed break from stresses in both our lives to go to Notting Hill. Loved it !!!! :-) Of course, I loved Four Weddings and a Funeral and given this is done by much the same folks, including Hugh Grant, I was well satisfied. Romantic schmaltz, of course, but it is the kind of thing that has two best friends and soul mates walking out of the movie holding hands in appreciation of each other. Take care everyone.

Cassandra Tue Jun 1 22:35:07 PDT 1999

You say karaoke, I say karioke, Allein says Kareoke... Let's call the whole thing off!! :) hehe

Ok, so I'm operating on very little sleep at the moment... so sue me :)

Bad day, rough night. I'll ellaborate more tomorrow, for now, Good night Notebook!


Allein Tue Jun 1 20:46:15 PDT 1999

I believe the correct spelling is Kareoke (Kah-ray-oh-kay)and I think it means music box but I'm not sure about this meaning so I'll check with my Japanese teacher tomorrow.

Rachel - Haven't heard from you lately, wuzz up girlfriend? Drop me a line, K?

Hugs all around,

Jai Shaw Tue Jun 1 18:08:56 PDT 1999


POVs, I've found short stories are really good for practicing this sort of thing. And also remember that even novels can have multiple POVs if say for instance the main stream is written from an Omni then, letters, tales and so on can be incorperated into the story from the first person. Thoughts are similar too, extended thinking could make up a short first person tale in iteslf.

Never tried second person but it's pretty rare isn't it? Why is that?

Jai Shaw

Americo Tue Jun 1 17:22:15 PDT 1999

Cassandra, do you say Karioke? We say karaoke. I wonder if someone could tell us which is right and, incidentally, what the word really means. Is it Japanese? In that case Allein could help us — if she had not better things to do at the moment.

Eddie, what do you mean by people not knowing where Germany is? Well, now that I think of that: I have never found a German website. I have never looked for it either.

Point of view (P.O.V). Here's a topic I must think about. Quite tricky, isn't it?

Cassandra Tue Jun 1 17:02:56 PDT 1999


Did someone say Karioke??! Do my fragile ears mishear such a word? :) We had karioke night on campus every other Wednesday when I was still held captive by the illustrious College of St Rose. I love it. All my friends would come out and make complete fools of themselves. Kept me sane amidst all the stress biting at my heels.

I'm honored... *eyes watering* You like me, you really really like me!! *smiles* Thanks for the compliments.

Don't worry, my friend Renee still wants to drag me out clubbing some time over the summer. So I might be out there again some time in the near future. No use crying over spilled milk. :)

I took a trip to Germany two years ago with highschool German class. What part of the country were you in? We visited Munich, and stayed the rest of the trip in Ulm with guest families.

Well, I should get out on the window ledge while the light is still good enough to write out there. I've been wanting to do this ever since it was warm enough to sit outside for long periods of time. :)

have fun everyone...
ta ta


Eddie French Tue Jun 1 13:17:29 PDT 1999

In fact, I did bring some German beer back with me, but it was in my belly :¬)
Anita and I went into town today and we put the film in for development on the one hour service. Anita cried all the way back after seeing the pictures of Keyesha. I suppose she will be running about next time we see her.
I thought that I might share some things of our trip with you and to that end I have been thinking of creating a little site with a sort of diary on it. (This is just a proud grampa's desire to show off really!) but if you would like to have a little peek then let me know here on the notebook and I will draw something up and put the URL in the top box when it's ready. I also thought that I might include a bit of where Germany is as far as the Internet and the WWW is concerned. (I was quite suprised at the..........well, I'll leave it for the diary)

The old topic of P.O.V came up here again the other day (Was it Martin?) Americo and I had a very small discussion by email regarding the problems of finding the right Pov for the 'S' just before I went away and it can be extremely difficult to get it right. Take first person projects: Action scenes are delivered from a personal standpoint and if done correctly can generate real suspense for the reader. However, Plotting in the first person is difficult and very often the less experienced writer falls far short of achieving what they aspire to, even when they are absolutely sure of the general direction that the storyline is to take. A lot of time is taken up in just thinking of how to link one section to another. The end result is often that the writer feels it necessary to employ some of the more predictable tricks of writing to achieve this aim and so cheapens the project in doing so. (Remember Mickey Spillane) - Hope that's spelled correctly - .
For the less experienced writer I would recommend getting to grips with the Omni. POV at first and getting lots of practice at directing the story through all of its twists and turns. I remember reading HG Wells and wondering why he always told his stories second hand. He would start by accepting an invitation to dinner and so listening to a tale being re-told by his dinner partner. He re-canted this tale in the first person POV and the reader soon forgot that they were listening to a dinner tale told for the second time and by the Second Person. He used some of the more basic tools of writing to achieve seemless switches throughout his stories, IE; whenever he got stuck in the plot he reverted to the dinner table and reminded the reader that this was a tale being relayed by a second person. If only it were still that easy. Oh well.
That's my advice for our younger members for today.

Xavier Tue Jun 1 12:28:20 PDT 1999

Hello everyone:

Well, I just got back from my honeymoon with my long lost Editor,no only kidding. She actually has a boy friend... for now. We are old friends, however, and she is certainly willing to check out my work. Of course, I have no novels done yet, so I need to get cracking.

Anyhoo, just figured I'd say hello. I missed Casey's guest appearance in Albany, and am sad now ;(

well, better days are ahead, or somewhere.

Ok see ya 'round ya'll


Americo Tue Jun 1 07:34:09 PDT 1999


The scene of the jam session, at the Chelsea, will be cancelled at the last minute and replaced by a KARAOKE session. Singers will choose their favourite song ever and explain, in writing, why they choose that song and, mainly, will describe the remembrances associated with the chosen song. "I was with my boyfriend by the lake of Como when suddenly the melody we had heard on the eve started crashing my heart. I shouted: "I love you, John." John said: I will also love you, and on this humid grass, if you sing that song for me, my love." This sort of thing.
Please notice that we are already in NYC and your additions should have that background as scenario. Do not be afraid of the Chelsea. The best moments of your life will take place there — please imagine and describe them.

Martin — all those theories are rubbish. Do not waste a second with those gratuitous speculations. They are good stuff to be discussed here, though.

People : please consult the archives of this site. They tell you everything you need to know about everything you like to ask.

Cassandra: your system of punctuation will probably be used as the model for the last version of "S". Very good.

Martin Tue Jun 1 00:31:11 PDT 1999

I deed, as I love to do, surf the net for the latest news on DonQuijote and stumbeled about it once more. A british (who else) named Francis Carr tried to proof that Don
Quijote was written by this fantaist Francis Bacon. Americo seeing on the list you have send me that you are well informed of the period and maybe can give me more inlight. I am sure you know the problem, for the same is said about the works of Shakespear. So what do you think? Or does anyone else have ideas? Is this just an underground discussion or is it seriously discussed under students?

Allein Mon May 31 19:43:54 PDT 1999

Hey everyone!
I know, I've been gone. Miss me? I've spent the weekend hanging out with friends, my boyfriend, watching TV and sleeping - just relaxing.

EDDIE!!! WELCOME BACK!!! I'm glad to hear your trip went well and I'm also glad to hear that Nikki's pregnant. :) It must be wonderful.

Well, I regret that I may not be around much in the coming weeks - I have finals up the yin yang in school and a trip to Colorado after school gets out. So, I will be looming, but might not be posting everyday.
Well, toodles - hugs all around.

Cassandra Mon May 31 19:28:19 PDT 1999

Good evening all!

I just back from work... wait a second gotta check the score on my hockey game, still tied :( poo.

Thanks, perhaps I'll finish that scene off tonight, and get my character on her merry way.

We should try to find a good therapist, perhaps they'll take both of our Bobs. You know, as a kind of double-rate.

I'll be lurking around here tonight... cause I have nothing better to do.


Americo Mon May 31 18:24:14 PDT 1999


I have read your text. I felt like writing "to be continued very, very soon" on it. This means that I am very curious about what is coming next... Congrats!

Where is Allein? (If I am bold enough to ask...)

Sqrl Mon May 31 18:22:05 PDT 1999

Why would WE need therapy? it seems to me that our Bobs are the ones that need to be fixed.


YOU GO MAN! I think everyone else will gladly agree with me on this one, she's a keeper! ::giving two thumbs up::


Terry Clarke Mon May 31 16:19:17 PDT 1999

Sorry, gave you the wring URL for my web site.

Have a nice day!


Jon, CEO Mon May 31 16:09:11 PDT 1999

Did you bring any good German beer? Not for me, but for the Kawinkiedinks. I am just a milk drinker. With a drop of Scotch, of course.

Americo Mon May 31 16:06:14 PDT 1999

WELCOME BACK! (Why am I shouting?) You are an invaluable contributor of this page and I missed you. We need to go back to good literary topics and you have a peculiar talent to be deep without being boring. So, how about starting a new life here? Of course, you probably need some days' rest. "S" is doing very well. We must now start finding a publisher.

Cassandra, I am sorry but I haven't read you piece for "S" yet. Lack of time. But I am going to read it tonight.

Kisses all around.

Rachel Mon May 31 13:47:17 PDT 1999

EDDIE! - Welcome back!
Take care you

Eddie French Mon May 31 13:30:57 PDT 1999

Hello everybody,
I got back just this morning and have just finished reading 200 emails and gone through the archive. I had a great time over in Germany with my daughter and grand daughter. I'm sure some of you will remember Kyesha from christmas when she was ill. She still has to go on the nebulisor three times a day but she is just great. She is a cheerful, energetic baby with a fantastic personality. She never stops laughing and smiling. Nicki and Marcellus are doing fine and have managed to stay out of the Kosovo thing for now, though Nicki will not be going anyway because she told us the good news only a few days ago...she's pregnant again! (Can't wait!)
Great timing! you got the day right. I'm here just as you said it! I will get to 'S' tonight and see how we are doing.
So much has transpired while I was away and I don't really know where to start. ...So Welcome to all of the newbies. I hope Steve and Thomas come back and people can patch things up. There have been many disagreements over time on these pages but most times it sorts itself out. Let's hope so this time.
Thanks for the funny Indian. Get your new boyfriend to quit smoking! (Doh!)
Just a quickie on Writers or writers;
I believe that (W)writers share a passion that others just can't imagine. It's an overwhelming affliction which never dies, never really fades, even when a person gets truly disillusioned with his or her efforts. Put simply....It's in the blood. The successful author just works that much harder or has a lucky break. If you write because you can't help it, then you are a writer.
It's good to be back and I will get back to the Notebook before I get to bed tonight. I still have some emails to answer so I'll keep it short for now.

Cassandra Mon May 31 13:03:04 PDT 1999

Greetings and Salutations

I agree, a lovely little upgrade to our notebook. Funny, I didn't think that you could improve perfection. :)

You go boy! Do that networking! I was out at a club in Albany on Friday night. Unfortunately, I knew that you probably weren't in town, so I didn't bother to see if you'd be out there. It was goth/80's night at the Power Company, and my buddy Dave dragged me out there. You know how much I love dancing... I had a blast!!

My Bob seems to be much more low key than yours. He just sits around and talks about the wind patterns and high and low pressure systems. Maybe you should get him some therapy to help tone down his erratic, troublemaking attitude. Or maybe we both just need therapy ourselves.... NAW!

I've got a job now, working at a little pizza/italian restaurant only a few blocks away from my house. Actually, I've only got an hour or so before I have to leave the house...

Looks like I have to get moving.
Love, luck, and lollypops!

ta ta


Americo Mon May 31 11:32:44 PDT 1999

don't lose that girlfriend of yours as I lost my door keys yesterday (well, I found them later). She could become a lovely link to a much needed (and deserved) publisher for "Shadows". I take your post as the best news today.

Other girl— (I like this little hyphen here) and boyfriends will also be welcome.

Xavier Mon May 31 10:10:13 PDT 1999


How goes it?

Did you all have a good weekend? Mine was pretty good.

Last night i was out at a local bar in my old home town (and soon to be home again), and I met up with a girl I went to school with. I haven't seen her in like 10 years or so. Can you guess what she does for a living? She works for Del Ray publishing as an editor! How about that.
I told her I was a writer, and she told me to send her a manuscript. Not bad!

Well, thats it. I have written my new Shadows installments, but have not posted them. Soon, my friends, very soon.

Ok, I'm outa here

"Will we ever meet again, my friend,
on the street of dreams?"


Americo Mon May 31 09:00:44 PDT 1999

Is it me or the notebook looks different? Horizontal yellow and white stripes... And "S" is also more readable now, thanks to a larger font. That's what I call progress! We must keep up with the new look and write better and better.

Jerry Ericsson: thanks for the URL. I'll check it as soon as I can.

I bought a Latin Grammar in the book fair. Anyone for Latin here? Lena, perhaps? Oh, her microwaves is out of order...

Where's Eddie? Not returned form Germany yet?

Rachel Sun May 30 20:39:14 PDT 1999

Hey all

Pnokio! - Hey there! I loved the note you sent to me. It was great. I in fact have been working on an answer since I got it. (have to admit I have been a little busy)
My being busy does not mean that I do not love to get e-mail. It just is me saying it might take me a little while to answer back.
You my friend will soon receive quite the e-mail from me. It could take you DAYS!!!!!! to read it. (merry laughter)
Take care you

Allein - I would break my vegetarian ways to get a slice of your bbq Pikachu!

Jerry Ericsson Sun May 30 15:32:45 PDT 1999

Well I am still around, more a lurker then a participant now days, no excuses, just getting lazy now days.

Americo - found a site you might enjoy if you havn't been there give it a try it is - has language dictionarys etc for most languages.


Sqrl Sun May 30 12:32:49 PDT 1999

You have imaginary friends to! And named Bob none-the-less! cool! My friend Bob is slightly off. (big surprise)He gets me into so much trouble. . .ug! not even going to get into this one.

I get the odd feeling that people are looking at me somewhat funny. HEY YOU ALL HAVE IMAGINARY FRINEDS TOO! §:-Þ


Cassandra Sun May 30 11:50:47 PDT 1999


Xavier- Looks like you've got too much time on your hands! 23 Hours online! Dear lord, when do you sleep!?!

Sqrl- hehehehehe I've got imaginary friends toooooo! I even have on named bob, but he's a meteorologist who enjoys a refreshing glass of Tang now and again.

To all those new visitors-
Hello!! Welcome to the notebook. Would you like a tall glass of my homemade lemonade and a rice crispy square. They're quite tasty. :)

If you can't tell, I'm a tad hyper today! I guess it was all the soda and Starburst, and random sugar... can't be sure of that though.

I still have a little bit more to write for shadows. I'll try to get that done soon (aka tomorrow)

Lena- I'll be sending you an email sometime around the finishing of that last "S" tidbit to plan our meeting a little better. k? (If you're not stressed out to the extreme... :)

gotta book it

ta ta

Americo Sun May 30 09:06:34 PDT 1999

A quick note to wish everyone a pleasant Sunday. I must rush to the beach to sea if there are any seaguls left in the world. No time to read yor posts, folks. Sunday is Sunday. A good agnostic like me never works on Sundays (and hardly on the other days...)
Kisses everywhere!

Allein Sat May 29 21:00:36 PDT 1999

Hiya gang!
I had a fun day today. I went to the mall with my friend Olga. She's an exchange student from the Ukraine. She's really nice. I bought a poster of Pikachu (the cutest little Pokémon there is). It seems that everyone wants a piece of Pikachu these days. Which piece would you like - the drumstick? I wonder how he would taste smothered in barbecue sauce and roasted on a spit. :p Mmm, mmm good! I also bought candy.
Then I went out to dinner with my brother and father. It was my brother's birthday yesterday but we didn't go to dinner yesterday because my brother went to the movies with a friend and didn't get home till late.
Tomorrow I might go on a picnic with my boyfriend and then to his church. He's so nice. :)
Well, it's off with me.
Many hugs,

"You'll be happy, oh so happy, if you just say yes,
oh, poor fellow, mind like Jello, such a nasty mess!"
- from the same song I quoted from on Thursday I think it was. I'm trying to remember the name of the movie, but somehow, it's not coming to me.

Pnokio p.pjm.noakes Sat May 29 04:47:09 PDT 1999


Jack, I have to tell you, you have the same birthday as my wife! I was kinda busy because of this fact, and so wasn't around to wish you everything happy on the 27th. Well, I live my life in retrospect, and so here's a late Birthday Blessing for you - have a wonderful 29th to make up! Okay? (Or should that be 30th? - Anyhow, be especially happy for today whatever today is!).

I've been away a while and quite a pile of post's come in! Especially I see my friend Americo's been having something to say on the Notebook (I'll take an attentive look at it later, Americo). Also I see there are a couple of short-story postings, and I'll read them through a few times and post some feedback (unless these writers would prefer emailing - do say - and feel okay about emailing me anytime). But all this will have to be later. Because today is a terrible day - don't ask me about it. They come and they go, as we all surely know, and this one's here for the duration. I'm here but I'm not here - that's how it is on days like this.

I have to clear the hard disk of an old WP, and then take in on round to a pal. Clearing-out old WPs - it's the extent of my all today.

Rachel - howya doin'? Sorry about so many words!

Have fun everyone, and take care.


Michele Sat May 29 04:14:14 PDT 1999

Terry (Tez) - Your web site address is incorrectly appended to this page - as I found on trying to access it... as is your email address - as I found trying to send you an email.

The same is true for Jerry Lee...

Please try to be more careful when entering your web site and email addresses... you don't win friends or influence people by making yourself hard (or impossible) to contact...

Tiger Lady Fri May 28 17:58:07 PDT 1999

I am a fantasy writer that would like to chat with others that have the same interests. I have had several communica's with Jack and he suggested I leave a message to request a chat. I am available pretty much anytime, I don't have a set time I am online therefore it is difficult for me to set a time. Evenings are usually best, so let's try for wednesday around 7:00 p.m., that's mountain time. If this time doesn't work, please notify me through ICQ, which by the way, my number is wrong on the ICQ chat board. My number is 38678775, not what is listed on the chat board. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused if anyone has tried to get a hold of me. I have several books that are ready for publishing and would also like types on the best way to do this as well as who might be the best to publish through. Looking forward to hearing from anyone.

Xavier Hemidal@risefromthegrave Fri May 28 14:39:17 PDT 1999

Terry?....Sunshine? that you come to collect me at long last?

I am ready, my love to walk with you in the after life, at at last!

Oh, I'm sorry, wrong Terry.

Welcome anthow, and yes you can submit works for review in the workbook. E- mail Jack for info and clearance. I think you will like this place.

Well, I'm off for the weekend. I will check in for new posts, but I doubt there will be many.

Have a great weekend and holiday everyone, but betwixt the fun and sun, try to spend a minuite and reflect upon the brave hero's for which the day was created. Right or wrong, they made the ultimate sacrifice.

"Only to the dead
is the war truly over!"


Rachel Fri May 28 10:20:20 PDT 1999

Hey all

Just a note to wish you all a great weekend!

I am off to camp with the kiddies.

Take care all


Sqrl Fri May 28 09:16:57 PDT 1999

um. . .if anyone gets a. . .er. . .um. . .I hit someting and it posted but I don't see it anywhere. . .I wasn't finished so I write again.

Thanks to everyone for the complements! :-)


Put me up on your buddy list to! You can't be all that bad! You happen to visit one of my favorite websites. . .okay TWO. this and {G} I like that site! For my Birthday I received many virtual cards from that site. YES there is a place where you can send virtual CHOCOLATE greetings! They also have a 12 step program for all chocolahaics (did I spell that correctly? oh well)

must get going.
there are shelves to dust, books to read, sites to check out, bbs to pillage, and a kitty cat to annoy!

Have a great Holiday weekend!

Fri May 28 09:10:36 PDT 1999

Terry,uk Fri May 28 07:52:22 PDT 1999


I am very impressed with this site and will make use of it more often. I am trying to build a site but not being and "expert" on computers, am finding it somewhat dificult.

My idea is to get to writers involved, mainly in the UK, and start up a group whereby we could critique each others work.

I write short stories but am fairly new to writing. I want to learn the art as it were and I think that there are so many of people like me, that we ought to get together. I would, like so many, like to see some of my work in print.

Can we submit work here for assessment? That would be nice as I note that it is mainly American writers that are involved. Thier input and critisism would be worthwhile.

It was great to see the site and by the way a belated happy birthday to you.

Regards to all


Jerry Lee Fri May 28 06:04:32 PDT 1999

Yo, All,

Americo and Martin,
Science fiction is nothing more than a popular vehicle to put forward the ideas and morals that have always been the mainstay of literature. It is different from "mainstream" only because the setting is a little more imaginative. The popularity of sci-fi should be a beacon to all who would be published as to what might sell. And the reason is sells is because it is FUN to read.
Take Star Wars, for instance, a princess, a rogue, a really, really bad guy all brought together by a fight for what is right...sound like anything "mainstream"?

Happy birthday! May they come not too often, but steady.

Take care, all!
Jerry Lee

Americo Fri May 28 04:57:44 PDT 1999

Thanks for opening a new slate for "S". If you want information on the Chelsea Hotel please click on "my" Webpage URL. I'll try to post it in the 3rd slate as well.

Martin — wise words on science fiction and literature in general. I hope the science-fiction writers in this forum agree with you. I certainly do (more or less). I would like to know more of Swiss literature, please.

Litter — hope your dogs passed the exams and the vet was kind to your kids... (A bit of humour warms the heart!)

All — have a nice weekend and let us think of ways to improve our notebook. I like to think of it as my daily literary newspaper.

Martin Fri May 28 01:43:29 PDT 1999

I begun to read Madam Bovary because I thought I might find some thought provoking ideas about women in there. It is not that kind of a book but this does not mean it is not worth t read. It is an amazing conglomeration about a boring marriage.If you think that in these days every second marriage is going to be divorced out of boredom, the book is one the most contemporary books I can think of... apart from Don Quijote of course.

Science Ficiton is not a sub-genre but a very young genre. Therefore it has not yet said a lot.
Do you think Star Trek is Science Fiction? I always feel that thes is just a bunch guys trasnmitted to a space ship. Of coure they have Scotty to beam them up and Spock but that is not fictional science. Star Trek is Indiana
Jones send space trucking not to mention Star Wars. Fictional Science is the only thing these genre can add to Cervantes, Melville, Dostojewskij and Irving. Sorry but
they were first. How do you want to write good Sciene Fiction if you did not read them?
Classical literature has three thousand years of history on its back. (Homer; I still pigeonhole Homer before the Holy Scripture, but maybe Moses really wrote those five books; Agypt - Papyrus - 2800 years B.C. - I do not think it works) Simply out of this fact it has said more. If Science Fiction has three thousand years of history on its back, both will be equal.

Of course I am naif. Hmmm. Ever read Dostojewskij’s Idiot?

Thanks for the kind offer but not before next Easter.

Now I am off on a shore leave....

Fifteen man on a dead man’s trunk
Johoho and a bottle full of rum

Jack Beslanwitch Fri May 28 00:50:41 PDT 1999

    Well, I went ahead as requested by Americo and archived the latest version of Shadows in shadows2.html. There is now a blank slate for Shadows. If you want to read what has been recently added there are appropriate links at the top of each of the pages. Hope to have some time to put something more together and get it added. My main problem, as I have said before, is trying to visualize the Cheshire Hotel. I think I might have to try to run down the Sid Vicious video and follow the lead from it. I will think about it.

Xavier Fri May 28 00:02:43 PDT 1999't...stop!!!


Ok, I'm only kidding, it's been more like 23, but it really is addictive. If only I could figure out how to get out of '' I'm sure I'd be having loads of fun.

I want to check Shadows, but I am afraid of 'freezing'.

This 486 really leaves alot to be desired. Anyone have an old Pentium 500Mhz laying around? no?

Well, if off, no mail, and only two short posts to read. It sure can be lonely in cyber space.

"get out of here you drunk!"

What people say to me when i go out 'for a few'


Rachel Thu May 27 23:52:20 PDT 1999

Hey all
HELLO SHADOWS PEOPLE!!!!! - I like the additions very much!
Take care all

Hey Jack - How yah feeling there? (grins) Take care you!

Allein Thu May 27 20:45:23 PDT 1999

Sqrl - I LOVED your entry to Shadows - I sent you an e-mail about it. I'm on AOL too, so if you ever want to IM go ahead and do so. :) What did you think of my addition to shadows> I liked it when I wrote it, but now I wish I could revise it, I don't like it that much. I want more emotion, not just events.

Anyhoo, I should go,
Bai bai,

"Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed, chocolate makes it worthwhile."

"My mom was a little weird. When I was little my mom would make chocolate frosting. And she'd let me lick the beaters. And then she'd turn them off." - Marty Cohen

"CHOCOLATE Truly the most wondrous substance in the whole universe. One day they will discover that chocolate can be used to power the world, cure the common cold, stop cancer in its tracks, and do really nasty things to Nazis. And that day will be one of celebration. As Thomas Hardy once said ''If the world were a Mars Bar...'' I forget the rest, actually." - Daniel Bowen

"At the top of the food chain sits chocolate."

"I'd stop eating chocolate, but I'm no quitter."

"A quarter-ounce of chocolate = four pounds of fat."

PS: As you can tell, I LOVE chocolate. You can find yummy chocolate images at
But don't thank me, thank Casey. She introduced me to this wonderful site. :p Mmmm, Chocolate!

Xavier Thu May 27 19:55:09 PDT 1999

Hello, hello

I was surfing about and I figured, what the hay, why not stop and see all my buds at the writing board.

I mean, I can't actuall 'SEE' you, but...oh, never mind!

Last night, betwixt ruling the world, I tried to load 'Shadows', but had trouble. I finally got it, but it took me like 5 tries. My computer kept freezing in mid- load. Oh, well. however, I really liked the new additions.

Sqrl's post was great, as was Avatar's. Ofcourse, the 'older' writers were awsome too, but I've come to expext that from writers of your caliber.

Well, I'm off, other empires to build and all that.
Don't worry, once in final control, I will still look down with favor to all my friends here.

Ok, I think the fed's are at the door, so I'm off1


Sqrl Thu May 27 18:51:43 PDT 1999

Glad to her it grin. . .THANKS FOR THE COMPLEMENT! *blush* I have a REALLY hard time with pros. Thanks again! :-) (you have no idea what it means to me)

Don't worry...I've been fiddling around on-line for about a year now and people STILL have to explain things to me. (even AFTER I've taken a few courses on it. . .yeah college courses are really helpfu *cough* sarcasm *cough* darn syber cold)

Hmmmmm. . ."S" ::rubbing chin in deep thought::



Jack Beslanwitch Thu May 27 17:52:29 PDT 1999

Well, I am alive :-). A shade hung over and feeling all 47 years, but just wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes and the digital cards and such.

Americo: Yes, I will make a new iteration of Shadow, but just not today.

Talk with everyone tomorrow and this is hoping that everyone gets their computer snafus fixed amicably. I am hoping that my Microsoft stock goes up in price so I can pay for a new laptop I am lusting after. Right now, I am leaning towards a Sony Vaio with firewire (or i-link) built right in so video can be downloaded in a 200 megabyte per second stream. If I pull that off I might try turning some video of Australia into Real Video and post it for everyone to see, in addition to the still pictures. Then again I may find that even compressed in Real Video the size will prove to huge for use. Well, enough babbling techie/nerdie/gobbledigook. I think gobbledigook is a word ;-)


And I do not care if I am shouting or not.

Americo Thu May 27 17:36:06 PDT 1999

You had reason to be excited with your addition to "S"— you have much talent.

Very beautiful text, as usual.

And good news to everybody. Let us postpone the completion of "Shadows" one month. The book must be finished only on the 25th JULY!!!

Let us concentrate our action in the Chelsea Hotel and its surroundings.

Now, please do not procrastinate. I would like to take the text to Brazil and edit it there, lying on a white net, on the beach, under coconut-trees. I'll take the plane on the 1st August. This is final.

Congratulations to everyone. The first "Notebook's Day" was quite cheerful. Jack deserved it. And the fun still goes on to you, people of my halfsun. I go to bed. But not before seeing if I do not have e-mail to answer. I hope I have.

Litter Thu May 27 16:32:26 PDT 1999


I too am around, but busy. Wife has the flu, kids at the vets, dogs have exams... or something like that...

All good things,



Rhoda Thu May 27 15:58:26 PDT 1999


Have a very Happy Birthday!!!

I'm back on line, but am very busy.

Take care, all


Allein Thu May 27 14:33:00 PDT 1999


Yes, I too, am alive, but busy. Final exams are coming up and so it's been busy with school. :O
I get out of school on June 17th.

Nothing much has been happening lately. I'll report when something exciting occurs (probably will this weekend - I'll be with my boyfriend).

Love, peace and chicken grease!

"Everyday we'll be fine, all the trains will run on time and there'll be no more wars and crime and I'll reduce your brain to slime unless you just say yes!"
-From a song on a movie - I can't remember which one

Avatar Thu May 27 13:09:00 PDT 1999

S.K.S.-Was that you I saw in the Del Rey online workshop?

Avatar Thu May 27 12:51:43 PDT 1999

I can tell you're just a tad bit happy Xavier.

Sqrl- doin' anythin' with that character of your'n? Maybe you, me and Xavier could get together or somethin'. That is, if Xavier's still game fer it. I believe three strange characters (one with suicidal tendencies, the other an otherworld being and yours of course) might be able to lighten the place up a bit. Ya' think?

Has anyone noticed my bad grammar in Shadows? I got a good explanation- I'm making it up as I go along
Hmmmm Maybe I should start writing it down earlier. I'll have time, considerin' the lengthy amount of time we get in summer.




Sorry I don't have anything to give you this year. I'll mail you a *hug* anyway.

The cake is made
The presents wrapped
The decor hung
The food's been zapped

The guests are here
We're almost done
But there's no cheer
Where's the FUN?

There. Hope you like it. Spur of the moment that one.

Where did everybody go? I know they're around here somewhere.....hmmmm

Bye now


Hootie Thu May 27 12:19:59 PDT 1999


And thanks for giving such a great place to meet people and share our passion for writing.

Xavier Thu May 27 11:26:55 PDT 1999


Me and my computer almost took over the world last night, but I got tired and went to bed.

Anyhoo, just stopped by to annoy people, as usuall.

It's good to know that I can cut and paste to Shadows, so I can correct everything BEFORE posting. Oh, the hazzards of being a writer.

Unto lena: Don't worry I could'nt forget you anymore than I could forget, uh.., whats his name? (I'll get back to you!)

Unto Sqrl: Thanks fer the tip again, and thanks fro the welcome. I've been here about 5 months, but ya can't win them all. :)

Unto everyone else: I WILL RULE THE WORLD (after this nap that is.)

Ok enough crap out of me.

"I remember that fateful night
when your car stalled on the railroad tracks!
I pulled you out, you were safe,

But you went running back!"


Lena Thu May 27 10:13:23 PDT 1999

Please do not forget me!

My computer died. I am on a school computer just now... I did want to assure you that I have not stomped off and left. It might be awhile until my computer is repaired, but I will TRY and stop by every once and a while. 'Tis a harsh thing, to be without my daily dose of Notebook for so long.


Cassandra Thu May 27 09:54:39 PDT 1999

Shows you how forgetful I am at the moment... I didn't wish Jack a Happy BDay *smack* Bad Casey!

Happy Birthday Jack!! Luv you bunches *hugs*


Cassandra Thu May 27 09:52:01 PDT 1999

hi all!

*sheepish grin* Yes, I am alive... I keep getting swamped with personal problems, and getting online is a little tougher from home. (they don't want me tying up the phone line. As if anyone important ever calls here!)

Yes, I have been working on Shadows, as my conspiritors know. ;) ;)

You already included me in your post?? My character isn't even in NYC yet. And my name is Casey... not Cassie. Me thinks you got my evil twin there. :) No hard feelings, just a little bit hard to manipulate, as far as my plans go. Perhaps we could strike that post, and revamp it together (through email, perhaps). I will try my best to post my next installment tonight, after that, meeting you at the airport would be perfectly feasible.

A few of you may be asking "What has been going wrong with your personal life, Casey?" Or maybe it's just the voices in my head returning. Who knows for sure?

Anyways, let's just say that I could post another, 'What the hell is wrong with men (correction: boys) my age?' post. Of course, it would probably be redundant, and just get the same reply from the men here, who are all older than I *sigh*. Men are like wine, they get better with age... and let me tell you, it sucks being underage!!!

:) Anyways, I'm off for a meeting with Career Planning, over at St Rose... I have to discuss the possible changes to my major with one of the advisors there. Yippie skippie!

catch you later notebookers!
ta ta


Americo Thu May 27 07:56:20 PDT 1999

Jack, not today but when you can (after finishing installing that air conditioning contraption perhaps) maybe you could have a look at the second slate of "Shadows". It has already 140k and is becoming a bit heavy to download. A third slate perhaps?
Xavier (and others): you do not have to type you collaboration in the round robin. You can just "copy and paste" — copy from your word processor and paste in "S". Easy as bread and butter.
Thanks Avatar/Avatar and Sqrl. Your collaboration is now going to be printed and read with a big happy smile — by Rachel, Lena, Eddie, yours truly and Jon, AT LEAST.

Sqrl Thu May 27 07:46:18 PDT 1999

::joins in on singing:: HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOOOU! Enjoy the day! HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!!!!

(welcome Xavier)

Americo Thu May 27 07:43:24 PDT 1999

Good morning, everybody!
I would like to second Jon's idea.
I read all the poetry in the workshop. It's probably the best thing that has been published here. "Over the lilac hills" (Lena) (I'm quoting by heart), "Rape" (Allein, I really have to talk to you) impressed me much. But Howard's first poem is still my favourite (apologies to the other poets — this is just a matter of taste).
I thought that perhaps there is a poet hidden in every writer, sci-fic., mainstream, detective stories (I like detective stories), whatever.
Martin, let us have some information about Swiss literature. We are here to learn, friend. BTW: I know at least three people here who understand German — secret messages are impossible today. And, Martin, I am a published writer — and there are other published writers here as well. One of my dearest friends is going to publish a book soon. You know him, but I don't know if I am allowed to tell his name, so I shut up.
Sqrl, I din't say anything to you but your dear relative is in my thoughts and in my prayers.
Pnokio — Hello!
P.S. There is new stuff in "S" but I am very secretive today.

Jon Thu May 27 07:28:34 PDT 1999

I had a wish. That the 27th May would be considered "Notebook's Day". The page would be ornamented with catnip, and once, present and future collaborators of this wonderful site would join in and sing "Happy life, Jack&Fran! We all love you!"
Pussy is seconding this wish, and the Kawinkidinks (all three of them) said that they are going to drink at the idea.

Miguel de Cervantes for Space Girls Thu May 27 06:45:04 PDT 1999

»My honrable Master Don Quijote. Did you hear those science fiction ignorants?«
»Yes. Sancho Panza. My inner part of my body is pushing to the outside.«

Jack Beslanwitch Thu May 27 03:33:56 PDT 1999

p.s., the workshop I mentioned is part of Westercon52

Oh, and Americo - I meant to thank you for joining us, not that you - did it again. Take care and I will quick babbling. Going up to have one more beer and go to bed. Bye.

Jack Beslanwitch Thu May 27 03:26:35 PDT 1999

     Thanks so very much for all the well wishes. Well. It is 3:10 AM. Technically, somewhat less than an hour ago 47 years ago, I was born in Billings, Montana at three pounds eight ounces. Sun in Gemini, Moon in Cancer and rising sign in Libra. If you believe in such things. My mother was a scarlet fever heart disease sufferer with hear valve problems. Not something that would really be a problem now, but something that killed her when I was ten years old. In front of me, unfortunately. That she smoked while she was pregnant probably meant that I was hooked to cigarettes in the womb. Took me twenty some years after I started at age nineteen to stop.

     At any rate, as you might suspect I have had a few drinks and am a little tipsy.

A few personal comments:

Let me just say to Philip that the Australian Online Bookstore got me the The Lightning Mine to me about a week or more ago. I am looking forward to sharing some time with you in Australia in about four months or so.

Americo, that you for joining us you have been a thoroughly welcome addition to the Notebook and Shadows has been an awe inspiring event. And, yes, I will move heaven and earth to attend your Nobel Prize award ;-)

Rachel, I blush at the sound of the happy birthday song.

Xavier: to paraphrase Heinelin quoting someone else - the Notebook is freedom hall - you can spit on the floor and call the dog a bastard. I know. Not politically correct, but I somewhat take that as a badge of honor.

I am hoping that some of you make it to the Professional Writing Workshop done by Dean Wesley Smith or just make it to one or another of the convention in the area. I would really be delighted if you would introduce yourself and say hello. I very much would like to meet some of the people here in person. Just so you get another shot of me check out my my picture Just click

Take care

Xavier Wed May 26 23:27:47 PDT 1999

Oh, wow, almost forgot!


Why, without you I would have never met all these people (ya rat bastard :)

Only kidding, don't expell me or anything for a mere joke.

Trtuly spaeking, thought I've never really 'Talked' with you, I've certainly read quite a bit about you through your posts, so I feel like I know you a bit.

Happy birthday pal..

(the rest of you are still jamokes::))

Ps: thanks fer the tip, Sqrl

Rachel Wed May 26 23:12:17 PDT 1999

Hi all

Hey Xavier - Does that post tell me that you got a computer at home now! Wee Ha have fun!


Okay everybody sing with me now.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Jack. Happy Birthday to you! (great big smile)

Hope you have a wonderful day and that Fran spoils you to no end! (I bet she does that all the time)

Take care all


Xavier Wed May 26 22:01:16 PDT 1999



I have finally bested this foul creature and made it internet worthy! It's slow as all hell, but it works!


Now I can finally take over the world! God, it feels good!

Well, atleast you will be seeing alot more of me around here from now on. Aren't you GLAD?

I am off to check 'shadows' for new works of art, and then...



Sqrl Wed May 26 19:43:10 PDT 1999

YEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEY! (can you tell I'm a wee ::clears throat:: I mean ::rolling eyes:: "gotta be careful around this bunch!" I'm a little bit excited?) My other installment of Shadow's is UP! YEY! ::patting self on back::


Try highlighting the text, hold in control C, goto the place where you want to put it, hold in control V. (my friend Kitten had to explain that one to me more times than I'd like to admit)

DID SOMEBODY MENTION DON QUIXOTE?! Never read the book (intirely) I have this bad habbit of picking up a book, reading some of it, setting it down, and then forgetting about it, until someone else mentions it. I did see some T.V. versions of it. As well as read some shortened versions. hehehehehe
::whispers to imagenary friend Bob:: "shameless plug"
::Bob whispers back:: "Anything to mention them!" ::rolling eyes::
::grumbling under breath:: "Ingrate."
::Bob yelling on top of his lungs:: "I HEARD THAT BLONDIE!"
::rolling eyes:: "Dang it! Even my imagenary friends have additudes!"

Anyways. . .::shooting Bob dirty look:: ::getting dirty look back:: ::snapps at Bob:: ::Bob cowers in a corner:: As I was saying. The Cherry Poppin' Daddies have a song called Don Quixote! I love it! I can't really describe it, but if you want to take a listen I think they have a sound bite up at their site
It's on their "New Kids on the Street" album, it's the very last song. ::Bob getting very angry:: I shut mouth now. ::Bob speaking:: "Now THERE'S a miracle!" ::sqrl grumbling under breath:: "One of these days man! One of these days::


oh yeah, and

shhhh...::whispering softly so no one else can hear:: no one was suppose to catch that little. . .um. . .*blush* slip.

Jon Wed May 26 16:49:21 PDT 1999

It's the 27th May for me as well, as I also live in the east side of the house of the rising sun. I am just a cat, but all the English I know goest to JACK today. Though I am the CEO of Shadows inc., Jack is the best. (I am the second best).
Pussy is in bed with a terrible coal for having spent the night at the window shouting to all passers-bye, "Make Wars not Treks". But she also sends you her love.

And the Kwinkidienks (all three of them) are singing "For he's a jolly good fellow" at the pub. (They are already drunk too).

Americo Wed May 26 16:42:36 PDT 1999

JACK! It's the 27th May in Portugal (in Europe we are always half a sun ahead of you, Americans...). HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And congratulations to Fran for such a wonderful husband. You, Jack, have taught me how to become a "notebook citizen" — and this is the most honourable doctorship that has been conferred upon me. More important, only the Nobel Prize for Literature, which I'll get in a decade or two (perhaps three). I am inviting you today for the ceremony in Stockholm. That is my birthday present. Sincerely and seriously, thank you for this wonderful page.

Wed May 26 12:58:12 PDT 1999

Avatar Wed May 26 12:58:05 PDT 1999

Psst, xavier. i got something posted in the notebook for you to work with. sorry if you have to change what you wrote.
e-mail me to let me know


Americo-If you think Don Quixote (Quijote?) the book is good, try the CD (Unfortunately, I have to listen to it every morning, so I don't like it very well) I've never actually read the book, but I know what it's about. It depends on if you like the american music that came out around the time as MY FAIR LADY hit broadway and SOUND OF MUSIC came out on video. Speaking on which, my dad got those CD's too.....

Sorry if I'm babbling y'all but it's been a while since I've been in here and I need to stretch my writing 'legs' to get back into it. Having it be the last week of school isn't helping either because everything around here is chaotic. They built a new middle school and all the younger kids are getting out two days early to help move things while we the high school get to bumm out all day and take semester tests.
Lucky thing for me I've only got one this year! *evil laugh*

Xavier-please do let me know if you like it. If you don't, I'll ask Jon to take it out(without tearing some of the other pieces, please) and restich it in with some modifications.

I just realized something. I'm not going to be in here every week any more! Argh!
Since school computers are what I use, I think I'm going to be in trouble. I'll get in when I can. Promise.

May your pen always be true.
To you.


P.S. My rabbit had kids. Anyone want a bunny?

Martin Wed May 26 12:30:55 PDT 1999

Tritt meiner Unwissenheit kräftig in den Hintern. Ich hatte ja keine Ahnung. Ich dachte ausgenommen in Portugal wird die Sprache niergends gesprochen. Oder zählt Brasilien etwa
dazu? Soviel ich weiss sprechen die aber eine eigenese Portugisisch; eine Art brasilianisches Portugischisch.

Ich weiss Unwissen schützt vor Strafe nicht, aber vergieb trotzdem einem armen Unwissenden.

¡Muchas Gracias y para siempre tuyo!

Post scrptum: Ich liebes es Nachrichten zu hinterlassen die niemand versteht


Wow am I happy! If Americo is going fishing it still leaves us Jon.

»No lloe por me Americo«

Xavier Wed May 26 11:56:18 PDT 1999

Well, she didn't post! Now I will have to soak my sorrows in some bud. Oh, the horror of it all.


Xavier Wed May 26 11:52:48 PDT 1999

Hello again!

Back at the library, and I figured I'd say hello. Not much new, except my computer is still being a bastard, and not playing nice. Oh well, ya can't win them all.

Unto Martin; The ending of the movie was a little different than the ending of the book. If you read it, you will see how Clark ment for it to be a spring board for '2010', which is another excelent book and movie. I could explain it here, but I don't want to spoil it. I just finished 'Space odessey 2061", but did not like it as well as the others. There is also '3001", but I've never read. HAL was an awsome computer, and I would love to build one myself someday.

I am currently working on my next Shadows installment, but I would like to know if I can import it from a word processor, or do I have to re- type it every time. If there is a way to upload it, please tell me how. Thanks.

By the way, where is Michele, has she fled the scene too?

Ok enough out of me, I'm off to see if Sqrl kept her word and posted in 'S'

"Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that ate your new shoes?"


howard Wed May 26 10:59:44 PDT 1999

Sqrl -- I used to Weeeee in *my* shorts when I got excited too, but I outgrew it... :-)

Martin -- "My God! It's full of stars!"
"2001 A Space Odyssey" is one of my favorites too, and for some of the same reasons. I wanted to be an astronaut since before the word was coined -- back in 1951 I was on a local kid's tv show, and when Cowboy Bill asked what we wanted to be when we grew up I said that I wanted to go to the moon. Nobody believed me back then, when I was 11 years old that we'd someday get there. I got harassed big time on the school bus the next day, and the neighbors wouldn't let their kids play with me for several weeks afterwards! Some other movies were/are "The Day The Earth Stood Still," for Michael Rennie's portrayal of the alien visitor, and for the robot Klaatu. Not much in the way of special effects, but great concept!
Then there was "The War Of The Worlds." Did you know that the footage of the Flying Wing that dropped the nuke is among the very rare actual footage of that plane in flight?
"This Island Earth," and "Forbidden Planet" were good also, and a more recent favorite is "Starman." The cloning sequence was interesting, as was the whole concept thing again.
--- I spent some time driving through Switzerland -- from southern Germany through Austria into Switzerland, around Geneva and Lake Luzerne, on into Italy through the St Bernard pass/tunnel to Aosta, then down through Torino and on to the Italian Riviera. It's a trip I hope to repeat someday.

Americo -- One of my favorite stories is Camus' "The Stranger" We read it in a college literature class a few years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Another "must-read" is "The Man Who Planted Trees" by Jean Giono. He was Belgian or French, or Swiss -- I don't remember, but the story was delightful!

"A cathedral is a poor place in which to *practice* one's religion."

Sqrl Wed May 26 10:28:34 PDT 1999

Today is a beautiful day! My back is doing great! I've been working on editing my work for Shadows, IT WILL BE UP TODAY, or tonight...when ever I get it finihed! ::grin:: Everything is going well! I'm smiling as I always do! Plus I am wearing my favorite pair of shorts! Weeeeeee!

I did a few free writes lastnight...I read over them and realized I must have been out of my mind for a moment there. I had my paper and pen yelling at each other, and threatening to inflict bodily harm, not only to each other, but to "the idiot" with the "clamy hands" as well. hmmm...I think I better cut back on late night pizza snacks.


CONGA-RATS! (if you have not noticed...I have a slight fixation with rodents. ::grin::) CONGRADULATIONS CHICA!

Okay I go now,

Jon Wed May 26 08:17:07 PDT 1999

I've had a look at the workbook and downloaded short-stories and poetry to read leisurely, while eating some nice catnip and milk. Other people should do the same. Good stuff, methinks.

Americo Wed May 26 08:07:18 PDT 1999

Good morning, everybody!

Martin. I did not choose my e-mail address. My ISP chose it for me. There is no religious mystery here. Esoterica is the real name of the b*** (the Internet connections are not very good and, when my subscription ends, I think I'll choose another ISP). If I had chosen, I would write my real name. I am against the *safety measures* of Internet, at least at an amateurish level such as ours. I think that, if everyone assumed his/her real name, there would be less *safety* problems than there are now. I believe in the human kind! (Of course, I am naif).

Please read Albert Camus when you can. He was a very humane writer, a great writer indeed. "L'Étranger" and "La Peste" are two of my favourite novels.

Some writers here write sci.-fic., but there others who write mainstream. I am one of the latter, but I respect sci.-fic. Actually I bought four volumes of "Star Treks" recently and I am going to read them in the summer holidays. I read two or three marvellous sci.-fiction novels in the past. I may write one myself sometime...
I think a sci.-fic. writer needs an unusual imagination and much scientific (and sociological) knowledge. He should also do something in terms of literary art. No book will resist time if it is not well written.
Why is it that in Europe we consider sc.fic. a sub-genre? Probably because we are not so developed as the Americans in terms of space travelling — a handicap. We are also too imbued with classical culture and tend to consider only philosophical and existencial questions as valid literary items. We are too old, my friend... Americans have a lot to teach us. I like them very much (except when they use their missiles — we in Europe got fed up of weapons a long time ago... with some disgraceful exceptions).

Your list of the greatest novels of all times is quite interesting. I am going to think of my own list. For the moment I agree with you that "Don Quijote" is one of the best.

Wed May 26 06:33:27 PDT 1999

Martin Wed May 26 02:16:56 PDT 1999

Is life a joke? I thought I am going to be a legendary writer and my friend thought he is going to be a legendary painter. Now we have signed a deal with a local paper to do Cartoons.

Science Fiction movies.
An intersting subject to talk about. Which is your favorite Science Fiction movie and WHY?
My vote:
2001 A Space Odyssey
A movie is about pictures and 2001 Space A Odyssey is one grand picture. No talking (well almost) as space is supposed to be. Ain’t we working with computers these days which are all want to be HALs? I am a very unlogical person and I love the part where all the logic goes down the gutter.
The details which got me hooked for the movie:
You can’t hear the engines.
There is no ggravity picked out of thin air.
How Stanley Kubrik plays with the expectations of the spectator.
The music. For me it is not the blue Danub but the blue universe.
The swich from the dawn of man scene to the space age.
How HAL found out, that Bowan and Poole are talking about turning him(?) off.
I still try to figure out the end. Any recomondations?

I wonder why you choose an E-Mail address like Esoterica? Is there some spiritual connection?
Albert Camus. On of these authors I schould and want to read since a long time. But ....
Sorry. I not L’Ètrange missfired but I did. I was not refering to you as a professor.I thought since I wrote my first dissertation I am due for that title. Don’t you write a dissertation to become a professor?

My full name is Martin Stalder. I am thirty-two years old and »allein«. I live in Switzerland in a town named Thun at the south shore of the Thunersee (lake of Thun) with a view on the vast panorama of the Alps. I love languages as long as I can remeber back. I started teaching myself English when I was ten and speak now five languages. German which is my mother language, Spanish French and Italian and as I saw from the late notes of Americo I even understand written Portugues.
My E-Mail address is noname because my server did not accept my name. So I decide it is better to have no name at all.
Most of the time I dig my nose deep into Thesaurus in search of that final, all illuminating word. I do not write science fiction and hate Fantasy - Please do not take it persoally. We still can become friends. I prefer to solve the enigmas of this terra incognito. Like all of us I am still unpublished and thinking that the last chapter I wrote contained sixty pages, still far away from it.
No I come to the fun part. Here is a fleding list of the very best books ever written.
I fill in the first three spots:
First - El ingeniouso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha. (We can argue about vote two and three but not about this one. ¿Comprende, hombre?)
Second - The Whale or Moby Dick
third - The brothers Karamassovy
No wait I have to fill in the fourth spot too.
Fourth - Owen Meany
Right now I am reading Madam Bovary.
Since most of you write science fiction here is my all time favortie science fiction story, yes you HERE me, Larry
Nivens Ringworld. It is, down to its heart, what the genre implies: Fictional science! No stupid starship trekking or shooting around in space to encounter strange extraterrestrials or powers allready the Chines knew about five thousand years ago.

And who are you?


howard Tue May 25 20:34:02 PDT 1999

Hi all! I see we've lost a few, gained a few, but the losses are the hardest to take.
I've been lurking a bit, but 'way too busy here to attempt coherent communication. In the past week I've been interviewed for, been offered, and have accepted a new job. Then there was the press interview for a story they're doing on a proposed ordinance for our town.
Also, there's the garden -- over 8000 square feet tilled, (with a Troybilt tiller) half of that planted, and more to do. I'm converting to raised beds this year, and it's looking great! Writing connection? I'm outlining a couple of articles to submit to some home-and-garden magazines. Gotta sell something somewhere!

And on top of all that my brother, (who lives 20 miles away) just gave my 76 year old mother and 82 year old father,(who live right next door) a LAPTOP COMPUTER! Guess who gets to explain E-mail and Windows 95 and "surfing the net!"
But you know -- it's worth it!
Mother likes to write too, so be prepared for NetGranny (she thinks she has to have a "handle" like in CB) to hit the notebook with some heavy poetry! :-)

Welcome, Dina -- Write on!


Americo Tue May 25 18:55:08 PDT 1999

Obrigadinho, Rachel.
Boa noite.

Rachel Tue May 25 18:46:11 PDT 1999

Hi all

Hey Jai! - The two stories that were rejected, were they the two that you sent to me?

If so, then it is their loss. I loved both of them.

Americo - Feliz quatro mes livrinho aniversario!

Take care all


Jai Shaw Tue May 25 18:17:43 PDT 1999

Heya all,

Finished another short, also found that my two stories had been regected after waiting three months. I had to send an email query in the end, seems both regection letters where lost in the post ( is American post really that bad? Or do they make us overseas authors pay $4 for return postage then send it back by sea. )

Take care,


Jon Tue May 25 16:49:34 PDT 1999

Do I sense a notebook revival?
BTW: Anonymice (funny plural): have you noticed that I have posted not only my proper name but also my neighbor's address? Follow the example of this leader, oh anonymice. Did you hear, Peter Pan, Old Man, Etceteron?
(I am really doing a great job as inventor of the English tongue, don't you think so?)
Where is Lena? I hope she did not like "Star Wars". I like "Star Treks", therefore I hate "Star Wars". Methinks it's natural.

Exactly 4 months ago Américo Guerreiro de Sousa posted here for the first time. I laughed a lot at him when he, proudly, showed me his English on the notebook. He was red as a tomatoe. And sang all night: "I like to live in America." That was Leonard Bernstein's song. He loves you very much.

Americo Tue May 25 16:36:02 PDT 1999

Aber, Martin, Portugiesish ist noch heute wichtiger als Deutsch! Sie ist die vierte oder funfte wichtigste Sprache in der Welt, mein Freund.
Grusse von Lissabon.

Jerry Lee Tue May 25 15:07:28 PDT 1999

Yo, All,

Well, it's a blustery day (as Pooh might say) here in beautiful Wi. Tommorrow should be better.

Dina, If you love writing, you're in the right place. Tell us a little about yourself, in what genre do you write? I'm torn between historical fiction and my first love, Sci Fi.

Americo, I think it's (T)he (O)ld (M)an.

S.N.Arly, I think I have the problem repaired, Thanks.

Take care,
Jerry Lee

Xavier (dirtylettersonly!:) Tue May 25 13:57:28 PDT 1999

Hello, Hello.

Well, I just wrote this long, heartfelt post and it got erased. Great. Let me try again:

As you've guessed by now, I'm back, and the rumors of that horrible croque accident are indeed false. However, I have been unable to post at my mere whim becouse my computer account at school has been closed, and my old 486 will not be nice. I do miss regular access to this place, and have even gone to the local library to use the computer. Did you miss me? (yea right).

Anyhoo, I see we have a few new writers, and thats great. A big hello to Squrl, Wes, Pnokio, Rose, Americo (only kidding) and I know I'm missing someone. Welcome to you all, I think you will like this place.

Unto the young woman who is loosing her Uncle, I wanted to send my heartfelt sorrow, and say that I know exactly what you are going through. I lost my Grandfather much in the same way to a brain tumor a few years back. He was a very kind and funny man, but when my mother and I visited him in his last days, he was like a ghost. He didn't reconize me at all and thought my mom was a nurse. He was still man enough to try and pretend, knowing that whoever we were, our feelings would be hurt. They were, but not for myself, but that this great man had lost so much, himself. He died a few days later and now resided in a better place. My heart goes out to you, my dear.

Well thats it for now, I'm off to check Shadows for new posts. Hope to see you soon.


dina Tue May 25 13:43:45 PDT 1999

i love writing~

jack Beslanwitch Tue May 25 12:21:37 PDT 1999

p.s. Americo left this on nearly the last message archived and thought it better that there should be at least something carried forward:

'Martin, I referred to the novel of Albert Camus "L´Étranger" and not to any French newspaper.
Tell us something more about you: where you live, what kind of books you read, if you have already published something or are preparing yourself for publishing soon... The better we know each other the better friends we'll become. (And do not call me Professor, please : I am almost on holidays...) '

Jack Beslanwitch Tue May 25 12:11:57 PDT 1999

Point well taken about the Notebook reaching Archival time. I will have the archive version up as soon as possible. Otherwise, you now have a tabula rasa to writ large upon. Take care.

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