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Jack Beslanwitch Fri Jul 16 01:05:37 PDT 1999

Arik: Finally got to adding you the short story workshop in the Workbook, but wondering what your problem was in posting. Yous hould be able to do this yourself. So, take a look at Short Stories. There are stories to be critiqued.

At any rate, sometime tomorrow I will make a stab at archiving the Notebook. Not sure how large it has gotten, but too large is likely the best description. At the very least when it loads slowly on my machine, it is definitely time. Take care.

The Old Man Thu Jul 15 20:48:52 PDT 1999

Greetings and felicitations,

A wonderful quote from Eden Phillpotts:

"The Universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."

May this be of use to all of us.


Weston Thu Jul 15 18:24:49 PDT 1999

Imagine my suprise at seeing myself addressed as KB8UKS in this website. I think the suprise was that I have become accustomed to the name. KB8UKS is the amateur radio license call sign issued to me in 1995. While identical given names happen, each call sign is unique in the world. Among hams (amateur radio operators), even when face to face, it is not unusual to refer to one another by these call signs. In fact, there are some hams who I know by call sign and sight, but not by name. So, I guess I, like Americo, have an alias. However, if KB8UKS visits this site, he will only speak in International Morse Code.

Americo - Your account of your pilgrimage may have helped me to understand an unusual political occurence here: It seems that a congressman, I forget his name, publicly hugged the back of our Vice President, Al Gore at a political gathering. Mr. Gore has a reputation by friend and foe alike for being rather stiff and wooden. (like a statue?) He is also known for having higher moral standards (more saintly?) than the President, Bill Clinton. Perhaps the congressman was attempting to elevate Mr. Gore to sainthood by hugging his back.

Rhoda - Any fear I have about the reaction of others to my writing has not prevented my from writing what I feel. I just related my mild concerns here as an aspect of the writing life that we will all have to deal with at some time or another. Your encouragement is appreciated.

Martin - I agree with your example of the Bible as the subject of multiple interpretations. I had not considered that this very quality may be a reason for the Bible's durability over time. Your reasoning has led me to think that the debate about interpretations has a healthy effect on a person's faith. The idea being that a seed of doubt is always being presented to challenge faith. We then work out and reaffirm our belief system over and over again in our minds.

Contrast this with known scientific facts from the table of periodic elements: The atomic weight of lead is 207.2

Yes, that's nice. OK. Where were we?
We accept the facts and promptly forget about them and go about our daily lives, unable to remember. A system of religeous facts agreed upon by everyone would soon be accepted and forgotten, unable to be remembered in an hour of need.
By this reasoning, Martin, you are correct to say that if multiple interpretations can be drawn from a story, it will be better remembered.

Wes (aka KB8UKS)

Faith is believing what you know ain't so. - Mark Twain

Americo Thu Jul 15 16:51:19 PDT 1999

Olá, cariños!

Rhoda: the name Portugal comes from Portus Calle. It means the "seaport of Calle" (this being a town by the mouth of Douro River, situated more or less where the city of Porto, or Oporto as the English say, is

The Portuguese are the descendants of a lot of ancient peoples like most Eurpeans: Iberians, Celts, Ghods (sp), Visighods (sp), Sueves (sp) — are the names of the peoples we learn at school as having lived here for many centuries. The Romans were here for a lot of time. And so were the Arabs until they were chased to the North of Africa in the 13th century. We like to say we are the descendants of the Lusitans, a tribe the Romans had a lot of trouble to defeat. Hence the name of Lusos to the Portuguese. Camões wrote "The Lusiads", meaning "The Portuguese".

I know you love History and am sorry for such a superficial information; a longer one would be tiring to the other collaborators of this forum. Have you published "Valerie's Song" yet? I enjoyed reading the first chapters of that book, as I told you in due time.

Cassandra Thu Jul 15 16:47:02 PDT 1999

*hugs* And happy returns to you! Good timing on that though, Sqrl and myself were about ready to move on without you. Seeing as that we are quite practical people, or mourning period was done in private, and briefly. But do not be offended, for we mourn for very few people. ;)

As soon as I get some more time...(possibly by hiding out on my windowsill all day, writing, and reading) I will take your advice and pick up Dostoevsky. Unfortunately, with the weekend comes work, and even less time for finishing that which I have started.

The book that I am now reading is quite interesting though. It describes the different psychological schools of thought's views on what pushes an artist to create, and a writer to write. Later tonight, I will try to hide from the throngs of admires that plague my America Online account so horribly, and attempt to throw a few of the theories out on our proverbial notebook "table".

But I must run now, my father doesn't know that I'm online... naughty naughty Casey (anyone up for discplining her? Where did that come from!! nevermind... my perverted mind seems to be working too well lately.)

Ta ta for now


The Old Man Thu Jul 15 13:45:29 PDT 1999

Greetings and felicitations,

Thank you for the kind words. You are correct that my 'true identity' is of no great importance. Suffice it to say that I got my name by virtue of a life lived long beyond my due. I look up and give thanks for each new day.

When the Old Man of lore made himself known to those who could appreciate it, they got together to find out what the best question would be to ask of him. They settled on 'What is the meaning of life'?

As writers, the answer to this question may be of much value to you. If you do not think so, then ask another. That is what I am here for.

Do not allow the sarcasm and cynisism of this age to effect you in your thoughts.

"There was never a good biography of a good novelist. There couldn't be. He is too many people if he's any good."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

T.O.M. (not Thomas)

Martin Thu Jul 15 13:29:57 PDT 1999


If your neighbours and friends are going to hang you because of some little misunderstandings they certainly are ignorants.
On the other hand, if you say all very clear and without missunderstandings what is there do be talked about? Nothing because you made it all clear. Luckilly you never will be able to do so.
What is it that keeps the great works in history in everybodys mouthes? It is their unclearness and the many ways they can be interpritated. Do use an example of your daily life.
What is the most famous book in the world?
The Bible.
Why is it the most famouse book in the world?
Everybody loves to talk about it.
Why does everybody love to talk about it?
Because there are more interpretations than stars above you.
Why are there so many ways to look at the bible?

.... (Fill in your answer.)


Is Lisboa still standing or has it vanished in another earthquake? You must have heard the stone falling from my heart as I read your last message. Unfortunatly it fell on my left foot and smashed it pretty badly. Therefor I am writing this message with the support of a nice nurse.
Post Scriptum: Hope my left foot is never going to heal.


This is the grapevine talking to you and he brings the message that Martin is very happy. Mainly because you said it so nice: More interesting reading. That is the way to go. He is going to put the bottle of Rioja into the cooler, so he is ready any minute to celibrate it when you discover Dostoevsky of which he is sure, that it wont take long anymore.


Allein Thu Jul 15 10:44:14 PDT 1999

Okay, found some funnies for you! :)

If a cat always lands on its feet,and toast always lands butter side down.
What happens if you put a piece of toast, butter side up,
on a cat's back and drop it?

Always remember One good turn ... Gets most of the Blankets

How many blondes does it take to make chocolate chip cookies ?
10, 1 to make the dough, 9 to peel the M & M's

Slogans Seen on Tee Shirts
Don't piss me off! I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.

I used to be schizophrenic, but we're okay now.

I do whatever the voices in my head tell me to do.

I'm one of those bad things that happen to good people.

How can I miss you if you won't go away?

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

Of course I don't look busy- I did it right the first time.

Why do people with closed minds always open their mouths?

4 out of the 5 voices in my head say "call in sick."

Well, that's all for now - hope that brightened up your day! :)
I aim to please.

Allein Thu Jul 15 10:38:10 PDT 1999

Hi all,
I will write in Shadows as soon as possible but as of the moment I'm:

a) too lazy
b) too busy
c) having too much fun w/ friends
d) too tired

Take your pick. :)
Auf Wiedersehen (my German is terrible - have to bone up for next year - I was accepted into German III)

Thu Jul 15 02:38:52 PDT 1999

Has the Comte de Saint Germain or Cagliostro passed through Your world?

Arik to americana Http:// Thu Jul 15 01:10:41 PDT 1999

Thank you americana, WOW, long time we haven't chat hey? ;-) how can you know "My writing" if the storie isn't there yet? (is that e clue for something?)

yours: Arik

Xavier Thu Jul 15 00:27:21 PDT 1999

Oh ye of little faith:

Hello all, I return at long last. I have receintly moved back to the place of my birth, Harrison N.Y., and have had no internet access for quite some time. As I can see, I have been forgotten quite quickly, but that can be forgiven.

Unto Casey: Have you too given up on me so soon? It appears you have indeed, but I shall look past it. I still plan on entering more additoins to Shadows, but this deadline is closing fast, and I am still without an I.S.P. (this is my dad's computer) Such is life, I guess, I shall do what I must.

Unto all my LOYAL fellow writes: A BIG HELLO! I have missed ye all, truly.

I guess that is all for now, i shall return when I am able.



Cassandra Wed Jul 14 22:32:28 PDT 1999

Gutentag jungen und madchen...

I'm just stopping by to say that I haven't deserted you, and I miss you all very much. Shame on my friends on AOL for keeping me there so long every night!

I have been writing on and off. And am still working on shadows, along with Sqrl, even though Xavier has gone MIA (missing in action, US army term.) changes the plans, but we can move on without him. :)

I've moved on to more interesting reading, as I'm sure Martin will be happy with me. I'm now reading Invented Worlds (the psychology of the arts) by Ellen Winner. It's actually very interesting. It goes into the actually definition of 'art'... which is quite evasive. And currently I'm reading into the different schools of thought on creativity... When I'm done I'll have to post some of the more interesting tidbits up here. They have a lot to do with creativity, and why people feel the urge to create.

Perhaps I'll return tomorrow with a few bits and pieces...
For now, I must get my beauty rest.

Ta ta


"... the problem of the human heart in conflict with itself... alone can make good writing because only that is worth writing about, worth the sweat and the agony." - William Faulkner

Americo Wed Jul 14 19:11:15 PDT 1999

Olá, cariños!
(Isn't this a nice greeting?)

Weston, a big hug to you. I consider myself defeated in our duel. You sing much better than me. (But I am going to do some exercise for a future opportunity. Fear, oh, Pavarotti!)

Martin, I've just read your e-mails. No problems, hombre.

Rachel. Go on with your great work. I still hope "Shadows" will be terminated (and not exterminated). Everyone seems to be working behind the curtains on our great project and I am not a man to give up (easily). I'll see what happens on the 25th July (Santiago de Compostela's day!). Maybe I can fill in all the gaps in Brazil, including an appropriate ending to the collective novel. I am behind your own curtains, people. I am reserving my own additions to fill in gaps, make adjustments and all that. So, do not expect more (visible) prose from me. You'll see it in due time (if you do your part, of course) Honestly, I am moved with your renewed enthusiasm.

PS A little question: who will correct my prose, after I do the editing? Eddie? Lena? Are you still there? Days of glory are coming soon to all of us!

(And we must debate here, in due time, new and more professional rules for future collaborative works.)

Jack: muchissimas gracias (This must be a mixture of Castilian and Portuguese, it sounds nice to me!)

Arik: happy birthday. Your way of writing is charming us all.

Rhoda Wed Jul 14 18:44:57 PDT 1999


Welcome back, pilgrim. Sounds like you have had an interesting experience. As a protestant I will never have the privledge. I have many Catholic friends, but I've never known any of them to hug statues. Then again, because I am protestant, they never admit it to me.

So you went to Galacia. Super. If I ever go to Spain, I will visit there, for it has a history similar to Brittany. The Galacians are Celts from way back. BTW, I have always wondered where the name Portugal comes from. Does the 'gal' have anything to do with Gaul or the 'Gal' in Galations or Galacia. It used to be before the coming of the Moors that modern-day Portugal was part of Spain. Doesn't it have a similar history as Spain? It was part of the same Roman province and had incursions of Visigoths, Vandels, and later the Moors. How did these nations become separate?


You must not be afraid of what friends and family think about your writing. Write what you believe, and be true to your beliefs. Also remember that you write science fiction. Science fiction is fiction!!! I personally do not believe in evolution (I have both religious and scientific reasons), but if I wrote science fiction, I would not shy away from using evolution if I could base a good story on it. I feel the same way with extraterrestrials. I could be wrong, but I simply do not believe they exist, but what would science fiction be without them?

If you are writing to please your family, members of your church, etc., then you are living a lie. I have strong religious beliefs and I try to filter everything I write through them. I work to make my writing pleasing to God, but in all honesty, there are things I write that will shock some people I know. I am prepared to back my writing up. I would never knowingly write something that I think is morally wrong. These things are judgment calls. People do have the right to dislike your work and even to disapprove, but you on the other hand are free to write what you would. You will never please everyone. I personally know people who disapprove of romance. Some even disapprove of Inspirational Romance. If I listened to these detractors, I would never write the things I love. Be yourself in whatever you do. If you don't, you do yourself and others a tremendous disservice.

That Old Man might be Thomas. Interesting idea. Thomas, if you are out there, God Bless. I think we had best respect The Old Man's privacy, whoever he is. He has his own reasons for being known as "The Old Man." Whatever he wishes to call himself, I love his comments and his participation.

Happy writing!


Weston Wed Jul 14 17:41:41 PDT 1999

Martin - If you call me a Funker here in this place, some of the readers will be offended. At best, they may think that I am a fan of the famous rock band Grand Funk, started here in Flint Michigan. At worst, the readers will think that you use rude language and have poor spelling. If you call me a Funker I would not be offended because I know you speak German, and I know that in German, Funker means radio operator. I am indeed a radio operator, specifically an Amateurfunker or amateur radio operator. This is a simple case where writing a single word in an unclear context could be misunderstood by an ignorant person. The problem is magnified as the number of words increases.

Now I have committed an offense by labeling someone as ignorant. To be ignorant is sometimes taken to mean uneducated, simple minded or stupid. Merely being ignorant of the German language (here in the states) does not mean any of these things. Do you see how hazardous writing can be?

I expect problems with some of my family and friends when and if some of my science fiction stories are published. To write stories, fiction or fantasty, that depart from religeous doctrine about the origin of the universe will cause some of these kind and gentle people to call my faith into question. They will pray for me. But I probably need it anyway.

I suppose that I will never satisfy everyone, but I would perfer not to be hanged by my friends and neighbors because of a small misunderstanding.

Perhaps I take this too seriously.


Americo Wed Jul 14 17:08:43 PDT 1999

Olá, cariños!

That's just me (without my heteronyms — this is the right word, I'll check the spelling later, you check the meaning in a dictionary and in passin read something about Fernando Pessoa in a good encyclopedia, in case you know nothing about the greatest Portuguese poet of this century : heteronyms/Fernando Pessoa).

That's me back from Galicia, where I went in order to hug Santiago de Compostela's back — that's right, an old tradition, you hug the back of the statue! You queue for an hour or so to hug the saint's back. I refused to queue for so long just to hug the back of the saint. Conclusion: a row with my spouse, who loves queueing for hugging backs of statues. (Never for hugging my back, which makes me feel a bit jealous of Santiago de Compostela). Do you also have rows with your spouses? Probably not. It's only me, I know. It has always been like that since my early childhood. Whenever I refused etc, — rows with spouses.

What was I saying?

Ah. The idea was to go to Santiago de Compostela. So we reserved a room in a "nearby" hotel. Very near, indeed. 70 kilometres from the back of the saint! Payed in advance in Lisbon. That caused the first row: I was a bit angry when we found out that the hotel was in another city, almost in another country. She said that wasting hours in autopistas (autoestradas/highways/motorways : you choose the "heteronym" — here it's synonym of course) and paying tolls every twenty kilometres was part of the pilgrimage and therefore of the fun. I did not agree. My idea of a pilgrimage is to sit on a sofa right at the back of a saint and read a book while people kiss its back. But it cannot be. You have to stay at least in A Coruña to get up early in the morning in order to be at Santiago de Compostela in time to... I give up this story.

In conclusion. Protestants are wrong when they say that Catholics adore statues. They do not. They just kiss their feet and hug their backs. I find this tradition very respectful but rather boring. I should be a Catholic, right? I was baptized and all that. And I do not mind hugging the back of Santiago. But queueing in a narrow corridorjust for that is above my faith. I think I'll go to hell. Can you help me? Without trying to convert me to another persuasion, of course.
Paulo, bem-vindo. BTW: haven't you got anything better to do than writing to our notebook? And how's Jú?
Rhoda: I am not T.O.M. I suspect that's old Thomas because of the initials and his expertise on wines.
But I am not sure.
PS. The best of the trip was that I brushed up my Galician, the language of great writers such as Rosalía de Castro, Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, Emília Pardo Bazán, Valle-Inclan, Camilo José Cella (Nobel Prize), etç. In the Middle-Age Galician and Portuguese were more or less the same language and we produced the best poetry in the Europe of the time: as cantigas de amigo, de escárnio e mal-dizer, of Provençal origin by the way. It will be ten pesetas for this information. Yous see, I need to go back to Santiago de Compostela and ask the saint to forgive my irreverence. I may even hug his back next time.

Larry Edwardts Wed Jul 14 14:15:50 PDT 1999

Thanks to everyone. I feel like I've fallen off a horse. Sometimes it is tough to get back on that equine beast. Who said, "There is nothing new under the sun."? Maybe I should write about something else familiar, like computers. If there is anything I can do to help anyone else just email me. I've been in the computer business over 25 years.
Are most of the users in this forum primarily writers? What does everyone do for a living? I fix things for a living. Everything from laser printers to mid-range computers. If I can answer anyones questions, just e-mail me.

Martin Wed Jul 14 12:53:37 PDT 1999

Hey guys

An american is winning the Tour de France and none of you is cheering. What’s up? Have you fallen into the Dornröschenschlaf?


What is troubeling you if someone interpretes your story different than you do?


Rachel Wed Jul 14 12:47:12 PDT 1999

Hi all

I just realized that I never made any comment back about having met SKSPerry (Steve) and his wife.
Our meeting was a blast. I had lots of fun and Steve is exactly the way that he presents himself. Well, aside from one thing that surprised me.
They guy smiles all the time! In the pictures he sent to me he was not smiling. I mean he didn't look grim and scary, he just wasn't smiling, so I didn't expect him to smile.
Well did I ever get a surprise on that one, they guy is a smile a minute sort. Great big grins all over the place.
He was able to give me some good computer and karate tips (thanks a lot you)!
Meeting he and his wife was a great experience and one that leaves me feeling that I would be glad to meet other net friends without hesitation.

Larry - I just wanted to tell you not to give up.

Shadows people - Are you still out there? Are there still Shadows people? If you are still out there this is just a note to say. WOW, would yah just look at the date, hum, the 14th all ready...
Write, write, write!!!! Weeeeee Ha. We can do it!!!!!!!!

Take care all

Wed Jul 14 12:38:48 PDT 1999

Arik to all Http:// Wed Jul 14 10:12:04 PDT 1999

Hello all, again,how are you? I have a new site and I want to make it better, if you'll have a time for it, please, step into it and tell me what do you think, I will be happy :-)

Yours: Arik

Arik to Sqrl Http:// Wed Jul 14 01:23:19 PDT 1999

Sqrl, thank you, its ok you are a little late, people say "happy birthday" after 1/2 year so I dont know wich one they mean :-), have fun
yours: Arik

Weston Tue Jul 13 20:23:28 PDT 1999

We writers risk much when we put thoughts and ideas in writing. We seek acclaim or distinction, but risk condemnation, ridicule or just plain indifference.

I once wrote a story where I deliberately left certain details vague and allowed the reader to insert his own prejudices and stereotypes. The result was that I was villified when the reader ascribed those, his own, prejudices to me.

There remains the possibility that deeper unconsious aspects of our personalities or souls are revealed unintentionally in our writing, but that would be better judged on the whole body of a writer's work rather than a single piece.

Martin - The thought of multiple or unintended interpretations of my writing is troubling - unless I agree with all the possible interpretations.

Good Words to all


Sqrl Tue Jul 13 19:50:40 PDT 1999

Happy Birthday (sorry I'm a little behind)

Question: What's happening to my posts? I know I posted a few a couple of days ago. I know this hasn't been archived. So where'd they all go?

Now I'm confused.


Diana Tue Jul 13 18:43:20 PDT 1999

I have had the experience you speak of many times, and like Hootie said, it is great when you find something you wrote long ago and it is good, or you can use it in something you are writing now. I find it to be something akin to buried treasure, and often go back and rework some old pieces with merit. I especially enjoy reading them and being able to remember what exactly was happening at that moment in time in my life when I wrote that particular passage. Also, back to that writer's block thing.... it is fun to go "mining" through old notebooks when the muse isn't being very nice to you. Just the thought of not having to use her aid is enough to bring this fickle creature fluttering back to your desk. Live, from New England, Diana.

Hootie Tue Jul 13 15:55:35 PDT 1999

Rhoda--One of the reasons that I continue this noble but frustrating endeavour called writing, is that when I go back and read something that I penned years ago, I see good things that I don't remember writing. And more things that I could fix to make it better. Even better is when I realize that something that I'm currently working on has those really good lines or scenes. It's sporadic reinforcement, which I think was mentioned here before as one of the most powerful motivators.

Tue Jul 13 15:51:00 PDT 1999

Rhoda Tue Jul 13 15:45:51 PDT 1999

Has anyone here had the experience of writing a book or short story and then going back to it years later and finding things in it you were never conscious of as you were writing the book? I have. The written word is a very fluid medium. I suppose that is what makes reading so interesting. Also there is apparently a lot of the creative process that takes place in the subconscious of a writer. In regards to Michele's point, perhaps there are things writers convey without ever meaning to, and whether the effort to deliver this point was delibate or not, the essence of it is certainly valid.


Martin Tue Jul 13 14:07:25 PDT 1999

Foul ball! The more interpretation you get from a story the better your writing. One of the climaxes of literatur is the Grand Inquisitor sequence in the Brothers Karamasov by Dostoevsky; and believe me, there are more interpretations than sand pebbles on an Hawaiin beach. If you have not read it yet do it. It will change your life.

Rachel Tue Jul 13 13:12:54 PDT 1999

Hi Arik - I took a look in the workbook for your stuff. At this point you have not put anything in, but I will keep checking.
Take care you

Michele Tue Jul 13 12:38:05 PDT 1999


I've been writing a fair bit myself this last week - adding new material to my web site... amongst other things...

Anyway I wanted to make a comment re: what a story means - something I've learnt this last year is that no story means the same thing to different people - that is, that there are as many "readings" of a "text" (to use the literary-critical terms) as there are readers of a text... Not only that but if an author explains what a text means, they are just giving you another text - which is also open to interpretation... I have learnt that there is no one "correct" reading of a text - and that what the author intends is not necessarily better than what the reader understands from a text... what I am trying to say is that just because someone understands something different from what you intended them to understand does not make you right and them wrong - nor does it mean you are not a good writer... Words are tricky things, and everything is simply a matter of interpretation... and as a voracious re-reader of books, I'd like to add that no book I've ever read has meant the same thing to me twice... because I am not the same person I was when I read it before - I may be in a better mood than before (or even a worse mood), but generally I find that my ideas have changed or something has gained (or lost) importance to me and so I read things differently than I did the last time...

(Does that make sense ? My mind is a little cluttered with generating a glossary of literary terms for my web site so I have a head full of HTML code and literary terms. Plus I am plain tired !)


Arik to all Http:// Tue Jul 13 12:25:49 PDT 1999

Hello all, thank you very much: Rachel, Allein and Rhoda. It is really fun to have "friends" like you :-)

In a few days or houers (depends on jack) you'll be ablr to see my storie, you didn't had the chance to see my writing so if someon wanna look t it it will be in the work book

Have fun for now:Arik, lock ness, TironZ

Rachel Tue Jul 13 10:52:40 PDT 1999

Hi all

To those of you not into the Shadows project do not read my post any further.

Okay, this is shameless promotion of Shadows, but, it would seem the project is in need of a little promtional effort.
I wanted to let you know that both Jack and I have added to Shadows. Drop in, check it out. Feel free to add something. (great big smile)

Take care all

Rachel Tue Jul 13 10:37:56 PDT 1999

Hey all

Rhoda - I would be so excited if I got to find out what sort of stuff your character go up to in New York city with her new found fortune. I bet you have millions of ideas (grins and laughter) One idea for every dollar that your character won!
I also seem to enjoy the crunch of a deadline, or why else would I be taking so long to get my stuff onto the site.
I added something this morning. I have three more additions in progress and plan to try and write two more this afternoon. (Yup, I found a moment when I am not wildly busy!)
It must be fun getting to visit with your dad and brother at the same time. I bet your kids are loving it. I know that mine enjoy it very much when we have friends or relatives come to stay at the house.
Hope to read something by yah.
Take care all

Allein Tue Jul 13 10:30:36 PDT 1999

Arik - HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come! :)


Rhoda Tue Jul 13 09:57:46 PDT 1999


I relate. I had a very similar experience awhile back ago when I entered my book in a contest. I must have written the synopsis badly because the judge interpreted that story wrongly in many respects. I could only yell and explain to my poor husband who just happened to be the handy recipient of my rantings. In the end I concluded it was I who failed.

On the other hand, you must consider that some individuals are more detailed readers than others. Reading comprehensions do vary. In the case of your critique group, the writer might not have written the story wrongly. It could simply be that if the story was read outloud that certain people missed details. I suppose that as writers we must realize that what we write might be technically accurate to what we are trying to convey, but sometimes we don't clarify and emphasize important things enough. We are communicators first and foremost. When we read our work back to ourselves we have to make believe we are average Joe Reader with the many distractions the world has to offer. Are we being clear enough? Is our writing so interesting that Joe Reader cannot help but push aside the things that compete for his attention and give every thought to our book?


Forgive me for getting your name wrong. I will refer to you as Arik, of course. Happy Birthday. Enjoy every single one of them, and I hope that you have many.


Welcome to the Notebook.


I work best with a tight deadline. I suppose I am just waiting for the deadline to get even tighter so I can deliver to Shadows my best work. Nothing excites the imagination like adrenalin. Actually I have had my brother here from out of town. This week my dad is here to visit. Excuses, excuses, I know. No one will be more disappointed than myself if I do let that deadline go by and fail to add more to Shadows.

Happy Writing!


Rachel Tue Jul 13 06:40:40 PDT 1999

Arik - Hi you - My birthday is September 24. All is well with me (big smile and much laughter) Yes, I survived my weekend and the camping trip with all seven of the kiddies. We all had lots of fun!
Take care you

Arik to Rachel Http:// Tue Jul 13 06:28:08 PDT 1999

Hello Rachel, and thank you for the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" :-) When is your birthday, how are you? etc...

yours: how do YOU call me?

Weston Tue Jul 13 06:06:11 PDT 1999

Someone once described the violin as a contrivance by which the tail of a horse was used to extract music from the entrails of a cat. The process, painless for the horse, requires considerable sacrifice on the part of the cat. But it improves the cat's singing voice. Jon should have thought of this. Will this be his fate? The saga continues...

To All:
Have you ever had to explain one of your stories to a reader? If so, perhaps your story has failed. In our local writer's group, after reading a story, the author remains silent while the rest of the group discusses the story. There may be comments on grammar, spelling or punctuation, but more important is the discussion on the content or the point of the story. Occasionally, the group arrives at a totally diffrent conclusion than what the author intended.
The author, silent throughout and sometimes on the verge of explosion, must resist the overwhelming urge to blurt out an explanation of what he intended to say. A fitting punishment for poor writing. But also a valuable lesson.

Now, did anybody understand any of that?


Rachel Tue Jul 13 04:28:51 PDT 1999

Hi again (big smile)

I just read back over some of the posts of the past few days, and would like to add my welcome to Larry, Diana and Paulo.


Rachel Tue Jul 13 04:22:06 PDT 1999

Hi all

Arik - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope that your boys spoil your rotten today!

Take care all

Arik to all Http:// Tue Jul 13 02:18:52 PDT 1999

Hello all, how are you?
strange how time can move fast, only yesterday I was 35 and today I"m 36 (Happy birthday to me :-) if you think about it, time can be the most strange thing in the world, it can move and move nd chnge things... well, now that I told you something booring like that, I feel better, dont know why :-)

see you: the "36th" Arik ;-)

Arik to Rhoda Http:// Mon Jul 12 23:20:04 PDT 1999

Rhoda, I am sorry to tell you this but my name is not Anik but Arik, but its ok if you whant to call me that way, I like :-). thank you for the "hot welcome" hope we'll be friends :-)

yours: Anik

Diana Mon Jul 12 20:05:23 PDT 1999

This one is for The Old Man,

Very well said! Your comments bring to mind a quote from Joseph Conrad- "My task.... is to make you hear, to make you feel, and above all, to make you see. That is all and it is everything." Diana

The Old Man Mon Jul 12 19:44:47 PDT 1999

Greetings and felicitations,

I have been called many thing in my long life, but never have I been held up to be a character from the imagination of anyone. Though I would be greatly honored to be associated with Americo from Portugal, humbly, I am not.
Having been a character for all my life, I stand before you all as on who will answer any question you may have of me. The resources of vast years are at my disposal and I am nothing short of honored to avail myself and my long history to you who will make the greatest use of it; Writers.
A more noble profession does not exist.
Many great 'characters' have lived long and productive lives, giving of themselves and making impact on those around them. Sadly, the vast majority of them failed to write down on tablet or paper those things they knew that others did not, and in some cases still do not. The ability to read and write and the desire to accomplish the latter makes you among the few on the good Earth who will be remembered as teachers long after you are gone from this fragile existance.
It is for this reason alone that I will come from the places I inhabit to do what you ask of me in the betterment of your work.
I ask humbly that you utilize whatever I have to offer.


Diana Mon Jul 12 19:39:23 PDT 1999

Rhoda - Thanks for the welcome. I do enjoy this site. I've kinda hung back and observed, being somewhat intimidated by the wide range of talent here. Just first time jitters. It is nice to have this type of forum at hand, and to have support from others terminally infected with write - itis. I have been writing for many years....journals, essays,prose,some poetry and short stories. Family members encouraged me, but you know how family can be. I figured that they had to do that, after all they are FAMILY. I would put it away for awhile, but it would keep calling me back, throwing the notebook open, and forcing me to sit and pour the words onto the page. I had no choice but to listen. I'm glad I wasn't deaf to my muse. She knew better than I did what was good for me. I never turned back, and I've never been happier. I have applied to college, and intend to further my education and expose myself to other writers.(Hey,I didn't mean THAT type of *expose*! Who said that?) Sorry, just the muse whispering in my ear,-she can get out of hand sometimes.

Regarding the subject of writer's block, I have a friend who says she gets writer's block only when her computer goes down. She is a quadraplegic and uses a PC for all her writing since she can not hold a pencil. Her spirit and guts are my cure for writer's block. I mentally kick myself in the seat of my pants if I even begin to feel it coming on. Then I apply my butt to the chair and if nothing else try to get the drivel out of my head so that the good stuff doesn't have to wade through the muck. Often times I put this away, and bring it out to be read days, or weeks later. Sometimes I find a diamond in the rough. Some are rougher than others, but I think all of it has a purpose.

Rhoda Mon Jul 12 18:16:40 PDT 1999


Is The Old Man one of your characters? I am getting truly confused. Everytime someone new posts on the Notebook, I automatically wonder if they are a personality that Americo has made up. I get espacially suspicious when they do not leave an e-mail address.

The Old Man:

If you are a real person and not from the imagination of my friend Americo, please forgive me. I like your comments, and to be honest, they do not exactly sound like Americo. But then who can tell, for Americo has a very diverse mind.


Good to see you on the Notebook again. I'm glad your hard-drive is operating again.


Sounds like you had a great time at your conference. I have been taking to heart all the things you have shared about discipline. I am endeavoring to write at least two pages a day. It is a wonderful thing to do. I feel greatly accomplished when do I write some pages. I also feel horribly guilty when I go through the day and fail to write anything. Serves me right, I suppose.

Anik, Larry, and Diana:

Welcome to the Notebook!

Well, I must go. I get to see Notting Hill tonight, and I must ready myself.

Happy Writing!


The Old Man Mon Jul 12 17:38:06 PDT 1999

Greetings and felicitations.

I have been on this good Earth for more years than I care to explain, but the reference to Chateauneuf du Pape does, in fact spark me.
"The Pope's new House" is a chateau overlooking the Rhond river in Provence and was built by Pope Jean XXII in 1320.
In addition to being a place, it is also a wine. Grown in the rocky soil, the grapes are heated well into the night with stored solar energy. The wine is better for it.

A modern balladier wrote into one of his songs the notion that we live in a "Graceless Age". This may be truth to some extent, but in the area of honor, may it never be so.
When confronted by those who would question this, most cherished bit of human self, we must defend it, even unto being speared with a fish.
Without impuning your honor in the least, for I know you to be a man of great virtue, may I humbly beg that I act as your second. If, for any reason you are unable to complete the task, it would fall to me to suffer the duel in your stead.

With best to all,

Weston Mon Jul 12 16:09:36 PDT 1999

Upon reflection:

1. Americo may or may not qualify as a great soul, but nobody can dispute that he has a large personality. A personality so large and creative that he can, no, must manifest himself here in at least a half a dozen personages. The sudden loss of these characters, beloved and otherwise could cause the loss of critical mass that has made this website so successful. He/they would be missed. This would be a shame. There would be no honor in ending Clan Americo.

B. My advisors inform me that the duel of songs could be so destructive as to render the site of the event uninhabitable for the forseeable future. Environmentalists and the neighbors would be unhappy.

Third. My powers are not unlimited. Psycological and creative energy has been expended in this little saga of Swordfish and Songs. In past days other stories have gone wanting. They need my attention. I leave it to others to supply an epilogue here.

Therefore, I hereby withdraw from the duel.
I shall have the honor of sparing Americo, (some of you will thank me) and if it is any consolation, Americo will have the honor, if he wishes, of claiming that I chickened out.

I remain here humbler, but with honor intact.


Jack Beslanwitch Mon Jul 12 13:39:26 PDT 1999

p.s. Read one half as one half hour and not one half page. Also, I just had a difficult time posting that last message and I think I have struck on what was happening. When two people are trying to post at the same time one gets error messages or it does not post at all and the other comes through fine. So, if it happens that you get a server error page or what have you, wait a few minutes and try again. Likely someone elses post will have made it through and you can post now.

Bon Appetit

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Jul 12 13:27:34 PDT 1999

Martin: It is not a question of writing just two pages a day, but building the discipline and habit of at least two pages a day or one half a day or what have you. It is not that I have writers block, but poor utilization and discipline of my time in regards to other demands and responsibilities on my time. What Kris and Dean were pointing out in the Workshop was that a small amount of time and small output could generate large results. It is the second half of the suggested scenario that Dean gave us that looked daunting, a story a week written from scratch to completion and sent out, week after week, for two years. The two pages a day is just building me up to the discipline to doing that latter commitment. I will not go into the full logic, but the bottom line is that for various reason, this approach will quickly get you past the slush pile, quickly get you noticed and ultimately will get you published. There are other aspects related to the business of writing and why this works, but I will not go into them here.

Doing the book is also laudable and the goal of doing a chapter a day is also laudable. However, my needs are practice at writing and finishing and getting things out. In the near term I think shorter fiction has greater potential to meet my intended personal goals. I have several books in the works that may also benefit from my increased creative output.

It is not writers block, but real world time crunch that has been at play. Part of that is maintenance of many web sites including this one. Therein lies the importance of re-examining goals. No, I am not going to drop the ball on mainteance of the Notebook, but I will make time for my writing. That is all I was saying. Take care all.

Rachel Mon Jul 12 13:24:10 PDT 1999

Hi all

Well, well, well. I just had a most unpleasant encourter with a net monster!
I wrote this post. I was very careful with my spelling and punctuation and then it got lost in space!!!!!!
I doubt that this post will be as good, but, it will be a post and I will get my message across.

TO ALL WHO ARE WRITING IN SHADOWS - This is just a quick little note of encouragement and a reminder from me as a co-editor that the deadline for Shadows is getting close. Sooooooo, it is time to pull out your pencils and your pads of paper and get writing (big smile)
Yikes! Holy Cats!!!!! I just had to duck about four different pads of paper that came flying at me. WOW, relax folks. I'm not trying to offend yah, just a little bit of encouragement and a reminder.
Well that said I should get off the net and get to work myself. I also am far from done with my contributions with Shadows.

ALL - Sorry about the Shadows blurb on the page, but, I didn't want to send a stack of private e-mail. I am feeling tired and lazy today.

Take care all

Martin Mon Jul 12 10:17:15 PDT 1999


I do not understand why you are so concerned about writing tow pages a day or a book a year. I think there is a big difference between the goal of writing a book and writing itself. Writing a book is a goal you keep at the waterfront in your mind and every day you are not reaching that goal you are getting more and more frustrated. Your concentration on writing two pages a day opens the wrong valve and directs all the essential energy into a cul de sac. An unclimbable mountain named writer’s block is more than the logical consequence. A good reason to stop and start all over but you have no intention. On the contrary! You even feed your writer’s block with a time limit (two pages a day). Dear Jack, to be honest, I feel sorry for you.


Jack Beslanwitch Mon Jul 12 03:16:50 PDT 1999

p.s., just realized the correct URL for the Chelsea. For those that want to take a look. BTW, not sure there is a street vendor for newspapers or an alley as I describe in my addition to Shadows, but if there is not, I am creating one virtually.

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Jul 12 03:05:53 PDT 1999

Goodweed: Welcome back. When I get a chance I will take a look and do whatever pruning is necessary. Glad you are nearing completing on the Darkness project.

    On to other news. I have added a new bit to Shadow and sometime today or tomorrow will begin my speech. So Allein if you are going to do the Tea, best be ready. I suspect Fran will want to do some Karaoke, but I may be her voice for this. Take care all. The clock is ticking on Shadow, so lets get started and finish it off.

Godweed of the North Mon Jul 12 02:00:38 PDT 1999

My computer is back on line (actually I have a new motherboard, CPU, and case. I just moved over the old video and audio cards, along with the hard and floppy drives, and the CDROM. It works, but not perfectly. I can't seem to get the CDROM to work in DOS mode.

I'm running Windows95 upgrade on a 180Mhz. Pentium Pro and am using an Optimad soundcard and Sony CDROM driver. Anybody who has suggestions on how to fix this problem, e-mail me.

I hope there are a few who remember when I posted to this site regualrly. It is difficult to do so now due to increased demands at work and home. I still lurk however.

Jack; I posted to "Darkness" twice by mistake. Are you able to delete the first posting, as it has some errors in it (of course there are a few typos in the second one as well, but I consider this rough draft).

In the arena of writing news, I am collaberating with another writer from this site on a project (though we are just starting) and have three other projects on the burners. The second story in the "Talisman series is nearing the three hundred page mark. I hope to complete it in another hundred or so pages.

So much to do, so little time and resources. I guess that is why we are here.

Good writing to all my freinds here, both old and new.

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Allein Sun Jul 11 13:36:17 PDT 1999

Larry - actually, there is a place where you can post your stories and have others critique it - in the writer's workbook. Just click on the workbook button at the top of the page and it will take you to a form to fill out. Fill it out and then Jack will provide you with a username and password. You can post your stories and such in the workbook and I'll be sure to read them when I have the time.

But anyway, I have some place to go now. Hey! TV counts as a place!

Paulo Sun Jul 11 10:24:35 PDT 1999

Hello everybody!

My name is Paulo. I understand that none of you knows me. Anyway I've already been introduced by someone you know very well, I mean Americo.

I can tell you I'm real. I'm not a product of Americo's Imagination.

Probably I'm out of the context of this place, because in fact I'm not a writer. I'm simply a Systems Engineer aged 38.

Time to write is not much. Anyway, my uncle is a writer, and he is pushing me to do so.

I will reach you again, one of these days.

See you.

Americo Sun Jul 11 10:16:22 PDT 1999

Good morning, everybody!

I am in Braga,at Paulo's,my nephew. He's going to put us up for the night. Tomorrow Maria Emília and I will proceed our holy trip to Santiago de Compostela, where I'll pray for the "morituri" ("those who are going to die",i.e.,Weston and Steve). Get ready for the big duel, ladies (all dressed in black, please) and gentlemen (barefoot and with a glass of beer in their hands).

Arik to howard Http:// Sun Jul 11 01:22:17 PDT 1999

howard, it was nice to hear from you, I'm gald you like me *lol* and thank you for the nice welcome, :-)

yours: Arik (or however you'll call me)

Atik to Larry Http:// Sun Jul 11 01:18:13 PDT 1999

Larry, I'm glad we could help you ;-) I know the feeling, now, when I just finnished a book, I have the same feeling... no body likes it... but it will pass (I hope so)

yours: Arik

Jack Beslanwitch Sun Jul 11 00:43:45 PDT 1999

Larry: Not to worry. If you read back through the archives to any great length of time you will encounter an occasional sprinkling of hot words and hurt feelings. Not often and miles short of the pyrrhic conflagrations on nuclear steroids that you will find elsewhere. What is going on here is creative banter among a lot of folks who care for each other a great deal for all the fact that we pepper the globe and have not met each other in person. The one exception I can think of is Ben who has not graced these pages in many a long moon.

Of course, in Shadows we all meet in person, but that is another story ;-)

Take care everyone. Earlier today the drawer holding my keyboard collapsed during a rather heavy handed game of Half-Life. So this is being done with my keyboard balanced in my lap. My new video card and Half-Life truly are very happy and I have to watch out not getting dragged away from the Notebook, writing and my professional responsibilities. Oh, well, caught babbling again. See you soon.

Cassandra Sat Jul 10 22:37:38 PDT 1999

You're perfectly welcome to visit our fine school, as well as any other notebooker. I don't know if they offer any programs you'd be interested in. But the link after my name is to the college's official webpage.

*yawn* I've beenworking since, in effect, Thursday. Sqrl and I directed tours of the campus for the incoming freshmen class on Thurs and Fri. And then I worked Friday night, and from 12-7 today. Needless to say,I'm tired.

So, good dueling to all, and if we bring the fensing foils in here, I might be tempted to join in on the frey. :)

Ta ta


"For a creative writer possession of the "truth" is less important than emotional sincerity." - George Orwell

Larry Edwardts Sat Jul 10 22:17:44 PDT 1999

I would like to add something upon that last comment. I may have misconstrued the import of some posts. I may be wrong but I deduced a hint of hostility in some posts. Probably just fun, or was it? Warriors? Cabal?

Yes, I do want to hear about the personal struggles of fellow writers. I even like a chuckle now and then. (thank you Allien for those quips). Maybe religion is a personal struggle for some writers. It is for a lot of people. It is not for me. If you want to know what I beleive, ask. I'll email you. But please do not use religion as a threat. I am sorry if my last comment offended anyone. Maybe I'm a little punchy from other forums that turn into a slugfest of random, chaotic, meaningless posts.

Larry Edwardts Sat Jul 10 22:02:34 PDT 1999

Thanks to Martin, Arik, Allien, and Jack. I needed that. I received another two rejections since I wrote my original plea to your kind hearts. While they were apologetic, full of praise, and even informative, they were still rejections. It seems I have created a story that does not fit the needs of publishers. It is not commercial. I guess I tried too hard at being original.

I do have a suggestion:

Would a place to post potential queries be a bad idea? I would like fellow writers to critique my query. Writers need to pool together their greatest resource, each other.

To those who offered to read some of my material:
I can not infringe upon your generousity. I would like to submit my letter of query and get some feedback. Let me know if it is okay.

To those who use this website for something other than literary support ( as opposed to athlethic support ):
Obtuse rantings will not cure psychotic disorders. It only deters from the excellent resource of our gathering. I personally do not care to discuss religious beliefs in a literary setting. If I want that, I'll sign up with AOL again.

Once again, thanks!

Diana Sat Jul 10 19:01:16 PDT 1999

Hi, y'all. It's just me again. I've been running around with my crazy life and have not been able to squeeze in any chat time lately. As it is , I have been staying up into the wee hours of the morning so that I may write. I've been following everybody's recent comments and enjoy your exchanges. It must be the voyeur in me! **Mischievous grin inserted here**
Howard, I might have a solution for your wildlife problem in the garden. No offense intended, but if Weston's singing sounds as bad as mine does, you could employ his vocal services. It might at least keep the deer and rabbits away. On a more serious note, I used to sprinkle hot pepper liberally around inviting areas. It worked. Also you can try stringing aluminum pie plates around. Critters don't like the look or the sound when the wind moves them. Hope this helps.

Diana Sat Jul 10 18:49:07 PDT 1999

Hi, y'all. It's just me again. I've been running around with my crazy life and have not been able to squeeze in any chat time lately. As it is , I have been staying up into the wee hours of the morning so that I may write. I've been following everybody's recent comments and enjoy your exchanges. It must be the voyeur in me! **Mischievous grin inserted here**
Howard, I might have a solution for your wildlife problem in the garden. No offense intended, but if Weston's singing sounds as bad as mine does, you could employ his vocal services. It might at least keep the deer and rabbits away. On a more serious note, I used to sprinkle hot pepper liberally around inviting areas. It worked. Also you can try stringing aluminum pie plates around. Critters don't like the look or the sound when the wind moves them. Hope this helps.

Allein Sat Jul 10 18:12:38 PDT 1999

Howard - Do you have a fence around your garden. If you don't, one might help to keep the animals away - but it'll have to be kinda tall when dealing with deer. Anyway it's just a suggestion. We have one around our garden and it keeps everything out - except weeds. :)


howard Sat Jul 10 17:38:58 PDT 1999

Oh my goodness gracious but this thing is FAST! It's back up and running again (partially) but still a long way to go. I had problems installing an ethernet card for the cable modem, and it required a reload of WIN95. I had to put in a new hard drive in order to reload WIN95 without formatting the old one. At least that's how I justified buying a new, bigger drive. All my files (including my unanswered mail) are still on the old hard drive, which I cannot read yet, and I'm trying to figure the best way to get at them without destroying them.
Why must writers be enslaved to the techno-wizard?

"I Have No Keyboard But I Must Write"
(with apologies, Harlan)

Welcome, Arik! I hope you enjoy your stay here. You've found it interesting already, I think, and it's certain that we're liking you already too! Where in Israel do you call home?

Martin -- I have not forgotten you!

Welcome back, SKS! We missed you!

I must run -- the deer and rabbits are eyeing my garden, and the wild turkeys look hungry too. They've already eaten most of my peas. Guess I'll have to take pencil and paper out in the garden with me and do my writing there.


Weston Sat Jul 10 16:41:58 PDT 1999

Just when I have the advantage, the rules change. Just as well, for I would almost rather die than eat fish.


I mostly sing very well - in church where the grace of God protects the faithful and those seeking Him. But outside those Holy walls, several people have been badly injured by my singing. And I wasn't trying very hard.
I shall have to go into the woods to practice. What to practice on? Rabbits? Deer? No, it would be unfair and too easy; their ears are too big. Weasles and skunks? Possibly, they are similar in size and personality to certain cats. But no! I have it! There were several trees damaged by a recent storm. I shall render them to firewood. Beware, Americo! And no earplugs allowed.
Judges will not be necessary.
Also: be sure that the insurance is paid up at the venue, as there may be collateral damage for which I will not be responsible. Spectators attend at their own peril.


Arik to "americana" Http:// Sat Jul 10 11:46:10 PDT 1999

Americana, how are you? I'm glad you like this name :-) americana means nothing in hebrew (sorry but it's true), I just felt like calling you that *lol* why do you have a few charectars? can I have also more then one person in the chat.... notebook :-) Hope to hear from you and the "others" soon: Arik

Allein Anderson Sat Jul 10 10:02:01 PDT 1999

Hi Jon - the cutest of cute teeny weeny kitty. If I were in Portugal (which, I hope to visit there someday - I hear it's nice)I'd hold you and pet you and scratch you behind the ears and give you lots of kitty treats. Then I'd have to let you go after about 10 minutes for I'm allergic to cats. :( Pity, cats are such beautiful creatures.

Well, I have to go. Duty calls.

The Prisoner of Albatross cell42@albatross/rhymeancientmariner/coleridge Sat Jul 10 09:47:12 PDT 1999

Just to tell you I moved to a cheaper hotel (e-mail upstairs). I'm reading the English Romantics. Coleridge, Woordsworth, Keats, Shelley. Oh, Shelley:

I arised from dream of thee
In the first sweet sleep of night
And his wife wrote "Frankstein" over a rainy weekend in Italy, I am not not wrong. Must check this detail.
"Over a rainy weekend". No comments.

Jon Sat Jul 10 09:28:40 PDT 1999

Yo, everyone.

To those concerned:

The weapons for the duels can't be swordfish. Americo thought it would be unfair for our contenders, as I and Pussy, being cats, would eat the weapons after killing our contenders. Pussy did a bit of research and concluded that it has to be ... singing. Yes, Weston and Americo will sing a song and the best singer will win the duel. Then, after Americo wins, Steve and I will sing a requiem for the sake of Weston's soul (if he has no soul, its benefits will be transferred for one of his friends or aquaintances with a soul). When I finish the duel, Pussy will sing also something . She did not say what and I did not dare ask. It must be some very sad Canadian song, as she is a great admirer of the said contender of mine.

These are the rules.

Best regards.

(no e-mail, unfortunately; I'm too poor for those luxuries)

Americo Sat Jul 10 09:16:12 PDT 1999

Good morning, everybody!

Sorry you missed me yesterday... Stop crying and understand: weekends are not my best time for Internet, though I've recently bought a second Mac just for "weekend-interneting".

Tomorrow I'll go to Santiago de Compostela. His feast is on the 25th and, this year being Santiago's Holy Year, I can't miss the fireworks. Actually I'll miss the fireworks, as I'll come back on the 14th, but I'll avoid the crowds. I go there because it's a wonderful pilgrimage place and I love las chicas españolas. I can't love los chicos because I am only heterosexual, a limitation most chicos españoles share with me — with these I only share friendship and tapas, gaspacho, paellas, bocadillos, sangria and Rioja. No segregation implied towards those fortunate enough to have broader horizons — as a potential Christian, I love everybody and want everybody to love me. But that's spiritual love. I love las chicas with... well, just love.

I said "potential Christian". In fact I am a pagan and my gods are the sun, the moon, the water and Chateauneuf du Pape (that's French wine, isn't it, T.O.M?) . But do not start rubbing your hands, people : I shall not go to hell. No one would accept me there. On the other hand, being an Apollo's priest, there must be some nice place in the beyonds for people with the influencial social status and earthly importance as I. I'll ask the Force (which, incidentally, has nothing to do with Star Wars, mine is just a modest cousin once removed from the Belum Stellarum one) if It can influence the Powers to get me a place of some relevance in the great and beautiful Apollo's Paradise — the best you can get for your money.

I must have gotten lost somewhere in the previous paragraph : I wonder what I was saying. But it was certainly something well said, expressing deep thought. Yes... And now? Well, better change paragraph and wait for the Muse.


Arik: you asked if I still liked the name "Americana". I love it. Let us make a deal: you call me "Americo" when you feel like it; "America" if you're addressing the feminine side of my personality (feelings, intelligence, curiosity and intuition — all that's good, actually). "Americana", being a somewhat collective word, will be used to refer to my multiple characters (Jon, Pussy, the Kawinkiedinks (they are three and very distinc personalities), the Prisoner of Albatross (not Alcatraz anymore, he was expelled from this one Friday night for not paying the rent) and Impala. (Sorry if I forgot any, my memory is not as big as my Encyclopedia).
I miss Impala. Where are you, Impala?
Any "volume" of this "Americana" is hereby identified as a manifestation of my talent for creating characters, a gift which the fiction writers among you certainly share. It's not a mental handicap, just a little talent. Whoever calls any of them "anonymous" does not know the language and should not write to "The Notebook — the Forum of the Wise and Knowledgeable", as it is known abroad.

Incidentally, Jack (if you are still reading): I wrote the words "writer/ notebook" on Sherlock (the search application of modern Macs) and the first item it gave me was our own WRITER'S NOTEBOOK — no easy choice, as apparently there are scores of places with a similar name in the Net. Aren't we the best?!?! I shouted of pure joy and pride when I saw it!

PS. Jon is scratching my leg. He seems to have something "important" (his word) to say on duels. I'd better go to the pub now. Farewell, buddies.

Arik to Martin Http:// Sat Jul 10 07:28:42 PDT 1999

Martin, here is what I wrote:

well, Martin, it is nice to hear from you, "Loch Ness", I was called like that in the 1st grade :-) but its ok, if
you want to call me like that (I have a L O T) of names.

hope to hear fom you
soon, yours: "Loch Ness" :-)

Martin Sat Jul 10 04:24:02 PDT 1999

Loch Ness
You wrote something about Jesus and a book of time or seeing the time. I do not understand. What is it about?

I recommend reading the boigraphy of Herman Melville. He wrote one of the three best books ever and died as an unknown person. ( On the other hand Américo said earlier in the notebook something about a gold mine and loosing the map. This is typical example.)
I think it is a good Idea if you send your book to the different members of the notebook and ask for their opinion. You certainly can learn something from doing so.

Yes the book is about the Templers. Umberto Eco is an italian writer and to prevent confusion I gave the original title. It translates into something like: Foucault’s
pendulum. I do not know if the book is translated into English but thinking of Umberto Eco’s fame I am pretty sure. (I redd it in italiano)

Well. I hope you do not count me in your complain for I have always given my thoughts on your topics. On the other hand ther might still be a problem.......?

I thought I’d quitten
But then my heart ain’t gonna buy
That’s life - Frank Sinatra


Sqrl Fri Jul 9 19:22:11 PDT 1999

St. Rose converted to a non-Catholic College in the late 80's early 90's in order to gain finacial support from the state. This was done so that the students didn't have to pay as much money, even tho we're STILL paying out the nose!

You know. . .I could have sworn I posted a message up here in response to Americo's comment on "normal people" but my puter isn't regerstering it. hmmmm . . . maybe it's the puter?


Weston Fri Jul 9 14:31:55 PDT 1999

Oops. No header on my previous post.



Fri Jul 9 14:29:14 PDT 1999

Is there written somewhere a rule about writers and cats? It seems that where you find a writer, a cat will not be far away. Is the relationship symbiotic? I only began writing after a cat moved in. His name is Harold but he has several aliases: Harry, Herrot, Hairoid and Herod. Unlike Jon and Pussy, who have caused Americo much trouble, Harold has perferred to refrain from walking on the keyboard. He does, however, visit my radio shack and was the catalyst for a scientific discovery and the subject of an article that I published on April 1, 1997 in a local technical journal.
The article, too loaded with scientific terms and jargon to be of much intrest here, essencially dealt with radio communications with cat-generated static electricity.
You may reproduce my initial discovery by vigorously rubbing a cat and then touching the cat's nose with your finger. This must be done in close proximity to an AM radio and during conditions of low atmospheric humidity. Have no fear, the cat suffers no injury.

Martin - The Old Man has better Templar (Templarary?) knowledge than my dictionary.

Old Man - Thank you for filling yet another gap in my knowledge. It is said "a little knowledge and dangerous."
I am a dangerous man.

Americo - You are dealing with a dangerous man here. Swordfish it is! Piscatorial single combat! A thrilling new experience! Fresh fish only! Preferably still alive and flopping. The onlookers will be greatly entertained and amused.


Arik to Americana! Http:// Fri Jul 9 09:38:09 PDT 1999

Hello Americana, do you steel like this name? where do you think I am going? I'm staying here :-) You said it is a "Fantastic" place, in that case, I like it, I AM a fantasy writer :-)

Yours: Arik

Arik to Martin Http:// Fri Jul 9 09:34:35 PDT 1999

Hello Martin, I'm soory but I wrote your massage, to America at: Thu Jul 8 14:16:39 PDT 1999, I'm really sorry for that.

bye for now: "Loch Ness" :-)

Eddie French Fri Jul 9 05:15:59 PDT 1999

Yes, at the moment my characters are also sitting around in a decaying universe while I muddle through the menial details of this one. Now and again I experience the (transient) fear that that they may move on without me. I have also, on many occasions, determined to instill a measure of discipline into the pattern of my efforts at the keyboard. When I do this a strange transformation invariably takes place; My PC takes suddenly appears to don the black cloak of the reaper, a visual reminder of fearful tasks left undone and time running away swiftly. The result is that I begin to avoid walking past the doorway behind which it sits, brooding. I avoid at all costs any 'eye contact' with the screen, while the beautifully ergonomic keyboard drums an eight fingered roll on the desk. Eventually, this blight passes and as I take the first tentative step towards the keys I hear all of my characters cheering, urging me on to the next chapter in their halted lives. This is the period when I become prolific in my writing. My best work is produced and my printer groans under the strain of translation.
Sometimes this worries me. In the event of securing a publishing deal, would I meet the deadlines, or end up a quivering heap of brainless flesh and bone in front of my PC?
As you have recently done Jack, I invariably embark on these promises of committment to discipline after a good stiff dose of outside inspiration. Then, in more introspective moments, I have to ask myself if the self imposed discipline method of writing is really for me?.
I will concede however, that a certain amount of imposed discipline, when employed in 'Prolific' mode, does imrove my work rate no end. I'm afraid though, at other times it is like flogging a dead horse.

Digital desire:
I think I can answer this one concisely, one word!

Thanks for listening.

Allein Thu Jul 8 21:54:29 PDT 1999

Here are some funnies. Enjoy :)

The difference between a porcupine and a BMW?
Porcupines have pricks on the outside...

Ground Beef: A Cow With No Legs

A waist is a terrible thing to mind

Anything free is worth what you pay for it

Atheism is a non-prophet organization

I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not sure

Rap is to music what Etch-a-Sketch is to art

I'm as confused as a baby in a topless bar.

I get enough exercise just pushing my luck.

Didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.

PS: These jokes are not ment to offend anyone. I just got them from someone in an e-mail and thought they were rather funny.

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Jul 8 21:43:39 PDT 1999

Americo: I look forward to adding considerably to Shadows before you pull the plug on the 25th. Granted that is only two weeks away, but I think we can all add to the texture of Shadows in that time frame.

I would also like to see the Notebook moved ever so slightly back to discussions of literary topics and helping hints at the process of making a writing life a more productive one. I learned a great deal from the Kris and Dean show and am still mulling it over, but will likely add something more as I work through some of the books that they recommended and I now have on order from

In the past I kept up a weekly topic of discussion to spice the conversation here. I think this might prove useful again as we all make a crack at again seriously discussing what goes into a writing life. That in itself might be a good place to start. No, I do not want to go into what constitutes a writer or not. However, what are the elements that are often encountered in a writing life?

Taking a stab at it myself: there is the need to write. Yet, I find this is not really true. Until recently, I did not sit down and attempt on a scheduled disciplined basis to write. Then, in reconsideration, I realized that yes I did do writing. Here. Elsewhere. Just not in my word processor giving a stage for the many characters that walk around inside the landscape of my mind. They have been pushed aside so often I am beginning to think they are sitting in a back room with cobwebs and dust tapping their toes impatiently for me to open the door and let them dance. So, if others are so inclined, perhaps we could take a stab at what goes into the writing life. What is it to desire to express ourself on digital paper?

The Old Man Thu Jul 8 19:41:12 PDT 1999

Greetings and Felicitations,

A grand and hardy welcome to new and returned personalities.

The Knights Templar were and are a Scotish group. In 1116, they entered Jerusalem with the intent of representing Scotland in the Crusades.
They were given dispensation to bivouac in the Temple of Soloman, therefore the name, Knights of the Temple, or Knights Templar.
The organization is active to this day, with the direct decendants of the original Knights keeping the traditions alive.
In point of fact, the Templar compound in Scotland is said to be one of the very few viable sights of the Lost Ark of the Covenant. It is said that the Holy of Holies was long ago filled in so that if you tried to gain access to the Ark today, you would have to literally dig through 50 yards of Scotish marble.

The Wizard of OZ is a fictional character, (much like myself) who was reputed to be the holder of vast amounts of knowledge in the land of Oz. The worthy would be required to cast themselves down before his humbling visage before the knowledge they sought would be imparted.
The visage though, was just that, a mask designed to intimidate. As the story unfolded, we learned that the terrible wizard was nothing more than an ordinary man. No more than those who prostrated themselves before him.
When one refers to the Wizard of Oz, it can be considered a bit of a beratment, as one who makes himself out to be more than he is.

Take care.
The Old Man

Americo Thu Jul 8 18:10:10 PDT 1999


So you are out of "Shadows". What a pity! We were enjoying the meanders of your fine imagination. Perhaps next project then. Hope your server gets fixed for that occasion.

Anyway, folks, this is final:

On the 25th July 1999, "Shadows in a Dream" will be either terminated or exterminated!

Collaborators may then take what they have written home and use it as they wish (provided they do not plagiarize others' texts or my ideas). No one has wasted time, and it's been a lot of fun!


PS I wish people stopped with anonymous messages. They may become source of trouble. All our names are fictitious or corruptions in a way or another by the nature of Internet itself, But there is always a way of providing some sort of identification, at least to attentive readers, those that really count.I am sorry if my Jon and other friends have confounded some of you. I can't do without him/them and we have been happy together. They'll stay, if you do not mind. At least Jon can't go. No sir, he can't. But he is not anonymous, none of my characters is anonymous. He is a famous and brilliant cat.

I also wish the e-mail address were optional, as it happens in other buletin boards.That could avoid unwelcome correspondence or unwanted publicity. This is illegal!

A final note for those who complain but do nothing to improve this page. I am tired of suggesting literary topics who no one takes for discussion. It is quite natural that, seeing that, I may become impatient sometimes. I am a human being, not a robot.

I will stay with you for some time yet. Then I may go. That's life. These have been quite exciting times for me. I wish I could keep a good memory of each of you. I am sure you'd also like the same of me. I have tried to teach and learn, entertain and be entertained in various ways and on different occasions, sometimes sad, sometimes happy. I always took an active part in this forum. I wish everyone could say the same.

This sounds like a farewell. It is not. I'll be with you tomorrow and the day after and...

Why am I being so serious, so dramatic? I do not know. Perhaps I am tired. It happens.

Good night, everybody!

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Jul 8 17:32:18 PDT 1999

Americo: I took a moment and made sure the height and width tags were stipulated for the Kris and Dean picture. Things should load better for you now, depending on the browser. Text will load before any of the graphics. Am working on Shadow even as I am writing this. Just took a moment to peruse what was happening here.

Avatar Thu Jul 8 15:39:16 PDT 1999

The dark mood had been permanently lifted....

....until this insanely happy guy walked into the library where I was furiously typing away. He was so happy in fact, that I have considered pulling my dark side off the one it was stalking and having it go after him.

On a lighter note.....

Martin- is that book about Templer in English? Sounds right up my alley if it is.

Americo- If they are going to use swordfish, are we going to eat them afterward. If we are I'll come. I'll even bring my own tissues ;)

No. I am afraid that I have no claims to being Cabal. This is me being truthful here.

Wait a minute! If I am not Cabal.... and you are not Cabal.... then who is Cabal? (violins ominously screeching in the background)

Warning! Warning! Warning!
The servers of either this computer or the ones in charge of my e-mail have gone off-line. I was corresponding with Sqrl on our move in S'. I don't know when I'll get back on, or when it will be fixed. I may not be able to finish my part in S'! :(

I am sorry about the bad news, my friends. I know that some of you may have wished to read about the rest of my character in S' but, due to the deadline, I am afraid that is impossible.


Sorry. I don't usually swear, but this is tragic for me.
I feel like crying.


The Dark Side Thu Jul 8 14:39:27 PDT 1999

I do not believe the denizens of this area are taking me quite seriously.
Suffice to say that I was the one who locked the Portuguese up in the refrigerator, and am now stalking one of your number

The world will end soon


Loch Ness (Arik) to americana Http:// Thu Jul 8 14:16:39 PDT 1999

well, americana, it is nice to hear from you, "Loch Ness", I was called like that in the 1st grade :-) but its ok, if you want to call me like that (I have a L O T) of names. well, I just finished my new book so I'm bissy right now and I cant chat but I will be able to tell you more about me, my names and "oz" tomorrow. hope to hear fom you soon, yours: "Loch Ness" :-)

Americo Thu Jul 8 14:13:38 PDT 1999

Jack: the picture of the hanged people is making the downloading of the notebook too slow for my impatience. Five minutes for a miserable 40K! And we need room for a nice duel Jon and Steve on the one hand and Weston and I on the other are preparing. All the ladies are invited. Black dresses, please.

I have asked the Force what kind of weapons shall we use and It said there are strict rules on this. Nowadays sword-fish is all the rage. Very fashionable.

So sword-fish it will be. I'll win, of course.

Drinks free for all. (Steve pays)

And now I am hungry and will have supper.

Yes, I am the man of Alcatraz, Avatar. Are you Cabal? In that case everything is all right.

Arik: fantastic place this notebook, hein? And this is just the beginning. Do not go away. More tomorrow or next week. But now I am really starving.

Sword-fish for all the four contenders. Time for the duel? Let the ladies choose that detail. I do not like getting up too early.

See you later, alligators. (NO offence meant, right?)

Ciao and hasta luego.

Martin Thu Jul 8 13:52:16 PDT 1999

I begin with the easy work first.
Why have all the universities holy names? Because the first who were concerned about spreading education among the people were priests and so they gave their schools holy names for they were teaching in the name of the Good.

Here in Switzerland Nesis is usually refered to as a thing nobody has seen, talked to or ate dinner with but everybody knows nevertheless. It is supposed to swim in its own swimming pool in Scottland or as the great Scots name them: Loch. Therefore I will refere to you as Loch Ness.
I do not know Wizzard of Oz (hmm or what was his name you said?).Please tell me more about him.

For anybody who is interested in the Templer Order I recommened to read Umberto Eco’s ‘Il pendolino di Faucoult’. It’s full about the Templer and all the other orders at that time like the Cross of the Rose (Rosenkreutzer).
Wes - I thought the Templer were founded in Portugal?

Kabale und Liebe - Friedrich Schiller Here Kaballa means an intrigue to prevent that to loved ones find each other.
Kabbala - A very important book fo the Jews. I said Jews and not Jaws didn’t I?

Has anybody seen ‘The Matrix’? I luved it!!!

If Americo does not join your scholl I certainly will. Do they have something about Semiotic there?
Uhh? Mario Zimmer Bradley should that not be Fyodor Mikailovich Dostoevsky?
Thanks for bringing up the courage to post a saying of the day. I enjoy them ever so much.

Did you lately meet your neighbour spending some time in the refrigerator?


Allein Thu Jul 8 13:39:16 PDT 1999

Avatar - Don't worry, it's the notebook, not you. Infact, the notebook's been crazy for quite some time. And what do you mean it might be Americo in disguise - we all know that it is.
Well, I have to cut this short - my chia pet is bugging me for a walk and I have to talk to the voices in my head before they drive me insane - oops, too late! :)
Bai bai,

Avatar Thu Jul 8 12:52:35 PDT 1999

Men! (snort)
Jon and S.K.S.- am I invited? I don't like the blood, but I'd love to see your swordwork

Has the entire notebook gone crazy or is it just me?

Arik- for the sake of being rude I'll have to mention this. Ever since you popped into our lives here some of the posts have been making no sense and we have been getting visits from weird people who might just be Americo in disguise. And every time you pop up again, one or more of them surface. See a pattern?

Americo- Shame! I hope for your sake you are not the one from Alcatraz. I have a certain number of persons per human tolerance level and if you are I believe you have just crossed the line. Please refrain from doing so.

I have nothing personal against either of you. I rather enjoy your posts Americo and Arik's are mostly interesting.


I am afraid to say that when something unexplicable happens to the Notebook I cherish, my hackles rise and I begin to growl rather fiendishly. DO NOT let that happen. You can call it the force, the black wave of death, or even one MAD daemon if you want. But when it happens one of two things abruptly take place:

One) The world is destroyed
Two) Humankind is wiped out

This usually occurs after my good mood is wiped out. Then what you can call my dark side usually takes over. Good luck breaking it before the end of life as we know it.

Oh, no! Not now! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

The Dark Side

I am no Cabal and this may be out of place, but since it fits my mood perfectly, I shall post it. Maybe it will cause a fresh wave of dissension (evil grin)

Templars shed blood in
the holy land
In torrents it spills
through man's dripping hand
Of bloodthirsty saints
and demons that be
Shall come to a crux
which end shall we see?

My main goal here is to cause strife and dissension in preparation for the breaking of the world. Shall it come soon? I know not.
The pitiful being that once housed me will be allowed to finish her postings in the S' project because of my intolerance for her inexcusable whinings.

Fortune, does however, have it's costs.....

...and Wickedness has it's pleasures

-The Dark Side

S.K.S. Perry Thu Jul 8 10:19:11 PDT 1999

Hey all,

Jon, I'm afraid you will have to pay your own airfare, as I am rather pennyless. However, I will put you up for as long as your here. Of course if you've come to duel, your stay may be more permanent than you might wish, as I am rather good at that sort of thing, and I believe that as I am the challenged, I get the choice of weapons.

Of course, if you just come to drink and party, that's OK too. Us warriors pride ourselves on flexiblity, and life is too short to hold grudges.

Be Well, Live Well.

Weston Thu Jul 8 10:03:38 PDT 1999

At the risk of being associated with the Dark Side, I will say that The Force does indeed come from the Star Wars films and has become a cliche. I know of no one who truly believes in The Force, but the expression "May The Force be with you" has come into common use as a campy way of wishing someone "Good Luck" or "Good Fortune".


Weston Thu Jul 8 09:12:18 PDT 1999


Cabalistic Weston?!
Have I given the wrong impression?
I have written here about a few unpleasant situations.
Does knowledge of questionable matters equal guilt?
Have I spoken of evil without condemning it? If so, I am sorry.

Perhaps my writing is not clear enough. Are secret and esoteric arts about writing that I have not yet mastered?

I do not indulge in Internet Schizophrenia. If anyone here has the slightest suspicion that I have posted anything under any but my own good name, BANISH THAT THOUGHT IMMEDIATELY.

Groucho Marx once remarked "I wouldn't join a club that would have me as a member."

Quoting Marx doesn't make me a Marxist, and I will remain here if you will have me as a member.

Good Words


Arik to all Http:// Thu Jul 8 08:40:59 PDT 1999

Hello all, it is nice to hear from you, it is interesting how we can jump from subject to subject it two minnets :-) I have 2 questions, hope someone will answer to me :-)

1. Jon, why do you want to fight someone?
2. Please tell me what is "THE FORCE"

yours: Arik

Pussy Thu Jul 8 07:56:53 PDT 1999

If you kill youselves may I inherit your fortune?

(I doubt you undertand my attempt at making peace).

Kill yourselves!

(Editor's Note: Pussy is the wife of Jon and these two people are neighbors of Americo. The prisoner, I suspect, is Americo himself. No one of the mentioned people is the f*** Cabal or the caballistic Weston or the p... Well, let us see what happens.)

Editor means Americo himself. He is a bit impatient, to say the least.

Someone Thu Jul 8 07:50:23 PDT 1999

Cabal: please identify yourself. I was the first to call your attention to the bad taste of your sentence "Templars shed blood in the Holy Land".

Weston: You second my motion, protesting about Cabal's bad taste. But your cabbalistic interpretation of the name of the creature and his intentions seems ludicrous to me.

Please notice that I only post immediately before or after Americo. I may be him in prison, or he may be me in freedom.
Any moderate intelligence can understand this. What I am not is Cabal nor Weston for that matter.

Americo Thu Jul 8 07:42:29 PDT 1999

Woops! Correction, please.
"especially if it is a dead duel."

Americo Thu Jul 8 07:39:34 PDT 1999

What have you done to Jon? He was so excited with your return and now looks a bit crestfallen, not to say angry. He keeps asking people if they want a fight. Are the two of you preparing something nice like a duel? In case you do, I'd love to be the godfather (witness, if you prefer), especially is it is a deadly due. Say "yo" to him, will you? He needs a bit of kindness, like any other mortal.

Jon Thu Jul 8 07:33:24 PDT 1999

That's a deal, Steve!
You pay the plane fare, right?
When do you want me to turn up?
Can you put me for the night as well?

Arik to jack I guess Http:// Thu Jul 8 02:57:44 PDT 1999

Hello jack, can you tell me how to get a password for the book you are writing all together? or can you just send it to me by e-mail?

Thank you: Arik Nesis (TironZ)

Arik to Larry Http:// Thu Jul 8 02:03:54 PDT 1999

Hello Larry, you dont know me(I'm new here) but I agree with Allein, many of "them" dont know what is a good book and just saying "of you see the book is nice but..." and they tell you things they cant understand better than you :-) I'll love to read your books, storyes whatever(just e-mail it to me), I'll sure I'll like it ;-)

Yours: Arik or whatever YOU call me :-)

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Jul 8 02:02:44 PDT 1999

     Larry: I definitely send encouraging words and thoughts in your direction.

     However, you should be sending it to publishers and not agents. In most cases you do not need an agent until you have sold your first book, nor will the really good and useful ones look at you until then. Agents do not sell your books. They are your business managers. They negotiate your contracts. Even after you have sold and have an agent, the primary navigator for your career is you. Others may have different perspectives on this. And my knowledge is specifically geared toward fiction. Absolutely important, if a supposed agent starts talking reader fees or something similar run away and run away very very fast.

    Get it out to a publisher and begin writing your next work. There are exceptions to this overall rule of thumb. A Star Trek novel or Star Wars novel or other media tie ins will almost certainly only be offered to known quantities. So, first time out is unlikely unless you can formulate an end run. I know of one person who did so, but she went through Clarion and made direct contact with writers and editors in the context of an intensive six week workshop.

Do remember that several major works saw multiple publishers before finally published. Stephen Donaldson was one for his Thomas Covenant Chronicles. I seem to remember that Moby Dick took a while to find one as well. So, there is hope.

The other challenge beyond two pages a day that Kris and Dean talked about is doing a story a week and sending it in for a year. You can also substitute chapters in that challenge. Still, I am just trying to get the two pages a day. A story a week sends chills down my spine. Yet, I hope to take it up and see if I have the discipline to pull it off. Well, I have babbled on enough and hopefully not offended too much. Take care everyone.

Allein Wed Jul 7 21:57:04 PDT 1999

Larry - Hmmm...the four letter F-word, I use it all the time and...oh, you're not talking about THAT F-word. But seriously, what I would suggest is looking into other publishers - if you put ten years of work into it, it must be good. You know, I'd be happy to read some of it - some not all, I do have a life, it may be on life support, but I have one - and tell you what I think. :) I don't know if that would help much. Anyway, I know what it's like to be depressed. Don't worry - the publishers who turned you down obviously don't know good writing when they see it. Keep reaching for your goals.
Many smiles,

Larry Edwardts Wed Jul 7 20:07:53 PDT 1999

Please help me. I've fallen down and can't get up.
Ok so I wrote a book. Big deal.
I've submitted it to 6 agents. Four didn't even consider the material. I got the dreaded FORM apology ( i usually refrain from using a four letter word that starts with F).
One said my query was discussed a lot around the office. Needless-to-say, this invoked images of uncontrollabale laughter and derision.
Another said my query was professional. He actually commented on the material content but said screenplays were his forte'.
I am deeply depressed. I've spent ten years in preparation of this manuscript. Please! If you have any encouraging words or thoughts, leave me a message. I've become acclimated to the drugs and seek refuge in kind words.

S.K.S. Perry Wed Jul 7 20:06:11 PDT 1999

Hey all,

Jon, I'll gladly pay you the 23 beers I owe you. Just come visit me in Canada to collect.

Be Well, Live Well.

Jon Wed Jul 7 15:32:15 PDT 1999



Wrong interpretation. I meant penniless, not penisless. Wrong spelling. One penny, two pennis/pence. That's English.
When do you pay me the 23 beers you owe me?
Anyone for a fight?

Cassandra Wed Jul 7 15:19:27 PDT 1999

Americo- There may not be good, and not so good, but with the way the adminstration runs things at St Rose, it's worse than other universities that I've seen. And the religious name at our school is because it used to be a catholic college. It also used to be entirely female. The changes happened at least a few years back (Sqrl might happen to know the exact number) but it is still predominantly catholic, and predominantly women (for every 1 man on campus there are 8 women...)

I'm off to continue reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's Forrest House on the ledge outside my window.

ta ta


"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." -Jesus

Arik to all. Http:// Wed Jul 7 15:13:40 PDT 1999

Thank you all, americana, Weston and all the other people who welcomed me so warmly in here (I think "THE FORCE" and "someone" did it to... in there way :-))
TironZ is just a "Pen Name" you can call me Tiron, TironZ, Arik Nesis or however you'll like it :-)
Well, what do I have to say? feel free to chat to me about enything, e-mail me, visiting my page etc...
And thank you all once again: TironZ, Arik etc...

S.K.S. Perry Wed Jul 7 13:10:44 PDT 1999

Hey all,

I remember a while back, someone (I believe it was Michele) expressed her bad experience with meeting someone in person that they had met on line, and discouraged others from doing likewise. I've only met one person in Real Time (as I like to call it) and I can only say my experience has been quite the opposite.

I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Rachel, and I can honestly say that she is as bright, energetic, spontaneous, mishcievious, warm hearted and intelligent in person as she is on line. In short, she is everything she reported herself to be. As to what she thought of me, you'll have to ask her.

I can only hope that any experiences that I have with meeting my Net Friends in the future turn out to be as enjoyable as my first one was.

(My that was all too serious, at least for me. I promise to post something more irreverent soon.)

P.S. - surely there are more worth while topics of conversation to be had here than whether or not I am with or without a penis.

Be Well, Live Well.

Americo Wed Jul 7 12:34:17 PDT 1999

Yes, you passed all the preliminary tests. Of course you'll have to pass more difficult tests in the future. For the moment please join us. Here's a list of your duties (valid also for the other denizens, Jon included, I'm afraid):

1. come as often as you can and leave a nice message. Any thing will do. Rachel, for instance, just says (what does she say? I can't remember) while Jon rarely opens his mouth to say more than "Yo" (he speaks Ebonics). They are not talkative people. Yet we love them.

2. if you must go away for longer than a week, tell us. We keep a good funeral parlour/home and we hate competitors taking care of our loved ones. If you do not tell us where you go and for how long, we may think you were brutally killed (usually by Allein) and we start worrying about financial losses.

3. If you happen to read a book, tell us about it. Any book.
I love mainstream literature and poetry, but I am at the moment reading DayofHonorBookOneofFour—STARTREK—thenextgenerationAncientblood and enjoying it. People here rarely speak of cinema and yet that's the best thing Americans can do. Natives never know where their true gold mines are. Or they know but forgot the map.

Now that you are a full member of this unforeseeable community, you can bring your sword in for some time. Just until you understand swords are not safe here. I, for instance, adore swords in the form of sword-fish (grilled, boiled potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes) with a good white wine. Preferably eaten in the open, with the sea at my feet. I love having things at my feet. Incidentally, when I had a car (I am not a pollutioner and a potential murderer any more), I loved driving barefoot. Wasn't that sexy?

Well, I think I lost my line of thought somewhere. But it is more or less this, Arik.

A little request: no e-mails please. Jack, Rachel and Thomas are the only people allowed in my den. This is a temporary situation caused by urgent work to finish.

PS. You can call me Americana, as you have done in the recent past. That's feminine in my language but I do not mind. Americana is nice.

Allein Wed Jul 7 10:09:34 PDT 1999

Casey - You're right, however, you never seem to answer my e-mails either. :) But don't worry. I'm always on at nine if you want to chat but tonight, I won't be on between 10 and 10:30 because the new season of Daria starts tonight (finally) so I will be watching that - anyone who disturbs me will be brutally killed.
Well, I'm off to feed my chia pet.
Bai bai,

Weston Wed Jul 7 09:47:01 PDT 1999

"Templar Blood spilled in the Holy Land"

Were those words, posted here without explanation, an act of intimidation, a rude joke, or just bad manners?

The Templars or Knights Templar - a religeous military organization established in the 12th century in Jerusalem for the protection of pilgrims and the Holy Sepulcher. -Webster's 9th Collegiate Dictionary

It seems that Cabal, the poster, has chosen a name of appropiate symbolism and mystery:

Cabal - A number of persons secretly united to bring about an overturn or usurpation especially in public affairs.


cabala, cabalism - a system of Jewish theosophy, mysticism, and thaumaturgy marked by belief in creation through emanation and a cipher method of interpreting Scripture. -again, both from Webster's

I wondered if the posting, immediately following that of Arik, was an attempt to intimidate Arik. If so, I am happy to see that the attempt failed.

Welcome, Arik.

TironZ? Meaning?

The writer's life here has been slow. The day job and writer's block have conspired against me. However, while delivering my daughter, the geology student and writer, to the airport for a trip to Vancouver, we were discussing geology and I had an idea for a story. She helped me get the geological facts right and I'm back into writing mode.

Jack - thanks for the "two pages of manuscript a day" formula.

Good Words to all

Michele Wed Jul 7 09:26:20 PDT 1999

The reason why so many universities and colleges have saints or religious names - in Britain at any rate - is because they were set up centuries ago when the only people with an education were the monks and priests and they founded colleges to teach boys how to become priests - only gradually were women allowed in (it wasn't possible for women to take a degree at Cambridge until after the war).


Arik To americo Http:// Wed Jul 7 08:55:18 PDT 1999

so... did I passed the test? or I will have to try again later?.... teacher(the creaters you so like):-)
yours: Arik "The student" :-)

Arik To Americo Http:// Wed Jul 7 08:54:33 PDT 1999

Americo, it was nice to hear from you, what do you mean by: I dont deserve the girls? please explain that to me, will you? And now to your question. First of all, he wasn't illiterate, he was a smart man. Second, I dont think he had a book with him where the "Time" was written, I think it is more that he "saw the time". Now about that he is from country, he isn't just from my country, he was also jewish, but his students made from him a new believe.

Rachel Wed Jul 7 08:49:04 PDT 1999

Hi all

TironZ - I am doing great. Amost always am (grins). I will get back to you on the e-mail you sent to me this afternoon.
Thanks for the info on what TironZ means.

Americo - The Univiersity of British Columiba is very nice as is The University of Victoria. The high point of both universities is that they are close to me wonderful me!

Take care all

Arik - to Rachel Http:// Wed Jul 7 08:25:07 PDT 1999

Rachel, I will be happy to tell you, TironZ is my "pen name" on the internet. I dont know why but one day I just understood that the name "CoolMan" is not so good, so I thought about something original, and I came up with Tiron and after some time just added the Z I dont know why, so it is TironZ now... or just Tiron :-)

How are you?

yours: Tiron, TironZ, Arik Nesis, CoolMan or whatever you like :-)

Americo Wed Jul 7 06:05:53 PDT 1999

Good morning, my darlings!

I'm afraid the prisoner of Alcatraz (Albatross?) also knows Amos Oz and has confounded himself with me. Quite natural— aren't we all prisoners of our passion for literature? This sounds a bit... pedantic? Well, I also like soccer.

I thought that what characterizes a writer is his capacity for creating characters, but this sounds a rather awkward statement, perhaps for phonetic reasons. There is here a repetion of sounds that displeases me and, frankly, characters/characterize... Na... don't like.

Probably what characterizes a writer is his capacity to write... Hmm. I must think about this a little better.

I would love to spend some time in Washington University, Allein. Since you say you are "very insane", we'd become good friends quickly. I am the craziest person I know. This sounds a bit exaggerated. Oh, dear! I cannot find a decent sentence today.

Cassandra. There are not "good and not so good" universities. They are all crap. There are good and bad students. Teachers/lecturers are absolutely irrelevant in this issue. They are non-entities, anti-Force, enemies of the Entity and ... I hate them. I really do. Why am I being so masochistic? I did not do any mischief today! Well, not yet.
American college student life? With more or less coca-cola, student life is the same everywhere. Boring! All those books to read and so much life wasted in exams, papers, the stuff. But I would like to spend sometime at your College. St Rose, pretty name. It smells good.

Why have so many colleges religious names? I was a member of Corpus Christi (Cambridge) and a post-graduate student at St Antony's (Oxford), and that's where I'll possibly spend some time, if they can still bear me. St Rose, St Antony's (no h after the t, please), Corpus Christi... We are all priests and nuns here, without knowing it, of course.
That said, yes, I am a priest. I must find out a good religion. Yes, Apollo's priest. Nice persuasion, I recommend it. Apollo, as you know, is the god of music, poetry, prophecy, beauty, even medicine. I am quite good at all that, as you may have noticed.

And this leads me to the question of the day. Provocative, even scandalous, as usual. Jesus Christ was most probably illiterate. How could He read the times? He could! Explain that to us, both pagans and believers, Arik TironZ. He was a fellow countryman of yours, I believe. (Warning, I am checking you! Just to know if you really deserve such an illustrious company as the ladies and gentlemen here. The girls you do not deserve — no illusons about that, right? May voice raised a bit and I became red in the neck: no peaceful signs!)

And, to finish my morning pray, an even more daring question, to Jack: why does the gentleman (I'm afraid that's you...) and the lady in the picture look as if they had been hung? The gentleman certainly deserved it by keeping his hat on his head by the side of a lady. In my time (19th century) one would not do that. I still don't, but someone stole my hat last year, so it's probably not a fantastically, admirable and difficult thing to do. Even so, it has some merit.

As you see, Arik, we discuss here all kinds of things. Then we quarrel and go away for some time. But we always come back. Penisless, as Jon writes (he spells terribly!).

Cassandra Tue Jul 6 23:23:58 PDT 1999

Alive, yes, but ailing in the emotional departement of my life... I have given up on looking for a relationship now. For the options are looking rather grim at the moment.

I am writing, writing furiously, since there is nothing more to do when I am off of work. I seldomly leave the house, how I wish I could fly this place! Living with 2 men and a teenage boy isn't exactly fun. I'm so used to my freedom at college that this place seems stifling and oppresive, and it's supposed to be my 'Home sweet home'.

Shadows is slowly coming along. I'll try to pound out a few pages tomorrow, since, odds are, I'll be sitting around the house all day.

I'm sorry I keep missing you online... I'm just off and on so much at night that we keep getting 'near misses'

You'd always be welcome at the College of St Rose with Sqrl and myself. We could show you the ropes of how to live like an American college student... (as if you would ever want that!!) I am kidding of course, there are much better universities in the U.S. to choose from.

I'm sane, all the rest of you are freakin nuts! *laughing wildly* Speaking of nuts, ready to deal with those incoming freshmen on Thurs?? *evil laughter*

*yawn* Looks like it's sleepy time for me.

ta ta folks


"As I take up my pen I feel myself so full, so equal to my subject, and see my book so clearly before me in embryo, I would almost like to say it all in a single word." - G. C. Lichtenberg

Allein Tue Jul 6 21:14:05 PDT 1999

I have to agree with sqrl. She has a point. Plus, I'm not sane - I'm very insane, thank you. Now if you don't mind, I have to go walk my pet rock.
Bai bai,

Sqrl Tue Jul 6 19:36:40 PDT 1999

Miss me? I'm just checking in so that you all know I'm ok! Work has me running around like a "chicken with its head cut off." I prob. won't be on for a few days (again) I haven't the time, nor the place to visit. (did that sound right?) anyways. . . and Amerigo. . .about this post you made!
"Please do not pay attention to some messages you read here. Just listen to Allein and to me, the only serious and sane people on the block."

I RESENT THAT! I am PERFECTLY sane (when I wanna be ::evil grin inserted here::)

Sqrlmunk (I have mastered the art of idiotcy)

Allein Tue Jul 6 18:51:48 PDT 1999

Americo - A really good university is the University of Washington. It's incredibly nice and it's right across the water from where I live. :)

Tiron Z - I got your e-mail and will reply as soon as possible. :)

Have a nice day everyone,

Jack Beslanwitch Tue Jul 6 18:05:55 PDT 1999

p.s. I also got around to archiving. The archive of everything up to the last day will be posted sometime tonight. I am just taking off. Take care everyone.

Jack Beslanwitch Tue Jul 6 17:44:24 PDT 1999

    Well, back from six days in Spokane and mightily fired up after the Kris and Dean Workshop. Lots of new ideas and information, some of which is reflected in my cautionary notes on the Agents page. Also, I am determined to get disciplined about my writing and get back to it, even if the pressures to create web content or other duties seem to be insurmountable. And I especially have given myself the goal to add considerably S. Count on it, Americo.

     Other than that, my duties as bid chair for Westercon 56 have been equally positive. We started the week end with 20 pre supports are now are over 111 and sold lots of T-Shirts. The dragon trying to type on a computer logo went over well. So, it is looking more and more likely that this bid to have a Westercon in western Washington is really going to fly.

      Welcome to the new faces. I would have got in touch with everyone sooner, but my lonely computer which lived through the earthquake all by its lonesome appears to have gotten something rocked out of place and not working (16 color display instead of 256 or millions of color) and it took a day and a new video card before I was happily back to the Notebook.

     Final point. Whatever your genre, I strongly recommend the K.K.Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith Professional Writers Workshop. If you ever get a chance to do it ever, you will not be disappointed. The picture below is from the workshop.

Talk with you soon. Tue Jul 6 17:25:57 PDT 1999

why are you surprised that I know Amos Oz? What else can I do at Alcatraz except reading? Reading and drinking the blood of a guard or two for breakfast. I am the Force, am I not? Well, to be honest I can't remember who I am. Yes, the prisoner of Alcatraz. Not the Force. The Force is the Entity.
Bye, buddies.

Rachel Tue Jul 6 15:04:28 PDT 1999

Hi all

Hey TironZ - So now that I have called you that will you tell me what it means?

Take care all

Arik - To Americana Http:// Tue Jul 6 13:36:25 PDT 1999

Well Americana, nice as always to hear from you. I see there are "strange" people in this chat but I dont think it have to be a bad thing.. strnge people can be very interesting, in some way ;-)

Thank you for the massage, I really think it is nice of you to welcome me like this :-). I'm really impressed that you know Amos Oz, he is a good writer, and there are lots of things to tell about him... what do you want to know?

Yours: Arik (will someone ever call me here TironZ??)

Arik - To "someone" or: Http:// Tue Jul 6 13:31:00 PDT 1999

Well, first of all, I have to say I'l love to know who you are. second, I dont see nothing bad being like all the people you said, they are all very nice persons ;-)

I'm sorry "you" but I can't tell you what is Tarab because I didn't wrote it and it is not on hebrew, but you can ask "THE FORCE" who or what ever it is :-).

yours: Arik (And Let The Peace Become One With Your Sword;-)

Tue Jul 6 11:40:53 PDT 1999

The contagious Tour de France fever is striking again and people are falling in millions to it. The worst case know so far happened in Switzerland where a certain man drinks, eats and has sex in front of the television not to miss one second of the Grand Buçle.

Americo Tue Jul 6 08:34:10 PDT 1999

Hey, folks! I forgot again. Good morning, everybody!

Great news : I have just been granted a year's sabbatical, startting in September, to work on a personal project wherever I like. Perhaps I'll go to America. Is there any decent University there? Harvard, Yale? Are they really clean and nice?

(I am serious!)

Americo Tue Jul 6 08:30:11 PDT 1999

Please do not pay attention to some messages you read here. Just listen to Allein and to me, the only serious and sane people on the block. WE welcome you warmly.

Can you, please, tell us something about a great writer of you land: Amos Oz ?

Americo Tue Jul 6 08:25:15 PDT 1999

You can't speak to us before kissing a Palestinian child if you are Jewish, a Jewish child if you are Palestinian, pray for my pagan soul, not pray if you are a non-believer, and NOT say the word. If you say the w (oh!...)

What is the ... you must not say but use? You have to guess if you want to keep your sword (locked in a steel safe, the keys of which will be handed out to me).

Arik, are you sure you want to join us? It's a DANGEROUS place. Your life will change and you'll become as kind as Allein, as remote as Jack, as sweet as Linda, as talented as Cassey, as imaginative as Avatar, as penisless as Steve, and so on, and so so forth. That's a commitment for life!
Shalom and Tarab.

PS - Can you translate "tarab" for us? That could help...

BTW. I would like to know the author of the sentence "Templars blood shed in the Holy Land". It is the same as saying "English blood shed in America". Both are right but you do not say that to a friend of mine. There is a degree of injustice in it. I hate injustice, missi (oh!...), mud, ripe tomatoes and all that can soil my new white linen jacket.

We are at an invisible state at this moment for obvious reasons: The Force is still with us, though just in spirit, Jon having caused an indigeston to It (it's an It). So I will not inscribe my name on the right place. However, I am sure you'll guess it by my style and my NEW e-mail address.

And also for this little sentence, typical of a hot-blooded temperament: "anyone for a fight?"

Arik - to americana Http:// Tue Jul 6 06:13:21 PDT 1999

Sorry all for spaming but I cant send long massages so I have to write them 1 after one.
America,I like the "dark" unless you mean something evil... then I dont like it so much :-)
why are you asking me if I'm affrede of it? do you think about lions under your bed at night?
hope to hear from you soo, yours: TironZ

P.S: in my last post I write "stange people" fix it to: "strange people"

Arik Nesis (TironZ) Http:// Tue Jul 6 06:09:28 PDT 1999

Hello all, nice to hear from you and.... the force, what ever it is, I hope to understand it in a few days :-)

stange people comming here, whant to drink blood, asking for me and chat to me in hebrew, (THE FORCE), well, I guess writers can be wierd people hey?

yours: TironZ

P.S: Please tell me what is this "THE FORCE" is it something from Star-Wars?

Arik Nesis (TironZ) Http:// Tue Jul 6 06:05:07 PDT 1999

Someone here know why I cant send long massages (1/2 page)? it bothers me, I cant chat like this.... :-(

Star Wars Tue Jul 6 01:42:25 PDT 1999

Hello all, and good bye

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