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Martin Sun Aug 15 15:18:18 PDT 1999


First: You hurt Alleine's feelings
Second: You post under the pseudony the eternity the most stupid message ever (No wonder that you are fond of pseudonyms.) Since when does a writer who publishes on 1000 words of valid text work less than a writer who publishes 2000?
Third: "If I would make an exception I would have to make an exception to everyone"... Then suddenly Jack is miracolously an exception!


Debbie O Sun Aug 15 11:25:55 PDT 1999

It's been a long time since I've been here at the Notebook. I am still plugging away on my first novel, and have a few short stories percolating.

What's the latest topic?

Hope to stop by again soon.

Martin Sun Aug 15 11:14:52 PDT 1999


Go, go, go for it. Americo will leave out my text in the final version, too. For he is not only narrowminded but jealous as well. He instinktivly knows that my text is the best contribution to Shadows and that I will be the star of the book and not he.
Now the same thing seems to happen to you.

I am very sorry.


Allein Sun Aug 15 10:49:29 PDT 1999

Americo - I've been working with Rachel in an attempt to write more to Shadows. I'm sorry for saying that stuff to you but still, I believe I'm right. And I also said before that I don't care about the money, I just want credit for what I've done.

Rachel Sun Aug 15 10:17:45 PDT 1999

Hi all

Americo - Good morning to you! I am no longer feeling discouraged. I was just tired and not very pleased with the writing that I was getting done (grins).
I am looking forward to seeing what you have done with Shadows and you will have my re-write sitting in your e-mail when you get home.

Take care all

Americo Fortaleza Sun Aug 15 07:42:15 PDT 1999

Good morning, everybody!
Rachel: discouraged? Do not be. I have been working on "Shadows" and I am sure that we will make of it a publishable book. You will be surprised to see the second version, simply called "Shadows". I have been working only with the texts of the people that will probably be the co-authors: you, Rhoda, Jack, Sqrl and I. Avatar will probably have to work together with Sqr, as their texts have some similarities and cannot be inserted separately. They may make a good character: a woman who is falling into madness/blindness. I expect Rhoda to be as collaborative as you are and allow some changes in her texts.

I SUGGEST that the methodology for this second (and I hope final) version will be the following:

I will write a full novel with the accepted texts. Then I will send it to each of the co-authors, who will also become co-editors in the sense that they will be free to make corrections and amendments to the whole book. After each of the co-authors considers their work done, the book will come back to me, hopefully without mistakes. I will give it a final reading and a final editing. Then the book will be sent to Jack, who (with the help of everyone) will try to get a publisher. Only if we come to the conclusion that we cannot get a publisher will this version be posted on this site, not in the round robin section but as a complete novel - and an example of what can be done using the Internet as a work tool. Even if we fail we´ll practice a lot. I do not think we will fail.

This means that the second version will be written privately, using e-mail correspondence, far away from the eyes of mere lurkers, potential plagiarizers and other parasites. It also happens that publishers do not usually accept material already published in the Internet.Of course, if Jack could guarantee a place protected with a realiable password allowing access only to the co-authors, we would dispense the e-mail and the first final texts could be published in this secret place as soon as possible. Such as it is the present password, which is given to anyone who asks it, is not sufficient protection.

It also means that, considering that unfortunately and despite repeated appeals, only about half a dozen people seem to be able to pass to the second leg, the co-authors will have to write between 15000 to 20000 (fifteen/twenty thousand) words, AT LEAST, to make a volume of 300 pages. In other words, each co-author will have to write as much as you, Rachel, already have. To help people achieve this minimum mutual collaboration will be allowed. For instance, Sqrl and Avatar can become a SINGLE co-author and put together their texts, which, after being restructured so that they make a single and coherent story line, will be signed SQRL-AVATAR.It is up to them to decide if they want this or if they prefer to be a single, independent, co-author, and write as much as necessary for making a balanced book.

Allein: this is not only a question of money but also of balance and of justice.I like your fighting spirit but, after your message in which you accused me of being narrow-minded, I think that you have only two ways to save your soul: a) to apologize to me and to the class and give up contributing to Shadows b)not to apologize neither to me nor to the class and simply write your part (you only need some fifteen pages of text, lady! and the scene in central park is obviously incomplete and easy to finish). In the first case, I will consider you a friend but not a writer, until further evidence; in the second case, I will consider you a writer, a friend and my dearest shadow in a dream.

Finally, before I take another tiring plane: the present round robin will be left open, after the 25th August, to anyone wishing to contribute, old and new collaborators. When some sort of coherent structure will arise from it, I will make of it ANOTHER novel. The rules for this project will be the same: 6000 words at least, but the time for writing them will be postponed until it will be thought convenient. THis will allow ANY collaborator of the notebook to try his/her hand on novel writing.Of course, the texts of the co-authors of "Shadows" (second version) will be deleted from that round robin and transfered to the new one. The title for this "perpetual" (but also publishable, perhaps) project? "Shadows in a Dream"!!!
As you see, Allein, I have thought of everything, and I am not narrow-minded :-)

Rachel Sun Aug 15 00:26:43 PDT 1999

Allein - I do not feel there is any useless information. I for one can say that I am indeed keeping notes.
Please do not devalue yourself, none of us ever would
Take care one and all

PS - I am tired and discouraged. Please shadows people show me that I am not mistaken in placing my faith in you. I can not forever be your source of encouragement and inspiration. Has it occured to any of you that maybe from time to time I need a little inspiration and encouragement myself?
Americo, Rhoda and Xavier I recognize that each of you have encouraged me a great deal.
Allein - Believe it or not you have been a great source of both of the above to me.
Show me your work people.
PS - Avatar you have been helpful also, as has been sqrl and lets not ever forget SKS.
Lets not forget Howard, Howrard where are you?
I am so tired.
Take care all

Allein Sat Aug 14 22:32:41 PDT 1999

Sponsored by Allein Co. - Makers of Mali and Azol and other fine Allein stories.

According to a survey, the most popular advertisment characters are the Taco Bell dog and the Pillsbury Doughboy. Also, did you know that 80% of all statisics are made up on the spot, so what you're reading now isn't true. Did you also know that there is a law in Chicago that claims there is a 500 dollar fine penalty for anyone who sets off a nuclear device inside city limits - this is true!!

That is all for today - Allein is leaving now to wallow in her own sorrow. :(

Jack Beslanwitch Sat Aug 14 22:03:16 PDT 1999

Party went well. We had a smaller group of around 15 people and had good conversations and discussions of fandom and Westercon 56. We also got into a long discussion of coming up with titles for one person to read to bulk out his knowledge of science fiction and fantasy. In his own words, he has read about 30 books in his life. This wound down at a reasonable hour. This is especially good, because Fran is doing a sprint triathalon tomorrow. More details can be found at That is where I will be tomorrow, cheering her on.

Take care all.

Rachel Sat Aug 14 17:59:25 PDT 1999

Hi all

Allien - Hi you - Cheer up girl!! Well, unless you really don't want to:(
Parental Units, do you know where that saying came from (grins)?
Take care you

Jack - Hope all went well with the event (grins). I wish I could have come, but I could not get a sitter (big sigh - the story of my life).

Take care all

Allein Sat Aug 14 15:19:25 PDT 1999

Jack - I hope your party has gone well. I wish I could have attended but the parental units said no, so I couldn't - plus we got in late last night so I'm really in no mood to party today (I'm tired and depressed).

Rachel Sat Aug 14 13:14:42 PDT 1999

Hi all

Avatar - If I am correct there should be "tools" in your tool bar. Go to "tools" and select "word count" That should work. If it doesn't you should ask the librarian, I bet that they would be able to help you and would probably be happy to help you (smiles).
I am quite sure that Americo is feeling very firm about the 6000 words and yes that is 6000 words after the edit. It is 6000 usable words for the final project.
I think that I will take you up on the offer of that cape (GRINS)!!

Allein - I sent you an e-mail. If you don't get one from me today could you let me know and I will send it off again.

Avatar - I am still writing for Shadows:)

Arik - I did notice you were gone and I am delighted to see you back ;)

Take care all

The Entity Sat Aug 14 13:12:44 PDT 1999

It will now take a small amount of the thing call time to agree with the being called Allein.
A flutter of apparant wings and a cocking of it's non-being head heralds the approach of it's semblance of what is called 'talk'.

'The approach by the being Allein is valid. Her assumption of quality vs. quantity is wisdom in it's own way. The thing called time does create a problem for those beings who live in this dimension. The names of each being who brought their parts together to become a whole deserve their own 'names' to be put upon the bound dead tree with 'words' upon it in the thing 'ink'.'

'However valid this argument may be, there is also an iota of the thing 'truth' in the being Americo's statement. If 'he' makes an exception for one being, 'he' would have to make one for all. And the 'truth' of this matter is, some do not have as 'good' of work as you say you do. The beings do add 'worth' and 'add' to the 'story', but might be 'cut' out in the final 'revisions' except for a few 'phrases'. Is it 'fair' to those who have worked harder and done more to have those who have done less granted equal 'status' in this great work? All beings deserve a 'say' in how it will turn out, but is it really worth such an 'argument' over an inconsequential 'title'? All will be recognized for their parts of the whole, if not in 'ink' than in the 'hearts' and minds of other beings similar to 'Allein'.'

'These thoughts do not say this because of the closeness of the thief's caretaker into gaining this coveted 'title'. If the being were not so close, 'she' would gladly render the 'honor' to other beings who had worked harder and 'longer' to gain it. 'Time' is not as important a factor in other being's lives as it is in your own. The beings might have chosen to spend it on other things.'

It flutters the ghost of wings and settles back. It sends an apology in a semblance of words to any it might have offended and departs, never to be missed.

Avatar Sat Aug 14 12:47:08 PDT 1999

Um, people, I hate to bother you and all, but...


Arik- Welcome back bro, missed ya' somethin' awful! If you want to know I didn't notice you leave (but I'm certainly noticing your arrival back!)


Rachel- If we make the cut at 6000 before editing, but not after, does that count? I suppose not.


I don't suppose you know how to count the words do you? I only have Internet explorer and Netscape on this computer (library user) so, I don't really know if the one someone mentioned earlier will work.

What? Why yes, you can borrow the cape! I don't want it! I have had a natural aversion to magic(ever since my nice friend took over)-oops, think i just gave something away!-

Old Man- Thank you very much for the input. I've always wondered about that. Are you related to Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea?"


Okay, people. Lets get crackin'! 25th's the end date for S' and no one has posted anything in there for the past week!

Has anyone else noticed the big hussle and fussle over JFK JR's death? If you ask me, I think some of it is crap. People were offering condolences to the family of the lost three even before their bodies were found! And most of it wasn't hopeful! Good grief! You'd think people would wait until after they knew for sure they were dead before they started talking about the will, the settling of the estate, and the heartfelt remarks to the deceased's relatives!

Okay, I've blown my steam...

Jack- thanks. I'll see if I can't send you a bio sometime soon.

Death, where is thy sting?

Later all

Allein Sat Aug 14 12:27:09 PDT 1999

Hi everybody - I'm back.

Rachel - (((BIG HUGS)))

Americo - I'm sorry, but there's no way I'll be able to finish 6000 words by the 25th even if I tried. You appearently don't take me seriously and think that I have nothing important to say simply because I'm a kid. I still stand by my fight - quality vs. quantitiy. It shouldn't matter HOW MUCH a writer writes of a story but what it adds to the story, and you've said that my work is good. So, I'm sorry, but perhaps you'll have to bend the rules a little, because I will not yield. I've worked as hard as I can on this project and if you can't accept the people who've worked their hardest and still couldn't put in 6000 words then it seems to me that you're pretty narrowminded. You'll just have to do better because I worked on on this - as hard as I could and I think I deserve my name in the book - along with everyone else who worked on it no matter how small their contribution. I will NOT give up!!


Rachel Sat Aug 14 09:32:38 PDT 1999

Paulo - Hi you

Yes I am settled into my new home. I have been decorating bedrooms and ordering in special boarders for my very spoiled children!
I would say that I have spread my energy from one end of this house to the other. I certainly have vacumed from one end to the other (smiles and laughter). I have also been spreading my energy in the yard. It has needed lots of my attention (grins).
Have fun on the river.
Take care

Rachel Sat Aug 14 09:25:50 PDT 1999

Hi all

Americo - Kiss my left knee? Well I guess so (grins and laughter)
I am glad to hear that you having a wonderful time.
I hate being in charge of anything, but I will make my self avaliable.
I miss you too!!!!! (big smiles) See, I put five exclamation marks there (more smiles).

Arik - We are still working away on Shadows.

Shadows people - If you have any questions while Americo is away please feel free to direct them to me and I will do my best to answer them.
C'mon guys!!!!!!

Avatar - I am looking at how I am going to have our characters meet up. Did you mention you had a cape I could borrow? I just may need it grins.

Xavier - You still out there?

Americo - Yup, that is right. I am working on Shadows. I have also been working on JW. You will find my first texts for JW in your mailbox when you get home, well unless you have all ready opened your e-mail.

Take care all

Paulo Sat Aug 14 09:24:24 PDT 1999

Americo - Nice to know you and Maria (!) are having lots of cyber-fun in Brazil.
Flash News from Portugal: I'm sorry to tell you that FCP is not showing great performances here.
Ju asks me to say to you that Benfica beat Milano yesterday...(2 - 1, final result), and of course that Benfica is the best team on earth, well, probably on the galaxy, I should say!
We are about to start (in a few hours) a radical Douro river cruise, with my Uncle and Mum :-).

Please continue drinking some more Caipirinhas for me, OK?
Kisses to Maria(!)
Have a nice time.

Maria(!) I know you call us by phone today. Has usual I was in the office, getting ready for my holidays.

PS: I knew some day, you would do it in a PC! Even with some kind of excuses, that nobody can really believe. Now you've got more mature!
I'll call Bill to tell him.

Rachel - What about your new place? Have you already spread your energy on it? Hope it is nice.
See you.

Bye all

Americo Fortaleza Sat Aug 14 06:30:25 PDT 1999

Hello, everybody!

I´m back from the desert, with a swimming pool but lots of cockroaches, snakes and other lovely beings. I suspect a ghost or two in this large house where we stayed and were very happy. Maria Emília insists that the smashed dishes and the mysterious noises in the nights were work of a white handsome cat who kept smiling at me during the day but disappeared when the sun setted. Cats and wind are always pointed out as responsible for any damages in haunted houses... This contempt for ghosts seems to me rather disappointing. Modern society should NOT be so scientifically biased. The supernatural really exists and is the best in life. So stop blaming cats and winds for whatever strange happens in your haunted houses. I aLSO tried to read a thriller by Marion Zimmer Bradley : "The Inheritor". It has poltergheists and everything. I gave up on page 12, but Maria Emília read all the book and told me the plot.Crap. I hope we do better in "Shadows".

Avatar: input during the editing phase? I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THAT. For the moment I think that that may be allowed but only for the co-authors, who, as said thousands of times in the last 33 months (at least)will be ONLY those writers who publish 6000 words (VALID WORDS/ACCEPTED WORDS/PUBLISHABLE WORDS) until the 25th August.This answers other messages published here this week, in my absence, including Allein´s one.

Allein: rules are rules and my best friends are supposed to comply with them as well (or better) as everyone else. If you do not write what you are asked you will be OUT from the 2nd version (simply called Shadows)but you may go on writing to the 1st version (the present round robin) to your heart´s content. As for the illustrations, that´s a subject I leave to editors. I do not deal with that.

Only Jack is exempt from this rule, for two reasons: because he is the web-master of this site and because he has a crucial text (his speech). I believe he will try to write as much as the others, though.

PEOPLE: I am trying to make of this page a useful source for cooperative publishable writing. I am not playing at writing round robins. I did that when I was a student, now I am a semi-professional writer hoping to become a professional writer soon. I would like everyone here to take a serious attitude at publishing and at writing according to deadlines and so on. No one is forced to collaborate but those who do will have to comply with the rules.

Tomorrow I will go to Salvador da Baia and will come back only on Thursday. Till then, take care. (If I can I will have a look at the Notebook later today and even tomorrow )

Rachel: may I kiss your left knee? Do not forget you are in charge of Shadows while I am away. Do not spare your wise words to collaborators in need of guidelines and all kinds of good advice. I really miss you!!!

Jack: happy party!I wish I were there.

Arik Sat Aug 14 01:05:57 PDT 1999

HEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO. I"m back, if someone noticed I'v gone.... well, I"m back and it feels good. How are you all, whats going on, what about the "s" project... finished?

hope for answers: Arik

Jack Fri Aug 13 21:20:30 PDT 1999

Did not mean to scare everyone off. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Jack Beslawnitch Fri Aug 13 04:41:19 PDT 1999

On sending in bios or the pictures to include in bios, the simple answer is just mail them to me at the address above. I prefer having a link to a photograph rather than hosting them on my site, but will if necessary.

Also, just a reminder that there is a party afoot at my house. Actually, prior to the party which begins at 3:00, my Writers Cramp will be meeting at my house at noon. Point of fact, I have not had time to participate in Writers Cramp in a while, but will be interested in seeing how they have changed.

Again, click on the picture below and think about joining us.

Weston Thu Aug 12 17:19:15 PDT 1999

I agree with The Old Man. However, while we can move in either direction with the 3 dimensions, (up-down, left-right, etc.) time cannot be stopped or rewound.

So far.

We have learned to measure its passage and record, in a rudimentary way, the events that have occured in time. I suspect that we will improve the art of reliving recorded events long before we arrive at true time travel.

Until that time Imagine and Write.


The Old Man Thu Aug 12 13:40:00 PDT 1999

Good day,

Curious Avatar,
The first three dimentions are, 'height', 'width' and 'depth'. It is my opinion that the fourth would be 'time'.
Others may argue the point, but it is as familiar a state as the first three and deserves to be called the 4th.
Many speculate about dimentions stretching into the void ad infinitum, and this may be so. But. I tend to think in simple terms, and cannot reasonably see parallel universes and such as being 'out there'.

I agree completely with you about some web-sites being difficult to read. It seems like the difference between 'trendy' filmmakers and the more mainstream directors; with a 'new' medium at their disposal, people tend to over-do. What the successful producers of movies/web-sites know is that the majority of people like the familiar. It may seem boring to some, but it is honestly better for getting your point across.


Avatar Thu Aug 12 12:36:56 PDT 1999

Whoa! Would you take a load a this crazy joint!


Bye Sqrl! Have fun!

Americo- Now, I know you've been bombarded, so I'll make it quick. Are we going to be allowed input when you do the editing? I have a few suggestions in where I had put down roots, if you know what I mean.

Allein- Rooting for you, in novel and in argument.

Jack- If we did actually have a picture, how would we get it in our e-mail? That's why I never did a biography, I have no idea how to get it in!

Hello to Gary, Andie, Brandon and Roy! We're not usually this neglectful of our hello's here but, as you can see, we are a tad busy.

What is the 4th dimension, and are there any others after it? (the first three would be helpful too) This is just me being curious.

Later all

Michele Thu Aug 12 02:30:04 PDT 1999

A note to everyone here who owns a web site. Can I please make a plea for you all to think VERY carefully about the colour schemes you use ? I have visited some member sites here in the past and some of them use colour schemes that are less than helpful to partially-sighted web users. A dark background such as brown, deep purple or dark red with black or grey text is very hard to see even for a visually-unimpaired person, for someone who is partially-sighted the text can be next to invisible. Some of you also make it hard for those web users who are blind and using text-to-speech readers - sometimes these programs miss links because they are not very well defined on the page. Please, please bear these points in mind when you are designing your web pages as there are a lot of partially-sighted and blind people around the world who rely on the Net to give them information and access to the outside world. If your site is visually poor you are denying them access to your site - and they have enough disadvantages to cope with already.

The site above is a good place to check out for more information on this topic.


Allein Wed Aug 11 20:33:34 PDT 1999

Sqrl - Bye bye!! We'll all miss you!!
(((BIG HUGS)))

Rhoda Wed Aug 11 15:43:32 PDT 1999

Hello, everyone,

I'm having a blast in Michigan. The weather is good, though it tends to be wet here this week. I miss you all so much when I have the time to think of you.

Gary S.

Good to see you back. Where have you been?


Glad you are still doing well in Brazil.


Moving is horrible, isn't it? But just remember how happy you will be when you are unpacked and life gets back to normal.

Got to go. I am borrowing the Internet over at the Petoskey library and I am afraid my half-hour is just about up.



Rachel Wed Aug 11 13:30:38 PDT 1999

Bye Sqrl. Hope you have fun!!!!!

Sqrl Wed Aug 11 10:42:59 PDT 1999

Hi! and BYE! I'll be away until from the computer until the 21st or so. Which means I will be unable to add to "S," on the bright side, I will be finishing up my part over the week that I am gone! :-) I'll be at a writers conference for women! ::grin:: if anyone that visits here is going to be attending, I'll see you there, just call out "Sqrlmunk!" and you'll find me. :-)


Roy Pickering Tue Aug 10 14:01:14 PDT 1999

Invitation to Literary Showcase. Hope you can stop by and share your thoughts.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Mon Aug 9 20:22:14 PDT 1999

Jack - wish I could be at your party, but that day is my wife's birthday, and our anniversary follows on the next day - since it is our 30th, we will be celebrating it with a trip down memory lane, and follow the route of our honeymoon back in '69.
Americo - take heart if you don't like your PC, there are several commands that make it different, a quick change of system can be held with the simple command format c: /q - this will clean the entire hard drive removing every bit of data including anything written by the evil Bill Gates (please don't type it!) I did this to my little laptop which was misbehaving in Windows 95, and demoted it to DOS and Windows 3.1 - it nows runs most humbley, and behaves itself very well. Sorry I fell behind with my contributions to Shadows, and I am aware that my story line must be deleted, wish I would have had the time to continue, but who knows as my life once again settles down I may be able to contribute to this fine group of scribes projects.


Gary S Mon Aug 9 18:51:04 PDT 1999

Allein and Rachel,

Jack did come to my rescue and gave me the link for the Workbook. Isn't he just the guy? And I followed your instructions for posting and it all worked famously.

So now I have posted a song lyric in the poetry section, only because it surely doesn't belong in the short story or
novel section which are the only other choices. It is, in fact, a kind of novelty jingle. I hope it will amuse you.

Later, all.


Andie Light-in-your-eyes Mon Aug 9 18:19:29 PDT 1999

Hello fellow scribes...

Brandon Ramsey Mon Aug 9 17:40:37 PDT 1999

There is no place to put my log-in and password for the writers notebook. Can somebody help me out here?

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Aug 9 03:57:19 PDT 1999

Allein: On the photograph issue. That is already available via the bios page. At some point I need to chop that page up, especially since there are a lot of bios of writers that have since disappeared. Still. pictures or links to pictures are available for that page. I prefer links to somewhere else, but have sufficient space so I can have them located here as well. Also, I took the liberty of deleting the repeats and the references to them. However, yes, hiccups do occasionally happen here.

Allein Sun Aug 8 22:51:49 PDT 1999

I've taken the liberty of posting part of my novel in the workbook. Please go and check it out - I think it's kinda dinky and stupid, so I'm looking for other's people's opinion before it goes on my webpage.
Thank you.
Allein :)

Gary S Sun Aug 8 18:23:51 PDT 1999

Allein and Rachel,

You are gracious to offer your help but the workbook seems to be one of those Catch 22 things for me. Jack did send me a login and a password but there seems to be no place to enter them. I guess I'll just have to wait till Jack can help me.

Jack, Can you hear me knocking out here?

Hayden, my man, where are you? God, I miss you. How long have you been gone? (Was it my breath?) Speak, man, for heavens sake!



Martin Sun Aug 8 14:05:10 PDT 1999


No Americo
No Crys

(See Alleine's message)


Martin Sun Aug 8 03:38:09 PDT 1999


Today is Sunday, and there is nothing more beautiful, than the outlook for the coming week.

Monday: Working from 7a.m. to 8p.m., then fall into bed like a living cadaver.

Tuesday:Working from 7a.m. to 8p.m.. Closing in to the condition of a cadaver for another thirteen hours.

Wednesday: Working from 7a.m to 8p.m. Gone beyond The zenith of the cadaver at ten in the morning, you start wondering if slavery really has been baned.

Thurrsday: Working from 7a.m to 8p.m. All thoughts have short-circuited and you start being proud that you are able to mobilize all you strength.

Friday: Working from 7a.m to 8p.m. The last skirmishes between the body who says: I can do no more and the minde who says: You have to. The final stage with the vicotry of the body comes at 6.25p.m..

Can you tell me, how I am going to survive this week?


Rachel Sat Aug 7 23:40:41 PDT 1999

Hey Gary - The password thing is Jack's department (grins). I think all you have to do is drop him an e-mail. I got my password set up so long ago I really don't remember, but I will look forward to checking out anything that you leave in there.
Larry - I am still reading, sorry to be so slowwwwwwww.
Take care all

Allein Sat Aug 7 21:35:32 PDT 1999

Gary - what you can also do to cut and paste is highlight the material you want to copy, cut or paste, click the right button on the mouse and a menu should pop up. Click on whichever you'd like to do.

GaryS Sat Aug 7 20:05:15 PDT 1999


That was so quick, thank you. I was just coming back to ask how I put in my password and login. I hope I am back soon enough to get an answer. I went to the workbook link but there seem to be no fields for the password and such.

Rachel Sat Aug 7 19:55:12 PDT 1999

Hi Gary - If your computer is like mine then the way that you would put something into the work book would be to go to Edit and then Select All, then copy. Then you would go to the work book and you would click onto the Text box and then go to Edit and Select Paste. That is how I do it, so it should work for you, right?
Yes, I am big on the smiles, and look out or I'll start tossing hugs at you as well! Yikes!
Take care you
Rachel Gary S Sat Aug 7 19:49:47 PDT 1999

Hi all,

Rachel, Thank you for the smile. You seem to do that sort of thing a good bit, I notice. It gives a nice feeling.

I have a thing to put in the workbook and I remember there is a way to cut and paste or whatever. Can someone remind me how it works. Maybe if I try real hard I'll remember it.
Collaborations are famous for hurt feelings. Too sad. With a little luck, it all comes out okay.

"Would that good things flow from all our pens, God stays in his heaven and all shall be right in the world."


Allein Sat Aug 7 17:37:37 PDT 1999

Jack - I just had an idea for this notebook - a photo page. Anyone who has an available photo can e-mail it in (if they want to) and have it put up on the page - so we can see what everyone looks like. Since it's your page though, I assumed I should ask you if you think it's a good idea.

Allein Sat Aug 7 15:16:37 PDT 1999

Americo - I think that it's only fair that everyone who worked on the book should be mentioned as a co-author. You know, I don't even care about the money, but I want my name in the book for what I did. I also don't think it's fair to expect so much of people - I only have 2,129 words so far and I'm so busy this month, there is NO WAY I will reach the 6,000 goal. And it hurts me that you won't even give me a chance to design the cover - since most publishes DO allow the authors to choose who they want to design it. I hate to tell you this, but I'm so frustrated with you that I'm crying right now. I've worked so hard on this project and neglected my novel to work on it and now you're telling me that I won't even be given credit for what I did. Some friend you turned out to be.

Avatar Sat Aug 7 14:11:26 PDT 1999

Sqrl- You think YOU have problems?! I have 1..2..3..4-no, 5! book ideas swirling inside my head! Can you imagine the conflicts? And not ONE of them has deemed it necessary to stain a piece of paper with their beings!!

It's like being in the middle of a mixed up hard drive!


So exactly how do you tally your word count? I can't figure it out. Some one is going to have to help this poor old slow person figure it out.

I am now running on the max. of two hours of sleep right now. I feel like a zombie. For some reason, I spent the night over at my friend's house, because it was her birthday, and I couldn't get comforterable on the hard floor.
Not only that, but the nintendo was on all night, bombarding my poor mind with sound effects and music.

I spent the night staring blankly at the tv screen, like I'm doing now with this computer.

I am not feeling up to par

On a brighter note, I did post something new to shadows

Xavier? You're back! And you're writing! You're both here!

Rachel- we're gonna be shuttling this smile back and forth, you know that don't you? (grins)

Later all (yawn)

Rachel Sat Aug 7 10:58:50 PDT 1999

Hi all

I have almost completed my move. This is the move that never ends. It just goes on and on. I would like to find some way to not do this (grim face). Well all that said it should be done this afternoon. I am sooooooooooooo happy.
Americo - Of course I miss you! I send you BIG HUGS!
Allein - Carling still has not sent the letter.
Jack - Dan and I are seeing if we will be able to come out for the get together. It sounds like fun.
Take care all

Americo Fortaleza Sat Aug 7 07:33:54 PDT 1999

I am really your best friend. While Maria Emília is packing for us to go to Tabuba, complaining that I do not help her as much as I should, I protest that writers must not pack because that is below their intellectual status and may be harmful to their immortality - and run to this PC to say goodbye to you. We´re leaving in an hour or so, when Noemi arrives to take us to her house on the dunes.

ALLEIN: I´m glad you published another text. The usable minimum of 6000 words means that if you write 30000, for instance, but just to fill in Jack´s space with nothing interesting in them, they will be ruthlessly deleted and if the outcome is less than 6000 you will be OUT of the second round of the project. Your texts will be left untouched where they are and NOT USED in the published book. You won´t be given a cent and liable to my jokes. You´ll still be a character. Actually I love writing about people unable to write 6000 accepted words...
To draw the cover? I would like to see that. But I am afraid publishers have their own professionals for that job. The nicest publishers here sometimes ask authors their opinion about the covers for their books. I ask them not to show them to me, because I hate hurting plastic artists´s feelings... THis is an extremely subtle.)way of saying NO.(But you can talk to the publisher and I´ll accept the publisher´s decision).

Jack: Windows is really a disaster. It looks almost like the Mac but tastes awfully. There are scores of PCs in my school and I was FORCED (that´s the word) to take TWO courses on them. This means I have no problem using them. What happens is that I really hate the system. It´s plagiaristic of the Mac, it´s redundant on its dependency on the MS-DOS (Bill Gates said DOS isn´t necessary to run Windows but the fact is that I´m using Windows 98 and the first thing I see when I switch the computer is an ugly list of commands) it reminds me of an English translation of a Japanese product.It´s even worse than programming a video recorder. Apparently I could avoid the ugly sight of all this by closing my eyes, but the thing would still there, haunting the house and the street. And I have no patience for all these windows. The Mac does in ONE attempt what PCs do in 33.The MacOs seems too simple to be true but, believe me, I can do the most extraordinary things with that simplicity. It´s the simplicity of genius, sheer genius. The best thing Americans invented after Marilyn Monroe (this is the second time I write this sentence, but some people never read my posts). Please look around and notice that artists use Macs. Not only plastic artists. Just artists (like me).

Well, Noemi has arrived. Goodbye, people. See you, according to my calculations in 7 or 8 days (I´ll ask Maria Emília how many days we´re going to spend on the desert).

PS. Jack : I also have the keyboard you mention. It´s seven years old and I can´t do without it. It has become almost black of being used (though I wash it from time to time - with soap and water!)

I love you, all.
Rachel. I hope you love your new house and miss me as terribly as I do.

Allein Fri Aug 6 21:37:33 PDT 1999

Sqrl - you poor thing. I know about sunburn - I came back from Florida burnt everywhere that my bathing suit didn't cover. I put sunscreen on but then swam and played in the ocean. The only sunscreen that worked was where I wiped my hands on my chest - you could see my fingerprints. Still can - I still have a pretty nice tan from that burn. The sunscreen always worked in Washington (even when I went in water) - I guess I was just too close to the equator for comfort.


Jack Beslanwitch Fri Aug 6 19:28:17 PDT 1999


Americo: I told you you would go running and screaming back to the Mac. Actually, I have a problem with the Mac given that I have a wide body ergonomic keyboard ala the original M$ natural keyboard that I would not be without. Good luck and talk with you soon.

Jack Beslanwitch Fri Aug 6 19:19:01 PDT 1999

Allein: Thanks for spotting that error in the HTML for Shadow

Americo: I have been a bit busy again and now have another web site contract that I am responsible to finish next week, but I will try my best to pick up on my editor and agent and carry through my story line to fill in my quota of 6000 words. I am only up to 2734, but rest assurred I will make a concerted effort to get things in by August 25th.

Sqrlmunk Fri Aug 6 19:11:14 PDT 1999

Hi! Sqrl still here! I've got a zillion things to do as well! I finally figured out the sex of one of my main charictors of my novel! I couldn't figure out what he was! All I kept doing was refering to him by his name! Chippers is MALE! YEYEYEYEY! He had me confused for a while!

and thanks Casey! and I'm sorry for dumping everything on you! I hate dumping my problems on people, it's not right, lately I've found myself doing it quite often, I'm trying tho! }:0)=

owww, I'm badly sunburned, and I touched my nose! owww!


Advise of the day: DON'T sit out in the sun for 6 1/2 hours WITHOUT using sunblock, esp. if you burn easily!

Allein Fri Aug 6 18:35:08 PDT 1999

Americo - Another burning question: Can I do the cover art for the book? I've got an idea for it.

Allein Fri Aug 6 17:26:44 PDT 1999

Americo - what does usable text mean? Does that mean, that if I put down 7000 words and you take out 2000 because it doesn't go with the story or whatever that I won't share in the profits? Or, does this mean whatever I write will go in somewhere, so if I get in 6000 or more words in then I'll get paid no matter what?


Americo Fri Aug 6 14:59:54 PDT 1999

Allein: the minimum is 6000 words of usable text. This is fair because the co-authors of S will share equally the money from the book, therefore it would be unjust to get the same million of dollars Rachel and Rhoda will get for their collaboration and another writer who wrote let us suppose just 2 or 3 pages should not get the same million as Rhoda and Rachel who have a lot of pages. Your wordprocessor will count the words for you.

PS Methinks this English is not good but I am using a PC, remember.

People : I am not going to be able to contact you for some time. But do not cry too much and do not stop loving me.

PS. I said one million but it can be more than that. (Optimist? Why not?

Kisses all over the place.

Allein Fri Aug 6 12:58:10 PDT 1999

Jack - just thought I'd let you know that the links to parts 1, 2 and 3 of Shadows are broken.

Allein Fri Aug 6 09:15:27 PDT 1999

Americo - how many more words do I need to reach the minimum?

Americo Fortaleza Fri Aug 6 04:09:22 PDT 1999

Hi, all!

Have to be quick. I´m rewriting my collaboration for S, so that it fits Rachel´s and Rhoda`s, the only certified co-authors of this project so far. Sqrl has also reached the 6000 strict minimum and Avatar is approaching quickly. Let us hope their texts fit the project (the texts are poetic and I love poetry).I have just seen that Xavier has published. I´m worried about those fine writers that have less than the strict minimum AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please, people,a further effort.

My holidays have been wonderful so far. Yesterday I went to the launching of a short-story book in the Royal Academy of Letters of Ceará (the oldest in BraZIL, THAT´S WHY IT IS STILL rOYAL). I told the president that we were writing this novel and he said that he would be glad to have it launched here. The atmosphere is fabulous and I think Brazil is the most fascinating country in the world. Of course travel agencies which do not deal with Brazil would not agree, but I know better. The people is kind, civilized and warm. They have an immense sense of humor and they love life. This would be paradise except for criminality, which is almost as big as in the USA (but only in cities like S. Paulo and Rio de Janeiro).

Viva o Brazil!

Rachel: I miss you terribly.

People: I am going to Tabuba (the desert with a swimming poool) tomorrow and will stay there a week and there is no Internet there (not even telephone : forbidden for pollution reasons, the owner of the house is a philosopher and hates telephones). Then I´ll go to Salvador da Baia and won´t have access to the Internet. So we won-t see each other as often as I wished. I´ll be in my den on the 25th and then we can make as much love as we like. But till then all we must do is write S and cry till the holidays are over.
I love you.

PS. I hate the PC!!!! Awaful. How can you write with tjhis ???? LOook at the spelling. It´s the keyboard and the mouse and all this is ugly. I hated this f* system!!!!!

Kisses all around.

Allein Thu Aug 5 22:39:30 PDT 1999

Casey - Glad to hear from you even if there's no personalized message, but I'm okay with that. *sniff, sniff, wipes tear from eye* Anyway, I always find that a hot bath and a nice cup of hot tea works wonders for stress. Hope we can chat sometime soon.

Chapter 17 of my story should be out soon, however, my computer was being extremely retarded and wouldn't let me save what I had written. :p So, appearently, it's not going to be out by Saturday.
Well, off to bed.

Liesl Thu Aug 5 22:18:35 PDT 1999

Hello all!!

Just wanting to check in with some other writers who might have muses who inspire them to do odd things from time to time!

I've just sold everything I own and am going on the open road. Destination unknown - I have a vague plan, but that seems to be changing from day to day. Today I sorted through all my writing that I'll be bringing with me just in case I get inspired to finish one of the things I'm working on. I'm excited and completely overwhelmed - but mostly excited about seeing the world flying by the seat of my pants!

(My friends are calling this the Lieslpalooza '99)

Anyone want to keep me company via email on my journey?

Best to all - and happy roadtrippin'!

Cassandra Thu Aug 5 22:11:34 PDT 1999

Hi all

Xavier- Casey doth far just fine. But her life has become quite hectic, and tied up with work, and getting ulcers worrying about her friends' problems.

I'd like to finish Shadows, but unfortunately it's been pushed to the back burner, and I'm slightly blocked as far as things go. Perhaps I'll make an attempt at reviving Cassandra after getting a little R & R.

I'm still writing otherwise, trying to make a dent in other projects that I've been working on.

I'm in need of some serious stress relief, maybe a good backrub... a long bath, I dunno. Something to calm me down...

Anywho, I'm getting tired. So off to bed with me. :)

ta ta


Allein Thu Aug 5 16:43:07 PDT 1999

Jack - I just noticed the invitation to your party next Saturday. Cool dragon picture! :) Anyway, I'd like to attend, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to because we're going to the Olymic Rainforest that weekend and I'm not sure if we're leaving on Thursday or Friday. If we leave Thursday, then we'll probably be back Friday night and I might be able (through much begging and pleading and bargining) to attend. If we leave on Friday though, we'd be spending Saturday at the Rainforest (since we'd leave Friday afternoon) so there would be no way for me to attend. I will see if I can come but I'm not sure my parents will let me since they don't know you.

Everybody else - Where is everyone? This is a writer's notebook, start writing people. :) I hope everyone's okay.

Well, gotta go,
Much love and hugs to you all,

Okay, now onto the funnies:

Bill Clinton was sleeping in bed one night and then awoke to find George Washington standing in his room. He asked: "Mr. Washington, what can I do to make this country a better place?"
George Washington replied: "Never lie and never cheat."
The next night, Bill Clinton awoke to see Thomas Jefferson in his room and asked: "Mr. Jefferson, what can I do to make this country a better place?"
Thomas Jefferson replied: "Make more laws against violence and lower taxes."
The night after that, Bill Clinton awoke to see Abraham Lincoln in his room and asked: "Mr. Lincoln what can I do to make this country a better place."
Abrham Lincoln thought carefully for a moment before relpying: "Go to the theater."

Martin Thu Aug 5 13:45:12 PDT 1999


I wish I was born again and that I would became one like the other. Go to work everyday and never ask the fatal question ¿What for?


Rachel Wed Aug 4 22:22:48 PDT 1999

Hi all
Hi Gary S! I remember you (smiles)
Bye all

Gary S Wed Aug 4 22:11:55 PDT 1999

I just noticed that in my prior post I failed to ask about Goodweed and that just wouldn't be right. Goodweed, good fellow, how have you been? (Big deal, he probably doesn't even remember who I am.) Later. GS

Gary S Wed Aug 4 22:05:38 PDT 1999

Will anyone here say hello to an old Notebook correspondent. I believe it has been well over a year since I have visited.
Joan Rhodda, do you remeber the fun we had when I was always mixing up your name with Rhoda Fort?
Does Hayden ever check in any more? I see Michele mentioned the old porsche.
It is good to see that some of the folks are still posting. I lost all my bookmarks in a computer mishap around a year ago and I just swithched back to my old ISP a couple of days ago and they had over 800 emails in my old account. Many of the oldest emails were from people here in the Notebook and one of them had the link in it. Good to see you veterans. I see some interesting things from more recent correspondents as well. Interesting that so much focus is on people and things Portuguese. It has been a few centuries since we have had so much attention.
Power to yor pens, people.

Sqrl Wed Aug 4 19:31:39 PDT 1999

Thanks. I keep getting idea, just not for "S". I have all these ideas for poems floating around in my brain, as well as ideas for my own novel, which has taken the very far back seat . . . I'm stuck on chapter one! I have the entire thing outlined, which I have never done before, I know what's going to happen, but I'm sutck!

enough of this tirade!

night ya'll

Rachel Wed Aug 4 17:48:51 PDT 1999

Hi all
Hey Xavier! (big smile)
Hiyah Avatar (grins)
Hey there, hi there, ho there Allein (hugs right back at yah)
Take care all

Xavier Wed Aug 4 16:29:47 PDT 1999

Hello all:

I just posted in shadows, so I figured I'd tell everyone.

I'm not quite at the Chelsey yet, but I will be next installment. If I had the internet at home, I'd be done by now, but alas I so not.

I enjoy reading the entrys there, they are written so well.

I have not heard of Casey lately, how doth she fare?

well, thats it.



Avatar Wed Aug 4 15:45:20 PDT 1999

Americo- I put it in here to get constructive criticism from the editors, being as I thought it, a piece for everyone. Now, I shall have to wait until my character ends this new plot-line to post it in. Till then...

Sqrl- sounds like you need a jumpstart. I can let you borrow the Entity...
...or I can give you a reader's digest version of how to get rid of writer's block.

Simply do something other than you normally would- i.e. if you tie your right shoe first, switch; if you eat with your right hand, eat with your left; etc...

This kind of exercise is supposed to stimulate the brain. I have no idea if it works, but let me know if it does. ;)

Rhoda- We'll miss you awful much. Don' worry. Evr thin'll turn out jus' fine

Rachel- Hiiii Raaaaaachel!!!!

Allein- Blue is nice

I'm happy today, can anyone tell?



Allein Wed Aug 4 12:50:13 PDT 1999

Rachel - No, I haven't gotten a letter from Carling. So, if she sent it, it hasn't arrived.

Hey peoples - I'm redo-ing my room. I'm gonna paint it blue and possibly get a futon bed (my mom actually said that we could see about it as long as I pay for part of it) and then I'm going to get beaded curtains and put them up around my bed and get a wall clock - I found a really cool Japanese one in a catalog. My mom says that I was born about thirty years too late and that I should get out of the 60's and back in the 90's where I belong. But I like being a freak. :)
Love and hugs for everyone,

Rachel Wed Aug 4 08:01:46 PDT 1999

Hi all

I'm Back! Yes, that is right! It is time to sing and dance, time to celebrate!!!!
I just came in to say that I will likely be off for a few days. I am moving. Yes, yes, it is a quite the experience (grins and laughter).

Paulo - Nice to e-meet you too! e-meet, I like that, that is good (grins).

Allein - Has Carling ever sent that letter on to you? I wonder if it is still collecting dust by her front door. You see, her mother told her that she had to start paying for things herself with her allowance and these things include stamps! If the letter is not sent off by the time Carling gets back from her vacation I will have her come over to babysit for me so she can afford to buy stamps (grins and laughter)

Americo! A PC?! How could you...

Weston, Michele, Rhoda and anyone else who responded to my question about books and movies - Thanks!

Howard - Thanks for the translation. Much better than what I came up with!

Take care all

Sqrl Tue Aug 3 19:47:31 PDT 1999

I just did a check on my writing, as of now I have 11,882 words! :-D YEY! (I appologise. I have no life, and nothing better to do. I have a REALLY bad case of writers block! It has become known to me that Sqrl DOESN'T want to join the party, she doesn't even want to go on. She just wants to sleep/die. I can't force her to goto the ball. I have no clue what to do with her but let her rest for a while. HOPEFULLY, she'll let me know soon, what she wants to do with her life! okay I know what she wants to do with her life, but apparently her story can't end that way, so I must find a different way to end her story. *sigh* this is a pain right in the .....)


Sqrl Tue Aug 3 19:43:34 PDT 1999


Americo Tue Aug 3 18:33:13 PDT 1999

Avatar: if I understand your problem, you have published in the notebook something that should be published in the space dedicated to Shadows. Is that right? In that case, all you must do is publish your text again in the adequate place and it will be considered, if appropriate to the novel.

Sorry, but Brazil and holidays are not the best place and time for thinking hard about problems such as you seem to have.

See you whenever I can, everybody.

Rhoda Tue Aug 3 15:45:35 PDT 1999

I am almost off to Michigan for vacation. I doubt that I will be able to get on the internet until I get back on August 17th. I will still have a few days to do more for Shadows.

I am tired. Packing is no fun, and my kids are driving me crazy. My house is also a colossal mess, and I think my kitchen is so bad it would be shut down by the health department if it were a restaurant. But I will pull this off as I always do. We shall get there all in one piece with my serenity and sanity intact.

It will be good to get away for awhile. I wish everyone a great August.

Take care and God Bless!


Avatar Tue Aug 3 14:01:09 PDT 1999

Americo- I am slightly hurt that you had not considered my ending. However, I am going to be a good little girl and not pout(too much). I don't suppose I could put it in the end of my storyline...

The fault probably is partially mine for jumping in. But you have to admit, I did try rather hard. Now if SOMEONE had answered my question (whether or not I could write an epilogue up) there wouldn't be this slight mess.

Notebookers - now watch, he won't see this at all



Americo Tue Aug 3 09:51:47 PDT 1999

Jack: the worst about the PC is the mouse: it jumps, kicks, screams, and has three keys but only one seems to work.Anyway, the program I´m using is the same: Explorer. So the only real difference is that the Mac is...the Mac.

This has been my day so far: got up from bed at half past six (in the morning!), excited because I was on holidays. Went to the bank and other similar chores and then came back home. What for? To work on Shadows! Then I had lunch, promised myself not to repeat the sweets again (tomorrow). Now everyone has gone to the net to sleep a siesta. I switched on this PC (I already know how to do that - you kick a button, then another button, then write WIN, then try again) and I am writing this message. In a minute I´ll switch off this PC and switch on a real computer: my portable (an old Mac- just 4M of Ram, no modem: just for me to write.) Wonderful holidays, except that my attempt to lose three kilos (not that I needed it, of course) will probably fail. Food here is rather tempting!

Well, people, back to Shadows ... and to a real microwaves, sorry, computer.

What time is it there? (I´ll see it whenthis message will be posted) Here it is 2 pm.

PS. I can also access everything on the workshop!

The Old Man Mon Aug 2 20:49:17 PDT 1999

Greetings and felicitations,

As the public at large has come to terms with human-shaped aliens, so they will accept apples and herbs.
As the evolutionists tell us, man is descended from lower life forms, being affected by who-knows-what to become the one-headed, two-armed and two-legged creature that he is. And yet, he inhabits many fantastic planets throughout literature with no complaints from those who 'know better'.
Your readers are comforted by the familiar. The few who know about herbs will enjoy the vague reference, but most will not know the difference.

Enlightenment is finding the light that is invariably hidden in darkness.


Mon Aug 2 20:48:29 PDT 1999

Mon Aug 2 20:48:08 PDT 1999

Mon Aug 2 20:48:00 PDT 1999

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Aug 2 18:22:18 PDT 1999

Americo: Welcome to the wonderful world of Bill Gates. I am sure it will not take you very long before you will want to go running and screaming back to your Mac :-), just about as fast as I ran from the Mac back to my PC after using one in the recent past. Take care and have a wonderful time.

Debora Soares Mon Aug 2 17:39:04 PDT 1999


I am Debora. I´ve just taught Americo how to deal with a PC. He is so intelligent he has already learnt everything he needs.

Greetings from Fortaleza, Brazil.

Mon Aug 2 17:29:42 PDT 1999

Americo Mon Aug 2 17:27:39 PDT 1999

Can you believe it? I´m using a PC! (No comments on that. It also writes, I can see).From Fortaleza (Brazil) after many hours of flight and a big dinner. Just to tell you that I´m alive and well.

Geez! What a small world!

No comments on any message. Write on people!

Xavier Mon Aug 2 13:05:21 PDT 1999

Hello all:

Still lurking around. I still have no I.S.P at my house, so occasionaly i gather a moment and use the library's instead.

I've been following Shadows, and I like it. I too will soon add my next chapter, probably tommorow.

All is well here, I hope that same stands true for all of you.


Allein Sun Aug 1 19:46:24 PDT 1999

Americo - Don't worry, I'll work on Shadows as much as I can, but I'm not making any promises to meet a certain length. Have a great trip.

Americo Sun Aug 1 16:12:02 PDT 1999

This is a quick note to wish you all a wonderful August and thank all those who wished me a good holiday. For three weeks I'll be nearer to you physically. Take advantage of that, girls...

Howard: the Spanish translation of the Portuguese poem sounds perfect to me. As for the English translation, "my" (and not your) on the first line. Congratulations and please thank your Brazilian friend as well for me. Remarkable work! I would like your collaboration for "S" VERY VERY MUCH. (Start a new story line, please, the notebook's voice failed). I will understand if you do not find time for that, but the project has now become so promising and you are such a good writer that I would be really sorry if you could not help us. Thank you again.

Allein: your contribution is not long enough yet. How about going with Kirk roller-skating in Central Park so that you prove that NY is a lovely city and that Kirk would never run the risk of dying in consequence of the curse in the hotel, as he is a good person, though a little bit of a clown?

Paul: nice to see you here. Did you get may email with the address of the hotel in A Coruña? I hope you did. A lovely view to Mar Cantábrico and a friendly atmosphere. Kisses to Jú.

Good-bye, everybody, and thank you for a wonderful time. AND DO NOT FORGET "SHADOWS". If anyone annoys any S-person or the S-project, where such a huge amount of work has already been invested, well... I'd better be going before I switch off the "brightness" of certain people.

Rachel: you are in charge now.

I will be back soon. Perhaps sooner than I expect, if I find an Internet connection in Ceará.


jul Sun Aug 1 12:36:07 PDT 1999

Thanx to all those who responded to my post. I'm still not quite sure what I'll do but all the feedback helped a lot. I wasn't expecting that many responses in such a short time (although it was pleasantly surprising)! Thank you all! For now, it's off to Germany for me. (Well, actually tomorrow for my three-week vacation)

Maybe I'll drop in once in a while, if I can find a computer there!


sprout Sun Aug 1 12:13:38 PDT 1999

remember me? the last time i came on here as goodweed jr., i think. I'm goodweed's daughter. well, now i found a name that fits me better. Sprout. I'm the youngest in the Flowers family and I'm only 13, so my sister says i'm still just a sprout. see, it fits me. she says it fits my personality, too. :( i'll probably be coming on here a little more now so i just wanted to introduce myself to anyone who doesn't remember me or wasn't here the last time i came on. C-YA later! bu-bye


Goodweed of the North Sun Aug 1 11:45:14 PDT 1999

I need your HELP! While new & improving my machine (replaced the mother-board and CPU), I lost most of my bookmarks and e-mail addresses. I got many back, but one I still need is the access URL for the workbook. I still have my name and password, but not the address.

Please send it along to my e-mail address. Thanks

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Paulo Sun Aug 1 11:00:13 PDT 1999

Americo - Have a nice time in Brasil. Drink a lot of "Caipirinhas" for me, and enjoy as much as you can.
Rachel - Nice to e-meet you :)


Martin Sun Aug 1 04:00:27 PDT 1999

Sunday Morning Grand Slam

Writing is the difference between sense of life and suicide!


Jack Beslanwitch Sat Jul 31 21:03:55 PDT 1999

Avatar: No, it was not lost in cyberspace, but it was lost on my hard drive until I finally realized I had not archived things up on to the server. That has been corrected. Posts in the last part of July are now there for your perusal. Take care everyone.

Rhoda Sat Jul 31 20:13:47 PDT 1999


I see nothing wrong with calling an herb Clary sage. Call it anything you like. Consider Star Trek and their Romulans. These Romulans have centurians, a legislative body called the senate, and all other sorts of ancient Roman trappings. Of course the Roman empire was a historical state on earth, and the Romulans are another species on another planet. Evidently this fact doesn't bother Star Trek fans.

I don't read a lot of science fiction or fantasy, but when I do, I like some things to be familiar. I believe we earthly readers need a frame of reference, and little things like fruits and animals and things with earth names help give that to us.

All in all it is your world and your choice. Have fun building your world and don't worry too much about these minor things like names. When you go back and read your first draft, your writer's sense will tell you whether you need to change names or other details. You will see better what fits and what doesn't.

I wouldn't explain the true languistic origens of the Clary sage in your book. After you publish it, your more astute readers will figure it out, and they will feel so clever.

Hope this helps. Happy writing,


Sqrl Sat Jul 31 18:50:08 PDT 1999

two things.
1) Jul- your world is your world. What goes on there is your thing hun. For me, I have this world called Neb. It's a nice little planet, filled with hyper active Squirrelmunks! ::Grin:: (I like to think I live there sometimes) The little fellas are very much human like, but not exactly. There world is like Earth, but faaaaaaaaaar away. okay that's my 2 centivos

2) I'M GOING HOME TOMORROW! so I'll be back on aol. So the e-mail addy that I've taken over will no longer be accessable to me. See you all on aol! :-)


Martin Sat Jul 31 16:14:04 PDT 1999


I am still knocking, wondering if my last message took the wind out of your sails?

Martin Sat Jul 31 16:12:51 PDT 1999


Finally the shadows have lost and my brightness is returning!

May The Old Man bless the light

Allein Sat Jul 31 16:08:07 PDT 1999

Jul - In my novel there are several different worlds and some things are based on what I see in this world and some are not. My novel takes place on another planet (several, actually) and these planets are very futuristic so, I've also incorperated what we might see a few centuries from now.


Arik to jul Http:// Sat Jul 31 14:50:12 PDT 1999

jul, How are you? I'm glad you are writing a fantasy story :-) I can help you with that. You have to discide what do you want, you can take appel trees or you can make you'r trees, it's up to you. you can explayn the readers that in translation from... what ever the word is... or you can just go on with it, they will understand. a man once said: "I go one step after the reader goes 2". think about it :-)

jul Sat Jul 31 14:33:12 PDT 1999

I have a question for all you fantasy writers out there...
When creating a world for your story to take place, do you create an entirely new world that has almost nothing to do with ours, or do you rather base it off the one we live in. I'll try to explain some more what I mean by this. Would you, for example, include apple trees? Or would you create your own trees carrying your own imaginary fruit (which may even resemble apples a litte)? Well, alright... apples trees might not be THAT important... The reason why I ask this is the following; the main character in the story I'm working on has accumulated quite a bit of knowledge concerning herbs. Let's say one of these herbs is Clary Sage. It is believed that the word Clary is derived from the Latin word "clarus" (meaning clear) and was called 'Clear eye' in the middle ages as it was known for its ability to heal eye problems. In my fantasy world, however, there would be no such historical backround. Why would it be called Clary Sage if "Clary" could have never been derived from "clarus", since Latin did not exist as a language? Should I rename it, although it still has the same properties? Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I'd really appreciate them...
I hope all this made sense! :)


Avatar Sat Jul 31 14:25:40 PDT 1999

Americo- The Entity is listed? Oh, drat. Looks like I'm going to have to screw up a few more pages for it too. (was planning to do so anyway, tee hee!)

Okay, has anyone seen the epilogue I know I posted in here? I put it in, did not see it come out (the computer I'm using is screwy that way), thought everything normal, went home, came back a week later, and.... It's not there!

It was either archived or lost in cyberspace somewhere (oh,please no!) and then lost again when the new archive went missing.

I know I did it without editorial approval. Is this some insane rejection from our holy editors?
If it is, couldn't you at least have said so, instead of losing it like this? :0

Americo- BYE!!! Where're ya' goin'?

I added two more to S' (pulling hairs as I did so). Now I will wait, biting my nails, 'til word comes from either the cyber-kidnapper or the archiver of this fine realm.


Arik to Martin Http:// Sat Jul 31 13:56:35 PDT 1999

Martin, I did try to compare apples with strawberris, I like both of ther and both of theme frutes :-). I think this question isn't so simple, it is VERY hard to do a film better then a good book, but from a "bad" book you CAN make a great film... it dipends who is the writer and the movie maker :-)

Martin Sat Jul 31 03:22:42 PDT 1999

Movies and books do not compare

I used to be like you, thinking that the movie never reaches the level of the book. Then a friend of mine, who is a movie maker explained to me very vividly, that you can not compare pictures with words. Have you ever tried to compare apples with strawberris? What result did you get? That both are completly different entities! The same is valid for movies and books. We all are writers and therefor drawn to words much closer than to pictures. It is in the manner of nature that we prefere a good book over a movie. Through my friend I learned to judge the movie without drawing comparisons to the book. I remeber seeing East Of Eden first and then reading the book by John Steinbeck, disgusting the movie instantly, until I realized that James Dean’s acting turnes the movie in one of the best movies ever. Other examples are Cat On Hot Tin Roof ( Tennessee Williams ), The Long Hot Summer ( Willian Faulkner both with Paul Newman), Moby Dick ( Herman Melville and John Ford), The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre ( B. Traven, John Ford and Humphrey Bogart) Nobody’s Fool (Richard Russo and Paul Newman) etc. There are also examples that work the other way around. Or could you imagine a book written with the title Casablanca? Last but not least there is 2001 A Space Odyssey. After seeing that movie you certainly hate the book.


howard Fri Jul 30 21:13:45 PDT 1999

Americo -- With the assistance of one of my Brazilian connections here is your poem:

Parting Song

My lady, your leaving
makes my eyes so sad for you,
my darling,
with a sadness
never seen in any other.

So sad, so melancholy,
sickened by your leaving;
so tired and tearful,
counting death a hundred thousand
times more desireable than life.
An unexpected sadness that you
have never seen;
a sadness never known
by any other.
It is (in her words) "in a literary Portugese, very difficult to translate"

Here is the Spanish translation:
Cantiga, Partiéndose
Señora, parten tan tristes
mis ojos por usted, mi cielo,
que nunca tan tristes ha visto
otros ningunos por nadie.

Tan tristes, tan nostálgicos,
tan enfermos de la partida,
tan cansados, tan llorosos,
de la muerte más deseosos
cien mil veces más que de la vida.
Parten tan tristes los tristes,
tan fuera del esperar bien,
que nunca tan tristes ha visto
otros ningunos por nadie.
It is a very interesting work -- not at all connected with any "Bonnie" although I am familiar with that aberration.
Keep in mind that I did have assistance (very much, in fact) with this, but I also learned very much, and came to a deeper appreciation of Martin's comments about the beauty of words/language.
love to all,

Burgen http;//writers net Fri Jul 30 19:18:53 PDT 1999

Helloe other writers. I have finally set myself down to write my life experienced. I should have done it a long time agoe because it has inspired me with stories. I don't intend to publish my story until some people die, dut to content. But boy am I ever getting some great fictional material to work with. I'm just going to keep writing the life experiences in one folder and do my stories in another.

Burgen Fri Jul 30 19:14:39 PDT 1999

Rhoda Fri Jul 30 15:19:04 PDT 1999

I find books and movie adaptations entirely two different things. I have never seen a movie adaptation that was just like the book. Movie adaptations are an artform in themselves, and I find it unfair to hold them to the standard of performing like the book did.

I have read JANE EYRE countless times. Still I enjoy watching the BBC rendition staring Timothy Dalton. I have also seen the Orsen Wells version, the version with Susanah York and George C. Scott, and this more recent Frank Zehperelli version. Each rendition had its strengths (except the Zehpherilli version). But none could ever hope to be the book. Watching Timothy Dalton play Rochester is nothing like reading Rochester. I could say similar things about PRIDE AND PREDUDICE. I have two delightful BBC versions and I cannot decide which one I like better, but the quality in these movies is not entirely tied to how true their storylines remained to the book. The fun in them is in the production and quality of the actors'performances.

Once in awhile, the movie does out-perform the book. Barbara Cartland movies are a good example. I do not like Ms. Carland's books. I could never stand the insipid way she wrote, yet all the movie adaptations were wonderful. I could say similar things about Erica Jong.

One movie adaptation that I enjoyed very much was THE AGE OF INNOCENCE. That is one of my all time favorite movies. I have never read the Edith Warton book on which it is based, but I have to admit that the superior performances of Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis made it memorable.

Literature is a solitary art-form. Usually one person, the author, (unless it is a collaboration like SHADOWS) gives the book its setting, draws its characters, provides the dialogue, and develops the plot. With a movie or even a play, you combine the talents of several different people. With the movie there is challenge of all these differing artists (actors, screenwriters, directors, photographers, costume designers, etc.) bringing forth one coherent work. To me, pulling that off is mind-boggling. Each art-form has its strengths and its limitations.

There have been instances when after seeing a movie of a book or classic, I have read the book. Sometimes I was disappointed, because I did not find the things in the book that delighted me in the movie. At other times a member of the cast took a main character and made him/her something different than was in the book. And there are those cases where the book was bad to begin with and some talented screenwriter redeemed it entirely.

Well, that is my opinion on it. That should add a few cents toward the cost of Hayden's trade-in on a new Porche.


Enjoy your trip. Welcome again to the Western Hemisphere.

Happy Writing!


Allein Fri Jul 30 11:26:11 PDT 1999



Michele Fri Jul 30 10:57:36 PDT 1999

Personally I very rarely see the movie (or TV) adaptation of anything... and on the odd occasions when I have, I've 99% of times read the book first, sometimes more than once !

As far as BladeRunner is concerned I found that movie unwatchable because it was too dark - as in not enough light to see the action, rather than psychologically dark... which is a pity because it sounded interesting...

Oh well, that's my two pennyworth... if Hayden were here he'd nab it towards a Porsche...


Jack Beslanwitch Fri Jul 30 04:46:44 PDT 1999

This is an invitation to one and all to join myself and Fran at our house in south Seattle (9616 54th Avenue South) on Saturday, August 14 starting at 3:00 PM. for a party/social event. Any of the Notebookers who reside in the western Washington area who would like to actually meet in person feel free to attend.

There will be a barbecue available. We will supply hamburgers and hot dogs. Please bring other items to contribute towards the pot luck and whatever you would like to drink. If you would like to barbecue something else on the grill feel free to bring your favorites for that as well. A hot tub will be available so bring your swimsuit. We are a block away from Kuboda Gardens, a 20 acre wild Japanese garden that is an experience you really do not want to miss.

You can check further details by going to the web site above. Take care.

Sqrl Fri Jul 30 04:28:11 PDT 1999

Thanks you. I seriaously thought it was my computer.

Hope this gets to you before you leave. So . . . see you in a few, and DON'T get into TOO much trouble! :-D


Sqrl Fri Jul 30 04:22:13 PDT 1999


::runs up to allein as fast as a Squirrelmunk::
::HUGS Allein::
*eep* danku :-D


Weston Fri Jul 30 04:15:47 PDT 1999

Rachel - I too have been disapointed with film renditions of books. An exception being the movie 'Blade Runner', based on Phillip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'. If I had read the book first I might have foregone the movie. The book, read long after seeing the movie, supplied a few vague facts that were glossed over in the movie, but the movie didn't suffer from the omissions. Filmmaker Ridley Scott did his job well.


Jack Beslanwitch Fri Jul 30 01:48:37 PDT 1999

OK: Archived. And just wanted to wish Americo a wonderful time.

Rachel Fri Jul 30 00:33:00 PDT 1999

Hey T.O.M. - It's good to see you posting again. Seems you got a little quite there for a time. I am glad that you are back. I like the things that you say. You seem to have a good deal of insight into many things. Ah, well, I don't really have much more to say.
Take care you

Arik - How is the work in regards to your book going? "Little Lord Fontlorie" I saw the movie when I was younger and liked it very much. I am sure that it is much better in book form. I have found that most stories are.

Hey all! There is a question for you. I will give you the weekend to think about it. Here is my question. Am I the only one who finds that it is more interesting to read the book than to see the movie?
Yah, ya I know, we are all busy people here and it is so much faster to see a movie, but don't you just love to read the book.
I think it's great to get to create the voices, characters and scenes in your mind and I find that when I see a movie I am always left feeling a little let down. (then I guess if you have read shadows you will know that I have a pretty vivid imagination - grins and laughter).
Well I just thought that I would try to toss our a topic. There don't seem to be any takers on any of the other things that have come up.
I am a little freaked out. It seems each time I send out a topic I end up gettting my #*@%%# kicked into another time zone, but I am willing to give this one more try (please be nice to me).

Bye Americo!!!!!!! See you in a few weeks. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Arik - I will get a copy of "Little Lord Fontlorie" and will be glad to discuss it with you. This will take me a couple of weeks. I should be ready to talk Fontlorie by September (big smile).

Take care all

PS - Americo, you never really did write much to me about "The Sorrows of Young Werther" I did love the book. I think I will need to get my hands on a copy of "Faust."

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Jul 29 21:17:35 PDT 1999

p.s., and in reference to people dying in New York, I am playing very deliciously around with actions on the part of my sleezeball agent that will ultimately get him killed. But more on that later. Take care.

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Jul 29 21:15:09 PDT 1999

Sqrl: Sorry, I inadvertantly did not include a link to the fourth edition of 'S'. That is now corrected and you can see what came before.

Also, just to let everyone know. I will be archiving everything up to the Americo's statement about 'S' sometime tomorrow. Little busy at the moment. So, feel free to add on here with knowledge that from here on will be included in the blank slate version of the Notebook. Take care all.

The Old Man Thu Jul 29 19:08:55 PDT 1999

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It seems my use of purple prose is proving to be too much of a burden on reading, so I will try to lighten up a bit.
It is the point, and not the prose that I try to impart.

On another subject, the web-site listed above is a hoot. It is for a writing contest conserned with the lowest common denominator in pen-craft. While none of you would be in such company, it is fun to see the winners list.

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."
T.S. Eliot


Allein Thu Jul 29 18:27:54 PDT 1999

Okay Sqrlmunk - just for you, here's some nuts. ()()() Those are the best nuts I can mke, pretty pathetic, but there you go - and for those chocoholics - like me - here are some chocolate bars. [] [] []

Sqrl Thu Jul 29 17:14:44 PDT 1999

Dottie Mack-
WELCOME TO THE FUNNY FARM! *blush* I mean WELCOME TO THE WRITERS NOTEBOOK! I hope we don't scare you (too much ::grin::)

What! No nuts?! *gasp* I, Squirrelmunk, am going now. ::turns around::
::lifts tail up in air::
::kicks dirt up in air with back feet::
::walks away in discust, with nose up in air::

Allein Thu Jul 29 16:54:04 PDT 1999


Now that I have your attention - my page has been updated. Chapters fifteen and sixteen have been added. Go to check them out, or, if you ask nicely, I will send a copy via e-mail to those people who have not received a copy.
*hugs* to everyone,

Rachel Thu Jul 29 16:04:33 PDT 1999

Hi all

Allein - Hey you! I got the new chapters! Way to go! Keep up the great work. I'll send you some feedback on them, and pass them on to Carling for you.

Take care all

Sqrl Thu Jul 29 15:50:18 PDT 1999

Allein, thanks chica, sending a hug your way! :-) ((((((HUG)))))

thanks! :-) I have added some to Shadows, I am working on more. I just heard thunder and saw lightening so I'm otta here!


Allein Thu Jul 29 15:15:06 PDT 1999

Dottie Mack - Hi! Welcome! *hugs* Make yourself right at home, shake everyone's hand, extend a friendly hello, make sure to scratch Jon behind the ears and pet him (Jon's a cat - so is Pussy - his wife).

Sqrl, Rachel - Great to hear from you guys. You soon will find an e-mail from me in your mail boxes. :)

(((BIG HUGS)))

Rachel Thu Jul 29 13:15:19 PDT 1999

Hi all

Hey Dottie Mack - Welcome! - Is it all right to call you Dottie, or do you want to be called Dottie Mack?

Take care all

Dottie Mack Thu Jul 29 10:22:27 PDT 1999

Hi there everyone,
This is the first time I have ever done this so if I seem a little timid, that's why. I am a writer who has written for years (I have the boxes of yellowing paper to prove it) and I have just been given a computer with Email by my son and daughter in law so that I can try and get some of this published. So far I have a lot of rejection notices. I frame each one. I like to think that every one brings me closer to the acceptance letter that I am hoping will arrive.
I like to write horror, ghost, scary stuff. I also like to write mysteries but somehow they always end up with that little touch of the paranormal in them.

If you want to write me, I would appreciate all the encouragement I can get from people with experience in this. Have a good day. Dottie

Americo Thu Jul 29 09:37:40 PDT 1999

Good morning, dear fellow writers!

As from today no NEW collaborators will be accepted for "S".

The list below includes the names of the 25 people who submitted entries to "S". Only these people (and the cat, although not numbered) may publish more additions to conclude their story lines — the very final date will be the 25th August (25 seems to be a charmed number; just a coincidence!).

Thank you, all! Shadows has been a great success as a project. Let us make it now as good as possible as a potentially publishable book. How? Read on.

We need more action in the Chelsea .
This hotel is not only a real place but also a metaphor of the notebook. What happens or has happened here can be reflected there — our discussions, our quarrels, our laughs and tears, our misunderstandings, our likes and dislikes, our passion for literature and our favorite authors... All this and more can be transposed to the place where our characters meet and talk and drink and may make love — not forbidden in this world yet— and may even try their karate, their fists, their kicks, their bites and scratches, or, simply and more romantically, use their lips, their eyes, their hearts.
Our readers would also like to know more about our daily life at home, our dreams and nightmares, our ambitions, our rejections or successes as writers, even our family life with its roses and thorns. We don't have to describe our own life, we may just use our imagination in a credible way. Let us not be shy. Courage is the essence of the artist.

Sqr: I like your texts and would very much like to include you, as anyone else, in the list of final co-authors. The idea of a person falling into insanity is good. Make it a bit more clear so that all kinds of readers can understand what you mean. May I suggest that your character has not died but only fainted? Please add as much material as you can. Six thousand words is the strict minimum; there is no limit for the maximum.

People: NO ONE OF US, characters, SHOULD DIE in NYC. That is a lovely city and not a hell. New York is the mirror of the world, in its terrible imperfections but also in its capacity for beauty and dream. It deserves a bit more of our attention! It's not only shopping and being assaulted, ladies. That also happens of course and your texts are fantastic, but there are millions of other things that can happen in NY, and some of them wonderful!

Wouldn't it be marvelous if the proceeds of the book would allow us (financially) to REALLY make the trip to the Chelsea (or any other hotel in America) and meet personally? I would love that!

Just a last thing: now you must watch your grammar, your spelling and punctuation! Jack Beslanwitch, our loved web-master, will be the final correcting editor. (Well, I will have a very final reading after his corrections and may also use my last pencil on everything). I was told that, as an editor, he hates errors of any kind!
"Shadows in a Dream" Collaborators' List.
(by order of first entries)

1. Americo
2. Howard
3. Rhoda
4. S. K.S. Perry
5. Lena
6. Goodweed of the North
7 Hootie
8. Rachel
9. Jerry Ericsson
10. Thomas
11. W. Olivia Race
12. Alleine
13. Tobias S.Buckell
14. Cassandra
15. Jack Beslanwitch
16. Kristina
17. Jai
18. Avatar
19. Xavier
20. Sqrl
21. Eddie French
22. Jerry Lee
23. Lydia Sweet
(—) Dr. Kirk
24. Martin
(—) Jon
(25?)The Entity

Please notice that only the collaborators who will comply with the prerequisites as formulated in the regulations published here and on slate 5 will be accepted as final co-authors. I guess that number will not exceed ten, though I wished it would reach...25! (our magic figure.)

July 29/99

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