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Rachel Tue Dec 14 23:38:53 PST 1999

Hi all:o)

Allein - Hey you (smiles and a hug).

Jon - You are one wound up little kitty (grins).

Americo - Hi you.

SKS - If you're lurking... HI!!!! I think the very fact that I worked out the difference between your and you're rates some sort of response (grins and laughter).

Gary - If you're lurking... Hi!!!

Take care all


Laura Tue Dec 14 22:56:56 PST 1999

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Laura Tue Dec 14 21:45:26 PST 1999

Hi everyone. I'm back. I finally got my book back together.

How is everyone?

Allein Tue Dec 14 20:47:47 PST 1999

Teekay - Yes, it's my last year, then I go to college. At first I'll go to Jr. College and then transfer. Living on my own and being responsible for myself is very frightening to think about. So, I want to live at home until I'm ready for it.

Mike Tue Dec 14 18:41:38 PST 1999

I Need help!!!

I have lived a fairly eventful life, And feel that I should
share my experinces with the world by way of a book. The only problem seems to be that I can`t get the correct start.
Also I have to change all the names of the people who we`re
involed and can`t keep track of the whole thing.

Any advice would be of great help.

Thanks Mike

Teekay Tue Dec 14 17:09:59 PST 1999

DICK:- Posted a critique for your story 'the garage'. Had to brush away a few cobwebs to do it though. Looks like nobody's been there for a while.

JOY:- What have you written? I'd love to have a read. I remember reading somewhere that this person who was a successful romance writer said that each book was like having an affair. (and home in time for tea no less.)

AMERICO:- I think you may need to add a little salpeter to Jons cucumber sandwiches, and wash his brain out with soap!

R.L.H.:- I think the term is yin and yang. Do you hate it when people do that? I don't, I find it a very useful learning tool and I hope you take it in that spirit as well, after all you have taught me so much already, what with the spoon thing and all. (laughs). Yen is a desire for something or a Japanes monetary unit. Words, words words,
don't you just love 'em??? Of course you may just have had a slip of the fingers in which case ignore the above. Am I being a pedantic shit?? I feel like one. Maybe I'm having a bad day. Damn I hate it when I have those.

ALLIEN:- This is your last year at school isn't it?

Seeya later Alligators.

Laura Tue Dec 14 08:48:54 PST 1999

I won't be able to post to workbook for a little while. I just came up with viruses on my post disk. I need to get rid of them before I can post. (one of them is the stupid Melissa Virus that ate ten pages of my novel.) I got the attachment and will keep it in a safe place.


Laura Tue Dec 14 08:42:21 PST 1999

Jack, thanks
I suggest you check your computer for viruses. I found out why I lost the twelve pages of work, the Melissa Virus got into my novel disk. I have to be really careful about E-mails and attachments. These computers are a bother. I also found out why I couldn't copy. Someone in here had turned off the "Copy from internet" function. All it would copy was gibberish until I turned it back on.

Americo Tue Dec 14 08:04:36 PST 1999

Good morning, everybody!
Happy Christmas!
(What's Christmas?)

Jon Tue Dec 14 08:02:21 PST 1999

"A-- the scarlet letter"
by Nathaniel Hawthorne Junior
Dear fellow writers,
First of all I wish you a happy Christmas.
Now that you are all loving me, I can proceed.
I suspect that between A* (stands for Americo but I refuse to write that name) and A** (stands for Allein) something very intimate is going on. I fear they have a common secret. A sinful secret.
It happens that of the 25 collaborators of S* only A** (Allein) was accepted as a final co-author. There is also Rachel and, with a bit of luck, Jack. But this was obviously corruption. Rachel never says "ain't", and Jack never writes. How could they become co-authors? Corruption! Moreover I was NOT accepted. Can you understand this? Me never accepted?! I ain't a genius but I know my emotions. That man has no emotions. He hates Christmas and he is a pagan.
I am also a pagan but I love Christmas. Actually I am thinking of writing a story for Play Cat called "Jesus was a girl, I love Her".
Why am I writing this formal letter, in the spirit of your American novel "The Scarlet Letter", to you, dear fellow writers?
Because I want you to help me hang A*.
And why do I want this?
Because yesterday I read to A* my beautiful story about a pagan girl who ate chocolates all the time (an extreme case of oral sex perversion). It was for "Play Cat", and I did all I could to make it pornographic: lots of chocolate eating sessions, a splendid description of a bar of Snickers (very popular here since Jerry Ericsson published his Snickers story in SM**) . I wrote with vigor, inspiration, emotion. (I had eaten shrimps before sitting at his computer). It was a lustful story and I confess I was really aroused when I finished it. I called A* (psst, come here), and read him the story.
He listened to it with much attention (he only yawned three times). But in the end, when I granted him permission to give his opinion ("now you may speak"), here's his only comment:
"Jon-- someone needs to be fixed."
He got up and went to dance a waltz with the widow of the poor guy whose scalpel he hung on his bedside table just because the guy liked that adorable carol "Silent night, etc, etc." Jack has chosen to give some life to this wonderful Notebook.
That was A*īs only comment to my emotional and beautiful Christmas story! Notice that A** (Allein) wrote the same thing about me. I think they share an incestuous relationship. Is it possible that they are brother and sister? That they, despite that unfortunate relationship (it sometimes happens in the best families)  love each other? All is possible, and my aim is to call your attention to this monstrosity.
PS. Please do not crucify Allein (yet).

Joy Tue Dec 14 02:29:50 PST 1999

Hi all: Didn't post yesterday because I just received so many pre-Christmas gifts I was a little beside myself, and four hands on the keyboard is awkward. The writers group I told you about announced at the Christmas party that I was being given the designation of "Lifetime Honorary Member" for all my contributions to the Guild and to the Arts. WOW! But it made me feel like I'd been writing for absolutely FOREVER when it's only been ten years. Second present was a book contract from a Toronto publisher. But all this has kind of dithered me and I have absolutely NOTHING done for Christmas and the kids are saying, "Have you done any baking yet? Please ... please ..." Anyway ...

Jon: Can't really tell you how to get turned on (though doesn't sound like you have any trouble - grin) 'cause it just happens automatically when I start thinking up my scene. My internal editor is a real task-master when it comes to characterization, voice, plot, et cetera, but he's (Yes, my editor's a "he") a bit of a satyr, and doesn't censor any of my wild imagination in THAT direction.

Jerry Lee Mon Dec 13 20:45:06 PST 1999

Yo all,

The name of the town outside of Subic Bay is Olongapo. While I was not in the Navy, They taught me how to SCUBA dive off of Grande Island that lays in the center of Subic's bay. Those guys were tough on us little Air Force types. They made us climb out of the ocean up huge rocks wearing all of our me, it sounds easier than it was.
Olongapo was an interesting town. Me and a friend had stayed out a bit "late" one night and found ourselves on the business end of a large knife. They didn't get all of our money.
The ferry out to Grande was down for repairs after the first day and we had to ride out in one of those landing craft like they use on D-Day. Interesting...
I must say though, that the Navy has the best food. They even had a Baskin and Robbins on the base.

Anyway, that's a little of my history. Maybe I'll write it down someday.

Maligayong Pasco!
Feliz Navidad!
Mili Kalikimaka!
Merry Christmas!
(even to those pagans out there)

Jerry Lee

laura Mon Dec 13 20:19:10 PST 1999

Jack: disreguard my last post. Some ditz had disabled the "copy from internet" function on the computer I was using. I got it. Thanks.

RLH Mon Dec 13 18:48:48 PST 1999


Yes, on the novel my friend. I am under contract to a Lit Agency for one finished last year. Frankly, I don't expect it to see the light of day though. It takes the Anglo Saxon race to task for what they did to North America. Yes, I am a WASP but believe our race invaded, took over, and raveged a veritable Garden of Eden...America. (If anyone knows a Native American Lit Agency please contact me!!!)

For shame on us. Still, I suppose the Anglos have reasons to be proud of certain aspects of civilization, but we have brought as much bad into the world as good. That's the way it is, isn't it? Yen and Yang. All movement in the world are the result of interaction between good and evil. Why? Oh, why?

I have written three previous novels...about my life mostly. Well, old boy, what has RLH done to merit this attention? History my friends must be passed on. I want my children & grand-children to know how I lived. My great-grandmother lived through Indian raids in Mason County, Texas. I believe she met her husband as he rode on a trail drive through Gainsville Texas. But I don't really know, because she never wrote of her life. What a waste. Human memories are fragile for what insights they possess, and just as easily lose. I agree with the robot in Harrison Ford's movie BLADE RUNNER. Just before he dies he says, "So many memories lost..."

I am currently working (as the spirit moves me) on a novel about Ramses II and his oldest daughter. At the pace I am writing, it should be ready real soon...just after Christmas...but not this Christmas.

Goodnight all. RLH

Allein Mon Dec 13 18:17:34 PST 1999

Jon - Methinks someone needs to be fixed.

DICK ERT@MSN.COM Mon Dec 13 17:59:55 PST 1999

thanks for the reminder on caps. i'm too lazy to stick out my pinky and hit the caps key, so i usually use either all caps or all lower case. i get lotsa reprimands from the folks at work. now that i'm with more (educated)folks i'll have to do it right.

what's Play Cat?

Pussy Mon Dec 13 16:40:43 PST 1999

I find those bulbs upstairs rather exciting! Don't you?

Americo Mon Dec 13 16:36:39 PST 1999

My pagan brethren, I would like to second Jon's wishes of a happy Minervamas, without carols, without shopping, without pious feelings, without new gods. Only with good old gods, they are the best.

Happy Jupitermas!

Jon Mon Dec 13 16:32:35 PST 1999

How come no one got scandalized with my and A*'s posts? Are you losing your sensibility? What can I do to arouse your attention now?

I'm feeling rather aroused at last. I strip teased to the exciting music on top of this pretty page and I ate (what did I ate, Pussy?). I can't say, she said, but it was delicious.

Now I'm going to write the best story you have ever read in Play Cat. It's about a pagan girl who (I'd better not tell you the plot).

Happy Minervamas!

Allein Mon Dec 13 15:18:54 PST 1999

There was nothing terribly funny in my mailbox today, so here's just something to tide you over until tomorrow:
Things for your consideration ......

Families are like fudge...mostly sweet with a few nuts.

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground.

My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely.

If you can remain calm, you just don't have all the facts.

Life's golden age is when the kids are too old to need baby-sitters
and too young to borrow the family car.

Laura Mon Dec 13 14:19:15 PST 1999


Inquiry about Workbook. Would it be possible to retrieve a copy of something I put in the workbook? My computer crashed and I lost part of my first chapter. I need to be able to copy and I can't. I really don't want to retype twelve pages. I need it by tomorrow.


Laura Mon Dec 13 12:09:01 PST 1999

Hi Dick.
One note, All caps usually means you are shouting. It was kind of unnerving to see all caps. But welcome to the page and don't be afraid to post. We are all (at least somewhat) sane, or insane as the case may be.

Americo and Jon Mon Dec 13 11:21:40 PST 1999

Sorry for the mess (below). I was unable to refresh the page when I tried to publish those beautiful messages and thought nothing was reaching Seattle. Now that I see that it has reached Seattle, I'm feeling so happy that I am going to sing a Chrismas Carol: one, two, three o'clock, four o'clock, rock!

Happy Minervamas!

Mon Dec 13 10:12:49 PST 1999

I offered my Quciktime to my neighbour's widow.

Mon Dec 13 10:07:56 PST 1999

Testing after dragging off devine "Holy Night".

Americo Mon Dec 13 10:05:38 PST 1999

What a beautiful Christmas caro we have here l! Everybody loves it. My next door neighbour listened to it from 5 in the morning till 4:59 in the afternoon yesterday (when he got killed). I also brought his record to my place. The other thing I brought was his scalpel.

Why has Christmas to be so delightful? Old beautiful songs (all the same), old beautiful Christmas trees (all made of plastic), old beautiful souls (all condemned). Jesus Christ, you are really the greatest superstar the world has ever seen (next to the Beatles, of course).

In the meantime no one cares about Minervasmas (the only true goddess). It's not fair.

Here's a topic for discussion: Internet and character/ sense of responsibility/ commitment/ the whole lot.

Jon Mon Dec 13 09:55:40 PST 1999

"If I write a sex or love scene I have to be aroused" (Joy, Dec 12).

Oh, Joy! How exciting to hear that! And how/what do you do to get aroused? I also believe in your theory of the emotions and I am entirely in agreement with you. But my method of getting aroused does not work very well. I have already tried doing Americo's nails and watching a beautiful picture of a beefburger. To no avail. Can you give me some concrete advice on that fabulous matter?

Your friend and admirer,

Allein Mon Dec 13 06:51:01 PST 1999

Ashling - I love nestle crunch bars. I was eating one just last night. I used to hate them, but now I find them delicious. Actually, my school doesn't get our until the 22nd. I think it's just stupid, personally. We should get out on the 17 and not come back until after the first week in January. But oh no, the school board has to keep the break at two weeks so we have this stupid arrangement of going to school for two days - the two days when most students will have already left on vacation. I hope it snows this year, because I like snow. My parents don't though - my mom keeps saying that 4-letter S word is forbidden. We were supposed to go to Florida over winter vacation last year to visit my grandparents, but by the time we tried to make reservations, the flights were booked. I guess everyone wants to escape the rain.
Bye bye,

Ashling Mon Dec 13 01:21:33 PST 1999

Hi all.

JACK: I love the graphics & music - Thanks. Is the Cable Modem you signed up for available to residential customers or just "at home" businesses?

CJ: Thanks for your suggestions & encouragement! Sometimes discussing problems helps me get into the solution. Tonight makes the 3rd night in a row that I've written for 2 hours on my novel. Yea! Hurray!

JOY: The volume on most computers is easily adjusted ... the trick is learning what to click on. I use Netscape Navigator under Windows '95 - On the bottom extreme left is a button marked START, to the far right is a row of tiny icons ... By left clicking with the mouse on the pic of a loudspeaker I get a pop-up screen for volume adjustment. I drag the volume arrow downward with my mouse cursor, then click on any empty space on my desktop screen to make the arrow disappear again.

Hope you have a wonderful time at the writers' party. 103 members - wow! My club's party is next week. We meet at a bookstore, which puts us in contact with first-time authors who sometimes share useful tips about the publishing world.

RLH: Are you presently writing a novel?

ALLEIN: My current can't-live-without is Nestle's Crunch bars ... A sheet of chocolate embedded with rice crispies. Hope you're enjoying the school holidays break.

Best regards,

Sun Dec 12 23:50:06 PST 1999

er: make that S and not SM. Sorry.

Jack Beslanwitch Sun Dec 12 23:49:29 PST 1999

Just to let you know, if you have Quicktime installed you can adjust the volume.

Americo: I am still working on SM. I will attempt to get it edited and up to you sometime on Monday. Sorry. I have a commercial contract that just came up and blocked the other. Hopefully, I can take care of it in two to three hours, not mentioning prep time, and then I can get back to SM. Take care.

Joy Sun Dec 12 02:46:45 PST 1999

My son turned up the audio on this thing again, so the speakers are each nestled cosily in a pair of large oven mitts right now. Mutes it a little, but not much.

Rhoda: Everything is entirely subjective when writing and no one thing that works with one writer will work with another. Personally, I find that unless I experience the specific emotion I'm writing about WHEN I'm writing it, it doesn't come across on the page. If my character is angry I must feel angry while I'm writing it, and so I have to think of something that really made me mad. In rereading later, in an objective mood, if the anger comes back while I'm reading I know I've got it right. Same thing goes for happiness and all the other emotions. And also, although I don't know if it is pertinent for your writing, if I write a sex or love scene I have to be aroused.

I have four criteria for my writing: I must feel it (as above), I must see it (it must run in my head like a movie), I must hear it (when I read it out loud it must sound right), IT MUST MAKE SENSE (and this is where other people reading it comes in handy).

Everything else you learn by hit or miss; tune in some people's opinions, tune out others.

I'm off to my writers' group's Christmas party today and will be able to catch up on what everyone is doing. We meet once a month and have a membership of 103 right now. It started out with just myself and three other women. Like Topsie -- it grew!

RLH Sat Dec 11 22:25:53 PST 1999


Yeah, you're right about one thing kind lady. Each region in the States and the world for that matter has variations in terminology (SP?). I was in the Navy for 4 years and it was an eye opener for an 18 year old wet behind the ears Texan. Half of my boot camp company was from Calif, half from Texas. We got into some pretty good scraps over terms, refering to girls that I couldn't begin to outline here. From sunny San Diego I went to frigid Great Lakes Il., and was as just as confused there among the Yankees. Later in life I lived in Utah for two years and was aghast at their sentence structure. As they were of mine I suppose.

Texans as anyone in the world knows speak a language composed of Negro, Hispanic, German, French, Nordic immigrant and a little Native American thrown in for measure. Southern Texas folks are as different as the Panhandle denizans, in speech patterns and inflection.

I deliver parts for NAPA and a used car lot has a sign on their door...a red circled lizard with a line through it. Underneath it says NO LOT LIZARDS. As one who works the used car market you are aware that some people will drop in and drive whatever, whenever...just for the pure heck of it. At the doorway in a TXDOT breakroom is the same emblem with a squatting bull in the middle. It refers to no BS in here. Cute, huh?

It is a common phrase here that "Some" truckers are cab lizards. That is not a statement against them understand, it just fits in with the lizard philosophy. As for "Lot Lizards" refering to "Faded roses" at Truck stops, I'm not surprised.

Actually, nothing surprises me anymore. 4 years in Uncle Sam's "canoe club" in Southeast Asian waters, added to 27 working on the highways of Texas...I've seen a lot of ****. Our ship made every port from Sasebo to Singapore and I've repaired Interstate highways with trucks running 70 MPH only a few feet away. I've seen the moonrise in American Samoa over breakers too large to believe and watched a nightime B52 strike in Vietnam. I sat on the deck of my ship watching a movie about war and only had to look to the coastline of Vietnam a few miles away to see, parachute flares, orange tracer rounds (ours) versus purple tracer rounds (theirs). That still haunts me.

But the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed happened to me one night in Subic Bay, PI. I was standing shore patrol in the small town just off base. I entered a bar one night with a SP from Ohio to find the most horrific fight I ever witnessed. There were sailors flying through the air, bottles of beer, glasses, chairs, a knock down and drag out, kick 'em in the knee, bite 'em in the ear brawl. In the middle of all of this crashing uproar, a teenage "Hostess" was dancing to Jimi Hendrix at ear splitting volume, on a table top ... as naked as the day she was born. It took 20 SP to sort it out and the poor club was totally demolished.

What was the fight over?

Sorry, can't be related here, but the girl was the reason.
This happened in 1969 and it was the most amazing thing Old RLH ever saw!

A writer writes! See ya! RLH

CJ http://www, Sat Dec 11 17:48:44 PST 1999

Hello all--

ALLEIN: I adore chocolate. I only buy candy I like for Halloween treats, and make sure I over-buy! Then I have plenty left to feed my fix at least until Christmas.

RHODA: What a pair of questions you've presented. Wow! As far as giving your characters emotion, you can try reading your dialogue out loud and see if it sounds real. Of course, if your characters live in another time and place, what's real there may not be the same as here. I spent years and years as an actress before getting serious about writing, and for every role I had to create a backhistory based on the information in the script. Do you create histories for your people or do you just sit down and start writing, hoping you'll figure out who they are later in the story? Your other alternative (dangerous sometimes) is to base characters on someone you know or have had contact with at some point. As an actress I studied people constantly (and still do). Go to the mall and just watch how people react to things and situations. Christmas is a great time to see how people deal with total craziness! In fact, sometimes I get to know "my people" so well, I'm guilty of "infodumps" in the middle of my story.

ASHLING: The 'net is sooooo tempting isn't it? I mean, here I am when I should be doing something else. I just take the time to write. Since I work teaching piano in the afternoons, I keep the mornings until noon for me. I do read the news on-line (since I'm writing a SF political allegory) and check my mail, then deliberately go off-line to write or re-write. I even shut off my phone for two hours. But not everyone can do that, I know.
Your writing group sounds great. I belong to another on-line group that specializes in SF, but I'm beginning to think no one on the list reads any sort of news. Most of my book (75%) is based on real events or personal experiences and I keep getting comments about "unreal" situations that I got straight from the Sunday newspaper. It's tough getting people to critique SF since it's usually full of exotic names and places to trip the non-SF devotee.
Well, I've run on long enough. Talk with you later.

Ashling Sat Dec 11 16:43:57 PST 1999

Oops! Forgot address again.

Sat Dec 11 16:41:17 PST 1999

Hi all!

RLH: You describe TGIF & other office phrases quite well & as always, I enjoy your humor. However, upon venturing outdoors, you detoured sharply.

My husband was a long-haul trucker for 10 years and runs 300 miles round-trip 5 times a week now ... He's unfamiliar with the phrase "Cab Lizard." I work as a secretary & general "go-fer" at a used car lot ... Never heard the term Lizard in that business. However, in the Trucking World - "Lot Lizards" (or Lot Lizzies) are prostitutes who hang out in the parking lots of truck stops & state maintained rest stops.

Perhaps it's a regional difference in definitions. We live in Alabama, and have traveled through the South and up the East Coast - only going out West a couple of times ... Whereabouts do you live? Not that it matters particularly, but part of being a writer means I'm addicted to dissecting words & their definitions into teeny-tiny bits.

RHODA: Regarding your comments on the difficulty of reaching objectivity in our own writing ... After being in 3 writing clubs which failed to meet most of my "needs", I formed my own club nearly 18 months ago - Smoke City Narrators.

At the time I had a word processor instead of a computer & very little money to spend on advertising. I called or wrote every writing contact I ever made while taking university creative writing classes. I put up simple flyers on bulletins boards & brick walls near soda machines at libraries, Wal-Mart & other discount department stores, grocery stores, 3 different universities/ colleges and dropped off a stack to the new writing professor at my old school.

The flyers stressed 3 things:

1) No dues or fees.

2) No writing restrictions: Poetry, novels, short stories, essays, mainstream or any genre - All welcome. Writing level unimportant - Beginners & Advanced Writers okay.

3) Consistent attendance & participation mandatory.

After a few months we ended up with a core of 3 dedicated folks - all aged 40-something and working on novels. The guy whose writing was the most underdeveloped - improved tremendously, finished revising his entire novel 2 months ago and is sending query letters to agents now.

We meet once a month for three hours on Sunday afternoon, read (silently) a chapter or two of everybody's current work, and write our critiques on the author's copy. We make very specific comments, including examples of suggestions for improvement.
"Show not Tell" is too general to be helpful. Instead, we comment,
Don't say: Mary is angry - Say: Mary crossed her arms and glared at Bill. "Get out of my house."

The suggestions are examples only, so the author can understand how a reader perceives their writing - The actual wording of revisions is up to the author.

Because we are critiqued by the same people month after month, it's easier to see if we improve in specific areas or if we repeat the same writing patterns. I came into Smoke City Narrators strong on natural sounding dialogue and vivid descriptions - achieved maybe on draft #3 ... My first drafts are hideous, but I'm a great revisionist. (Is that a word?) My plots are boring, but I've improved in that area, thanks to my club. Hope this is somewhat helpful to you or anyone else considering forming a writers club.

Now, my main problem is - I can't stop talking about & reading about writing on the Internet long enough to actually WRITE every day or even every week on my novel. I use to write after midnight, but my brain doesn't seem to be ticking on all cylinders in the middle of the night any more. Perhaps because I quit smoking & cut down on caffeine. Still, my body clock only works well on Night Owl Time, and I rarely go to bed before 4 am due to my husband's work schedule ... so morning writing is an impossibility.

A month ago, I cut way back on my Internet time, but those hours are being filled with Christmas activities. I love writing - I am so pleased with myself and the world in general on the days I do write ... Creative writing is a craving, a need, the only occupation that makes me feel truly fulfilled ... So why do I set myself up to not have the time to write?!? Anyone out there with similiar experiences? Help!

Best regards,

Rachel Sat Dec 11 15:27:48 PST 1999

Hi all

Dick and C.J. - Welcome (big smiles).

Take care all


RLH Sat Dec 11 13:31:50 PST 1999

Good Saturday my friends:
Been off line for several days. If you come across a pop up on your screen? And it says...Disc Controller Failure? You got real time problems amigo. This happened as I was answering Teekay's question related to TGIF several nights ago.

What does TGIF mean? Thank God It's Friday. There are a whole chain of eating joints in Texas named TGIF. They are quite rowdy on Fridays, believe me.

TGIF is one of numerous sayings one hears in the work place of poor souls condemned to labor Monday thru Friday. Along this same line is "Hump Day." Hump day as a rule is Wednesday at 12:00 noon. Hump day means the week has peaked and one is on the down hill slide.

However, if one is wealthy and have never labored paycheck to paycheck getting through the week is not a consideration I wouldn't know, poverty has stalked me all my life with abject poverty close behind. That's why I'm writing now, trying to sell something and earn a little bread.

Let's see, what other workplace verbal offerings may I relate?

"I heard that." Usually spoken after something dismal is uttered by a fellow employee. Example... "I'm sick and tired of working my *** off for nothing!!!"

"You da man." From a recent beer commercial, meaning someone has done something exceptional.

"He's an RLD!" Real Little D*** (work it out for yourself)

Plumbers have a good one. "You only have to know three things to be a plumber 1. The boss is a turd. 2. Payday is on Friday. 3. S*** runs down hill.

Friday AND payday is an exceptional event if one is hourly and paid on the 1'st and 15'th. Old timers refer to this as beer and ***** night.

"The eagle s***'* today!" Payday!!!!

"Why that no account #%$ of a *%&^#. I've got a good mind to kick his #$%^&*! %@! so far up his *&^ it'll take a &%^#$@! doctor to pull it out." Usually refers to the supervisor.

Lizards abound in the world of manual labor and bottom dog jobs.

Cab Lizard - Truckers, long haul
Lounge Lizards - Coffee shop patrons
Lot Lizards - Folks who hang around used car lots
Counter Lizards - Men who frequent auto parts stores
House Lizards - Also know as Lookey Lou's in real estate circles
Bar Lizard - People who frequent bars
Lizard Lair - See above
Welfare Lizard - Easy to understand this one
Internet Lizard? - Huh, anyone out there feel scaly?
Writer Lizard???? - Well.................

The possibilities are endless.

Sadly, living payday to payday shortens one's life. You're always looking for Friday...payday...vacation...retirement. First thing you know, life's over and you missed it.

As it is, it is, as it is.

Goodnight all. RLH

Rhoda Sat Dec 11 12:41:11 PST 1999


I am convinced that while working on a large project as a novel there is a certain amount of brain-washing involved. I have found in my experience that spending so much time with my characters makes them real in my own mind. However that reality doesn't always get translated to paper, though I think it does at the time. With me objectivity greatly suffers.

On this book written four years ago I received the comment from some who read it that my characters lacked emotion. I really didn't believe that because I had formed my characters well and they were full of emotion, or so I thought. Now I read the book again after several years and make this great, but troubling discovery. My characters are dry and do lack emotion. I notice it and it troubles me. Fact is, I still get that comment from people who read my current work.

In my experience objectivity is a terrible struggle. You can't properly edit and present your work without some measure of it. I suppose that is why it is good to have others read and critique your work. I think of all the times people have told me to show not tell, or to infuse more emotion into my characters or other such things and I haven't a clue what they mean. Yet I can see these problems all so clearly in other people's work.

How do we hone in on the ability to see our work in the proper light?

Any insight on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I would love to know how the rest of you deal with this problem.

Happy Writing,


Allein Sat Dec 11 10:36:43 PST 1999

CJ and Dick - welcome!! :) Glad you both joined us. Do you like chocolate?

Ashling Sat Dec 11 05:36:44 PST 1999

Forgot to fill out the address form on my last post.

Sat Dec 11 05:32:51 PST 1999

Hi y'all!

CJ, DICK & JOY --- Welcome aboard. Or Well Come ... depending on which century your characters inhabit.

RHODA: I identify with your frustration, and I'm only revising 7 chapters! Into Year 4 and counting on writing my novel ... I struggle with feelings of failure because it's still a long way to the finish line. In the last month or two I've realized my characters are more interesting now. So, instead of feeling bored and overwhelmed ... I enjoy "falling down the rabbit hole" and landing in the ever expanding plot.

It's still difficult for me to sit down, stay still, turn off the Internet and start a writing session. Suggestions anyone? Please.

Best regards,

Eddie French Sat Dec 11 03:12:56 PST 1999

Hi Dick, Hi CJ, Hi Joy.
Pull up a chair, grab a chicken wing. It's the weekend and things tend to get a little slow around here at this time. Stick around until Americo gets back and you'll see what I mean.

Joy Sat Dec 11 01:22:34 PST 1999

Hi all: It's just after four and I'm listening to the Christmas music on this site -- real nice! Real nice mainly because my oldest son finally turned the in-PC audio down. Nineteen-year-olds like it LOUDDDD!

Hi Rhoda: Thanks for the welcome. I'll try to keep up the posts but have a tendency to go gung ho on something for a while and then peter out when something newer grabs my interest -- sounds like I have a tendency toward cliches also - grin -- but I like it.

Jerry Lee: Thanks for the analogy. Yes, I see what you mean. I guess I'm just hoping those big rocks don't hide little ME original rock completely.

Hi C.J. and Dick: Welcome. I guess I'm not the New Kid on the Block anymore. Smiles.

Jerry Lee Fri Dec 10 20:48:41 PST 1999

Yo all,

Another week, another editorial cartoon published! This one concerns the "Battle in Seattle". It shows three bugs, labled, "Labor, Established Standards and Nature". They are about to be stepped on by a big shoe labled "WTO". A balloon shows the WTO member saying, "Yes, I'm sure they have a right to exist, but they BOTHER me!"

Dick and CJ,
Welcome to the only writer's forum you'll ever need! Of course, it's really Jack's forum, but we all feel free to call it our own. On behalf of the others who inhabit this end of the internet, let me say that your thoughts would be most welcome.
As someone once said, What you have to start with is the rock, everything new simply adds to the pile of materials available for building something better.

Take care,
Happy Holidays.
Jerry Lee

DICK TAYLOR ERT@MSN.COM Fri Dec 10 18:59:26 PST 1999




C.J. Carnahan Fri Dec 10 18:42:36 PST 1999

Hi everyone. I just joined your forum and you all sound absolutely fascinating--and knowledgeable.

Like so many others, I've been writing for a long, long time. I did a lot of poetry suff (published) in the late 70's. Then I became an artist-in-residence for a CA elementary school district and wrote a lot of children's plays (also published in a limited market). Now I'm back to writing for adults--soft SF with a Christian End Times slant.

Hope I get to know all of you and can begin posting some things to hear your opinions (and marketing options, which are slim according to some agents).

Have a great holiday season, everyone, no matter what holiday you celebrate!

Fri Dec 10 17:19:54 PST 1999

Actually, slight rethink on the figures. I get to drop the phone line at $15.95 and my current internet connection at $20. So I am paying $35.95 at present. Being able to drop both, I will be paying about $10 more than I do now. Not bad for getting this kind of speed. Well, I was up very very early and am bushed. I am going to take a nap and maybe I can rub two brain cells together to think straight. Take care everyone.

Jack Beslanwitch Fri Dec 10 17:16:10 PST 1999

   Jerry Lee: Long and short, the speed is excellent. Of course, it is always subject to how slow the server is at the other end. Yet, I downloaded a 7 meg file in just over a minute. Cool. Web pages are popping up instantly. I got it with free installation and free modem and first month free and after that $39.95 a month. Figure in the fact that I can now drop my second phone line dedicated as data, $15.95 per month and to add a second ip address so Fran can be simultaneously hooked up at $4.95 extra, and its comes out to $28.95 per month. Well, I still have to pay the $44.95 per month, but you get the idea. I am delighted. And even more so in that I called up one day and am connected the next. That is customer service I can recommend highly.

Jerry Lee Fri Dec 10 15:19:15 PST 1999

Yo all,

Being uneducated in the ways of writing, but constantly learning every little thing I can about it,let me give you this little tidbit that helped me through the same dilemma that you face...Natural-born talent is like a rock. Everything that you learn adds to the pile. It does not replace the original stone, it simply gives you more material with which to build. The finished project cannot be built without the original stone, but then my projects at any rate, look better with the addition of the new stuff.

Good luck on the faster connection, I'm sure you'll let us know how it goes...We shall wait with bated breath to hear if we need to invest in yet more hardware.

Take care, all.
Jerry Lee

Allein Fri Dec 10 06:40:00 PST 1999

Got this through e-mail and decided to share with you all:

Money Can't Buy Everything!

Money can buy a house
but not a home.

Money can buy a bed
but not sleep.

Money can buy a clock
but not time.

Money can buy a book
but not knowledge.

Money can buy food
but not an appetite.

Money can buy position
but not respect.

Money can buy blood
but not life.

Money can buy medicine
but not health.

Money can buy sex
but not love.

Money can buy insurance
but not safety.

You see, money is not everything.
Therefore, if you have too much, please give some to me.

Rhoda Fri Dec 10 06:30:10 PST 1999


I am doing well. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Germany. No wonder you are so looking forward to it. The idea of driving from England to the middle of Germany through such a historic route sounds fantastic to me. My husband, who is a World War II buff, would be on cloud 9. I hope you find your family all doing well and that your daughter has a safe delivery.

I am doing this current rewrite because it is the sequel of the book my agent is trying to sell. He has hyped me as a potentially prolific writer and I am doing my utmost to live up to that. I thought the revamping of THE RELUCTANT BARBARIAN would be a simple process. I knew of about three places in the book that needed to be changed. Now that I am in the midst of making those changes, I find as I go back and reread the book that I am not happy with it. I wrote it four years ago, and I've changed as a writer. Also having written VALERIE'S SONG, I want this other book to be compatable in mood and tone. To me now this is an overwhelming task.


I enjoyed greatly our conversation last evening (morning for you). I do hope to do it again.


Welcome to the Notebook. I have enjoyed your posts. I hope you will continue to be a regular contributer.

Happy Writing!


Joy Fri Dec 10 02:14:08 PST 1999

Allein, you get the Aero Award for best reason why writers love chocolate. Cheers.

What's everyone's take on writers' conferences, seminars, summer courses, et al? A friend from B.C. asked me, and my opinion has always been: I'd rather do it MY way. I hate the thought that anyone might influence my inborn style, which might sound a little ego-ridden, and maybe screwy, but no matter how different my style of writing is from the norm, it is all mine. I've done pretty good -- well actually REALLY good -- doing it all on my lonesome. So what's your take?

Jack Beslanwitch Fri Dec 10 00:22:35 PST 1999

Got a snail mail offer for Cable Modem, something which has been unavailable up to now. Called and surprise surprise it is now possible and even more of a shock I said yes and they said see you tomorrow between 11 and 1. Everybody I know who has ordered this has had to wait at least weeks and up to a month. At any rate, with fingers crossed, toes crossed and my nose twitching, this is hoping that everything comes about just fine and I have an ultra ultra fast internet connection sometime tomorrow.

Jon: I have started reviewing S. I will have my edits in sometime Saturday my time. Probably very very late Saturday my time, but Saturday.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Blessed Ramudan and Merry Yule to you all.


Fri Dec 10 00:22:08 PST 1999

Jerry AG Ericsson Thu Dec 9 17:56:40 PST 1999

Greetings - anyone up for a little Christmas cheer, go to the site below - lots of Christmas poems including the night before Christmas!

Hope you enjoy


Eddie French Thu Dec 9 16:37:08 PST 1999

Yes, that's much better. Music to my ears!
You may have to feed Jon over the weekend.
Hope everybody is feeling well tonight.
How are you today?
Have a good weekend everybody.

Teekay Thu Dec 9 15:57:14 PST 1999

If anybody is around. I'll be in the chat room.

Laura Thu Dec 9 14:12:34 PST 1999

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd tell you how things were going with me. I am so glad, tomorrow is my christmas. We are having christmas two weeks early.

Allein Thu Dec 9 13:35:45 PST 1999

So sorry - I accidently put Joy's name instead of mine since that's who the message was intended for and I'm blonde. :)

Joy Thu Dec 9 10:49:09 PST 1999

Joy - What is it with chocolate. Well, chocolate is the food of the gods (the coca-cola goddess, the gordita and the almighty Squirrelmunk). Since writers are the direct offspring and chosen ones of the gods, we naturally love chocolate. Okay, maybe not, but it kinda sounds cool. ;) I just think people like chocolate 'cause it's good. I love it - I want to join the official Chocoholics Anonymous club (go to but, I don't have the money.
Have a spiffy day! :)

Americo Thu Dec 9 10:40:23 PST 1999

Sorry again. I forgot my name. Yes, what's my name? Help!!!

Thu Dec 9 10:39:30 PST 1999

Jerry Lee,

Long time no see. And how glad I am you came back after a break. You may be right: SMX*** could be "Strawberries and a Moon Extra". I had not thought of that but your interpretation makes sense. I suppose that before beginning SMX*** we must finish and publish SM**. I'll ask Jon, he knows everything.

What story shall I tell you in the three minutes I have left of Internet connection?

The no-no story.

She was a no-no girl. Whenever I asked her to read a poem for me she would say no, whnever I asked her to smile to me, she would say no, whenever... Oh no. No inspiration today. Sorry.

Three minutes and no story. That's what I call writer's block. Perhaps later.

Laura Thu Dec 9 09:17:48 PST 1999


Don't feel bad about misspells and typeo's just catch them when you can and don't make a big deal about them when someone else calls you on them.

Laura Thu Dec 9 09:02:31 PST 1999

"The Dragon stuff" is a story I have been posting to the Short story archive. I had been working on both so I didn't know which you meant.

I am in literature courses right now, if that shows in the work, then that is why. But I am also taking a novel class. The guy who teaches it actually writes. It is fun, we sit around reading and critiqing other people's work. Then we get our own read and critiqued. Our final is a submission packet for an agent or publishing house

Joy Hewitt Mann joyhm@ripnet Thu Dec 9 03:30:28 PST 1999

Spelled know - now ... God! I hate doing that. My apologies. I at least have the consolation of reading that Margaret Atwood is an atrocious speller.

Joy Hewitt Mann Thu Dec 9 02:57:42 PST 1999

Why do we writers have this driving need to communicate? I think we are the ones who stood up around the fire, leaping and waving our long, hairy arms at the world outside the cave, garbling, "Look, look! Hear, hear!" while the others yelled, "Sit down! Eat, eat! Drink, drink!" Our meat is the written word and we wash it down with the juice of getting published. So communicate we must, anyway we can.

Allein: What is it about chocolate? and now they're saying it's good for you. I guess writers -- or rather, creative people -- knew it all along. I especially love Aero bars -- do I get money for saying that?

Rachel: Our river is too small for boats, more like canoes, ducks, seagulls -- and a gorgeous blue heron. We've got beaver, muskrats, river otters; snakes, bullfrogs, turtles, etc. The St. Lawrence is only 5 miles away and they've got boats --- BIG! BIG! boats.

I've got three kids: one in university, one in grade 10, and one who WAS in grade 12, but just decided to quit. YIKES!

Teekay: No, your soul doesn't have to be tortured to write poetry -- maybe a little beat up .

Being published but edited is GOOD, being published, not edited, but your name spelled wrong, is BAD. Thank God (Goddess) for the things they do RIGHT.

Jerry Lee Wed Dec 8 20:49:41 PST 1999

Yo all,

I think SMX** means (forgive me if I'm wrong) Strawberries and a Moon...Extra.
Please let me know if that's not correct.

Teekay, It is enough, I think, to be published. To be published without edit would be too much delight for mortal man (or woman, to be PC) to endure.
Take care,
Jerry Lee

Jon Wed Dec 8 18:26:59 PST 1999

Have you noticed that since A* changed from Palatino to Verdana (which he did moments before writing his latest post, see below if Laura does not interfere) he has become wiser and wiser and wiser. Alost like pioska (this is not Russian, but could be). It means, as wise as me (or I). Strange language you speak, brethren.

Americo Wed Dec 8 18:23:47 PST 1999

SMX is a great mystery even to me but it must be something after SM** and before SMXY. I'll ask Jon. He knows everything, though he is becoming mad for lack of strawberries. Are you also one of Jon's killers? If you haven't published anything for SM** in the last 24 hours you must feel guilty.
The same applies to all the residents of this excellent forum.
Here's a story:
Only after leaving the elephant behind did I notice that I had forgotten my wallet in his mouth. I asked my camel if he had a light. He lent me the moonshine of his eyes and I lighted my cigarette. The nurse dropped her panties and asked me politely if I could please. I said. No. She said, are you a fireman? And then the night said goodbye. On the next spring the dunes of the desert were covered with little perls looking like dew, but that is part of yesterday and the future belongs to the Chinese mand the rebels.
Here's my analysis of this story:
1. First person narratives must be conducted in such a way that your mother cannot recognize you as the author. My mother would immediately see that I am the nurse in this story. Zero points.
2. The style of a narrative must be absolutely new. I recognize my style of yesterday in this story. Zero points.
3. Time is an obsolete notion that should be dealt with without time expressions. Zero points.
4. Political innuendos should be avoided unless you are Andre Maurois or you have fought in Vietnam or Angola. I only fought in bed and was severely beaten by my baby. Bymybaby. That's new, that's language, that's a story. Twenty points for the analysis and lots of hopes for a new story. Which can be called BYMYBABY by Teekay&Eddie. Looking forward to it.

Rachel Wed Dec 8 17:06:17 PST 1999

Teekay - Just wanted to clarify my post. I read it over and decided that it could be taken the wrong way. What I was saying, or trying to say is that I think you should be excited:)

Rachel Wed Dec 8 17:04:59 PST 1999

Allein - I have just sat down to go to work on a couple of drawings to put into your Christmas card. They will be originals (grins). Better hang on to em, they could be real valuable one day (grins and laughter.

Teekay - I think it is good that you got something published, even if it is just a little piece of what you sent. I know that I would cut it out, and I would probably be excited too, but then I get excited pretty easily (grins).

Take care all

Teekay Wed Dec 8 16:49:03 PST 1999

Morning All (just)

Heaps of posts today which is really fantastic.

JERRY:- Thankyou so much and thanks for replying so quickly. I'm off to visit there after I've finished this.
Glad to see you back also.

RACHEL,ALLIEN & JOY:- Just want you to know I love drawing as well. Actually I started of drawing, the love of writing came later. I also love writing poetry. Don't really do too much of that now though. Guess my souls not as tortured as it used to be.

EDDIE:- ~Sigh~ It sounds wonderful. You are so lucky to live in a country where you can drive for a while in different directions and be in a totally different country. I just love driving. I've decided I would like to live in Tuscany. I'm going to learn Italian now so that when I get there I'll know how to buy eggs and cheese.

AMERICO:- Still don't know what SMX***** is.

Minor note which isn't very exciting, but seeing as it has to do with writing I shall tell it to you all.
I was standing in the really, really long queue at the supermarket earlier and I picked up a magazine I normally buy to see if they'd published a letter that I'd written to them and they had. It would have been really exciting for me if they'd published it in it's entirety, but they hadn't. They'd chopped it up into a little paragraph and so it wasn't as thrilling as it should have been. Any way, it's something to cut out to add to the rest of the collection. Jeez, I may even need scrap book soon.*sarcasm*.

Well I think that was about it. Have a great day everybody.

Jon Wed Dec 8 11:50:14 PST 1999

Just to tell you that I like this gaol very much. Should it be jail ? My dictionary has both. I am becoming a bit sad because of lack of shorties for SM** May I suggest a Christmas SM** tale? Lots of Christmas pudding please!

Americo Wed Dec 8 11:39:53 PST 1999

Eddie, which metaphors? Or should it be what metaphors?

What is a metaphor? A metaphor is a comparison in which the term of comparison is implicit, contrary to the simile, in which the comparison element is explicit. The comparison element is "like" or "as" or some such word. She eats like a bird is a simile; she is a true bird is a metaphor.

I haven't used metaphors for a long time. But I can try now. The following will probably be a story full of metaphors but not necessarily a metaphoric story. Yes, my favorite poet is John Donne. I was John Donne in my time. Now I am just your friend. Here's the story;

Once upon a time there was a prince and he set out apon a journey. It was a long journey and all birds of the sky had taken a sit on a cloud to see our prince riding his horse. And the horse was a golden horse and the prince was an eye and the eye a cloud and the cloud all the birds of the sky which had come to watch our prince vanishing into the sea when his golden horse droppped from a mountain into a sea which was not a proper sea but just endless drops of marine blue.

Now I am going to analyse this shortie. First: the two first periods were influenced by Dickens (Once upon a time there was a traveller. ...) The rest by Salvador Dali's painting. Except the ending, which is pure Jon's style. I do not like this story because it has been influenced by someone else's style. It is full of metaphors though. But. Is it really a metaphor? The answer is no. I don't like metaphors actually. Except John Donne's. My favorite novelist was Allain Robbe- Grillet, who hated metaphors. When he started using them I became an orfan. And the only question I must put to this audience is whether orphan should or should not have an h. I am all for strawberries. Here ends my post. Quite an interesting one, as usual. A bit sort of like muddled but revealing that I am still alive, though starving. Hope Porto wins the soccer match agains Herda Berlin.

Allein Wed Dec 8 11:26:48 PST 1999

Rachel - I too have been drawing a lot. Could you please send me some of your drawings (if you can Xerox them or scan them or something) because I'd love to see them. And I have great news. I might be illustrating a children's story for an author that a friend of mine knows. She might not send the story though until after Christmas. Anyway, I hope that works out.
Much love and many hugs,

Rachel Wed Dec 8 07:07:09 PST 1999

Eddie and Jack - I love hearing from both of you about the things you get up to.

Joy - You live in Canada! I also live by a river, sometimes the sound of the boats will wake me up, but I like it. I'm not right on the river, but up the hill from it and the sound just sort of rolls on up. I also have children, I have four, 17, 11, 8 and 6. How many do you have? Oh and I love to draw. I recently illustrated my a book that my daughter wrote (she is the 6 year old).

Allein - I have been drawing up a storm. It's been lots of fun for me. I work on japanamation, and realistic style. I don't know if that's what you call it.

Well, I should go
Take care all

Jerry Arthur Gordon Ericsson Wed Dec 8 07:02:31 PST 1999

Teekay here is that site again, they now say they have over 9000 E-Texts on site. All are old, so the copywrite has expiered. This allows them to furnish them for free. Such texts as the complete work of Poe, and all of Mark Twain, along with so many more famous authors, and some not so famous. The E-Texts are available in TXT format, and ZIP format. If you have an unzip utility, the zip format is the quickest, if not use the TXT. Almost all writing programs have a conversion for TXT, so reading should be no problem. Amazing how little room plain text takes, the complete works of Poe (5 volumes i believe) will fit on one 1.44 meg floppy.

Americo, things are slowing down again, so I may be able to write a couple more stories for SM** soon. Christmas is however sneeking up on us again, and of course I have yet to complete my Christmas shopping. Yesterday we drove to the nearest Target store - 135 miles one way, and shopped for the kids, so now all I have to shop for is my wife, and I can get her gifts here in town.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson

Allein Wed Dec 8 06:50:38 PST 1999

Joy - I've noticed art and writing going together too. Many of my friends who write are also artists. People always tell me I'm a good writer, but sometimes I don't believe them. I don't know what it is. I guess I don't have much self confidence in myself. I don't write much poetry unless it's about Sqrlmunks or killing Pikachu. I'm a chocoholic as are many people here (I think).

Joy Hewitt Mann Wed Dec 8 04:32:29 PST 1999

Just a little extra for particular people (not too particular, I hope )

Allein: I also draw. Funny how art and writing go together more times than not. I've noticed it a lot. (oops, the poet is showing!) I write fiction (all genres and literary), poetry (same), essays, etc. etc. I'll try just about anything; it's such an adventure.

Rachel: Thanks. Smiles.

Laura: Hi. I love chocolate; but I'm not chocolate -- thank God! -- or I'd have to eat myself (yikes! does that sound kinky?).

Teekay: Hello and thank you.

Jack: Wise words.

Joy Hewitt Mann Wed Dec 8 02:58:21 PST 1999

Hi all, thanks for the welcome. I had no idea how this thing worked ... get my ideas (angst ... sorry) down on paper perhaps, but then, WOW, I'm in contact with other writers. So ... about me. It's now 5:54 in a small village south of Ottawa, Canada, and I've been up since 4:12 (seem to do that a lot lately). I live beside a river but even the fish aren't up at this hour. By six I'm into a little writing, and somewhere between 6:30 and 7 I get the kids up for school, then back to a little more writing, and maybe some more surfing. I've only been on the net for two weeks so it's all pretty new to me. Thanks all, and bye.

Jack Beslanwitch Wed Dec 8 02:31:07 PST 1999

Eddie: Not bored here. I suspect that some might in some measure be bored with my discussions of Australia, albeit I am keeping them off the Notebook. Travel is, I think, as integral to being a writer as the tragedies of our life that bring us face to face with inner reaches of our soul. By being taken out of the place where we live either figuratively or literally, we are allowed that special gift of becoming new again and seeing ourselves differently. So, not to worry.

Eddie French Tue Dec 7 18:06:28 PST 1999

PLEASE, cease, desist, halt with the metaphores. just for once talk to me for real!
Germany is just 650 miles from where I live. A quick 280 down to the Euro-tunnel, (or the ferry), then just about the same from Calais to Padderborn, (in the Rhur valley) All in all, about 700 miles. A nice drive if you're ready for it. Problem is, I usually do it just after work!
I travel to Germany perhaps three times a year. (Most people on the notebook are probably bored by my regular accounts of these journeys), but for you newbies I will recount:
I travel the route of the 1944 invasion of Europe by the allies in WW2. Towns I pass through include:
Dunkirk (Dunkurque) Fench-belgique border, Antwerp (Antwerpen)The Arden,(The Ardennes') Eindoven, Nimagen, Armen,(Armien) etc, etc.
This is a fantastic drive! The history is overwhelming.
It is the ghosts of the past which sustain me on this passage, I could do it over and over without a moments sleep! (I actually have done!) Every time I do this journey I find something new to wonder at.
Enough of me for now.

Teekay Tue Dec 7 17:55:22 PST 1999


Who ever entered the address of that site for people who love to read could you please enter it again, or if any body else knows it. I went through the last 3 archives a didn't see it and now my brains fallen out ontop the keyboard & my eyes hurt.

I know it wasn't a real question.

R.L.H.- what does TGIF Gang stand for. Notced it on some posts?
That was a real question.

AMERICO- What is SMX******

I feel as though everything is just going straight over my head.

agsousa Tue Dec 7 17:12:02 PST 1999

Tonight Jon wanted to eat a policeman. He said, sorry, can I eat you, please. But the policeman was very rude and answered, no, no, and no. Jon insisted, but it will be good for you, and the policeman, no,no, and no.
So I decided to arrest both of them. They need cucumber sandwiches, so have pity of the prisoners and write your stories for SM** (This is my second story for SMX***** Quite good, I think.)

Rachel Tue Dec 7 16:42:51 PST 1999

Hi all

Allein - I've been a quite busy of late. I am getting a card ready to send off to you. I plan to post most of my Christmas cards tomorrow (smiles and a hug).

Teekay - NovaScotia is across the country from me, but it is in Canada, and it is comparable in beauty to British Columbia.

Take care all

Teekay Tue Dec 7 16:29:53 PST 1999

AMERICO:- When I read your post I thought I was caught in John Lennon's 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' so I read it twice to make sure and yup, seems that is where I was. Seems you may be suffering from an overdose of S* or perhaps with relief that it is almost over.:-)

EDDIE:- You must be sooo happy. I just love Christmas and getting together with the family and all the food. How far is Germany from where you live? Do you get there often?

LAURA:- I meant your novel. What is your Dragon stuff? I thought you may have been studying something like that. My guess was literature.

RACHEL:- Have you read Anne of Green Gables. Didn't she live near Canada somewhere? Is Nova Scotia near Canada? My geographical ignorance is really making itself known.) If it is then you are sooo lucky. I watched all the A.O.G. movies and I'd just sigh over the scenery. I would love to live somewhere that looked like that.

JOY:- Hello and welcome. And I second those wise words of Rachels. (That's not plagiarism is it?)

Well where is Jerry, Jerry-Lee and Jai. You don't think the 'J' monster got them do you?

Catcha all later.

Laura97224 Tue Dec 7 16:06:15 PST 1999


feel free to talk to me all you want, no harm no foul.


Laura Tue Dec 7 15:41:50 PST 1999

TEEKAY: Yes, I'm at a college. I'm studying English. This is my junior year. I am taking a class taught by Ken Kuhlken (author of The Venus Deal). The class is called, Writing the novel.

Laura Tue Dec 7 15:39:04 PST 1999

TEEKAY: Yes, I'm at a college. I'm studying English. This is my junior year. I am taking a class taught by Ken Kuhlken (author of The Venus Deal). The class is called, Writing the novel.

Allein Tue Dec 7 15:26:49 PST 1999

Rachel - I have to agree with you on British Columbia being a beautiful place. Even though I've only been there a few times, I think it's really nice up there. Of course, I live just below BC so, the climate here is pretty much the same as it is there. I'll write you an e-mail sometime, but I don't know when. If you want to drop me a line first so I have something to talk about, then go ahead. But, I'll get around to it eventually. I just haven't heard from you in a while so I'm wondering what's up with you. :)

Rachel Tue Dec 7 13:10:24 PST 1999

Teekay - Hi you - I didn't answer your question about where I live (smiles). I live in Canada. British Columbia is a Province in Canada, and a very beautiful Province. I would say the most beautiful Province, but I might get some argument from the other Canadian's on the site (grins).

Take care you

Eddie French Tue Dec 7 13:06:58 PST 1999

Whatever it was that upset both you and Rhoda seems to have abated somewhat today (At least for you) I'm glad.
I hope you are getting back into the swing of things too. Please post a note to say how you are doing. I know how hard you have all worked on *S* and I know it will all work out. The reward will be worth it in the end.
Monday blues have have been blown away by Tuesday. I am looking forward to driving over to germany as soon as my holiday starts. (23rd) I am going to spend Christmas with my Daughter and Son in Law in the Rhur district. I will see my Grand daughter Kyesha, and (a very longshot) possibly my yet to born Grandson, (Due any time between Christmas and the millenium)
It appears that Kyesha has entered the 'Terrible Twos' a little early, Delicious! Payback time for daughter! Hee hee.
Hope everbody else is well.

Laura Tue Dec 7 11:57:04 PST 1999

That's alright Jon. I didn't figure you meant me. Good luck finding him.

Teekay, you still here? Oh well, I guess you will get the message when you get back. (If you don't know what I mean, check my post before this one.)

Rachel Tue Dec 7 11:56:34 PST 1999

Hi all

Americo - Yes, Shadows is going to be great. In the event that you had lost it, I should have everything on this end of things (smiles).

I'm looking forward to the next chunk of text you send my way.

Take care you

Jon Tue Dec 7 11:43:04 PST 1999

Laura, sorry. When I said in the post below I did not mean your post but somebody else's post. I cannot remember the name of my neighbour, but that's that, yes, the.
Full stop or period, according to your sexual deviations. Oh, my God, am I sure this is English? But you know what I mean and since you all love me, I am forgiven.
Can I say something else? No? Okay.

Jon Tue Dec 7 11:37:53 PST 1999

There's something wrong in the post below, but I do not know what it is. Has anyone seen my neighbour in the last 23 days? He's so engrossed in the best novel the world has ever seen that he cannot distinguish his name from his address anymore. Just like me, his humble secretary and your terrible PPR (I wonder what these letters stand for, but sounds nice)

Laura Tue Dec 7 11:35:38 PST 1999

I just posted the last part of chapter two of my novel. I had forgotten to put the last scene in there. I don't think it was on my older copy. For those who do not know I was in a panic a few weeks ago because I had lost the disk with my manuscript on it. I found it a few days later. (those were the longest four days of my life.) Americo Tue Dec 7 11:32:16 PST 1999

Good strawberries, everyone!

Jon almost drowned yesterday night. He saw the reflex of the moon on my luxurious swimming-pool and dived immediately to catch it. He thought it was one of you stories for SM** and, as a consciencious cat he is, he was afraid the moon could get a cold or even drown. He had forgotten cats are afraid of the water. So he drank some of it and, noticing it was not vodka, spat it on the moon, which, just being a reflex, did not like it, and called the police. In the meantime I was eating an ice-cream and trying not to laugh at poor Jon. He got mad and called me something I did not understand. That's when he got drowned. He ressuscitated on the third morning before these events happened. No, this was not Jon but one of his sisters. Anyway, this is just reality. (A good story for SMX******, I guess).

There is some sort of confusion in the story above. Ah, the luxurious swimming-pool is not mine. Writers must be rigorous.

Teekay, yes, I was lucky I had a back-up of S*. Otherwise I would have to type it all from scratch. And since I cannot copy I would write comething completely different, but it would be a hit all the same.

How's everybody? Eddie, you asked something ages ago, but I cannot remember what it was. Anyway the answer is "both."

Have I already sent "good strawberries everybody" to everyone? Yes, I have.

I have dragged the hannukah to my desktop. I'm making collection of Jack's gifs. I cannot drag the music though.

Laura Tue Dec 7 08:44:08 PST 1999

Hi Joy,
Don't be afraid of us, we don't bite. (Unless you are made of chocolate).

Teekay: Thank you. Do you mean my Dragon stuff or my novel? You didn't specify.

Allein Tue Dec 7 06:55:56 PST 1999

I forgot today's funny:

1. If I like it, it's mine.
2. If it's in my hand, it's mine.
3. If I can take it from you, it's mine.
4. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.
5. If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
6. If I'm doing or building something, all the pieces are mine.
7. If it looks just like mine, it's mine.
8. If I saw it first, it's mine.
9. If you are playing with something, and you put it down, it
automatically becomes mine.
10. If it's broken, it's yours. (No, the pieces are probably still

The Toddler Mission Statement.

If it is on, it must come off.
If it is folded, it must be unfolded.
If it is liquid, it must be shaken, then spilled.
If it is solid, it must be crumbled, chewed or smeared.
If it is high, it must go low.
If it is shelved, it must be unshelved.
If it is pointy, it must be run with at top speeds toward electrical
If it has leaves, they must be picked.
If it is plugged, it must be unplugged.
If it is not trash, it must be thrown away.
If it is closed, it must be opened.
If it does not open, it must be screamed at.
If it has drawers, they must be rifled.
If it has a door (like the dryer or dishwasher), it must be stood
If it is purple crayon, it must color on refrigerator, computer
monitor, and dining room table.
If the car visor is up, it must go down. If it is down, it must go
If it is full, it will be more interesting empty.
If it is a pile of dirt, it must be sat in.
If there is a stroller, it must under no circumstances be ridden in
without protest. It must be pushed.
If it has a flat surface, it must be banged.
If it's paper it must be torn.
If it has buttons, they must be pressed.
If volume is low, it must go high.
If Sesame Street is on, it must turn to CSPAN. Loud.
If it is toilet paper, it must be unrolled to the floor.
If it is a drawer, it must be pulled open.
If it is a bug, it must be swallowed.
If it is a grape, it must be stomped.
If it does not stay on a spoon, it must be dropped on the floor.
If it is Mommy, it must be hugged. Or bitten. Or both.
If it is not food, (rocks or sand), it must be tasted.
If it is dry, it must become wet. Can be accomplished with drool,
milk, bathwater, or the toilet.
If there is a carseat, it must be protested with loud
wails and arched back.

I am toddler.

Allein Tue Dec 7 06:50:07 PST 1999

Joy - Hiya and welcome! *hugs* Don't worry about posting long messages. We do it all the time. :) Anyway, glad to see a new face around here and I hope I can get to know you. I am one of those writers who has been writing my whole life (my first story was a My Little Pony murder mystery - wrote that at age 6). I have nothing published. I also draw. I'm working on a novel right now. It's kind of a mystery/comedy/drama - a little of every thing. What do you write? Anyway, I look foreward to hearing from you.

Jack - I am definately going to see Fantasia 2000, but probably not in Seattle because I don't go over there very often. The last time I was in Seattle (before Saturday) was...I can't even think of when I was last there! Probably early this year between Jan. or March.

I wish all of you a very good day. Now I must depart for jail...I mean, high school of course.

Rachel Tue Dec 7 06:46:19 PST 1999

Hi all

Allein - I got the card yesterday (smiles), thank you!

Jack - Glad you figure out what was up with the file.

Joy - Welcome. Hey, and don't feel like a fraud. There is nothing wrong with having something drop into your lap. I think that is wonderful and you must be a talented writer or it would not have happened. Be kind to yourself, okay?

Take care all

Joy Hewitt Mann Tue Dec 7 05:13:26 PST 1999

I consider myself a new writer, figuratively speaking -- meaning that although I've been writing for ten years this past September, I had no desire to write before that time. It makes me feel like a fraud sometimes and I envy those writers who can say, "I've been writing all my life." Why the Muse -- or whatever -- decided to strike me then, I don't know. Maybe I had nothing to say to the world until then, or maybe what I did have to say was not worth saying. There is something to say for starting late into writing: more maturity, more life experience. But then the time seems so fleeting; there doesn't seem enough time left in your life to get it all down. And, as a kind of paradox -- seeing as I had no trouble getting published, no years of rejection -- I feel guilty for my success. And guilty and fraudulent that I took no courses, had no great mentor, read no inspiring books from other writers. It just all came from inside here somewhere, and though I thank God for the gift, I still cannot help these negative feelings. But then ... I've gone on too long. You should be writing rather than reading this. Smiles ... and goodbye.

Jack Beslanwitch Tue Dec 7 00:42:38 PST 1999

Allein: Glad you had such a good time. Starting sometime in January you might want to check out Fantasia 2000 at the IMAX theatre at the Seattle Center. I certainly am looking forward to it.

Americo and Rachel: I have already emailed Americo, but I discovered my problem with attachments. Somehow, the preferences on Eudora got switched and was instructing any file above 200k to be skipped. How it happened, whether I did it or some software glitch, I feel a little stupid for not having checked under preferences first.

Take care

Allein Mon Dec 6 20:26:07 PST 1999

Hi people,
Sorry I haven't written yet.
Anyway, about Saturday. I had a very nice time at the hockey game. I went with my class, my sports medicine teacher, my health professions teacher and her boyfriend (John). This actually is bad news to the people in my HP class because we always thought there was something going on between our teacher and my sports med. teacher. However, my sports med. teacher got to talking with the bus driver on the way over and she set him up on a date with a friend of hers. I asked him today how it went and he said that it went well. He says she's a nice person and of course, he held the door open for her (for some reason, the bus driver was very insistant about that). My Health Professions teacher also brought along her seven-year-old son, Chase and his friend. Chase is absolutely adorable. He was a little terrorist at some times, but that's how kids are sometimes.
We arrived in Seattle at about three and went to the Key Arena. I didn't realize how big it was. We met with the team athletic trainer or whatever. That part was boring. But then, we went to the Seattle center house, which was very nice. I looked around in a shop and got 2 necklaces. One is a choker made of purple beads and the other one is made of white Puka shells (these are very popular right now in school).
I ate dinner with my Sports med. teacher and John. I had a salad at the Center House Cafe and the food was really good.
On the way back to Key Arena, we passed a Merry-go-Round. My Health professions teacher let her son and his friend go on. I got to go on with them as a supervisor. It was actually very fun. The last time I rode on one of those was at the fair when my friend Nicole and I rode on the horses making complete idiots of ourselves yelling "Hi ho Silver" and "Giddiup". The boys we went to the fair with sat in one of the sleigh-things and pretended not to know us.
Anyway, then we went to the game. It was really nice - except that they lost. But there was lots of action - plenty of fighting. I also saw a friend there whom I hadn't seen in a while - her last memory of me was playing with My Little Ponies at my 6th birthday party. :)
Then we went home and I got home late - about midnight. I slept in on Sunday. When I woke up for some reason I thought it was eight, but it turned out to be around noon.

Rachel - I'll e-mail you sometime. Have you received the Christmas card I sent to you (yeah, I know it's early). Long time no talk anyway. Hopefully, maybe, you can visit me over my winter vacation. I think that would be nice.

Anyway, I should get going. I'll post something tomorrow - whether it be funnies or just about my day. But now, it's time for some sleep because I'm not feeling well (again).
Luv and Peace,

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Dec 6 19:17:36 PST 1999

     Well, finally got time to archive things and it looks like it well after time. Hope this helps. Also, have added a Menorah (sp?) to commemorate the beginning of Hannukah for those that are Jewish. I will mix things up just keep it interesting with some different midi files and graphics.

     Americo: Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Given some problems I have had with Windows 98 and hardware IRQ conflicts I can well symapthize. Take care all and happy holidays.

Teekay Mon Dec 6 18:47:51 PST 1999

Hewo Evwybody,(Courtesy Elmer Fudd)

RACHEL:- I would love to chat with you again. The thing is I don't try the chat room here any more because after I do I usually get a default message come up. But if you go to yahoo chat I use the name Teakai there (yeah I got really adventurous, or creative, or something.) But if you know of another chat site just let me know.
Now this is probably a really ignorant question and I probably should've looked it up in the atlas, but the damn dog has run off with that now. Okay, well here goes. Is British Columbia in Britian? I though it was hence the name and all, but you said in one of your posts that you can drive 1/2 hour to visit Allien, who lives in America. ISee my confusion?

EDDIE:- I hope you for one are having a better day than yesterday, and are not suffering from the Moody Tuesdays.

LAURA:- Loved your story. You write so well. Your at university aren't you? What are you studying?

R.L.H.- Like Rachel said, it was the accent no? I sought to myzelf eet ees not a vewy good spy I vill make to be speaking wiz zoch a bward accent.
Yep, I live in Australia, in a town about 2 1/2 hours from Sydney. I just love the city of Sydney. Give the suburbs a miss every time, but the centre of Sydney has so much atmosphere.( and shops.) I think it's fascinating to visit a place that you've read about in the history books, and to imagine it all as it once was.
I'm reading a book about Italy at the moment and it's given me such a passion for the place. I want to eat foccaccia and drink red wine while watching the sun set over the olive grove. What brought this up was that in the book it pointed out how much known and changing history Italy had, Etruscan finds dating back to 4000BC and it just boggles the mind. This point was going somewhere, but I realized that where it was going was pretty far.

AMERICO:- Aren't you glad you'd made a back up copy of S* Hmmmmmmm.

Ti* bit about me:- I absolutely love books. Now this is probably one of those secret things you should never tell any body about, like R.L.H's spoon thing, but I'm feeling decidedly risque this day and I am going to tell you that I

Rachel Mon Dec 6 17:11:23 PST 1999

Hi all

Americo - Hang in there you.

RLH - Hi you. Yes, I love the mountains. I used to live up country, it was wonderful, but I missed the coast. Where I live is wonderful. I am forever off and hiking into the trails either with my friends or with my dog. I used to spend days on end in the hills. It was wonderful. Yes, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, I love them all. I have heard the noise of silence (grins). It can be earsplitting. I tell you, I used to ski lots and my favorite thing to do used to be to hang back and let my friends all shoot ahead, then I would stop on some deserted corner and just listen. You could hear every snowflake fall, it was amazing, absolutly wonderful! I don't know much about Utha, but I bet it is lovely (big smiles).

Take care you

PS - Teekay - Hey, RLH must have heard your accent (grins)!

RLH Mon Dec 6 17:00:02 PST 1999


Is it possible you reside in Australia? (large beaming smile) A comment or two in your post might lead me to that connection. Perhaps New Zealand? If so...thats great!!! I love Australia and New Zealand. If not well...that's okay, I need something to write about tonight anyway.

In 1969, courtsey of the US Navy I was able to visit Sydney for 6 days, Aukland for 4 and 4 days in American Samoa. I loved Sydney!! Whatta a place. It was so cultured compared to the different ports we visited. Like being home, almost.

Older sailors advised us to always wear our uniforms when off the ship, that is, versus civilian clothes. They said the Australians who were there during WW II would always treat American sailors with respect...that is buy the beer in local pubs. (Yes, it must be a shock to learn that sailors frequent pubs, but however remote, it happens.) I don't think I bought a beer in Sydney. As soon as someone in my bunch would finish a brew an old man, or woman would shout across the room. "Another round for the Yanks. God bless you boys."

In the Battle of the Coral Sea US Navy forces turned back a Japenese invasion force headed for Australia. As the old "salts" told us the Australians never forgot the American and Australian sailors who died defending Australia.

Auckland was as beautiful, but a somewhat subdued city. I remember a bunch of us standing in the MIDDLE of a main street in Auckland about 10PM. There were no cars in the street, no pedistrians, nothing going on. The streets were truly...rolled up and everyone gone home. I believe even the pubs closed early, around 8 PM or so? The only watering holes we found were a few private clubs. A beautiful city with ten thousand red roof homes.

American Samoa was simply a paradise on earth. After what we witnesed in southeast asia it was delightful to lay on a beach, under a full moon and listen as powerful waves broke over the outlying reefs. I still have two pieces of coral on my desk from a beach there. I took 35 mm slide pictures when in the Navy and have thrilled - honest- many land locked Texans.

It was a long time ago, but I will always treasure my time in the Navy. No process of higher education can equal travel in the South Pacific. I would advise any young man or woman to enlist in the Navy and ask for duty in the Seventh Fleet.

So Rachel, (big smile) you reside in British Columbia? I love the mountains lady. We lived in Utah's Wasatch Range for two years in the early 80's. Mountains, like the sea offer lessons for persons who like to be outdoors. Perhaps they appeal to our senses, sight, smell, how loud absolute silence may be?

Gotta go. Goodnight all. RLH

americo Mon Dec 6 12:43:38 PST 1999

BTW: I lost ALL e-mail addresses.

Rhoda: I got your e-mail yesterday. As you wish. The project will continue. Sorry for not writing you back but, as I said, I lost all e-mail addresses. No hard feelings of course.

I am using Palatino instead of Verdana. The Notebook looks different.

Good strawberries, everyone!

americo Mon Dec 6 12:34:44 PST 1999

Hello, everybody!

I had a bad crash an hour ago and had to make a system clean install and all that. I'm checking the damage. Fortunately I had just made a back-up of S*. (I have not seen if the back-up is all right yet, but it probably is).

Today I saw an exhibition of photos of the Chelsea Hotel, and bought the book with the photos. It's mainly people who live there. Quite interesting.

I haven't been on the Internet much over the weekend. I got all the letters (I suppose). But I haven't read all the posts and have not time to do it in the next month or so. If you any to ask me interesting questions, please do it now (again or fresh ones).

Laura Mon Dec 6 10:31:14 PST 1999

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd drop you a line. I'm playing hookey from chapel to finish my homeword for my 12:30 class. I figured since I just finished my paper I'd see how everyone is.

If there are any typo's I beg pardon, it is about forty degrees in here and my hands are too cold to type/.


Eddie French Mon Dec 6 01:39:21 PST 1999

Good Morning All,
Just on my way out to work. Thought I'd just let you know that. Feeling realy miserable about it. (Monday Blues).
Be in a better mood later I hope.