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Mon Jan 17 18:34:12 PST 2000
Mon Jan 17 18:34:12 PST 2000

Hi writers!
I read one of you forbidding chocolate.I am
a self confessed addict.And to lose weight , I ate
bitter chocolate.Actually bitter chocolate is good for health!It is said to stimulate the brain, much like cocoa.

Hi! Back at you JAI.
HEATHER:- Hope your child's feeling better.
ALLEIN:- All the best .
I have a few questions.
What do critics mean when they say that the
material in question is "Crisp"?

Has any one seen the film "Baghdad Cafe'" ?
I could not watch the entire film and now cannot locate it in any store.

Rachel Mon Jan 17 18:27:46 PST 2000

Grin, Grin, Grin, smile, smile, grin, merry wicked laughter. Grin, smile, smile. Bwa, ha, ha, ha ha!!!!!!!

And that is all that I have got to say about that.

Take care all

Americo Mon Jan 17 18:20:02 PST 2000

Randall, my old buddy! You were the first Revolutionary the monarchists guillotined in 1789! How's your guillotined head today? I remember you very well. You wore a red shirt you had grabbed from the trunk of a king's soldier. (You also stole his wristwatch). Give me a hug. I saw your head dropping in that bloody basket and I swore to revenge you. That's what I propose to do now (I did not do it before because I have been a bit busy since that revolution: I had to decorate my kitchen and to at last make a WC for the family in the backyard). I'll start my revenge with the women in this Notebook. Have you any preference? (Not Allein, please, she was also one of ours in that beautiful French Revolution!) How about Rachel to begin with? She used the word chocolates sometime ago. Or Heather, perhaps, she has the flu and also likes children. WEll, you give me a name and I'll do the deed. The women here are monarchists. They are still spying for Luis XVI! Do not spread this confidential information, buddy. Another hug. We shall overcome!

PS Do you really remember me in the Bastille? I was the little kid selling muffins. I was only nine years, you were 18. God, how I admired you! You became my hero when you ran towards Queen Antoinette and told her: "Madame" (the sentence you were supposed to say was:" le peuple vous hait= the people hate you, but you said:) "Bonjour!" And she smiled at you and gave you une petite monais (a little coin). And you shouted: "Vive la reine!" And then you blushed and ran away, ashamed of having been a traitor but proud of having spoken to the queen. I admired you because I saw in you the contradictions of the revolutionary. And the fact is that the queen was really charming. I myself, a much more ferocious revolutionary than you, would have hesitated. Perhaps I would say "bonjour" as well. We men are great romantics at heart.

Vive la Révolution Française! À bas les femmes réactionnaires!

Jay: I read your Sunday posts. I was so glad to see that you are also one of ours. Yes, let us drink something really forbidden! Long live grey, bleak sundays!

PS. Yesterday I went to the movies and saw "The Sixth Sense". It's the story of a kid who sees the dead. Yes, like in Howard's story. the one with the ©. Howard, those guys in Hollywood owe you a fortune!
PSS. And you, great master of the shortie, Jerry Ericsson. You did it again. Another good piece. Tell me, how did the Vietnamese got the millions in the first place? Not that believability is that important, but I am interested in that money as well.

Teekay Mon Jan 17 17:04:08 PST 2000

Hi All,
I'm not getting caught up in this gender crap. It's all been said a million, no billion, no trillion well countless times before. I am above all this pointless bickering, and please if you must say something please be original.BWAAARGHAHAHAHAHA(courtesy Rachel; I know it's not entirely appropriate, but I never seem to get the chance to use your evil laugh.)

JAI: I'm telling you this for educational purposes only and not because I am caught up in this gender thing, but yes in my experience men do tend to think about sex more often than women, unless the woman tends to be a nymphomaniac. You see most women don't have the luxury of thinking about sex a lot, they have to think about ironing and cooking and getting the clothes of the line before it rains and of course there's the 1/2 day (in my case) of thinking what to cook for dinner that evening and all that other riveting stuff that holds our attention so.

RHODA: Where oh where did you get the impression that I was a vegetarian? Jai is the vegetarian, I could not possibly be. Already it is hard enough for me to decide what to make for dinner. Can you imagine how much harder my decision when my choices are limited to vegies and..gulp...tofu!
BTW: Got your chapter and am sending it back after I've finished here. I hope you get it coz it's the first time for me doing and attatchment on the email.
And don't even start about those mindless twerps who get on their high horses about banning books, they make me so mad! How about Enid Blytons books being banned because they were thought to be racist??? That was years ago.
Have you ever watched `Peggy Sue Got Married'? with Kathleen Turner?

HEATHER: I hope your son is well soon. I used to work as a nurse too up until a year ago when I got a different job. Thank goodness. There is nothing that tries the human spirit so greatly as.....NIGHTSHIFT!!!

RACHEL: Didn't even notice the hear/here thing until you pointed it out.BWWWAAARGHGHAHAHAHA (I know, still not very appropriate, I'm just getting it out of my system)

Am going now ta ta to you all,
and have a sun, sun, sun, sunshiney daaay.

Randall Mon Jan 17 16:49:54 PST 2000

Good afternoon my friends:

Americo! Ah Ha! Finally! I know you! I was beside you as we stormed the Bastille! July 14, I remember the throng of street riff raff and their torches and pitchforks as you led them through the narrow, debris strewn alleys of Paris. I remember now. You instigator you! Gang, Americo started the whole French revolution when Marie A. (can't spell it)tossed him out of her palace. She said she had a headache and Americo offered her a piece of cake. Started the whole thing! You bedroom hopping dog you! And you're at it again! Rabble rousing! Off with their heads! Man the barricades! To the streets! War! Revolution! Sex!

Sex? Americo! I'm aghast at the subject.

On no, not me. Buddy you're on your own this time. If any heads roll I want nothing to do with it. Count Mr. Randall out. I was a draft dodger in the sexual revolution of the 60's in America. I sought refuge in the Navy, come to think of it that might not have been such a good idea... Good luck on this one my friend. Been nice knowing you.

Americo, WC Fields was once asked how he liked children. "Parboiled" he replied. And look what happened to WC, developed a big belly, taxi cab ears and a red rose. Nope, no comment from Central Texas on this one either. Good luck Amigo.

Ladies: The only time I ever ran from the police was when my 4 year daughter went into convulsions and I believed she was dying. My wife and I leaped, leap I say, into our 76 Ford T Bird and I hit 95 in a 35 MPH zone. I had my emergency flashers and driving lights on and was standing on the horn as we raced through town. Halfway to the hospital the Chief of Police pulled in behind me, lights flashing, siren blasting. I looked in the mirror and sped away leaving him in the dust. We were in the hospital 5 minutes before he arrived.

He walked in the ER and came straight to me.

"Randall, what's wrong?"

"Sara was convulsing and I had to get her here."

My friend of many years stayed with us the rest of the night until Sara regained a measure of stability. Later that night he told me. "I knew something was wrong and tried to get ahead of you for escort. But you were to fast for me. I couldn't even get any of my boys ahead of you. One patrolman wanted to set up a roadblock but I told him no. I know this guy, something is wrong and he is headed to the hospital. Randall knows what he's doing."

Morale of the story. When an old fat man gets scared because his baby girl may be dying, better git your kester outta the way.

Night all

Randall "Lead foot" H

Heather Mon Jan 17 16:40:46 PST 2000

Thanks everybody, for the good vibes, etc.
Wow, the contac C finally kicked in for me after two days of taking it.
It's 7:30 pm here, EST.
Just put the kiddies to bed, and will soon retire too.
Hmmm there are always subtle differences between two people as otherwise we would all be identical twins or what have you. These are between all people - regardless of their sex. It's what makes us 'unique' ha ha ha. But what i mean is the topics we seemingly disagree on are the same. And I have much more to say on that subject, but while feeling a bit better the medication has me reeling. Weeeehooooo!
Is this stuff legal? I am making no sense anyway and will probably correct myself later when I have all my wits present.

'night all

Mon Jan 17 15:56:24 PST 2000

Jai Mon Jan 17 15:35:29 PST 2000

Well sending my good vibes as well Heather and kid.

I just came to work from the home from a young sick single mother with two sick kids. Poor things.

Here is an interesting a possible difference between men and women. I have the sneeking suspicion that men think about sex more than women do. It's sneeking because this was never true about me. It's just something I have discovered lately. Sort of makes some things click into place.

But how much do women think about sex? I'm even less sure about this but I think more women don't hold sex in such high exteam while more men do.

I do think there are some suble physiological differences between men and women and some not so suble ones brought about by society.

But that's for another day, answer me if you will this question on sex (especially the other men here). Because it is something I'd like to know to better understand myself.


Rachel Mon Jan 17 14:52:08 PST 2000

Heather - Rest up.

Allein - I send you a hug.

Take care all

Allein Mon Jan 17 14:50:09 PST 2000

About the gender war - we are different yet equal so there is no need to fight. Each gender needs the other, or else there wouldn't be any people because there wouldn't be babies. I admit that men get on my nerves, but still, I like having them around.

About children - I like children and I plan on having one or two when I grow up. Notice the 'when I grow up' part. I don't agree with having children when you're young. Besides, there's so much I want to do before I get married and have kids.

About war in general - Yeah! Let's blow something up! Oh, wait, never mind. I think we could all get along if we just tried. We should quit looking at what's different and begin looking at what's the same. We're all people with thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams. We all bleed, we all cry and we all laugh. During war, people forget this. They become savages looking to kill the other side. I'm reminded now of the scene in Mulan where she picks up the doll that once belonged to a little girl killed in war. There has to be a better way to solve differences other than killing innocent people. I would never go to war. Even if I was drafted, I would refuse because I don't want to kill anyone.

Anyway, there are some of my views. It's nice to know that I have the freedom to express my opinions when so many other people don't. Please pray for these people so that one day they can have the same freedoms as we do.
Take care of yourselves and each other,

Heather Mon Jan 17 14:15:27 PST 2000

I am not at sex-war, I refuse to be sexist.
Men and women just think they are different, when really their complaints/misunderstandings about the other sex are essentially the same.
"he/she doesn't understand me..."
"she/he doesn't think I'm sexy enough..."
"she/he doesn't like my family..."
"he/she thinks I'm too sexy and won't keep her/his hands off..."
"I can't communicate - he/she won't listen"
"You only think with your genitalia!!!"
"You're cold-hearted..."

THe list goes on.
may I go now? Tired and achy. Yeah, "he/she complains too much!"

Jon Mon Jan 17 13:59:33 PST 2000

Where is my PlayCat?
Here's a joke:
An American, an English, and a French women decided to start a revolution in their couple.
American: I sold the washing machine and, on the next day, he started washing his own clothes and also mine.
English: I sold the electric oven and he started on the next week to take chinese food home.
The French: I' sold everything and he said "thanks; I also hated your mother's furniture. Now we can get married at last."

Pussy Mon Jan 17 13:53:48 PST 2000

My fellow women, since we all hate men, let's give them a good lesson. I've just sold our TV set. No more football in the house.
PS. I have a little Tv just for my favorite programs.

Americo Mon Jan 17 13:50:49 PST 2000

Heather, are we posting at the same time?
The sex war has started!!! I quit (hate trouble).

Heather Mon Jan 17 13:48:37 PST 2000

Thanks for the positive energy you have sent Rachel.
Rhoda, I'm afraid Ibuprophen hasn't worked this time.
Allein, thank you for wishing us well.

Don't worry, I'll be back with a vengeance when I'm better and in between I'll add weak little bits just to keep up with everyone's posts. Wouldn't want to lag behind. THen back to editing my novel for a half hour - don't think I can do any more than that with the shakes and shivers.
I'll be back ha ha ha

Americo Mon Jan 17 13:48:36 PST 2000

Heather, Why not?

Heather Mon Jan 17 13:42:30 PST 2000

Leave it to Americo to try and start something. I am not responding to anything you said.

Except to say 'no comment' and the above quip.
still ill.

Americo Mon Jan 17 13:36:39 PST 2000

I tried to post here yesterday but the conversation was so sweet and femine that I decided not, lest I should be sent away.

I went to church yesterday (it was Sunday) and I saw the light. I converted myself to children love. Here's what I say:

Children are really sweet. I don't understand why some people prefer chocolates to any other food. Children are sweeter than chocolates. I know that you all agree with me, as you are all good people. So we'd better change our style. Next time we'll see the word "chocolates" here we'll read "children". So a sentence like "I ate my last chocolates" will be understood as "I ate my last children". Let's use our words with care.

On weight and some such delightful topics:
Allein, do not be modest with women, they always believe in what they want to believe and will load you with advice aiming at making you put some more weight. Modesty is a trump card you give to your natural enemies. They'll accept it for granted and use it against you. Never tell a woman your real problems, they'll make a mess out of them -- and will do it on purpose.

Okay, ladies, you can talk about children literature and how tearful you always become when you read one of those beautiful little books. And how you yourselves intend to write one (after you learn the technique in a creative writing course).

As for the men : let's talk about war. I don't know much about Tchechenia but I'm glad when the news says that it's happening to the Russians what happened to Napoleon and Hitler : General Winter will eventually put things right. I like Thetchenia and want it independent and free. How about you?

I have strong opinions on freedom, and I'm all for the liberation of men from the unbearable control of women on our men's feelings, culture, entertainment and meals. It's my intention to put an end to that state of affairs as soon as possible. Will you help me?

So today's topic (for men only) is war and sex, in other words, the sex war.
Good luck and happy divorce.

PS. Allein, you alone, my dearest friend, can speak about children and children's literature, or, if you prefer, join the men's topic. With all our defects and limitations, we still love a real woman such as you are. (We hate the others).

Allein Mon Jan 17 11:12:05 PST 2000

Heather - I hope you and your child feel better soon. I have no motherly advice for you because I'm not a mother.

I don't know about vegetarianism because I'm not a vegetarian. I don't eat much red meat though. I hate it in restaurants where you order something rare and it comes bleeding. Or, well done and it resembles charchol. I had Ostrich in Colorado though (which is red meat) and it was very delicious.
Take care all,

Rachel Mon Jan 17 08:00:05 PST 2000

Heather - I remember when I first came to the notebook I did some archive reading before I ever posted. It was sort of what gave me the guts to do it. They just all seemed so nice, and know what? They were just as nice as they seemed.

Take care you

Heather Mon Jan 17 07:10:06 PST 2000

One more bit;
Randall, loved what you posted... definite genius among us you.
In fact, I would have to disagree with Americo and say that of everyone here, the only difference between their jewel selves is the shade of jewel they choose to be.
And everyone keeps leaving such great gems on this notebook too. I wouldn't want to eclipse anyone!
You have all added wonderful words - and yes, I have read these posts longer than I have been posting...did some archive peeking... anybody nervous? Kidding.

Off to rest.

Heather Mon Jan 17 06:52:43 PST 2000

ok, I'm a little weak in the digits to type today but I wanted you to know my son is a bit better although he wanted to eat breakfast and then promptly threw it up all over his poor wee self right then and there. He's only thrown up once before and it's terrible to only be able to hold them and not do anything. Besides cleaning them up and giving them new clothes and some water. He is busy reading his Winnie the Pooh pop up book right now, almost as if he's fine. He is a Winnie the Pooh himself, with far more intelligence but that same wonderful innocence. He even has the same ash blonde hair. (Like the classic colouring of W.T Pooh.)
We'll be napping most of today and getting our strength back.
Jai, like Rhoda said - you deprive yourself of the great succulence of meat, and then wish for blood. Pehaps you are anemic and a steak wouldn't kill you. Or those iron tabs, but watch yourself with those - they tend to cause (Heaven forbid) constipation!
That;s all you need to give your day a lift!
Rachel, Rhoda and all, thanks for the concern - and we'll be ok...just might take a few days.
Got lots of chicken soup but I am just giving my wee one liquids for now.
Thanks, guys....

Rachel Sun Jan 16 23:12:50 PST 2000

Hey all - Dang!!!!!! Okay, okay. Yup, you have all had a laugh by now. Okay, settle down. I intended to say here, not hear. I'm tired and it is late in my part of the world. Now I'm off to bed.

Take care all

Rachel Sun Jan 16 23:02:30 PST 2000

Heather - Now I am getting worried for your kiddies. I do not like to think of children not being well. I will direct good thoughts and energy in their and your direction. Don't be afraid, that is about the same as when as lots of the folks on hear say they will pray for you. I don't do the pray thing. At least not in any way that people would recognize. Yup, I just have to be different (weird little grin). Take care you yourself and of the little ones.

My thougths will be with you

Rhoda Sun Jan 16 21:56:20 PST 2000


My nine year old son commonly ran those high fevers as an infant and toddler. I used to have to give him children's Advil. Ibuprohen worked wonders for getting the fever down. Have you tried that?


Rhoda Sun Jan 16 21:52:37 PST 2000


Nothing rougher for a mom than having a child sick. My children's high fevers always frighten me. I hope your son feels better soon.

Don't take this personally, Teekay and Jai, but I don't know how anyone can be a vegetarian. I know many are happy that way, and it might be very good. I just don't know what I would do without a steak once in awhile, or better yet, prime rib medium rare where it is just a little pink inside and the juice runs all over the plate when you cut it. It must be my upbringing, or perhaps it is a primeval carryover from my hunter-gatherer ancestors who roamed Northern Europe hunting mastadons.

I think that might be your problem, Jai. Too much deprivation is never good for anyone. Maybe you are a bit anemic and need some iron. A good suplement might serve since you are determined to remain a vegetarian.


That chapter will soon be on its way to you. BTW, I also loved the L.M. Montgomery's Anne series. I read all of them and shed buckets of tears through the reading. I also read her Emily books and one of her lesser known novels. What is wonderful is my eleven year old daughter has read most of them too. She is now reading 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. At this rate she will reach adulthood better read than I was. HUCKLEBERRY FINN just got banned here at some prominent big city school system. Seems they didn't like some of the language and found the references to African Americans racist. It is actually no such thing, but we told Barbara about the incident and she is bound and determined to read that book. Nothing like forbidden fruit.

As far as myself, I like books with sentiment as long as they aren't too syruppy. A few years ago I got ahold of some Ethel M. Dell books at a used book store. I need to read those. I haven't got around to it yet. Ethel M. Dell was the Danielle Steele of the early twentieth century and founder of Dell Books. Oh, I forgot to mention I like George McDonald. Unfortunately I could only find extensively edited editions. Still they were quite good and totally unlike anything written presently.

I could go on and on about books. They are my great love. I enjoy reading them, owning them, holding them, and best of all writing them.


Jai Shaw Sun Jan 16 21:43:00 PST 2000

Heather/Howard -

Howard, forgot to say your bit about your daughter at Christmas in the NBook brought tears to my eyes.

Mine too.

Teekey - I'm a Scorpio as well though you probably guessed :)

Being a Scorpio is sort of like having the evil eye. People always give you a very heavy "Oohh..." with a dash of tripidition when you tell them.

Not that I mind inspiring fear in others, sort of adds a dash of pazaz to life.

Now I think I've posted more today than I did all last year so I'll just crawl back to my corner to weep my endless tears of blood (this is a line from one of my poems).

Or maybe not.


Heather Sun Jan 16 21:27:55 PST 2000

Hi Allein, and everyone...there are so many of us kindreds on this site! (Glee)...
I am still waiting for my little one's fever to go down - even just a little. If it doesn't I may be taking a trip to the emerg.ward. to get him looked at... good thing for my nursing training - I can tell if a doctor's had not enough sleep and isn't paying enough attention to the patients or their family. Believe me, they are human and make mistakes. My daughter had a terrible fever a few years ago, and broke out in a strange rash only on the trunk of her body. I cooled her in a warmish bath and gave her popsicles (they worked when I was a kid) and a cool cloth and tylenol. Took her into emerg and they said - let her fever just stay and let it kill the virus. They didn't even know what it was that she had. Her fever was 103.5 and at 104 children can go into convulsions if you don't get it down. I looked the pediatrician in the eye and said - "Until you tell me what it is she's got, I don't want her temp to get over 102."
They put her on antibiotics after testing blood and then called us after we got home to say 'Don't use the antib's, she's got a virus and they won't work..." and then I asked what the virus was and they said "We haven't been able to identify it yet" and she had to have more blood tests.
I tell you I have never felt so scared in all my life! And mad at the same time. They could have done a better job in the first place, and why didnt the Ped.Doc care if her temp got so high??? I am sure I was right - I checked my texts and with some teachers at the U. They all agreed with me.
SCARY.... So be careful and always get at least two opinions if you can and it's not life-threatening. And they never did identify the virus. NOW that's frightening.

(That blurb was a note to all.)...
BTW that webpage picture was taken the day before I got my hair cut, you would think I'd be smarter to have the cut first, then the pic. But i had to get a pic and take it into the gallery fast...oh well, I can always find a better one later. That pic's old-ish - taken a year and a 1/2 ago. My hair is more burgundy now. Otherwise I fear I look the same. I saw some pics on your webpage that you drew - they remind me of Sailor Moon. Japanese cartoons.

I have gone back and forth to check on him and can't remeber what the heck I was trying to say
Just checked on m'baby. God, he's so beautiful.
He is sleeping, but hs cheeks are still aflame... hurry up acetominophen, work darn it!

Howard, forgot to say your bit about your daughter at Christmas in the NBook brought tears to my eyes.

Rachel Sun Jan 16 21:10:40 PST 2000

Heather - Gezz, hope I didn't give yah my cold... Uh, er, em, sorry... Naw, I hope you feel better soon. You and your family. Being sick is just not fun. Don't worry about Americo, he's just out and about.

Take care all

PS - Americo - Hope you had a great weekend!

Allein Sun Jan 16 21:02:05 PST 2000

Jai - Not eat chocolate? NOOOOOOO!!!! *runs for the window* Just kidding. Actually, as much as I love chocolate, I really don't eat that much of it. I've never been in the position of making love, but even if I was, my boyfriend doesn't have love handles.

Jack - I've been to Vashon Island. It's very lovely there. :) But in winds of 40 to 50 mph, the ride there would not be so lovely. I remember once going to Edmonds in weather like that - everyone was afraid the boat was going to tip over. But, we got there safe and sound. A really bad trip I took was on an airplane - too much terbulance over the midwest on the way to Florida. The captain had the fasten seat belt sign on most of the trip. But seeing the lightning was pretty cool, until we got into Florida and then the skys were all clear and it was really pretty.

Heather - I saw your picture. You look very nice and your artwork is wonderful. I dabble in the arts a bit myself - Rachel has seen some of my pictures (including a few nice ones of Pikachu). Anyway, you stay in bed, drink plenty of fluids and eat lots of chicken soup. Hope you get well soon.
Take care all,

Rachel Sun Jan 16 21:00:21 PST 2000

Allein - Hum, I am sitting back in my chair and thinking about this doctor of yours. I do not think he should be so casual with what he says. That is a lot of pounds that he is talking about. I have seen you and I really don't see why you would be worried. You are adorable. You are curvaceous not chubby. Me, I am just sweaty! How unattractive can one person get?

Jai - I'm not worried. We all get dark from time to time. Yup, even me.

Take care all

Heather one more time Sun Jan 16 20:57:17 PST 2000

Hey Jack, good to hear you made it back safely. A harrowing trip by the sounds. Had a blackout at work one night too - didn't go over well two days before the end of 1999.
Books - agree they are indeed the best food - for the mind and soul and more.
Ta ta fellow scribblers and dreamers.
Hema, nice to have you here and I haven't read the book but I have seen her at a standup comic thing. She's darned amusing.

Howard, I was reading the poetry section in the workbook for fun a while ago (not today) but just had to say your poem about the ripples on water was pure ingenuity and thoughtfullness wrapped into one tightly written work. About the only one on the whole page I actually liked (sorry, tis true, people)...
and I think I misinterpreted your earlier thoughts...
gotta shove this ego into the back pocket sometimes and sit on it a good day or two. Teekay, thank you for kind thoughts on 'Angels...' - Heather

Heather Sun Jan 16 20:45:31 PST 2000

Back for a moment.... my dear wee son has a high fever and he's resting now, but I am too afraid to sleep just yet. I think I've got what he's got. Just wondering Jai, if you had by chance thought of Mango juice being the blood of a fruit? Just like the sap of a tree is its' lifeblood.
There's a new twist and a half. Everything living probably has a blood-equivalent. We just can't hear fruits and veggies scream.

Ha ha ha ha
see you all when I'm not burning up and sputtering phlegm.
Teekay - scorpio is your sun sign - it means the position the sun was in (in a great disk -like zodiac in the sky)on the day you were born. The moon is the same idea. Goes for every planet. Mercury stands for your thought processes - how you think, speed of thought, humour, etc. (my mercury is in aries, another fire I'm not flame resistant!) Sagitarrius is great for a moon sign (moon meaning your emotional tides) but I have to watch I don't crave the soapbox TOO much.
Also, it was the pipes in the basement that were clogged and broken, so when we flushed the loo it flooded the basement floor. that's why it cost so much...
And my little Ode to the toilet was rather E.A.Poe-ish. On purpose.
Maybe that's what gave Jai the thirst for blood? Sharpen those bicuspids on some coconut shells. MMMM Venison right now might be nice.
Americo, have you deleted yourself? Where art thou these dark days?

Posting and loving it. Cough, cough.

Jai Sun Jan 16 20:01:17 PST 2000

Teekay - I think you'll really enjoy the email I sent you (the second one not the first). I would much preffer the blood of a virgin over a meat pie but I'll make do with this juicy mango I have here. I've been a vegetarian for 8 years now and don't plan on giving up just yet.

I find it makes me feel better not eating meat.

Well I'm sure your all glad to hear I'm over my dark mood. But it was very fun.


Teekay..again Sun Jan 16 19:32:40 PST 2000

RHODA:- Send on that chapter girl, I'm waiting for it. Copied down some of the authors you mentioned, for whe I'm between authors? I loved `little women' that's another book I've read more than once.
Oh another author I really like is Evan Green who wrote Adams Empire and Kalinda and more, but they were my favourites. He really paints a picture of Australia with his writing. If you don't have the time or finances to travel here read one of his above books and your there. Totally unputdownable.

JAI:- vegetarian smegetarian. Go and get yourself a nice meat pie and perhaps a couple of pain killers for that toe.

Sun Jan 16 19:17:54 PST 2000

JAI: My daughter had an ingrown toenail and the Doctor told her that the only way to cure it was to let it grow out. Pretty scary these Doctors.

btw; Randall is RLH.

Jai Sun Jan 16 19:04:42 PST 2000

Rachel - Don't worry your pretty head. I'm not in a bad mood, I'm in a great DARK mood. Just don't come to close or I'll bite. I bet you taste very nice, very suculent. With all those samon sticks inside...

Don't worry this is just one of my crazy moods. I get a little crazy sometimes, just a little, when things froth inside. When they whirl rip and splash. I would really love to cackle now, here at work. Cackle evily. Like I did once at an old jail cell. My evil echoing laugh that lets all the bats out of my soul.

I hope other people feel like this from time to time. I think it's health to let out all that darkness every now and again. hehe

*cackle* *cackle* *cackle* *cackle*


Jai Shaw Sun Jan 16 18:55:42 PST 2000

It regards to my last post, sorry if it disturbed anyone, I think I've been a Vegetarian for too long. It's the hunting the killing the bloody flesh eaten from the dieing carcass. It's bubbling up from some repressed recess of my soul like a fountain of offal.

Ahh Dark, dark, so dark, so very dark...




Jack Beslanwitch Sun Jan 16 18:52:52 PST 2000

Hello everyone: Just had a somewhat wild ride inasmuch as I went over to Vashon Island to pick up my wife Fran from a retreat. The tricky part in this was that the Island is truly an Island only reachable via the ferry over Puget Sound. Nothing to it normally, but we were getting gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour, a test indeed of my long unused sea legs. And then on the island several roads were blocked by fallen limbs and trees while I threaded my way to where Fran was staying. After that we thought we would go to eat. Got sat down with our drinks when the power went out. After thirty minutes, we elected to go elsewhere where they had a backup generator and wonderful food. Then finally home to discover that cable is out, satellite feed is out and cable modem aka @home is out. Still have power which many places did not have. And I have a backup ISP that I use when all else fails. Think I will go wrap myself up in a warm blanket and read a book. Words on paper are the best comfort food yet discovered by this person. Take care all.

Teekay Sun Jan 16 18:52:47 PST 2000

Hi All,
HOWARD:- I was referring to your family story in the notebook. I hadn't yet gotten to the workbook, but your story `late for supper' was wonderful, so sad. Am going to try and find `Annie down the street' in the short story archives.

HEATHER: Thanks. As far as your story `Angels on street corners' goes I have absoloutely no criticisms whatsoever. It was beatifully done.
My copyrite sign is in edit under insert word art.
Howards way sounds much easier.
FRUSTRATION: $1000:00 to fix a broken toilet?? That's enough to give you the s**t's.
I am a scorpio with my moon in sagittarius. I have no idea what my sun sign is, but it's too hot to bother about it anyway.

RANDALL: (laughing) I know exactly what you mean. There are times I yearn to sit with Anne Shirley, Diana and Marilla and share in their lives. And Randall you make it sound so wonderfully cosy.

JAI: Good. At least your emails will give me some incentive to go back to work. I DON'T WANNA GO WAAAAHHHH!!!

EDDIE: I took a look at that site. I read a short story from the fuuny section called `can't blame it on yoko' It was really well done. Take a look at it.

JERRY: Am going to have a look at the site you mentioned now.

See you all later.

Rhoda Sun Jan 16 18:52:46 PST 2000


Sorry you aren't in the best of moods. The best way to inflict physical pain on yourself is run for 45 minutes at fast speeds on a tread mill. I do that. I hate it, but I always feel better afterwards. I think that is what is known as a runner's high--you know the endorphine release and all that. While we were talking exercise, I thought I might throw that out for you.

Take care,


Rhoda Sun Jan 16 18:45:22 PST 2000


I really wouldn't worry about losing 25lbs. What I would be concerned about is being healthy. I am sure that like Rachel says, you look fine. Your picture in the biographies is great, and I can't see by it that you are the least bit overweight.

I would advise you to exercise three or four times a week. Not only does it help your weight, but it makes you feel better. Start building those good, healthy habits while you are still young and you might avoid all those other problems that come with old age. I also highly recommend weight training. That has made a big difference in my life. Also start eating a healthy diet as a matter of course. Don't starve yourself by eating a few calories. Don't even count them. Just eat a balanced diet of vegetables, some meats, and complex carbohydrates. Only eat the sweets and starches on occassion. Also cut out the soft drinks. They are not good for anyone and they make you gain weight. And as far as clothing, don't wear it so loose. If you wear your clothes a little tight, you feel it more when you are full and you are not as likely to overeat. These are some tips that I have employed successfully. Whether or not any of these will help you lose a few pounds, most of them will help keep you healthy.

When I was in high school and the first couple years of college I was about 10 pounds too heavy. I then went away to college and hardly ever used my car. I walked practically everywhere. By walking at least three or four miles a day I lost weight without even trying. By the time I left graduate school and married my husband I was a very nice 120 lbs on a 5' 7" frame. Unfortunately connubial bliss has added to that over the years along with having children and all that motherhood entails. Still I have managed to keep my weight within acceptable limits.


I would love for you to read some of my work. You and I seem to have similar taste in literature, so I think your perspective would be beneficial. Now that you mention it, I do have a chapter I need some help on.

As far as literature, I have to weigh in on LITTLE WOMEN also. I also love all of Jane Austen's books. Then there is my all time favorite, JANE EYRE. QUO VADIS is another book that is special to me. I try to read that book about every ten years. One author I cherish is Anya Seton. My favorite book by her was KATHERINE. Then there was GREEN DARKNESS and DRAGONWYCK. She wrote a long time ago, but I still think she is the best of all historical fiction writers. Other favorite authors are Catherine Cookson, Victoria Holt, Denise Domning, Joan Wolf, Emily Hendrickson, and Jo Ann Putney.


I enjoy reading your enthusiam and exuberance. Your love for the written word shows in every post.

Now I must go and check out Eddie's site. Good night, all


Jai Shaw Sun Jan 16 18:45:01 PST 2000


Well I've finished reading the notebook, the work book will have to wait.

Allein - Good food and exercise is the golden rule, yes that means cutting down on chocolate :) You do know why they are called "Love Handles" right, well... I was told they where something to grab onto while making love. Not that I've ever been in a possition where they would come in handy, probably just to young.

Big Hello to Randell and Hema. I don't think I've given you guys a big hello yet.

I had a pretty good childhood up till about 10. I lived with my mum, sister and Aunty Beth in a all girls house I was the only guy. It was lots of fun though my mum sometimes lost her cool and got really mad (mouth frothing mad) but not violent.

Then I moved to another town and ended up living with my father. That was OK at first but as I hit my teen years we stopped getting along and I ended up being pretty much alone in the world for about 4 years. No one to talk to really. Sure I had a friend or two but they where as disturbed as I was and very poor counselers.

From Jerry Maguire -- "Alone. Alone. Alone..."

or was there four?

Eddie French - the brutal truth - I think it looks tacky and the small print is very unclear. I doubt those disclamers would hold up very well in court. I did like the classification system and basic functionality of the form however.

T.O.M. - Nice to hear from you again. Hows you back?

I'm currently suffering from an ingown toenail that the doctor told me I could fix myself as long as I brutally attack my toe every morning with a pair of sharp thin nail- clippers. I think I'm getting somewhere, lots of bright blood this morning.

Malicous Grin.

Nothing like inflicting a little physical pain on yourself, it's a nice counter point to all the emotional tourture we give ourselves.

Oh I am feeling so dark and evil at the moment. Just wish my canine teeth could grow a little and my eyes glow. Then I could go a walking through this dark sunlit day.

Oh some days I wish I was an actor, acting is such a good release for some of these personalitys that luck within us. Much better than writing, I'd much rather be moving through the streets cackling crazily than trying to focus it all on paper into words. It needs to come out quickly not in this slow drawl. Not creeping darkly over the screen like an army of spiders. Flames and blood I want flames and blood ah to bath in the warm blood of virgins ahhh....

I need to bite something.

Good day all,


Heather Sun Jan 16 17:32:44 PST 2000

Jai, thanks for reading it and thanks in advance for the critique. Looking forward to it.

Anyone else here think I'll slip away into the night and never post again? Nah. So sorry, you stuck wit me.

Howard...what did your 'again' post actually mean? My head is swelling, better go pop it with a pin.

Could just be this *%%()@$%^ head cold I seem to have caught. Sinuses oh, ouch.

Later, folks, I'm in for a night of actual sleep!

Allein Sun Jan 16 17:01:05 PST 2000

Rachel - It was my doctor who told me this. I weigh about 150 pounds and I'm bearly over 5 ft. tall. I hate it when I look in the mirror - I look terrible in a bathing suit. My doctor told me that I should be at 108 pounds but I think between 120 and 130 would be good for me. Trust me, my face looks good, but I hate my body and instead of whining about it, it's time to do something about it. I want to be able to wear shirts that expose a little tummy without having these annoying love-handles. I wonder why they're called that anyway - I don't love them. And I have this annoying fat on my back and my thighs that I really want to get rid of. I'm hoping to be a size seven or eight when I'm finished instead of a thirteen (shudder). I even buy pants a size bigger than I need just so I look thinner. Two years ago I was a size ten and I'm hoping to get there again.
Did you get those photos I sent of your visit. Man, I look fat. You look really nice but I'm chubby.
Anyway, take care,

Rachel Sun Jan 16 16:12:42 PST 2000

Jai - I hope I'm a dragon. It sounds like it would be a good thing (bright smiles). Thanks for the piece, I thought it was beautiful.

Take care you

PS - I know what you mean about catching up on posts. If I miss a couple of days... YIKES!!!!

Eddie French Sun Jan 16 16:00:15 PST 2000

I'm sorry, But I just had to post this.
Please check out this site (Above) and let me know just what you think!
I can't make up my mind. The web-site design is so good....
But the content? Well you tell me, is this for real?

Jai Shaw Sun Jan 16 15:53:47 PST 2000

My Deity!

I've been reading this notebook for an hour and I still haven’t got through Fridays posts. Already my heart is bursting with a mired of things to say yet I'd be here forever writing it all. You all too beautiful.

My heart weeps in happiness for this tapestry, this painting, this song that is the bright words of writers and life. That is a merging of souls like a path to bridge all the ravines and canyons of lives journey.

TEEKAY - well you will enjoy my emails when you get to work then. If they are not there tell me and I'll post them again.

Rachel - Yes that dragon piece was for YOU! Though I don't think the dragon has emerged yet, hopefully if we, your friends keep singing...

Heather - I got you story OK and have read it once it's just lying in wait for a second going over and an in-depth critique.

So I must get back to work now, more latter,


Sun Jan 16 15:03:46 PST 2000

Hema Ati Sun Jan 16 12:23:04 PST 2000

Hi everybody,
I picked up a book by Brett Butler in a goodwill store.
I find it unputdownable.I tore my self away for Pizza and to tell you this.It name is "Knee deep in paradise" .At present
her observation "I am so Southern that I am related to myself" is repeating it self like a favorite record in my mind. Did any of you read it?
And best of luck in shedding pounds,Allein.
I lost 5pounds effortlessly when i sent myself
reminders by e-mail about working out and plannind fat free meals.the fact that I have regained them and then some is a different oft repeated tragic story. but what I gained for life is some confidence!Ican lose weight!

Randall Sun Jan 16 12:22:29 PST 2000

Happy Sunday afternoon my friends:

My favorite book and the most influential book regarding my life are one and the same. Perhaps not mainstream literary, the author perhaps not in the catagory of New York superwriter or Hollywood media darling. But that means the precious work is still my secret. My secret place that lives between faded and torn cardboard covers. A gentle world, a dream of sweet youth no one knows of but me. My place, but I hold it open for you. A place of refuge, where I escape when adulthood hammers me down with grown-up problems. When I am sick of the smallness of humans and the curse that money brings. Where I may escape and roam freely with no restraints except my own imagination. Carry me away sweet fairy.

That is until now my friends, I share it with you, because only you will understand. (If word of this leaked out my friends would consider it confirmation that Randall is indeed deranged.) Seek out Mr. Barries work as a desperate man seeks confirmation of his own worth. Forget Tibet and ancient monks of knowledge. The Holy Land? Simply another desert. Seek not the Library of Congress, for it is merely musty shelves of molding paper filled with hopeless drivel. Forgo the internet, for it is a captive institution held together by plastic, silicone and media giants seeking to control it. TV, nothing more than a wasteland occupied by canned laughter and innane characters.

Dear friends, seek out this ancient tome and lose yourself in it. Pick a rainy afternoon when the family is away and all is quite, sit by the garden window, wrapped in an old torn blanket, a hot cup of English tea at hand. As rain patters down and autumn leaves drape the ground open the pages and enter my world. True escape, the complete novel of youth.

My favorite book was encountered when I was in sixth grade, some eons ago in a small neighborhood school. (Which my children also attended, by the way. It was probably gone by then, replaced by color monitor, keyboard and CPU.) I read it once, twice then tried to explain to my teacher why I wanted to take it home with me. To possess it and the secret places contained within. She listened quitely and with, perhaps a remberance of long ago allowed me to remove it for a week. I've read the novel countless times and never looked back. It was the defining point where the boy in me decided never to grow up. To remain inside, hidden, secure as the body matured.

My secret place is the island world of the Lost Boys and Pirates and Indians, where the true spirit of youth is defined. The world of Wendy, John, Michael and Tinker Bell and Captain Hook and great adventure, sweet adventure, old time adventure live forever. The world of never growing old ... Neverland "Second (star) to the right then straight on till morning." The world of youth and vitality, where lines of right and wrong are clear and there are no boundaries to fun and everyday a delight. Adults are forbidden and the joy of living an everyday occurance.

As you sit by the window be aware of the shadows. Look close for his shadow will sometimes not stay with him. Listen close to hear his flute for all Pan's carry one. And perhaps he, with that delightful fairy Tinker Bell will come for you. Carry you away to live forever "Second star to the right..."

My favorite novel?

PETER PAN ... by John M. Barries

Good afternoon friends.


(Americo? Randall "The Sun?")

Heather Sun Jan 16 11:47:31 PST 2000

Allein - by the way I know my eyes look dark-coloured in the pic on my webpage. They aren't brown. They are army green.
Kind of like moss.
Fits, because I am a Taurus girl, and Earth is my nature.
My sun sign is Taurus that is. My moon is in Sagittarius, a fire sign. ANd my Venus is in Aries, another fire sign.
To all who do not understand those astrological yammerings, feel free to ignore it and go back to newspaper horoscopes. At least they are creative, even though malarky. I might explain if anyone has got their interest piqued.

Heather Sun Jan 16 11:17:39 PST 2000

Howard! Thanks for the (c) info - I work on MS word too.
GREAT! now I know.
Also - are you sure you didn't knock your head when you saw my webpage, from falling off your chair in the shock of witnessing my terrifying grin? Or was it my paintings you love?
I like them very much, and they are for sale although it's not listed on the page. But I don't know if I could bear to part with them... painting's one of my other interests - it sure doesn't pay well these days.

Heather Sun Jan 16 10:54:06 PST 2000

Allein: 25 pounds is a lot of weight and you will look starved. If you really want to lose some, aim for 5 or 10 and see how you feel then. It may be all you need to feel better.

And now for a short shortie just for the heck of it.

'Ode' de Toillette:

There came a drip, drip, dripping from behind my cellar door. The cold sound that could be a deer carcass, bleeding on the floor. But alas, I am no hunter, and I've heard the sound before: it is the wet of basements, filled with broken pipes galore.

just a rediculous rhyme, in this frantic state of mine.
Snow? Did somebody say it was snowing? Rachel! That just burst my bubble of spring daydreaming...hee hee.
And to answer your Q much earlier about why the sheepish grin? I have no idea why... maybe the (grin) in brackets reminded me of your sweet posts!

howard Sun Jan 16 10:50:22 PST 2000

Heather -- I use MS Word and MS Works, and the copyright symbol happens when I type c between ( and ) like (c).
It surprised me the first time I saw it, too.

Teekay -- Anecdote is okay, but maybe narrative would better describe that story. I sometimes like to write in a child's voice, ("Annie Down the Street" was one from the same time)
and that was what I remembered from about age 5. There really was a Mrs. Smith, and I really did stop at the funeral parlor to see her on my way home from school. She did make me sour lemonade and molasses cookies. Sometimes I still think of her, and Annie too. I think Annie might still be in one of the short story archives.

Heather again -- I just looked at your web page -- fell in love all over again! :-)


Rachel Sun Jan 16 10:28:01 PST 2000

Allein - Me again (grins). I would send yah some snow, but I think it would melt before it got to yah. Don't worry, you guys always get a good dump or two over the winter.

Write at yah later

Rachel Sun Jan 16 10:25:49 PST 2000

Allein - About the weight thing. I have met you in person , and I think that you look lovely. Keep in mind that all people have different body shapes and bone sizes. That not every one will look like a twig. Be kind to yourself Allein. I think you are a beautiful young woman and that you do not look overweight. Maybe you should check the publication date on whatever book it is that told you that you had extra weight on. The stats on that are changing all the time. Believe you are beautiful and you will be. Don't aspire to loose weight, aspire to be fit and healthy and the rest will just happen.

Take care you

Allein Sun Jan 16 09:27:26 PST 2000

Rachel - We don't have any snow. :( Could you send some of yours to us? Just kidding - obviously. :)

Heather - I don't want to lose weight just to be a model. I want to do it for myself. Because I am about 20 or 25 pounds overweight and I hate the way my body looks, so I'm going to do something about it instead of just complaining. :)
Take care all,

Rachel Sun Jan 16 08:37:14 PST 2000

Allein - Hey girl (smiles). You getting the dumpin of snow we are over on this side of the line? So, yah wonder about the tofu dog (grins). It tastes like it does. If I had to compare it to something I would say a European hot dog. Have you ever tried one of these? The sort of spicy kind? And no I'm not just being cheeky and sick, there really is such a thing.

Heather - Smiles and laughter.

Take care all

Heather Sun Jan 16 07:28:56 PST 2000

Hey Teekay:
Of course I'll still speak to you after your critique of my chap.1... you made some good points that, although I've edited it myself, my mind skipped over because, well - that's probably what happens trying to edit your own stuff!
There were some things you mentioned that I thought were obvious - but since you thought not I will re-assess and see if I can't make it sound more clear. I agree with the confusion about several of the passages! I will fix these as best I can. About some of them, though - I wanted to say what might be a normal everyday thing with a bit of a new slant - maybe I tried too hard??
And I will change the guy's hands from meaty to ...strong?
There are a fair number of metaphors that imply rather than spell out things - perhaps they are too abstract!
I thank you for such candor and would be happy to have your analytical mind weigh my new chapter 1 and even chapter 2!
I will be fixing up a few things in 1 ya mind?
I thank you for your invaluable help - and the honesty I was looking for finally arrived! Yay - Teekay! You are a good critic. Very fair. The confusing blurbs deserve to be tackled. (and beaten up a bit)...

Well, looks like a thousand bucks for that stupid plumbing. Geeeee. And I still can't flush to crapper. Coffee shop, here we come.

Catch you all later,
Oh yes, Teekay - give me a critique on the Angels on Street corners, too will you? Please? It's in the workbook - yeah, it's the one that was posted a FEW times (ooops).

One more note - Howard! Do you have a special keyboard that has the copyright symbol on its' keys? I don't have one on mine... would like to check into one. Or is it some special combo of keys to get that symb?


Teekay Sun Jan 16 02:53:48 PST 2000

Whhhooeeee lil’ tofu dawgies lookit all them thar posts tonight.

AMERICO:- I do believe you failed to mention all those bright and twinkly
stars out there between the sun and the moon who also add soul to the
notebook. ALLIEN:- May I please borrow your base ball bat?

RACHEL:- Tofu dogs?? You tryin’ to make yo’self sick agin’ gel??? Or you
jes’ tryin’ a make the rest of us ill?

RHODA:- When I was at school, my music teacher told me I couldn’t hold a
note to save myself. Now I know that I was probably born to be the female
Elvis, but for that horrible teacher. However I too have gone on to sing for
my own pleasure. This is supposed to be encouraging, but as I read it over
it does not sound that way. Please take it in the spirit which it is intended.
I would love to read what you have written.

HEMA:- Hello and welcome In my opinion this is the best site on the net.

HOWARD:- Really nice story. I think story sounds ficticious but I couldn’t
think of the right word. Probably anecdote? Wish I’d thought of it earlier
and then I wouldn’t have had to type all this out. Hey I could’ve deleted it
and just put anecdote and you wouldn’t have known!! Oh well too late now.

Well am keen to look at the workbook as everybody seems to be mentioning
it. So I think I shall go and do that now.
Oh must share with you all a book I read and thought was absolutely epic. It
was..oh no minds gone blank..thinking..thinking GOT IT!!! Pillars of the earth
by Ken Follett. For a bit of light reading I enjoy Dorothy Cannell and Fiona
Walker. And Stephen King, except for his fantasy type ones. Loved Little
Women and Anne of Green Gables and Tom Sawyer. I could go on about this
for ages, better stop here though.

Goodnight ye all
and may sweet inspiration sugar your dreams.

Heather Sat Jan 15 23:45:43 PST 2000

Allein! I had to post again and say this - don't feel you need to lose weight to be a model - down with anorexia! down with killing your natural shape to please others!
If you want to lose weight for yourself, ok, but not for some body-judge who only treats models as walking, money magnet mannequins.
Think of Camryn Manheim of 'the practice'.(I know, it's on TV) She got what she wanted from life without trying to change her shape just to please others or get parts. Be you. If that's not Vogue, then that doesn't mean you're not the perfect you.
Just my thoughts. I'd like to shed a pound or three - but only off my nose (isn't it round????) and maybe from my hips but doesn't every mother?
Still, that's just to please ME. I'd like to slip into those wonderful pants again - the sexy ones. Haven't been loose enough for my liking recently. Could be all this time I spend on my butt, writing?

Heather Sat Jan 15 23:35:53 PST 2000

Allein: try clicking on the web address above in my post and see if you don't arrive right at my page. My picture is right at the top beside my name and the goofy blurb.
The site takes a while to download each page - this will save you some time!

Hope the link works.

I always think of the bun when I see hotdogs. Nobody feels
badly for the poor thing, having to part itself and get frozzled with a disgusting array of condiments.
Hey! Keep the minds up, up. Out of gutters now.
Poor dog bun, how they are forgotten in comparison to the in-your-faceness of a weiner! Your friend may be in need of an imagination, though, Allein - everyone thinks of THAT when they see one. I think that's why Americo talks of writing a book about SAUSAGES!!!

I am needing sleep, why oh why do I post when I'm tired?
I will dream of another something for SM** - maybe. (gee Im a teaser heh heh).
Good luck with the homework, Allein, and great to hear from you again! Nice boys take up time...bad boys take up offers. If nice guys finish last, what about the premataturists - are they proud?

Don't mind me - I need a rubber mallot to conk me out when the moon is tugging my sleeves.
Red ocean sleeves tonight.


Allein Sat Jan 15 22:30:39 PST 2000

Heather - I went to the Canada Art page but I couldn't find your picture. How do I get to it? Thanks.

Allein Sat Jan 15 22:22:54 PST 2000

Heather - By the way, for a biography, just e-mail your info to Jack and he'll get it up there. :) I'm starting my story tomorrow. I was going to do it today, but then my boyfriend came over and we spent the whole day together. He's a really nice guy. :)

Allein Sat Jan 15 22:20:39 PST 2000

Rachel - Mmmm, Tofu dogs. Do they taste like hot dogs? I don't really like hot dogs. And not because they're made of ingredients that science hasn't properly studied and classified yet, but because as I was eating one one day, my friend compared the taste of hers to a part of her boyfriend's body. I haven't looked at hot dogs the same way since. *shudder*

Heather - I'm okay looking, but that picture was taken two years ago. I'm planning on becoming a model after high school. Everyone says I have the potential but I need to lose some weight. I do which is why I'm going to the gym soon (after their next orientation meeting - whenever that is). My mom works at the gym as an accountant so the entire family gets to use any part of it free. Employee discount - cool deal. I'm thinking 20 to 25 pounds should be good for me. :) I'll send a recent picture of me to you.
Take care all,

Heather Sat Jan 15 21:46:15 PST 2000

Geeeeeeezuz, Jerry! I don't think I'll be sipping back on a brew for a while! And come to think of it, I won't be losing my wallet ever again - don't want to think of where to hide the money!

Sat Jan 15 21:30:07 PST 2000

Heather Sat Jan 15 21:23:18 PST 2000

Man...! Just spent 2 hours cleaning up a flood in the basement. And the plumber's waiting til the am to come over since he's on another job...rotten jerk! I can't use the drains (or flush the loo!!!) What ever am I to do. (ewww.)
But at least it's close to bedtime now.

Jerry - will read your new addition to SM** for sure! Going to the WBook right after these messages.

Rachel - so glad you're feeling better! And yeah - 'tofu anything' is better than the death barrel goop in regular hot dogs. Nothing like 'eau de slaughter house floor' in your lunch to send you heaving. I swore off that kind of food (the processed,the simply unknown ingredient ones, and the 'already been cooked and now it's dried and found in a box' kind...)a long while ago. I'm a freshly prepped at home kind of person. Not a vegetarian, though...I love meat. Rare and as fresh as possible if it's steak, spicey and roasted in my convection oven if it's chicken breasts. Lots of fresh basil, garlic, spanish paprika, peppercorns and a dash of extra virgin olive oil so it won't stick...on that my famous chicken feast. But the blue-rare (and I mean only cooked for 15 seconds on each side) goes nicely with the potatoes and carrots. And soup - love to make my own homemade broccoli/potato chowders... I love seafood too but am not so great at cooking it. (Calimari, anyone?) I bake the best totally homemade apple pies you ever tasted in all you life! I make the pastry too.
I could be a 'health nut'in moderation, on the side far away from the wheat germ and tofu. I like the way tofu tastes only in one meal - a certain spicey Chinese soup that is made in a quaint little family run restaurant.
But enough about FOOD! Seems it's all we dwell on since SM** has been going... (not that I was here at its' conception, but...)...about jogging, I will not force my chest to go through such torture. I heard someone say once,
"If I ever see a jogger smiling that's when I'll start." I'm a Tae-Bo kick butter.
So Jerry, now that I've longwinded myself I will get to the scrumptious sounding story!!!(hell, I deserve a break after that dag-nabit stupid flood - all my stuff that was nearby got drowned. Except Babe the cat. Too bad she knows the smell of water and stayed hidden upstairs. She'll catch what's coming but not tonight...)

Oh - about the shortie short thing...
now that I'm tired from sponging up water I think I'll skip it 'til another night. you all sound relieved. Maybe this week coming up. I don't know - do we schedule this stuff or is it you, Jon & Americo, starting all the ruckus?
Cat paws, huh? Catch a kitty by the tail! ...and speaking of food, I think I hear the sound of knashing teeth over that snowy hill...


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat Jan 15 19:15:04 PST 2000

Howerd - good story, I am sure I will think of it with each glass of lemon aide I drink this summer.

Americo - grab a bottle of good french beer (is there such thing?) sit back and enjoy my latest in SM**, hope you enjoy it.


Rhoda Sat Jan 15 18:09:59 PST 2000


I e-mailed you and got it returned. I'll try again and see what happens.


Rachel Sat Jan 15 17:35:05 PST 2000

Heather - I'm feeling pretty good. Went out for my run today and for the first time, I didn't hack up a lung! It was wonderful (grins). I don't even feel like I need to go to bed, and its after 5pm! I am on a roll. I honestly think I'm getting better. Plan to have some yum, yum, yummy tofu tonight. Bet everyone on the page is ever so jealous (grins and laughter). Okay, I admit, I'm having tofu dogs. Now I know everyone is shuddering. But hey, its better than chicken lips and hoops any day of the week.

I tried to get into the workbook today and discovered that I can't! Imagine my surprise. I thought my password would just last forever. Who knows, maybe I'm doing something wrong again. That wouldn't really surprise me. I look forward to getting back in and being able to read all the new stories that have been posted. I know I didn't loose the workbook during my crash, because I have been in since then.

I better run.

Take care you

Rachel Sat Jan 15 17:34:24 PST 2000

Heather - I'm feeling pretty good. Went out for my run today and for the first time, I didn't hack up a lung! It was wonderful (grins). I don't even feel like I need to go to bed, and its after 5pm! I am on a roll. I honestly think I'm getting better. Plan to have some yum, yum, yummy tofu tonight. Bet everyone on the page is ever so jealous (grins and laughter). Okay, I admit, I'm having tofu dogs. Now I know everyone is shuddering. But hey, its better than chicken lips and hoops any day of the week.

I tried to get into the workbook today and discovered that I can't! Imagine my surprise. I thought my password would just last forever. Who knows, maybe I'm doing something wrong again. That wouldn't really surprise me. I look forward to getting back in and being able to read all the new stories that have been posted. I know I didn't loose the workbook during my crash, because I have been in since then.

I better run.

Take care you

Heather Sat Jan 15 17:23:55 PST 2000

Howard - like the new addition "Lemonade" in the workbook!
I really like the spirit of Mrs.Smith appearing for the boy. That is something we don't read much about and I love stories like that!

Hema Ati - welcome - glad to have you! Don't worry, we'll stir the creativeness back in on this site - believe me I'm inspired by coming here and posting/reading others' posts and the stories!!! Give the workbook a whirl!

What's up for tonight? Can it be short short story night again? Last one was FUN.

Americo, thank you for the compliments, and did they really cry? I was thinking about how the story would sound being read aloud, but I didn't think it would have the same effect as reading it from the page, in one's head... or were you kidding...? Your humour is sometimes a bit slippery to catch. So--- do I get a taste of YOUR blood now?
C'mon! Alley up!

Allein - hope you have plunged yourself head first into your assignment and that the results are tremendous! Go, girl!
(P.S. saw your picture in the biographies section! What do you mean you're not pretty??? I think you've been in Washington rain too long.) I am bride of Frankenstein beside the radiance of you. (Did you happen to pass out when peering at my photo on the a-i-g site? Oh, and if you can't locate it that's because the site might be under expansion - it's soon to be renamed and I will still be a member.) They are the ones with the scanner. So thankfully for everyone here, I can't post my own photo on the biography section.
And by the way - how do we add a bigraphy note to the page? I couldn't find access anywhere.

If I have designated it shortie short night (is that OK, fellow nBookers?)
then I guess I had better unfurl my imagination and spank a few words out.
I'll be right back.
Hang onto your hat, Americo, I'm not sure where my mind is vacationing this eve.
P.S. AMerico - - I didn't think I created the atmosphere in 'Angels' all that well... sometimes less is more, serra serra? What did you mean by verbal originality anyway?????
Please reply - I am wondering on the edge of my seat.
Rhoda - by your posts you sound like a perfectly competent writer and too bad for those who can't see that, they will be missing out!
Rachel! Nice to hear from you...feeling better?

Rachel Sat Jan 15 16:06:11 PST 2000

Hi all

Gezz, looks like I better motivate and get to some reading in the workbook. I've been up to all sorts of everything the past little while and haven't had much time to read, but it looks like I better make some time (smiles). How could I not want to read all of these much talked about stoires. I am looking forward to it.

Take care all

PS - Hema, enjoy the site.

Hema Ati Sat Jan 15 15:32:41 PST 2000

Lingering(loitering) with intent.

Guten tag(German) Y'all,
Thank you for welcoming me.Thanks Rachel
and Heather. This is just the thing a drifter like me
And I totally agree with the point Mr French makes in his last posting.I like the style -- especially because he makes it sound poetic. And thank you for asking me to linger...

I wish to post some of my write-ups.And I request
you to be the critics.My problem is that I have been writing technical stuff for so long that imagination had to take a back seat. Also creativity did not seem so important.
So here I am , loitering with the intent of putting some zip into my writing.Let me know how you souls feel about it.
Bye everybody.Bye Rachel,Heather and Eddie.
In all humility,

Sat Jan 15 15:21:13 PST 2000

Americo Sat Jan 15 15:03:41 PST 2000

Ooops, motive.

Americo Sat Jan 15 15:02:50 PST 2000

Heather, what I liked most in your texts for SM** was your verbal originality and imagination, to- gether with the ability to create atmospheres easily and quickly. Jon called all his friends and read them your stories. I took careful note of their reactions: they felt very romantic during the reading of the first (Pussy looked at me in a rather funny way) and all of them cried loudly during the second. That's probably a good sign for the future.

Jerry Ericsson, the most salient feature of your story was for me the masterly way you tell it, playing wonderfully with time. Your text is an example that what matters in a story is not WHAT is told but the MANNER it is told. That's the right method in contemporary (serious) literature.

Congratulations to both.

Howard, the fact that you have honoured us with your collaboration is a motif of great joy and hopefully an incentive for all the ever-nevers and other lazybones. If I had any power in this website I would start looking for a publisher (or at least an agent). There is sufficent talent here to make a little revolution in American letters soon.

Howard Sat Jan 15 12:34:18 PST 2000

Americo -- You wanted something 'different' for "Strawberries" I hope what I just posted is different enough.
On writing -- I am the world's worst planner when it comes to writing. Sometimes I'll start with a word, an idea, or a title, but almost *never* with an outline -- at least on paper. Most of my writing just "happens"
Favorite writers? We've been there before. For SciFi I still recommend Zenna Henderson, James Schnitz, Asimov, Keith Laumer, Sterling Lanier.
My wife got me the "Harry Potter" books (all three) for Christmas, and I'm enjoying them very much. Very well written, nicely plotted, and just plain fun.
Other authors I really enjoy: Calvin Miller -- his "singer" trilogy is exquisite -- Max Lucado, Steven Lawhead (Celtic Christian themes)and Frank Perretti. Also Steven King, Ray Bradbury, Tolkien, early Heinlein, and a host of others.
Also Dave Barry, Roy Blount, Garrison Kiellor, etc etc.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat Jan 15 10:49:42 PST 2000

My favorite writers? Well right now, I guess it would have to be John Grisham - in the relm of current writers, writers of the past include the unknow author (at least to me) of the Hardey Boy mysteries, (that in my youth, drew me away from television and into books) I do like Shakespear, I have read the Tale of Two Cities, and thought it quite good. I like the essays of old, dealing with Americo's favorite hobby of eating children - books on computers also take up lots of my time, but that just to inhance my other hobby of playing with these horrific machines. Mark Twain is among my favorites, and now I can download his texts at will, and relish them at length on my screen. There are so many others, it would be to hard to list them all, infact I like most of what I read in the relm of fiction, I do from time to time get one of my daughters collection of science fiction books and read, many of them are very good. I have just discovered Stephen King, although I have read some of his very early work, I somehow forgot how good he was until my daughter left one of his books laying on the end table, and I picked it up, found it very hard to put down.


ooops again Sat Jan 15 09:17:15 PST 2000

What I meant by that I haven't read other essays/books of a philosophical etc..vein by Ayn Rand is that she has written some that aren't fiction. Of course, the fiction she wrote is threaded with it.

The really depressing one - I remember! Is "We The Living"

and I forgot to hail the genius of "The Fountainhead"!!(Rand again)
It is par excellance!

ooops Sat Jan 15 09:12:23 PST 2000

Hi again - I forgot to mention a very great author in my opinion!!!

Ayn Rand. Has anyone ever read ANTHEM? IT is TERRIFIC and AMAZING and I loved it. And it is nothing like the size of Atlas Shrugged, although I loved that book dearly too.
I had a bit of trouble with John Galt's humongous speech near the end of the book, (In the name of !!!! it was a marathon of words...) but in totality it was pure genius.
There was another book she wrote - about Russia - can't think of the name of it offhand - it was a good read too, but the ending! OH! I felt debilitated for a week after that. So depressing. But the ending was indeed fitting - I should have steered clear of that one if I had only known.

I have not read the books or essays with a philosophical/political vein by Ayn Rand, much rather read her fiction.

Ok that's all for now.
May you all have a brilliant day and receive no rejection slips - all of you who have manuscripts sent out into that wild, confusing torrent we call Earth.
Take good care of your typing hands.

Heather Sat Jan 15 09:03:00 PST 2000

Hello all and welcome to a new day. New thoughts and new writing for us to do!

I do not believe in eating children, since most commomly they eat sugary foods when parents are not looking and nutritional values are much decreased. EECHHHH! That was terrible.
I do however, think that their cheeks are yummy and it is certainly alright to squeeze kids and grab them up in your arms and drool on them.
Kittens deserve to be eaten. They are too fuzzy for their own good.

Allein - I laughed at your genius post!!! Well said!
About the hockey stick - not an ounce of my blood ever saw its' blade and if it HAD, well, my little brother would not be graduating from U of Michigan this spring. He is a lucky little sod.

...On writers that I enjoy, Richard Bach would be on my list. So would Ray Bradbury. And TOm Robbins because of his strange brilliance. ALso, Fannie Flagg has some fine points, and Somerset Maugham has only good points. Perhaps Toni Morrison would join the list too, if I ever get through one of the novels. What is the latest book that I can think of that I enjoyed? The little wonder of "It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It" by Robert Fulghum. I have had this gem in my bookcases for years and only picked it up to read it a few months ago - and loved it.
Also - a book I read in highschool and I have read it a few times since I thought it excellent - is "Flowers For Algernon"
but for the moment I cannot recall the author. (Sorry! The book is in storage...) I can look it up later.
I did not enjoy Shakespeare because of English lit classes - the teachers required us to pick apart every line and this ruined the entire effect for me. If they had let us read the entire play (any of them) without interrupting, and then asked for insights and made discussions after the fact - it would have been alright. But I still cannot look at one of the works without shuddering.
I have never read Moby Dick, never read Tale of Two Cities.
I have read other classics, and I must say most of them I enjoyed - but don't think I could emulate them.
I thought "The Grapes of Wrath" was terribly depressing, but well written (and by God, I could see it all before me as I read!)
There are so MANY to mention...
I wouldn't mind some suggestions to read, for the library is my sweet treat of the week. I keep the books as long as I can and at the last minute before they are overdue, I grudgingly hand them over.

I am the moon? Well, I certainly crave to work when she is up! Daylight just isn't my calling. Thank you for the compliment.
So where is your contribution to SM**, AMerico? Or do you not write for the collaboratives, since you are otherwise very busy???


Americo Sat Jan 15 08:26:39 PST 2000

Here's a brief summary of the latest posts on writing and on family.

On family: only Allein is right -- baseball bats should not be carelessly soiled with the blood of brothers, and it's not a good idea to leave home before you do not get a better bed and breakfast. Again,"les beaux esprits se rencontrent".

On writing: wait for Thomas and you'll know the truth. Thomas, please come in!
Only posts that passed this topic: Ericsson's and Rachel's. I'm not being biased by my frienship to these people. Their posts are obviously the only serious ones. All the others are NOT true -- and the worst is that their authors do not even seem to know that they are not being true to themselves.
Compulsory exercise for the afternoon: nosce te ipsum (know yourself).
Exception on all topics: Randal. Randal is the sun, Heather the Moon. The Notebook is at last shining brightly.

On my writing: sorry, must do the washing up first (family, I love you!).

On eating children: never on Fridays (fish recommended on those fast days)

Best writers lurking (they're looking forward to expressing their wonderful opinions on family and related topics): Samuel Butler and Jonathan Swift. Highly recommended.

Resolution for the weekend: to have a minute to read some lovely stories recently published in the biggest hit of the month, SM**

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat Jan 15 08:12:42 PST 2000

I took a couple of online courses from this outfit, they were fun thought you all might want to check them out:
This link will get you to their free magazine, the information on the courses can be found at the site too. The courses are free, and give a fairly good exercise in writing.


Americo Sat Jan 15 06:34:50 PST 2000

Howard, how are you? I am fine, and I hope you are also fine. I love family, especially with broccolly (sp). My wife is calling me for lunch. She hasn't opened the wine bottle yet. I have to do everything in this house! Yes, I hear her making a lot of noise with the forks, in a second she'll tell that the food is getting cold. How can you love family? I hate it.
PS I'm glad I have no kitties. I would eat them all!!!

PSS More about literature later (If i survive lunch)

Fri Jan 14 23:03:27 PST 2000

Heather Fri Jan 14 22:16:13 PST 2000

Hi, T.O.M. and thanks for not thinking I type too much. And for the welcome!
Jerry, thank you for saying that. I'm so glad somebody liked it! Well, somebody other than me. Oh, and Teekay said she did too.
I think I am a bit bewildered that it came out as well as it did. I have tried to say something of the sort before but it was off and came about in a sticky sort of way. What ever that may mean. Think I'm just at a loss for further words, finally.
Was that a cheer I heard?

The Old Man Fri Jan 14 20:56:47 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

Hema, Welcome is granted to all who show their faces here.

Howard, Well said, sir.

Heather, A fresh face and talkative hands are a plaesure to all who read your posts. Thank you for your completely open passages.

On the subject of writing, What I wrote already is junk. What I will write is genius.

On the subject of family...Let's just say that when I saw the movie, "Oliver", I was amazed that anyone thought that this kid had a hard-knock-life...compared to mine.

Enough of this, it IS Friday, and I depress myself with reminissance.

Blesses to you,

Allein Fri Jan 14 20:37:30 PST 2000

Hema - Welcome to the group. Well, not really a group like a club group, more like a family open to adopting new members. So, grab a beer, a cigar and some peanuts (chocolate covered if you prefer) and join the celebration! :)

Heather - Hee hee, hockey stick. Actually, I'm not much of a hockey fan (I know this sounds weird to a Canadian) but I do have a baseball bat. But, I don't know about beating my brother with it - it's signed by one of the Seattle Mariners and I'd hate to get blood on it.

Take care everyone,

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Fri Jan 14 20:28:43 PST 2000

Heather, just read your postings in SM** - the last one deserved to be posted three times, it was that good, I loved it. The first one was not bad either, but the last was simply great.

Americo, see what happens when you ask questions of this group!



Howard Fri Jan 14 20:14:02 PST 2000

Americo -- Just catching up, and I just read your treatise on the family, and had to post. Perhaps you've retracted what you wrote, perhaps you wrote only to inflame, but let me share with you something about one family that doesn't quite bear out your claims.
It was a few weeks before Christmas, and the young family was eating supper. There were three young girls -- ages 5,3,and 18 months, and mom -- pregnant, and due in a few weeks, and dad. They always ate supper together.
This mealtime was no different, with the children's chatter, and the giggling that only young girls know how to do. The conversation turned to Christmas, its meaning, and its beauty. Mom and dad were honest with the girls, and told them that this Christmas there would not be much under the tree, as there simply was not enough money to buy gifts. The girls thought about that for a moment, then moved on to different topics.
After supper, after the table was cleared and the dishes done, dad went into the living room to read. The girls were playing a game, and all was quite cosy. Then Karin, the 5-year old daughter, climbed up on the arm of dad's chair, and put her arm around his neck and her head on his shoulder.
She sat like that for a moment, then kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear. "Don't worry about me, daddy, just get a present for Krissy and Andria."
That's a true story, Americo. It happened over 25 years ago, and I've never forgotten it. It was my cheek that was kissed, my ear that she whispered in, and my daughter who gave me the best Christmas anyone could ever have. That memory comes back every Christmas, and always brings the same lump to my throat, and the same tears of thanksgiving to my eyes.
So please don't paint all families with the same brush. Ours might be boring to you, with none of the conflict that you spoke of, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Rachel Fri Jan 14 19:55:10 PST 2000

Hi all

Hema - Welcome:)

Heather - Hi you. I like what you said about writing. Why the sheepish grin (smiles)?

Teekay - Hey there. I have been eating lots of veggies. That sort of goes along with being a vegetarian. Okay, I'm not much of a vegetarian any more. I probably am eating meat once a week! I don't really eat much chocolate. I tend to be more of a salmon jerky gal. To me that is as good if not better than chocolate any day of the week. I call it salmon candy. It is sooooooooo good. Feels like my cold is almost gone. I am excited, this means than I can go off to meet my little baby niece. I didn't want to go see the sweet thing and spread sick germs all over her, so I waited, but I think now it would be okay! I can't wait to meet her. Well, obviously I can.

Randall - I think it is great that your community keeps quiet about the one who lives there. If I were that person I would think the world of all of you. I am sure he appreciates the fact that you just let him be a person. Good on you!

Americo - Tell Jon that I will be glad to adopt all of the kittens.

Take care all

Rhoda Fri Jan 14 19:52:46 PST 2000

Randell and Ed,

Well said both of you on the subject of what quality of writers we think we are.

As far myself, I really don't care. Obviously not everyone thinks I am very gifted. And many have freely said so. I have been told so many times my writing is inferior that if I were one who listened I would have given up years ago. Then there are the precious souls who have admitted they like my work. Actually, I think it completely subjective. Everyone's taste differs.

I don't think we can necessarily tell what quality of writers we are. We do know when we have outdone ourselves and exceeded our expectations. I think we each know when we have done a good job.

On a personal level, I think it a waste of time to dwell to heavily on the question. If we sell our work then we can conclude that we are decent writers. If after that we still think we stink, we can cry all the way to the bank.

My goal is mainly to entertain and to inspire. If I can have someone read my novels and feel better about the world afterwards, then I have succeeded as a writer. If someone is inspired to think or speculate on the issues I raise in my writing, I have succeeded. If I can create a character or characters that remain in my reader's memory beyond the time he finishes the book, I have succeeded. If I can do all the above things, then I am more than satisfied with my writing even if the more academic and "knowledgable" critics think it pure rubbish.


Heather Fri Jan 14 19:08:16 PST 2000

Here is the essay I plunked to the paper I said I would (might?) post. (essay, journal, whatever) Don't take me too seriously, and no- this isn't my best 'stuff', I was in a corny, buttery mood when I wrote it. (Sheepish grin,hi Rachel!)


Write your dreams. Write your heart, write your spirit. Let it flow upon the page, like tears dripping from your innermost secret eye. Write your passion, your fear; let them fight mighty or wicked or bloody battles upon your paper. Let the pen be your instrument; the soul's key to expression, the wings of a bird in mid-flight, from the dovecote of your core. Let your paper soak up those dreams, those delicious, fleeting, wafer-mint dollops too soon forgotten or melted away.
Bring cobwebs out of hiding and stretch them from corner to corner, edge to edge; let lazy puddles splash their essence from your memory into script.
Tell all your tales, joyful, sorrowful, dizzy and delightful; let every being in your psyche march among your words.
Deliver your very syrup, distilled from all your heartache and sadness, bottled from each joy and quip of laughter that now scents the cork. Stir through all your pots of wisdom and spill this you-stew, this decadent, hearty entree, this other-wordly dessert -- spill it upon every page possible every moment you can.
Write -- lest it be left unsaid.
Write -- to let your soul speak.
And pass it on.


Heather Fri Jan 14 18:50:47 PST 2000

Ahhh, yes, delicious posts indeed. I couldn't sit at the computer any longer this afternoon, so I satisfied my ache for replies with a little bit o' shopping. God, I am WOMAN! But not in any ordinary sense. I shop, but I do not live for the mall. Now, what did that have to do with anything?
Ahem. I am rambling, please stop me ahhhyyyyyi!

Ok. Teekay! Thanks for telling me you got the chapter, and feel free to read it when you get the urge, don't feel pressured in the least, and want to relax and put your sweet feet up! Poetic, ah yes. I never said my feet were PLEASANTLY fragrant! (Heh heh)... but I hinted that it was true. Well, actually, I've found this delightful lemon-mint foot balm, it really tingles and refreshes the feet after a hard day on 'em. I chase my two year old all day, I drive around and pick up my 7 year old from school, my hub from work, then I go to work after dinner at my (sigh) paying job in all its monotonous rigamarole. Then I get home and plunge into the seat of my PC and slather on that cream! Tingle tingle. And then I write 'til the wee hours.
Oh, And Teekay? I thought it was Clint Eastwood too!!!! I bet it was.

Randall - a genius of a post! I loved it! I shall investigate the auto body shops in my hemisphere just for fun.

Allein - glad to hear you had a good childhood. Sibling rivalry hits just about every sister on the head. BUt between episodes of "You're a bird brain!" and "Get your stupid self out of my room" and even "I'll break your door in with my hockey stick if you won't let me in!";
there was a definite peace in the house. The first two quotes - my older brother; the latter, my little bro. And, I didn't let him in so he did. I was babysitting him and when my mother found my door in shreds she nearly dropped a load! But my childhood was happy, all in all, honest!

Ed, your post was genius as well, and I would like to adopt
that entire idea and incorporate it into my brain forever so that any and all rejection slips will slide off my back without pain. You certainly have a well-grounded attitude and talent talent talent. They go so well together!
I should say I agree - my writing changes with every sentence, every paragraph, every new page. ANd yet because of style, that old bubbly helium kicker - most of my work you can tell is mine if you read an assortment of my stuff. I call it stuff because some is not bookworthy - poems, scribbles and pages of ms. Doodles too. But it evolves and changes and still somehow carries my inevitable character with it. Just the way people change and keep their personality.
Did I get off topic again?

Oh well, I did so flame me.
I will think of more to add I'm sure, still so excited to be here.

Hema Ati: Just keep posting and you are part of the group. Also, contact Jack to join the other areas - like the workbook. Welcome!

Caio, folks, and I think I will add a little mini essay on the love of writing that I whipped off a month ago or so. Right around the eve of 2000.

Be all that you dare

Eddie French Fri Jan 14 18:09:45 PST 2000

We don't have members here, this is not a club. This is a collection of wandering souls who have decided to linger here for a while.
Wont you linger a while with us?

Hema Ati Fri Jan 14 18:07:43 PST 2000

I have a question.How can I become a member fo your group?

Hema Ati Fri Jan 14 18:06:35 PST 2000

I have a question.How can I become a member?

Allein Fri Jan 14 17:58:35 PST 2000

Heather - I've had a fairly happy childhood. I mean, my parents and I get into the normal fights and there's sibling rivalry, but nothing major. It'll be sad when I move out. But, that won't be for a few years, as long as I'm attending college here, I may as well take advantage of the free room and board. :)

Eddie French Fri Jan 14 17:48:57 PST 2000


We are all no more than we are at the time that we ponder this question.
I am a writer. I write.
Some people are not pleased with my writing, some are.
What was written a year, or a month ago by me is different from that which I will write tomorrow, or next year!
We are all evolving, not only as writers, but as human beings. I discount the question posed by Americo. It has no relevance. By the time it is answered we have changed again. I may please you tomorrow with what I write, or what I say. I may not. Some will love and admire what I write, others will despise it for the the corny plot, the bad grammar, the naivety or the bad speling.
But that is for tomorrow, when I will be different than I am today. Today I am a writer and I like what I write. I like it enough to share it with people like you. That's good enough for me today.

The important thing to remember is that when you write for others to read then you put yourself right on the firing line for all to take their turn at knocking you off. That takes courage. It takes even more courage to get back up and write about how it felt to be knocked down and send it back to the very ones who knocked you down.

My thoughts. For what they're worth.

Randall Fri Jan 14 17:29:20 PST 2000

Teekay: Sorry. No, and I really can't mention his name. His privacy is so well thought of, people meet him grocery shopping, smile and move on. Bye love. Randall

Randall Fri Jan 14 17:22:14 PST 2000

Hi gang:

Time to kick out the doldrums, put on your dancing shoes and get down to boogie. God! I love Fridays! TGIF!!!!! The only thing better than Friday, is Friday AND payday.

I believe it was Dr. Martin Luther King who defined Friday for the working man. "Friday at last! Friday at last! Thank God O''s Friday at last! Bless you Dr. King.

Wanna know what I think about my writing? My writing? Are you talking to me? I tell you what I think about it. Somewhere between complete rubbish and amateurish enthusiam. (HE can't even spell!) But :-) who cares. I write for myself! And I have reduced this boy to tears, as when I killed the heroine's husband. Or caused goose bumps to stream up the back of my neck as she fights her controlling God, that is Burrowing Coyote.

But as Billy Crystal's character says in THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN. "A writer writes." I think that says it all. (The movie is about writers by the way.) Whether you believe it is trash or not, keep going. Learn from your mistakes and plug along. The fire inside WILL push you along. If one has the determination to fill a blank page with thoughts from a fevered mind, then do the same again and again, you are a writer/author. To have your work accepted by peers or published is simply gravy, for your platter is already full.

I'm always writing. To wit:

Of the myraid good things that can happen to a NAPA auto parts delivery driver the butt at the bottom of the list. Still, I'm usually graced by at least one a day and like a suprise gift from your wife, you never know when it's going to occur. Delivering parts for NAPA has good moments and bad. Sadly, there is always the hint of violence in the air. Shop mechanics are a terse, irritable lot, and wrong, or inoperable repair parts are hazardous to carefree, happy go lucky souls like me.

Now take Big Matt at the transmission repair shop. He's called Big Matt, well because he's over 6' tall and big in the belly. Matt will carefully review the invoice, throughly check out the item, grunt ... then walk away. Now, the grunt is the key that everything is okay. I know the part is correct and the invoice in line with value of the item. No problem.

Short Bob is well ... short. (Catchy names, huh?) His outlook is always pleasing, no worries, everything positive kind of a guy. That is unless he is charged tax. Then he becomes red in the face and his breath quickens. I have learned to rapidly placate him and promise a tax refund. Not much of a problem there.

However, at the opposite end of the spectrum is Lanky Lee, owner and manager of a large repair shop. If he spends more than 30 seconds reading the invoice, then the same looking over the part that's normal. It's when he begins to tap on the invoice with a finger that my flight mode comes into focus. Recently I handed him a $300, plus core charge alternator for a nearly new Chevy pickup his men were repairing. The scenerio played out like this.

He removes his glasses and wipes at his eyes. "Do you mean this damn thing costs me 300 bucks." Unseen by Lanky Lee my right foot swivels 45 degrees toward the exit. I've been here before.

Lanky Lee wipes at his glasses with a shop rag and stares into the distance. "And the core charge is another 300 bucks!" My right foot has now moved to a full 90 degrees.

His breathing has become ragged and face flushed. He's had heart bypass surgery and three nervous breakdowns...and that was before he was paroled.

My left eye begins to tic, sweat streams down into my gray beard. Left foot moves the full 90 degrees and I'm poised for full blown flight. My heart rate climbs to 100 beats a minute, lungs expand, arteries are wide open. Imminent flight is at hand.

He exhales, grimaces and shakes his head. I recall LL was sent to the gray bar hotel for manslaughter, three counts. My aging knees, spring steel in intensity, flex. I'm prepared to leap for the door knowing the alternator will soon hurdle toward my head as he shrieks. "Lock the door and somebody get me the number to Car Quest!"

"Okay," he says finally, relaxing and signing the invoice. "But I want a core refund today. And chill out Randall. I don't know why you're always so tense."

So if you're ever in a auto repair shop and see a group of greasy, raggedly dressed men dragging a NAPA delivery man toward the back door? Relax, it's just a parts delivery man being escorted off the premises by his friends.

A writer writes, who cares if it's relevant?

See ya!!!

Randall, the NAPA DUDE

Rhoda Fri Jan 14 16:28:11 PST 2000


You made it more than clear during the Shadows project what you thought of me as a writer. Who am I to contradict you? So I leave it at that.


Teekay Fri Jan 14 16:13:38 PST 2000

DELICIOUS!!!! Look at all these wonderful posts!!!

HEATHER:- I too have fragrant toes, although the last time I dipped them in the ocean most of the fish died.
How's that for poetic hmmm??
I got the email but haven't looked at it yet because my novel was accepted for publication and now I have all these meetings to go to and I have to go to the bank and cash my HUGE check a sec..sorry that was just a fantasy breaking free what I really meant to say was that I haven't looked at it yet but I shall later on today. I liked the first bit better.*sigh*.

AMERICO:- Sometimes you are vedy, vedy funny and make me be laughin' Yaaaarggghahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Sometimes you are not .

JAI:- You probably sent the email to my work and I haven't been there since mid November. I go back again the beginning of February.*sigh* again.

RANDALL:- I feel for you. Being in the doldrums is a miserable thing, but it too shall pass. Maybe you should just wallow in it for a while and enjoy it. Was it Clint Eastwood???

RACHEL:- Why oh why are you eating chocolate when you are ill?? You really should be eating cabbage and brussell sprouts and maybe rutabagers (I think).

EDDY:- Now I get it. Thanks.

RHODA:- Thanks for the words of encouragement, but I think `crap' may be an understatement. As for enjoying it hmmm, it may be more fun to pull my teeth out with pliers.

JERRY & JACK:- Thank you for sharing those posts with us.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Fri Jan 14 15:30:14 PST 2000

Americo, what do I think of myself as a writer, I guess I am more or less a beginner, with some talent, that will only unleash itself on occasion. I do try writing different styles and experimenting with different forms of stories. I don't know yet if I have a novel in me, I have many ideas floating in my head, it is just the putting them down on the screen. I think it is maybe the fear that if I go ahead with it, it will not go the full length, and I will run out of data before I finish the story. Something like that. When I was in college, I was told that I had some writing talent, but then I was over 40 years old, being compared to the young people who had yet to live, and experience the ups and downs of life, so I kept that in mind with the compliments. I was very proud to have several of my essay's published in the college magazine, and to have written for the first several issues of the new College newspaper. That was fun stuff, what I do now is about the same, lots of fun to put together, and maybe some day, I will sit down and put the novel down on paper just to see how it all turns out.

Thanks for the kind comments on my latest, I will make another try when the mood hits me.

Bye for now,
All - Take Care.

Fri Jan 14 15:04:10 PST 2000

Rachel Fri Jan 14 14:55:54 PST 2000

What do I think of my writing? That sort of depends on the time of day and the state of mind (soft little smile). Right now I feel that what I have been writing is some pretty high quality stuff. I look back at things I have written in the past and I start shredding and burning, then I will come across something that isn't total crap and I will set it aside, or make a few notes.

I have improved a fair bit over the past year. Writing Shadows with Americo has been an amazing experience and I have learned much. You Americo are a sweetie (I give you a big hug).

Still, sometimes I will write crap. I think that I have a lot of potential as a writer, but I have to continue to work hard. I used to think that it would just happen, but now I am starting to look at the world of writing a little differently.

It's different to only write for fun. Now I write with more purpose. I am not afriad of hard work, and sometimes writing is hard work. It can't be all fun and games (grins).

I love to write, its what I do. It's in my blood, my heart and soul.

I need to read, read, read, in order to write, write, write. Right (grins)? A very wise man told me that. He didn't repeat himself like that, but I think you all get the idea.

I have to say that I seem to have a love hate relationship with my writing. I tend to be very critical of it. I have come to expect more and more and when I don't see it in my writing I will not be overly pleased.

I have to continue to improve, but then I am one of those people who believes that learning will never be done. It will go on and on and that is what life is really about.

Yup, I am a decent writer, I may even be creeping up on good and I'm getting better all the time, but I need to work diligently, endlessly and tirelessly. Being a writer isn't always easy, but when you love something it doesn't matter if its easy or not, you do it because you love to, you continue because if you did not your life would be empty. At least that is how it is for me.

Know what? Sometimes I feel like I have little flashes when my writing really is great, but I need that to happen a lot more often.

What was it Jack once said. Something about there not being any bad writers, just that there are some writers who haven't written their aloted 100 thousand words of crap. Something to that effect (grins). Sorry if I misquoted yah.

Take care all

PS - Anyone know any publishers (grins and merry laughter).
PSS - Hope my spelling is okay, I once again wrote this one the spot and didn't cut and paste, so... Yup, that's right, no spell check (grin, blush)

Heather Fri Jan 14 14:04:40 PST 2000

HARUMPHHH! You had better be nice to me, Americo, remember what I posted the other day. If you want to name call, you'll need specific protocol and you'll be needing mirrors to watch your back...heh heh. Queen Sarcasm can come out to play with little or no warning.
Heather (again)...maybe I need sleep.

Heather Fri Jan 14 13:58:52 PST 2000

Just a note

Here's the controversy you might not have suspected.

and turns minds to Jello.

Heather Fri Jan 14 13:56:02 PST 2000

Yeah, I'm posting again, my my.
To answer your Q, Americo,
what do I think of myself as a writer? Oh Good Lord how do you rate oneself? Doesn't everyone think they are great and their book absolute best seller quality?
Well, maybe not.
I well, hummm. Room for improvement, yes. Always room for that and most everyone who thinks they're great also believes they could do even better.
So that's not controversial.
Besides, if I bellow to the world that I'm big poopy
then don't I have to prove it? That doesn't make me want to say it in the first place - I firmly believe prevention is the best measure taken when it comes to the topic inserting the foot into one's mouth. Would I be a big stupid jerk to say I'm at least able to swim with the river of writers and keep my head up? That's it.

I will always struggle to keep above mediocre - if I felt I was that, I'd have taken up juggling instead.

Controversy. Hmmm. I'll think of something later.

Americo Fri Jan 14 13:44:03 PST 2000

Heather and Jerry Ericsson,

I'll tell you my opinion about your stories as soon as I can. I've already read the one of Jerry and the first of Heather. PRIMA! (That means excellent). But not the second of Heather. I want to read them on print before I give you a better opinion. You are excellent writers and everyone should go and read your stories and comment them here. That's what loyal fellow writers and good family people are for.

Today is review/criticism day. I don't know if I can come later, as I'm writing a book with great enthusiasm (actually just translating my thesis into Portuguese, but to publish it as a book: it's boring stuff), and there is soccer on the telly. But I'm looking forward to your comments on the latest stories published in SM** and I'd like to contradict your opinions. IT's a long time since I disagree with anyone and this cannot go on. Sorry for being so nice for such a long time.

There is another thing that it would be wonderful to see here: self-criticism. Yes, Heather, what do you think of you as a writer? And you, Jerry(s)? And you, Jack? I think I am great, but with room for improvement. I'll tell you some other time where I can improve. (THIS IS GOING TO BE A FABULOUS TOPIC!!! EVERYONE INVITED)

BTW, are you interested in adopting thirteen (baptized) kittens? Just a moment... it's only eleven kittens now: Pussy ate one and Jon the other, yesterday, after their blackliver dinner. Jon, who is peeping over my shoulder, laughed a lot when I wrote thirteen... He loves finding me in error! Did I tell you that he is the President of the Association for the Preservation of Old family Values? Well, he is. A most respected guy in his parochy. Typical!

Heather Fri Jan 14 08:15:12 PST 2000

OHHHH CRAP! Jack, Jon, Americo and all:
I am a moron sometimes - I think I actually posted my latest story THREE times - I have no idea how that happened!
Can someone (Jack?) please erase the extras? I will print out a copy of the Street corner one just in case...
and to keep for my file.
I didn't know short stories could flow out of me.. at least not for ages. Been trying to write such long novel projects that I thought the short venue wasn't my style - precision not my strong point as you can see by my redundant use of posts with not terribly much to say in the million words I leave there.

Heather Fri Jan 14 07:47:17 PST 2000

Hello again, fellow writers!
Jon, how has the red pencil flown across my short stories? I am anxious to know of your editing opinion. And Americo, where art thou, oh, muse of the muse today.
Are you as fickle as I think you are?

Jerry: Left an email in your mailbox - a few Q's for the officer, a few Q's to be sure. I was happily astonished to find that you have such a backround in police work and I am on a need to know basis. I read the account of your first night as a rookie, Holy God what a nasty initiation!
I can't concentrate as I have been up too late writing my short story for SM** last night and went to bed my head still on rerun, couldn't stop thinking about it. Even wrote an epitaph (correct term?) in my mind as I tried to slow the brain down enough to finally catch some zzz's around 4 am!!! Ooops, I lost track of the hours again as I delved deeply into...well, into the writing. Such is my life. destined to feel tired but my mind so alive and running over hills and wild green and purple yonders.
Anyhow, seems I am posting to infinity and not leaving room for anyone else to get a word in. SORRY!
I am just so excited to find you all!
Heather again, out of wine - need a refill here folks! (Wine of the soul, not of the liquid in a bottle...I don't drink any more since I am diabetic it makes me rediculous after one glass with the sugar rush and alcohol mixed together)

Heather Fri Jan 14 07:04:19 PST 2000

Hi Rhoda! Glad to hear someone else had a happy early life!!! Hurrah! And I wish our memories could clean the slate for so many others.

There wasn't much conflict among any of my family members throughout my childhood. My parents were not the screaming or yelling or for that matter the fighting type at all, even though they did not experience it in their own childhoods (as those who have gone through it are determined to change it, my Mom and Dad didn't need to ponder that at all...).
If my parents disagreed on a matter, they would sit down at the kitchen table and discuss it between themselves and come up with a solution, whether it be a compromise or just a more thorough look into the topic. This has been a saving grace for me as I followed their shining example with my own family for the most part. I think some days my kids just don't hear me so on occasion I've been known to raise my voice. But not to screaming, mind you.

I can't get into it right now, but after I left home at 18 I plunged into a totally unsheltered reality I had barely begun to realize. Not that I was completely sheltered on purpose, I grew up in a small town and that was the way things were. My parents did their best to prepare me for the world, but I left before they were finished and for that I am the only one to blame. I felt my parents were too strict with me and yet now I feel they were just right. At 12 years old I still had a curfew of 8 pm! When almost all of my friends were allowed out until 9 or 10...and there is much more to the way I saw things beyond that age, when my creative self came out more and more; and my rather scientific and mathematical parents had no idea how to understand me! They must have thought I was a smart flake. Is that possible??
But anyhow, my latest addition to SM** on the workbook might explain things better than I am up to at the moment. It is titled "Angels on Street Corners". I welcome any and all comments, critiques and so forth.
Take care, all, you sleeping wonderfuls. Hope your dreams are filled with joy and peace and may you snooze until noon or longer. (It's only us with children who must rise before dawn... there is the mother in me and the writer in me at odds over lack of rest but I'm still awake!)

Rhoda Fri Jan 14 06:49:47 PST 2000


Don't give up on the novel. Most everyone's first effort is crap. If you enjoy writing the novel, then keep going. I am sure somewhere in that writing there are some jewels. Consider the fact that many authors rewrite and revise their work several times before submitting. If I were you, I would write the novel from beginning to end doing the best you can. Then go back and fill in the holes and clean up the mess.


Rhoda Fri Jan 14 06:45:31 PST 2000


You were not the only one with a happy childhood. I didn't have a perfect family, but we provided each other love and support. If I had any problems in my youth, it was with peers and teachers. I think our success as a family was due to my mother and father's determination that the forces that drove their families into chaos would not operate in ours. Both my parents' families engaged in bitter feuds, so as a result my parents stressed loyalty and support and tried to teach their children more healthy ways of dealing with conflict. It is a choice, isn't it? We are not condemned to repeat the cycles if we chose not to. Yet, breaking the cycles is not easy.


After reading about your experience, I realized I had not restored my virus scanning program after my computer crash. Besides that, the software I had was over two years old. I put a new updatable system on it. I have been very fortunate so far. I can't believe the length of time I have used the Internet in my unprotected state. I suppose I am a prime example of angels looking after fools. Speaking of families,I am glad you had a good visit. I hope all goes well with your daughter's delivery. Just the fact that your wife is determined to be there will make it all the more easier for your daughter and your new grandson.

Happy Writing, all!


Thu Jan 13 23:42:14 PST 2000

Looks like your family topic wasn't a failure after all, Americo... scroll down and see!

Heather Thu Jan 13 23:40:38 PST 2000

Ooops, I wanted to add that I read your other post, too Jack, and I am sorry to read that you suffered during your childhood too. Am I the only one who had a happy childhood? (It was only after I moved out of the house at 18 that my life went through hell's wringer...)

Let's stay sunny side up, everyone!

Heather Thu Jan 13 23:37:02 PST 2000

Jack! This site is wonderful and so are the people - and it's all thanks to YOU.
By the way, on my screen, the right hand margin looks A O K to me!
Cheerio and grin

Thu Jan 13 23:29:37 PST 2000


I will figure out why the Notebook is bleeding off to the right margin tomorrow. Sorry about that.

Heather Thu Jan 13 23:27:53 PST 2000

Jerry, I am so glad you posted! Thank you for being strong enough to say it. I am so glad you're of the growing and forgiving kind, that is a survivor and a breaker of cycles. It took more than I can imagine to be who you are now, and bravo to you and yours.
My husband suffered abuse too, of the sexual and physical kind as well as psychological. All types of mind games, etc. I am a bit uneasy just posting that but what I will say is that I have been here for him and he is a forgiving and cycle breaking kind too, and with me he found his very first home, his very first real love. Christmas is about the only thing I have not been able to change together with him, he is so far from reach (mentally, etc) that we can't start a new tradition until he chooses to join us and try. But that will take a long time, I have a feeling. I can only wait, and hope it will be sooner than later. The kids get hurt feelings because Dad doesn't want to be near us on that special day, and I feel sad too that I can't help. I get so sad just seeing the sadness in my sweet babies, all I ever wanted for them was to know they are beloved, and that means in all ways, no exceptions. My tradition IS a new one for him, but I think it's the whole day that is gone to him, not what happens on it so much as that he wants nothing more than to be alone. Just the fact that its Christmas. But then again, he won't help put up the tree or the lights on the house, either. Hmmmm. I will have to think more on that. We put them up ahead of Christmas day...

Anyhow, thank you from the bottom of my wee heart that you responded - you have helped me!
Your kindness is received with hugs and smiles.
Also, I liked your short story you wrote on the SM** today. EEEEeeee it gave me the willies!
Oh, YES before I forget, I wrote another (longer this time) short story and it is of a different vein than the last -oh yes- of a different system altogether.
Thanks for everyone being here for me, the mad posting bomber.

Cradle your head always where there are feathers and soft words, snuggle down deep where angels spread their wings.

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Jan 13 23:21:59 PST 2000

Hello all: A bit of grueling night and part of a day as hosting server went south and the hosting phone number went unanswered for most of ten hours. I was definitely thinking about the possibility of moving servers in the wee hours of the morning. At any rate, I have taken the time to archive back to yesterday. The first cross century archive. Next year, if we are going to be technical about it, we can have our first cross mellenial archive. That's if anyone is really counting or cares. I am not among the cognizant lot as it happens. Take care everyone and good writing.

      And as for families, my home was painted with sadness, whether remembering my mother's death in front of me at the age of ten from a heart attack or the chronic depression of my father. And, yes, there was an indulgence with alcohol on the part of my father, but it was almost self medication in a time when depression was swept firmly under the carpet or you were stuffed into an institution to be zapped into mindless dribble until you came out the other end. Something he had experienced in the Army prior to my ever being born. The thing about it all was that there was no violence, no hitting, no yelling really. Conflict was subtle in our household and explicit limits were loose, while unwritten ones were hard as iron without ever having to be stated and in many cases self imposed. But there was love in my family extended and close and we were there to support each other. Maybe not wisely in all cases. But as best as could be garnered from an Austrian Hungarian (and one familial legend says part Gypsy) half on one side and Irish on the other, Catholic on both sides. More than enough neurosis to go around. If there was one important family value in our family is was laughter. One of God's greatest gifts. Take care.

Thu Jan 13 23:08:45 PST 2000
Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu Jan 13 20:34:34 PST 2000

Heather, I can understand the feelings of your husband, I am not sure what he faced when growing up, but my youth was spent with a very sick family life. My father was a cronic alcoholic, and holidays (frued once called them hell-days) were spent with his brothers (all also alcoholics) getting together at our home, and drinking until they were nearly passed out, then climaxed with a five man brawl, they would beat each-other till only one was standing, and it was always a bloody mess the next day. We children watched, as we were forgoten in the drunken mess. My mother also drank back then, so she just egged dad on in his fights.

It took several years for me to understand how Christmas should be celebrated, and once my father had drunk himself to death, I quit drinking my self (that was 25 years ago) and I have limited myself to one or two drinks per year, on Christmas eve. My wife showed me how Christmas should be celebrated, and we have celebrated the same way for the past 30 years. On Christmas eve, we begin with a candel-light supper of cheeses and crackers, along with smoked oysters and all that Christmas stuff, and of course Lefsa ( we are both of scandanavian extract). After supper we turn on the lights and gifts are exchanged. I used to do the distribution, but since I was injured, my daughter has taken over that task. My kids always make it home for the Holiday, and have every year since they left home. This year we were joined by my son's bride to be and her young daughter, who already calls us Grandpa and Grandma.

Now I look forward to Christmas, it just took making a NEW tradition.

Mom has long since quit drinking too, in fact none of my family drink alcohol any more, since dad left us. His brothers have long since passed on too, except the youngest who quit drinking over fifty years ago.

It is terriable what alcohol can do to a family, and the fact that our farm was twenty five miles from the nearest city or law enforcement allowed our hell to go on for so long. It took many years for me to come to grips with what I saw growing up, but I have and have forgiven my father for all that he did so many years ago.


Heather Thu Jan 13 20:08:27 PST 2000

Hello out there.
Hey, Americo, was that P.S. for me? I was at work (work that takes me away from home) and didn't get a chance to post tonight until now...
But I posted my butt off earlier today. Had to search everywhere for it so I could sit down to type. Ha ha.

Am I to believe my eyes that you are thinking me a sphinx? And of the unkind heart?
You must have eaten too much of the black liver and choked on the red beer. May I suggest a little something we have in Canadian liquor stores called Bull's Blood? It is a very dark, very crimson wine - on the cheap side but woody and pleasing to my palate, anyhow.

No reply to my Rhine Maiden bit? - the origin of the siren I believe. Maidens of the Rhine River were in fact mermaids, and sat upon the rocks to sing their hearts out into the night. (Thus entrancing young sailors to seek them out and die by falling overboard and drowning -but happy). Perhaps you haven't heard the Maiden singing in ages (aeons) and you have lost your fins and tail to the shroud of forgetfullness. Would be a fine idea to go for a walk at the shore, my friend. Wish I could - but alas I live too far from the deep, lullabye ocean. That is why the tattoos, but that is another topic, for another day. (Hahahahah)

And he who has drank the blood of my warm heart could never say it cold and cruel. Has the wind been saturated with the dust of desert sand? Been to see the sphinx and she did not speak? She is the secret keeper and must fulfill her promise. She cannot unfold what is not for man to see.


Rachel, I think our children do know each other. Kindred for certain. I think all children do know one another somehow - their minds are so much less obstructed by thoughts of 'I can't' and such, so they are free to know that those kindred bonds can and do exist. Children would not fall off a fence if they walked along it's top until a parent sees them and yells "Get down before you fall!"
'Tis true!

Family Values, huh?
Well, I tend to agree with Jerry on that one. Conflict does lend tension and suspense and interest in a story, but is not necessarily the case in every family - and certainly not my own little family that abides with me in my home. At least not for 90% of the time when there is no conflict at all. But come Christmas my husband gets uptight and recedes into his childhood shell and won't come out no matter the coaxing. His childhood was so terrible, especially at Christmas time that he has blanked these things from memory and refuses to call them out (to face them...)to dump them and be rid of it.
At least with Christmas memories that is. He absolutely will not spend Christmas day anywhere near another living soul - unless you're a horse or a cat. Which reminds me, I must practice my shapeshifting and see if I can't try something next year. (Ah, sigh - the more I try to help, of course, the less I I let it go for now.)No sense forcing that issue with him... it won't help anyhow.
I could go on - and yes I've taken psychology courses but let me tell you, my husband has too. Too wise on my tactics for sure. So I don't have any now and that seems to be the best so far!
Ok, I've bored enough of you and teased the rest.
I ought not to tease anyway.
But I love to leave a chunk of thought to tantalize others to be creative and so here's to you, fine ones.

Is the soul the housing of consciousness? Is it the seat of mortal power, as well as immortal? Is it soaring when you feel, or is it tugging when you don't? Are dreams alive in the daytime when your pants are on and your brain on other matters?
Well, not very creative of me. Everyone has their down days and slug afternoons.
Right Americo?
I thought the family idea was fine, but you rant as if you've been scalded by your Aunts and shoved in an oven by Granny. And everyone else in the family were wolves.

Allein - thanks for the update on the assignment, looking forward to seeing it and I promise to keep my comments short this time!

Rachel - hi again and hope you are above the weather tomorrow!!! Canuck *hee hee* I always laugh when I hear that one. *shine on, you crazy diamond* (to quote some song I can't remember - or who to give credit to at the moment - was it Pink FLoyd?)

Well, unless otherwise marked, the tag is the same:
Give me your thoughts!!! Free blouse or tank top to the first 100 shoppers. ( I kid!...and I'm sure you guys can tell I'm fruitlessly searching for my wit tonight... * cry)


Allein Thu Jan 13 19:38:04 PST 2000

Rachel - You're right about my parents. Although they really seemed to like you. However the day you came, my mom and I were at odds all morning - we're always like that when company's coming over for some odd reason. She's worried about the house being clean, etc, and I usually end up bugging her - even just saying "Hi Mom" is greeted with the response "What do you want?"
But anyway, I've got my own Christmas chocolate - fudge. Mmmmm...Fudge. :p *grin* I also have a Hershey's bar - with Almonds. :)

Americo - I like the joke. :)

Take care all,

Rachel Thu Jan 13 19:03:15 PST 2000

Americo - Very good! I love it (much laughter)

Take care you


Americo Thu Jan 13 18:50:31 PST 2000

Okay, let's get back to more serious topics. The family thing was a flop. (I have the right to have one from time to time, let's say once everyday).

Here's a story.

There was this Martian who came to the Earth. He went to a church and saw a man and a woman exchanging rings. He liked the ceremony and in the end asked the priest... No, this won't go far (flop)

This is a joke. Karl Marx died and went to hell. He made such a revolution there that the devil sent him to heaven to get rid of him. Peace and quiet in heaven. Astonished, the devil went there to inquire about the antics of Marx. He asked St Peter and Peter said, Karl Marx? A nice chap. Everybody likes him here. " But didn't he cause trouble, didn't he preach the Proletariat Revolution?" "Well, in the beginning he did. But we all knew the story and he gave up." " And God? What does God think of him?" the devil asked.
"God?" asked St. Peter. "Do you you still believe in God, comrade? God does not exist!"

And with this I'm going to bed. Good night and happy dreams.

Rachel Thu Jan 13 18:36:41 PST 2000

Allein - Guess what? I've got chocolate! Yup, I'm just sitting here and looking at the last of my Christmas chocolate. I have 5, uh, never mind, make that 4 left (grins). Even if you run really fast you would not make it in time to wrestle these last few away from me (bwah, ha, ha, ha) I'm not sharing, I'm not sharing!!!!!!!!

Take care you

Rachel Thu Jan 13 18:08:54 PST 2000

Randall - Keep your chin up. Don't give in to the blahs, they are just the worst! I wish you luck with your possible contact. It would be nice if the guy would have a read of your work or at least give you some feed back.

Take care you

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu Jan 13 17:35:33 PST 2000

Ah, Americo, and they say cops are jaded. I for one agree with you as far as writing and interest goes, HOWEVER, personaly - every married couple should have at LEAST two children, so they can see themselves live on. Give both the husband and wife that pleasure, so they should have one of each, or, if nature is not kind, keep trying till they do. Being third born, I am very glad my father insisted on having a son, after my two sisters were born.

As far as love, true love and all that rot, well personally, I have been married to my lovely wife Judy for over thirty years now (29 happy, and one while we were seperated and I served in Viet Nam). I found it a true pleasure to watch as my children grew into adulthood, making some of the same mistakes I did growing up, and recovering nicely. I can understand where you are comming from, as I have seen plenty of unhappy merriages where, in my honest beliefs divorce was probably the very best thing to happen. I have wittnessed family fights at their worst, responding to calls from disraught children while dad beats the hell out of mom, and occasionaly the other way around where mom is beating the hell out of dad, but these are the exceptions, not the rule. By far, most of the families I interacted with were happy, sure they had some troubles, but they worked them out, as most families do.

Anyhow it does make for a much better story to tell where there is constant conflict, after all that is what keeps the readers interest, but you can't believe this is also the best way to live, can you?

Oh well, I ramble on, and I know you were throwing this out as bait for contaversy, as you have done before.

Take care all.


Randall Thu Jan 13 17:01:47 PST 2000

Evening gang: Can't think of much to write lately. January is NOT my month. Now November, that's a month, cool days mellow nights, fall colors. Even Americo's post flailing at family values will not promote a rise from this quarter tonight. My brain is in neutral and partially shut down, (reconfigure mode?) Doldrums reign. :-(

I have decided to mail selected sections of my novel to a movie star who has a ranch just down the road. (50 miles or so) He's one of Hollywood's largests box office draws and a bit of a loner to boot. Who knows, perhaps he will like my work and assist in publication. Who knows? I met him once in town, but didn't realize the event till it was past. (No, I won't give his name, persons around here respect his privacy.) One winter day I was exiting a steel fabrication warehouse after conducting busisness for TEX DOT. He was standing before an old cast iron stove warming his hands and nodded hello. I smiled, shook his hand and inquired how he was. Worn jeans, flannel shirt, ball cap, VERY expensive boots. Texans always look at the footwear. He asked me how I was and I said okay and walked away. But the voice struck a chord and I wondered all day if it was HIM. Next day I asked the manager and he grinned and nodded yes. "Came into town to buy some steel for a new barn," I was told. He seems smaller than when he's on the screen chasing the bad guys. But that's Hollywood, huh?
See ya group,
Randall "Bored" H.

Americo Thu Jan 13 15:16:26 PST 2000

Tonight we will have a serious topic: Family.

To wet your mouth, here's my opinion, sufficently based on universal support to make you think twice before disagreeing:

Women with more than one children should be punished for the crime of polution. (The Chinese Government is with me).

A man with a single woman should go to jail for being stingy. (All my muslim friends are ready to give their blood for this principle.)

The worst movies and teleplays in History are those American movies where family is so dull that they keep telling one another, I love you, when everybody knows that love among family members is against nature. (All good critics agree with me here).

A much better theme for movies and novels is divorce and adultery. A happy family life is not a decent theme. Quite indecent actually. Burning the house and spreading the ashes to the tendrils of the wind, while singing, "I feel free at last!" -- this, yes, this makes a good happy ending. (Who doubts this?)

There was only a decent family system on the earth: the one in the garden of Eden. In order to let the lambs sleep innocently tonight, I'll refrain from describing it.

Method of discussion: You can tell a significant story instead of a commentary. Biblical quotations will be welcome, but please make them accurate and from a reliable translation i(f any.)

Please support my mottos for the decade and add your own to my list;
"Down with the old 20th century family, I want it now!"
"True love, not just corn flakes for breakfast."
"Who's afraid of grandma? She has a moustache."

Okay, that's the topic and MY opinion. Though I cannot see how any honest person can think differently, please expound your views frankly. I'll be having a sandwich of black liver with some funny red beer that I found wrapped in a snow-covered plastic hidden in Pussy's fridge with a sentence: "the treat of a human life!" And below, written with trembling electric fingernails (Jon needs not type, he has infrared paws) "got in Canada at 2:00 am last night, amidst perilis terrible and a howling wind: Must attack again soon -- what an Egyptian sphinx! she's my woman, we'll live happy ever after, alone, in the darkness... Must get rid of Pussy first, not easy)

PS. If after this there will be anyone here able to resist my dark night seduction, she's no heart.

Thu Jan 13 15:08:10 PST 2000

Rachel Thu Jan 13 15:02:44 PST 2000

Allein - I got in your post, but I left on part that I should have taken out.

All - Just ignore the first part of that post. It starts at the asterisks line. I can't believe I missed that. I've been working on writing for most of the day and am a little fuddled in the head (grins). Anyone else ever get this way?

Take care all

PS - Allein - I will take care of myself. I'm feeling much better the past few days. It would be great if you could come for a visit, but I know how hard it can be. Besides your folks have only met me that one time and might not be ready to send their little girl off to visit some wild Canuck!

Allein Thu Jan 13 14:58:27 PST 2000

Hi Rachel,
*hugs* Could you do me a huge favor and post the following message on the
notebook because it's not letting me post and I'm getting a little annoyed.
Thanks a heap,
***********************************************Here it is
Heather - I will probably get that story typed up this weekend. I've ditched
the first date idea and am now going with a story about Rags and Patches
trying to get their children to freedom (however, it won't fall in with the
main storyline, it's just like an extra little thing).

Rachel - I've been to BC in Victoria and Vancouvar, but not to Maple Ridge.
Perhaps sometime I could come up to visit you, but I'm not sure when since I
can't drive on my own yet. But for right now, you just get well. Drink
plenty of fluids (orange juice and chicken soup are good), get plenty of
rest, take two asprin and call me in the morning. Wait, never mind, I'll be
in school. Besides, I think you can tell that I'm only joking. But, I do
want you to take care of yourself and get well soon (I think I'm coming down
with something too).

Americo - Thank you, you are a wonderful admirier. I think you are a very
good friend. :)

Well, take care, all. (((BIG HUGS))) for everyone.

Chris Thu Jan 13 14:39:23 PST 2000

Ah, the life of a writer! We all have one thing in common. We all were dumb enough to pick writing as a major carreer choice. I mean with all the stress, deadlines, failures, and "constructive criticism" we all receive, why on earth would we put ourselves through it? Though the stress is great and the headaches afterwords are greater, I truley believe that the first time a writer experiences success is worth all the trouble that he went through.

Rachel Thu Jan 13 12:22:05 PST 2000

Heather - I think our children must know each other (smiles and laughter). I am safe right now. I have had a wicked cold and my children are all being very gentle with me. They seem to feel that I am going to fall over dead at any given moment (must look worse than I thought - grins).

Take care you

Heather winebearer Thu Jan 13 12:11:58 PST 2000

Jon: Can a lamb reach his hooves to his wee gracious ears, poised so dearly amidst the wooly blanket of curls?
This wouldn't be Silence of the Lambs, would it?
Clever cat, you are... Catlamb is a delicious feast only found in Northern countries... they are good at splicing genes there.
I should take a gander at this wonderful CatDictionary! Sounds like strangled eggs are catching on. Better than my scumbled eggs on rag paper.

Jerry: You have a terrific neighbour indeed! Give them my address please!

Americo, I would like to see those ovoid chromasomes but have no idea where my wallet is. Seems I had a ticket to that show. Should I be wearing rose coloured glasses? You must be in love with the siren still, for I am nay but an echo in the sea these days. Last I dipped my fragrant toes into the ocean was Maine, four years ago... but the call of it's bounty shadows me always. I was perhaps a Maiden of the Rhine, recounted in the stories of sailors who fell into the sea as my voice sang them into throws of ecstacy.
I am honoured you would have me for a muse, am I so amusing?
(oops, I let a terrible pun slip unkilled from my finger tips...ugh.)
Don't forget the gilded talents that have come before me! And still do...
My, Venus is bright and twinkly this time of year. Who needs spring to feel love pumping in the veins? I wonder if her namesake feels the same.

Teekay and Jai - did you find it in the email?
My nails are trembling at the thought of my teeth.

Happy paper trails again, my friends,
and the 'lasting' shades of white to taunt thee in your driveways beware. I hear a snowblower coming down the lane.

P.S. Allein is certainly a wonder and I await the time when I may be allowed a peek at her assignment for school.
Did you hear that, Allein? Hee hee


Jon, PPR Thu Jan 13 11:11:09 PST 2000

Sorry to interrupt. My eyes are closed and I have my fingers plugged in my ears. I did not see anything, did not hear anything. I'm innocent. I am the lamb of that movie, you know.

Well, what did I want? Yes, I remember. This is to tell you all that Heather Myles and Jerry Ericsson have contributed again to SM**. I am going to read the stories and use my red pencil wildly. I will be ruthless and my criticism will make you shake all over your... well, whatever you have in the shape of legs.

Could anyone please stop Americo from running all over the place and mainly from singing? It is not spring yet and he is again in love! I wonder if that is legal.

Pussy is preparing dinner. Black liver with strangled eggs. Strangled eggs? Must run and see this word in my CatsEnglish dictionary. I bought the meat from a friend who spends the nights sweeping the snow in Northern countries. It was rather cheap. He looks a lot like Americo, but his teeth are not so big. They are only as big as his nose, quite normal actually in these wuthering days and nights. WOWLLL!!! (New exclamation)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu Jan 13 11:06:19 PST 2000

Americo - I could curtail the urge to write no longer, and have posted a little tidbit in SM**. Not real sure if the topic is keeping with the the plan or not, I think it is sort of. Anyhow it is offered for what it is worth.

Heather - Snow, it was so common here in the northern plains until this winter. Up until yesterday that is, when nature happily deposited four inches of the lovely white stuff all over our fair land. Thankfully while I was away at my sisters home, fixing her computer, my good neighbor Jon cleared his sidewalk and driveway, then thoughtfully blew the snow from my walk and driveway. Wonderful to have good neighbors, or my wife would have been stuck shoveling the white stuff, as my dissability keeps me from such work. At any rate, it is nice to see some snow as the prarie was so dry that the fire department was responding to prarie fires in December, which is unheard of in this part of the country.

Bye for now


Americo Thu Jan 13 10:55:14 PST 2000

Allein, I still think you are wonderful. When you read S* you'll find that I am the greatest admirer you've had and will have in your entire life. Actually I think that you and me are very much alike in one detail: we know what we want and we'll fight hard to get it. WE both have that rare particle of cromossome called literary vocation (oh, you don't have cromossomes, but you have ovossomes, new word) -- and this means that either you or me or both (and at the same time) will get the Nobel Prize one day (Rachel is also interested in this). So we are great friends.

However, it happens that now I am absolutely in love with Heather. She is my new muse. WE spend the days and nights listening to the voice of Venus (the goddess of love). I tend to rather listen to the voice of Neptune, the god of the sea, because I was a shark in my previous life, and I miss the sea. Heather and I first met in 1789 in the Pacific Ocean. I was this big shark, she was a syren (I wonder if this is well spelt). THEREFORE (Internet time is almost finished) nothing nor nonody (I like nonody, pretty neologism, do not delete, please) can compete with Heather in my heart. Goodbye world!

Heather M. more wine... Thu Jan 13 10:40:09 PST 2000

Rachel; what a white morning I have witnessed today. I found my car - that somewhat lumpy spot in the field(driveway). And my car is actually white - the paint that is. Seems to catch the dirt plague every winter though, which is good - at least other motorists can see me!
I know I'll be picking snow out of my teeth later - my kids love to throw it and it makes me laugh (Ha! caught you with your mouth open, Mom!).
I know EXACTLY what you mean about crossing the border. Definately NOT home, not Canada, not home, home, home.
When my parents moved to Michigan in my last year of highschool, I was destined to come along. I felt like a stranger in the new house, in the new country, I felt like I'd landed smack in Taiwan the feel was so different.
When I visit now, many years later it's like I never lived there (only for a year, I did) but I was a visitor the whole time. Not that the people weren't somewhat friendly.
ANyhow, it is time to leave off...
BUT not before I give Americo the grand news.
The essence of music drifts from your voice. I squeeze it to quench my thirst.
I heard your calling, and have answered. I wrote a short story for Strawberry and A Moon. Hope you enjoy it.

Rachel Thu Jan 13 08:42:08 PST 2000

Allein - Have you ever been into British Columbia? I'm just wondering? I know that with me, the very moment I cross the line I can feel a difference. The houses look different, stores look different. The states have always felt very different to me. Not bad, just not the same as home. I thought maybe it was just the difference I would feel in going to any other place, a Province included but nope. I thought about that. I have been to six different Provinces and they all feel a little different, but the stil feel like Canada. I admit I have only been to 6 different states, but none of them felt like Canada. People are different in different countries and there is nothing wrong with that. Difference are what make travell so interesting. Maybe its just that once I leave my country I know that all the laws change around me. We have the same basic laws, but when you are visiting a country the laws of that land don't always work for you, they can certainly work against you very well, but not always for you (grins).

I think you have been to B.C. I remember you talking about the Island.

My children all went off to school this morning. They were all a little down in the mouth when they left, but I was all smiles (laughter). We didn't get too, too much snow, and what we got has had some nice cold rain fall on top of it, so it has a hard crusty feeling to it. I think that today will be an inside day at my kiddies school.

Hum, it has started to snow again, this is the sort of weather that just makes the roads a living hell. I'm happy I get to say home today (I sing, I dance I laugh and laugh).

Oh, and yes, I can be a kid at heart. Have I told you that my baby sister is your age? She is going into her final year of school. She's a pretty cool kid. The folks got the straight A student that have been looking for all their lives(grins). She doesn't get in trouble, at least she doesn't get caught (laughter). She's told me a story or two that would make the units shiver, but hey, what they don't know... If I honestly thought she was endangering herself in any way I would tell her that I had to let the folks know, but she's going to be just fine. Well, once that orangish, yellow hair grows out (more grins and laughter). She did that just to piss by dad off, and it worked really well.

Take care you

PS - You are a wonderful person.