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Teekay Wed Jan 26 17:30:01 PST 2000

Hi All,
RHODA:- I will get those chapters back to you next week. I've been horrendously busy these last couple of days and I haven't even had time to catch up with reading the notebook! Shocking! By the time I do get to it it will probably read like a mini series.
Am going to Sydney tomorrow and won't be back till Monday and hopefully things will be more relaxed then.
Thanks heaps for your kind comments on my story.


Catcha all later!

howard Wed Jan 26 16:15:24 PST 2000

Americo -- A whole year! Congratulations! It's been interestingdisturbingenlighteningfrustratinginfuriatingenjoyable but never dull...
Life after death? Hmmm... I think you'll not be surprised at where I come in on that one. Jesus said that he came to give [abundant] [everlasting] life, and he (and the rest of scripture) was pretty specific about the way it was/is to be attained. He was also very outspoken on the results of not doing it His way, and since he created us I guess he has every right to call the shots.
In your post describing the people who make up this group you made one comment that I found very interesting, and could find disturbing -- you said: "People who get hysterical whenever they read a post which goes beyond the grasp of a conventional housewife's ideas of literature, religion, life -- "
Could you comment further on "hysterical" and -- especially -- "conventional housewife?"

Gotta go now, soak in a hot tub and have a glass of something or other, to drive off this upper respiratory thingie that's been plaguing me. It's not the flu, thank God, but I can't afford to fool around with it.

"Lebanese organic farmers certainly know their hummus!"

Allein Wed Jan 26 15:50:10 PST 2000

Americo - Gosh, has it been only a year? It seems that I've known you longer - perhaps because we are such good friends. :) HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!

The Old Man Wed Jan 26 15:21:37 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

Eddie, Congratulations on the larger family! I am glad for you that all are doing so well.

Americo, Allow me to get out of character for a minute and be the one dancing on the coffee table with a lampshade on my head. Whoop-te-do!!! Good Madera! Good Party!
Seriously, It is a milestone you have passed through today. A dubious milestone to be sure, but any reason to celebrate is a good reason to celebrate. May the future find you in such voice as to surpass even what you have blessed us with here thus far.

Life after death is an interesting subject. I would believe that the chemical reaction theory had merit if we heard stories of other chemical imbalances that affected otherwise healthy people in the same way. In my experience, if something can go wrong with human physiology at one point in life, the same will happen at other times in other lives. With no evidence to the contrary, we must therefore assume that the visions of tunnels and sounds of otherworldly voices are just what they appear to be.
The fact remains that we will all know the answer to this question in good time. Be we Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian or pagan, we will find what we will find.
Every person who has ever lived has died, (With noteable exception) and we will certainly join them one day.

Whether Camus or Sagan believed is, of course, their own affair. I can only hope for their sakes that they are allowed another moment to choose before the final decision is made on their behalf. It is tragic that intellectuals seem to find it fashionable to deny faith in things that are beyond proof.

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreampt of in your philosophy." Prince Hamlet via Shakespeare.

Enjoy the party,

Jerry Ericsson Wed Jan 26 14:36:24 PST 2000

AMERICO Happy first anniversery - you have been quit a task master for the first year, lets see what can be done then next.

Eddie French Wed Jan 26 13:22:11 PST 2000

It's me....late as usual. I will say (Whispers) Happy 1st Despite Jons' jealous ranting. (It really is the green devil that has him)
The years pass quickly here on the notebook. Last Friday my daughter (Nicki) presented us with as a second grandchild; A fine boy of 7lb 9oz. Both mum and baby are doing fine.
Some of you will remember the birth of Nickis' first child Kyisha. We were all chatting on ICQ at the time. Kyisha is now a real toddler and up to so much mischief.
I got some video of the birth and later hours from Germany last night when Anita came home. Fabulous!
Perhaps we could ressurect the ICQ chats for a while. How about posting ICQ#'s back up on the notebook. Anyone who hasn't yet got the program can get it at the URL at the top of this post.
I have saved the latest posts in the various workbook sections and I PROMISE to read and comment on as much of it as I can as soon as I've finished reading it all.
Must go now, working on another JD adventure.

Heather Wed Jan 26 12:32:06 PST 2000

Happy One Year, Americo, and happy several years to all those who have been here longer than A*! You are not forgotten.

For Americo, I have thought of a poem, one I had already written...
but then promptly lost it when the fan got turned on and the sh*t just hit it full speed ahead. Of paper trails, this is the King of all. If there be swamps of forgotten cobweb covered poetry in the bowels of libraries? There be giant bogs too deep to measure here, among my things.
And in this glorious, yet wretched mess, the words I felt tweak me on the side have now run into hiding.
I reach into the darkness of the box, and feel through the mire of them, shifting, and sifting and sucking my arm down deep. But from top to bottom, I search and nothing comes forth...
because I haven't opened up my eyes. I am afraid to! THere are too many words to read. So, I will whip something off the top of my brain pan, instead.
Much safer than becoming stuck in the glue of past tears, dried ink and the stain of a once bloody heart!

Dreaming Muse
(For Americo)

Under the lash
Over eyes that blink and trip
Under songs that bend and skip
The voice, so softly blending
A call so quietly mending
What was spilled
Oh, what was spilled.
Under the leaf
Over branch that moves and lifts
Beneath sky that stirs and shifts
The voice, so softly feeling
A call so sweetly healing
What's uprooted
Oh, what's uprooted.
Under the red heart
Over beats that dance and sway
Under rhythm night and day
The voice, so truly longing
A call, so now belonging
To the muse,
Oh, to the muse.

Good day to all and what a Wednesday!
I think I'm tapped for now. Maybe a cryptic poem later to make you wonder. Make you crimp your brows.
Raise your eyes and heart to the unlimited,
and so skyward go your words.

John McIntyre Wed Jan 26 11:50:35 PST 2000

As you read in all the most important newspapers, I am dead (you killed me by not believing in me, thank you), but since today is ghosts' day, I suppose I am allowed to say something on this important occasion.

Cannot remember what's the occasion, but never mind. Just to tell you I do not like ghosts. They are everywhere here, in this new world where I am living since I died. They make a lot of noise. I do not believe in them. I think they are a nuisance.
See you on a typical winter's night, Hereis my famous signature:


(I think the idea of the signature was as brilliant as a REAL ghost)

Pussy Wed Jan 26 11:42:24 PST 2000

I have not seen any ghosts. But I love them. Yesterday I dreamed I was a beautiful ghost. Then I woke up and made a nice cup of tea. My favorite model is Noah Campbell but I think I am prettier, aren't I, Jon? JON!

What's the topic for today?

Jon Wed Jan 26 11:38:50 PST 2000

Tonight's topic is:
have you ever seen a ghost?
My experience and opinion: I have but I don't believe in ghosts.

PS. Please stop with this nonsense about happy anniversaries. I hate anniversaries and I hate A*. He did not die yesterday (he refused to drink the gasoline I so lovingly offered him) and therefore I'll have not his hydroplane. How can I live without hydroplanes, won't you tell me?

Americo Wed Jan 26 11:30:10 PST 2000

Good morning, everybody!

I prepared a wonderful post for you to read and enjoy. Do not miss it. Here goes:

What is writing to the Notebook?

One year exactly after starting it, I wonder if the time wasted in the process is worthwhile.

It is to write to half a dozen people without much experience of the complexities of the publishing industry, but with a great deal of enthusiasm for writing.

People without a professional approach to literature, but with moving illusions.

People who get hysterical whenever they read a post which goes beyond the grasp of a conventional housewife's ideas of literature, religion, life -- but who, when touched on the heart, cry and laugh, and who, eventually, will understand that whatever I say here is for their benefit as writers (though apparently to the condemnation of their souls-- only apparently; the brightest soul in heaven is Shakespeare, I know, I was there).

People who love me and hate me (sometimes at the same time and for exactly the same good reasons), but who are invariably kind and very good at saying happy Christmas, happy birthday, happy dreams.

This is the sort of people I like. Real people and, who knows, real writers.

It has been worthwile.

Much better than the hords of literaty I have to deal with in the every day life and who sometimes also appear in the Notebook. They have published one book and think they are writers. They have published fifty books and think they are immortal, but they are less than mediocre and they cannot see it, cannot smell it, cannot know it.

To these I would never write. They make me yawn, sometimes vomit. What I need is lively human beings with real love for words, not paper mannequins.

Jack, Allein, Rachel, Avatar, Eddie, Rhoda, Jerry Lee, Jerry Ericsson, Heather, Hema, Teekay, Xavier, Cassandra, Olivia, Howard, Steve, Thomas, Pinokio, Michele, Jai, Joy, S. N. Arly, Sqrl, all those that have come and gone, who are still writing or have been eaten by their spouses-- thank you. I love you.

PS. To Jon and his wife Pussy, hoping they have a happy divorce with much blood, many kisses. And by the way, Jon and Pussy, I don't think that drinking a gallon of gasoline, as you advised me yesterday to do, is the best cure for colds.

Rachel Wed Jan 26 09:45:10 PST 2000

Heather - Na, na, na, na. Were not (grins and laughter). I sent Americo an note yesterday via e-mail and wished him happy first on the 25th and then just about the time his clocked rolled into the new day. I was first, I was first (I sing and dance).

Jack - I think Americo was having some trouble getting at the notebook due to the size. It would kind of be a shame if he couldn't get on to say hiyah.

Take care all

Hey, but I'll do the public greeting as well - AMERICO!!!!!!! Happy anniversary!!!!!! BIG HUGS!!!! (yah, yah, I know, abuse of the exclamation mark (grin, wink).

Rhoda Wed Jan 26 06:56:04 PST 2000

Happy First Anniversary, Americo! I'm looking forward to another year of humor, controversy, and fun.

On life after death. I think most people who know me probably already know how I would weigh in on this one. I go back to Heather's statement that her instinct tells her that there is life after death. I think we all have or at some time in our lives had that instinct. It is totally natural. But certain types of education and philopsophy can drive that instinct away.

I don't think science can ever prove or disprove this question. There have been many great thinkers who do not believe in life after death like Albert Camus and Carl Sagen, and a host of others. These brillant men have no more merit to their belief than the most ardent of fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, Jews or people of other religions who believe the opposite. Ultimately we all choose to take a side.

I think the single most factor in favor of the thought of life after death is in the human heart. To my knowledge (and there might be exceptions) every primitive culture has believed or still believes in some sort of after-life. The more advanced cultures of ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and China did also. Perhaps there might have been some classical Greek thinkers who questioned it. The idea of afterlife wasn't seriously challenged until the Enlightenment when every other fundamental belief was questioned as well.

When a person is born, he thinks of himself as eternal. We do that through most of our childhood unless we have experienced the deaths of friends and family. I think deep down none of us see death as natural. Our very being cries out against the idea of death. To us it is senseless. We finally realize that our human bodies die, decay, etc., yet consciousness still lives on in some form or another. I think we have to have our brains really conditioned and worked on to believe otherwise.

In Genesis, Adam and Eve were put into the Garden of Eden. God told them if they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would die. They ate of it and they eventually died. I personally believe that story though I know most of you do not. Adam and Eve were created for eternity, physical and otherwise. They lost their physical lives but somewhere or another those people live on. God later identified himself as the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob long after these men had passed away. Jesus elaborated saying that since God was the god of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, they still lived for God was not a god of the dead, but of the living.

Finally, every inch of my being tells me that there is a time and a place where all accounts are settled. Obviously that doesn't happen here on earth. We have been given minds, hearts, bodies, talents, time on earth, etc. and somewhere we are going to account for how we used all of them.

So there.


Jack Beslanwitch Wed Jan 26 02:03:59 PST 2000

I will be second to say Happy and Healthy Anniversary for Americo

Your presence here over the past year has been a welcome addition and truly enjoyable experience. Hope all these good thoughts and reflections rub off and make you a shade healthier in the process. However, let us not swell either your or Jon's or Kitty's ego too much :-).

Also, noticed how big things have gotten here. I think I will wait until after all the hoopla has died down for Americo and then archive into a tabula rasa. Take care.


Hi Americo! I was the first to say it! It's already Wednesday where I am!
Snuggles and smooch

Heather Tue Jan 25 23:16:03 PST 2000

BTW, Americo, I DO know that HYDROPLANE
is what happens when you skid across the surface of the water. It is not an aircraft that I know of!!!
But I added some air-y thoughts for the heck of it and had fun doing it so there! Did you mean a hovercraft...NO I think you meant what you said. Tricky cat. Try again.
At least it got some air flapping around here.

Flap, fly, skid, try
again, I pass the goose.
I saunter up and glide around
Oooops! I tied a noose.

where did that come from? I'll have to check.

Heather Tue Jan 25 23:09:39 PST 2000

Hi all, (again, I know - do I ever sleep?)
Jerry, you know I've heard it 'argued' that the chemicals in the brain upon 'dying' can supposedly account for the person hearing voices, seeing things like white light etc...but of course, no one has been able to prove that lame point. Really, it could be possible, since the brain sometimes produces and always interprets 100% of our experiences. If we had no brain that functioned, we would experience absolutely nothing. If it only functioned at 5%, then we would experience a small bit of what's going on in our realities.
But, as you may be able to tell, I do not believe that near death experiences are all in the brain.
I have read hundreds of accounts of such experiences, and startlingly similar recounts of events. Some have all sorts of things in them, most have the major points. And I have studied Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' own studies and her books. My husband had a NDE, but it was his brother dying, not himself, isn't that odd? He had the experience, and suddenly came out of it, shouting to his oldest brothers that his youngest brother was dying, and they found him floating face down in the pool, in the late fall. They pulled him out and he lived. Now that's wierd. And my husband does not tell yarns. In fact, he doesn't say much about his childhood since he has shoved a lot of it from memory. But that one remains vivid. No wonder.

OK, folks, I could rant about how I know my soul's been around for ages, how I remember past lives, and all that but I'm afraid half (3/4's?) is fantasy or whatever. And no NDE's to speak of... well, I do have one experience but that is not for sharing! (I tease, I know).
Well, I can't be 100% certain that life after death is true, but I go by instinct. And mine says yes, it is true and possible but I don't feel like going out and getting almost killed to prove it. Thanks for your stories, Jerry, you bring a freshness and honesty to this page. We appreciate it and sincerely take what you write and hold onto it. At least I do. I think what you have to say is great.
And it takes guts too.
How about anyone else - any NDE'S? How about some points lists from you guys? Make a list now, and give yourself points for all those precious things that make you an individual. Besides, they are fun to read.
And give Americo more fuel to light. He recalls past lives for fun! But he doesn't know he really was alive with Marie Antoinette, and witnessed the cake episode. And the guilletine. And how her head rolled...ewwww!

He might have had a few close shaves in those days!
Laughing all the way to the front of the bakery line.

Jerry Lee - I will remember your post for the next pink eye that ravages anyone I know. Too bad the ocean is so far from here...sigh. salt water kills bacteria, btw, which is what pink eye is from.


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue Jan 25 21:33:28 PST 2000

Americo - a little short one on life after death - just keeping with the topic of the night!

Life after Life
(fiction) By Jerry A.G. Ericsson

Is there life after death, or rather, is there life after this life. Many wonder at this subject, all wish to know for sure. I can assure each and every one of you that there is in fact life after life. How do I know, simply because I am living proof.

I all began the summer of 1973. I was begging my career as a police officer, and was assigned a training officer. My training officer was named Nick, and he was the old man of the force, having been on the job for over twenty-five years. Nick knew his shit, and I knew that if I watched him closely, I could be a good police officer, just like him.

It was my third night on duty, and as was the way in those times, I would have to work a full year before the city would put up the funds necessary to send me to the Police Academy. Nick was showing me the ropes, what to watch for, and what to pay attention to. We had been on patrol for over six hours when it began. On one of our trips down the alleys of the business district, Nick pointed out the fact that a ladder that had been laying beside the drug store was now up against the building, a sure sign that a burglar was on the roof of that building, attempting entrance through the roof. Nick outlined a quick plan of action; first, he would continue on down the alley, in case the burglar was watching, once on the next street, he would park the car and we would both exit the vehicle, and quickly and quietly make our way back to the rear of the drug store.

Nick would keep watch on the ground, while I being the youngest would climb the ladder and quietly make my way across the roof and attempt to locate the point of entrance. Once located I was to, if possible follow the burglar into the building, catch him in the act, cuff him and let Nick in the back door, so we could take him into custody and to the City jail for lockup.

Well to start with, all went well, we exited the patrol car, and Nick took up position so as to watch the back of the building and catch the burglar if he fled through the back door. I began the climb up the ladder, quietly and quickly, I made my way to the hole in the skylight of the drug store. That is where it all went wrong, what we failed to realize was that there were two men, not just one, and that the second was standing guard at the skylight. As I began lowering myself through the hole, the second man saw me, and shot me in the chest with a 12-gage shotgun.

The shock of being shot can only be compared to maybe sticking your tongue into a light socket, while someone held the ground to your chest. I dropped to the floor, and quickly lost concunsiousness.

The next thing I remember, was the total lack of pain. Then I saw the brightest light I have ever seen. I felt a strong urge to walk to the light, I heard the voice of my long dead father calling me home. God how I wanted to go into the light. Then I heard shots being fired, as Nick shot and killed the two burglars. My attention was drawn away from the light and to the floor of the drug store. I could see Nick as he cleared the area, he checked both criminals for a pulse and finding none, moved to my side. He felt my neck for a pules and found none. “Nick, “ I shouted “Let me go, don’t try to save me!”

But Nick didn’t seem to hear, he went to work giving me CPR. I knew that a shotgun blast to my chest should be fatal, I should be dead, but I could feel it as Nick worked over my still body, I felt something tugging at my heart, pulling me back into my body.

I heard my father telling me that I had to go back, there were things that I had yet to do. Then I felt it, the pain all came back, I could feel the burning searing pain in my chest, I felt the throbbing pain in my left leg that was bent behind my body, broken from the fall. I moaned, as the ambulance crew took over for Nick, putting an oxygen mask over my mouth and putting dressing on my chest where the shot had entered.

The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital three days later, still in pain, but not so bad as it was when it happened. My wife and mother were there, standing next to my bed, my children sitting on the chairs behind them. I managed a weak hello, and felt their tears of joy fall on my hands, as they held them to their faces.

So you can say what you want, but I know – there is life after life, if there were none then explain how my dad managed to talk to me that night.

You can think what you want, you can believe what you wish, but myself, I no longer fear death. I await that glorious day when I can join dad and all the others I love on the other side.

Allein Tue Jan 25 20:51:09 PST 2000

Rachel - I'll give your kick to Nathan. :) Luckily, I haven't heard from him yet. Has that Christmas card made it's way to the post office? If not, you might have to make it a Valentine's card. Oh well. I got a cute V-day card for my boyfriend - it has a teddy bear and hearts on it. He's my little teddy bear. :)
Anyway, (((BIG HUGS)))

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue Jan 25 20:50:36 PST 2000

A little comming of age shorty:

The last Fishing Trip.
By Jerry Ericsson

The smell of eggs and bacon cooking mixed with the strong aroma of coffee. I could hear the click-clack of my mothers leg brace as she moved about the kitchen. My wife was discussing our trip home with my father, who, strangely was totally sober, I could tell by his clear speech. Damn it was good to be home, but I knew it wouldn’t last long. I was on my way to war, in a few short days I would join the troops in Viet Nam.

I rolled over in bed and lit up a cigarette. The cool menthol refreshed my mouth, and the jolt of nicotine gave me the energy to get out of bed and join my family out in the kitchen for breakfast and coffee.

As I walked into the kitchen, they all turned, I guess they weren’t used to the new me, the short hair, the fact that there was 25 pounds less of me, the tan from being outdoors in Missouri where I attended training.

I sat at the table, and my mother brought over a plate of eggs and bacon, with a healthy side of fried potatoes. Dad passed me a cup of coffee, and my wife walked over and gave me a quick good morning kiss. I began eating, god it was so good to be home after being in Army training for several months, the sergeants constantly yelling at you to hurry and eat so you can get back to training and all. It was nice to be able to just sit there and enjoy the fabulously prepared meal.

“Think the bass are biting at Baulkies dam?” my father asked, I looked up from my breakfast.

“Sure dad.” I replied, and hurried with the rest of my breakfast. Finished we went out to the garage and prepared the fishing gear, then after a quick stop at the bait shop, we drove the quick eight miles to the little dam that lay quietly on the flats just east of town.

Dad was very quiet on the drive; we both just sat quietly smoking cigarettes as the old Pontiac bounced over the prairie trail. Neither of us said a word as we unloaded the gear and carried it along the rocks that made up the dam, and provided a bed for the Milwaukee Road railroad.

We sat up, and cast our baited hooks out into the water, then sat back and listened to the birds, and insects, as they sang in the fresh spring air.

Finally after a couple of hours, dad spoke up.

“You know son, I am very proud of you, joining the Army, going off to fight in the war.”

I didn’t know what to say dad never spoke to me like that.

He went on, “When you see what your cousins are doing, to avoid service in this war, makes me sick, running across the border to Canada, staying in college when you know they will never use the education, just to avoid service.”

I turned to him, and saw a tear running down his face, it was then that I realized that he feared I might not come home, I might just die over there. My god! I thought, he might be right!

The rest of the day is kind of a blur, I can’t remember if we even caught any fish, or what we talked about the rest of the day. But I will remember forever my father telling me he was proud. I will remember that day, also because it was our last fishing trip together, for it was my father, not I who did not survive my trip to the war zone. He passed away just one week before I was to come home.

Jerry Lee Tue Jan 25 20:42:57 PST 2000

Yo all,

Americo, Sorry to hear about your flu. Don't blame me! I washed my hands before I wrote to you guys!
Honestly though, if you SCUBA dive, get into the ocean about 70 feet or so deep and stay until you hit the decompression limit. I saw it work like crazy in the Philipines. In fact, a friend of mine had pink eye so bad one morning, he told the instructor that he wouldn't be able to do it that day. He was told to sluff it off and get know those military types. Anyway, when he came back up 20 minutes later, his pink eye was totally gone! And it didn't come back!
Amazing stuff, that salt water. It must have something to do with the pressure. I've never felt better than I did crawling out of the South China Sea dead tired. The fatigue didn't last long, and I always felt like I could wrestle an alligator afterwards.

On the subject of smut, I recall my favorite line from the movie, "Annie Hall".

Annie: "Wow! You're the best lover I've ever had!"
Woody: "Yeah, I practise a lot when I'm alone."
Subtle and effective.

Jerry Lee

Rachel Tue Jan 25 20:35:43 PST 2000

Did somebody say smut(grins and merry laughter). Can I play?

Heather - Yah, lets throw a party for Americo!

Allein - I'm sorry I haven't sent yah a note. I'm a real brat. You should come on down here and give me a good swift kick. This is excuse time (grins). I've just been a little busy lately.

I have a growing stack of drawings for you. I'll need to send them off.

Take care all.


Allein Tue Jan 25 20:02:36 PST 2000

Heather - I don't have any smut yet, but I'm currently working on something between my character Chélon and his boyfriend. I do however have a story involving a 'moon'. Real life, not fiction. I was watching Sailor Moon one day (I'm sure you've heard of the series) back when I was 14 and my brother was 12 (oh so many years ago) and you know how boys are at that age. Well, she goes through her whole deal of "In the name of the moon..." whatever (I haven't watched it in a while since it got canceled in America). Then my brother jumps into the room, moons me and proclaims "I am Sailor Moon!" Boys are like this from age 10 till about 25 (some longer).
I'm turning 18 in about a month - March 5th. I can hardly wait to buy my first lotto ticket and for the first time one of my friends asks me to buy cigarettes for them. I don't smoke, but I have friends who do.
Anyway, *hugs* to all and a scratch behind the ear to Jon.

Heather Tue Jan 25 20:00:59 PST 2000

Americo - you have a hydroplane and you didn't tell me?
I hang glide, if that counts. Ten points.
But not lately, so go back and take two points off.
I do not own a dog that sticks its' head out of the car window on the highway minus 2 points.
I do not hang my laundry (especially lingerie or underwear) on the clothesline in the summer plus 8 points.
I would rather fly in a biplane than a 747 - plus 6 points.
I only have a fear of heights when I have to climb a ladder to scoop out the evestroughs plus 4 points
My eves troughs are full of leaves and snow minus 2 points.
I do not own a parachute minus 4 points
I have never had the urge to fly in a hot air balloon plus 6 points
I will not bring my snowboard with me on sky dives plus 10 points
I hate it when the starter chute doesn't open and I have to rely on the spare minus 4 points
I have dreams of sky diving and landing on a house, only to be split in two, both sides living, seeing on both sides of the house at once - and I was only scared the first time I had the dream plus 10 points.
In space, they only hear you if you scream inside the shuttle minus 10 points.
I bark at the moon on the first date minus 10 points
All the clouds look like bunnies and mushrooms minus 10 points
I have stared into the sun many times as a child and I have mediocre eyesight plus 8 points
I have looked at a solar eclipse through welding goggles only and seen it on TV minus 4 points
I dance naked under full moons often plus 20 points
I dance fully clothed under the moon no matter the fullness minus 2 points
I have not sky dived or hang glided in the dark minus 8 points
I breathe air, no points.
I cough air no points
I sneeze, and plants wilt plus 4 points.

OK, let's let Americo add that up!


Heather Tue Jan 25 19:45:21 PST 2000

Ahhhh, where oh where are the beastishly long posts?
Allein and Avatar, I am glad you were not offended - and yet I thought after I realized my mistake of posting it in the notebook, I had better add a warning, just for the heck of it. Just to be 'politically correct' what ever that is. (Ha ha ha) I too have seen my share of that genre, dare we call it that?
Good thing I haven't written smut here, for certain there would be a few grabbing their chests and ... wait - no
not in desire, you people - in a heart attack!
If I ever decided to write for a smutty magazine, the pages might burn. My book - yes, the one in the closet - has the steamiest 'scenes' in it I have ever read - and I've read enough to know. The entire chapter four is very explicit. In fact, the sex scenes ARE chapter 4, and not a short chapter. Sometimes I wonder where I keep all these sizzlers. And, no, not in my pants.
Anyway, off to cool my imagination. Heh heh.
Hema - thanks for the note - imagination is what keeps me young. Not that I'm 100 but sometimes I feel I've been alive so long there's no way I could have any living relatives left. But that is a trick of the mind, and I have children, and living grandparents even.
Perhaps I am a very strange person. Perhaps not.
Perhaps tomorrow we should blow Americo away with our ingenuity and give him a one year celebration he shan't forget in a day. Or another year.
What say you, guys?
What on this green and blue and grey and brown and silver Earth can we do for his one year?
I'm tapped for the moment. I will no doubt think of something. What was that smut we were just talking about?
OK Allein, post us some of your 'smut'!!!
Burn A*'s ears right off!
Or his....

And all posts must include the moon in some form or other - could be the full buttock moon, that would suffice! :--)

Allein Tue Jan 25 14:21:20 PST 2000

Heather - Yeah right, like I'm faint of heart. I've been reading graphic smut since I was 13 and writing it about as long. Well, maybe not smut, but similar stuff.

Hema - I like your poem. :)


"Weasling out of things is what separates us from the animals - well, except the weasel."
- Homer Simpson

Rachel Tue Jan 25 13:29:26 PST 2000

Hey all - I think we better keep the noise of the party down, or the guest of honor will not be able to make it!

Americo - You poor thing. Hang in there (a very big hug for you).

Take care all

Hema Ati Tue Jan 25 12:09:48 PST 2000

hi All,
THANK YOU for encouraging me Heather and Avatar.
Heather, child , thou art bles't with imagination.

Jon Tue Jan 25 12:00:44 PST 2000

Tonight's topic is
Rites of Passage.
Is there life after death?
Here's my opinion: no, no and no.
Pussy thinks that perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
A* just asks us to go away, he has a headache. But we cannot leave him just like that. Not before he leaves me his hydroplane. (He has one of those... I love hidroplanes.)

Americo Tue Jan 25 11:52:12 PST 2000

To all those who are organizing the party for tomorrow commemorating my first anniversary here— please do not make so much noise, I have a headache. Jon and Pussy are holding my hands. They have been discussing if I'll die because of this flu or because of something else. Not a very nice topic for a moribund. See you in heaven!

Rachel Tue Jan 25 09:11:55 PST 2000

Heather - Bwa, ha, ha, ha - BWA, HA, HA, HA, heheheheheh!
Take care you

All those suffering from flu/cold/etc. - I send you all my warmest regards.
Take care guys-n-gals

Avatar Tue Jan 25 08:45:41 PST 2000

Heather- Faint of heart? Me? I'll have you know that I read Terry Goodkind!
(If you don't get it, ask me later)

Actually I just liked the sound of the word. One of my favorites. That and maybe something I did in my past life.

Hema Ati- chilling, very chilling ;)

later all

Heather Tue Jan 25 06:53:51 PST 2000

Yes, everyone, I did a boo-boo,
I posted the 2nd version of an SM** story in the notebook
instead of the workbook...Call me exhausted last night.
Sorry! But I think it worked out - since I like the first version better and the second can get archived or erased!
Tee hee hee.
Check in tonight after (sigh) work and see all the words of wonder and delight you all have posted since now!
Ahhhh, having the means to talk to all of you illustrious writer kin, that is worth all the worry of computer murder.
Murder? Did I say that? Computer death. I wouldn't - no, shhhhh! I wouldn't KILL this machine. Not me!
Just in my dreams sometimes.
hee heee heh he heh heheheh heheeeeeee (crazy Ren and Stimpy tm laughter)
Rachel and Teekay - where has the laughter been lately?
Missing your cackles.


Heather Tue Jan 25 06:42:05 PST 2000

Hema, I liked your poem...
and the threat of a wolverine in the machine
is indeed
frightening! (I know the bite of its' teeth is fierce)...
Jerry - I think you're right about the first version of Wine 2 being better, though A* thinks it too long.

Hope you feel better soon, Jerry - it must be online that the flu is passing around - though not quite sure how. Another topic for a shortie?

And honey in tea is wonderful. Not only that, but my son is watching his Winnie the Pooh movie, and honey is the thought of the day!
Now Winnie the Pooh - he was/is quite a character!
Did anyone read the Tao of Pooh? Innocence and joy are the underlying wonders of his person.
An excellent book, worth reading five times.

Morning all, and top of the snow pile to you - much nicer than the bottom!

Hema Ati Mon Jan 24 21:29:46 PST 2000

Land as far as
the eye can see
blanketed in snow.
lake as far as i know
is a potential ice f(l)oe.
frost drip-
-ing from icicles,
(actually winters
creepy tentacles)
wind a sworn enemy,
All have conspired
to keep poor me
trapped indoors
But I find something
more frightening
than a death by freezing ,
than a wolverine ,
is my slow machine*
death by system hanging!!!!!
(* computer)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Mon Jan 24 20:39:11 PST 2000

Americo - Damn, now I came down with the flu, haven't figured out yet how the germs came across the www, but they must have, as I rarely if ever leave the safety of my home. Must have come from you. Well maybe not.

Heather - liked the second version to, but the first had some quality, I just can't put my finger on, but seemed more real somehow.

Heather Mon Jan 24 20:04:29 PST 2000



Better not look, Allein, Avatar, and all you too faint of heart.

Heather Mon Jan 24 20:01:18 PST 2000

Strawberry WIne, part 2 (shorter version) (2.2 for Hema!)
(c) Heather Myles 2000

"Come and see the grove now, Bella?" he said, taking her hand. She nodded yes, but was quiet.
The rows of berries in the moonlight were indeed a wondrous sight, so carefully tended, so luscious in the moonlight.
Ethan lay out a blanket, and the two sat together in the warm night breeze, listening to the crickets. They were sending messages, and singing songs of love and joy.
Soon the new couple began to kiss, their fist kiss of all. But she drew away, hiding her face from him.
"What is it, my treasure?" he asked.
She hesitated. "Ooh, Ethan! I know nothing of love! I'm still a virgin, and I am so inexperienced with all of this, even a kiss!" she sighed, the blush in her cheeks visible even in the darkness.
"Do you trust me?" he asked, his hand upon hers.
"Yes, yes, I do, and I don't want to leave," she replied, looking at him.
"Then will you kiss me, again?"
"I would love to do more than that, Ethan, for you are who I have been looking for all of my days."
And with that they fell to the blanket, and the song of the crickets grew louder.
Suddenly, a loud cry rose up from the strawberry grove, and every cricket for ten miles fell silent. For crickets are the first to know everything on a summer's sultry night.


"OH, Ethan,the moon really is alive," she sighed, as he rolled from on top of her softness.
"Bella.." he whispered, caressing her face.
"Oh, oh dear! I feel a dam has broken inside of me, and I'm frightened!" she exclaimed, pulling from his touch and rising to her feet in a hurry.
"What have I done to you?" he cried, seeing the blood pouring down her thighs, dripping to the blanket. She stepped onto the hay that was lain between the rows of berries.
"It hurts!" she groaned, and held her arms out to him. He threw his sweater over her, and took her into the house, leaving the rest of their things where they lay.

In the field, the crickets sang songs of love and joy, and of the water of the heart.


The next day, in the heat of mid-afternoon, Ethan tread among the berries searching for their clothes.
"I was sure they were...right here," he said to himself.
And there in the middle of a row, was a patch of berries that he did not remember seeing, for he was a doting farmer of strawberries. Close by lay the missing clothing. He bent to inspect the cluster of plants, and noticed they were of an unusual colour - more like cherries than strawberries! Such and orange-red shade. As he lowered to inspect the plants, he saw the stain. The stain of a large pool of blood, soaked into the hay, all around the base of the new strawberry plants. They had grown overnight.


"This is the best batch of strawberry wine I've ever tasted, my love," Bella giggled, sipping a small mouthful.
"As well it should be," he replied, kissing her, "It is the full of the moon tonight, and almost exactly a whole year since the night we were first in each other's arms!"
"Tell me, Ethan, did you add red dye or something to this batch?" she asked, peering at the wine in the delicate crystal glass.
"No, my treasure, that is but the colour of our love," he smiled.

The End.

Better, Americo?
Shorter, at least.

Heather Mon Jan 24 19:26:28 PST 2000

Wait - Americo; you mean I should have put in less detail!
I skimmed the posts too quickly, I think.
OK, so I am long-winded. A novelist. So be it!
But shorties are fun. And they are finished sooner and thus a satisfying little project.
Perhaps I could shorten the short story (Wine, pt2)
more, edit out some in-between stuff. OK, I will try...
Got to pack a fast punch, with these ss' huh?
I'm winding up.

Heather Mon Jan 24 18:31:21 PST 2000

Hello, all you writing maniacs - and all you maniac writers.

How are my notebook friends this fine evening ?(Full of cold blowing snow and I'm inside - warm) and finally my socks are dry. Got snow down the side of my boot on the way to a work meeting and two hours later I was able to break free of the strange conglomerate of employees to run home to fresh socks. Ah, the simple pleasures.

You would think I'd wear thigh high boots with the accumulation going on out-of-doors. But they are not as comfortable as they look - ha ha ha.

So, do the rest of the notebookers agree? My story (part 2) is too drawn out? Or I could not put enough detail in to make the story come to life? You dirty-minded folks can put any meaning you like to that one...

Avatar, I have no idea why I sound familiar to you - could there be an evil twin of mine (a - OHHHH LORD HELP US-doppleganger?) roaming the hills? No, it was me the whole time...
Nice to meet you too, Avatar. They say an avatar is a Master. In India and other countries, the Master can do many enlightened works. I am not such a Master, but I like the philosophy. Maybe someday.
Or does the name Avatar come from sci-fi reading?

I ramble, I correct my speeeling.
I am off now, fine feathered fowl
I mean friends!
Just a lame joke, I feel just as lame at the moment...

Avatar Mon Jan 24 16:05:14 PST 2000

Oya vey...(sigh)

Okay, (cracks knuckles)-ouch-I am ready to type for about (cranes head in direction of clock) fifteen minutes. At which time the doors to the library will close and I will be out on the street.

Heather- You know, you remind me of someone. And I wish I could say who, but it really makes me think of you as a friend. So, hello! (wind tunnel effect)

Americo- hot tea and honey. Universal cure for sore throat

Avatar Mon Jan 24 15:57:05 PST 2000

Oya vey...(sigh)

Okay, (cracks knuckles)-ouch-I am ready to type for about (cranes head in direction of clock) fifteen minutes. At which time the doors to the library will close and I will be out on the street.

Heather- You know, you remind me of someone. And I wish I could say who, but it really makes me think of you as a friend. So, hello! (wind tunnel effect)

Americo- hot tea and honey. Universal cure for sore throats. Allergic to honey? Little bit of lemon juice.

Allein- (this is for the Japanese Haiku) Ever heard of Ooey Gooey the Worm?
(disgusting stuff I warn you)

Ooey Gooey was a worm
Mighty worm was he
He sat upon a railroad track
Train he did not see
Ooey Gooey!

And I sang this when I was a kid!

Shadows dead? Naaah...-whimper- please say no, pretty please say no...

Hema Ati- Thanks. Will try to look in on it ;)

All- I've never really gotten the hang of writing on the Net. I always end up trying not to insult anyone or get anyone mad at me. That's the way I am. So, uh, I hope no one will mind if I don't care anymore?

Later all

Laura Mon Jan 24 15:45:44 PST 2000

Now I'm writing on my own behalf. I got frustrated when I tried to post something to the workbook last week. I tried to add to my Dragon posts, both in the short story archive and the SM archive. Neither of them too. Aaarrrrg!

Someday I will update the stuff I have in the Workbook. But not on this computer. Perhaps tonight.

Laura Mon Jan 24 15:26:56 PST 2000

Good afternoon everyone. I just wanted to see how everyone was doing. It looks like the cold and flu are going around.

Viper Six asked me to inquire as to how many of you have read his stuff. He has no internet access right now and asks that you send any comments to me. He plans to become a member here when he gets his own computer.

Speaking of writing, my manuscript (which I need to update in the Novel Workbook), is up over 90 formatted MS pages. I was enjoying reading some of the things in the Workbook, I just wish more of us posted regularly

The Old Man Mon Jan 24 14:31:36 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

Americo and Rachel, It happens that I am not Canadian. I flew over western Canada once in the early 80's on my way to Alaska, though.
I consider myself a man of the world, taking the best from every culture I sample to my bosom and calling it my own. English stiff-upper-lip, Italian passion, Mexican food, Greek thought and Indian calm. The old saying, "A man is the sum of his experiences" applies easily to me for better or worse.

Jerry, My best to your wife in hopes that your wish is fulfilled for her.

Americo, Care for yourself with tenderness and compassion. The best medicine is already in you.

It strikes me that we have at our disposal a unique group of talent.
The news today showed a group of schoolchildren who learned to knit and are donating quiltwork blankets to the less fortunate. Could this diverse group not help in some way?


Rachel Mon Jan 24 12:22:47 PST 2000

Howard! That was a slip and a half. When I read that I laughed right out loud. I can't believe that (I shake my head with a smile). My brother has been a bother all my life. He is older than I am, but I spent most of my youth defending him. He was just one of those people that other people seem to want to beat on. When my folks would go away I was left in charge, yup the responsible one, he had to run things by me. Funny part is, he never seemed to have a problem with this, but then I've been watching out for my sibs all my life. It's what I do (grin, wink). Yes, my brother was a bother, and sometimes I guess he still is, but I love the guy.

Take care you.


Americo Mon Jan 24 12:20:21 PST 2000

I've received your e-mail and I'll answer it.
I've also read your post on the Notebook. You have given everyone a good lesson in humbleness. You are a brave woman. I hug you brotherly.

People: do not let the Internet soften your sense of commitment and the moral qualities which you certainly have in real life. A promise is a promise is a promise. A collective work is something to be carried out until the end. Literature is the best reflex of life: hard and sometimes disappointing. But no one is allowed to throw the towel in this game.

Eddie, I'm enjoying your Jack Dooley's episodes. That's professional stuff. I believe they are ripe for consolidation.

Heather, your tendency to write novels instead of short-stories is clear in your "Strawberry Wine". Shorties are hardly compatible with too much dialogue or too many details. Have a look at my own "Moonflowers", a quick draft I wrote on the Notebook on the 15th November. We really love the moon!

Rachel, Allein and Jack: thank you for staying with me until the end of the S* project. Even if we cannot get a publisher for it (which I doubt...), we did it! And that was the most important thing.

And now let's join our hands and sing together: "For she's a jolly good fellow... and so are all of us!"

PS: tonight is flu recipes night. Besides the flu I also have pink eyes (at least one pink eye). That came providentially. Without that I should have to accompany some friends to a "fado night". It consists of the following: you go to a lousy restaurant and have a lousy Portuguese dinner, accompanied by lousy Portuguese wine, and followed by lousy Portuguese folklore and the famous lousy Portuguese fado song. Some people like it, I prefer a lousy coca-cola in your lousy company. (The lousy is because of the flu.) The morale is the following: even the flu has positive sides.

Mon Jan 24 12:19:47 PST 2000

I've received your e-mail and I'll answer it.
I've also read your post on the Notebook. You have given everyone a good lesson in humbleness. You are a brave woman. I hug you brotherly.

People: do not let the Internet soften your sense of commitment and the moral qualities which you certainly have in real life. A promise is a promise is a promise. A collective work is something to be carried out until the end. Literature is the best reflex of life: hard and sometimes disappointing. But no one is allowed to throw the towel in this game.

Eddie, I'm enjoying your Jack Dooley's episodes. That's professional stuff. I believe they are ripe for consolidation.

Heather, your tendency to write novels instead of short-stories is clear in your "Strawberry Wine". Shorties are hardly compatible with too much dialogue or too many details. Have a look at my own "Moonflowers", a quick draft I wrote on the Notebook on the 15th November. We really love the moon!

Rachel, Allein and Jack: thank you for staying with me until the end of the S* project. Even if we cannot get a publisher for it (which I doubt...), we did it! And that was the most important thing.

And now let's join our hands and sing together: "For she's a jolly good fellow... and so are all of us!"

PS: tonight is flu recipes night. Besides the flu I also have pink eyes (at least one pink eye). That came providentially. Without that I should have to accompany some friends to a "fado night". It consists of the following: you go to a lousy restaurant and have a lousy Portuguese dinner, accompanied by lousy Portuguese wine, and followed by lousy Portuguese folklore and the famous lousy Portuguese fado song. Some people like it, I prefer a lousy coca-cola in your lousy company. (The lousy is because of the flu.) The morale is the following: even the flu has positive sides.

howard Mon Jan 24 11:43:33 PST 2000

BTW - Rachel -- Was that a Freudian slip? Your *bother* got married? :-)

I married *my* 'bother' 34 years ago, and she still 'bothers' me --- and I *love* it! :-)

howard (just picking)

howard Mon Jan 24 11:00:06 PST 2000

Hi --
At work now, so I can't spend much time here.
Jack -- My mother still whips up a batch of flax seed and honey whenever anyone in the family is sick. It's bad snough with the honey in it -- can't even (don't wish to) imagine what it would be like without it! I don't even dare sneeze around her any more!

Then there was Mother Grey's powders, and Kepler's Codliver Oil. Foul stuff! I think I'd rather be sick!

Now I just drink lots of hot tea (sometimes with a bit of rum in it) and sweat it out.

Teekay --
I haven't forgotten your story -- it's good! Both versions. I haven't decided which one I like best.

Randall -- Someday I'll tell you about my uncle and me, and the electric fence around the hog pen.


Rachel Mon Jan 24 09:27:22 PST 2000

Hi all - Wow, what a weekend! I am glad it is over. My bother got married (late night), next day we had about a million things to do, hockey, soccer and lunch with the ladies on Dan's side of the family... Sunday, hockey, hockey and more hockey. Hockey in the morning (my sons team won) then home for food, get changed, send extra children back to their own homes then down to Vancouver for a second hockey game a GM Place. That's a pretty big deal for the kids. They like to play where they see their hockey heros in action. My little guy socred a goal. He was just glowing! After that we hung out downtown a bit, got some dinner and then back for the hockey game. Yup, Vancouver lost, what a drag! After that home and fall into bed. This morning hockey again. Yup, the dreaded 6am practice. The practice went long and that was fine I was having a nice little chat with one of the other parents. So that was my weekend.

Take care all

Americo! Hang on, I'm rushing to your side with a very worried look on my face (smiles and a hug). Naw, I know you'll be fine. Still I send you masses of good energy. I can't have you down with the cold/flu/virus (smiles). That will not do. We need you here to keep things action packed. Take care of yourself and try to rest.

All - I didn't use the spell check, just wrote this post on the spot, so please excuse any muck, mucks.

T.O.M - Are you really Canadian? Are you still out there?
Hugs to you

Heather Mon Jan 24 07:13:13 PST 2000

I had to giggle at your post in the workbook Jerry!
'Very interesting...' !
I have a feeling it made you blush!
Whooops - it is a bit on the sensuous side.
(Like Jeff Foxworthy said once - his favourite word was "'sensuous'... 'since-she-was' up, get me another beer!")

I am laughing away over here, in my little 'office'. If it could be called that!
And now, ladies and gents, and any other life forms, my son has decided to tip over a pile of puzzles, so I need to help him pick them up!

Heather Mon Jan 24 06:50:18 PST 2000

Hi! Jack is correct, herbals really help. I usually take Echinacea capsules for the first week of every month during cold season, and I also take sea kelp every day, and evening primrose oil too. I can't stand the taste of flax seed oil either, but flax seed on it's own (unpressed) on top of my morning heavy duty grain cereal does the trick!
My kids won't touch Echinacea, no matter what I have done to hide the taste, or the consistency - it is rather like eating ashes. Yuck!
I have also tried Milk Thistle for detoxifying (and a few other concoctions...) the liver, which helps get rid of those after the cold blahs. But the flu bug bit through all those regimens, so I am back to square one, beginning my regimen over - didn't go near most stuff during the flu since it just came back for a visit anyway!
Have a healthy day, everyone..
I am off to the dentist soon YAYAYAYARGRGGGHHHH!
There is a small cavity forming and I for one, would rather see it gone, not filled - but alas, I must gather my courage and open wide.
Pray for me...!
Jerry - good to see you back! Looking forward to your story.

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Jan 24 00:43:09 PST 2000

p.s. Oh, and 1000 milligrams of DHA capsules. My compromise with my masseuse and homeopathic doctor since I cannot stand the taste of flax seed oil.

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Jan 24 00:36:11 PST 2000

    Americo: I am marshalling mass quantities of healing energies and sending them in your direction even as I type. As for what I do in times of somatic stress, hmmmmmmm, well, I make sure I have my daily intake of 3 grams of vitamin C, 800 mg of E, a multi specifically targetted for men, Lycene for dry eyes of men going into their forties and sitting way too long in front of a computer and top it off with some ginko. And I have had my flu shot. Other than that, if a bug actually squeaks through, which happens maybe once every two or three years, I eat lots of chicken soup, take a special healing concoction that I got from my local herbal shop (Tenzing Momo in Pike Place Market actually). And after all of that, if nothing else works, I go sit in the hot tub with equal measures of Myers Rum, steaming hot water, lemon juice and a bit of sugar in a very large cup and after I am baking both inside and out go crawl under the covers of my water bed and pile those covers high and sweat the whole thing out. Oh, and I probably add a melatonin in here for good measure just to make sure I sleep. The bugs usually run kicking and screaming at this point and I wake up six to ten hours later rung out, sticky with sweat and cured and not good for much of anything for the whole next day.

Bon Appettit :-)

Rhoda Sun Jan 23 22:27:00 PST 2000


I simply cannot ask forgiveness for leaving Shadows. I don't regret that decision at all. For everyone, that worked out for the best.

However, I do ask your forgiveness for some of the critical and unflattering statements I have made on the Notebook concerning yourself. That was wrong of me. I also ask your forgiveness for not properly communicating to you my concerns about the Shadows project. I also ask your forgiveness for any inconvience that my leaving the project has brought to you.

I really thought that my writing was not compatable with the Shadows project. I was not able to give you what you needed for it, Americo, or at least that was the impression that I had.

I do not wish to be at odds with you. I enjoy most of your posts on the Notebook. I just hope that we can go on from here in a more amicable tone.

All the best,


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sun Jan 23 21:37:54 PST 2000

Greetings - looks like a slow weekend. Spent this Sunday at my mothers, as usual, played a bunch of pinochle - began with six handed, then five and ended the day with 4 as the family began to drift off to their own homes. Overall it was a good day. I am now working on a short story taking place mostly in an Army Mess Hall, it is getting a little longer then I anticipated, but then you know how that goes, sometimes the story takes over the writer. I think you will enjoy it though. Should be done within the next few days if all goes well.


Heather Sun Jan 23 18:26:54 PST 2000

Hi Jeremy! Hope you get more feedback too.
Where is everybody? I just came back from writin' and see only one message after mine, hours ago...
guess it's that serene sunday I mentioned.
see everyone on monday.

keep the spirit always lit.

Jeremy Sun Jan 23 18:26:21 PST 2000

I also tried my hand at a poem and now realize how simple and generic it really is. Oh well, it was fun writing it, even if it is a little depressing (both for subject and talent).

Jeremy Sun Jan 23 18:00:36 PST 2000

The website is some other stuff I have online under the nic JO Cool. Nice to meet you Heather and I hope to get some feedback from others on my two new entries in the short story section.

Have a good one!

Heather Sun Jan 23 14:59:44 PST 2000

Another tip, Americo,
my SM** Strawberry WIne part 2 may warm you and take the edge off that cold!
Hee hee.
We shall see.


Heather Sun Jan 23 14:57:48 PST 2000

Hello, fellow scribblers, a Sunday evening, quiet and serene - but I hear Americo sneezing! All the way to Canada.

My friend, you must wrap yourself in woolies. Boil water and make tea, or Neo-Citran. (that is a hot lemon drink with aspirin and cold medicine)... and find a big box of tissues, and then whine to your mate. For the flu, follow the above-mentioned steps, with the addition of finding the bowl to throw up into, and a cool, damp towel to wipe thy forehead with. And contac C or gravol might help!

My thoughts are with you in your terrible suffering. Especially since I might have passed the flu through these most advantageous channels of the modem. My apologies!


Allein Sun Jan 23 14:56:13 PST 2000

Americo - When I'm sick, I complain a lot. :) Seriously though, just get plenty of rest (if you can) and drink fluids. Oh, and take vitamin C after you're better. It boosts the body's immune system so it can ward off the flu or cold or whatever you have. I give you a ((((BIG HUG)))) and I hope you feel better soon. :)

Americo Sun Jan 23 12:37:32 PST 2000

Who said S* is dead? You must be kidding! You should already know that nothing I lay my hands on dies. What I said is that John McIntyre is dead -- but only as a mere Notebooker. Not S*. And not John McIntyre as author. A bit criptic, I know. Have a nice cup of tea and you'll feel better.

I have a cold/flu/Influenza -- you name it. Cannot be on the computer long. Just enough to wish you all a happy Sunday.

We had a lovely week but now we must go back to "reality". Characters' creation is a difficult thing and must be dealt with wisely. Stop with that for some time and do not be afraid. (Jon and Pussy are not characters, they are Notebookers, and so is T.O.M -- long time no see, T.O.M: how's your beautiful Canada? If it's from Canada you write of course).

May I suggest that we speak about detective and mystery novels? Do you like them? Do you write them? Any good authors you may recommend? How about going to the convention at "La Maison Verte" in France? (See post below, or perhaps already in the latest archive). If the lady who published that post here makes a very good discount for us, Notebookers, it would be interesting for some of us to meet there, eat some snails and frogs'legs (French cuisine delicacies -- I love them) and perhaps try on one another the best tricks of the detective and mystery genre.

This is a good theme for a novel (though too similar to S*) and I am forced to reserve it for myself. Maybe I'll propose it as a new round robin (we have no thriller in the WorkBook). So behave yourselves, send me greetings for my first anniversary as a Notebooker (on the 26th January), and maybe I'll present you with "Crime and Kiss at the Maison Verte" soon. I said maybe.

Following the wise advice of prestigious Notebookers, I must copyright this post.

Here goes the sacred sign:

© Américo Guerreiro de Sousa

PS. What do you people do when you have a cold? Besides taking aspirins of course.

Heather Sun Jan 23 10:41:52 PST 2000

any time, Rachel

Rachel Sun Jan 23 09:39:08 PST 2000

Heather - Hi you, thanks (smiles).
Take care you

Heather Sun Jan 23 09:08:50 PST 2000

Hi Randall - I too enjoyed my great Uncle's farm when I was a kid and loved to see the kittens running everywhere, hanging about in the barn. They had lots of dogs and cats, and cows and pigs and i think sheep but it's been ages since I've been there. I remember my brother and my cousin and I all went playing in the grain silos that were pretty much empty at the time, and OOOHHH my, the sheath/husks of the wheat or grain all got stuck inside our clothes and when we had to leave we itched so badly all the way home it was torture! But it was so fun when we were playing!

Later everyone,
off to do some household drudgery.(cleaning)

Heather Sun Jan 23 08:17:58 PST 2000

Rachel -! I'm not sure of the trouble you speak of about your cousin, but I wish you well and smooth sailing now.
And; one query letter is more than I've sent.
Be glad you took that first step and mailed it without turning back and reaching into the mailbox to retrieve it!
I thought the letter was for your own work, so that is why the questions about canadian publishers - and I sorely feel your pain. I feel every tear of so many, so many I fear someday it will be one tear too many that I have taken upon my small back and I will be crushed like some tiny version of Atlas. Not that I am that brave or strong, but I still take on the woes of anyone who calls out for understanding - I try my best. I can not resist the cries for help and I must answer.
Guillame, wherever you may be, take heed that two of the notebookers have heard your cries, and have responded with support and understanding.

To all out there;
Mothers just know. There is not a tear in the whole Universe that is not felt by a mother, especially the Mother of all...all you religious ones will know who I speak of. Her arms are the size of the whole of all eternity. Her head is crowned by 12 stars.


Rachel Sun Jan 23 00:50:41 PST 2000

Hi all - Oh I am having an evening and then I read this post by Guillame.

Guillame - Bye you. I wish you well I can only hope that yo find all that you are looking for. Best of luck to you.

All again - My heart also aches. I wish I had a voice with which I would dare speak.

Americo, John, Jon, Pussy and all the others, I admire you in your daring!

You Americo are brave and true. Anyone who wishes to know and has the attention will know who you are. I can by now scent your writing at 50 paces. As is the case with most writers on this page.

I like this game, but I need to say to Guillame - Don't bring down the Portcullis on all that is you. You were made welcome. Please stay. Don't let the world that is literatire crush you. Do not die, do not bow down. I put out my heart felt plea to you.

I have heard your cry and know it well. A heart that screams in the night. I am sure that none of us are a stranger to this

The feeling the words that drive us from our beds wide awake while our beloveds sleep and call our names (isn't that weird shit)? Maybe I should get to bed much earlier, guess its good it's me he cries out to...

Anyway Guillame, if you are anything like any writer I have ever enocoutered you will look back at this page, and when you do I want for you to see that I read your words, I heard your screams and that I wish you well

Fond thoughts and best wishes
Rachel Olson.

Guillame V. Sun Jan 23 00:15:46 PST 2000

To all who will hear my cry: The voice of who I am screams in the night, all through the day, it does not ever fade away.

It cries to all who do not hear, you do not hear it is your fear, for trembling that my words will sear, and sear, oh sear, oh sear they must, in order to gain thy trust.

How I wish for once, that I could but gain thy trust, that I could, but open the music of my life in your mind, that, so you my love could find, what it is that is real.

My love, my love Oh please do feel, all that I am to you, all that you are to me, do not leave me so lonely.

Do you hear me? Can you feel what it is that makes me real. I thought my writing would make me whole, but all it does is make a hole, not make me whole.

... So we are often told, seek and yea shall find... the ramblings of a disturbed mind.

Must the pain of each artist be so profound, in order to express all they have found. The beauty of their very soul. Oh God, oh God please no...

Farewell my friends
At least for now
With my love and fears Guillame.

Rachel Sat Jan 22 22:12:16 PST 2000

Heather - I am looking for American publication. I will look at Canada with my own work. This is an international project and the agreement was that we would look to the states. I think maybe I would feel better, a little less out of my depth if it were my own country.

All - Please to all Americans, don't try to tell me it is the same. It is not. Everything is different when it is not your own country. Canada and the States are very different places.

Today I sat at a table with my much liked cousin from Dallas Texas. She was attacked from all sides and to her surprise I came to her aide. Seems a theme in my life right now. Aide comes from where you expect it least. I was able to come to her side with facts and statistics. She was being smashed to pieces and I could not stand it. Ignorance makes me sick. You can attack blindly or you can listen with open ears and a shut mouth. Damn, I think I'll stop I'm getting pissed.

I will not give up, but I am feeling frustrated and aggrivated. I'm not sure what to do. One querey letter is nothing. It is NOTHING! I need to send out so many more.

I think I'm feeling blue (grins). I'm not used to this, it's been a long time

Ciao for now

Heather Sat Jan 22 21:33:27 PST 2000

Hi! Rachel - just had to clear this up quick - I wasn't terribly mad to begin with and actually, I could tell it was Americo posting John's posts after the second one or so. But a conspiracy - that was news! I think I sounded a lot more perturbed than intended - mostly in jest! (pehaps I should stick to comedy)...
AND CONGRATS FOR sending off your query! YAHOOOO! I am so happy for you! I will help you any way I can! I have writers market 2000 and I've read it cover to cover quite thoroughy,(and made menu cards for potential publishers for my novel already...) plus I read any book about publishing (or article) I find/seek out as well...but I didn't know there are so few agents in Canada!
But you know what? Don't let that bother you one bit!
You GO girl! You don't need an agent! Are you submitting to Canadian publishers first? That's what I'm going to do - especially ones that only publish Canadian literature - I figure take what advantage I can of being from this grand Country! And if I flop, then I'll try the U.S.!
There is less competition in Canada - as there is a smaller population than the U.S.
I am so happy! FOR YOUUUUUU! :-) :-) :-)
you deserve a million happy faces. I am behind you 100%!
(I happen to be a staunch supporter of all friends gathering up their courage to do something that takes a lot of passion, hard work, bravery and stamina). Hoooray!

Oh, yes - and no, I wouldn't come to the defense of the mouse unless it was a terribly unfair battle (injured mouse...) and I think A* is funny and cool, like you and my new friends...

Hema and Randall - you aren't alone, I was in the workbook for quite a while composing (I like that word) my second part to Strawberry Wine in SM**
Americo will be smiling and a little shocked.
For the teenagers: please ask parental consent if you choose to read the Rated R version of Strawberry Wine, part 2 that is. (Ok, it wouldn't be 'R' but definately not rated 'family'!)

Alright: My warning has been given, the muse has been heard, and I, for one, am tired!
No covering eyes, unless you think I'd ever write smut.

Have a good night, everyone, and the call of the muse only awaits an open ear and a warm heart.

Happy dreams,

Randall Sat Jan 22 20:06:10 PST 2000


Are Hema Ati and I alone in the Saturday Night world of Writers Notebook? You know I can't stand silence. HEY! Anyone out there?

Oh well... Say, glad you asked how I my week was (went?). Not bad, not bad. Heard an interesting story thought. Wanna hear it?

Too bad, here goes. Well, (My English teacher said never start a sentence with well. What the blazes did she know? She thought some olde English dude, William something or another was a great writer. Jeeze, I mean the guy was named after a fishing reel!) It seems this new auto repair shop opened up a couple of weeks ago and was busily repairing cars. Some guy walked in and asked if his car was ready? The manager looked at him and said. "Uh, do I know you?"

The man explained that he had left his Toyota for repairs, hadn't heard anything, and ... by the way. "Is my car ready?"

The owner searched his files and nothing. "Sir, when did you leave your vehicle here?"

"November. Is it ready?"

Not only was it not ready, the Toyota was nowhere to be seen. Subject to futher research it appears as if the previous shop either misplaced the vehicle or simply drove it away to parts unknown.

Which might lead one to ask. Would you leave your vehicle in a repair shop for THREE months without checking on it? That's a great way to run up a great big bill! As of this morning, still no Toy and one greatly upset owner. If there is a silver lining to the story ... the guy doesn't have a repair bill in hand either.

Okay, okay, hold down the wild cheering. So the tale isn't that good. What else does Randall know? Well, (that word again) I was looking through the Payson, Utah classified section checking out the price of condos. I do that for laughs, because there's no way in hades this dude could afford one. Anyway, nestled among the 895 per month, no dogs, no pets, no kids, no drinkers, yuppies only ... is an add for a Creative Writer. Is that us? Creative?

So I e-mailed a snappy paragraph, improvised a short story...did Steven King start out like that? Hey who knows, maybe the guy has a brother who recently misplaced a Toyoya.

Okay, okay I'm going. Say goodnight Randall.

Goodnight Randall

Rachel Sat Jan 22 19:59:25 PST 2000

Rosemary - Just wanted to say it's nice to see you back. I had been thinking of you and wondered how you were getting along. I think that there are LOTS of Science fiction and Fantasy writers here. In fact I would have to bet that there are more of them, than there of anything else.

Take care you
Happy writing and reading to you

Rachel Sat Jan 22 19:56:47 PST 2000

Shadows in a Dream is not dead. I read the post over and didn't see any mention of it being dead. I however am trying to publish and that is no easy thing. I have gone round the block and discovered that novel writers need to deal not with the Writers Guild, but with the Writers Union, but you can't be a member of the writers union unless, yes, you guessed it, your published, so....

They may not accept unpublished writers, but they do offer us some information and make it avaliabel to us.

I have been having lots of fun and games and have even sent off my first queary letter. That's right, you should all cheer, Rachel the shy, Rachel the timid, Rachel the cowardly has bucked up and taken the plunge. Know what I have found? People are very nice and really helpful. They can't publish me, but the seem willing to point me in the right direction. I am discovering that people who I viewed as friends are laughing at my efforts and people who I thought would laugh at my efforts are turning out to be my staunch supporters. Life is strange. I feel so out of my depth with this, but it would appear to be a sink or swim sort of thing. If I want to get published I am going to have to find a way. Nobody is going to just come along and do it for me.

Do you know that according to the information that I found on the writers union site, that there are only 20 literary agents in Canada? Know what else? They aren't exactly in line to take me on. I don't care. I'm not giving up. I'm not sure how I feel about agents anyway, I'm really not.

I would like to again just let people know that if they can help me out with this in any way I would appreciate it. Any info that you have, will be gladly accepted.

Hummmmmmm, Now HEATHER (grins) You think about this one. If you saw Jon with a mouse, would you jump in to snatch it from his paws? If you saw Americo on a roll, would you ruin his fun? I doubt that very much. I didn't go along with this to torment anyone, I just played along because I was interested to see if anyone else would figure it out. My husband did, and he doesn't know who John McIntyre is. In fact he hardly ever reads this page. Ah well, I'm glad you aren't ticked with me. Honestly I also wanted to see if Allein or Jack would say anything, they didn't.

Allein - I will drop you a line over the next couple of days. My mind is taken up with searching for a publisher. I have found about two dozen contests that I think I'll enter, but not what I want (grrrrrrr). I wonder did you know who John McIntyre was?

Jack - Did you know?

I think I have gone on for long enough

Take care all

PS - Randall - I really liked your story about the cats.

Hema Ati Sat Jan 22 19:11:50 PST 2000

Allein, Avatar and other teenagers, got news for ya.Theres a contest for teenagers.Actually this news is a week old.Go to for complete details.would be very happy :) to find a winner among us.
New word coined by me to denote righteos wry writers!
Everbody else, hope you all are as snowed in as I am.
Randall , I am finding your posts very interesting.
Especially the one about the cats on the farm.
Thou art fun.
Thou art the
Amusing one.
Keep it up,
and bring
in some Pun.

Randall Sat Jan 22 17:22:22 PST 2000

Gang: Correction please. Mama Cat leaped from the roof, with one kitten in her mouth at a time.


Rosemary Sat Jan 22 15:53:41 PST 2000

Hello everyone,
I just finished reading two books by an author I thought some on this page might be interested in. This site use to be predominately sci. Fi. and Fantasy but hopefully there are still some of us around.
The author is Diana Wynne Jones. The book I just finished is 'A Sudden Wild Magic' and the one before that was 'Secret Magic' (I think. I usually forget book titles before I get them back to the library.)
This is a British author and she has a lot of Young Adult Books out. They are being published in the U.S.A.
The pace is swift and the imagination astounding. In Secret Magic, there are some great scenes at a Si. Fi. Conference.(More like Star Treck Groups.) My sister now wants to go to the next one to come to town.

Writing wise, I'm starting classes on short stories next monday. I need something to give me a boost so I will finish my novel.

Write well and be strong,

Randall Sat Jan 22 15:20:26 PST 2000

Hi gang:

Am quite tired. Tried to add a set of headers to my Chevy pickup this afternoon...and failed. Yes, at my advanced age I still feel the "Need for speed" and add all the bolt on's I can. Quite right ladies, I suppose it's a guy thing.

Allein: Speaking of cats. I'm glad you asked! I grew up on a farm, well spent my summers there anyway. My grand parents, Pa and Ma always had plenty of cats around. The population was usually in flux, somewhere between four and forty.

I have fond memories of watching my grandfather head to the barn to milk at sunup, followed by the ENTIRE cat population. He would sit on the stool surrounded by a veritable pride of patient felines. My grandmother (Grandma & the Mexican) was patient to a point, but when the herd camped out on the top step she would heave a tea kettle of hot water through the screen and they scattered. No it didn't hurt 'em. Cats underfoot can be dangerous and cause elderly persons to fall.

Grandpa liked cats around. They kept the rodent population in line and, according to him kept the rattlesnakes away from the house. And there were plenty of buzz tails where they lived.

There was always a resident Mama Cat, head of the clan and furnished litter after litter after litter. Tom cats were abundant, but we hardly ever saw them. They were feral, dangerous to little kittens and some were huge. Sadly when the quail and dove population started to declined, Pa brought out the 22 rifle and killed every cat he saw away from the house. Sounds cruel to us, but large populations of feral cats will decimate doves, quail, red birds, mockingbirds, cottontail rabbits, etc. In nature food is everything, cats are predators and that, as they say, is that.

One long time Mama Cat nearly always had her litters on the roof under an overhang. We awaited "Kitten moving day," sometimes saw it, sometimes not. She would gather each kitten in her mouth, leap a good 15 feet to a tree and scramble 25' to the ground. Over a period of years this cat probably ferried 50 kittens or so to the ground. One morning I strolled outside to see one Mama Cat struggling to drag a large chicken snake into the yard. What struggles must have played out in dense brush as she fought and killed this 5' long snake.

So to wrap this up. Snakes are major predators and if the family compound includes chickens, ducks or other small farmyard kill them. Sorry if that offends anyone, but farm living in the boonies is pretty basic. One morning, while gathering eggs my brother and I caught a large chicken snake in the hen house eating eggs and dispatched him to snake heaven.

Along about midmorning Pa, my brother and yours truly were sitting on the back porch. In the grass lay the deceased chicken snake with a piece of twine around his neck and Pa holding the other end. A parade of four bob-tailed kittens, on patrol for adventure strolled by. Pa twitched the twine and the snake moved. The kittens alert for fun froze in mid step. Another twitch. They separated, and in formation began the stalk. Each kitten was belly deep in the grass, eyes wide, pupils enlarged, ears peaked, tiny paws quivering, eagerly approaching their natural enemy. Closer and closer...only inches away now. Pa jerked the twine hard, the dead snake leaped forward...

Oh yes Allein, cats are cool, that's why we humans call 'em Kats. A 2' vertical leap from a stationary position must be difficult to execute. Four kittens went straight up with a velocity that must have matched the space shuttle on throttle up. They tore away in a cloud of dust, but minutes later were peering around the corner of the barn. Soon the stalk began again.

Yes, I know it sounds trivial and trite. But the 50's were simple times and we were and are simple people. Cat's are indeed kool.

Bye all


Allein Sat Jan 22 12:56:02 PST 2000

Rachel - What's up with you lately? Haven't heard from you (on a personal level). ((((BIG HUGS))))

Heather - I dunno. *hugs*


Heather Sat Jan 22 12:54:54 PST 2000

BTW, Americo, why is S* dead? (oops, I mean JM?)

Heather Sat Jan 22 12:49:04 PST 2000

Gee, guys, you four knew the joke and didn't let us in on it - making it all the more fun to laugh, calling us gullible...I bet. Gee thanks. :--( I leave a little sad face, boy I feel corny (and frowning.) I don't feel mad at you Rachel, I don't know why! You were the first to claim John's ID
*sniff sniff*
but I still don't like it
Not one little bit!

Limerick of John:

There once was a man named Intyre
Who's voice was the target of fire
He stuck out his chin
But then slipped his foot in
While he laughed at the muck o'the mire.

Oh, by the way, I'm not THAT mad!
Just voicing my own disgust.
Did I say disgust?
AND I don't care, A* if it's not on the RIGHT DAY


Rachel Sat Jan 22 12:36:03 PST 2000

Heather - See, I wasn't kidding. I am as much John McIntyre as Americo is (grins).

Americo - Hi you:)

Take care all

Americo Sat Jan 22 12:04:28 PST 2000

Okay, skeptics. Swallow your little pride and your pretentious guess: John McIntyre exists and is dead.

John McIntyre is the collective name under which "Shadows in a Dream" will be published (if in English). I could not say that John McIntyre is or is not me because that would not be true. Even because he identified himself clearly: check his "e-mail address"-- im4. Read it allowed. That's him! The magnificent four: Jack, Allein, Rachel and yours truly. John McIntyre indeed!

The man only wanted to share his (lousy) poetry, his sense of humor and his love of language with you. He will not come back! Your loss, I'm sure.

Though sorry for this demise, I'll continue laughing at everything that is mere prejudice, narrow-mindedness or lack of imagination. That's my right as writer. Hope it's also yours.

Guillame V. Sat Jan 22 10:39:44 PST 2000

Heather - Thank you for the welcome.

Heather Sat Jan 22 09:24:46 PST 2000

Hi Guillame, forgot to say hello before :-)

Guillame V. Sat Jan 22 09:15:28 PST 2000

Howard - Thank you for the welcome.
Rachel - Thank you also for the welcome.


Heather Sat Jan 22 09:01:27 PST 2000

Rachel, did I ever tell you that you're a GENIUS? You certainly are, and a genius' genius, I might add...
Laughed aloud, rolling around precociously, oh, hmm this carpet needs a vacuuming... LOL!

I delight in all the postings, and Americo, even though a good head shrinking might be overdue for you, we love you anyway. Platonically of course. You can't get too close to a cat, and they are not human compatable in the ways you are wishing. Ha ha.

Allein - were all of the woman writers on this site Tom Boys at the helm of youth? THat says something I'm sure - just not quite sure what! But I still won't use the pseudoname of Jack Montgomery...! Or Billy C. Bennet, or Don Wilmot, or Harry Sinclair, or... to make up a few.

I was thinking of using a pseudoname at one point, when just starting my novel, (The name I was noodling with was 'Sidra Scott' - I liked it!) but I figured I should put on my brave socks and undies and use my real one. Then I was chatting with my best (female) friend, (my best male friend being my husband) and she said my maiden name would sound great as a writer's name, because my married name Myles - well, I don't know, I think it sounds funny as a writer's name - why? Can't really say! DUnno...
But anyway my maiden name is (here's the whole thing, God, it's long...) Heather Hamilton-Wright. And I have a middle name, and a name that I was given at birth by my biological mother too! No, I don't think anyone needs to know those, maybe later though. I can see why she would say it sounds like a writer's name, being that 'wright' is part of it... but it also has a ring to it, at least I thought so. Kids teased me about it in school,(called me ham or hamburger, and worse) and when I got my first chequing account - that's checking for you americans - it was a big pain to sign that name all the time... another thing is my last name didn't fit in those forms with the little squares so lots of things arrived to me with my last name as Hamilton-Wrig. or Wri. or they thought Hamilton was my middle name. Scary.
So anyway, how the heck did I get onto this topic?
off i go, talk later friends!

Rachel Sat Jan 22 08:40:45 PST 2000

Guillame - Welcome:) I hope you don't let anyone scare you off. The notebook really is a very nice place. Very user friendly (merry laughter). Americo is a sweetie, don't let that wolf skin fool you, he is a lamb underneath. Well... Most of the time (grins).

Teekay - No sweat (grins). I don't take credit for what isn't mine (smiles). I really think I better get into the workbook! I just keep getting lost in my projects.

Randall - You my friend are not alone at all. I don't believe that you can write a true character, I mean a really true to life character and not fall in love with them, at least not a little. Sure, we know they aren't real, but in our minds they are there walking, talking, they have scents... Hum, sorry, got discracted (wicked little grin). Oh, yes, back to the matter at hand! I think that our minds and hearts are the proving ground for our characters and our stories. If we can't believe in this, then who else ever could, right? I know this guy, and I respect what he says about writing and he told me that you have to let yourself fall in love with the characters in a book. I think this is pretty true. I honestly hope you are kidding about the wife stuff. I have had moments when I have worried what my husband will think, so I ask him. I'm the direct sort. Just plow straight on and deal with things that come up. He just laughs and tells me to go make us a million bucks. He's a great guy.

Heather - I also was a Tom boy (grins), but I'm not sayin anything on the grounds that I could incriminate myself (merry laughter).

Americo - (I am laughing) Sure, yes, that's right! LISTEN EVERYONE!!!! I AM JOHN MCINTYRE! I am, I am, I really, really am. I am about as much John McIntyre as you are, how is that Mister smartie pants!

Take care all

Rachel Sat Jan 22 07:43:52 PST 2000

Americo - I did to welcome him:) I welcome everyone, at least I try to... I posted welcome to John (smiles to John) on Friday, January 21st. Dang, hope he didn't miss it too.

ALL - IF I HAVE MISSED ANY OF YOU - WELCOME (BIG, BRIGHT SMILE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - sorry to shout.

Now I gotta go read the other posts!

John McIntyre - In case you did miss my welcome, here is another - WELCOME! And, you can go back and see that I made you welcomed yesterday (grins). Sometimes I am a little slow on the draw, but I'm always thinking it. What sort of happens to me, is that I just drop into the notebook sort of between paragraphs (grins). I will start to write a post and I'll pick up a thread or think of something I want to write and I'll have to go, go, go just as fast as I can. Sometimes I'll send the post I was working on, sometimes I just get rid of it. I just have to write, right at that very second and I can't wait, and then I'll forget about the posts I was reading (sorry guys). I can be a bit of a drifter of thoughts when I write. People tell me that, they can see when I'm writing. Cause, yah see I don't need a pen, paper or computer anyplace near me to be writing.

Okay, now I really am going off to read the posts. Oh, after one more thing (grins).

The wedding last night was great! My mum makes a pretty good Rev. This is the first thing I've gone out to. You seem I'm not a religious sort. It was nice to see her in action, and what action, the joining of two people I love. Teresa looked radiant, my neice Grace, who just came over from the Philipines, is wonderful and her name suites her well, full of Grace in mind, body and spirit. Raven, my little baby niece is a breathing wonder and I held her for hours. Their apartment, where they were married was HOT so not as many people were interested in wresteling the baby from me (laughter). In fact, they all knew that this was my first time to see Raven, and why I had not come (not wanting to put sick, sick germs on her). So they kept putting her into my arms. Oh, it was wonderful.

Take care all

Jon Sat Jan 22 05:39:49 PST 2000

I was supposed to be sending the post below. But A* decided, in the last minute, to dispense with secretaries this once.

Pussy is still missing. I wonder if she is not betraying me with the awful John McIntyre in New York. I got some other girl to comfort me this afternoon -- after lunch and the soccer. I am resigned (and happy!).

Rachel, I noticed that you did not welcome John McIntyre to our Notebook. Could you be the man? I was told that in Canada they also spell correctly (sorry, in the English way). How about you, Steve? (and all the other Canadians that posted here in the past. This case is really tricky, no wonder Eddie cannot solve it. Ah, you also write in good English!!! Another suspect.)

I've been thinking about the dogma of the Holy Trinity. Is it possible that John McIntyre isn't just one but more individualities? His identity is certainly funny. What I can tell you for sure is that he is not me (I've always been with A* here, not in NYC -- though probably that would mean nothing.)

Cheerio! (Oh, dear, I'm using his farewell line.)

PS. Sometime ago I saw here an interesting invitation for a convention about Detective and Mystery novels in France (à la Maison Verte!). I would like to attend that. This strange case of John McIntyre is helping my mystery and detective writer skills. Knowing you, I'm sure I'll be the one to solve all this imbroglio. (Not that I care about the man. In my opinion he is Rachel.)

Americo Sat Jan 22 05:08:11 PST 2000

Americo asked me to tell you that he will only speak to you again if you publicly ask FORGIVENESS (not just an apology) for having abandoned the "Shadows" project. You commited yourself to collaborate in the final stage of "Shadows", and you left the project almost at the end, forcing him, after several months of hard work, to have to organize the book from scratch!

Why did you do that? Because, in his capacity as head editor, he asked you: a) first, to not delay your edits for so long as you were doing; be) to be more diligent with your edits, which you were lately sending almost without a correction and without a single word of comment.

You were awfully egoist, not minding to jeopardize a collective project and thinking only about yourself, forgetting that he also had a schedule.

He is ready to forgive you — depending on the honesty of your post, in which you are invited to state your reasons freely but with truth —, and hopes your message can become an example for anyone else here to keep his/her promises till the end.

I would do that, if I were you. That's your last chance of rehabilitation in his eyes, as a person and as a writer.

By the way, Americo never told you that you have no talent. He only advised you to give some more feeling to your character(s) (and you seemed to agree with that). But this can be for another day.

PS. He would not ask you to justify yourself publicly if you had not talked publicly about him and S*

HOWARD, you never thought that Americo is a Brazilian trying to sell you education packets, do you? Sousa is a well-spread name both in Brazil and Portugal.

Allergen Sat Jan 22 01:43:38 PST 2000

Miauu. Hello Darlings.... how are you doing. you know I saw this place and I like it... I think I will stay here a little longer. . . . you know. the other cats say people are bad and boring... I think they are interesting and amusing. good day to you. and if someone have a fish here i'd love to eat it!

laura Fri Jan 21 23:27:15 PST 2000

Hi everyone.

Allein Fri Jan 21 22:47:56 PST 2000

I just wrote a haiku in Japanese:
Ah! Chisai Mushi.
Watashi o mimasen,
Sukuishi mushi.

Translation for the Japanese impared (hey, politically correct)!:
Ah! Little bug,
I do not see it,
Squishy bug!

It's not a haiku in English, but it works in Japanese. I read a haiku once that said in English: If you hold a bird, it will poop in your hand. I don't know who came up with that one.

I played with all sorts of creepy crawlers when I was a kid - snakes, spiders, bugs, frogs (tadpoles) - you name it, I played with it. Now I don't like most of these things. I'm not scared of them - I just think they're disgusting. Although, I might like to own a Tarantula someday. But, it might make a meal of my gerbils and I hear it's not good for pets to have a high fat diet. I can hear my gerbils squeaking at me in anger. :)

Hema - Butterball, that's a name I didn't think of for my grandma's cat who weighs around 25 lbs. Her name is Maggie, but she has all sorts of other names - little sumo, tubby, tubbo, and jellyroll. She'd be a lovely cat if she were skinny. My friend Cliff has two large cats also, but they're Himalayan and are supposed to have a little extra weight I guess.

Heather - As hobbies, I enjoy writing (obviously), talking (started when I was one, haven't shut up since), hanging out with friends, SHOPPING!! and drawing. My neighbor wants me to sketch her cat - that cat is SPOILED. At first, she'd wipe him off with a baby wipe after he did his business and clean out the litter box every time. He gets table scraps and gourmet food. He's better off than my gerbils! I work on the school literary magazine called Visions. The first issue is coming out in a few weeks.
I remember my frustration with dresses and skirts - sometimes I liked dressing up though (I wasn't all tomboy). There was a nice little girl in there - somewhere. And now, there's a polite young lady in me - I think she's in hiding. Of course, the boys invented something called Friday Flip-up Day, in which, any girl wearing a skirt or dress on Friday would get it pulled up by a boy. Boys can be so juvenille at that age - still are at this age. But they just mature slower than girls. Though, even some of the girls are still immature.

Anyway, I have to go,
Bye bye,

Heather Fri Jan 21 22:14:17 PST 2000

great funny typos yeahhhhh

Heather Fri Jan 21 22:13:29 PST 2000

Hema! I can type lots and fast case I love it... just like everyone else here! :--) my smiley has a very long nose!
I thik i got really fast at typing when i took a computer course...and was bored.

Hema Ati Fri Jan 21 22:10:11 PST 2000

Hi Everybody,
Allein,your catatonics are the best.
But the fact that you are able to play with a 5 month old kitten ,as you were telling Heather, is making me very jealous.
Some time ago when I found a stray, I picked him up and brought him home.He immediately inspected my sink..
he did not drink the milk that I put out for him.
He seemed very anxious to leave and made it clear that
he did not approve of my sloppiness.
I met a cat in a farm.He is a 4 year old and weighs atleast 12 lbs.He is white and is known by the name "Butterball".He is a rude snob and makes it clear that he is embarrassed of acknowledging me.His message to me is- Dont act familiar.
My mom had the good fortune of having a tom cat around.He is very used to us, and hates it when mom has
to go out.My mom likes to iron her dress again in the
last minute, which makes the cat guess that she's going out.To protest, he crumples up her dress and sits on it.

A man takes in a starving dog, feeds him and takes care of him. The dog thinks- Wow!This man has looked after me- He must be God!
The man then comes across a cat who mews pitifully, and takes care of him.That cat thinks- Wow , this man has taken care of me.I MUST BE GOD!
Ever seen how your favorite chair becomes the rightfull
spot for your cat? My mom could not remove the cat even for the New year's eve party from his new found chair.
Heather , Man can you type!
See you all.bye

Heather Fri Jan 21 22:10:06 PST 2000

the post below is not supposed to look like it says
I read Japanese...
it is supposed to be (past tense) read Japanese club and...kittens and...

Heather Fri Jan 21 22:03:47 PST 2000

Allein - so good to know you're feeling fine! I was a Tomboy too, for a long while, and I dare say, I used to beat all the boys at hockey and cricket and sometimes even baseball! One of the guys I used to beat at hockey all the time (got hat trickS and he didn't) well, he went and got into the OHL (Ontario Hockey league - the one before NHL) and would have gone on to the NHL if he hadn't had tradgedy befall him. And I used to beat him all the time na na na na na to him. His buddy I also beat too, his father was the coach of the Soo Grey Hounds (OHL) at that time, and then went to FLA to coach NHL, and then later to Edmonton! (Terry Crisp) I guess I wasn't too bad a player for being a girl. Wish they had had girl's leagues when I played...I think I might have gone farther. Farther meaning played into my late teens, maybe University team - they have em now, but I'll be darned if they didn't frown on that then. GRRR. Wasn't meant to be, that's how I have to look at it!
Cause I can't go back now, too long since I've donned a pair of skates and sailed across the ice with a mouthguard in my teeth, the stick poised for one of my favourite wrist shots on goal... Used to love checking the guys, right into (and once or twice right over) the boards! OOOPH! And yeah, I got my share of the boards too. The guys weren't afraid to give it their full weight with me, I could take it -- at least then!(well, I did whine when i cracked a bunch of ribs) Loved football too, but they wanted me to cheerlead instead so I tried it and I thought why should we have to wear skirts at all? they just fly up when you do flips and kicks. So I got fired off the squad for not wearing mine! those stupid skirts are so short there is no point anyway, I dont see the problem...guess i should have tucked in my shirt though, cause I might as well have not worn the top either that day! OK NOW THAT IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION
but it was funny when it happened and I needed a good excuse to get kicked off the squad. Much rather roll in the mud after the football, then go kicking it to high heaven. Loved soccer too, was on the swim team, all that jazz. But I loved to play the sports, hard strenuous, not caring what i looked like, (a boy with pigtails?) not even noticing if anyone looked anyway, just out there loving the game. And I dont like to watch it on TV because i miss it so much.
and it's uselss to just watch and kill the desire to play it. so when i am in form to play again, (i can do some, like tennis with the kids, and kicking a ball around, etc...)I will start back at it.
and so many other interests and things I did when I was young! Probably why I still have so many different things I do now. Painting, writing, about you Allein? Do you still have ten million interests too? I read Japanese
club, and playing with kittens! That's fun but I dont like the teeth in my fingers. I have to save these hands.
Tell me all the pastimes and such you do!
While everyone else is at it, post and tell us your hobbies (other than the obvious) and just for Americo, post some outrageous goofball ones too - just for a laugh or Americo and his many personas can let us in on some wild hobbies of his own...

let's see, in my spare time I bungee jump from telephone poles, usually up Dead Highwayman's road, there the poles are at the edge of a cliff. Only problem is the thicket of prickles below...


Allein Fri Jan 21 21:20:33 PST 2000

Heather - I'm still around. I was at school today, then after school was Japanese club, and after that I went to play with my neighbor's kitten. He's five months old and soooo cute! His name is Ralph. He likes it when you take a laser pen and move the red light around on the floor. He chases it and just goes baserk - like psycho kitty. We've been friends with these neighbors since we moved here which was 13 or 14 years ago. They had a boy - Marc - who was three years older than me and we used to play together. He taught me how to make forts in the woods, how to ride a bike, rollerblade, wrestle, spit and swear. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was growing up. There weren't many girls on my street and the two around my age I wasn't really friends with because they were too "girly". So, I played with the boys back in the woods. About seventh grade I began to act and think more like a girl. I remember entering puberty at age 10 and that was terrible. Everyone accused me of stuffing my bra - they were just jealous because they didn't have anything. Because of my years as a tomboy, at least I'm not a wimp and I'm independant. I'm also surpised when guys show chivelry. My date at a dance last year opened doors for me, pulled out chairs and everything. It surprised me because there are so few gentlemen in the world these days (somehow, all the ones I know seemed to come across this website). My boyfriend is nice but he knows about the women's movement and lets me have some independence.

Rhoda - Don't mind Americo - I know he's weird. So am I, that's probably why we're such good friends. :) He's a really nice person.

Jon - I give you a scratch behind the ears and a hug.
And now for your reading pleasure, some cat quotes:

"A cat's purr is the sound of it generating cute."

"Actually, cats are QUITE good at domesticating people."

"The ancient Egyptians treated cats like gods - they have never forgotten this."

"All I need to know I learned from my cat."

"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast."

"Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God."

"My husband said it was him or the cat ... I miss him sometimes."

"Cats aren't clean, they're just covered with cat spit."

"Cat philosophy: When in doubt, cop an attitude."

"9 out of 10 cats prefer hamsters."

"CATS: Women love cats. Men say they love cats, but when women aren't looking, men kick cats."

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later."

"People that hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life."

"Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well."

Well, I think that's all for now.
Bye bye people,

Heather Fri Jan 21 21:03:02 PST 2000

Eddie! Just read your new addition to SM** and I liked it very much! Oh, I want to snuggle that wee lad up, and hug 'im all better for that bad whippin' he got from his Da. Makes me cringe so, ta hear about them things.
(But it sure aroused the imagery and I could smell the crab and shrimp on the small open fire, by the sea side, and mud..too)

Howard, where's Annie, did it go in the short story section of the WB? I'll assume it did, no need to reply!

'night all (I think) more writin' to do 'fore the night is through, and I am doubling up my exhaustion.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Fri Jan 21 20:20:23 PST 2000


Howard - just came from the workbook - read Annie - very good!

Will keep checking in from time to time, maybe even come up with another short.


Heather Fri Jan 21 19:48:21 PST 2000

Hello, all! Just flew in the door from work (the rotten time stealing device that it is...stealing time from my real occupation besides mothering - NO not posting! real WRITING!) And... And I see lots of posts to entertain me.

Hi Avatar, haven't had a chance to meet you on the notebook yet, I hear you've made a comeback from a long while ago! Nice to meet you.

Eddie! Did you say you posted another J.D. adventure? Yahooooo! Awesome!

Teekay - I didn't think it was sarcastic but thank you for making sure I knew it wasn't! You're sweet! I would be GLAD and HAPPY to read another of your stories!!! Send on the troops!

Howard - glad you'll post Annie in the workbook! You know I think that story is terrific!

Randall - I think I have feelings (besides the normal ones we have for our characters) for my leading male character.
(I know Americo was hoping I'd say my female protagonist, he is so mischievious - uh - wait, catschevious)
Anyway, it's not just you - but then some of this guy's physical attributes, well, can I just sigh? 'Nough said.
I think it has much more to do with his mannerisms and what he says though. (Don't you all say 'oh, sure'!)
I wouldn't say I'm in love with the character, but I sure could get there - have to shake myself and watch my writing hand... heh heh. If it gives you that much trouble at home, consider changing her to look more like your wife! Ha ha ha!

Rhoda - I agree that Americo is talented and a great person. I think he adds spice to the page - just find it a bit of a(n) harumph! grrrr. when I welcome someone and it's just one of Americo's figment characters...

John McIntyre, real or imagined: Write more poetry, about the other notebookers now. Come on.

Has anyone heard from Allein lately? She posted once yesterday...

I had a funny feeling Jon and Pussy were Americo from when I started reading the posts, just before I joined in the fun. The style says it all.

Jerry - our thoughts are with you and your wife! Hope you come back to post soon!

Hema, how are you?
That's the same for everyone out there - how y'all doin'?
I'm here, standing by.

well, I might trail off for a few hours, to write, and then I'll come back and read again!
Rest easy, with the down of feathers to tickle thee.
Hope I didn't miss anyone - and if I did I'm sorry!

Teekay Fri Jan 21 18:31:06 PST 2000

HEATHER:- The post I thought posted sounded a bit sarcastic, but for some reason it didn't post, which would have been fine if it hadn't, but I didn't know that it hadn't so I had to post the smiley faces so you'd know it wasn't meant to sound sarcastic. The message was this: Heather I really wanted to thankyou on that information so...thanks.
Now read again with the smiley face. Heather I really wanted to thank you on that information so...thanks:)
See the difference? Without the smiley face it is MEAN!

I agree, my story reads much better that way. I have another if your interested.

HEMA:- I am fun. I think. I would like to be fun. I amuse myself.

RACHEL:- You don't know how glad I am that you didn't copyright that laugh. Thankyou.

EDDIE:- I'm so glad you've posted another story. I've saved it to read later. I want to spoil my self when I do this. You know cuppa tea, biccies. I think we need a few more stories.

The posts are sooooo long that I've really not been able to read thru them properly. You watch I'll come across one I really want to comment on then have to wait till I'm on line again. I HATE WAITING!

JOHN MC INTYRE IS...lurking in the shadows if I am correct. Which I'm pretty sure I am.

Bye y'all.

Randall Fri Jan 21 17:56:32 PST 2000

Hi gang:

STOP! STOP! Please! My head is hurting with all the discussions regarding JM and Americo and I know Americo, have known him for years. Well...if not him then I know the personality. Yes, he toys with us (or you perhaps) :-) but Americo makes us think, by deriding the things he dislikes...or likes! You see, a diet of rational thought often enters into the rut of terminal boredom. You know, a trench of medicoricty (is that spelled right?). Life is like that, only in the mind of the very young are all things cohesive. Disruption, like it or not is the father of creation. Kinda like the Big Bang I suppose. Americo...whoever he or she, let's not forget that, stirs the pot and when it settles he/she stirs it again. Stew like chili or beans must be stired or it burns on the bottom.

Or burns your bottom. (Sorry, losing track. Once you get past 50 it's all over.) So Americo, keep stiring old buddy!

I hesitate to interrupt the flow of conversation but may I discuss a problem I am having? A woman problem. No, not my wife of 20 years...but the dreaded OTHER woman problem. Ever have trouble with the characters in your work? Perhaps one takes over the novel, demanding more and more attention? Well, a lady in mine has and I have fallen in love with her. Yes, yes it can happen. I now have a loving wife AND a mistress who exists solely in mind and book.

Good Lord Randall!!!! If that ain't the biggest mess of horse droppings I ever...

How not? She was created from within me. It stands to reason that an author would assign certain aspects of physical beauty and mental awareness to females in his work. The movie WEIRD SCIENCE explored this several years ago with the delicious Kelly LeBrock. :-) GRRRR Pant-Pant-Pant GRRRR.

Sorry, lost my grip there.

Still with me? How about you ladies, Rachel, Rhonda, Heather, Allein, Teekay. Have you fallen in love with guys created in your mind and assigned tasks in your novels? I look for my heroine EVERY day of the week. Ocassionally I see her, usually just a fleeting glance. I saw her in Wal Mart last month as we bought groceries. Nearly crashed the buggy gaping as she dissapeared from view. (Sigh) I believe she is toying with me.

My wife thinks I'm nucking futs and promises a messy divorce. What to do? What to do? Is writing suppose to be like this? You guys are worried about good old boy Americo? I should have your problems :-)

Oh, her name? You see it every post. Star Tiki, Navajo.

Gotta go, work tomorrow.

Rhonda: Did you get my e-mail a week or so ago. No big deal, I just needed a shoulder to cry on. By the way lady, I have found a Navajo writer and he promises to stay in touch.

howard Fri Jan 21 17:45:37 PST 2000

Guillaume -- Welcome (you too, Hema)! And this *is* a friendly page, just like a family where all the kiddies and cats and dogs squabble a bit once in a while. But no one is serious, except for Charlene, but she never says anything anyway, so you'd never know.

I get a bit disturbed once in a while when Americo takes too lightly the name of our Lord -- if he only knew what that name means to those of us who know Him! But He expects that, and He doesn't get angry, so how can I?

I'll post "Annie" soon, have to go pick up my granddaughter right now.


Guillaume V. Fri Jan 21 16:54:27 PST 2000

Eddie French - Let me laugh. I can see where this implication and assumption on your behalf is based, but, I assure you, it has no basis.

I am an emerging writer. I had thought this was a friendly page, perhaps I am mistaken.

Good evening
Guillaume V.

Pussy Fri Jan 21 16:41:54 PST 2000

Jon - I am here you wicked cat. You have not been paying me enough attention. Come to bring all of my best loved treats and we will see if we can come to terms. Come and read to me from your book of words. I will purrrrrrrr with contentment.

Eddie French Fri Jan 21 15:58:18 PST 2000

Oh oh.....Not again!

Guillaume Fri Jan 21 15:50:17 PST 2000

I have been reading over these posts for quite some time and I begin to wonder about you people. I am the man of the long sword. I will take this John McIntyre and I will take Jon, or any other who would think that they have even a glimmering of knowledge about the art of the sword and I would teach them a most amusing lesson.

Guillaume Fri Jan 21 15:50:13 PST 2000

I have been reading over these posts for quite some time and I begin to wonder about you people. I am the man of the long sword. I will take this John McIntyre and I will take Jon, or any other who would think that they have even a glimmering of knowledge about the art of the sword and I would teach them a most amusing lesson.

Eddie French Fri Jan 21 15:47:54 PST 2000

I have come to the conclusion that I no longer care who JM is. It was entertaining for a while and I enjoyed the mystery and the fun.
Nothing lasts for ever. Here's to the next mystery.

Episode six of young J.D. has just been posted. The title is: The Iron Graveyard
I hope you enjoy your day with Jack.

Jon Fri Jan 21 15:31:57 PST 2000

What I cannot tolerate is that the guy's name is a clear plagiarism of my own. The h in his name is just decoration.
BTW: I have nothing with that person. I said sorry to him yesterday only because I was told he is a great duelist and my sword is too small for his long shining aristocratic (oh, did I say aristocat...)
I AM NOT the bloody man.
BTW: where is Pussy? Anyone heard about Pussy? Where is my Pussy?!!!
Love-letter to me urgently, please! I'm so lonely, etç. Crying also.

Avatar Fri Jan 21 15:30:16 PST 2000

Okay, I just went down the veeery long line of posts.

Hugs* back to Americo. I am sincerely glad some one missed me. I really wasn't expecting anybody too.
Jon- How come (not meaning to pry) you and pussy are splitting up?

Did someone say something about the Titanic? It's sister ship, the Brittanic, was blown up by German spies. (I only know this because they are making a movie about it)

John McIntyre- If you're americo, nice job. If you are not, hello and welcome. You're poetry is rather interesting. However, I do have more of a preference for couplets or rather looong poems, so I won't go any deeper in critiquing.
Suffice to say I liked what you did.

Since I missed the short story day, I will instead post one I found in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shakespeare:

*A university writing class was asked to write a concise essay containing-


The prize-winning essay read:
"My God," said the Queen. "I'm pregnant. I wonder who did it?"

Later all

Americo Fri Jan 21 15:26:38 PST 2000

I see that this John McIntyre has struck again. I KNOW WHO HE IS. He tells it in his latest post. So clearly! But I haven't figured out yet who this secretary he likes to talk so much about can be. This guy starts interesting me. Quite a character!

Eddie, I'm afraid you are wrong. He told, in a previous post, that he has been "looking at us" for almost a year. He know agsousa, he knows Mr. French. He knows everything! He might be the devil. But, I repeat I know who he is. And there are other people here who know him perfectly.

Please, comrades, do not betray our party!

Long live our revolution (not his-- he sound rather reactionary to me, and his poetry stinks, wouldn' you agree?

howard Fri Jan 21 11:50:48 PST 2000

Would you believe I received a communication from someone at Writers Digest Magazine, offering some educational services or some such, and the person's name is Sousa!
Could it be?
Naw... too much of a coincidence!

Then I received (at work, where I administer mainframe userid security for a large corporation) a request from a person in Brazil, with the last name Sousa.

Now this McIntyre person breaks in on the scene with the same voice as the others.

Perhaps we're *all* figments of his imagination!

Too deep for me, back to work

Eddie French Fri Jan 21 10:52:59 PST 2000

John McIntyre,
Sorry but you really blew it this time!!
The only person ever to refer to me as Mr. FISHER is in fact non other than the infamous Mr. Agsousa, Jon, Pussy etc. etc. etc. As this slip was almost one year ago, I rest my case!

Rhoda Fri Jan 21 10:37:26 PST 2000


I meant characters he can play around with.

Rhoda Fri Jan 21 10:35:48 PST 2000


I have nothing against Americo's writing whether he puts John McIntyre's name to it or not. Americo is a talented writer. I have always thought so. Americo is also very imaginative and on occassion he is very funny.

All I would ask is that if he makes characters up he would admit to them. He has in the past.

No, Heather, we are not all Americo, though I think Americo would love to cast us that way. I think that he believes we are all characters in some great work of his. (Didn't we work on a project with that type of theme?) We are not people; we are just human beings that he can manipulate and play around with. He can mock our feelings, fire our passions, and sit around and laugh at the result.

Enough said,


There, I refuse to discuss him anymore.


Rachel Fri Jan 21 10:22:04 PST 2000

All - I can't take this! Go back over the posts of the past little while and you will see just who John McIntyre is!


Rachel Fri Jan 21 10:17:26 PST 2000

Heather - Jon and Pussy are Americo, So are the Kewinkedinks. There are others, but they have slipped my mind.

John McIntyre - Welcome:)

Take care all (grins and laughter)

HA! HIS EMAIL IS A FAKE Fri Jan 21 10:16:18 PST 2000


Rachel Fri Jan 21 10:12:04 PST 2000

Heather - I have only posted that one story in the workbook. I did not write the story of which you speak. Nope, can't take the credit.

Children and their names. This is no simple matter. I know that my husband and I considered the names of our children very seriously. We wanted them to be good, sound, strong names. Not anything flighty or fluffy. We would sit and consider this for a long time, at least with our son. We knew what we wanted to name our daughter, but if we had a boy, well that wouldn't be quite so easy, we didn't have a name we were completely in love with. For him we decided upon Keegan. Then when he was born he was not a Keegan, one look at him and he was a Daniel. My husbands name is Dan and he had said he didn't want Dan Jr. but it has never been Dan Jr. My husband is Dan and our son is Daniel, he doesn't shorten his name and neither do we.

Our daughter is called Jordan. We decided on her name long ago (I know this is lame, but we heard the name in the move Cocktail and just loved it). We made a decision that male or female that our second child would be Jordan.

We wanted to decide on a name so Daniel could know who was coming to play. By the time Jordan was born he could say her name. I'll never forget him coming in to see us at the hospital. He had two bunches of flowers in his little chubby hands. He held one out to me and then thrust the other bunch towards the baby bed and squealed "Dordy!" It was so cute. (So he could almost say her name, it was close enough for us).

Oh, Daniel is (8) and Jordan is (7) And before you ask, yes I did have them that close together on purpose:)

So those are the names of my children. My foster sons are Liam (17) and Corey (11) I don't know how they came into their names.

My husband as you likely already knew from my e-mail address is Dan. He and I have been together for the past 16 years. We have been married for 9 of those years and we are the best of friends. We met up as kids and just sort of grew up together. Okay, the fact that we ever grew up is open to debate. We can both be a couple of big kids, but I don't really think there is anything wrong with that.

Yikes, what a blabber. I'll stop.

Take care you

Heather Fri Jan 21 10:10:32 PST 2000

I had a paranoid thought that all of you were Americo and I was the only other person here...but that can't be possible and what a freakish scary thought anyway!
John, your words do have a similar ring to A*'s, Rhoda, nice sleuthing. But I still like the poems he wrote, be he a being or a double. I felt the previous postings of John and A* were even more alike. Same voice - or at least we thought so.
John, if you want to prove you aren't Americo, you'll have to give us a web site address with a picture, biography, proof of birth, etc... (I'm kidding)which can be compared to A*'s for positive identification.
But anyone else notice that Jon, Pussy and Americo usually don't tag an email address on, and they sound alike too - so anybody could have posted it. Pussy sounds awfully like Americo's hidden femininity, am I right? Or do you know her and she's actually real?
Heather again...
I'm going now. Bye!

Heather Fri Jan 21 10:02:46 PST 2000

John, thank you for your poem, I am smiling and honoured you would think of me.
Keep posting, what yummy words you write.

Rhoda Fri Jan 21 10:02:04 PST 2000


Sorry, pal, you don't sound real. I've had the privledge of reading most of Shadows. I have also been reading Americo's posts for over a year. You are him, and of that I have no doubt. If you are in doubt of your identity, some help might be in order.


John McIntyre Fri Jan 21 09:52:45 PST 2000

Dear writers,

My secretary and I smiled sadly at your brave attemps to find my identity. Even Mr Fisher, a compatriot of the mythical Sherlock Holmes, went wrong. No, I am not Mr Americo (aka, agsousa). On the contrary, I intend to dethrone him from the hearts and minds of the ladies and gentlemen of this site, where he has been spreading the seed of evil in the form of unorthodox ideas about Literature, Religion, Family and Morality.

I am not keen on mysteries but enjoy a good puzzle. With this in view, I clearly state my true identity in this post.

I am a poet (yes, Mr agsousa, I bow my head to your classification of mediocre) and would like to share with you the taste for words and deep meaning. I would like to start my day with two little poems that pay modest but heart-felt homage to two of the most cherished Notebookers. Should I find approval in your hearts, I promise to dedicate poems to other Notebookers in the future.

(to Allein)
Her lone kimono
Warbles meekly with this boy
Though the shade of the first one shudders.

(to Heather)
I saw a fresh angel from nowhere
Whose boot was so thin he could tear it
Without dancing much.
Don't say that he pranced out
If his rabbit shan't rabidly bare it!

Please forgive the spelling of merry England and the English of an impoverished aristocrat born and raised in the Russian hinterland, till he ran away to New York City, where he now resides.)

Heather here I go again Fri Jan 21 09:49:49 PST 2000

SORRY TEEKAY I thought Rachel wrote your ALICE PRATT story in the workbook. It's naptime, no doubt about it.

dang it! Fri Jan 21 09:40:07 PST 2000

oh well. didn't fly. *sniff*

testing testing Fri Jan 21 09:38:51 PST 2000

(c) there! did it work??? H

Heather oops forgot to add Fri Jan 21 09:36:04 PST 2000

Rachel: it's so nice to hear someone being so excited to see family! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
Babies! Love babies. Babies babies babies.
I know of only one other child named Raven, like the name a lot!
My kids' names are Hailey Amethyst (my daughter, age 7)
and Christian Cole (my son, age 2)
I wanted to find names that were a bit different, not named after someone I knew, and all that.
Funny, but people have asked me if I named Hailey (last name Myles) after Hayley Mills, (PolyAnna, The Parent Trap) and I actually didn't! I hadn't heard of those movies until after the kids were born, named and watching the Disney channel!
Coincidence, it was.
Heather (I swear I'm not tired) M.

Heather the unsleepable Fri Jan 21 09:30:42 PST 2000

Hey Rachel! When was the last time you were in the workbook? I think it was you who wrote the story about Alice Pratt? I liked it - what a batch of baking, I tell you!


Rachel Fri Jan 21 09:11:18 PST 2000

I am going to get into the workbook this weekend. Jack re-sent the password, so I'm ready to go:) I am looking forward to reading up on what's been going on in there!

Hey! Tonight I'm off to see my elder brother get married. This is nice. He has lived with his girlfriend for a long time, and they have been dealing with immigration. Teresa had a daughter and mother that she wanted to bring over. Now their family will be complete and now they will be married. It is beautiful. While all this has been going on my brother and Teresa decided to stop waiting to have a child and just went ahead and did it. I will meet Raven for the first time tonigh. Raven and Nella at the same time! Two new nieces in one meeting. This is exciting for me. I've already met Teresa's mum, she is a wonderful woman. I wanted to go see them sooner, but I've been pretty sick and I didn't want to spread my germs all over Teresa's mum (who is not well) I also didn't want to put the baby at risk of being exposed to a nasty bug (no, not me, the cold). The rest of them I would have risked it (grins).

Sorry to babber, I'm just feeling excited!

Take care all

Heather Fri Jan 21 08:18:02 PST 2000

Mornin' all...

Oh, no wonder it didn't work! Thanks Howard!
For some reason, I thought I remembered there being a period there, before the bracket...
And Howard, Annie is a terrific story. I loved it - even though I think it's Disturbing with a capital D! Eerie. Green pants - aahahahhah that is scary enough for me -
Did you ever read the Dr.Suess book 'What was I Afraid Of'?
It's about this pair of bright green pants with nobody inside 'em...(they walk around and this little Suessian character meets him in the night and they both get scared of each other! Well, scared the PANTS off me when I was young but it was my favourite story!) The green pants in your story, brings a whole new meaning to green, that's for sure. SHIVERS! Well written too - you have a gift for it. Writing with the inner child.

Yikes I'm still feeling weird after the lunar eclipse last night...or is it lack of sleeeeep?
wishing for zzzz's.

howard Fri Jan 21 07:29:40 PST 2000

Randall --
That story is excellent! It's one of those that you don't just hear -- you FEEL! Nice goin, pard...

Heather -- no . after the c in (c)

All -- When I get home tonight I'll post "Annie" in the short story area.

back to work now...

Rhoda Fri Jan 21 06:22:34 PST 2000


Bravo!!! Your grandmother is quite a lady. I loved that story. Delightful.


Good imagery in your story. Very stormy and violent.

This morning I took time to read the stories posted in the Notebook. What a treat!

Got to run now,


Fri Jan 21 00:04:44 PST 2000

Allein - if you ever get depressed like that again, you must email or icq or post and let us know - and we will gladly send you oodles of love notes. That's enough to keep most people glued right here.

Hema! Laughed (ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing)
and rotfl and laughed again about the microsoft poem versions. The last poem, posted below could be
"Nameless 1.0"
and last week or a few weeks ago someone put in a little anecdote about a guy who wanted to grow up to write things that made people cry, rant and scream with frustration...
could the person who put that story on the notebook please correct this terrible recount? ANyway, it's in the archives... it did have to do with the 1.3, and the 1.0 Hema, really!
I'm tired and it shows. Clap your hands!
Heather (last one tonight...zzzzzzzzzz)
Jon, where is your story, huh? All you guys calling for the stories and you don't put one in too? HMMPH.

Heather Thu Jan 20 23:28:36 PST 2000

Did you all savour the absolutely awesome sight of the lunar eclipse this bountiful night?
Like a veil of crimson gauze swept over the White Lady's eyes.
Bet everyone was squirming over it too, eclipses do strange things to humans. Tide pools, salt water, 75% of our bodies, things like that. Nature. Deep breath in! AHHHH sigh.

OK, I found a little harsh ANTI-love note, scrawled from long ago, and thought A* just might think it 'fun'. He might mistake it for a regular love note, however, he being a backwards and upside down kind of quadripad. dog or cat, you choose.


Fist of your love
Splatter chest
of blood
To beat
Your angry vigil
In my Heart.
No more can I
This pain for you.
I have bled
All a stone
Could ever wash to shore
And still I hear
You whisper
To me; dreamily for more.

(c.) Heather Myles 1996.

(I'm obviously not using ms word for this - the little copyright symbol didn't arrive. (wahh)

night guys - and yeah, my night owl self is prowling, in search of a few furry beasts to prey upon.
Well, could be a sign to turn in, pull up the duvet and pass out!
Thanks for being here, you guys. I really need to know you're out there! My Faerie Queen (best friend) lives so far away, I fear we're suffering from this distance, much more than we had thought. My husband is sleeping (we saw the moon together first) and I wonder - how could I possibly be lonely with all these friends right here...beside me...hey! where?
but that was so long ago we all lived in this town! People drift off. Was it really 5 years ago, last time there were all of us here in one room?

Heather Thu Jan 20 23:00:02 PST 2000

Randall: APPLAUSE!! Raaaa ra raaaaa yahoooo woooohhhh!!!
Yeahhhhh ssssss yeeeeeaaahhhhhh! (that's the crowd)
BTW, I liked your story.

Lots of ghosties to give us the shivers lately, no?

Hema - anytime. Encouragment I think I can always manage! Think about adding one soon, OK? We won't really bite.
Some of us just sound like it.

Teekay - sorry, I didn't mean to go into a huge speech about paper 'weights'! Just saw how long that post was and ulp! I don't think it was supposed to stretch for a mile.
The paper is just called that, and I'm SURE you're right - most people would have no idea what it is! I'll go into the chap and just take that out... sacrifice maybe three whole words!!! Oh, ouch, whatever. We all have to kill a few precious words from time to time(OK, sometimes paragraphs, sometimes pages - the tears are leaking now guys).
Three won't hurt a bit. (well, not much)!
I got your new version of your story, too Teekay, and plan on reading it very soon - I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipation! BIG OL' GRIN.

Heather (yeah, I'm still awake, anyone else?)

Rachel Thu Jan 20 21:10:18 PST 2000

Teekay - You can use the evil laughter any time (smiles). It isn't mine, I belive that evil laughter is for everyone from time to time (big, bright, and very weied smile) - Bwa, ha, ha, ha!

Take care you

Rachel Thu Jan 20 21:08:39 PST 2000

Heather - I'll need to scope out a new, old dictioary (grins). Thanks for the tip.

Take care you

Allein Thu Jan 20 21:04:30 PST 2000

HEMA - which poem are you talking about. I haven't posted one recently, but I think there are some in the workbook and there's one on my webpage (a dumb one).

Well, everyone, I've been doing okay. A little depressed - yesterday I wanted to curl up and die. But, I'm okay now! :)
Bye bye, everyone.

"Children, like animals, use all their senses to discover the world. Then artists come along and discover it the same way all over again."
-Maya Angelou

Hema Ati Thu Jan 20 20:51:27 PST 2000

I knew it !
I knew it !
I knew it !
Jerry ,I had a feeling that seeing all that must
have made YOU feel disgusted.Besides , it has a lot to do with the environment and upbringing as well.
Sorry Teekay ,but annoying you seems FUN!
LIKED THE SHORT STORY.Whats all this talk
about Annie? send it to me too.
Heather,thank you for those encouraging letters.Havent steamed up the windows of a car(-)riage but have seen it done 'aboard' the "TITANIC"!
Allein , I liked your poem.If you have touched
it up recently let me know.(Poets sometimes do
that - I think, like Microsoft they ought to
quote the version number .eg- The lady ,
version 1.3!)

Randall Thu Jan 20 19:48:18 PST 2000

Good evening friends:

Goodness! Such energy expended tonight (and today) Short story? Okay, I'll play the game.

Grandma and the Mexican

I drove to my grandmothers old place one cool winter afternoon. It wasn't in the family any longer, mom and her sister-in-law sold it a year after my grandmother died. But, I know the owner and he told me to drive down every now and then if I got lonesome for the old place.

Her home sit's atop a little tree covered rise in Mason County. Maybe ten or twelve miles, as the crow flies, southwest of the small community of Fredonia. Nestled among old oak trees it rests alone in the brushy isolated pastures of that region.

I drive slowly along, up a narrow, winding, weed overgrown lane arriving at the abandoned home about dusk. It's in a sad state of repair, windows gaping open, doors gone. Forlorn now, never to know the laughter of young children at play. Soon, in a few years it will fall down, dissappear in the fog of time.

Grandma is still here though, it was the first home she could really call her own and why let death interrupt a good thing? I know she's there. I've seen and felt her presence many times. I loved my grandmother and spent a lot of time with her, down among the brushy hill country of Mason County.

I drive to the back of her home, where I always park and step out of my pickup. The back yard gate is long gone, fence down, cattle have been around and cow piles lie inside her once, well cared for lawn. Fruit trees that she so lovingly cared for are long dead, killed by grazing cattle and lack of water. Her old windmill is churning furiously in a chilly twilight breeze. It's in disrepair as well. The hand brake is broken, allowing the blades to turn freely. As a youngster many times she would tell me to set the brake as the wind threatened to tear the blades apart.

I'm on the windmill now working to attach a small cable when I feel her. I glance to the back door, and yeap, there she stands. Dressed neatly, her hair slightly out of place, she has been cooking. Luminous streams of light surround her, the figure is quite clear. Gentle, soft illumination from a kitchen long dark and long ago flow from the window and door. Grandma wears her Sunday best, starched and pressed homemade apron, flour covers her hands and forearms. She's making bisquits as she did thousands of times over a lifetime of caring for her family. She smiles and nods at me, as if in approval and turns away. Back to her chores.

I return to my labor. It's winter dark by now, getting cold and I wish to be away. All at once headlights move up the narrow lane and approach the house. A shiny new Dodge pickup, disel power, multi chromed pickup clatters to a stop next to mine. Somebody is here.

A young Mexican man, dressed for a fandango steps out. Beautiful hat, vibrantly colored shirt, huge silver belt buckle and outrageous cowboy boots, he is obviously headed for a Saturday night dance.

He walks arrogantly up to me. "Hey friend, I don't know who you are or what you're doing, but you're trespassing. Get down and get off this property right now."

"I have permission to visit and all I'm doing is repairing the windmill."

"I could care less! The God damned windmill is old and wore out like the rest of this dump. Now you get down and get the hell out of here."

I detect other people inside the pickup and it's a worst case scenario. He has family or friends with him and catching someone doing something inappropriate, he is playing to the crowd. I began to climb down and glance to the back door. Grandma is back.

But Grandma is different now. Her face is highlighted by years of Church of Christ teachings from the small church in Fredonia. Never...ever...never, use the Lord's name in vain. Her face is of a destroying angel as it shrieks down upon the infidels. Not making bisquits now, no longer puttering about her kitchen, she is prepared to destroy, rend asunder. The suffering and deprivation endured over a lifetime have now achieved focus. Someone is using HIS name in a curse and accousting HER grandson at the same time. From beyond the grave, in righteous indignation her earthbound spirit utters one word, crystal clear, as pure as a glass chime.


Looking at the young man, I see the impact of her command. He turns to see who called? But what he beholds is not what he wants to behold. In the dark night Grandma is looking down at him, from inside an old abandoned house. Do you understand what I mean? She is looking at him! The sofy, gentle light once around her is now harsh, edged in the red hot, icy cold spirit world beyond human understanding.

Underneath the high crowned cowboy hat his face turns pure white. As white as the driven snow, white as a baby's bottom. But the eyes! The eyes upon him! Grandma's eyes are the black of an open grave, her mouth a straight razor line of dissapproval. She is a demon from hell.

Gone now is the young man's arrogant expression. Replacing it is the look of someone frightened almost to the point of death. Inside the pickup I hear a woman reciting Hail Marys in Spanish. Someone else has seen Grandma.

He backs slowly away, face drawn to that surreal, unearthly apparition that has transfixed him. In the doorway stands a figure that will haunt him to the day he dies. He dares not turn away, he backs into the pickup, stumbling, still not able to break away from that terible glaring figure.

They depart, quite hastily I might add. Alone in the bitter cold night I finish my job and also depart. The old windmill is silent now held in check by my repairs. My grandmother's home is dark, the light which streamed so intently from it minutes earlier, softly faded as the pickup raced away.

I know that she is inside though. It will always be her home, even when nothing earthly remains. She will linger on, making bisquits for me. One day I shall sat beside her and eat one.


Teekay Thu Jan 20 19:42:13 PST 2000

I just pushed a button and it posted my message and I wasn't even ready. I just hate that..don't you?

HEATHER:- I know that message sounds really sarcastic without the smiley face so here it is :-) It posted before I could put in on the other message. You'd never catch that happening with pen and paper. Aaah the good ol' days.
Also what I wanted to say was that I don't imagine that many people would know that about paper. Well I don't and I really thought I knew it all when it came to.. you know...what's it called?..that white square stuff?..oh you know what I mean.
I'm feeling a bit insane today. Like giggling madly. I know, I'm going to invent my own hysterical laughter that everyone is going to want to copy, just like Rachel's psychotic, evil, mad persons laugh. Here it is.......
I wonder if it will catch on?

HEMA:- I told you. I told you to ignore my last post to you, but did you listen? No!

STEPHEN KING:- If your out there could you please let us know, coz your my idol. 2nd to Jon.

Teekay Thu Jan 20 19:29:31 PST 2000

HEATHER:- Yeah, but it read like each sheet weighed that much. Thanks heaps for your critique. I've made the changes you suggested and have sent it back to you.

RHODA:- Thanks for chapt.4. I was waiting and waiting and waiting.

Bye everyone, am going to read the posts off line.

Thu Jan 20 18:58:37 PST 2000

At the risk of posting too oft, Teekay, I had to answer a Q you posed a while ago (email?)
About 20and 40lb paper. It doesn't mean the sheets weigh that much each, it is the weight of how much wood pulp per gallon (or something) of the base for that particular type of paper. 40 lb paper is that nice thick stuff, for very good copy, usually reserved for invitation quality printout, 20 lb is the more common, the type that manuscripts are required to be on, (in most cases) - rather than the thinner 16 lb. Many cheap printer paper is 16lb. Or that thin writing tablet stuff might be even less, but printer ink smears on it, or it is too thin and see through for mss'.
Artist paper, like for watercolours, is even thicker, I use 140 to 300 lb. cold pressed. Card stock is what they make business cards on.
Now you know!
Thanks for sending the story and I replied to your email too! (smile!)
Heather (again and again)

Thu Jan 20 18:41:20 PST 2000

Rachel, the old dictionaries are great! I found my old one at a church sale. Used book stores are good for finding them too, I'm sure that's where I'll be finding my next gem.

Heather Thu Jan 20 16:52:07 PST 2000

By the way, Hema, I think what you said was good. I see-saw sometimes, but I don't get into what might be termed as 'smut' (ie;Hustler or other articles in such mags)
but once in a while I like a nice steamy scene to whet the appetite. I also think it could easily be skipped, and left much to the imagination - and (depending upon the author) it is usually well done and says just enough. Was it in 'Lady Chatterly's Lover' where the two took a ride in the horse drawn carriage, and kept making the driver go around and around because they weren't finished making love in the carriage? That scene was written so that you understood perfectly what they were up to in there, but never really stated it outright. A nice example of how to write a scene without having to put in every particular.
Hm. Steamed up the windows of a carriage, lately?


Heather Thu Jan 20 16:43:24 PST 2000

Just checked back in and Hema! Why wait? Let your inhibitions drift away. We're all (dysfunctional but loving) family here! Wait if you must, but don't fear to post a story!

I don't have a catsdictionary, but my RottweilerDictionary smelled the cats and is hungry. GRRRR!
What a fine chase this will be. And I like tea.


Americo Thu Jan 20 16:41:51 PST 2000

This is to wish you all a happy weekend. I'll certainly have a good one, unless the virus of flu rides these heavenly pastures.

Keep the good posts flying (not necessarily at me...)

Bye, bye.

Pussy Thu Jan 20 16:33:59 PST 2000

Hi, people. I'm so happy!
Just to tell you that I'm so happy, and pretty, and... you please go on.
How about a nice cup of tea? Never drank it? Even as a child? What a shame!
Must go now.

Hema Ati Thu Jan 20 15:59:01 PST 2000

No Heather, I am talking about the letter I posted in
the notebook in response to the question Jack posed.
I am doubtfull of my paragraphs and short essays , let alone
stories.Not this soon!
Jerry !?! Where are you? Bye All.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu Jan 20 15:54:38 PST 2000

Hema, no, my job really didn't have anything to do with my attitude, I guess I know many officers who have, how should I put it, very dirty minds, it comes from the day to day contact with the worst type people. There were times when such contacts made me sick, such as arresting pedephiles, with pictures of thier sickness, and so forth. I think it is just a matter of upbringing and attitude, and maybe age.

Heather Thu Jan 20 15:50:53 PST 2000

Love letters and shorties. Hard to resist.

I shall never forget the moment you first touched my hand. To this day I can feel the gentleness of your touch, the smoothness of your skin, the closeness of your body, even if you are not here to hold me. But I will to never close my eyes without you by my side.
Every breath that enters my body does so with the joy in knowing your soul brushes mine; and lingers there.
Every thud of my heart as it beats to break all limitation does so because of how my being cradles the essence of you, and yours mine.
In your eyes I am warmed, and in your arms I am home. This love that is ours finds no boundaries, knows no pain, and sees forever as a goal worth aiming for.
Into eternity, the timeless body of the Universe, I see that the stars are but jewels in your crown, and the sun a spark of light in your eyes. We are constellations, in this great expanse of sky, together on a merry-go-round of life.

Hmmm. Not quite how I wanted it to sound, but since I'm not actually writing it on paper to give to my Beloved, who happens to be sleeping upstairs at the moment, I guess it being not quite finished won't hurt.
So, there you go, you can see a little of what I think of my marriage - WONDERFUL! And how I FEEL about him. LOVE! EVERLASTING! DELIGHTFUL! DELICIOUS! SIGH!
hey, Valentine's IS coming up - but that's just an excuse.

Rhoda Thu Jan 20 15:44:50 PST 2000


Sorry about that. I have to go drop off a kid to practice and pick another one up. I will get Chapter 4 to you just as soon as I get back home.


Rhoda Thu Jan 20 15:42:58 PST 2000


No problem. I called Americo lucky because he could do that thing that common folk cannot do. Come to think of it, I have no wish for such power. I have trouble enough keeping up with my present persona.


Thu Jan 20 15:14:17 PST 2000

Where is your story, Jon?

Heather Thu Jan 20 15:01:30 PST 2000

Howard, just downloaded Annie and going to make myself a delicious tea, toddle back to my comfy seat and enjoy it!
Thank you!

Heather Thu Jan 20 14:58:54 PST 2000

Hello, fellow pen-in-handed.

Eddie, enjoyed the posting. Bravissimo!
I favour English spelling too, and use it even if the Americans wonder what on earth 'colour with a u' is. It is rather like the common question I hear from the U.S. citizens : What the heck is 'Zed'? Well, folks, that's zee to you but zed to me. Canadians are taught to use U.K. spelling standards, and I grew up with that and would rather not change my spelling thanks!

Hema Ati, hi! Did you mean that you posted a story? If you did I haven't found it in SM**, and I looked in the short story workbook too, but it wasn't there either. I'd like to read it!

Rhoda - just got the feeling you felt it was positive because you said he was 'Lucky' to be able to call upon his alter ego/personas. (No harm no foul).

Well, where are the rest of the imaginations today? Let's see some more shorties!
Stuck in the quagmires of work?
Just a few lines, friends, that's all we wish to read!


Eddie French Thu Jan 20 14:23:41 PST 2000

Shortie night.
Ok, so I wrote this a while ago. It is a snippet from a longer piece. I have posted it as an example of 'colourful prose' (Note the English Spelling).
I write in this manner for my own enjoyment. It makes me feel good. You know what they say...If it feels good.......!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

For a thousand centuries the sound of the wind rushing through the trees had gone unheard for there were no ears to hear its passage.
For a thousand centuries the sun and moon had chased each other across the skies unseen for there were no eyes to witness their splendour.
But now there is an excitement in the dance of the wind about the land. Frantic eddys collide and whisper secrets to and fro. Trees lean eagerly closer to eavesdrop. The sun is brighter on this day and spring flowers bloom with the vibrant colours of youth, blue and violet, green, crossed with bold sashes of crimson red. The world trembles with contagious expectation, spreading over the surface of the still young continents with the rising sun, eagerly awaiting the momentous message of the seeking wind.

...A greying of cloud on a distant horizon, sensing the growing excitement, seethes with uncontrollable rage. Within minutes it has spread, unfurling with tremendous speed to the encircling horizon and beyond, hurtling toward the ancient forest. Dark forces snatch the wind and hurl it about the land with unremitting violence, uprooting saplings and throwing them against the older more steadfast giants of the forest, snapping off branches as they hit and twist away only to hit again and again until nothing remains but white shards weeping amber sap.

...An ancient giant finally lets go its weakened hold in the soft forest earth and begins its majestic death plunge before the overwhelming onslaught of the hurricane winds. Trembling with pent up forces it teeters precariously at the limit of its thousand year old boundary in the high forest canopy. A mighty crash splits the air asunder, drowning out even the deafening roar of the screeching wind for a moment as the heart of the regal giant finally breaks deep within its soaring boughs. Gathering speed, it collides with young adolescent, stripping the uppermost branches clean away until the stronger lower branches begin to break its fall. The young tree quivers with the strain for many seconds but its roots are already exposed and the momentum of the huge ancient carries it forward to the ground, taking the slender reachling with it.
Lightning begins to strike all around and fires begin to feed like ravenous demons on the scrub at the edges of the forest. Tongues of hungry flame reach eagerly for the food of fires' short life; the flesh of the forest trees. Great blackened tracts mark the merciless advance of the raging fires through the forest before the rains finally start. Weeks of battle exhaust both sides before the fires reluctantly recede to smouldering piles of heaped undergrowth. A third of the forest is laid waste, charred and blackened by the raging fire before the rains subside and the sun once again begins to filter through the grey clouds. The bright light of the sun gently touches the smouldering ruins of the forest and begins the long process of rebirth.

...On a bright, sun filled morning, long after the rage, a gentle breeze momentarily brushes aside a still green fond of living fern at the extreme edge of the scorched earth. This is the place where the fire had eventually succumbed to the valiant onslaught of the rains. A small vole-like creature, startled by the sudden departure of its covering canopy and the sight of the blackened openness stretching away forever, turns to flee the tormented rage torn ground. It rests only upon reaching the covering of rotting leaves deeper in the undergrowth where the dank musky smells and dim light embrace the returning mite in the familiar, comforting cocoon of it's own world halfway between earth and above.

©Eddie French 1999

Thu Jan 20 13:54:26 PST 2000

Ooops, "went" (I can spell this one)

Jon Thu Jan 20 13:40:15 PST 2000

Even more spiritual than Hitler was Jesus Christ.

People: where are your stories? I hear it's short-stories day today.

Mr John McIntyre, sorry to piss you off. I did not know you were a Russian Ortodoxian... Ortodocxsh.... can't spell this.

I went to the Workshop and froze. Frightening environment there. Corpses and spirits all around. I thought S* was about food (that's why I want there).

Hema Ati Thu Jan 20 12:59:32 PST 2000

Hi everybody,
I see that you have kept your fingers busy.
Thanks Jerry , for letting me know that you agreed.I hope you find the time to criticize the "posting".
In fact , I would love to be graded on a scale of ten.
Everybody is requested to do me this favour since
this is my first serious posting.
I definitely would like to gain from your experience as writers.
Also, please let me know the main criteria on which you grade a write-up.
Jerry, I saw your "biography".Did your job have something to do with your staying away from such things?
This question is meant to better my understanding the influence of one's job on one's writing.Hope its not personal.
Bye and happy writing.

Rhoda Thu Jan 20 12:14:45 PST 2000

Say or imply. Sorry.

Rhoda Thu Jan 20 12:13:11 PST 2000


I didn't say imply that Americo was admirable. I just said he was super spiritual. Hey, they say Adolph Hitler was spiritual too.


Rachel Thu Jan 20 11:47:06 PST 2000

Heather - Just so yah know, I wasn't offended at all. I was just kidding around.

I think that the older dictionary might just be my best bet. It seems the the words I'm looking for are not in every day use. I sort of wonder why. There are just so many beautiful words out there that nobody uses any more. We just seem to want to use the same tired old words over and over. It makes me feel a little sad.

I love to read these books because they have such rich language. It makes me dream (smiles and a sigh).

Take care you

Heather Thu Jan 20 11:37:27 PST 2000

Rachel! Never doubted your ability to use a dictionary, nor did I doubt you owned one! But it IS frustrating, when you know a word exists, but it's not listed! I find my best dictionary is my oldest. 1935 Webster's. The only words not in it are (obviously)the more modern foul language. Not that I need to look them up!

So should I check the workbook for a new addition to SM** anyone?

Heather (again)

Heather Thu Jan 20 11:22:28 PST 2000

Eddie! Glad to hear from you!
Uh, oh, better cover the wee lad's eyes! Don't want to make going to Mass all the worse for 'im! But I won't tell that ol' priest he's a sneakin' out early - but he's an eagle eyed Father, 'tisin't he?

Heather Thu Jan 20 11:18:18 PST 2000

Rhoda! I had no idea being scizophrenic was an admirable attribute! (I'll have to let Pegasus and Corrina out for a chat then)

And I have a sneaking suspicion Americo is up to a lot more than just being John McIntyre. (Sybil, is that you? Missed you, dear...)


John McIntyre Thu Jan 20 10:51:15 PST 2000

Mr. Jon,
I'm not at home (better, in the NYC hotel where I keep rooms) right now. So I could not read your aggravationg words addressed to me. I'm just phoning these words to my secretary, who will graciouly post them as soon as possible.

Mr. John,
My nanny in Russia taught me the little English I know. But I suspect that "piss off" is not appropriate in the mouth of an intellectual such as you. In normal circumstances I would invite you for a duel. My religious leanings forbide me to do that. My beautiful secretary's prayers have saved you from certain death.

Mr. Americo,
My secretary did not accept your invitation to meet her. Sorry.

Americo Thu Jan 20 10:40:36 PST 2000

Sometimes people post almost simultaneously. That has already happened with you and me. I suspect Mr. John McIntyre is you! He writes too well to be somebody else on this Notebook, let alone me (or I?).

Rhoda Thu Jan 20 10:34:51 PST 2000


I do believe that John McIntyre was (is?) Americo in another life. Americo is extremely spiritual, so much so that he doesn't have to wait to die to begin another life. He just does so whenever he pleases. Furthermore he can pass back and forth from one personality to the other at will. Lucky Americo.


I would be happy to read your short-story.

Happy writing!


Eddie French Thu Jan 20 10:30:27 PST 2000

I noticed that you replied to 'Mr John McIntyre' exactly 1 minute and 18 seconds after he had posted his last. It's almost as if you already knew what he had said before he said it. Given the time it takes to refresh the notebook and reload (after going to the input box and typing your reply), it was an extraordinary feat, worthy of mention. Don't you think so too Americo?

Eddie French Thu Jan 20 10:20:47 PST 2000

your last: (you can't just buy a soul a few minutes before you need it.) Has really put a spanner in Jack Dooleys' latest plan for a life away from the keen eyes of Father Clancy and the cold, cold pews in the church of St. Mary.

Heather Thu Jan 20 09:54:35 PST 2000

P.S. I noticed you said contribute to SM** but I just posted the shortie here instead. Don't know if I'll add one to SM** today or not. I'm contemplating.
Better keep your eyes open, A*, Rachel's got a dictionary and it's a big one! And now John McIntyre has his encyclopedia in his fist! Beware!
Were you Julias Caesar in a past life, too? Or Socrates? Could be the reason you like to provoke and that people are after you!

Heather Thu Jan 20 09:49:46 PST 2000

Since it's designated as short shortie day, I guess I will be the first to 'comply'.
John McIntyre, you are probably not mediocre, just humble. Don't let A* hurt your religious feelings, it's his soul in jeopardy, so let him writhe in guilt later. I don't know if he has a conscience(or otherwise), but we'll have to leave that one to the heavenly authorities!
And by the way, Americo, you can't just buy a soul a few minutes before you need it. Better pray Jesus doesn't read these posts! With your luck , He will. (As if He needs to read them being Omnipotent and all)

So, don't mind me...
Here's that shortie. (A little longer than the last one.)

Over a fading twilight, the crest of the moon rose to meet the curtain of indigo sky. She sat poised at the edge of a gentle, ambling stream, her toes just ready to dip in. Her clothes were strewn amongst the wild grasses. She crouched, hands to steady herself on the overgrown and eroding bank, her bare leg hanging over the water. As she peered out over the stream, she thought she heard the water's soft gurgling voice calling her to join. Then she heard a sudden splash, and looking across the shallow current, she saw in the milky light that large ripples were forming on the other side. "Oh!" she gasped, and lost her balance, the damp earth crumbling beneath her.

(A Maiden Fell)
by Heather Myles

Americo Thu Jan 20 08:29:32 PST 2000

I forgot to say that today is short-stories day. SM** is open to everyone talented enough (and courageously enough) to contribute. Open even to Mr. John McIntyre, though he is obviously just a mediocre poet, moreover Russian.

I hate the Russians. They are destroying Thetchenia, and the Orthodoxes of this world are silent. I sometimes feel like killing all the religious people of this bloody world.

Americo Thu Jan 20 08:24:27 PST 2000

Dear John McIntyre,

Please forgive Jon. He is a lost cause for literature and Christianity. We must understand him, though. His wife Pussy does not love him anymore and is going to divorce him soon (as soon as I build our little cabin in a forest by a lake).

As for me, I am religious (though not Orthodox). I believe in Jesus (though I doubt He believes in me). I am a good person (though I doubt it myself). Please do not go away!

Thanks for the prayers of your secretary. I wonder if I could meet that lovely girl sometime. I would like to thank her personally.

Jon Thu Jan 20 08:17:48 PST 2000

Mr. John McIntyre,

In my opinion you are a fake. Piss off!


John MacIntyre Thu Jan 20 08:16:30 PST 2000

I beg to disagree with Mr. Jon's opinion about "Lady Chatterley's Lover".
Mr. Jon is clearly an intellectual, but his view of D. H. Lawrence's novel as "not sufficently mature" struck me as too extreme. I remind the illustrious Notebooker that the remarkable critic F. R. Leavis considers Lawrence as one of the five representatives of the great tradition of English fiction — with no less than Jane Austen, George Eliot, Henry James and Joseph Conrad. Lawrence's vitality, openness before life and moral intensity are well infused in his "Lady Chatterley's Lover". "Sons and Lovers" (Mr. Jon's favorite) is also an important work, but to say that the former is not at the level of the latter is an opinion lacking critical evidence.

I would also like to remind Mr. Americo — whose posts have horrified me since I saw his first one a year ago —that the name of Jesus should not be used lightly. As a member of the Orthodox Eastern Church (Russian branch, in exile), I was hurt in my religious feelings. Unless serious apologies are publicly made in this very respected spot, I will not come back.

I sincerely thank the warm welcome provided to this modest poet (and your admirer) by prestigious members of this forum, such as Mr. Ericsson and, to a lesser degree, Mr. Americo himself. Although I must repudiate Mr. Americo's views on sacred issues such as family, Christianity and love in general, I'll ask my secretary to pray for his soul.

Rachel Thu Jan 20 08:14:06 PST 2000

Heather and all - I just need to clear something up (grins). I do have a dictionary. I have Webster's New World Dictionary, but I have found several words that are not in this dictionary. When this happens I am not very pleased. Oh, and before any of you cheeky beakies ask--yes I know how to use a dictionary. I can use the phone book too (grins). I guess I just need another dictionary. I also have a CD rom dictionary, but my computer can be a real sack of (insert beep sound here) and decides when it will and will not open these for mer (grrrrrr).

So, it would seem I am going to become a cyber thug... Yup, I'm real dangerous (laughter). Look out Americo! I have a dictionary in hand and I'm coming to thump you a good one (just kidding)!

Heather Thu Jan 20 07:41:30 PST 2000

Jerry, we will wait (impatiently) for another of your short story gems. Your wife being home may very well inspire you times ten!

Teekay, got your short story, and will write you back an email today. Also, my chapter 2 is in final editing process so just another few days and you'll have it in your hot hands too. Thanks for sending me the story! No cringing, my comments are NICE...

Hey, Howard, when you get a chance, send on Annie my way, ok? Anxious to read it! I have MS word so don't worry about converting it to something else. Still have yet to try the little (c.) when I'm using my MS. I don't use it when I'm online. Actually, I'm not even sure how. THat's something I haven't needed to do so haven't learned.... or can I anyway? I think it's possible, since your story in SM** has a copyright symbol. Maybe I'll just give it a try later, when I've a few minutes to play. See, I'm only computer illiterate if I haven't needed to use a function yet. So not TOO bad.
My kids look like pixies too. As my daughter grows up (so fast!) and she has boys calling on her (for she is much more fair than I) - I fear we will be beating boys off with baseball bats in the near future. And my husband will have a questionairre made up for any boy wishing to date her, followed by a written test, a blood test, a signed affidavit, and then he'll have to wear surveillance equipment. Do you think we're being overprotective?
She had a 'boyfriend' in Kindergarten. They even held hands once... This is why I worry. She's only in grade 2,and the other day she came home and said another boy likes her and wants to kiss her. OH no. The next day my husband said she should wear a helmet with a face guard to school!

And we also agreed that she wouldn't date until she was, well, how about 30?

Well, off to write I run.
Later, folks.
Keep those pens scribbling always! (Or the keys humming)

Heather Thu Jan 20 07:19:15 PST 2000

I think he wrote the love letter to himself!!!

Poor, desperate A*.

Rachel Wed Jan 19 23:50:50 PST 2000

Americo - Holy Blazing Fireballs!!! Wake up buddy and ding your bell! It looks like you have a bonified, secret admirer on your hands (big smiles). Congradulations!

A big hug for yah

Americo's secret admirer Wed Jan 19 22:11:08 PST 2000

Americo my beloved,

I hear your cry. A lonly sea gull far out to sea. It fills my heart with sadness that I can't comfort thee. So I sit here with the cruel sea wind and dream of our love.

I wait for you to come to me, creeping like a long abandoned cat. To find you way through the night and curl youself in my arms. To share my warmth.

So when your bones ache with weiriness and you cry forlornly to the moon. Remember me. Seek me.

For I am your haven from the dark waves, from the cold rain. I am your voices voice, your thoughts thought and your loves love.

I am forever yours,


Heather Wed Jan 19 21:35:58 PST 2000

Rachel! You hit Americo and I'LL give you a dictionary!
For free! Do it NOW.

Rachel Wed Jan 19 21:21:20 PST 2000

Jon - Oh I see you stretched out basking in sunshine of all the compliments... Oh, excuse me, that's you, isn't it Americo (grins).

Really, you have brought some wonderful thoughts to the page of late. You are as I have said before just a sweetie.

Take care you

Heather Wed Jan 19 21:13:03 PST 2000

Jerry, my thoughts are with you and your wife, and hope she will get better without surgery.
Know what it's like to have to wait to find out. My Dad is seeing a surgeon on the 21st about his back. He may need a metal plate to replace some of his ruptured disks (or brace them?) My grandfather had it done ten years ago - what a hell of an operation but it worked. Going to consult a surgeon is pretty nerve wracking. Will be thinking of you and family. But yes, I agree it is nice to have our spouses home on sick day although the sick part isn't great.
My best to you and yours.

And, a P.S. Americo sure loves to stir the soup. Antagonist! Vagabond! Brute! Befuddler! oh, wait a minute, he likes to be called those names. Grrrrr.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Jan 19 20:51:42 PST 2000

Hema, welcome, you seem to fit within our little family quite nicely. You are absolutly correct, I guess there is a place for such writing, but I would never write such things. I have read a few, back when I was quite young, it seemed the "thing to do", but I have long since given up on such things.

Heather - not quite up to another short, had to run 200 miles south so my wife could see a Dr. she is having some problems with her knee, he took her off work for the next 30 days. Will be nice to have her home, and I pray she heals without the Dr. having to do his job (he is an orthopedic surgon).

Americo - BAD AMERICO saying such things about our lord, just kidding, keep up the agitation we need such a person to keep the notebook interesting.

Rachel Wed Jan 19 20:14:08 PST 2000

Hi Hema - You're welcome:) No I haven't read Saki's works.

Take care you


Rachel Wed Jan 19 20:04:18 PST 2000

I peek at the screen with very wide eyes. A love letter! Gasp, blush, grin, spreading into a big smile, followed by merry laughter. Oh the topics we have had over the past few days (I slant a laughing gaze across at Americo).

Let me see. I think that the best love letters are the sort that were never ment to be a love letter at all. They are just the result of sharing something of yourself with a person for whom you have deep feelings, beautiful feelings and as you express yourself and share with that person the love just sort of spills out onto the page and there is a love letter. I don't think I could just make one up for kicks. Not unless I were in the middle of a story and then I would have the charactes all living and breathing in my mind. I would know them so well that the letter would just happen.

Ah well, those are my thoughts on the matter. Not exactly a love letter, but hey.

Take care all

Hema Ati Wed Jan 19 20:03:11 PST 2000

My first recollection of reading "adult material"
goes as far back as the early nineties.
Daphne' du Maurier's "I'll never be young again".
Sex and romance were subtle.
When I read the real thing I was horrified.
I felt very dirty.And thrilled.
I grew up.
I came across friends who read Playboy , bought
cd s with nude pictures .They said that it turned them on and that it improved the marital lives.
I would wonder how the spouse felt ok when the other one needed a dirty picture of a stranger to turn her/him on.Weren'they good enough for each other?
Did they have to imagine themselves with the "model"(male or female)
So what are their spouses?Dumpsters for their
I grew up.
To each his own.
But give me the gentle comedies with
delicate romances written by P.G Wodehouse any day.I
instantly feel better. The object of my admiration has a whole lot between the ears.
All those Victorian romance novels make my acquaintences look like very poor specimens.
Litrary works, it is said, (initially) represent the personal preferences of the writers.
So , to answer your question, I would try to emulate my
favorite writer and stick with Rachel's "peck on the cheek"
I also agree with the second point Rachel made.
Extent of inclusion of the sex and romance depends on
the kind of population I wish to reach.
Thank you Rachel , for sharing your opinion so clearly.
[Sex and romance aside, has any of you writers read Saki's works?
(his real name is H.H.Munro).My aim is to write
atleast one paragraph (in this lifetime)in his style.]
Welcome to the site John.Teekay, I did ask Jack about it.
Bye all.

Heather Wed Jan 19 19:56:44 PST 2000

Howard, just had a great giggle over your post. I think it was the indigestion personally. But I have been called an elf and a pixie before, but only by fairy goddess friends! (No, really, my best friend is Queen Fairie.)
If you look real close, I think my ears are even pointy. Could be play-dough however.

(Americo, I get to kill you if you make any more fun of me! But I promise to make it slow death so you can write it all down)...

Heather Wed Jan 19 19:49:56 PST 2000

WHOOOPS Major blunder.
Eddie - the question about Jack Dooley was for YOU!
(Maybe I'm not quite over the flu just yet)
Howard, the other parts were obviously about YOUR stories. Man, I think I need a new dose of Contac C and more rest again tonight!
Just kick me in the rear, will you guys?

howard Wed Jan 19 19:46:04 PST 2000

Almost forgot --

Heather -- "all over again?" -- Not with *every* pretty face, no, not at all. But some just have that quality about them - that pixie-esque appeal that just totally catches the eye (mine, anyway) and plucks at the heart-strings, and I say "Oh no, here we go again" (not that it happens all that often, not at all. But when I saw that smile...

o my...

Of course, I *had* been pigging out on bean-and-jalapeno burritos, but it *couldn't have been indigestion...


Heather Wed Jan 19 19:44:16 PST 2000

Howard - could you send me the Annie story as well?
Teekay - I'd be happy to read your short story too.
Jon, You'd have to shave off all your fur if you wanted me to like you! And get those claws clipped. Youch!
Welcome John McIntyre. There's no chance you have a sister who used to teach school in Canada, is there? A female relative? Looking for Ms.McIntyre, can't even remember her first name... was my grade 3 teacher. Can't even put into words right now what she means to me...

Allein! Glad you thought what I said was a good idea - was thinking you would get MAD. BUt, can't erase a post, once it's posted. Great idea, to say "Nathan? I don't know any..." just the right thing to say! Easier than getting an unlisted phone number.

Jerry, danka for the thoughts. Up to another short story for SM** yet?
Howard, any news on how Jack Dooley's doin'?
I liked "Late for Supper" even more the second time I read it. I loved the way you wrote it from your own point of view as a young boy. How he describes Mrs.Smith and her soul, very much how I would think a youngster would.

I think I'm tapped for another SM** addition right now. Have a few days of being sick and not writing on my novel to make up for. Chapter 3 is grinding me. At this rate it will be 40,000 words before I hit chapter 5.

Heather Wed Jan 19 19:29:28 PST 2000

A love letter?
(BTW I laughed, Americo, at the comment...)
A love letter. Ok, but it's only a half assed attempt (butt)attempt...

Dear depraved(insert name here):
One look at this naked thigh and you would be dying. Dying to kiss it all over. But only because I dipped it in Spanish Paprika first. I find your eyes mystical and full of dreams. Your head is heavy with sleep, so come and sit with me, let us partake in the fruits of life. The cake has baked and risen, and I've iced it with wicked thoughts. The meal we were to share has grown cold while I bathed you in attention, and later we will play a game of chess. I dress up like a pawn, and you a rook, and we go scampering out in the field.
In love and rapture,
(your own name here).

Well, that was a bit wierd but I won't erase it!
What on this Earth could it mean? Dunno. THe mind is a strange place to linger.

Have a great night, all,
May your dreams be of black and white squares. I mean, something nice!

howard Wed Jan 19 18:59:50 PST 2000

Rachel -- You're absolutely right! It occurred to me on the way out the door that I had forgotten Ecclesiastes,(Also written by Solomon) in between Proverbs and Song. And yes, some versions do call it Song of Songs.

Teekay -- I'd like to see it -- you know how I like short stories!

It's been cold here the past few days. I checked the thermometer this morning and it was still overdrawn. Orion's back, and he's left the window open again. It was -12F, with a wind chill factor of -40F the other morning. I had to thaw out the pipes in order to shave and shower before I went to work. No heat upstairs in our house (never had a house with heat upstairs) so we get to cuddle real good!

Jerry Lee -- Well said!

Don't look now, but I just heard from an old poster that he may be back for a visit. Be sure to welcome him back when he shows up!

later, all

Americo Wed Jan 19 18:47:45 PST 2000

INVOCATION: What can I say? Your posts have been so delightful lately!

VOCATIVATION: Randall, write that novel for me, please:our lovely French Recolution needs it.

TRICKATION: I am just a poor scribbler asking for the charity of your love-letters. Jon, Jon, why did you ask that? You knew that you would receive all of them and there would be nothing for me! Cruel cat.

WELCOMATION:John McIntyre, welcome to our bosom. I liked your voice. A cultured, civilized, soft voice. Just what I needed. You're probably too busy to post often, and too shy to speak to us, but we'll accept all you can give us -- with gratitude and, who knows, tears in our eyes. God bless you, John McIntyre. (I love this name-- full of promises!)

ERRATA: A "not" must be inserted in the sentence "Jesus died on the 7th January." The right sentence is "Jesus did not died ..." Oh, dear, that's wrong. I give up.

FINALTHOUGHTATION: After all we are all dead. We are communicating through invisibility and in absolute darkness. See the Workbook for more artistic information, namely Howard's story and my comment to it. But go there only if you are fearless people. The place has become dangerous frightening wuthering sibilant wet and awesome: ghosts bite your fingers the moment you click on the link "Strawberries and a Moon". Only for the brave. But how rewarding! Even John McIntyre would love some of the stories.

BTW: The next days will be short-stories days.

And a warm hug to AVATAR, the prettiest girl on the block. I really missed you, Avatar.

Teekay Wed Jan 19 18:00:16 PST 2000

HOWARD:- Got it. Thanks am going to read it shortly.

Is anybody interested in critiqueing a short story of mine?
Only gentle people who enjoy reading short stories need apply.

Jerry Lee Wed Jan 19 17:33:12 PST 2000

Yo all,

Heather, glad to hear that you are all doing better.

Americo, That's EXACTLY what I would say! But I would add that while your information on the date is wrong, the rest of the message is incomplete...Jesus DID die, but he's feeling MUCH better now! (and so am I because of it...)

Men think of sex more than women? I dunno 'bout that, but in general terms, it may well be correct. The reason for it is the interesting part, though... If relationships were a tennis game, the women would ALWAYS serve.
We as men can ASK them to start the game, we can even cajole and manipulate them into serving the first volley, but the fact remains, the women have the final say in when the match begins.
WHY does this matter???
Because if the men had the power in the relationship to say go/no-go, it would be the women doing the asking. It would be the women thinking constantly about when the next time will be. They would be the ones that would have to be ready without notice when WE said it was time to start the match.
Like dogs in the throne room, we wait for the queen to throw us a scrap of food. So we had better be instantly ready to scarf it up.
That's why we, in general, think of sex so often.
But then...I could be wrong.

Take care,
Jerry Lee

Yo all, Wed Jan 19 17:16:47 PST 2000

Teekay Wed Jan 19 16:46:31 PST 2000

HEMA ATI:- Ignore that last post from me okay. Late again.
These messages are taking so long to post.

Teekay Wed Jan 19 16:44:04 PST 2000

RACHEL:- Bwa ha ha ha back atcha baby.

HEMA ATI: You'd probably be better off sending Jack an email on that question.

AMERICO:- Well done old chap! I this ha ha ha ha. Not like this Bwa ha ha ha. I also slapped my thigh.

JON:- I love you. I thought that was obvious. I am attracted by your intelligence, your wit. It is not often one meets a kitty such as you. So talented yet unaware of your merits. Any how , I've gone off dogs after living with Benjii, he is such a smart ass...I mean butt.

Randall Wed Jan 19 16:13:38 PST 2000

Hi guys!

You know Jack, I'm going to have to get away from the notebook. My writing is suffering, I have two works kicked off but on hold as I spend time bantering with this world wide batch of delicious crackpots, never do wells, children, retirees, sex obsessed maniacs, serious and/or non serious writers. (Grins) That is, each to pick his or her catagory. At this point in my life I refuse to make judgement calls, mostly because I've been wrong too many times. Being on the notebook each day is like a large family reunion where the good, bad and the ugly come out of the woodwork. :-)

Know what?

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Americo: What a genius your post was addressing the French Revolution and our part in it. My hat's off to you! However, a word of caution my friend. Now, I don't wish for you to take this wrong...( a quick look around) Americo, your post could, and I mean this with all respect. (Whispers) Your post could give someone a tremendous idea for a novel. If fisherman are like writers, prime locations are closely guarded. A writer should guard ideas? Right? Wrong?

All the plots needed are in your post. Friendship, revolution, love (sex!), strife, turmoil, blood and finally... betrayal. It just might fly if the right person decided to do the research and spend a year on it. Huh? No not me, I stay away from writing a previous life kind of story. Too close to home. I'll take fantasy.

Previous life Randall?

Yes, I believe. 10,000 lives to perfection as the old monk told me from his position high in the Rocky Mountains one afternoon. (Well ... actually he was sitting on a bar stool in Durango) "Son" he said. The secret of life is in three parts, Karma, karma, karma. If you don't do it right in this world...then it's double duty in the next. By the way, how about another round."

Adios buckaroos

Hema Ati Wed Jan 19 16:10:24 PST 2000

Thanks for the response Jack.Will let you know as soon as I
am finished.
Heather, good to know that your kid's better.
HI JON! bye for now.

Rachel Wed Jan 19 16:09:00 PST 2000

Howard - It's been a long time, but isn't Ecclesiastes between Poverbs and Song of Solomon, or depending on your version I think it can also be called song of songs, but I could bed wrong, its been ages.
Take care you

Howard Wed Jan 19 15:45:02 PST 2000

Teekay -- I just sent you a copy of "Annie" It's in MS WORD format. If you can't read it I can convert it to something else. Thanks for the interest!

Secs? I prefer a triple sec myself, with a twist if possible...very dry, very old, can be very expensive.

Wait -- that wasn't it, was it? The provocation was SEX wasn't it!? Well, I prefer that too, with a twist sometimes too, (but not the rest). When done in the proper context (in books and for real) it is very much like the "little death" that I've heard written to describe it.
Frank Yerby wrote nicely about it in one of his books when he had the protagonist's lover tell him that she desired that their bodies "would make the long kiss, one last time."
Solomon wrote very nicely about it in the "Song of Solomon" (right after Proverbs, Americo).

There's more, but I must attend to something else right now.

see ya

Avatar Wed Jan 19 15:37:47 PST 2000

It's very amazing how dangerous it is for animals these days.
For example:

Hearsay at the vet clinic has it that a lady came in the other day wanting to put down a dog.
FACT- She hand-raised the orphan.
ANSWER- It isn't as obedient as my other dog.
FACT- how could a person be so callous as to take away the life of an animal that has been with you since the day of its birth?
ANSWER- ----
CONCLUSION- Lady goes home to 'think about it'.

The above story is actually true. I heard it today while volunteering at self-same vet clinic. Hopefully, I didn't forget to add anything.

SEX IN NOVELS- I have nothing add to the discussion. I am a teenager. That is all I really need to say on the subject.

ALLEIN- There are a few of that type of 'men' over here as well. Exactly the type that broke up with my sister after her devastating accident.(luckily she just got set back for a few months) The jerk is now blaming her for ruining his life when he did a good job of it himself.
Give your old bo a kick in the pants if he pushes it
(grins)And if this message is too late for the situation, ignore it!

Later all

Teekay Wed Jan 19 15:09:38 PST 2000

HOWARD:- I would love for you to send me a copy of Annie. Thanks

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Jan 19 14:09:57 PST 2000

John McIntir - would that be the same Trapper John we all know and love from that Korean War (moc Vietnam war) TV Show M*A*S*H? Just kidding, welcome to the notebook, jump right in and join the brawl, it is great fun, and what the heck we do write some rather good stuff from time to time, ask Jack for a password if you would like to join in and post in the workbook we can always use a new voice with new ideas.

Howard Wed Jan 19 13:49:01 PST 2000

Americo -- Wrong! I would say that I just spoke with Him, and He said that He's never felt more alive!

"Why is it that when I talk to God they say I'm praying, but when God talks to me they say I'm schizophrenic?"
-- Lily Tomlin


Rachel Wed Jan 19 13:38:15 PST 2000

Jon - So, if I were to hit Americo several times on all of the below mentioned parts of his body could I get this dictionary for free (wicked grins)?


Jon to his love Wed Jan 19 13:19:25 PST 2000

Allein: Fate has written our destinies on the same golden page. A page with the shape of a bloody dagger. With it we'll conquer the hearts and minds of the world. Heavens HO! No sky is the limit!

PS. I like Nathan much better than the more recent guy. Sorry for my catsness, I mean frankness.

Jon Wed Jan 19 13:12:13 PST 2000

Soccer interval.
Rachel, may I recommend you my own CatsDictionary? It's the best on the market. I'll make you a good discount ($10 if you hit A* on his head; $5 on the chest; $3 on his paws).

Jack (seriously for a change): Americo is reading "Lady Chatterley's Lover". What a coincidence! That novel is not sufficently mature for me. I never understood all the fuss about it. That's childish stuff. It also happens that I like the lady's husband. How can a wife be unfaithful to a war handicapped person? Pussy, for instance, only ... well, I'd better shut up. "Sons and Lovers" also by D.H. Lawrence, is better. And it also has some hot stuff in it (if that's what you have been looking for in these last twenty years, yes, you have, I can see it in your blushing face).

Back to soccer.

PS. It's indignation day. Let's strike here. Or write love-letters only.

Allein Wed Jan 19 13:04:14 PST 2000

Hey everyone!

Heather - Great advice. If he calls up I'll just be all "Nathan who? I don't know a Nathan." *click*

Jon - I love you. ((((BIG HUGS)))) and a scratch behind the ear for you.


Allein Wed Jan 19 13:02:29 PST 2000

Rachel Wed Jan 19 12:41:02 PST 2000

Yuh I really do need a new Dictionary. The only thing mine seems to be good for is for scaring away would be robbers. Ah well, at least its good for something.

Take care all

John McIntyre Wed Jan 19 10:45:10 PST 2000

Good morning to you.
I've been looking at you for almost one year. Quite interesting people around. Keep talking, please.
Must go now.

Jon Wed Jan 19 10:41:22 PST 2000

Today is indignation day. WE should all protest against A* thought-provoking posts. Did I say though-provoking? I meant just-provoking.

How can we protest? I suggest that we all suspend our posts for 24 hours. (There's soccer on the telly anyway, and I cannot miss it).

In alternative, we could perhaps write love letters to the people we most admire here. My love letter will be addressed to Allein (who else?)
Allein: I love you!
People: Please do not Valentinize the Notebook! It always makes me feel so jealous! I have nobody to love me. Nobody loves me. I'm so lonely. I'm crying.

Americo Wed Jan 19 10:34:06 PST 2000

Jesus died on the 7th January 2000.
(My post of today)
Here's how some of the most prestigious Notebookers will react to the above statement (notice also the punctuation):

1. Howard: it's not in the Bible.
2. Rhoda: it's not in my bible!
3. Teekay: who is that Jesus? Any bloody European?
4. Heather: What is Jesus??? (Must check the Workbook, maybe Jesus was also one of my admirers)
5. Jerry Ericsson: I must write a story about that, the theme (death) interests me. Interestingly enough a death, still in the, 20th century, the 21 is only next, year.
6. Jerry Lee: I wonder if Americo has the data right.
7. Allein: yes, and my brother killed him.
8. Jai: I always said sex is not good for anyone's health.
9. Jack: I promise I'll read that book on the coming weekend.
10. Rachel: Americo, please tell me if you are just being naughty or if the weekend did not go well for you. Should I buy that Jesus -- the word is not in my dictionary. As I don't know if you are kidding or not, I'd better laugh, just in case: Bwah, ah, ah, ah!
11.Randall: of course he did! And we killed him, or better, Americo killed him, I only drank the blood (but not in a pub-- we sailors, okay, I confess, it was in the pub).
12. Thomas: could we discuss this topic seriously?
13. Jon: I've always suspected A* is a terrible murderer.
14. Pussy: I'm not enjoying this topic at all. Must go and make some nice coffee.
15. John McIntyre: this Americo is still my best character in this Notebook novel. I wonder whether I should wipe it from the living or if I should let it exist for some more time. Yawn!

Heather Wed Jan 19 09:14:07 PST 2000

Just because your ex is back in town doesn't mean you have to talk to him, right?
Or for that matter, see him at all?
The best revenge is to forget he exists at all. Concentrate on your new guy! (And does the average American 17 year old 'guy' really think about a long term relationship?) At 17, I don't recall a single guy who was ready for that yet.

Heather Wed Jan 19 09:04:33 PST 2000

Hello everybody! My son is doing much better. He's still got the sniffles and isn't quite his usual frolicky self yet but he's certainly on the recovery road. Same for me - but I'm back in the game. Thanks to all for your concern and words of well-wishing. Much appreciated!

COntroversy, sex, controversy, SEX! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the...!
And taste varies so much from person to person... just like how much a person thinks of sex in one day. Variables!
All I can say is that if you write it and it's on the graphic side, but your editor leaves it in, it is probably tasteful enough for the targeted readers. Who are the targeted readers?
That depends! Do you write for your potential readers or do you write for you? Do you write for a specific genre? For a specific age group?
Me, personally, I just write, I don't have any idea where or how this novel will fit in the publishing world once it's done. It is 'adult' fiction, though - I do know that. I haven't aimed it at any target group of people. Also, none of my characters have had sex with each other yet. I will jump that hurdle when they call for it. I have written sex scenes before, and I prefer the happy medium. Leave some up to the fervid imagination of the reader, and add some details as necessary - enough to convey the mood, and give the reader a few ideas!
Hee hee hee.
sex, hmmm? thinking of sex...smiling and...time to go before I put my foot into my...
just a joke.

Rhoda Wed Jan 19 08:23:00 PST 2000


Count me in. I will happily join your movement.

Rachel Wed Jan 19 07:04:32 PST 2000

All - Sorry about the word "Ass" should have said butt.


Rachel Wed Jan 19 07:03:34 PST 2000

Allein - Glad to start up the kick Nathan in the Ass movement. I'll start gathering supporters (grins). Mind you if a force of women cross the American line intent upon beating upon a young man there might be some objections (grins).

All - I think the sexual topic is a good one. I have read some pretty graphic stuff and then sometimes to convey and justify the emotions of a character you need to go into some depth. I personally find rape scenes disturbing. I haven't had the horror of the experience, but I still find it disturbing and there seem to be many people who feel the need to write up this sort of stuff. I know it isn't consenting sex, but it is sexual writing. I often question the taste and necesity of descriptive and graphic rape writing. Then, that would be a good demonstration of how a person and their own feelings would influence what is and is not considered good taste. It's kind of a hard one.

I figure I'm pretty open minded, so I have to take it easy when I write (grins). Don't want to go making people cover their eyes (merry laughter), or maybe I do... Sure I can get bound up by my own conventionality from time to time, but I can also really cut loose in my writing and let my characters have a nice little romp. I don't really see much wrong with it, as long as it is in good taste (I used to be to shy for this, but hey, what the hell - grins).

After all the option is always open to the reader to set the book down and decide not to read it. That is the greatest power that a reader has. If they don't buy it, it doesn't sell and if it doesn't sell, well they won't really have to worry about coming across it again, unless it is being used to start their campfire.

Take care all

Rhoda Wed Jan 19 06:33:34 PST 2000

A couple years ago I was listening to a Christian radio program that involved family issues. The topic was "What are Married Couples to do when One Wants Sex and the Other Doesn't?" The narrarators of this show were amazed to discover that nearly all the people who called in were women complaining about their husbands' lack of libido. In the typical American stereotype, it is always the other way around.

I don't think it accurate that men think about sex more than women. Perhaps men just think about it in different terms. It seems sex is a more generic thing with a man, whereas a woman considers it in the light of a particular relationship. I heard another difference descibed by one other person who stated that, "Men are microwaves and women are crock-pots." I'll leave you intelligent people to figure that one out.


Generalizations always get us in trouble. I actually think there are many factors involved--upbringing, childhood trama, environment, genetics, etc. We have to be comfortable of who we are and not fall into comparisons. I think most things said about the male personality are a bunch of hype anyway. I think many men are like women in the fact that sex comes to mind more when they are around the right person.

As far as Jack's topic goes, that is a much too juicy matter to discuss right off the bat. I want to take some time and think on that one.

Happy writing,all!


Allein Wed Jan 19 05:53:48 PST 2000

AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! (did I spell that right). Anyway, by this point you're probably wondering what that was about. Well, last night I got a call from a friend of mine who informed me that my ex-boyfriend was back in town. Why is it that whenever I seem to get rid of him, he always comes back? What makes it worse, is that now I have a boyfriend - and a nice one at that. My parents actually like him and so do I. I'd go so far as to say I love him, but I'm not sure because I've never been in love before and don't know how it feels. Maybe we could just go on Jerry Springer and duke it out.
All Nathan (my ex) ever thought about was sex - while hiding under the innocence of being a pastor's son. Now, Aaron (the current), being a typical 17-year-old American boy, also thinks about sex, but he also wants a loving, caring long-term relationship (as do I). Now, it's no choice who I'm going to choose, but Nathan has been known to go all out to get what he wants. Luckily, Aaron is currently in training to be a police officer and carries pepper spray with him. Anyway, thanks for listening, if you've followed me this long.

Rachel - You wanna start recruiting for the 'Kick Nathan in the Butt' movement again.

About sex and romance in literature. I think sex is okay to put in writing, but as long as it's tasteful. I mean, if it's between two people who really love each other and is well written, then it can be put in. But, most people don't want to read graphic smut - that stuff is better left out.
Anyway, I gotta get to school,
Take care,

"Everything I learned, I learned in Kindergarten - listen to your teacher, play nice with the other kids, unless the other kids wanna fight, then you gotta kick the other kid's butt."

"Eagles may soar free and proud, but weasles don't get sucked into jet engines."

"The easiest way to a man's heart is with a chainsaw."

Rachel Wed Jan 19 05:35:56 PST 2000

Sex, sex, sex! Don't yah just have to love it!!!! (I rub my hands together and give you my very best evil laughter - Bwa, ha, ha, ha). I don't know who thinks about it more. I have read and been told that men do, but sometimes I wonder...

I know that I have sat around with a few ladies and spent entire afternoons talking about sex. Yup, it's true. I don't think anyone of us are nympho's either. We also talk about grocery shopping, our favorite recipies (ain't I just little Suzzie homemaker)? We talk about the chocolates and how they are doing in school and if we are all feeling that we have worked out enough that week, we will eat some children with our coffee and then get back to talking about sex! Oh, how it goes round and round (grins). (Nope, manuscripts from these conversations are not avaliable upon request, sorry folks - grins).

Do, I think about sex every day? Yup, Do I think about sex every hour? Probably. Do I think about sex every half hour? Some days (grins). Then there are days when I might not think of sex much at all, and others when it would appear to be all that is on my mind. I think that on some days a woman can meet a man easily for sexual thoughts, but that on average, they likely have us beat -(grin) in that direction.

Sex and Romance in a story - Hum, I used to think I couldn't write either of these things. Seems that I have found a way. Good taste would appear to be the question. It isn't easy to decide what is and is not in good taste, because we all have such different views on this matter. For one person a chaste peck on the cheek on the wedding day and a discreet "the next morning they awoak in each other's arms" will cover it. For others they are looking for more. For most? Hum, I duno. We don't want to be prudes, but we don't want to shock the socks off the general reader.

I suppose it is a matter of taste, but taste will be influenced by who you are writing for, what part of the world, the religious, political and economical stances and stabilities of each place.

Writing will always be something I love, something I do, but it isn't as easy as I had once thought. There is more to think about, more to do and consider than I had ever imagined. Yup, anyone can write, but it is a matter of writing something that people will want to read.

Writing what people want to read, isn't always what you want to write and so starts a new sort of cycle (grins).

I will continue to write what I love and as I love, but these are not necessarily the things that I feel will get published. (Oh sigh).

Well, I have to go. Yah see (grins) I'm working on this story...

Take care all

PS - Was the above post in good taste, bad taste, no taste (grins)? Hum...

Wed Jan 19 02:33:40 PST 2000

p.s. Just checked back and realized that Jerry had already started to touch on this dicussion. Given the proximity of Valentine's Day, it is appropriate.

Jack Beslanwitch Wed Jan 19 02:22:49 PST 2000

As a possible suggestion for discussion, what place does romance and sex have to play in the creation of our stories. Just how explicit does a romantic scene become before it becomes gratuitous. Where are the limitations in good taste versus the necessities to bring out the central aspects of a character. As examples in this regard, we could look at Lady Chatterly's Lover or Catcher In The Rye or any number of bodice rippers aka very succesfully selling romance novels and then flip to fiction from Hustler Magazine. The range is broad, but the reality as to what is objectionable and what is appropriate stretches across lines that are as dicey as those when discussing religion in terms of fiction or non-fiction. Still, this should provide a good little bit of potential topical discussion for us all to sink our intellectual teeth into.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue Jan 18 21:39:34 PST 2000

by instead of but

howard Tue Jan 18 19:51:19 PST 2000

Hey! We're back!

Randall -- I misspoke on R.E.Howard! It wasn't he that wrote "Colour Out OF Space." it was H.P.Lovecraft, who was a cut above every other horror writer I ever read. Sorry for the misinformation.

Teekay -- "Annie" wasn't in the archives here, but I can send you a copy if you'd like to see it.



Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue Jan 18 19:45:12 PST 2000

Americo – The MONEY the Money the money! – Why does it always have to be about the money, ok well the money began on the black market, in South Vietnam, with both drugs and black market items being sold to GI’s, then the money being sent north, but communist forces, to be used for arming the NVA. What with the horrid decimation of the Viet Cong forces in 1969, the North sent the four million dollars (green backs) south to draw new locals into the Viet Cong forces, and re-establish the VC in the south, to aid in the eventual defeat of the government of South Vietnam. My guys in the story set that defeat back several years!

There was this discussion going on as to whether men or women think about sex more often. Well now (sex) I am an (sex) older man (sex) if not in mind in body (sex) and I still (sex) think about sex (sex) every once in awhile.

Hope this gets the notebook back on track


Hema Ati Tue Jan 18 18:42:49 PST 2000

Thank you for that piece of information Jack.

I went to the "Biography" section and found that you
design and develop websites.I have a question-
Do I have to take the permission of the "owner" of
the concerned site when I provide a link for it in my homepage? Hope you find the time to answer this.
Thanking you, Hema Ati

Avatar Tue Jan 18 18:07:00 PST 2000

Hi, it's me, Avatar. I am here once again to regale you with my own petty life and, of course, bad poetry.
Nothing is too corny, too indistinct, too awful, for me to turn it into a pile of literary mush.
So give me your worn words, your tired phrases and your ill-fed Muses. I'll see them running back to their rightful owners in five seconds flat.

Oh, hello Americo, Jon, Rhoda, Rachel, Allein (is that how you spell it now?), Xavier, Jai, Jack and all the other names I might have missed for being away so long. I just took a short leave of absence to get my bearings on my own writing and find my 'voice'. (Let me tell you- My Muse is screaming in pain in a corner) ;)

Did'ja miss me? Be very honest.

Word to the WISE
Why the surprise?
If your mind cannot catch,
Something you fetch,
Eventually you'll notice you're tired!

(rubs hands) BACK AGAIN TO REAK (oops...backspace... backspace...type...type...type) WREAK HAVOK ON THE WRETCHED POPULATION (grins) OF THIS HERE NOTEBOOK! HA, HA, HA!

Cheerio yon chaps and chapesses. I'm off to study toads (don't ask) and other creepy crawlie things. Wouldn't do to miss out on schoolwork, ya' know.
After that (not to sound self-possessed mind you) I will be giving my muse another earache.


Jack Beslanwitch Tue Jan 18 17:51:13 PST 2000

Not sure what happened, but part of the Notebook got cut off and the ability to post got eliminated. I had backups, so I have just taken the occasion to archive everything and start this out as a completely blank slate. I have really looked in in the last day or so, so if there was something interesting happening please start it up again. Take care.