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Heather Sun Mar 26 22:51:17 PST 2000

I guess it's high time I gave you the answer to my riddle!
(Which, by the way, was told to me and my fellow classmates by a very interesting supply teacher in grade five - really! It's weird the things the mind remembers, like a crystal magnifying lens over one small section of 8mm...)

No, Teekay, he didn't commit suicide.

The car was a convertable.

And now, the evil laughter: He he he he (ah, screw it)-

Welcome, Jeff. Some painfully gained advice? Sure. Hold on, I only have a pint left...
Let all of your projects be thought of as an equally important venture. Set each out (or a representation of each) like a hand of cards. Look at each carefully. Choose one. Funnel all effort and energy into that one project. Commit yourself to finishing it with a sinewy heart. If you finish it, you can cancel the agreement with family members to commit yourself to an asylum.
Best of luck. I'll honk if we pass on the long, gruelling road to authordom. Now, please excuse me while I fuel up!

Missed everyone while I languished in the brilliancy of several sunlit afternoons. My computer is near a window.


Rhoda Sun Mar 26 21:50:29 PST 2000


I meant the Says it all.

Rhoda Sun Mar 26 21:48:59 PST 2000


I sent it to you yesterday at the same time I sent it to Eddie. I thought it was so clever. However, I shall send it to you again.


Christi Sun Mar 26 21:31:24 PST 2000

I'm the worst person who ever lived at getting riddles. But here's one from The Hobbit.

A box without hinges, key, or a lid. Yet golden treasure inside is hid.
What is it?

Heather, I am clueless as can be. You have to tell us the answer! (unless Allein comes back from camp and figures it out.)


Teekay Sun Mar 26 18:40:23 PST 2000

Sorry, that last post was mine.

Sun Mar 26 18:23:49 PST 2000

Hi Everybody,
I was very excited thinking there were lots and lots of posts to read thru, but there weren't, dagnabbit.

HOWARD: Veeeeeerrrrrry clever, BUT NOT clever enough for the riddle wizz. In order for a woman to be a widow her husband must be dead, therefore Watson it stands that the man cannot marry his widows sister as he is deceased. Really, very elementary dear Watson.
As for the book. YIPEEEEEEEEE. Now I can wait by the mail box in hope. I love getting mail that is not bills or death threats.

RHODA: Your book will be sent Wednesday as I have 2 full days of work and can't get to the P.O. before closing. I have also been quite shocking and not read your chapters, I would have done it this weekend just past, but haven't been home all weekend. I hope you enjoy it and I haven't hyped it up too much. I don't think so, because on the back page reviews it says that it is unforgettable, and it's true coz I forget heaps of things, but I still remember that book and it's been years since I've read it.

CHRISTI: Same with your book, just 2 more sleeps and I will send it.

ALLIEN: I have another one for you but it's pretty long so I want to be at home to type it out.

HEATHER: Did the man commit suicide?

I am really curious about this SAYS IT ALL thingy. If anybody is feeling nice, please send me a copy of it.
I must go now as I'm at work and I have that looking over your shoulder feeling.

Jerry Ericsson Sun Mar 26 17:31:26 PST 2000

Jeff, if you have received your password, check out the collabrative area, then look at Strawberies and the moon. This is the place to practice finishing your products, write us a story about your favorite food, then pledge to always finish the first draft of your current project before going on to the next. It is great to have lots of ideas, I think we all have them. In fact there are nights when in the nidst of a good nights sleep, an idea creeps into my head and refuses to let go until I get up find a notebook and write down the general idea. I have lots of notes about projects, and some day when I have the time, I will go back to them, but I always try to finish my current project first.

howard Sun Mar 26 17:12:48 PST 2000

EDDIE -- No problem, I understand completely. Those viruses can be nasty things indeed! I've sent it again.

JEFF -- Welcome! Sounds like you have the same problem as many of us here. I myself have several novels in various stages of completion. I can usually finish a poem or an essay, though I reserve the right to revisit and rewrite as necessary. Stick around -- maybe we can find the finish line together.

Rachel -- You could at least once in a while!


Eddie French Sun Mar 26 14:08:34 PST 2000

I keep getting my email replies to your address bounced back.(Been happening for some time actually) Please confirm your address in another email to me.

Rhoda Sun Mar 26 11:45:48 PST 2000

Howard and Eddie,

I did get that "Says it All" e-mail. There were no attachments in it. I got it from Howard and was so delighted with it, I sent it on to other friends in my address book and that very well might be how you got it, Eddie.

I heard this same e-mail read my Dr. Dean Adel on his radio show last week, so I know many other people got it too. I then got the e-mail from Howard. I enjoyed it much more by reading it. If I was instrumental in sending a virus to anyone however unwittingly, I am sorry. Furthermore I never open attached files in an e-mail unless I am expecting one (i.e., Teekay might send me a short story to look over). I also do not click URL's in unknown e-mail.

I was not aware that you could get a virus just by opening e-mail and reading it. Of course in this strange new world of computing, anything is possible. I love passing on funny e-mail, but I am about to give up the practice. I forwarded Howard's e-mail to some of my best friends, having all the best intentions, of course.


I haven't heard of your author friend. I really do not read a lot of romances. But I do know someone else who writes for Zebra. Actually it is a good company. Small world, isn't it.

Well, I have to run.


Christi Sun Mar 26 11:35:26 PST 2000

Hi all,
I've been going to this awesome website for awhile, and have learned more about agents, editors, and the art of writing in a shorter time than I thought possible. I don't know how to make a link, but here's the address: http//

It's Holly Lisle's Forward Motion. There is a ton of great information, and her articles and essays are a blast to read. She's very hands on and updates regularly, unlike a lot of sites out there.
I hope it's of some help to somebody; it sure helped me.

Hi Jeff, and welcome.
I myself had the same problem, and to some degree, still do. Too many projects. Finally I got really excited about one and worked on it until it was done. That's what I've done ever since. I pick one, while the others are in the back of my mind, but on hold. I think you can work on a couple of things at a time successfully, but more than that would be probably be too much to handle (for me at least). The site I listed above has some great answers to the questions you are wrestling with. She can answer them so much better than I could. You should check it out!

Thank you a MILLION for the link! This may encourage me to get off my keester and finally get cracking on the sci-fi novel I've been wanting to write. I've got about five pages done; only a few hundred more to go! Ouch.

Have a yeehaw day everybody. (YeeeeeHAW!)

Eddie French Sun Mar 26 08:41:05 PST 2000

Thanks for the info. (Really!)
The message had all of the hallmarks of a trojan horse.
It was enclosed within an attachment, it had previous send history in the tag, The from field read 'Unspecified sender'
That is exactly how they arrive!. I wouldn't open one for the earth with the trouble I've had with virus' lately.
It's in the bin and mashed by now. Please send it again and I will open it on your say so. See, I do trust my fellow notebookers.
Sorry Howard but that's just the way you have to be now when you're on the net!
Thanks again

Ashling Sun Mar 26 03:22:20 PST 2000

Hi Notebookers!

Anyone writing a Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel? Check out the URL above ... First time novelists can win a book contract with Time Warner. The deadline is June 30th. I'm writing mainstream, but thought this might interest a few folks here.

Happy Writing,

Jeff Sullivan Sat Mar 25 23:52:45 PST 2000

To everyone out there,

I am looking to talk with people who know something about writing and the even harder task of disciplining the creative demon; which I find demands to much of me at this time. This is my problem: I have to have too much to say about everything! I find my creativity searcihng for its own form, but too restless to settle on one ( At present I have in progress several poems, short stories, a few essays and a copule of plays--with signifigant progess on all just no real shape. Can someone help me? Is this normal, is it just a lack of discipline to put an end to things, because endings for me are the hardest as by the time I think I've got hold of the end the thing has changed shape yet again. I want some control, maybe the better word is direction, for my thoughts and ideas, but I don't want to destroy the muse, and become a writer of dead things that are pretty and neat but totally artless and devoid of passion. For if you can not write with passion then you should stay home and not venture out the door into the writer's world. I would be intrested to hear from anyone about this dilema and about writers and writing

Jerry Ericsson Sat Mar 25 17:20:47 PST 2000

Just got back from the 50th aniversery celebration of my old high school best-friend's parents. Haven't seen them in probably 30 years. It was a great reunion, my old best friend (best man at our wedding 31 years ago) was there, kind of old home week. For just a few hours it was as if 30 years melted, and we were kids again. It is great to live back here in my old home town!

howard htuckey Sat Mar 25 14:52:53 PST 2000

Ummmm -- EDDIE ---
There's no virus in that e-mail -- I composed it and sent it from scratch. I picked the subject "says it all" and sent it to a few on my list. Rhoda must have forwarded it to you. What made you think it contained a virus?


Eddie French Sat Mar 25 14:33:36 PST 2000

Oh my,
If anybody else recieves an email with an attachment and the subject is:
Says it all..
Please please please...DO NOT OPEN IT!!!!
It is a 'Trojan Horse' Virus.
This is not a virus in the accepted meaning of the term.
This little app. (Once 'OPENED' looks at your contact lists and sends an email, (a copy of the one you just read after opening it) to everbody on your contact list.
This may not seem like such a big deal, but if you are at work and your company has - let's say - 3000 employees, then each employee will have every other employee on their contact list.
So... #1 opens the mail.
This 'Trojan horse sends the message to 2999 fellow emplyees.
Each employee has every other employee on her/his contact list.
The 'Trojan horse' gets sent 2999 times to each and every contact.
Each member of the contact list sends out 2999 more....
and so on.....and so on.....and so on...
All e communication grinds to a halt because every inbox has to cope with a never ending influx of emails.
Sick, isn't it!

Please use this as a learning experience.
Not unless they have been arranged in advance by both parties.
BTW, No I did not open it. You will not get this with my name on it as the sender.
Thanks all,

Trudy Sat Mar 25 13:14:04 PST 2000

Thanks for sharing that site JERRY...I checked it out and subscribed. Even found a contest open to Ontario residents though the deadline is next Friday...but maybe I'll submit to it...HEATHER that might be one for you too...


Christi Sat Mar 25 11:39:58 PST 2000

Hi Jack,
Yes, and I'm so excited that it's going to be a movie! I get all the latest news from Card's website, Hatrack River. I think Jake Lloyd is a pretty good actor, but think that the kid who did "The Sixth Sense" would portray Ender better even though he's a little too old.
If you go to Card's website, you can even read some of the script he's come up with so far for the screenplay. It is kind of disappointing; he changes quite a lot, editing the Peter and Valentine plotline out, but I guess everything can't be included. Thanks for the URL, I'll bet there's stuff there I haven't heard about yet.

I have the book he wrote on writing Science Fiction too, and I don't know where mine is either! Between me and my family, I think we own every Card book there is. He can probably buy that new condo thanks to us. ;)

I hope you and Fran have a marvelous time in Hawaii. You must tell us about your trip so we can live vicariously!

Jerry Ericsson Sat Mar 25 09:26:29 PST 2000

Was up surfing the web today and came across the above site, it is a magazine for writers, has a lot to offer and is free. Take a quick look.


howard Sat Mar 25 08:18:58 PST 2000

TEEKAY -- "The Anything Box" is on its way! You should have it in a week or so.

All --
Another excellent scifi tale is "Heiro's Journey" by Sterling Lanier. It, and it's continuation "The Unforsaken Heiro," are excellent also, and his fans have been waiting for a long time now, for the third book. He's in his late 70's now, though, so I've about given up hope that he'll write a close to the series. Lanier is the editor that took a chance on a Frank Herbert book, when no one else thought it was worth anything. That book was "Dune." and the rest is history.

RHODA -- Have you ever heard of Patricia Bray? She writes romance novels for the Zebra Regency label, and has just published her fifth. She is also a programmer-analyst, and works right down the hall from me. I've been acquainted with her for several years, but never knew she was a writer until I saw the cover from her latest book posted on her office door.

SASQUATCH -- If you're still lurking, are you writing too, or did you just visit to tantalize us?


Jack Beslanwitch Sat Mar 25 02:26:45 PST 2000

    Christi: And on the Card book, be aware that Card is hard at work on generating the movie script for Ender's Game. Over and above that Jake Lloyd, the child actor that played Anakin in Phantom Menace, has voiced an interest in playing Ender. Note the URL above. In addition, Card has done a very good book on writing science fiction. I am forgetting the name at this point, but have it around here somewhere. You might want to take a look at a writing book by one of your favorite writers. Well, I have to admit he is on my list as well.

    Well, I should get back to studying my Padi course work. Fran and I start our first class tomorrow towards getting our certification in open water scuba diving tomorrow. We are looking forward to diving in the Hawaiian Islands this July when we go there for Conolulu.

Sat Mar 25 01:35:34 PST 2000

Arik Fri Mar 24 23:33:09 PST 2000

Well, Cassandra I dont know how it is with males (:-)) but it is sure hard with females :-). But you know... life are hard!

Cassandra Fri Mar 24 19:20:40 PST 2000

howard- HaHa! I don't have any tattoos! You must've caught the wrong evening news... whoops, I've already said too much. :)

Litter Fri Mar 24 13:50:13 PST 2000

Now I'm off to sunny Spain

Catch you all in a couple of weeks



howard Fri Mar 24 09:48:58 PST 2000

CASSANDRA -- Yeah it *could* have been anyone, but with that cute little tattoo?

HEATHER and TEEKAY -- Some research for my book -- Is it legal in Canada or Australia for a man to marry his widow's sister? It's not legal here, just wondering about there.


Cassandra Fri Mar 24 09:09:40 PST 2000

Arik- Getting "hot nights" isn't the problem. It's getting "hot nights" with one decent male on a regular basis... :)

Howard- You can't prove anything! That could have been anyone with their shirt up over their head doing a keg stand!

Allein: I'm gonna miss you! You crazy little monkey! Have fun at camp, flirt with the cute guys you meet for me. That way I'll know that you're having fun. :)

I need to shower and do laundry... it sucks when you have to wear that last pair of underwear. You know, the one's holier than the Shroud of Turin...

Anyways, Love you all! And may the muse bless you with words to make the mountains weep, or the skiess laugh.



Heather Fri Mar 24 07:57:38 PST 2000

Hi there! I've been lurking, and had to post this riddle.
(And yes, I've been writing furiously on my novel...)

A man was found dead in his car, stabbed to death. He was alone, with the windows up and the doors locked. It was not suicide. All of the windows were intact. How did the killer do it? (No, the killer didn't lock up afterwards)

I can only answer yes or no to any questions - you are allowed as many questions as you like to try and solve the mystery. If you have heard this one, don't give it away!
I have a few more of these ones, one easy, the other pretty hard. This one is my favourite!

Good luck everyone! BWA HA HA HA HA (does the copyright on the laugh include four or five Ha's?)

Hope Rachel and Americo (and Pussy and Jon) are lurking too!
Hugs all 'round!
P.S. - I am still thinking of another story for SM** but since I'm on a roll with my novel, it might be a while. Keep the round robin open, please!
And thanks for the info on Henderson's books, Jack!
When do I get a book sent to me, Teekay, Howard? I will pass it on - great idea! Sounds FUN! I have a book or two I would be willing to part with on the condition that it returns to me eventually. :0}

Allein Fri Mar 24 04:30:52 PST 2000

Teekay - The surgeon was the boy's mother. :p
Allein gariess Fri Mar 24 02:09:30 PST 2000

I must take exception to one point made. Hot casual nights can be the very stuff that dreams are made of. They can be all that they are cracked up to be and more. I treausure all of the hot casual nights that I can recall.


Thu Mar 23 21:14:20 PST 2000

ALLIEN: As a riddle expert I don't need 2 days to figure out the answers which are:
1: None. It was Noah who took the animals on the ark.

2: ALL the months have 28 days. BWAH HA HA HA HA and I didn't even ask anybody what the answers were.

Now for you:
'A boy and his Father were in a terrible accident and they were rushed to hospital. The Father was in a critical condition and admitted to intensive care, the boy however required surgery. They rushed him into the operating theatre and prepared him for the operation, but when the surgeon came in and looked at the boy said,
"I cannot operate on this boy, he is my son."
How Can That Be?????????

Have fun at J.I.C. What happens there??

Christi Thu Mar 23 20:46:40 PST 2000

Hello everybodeeee!

Well, after some thought as to who I'd like to send my favorite book to, I came up with a winner. Da da dada!!! Jerry!! You are the lucky winner because I want you to have something more interesting to do than play computer games. (Tee hee) I PROMISE you will like this book. Just give me a chance, for the love of God, man! Seriously though, this book changed the way I thought about writing. Mr. Card really knows how to spin a yarn. Let me know if you would like me to send this to you, Jerry. (Email is above.)

You're very good at getting me moving on things, so I will promise to produce something soon. I work in spastic spurts and never know when to 'spect a story to spew forth. (hee hee!)

BTW, when do we get to read your story??? I'm dying to read it, but will understand if you can't let me, because of the contest (No, I didn't forget!). If you don't give me SOMETHING else to read soon, I will end up on your doorstep with my sleeping bag. I hear the weather's quite nice at this time of year. Just don't make me cry again.;)

I have never even heard of the Stephanie Plum Novels. Ohh, I am so excited. I will Email you immediately, if not sooner.

How do you rate a two-weeker in Spain?! Are you going to get some new hats for your collection while you're there? (Just read your Bio. :)) Live it up, Leeterali! (I literally feel like a doofus for not catching the double meaning.)

You must be completely on a roll with your novel. I hope so, but I hope you are still lurking. FLURP!!!

Bye Allein, you will be missed. :o(

Hope that itch to write turns into a full-blown rash! Sorry, that was a disgusting way to put it. (giggle)
And as for Jon, for all we know he went back to heaven. No phone call, no post card, . . . nothing. We can only hope that he and the others will return soon.

Apologies to all for monopolising the notebook once again.
Thank you, and goodnight!

Allein Thu Mar 23 18:55:35 PST 2000

EVERYONE - I got an e-mail from Rachel. She's taking a break from the notebook in order to seriously work on her writing. She may be lurking though.

TEEKAY - The answer to the first question is that you don't bury survivors. And the answer to the second question is once because after you subtract 5, it becomes 20. Now some for you:
1) How many animals did Moses carry on the Ark?
2) How many months have 28 days?
You have tomorrow and Saturday to figure it out. I'm going to a Japanese Immersion Camp this weekend. :) I get to wake up at 4:15 AM tomorrow.
I know, you'll all have to bear my absence. You'll survive.

Teekay Thu Mar 23 18:11:06 PST 2000

RHODA: eer..I forgot. I need you to email me your address so I can post the book.

Teekay Thu Mar 23 18:05:37 PST 2000

ALIEN: That question was too easy. What I really meant to ask was this:

Teekay Thu Mar 23 18:00:39 PST 2000

Howdy doo all'y'all,

Now about this novel thing. The way I had it in my head was that we'd just take our favourite novel, doesn't have to be knew, however it does need to be yours and not the libraries or they won't be too impressed to get it back with everybodies scrawlings all over it. Then we'd send it off to each of the notebookers ie: I will send mine to Rhoda who will read it and put her name in the front leaf, I think with a one sentence review on what she thought of it. One word doesn't cover too much. When Rhoda is finished she will send it on to the next notebooker and let me know who it is so I can keep track of it, and so on and eventually, if I'm lucky, I shall have my book returned to me with all you wonderful people having autographed it. Remember if you are the owner of the book to have it clearly stated so that we each know who the book is supposed to go back to.
I think this is a brilliant idea and it looks to me like I'm taking credit for it when in actual fact it is HOWARDS idea. I don't think it will cost too much to post it. I think it will cost me more than anybody as mine has further to go to each of you.
The thing is we shall each have books out doing the round robin and it might take a while for them to get back , and we only pass them on when we've finished reading them. I feel like I'm rambling.

RHODA: I received your chapters, Thanks. Don't you go and buy a copy of the book. That will miss the whole point. I shall send out the book either today or next week. I am so excited about this. I think it will be such fun. I would love to read your favourite book, but at the moment I am awaiting HOWARDS. I have heaps of favourites too, but this one really stands out in my mind.

CHRISTI: I would also love to read your book. If you don't get anybody volunteering to go first, just email them or post them on the notebook. Sometimes people are shy.

ALLIEN : Well done. Here's another and don't groan. 'A jet plane crashes on exactly in the middle of the border between South Australia and the Northern Territory. Where do they bury the survivors????'
And all the rest of you can stop groaning too.
And I have so many more BWAH HA HA HA HA HA , That reminds me, I miss RACHEL.

CHRISTI: Of course it's an empty threat and the statement that you offend people is a flurpin',downright, spankin, cotton pickin' lie. Hee hee. It's about time you put in another story. I loved that first one.
B.T.W. have you ever read the Stephanie Plum Novels, by Janet Evanovich? I think you would love them. The first wait. Send me your address in an email and I shall send it to you and you can do the comment thing on it, after all it's my second favourite lot of books. I don't think the guys would be too interested in these though, they're pretty girly, and lots of fun and laughs.

JERRY: I read your story, sure didn't see that end coming.
As I was reading it I thought to myself 'I wonder if 'walking Aunt Daid' is anything like this?' It was like inside a dream. I really like your stories, they have a Stephen King feel to them. I think that is one of the best compliments in the world.

HEEEEEAAAAATTTHHHEEEER: Where are you? I miss you posts. Come hither, don't dither and flurp a while.

Okay everyone I'm off to lunch. Have a terrific day.

Litter Thu Mar 23 17:57:43 PST 2000

Oooops! That was me. But then you guessed that already.

Thu Mar 23 17:55:54 PST 2000

Ochone ochone - the hurrier I do the behinder I get.

Off to Spain for 2 weeks on this coming Saturday, but my absence will be purely temporary. (and sunny and siestas and wines and too much UV and headaches) But I will be taking a couple of fresh new notebooks to work on some fresh new ideas. Ahhh, sitting on a sea-facing balcony with a BBQ pit and a nearby wine cellar, and no need to do anything I don't want to…

Martin - I realised your &^$£^&* Sassenach comments were made in fun ;o) As for becoming an American - I like Americans - although I couldn't eat a whole one!!!

Sasquatch - I am eco-friendly Litter. Biodegradable too, so I shall not cause any harm to your home. Making fun of names is good - the beginning of satire. My name is merely a deliberate misspelling of Literally, but you would be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't?) at how many people didn't cotton on to that fact. Having a name like Litter is pretty cool though since I am greeted by my name in every town I go to - OK, so they are all prohibition signs - seems nobody wants Litter around anymore :o(

Howard - I'm not gone quite yet, but I'm working on it…

Allein - liked the questionnaire. I am not at the stage of 'interviewing' boyfriends for both of my teenage girls, a task I have looked forward to for quite some time now :o) I, however, have streamlined the whole procedure to one brief statement. This I delivered, most recently, only last week, much to the embarrassment of my younger daughter Kirsteen, who screamed at me from the hall such things as 'Please don't dad… Dad, don't say anything… and so on. All I said to her new boyfriend, as he stood in front of me, a good six inches shorter than I and with my steely grip on his shoulder to avoid his escape, was: "I only have one rule for you - You make Kirsteen cry and I make you cry." I think he got the message. Kirsteen was embarrassed, but pleased that I cared. Kids! Who can make them out?

Heather - check your mailbox. Hope you are not disappointed.

Rachel's departure was quite unexpected - anybody know if it was anything in particular? I can't find anything particularly serious in the notebook… Then again Amerigo's going was equally unexpected?

Well I'm going, but the bad news is that I'm coming back!!! I wonder if they have cyber-cafes where I'm going in Spain??????????????

Ciao/Adios (?)


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu Mar 23 17:08:56 PST 2000

Good evening;

My wife used to work as a nurses aide at a nursing home. Her knee gave out on her a couple of months ago, and we have been running south some 200 miles every two weeks for her to visit with her Dr. Finally last week, he decided what was wrong with her knee, and put her in physical therapy. Her boss has been real nice about everything, and even though her sick pay and vacation have run out, they keep paying her and paying her insurance. Well she got a call yestreday asking her to come up to the hospital/nursing home. She was scared that it was the end of her job. Well when she got there, they said that since the Dr. said she probably wouldn't be able to go back to work as an aide (they called him and asked) would she like an office job. She said yes, and she starts Monday as the assistant office manager for the hospital. This with a .15 per hr raise. Nice raise for around here. We are both very happy with this, as it means no more night shifts, weekends or working holidays.

Arik Thu Mar 23 12:58:04 PST 2000

Cassandra, you are right... this is the sentance of the day :-). B.T.W: I dont think it is a problem for you to get a "hot night" hey?

and the sentance of the day is by gairess:
"Remember, Life is as brief as the product of a flatulent

sorry people.. this is not from this notebook this time :-).

and the sentance in this notebook is by Rhoda:
"I am happy to hear about your wife's new job."

why won't you tell us what is her new job? ;)

Trudy Thu Mar 23 07:17:45 PST 2000

Cassandra...that's probabaly just as well...casual hot nights aren't all their cracked up to I've been told! Um yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Howard, regarding mailing books, I've actually heard of several circles where people sent books along for others to read...I wonder how much it would cost to mail a paperback? Here in Canada to buy new they cost around $10 so if it's less than that it would be worth it. My kind of chain letter!

Christi...thanks! I'll keep you posted!'ve tried to stay away too! I actually did it but now I'm back with a's not computer games I need to stay away from like Jerry; it's wonderful writing sites like these!

OK must get an article written...have a lovely spring day all!


Allein, peacocks are so pretty, though I haven't seen one for awhile!

Rhoda Thu Mar 23 06:15:58 PST 2000


Sounds like a great idea. I can read the book. In fact I think I can easily get a copy of it. I should offer you my favorite in return, but I have to think a little on that because I have so many favorites.

We had lots of thunder storms yesterday and I stayed off the computer most of the day. Teekay, I will get you the next two chapters directly.


Please don't leave. There are many of us still here.


You must do what you must, but if you are like me, you will have a hard time staying away for long. I know, I have tried countless times. Anyway, I hope you work out whatever problem you have and you get lots of writing done. Do not stay away long.


I am happy to hear about your wife's new job.

Please, please, don't anyone else think of leaving.


Martin Thu Mar 23 05:10:31 PST 2000

Hey All!

My favourite book (at the moment - it can change from week to week) is Void Moon by Michael Connelly. I read it yesterday and totally loved it, unfortunately I dont have it to send on, since it was a library book (our bookshelves at home are so full up, my wife wont let me buy anymore - until I build more bookshelves!!). But I highly recommend it to anyone who likes crime/suspense (but not detective) type stories.

Anyway, nothing much more to say. I think Im getting close to starting a new novel soon (hopefully one which I will finish), Im feeling the familliar itch to sit down and type, just dont want to start until I know Im ready, or I will lose heart 3 pages.


PS - Where did Jon go?

Christi Wed Mar 22 21:47:06 PST 2000

Aw shucks, thanks guys! Who am I kidding; I'm going nowhere (and fast). And yours is an empty threat Teekay. You come here even more than I do! Tee hee.

BTW Trudy, I forgot to wish you big, big luck on getting that job with the Website. GOOD LUCK!!! :)

That's really good news on your end. Congrats! Stay away from those computer games though. They're time suckers.

Is anyone here interested in reading MY very favorite book in the world? It's called Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, and it's tres fabu! It's sci-fi, but even if you don't like that kind of thing I think you'll like this book. I will send it to whoever requests it first, with the exception of sasquatch because the post office doesn't deliver to forest dwellers.


Jerry Ericsson Wed Mar 22 21:15:43 PST 2000

No, I didn't shoot a S*. In fact I haven't touched a firearm in over three years. They hang on my wall, sit in the gun cabnit, lay in thier drawers, gathering dust, and mabye a little rust. Tried to sell them a couple of months ago, even took out an ad in a local paper. Had several calls, but they didn't want to pay for them, just expected me to give them away. Guess they will just rust away.

Sending books by mail, what a wonderful idea. Wished I'd thought about it before the folks at

Good news though, after two and a half months off work, my wife gets to go back next week. Not to the same job, but as an assistant office manager. Great work for her, and it will get her off her feet. She was working as a nurses aide. More money and less work, just what everyone needs.

Maybe, just maybe I will have more time to write now. If I can just keep away from the computers with all the games on them.

Keep the Peace.


howard Wed Mar 22 20:36:26 PST 2000

TEEKAY -- Soon

CHRISTI -- Don't even think about leaving!

ARIK -- Another sentence, please!

LITTER -- Hurry back, before everyone is gone! And bring us a jug of that good Spanish Sherry. And if you get to Barcelona, stop at Jimmy's Bar, and tell them I said hi!

SASQUATCH -- If you're still lurking, what was that recipe you gave Heather? And why not give Christi a chance?

ANDI -- Hi!

RANDALL -- Are you gone too?

RACHEL-ARIEL -- If it hurts as much there as it does here you might as well come back!

JERRY -- Did you take a potshot at S* ?

CASSANDRA -- Time to 'fess up! Was that you on the six o'clock news?

ALLEIN -- Tired of 18 yet? And thanks for that application! Good one!

Dunno about sending novels -- wouldn't they be kind of expensive to mail? Maybe not, though -- it might be fun at that!

G'nite all --


Allein Wed Mar 22 20:00:35 PST 2000

Teekay - Peacocks cannot lay eggs, because they're the males of the peafowl family. Peahens, however, can lay several at one time. :) Thought you'd trick me with that one, huh?

Cassandra - Will you be on tomorrow night? I'd like to chat with you.

Cassandra Wed Mar 22 19:55:51 PST 2000


Well, I was staying with my mother, and it was kind of not an opportune week for "hot nights"... besides, I'm not the casual "hot nights" type of girl. :)

Anyways, a good night to all... I should do some writing for once :D

ta ta


Trudy Wed Mar 22 19:45:13 PST 2000

Teekay, Nunavut is the newest territory in's in the arctic part of our huge wonderful country and is very isolated which is what makes a story about computer use kind of interesting I guess.

Christi, it's not you. Don't leave. Teekay will return I'm sure!



Teekay. Wed Mar 22 19:18:51 PST 2000

HOWARD: Have you sent the book yet?? I've been waiting my the mailbox all day.

RHODA: Do you want to be first to read my favourite book? It's the one I told you about by Ken Follett, 'Pillars of the earth', and then you can write your name and address in it and what you thought of the book in 1 word and then send it on. And don't say your too busy writing to read it. It's fantastic.

ALLIEN: Lucky for that peacock your Dad was there. *ouch*
QUESTION: How many eggs can a peacock lay at one time??

CHRISTI: Loved your post. Did the Ha Ha thingy. It was flurpin' great.
And yes Christi, it was you who offended everybody. I'm leaving too.

howard Wed Mar 22 17:32:59 PST 2000

I know you had to leave me,
but you also left empty
that place in my heart.
There is a memory,
but it doesn't fill it,
leaving just enough room
to hold a tear.

Allein Wed Mar 22 15:48:57 PST 2000

Hey everyone! Another boring day at school. I stayed after for a club, but no one showed up! So, I was there for about 45 minutes talking with the teacher - but he's cool, so it's okay.
On the way home though, in a yard my dad and I saw a peacock - right in the driveway. It was amazing. We drove back for a closer look and I opened the door and then he spread his beautiful tail feathers out. I wanted to pluck one, but my dad said that he was probably scared and not to bother him. I wish I'd had a camera with me.
Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you - the beauty of nature can sometimes amaze you. I mean, I've seen plenty of peacocks in pictures but never in real life and never with its tail feather spread. I've seen a peahen before though - boring. They're pretty dull.

Christi Wed Mar 22 15:32:04 PST 2000

Hello all!

I think you've started a trend with "flurp". This is a wonderful word and it could have many meanings.

As Heather intended, as a unsalvageable screw up: "I was making filet mignon for supper, but flurped it and now we're having liver."

A replacement for the curse word I'm trying to quit saying: "That's flurpin' great, I love the Teletubbies too!"

A small bird: "Look at the cute flurp building his nest. Run little flurp or Arik will squish your head!

A replacement for the OTHER word I'm trying to quit saying: Kelly (my husband), stop that flurping! Ye gads, what DID you have for lunch?!!

Sorry everyone. I think I drank too much decaf.

Howard and Teekay,
Between the two of you, you have come up with an ingenious idea. I really love it. I'm willing, and already have the book picked out (not sure about which picture though). What does everyone else think?

Oh dear, do I offend? It seems that since I came a lot of people are leaving. Don't be afraid to tell me, I can always go back to lurking around on the web. :( Wahhhhh!

You too Sasquatch? We haven't had our date yet. I promise to leave the bunny ears at home.

Loved the joke. I'm glad that test wasn't around when I was dating, because my dad would have used it! (And I'm not kidding.)

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Teekay Wed Mar 22 13:31:22 PST 2000

HEATHER: Yeeeeees?? Flurping. What is flurping?? Sounds like making rude noises. ha ha

TRUDY: Yeeeeeeeeees???? Nunavet. What is Nunavet?? Sounds like a vegetarian substitute for meat. Another ha ha

HOWARD: I just though of another idea on top of your idea, how about if we each notebooker sent their favourite novel to each of the notebookers and maybe if we wanted we could have our photo stuck in it. This way we could get to know each other better without having our pics on the net. What do you think??

RACHEL: Were you Ariel?? Please don't be gone to long.

RHODA: Welcome back. Did you have your head out of your lap top long enough to have a good break??? I finished those chapters a while back, but only sent them this am.

JERRY: I haven't read your story yet. I'm off to find it now. I looooove new stories.

Do you know what we've got here?
A case of 'thou shalt not',
A simple case of forbidden love,
that's just what we've got.

What we'd be like as man and wife,
we can only wonder,
for what the Lord has joined together,
may no man put asunder.

So how can we go on this way?
Meeting secretly.
Coming together under nights shadow,
when we know we can't be free.

So we'll just call it quits right now,
there'll be no more holding hands,
you go back to your loving wife,
and I'll go back to my pots and pans.

Bye all. Have made an early start as this is playgroup morning and we just love to go to playgroup. We really do.

Trudy Wed Mar 22 11:31:27 PST 2000


You just returned from lounging in sunny Florida! How could you not have had hot nights?


Cassandra Wed Mar 22 09:45:57 PST 2000

ARGGG... too much work!

You go boy! I haven't had a "hot night" in quite a while. It's good to see that such things still go on without me... it's also slightly depressing, but let's forget about that and just be happy for you, huh. Sounds good to me.

I think gairess had a particularly good sentance the other day with: "Remember, Life is as brief as the product of a flatulent butterfly." I couldn't help but guffaw at that one. :)Good job!

Well, for now I've got an short essay to write on the influence of Neoplatonic thought on Michealangelo's work. (thrilling yesno?) Some sketches, which probably require a trip down to the art department later, and a photo project I'm frankly stumped about. They all have to have a narrative so odds are I'm going to need to use my silver tongue to rope some friends into modeling for me. They all love me anyways, they'll do it. Or I'll 'repay' them later... mwahahahahaha.

Well, tis off to lunch for me now, with notebook in hand to hopefully ponder my essay in freewrite form.

Have fun you lucky people who are able to make time to write for yourselves! Guess the cat and I are both green today... Well as long as I'm not puce by the end of the day, I'll consider myself blessed.


Have you hugged an eletric fence lately?

Arik Wed Mar 22 09:01:00 PST 2000

thanks Martin :-). this is Today's sentance :-). but I dont know what is the most stupid... idea enyone?

Jerry Ericsson Wed Mar 22 07:24:58 PST 2000

Greetings all - I signed up for a writers on line course, just for the heck of it. I took this course a couple of years ago, and it was great fun. There is no cost except for a small book that accompanies the course. If you are interested, it is called fiction 2000 and is at the link above.


Trudy Wed Mar 22 07:02:44 PST 2000

Rachel, you're leaving too? How come everyone's running away? Like Americo you will be missed, or (please say it's so) your poem was becuase Americo left?

Well all, I finished up my big assignment...1,000 words for a website that pays real gooood! The editor said she will let me know Friday what she thinks so keep those fingers crossed. This was my prove-yourself assignment and it will be a real break for my freelance writing career if I can get regular assignments from this site. Now I just have one story left about computer use in Nunavut. I guess I should get to work coming up with otehr ideas huh? Anybody here a computer re-seller on the side who'd like to brainstorm about story ideas? Not thatthese are my ideals to be writing about but hey they pay the rent.

OK off to Nunavut. Happy day! And everybody else just stay put! No more leaving the notebook unless you promise to return!


Martin Wed Mar 22 05:21:53 PST 2000

Yesterdays sentence must be:

I just came home from a "hot night" so the only thing I am going to do now is sleeping
(c) Arik

You go Tiger!

Rachel Tue Mar 21 23:30:16 PST 2000

Good-bye for now

I say farewell

I send myself, well not to hell.

I go to write.

Gone from your sight.

I came to stay,

but for how long,

I did danced, I did paly,

I sang a song.

Something, something it has gone wrong.

I will go for now.

for how long?

Hard to say.

hard to know.

Hard to let you people go.

You live in my heart,

in my dreams

in my very reality,

or so it seems

I wish you farewell

Rachel, Guillaume and Ariel

Rosemary Tue Mar 21 16:28:48 PST 2000

Hi again,
Just thought I would mention that I bought a large collection of Zenna Henderson's stories about The People from the Science Fiction Book Club a year or so ago. They probably still have it. It seems like it was about $14 or so. I can't lay hands on it right at this moment, (not unpacked) and don't remember if those specific stories were in it, but all of her stories are great. I thought I had died and gone somewhere when I found that volume.

By for now,

Howard Tue Mar 21 16:13:22 PST 2000

SASQUATCH -- Don't go away, I think we could learn something from you! Where did you come from? Where did you learn to speak and write? Please stay!

TEEKAY -- if you'll send me your real address I have an extra copy of "Holding Wonder" that I can send you, if you promise to send it on to someone else in the group when you're done reading it.

I used to do that as an experiment -- find a really enjoyable book, and buy an extra copy. Then put my name and address in it and pass it on to someone, tell them to read it and do the same, and so on and so on... and just kind of share thoughts and ideas like that. Never got one back to see how many names were in it, but still hope that someday I will.

Maybe this is a good replacement.


Jack Tue Mar 21 13:38:38 PST 2000

p.s. And I will be archiving in the next day or so. Things are getting large again. I have a presentation to get ready so I will not be around much until then.

Take care all and good writing

Jack Beslanwitch Tue Mar 21 13:36:51 PST 2000

Heather: The only one that is critical is The Anything Box. The rest are actually available. The link that I supplied to the Amazon site below has all of the People stories, truly wonderful ones at that. But a very nice compilation of all. The Anything Box is the only collection that is not available. Checked on several out of print sources and even they do not have access. I will, as I have time, check through my collection and see if I have it available.

Arik Tue Mar 21 13:09:49 PST 2000

ok people... I am sorry but there is no sentances today :-). sorry. I just came home from a "hot night" so the only thing I am going to do now is sleeping... good night to all of you :-)

Heather Tue Mar 21 11:54:13 PST 2000

Whoever has a scanner among us must get hold of a copy of Zenna Henderson's stories and email them to all of us notebookers! (Not for the purposes of copyright infringement, of course, and with due credits visible in the scan).
Sounds great to me. I have no time to wander through the enchanting halls of used book stores these days. Though it's tempting. I would be searching for days.

My cat is now a clever puce shade, all curled and knotted upon the velvet. She yawns and shows her bristly pink tongue-brush. Triangle ears twitch, at each interval whence I tap the space bar. I must be waking her from her nap's nap.

Toodle-oo, fair friends and feathers.

Sasquatch yeti@snowshoe.web Tue Mar 21 11:38:59 PST 2000

Hello again I have had to change addresses because of spam makers. There is so much strange things in spam that they want try yeti also. If humans don't like spam why do they keep doing it.
Your relative does not make sense Jerry. Humans hunt animals for eat and for sport. Animals. But your relative regaled (I don't know that word) about my relatives who he said tortured and murdered humans people. But only humans do that torture and murder and not animals so how could he hunt yeti humans for sport? If we did those things we would be humans people and we are not. But if we are animal beasts then we would not do those things either. So why do humans peoples try to shoot us? Is it only because we are different? The one who made us made us different. But not to hate because of it. We are happy that all humans people are not as such. Some even come to see us with the cameras and leave us sweet things. And some even wish to come and live with us I think. But we cannot do that because of the others.
I must go now and maybe not come again. But I say that I will not torture and murder any humans even if they hurt us. Someone told us that it is wrong and we will not do it.
(S*) some day I will get even that right ha ha

howard Tue Mar 21 08:59:00 PST 2000

Ooops! Spelled rhythm wrong!

howard Tue Mar 21 08:15:49 PST 2000

TEEKAY -- No genius here, just rythm and a feeling for the music in the words. Words have real music and cadence to them. They sing or shout, or whisper in a still, small voice. Their very order can make or break a sentence -- or a stanza. James Kilpatrick described it very well in his "The Writer's Art" column on 3/19. It's definitely worth reading.

The Zenna Henderson books may be in the library, but you probably won't find "Ingathering" there. But that one is well worth the $25 to buy it from Amazon. "Holding Wonder" is often available in used book stores, but "The Anything Box" is rare.


Trudy Tue Mar 21 06:48:59 PST 2000

HEATHER, of course you're invited to join my writer's group when it's up and running. I'm planning for it to be midmorning on a Saturday each month and it will be in a little pub in Glen Williams near where I live. Oh I do hope you join! I must get to the pub and find out if the owners mind if we descend upon them...I'm sure by noon a few writers would buy a brew to make it worth their while!
Glad to hear your kitty isn't blue!
Oh, Heather, what's flurping?

Hi to everyone else; now time to stop procrastinating! I have a deadline tomorrow and must get writing.


Allein Tue Mar 21 05:25:19 PST 2000

YAY!! It's time again for Allein's funnies. Those of you who are fathers will get a kick out of this one - mine sure did.

Note: This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, job history, lineage, and current medical report from your physician.

1. What is your name, age, social security number, IQ and boy scout rank?

2. Do you have one male and one female parent? ____
If "No", explain:

3. Do you own or have access to a van? ____

4. A truck with oversize tires? ____

5. waterbed? ____

6. Do you have an earring, nose ring, or belly button
ring? ____

7. Do you have a tattoo? ____

*If you have answered YES to #3, #4 or #5, discontinue
application and leave immediately.*

8. In fifty words or less, what does LATE mean to you?

9. In fifty words or less, what does DON'T TOUCH MY DAUGHTER mean to you?

10. In fifty words or less, what does ABSTINENCE mean to you?

11. In fifty words or less, what does REAL PAIN mean to you?

12. Church/Temple you attend: ____________________________

13. How often do you attend: ____________________________

14. When would be the best time to interview your mother,
father and priest/rabbi? ____________________________

15. Please fill in the blanks:
If I were shot, the last place on my body I would want wounded would be my ____________________________
If I were beaten, the last bone I would want broken would be my ____________________________
A woman's place is in the ____________________________
The one thing I hope this application doesn't ask
is ____________________________
When I meet a girl, the one thing I always notice about her
first is ____________________________

*Note: If answer to last question begins with "T" or "A",
discontinue and leave premises - keeping your head low and
running in a serpentine fashion is advised*

What do you want to be IF you grow up?

I swear that all the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge under penalty of death, bodily harm,
dismemberment, torture or mental abuse.
Signature of applicant _________________________________
Signature of father _____________________________________
Signature of mother ____________________________________
Signature of priest/rabbi ___________________________________
Signature of State Representative _________________________

Thank you for your interest, and it had better be genuine and non-sexual. Please allow 4-6 years for processing. You will be contacted in writing if approved. If denied, please never apply again. Don't call me, I'll call you

gariess Tue Mar 21 02:01:35 PST 2000

I don't know about all this adultery. You kids always want to grow up too soon. You should be enjoying your youthful years, you will have many long years to be adulterers after you grow up. Don't be in such a hurry. I was in a big rush to grow up when I was a boy. I didn't know how long I would be an adulterer and how many years I would have to wish I was young again.

Remember, Life is as brief as the product of a flatulent butterfly. How more quckly pass the days of youth before we enter into the long years of adulteryhood.

Excuse me, my friend is saying something over my shoulder. What's that Fred? What about adulthood? Oh!

Okay guys, never mind!


Rhoda Mon Mar 20 21:55:31 PST 2000

I have been gone a little over a week-end, and it took me nearly an hour to catch up on all the posts.

Denver was great! We saw the Natural History Museum. This morning we toured the Denver mint. Friday night we ice skated in Colorado Springs. Saturday we went to Focus on the Family and shopped at the Castle Rock Outlet Mall.

Adultery. Great subject and I loved reading the posts about it. I have seen female writers deal with it actually, though it is not a favorite Romance novel topic. Sort of in the lines of what Litter said, I think anything bad and good in the human experience is essential for good literature. Adultery makes a good topic because it represents the outer limits of human behavior, at least for most people. It entails ultimate betrayel. It is a behavior that has such far reaching effects on the participants and on the innocent alike.

I guess the way it is best dealt with is truthfully. I don't think any writer should take away the thrill of adulterous act, for if it wasn't thrilling or satisfying for a time why would anyone do it? But a writer also has the responsiblity to deal with consequences, long term and short term. I think one of the best books that does that is THE SCARLET LETTER. Though adultery was not the primary theme of that book. The theme was redemption.

I must admit that I never read ANNA KARININA, but I saw the movie and loved it. That was one of the best stories dealing with the theme. Anna gave into the impulse and one couldn't altogether blame her. She was more or less set up by the high class society she move in. But consider the price she paid. She literally threw everything away for her adulterous love (including Victorian hypocracy) and she ended up throwing herself in front of a train.


So glad you enjoyed your convention. Personally, I never had much luck with agents at conventions or anywhere else. Editors were always more pleasant than agents.


Glad to see you back and posting. I missed you.

I have much more to post, but since I just got back from my trip, I will have to defer most of it.

Good to be back,


Teekay Mon Mar 20 20:46:08 PST 2000

Hi all,

HEATHER: I know what you mean. About the solitary writer thing and the whirl wind week. This is my writers group and it probably suits me best as I can tune into this whenever I want to.
We used to have catnip in the garden and the cats adored it. Yes if I could only find something similar for myself. I must plant some more, it seems rather cruel to deprive them of their pleasures. I think they must have suffocated the first lot.
I am guessing that puss is 'green' today?

CHRISTI: I know!!!! I love reading the new posts too. When I first found this place I spent ages reading the archives. Have you found the archives. I suppose you probably have.

HOWARD: Went over to the library yesterday and typed the title into the computer and nothing came up for it, so I went to type in the authors surname and ........I'd forgotten it!! I have to go over again today and see if I can find any of her work, though sci-fi is not normally what I read. However I am soooo curious.

ARIK: I was going to add to your poem, but HOWARD got there with his genius first and now I see no point really.

Am going now. Speaking of which, where are AMERICO, JON and PUSSY going???? Does anybody know??

Christi Mon Mar 20 18:23:37 PST 2000


Had to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I once spent twenty dollars of my babysitting money on that stupid "thing". (I don't want to give away the ending for those who haven't read it yet.) Waka waka waka!

I love reading new posts. So much fun!

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Mon Mar 20 17:46:23 PST 2000

Heather - I too was working on a contribution for SM** but it just didn't work out the way I wanted. Not that I thought it all bad, just wouldn't fit with the theme. I did drop it off at the Short Story workshop if anyone is interested.


Howard Mon Mar 20 17:41:19 PST 2000

JACK -- No, "The Anything Box" is a collection of Zenna's other short stories, and "Walking Aunt Daid" is one of the stories in that collection. The book you pointed to -- "Ingathering" is the one I've recommended from time to time to the group. I did one of the Amazon reviews (it's there, if you look for it) and I have two copies of "Ingathering" just to have one to loan to friends. I like it that much. It is a compilation of all her "People" stories, and is well worth the price.
"The Anything Box" was available only in paperback, and as far as I know has never been reprinted. Besides "Aunt Daid" there's the Grunder, and more. Another collection containg other that her "People" stories is "Holding Wonder," with "Three-Cornered and Secure," "The Indelible Kind," and one called "You Know What, Teacher?" that will tear your heart out.
I honestly believe that Zenna Henderson was one of the best Science Fiction writers of the century.

Heather Mon Mar 20 17:39:35 PST 2000

Forgot to finish a thought:
We will all have to keep our chins up around the NB because Americo is leaving us. Dan&%)#! Th@ teardroppppssss ar@ Fi%%$$$inG out mY^* kEYs (!@@==./

Chrlupp! Sa a ay itsssnot sooo ?% . Fisnm335!

H@a ^t #e r~

Heather Mon Mar 20 17:35:45 PST 2000

my cat is now red, blushing with satiety after chewing catnip for nearly 2 hours.
I wish catnip did the same for humans! I find it stinky and rather rude. But that's when it's lit.
Well, folks, looks like we will have to keep our chins up.
I was supposed to get a story off for SM** last night, but ended up flurping it so I erased it all. You didn't miss a thing, it was that bad. I'll not use that idea over again, but now I'm tumbling very few ideas around in the pan. I guess I tapped myself out on food stories with four in the first archive of SM**? Plus a poem...
And I need to channel ideas into my novel anyhow.

Very interested in the writer's conference. Interested in Trudy's writer's group as well; but when would I have a night free that all the members do, IF in fact you would invite me to join? Right now I am the solitary writer, working from the pages of home. Not that the input wouldn't be great, or the drive boost to produce work, but it is crazy busy merry go round life these days. I barely get enough sleep before the merry go round starts up for the day again...

It is go-round sickness! Vertigo surely.

Makes for heady writing!

Ta ta and a tip o' the hat to all o' ya.


Trudy Mon Mar 20 16:48:42 PST 2000

ROSEMARY, What an exciting event! Great experience having those interviews I would think. I'm with you recommending everyone take part on a writer's conference...I'm not sure it should necessarily be large though. They are wonderful events for motivating; at least the one I attended was.

MARTIN, you may ask as many questions as you like...I don't really hit a wall ... my problem really is that I get distracted by other projects; usually ones with deadlines and paychecks at the end of them! I really believe that to finish my novel I must find a way to make deadlines that mean something For me just saying I will finish something on a certain date is not reason enough to always do it!) I think when I start my writers group here in Georgetown that will be my monthly deadline to write something new on my novel to share with my group. Then maybe it will get finished!

Do others get so many projects on the go they don't know what to work on and therefore nothing gets finished or is it just me?!

HEATHER, is your cat still blue? Too bad you made your cat sad by laughing...

hee hee

Happy spring all!


Jack Beslanwitch Mon Mar 20 16:47:57 PST 2000

I am not absolutely sure if the Zenna Henderson story the Anything Box is one of the People Stories, but if it is the above link will take you to a compilation of all of her stories. These are really quite good. She drew from her experience as a teacher to touch on some very authentic issues in her exploration of aliens trapped on this planet.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Mon Mar 20 15:37:10 PST 2000

Sasquatch - My relative hunted your relatives for sport, as there was at that time a large reward for the body of a big-foot, dead or alive. This to prove the existance. He used to regale us with tales of people who had been captured by your relatives, and tortured then murdered. I think he lied, but I was very young when he told these tales, and do not know for sure. Later when he was out hunting with my uncle, he met up with a striped cat who sprayed him very badly with some strange smelling chemical. He was forced to stay outside the house for three days, then as the smell disapated, he was again allowed to speak with us, when we went outdoors to see him. I do not remember if he ever came to our house again and I have not seen him since back in the early 60's. I did see his wife who is my cousin last year but her husband refused to come back to our state after the way he was treated after his meeting with the striped cat.

sasquatch Mon Mar 20 10:56:00 PST 2000

Hello Cassandra no that was not me it was Harry my cousin not Henry either. I told before how he liked John Lithgowe. There is something that people do not know about when the movie ended. Every one was crying so they did not see one of Jerry's relatives on one side with his gun and a humans she with her camera on the other side. Fortunately he did not shoot, and the she slipped on some wet moss or maybe something else and took a picture of the top of the tall tree where the owl sleeps. But if everyone will look at the movie they will see that it was not really Harry either because Harry does not have any zippers. It was really a humans in a fake Harry skin. If it was really Harry they all would have been holding their cute noses and gagging. He makes me do that too, and that is why we are solitary.
Also Cassandra the little children probably would not be running crying if you would sing summertime instead of old man river. You see we know show tunes also and we hum them a lot.

Martin Mon Mar 20 10:55:01 PST 2000

TRUDY - So, the problem is not starting but finishing....may I ask some far do you typically get before hitting the wall, 0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%? And what is the usual problem (plot seems to have nowhere to go, plot has finished early, plot seems tired etc...)? Of course having never finished anything longer than short stories, Im really in no position to give advice, BUT, I beleive the ONLY rule in writing is "if it works for you, it works!", so you never know I may be able to throw out some ideas that work for you.

LITTER - Apologies for my "scotch" comment. I actually have Scottish family, so its all meant in fun! As for curing me of being English, I am well on my way now to being American, so I guess I am cured (or maybe its just a worsening of the disease!!)

JON - Thank you for what was fair and just marking. Im sure if Id had more time to study, Id have passed!!! Also, No, Jon does not play such dirty tricks, his questions were good. There I said I get and extra marks for that?

EDDIE - Thanks for defending me, but dont worry, I took Jons test in fun and his scoring in a simillar manner....I will continue to post even without the panels blessing!

TEEKAY - As you can see I am here....I was not sacked, but went skiing for the weekend and survived!

JON - Ich nicht sprechen Deutsch (As you can see!!) aber...
1. I dont know who he is, but would love for you to tell me
2. Adolf, surely everyone knows that one!
3. I dont know what bedeutet means, but Im guessing the question was, "What does piss off mean?", in which case I hope that wasnt a subtle way off telling me to piss off!!!

Cassandra Mon Mar 20 09:38:36 PST 2000

Hi all,

It's a lovely Spring day in Albany Ny. Makes you feel like loudly singing showtunes.. *ahem* *ahem* La la laaa.... Considering the little children running and screaming, I probably should hold off on that. :)

Don't stay away for too long. I might disagree with you sometimes but I never mean any harm.

You an A* are tied for who I'll miss most. Would you care for a spot of tea?

My older brother's fifth grade teacher had a name that sounded like Sasquatch and he kind of looked like one too. Is there any chance that some cross-breeding happened at one of your big rabbit eating schindigs? Perhaps you took a page from Tarzan and raised him as one of your own from a small child?
Did you ever see the movie Henry and the Hendersons? Was that you in that, or someone you know? We'll have to set up a chance to sign autographs.

Anyways, I'm off to either do some work or write. :D

ta ta


Rachel Mon Mar 20 08:08:18 PST 2000


Sasquatch Mon Mar 20 07:07:56 PST 2000

Jerry, why will your relative shoot at one of us? We do no harm to anyone and only wish to be left alone. It saddens our heart when a humans tries to take our life only to brag an a bar that he did so. And if you speak of the one I think you mean, that was not an obscene gesture. It sounds like one of my cousins who was at the place you call woodstock, and learned a sign that is supposed to indicate peace. But the first time she tried to use it, a humans shot at her, and the bullet tore off one of her fingers, so all she has left of the sign is the other finger. She still tries to use it, but I will tell her that it now appears to be something obscene. I am afraid that she will be mortified, but that is better than being obscene. Or dead.

Christi, you should be very careful when you wear bunny ears in our forest. We yeti tend to eat first and ask questions afterwards, and bunny is one of our favorite meals. Although you would be more like dessert I think ha ha ha. And now I am blushing.

S* is that a right short name for me?

Allein Mon Mar 20 06:43:41 PST 2000

Hey everyone. Here's a funny that found it's way to my mailbox. I think Jon will like it.

An Ode To Furballs

1. After dark, all cats are jaguars...

2. Never *ever* try to baptize a cat.

3. Cats are smarter than dogs. You cannot get a cat to pull a sled.

4. A cat knows your every thought. It doesn't care. But it knows.

5. If I want to hear the pitter patter of little feet, I will put shoes on my cat...

6. Most people with cats, know they are being controlled. That's the horror of it...

7. Never try to out stubborn a cat.

8. Thousands of years ago, humans worshiped the cat. They have not forgotten this...

9. Whenever I bathe my cat, it takes an hour to get the fur off of my tongue.

10. I prefer to live with Feline Sapiens, thank you very much.

11. Picture of a fat tabby on a couch, looking at his owner: "My species domesticated your species..."

howard Mon Mar 20 06:36:08 PST 2000

Arik --

A few lines -- I give them to you. No award necessary. It still needs finishing to be a proper song, but you have begun more than a song here.

His name was author, the glorious king,
And his sign was an eagle, with one broken wing,
broken in victory, triumphant but bowed
victorious but never again for the cloud

pinion turned quill in the hand of the bard
who would write of the saga of vict'ry from shard
while the eagle in majesty rode evermore
on the breastplate of author, whose image he bore.


Arik Sun Mar 19 22:29:33 PST 2000

Ok people.. I am in a trubel: I wrote a song and I dont know how to continue it... whoever will write the best continuity to this song will win an aword :-0.

the song:

In the mighty days of love and hope,
In the creepy days of swords and a rope,
One man stood against all evil,
He was fiurious, but a good leader.

His name was author, the glorious king,
And his sign was an eagle, with one broken wing,

Thank you guys. And let me know what you all think about this song :-).

Arik Sun Mar 19 22:24:27 PST 2000

Hey guys. How are ya?

thank you Litter very much :-). OK people.. After a long think I understood the sentances:

The most smart, is by Jon :-)))) but it is not "anyone for a cup of coffy" it is.....

"Heather, what do you think the name Arik means? For me it means nice, generous, everything!"

and the most stupid is:
"Sun Mar 19 19:41:40 PST 2000" (WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???)

I also want to say another nice sentance from a book:

"This is the most important moment in my life,
No moment exsists exsept this one,
No moment important exsept this moment
I was born in this moment, and if I'll fale,
In this moment I'll die."

Raistlin Mazar

Good day to all of you :-)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sun Mar 19 19:50:39 PST 2000

Listed that site above, I was just there and it is still up and running.

Sasquatch - Had a relative that once told tales of hunting Big-Foot in the back woods of Washington. As he told it, he did get some shots off, but every time they shot at bigfoot, he would turn and make an obscene gesture with his middle finger then run off into the bush. Think that was probably one of your relatives.

Adultry, never tried it, but like Former President Carter, I have lusted in my mind. It does make for a good story line. Made life interesting for me when I was a cop, as it is one of the main causes of domestic disputes (one of the most dangerous and hated calles for any police officer).

Keep the Peace.


Sun Mar 19 19:41:40 PST 2000

Rosemary Sun Mar 19 19:37:36 PST 2000

Hi all,
I just got home a couple of hours ago from one of the most exausting and interesting weekends I can remember. The Writers conference in Houston, Texas.
My friend and I checked in on Thursday afternoon and signed up for ten minute (each) interviews with three agents or editors. There was also a book doctor there who would edit five pages of manuscript. Around these appointments, there were ongoing workshops (speeches) of many kinds. In between all this were lunches, an Award Dinner, Brunch during which agents and editors answered questions, two nights of ice-breaker gatherings, and to tell you the truth, I am so tired right now, there was probably a lot more but I can't think about it.

My friend writes historical novels and didn't have much luck with the agents she talked to. One editor did ask for proposals for nonfiction articles about Texas women.

My interviews were all with editors and my field seems to be young adult science fiction. (I wasn't really sure) The two E-Publishers wanted samples of my novel, Random house reluctantly agreed to allow me to send a synopsys and three chapters, and (we slipped in an extra interview) the publisher of an E-Zine (magazine) was interested in a couple of my short stories. (One of them will have to be cut in half--sheesh--)

Talk about a small world, one of the publishers was raised in the same small Georgia town that I spent 9 years growing up in. (too tired to fix grammer or spelling)

All in all, It was great and I recommend a large conference to every writer at least once. I learned a lot. Not about writing, but about conferences.

Good writing to all and good night.

Christi Sun Mar 19 19:36:54 PST 2000


Thanks! You, like Jerry, are sweet.
Where are you going and how long will you be gone? You would deprive us of Jon's and Pussy's presence, as well? I wish you all a safe journey and a quick return, but I can't say which of you I will miss the most. :(


You never answered my question. You and me with a camera-- You name the time and place. Bunny ears would surely be involved. Sounds like fun doesn't it? I am quite good at grooming, and would be happy to de-bug you for services rendered.

Think about it,

Sasquatch Sun Mar 19 17:36:56 PST 2000

Well ! All this talk of adulterous goings on makes me uneasy. We yeti after all are monogamous, mating for life. Actually we smell so bad that it is a miracle that we ever do get together, and afterwards we don't care about getting together any more. So we are monogamous and solitary. Maybe you humans like the way each other smells and you go around smelling strangers and getting into trouble. But we do not do that.
No, Howard, that was not my little sister that you dated. I am certain about that. She would have remembered you I am sure, and she does not. Perhaps it was really Ghan-beri-ghan's sister instead. I am surprised you remember him, and I wonder if anyone else here does?
To the one called Litter, I hope you do not live up to your name when walking through my forest. I really hate cleaning up after you humans. Ha ha ha. I am only joking with your name. I am learning to make fun with words and see how they are being used. And what is anfscd and larch?
Arik I liked your sentence also. It was a nice play of words as I would like to use. Do not regard the small one Jon. He is a newcomer in this being and his kind has much to learn . Then perhaps he will be able to understand what we old ones know. We have been here since long before his kind came. Did you know that they came from a place far away in the sky? The ones who brought them here from beyond the tiny lights did so because they were so tired of their insolence. And they thought that we could put up with them. I will be happy when they return for them. Although some of them have shown an improvement and I will miss them.
Bears too.

(c) sasquatch how do you make that little mark?

howard Sun Mar 19 17:03:02 PST 2000

JERRY -- I vaguely remember your posting the site that Teekay speaks of -- the one with the out of print books. I thought I bookmarked it, but can't find it now. Could you post it again?

AMERICO -- Please don't stay away long!


Teekay Sun Mar 19 16:35:20 PST 2000

Hi all,
I was just reading the posts and having a good old giggle when somebody walked past the office and told me to stop laughing at the computer screen as it might look like I was having a good time and as I was at work that wasn't allowed.

RACHEL: I'm so glad your talking to me again, and I don't hate you coz you can't spell, I hate you because.. ha ha ha only joking, just like last time. Please don't not speak to me now, I hate it when you don't speak to me. Actually I hated myself for a while for making you sad. I didn't mean to huuuurrrt youuuuu, I'm sooorrry that I maaade you cryyyyy, I didn't mean toooo hurrrtt youuuu, I reallly diiiidn't tryyyyy.

HOWARD: I agree totally with what you said about having the courage of your convictions. "To thine ownself be true and it must follow as the night the day, thou shalt not then be false to any man" That was by Bill Wag a Dagger, and he is not in the running for the best or worst quote of the day as he is dead.

RACHEL: I think you may have given me the evil eye. I am making an unusual amount of spelling errors lately.

JERRY: That is a fascinating story, but have you heard the doppleganger legend? If you have not then it is probably best.

HOWARD: again: You have piqued my curiosity too about ' the anything box' I am off to search for a copy at the library. Perhaps it can be downloaded from the site JERRY found about out of print books.

HEATHER: Thanks. Where have you been? I have missed you.
I'm sorry to hear that your cat is feeling a little down.

CHRISTI: I thought a mint julep was a lolly DUH! That's why I said 'suck on a mint julep'.

ALLIEN: Too right! Where would Ricki Lake and co. be without adultery??? "And for todays show we're going to talk about husbands who leave the toilet seat up." ooooooohh

Where is poor MARTIN not from Sweden??? Did he get fired or did JON not make him welcome. MARTIN if your there JON is a cat, they don't even have the vote. You are of course welcome. If however you are sacked...weeell we can't really blame that on JON.

I have finished my final edit for the competition and I feel very happy with my efforts. I don't know if that is because I have spent so much time with it and we have developed a bond or because it is good. Never the less it is finished.
I have begun my shortie of the notebookers I know and if you have any qualms about being in my shortie, please let me know here and soon. Your failure to respond will be taken as assent. I shall warn you now. Some times you may not like what you read. I am going to change all the names so you shall have to pick who you think you are. Also I am only writing about those whom I feel I know enough of to portray in a story.

I could make enemies doing this couldn't I??? Maybe it's a bad idea. Maybe it's brilliant. Who knows?

Ta Ta I'm of to the library.

Americo Sun Mar 19 16:26:26 PST 2000

Midnight in this part of the world!

Spring is here!

I must go for a while.This is my last post to you. But I'll come back, I hope. And so will Jon and Pussy.

Goodbye, everybody! It was a pleasure being with you.

Take care!

PS. And keep "Strawberries and a Moon" in shape.

Allein Sun Mar 19 14:45:43 PST 2000

Adultery? book I read about that was The Scarlet Letter. Come to think of it, that's the only book I read about it. I personally think it's wrong, but it does make for some interesting daytime talk shows.

Americo Sun Mar 19 11:42:59 PST 2000


That's very kind of you. I would like to read only the short-story you mentioned, not the whole collection. I thought that if it were not too long perhaps you could type it and send it by e-mail. But that's likely too much trouble. Forget it. Thanks all the same and again.

Pussy Sun Mar 19 11:25:57 PST 2000

Correction: probable.

Pussy Sun Mar 19 11:25:13 PST 2000


A* only said that the best novels having adultery as theme have been written by men, and that it is not probably that the trend changes. Don't you, girls, know how to read?

BTW. I suspect that A* stands for adultery!

Jon Sun Mar 19 11:18:59 PST 2000


@Jon, 2000

PS. Arik, I've been thinking of you all night and all day, mainly in the morning, after my coffee, cigarettes and Martini.

PSS.Arik, when will you announce today's best sentence? Not that I deserve to win, oh, no, I'm too humble for that. (Almost crying).

Heather, what do you think the name Arik means? For me it means nice, generous, everything! (Bright smile)


@Jon, 2000

Cassandra Sun Mar 19 11:04:57 PST 2000

Hello all!

I'm back from the sunny south to stir up my usual trouble in the notebook. A few topics in here have sparked a bit of fight in me... but I'll leave it to one for today. :)

We'll never reach their standards will we? Considering that women weren't allowed to write except seldomly under a man's name that's quite a convenent arguement.

Once the score is even and women finally take their place on the same socio-economic level as men and have a chance to play "catch up" We shall see who won't reach who's standards.

And allow me to remind you, if it weren't the cruel nature of men (of the past) to push them down in the first place, you wouldn't be able to make any such point. Thank your god you were born into the sex that dominated and repressed. You would not be so cocky if you weren't.

And as far as standards are concerned. I prefer to set my own, thank you very much. :)

later gators


Howard Sun Mar 19 10:59:17 PST 2000

Americo -- I'll see if O can find another copy of "The Anything Box" to send you. It took me several months to find the copy I now have.

Heather -- There are several names attributed to Jesus. The name "Jesus" (same as Yeshua or Joshua) literally means "Jehova Saves." He is also called "Emmanuel (Immanuel) meaning "God with us." There's a very interesting study just on the names -- both of people and places -- from which one can derive some rather deep and provocative understanding.

All -- If you have access to James Kilpatrick's column, by all means read today's essay on words and cadence. It's excellent, and outlines some of the things we strive for. It shows why we're successful at times, and why at times we fail to come up with that "killer sentence."


Heather Sun Mar 19 10:18:46 PST 2000

So I hear cigarettes and a martini are the breakfast of champions. At least that is what Kurt Vonnegut said. I think it was personal experience.

Hello, feinds and neighbours. I mean friends.
Yes, Teekay; fine-weathered was intentional - and I LOVED it when you said LAWN-gerie!
I laughed until my cat turned blue.

Let's just say that Arik and Americo get the prize for both the most stupid and most cunning sentences of the day. But wasn't that yesterday? Congratulations, you two. Kiss and get it over with.

Howard, I have interpreted from Hebrew that God's (of the Bible) true name is (in English): 'I Am That I Am'. And Christ is 'I AM'. Go to Tibet and Persia, look for the singing stone tablets and let them sing to you the truths so divine they are no less absolute than God Him/Herself. I can't say Itself, for that's not correct, but my husband said that He is designated as a He because it was a patriarchal society at the time the Bible was written. God is neither Male nor Female, God is above having a sexual title, hence 'I Am That I Am', not 'I Am He That Is', or something along that vein.
Not to argue your wonderful points (or horns - ha ha) I just thought I'd add a few cents for the centences.
Clair-scentient. Meaning one can decipher things with the senses other than eyes. Sixth, Seventh, eleventh, however many senses we are endowed with. Who can count them when they are such curious phantoms?

Ahh, I wander through a field of daisies, only to find they have thorns, too.
Yellow centres egg-yolk and butter-smelling. Green thorned priestesses, nodding to the giant folk. Welcome to the briar, step lightly.

Americo, did you say that women cannot reach men's standards? Perhaps you meant cannot reach down? I think that's what it was to be. Women (at least I do) find adultery a subject not for fiction, simply because our writing would be best suited then, to Playboy. It is every man's fantasy to commit it. Not every woman's.

Good day, all, and I tip my hat to you!

Americo Sun Mar 19 08:06:10 PST 2000


I saw your story in SM**. Well done. There is plenty of food and there is even a dog. (Hope Jon does not object at dogs in SM**). And there are prayers before the meal. All the prerequisites for a good well-behaved American family with paradise guaranteed.

Keep on publishing, darling!

Americo Sun Mar 19 05:37:50 PST 2000


I would like to read a short-story you recommended yesterday, by Zena Henderson. It seems to deal with a topic I'm very intersted in since S*: dream and its reality, its laws, its time, its space. You say it is out of print. Any chance you can send me a copy or something?


Jon asked me if I could influence you in any way. He is dying to get a prize for one of his sentences. I told him that the prize is only for immortal sentences, such as my own "Anyone for a nice cup of tea?" But he threatened to cry... I cannot see anyone suffering, can you? He also said that, as a saint, he can do you a lot of good to your private life, mainly if you would like to win the lottery. As a saint, he has some influence in heaven, you know. I know that you are incorruptible, but how about his sentence (inspired in mine, I'm afraid): "How about a nice cup of coffee?" He has already registered, just in case.

PS. I mean the prize for the best sentence and not the prize for the most stupid one...

Litter Sun Mar 19 04:15:57 PST 2000

Amerigo - "Christ should not be associated with the God of the Bible." - Non sequitur. ('nuff said!)

Adultery - as with Howard, and on a personal level, it is not an option. As a writing device it is one of the 'biggies' that drive many a good novel/story. It is not easy to deny an anthropo-biological imperative but the rewards for doing so can be magnificent. You will find that true monogamous love does not cause the chaos that 'sin' or antisocial behaviour does. Of course, as far as writing is concerned, we strive for tension and many of the negative aspects of life and society that we wish to avoid in our personal lives… but then again there is 'writing from experience'…

Arik - keep your sentances/sentences/sentinces/sentonces/sentunces coming. If English is not your first language then you are doing OK. "Every day will be a new sentence." - I just lurve the double meaning…

Teakey - point taken!

Rowhad - nicely said - saved me a lot of writing. I only had to use two words to salve my own indignation :o) ANFSCD - Number 5, The Larch.

Ariel - Perhaps it was my mind? However, for you indulgence I thank you from the heart of my bottom. ;o) (should that have been 'from the bottom of my heart?')

"The simple, post on the best matters" © LitterAli

Bye y'all


Jack Beslanwitch Sun Mar 19 02:37:35 PST 2000

    Eddie: Just noticed your comment about unmetered internet access. Hip Hip Hurrah!!! Early in the existence of, when it was just Writer's Resources and part of Northwest Science Fiction Resources, I was in contact with someone from England that wanted to start a critique site when such things were new and Critters had not even gotten started. But, in the end, when his phone bills were reaching $500 per month he had to pull the plug or see his wife pull his plug. I could never fathom how any country could have set things up so that local calls were metered. And now, here in the states, we are fast approaching un metered long distance calling as well at least via cell phones and the internet. Take care and looking forward to your ability to be on the internet and great deal more.

Rachel Sun Mar 19 01:22:27 PST 2000

Pussy - A day or so ago you mentioned Shakespear - Do you know that I won tickets to take my daughter to Brittany Spears (yes, spelling, spelling, feel free to spank me - wicked grins). Anyway, I had to call get through to the radio station. I did this. Then off the cuff I had to make up something on any topic that they selected and do it in Shakespearan style with an accent no less! I got the tickets (grins).

P Cushing - Did you make it out? Where are you? Still Do you need help! I'll save you!!!!!!!

Americo - Nice sentence! You won, you won, you won. Or I guess Pussy won. Na, na, Americo (smiles and a hug).

Adultery - How do I feel about adultery? What do I think about adultery? I doubt you really want to know (soft smiles).

For me, I would be more interested in if the person who engaged in adultery was in love. If not, why did they do it. I think there would need to be a reason. I would want to know what that was.

If it is for love. How could I condem that? I think that in love there is beauty.

I am not interested in condeming a person. If their heart is not true to what they are doing a person will damn themsevles with much more success than any extenral force ever could.

The very act of adultery bring with it a heavy price. Few would be able to get past their own conventions. Be able to allow themselves to feel the joy of the love.

I have been thinking about this since I first saw the post. I have many different views. If I had left is post another day to write. I would have done it differently. For now I guess this will have to do.

I hope this post makes sense. It is late and I'm tired. Went out last night for Indian food. Didn't get to bed till 1am or so. Up at 7am this morning. Then out again late tonight. Hockey game (our team won 6 - 1) YES, YES, YES!!!!! After the game off to friends house visit, visit (smile, laugh). Home, visit the sitter, take her home and now to bed.

Teekay - My spelns awfu, I no it. Please don't hat me fo dis (cheeky grins).

Take care all


Katarina Sat Mar 18 22:58:03 PST 2000

Okay, so I feel like an idiot...but what the heck is a doppleganger? Is it like they say, "There is a twin out there for everyone..."

I have a topic, if anyone cares to elaborate about their own eperiences....

"What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?"

Tres bien dreams et vous


Sat Mar 18 22:54:36 PST 2000

Christi Sat Mar 18 22:29:38 PST 2000

Thanks! You're sweet.
Hey, having a doppleganger is very beneficial, no? I didn't realize his first name was also Jerry; I just thought your last names matched. It would be wonderful if you became life-long friends.
You lucky duck, I always wanted a twin.

Goodnight, and nice dreams to all.

Arik Sat Mar 18 22:21:19 PST 2000

Thank you all :-). I suggest we will give to my courner the name: "Everyday is a new sentance" ok? well Jon... I looked at your posts and I think I know the best sentance of today :-)). However everyone thank you for all the comments and let me know if you like my courner and how can I make it better :-)

I wish a good day to all of you :-)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat Mar 18 21:33:08 PST 2000

Christi - Very good, loved the story in SM**. No, the other Jerry doesn't write, however when I sent him a sample of my writing, he showed himself to be quite an editor making suggestions on how I could improve and pointing out a few gramatical mistakes.

Christi Sat Mar 18 20:59:25 PST 2000

Howard and Americo,

Sing it from the rooftops, my friends. I'm so tired of having to live up to the politically correct standard, while some of the most offensive things ever are happening right in front of our eyes. Everyone has a voice, if only they would use it.

Howard, I'm really interested in "The Anything Box." I've been working on a short story about lucid dreaming for over a year now (so I guess I really haven't been working on it), and am stuck. I love to read anything about dreams and will be actively searching for this book.

Ditto, what Howard said. That's really neat! Does your twin write as well?

Christi Sat Mar 18 20:42:28 PST 2000

Teekay, my kind, adorable, new friend. How you make me blush. I thank you to the moon and back for your support. I was going to tell Americo, "Hey, I posted my story!", but then I thought everyone would think that I wanted them to read it (which I kind of do), and then I thought what if they hate it (which I hope they don't), so I chickened out. Thanks for pushing me out of the closet you nut!

A*, Since I contributed to SM am I promoted to Master Notebooker? I've got to go now. Too nervous to write. Think I'll freshen up my mint julep.

howard Sat Mar 18 20:18:54 PST 2000

Jerry -- Welcome back! We've missed you! And the things you've mentioned about your "doppelganger" are interesting indeed. I love to hear anecdotes such as that. Mostly, though, we hear them as relating to twins separated at birth. I think this is the first time I've heard a case like this where there is no fraternal (or familial) connection at all. Please keep us posted!

And on religion -- I'm not seeking to preach, nor to convert anyone. That's neither my intent nor my calling. It's only that in today's society I am expected to keep my beliefs to myself lest I offend anyone, while those who believe anything and everything else are allowed to say whatever they like, wherever they want. I've come to the decision that it's a part of me (to me it's the most important part) so why should I hide it? That's all.

ANFSCD (Monty Python fans wil recognise that) -- I mentioned a while ago a story that was written from the viewpoint of a character *inside* a nightmare, observing the person who was *having* the nightmare. It was not the Rambo-esque "I'm your worst nightmare" testosterone overload, but it was a kind of confusion and fear in itself. It suggested a connection between realities, that might be interesting to explore. I would again encourage anyone who haunts used book stores to check for a copy of "The Anything Box" (or anything else) by Zenna Henderson.


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat Mar 18 19:13:41 PST 2000

I found my doppelganger a couple of months ago, while doing a search for a cousin. He spells his name exactly like mine; (Ericsson is an unusual spelling here in the US.) We have been E-Mailing since we found each other and comparing notes. The similarities are amazing. We are both disabled police officers, with the same amount of experiance, we are the same height and nearly the same weight, we have the same eye and hair color, and both attend the same church (Lutheran). We have both been married for the same length of time. Until last year, we drove the same make and model of pickup. (I traded mine off last year.) With each E-Mail, we find more and more similarities.

Religion – A wonderful topic for conversation, it can inflame the conversation, but of course the more we preach our own version, the more those whom we are trying to convert reject our claims. It fits in with such important topics as gun control (proper site alignment and controled breathing right?) and politics.

Jon – Asking about the undies worn by our lovely lady notebookers, a question comes to mind, why would a cat care?

Keep the peace


howard Sat Mar 18 19:03:36 PST 2000

Americo -- And a hug to you too! It is truly good to know that you still say friend.

Arik -- I completely agree with Americo that "Every day is a new sentence" is the very best sentence we've heard yet. And if you consider the possible meanings of the word 'sentence' it becomes even more intriguing.

But "Anyone for a nice cup of tea?" also has its merits.


Jon On the prize Arik gave to A* Sat Mar 18 18:24:25 PST 2000

my esteemed and admired friend,
I was informed this evening that you granted A* the prize for the "best sentence of the day" (A* told me "of the month".) I will make no comments on your decision, not because I admire his ridiculous sentence, but because I have the utmost respect if not for this choice, at least for your admirable capacity for choosing. For me, my friend, your decisions are orders, and I respect and admire them, even in the case of A*s insignificant sentence. Even if posterity will laugh at such an idiotic sentence, as it will certainly do, I will always respect and admire your extraordinary generosity, which managed to see beauty where, to a more critical eye such as mine, there is nothing.*

after such a declaration of admiration for your talent and generosity, I'd like to ask you to have a look at my posts. But I do not dare asking. My posts are too modest and I could never aspire at writing a sentence that could please you. No, I will not ask. Even because you'd likely think that, whenever I'll praise your high qualities, I will be doing it just to get the prize. I would never do that. I'll sing your extraordinary intelligence, your good looks, your generosity, your milk and vodka cocktails, your everything, but only because I recognize that you are the best man in the world. No, I will not ask you to read my posts. I would never do that. Thank you very much, Arik. And --
How about a nice cup of coffee?

* The sentence was "Anyone for a nice cup of tea?" Ludicrous sentence by A* but sound judgement by our own Arik.

Americo Sat Mar 18 18:22:00 PST 2000

Hey, hey, Howard. I give up. I'll convert myself. I promise.

A strong hug to you,
from your most pagan friend, but friend,

howard Sat Mar 18 16:58:55 PST 2000

Americo -

Remember - you started this…

I am not *associating* Jesus Christ with the God of the bible. I am believing that he *is* the God of the bible.

The God who called Himself "that I Am" is the same God who created all that is. He is that perfection that cannot tolerate any imperfection in His presence. His creation became marred through imperfection (sin) and He could no longer commune with it as He once did. The price tag that came along with that imperfection was (and still is) what we know as death - or separation from Him.

It does not matter what specific sin - adultery, murder (hatred is the same as murder in His eyes), lying, coveting, sloth - all are various forms of sin, and all equally intolerable to Him. It is we who attribute degrees to sin, and affix special punishments to our own particular "hot-buttons." He very simply states that sin is "falling short of His perfection," and again very simply states that "the wages of that falling short is death."

But He loves us - so much so that He chose to pay that price Himself. But in order to do that He had to become one of us.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Then that Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and stated that "I and the Father are One." He did that in order to take the penalty in our place, to satisfy the perfect requirement of a perfect God for a perfect sacrifice.

He told the woman at the well that "If you knew (understood) who I am, you would plead with me for the water of life that I have to offer." And he offered that freely, because He is as you say "full of humanity and understanding" yet also He is deity.

When the men who would test Him brought the woman caught in the act of adultery he did not pass it off as an act of commerce, neither did He condemn her. He simply forgave her (as He had authority to do) and then told her to "Go, and sin no more."

You say that we commit a gross blunder in that we "mix up [the] Old Testament with [the] New Testament. "We" did not do that. God did that, in that Jesus is pictured plainly throughout the O.T. His work of atonement is prophecied or portrayed everywhere.

C.S. Lewis said that Jesus is either "…liar, lunatic, or Lord." Those are the only three possibilities available, and one of them is the correct one.

I believe that the evidence proves that He is Lord.


Teekay Sat Mar 18 16:38:58 PST 2000

CHRISTI: Hammocks and mint juleps???? When your husband aks you what you're thinking about are you going to be honest or are you going to say "Oh, just what to make for dinner, darling."?

Teekay. Sat Mar 18 16:36:42 PST 2000

Oh me oh my, I spelled write rong, no I mean wrong, write. No no I mean......Oh dear, I just hope I don't catch myself doing it.

Sat Mar 18 16:34:05 PST 2000

Top of th' mornin' to you all,

ARIK : 'every day will be a new sentence' really is true genius. Just think how approporiate that is to all of us here.

CHRISTI: You must let all the notebookers know when you post a story in the workbook or it could be a week before anybody reads it and then you think everybody hates it because nobody said anything about it. I didn't hate it, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it and I LAUGHED and LAUGHED. Well done.

AMERICO et al: About adultery hmmmm. Perhaps adultery is best kept to in the imagination. It's clean, fuss free, there's no need to shave thelegs before hand. It's convenient, No risk of diseases and one can choose whoever they like. One can have it over tea and scones or in a hammock while sucking on juleps.
I think maybe a lot of women may not right about adultery because it is BOOOORRRRRIIIING!! I personally would much prefer to read about other stuff. REMEMBER EVERYONE THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.

CHRISTI: What a wonderful Saturday you seem to be having. Hammocks and mint juleps.

Well toodle loo I'm off to really finish off this story, the concept of time is fast ticking by.
Have a Wonderful day.

Americo Sat Mar 18 15:42:20 PST 2000


You are very kind, but your decision about the best and the most stupid sentence is not fair. I insist that your sentence "Everyday is a new sentence" is a sentence of genius (I'm not kidding!) How can a sentence of genius be the most stupid sentence of the day? No way!

As for my sentence, "Anyone for a nice cup of tea?", that's the most stupid thing I've ever heard in my life. To begin with it was not written by me but by Pussy, secondly, I don't even know how to make tea, thirdly, I hate tea (except Earl Grey); tenthly, oh, no, Arik, I cannot accept. But you are too kind and secretly I'm a little bit sort of, kind of... should I say... yes, proud. Only a little modest bit... I'M PROUD! I WON!

Arik Sat Mar 18 13:19:07 PST 2000

ok people... some time.. we have todays santances..

The most stupid santance is:
"Everyday will be a new sentence". (by me :-()

The most smart santance is by Americo:
"Anyone for a cup of tea?"

I like it... well, this is it for doday... now I am going to mak myself a nice cup of tea :-))

Americo Sat Mar 18 13:08:11 PST 2000


Christ should not be associated with the God of the Bible. Christ is a modern figure, full of humanity and understanding. The God of the Bible is an obsolete concept, who ruled through fear and thunder as it befitted the primitive society of the time the Bible was written. It's a gross blunder of some Christian persuasions to mix up Old Testament with New Testament, and give us a Christ who is the opposite of what He really was.

How could an intelligent, humane, kind and loving figure condemn adultery (or any sin for that matter) so harshly? Even in thoughts, you said... Not even the Roman Pope is so severe anymore! What kind of woman was sweet Magdalen? What was the commonest practice of the girls of His society to earn a living if not prostitution with Roman soldiers? How could Christ be so harsh to a large percentage of the women around Him (and so damn harmful to the economy of Galilee)? The God of the Bible was harsh and cruel, but Christ was kind . It's true that he was a bit temperamental-- see what he did to the guys who were selling goods in the temple and the way he sometimes addressed the crowds and even his disciples. But broadly speaking he was not a man to condemn anyone. Least of all adultery, the former job of his dear Magdalen and possible companion. (For this very last topic, read Saramago's "The Gospel According to Jesus Christ").

Some people who think they are doing good sometimes give a very negative idea of the Person whom they should teach to love. And when they quote the Books to prove their point, so much the worse: they make well-intentioned people also hate the Books. That's a bad service to Christ.

Be as it may, adultery is a serious topic, and anyone interested in literature should discuss it freely and without any prejudices.

Ariel Sat Mar 18 12:23:18 PST 2000

Litter - What you wrote to me sounded rather wicked. It must just be my mind. I will answer you. You may touch my bear skins. You may not touch my bare skin (LOL).

Americo Sat Mar 18 11:48:11 PST 2000

Feminine and masculine writing.

The History of Literature shows that women have never written any great novel about adultery. I remember Ulysses (Joyce), Madame Bovary (Flaubert), Lady Chatterley's Lover (D.H. Lawrence), Le Rouge et le Noir (Stendhal)... just to mention books any writer should know by heart. The authors are all men, though the heroines are mostly women.

I honestly think that women have everything to be great writers: they are dreamers, they deal with the little everyday things, they have that special brand of music in their fingers without which no one can be a writer. They also know much more about sex than men. And they enjoy sex much better. Rightly and fairly so: they not only know about sex but also about its consequences, which makes sex for them a much profounder experience than for a man.

Yet, the best fiction about sex — and therefore about adultery — has been written by men. How to explain this? Probably for socio-psychological reasons. Women have been conditioned to consider sex a taboo matter (that's very convenient for men). They make it (and usually very well) but they will write about something else: love as a spiritual experience, the life of king Arthur and his knights (while virgins), the best way to cook peaches. Adultery is not their business.

How can a human being be such a slave of conventions, moreover imposed by their archetype rivals -- men? How can a writer bear this unnatural torture of not being allowed to speak, sometimes not even to think?

Women in this forum, take off your subliminal prejudices and write as freely as men!

You'l find that you will never reach their standards...

"The Best Posts on Simple Matters"
© AGS, 2000.

Christi Sat Mar 18 11:39:04 PST 2000


I think everyone has been attracted to someone other than their spouse at some time or another, but I can't even think about what it would be like without my husband around. I appreciate him too much to even ponder cheating on him. Now that my marriage has matured I know that I have the best of all possible worlds right here at home.
Sorry, that is my boring but honest answer.

Christi Sat Mar 18 11:25:57 PST 2000


I am soo ashamed. You did my homework for me! Thank you for the incredibly detailed instructions, and for cluing us in on the contest.

howard Sat Mar 18 11:15:58 PST 2000

Adultery? A definite no-no as far as I'm concerned. Yet, like Jimmy Carter, I'm guilty. Jesus said that anyone who even thought it was guilty of it. But he paid the penalty for it, so I'm not guilty any more.
I found out long ago that if you take care of your own lawn, you have no need for the grass on the other side of the fence...

Americo Sat Mar 18 10:59:09 PST 2000

Anyone for a cup of tea?

I made a delicious cake. Cherries and sugar with a bit of lemon, to make it green of jealousy, the whole constituting a pretty face, my face. I like it when my guests eat my lips and nose, and laugh when they kiss my eyes.

Tonigh we could talk about adultery, as there will be no one around. I like adultery. Is there any one here who has never commited adultery? Not even in thoughts? Impossible. Adultery is very important in literature. See for instance Madame Bovary. Any writer must commit adultery at least once every month. That's my favorite sport.

Howard, how many times have you commited adultery? (With University colleagues it does not count).

This post was written by Pussy but will be signed by A*. Any person who became fret because of the topic please close his/her (their in case it's a dragon with many heads) eyes.

howard Sat Mar 18 10:38:29 PST 2000

Hi Christi --
On the Amazon home page, do a search on BOOKS and SHORT STORY -- then scroll down the left side of the screen to see PEN AMAZON SHORT STORY AWARDS. Click on that and you will find:

Deadline is 3/24.


Christi Sat Mar 18 09:51:30 PST 2000

Hi Howard, nice to see you.

I went to Amazon, but couldn't find anything about a short story contest. Maybe the contest is already over. If so, shucky and darn.

Hello everybodeeee. Happy Saturday to you all. Hope your day is lazy, and filled with hammock snoozes and mint juleps.


howard Sat Mar 18 06:43:32 PST 2000

ut I managed to escape when they were'nt looking, and after several nights in the cold and dark I finally made it back.
So what's been happening while I've been gone?

Welcome Christi,Trudy,Arik, Martin, et al. (Al is a lurker, if you didn't know).

I have recently been suffering from a rare malady -- a combination of deja-vu and amnesia. I kept having the feeling that I'd forgotten this before.

Welcome also to Sasquatch! I have long wanted to meet you, or your cousin the Yeti. Now that you've described your diet I have the feeling that we've almost met in the woods before. And did I ever have a blind date with your sister? Perhaps I'm confusing her with Ghan-beri-ghan's sister (the ugly one) that I met at a sock hop in 1956. At any rate, welcome.

I have just reread (several times) a short story by Zenna Henderson, called "Walking Aunt Daid." If you ever get a chance to read it, by all means do so. It's an account of a dream -- from *inside* the dream. Think about it -- what do the characters in your dreams feel? How do they feel about *you*? Are you really their subconscious imaginings, instead of the other way 'round as we like to believe?
Anyway, "Walking Aunt Daid" is in the collection titled "The Anything Box," which is long out of print, but definitely worth looking for.

Has anyone seen the Amazon home page lately? They're running a short story contest (for U.S. and Canada only) that carries a $10,000 first prize. I entered, and the deadline is next week, I think. Might be worth a look.

Oh, and time? Time is only what God invented to keep everything from happening at once!

Gotta go -- I sense a lurker, and Aunt Alice is calling. She needs help with her laundry. All that underwear is heavy to hang on the line.


Jon Sat Mar 18 06:25:26 PST 2000


Wie kannst du John Philip de Sousa nich kennen? Das glaube ich nich! Du hast ihm schon getanzt und gesungen!

Rachel Sat Mar 18 00:38:15 PST 2000

Americo - I am here (smiles).

Avatar - It is nice to see you back.

Litter - Hi you:)

Take care all


Arik Fri Mar 17 22:08:24 PST 2000

Gee... thanks!! he he.. you know what, after a read this santance I realizr it WAS a stupid santance... okey okey.. I win :-))

Christi Fri Mar 17 21:31:30 PST 2000

Hello Arik,

I am so glad to see you. I am B-o-r-e-d tonight and came to see what was up in the notebook, but everyone has a date tonight! So a big, hearty hello to you.

Did I win worst sentence? Teekay says it's not a sentence, and she's right (darn it), but I saw no other sentences that qualify. So how 'bout it?

Christi :0)

Arik Fri Mar 17 21:20:22 PST 2000

Ok, ok so my English is not so good... So now I am a bad person???? How ever, Not everyday... every week... every day will be the The best sentance... but it doesn't have to be from the notebook... every WEEK there will be a good and bad centance from THIS notebook :-) get it?

Todays sentance:

"The myselfe is the only prison that can chain the soul"
Margaret Wais

Allein Fri Mar 17 20:35:49 PST 2000

Jon - You're such a sweet kitty. What would like as a treat - anything. I make some pretty mean Jell-O. :) *hugs and a scratch behind the ear*

Martin (not from Switzerland) - Arbeitet mit mir hier. Ich spreche Deutsch, und ich kann alle Jons Fragen antworten.
1) Ich weiss nicht - es tut mir leid.
2) Es war Adolf.
3) Es bedeutet dass du bist sehr sehr verärgert.
Ich denke das ist richtig.

Christi Fri Mar 17 19:49:39 PST 2000

Er, love that David Hasselhoff. That's all the German I know.

Fri Mar 17 18:28:58 PST 2000

Das ist nicht sehr freundin JON. Der antworten be
1/ Vielleicht sie Pater.
2/ Hail Her.
3/Ich non sprchen zie Deutsch.

Io paolo Italiano. Per favor Non si rompare mi costaglioni!!!

P Cushing Fri Mar 17 18:04:58 PST 2000

I see your text.
You also believe!
There is nothing here!
It has all gone.
I will be with you soon.
I hear the boarding whistle now!
Keep the faith oh faithful ones

Teekay Fri Mar 17 18:00:52 PST 2000

AMERICO: Didn't say nuffink bad about Arik's English and I went to type this in Arabic and would you believe it....My keyboard doesn't have the right symbols. Any way I like ARIK and I don't care what anybody says I like you to.

Jon Fri Mar 17 17:59:55 PST 2000


A* is already asleep by now, but I can tell you that there's no relation between my neighbour and the people in the States you mentioned.

I knelt in supplication to the Panel and It has allowed Martin to try an easier test.

Martin Von Not Schweizerland, antworten Sie the nachste Frage, bitte:
1. Wer war John Philip de Sousa?
2. Was ist der ertzte Name von Hitler?
3. Was bedeutet "piss off"?

Do not despair if you don't know German. Just answer the questionnaire as best as you can and be sincere. Sincerity pays, you know...

Martin(not from Sweden)'s Boss Fri Mar 17 17:52:05 PST 2000


Teekay Fri Mar 17 17:48:36 PST 2000

Hi evrybody,

RACHEL: First of all I am so sorry I offended you. Honest. This is in all sicerity(and I don't mean MARTIN(from Sweden's version)).
I think you are lovely and would hate to hurt your feelings deliberately.
I have already apologized to you though. When I very fistly began poisting here I said that I apologize in andvanse of offending anyone.
Any way am sending you virtuel chocolates and sending (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))) and I shall niver again make fun of your spelling. :-(

LISTER: I know. How very pidantec of me. You wood think I woodn't be so fuusy about words wouldn't yoo. After all what are they but the form of communication we use in order to git our massij across clearly??? Now if I were interested in writing say, well then that's a different kittle of flesh.

And that is my WORDS WORTH today.
Unless I come back later. Unlike EDDIE we have to pay heaps here to use the net.

Americo Fri Mar 17 17:27:49 PST 2000


I'm missing you. Where have you been?

Fri Mar 17 17:26:21 PST 2000


Pussy Fri Mar 17 17:24:27 PST 2000

Can you also hear the thunder and see the lightning? A Shakespearen tempest approaching.

I'm reading Shakespeare in the hair-dresser's. Absolutely gorgeous! Heavens, fall on my head! Fabulous!!!

Better go and make a nice cup of tea.

Americo Fri Mar 17 17:18:49 PST 2000

I'm always the first one to welcome you back, because I really care about you and your writing. I did tell that to you once, remember? I'll be very pleased to read anything you write -- just give me some time to do it.


Your humble servant,

(Is that invisible ink good for you? Did you understand the Cyrillic?)

P Cushing Fri Mar 17 17:06:36 PST 2000

Fellow wanderers,
Forgive my lateness. Unfortunately, I have been delayed in my passage across the eastern states of Europe.
Our train began to develop difficulties not long after our departure from Constantinople.
I dally for a time in transylvania.
This is not a happy land. The devil has been at work here. Not a single peasant roof remains intact on a humble abode.
I have seen death along the highways, inside the houses, in the gardens so recently tended.
I have seen death rain silently from the skys.
I am needed here.
I shall remain a day or two longer.
Be patient oh esteemed ones, I shall return.

Avatar Fri Mar 17 16:39:55 PST 2000


Americo-how is it that you are always the one that says hello to me first? i have to return the favor now..HI!!!

As for what i am working on (evil laugh) i am writing down one of those one page outlines that Martin (not a Swiss, though i shall miss the chocolate!) has so recently tried. So far it is the only thing i can do. Lack of brain power leaves me immune to all other effects. is actually a collaborative project i have been working on for some time w/two other friends. They don't know i'm rewriting it (another highly wicked laugh!)

The one part of it i know of right now is the sad glimpse of one of the main characters, recently separated from her physical body, slowly fading away just as the shifting wind wears down the earth in the desert she is in. She cannot speak, and the only thing she does is draw pictures in the sand w/a childish fascination.

i shall let you know what happens if you want.

T.O.M.- With a modicum of decency (blush) i will thank you for that most kind suggestion! ;)

Teekay- Actually i do have a few beginnings lying around too but i can never fit them w/anything else. They're like puzzles w/missing pieces!

All-What's the longest word you can type with only your left hand?

Oohkay, that's it f' me folks. M' right hand tis arguin' most insanely for it's right to rest!

Later all
(P.S. Jon- don't you dare close up S*and M* until i get something in-have a nifty idea for onions!)

Eddie French Fri Mar 17 16:36:48 PST 2000

Out of pure curiosity, I did a little investigating.
There are five Americo De Sousas in the USA.
3 in MA.
2 in NY.
Any relation?

Eddie French Fri Mar 17 16:28:54 PST 2000

A division made by brass strips along the arm of a guitar.
The negative emotion caused by the removal of a familiar object of comfort from the immediate proximity of a HUMAN BEING or animal!

Eddie French Fri Mar 17 16:23:20 PST 2000

Don't be so bloody harsh!
Martin is obviously a human being!
Every Human Being has a right to contribute to this forum.
Actually, so do some not so Human Beings!
I would stand on your tail if you were in my path.
Recant, oh furry one, or feel my wrath!
BTW, how's pussy these days?

Americo Fri Mar 17 16:22:43 PST 2000

How are you?
We are fine, thank you.
Hope you are also fine, my friend.

Heather and Teekay: after what you said of Arik's English, I expect you, from now on, to write in Hebrew. Or in English, for that matter.

Who 's fret? Meaning unhappy/worried/etc. And why? Is Jack fret?

are you fret?

Jon Fri Mar 17 16:13:50 PST 2000

Martin Not from Switzerland:

You failed the first test. Here are the questions, your answers and the solutions:

1. What is the time now? - Time is an abstract concept and in my opinion utterly unecessary.

- 18:08:35 PST (The exact time of my post was in front of your eyes. The question was so easy that I thought you could not fail it...) Zero points for capacity of observation and minus 5 for trying to be clever.)

2. How many teeth did Christi break to the nurse? - Ill be honest, I dont entirely understand the question. Regardless, I read through all of Christi's posts about the wicked nurse of the west, and found no mention of teeth. So, my answer, is naturally, 3.

- Christi did not break any tooth to the nurse. Zero points. Plus five for trying to be funny-- successfully (I laughed).

3. Who was Allein? - After much research on this page, the archives and the bios, I have to answer, not a clue! And Im beginning to suspect, I am either, stupid, unable to read, or these questions have no answer!

-- Allein was the Notebooker who, for several months, posted here Internet funnies. He is and will always be my favorite Notebooker. Minus 100 points.

4. Who is the father to the child? - Nope. Not a clue again! Feeling more and more dumb!

— Zero points. The answer is the child, as "the child is father to the man" (Wordsworth), and therefore the father to the father including the mother. Don't ask me who Wordsworth was. Only Teekay can ask questions like that.

5. Is the panel the same as the force? - Of course not! (Actually that's a guess....still no clue)

— Zero points. The answer happens to be right, but you confessed you did not know, so you did not know. I cannot tell you anything about the Panel, except that it's a very generous entity and decided to give you 100 points for your honesty (not a bad thing after all...) .

The result of the test is ZERO points.

You said:
"So I guess I fail! But I still beleive deep down that Jon made up these questions and there are no answers!"

Now you must say: "No, Jon does not play such dirty tricks, his questions were good).

The Panel decided to give up on you, which means you may stay but without Its blessing. (Don't be sad: it's still a beautiful day).

Litter Litter@working-on-it.something-or-other Fri Mar 17 14:30:00 PST 2000

people look
people stare
are they real
do they care
what's under there?

Back from virus-land for a whilie (Scots -Doric) I hope???

To those whom I do not yet know - Hullo-rerr (Scots - Glaswegian-common)

Martin (not from Switzerland) - English huh? My sympathies, but know that there is a remedy. Now that we have our own parliament we even accept the English (or Sassenachs as we prefer to call them) as naturalised Scots when they have done enough penance, and have lived north of the border for a not unreasonable time… Still, you like 'Trainspotting' so you can't be all bad?

I think it was Heather who recently broached the subject of writing in dialect. Personally I use this device sparingly - just enough to give flavour to the character but not enough to be too heavy for non-Scots - a smattering of words that typify the dialect in question, but even this has to be consistent to be credible.

TOM - If I did your bath thingy, I'd been asleep in less than 15 minutes…

Underwear? I'm Scots. I wear a kilt. Underwear does not exist!

Teekay - picky picky - meaowwww

Heather - see top of mail :o)

Jon - we have something nearly in common - I like black women in underwear.

Sasquatch - nice name. Do you have trouble with your feet too?

Ariel - can I see some of you bare skin sometime? (Should that be bearskin???)

On the same subject (almost), Allein - please don't lead a nearly-old man on about lack of sleeping attire, leads said nearly-old man to sleepless nights.

Well, lets see if I can actually get online to post this?

Ciao for now,


The Old Man Fri Mar 17 13:50:08 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

Martin, There are only two important aspects to my suggestion.
1. Be alone in a quiet place. (quiet being the operative word here.)
2. If there is the possibility of being interrupted, the whole thing is off. It just won't work.

Incidently, I agree with Teekay, There are more beginnings in my 'disregard' file than anything...could that be the problem?

Jack, I saw 'Mission to Mars' last weekend. If you could see me now, you would notice my right hand extended, palm down. It rocks first thumb down and then pinky down. Yhe movie was well made, but lacked spontaneity. There was little that happened through the whole thing that was not predictable. Sorry, I just expected more.

Take care,

Eddie French Fri Mar 17 13:34:22 PST 2000


Eddie French Fri Mar 17 13:32:46 PST 2000

Well Well Well!
Congratulations A*. You got Jack to come out and join in the fray.
Jack, don't fret, A* has that effect on most people.

So, It's finally happened. Here in the UK we have now got unmetered access to the net. I signed up with btinternet and for £9.99 per month I can stay online all evening and weekends with no call charges. Hello huge downloads, long chats, online gaming, etc. etc. etc!
Please notice that my personalised email has not changed. I do have another email address now:
Actually I have about 6 email adds but my '' add. is my favourite.

I am working on another J.D. adventure, (I did promise 7 so I will complete them all)
I will post it to SM soon.
Back later (For Free!)

Jack Beslanwitch Fri Mar 17 12:38:04 PST 2000

   Americo: Just as a note about your observations on the archives. I began the Notebook in somewhat the vein of Robert A. Heinlein when he talks about Freedom Hall, where you can spit on the floor and call the dog a bastard. All that said, the only time I have pulled things in was when we ever so rarely ranged off into a full blown flame war with some names called and feelings hurt. It was in those times that we lost some of our members.

I do find I like the free wheeling way things are working out now and I especially love it when we fly off in odd directions such as when M was being created. Busy lives and other things sometime get in the way of writing and other issues, but from the Archives I think you and others can tell that this has been an evolving environment with its ups and downs, lurkers, those that leave, those that come back and others still that stay throughout. Hmmmm, I think you are right. Sounds like real life to me ;-).

howard Fri Mar 17 11:40:19 PST 2000

Help! I'm being held pris

Trudy Fri Mar 17 09:23:32 PST 2000

Americo, It's nice to see someone going through the old archives. As someone who was here close to when the notebook came into being thanks to our wonderful Jack, I have to say it's been interesting to watch the Notebook evolve over the years. It's certainly had it's up and downs! Can't say I like it anymore now than I did when I first discovered it though...I've always loved it here!

Avatar, Welcome back...regarding your question. I start in the middle, usually then the beginning appears or sometimes you discover the elusive beginning wasn't the beginning at all...the middle wasy! I like TOM's suggestion too though. Sounds relaxing. reviewing is wonderful but the pay isn't very good considering the time you put into it, and I read pretty quickly. The magazine I reviewed for paid 50 to 75 dollars Canadian depending on the length...between 450 to 750 words and you got to keep the book. The nice part was if you started reading a book you hated you didn't have to review it so it wasn't a lot of wasted time reading awful books. In hind site I don't think I read any bad ones though.

Heather, it was sooo cool to discover my words back there!

Martin (Not from Switzerland) do let me know if that way works for problem isn't getting started , it's ending which is why I thought an outline might help.

And to all, a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!


Rachel Fri Mar 17 07:46:41 PST 2000

Teekay - OUCH:(

Martin (again) Fri Mar 17 06:52:38 PST 2000

Me again!

In the course of studying for my test, I came across an old topic, which I would like to share my humble thoughts on.
The topic being Litter's (I think) about writing in dialect - specifically Scotch (I can say Scotch cos Im English, and I know it annoys the hell out of those north of the border!!! Sorry about that!).
My personal feeling from a readers perspective is that often when dialogue is written in accent, it often comes across as heavy and slows the story down. However, in some cases, it is far more characterful (is that a real word? Well it should be) to write in dialect. I guess my rule of thumb would be not to do it with a major character who is going to be speaking a lot. But then again....rules are there to be broken.
One final comment on the subject....ever read Irving Walsh's (I think) "Trainspotting" a novel written entirely in Scot's (Edinburgh dialect) and wonderful for it. Throughout the story you distinguish from 4 point of view, first person characters, by the specific nuances of their accents. Its a tough read (and not just for the accentism), but well worth it.


PS - Apologies for monopolising the notebook this morning!
I will speak to y'all again on Monday. Have a good and productive weekend, y'hear!

Martin (still not from Switzerland) Fri Mar 17 06:42:29 PST 2000

OK, I have just spent most of this Friday morning trying to find answers to Jons test....fortunately my boss hasnt walked in on me, because I have been here 2 hours now, and havent done a jot of real work (I havent even had time to find out last nights NCAA results)

1. What is the time now?
- Time is an abstract concept and in my opinion utterly unecessary.

2. How many teeth did Christi break to the nurse?
- Ill be honest, I dont entirely understand the question. Regardless, I read through all of Christi's posts about the wicked nurse of the west, and found no mention of teeth. So, my answer, is naturally, 3.

3. Who was Allein?
- After much research on this page, the archives and the bios, I have to answer, not a clue! And Im beginning to suspect, I am either, stupid, unable to read, or these questions have no answer!

4. Who is the father to the child?
- Nope. Not a clue again! Feeling more and more dumb!

5. Is the panel the same as the force?
- Of course not! (Actually thats a guess....still no clue!)

So I guess I fail! But I still beleive deep down that Jon made up these questions and there are no answers!


Martin (not from Switzerland) Fri Mar 17 06:03:38 PST 2000

Hi all!

Ok first of all....who or what is SM** (and A* and S*!!!)???

TRUDY - I agree completely with GARIESS about outlines. Outlines (for me at least) seem to impede my writing. Either I come across a problem in the outline while Im writing and get disheartened and stop, or I suddenly realise that my outline will result in too small a story (and get disheartened and stop!!!). That said, I still lack the courage to start writing without some kind of outline. My current theory is a single page outline, in no chronological or structural order, just a series of thoughts about what the story will be about (in broad terms) and any major plot points I want to include. I will let you know if this works!!! At the very least it has given me a file full of potential ideas (I cant even begin to count how many I have lost in the past through trying to keep them in my head!).

GARIESS & TRUDY - re: The King-atollah. SK was probably who inspired me to want to write, when I read his early stuff, but in recent years, I have really not enjoyed him. Havent read Tom Gordon yet, but I did just read Hearts in Atlantis and thoroughly loved it. The first story is a classic SK horror, the other 3, all related to each other and to the first, are not typical horror, but really enjoyable. One of the few books recently I didnt want to end.

JON - Sincerity is the most dishonest of traits and Hypocrisy the most honest.

TEEKAY - I know how you feel, I also hove thousands of beginnings, and a drawer full of first chapters.

T.O.M. - Loved your "think of nothing" technique, only problem is I dont have a think it would work in a shower? Or anywhere else???

JON (Again) - re: future topic, Adultery. This is something I really wanted to get out do you write about adultery, without your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend thinking you are writing from personal experience!!!??? Help!

OK, Im out! Sorry I have gone on so long!

PS - Im still working on the test!

Rhoda Fri Mar 17 03:48:27 PST 2000

It is 5:36 am and still no sleep. I guess I can chalk that up to drinking a quart of Diet Coke at McDonald's last night. I spent the night plotting, and I fixed up an elegant little outline, so the evening wasn't all a loss.


My brother loved MISSION TO MARS and recommends it highly. I cannot wait to see it. Half the time when critics pan something, I know I have to see it. I can't count how many movies they hated and I loved and vice versa.


None of your business what I wear to bed. Gads, there has to be room for some mystery in life. It seems modern society leaves nothing to the imagination anymore, and privacy is an more and more an outdated notion.

Gee, is it St. Patrick's day already? Well then, a top of the morning to all of you.

We are going to Denver for a long week-end. I guess I won't be much help driving, having gotten no sleep. Right now I feel as if I could run a marathon. But my current dissipation is bound to catch up with me sometime.


You be good to Jon, now. Maybe you should dress up in some sexy lingerie and make his day. About time you should be thinking of having another litter of kittens.

I must go. Maybe, just maybe I can catch a couple of winks before sunrise.

Happy writing,


Jack Beslanwitch Thu Mar 16 23:54:18 PST 2000

    No problem, Allein. I have corrected things.Although I just noticed that the messages at the bottom are still a bit large.

Well, Fran and I went to Mission to Mars tonight and in a word, the critics need to take up a different profession. We loved the movie. For once you had an engrossing film with action in which space was treated with wonder and science was not the villain. Point of fact, there were no villains here. Just the challenge of man in space and interacting with the alien aspects. I strongly recommend this one. It has some elements that could be criticized, but overall I found it one of the better movies I have seen in a while.

Allein Thu Mar 16 22:16:52 PST 2000

Oops! I just went and centered the whole notebook. My bad. Wait, actually, my brother's bad!

Allein Thu Mar 16 22:13:42 PST 2000


No, I haven't learned HTML, that was my brother's doing. He's very good at working with computers.

Americo - Of course I was kidding about going to bed naked.

Jon - I actually wear a cute, sleeve-less sky-blue nightgown with moons, stars and clouds all over it. Or, I wear a long-sleeved white nightgown with little blue flowers on it. It depends on what the weather is like and whether it's hot or cold. But I'm thinking of getting some cute cloth that is decorated in Hawaiian style and you just wrap it around your body any way you want - really comfortable (my friend let me borrow hers).
Ciao, all,

Teekay Thu Mar 16 20:23:45 PST 2000

Hi all,

TRUDY: Book reviewer??? What a fantastic job!!!! Can I have one too Ma?

GARRIESS: I've read 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.' Talk about knowing how to make a book out of not much. I think it's the same sort of thing as Gerald's Game'. The man's brilliant. Although somebody should have told him to leave that magic, wizardy stuff alone.

HEATHER: Fine-weathered friends? Is that the same as fair weather friends? There may be something freudian in that.
Also ARIK is only pretending he cannot type the language properly, it's to make RACHEL feel better. That was meant with love and affection, honest.

ARIK: Congratulations!! I don't think you realize the actual wisdom of your words. That sentence will be hard to beat.

AVATAR: Isn't that strange, the only thing I have when I start to write something is the first sentence. No kidding.
I have got 1,243,786,986 beginnings just lying around all over the place. It's 2nd and 3rd and 4th etc etc that I have problems with. Yeah I was kidding about that bit. I've really only got 657,687 of them lying around.

CHRISTI: Purple monkey dishwater???? It isn't even a sentence! Sheeesh! So you don't even get the title of worst sentence writer of the day. Hee hee.

You know I think we should all hurry up and get moving on the SM* Project, so that we can start our ghosty, scary project. Remeeeembeeer??

WBT JON: UnderWARE is what you buy in a hardWARE. It is a flat metal slate that you put in the bottom of your toolbox to preventent rustage. They come in a variety of different shapes and colours. I personally prefer to wear 'weldmate 406' when I go to bed. There's nothing a girl likes more than to snuggle up for the night just knowing that in the morning she will be as RUST FREE as a shiny, new nail, and of course her man won't be able to keep his hands off her. Unless of course he's more of a gardening man. If that were the case I'd go for the LAWNgerie. Wouldn't you?


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu Mar 16 19:27:56 PST 2000

Been out looking for places to get books, besides heard of a place called took a look there and what do you know - books movies and the like are about half the price on Amazon. Great place to pick up books on writing.

Hurtmyrightthumbtonight,makesithardtohitthe spacebar,hopeitgetsbettersoonasitmakesithardtofollowwhat Iamsaying.


The Old Man Thu Mar 16 17:32:58 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

Avatar, Firstly...Welcome back to the hive. Second...Wait until the entire house is asleep, slip quietly into a hot bath and place a wet washcloth over your eyes.
Try very hard to think of will, of course fail and will think of everything all at once. Narrow your thoughts to the middle and end of your story, picturing the characters in your mind.
Within about 15 minutes, the first words of your story will become obvious to you.
This is not mysticism, just technique.

There is very little that cannot be overcome with rational, thoughtful thought. (My submission to the sentence 'thingy')

As always, stay healthy and happy...oh, and keep that underwear clean, you could be crossing a street and...


Americo Thu Mar 16 16:48:31 PST 2000

Hello, Avatar!

I've missed you, honestly. And the other people too. You look very nice in your white underware (I'm imagining... yes, really pretty!)

How are your elves going? Hum... I suspect your are writing different kinds of things by now.

A hug to you and do not take so long to come for your (so quick,hélas!) visit to us.

Avatar Thu Mar 16 15:53:25 PST 2000

Just putting my two cents worth in....
...and adding more so the page is hard to download...

Jon- It's safe to say that i have no personal preferences in underwear. Save that it shouldn't be colored. Sorry Jon

Speaking of dictionaries...which are the best to use? Oxford? Merriam-Webster? Something else?

This question is for all you geniuses...what do you do when you can't begin your story? You know the know the's just the beginning that continually slips through your fingers. Anybody?

Did'ja miss me? Be honest...

This is the last time i leave for more than a month. Despite being like a bad penny in that i always show up at infrequent intervals..I'M MISSING ALL THE FUN!!!

Later all

Americo Thu Mar 16 15:29:45 PST 2000

I see that Jon has struck again... Underware, imagine! I guess he didn't like the weak response to his other profounder topics.

On second thoughts, a writer needs to know everything, including of course the daring souls able to answer some questions. My old friend Allein reacted as expected, and jumped from her sofa to give the answer I expected: naked in the darkness. That's why I believe in you, Allein: you breathe sincerity, you are the only person able to challenge Jon without being sarcastic, sadistic or unpleasant. (You are allowed two or three bad occasions).

I've been reading old archives this evening. Seen in retropect those people were apparently politer and nicer. Compared to them we are a bunch of rioters ready to do anything. Much more like the real world. I like it this way best. I wanted to be a writer because I associated the job with freedom, independence, courage to say anything which the heart grows and the soul whispers. Lingerie — it's a pretty word. The Notebook is a richer place now.

Heather Thu Mar 16 14:26:25 PST 2000

I meant an underwire bra, not undies. Of course, it's just before dinner time, so it's a bit distracting here.


Heather Thu Mar 16 14:18:55 PST 2000

Hello, fine-weathered friends.
I have been out in the forest but I only got a sniff of the sasquatch and so that's why I left a little hastily. I have met a few, long ago, and they shared a secret with me. Don't ask what it was, I am sworn to keep it secret for a thousand years. It's only been 15. Hi Sask, are you one of the friends I met in the forest then? The mushroom recipe was fantastic! Thanks.

Well, there's been so much going on, it's only been a day and a bit since last I posted. Hey, we all need some time away from this screen!

Trudy, that is the coolest to see your own quote of praise on the back cover copy of his novel! Neat-o!

Jon, your inquest begins at dawn.
We shall poke and prod you until we hear your answers to your own questions.
On sincerity, I use my intuition to tell whether or not someone is being genuine. I am genuine/sincere because I don't see the point in not being so. Unless we're talking within the bounds of fiction. Then we just need it to be believable.

And I am glad that Sasquatch has begun to utilize proper spelling! Arik, where's your dictionary?

I salute you all, and fill your coffee cups to the brim.
Sugar with that?

I wear black slinkies. And since I can't go without underwire, they're as sexy as possible. Black. Lingerie?
I have a see-through poet's shirt, to wear over black skimpies/slinkies.
does it matter what I go to bed in? You know it doesn't stay on long, if I wear anything at all.
Christi, those maternity undies - whoooo whoooo
Good thing they are history. But then, when we need them, they sure are a good thing to have.

til then,
and SM** will find me writing again soon,
but I've been busy with my novel.
I did write a little doodad for Kat to do a second version of for a little project, but she seems to have disappeared into the virtual evening.

Nod and a lift of the brow,

Christi Thu Mar 16 11:34:36 PST 2000

I had some REALLY pretty maternity underwear that I had to wear a few months ago. Now I'm wearing the kind that fit.
Heh heh.

Love your idea for best and worst sentence of the day. Purple monkey dishwasher.

hello Sasquatch,
I've always wanted to meet you and now here you are. Could you come over to my house sometime so I can take a really nice picture of you for my photo album? (National Enquirer) Okay, maybe I have ulterior motives, but I'll split the money with you.

Allein Thu Mar 16 11:10:08 PST 2000

Jon - I wear absolutely nothing! I go out stark naked!! J/k. But my brother wears a pink tutu and purple tights.

Jon, who else? Thu Mar 16 10:19:36 PST 2000

Today's sentence of the day is Arik's: "Everyday will be a new sentence".

Arik, how are you? Fine or what? I'm fine, hope you are also fine. Congratulations for having won the fist best sentence of the day!

Lingerie. I like black underware in women. Writers must be experts on lingerie. Nothing depresses me most that seeing an innacuracy in the description of the heroine when she goes to bed. What do you people wear when you go to bed? Like Marilyn Monroe, Pussy only puts a drop of Channel 5 on her lovely skin. What do you wear, Heather? Rachel? Teekay? Allein? Rhoda? Christi? Trudy? Cassandra? Avatar? Lydia Sweet? Sasquatch?

(Men please speak about something less fascinating)

Rachel Thu Mar 16 09:52:51 PST 2000

Saskwatch - I'm here (grins).

Jon - I have some lovely tuna. I'm willing to share. You can even bring Pussy and what ever chocolates you may have left...

Take care all


sasquatch Thu Mar 16 09:37:11 PST 2000

High? I have heard that when humans see us they are sometimes accused of being high. But we do not get high. Except sometimes we do eat those strange growths we find under trees and it makes us want to dance. Do you see I am spelling better now? I think we dance better than bears but I cant get anyone to say if we do or not. Heather person knows about the things under trees. In my lurking I saw her pick some and put them in her shirt and sneak them out of the woods. I saw her do something else too but I wont say what it was.
Jon, your lucky to be able to sneak up on me while I was squatting behind a tree. Not many could do that, and now I must have more respect for you. But you should be more careful because we sasquatchs mostly stand behind trees and not squat. We only squat for a few things. And even we do not dare to sneak up behind another sasquatch when they are squatting behind a tree. Do you know what we eat? Mostly wild birds eggs and garlic. Never sneak up behind a sasquatch when they are squatting.
Where is Eddy and Howard and Rachel and Heather? I have not seen them in my lurks. Maybe they went to the woods and sneaked up behind my uncle rumahumn when he was squatting. We don't even like to be in the same woods when that happens ha ha ha.
You see we can laugh too.

Arik Thu Mar 16 07:07:22 PST 2000

Ahh... whatever, I'll just pass the idea.. I hope That the people who read my books understand me better then you guys :-)).

How are you everyone? it is booooooooring around here... lets do something interesting... you know.... tomotrow will be a hollyday in israel.. something like chrismas in US :-). he he... well.. good day to all of you!!

TBW: I am opening a new "courner" in the notebook: The sentance of the day... and every week I will do 2 things: The most smart thing was said in the notebook in this week and the most stuped thing was said... EVERYDAY WILL BE A NEW CENTANCE... THE SENTANCE OF THE DAY

Jon Thu Mar 16 06:05:29 PST 2000


Were the conclusions of my blood test to Sasquatch right? I was not thinking of anyone in particular, as Sasquatch is Sasquatch and Trudy is Trudy, Rachel Rachel, Heather Heather : we are all characters of a kind of fiction here and the identity is the character. I am NOT A*, for instance, I'm Jon: I have my own voice and my own life. The most we can say is that identifications are heteronyms, but I doubt that most people here understand what this means. They are led to think of pseudonyms, chat, blahblah, and that sort of things. Long live Trudy, the nicest hetronym on the block!.

Ladies: Pussy told me that tonight's topic is lingerie, you know, underware. I'm sure it's going to be a success.

Trudy Thu Mar 16 05:53:56 PST 2000

Strawberries and a Moon? oops if I get the name wrong can I still submit?

OK another SM** question...I just read the rules and it says it has to be about your favourite food? My idea is not about my favourite food and I certainly hope Jerry's most recent story isn't about his favourite food! Great story Jerry, btw...noticed a typo...towards the end you say his father is right it does taste sweat, I think you want sweet. But the story was had me grimacing anyway!


Trudy Thu Mar 16 05:36:33 PST 2000

Gariess, good point about outlines. I think if I do end up doing one, I'm going to take T.O.M.s advice and keep it short. That way when the story starts rewriting itself, as it inevitably will, I won't have wasted too much time on an outline.

SK is Stephen'd have gotten that if you'd thought about it I'm sure Rachel.

Gariess, I actually just finished reading the Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I was soooo impressed with his description in this one. A few years ago I was finding his books a bit, I don't know, boring, for lack of a better word, (I really disliked most of Gerald's Game) but maybe I'll try a few more recent ones again. He's always been a favourite of mine in the horror genre.

Right now I'm reading Tim Wynveen's Balloon. Interesting story here. Wynveen is Canadian and I reviewed his first book when it came out a few years ago. I loved it. When I saw this one I naturally picked it up. On the back were excerpts from reviews for his first novel, including mine! I was so excited even though it just mentioned the publication and not me. At least I know they are my words!

Well must get to work. I have an idea for Strawberries on the Moon and as the seventh is fast approaching want to work on that a bit. Also have two articles to work on and as those will pay the bills they are really important. Happy day all.


Rachel Thu Mar 16 01:06:44 PST 2000

Garries - Of course I'm still smiling! What else would I do? SK who? Do you mean our very own SKS? Wow, I'm tired. I think I better turn in before my brain turns off and my mouth turns on (laughter).

Take care all


gariess Wed Mar 15 23:55:53 PST 2000

Hi Guys,

Hi Rachel,
I'm happy that you are still smiling.

I never wrote to an outline for this reason. If I have planned what I will write, I will inevitably find what I think is a better idea somewhere along the way. Once I think of something better, choosing the outline is like staying with the peanut butter sandwich after being offered
a steak. I can't commit to peanut butter when I can have steak.

Of course you should not base your decisions on how well my writing career worked out.

Has anyone read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by SK. This is going to make a great screenplay.



Ariel Wed Mar 15 23:25:51 PST 2000

Jon - I skin bears for kicks. I have very impressive teeth. I am from Canada. I have dark hair and dark eyes for that matter. I am also tall if that is of any interest. I have an ability for knowing how to deal with cats.

I think that our Saskwatch does like to fly high(grins and merry laughter). I think he also likes to wear a halo when he dives (grins). I believe he is a Canadian, but I could be wrong.

Oh be happy! Be happy and celebrate life. Celebrate all that it can be!

My best thoughts are with all of you.


Teekay Wed Mar 15 23:08:11 PST 2000

Howdy doody all,

I am feeling rather stupid this afternoon.

JON: I have thought about the questions you pose and I have put it in a nutshell as I have to go home soon.
I think this sums it up.
SINCERITY: believing what you say while your saying it.
HYPOCRISY: forgetting that you said it.
IGNORANT SINCERITY: when you think you understood the question.

RHODA: Great I'm so glad I don't have to wait yipeeeeeeee.
That means they should be on my email when I get home right? right! good.

ARIK: ooer, Does that mean we failed the first part of the test? hee hee.

CHRISTI: You know I don't think parenting magazines a real keen on publishing horror stories. I hope you have sent me your story. I assume you have after reading your post.

JERRY: About those writing novel thingies. I'm beginning to think they don't land. I think you may have to shoot them down and then sit on them. I've been waiting for one to land for ages!



Well that's enough wittydom for one day. I'm going home and later I shall work on still editing that story. It's really quite hard to keep it interesting ALL the way through. You guys shall be my inspiration, my muse, my...whatever.

HEATHER: A wishy-washy day? Sounds rather nice.

Jolly good old man, Ta Ta I'm orf home.


Jerry Ericsson Wed Mar 15 21:14:43 PST 2000

In preparation for writing the great American Novel, I am now reading a short book called /u The First Five Pages /U by Noah Lukeman. Kind of a how "not" to book on mistakes that will put your manuscript in the garbage instead of the keep pile. Seems to make good sense to me, brings some topics to mind that, while I incorperate them in my writings, I never knew they existed. Things like when to make comparisons, and so forth. Found it through my surfing, or mention of it at any rate, and ordered it from Figured I should at least prepare to begin my first book as the year is already getting old, and I have yet to make my first step.


Trudy Wed Mar 15 19:52:59 PST 2000


Hmmm I didn't feel a needle and I don't remember squatting behind any trees of late...maybe when checking for new growth in my backyard in a flower bed around the big weeping willow. However, when you describe our newest lurker Sasquatch you describe me...well almost. I don't have much of a propensity for skinning bears.! *LOL*


sasquatch Wed Mar 15 19:52:24 PST 2000

And who are you to ask me if I know how to suffer? We dont even live in houses like you soft hairless ones. Except for our cousin harry who went to live with the hendersens for awile. but he came back when they said they felt sorry for him. Really they where tired of how much he ate, but he did like jon lithgowe.
Yes we know how to suffer. Suffering is all a part of good lurking techniqe.
Thankyou for telling me about how many lifes a cat really has were you come from,Ill put it in our book of things that really are. Yes we have a book, and thats why Im lurking to watch how you humans write. But you only talk about it mostly.
Eddy does it good, and Rachal too and I learn alot from her. But we already know about the goose that howard told about because we catch them and eat them with green stuff we find in rivers. Thats in the book too.
I can really spell better than this but my letters are all muddy. Someone is coming and I have to hide.

Jon Wed Mar 15 18:53:42 PST 2000


In view of your propensity for skinning (and probably scalping), the Panel decided that, instead of the usual tests to check your intellectual capacity for suffering with us, you should pass some blood tests. I performed them on you while you were squatting down behind a tree and discovered the following: you are a female, Canadian, have dark hair, good teeth and a propensity for skinning bears. If I am right, you can go on lurking, if I am wrong... Can I also be wrong? This is a good question... Never thought of that. Can I ever be wrong? Now I'm a bit confused.

PS. I liked your reaoning about a cat's lives. Here they only have seven though.

Jon Wed Mar 15 18:08:35 PST 2000

Martin Von Virginia,

The Panel has determined that, for you to enther this holy realm, you must:

1. Tell Us the exact time ... NOW! (You've already failed this one).
2. How many teeth Christi broke to the nurse.
3. Who is the father to the child (you must be careful with this one -- do you like poetry?)
4. Who WAS Allein?
5. Is the Panel the same as the Force?

Rachel Wed Mar 15 16:20:17 PST 2000

To all who lurk - I just want to say hi to all of you:)

sasquatch Wed Mar 15 15:14:12 PST 2000

Hello from a lurker. I am very good at lurking, and no, that was not me in that picture. It was my second cousin on my mother's side, who actually went to hollywood to audition for the part of the wookie in starwars. Chew-vader I think it was. Or Luke something. whatever. But all they did was spray paint the swamp thing an ugly brown and use him instead.
I usually just lurk. I am very good at lurking.
But now I am upset that no one seemed to mind what that pussy said earlier. A light leather covered book, she said. A LEATHER COVERED BOOK! Does anybody know where they get leather from? It doesnt grow on trees I'll tell you. I know, because I do alot of my best lurking behind trees and I never saw one with leather on it. Except where somebody took a pot shot at ant friggard and she left some hide on a pine tree when she looked back to see if they were still chasing her. You shouldnt do that when your running through the woods ever.
Anyway, Ive been lurking here long enough to know that they said that jon went to heaven awhile ago. But you put two and two together. I learned to count while I was lurking. And then you put two and two more with the first two and two and you get eight. And thats all the lives jon has left because I bet I know where pussy got the leather to cover that book with. I bet somebody skinned him and made the leather for her. I dont know who, but just look around and see who hasnt been here for awhile. You think it might be jerrys frend, but maybe it was Randall or howard. There hard to figure out even for a lurker like me which I am very good at.
I just thought you would like to know.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Mar 15 14:35:48 PST 2000

Martin, had me going there when I first logged back on, as many have already said, we used to have a Martin from Swis. who posted here regularly for quite some time, then left our midst. Welcome to the group, if you research back on some of the archives, you will see that our task-master for SM** issued a new order that all who post on the notebook shall have a novel ready within this year. Many have taken the task on and began their work, I have as yet not began, but have some ideas running around my head, and when they finally land, will proceed with mine. Hope you do the same, as it is an exciting project.

Hope you enjoy the Notebook as much as we have.


Christi Wed Mar 15 14:18:29 PST 2000

Hi! I am fairly new as well, and can tell you that this is a good place to hang your hat. Lots and lots of nice folks, support, advice, etc. This is an excellant place for inspiration for getting started on that novel!
And about the test . . . you'll see! (evil laugh)

Could you be right? Could the nasty nurse really be a sage woman wise beyond her years? No!!! She's just a mean old shrew who dishes out tales about her degenerate sons who, apparently, have been setting a new record for trips to the detention center. Bad mommy!

I would love to submit my story to your holiness, but am having Teekay see if it is worthy of submission first. She generously offered to peruse it for me, a service I am very thankful for. How can I repay? Ice cream sundae . . . new leather desk chair . . . I know, babysitting services! Chalk me in whenever you need me Teekay!

Jon . . . as for your topic of the evening, wow! That one could last for a few days. Did you have something in particular that happened to you, or that you saw? Seems like the voice of experience talking. But I guess we have all experienced such things.

Sorry, but you cannot give me a test, as I have already been tested (very well, I might add) by Jon.

Your colic stories were so vivid that I was thinking maybe you should write a story with them. I'll bet one of the many parenting magazines would publish it. What am I saying, you have enough on your plate with your novel! It was just a thought. ;)

Good afternoon everybody!

Martin Wed Mar 15 12:42:42 PST 2000

Whats this I hear about tests for newcomers???? Tell me all! Do I want to take such a test or not?

Im sure this is going over old ground for y'all, but it would be real nice if you could post for me what genres/markets you write.

Anyway, nice to be a part of the club!

Allein Wed Mar 15 12:24:44 PST 2000

Cassandra - did you get my e-mail? Anyway, I'd like to see pictures of the beach/guys if you take them. *grin* Don't do anything I would do. I miss you.

Martin - WELCOME!!!

Arik Wed Mar 15 12:08:49 PST 2000

Ok everyone... you got me wrong!!

I wanted to say: You do tests for new people comming to the notebook... right? If you do (and I know we all do) then I want to be the one who tests them... Jon did this before but now I want to replace him... I dont want to test you guys :-))

good day/night to all of you.

Jon, CEO Wed Mar 15 08:58:42 PST 2000

Beware of the 7ths of the month!

As the taskmaster of "Strawberries and a Moon" (not A*, he's just one of my servants), I am to inform you that that the collection of stories related with food (and all the six senses), cannot, obviously, last forever. Those who have collaborated to S* know that we do not play with deadlines. We play with little run-of-the-mill feelings in general, but not with literature. If you would like to have a go on this project, hurry up. (If you don't, you will repent). The project might be cancelled any 7th of any month counting from... NOW!

Christi, you asked if you could contribute a story to SM**. You can. Actually you must. But read the instructions first if you want to have a review of your work.

Christi, the nurse was right. A man's life is a ladder which a soul descends, to ascend again after his death. Your interpretation of the nurse's words was wrong and therefore unjust, and the words addressed to you by the pious, unconvincing souls in this notebook were regrettable. You can be excused because you are just a beginning wanderer, but they cannot.

Rhoda, Pussy is a little sort of busy with her make-up to come here in person and salute you. But she asked me to salute you.

Here's a list of topics beyond the reach of the present notebookers:
- humour (with an "u", please; even if you are good at American jokes and spell it "humor").

Topics to come:

Tonight's topic is sincerity. What is it? Why is it such a rare jewel among Anglo-Saxonic ordinary people when there are so many good humourists in Great-Britain and Americas? Why does hypocrisy tend to prevail over honesty in such a way that you can immediatelly tell a writer from a fake just by reading his/her words? And why is the sincerity of many people just stupid brutality or ignorance, such as the one of those who defend that art and taste are just subjectivity and think they are, therefore, entitled to shout their "opinion"? (Just for the brave).

© Writer's Notebook, either the best in the Internet or you'd better close it.

Heather Wed Mar 15 08:52:33 PST 2000

Hi Martin! Welcome to the NB. As was said, jump right in!

Rhoda, I think you're right. Writing is a very difficult way of life. But I think doing a combination of both Mothering and writing is even more difficult!

Trudy, I think your muse keeps you busy already!
You're finding success with your articles... (Hooray!)
I'm sure when the idea and timing are both just right, you'll get the writing bug for your novel and off you'll go.
I don't think I could manage doing both simultaneously.

Well, 'tis a wishy washy day.
Perhaps I'll edit later on.
It's march break so both of my kiddies are home, and I have to go and entertain, encourage their young minds to be creative; start a game or take them up to my studio and set out some paints. Then it's prep time for my daughter's sleepover tonight at her friend's house. Have to pack and have it ready. Wee girls sure do pack a lot of things for one night at a friend's place! Gotta have the housecoat, the slippers, the stuffed animals, the barbie, the blanket, the pillow, the pj's, the toothbrush, the hairbrush, play makeup...yada yada yada.

see you all later!

Cassandra Wed Mar 15 08:22:54 PST 2000

Hi all!

Just sending a little post from sunny Florida... where the spring breakers are wandering tipsily along the beach and the sunburn is plentiful (I should know I've got it everywhere I couldn't reach with the lotion! ouch!)

You should see the guys on the beach here, woooo hooo! Too bad most of them are drunk and looking for week long flings... oh well, can't hurt looking ;)

I thought it was so funny, the day after I got down here it snowed up in Albany. I called my fater a day or two ago and told him all about the lovely sunny weather down here. (Aren't I a pisser?) But he's used to me teasing him. :)

Well, I've only got a few days more to cause havoc down here... I miss you all *kiss kiss* And I'll be back posting on Sunday (hopefully).

May the muse litter your dreams full of star filled nights and graceful palm trees.


Rhoda Wed Mar 15 07:45:38 PST 2000

Welcome, Martin from Virginia. Your post had me going for awhile because we used to have a Martin from Switzerland post here. He hasn't been back for months. Nonetheless it is good to have you. Jump right in and join the fun.


No, you don't have to wait for the next two chapters. I will have them in the e-mail for you right away. Actually the part of the book I am on is going fairly well. When I get off the Notebook, I'll read the comments on Chapter 12 and 13.


Hang in there. Just consider that the things or people we prize most in life seem to take the most effort. Our babies are definitely worth it, so is our writing. I honestly have to admit, writing has been harder than child rearing--so far.

Happy writing!


Martin Wed Mar 15 07:20:04 PST 2000

Hi all!
Well, since y'all seem to know each other, you probably also know Im new here. So, I thought I would introduce myself. Im 29, married in Virginia, though originally from England. Im a part time writer (though thanks to work commitments that part is becoming smaller and smaller), have had a couple of short stories published in small press magazines a few years ago and have since then totally failed to finish writing a novel, despite starting many! Right now, I have 2 or 3 ideas floating around, but seem unable to take the plunge and pick one and start it - mainly because I havent been able to envision any further than the basic concepts. Anyway, welcome to my personal hell! Nice to meet y'all.

Trudy Wed Mar 15 06:29:54 PST 2000

Hi all,

Happy Wednesday. Just a quick note to thank all who responded to my outline question. Still not sure what I'll do with my novel. I've been writing without an outline so far, but as that doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere fast I thought maybe an outline would help. We'll see.

I think when I start that writers group the novel will be my monthly reading at the event so that will force me to work on it, instead of getting wrapped up in new writing projects like short stories.

Well back to work. Handed one article in yesterday to a magazine and have two to go. Have a great day all!


Teekay Tue Mar 14 21:34:00 PST 2000

Hello again for the 2nd time this day, am just catching up on the afternoon posts.

CHRISTI: A double post. Now you are a true member of the notebook. Welcome, welcome kindred spirit.

RHODA & AMERICO: Now how many times did I ask about S*??? and nobody told me!! Yes 'tis truly a coincidence. I'm a bit upset though that it's already been done. Is it better to be a genius after the fact or never to have been a genius at all? That is the question.

RHODA: (gulp) that (gulp) I ..wait for...chapter..14????????

Colic!! Oh those poor baby's. I had the worst stomach ache this morning. I feel for them. Is this too much information?

Well as I shall not be reading RHODA's chapter tonight I shall finish off my short story and CHRISTI I shall tell you I won even if I didn't as I quite fancy being thought a genius hee hee. The competition closes sometime in April, so hopefully by then everybody will have forgotten about it and then if I don't win, I don't have to tell anybody. If I do win you can bet your bottom drawers that you'll all be hearing about it though.

RHODA: I don't know if they give critiques. I don't think they do.

Anyway I'm off.

Christi Tue Mar 14 20:16:34 PST 2000

Well son-of-a . . . how'd that happen?! Sorry all! I just did my first screwing of the notebook. Am I kicked out? Now I know. No refresh button!! I'm leaving before I do anymore damage.


Christi Tue Mar 14 20:12:34 PST 2000

Where were you four months ago? Too bad I didn't have two minutes to rub together then, or I could have come here sooner. When you're in the middle of colic it's easy to believe that no one else has ever gone through such a heinous experience. So much of your story was familiar to me. It's kind of funny now, but sure isn't when you're in the middle of it (shaky laugh). Thanks for commiserating with me.

Cheer up good fellow! You want I should come over and twist that nasty virus's head off for you? I'll do it, I swear. Nobody messes with a Scot! Smile!!!

Good luck on your contest! I know you can win ,you genius you. And I agree with Americo. Write your short story and let us all read it!

To you, Rhoda, Heather, and anyone else writing tonight, I send my muse. I have no need of her/him/it, as I will not be burning the candle this night. My bed hasn't seen enough of me lately and misses me, and I it.

Write like mad!!
Bear hugs,

Christi Tue Mar 14 20:12:27 PST 2000

Where were you four months ago? Too bad I didn't have two minutes to rub together then, or I could have come here sooner. When you're in the middle of colic it's easy to believe that no one else has ever gone through such a heinous experience. So much of your story was familiar to me. It's kind of funny now, but sure isn't when you're in the middle of it (shaky laugh). Thanks for commiserating with me.

Cheer up good fellow! You want I should come over and twist that nasty virus's head off for you? I'll do it, I swear. Nobody messes with a Scot! Smile!!!

Good luck on your contest! I know you can win ,you genius you. And I agree with Americo. Write your short story and let us all read it!

To you, Rhoda, Heather, and anyone else writing tonight, I send my muse. I have no need of her/him/it, as I will not be burning the candle this night. My bed hasn't seen enough of me lately and misses me, and I it.

Write like mad!!
Bear hugs,

Rhoda Tue Mar 14 19:06:47 PST 2000


You are outrageous! No wonder Jon puts up with you. You might not be very nice, but you are entertaining. You remind me of two characters, one fictional and the other real. You are much like Tammy Faye Baker and Miss Piggy. Do you wear a lot of make-up? Are you really a Muppet? Oh, I actually am beginning to get used to President Bill after seven years. When Al Gore takes his place, I might actually miss the old guy. So you see, Pussy. I don't think we would get along at all. I think I will send Rush Limbaugh to your pool party in my stead.


Pussy Tue Mar 14 18:41:27 PST 2000


A* would never do any harm to me, as we are secret lovers (don't tell Jon) But I'd be delighted if you wanted to come for a swimm with me in my swimming-pool. I'm a bit naughty sometimes and I'd push you to the water. You'd grab me, and we'd fall in the water. We'd become all wet, and we would laugh till midnight. Then we'd eat strawberries and drink champagne. And we'd make fun of all the males. I think that we'd get along very easily. I am also a conservative (don't tell A* -- he's a left wing democrat and he likes Bill, well, at least some of him.)

Litter Tue Mar 14 17:00:46 PST 2000

many many e-problems... much much anguish... deep deep depression settling over Scotland, followed by a warm front and much joy joy happy happy...


one can only hope?

Americo Tue Mar 14 16:30:11 PST 2000


This is very serious. You've just told the gist of a novel some of us started writing here last year but only four of us concluded recently... It's called "Shadows in a Dream", it has more than 300 pages, is legally copyrighted, and is in the hands of several publishers.

Do not misunderstand me, please: your idea is a fascinating COINCIDENCE, and it shows that, like me before, you are a genius indeed... (smile).

I'd like to see how you yourself would develop that idea. So do not shy away, and write it -- I'll be delighted to read it.

PS I'm sure your story would turn out entirely different from S*.

Rhoda Tue Mar 14 15:50:09 PST 2000


That was the plot for SHADOWS IN A DREAM. Good luck on that contest. I hope the one you entered will give you a critique. For the most part I have found those very helpful. Though I have been scorched by a couple of contests, I am a big believer in them. They motivate a person to finish a project and they are a chance to let your work be seen by people who don't know you. You are reading THE RELUCTANT BARBARIAN so fast that I am trying hard to keep in front of you. But just keep pushing. I want to finish my rewrite as soon as possible.


I remember well what it was like with that first baby. My first baby had colic also. It was terrible. We would take Barbara in a restaurant and everyone would clear out because they couldn't stand the screaming. Once we had to spend the night in a motel and had the desk clerk calling us on the phone telling us to please quiet that baby because the whole wing of the motel was complaining. Then there was my mother-in-law who was convinced that Barbara was starving and that I needed to put her on a proper formula instead of breast milk. My husband even wondered if Barbara was allergic to my milk. Oh, those happy, happy days, but I would not trade them for anything in the world. Barbara grew out of her colic at about nine weeks and from then on life was much better. Capture these moments while you can, because each phase has its own charm. Though I hated being in the middle of the mall and having to find a private place to feed my baby, I actually miss having to do it. I go through a department store and browse fondly at the baby clothes even though I don't have a baby that fits them.


You unnatural female/felion. I wonder how you dare show your wiskers around here after what you did to our dear friend Jon. That time in heaven must have had a great impact on Jon in that he has forgiven you for sending him there in the first place. Why does Jon put up with you? I wouldn't. In fact if Americo were any kind of friend to Jon, he would take you straight to the pound.

Happy writing!


Teekay Tue Mar 14 14:52:24 PST 2000

Hi all,
It is Wednesday here and the weekend draws ever nearer speaking of which where is RANDALL?

Any how I actually spent last night reading Rhoda's two chapters and then writing a short story to enter in a competition that's going here. I've been putting it off for quite some time, about 2 years in fact, but I decided that this year I'm giving it a go. So in Heathers style I was up until the wee hours of the morning, scribbling contentedly away. I haven't edited yet, I shall save that for tonight.
ARIK: Test away, I am up to your challenge.

Oh almost forgot, yesterday I had a thought which I thought was quite brilliant, you may all disagree, but don't you think it would be fun to write a short story about us here coming together say at a meeting or something and of course there's some type of conflict like we're rained in or something and have to spend time together( this is to bring out the possibly negative side to our characters) and that way we could get to see how we are seen through each others eyes....and then taking it one step further we could point out which character in which story best portrays who we are. What do you think??? Do late nights/ early mornings not agree with me or like OWHRAD am I too a genius? Let me know or don't, it doesn't matter too much. I don't think. No that is not a confession.

Pussy Tue Mar 14 11:44:08 PST 2000

Now that we managed to scare away the men with our lovely conversation about babies, children, nurses and other transcendental subjects, I thought that perhaps we could discuss hair-styles tonight.

Hair-styles. I've reverted to the Cleopatra thing. It fits wonderfully my large, thoughtful, ivory forehead. I have a black mini-skirt to go with it. And of course I carry a light leathered-cover book in my purse to read in the hair-dresser's and look in-te-llec-tu-al.

Kisses. Kisses. Kisses.

Heather Tue Mar 14 10:07:07 PST 2000

That was full-fledger, not fledegedgegeerer.
Bumbling few hours of rest is right!

Heather Tue Mar 14 10:05:48 PST 2000

Good afternoon and happy tuesday, everyone!
Arik, you can throw all the tests you like, as far as I'm concerned! If I pass them, do I get virtual cookies? Chocolate chip, please.

Well, chapter 3 is starting to resemble a full-fledgeder. You don't want to know how late I stayed up last night, (or many a night) crouched over the keys like a masochist. I got a bumbling 4 hours of sleep, but I feel like I could do it all over again tonight. When word-fire lights its ardour beneath one's wings, what can you do but soar with it? A warm updraft, the tempest, come to lift clouds and show the sun.
What a lovely amber beacon.


Litter, I haven't sent the excerpt yet, but it is forthcoming, and soon.

Christi Tue Mar 14 09:55:40 PST 2000

Thank you all for the encouragement; I feel much better now!
As for the nasty nurse, I don't know why she said that, as it hasn't been all roses and sunshine even at this young age. My son had colic very badly for the first three and a half months and has only recently come out of it. But through all the crying and the feelings that I must be a terrible mother, we got little previews of what was to come; Big gummy smiles and the love sparkling from his eyes when he looked at us. Sure enough, it was all worth it. Yes!! Now we have a little angel on our hands and don't quite know if we're allowed to do a happy-dance or not! :)

Thanks everybody. Who needs therapy with this kind of support?!


Jerry Ericsson Tue Mar 14 08:02:47 PST 2000

Christi - I have heard such things as you have from people like that nurse, believe me, I wouldn't change a thing about my children, if given a chance, except maybe to spend a little more time with them. My kids are now 27 and 29. The only kid I get to bounce on my knee now is my grand daughter, and it still brings joy to my heart. I think that nurse must have been a failure as a mother to have such an attitude, as only such a failure would express such feelings.

Rachel Tue Mar 14 06:30:38 PST 2000

Christi - That nurse sounds like a troll. Be sure to keep notes on her so you can use her in a story.

Take care you


Arik - HI YOU!

Arik Mon Mar 13 23:51:19 PST 2000

Hello people. How are ya?

Well, Jon.. why dont you want ihm to love me? are you obsesic to people to love you? didn't you have enoghf love when you where a kid??? however I love you and I still want you to talk to my cat but the most important thing is: TALK TO ME. You didn't told me a word sinvce you came back to earth!!!

OK people... you didn't answer me about my question... can I be the tester of the notebook?

Heather Mon Mar 13 23:09:06 PST 2000

Oh, Christi, it is not uphill at all (ok, wait a minute, there are a few occasions...) but Rhoda is right - ignore the ignorance of that nurse. She was probably a spinster. Or perhaps it was a case of incurable PMS (Permanent Maliciousness Syndrome)?
Walking the road of life with children is different than walking it without, and each have their charms. I wouldn't give up this road. But there are others who haven't walked it yet, and I wouldn't want to scare them off... and like you, Christi, just beginning to walk it. It is a glorious path. Sometimes frustrating, and a lot of work. I think the best cliche about it I have heard is that parenting is the toughest job you'll ever love.
And if you're oohing and aaahing over him now, just wait!
Just so long as it doesn't end up a HAMLET.
Which brings us back to literary discussions.

I am about to dive headlong into my chapter, as it stands it is a little more than halfway there... least I know what scenes I will write, they loom like large shapeshifting blobs, promise and profundity shining through, but they are on the elusive side. I must whip out my sewing kit and pin them still. It's awfully hard to write it down into a concrete block of lettering when it slips and slides so. Hello, concept, hello idea, I have come to take you home and squeeze you through the cyphon of language, with which others may someday interpret, from these pages.
Transport of the mind. Highway of the soul. Keep left, soft shoulder, maximum speed, 100 years. Incarnate: pass with care. Others: pass through. Beware of intersections.
Learn to fold the map. Keep it handy. Vanity plates are just that. Wash your car, inside and out, and keep it happily gassed. That's all.

Teekay, thanks for the boost! Sometimes I need a little lift! Hugs to you.


Rhoda Mon Mar 13 21:58:45 PST 2000


Don't you dare believe that old nurse. It simply isn't true. So far my three children have gotten better with each passing day. In fact one of the dear ones is standing over me right now begging me to get off the computer so that I can help her braid her hair for bed. Mine are perfect. They are wonderful, the best children in the entire world (of course I have to say that because Barbara, my daughter, is standing here reading as I write).


Christi Mon Mar 13 21:42:24 PST 2000

It is so nice to hear someone say such wonderful things about their children. Yours sound stunning!
The last time I took my son to the doctor,I had a nurse tell me I'd better enjoy him while he was a baby because it's uphill the rest of the way. Good to hear that not everyone feels that way. I figured it was probably a case of bad attitude, but it still bummed me out.

Thanks for the smiles,

Teekay Mon Mar 13 21:32:33 PST 2000

RHODA: Checked my email as soon as I got home at whoooeeee there it was. Chapter 11! Guess what I'm doing tonight. Actually maybe you should send me 13 as well just so I have one in store. I'm glad you hadn't gone to Ohio or somewhere. I think I meant Tulsa. I really have no idea of the geography over there.

HEATHER: I sense that maybe you are a little bit down in the dumps. CHEER UP GIRL. (Teekay pops cork on champagne bottle and begins filling glasses all round. Rachel is opening a packet of C.C's and what's this here comes Jerry with a burning rope YAAAY!!! Party Time!!!)

Christi Mon Mar 13 20:59:41 PST 2000

Oh dear. 'Tis per the usual for me. I jump in head-first before checking the water. Thou shalt not speed-read the notebook or thou dost miss too much!
Isn't it amazing that you, I AND Teekay have the cutest babies in the world? I venture to say there are more here who will claim the same. Well, we are ALL right! Like you said: Parent's bragging rights. About the hamsters; I did NOT know that. Kee-rikey!

Very nice to meet you! I've heard your name and T.O.M.'s referred to several times, and am glad to meet you both. I also hear a lot about Allein ( hi lurky) and Howard (Honk!), but haven't seen them in the notebook this week.

I think sometimes art is subjective. I mean to some, "Dogs Playing Poker" is art. Oh wait, I guess that proves your point.
What about Modern Art? I have a hard time believing that an old television with a football where the screen belongs is art. Can someone explain this to me?

I may get yelled at, but I agree with you about "The Grapes of Wrath". I make it a point to finish every book I begin, and have since very young, but I couldn't make myself finish that damn book. The description is supposed to be wonderful, but something about it just leaves me high and dry. (Heh heh. High and dry . . . Dust Bowl. Oh forget it.)

Happy Moonday night to all. :)

The Old Man Mon Mar 13 20:56:09 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

Just a quick note:

The best thing about short (written) outlines is that when you've scrapped the story for one reason or another, you'll find the the little piece of paper months or even years later and become enthused about it again.


Rachel Mon Mar 13 20:21:06 PST 2000

Hi all - Babies! Mine are no longer babies. They are getting to be old kids (grins). Not teens, but far, far, thankfully far from the diaper stage (smiles).

My children are gorgeous. They set me back each time I look at them. They aren't cute in the way that lots of children are cute. They are stop people in the street, turn around for a closer look kind of children. My son is deadly serious and has a sense of humor that makes adults laugh and children ask what he is talking about. I think he must be an old soul. My daughter is like a little whisp of dream. She has blond hair and blue eyes. This is an endless source of wonder to both Dan and myself. We both have dark hair and dark eyes. Further to that, Dan has the natural tan thing going on. My children aren't cute, they are striking (grins).

How is that for a proud moma! Oh, yes, and please remember that they are perfect in every way and can do no wrong (grins and merry laughter).

Take care all

Rachel (aka, mother of perfect and strikingly beautiful children - GRINS)!

Heather Mon Mar 13 19:35:41 PST 2000

Christi - my examples that I had written were supposed to be cockney! But that goes to show you recognized it for what it was though missed the part where I mentioned what it was. (read example 1 and it's there, after the quote)
I guess I could have used Aberdeen-ese to keep it more cohesive...

Thank you all for your marvellous input! I too, decided to take a more middle ground as Eddie suggested, when writing the dialogue that was to be 'accented'. Might I also add that the Scottish people in the book are quite minor characters, and thusly, the book will not be overly riddled with their dialogue. I will indeed take up Litter's kind offer to have a look-see at my dialogue, and see if it is up to snuff ! Luckilly he included a botch-free email address below for me to utilize! Bwa ha ha haaaaaa!

Jon, a good topic, but unfortunately I feel not terribly willing to discuss it at the moment...
Eddie, know that laundry-pile feeling. Although it is a trying time to keep things in order, it sure is fantastic to be surrounded with family!

Christi, no baby boys could compare to my Christian. That's of course, mother's(& father's) prejudism. You are certainly allowed the liberty to exclaim to the heavens that your son is the cutest in all the world, but then again, so am I! And my daughter, too, none is fairer than she.
I think it's good that mothers (and fathers) think that their babies are the most beautiful. This ensures that we won't become cannibals, like hamsters, who eat unsuitable young. (Echk!)

Nothing but cuteness is brought forth from this womb! There, I said it.

A mighty hello to T.O.M., and I have to agree that Mel G. is a terrific actor, though not considered 'classic'.
If anyone has any doubts to his talent, see 'Galipoli', his first film. It is magnificent, though a tragic story.

And a huge hello to Americo, good to see you've been posting lately! Has Jon gotten his head out of the clouds? Surely all of him must descend soon.

Rhoda, thank you for your wise comments, and Trudy and Rachel too.

As for outlines, I have a very basic one for this novel, though it is at first long-winded, and on the sage advice of T.O.M., I must reduce it to a much more diminutive proportion in order to stay sane and occasionally bother to read it! My outline does not really constitute much, besides giving me a pointer on what I wish to include in a chapter, and what order events are roughly to be. I have barely included the plot twists and 'plants', but it isn't a mystery I am writing anyway. My outline is scant on detail, and most of the story is properly laid out in my mind rather than on paper. As well, there are so many things to include that I find my outline obselete half the time. It will be burned on the finishing of this novel, unlike Ken Follet's! (you can all gather that my outline is CONFUSING)

... much more confusing than helpful, but possibly rewriting it now that I have a formidable amount written would be of aid... I will need directive cues once I hit middle ground.

Anyhow, enough of a post, I dare conclude;
and to all a lovely interlude
with your spouses.


The Old Man Mon Mar 13 17:23:58 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

To Rhoda, Balderdash!
It is your opinion that seperates you from the huddled masses. Your opinion is as worthy as any voice ever heard, in fact, moreso! The opinion that you put forth is the net result of taking the opinions and entire lifetimes of ALL who came before and melding them in your own unique manner. The whim of kings, the study of monks and the clarity of saints are the basis for your opinion...It is the kings, monks and saints that are to be pitied for lack of your knowledgeable opinion.

And incidently, it is the highest form of compliment within the circles of actors to berate one's talent for another.

Do not be afraid to state the obvious, for it will be pondered by the thoughtless and make them more than they were before you spoke it.

(I agree with you on the subject of Mel...just because he is not what we think of as a 'classical' actor does not mean that he is not a skillful one.)

Americo Mon Mar 13 17:22:04 PST 2000

Is Art subjective?

Art and taste have a degree of subjectivity indeed (as has Religion and God and everything created by the precarious mind of Man) but the subjectivity lies in the eyes of the beholder. Can you rely on the opinion of a functional illiterate about a book just because "art is subjective"? Obviously not. Can you say that Lawrence Olivier is a bad actor just because "art is subjective"? Of course not. "Subjectivity" in art and taste is often the excuse of the mediocre. A good chance to a hearty laughter.

Jon, we'll discuss humour some other time. But I thank you for your suggestion.

Teekay. Mon Mar 13 16:26:54 PST 2000

HEATHER: Forgot to answer your question. I thought number two had more flavour as well. Okay I think I've reached my posting quota. Till next time.

Teekay Mon Mar 13 16:24:55 PST 2000

CHRISTI: You can't possibly have the cutest baby on earth. I have the cutest baby on earth.((((smiles))))

Allein Mon Mar 13 16:22:12 PST 2000

Eddie - No, I'm not gone. I'm just lurking. You should know it's not that easy to get rid of me. *grins and evil laughter*

Teekay Mon Mar 13 16:20:13 PST 2000

Mornin' All.

HEATHER: I only said I read some where that it was best to infer dialogue. Actually I think Rachel and Rhoda say it really well, some times it works sometimes it doesn't. I personally would think that the Scottish accent would be one of the hardest to catch on paper and still be understandable without stopping and studying it which would then throw the flow of the story. As for 'the grapes of wrath' I hated that novel with a vengeance, we hate the things we don't understand, maybe that's it. We were forced to read it after reading 'To kill a mocking bird' which I enjoyed. Even today I have no idea what 'the grapes of wrath' was about. Perhaps I didn't even finish it, I certainly know I didn't want to.

TRUDY: About guidelines, some people use 'em some don't. You'll find brilliant writers who do like Ken Follett and brilliant writers who don't like Stephen King. I personally think I need a few guidelines, but not too many and strangle the natural movement of the story. And guidelines can always be changed.

Litter Mon Mar 13 15:42:09 PST 2000

Still having &*^%^$^&* (*&^%* Problems with my e-mail and web access accounts - all except AOL (I know, it's ironic isn't it?)

Anyone who has e-mailed me on any other account except the one above, within the past 4 days, please repost to me at - Ta!

Get back on track as soon as I can,

Ciao for now


Rhoda Mon Mar 13 15:29:46 PST 2000

Acting is subjective. As is writing. Writing I know something about, acting nothing. I could not act my way out of a paper bag so who am I to compare the relative talents of Mel Gibson and Kenneth Branaugh. Forgive me. I am far too opinionated.


Rhoda Mon Mar 13 14:59:54 PST 2000


It is thrilling to read your post. You are positively right. I should not ever disagree with you about Branaugh being HENRY V. I doubt anyone ever did that roll better. Kenneth Branaugh is a wonderful actor. He has one weakness, however. He doesn't do comedy all that well. I didn't like him in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING for that very reason. But on the other hand, I loved him as Iago in OTHELLO.

HAMLET is as much a comedy part as it is a tragedy part. That is why Mel Gibson did so well. Mel is a really funny guy when he puts his mind to it. As an actor I think he is underrated.

But I love Branaugh. He is without a doubt one of the best actors of our time. His production of HAMLET was great and he was able to get great perfomances out of several different people who are not commonly Shakespearian actors. I have no doubt that Ken gave his HAMLET part all he had, and he did well, but in my opinion, Mel did better.


Eddie French Mon Mar 13 14:54:36 PST 2000

Just a minute.....
Oooops.....sorry cat, didn't see you there under those nappies....
What's THAT doing there...
Ugh...sticky keyboards...
Kyisha !!! put that down!

Hi all,
Accents, dialects.
In some instances it is vitally important for the reader to get a flavour of the spoken dialogue. I think that 'Flavour' is the operative word. You can easily overdo it and so alienate the reader well before the end of the first page.
If you were to take my SM* pieces and take the dialogue apart word by word, you would see that the accented words are limited to the stronger attributes of the South Liverpool nasal 'Twang'. Many of the grammatically important links or definite article adjectives are not accented. I gave this subject a lot of thought as I put these pieces together and decided that:
A) If I put the words down as they might actually be spoken at that time then the piece would be unreadable.
B) If I used the strong language (which was in common use, even by young children at that time) then the piece would be offensive.

I do not claim to be a grammarian by any standards but I do feel that I took the middle path in my attempts to give a 'Flavour' of the times, attitudes and communication standards in that era.

I also must remind everyone that the 'Queens English' of five hundred years ago was so much more like the language of Jack Dooly than the upright Oxford English - or BBC English of the fifties - of today.

Getting it wrong can be a disaster either way:
Unreadable due to too much colloquialism.
As bad as Hollywood productions of mediaeval epics through the total lack of (or totally wrong) accent or pronunciation.

Just my opinion of course!

Welcome to Christi
Welcome to Trudy
Hi Gary, (Knew it was you)
Hi Litter
Hi Heather
'Lo Rhoda
'Lo Rachel
'Lo Arik
Jon, You made it then!
Allien, Gone again?
A sword? For what?
Pussy, Tickles'
Jerry, You are dead right about some of the stuff out there.
Jack, Of course you are John. But Joseph too? That's a double Jack really!

Got to go (If I can just get my leg untangled from these holdall straps and push the chair back over this mountain of laundry)

Christi Mon Mar 13 14:35:44 PST 2000


Sorry, but I can be of no help to you in the matter of outlines. I can only tell you that every time I had a great idea for a novel and started it without one, I couldn't get past the first few chapters. I have made up my mind to have a more concrete outline the next time I attempt a novel.

I am so envious of you all. Like Arik says, is everyone writing novels? Rub some of that muse onto me! I wish for you all the very best inspiration in your projects.

Christi Mon Mar 13 14:20:01 PST 2000


Yes, I do love you. Hopelessly so. You were the very first to speak to me in the notebook, and I will love you forever. You may rub up against my legs anytime. Purrr. No disrespect to Heather's kitty, though. Me thinks your obligation lies first with her.
As for my baby, he's made of snips and snails and puppy dog's tails (you asked!). I won't presume to bore you . . . ah screw it, yes I will! I won't drivel on about how wonderful and adorable he is, but if anyone wants to see a picture, lemme know and I'll send it to you so you too can see the cutest baby on earth! ;)

I like you too! But I reserve my love for Jon. (He might flunk me, otherwise!) Sorry 'bout the little birdie thing. I hate mornings too, and thought the poem was funny!


I don't know if my two cents are worth anything, but I thought number 2 had more flavor. Although it kind of sounded cockney to me. I'm not a good judge, as I have never been able to get down the Scottish accent.

Bye guys!

The Old Man Mon Mar 13 14:13:06 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

A grand and hearty welcome to the backlot of the World Wide Web goes to the new among the old!

To Trudy, An outline is a marvelous thing when kept on a scrap of paper in your hip pocket. The paper should not exceed 3" x 5" and should contain no more than 3 sentences. The first should indicate the opening scene. The second, one of the many conflicts within the story. It should be the conflict that the others feed from, like the shark to the rhemora. The third sentence should tell of the ultimate fate of our hero.
Keep in mind that this should be with you at all times...and written in pencil.

To Rhoda, Actors are as good as the characters that we as the REAL talent offer up for them. (And Kenneth Branaugh was never, before or since, more the man for whom the Bard wrote it as he read the following,)

This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.

Henry V was Branaugh. Please do not try and change my mind.

Take the long road...for the pleasure of it.


Rhoda Mon Mar 13 14:02:39 PST 2000


I never start a book with an outline. The only time I use one is in the middle of a book when I get bogged down on the plot. Then they are helpful. I know people who outline a lot before they start their book, and if that helps them, then great.

I will suggest a book for you. It is Albert Zuckerman's WRITING THE BLOCKBUSTER NOVEL. Zuckerman is an agent who uses outlines from one of his clients, Ken Follett. There are four different outlines concerning one best selling novel that Follett wrote. Follett didn't write a word to this novel before he got an outline he was happy with. That is one way to do a novel. I like this approach, but I have not yet tried it. This book is very instumental in allowing you to see the process by which a bestselling author plots and devolopes his novels. I highly recommend it.


Trudy Mon Mar 13 13:34:27 PST 2000

Heather, I believe Diana Gaboldon writes her novels with the Scottish accent written right into the dialogue...I read some of her books and didn't find that too confusing; of course I love the accent so tried hard to hear the voices in my head and the way it was written helped. I vote for putting it right in the dialogue! If you haven't read Gaboldon I have a few kicking around here somewhere I'm sure so you could borrow them. Let me know.

That's it Christi, stick in there.

Happy writing all.


ps...just read through all the posts and no-one has answered me about me please!!!!

Rhoda Mon Mar 13 12:30:12 PST 2000


Scotty of STAR TREK fame uses an Aberdeen accent. James Doohan, the actor, was stationed in WWII with a guy from Aberdeen and used the accent for his Scotty character. Get some STAR TREK videos and listen to him awhile.

Don't sweat this problem too much. Of course you want your characters to sound authentic, but working in print for readers who would be so confused if you gave them the real thing, you will have to come up with a way for a representation, one which readers will recognize as Aberdeen, but not one so full of dialect that they can't read it with ease. Years ago I read some reprints of George MacDonald books. These books I read were both edited and abriged. Supposedly MacDonald had infused his dialogue with heavy highland accents, and so these modern publishers felt that the modern reader would not wish to wade though it.

I think you should read some Robert Burns poetry. He writes with a very heavy accent. Read these poems outloud several times over and you will pick up the drift. When you start hearing this speech in your mind, you can get it out on paper.

I think it is a good idea to have Litter read your dialogue. But you two must be agreed that it doesn't have to be exact and authentic (you just can't do that in print), but it has to be believable. Get the dialogue to the point where it is readable, but where a native like Litter doesn't cringe when he reads it.

So, there is my advice. This subject comes up all the time among writers. There is no great concensus either. I read books where dialogue is tried. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The matter has come up here on the Notebook before. If you have a Strunck and White Handbook, I think there is a chapter about accents in writing with some helpful suggestions. I think their feelings were that less is better.

I use some accents in my Dark Age books and have been blasted for it by contest judges. Consider the fact that my poor characters speak in a dead language somewhat akin to modern day Welsh. English hasn't been invented yet. The only recognizable thing they might speak is Latin. What is a writer to do? I write in English, of course. I must avoid modern English since this is the 6th century, so I try to use medevial usage. The uneducated servants speak in a cockney accent. It makes no scientific or historical sense whatsoever. But common characters must sound common. "Common" in England is usually Cockney, at least that is the broad perception. I feel that I have to come up with a system that works and sounds authentic because there is no way under the sun I can be authentic. Much of writing is smoke and mirrors.

Happy Writing,


Jon Mon Mar 13 12:07:47 PST 2000

I have only two heteronyms: A* and P*. A* is the intellectual, the serious writer; P* is my wife and former widow; I am the cat, the saint and the author of a single book: CatsEnglish Dictionary. I don't like pseudonyms. (For the difference between a pseudonym and a heteronym consult a good dictionary).

Tonight's discussion topic is sense of humour. Difficult to have it and even more difficult to understand it when you don't have it.

Christie, what's your baby made of?

(No, the topic is not the beloved little children and how cute they are. We had enough of that some time ago.)

Rachel Mon Mar 13 09:42:37 PST 2000

Heather - Regionalization stuff, accents, colloquialisms (YIKES - GRINS AND SMILES)!! Accents, hum, duno... (more grins).

Honestly, I think it is better to try to stay away from this sort of stuff. That is just my opinion. I think that you draw in the circle of possible readership by using these things. There are of course exceptions. Some stories need a certain amount of this sort of stuff to give them a special flavor. To pull the reader into the setting, but I just don't think it should be overdone.

How we write it is a matter of personal preference (smiles). Some people can really make accents, colloquilisms work.

I love what Eddie does with his characters. When I read one of these stories I can just see it all come to life right before my eyes!

I have read other stories full of accents and regionalizations that leave the story feeling heavy and cumbersome. It makes me not even want to read through.

Using this sort of stuff likely just takes practice and patience.

That is my two cents on the matter (grins).

Take care you


Heather Mon Mar 13 09:38:39 PST 2000

Ahhhh! Forgive me! It wasn't Glasgow from whence those people hailed - but Aberdeen!
How could I forget? Aberdeen...
I heard it many times, and oh! the stories from there. It has been a while.
Teekay, perhaps it is the length of time since I talked to them that gives me the trouble making the accent authentic!
This is a very possible point. :O!


Heather Mon Mar 13 09:11:32 PST 2000

Teekay, I must add that the Scots accent that I am trying to replicate in my novel comes from listening to people from Glasgow. I had a boyfriend (years and years ago)whose parents were from there, and what I wrote was from what I remembered of their way of speaking. My Scottish father in law doesn't have much of an accent to draw on for this! I agree that it might be wise to state that they are speaking with a such-and-such accent, but if you read Grapes of Wrath, (or a lot of other books), the accents are written right in, in dialogue. Otherwise I fear it doesn't come off right.

(1)For example if I wrote "That's not what I heard, last night at the pub, Harriet!" he said, his gutteral Cockney dialect thick and harsh.

(2)It doesn't come across nearly as well as : "That's not wot I was hearin' last night at th' pub, 'Arriet!" he said, his voice thick and harsh.

Why don't we vote? Is passage (1) clearer, easier to follow, and do you get a sense of the accent?
Or is it passage (2) that creates the character in the mind better, and is the dialogue easy enough to understand?

Let's get voting, and be honest! Teekay has some very good points about the subject, for instance, when I was reading Grapes of Wrath, it took me a long time to realize that 'Rosasharn' meant Rose of Sharon, a flower. I knew it was a slang version of the daughter's name, but gee - I'd never heard of Rose of Sharon (the plant) being a name for a person! So on that point, Teekay is absolutely right - it might be a heck of a lot easier not to write things as they sound in dialogue concerning heavy accents. But then, it seems to bring through the character so much faster...
What a dilemma!

As long as the accent is 'written' correctly, would that help? THis is where Litter can HELP!
I haven't sent him any of the end of chapter 2 yet, I have to splice it from the rest and send that scene including the dialogue. That is probably a task for tonight, when I have time to sit and 'cut and paste'.

Ciao, all

Christi, have a blast here, but like Rachel says, be careful you don't get sucked in too deep! Other work will suffer.
Really, it happens without it being noticeable at first.

now I'm going, because I've got things to do/write...sayonara, folks!

I am holding a ballot box, and Teekay is holding the other!
All in friendship and for the betterment of books everywhere!


Rachel Mon Mar 13 08:54:15 PST 2000

Christi - Glad to hear that your writing is going well. I love when things just click. When the ideas flow easily, effortlessly. That is fun, fun, fun!

Take care you


Rachel Mon Mar 13 08:21:57 PST 2000

Jon - Tolstoy was all of those things! What a writer (bright smiles)!

ALL - It was not me who tried to pull Jesus hair, it was not Rhoda. It was Pussy and her catty sister! Rhoda and I were trying to stop them. Jon is being a brat.

Jon - You just remember that I still want to make my special stir fry and if you are not careful you will land in my fry pan (Bwah, ha, ha, ha - much, evil laughter)!

Take care all


Jon Mon Mar 13 06:30:54 PST 2000

The second test aims at luring you to the best site of archives in all the Internet: our Archives. I cannot see anything so delirious, silly and wonderful in world literature (next to Tolstoy).

Since you know that SM** is NOT for science-fiction you know what really matters. But our panel cannot grant you the degree of "Master Notebooker" yet because you said that my sweet friend Jesus wept. The truth of the matter is that He was about to weep but I knocked down two girls who were grabbing him by the hair and wanted to steal his chocolate and He did not weep. He only smiled. The girls who wanted to steal His chocolate and pulled His hair were called Rachel and Rhoda, but they don't lieve here anymore.

Christie, you are an "aspiring Notebooker" and I love you. Do you also love me? (Don't love Arik, please).

Cushing: A* sends you greetings and has bought a sword.

P Cushing cushonholiday@istanbul Mon Mar 13 03:25:33 PST 2000

Glorious notebookers[stop] My short but welcome break from perils dared as your protector must end soon [stop] Tonight I board the orient express [stop] Will be back at [APP] Sandfield [App] in three days time [stop]
Welcome to new contributers [stop]
Beware gentle compatriots [comma] There is one among you who [End Transmission]

Recipient to pay telegraph charges.....
Payment upon delivery.

Arik Sun Mar 12 22:38:08 PST 2000

Hello guys... how are ya? I'v been "AFK" for 2 days and I"m back only now. Can you all tell me something? WHAT IS THIS NOVEL STORY???? why everyone is writing novels... do you want to tell me abuot somthing?

Seccond: Since I am the only person here who really passed the whole tests (and I STILL dont know how I did it) can I be the tester to the new people... (please).

Jon - He missed more then 2 answers. . I do not like to squish cute, little birdie's heads in. :-)). How ever I welcome you back... did you try the vodka and milk thing? How is pussy? Do you know my cat? "As"... he he, you guys shuld meet.

Christi Ritchotte - I liked your answers and I like you ;). There you go a question:
1)Who has/had the most "faces" In this notebook? Well... I wont ask you more questions untill I have no promition to do this...

WHERE IS THE FORCE??? HE NEED TO.... *peeeeeeeep*

Christi Sun Mar 12 20:09:16 PST 2000

Jon - I know the answers to some of these, but not all. And I'm unclear. Is this a second test or simply a friendly suggestion? By the way--Jesus wept. :)
I can tell you that there is to be NO Sci-fi in SM**. This was made abudantly clear by your double post! I was checking it out earlier this week. So many wonderful stories, so little time.

Americo - I have a short story that's kind of long (hee hee) that I am almost finished with, and coincidentally, it is centered around food! Macaroni and cheese, to be specific. I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but I'm sure willing to submit it. It's a true story from childhood though; Is that okay? I just need a couple more days to finish the final edit.

Jack - Yeah, I figured you must have a middle name in there somewhere. Nice name! And since we're making confessions, I might as well get it over with. My middle name is Skipper. No Gilligan's Island jokes please.

Rachel - I'm finding out that what you say is true. I'm already hopelessly addicted. This is better than crack! But the inspiration I got just from interacting with like-minds kept me up writing until 2:00 in the morning last night. That's pretty impressive since I knew I'd have to get up at 5:00 with my little baby boy. Thanks guys!
And thanks fer the cheat sheet! I won't tell Jon if you won't.

Hi Rhoda! Thanks for suggesting it. All I needed was a little push. Sorry guys, I think you're stuck with me. I like it here!

Thanks Trudy! You're cute! I am pretty intimidated by that second test(?). Help! Somebody stop Jon before he makes me memorize the entire Encylopedia Brittanica. I just had a baby! Somebody throw me a bone here!

Big Hi! to Teekay, Heather, Jerry, and Gary.
Jerry - I couldn't agree with you more about the quality of this group. I have been all over the web and never joined any group before. I just didn't feel like they would "feed me", if you know what I mean. I feel so at home here already.

Man, I'm taking up way too much space. I'd better get out of here before I get kicked out. Thanks to you all for the warm fuzzies. Gotta love those warm fuzzies.

Rachel Sun Mar 12 19:25:25 PST 2000

Gary - It's nice to see you back. I'm happy it's you (smiles)!

Gariess Sun Mar 12 18:36:50 PST 2000

Well, you are all so sharp. Or am I too easy. Rhoda wins my silly little game. Congratulations, Rhoda. Remind me never to try to fool you with any subterfuge.

You were right in a way. I don't really lurk. A true lurker keeps his yap shut. I can lurk for about as long as it takes to read five posts and then I am compelled to stick in my two cents. Even if it is just to say, "Lurk, lurk, lurk."

A few months ago I ran off to Florida on an impulse and abandonned all (okay, most) of lifes encumberances and lived
the simple life. Now I have returned to the disciplines, responsibilities and conventions of every day life.

I will therefore be keeping an eye on you lot, so you are forewarned as it were. I shall suffer no nonsense. (Don't you just love all those British expressions? Actually, I don't give a damn what you do, I just love saying that stuff.)



Jerry Ericsson Sun Mar 12 18:27:29 PST 2000

Christi - Welcome to our little corner of the web. On this site you will find some of the finest writers anywhere on the internet. I know this, as I have recently been examining other writers sites, and have yet to find one that exhibits such skilled writers as ours. I am sure you will fit in with our group quite nicely. Check out the workbook under collaborative writing, I am sure you will find some fine stories. Pay particular attention to Strawberries and the Moon, the current project, and please write a short story to contribute, as it has been awile since any new stories have been added. Americo, who is the taskmaster for the project has threatened to close it down soon, if there are no new contributions, and I have been to busy with personal obligations to sit down and write another.


Rachel Sun Mar 12 16:27:28 PST 2000

Christi - Psssssst, over here (grins) S* stands for Shadows and it is Rhoda who is working on her third novel.

I would tell you more, but Jon might whomp me over the head with one of his publications!

Take care you


Trudy Sun Mar 12 15:48:25 PST 2000

Oh Christie, you so belong with this group! Welcome. I loved all your answers to Jon's first test. Don't let that second one scare you away.

And question for you many people who are writing novels work from detailed outlines? How do your outlines work? I'm working on my novel a little bit theses days and am wondering if an outline would help the process. I've never worked with one before.

Thanks and happy Sunday!


Teekay. Sun Mar 12 15:02:03 PST 2000

Hi all.

I think Lurkalot is Gary as well. Though I don't know why, perhaps I'm just psychic or psychotic.

ARIK: I call myself Teekay again in order to seperate myself from Teekay. Sometimes people confuse the two of us. It can be very frustrating.

CHRISTI: Welcome to you.

HEATHER: Did you let LITTER read your Scottish accent? and if you did is he still speaking with you *snort*. All in good fun. I read somewhere that you shouldn't try to write in accent, but just state that it is Scottish or Chinese or whatever. You can understand why. Also I don't think you'll find JON admitting to anything, not with KITTY around. Do you blame him?

Must go, have a great day und iffen thar wraitin boog gats yer, be naice ter 'im.

Rachel Sun Mar 12 14:58:03 PST 2000

Rhoda - Very good! Gezz, you sure you aren't some sort of private eye (smiles).

Take care you


Rhoda Sun Mar 12 14:49:59 PST 2000


I could certainly be wrong. But if you go back to the November 23rd archive, you will find the following post:

Gary S Tue Nov 23 10:55:24 PST 1999

Lurk lurk lurk.

This could be a mere coincidence, of course. Whoever lurksalot is, I am glad to have him back again.


Rachel Sun Mar 12 14:29:00 PST 2000

Rhoda - I thought of Gary as well. I just didn't think he would lurk (grins).

Rhoda Sun Mar 12 14:12:19 PST 2000


Glad you decided to wet your feet and come on board for awhile. This site can be a lot of fun.


You have to be an incarnation of Gary Sousa. I could be wrong, but you have his sense of humor. Keep your fortune cookie, though. I don't believe in them any more. I would be open to an egg roll and a cup of egg drop soup, however.

If I am wrong, do I get another guess?


Rachel Sun Mar 12 13:55:38 PST 2000

Christi - Have to add a bit to what I said (smiles). This place is very addictive, it can be distracting. But, it has a lot to offer. Encouragement, honest feedback, friendly shoulders to cry on or bwah, ha, ha at (grins).

I hope you stick around and enjoy yourself.

Take care you


PS - My best guess for "Lurksalot" Is Robert Burns.

Lurksalot. Sun Mar 12 12:50:12 PST 2000

Guess who's lurking??? Lurkity lurk, lurk, lurk. Hello, Americo, and all your many identities. How is the old Iberian scribe?

I probably couldn't pass that test that Jon is giving to Christi. I'm not sure after all this time that I know what pussy is. And speaking of Jon, why are you being so proprietary about the bible? I mean a collection of stories put down by ancient semites? These guys got a little too cooked wandering around in that hot desert sun. I mean when you start seeing people turn into pillars of salt and whole populations talking gibberish. Come on, people! You don't want to get too literal with this kind of stuff. I mean look what happened to John Brown. It isn't good to start thinking you have a lock on scripture.

So Eddie, Did you say you take a lot of trips along the allied routes of '44? I truly envy you this privelege. I would gladly trade you a dalliance through the battlefields of the Civil War for one of these. Of course you may have little interest in the war for southern independence that was fought in my country, however, the ancestors did rack up a hefty body count.

Well, I was thinking that a bit of a contest to see who can name the identity I once used in this Notebook might be fun for a few of you. The first to guess will win a free fortune cookie at the local oriental restaurant. And of course, bragging rights.

Have a go,


Rhoda Sun Mar 12 09:55:02 PST 2000

Don't anyone underestimate dear Mel Gibson. He did HAMLET better than Kenneth Branagh.


Jon Sun Mar 12 06:50:09 PST 2000

you missed two of the five questions. Arik is not of Notebookian descent. He is from Israel. BTW: should it be ascent? But you were right, the answer was not on the page (sorry).

What is really a shame is that you don't know Pussy. Pussy is my wife. She gave a great party in honour of Allein some days ago. You were not invited only because she did not know you yet. She'll invite you next time.

Now you need to read the archives and find out:

1. What does S* stand for?
2. Can you publish science-fiction in SM**?
3. What's SM**?
4. Although Jerry Ericsson worked with a sadist (and I'm not kidding on this), who has contributed the best stories to SM** so far?
5. Who has written the best post on childbirth? Rachel or Heather?
6. Who is the most promising writer in the notebook: Heather or me?
7. Who is writing her third novel? Rachel or Rhoda?
8. Who writes the best English: Eddie or Allein?
9. Who is Cushing? Steve, T.O.M, or nobody knows (not even himself)?
10.Who is the Old Boss?

Giving the good results of your first test, you are granted the degree of "Training Notebooker". That allows you to post but not of speaking about the Bible.

Rachel Sun Mar 12 00:13:20 PST 2000

Christi - Welcome. Enjoy the notebook (grins). Look out, it is highly addictive and will eat into you writing time if you are not careful (soft smiles). Wish I were kidding.

Take care you


PS - Yah, I know, you can take care of your writing (grins).

Jack Beslanwitch Sat Mar 11 23:09:28 PST 2000

Actually, if we were going to get technical about it, my full name is actually John Joseph Beslanwitch aka Jack Beslanwitch. Also, I corrected the unclosed center tag and then decided it was time to archive. So, things should load a bit faster. Take care everyone.

egads! Sat Mar 11 22:36:01 PST 2000

Hi! Teekay, yes I got your terrific critique - THANK YOU!
You have helped me! See? I'm seeking a Scot to help me get the dialect right... all the better to ensure authenticity!
Have to write it so it is believable. Sorry I didn't let you know I'd received the crit - been so busy!
Off I zoom, you people will likely be glad I'll be working on my book so I'll leave some room for you! And sleeping.

Waving and yawns
Morpheus, is that your pale hand tracing out my head upon the pillow? Come, sweet world of the synapses!


whoops, a Post Script again Sat Mar 11 22:05:53 PST 2000

Litter, don't worry, the dialect I have tried is not reminiscent of Mel G. Oh! Fa's that chappin' at the door?
Mus' be that Mel. Come on in! Ahhh, you're nothin' but an Aussie, lad! Set doon a minute and...

...I got carried away.

Heather Sat Mar 11 22:00:36 PST 2000

Excuse my late night typos, friends.
And Litter, I forgot to add that I hope the Elixer for that Kak Virus finds your system still quite intact. All the best in regrouping your files and things, or deflating them, as the case may be.
I will wait a few days before sending anything via email.

Ta ta!
Howard, where art thou? Hast thine presence been restricted? Mrs. Owhard must have lain the switch 'pon your blessed hands. Fear not, we shall bide time and lurk within these pages for thee.


Heather Sat Mar 11 21:56:21 PST 2000

Thank you, kind Litterali. I would not make the mistake that Scotch is a drink, not a people. Of course, that's because I married a Scotsman. Not a berserker, now, but a noble one indeed.

I will take up your wond'rous offer and soon email a tidbit of my work to see if the dialect is up to par. (haha a golf joke, being that it was invented in Scotland...)
And Litter, might you be Regimental? I thought so. Please don't show us... we believe you! And a wooly tartan it is.
Don't they chafe in the wind? Aaaaarrrgggg! :O+

Welcome, Christi. I will drop into the workbook and read, read, read... but it is a wee bit late for me to plunge into composing something myself tonight. My very good excuse is futher below...

Jerry, I am relieved to hear that news. (Pertaining to 60 mph) and about other writing forums. Hear that everyone? Hurrah and rejoice! Our collective efforts do not go unappreciated. Even, and especially amongst ourselves!

Gerunds and semantical glitches, go away! Be off with you!
Chapter 3 is getting longer. I am smiling wider. But there is much work to be done.
Do not wonder where I have gone if I don't visit this illustrious virtual quill-land each and ev'ry day. I am merely immersed in my novel.

Jon, great to see your catsness gracing us once more. I knew you would get the tally you deserve. I'm sure it was more than 25! But can clever cats count? They must! However else do they know how many progeny they have sired and must pay support for? Jon, that was a not-so-subtle hint. Babe is clawing the legs of my succulent velvet couch to shreds in her suffering! She demands a telegram, or the cushions are her next target. She must hear word straight from the feline's mouth that her lover is still alive! (Help, Jon, the couch is really under terrible threat...)

Tally-ho, and paddle on
typing as we go...

Good answers, Christi, good answers!


Litter Sat Mar 11 17:48:29 PST 2000

Hi All,

Enforced absence of late - I got a virus - it was Kak. Actually it was a computer virus (of the worm persuasion) called Kak. Beware - it targets .com and .exe files, inflating them in size by injudicious breeding within the file. It doesn't actually destroy files but renders them almost useless until it is found and destroyed/inoculated. Unfortunately it laid waste several of my e-mail accounts (read all my e-mail accounts!!!)

So if anyone has been waiting for an answer from me, or response to anything, stick with it and I'll see what I can do. It is was by e-mail I'm afraid you will have to resend :o(

Rhoda, thanks for the homage :o)

Heather, consider the favour done! I'd sure love to help y'all with your Scotch dialect. (I can say it coz I am Scots - but don't any of the rest of you try it… You have been warned!!!) It could be quite fun seeing someone else's interpretation of Scots' dialect, so long as it isn't influence too much by Mel G.

Gonna stop as I'm not quite sure that I will be able to access the page again tonight - unexpected post-viral effects?

Ciao for now, hopefully I will be back…


Christi Ritchotte Sat Mar 11 15:44:24 PST 2000


A test? Okay, I said I read the Notebook; I didn't say I STUDIED it! Sigh. I'll give it my best try. I think you should give me a little leeway though, since I believe your votes may need a recount!

1. The first cat to go to the moon was you, you cute kitty.

2. A. Arik is of Notebookian descent. (I really looked, and I found no reference to nationality. Maybe I need glasses.)
B. His favorite cocktail is milk with vodka, or a milkshake and vodka. What flavor of milkshake, I don't know. I pray it's not chocolate.
C. He is dangerous because he likes to squish cute, little birdie's heads in, and he screwed the Notebook! :) (Just kidding, Arik!)

3. Jack Beslanwitch is Jack's complete name.

4. What is Pussy? Again, I found nothing to tell me what Pussy is. I know he has some special pills he has to take though. I'm intrigued. I must use psychology to find the answer. Pussy is a nickname for a cat, so he must therefore, be a dragon or why would you ask me the question? If not right, do I get points for creativity?

5. You had to have 25 votes to leave heaven, although, I don't remember seeing an official tally of the votes. Hmmm.

Okay, do I pass? That was fun! And I thought all tests were boring. I sure hope you grade on the curve though. I'll be awaiting the judge's decision in breathless anticipation.

Possible Notebook participant

Jon Sat Mar 11 14:39:49 PST 2000

Christie, this is to tell you that if you want to become part of this notorious community you must answer some questions and patiently await for the decision of our panel.

Answer the following questions:

1. Who was the first cat to go to the moon?
2. What's Arik's nationality? What's his favourite cocktail? Why is he a dangerous man?
3. What's the complete name of Jack? (Not the Ripper, our own Jack.)
4. Is Pussy a cat or a dragon?
5. How many votes did Jon have to buy to be allowed to leave heaven?

The answers are all on this page. We just want to be sure that you know how to read. Please answer on this page (not in ink, use your keyboard). You have three days starting...NOW!

Christi Ritchotte Sat Mar 11 14:03:04 PST 2000

Hullo! I am new to the Notebook, and I've got to say, you guys are a very talented bunch of sillies! I read last weekend's Notebook and laughed through the whole thing. I've only just recently discovered the Notebook--I thought that the Workbook was all there was. I'm so glad to find it!

Thank you so much, Teekay and Rhoda, for your positive comments regarding my poem. And Teekay, thanks for the double whammy compliment, however unintentional! Hee hee. Thanks for making me feel welcome here.

I hope y'all don't mind if I crash a conversation or two sometime. Nobody's on right now so I'll come around when there's more traffic. Bye!

Jerry Ericsson Sat Mar 11 07:32:02 PST 2000

Been out surffing the web the last couple of days, between working on my daughters new machine and trips to mothers for Pincohle. There are some GOD AWFUL writers pages with some of the worst attempts at writing I have seen since Comp 101. It makes me apprecieate the wonderful talant that is this notebook.

Jon - glad you're back. I will try to keep my cat-hateing X-Partner away from you. Hate to see you tossed out a window at 60 MPH or injected with spot lifter (Hey guys watch this, let's see if spot lifter will takes the spots off this kitty!)

Keep the peace!

Americo Sat Mar 11 06:58:52 PST 2000

Good morning, everybody!
I'm writing a long chapter about William Shakespeare in Eça de Queirós. There is a lot of music (mainly opera) in it.

I like the notebook now. Glad you are writing the third novel, Rhoda. I wish you luck. A kiss to everyone from Jon and Pussy. Hope to see you later. And go on with the good posts.