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jeff Mon Apr 10 22:01:31 PDT 2000

Just a few words for the notebook. I've been a way for three days, but three days seems to be 3 weeks here---so much written over such a short period of time. Can one of the ladies please explain to me what is this notion of chic flics? Why are guys REAL men if they like movies like FGT? I liked it simply because it was good, good story and characters thats what I look for in a movie. And while I'm on the subject I think PHANTOM MENACE was just not well done. I would say OK at best. Lucas going on and on about how he was waiting for technology to catch up, so he could make the movie he wanted to. This movie can not compare to the other 3! I just could not get over certain things like, a Virgin birth that seems to be just routine;no big deal. And that weak explanation of the force-- mitichlorians or whatever there called. It seems to me that Lucas has to a certain extent fallen victim to what he so warned against:usurping of the human spirit by technology. He just got to caught up in animation and computer graphics and never really told a good story. Beleiving that Lucas is or was one of the most talented filmakers, it makes me angry to see this movie. Sorry about the soapbox

Jerry: hope you have recovered from your dream and that you are now resting comfortably. I haven't been able to get much sleep myself lately--just too much on my mind.

Howard: Your experiences with the dentist are something else! I can mostly say I've had little problem with them and that includes having all four of my wisdom teeth removed at once.

Heather: hoping you are on the mend. It sound like you are again finding your form. I'm still looking for mine.

jack: It's good to hear your friend is well.

Welcome to Mary and Leslie. hope you stay around. Mary don't know if I saw an answer to your riddle but was wondering if the answer was-- Tommorow?

Hi to everyone else. will try to write more frequently

Happy writing

hema ati Mon Apr 10 21:10:47 PDT 2000

yo all scribes and scribbets(?!?)
How could you sit in front of the computer in such good weather?
Jack ,I am very impressed by ur resolve to
archive frequently.
I just had a thought-- what if one of us is
Jerry 's UPCOMMING story seems scary and this thought
of mine certainly seems to have a lot of potential.
In fact i am gonna write a story on it.

Teekay. Mon Apr 10 20:27:35 PDT 2000

HOWARD: So are U, but U already know that.

HEATHER: I can't do the stroy bit although I'd like to, I'm at the workin' house again. On the bright side, it is Tuesday.

Hi ho, hi ho and all the blah blah humbug rest of it.

Teekay Mon Apr 10 20:25:20 PDT 2000

S.O.E.: Thankyou, and by those words alone I can tell that U R A very YYY person.

Allein Mon Apr 10 15:07:45 PDT 2000

Cassandra - actually I've changed her name to Nezumi. It means "mouse" in Japanese. :)

Heather Mon Apr 10 13:16:55 PDT 2000

well, well, mouse babies.
Yeah, they do have that quality about them we like to refer to as cuteness. But the mother eating a weak baby isn't so cute, is it? My hamster ate one of her young once, when I had her as a kid and happened to read all about 'mating your hamsters' in my hamster book. I had a male hamster too, and thought it would be quite fun to have some rodent babies around. I didn't tell my mother until later, and when I told her that my female hamster (Feista) was pregnant, she didn't believe me... at least not until a night 18 days later when Fiesta gave birth the five little pink wigglers. What a proud papa Chippy was! I used to take Feista out of her cage for a break from the babies, and using a tiny silver baby's spoon, I scooped up each baby rodent in turn and looked at them, touched them. I made sure I touched them all so that they would all have the same smell. Later on, the runt was eaten by Feista because it was dying. All I found was one little foot. Iyeeee!
Feista was named so because of her feisty nature. She had repeatedly bitten her previous owner, but for a reason I may never know, she never once tried to bite me.
Must have been Chippy's doting company.

Well, rutting rodents and all,
it is rather a redundant feeling sort of day. Haven't we had enough Mondays?
Give me an extra Saturday and do away with Monday altogether.


howard Mon Apr 10 09:27:35 PDT 2000

CASSANDRA -- That's three L's ...

Cassandra Mon Apr 10 09:05:32 PDT 2000

Christie- Take your time absorbing the book... I can wait on it for a while yet. As soon as you finish just send me a quick email, and I'll give you my address.

Gariess- I'm pretty sure polysylabic has only one 'b'. Hold on.... yup, one 'b', but it has two L's. Polysyllabic :) And stop being so darned handsome... you're distracting all these ladies from writing.

Allein- My roommate freshman year had a little albino frog named Chloe. Make sure you take good care of her. I'll send an email your way later. I've been away from my computer for at least 3 days (EEK!).

*shrugging* I really have no excuse other than having a string of scorching hot nights! Wooo hooo! And now I've got a lot of work ahead of me... *sigh* Well, at least I allowed myself a nice stress breaker. :)

ta ta you sexy sexy people you


Allein Mon Apr 10 06:27:25 PDT 2000

HEY EVERYONE!! My mouse had her babies - there look to be ten or eleven of them, but I don't know. I'd rather not get too close to her because if she thinks the babies are in any danger, she'll eat them. They're all pink and tiny and soooo cute! I'll have a definate count at the end of the week - she might eat some if they're weak or if some die.

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Apr 10 03:25:34 PDT 2000

Re: critique area silence. Also, in many cases, critiques are conducted via private email. I still hope to implement a different kind of script for the Workbook so that each story will be a start of a thread and responses to it would be attached after as subheadings. I have the script; just not the time to implement it at this point. Ah for the want of many many nanoseconds to rub togethers. Sometime today I will archive things here. Closing in on 300k is gettting a bit on the high side. I sometime forget what with having a cable modem, but that capability is not open to all or even a minority of minority if we start thinking about conditions around the globe. I will try to make it a point of archiving when things get to 150k. Take care.

Son of Enigma mindbender@rocket.GO Sun Apr 9 21:36:34 PDT 2000

Thank you, Riddle Guru,
your words are kind. And your riddles superb.


Heather Sun Apr 9 21:32:18 PDT 2000

Mary, the reason no one has posted anything on the critique page is because Jack just archived the old version and comments, and created a new page for us!
I guess we've all been lounging of late, and haven't gotten the verve to write more shorties. How about a PEP talk?
Ok, I'll start.

Here is my short shortie of the evening, given in pep talk formulation. (I could have been a guidance counsellor, perhaps a former life - then again, I could be hopeless) That was supposed to be sarcasm, BTW.

"...On with the show. We must always get on with the show. Life is theatre, Frances, a dance that has gone on throughout time. There will always be players. Ever the eternal game to be played and foretold! Always a stage to move on, for life is a stage. And there will always be something to live expressely for. It's your choice to take life's sweetness up and enjoy it like a bite of tender fruit. That moment is just one. THere are a lifetime of moments to make. THere will always be an audience, even if it is only yourself. So pick up that pear, or apple, or plum, and taste it." she said, all the while holding an imaginary fruit aloft, circling it in front of Frances' nose.

Frances considered her thoughts. "But what if I make a big mistake?" she asked.

"Frances," her teacher smiled, "Even mistakes are meant to happen."

"What if I don't belong on stage? What if I'm laughed off?"

"Then you start planning your comedy routine," Esther replied.

"And what if I succeed? What then? I'll have to feel like this all the time!" she exclaimed, her costume bunching around her shoulders as she flung her arms up into the darkness that enveloped them in the stage's back wing.

"Whatever happened to 'I choose'?" Esther said, smiling softly at her pupil. "React, and find your actions based solely upon others'. But choose to act, purely out of your own choice, based upon your own values, and your world changes into something you never once dreamed to find real. Success isn't to be feared. You do not have to fight to keep something that has always been yours."

With that her pupil got to her feet, bowed to her teacher, and looked her straight in the eye. "Act two, scene one. Cue me."

Esther gave her a nod. The sigh she had held tight gradually seeped out. "Cue prop change to early evening, and on my count..."

The Actress
(c) 2000, Heather Myles

There's my weird notion of the day.

Sorry, no more riddles.

Teekay aka the riddle guru again again. Sun Apr 9 21:17:42 PDT 2000

JERRY: How horrible, I remember having a pretty horrible nightmare once, I woke up and was too scared even to move and I could barely breathe. Looking back over the dream it wasn't particularly scarey, but the atmosphere of it was just bone numbing.

Riddle guru again. Sun Apr 9 21:14:31 PDT 2000

S.O.E.: Good one, it had me thinking...A coffin, bravo, jolly good.
Also, great poem.

Son of Enigma mindbender@rocket.go Sun Apr 9 21:02:40 PDT 2000

Mouse poo and dental tools,
Bloody gore and gash
Fifty dreams of sleepless nights
Are riddles seen in flash
Vivid and lithe in physique
Running riot in the street;
And teeming with feathered eyelash

Here is a riddle you may have seen before:

He who makes it does not want it.
He who buys it cannot use it.
He who uses it cannot see or feel it.
What is it?


Jerry Ericsson Sun Apr 9 20:50:55 PDT 2000

Did'ja ever have a nightmare that was so terriable that you feared sleep. So horrid that even thinking about it caused you to break out in a cold sweat? Had one of those last night and maybe, just maybe when the terror subsides, when I am no longer afraid to close my eyes, maybe when I can again relax, I will write a story about it. It does have to do with eating, so it might fit in SM**.

Sleep well, I know I won't.


Mary Sun Apr 9 20:49:08 PDT 2000

Hello Everyone!

Riddle Guru: It wasn't the answer to the riddle that I liked, it was the riddle itself. I hope I didn't insult anyone's intelligence. It wasn't intended. I do like a challenge so if you happen to know someone who might know a brain sapping riddle...(taunt)

p.s. Loved Kindergarten Cop

Christi,Jerry,Howard and the lot: Thank you for making me feel welcome.

I have one small question: Why hasn't anyone been posting anything on the crit page? Did I miss something?

The anonymous riddle guru. Sun Apr 9 19:51:25 PDT 2000

Hello All.

JACK: That is fantastic news, I'm so glad.

EDDIE: Hi you thilly you.

Hi MARY; and welcome. I think your riddle didn't really need the hint. It is obviously the future, or more precisely, given your clue: Tomorrow. :> Were you not lurking for our mind numbing, genius level riddles? hee hee.

Welcome LESLIE.

CHRISTI: It's not your fault, I did some thing odd to it and I don't know how. Shall try again when at home.

HEATHER: Ooooh Ouchh*

HOWARD: Yaaarghhhh*!

I read once that dentists have the highest suicide rate, but after reading your horror dental stories I tend to think it's murder covered up.

Loved kindergarten cop and the colour purple and Shirley Valentine.

ALLIEN: They capped a baby tooth!!! My how times have changed. Maybe you got someone who was a little too enthusiastic, or perhaps they were saving for that Jamaican holiday.
On the news they are saying that there a mice in almost plague proportions here in NSW. I haven't seen one yet, just some little pooies.

Must go and feed my face.

Jack Beslanwitch Sun Apr 9 18:42:12 PDT 2000

    Howard: I went into Phantom Menace with few expectations and so came out satisfied. At least, I am assuming by Star Wars 1 you are referring to Phantom Menace. I am not among those that think that Jar Jar must die, but I was a little bemused by the virgin birth inuendo and some other features. Overall I thought it a good first outing for the trilogy. I especially liked Neisson. Anakin as a boy was the real drawback in the film for me. His acting made me wish mightily that the actor playing the boy in Six Sense could have been his replacement. Still, it is enough of a good rompt that I bought the widescreen edition. I am really holding judgment until I see the whole trilogy in conjunction with each other. If you go back and watch the original trilogy I think you will find that the first episode is the weakest of the sequence.

    However, I am very mightily annoyed with Lucas for not releasing it in DVD. Point of fact he has indicated that he will not release any of the Star Wars series in DVD until all are done, sometime in 2005 or 2006. He has given some lame excuse that he is waiting for blue laser DVD that will allow for greater storage or greater security or some such dribble, but is releasing Phantom Menace in Laser Disk in Japan.

    The simple fact is that even if I am annoyed with Lucas for not releasing it in a format that will best play on my TV (five hundred lines), I still remember walking into the theatre on opening day just because it looked like an interesting movie and there had not been anything really exciting since 2001 and then flat out being blown away as the ship flowed by on the big screen and kept flowing and flowing and flowing. I was absolutely hooked. That scene has almost become cliche these days, but at the time none of us had seen anything like it and the rest of the thematic issues including the force and all the rest were novel and riveting. That nostalgia does not quite quit when I am watching Phantom Menace.

Speaking of science fiction. Is anyone here in the Pacific Northwest going to Norwescon 23 . I will be sitting a table hyping Westercon56 and will also be doing paneling such as web design, internet resources for writers and more. Drop by the table and say hello. It would be nice to put faces together with names. Or come to the party we will be having on Friday. If Easter Weekend is a problem, Fran and I will be having a a Social/party at our house May 20th. I have plans to bake a whole salmon, hopefully a Copper River Sockeye if it does not turn out to be too expensive, and generally have a good comfort food social. Feel free to join us.

Sun Apr 9 18:41:50 PDT 2000

howard Sun Apr 9 11:06:24 PDT 2000

Hi Mary! Hi Leslie! Welcome to you both! May your stay be long and prosperous!

Would you believe it's still snowing here in upstate New York! We have about 4 inches already, and the wind is whistling it around like it was January! My niece wanted me to till her garden tomorrow, but I don't think I will...

Dentists redux: My next call (for dentures) will be to Dr. Payne. He comes highly recommended, though with a name like that I kind of wonder...

I watched StarWars episode 1 last night -- was disappointed.

gotta go --

Allein Sun Apr 9 10:38:04 PDT 2000

Time for Allein's funnies! ::do the funky Sqrlmunk::

Only in America!!

1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance..

2. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front..

3. Only in people order double cheese burgers, large fries, and a diet coke..

4. Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters..

5. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage..

6. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place..

7. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight..

8. Only in we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'..

Mary Sun Apr 9 05:09:31 PDT 2000

I have a riddle.

"I never was, am always to be,
No one ever saw me, nor ever will
And yet I am the confidence of all
To live and breathe on theis terrestrial ball"

hint:it never comes

Allein Sat Apr 8 23:12:02 PDT 2000

Jack - I'm so glad that your friend is okay. :) My mom went to get a biopsy a few years ago and luckily it wasn't cancer, so I sort of know what it's like waiting for results like that. Anyway, I'm just glad that it's over with and everything is okay.

Everyone - I now have a new addition to my family. To be followed by 8-11 other additions. Yes, I just got a mouse today. She's white with red eyes and she's pregnant! :) I'm going to be aunt - well, sort of. I went to a garage sale today and this little girl was desperately trying to find her mouse a home. Her mom didn't want baby mice so it was either get rid of the mouse or turn it loose. My parents don't know my mouse is pregnant - as far as they know, she's fat. I'm acting like I don't know either. After the babies are old enough, I'm going to sell the males and keep the females (they don't fight with each other and tend to be cleaner than males). Anyway, my new mouse's name is Chloe. The only drawback is that I don't have a cage so she's currently residing in a fish bowl. I hope that's okay. I'd like to move her into the cage my gerbils are currently in but they're still living there so I'll have to wait. Has anyone here ever had mice?

gariess Sat Apr 8 23:10:30 PDT 2000

Hey, you guys,

That is good news about your friend, Jack.

I hesitate to add this to the recent discussions but the best dentist I went to was Dr. Auger. I don't know what it is about the name thing, I have a theory that Dental schools don't like to flunk a guy out if he has such a comically appropriate name. Nice horror stories though, guys. Sounds like somebody's been reading too much Stephen King.

I'll talk to you later, I am just taking a break from watching Eyes Wide Shut on my video machine. I can only spend so much time in the bathroom with Nicole Kidman. I wonder what it must be like to show the world one's wiping technique. Movies get very weird.


Jack Beslanwitch Sat Apr 8 21:02:50 PDT 2000

Just to let everyone know, our friend's result was that there was no cancer. Thanks to all for your prayers and thoughts. This was particularly harrowing for our friend, because her mother died of cancer that began as breast cancer. So, she was perhaps more acutely aware of the potential outcomes than others might be. Well, been a long day and I am off for bed early. Take care.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat Apr 8 20:52:10 PDT 2000

Greetings scribes and scribettes?

Well I have been away from the notebook for a few days, putting the finnishing touches on the wifes new computer. Got it togather and up and running, then had to take her old one over to my sisters. My sister is upgradding from an old 486 to an old pentium 200, a big upgrade for her, and the wife now has a sparkeling new AMD k6-2 500 MHZ machine. A little faster then mine, but it was her turn to get the new one.

Christi - finished the book and will have it in the mail to Howard on Monday. It was better this time, I think.

Howard - see above.

To all the new notebookers {{{{{{{WELCOME}}}}}}}}

Speaking of dentists, for the first time in my entire life my dentist let me out of his office with nothing more then a good probing. No cavities. First time in over 40 years. Must have done something right. I can sympathize with those now undergoing wisdom tooth extraction, had three removed in one session back in '77 by an army dentist, with nothing more then a few shots of novecane. Last year saw two root-canals and three new caps. Maybe that was why there were no cavaties, probably too many fillings and not enough tooth left. I am the only one in my family with most of my own teeth, my father died with a full set of his own but mom lost hers early as did my sisters. The wife has been using store bought teeth for nearly twenty years now too. Guess I was lucky enough to keep mine this long, and I sure don't want to part with them now.

Christi Sat Apr 8 20:39:04 PDT 2000

Hi Eddie, you thillie gooth. I don't think I want to take a look in YOUR mouth anytime thoon. (dribble dribble)

Gariess, How could I possibly NOT know you were handsome?

Heather, Your poor Mommy. :( That's not the kind of treatment a good mom deserves! I protest!

Mary, Hello and welcome! You've got guts if you're joining in after reading all those posts! Don't be scared to get that tooth taken care of just because of our stories; we're just commiserating. Now the bill, on the other hand, THAT'S scary.
BTW, love your Email address!
Again, a warm welcome extended to you and to Leslie, be he/she male or female. (Come on Leslie, the suspense is killing me!)

Gah night all

Mary Sat Apr 8 19:36:58 PDT 2000

Hi Everyone! This is my first post (I haven't even been lurking), and I must say you all have me scared to death to have my final wisdom tooth pulled. I don't have the scary stories some of you have relayed, but geez! The last time I went to my dentist,who's name is not very clever, he gave me an estimate on what my last wisdom extraction would cost. Huh. I felt like I was taking my car in for a transmission overhaul. Apparently it is impacted and the roots are wrapped around my jawbone. "That costs extra." Yeah.

Enough about teeth, you all seem to have a very good raport
and I hope that I make a positive addition to the group. Leslie, be you man or woman, I'm glad I'm not the only new kid on the block. I sent you an email yesterday about Washington writer's groups(just in case you were wondering where it came from).

I look forward to being an active member of the Notebook, and getting to know all of you better.

Heather` Sat Apr 8 19:16:12 PDT 2000

Howard, that is truly horrific.
My grandmother had the same thing done when she was 20, and she's gone through so many sets of dentures since then there's no use counting. She had soft teeth, too - in fact the outermost layer of enamel never formed. My mother is the same way; it's a genetic (so they say) condition, but no dentist will pull all of my mother's teeth. I suspect this is because they make too much money by fixing her teeth every month. My mom has chunks of tooth that break off when she eats. She has so many fillings in her teeth, there is more filling than tooth; hence the chunks falling off hither and tho. She'll be chewing and all of a sudden go 'ooh!' and in a moment, she'll pull the tidbit of once-pearly out. Happens so often the dentist calls HER every month to see if she's lost any more bits. She has asked every dentist she's been to (countless, Watson) if they will just pull all of her remaining teeth but none of them will. They say that the gums will gradually wither away (erode?) without any teeth to keep them between. This is probably why you have so many problems with your dentures, Howard, and the same for my grandmother. SHe finally got magnets implanted and the dentures have metal plates to keep them firmly in place. Or the other way 'round, titanium implants and magnets on the dentures! Must be magnets on the dentures, so if you have them out you don't collect pocket change.

Well, horror stories aside,
I guess I shouldn't complain! There is always a horror story more horrible than our own.

ALas, fair writing pals, it is time to tuck myself into the arms of my duvet and get under my husband. Wait, reverse that! No - wait! That's fine the way it was!

tee hee and ta ta

Eddie French Sat Apr 8 13:22:17 PDT 2000

Whath about Theeth?
I have never found the need tho go tho the dentiths.
My theeth are stho good itsth justh unbelievable!
Juthst look ath thisth!!



Christi Sat Apr 8 12:56:56 PDT 2000

Oh Heather, oh Howard. I was all set to launch into my root canal stories (I've had six) but I'm ashamed to now. Your stories are truely horrendous, I won't offer mine up. The only thing I really hate about my teeth (they look good--both white and straight) is the pain I have to endure when I get a cavity. For some reason I bypass regular cavities no matter how many times a year I visit old white-coat. I go immediately to tremendous pain that keeps me awake for forty eight hours at time(usually on the weekends when no dentist is open) and it hurts so bad that I can't even move, for every movement causes agony. A dentist once suggested that I do what Howard did, and have them all pulled since I have such soft teeth. I immediately told him to go and screw himself. After hearing your story, Howard, I'm so glad that I did. My best dentist was called, get this, Dr. Chipman. Ouch. And my next one was named Dr. Sparks! I pictured sparks flying from my mouth every time he took the drill to me, imagining him with mad scientist hair, screaming with evil laughter. (Insert Rachel laugh here.)

Wisdom Tooth Fairy, I have a bone to pick with you. Nothing is what I received for my wisdom teeth. I hope you plan on making this up to me in the future.

Allein, Hee hee! Poor Doctor Wrencher, his business must suffer so. Why would anyone with such a name enter into the dentistry profession? He should have been a mechanic! HAW!

Love to you all,

Allein Sat Apr 8 10:43:25 PDT 2000

Howard - Ouch! I would have sued him if that happened to me. My teeth are bad enough as it is and I'm hoping to never get dentures. I have braces right now - not for superficial reasons, but because straight teeth tend to be healthier. I have a problem with my enamel due to the flouride I was exposed to as a child. I've had to have cealants done several times because they don't stay. I've only had one cavity - luckily - and that was on a baby tooth. They capped it instead of just pulling it - a molar that was already a little loose that should have fallen out years ago but didn't and they didn't want to take any chances. Incedently, it cost more to put a cap on it than to pull it out. I hate the dentist, and yet, I want to be a dental hygentist, but all they do is clean teeth really. My orthodontist is a moron. I go in to see him every six weeks and he tells me I need to brush better. I go into my regular dentist about every six months and he says my teeth are perfect (as far as being clean goes). I remember when I was choosing a dentist, I had a choice between Dr. Burson or Dr. Wrencher. I obviously went with the first choice, because I don't want someone named Dr. Wrencher anywhere near my teeth!
Anyway, enough about that - my dental horror stories aren't nearly as bad as yours. Ouch.

howard Sat Apr 8 07:10:00 PDT 2000

Tooth Fairy -- I can't remember what you left me, but those were rough times, and we were lucky if we got a nickle, Was that you?
Actually the wisdom teeth episode wasn't all that bad, but my adventures with dentists go way back.
When I was 7 years old, my dad took me to old Dr Schmiesky, who decided that I needed a cavity filled in one of my baby teeth. He didn't use novocaine back then, but I was a brave little guy. He was drilling on the tooth (a molar on the left side), and all I heard over the sound of the drill was "OOOPS!" and he turned pale. A chunk had broken off the tooth, and he put the drill right through my cheek. It didn't really hurt all that much, but it was scary. Back then people didn't sue for that kind of stuff, but today I'd probably own him. But it gets better --
I had problems with my teeth (crooked, etc) all through my childhood, but we didn't do the braces thing back then either. Then when I was 21, a dentist (Dr. F) convinced me that because all my teeth were soft, and I had so many problems with them, I should have him pull them all out, and wear nice straight, white, pretty dentures. So, at 6AM one morning he strapped me into the chair in his office, had an anaesthetist friend of his give me a shot of sodium pentathol, and pulled 24 or 25 teeth, including two of my wisdom teeth that hadn't even started to show yet. I woke up with my new dentures in my mouth (so they would heal in place) and I remember the first words I said were "Oh Shit." My jaw was broken in three places, and I was bleeding profusely, and for about 10 years after that I would feel something sharp in my mouth, and have to pull out a sliver of bone or enamel that he had left, that had finally worked its way to the surface.
He is now a used car salesman in Massena.
So there was really nothing in the way when the army dentist pulled my remaining two wisdom teeth.
Now I only go to the dentist to be fitted for new dentures, which is almost impossible because of the way he left my jaw and gums. Most of them won't even touch me after they see what's there, although I did have a specialist offer to do titanium implants (they're really rather nice) for $16,000.
I can eat a lot of mush for $16,000.

Wisdom Tooth Fairy Sat Apr 8 06:28:42 PDT 2000

Beware, Dear Notebook Writers,
For the following story is true
I should know,
I went to collect the tooth and
to my chagrin,
I had to leave my present
without the usual exchange.

Howard, did you like the present I left you for your wisdoms? You were very brave.

Sincerely, the Wisdom Tooth Fairy

Heather Sat Apr 8 00:36:37 PDT 2000

Howard and Christi! This time getting my remaining three wisdoms out (oh, and Jeff too) was not so bad.
However, my first experience with maxilofacial surgery was not under aneasthetic - at least not the general kind.(sleep, know nothing of the tools being used on your vulnerable jaws...sleep) My first wisdom tooth removal experience was none too pleasant: (Put down any food you may want to eat later)
I had to have just the one out at the time, as it was frightfully impacted. I didn't want to spring for the cost of gen. anaesthetic, so just had the ol' novocain. The dentist and his assistant pried my mouth open with what I remember looking like stainless steel (highly polished) jaws of life. Then, after some prying around and muttering, he proceeded to slit open my gums over the impacted tooth. Then he picked up a tool from the surgical table. It was a giant steel chisel-like instrument, you know, the kind Fred Flintstone used to chisel 'The Flintstones' into the rock? Then he took a mallot and, holding the chisel (it had a blunt end, however, and nearly filled my entire mouth) he touched it up against my now exposed vegetation grinder. With an amazingly loud smash, he broke my tooth into small pieces, and dislocated my little helpless jaw. Then the assistant, to add insult to injury, lifted the suction hose (diameter must have been large enough to suck up a small kitten) and slurked up the tooth chunks, gore, and half of my floppy, numbed cheek. I cried while he yanked the last roots free. I cried while he sewed up the mashed remains of gum. I cried all the while the assistant toured me out of the office, telling me how to take care of my now-mutilated face, and gave me a banana 'liquid lunch' shake, because I couldn't talk to tell her I hated bananas and wanted the vanilla. As soon as I walked out of the office, the tears flew out. And I cried all the way home.

You can bet I didn't go back to that %$)#*%)@! surgeon this time. (His real name, to beat all, was Dr. Scrivener) The dentist that did my surgery just this week was very gentle and kind. His real name was Dr. Charles Parker Minett. (Could have been Duet or even Minuetta, but Minett is close enough). He played music while I was being put under anaesthesia. You can bet I had cool dreams. Yes, I was scared, but I knew after it was over I wouldn't be crying without tears.
anyone for a Bloody Mary? Ha ha didn't think so.
Howard, I can only imagine what 4 out at once would have been like, wide awake. ****SHUDDER****

G'night, all

oh, yes, before I forget, Welcome Leslie!
Most of the regular notebookers have posted a story or two in the round robin archives (Strawberries and Moon) so check it out and add one of your own if you like - the round robin has been pretty quiet as of late. (guilt, guilt, I said I'd add another but haven't yet.)
It's the novel, everyone. It has me entwined and I am loving it! (minds out of low places, please)

Barrymore in 'Ever After' is a little more of a serious role than 'Never Been Kissed', but not quite what I imagine she could do for a contemporary drama.
I truly applaud the guys for having seen 'Fried Green Tomatoes' to begin with! (Yes, REAL MEN abound this notebook! Hurrah!)
Oh! Allein, if you've ever walked along that older style of railroad, if you manage to get your foot down that far, it's wedged in there pretty good. I think that's why he couldn't get his foot out even if he untied the boot - but it seems he didn't try that hard. Must have been the shock of seeing the train coming. I'd have been surprised myself.
I recommend seeing the rest of the film ,too!
One of my favourite parts is the parking lot scene too. And the saran wrap scene, and also Idgie getting honey from the bee's nest. Very cool.

Well, I'm taking up quite the space here.
See you tomorrow, or Sunday
Happy Weeeeeek END all (filled with Tylenol #3 and hot water bottles ---- but did I mention I haven't had a single bruise? Just swelling...)


gariess Fri Apr 7 22:38:06 PDT 2000

Christi, BTW how did you find out I was handsome. I was keeping that a secret (mostly from those who have seen me.)


Gariess Fri Apr 7 22:33:18 PDT 2000

One more thing on FGT. I am always more susceptible to films with rural settings. There seems to be something about the rural setting that produces succesful films. FTG and Slingblade, The Color Purple etc. To name a few with a southern setting. My observation is that film makers, and probably actors too, prefer the warmer seasons on locations.
I applaud the makers of Cider House Rules for doing a film in northern New England in all four seasons. I also don't understand why the Academy didn't consider this film for photography or cinematography over American Beauty which deserved the other awards it got but was not especially outstanding in these categories. Well, it's no secret that the voters in the Academy are too busy making their own films to even see all the others. I think mostly they watch the Golden Globes to see how they should vote. If they ever hold the Globes awards after the Oscars they won't know what to do.

Well that might have been a bit more than just one more thing but, hey.


gariess Fri Apr 7 21:58:43 PDT 2000


Isn't it funny how that parking lot scene strikes a chord in so many people. I remember it in the film because at the time of release the anecdote was circulating around like one of those urban legends. "There was this woman who was looking for a space in a parking lot..." I never did read the book. Maybe the anecdote originated from that.

So Leslie writes TV news. Someone assumes Leslie is of the female persuasion but I have a cousin Leslie who is a guy. And there is also Leslie Nielsen who makes all those zany movies. Then there is the Neilsen rating system which has nothing to do with the name, Leslie.

Wait a minute, I sense a deception here. They don't write TV news on the west coast. They just send the helicopters up to film the police chasing cars on the highways. Well, okay, maybe that's just in LA.


Just when you thought it was safe to use big words again, here comes Cassandra with her 5000 word dictionary of five syllable words, Don't mess with me, I went to school with Polly Sylabbic. I have to check if Sylabbic has two "b"s.



Allein Fri Apr 7 21:56:27 PDT 2000

Christi - While in Oregon, we passed through Astoria, and it did seem beautiful (it's where Kindergarten Cop was filmed by the way). But, we didn't stay there very long - just long enough to fill up on gas and then cross into Washington - home! :)

Leslie - WELCOME TO THE NOTEBOOK!! Everyone here is really nice - even Jon, though he hides it under a tough exterior, he's really a marshmallow at heart. I don't know of any writing groups in the Seattle area (I'm actually from the Bremerton/Silverdale area). But, if I hear of any, I'll let you know. I called to inquire about one here once but they said that a girl of seventeen didn't possibly have enough life experience to be a serious writer (I try to write, but during school, it must take a backseat). Luckily, I graduate this year and I'll show them life experiance when I go to Japan this summer! ::insert evil laughter here:: Well, that's if I go, I have to get accepted first.

Christi Fri Apr 7 21:30:23 PDT 2000

My oh my. I believe we have the most masculine group of men ever assembled on the web. It takes a REAL man to admit he liked Fried Green Tomatoes. Thanks for showing what you're made of, you handsome heartbreakers. Throwing you all big wet kisses.

Howard - Ouch! No more complaining about dentists from my end.

Cassandra - I'll let you know when I'm nearly done so you can tell me where to send it to. BTW, was it a crapless day or not?

Allein - You lucky, I love Oregon. I dreamt for years of living in beautiful Astoria, the city as pretty as its name, but it wasn't to be. Hot, hot Tucson is where I spend my days, and will probably, forever.
On FGT, you must see it! You'll love it; I bawl like an itty bitty baby and laugh out loud every time I see it.

Hi Leslie! Welcome, welcome. Stick around, this is a really interesting place with a ton of great people.

Hi Rhoda! Glad you're still chuckin' them out.

Teekay - I got your Email. You're cute. Has your head shrunken back down to its normal size yet or should I get a pin? ;0) OOch, that sounds painful! I downloaded your second story but my computer couldn't show it to me. Was it not Word compatible? The only thing I could open it in was Notepad, and it appeared as a bunch of bizzare symbols. I want to read it so badly and now I can't! Please try sending it to me again and I'll try to get it right this time. (I'm pretty sure it was my screw-up.)

Hello to everyone; lurkers, sasquatches (is that the plural form?), cats, etc. Happy day to you all!

Ta ta for now

Teekay Fri Apr 7 19:31:56 PDT 2000

RHODA: Well girly, watcha waitin' fer? Send it on on.

Rhoda Fri Apr 7 18:06:39 PDT 2000


Welcome to the Notebook. How good it is to see someone who actually gets paid for her writing. Actually, we do have some published authors among us. You should be in good company here, for Jack and Allein live in the Seattle area. Feel free to join in the many conversations here.


I did it! I finished Chapter twenty-two and am well underway with the next one. An amputation followed by a limb transplant did the trick. The patient (victem?) is out of physical therapy now and is ready to roll.


leslie Fri Apr 7 16:26:34 PDT 2000

I stumbled onto this page, but have been looking for writer's groups/a place to chat about writing for months.

Does anyone know of any creative writing groups in Washington State(particularly Seattle)? Do tell, if so.

My focus is on short contemporary fiction and some poetry, and I'd like to think I'll one day be patient enough to write a novel.

I write for tv news right now, and it's a whole different ballgame than print, but good practice. Still trying to figure out how to incorporate my passion for writing into my day-job.
good to meet you all!

Allein Fri Apr 7 10:19:38 PDT 2000

Hi everyone,
I'm back and I had a wonderful time in Oregon. I was so young when I left that I don't remember anything at all. It's not much different from Washington in environment. I like it there though because there's no sales tax. That's a good thing because I hate having to figure out what something will be with tax. I got some nice souveniers - lots of postcards, a small snow globe with orcas in it, a little dolphin sculpture and a castle sculpture made of sand from the Oregon coast. It rained only one day when we were there and that was yesterday when we spent most of our time in the car comming home.
On the subject - I haven't seen Fried Green Tomatoes. I've only seen one part and that's when the guy is trying to get his foot out of the railroad tracks and doesn't succeed. Why he didn't just take his foot out of the shoe, I don't know.

Cassandra - I agree. Here, the sun is shining making the dew on the grass shimmer. And there are hardly any clouds in the sky. It's going to be a beautiful day. :)

Cassandra Fri Apr 7 09:01:24 PDT 2000

That was supposed to be 'regain my polysylabic vocabulary'
*laughing* I'm never quite awake until that morning shower...

Cassandra Fri Apr 7 08:52:40 PDT 2000

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! I've got a wonderful feeling things won't be as crappy today. :)

I only have a month of school left, so sending it now wouldn't be so bad. You'd just have to send it to my home address. Cause I won't be able to check my college mail...

:) I did a little short story start in Art History yesterday. It felt good to flex the ol' wordsmithing muscles again. Thankfully they're not too out of practice and still hold some flexibility. I just need to regain my polysylabic

Anyways, I've got to get going now. I must shower and eat before partaking in my English class.

see ya later alligator, in a while crocodile...


howard Fri Apr 7 05:37:32 PDT 2000

Hi --

Fried Green Tomatoes? Loved it! Especially the parking lot scene!

Drew Barrymore? I like her, too, and I agree-- she'll do well in serious parts (the right ones). Haven't seen "Never Been Kissed" yet, but it's on the list.

Wisdom teeth? Had mine out when I was 23. A shot of novocaine in each side, some crunch/yank/bleed-bleed-bleed, and I walked back to work the same morning. Those army dentists have no mercy!

Heather -- Teekay had already asked about that other book, and since she sent already "Anything Box" to you, I'll send "Holding Wonder" to her first.

Gary -- I haven't looked for Sasquatch's rookie card yet, but left-handed relief pitcher might have been a good bet. I hear they hunt small game with stones. Gotta be pretty good to survive! That team bus hadda be pretty ripe, though!

back to work

Gariess Thu Apr 6 23:38:05 PDT 2000

Don't worry about how things work here, mostly they don't.

I think you discussed two films, Fried Green Tomatoes and Never Been Kissed. Never been kissed had its moments but I didn't think it was the best use of Drew Barrymore that it could have been. I like Barrymore and I would like to see someone cast her in a more serious role sometime.

Fried Green Tomatoes was co-written for the screen by Fannie Flagg with a seasoned screen writer by the name of Carol Sobieski. Interestingly enough the currently well known Leelee Sobieski also played a role in Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore, although I don't think that there is a connection between Leelee (derived from something like Lianne) and the writer. It's an unusual name, Sobieski, all the same, but Leelee was discovered by a talent scout in a school cafeteria in New York which doesn't sound like there was any professional connection. Probably another one of those players to be named later.


jeff Thu Apr 6 22:00:44 PDT 2000

Don't know what to say. I'm still not quite certain how things work here and trying hard not to offend anyone.

Heather: I hope you are feeling better. I had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago and the pain except for the first day wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it, though I my jaw was swollen for about a week. Get better and put some more intresting posts.

Laura: almost forgot to tell you thanks on the suggestions for sc-fi, will pick up some Heinlein my brother recommended Star Ship Troopers.

Christi: Thank you as well for the suggestions.

Rhoda: the movie with Harrison Ford was RANDOM HEARTS.
I agree it was terrible and Harrison Ford was badly miscast or just out of it

JAck: Your friend is in my prayers. I hope all goes well.

Americo: Thank you for bringing up WEST SIDE STORY!
wonderful musical as well as movie. Not the movie of my life but special because it was the first musical I was ever in---your thoughts brought back a lot of old memories.

Hi to Howard, Teekay, Cassandra, and Jerry and Everyone else. And yes, FRIED GREEN TOMATOES was an excellent movie; enjoyed it very much.

My typing skills are bad so got to go

Christi Thu Apr 6 20:22:44 PDT 2000

Hello everyone!

Hi Jerry. I'm so glad you liked it the second time around. Did you remember how it ended? It surprised the hell out of me the first time. I'd like to read your favorite book, but if it's a keepsake you'd better not send it around. Maybe pick something else that isn't so irreplaceable. If you want to send it though, by all means! I'll read anything you'd care to stick in the mail. :0)

Heather, I'm sure glad to hear you're feeling all right. Sounds like you're on the road to recovery. I didn't want to tell you my experience until I was sure you were. I looked like a boxer who lost the match when I got home. It seems that the dentist took advantage of the fact that I was I.V. sedated and treated me pretty roughly. There was even a giant bruise in the shape of his hand on my neck! Holy cow, were they THAT hard to get out?! We should write a story about nightmare dentists, except for the fact that nobody would want to read it!

Hi S K, I mean Cassandra! Would you like me to send Teekay's book to you when I'm done with it or do you want to wait for summer? You've got time to think about it--I haven't gotten it yet.
Shop smart, shop S-mart!! Cool! Somebody else that liked Army of Darkness!

Rhoda, You are one of those prolific people who I wish would rub off onto me. That, my good woman, is an amazing amount of wordage you are churning out. AND you have time to read and write in the notebook! How DO you do it?!
All agog in Tucson ;0>

Teekay, How could I EVER hate anything you had written. Not gonna happen; not in this lifetime. You KNOW how much I adore your writing. Your story was amazing and I LOVED it! I mailed you all about it. Oh ye of little faith. Actually, if I were you, I'd have been freaked out too. I remember when you were reading mine, I was pacing my house going,"Oh I hope she likes it. What if she hates it? What's taking her so long?!" And you responded within one day! Sorry about the mixup.

Hey, I loved The Fifth Element too. In fact, I bought it. Awesome opossum.
And I agree with everyone here who loved Fried Green Tomatoes. All us girls love it, what about you guys? Is this strictly a chick flick? Give it a chance!

Jack, I'll say an extra prayer tonight.

Goodnight sweet spirits

Heather Thu Apr 6 20:01:12 PDT 2000

Heather (applause for a short post this time?)

Heather Thu Apr 6 19:58:55 PDT 2000

Oh! A luggage story.
I went to Quebec for my grade 8 school trip, and we had a blast. My luggage had my Dad's business card in the tag, and he had recently returned from Japan, and they had given him personalized cards with English on one side, and Japanese on the other. When we were leaving the hotel, we all stacked our luggage in the lobby and boarded the bus home. My teacher saw my luggage, but the Japanese side of the card was facing up. There were some Asian tourists on their way into the hotel at the same time we were departing. So my teacher thought it was their luggage and left it.
My suitcase did a tour of Quebec and Ontario before I finally got it back. And to top it off, when I opened it, my shampoo bottle had exploded all over my clothing and souveneirs!

I would have liked to go where that luggage went. Seems she had a great time, and found out what the big O is in suitcase terms.

Oh, Samsonite, why did you send me away?

I hear her thumping in the basement storage. THink she wants to go on another rendevous? Et tu, Brute! Es-que j'puis allez a la salle de bains? Non, j'es que allez a le chez Louis! Salut! (I'm a little rustee)

Heather Thu Apr 6 19:51:34 PDT 2000

Ah, Rhoda, do not give up hope that a novel of the size you are writing will be cast aside for the shorter ones. I know that many publishers look for a particular length, but that can't include all of them. There is always an exception to any rule - otherwise what would we write about?

I suppose mine will be in between 60 and 90 K by the time I'm finished. I was aiming for 50K at the least. Barely the batting average, there. But if I haven't gotten everything I wish to write down in 90,000 words, by all means I will be finishing it and sending it off the size it ends up to be, regardless of specificity on any publishers' part. They are the ones who won't see my ms. The publishers that don't put a length limit on a good read will.

Teekay - I agree that I enjoyed the book and the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes' equally. It is a rare and grand thing. And they could not have picked better actresses and actors for the film, as if the parts were written with them in mind. Like so many Robin Williams' movies - they seem written for Robin and Robin alone!

I still see a mental picture of the actress who portrayed Ruth whenever I hear that name. If I ever hear someone calling 'Idgie' I will expect to see Mary Stuart Masterson!

Poopie nappies, stinky drawers, fouled trousers
and golden falls; Christi, I am still there. But we are potty 'teaching' and soon, God Bless him, soon, he'll be depositing these lovingly nicknamed items into the bowl. (Hey, bribery ain't so bad...) I won't miss the diaper changing, but I already miss the baby years.

Yeah, where are you Randall? It's almost Friday!

Oh, to answer the question posed about first drafts,
Yes, I do almost all of my writing on the computer. If I get an idea, a snippet of dialogue, etc., and I'm not nearby the computer, I just jot it down and incorporate it later. I find writing it out longhand much slower than typing; so much slower that if I have specific words in my head I may forget them by the time I've handwritten the first few lines. I type fairly fast, so it works for me that way.
I wrote my first novel in longhand, worked out kinks in handwriting too, before converting it to the word processor. At the time, it was the 80's and the word pro that I was using was very frustrating and basic. Now they are so wonderful and filled with so many tools and capabilities, I could not imagine writing my novel the long way. Unless I had to!
BUt whatever means works best for each of us, utilize it.
Nothing wrong with handwriting, unless it's my Dad's. He should have been a doctor, it's that illegible. I can thank the stars I'm not ghost writing his auto-biography! (I'd have to request audio tapes)

Ta ta, and a tip o' me hat te you, me loves.
Heather, Irish Sprung.
Ahhh yes, I'm feeling a bit better, thank you everyone, but still facing liquid lunches.

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Apr 6 17:23:55 PDT 2000

Hello: Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts. It is now a waiting game as our friend waits to hear about the results, hopefully tomorrow. Let everyone know how it goes.

Teekay. Thu Apr 6 17:18:04 PDT 2000

TGIF: Where are you RANDALL? I miss your posts.

RHODA: I totally understand, and whoever ends up sending my book back is quite welcome to send it that way as well. I just want to get it back eventually, I think it will be the most expensive book I own. I was going to send mine to you by sea after they told me the price of postage, but I was in a hurry for you to get it, and I think it's 2 months by sea.

HEATHER: HOWARD'S book is on it's way to you. YAAAAAAAY!
Although rather expensive I think this book thing is a good idea as it broadens our horizons and we read things we wouldn't normally read. Also I think it gives us an insight into each other.
Just wondering, when you write do you use the computer for your first draft?
I write it out long hand and then when it comes to typing it out properly I usually end up with this huge mess that I have to decipher. I would do it on computer initially, but my fingers don't type as fast as the words I want to get down and also when I'm on a roll and cooking dinner or doing something away from the computer, then I'm not restricted.
Hope your feeling less sore.
I have read the book fried green tomatoes. Usually I like the books much better than the movie, but with fried green tomatoes I think one was just as good as the other.
Have you seen 'the fifth element' with Bruce Willis? Brilliant movie.

HOWARD: 'come on, wagon' It went right over my head. I really enjoyed that story, in fact I enjoyed all of them. I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but for some reason the last story sticks in my mind. I think it's because it makes you wonder about fate and if it does exist then there's absolutely nothing you can do to change it.
Also, if you haven't already seen it watch 'the fifth element' I am sure you would really enjoy it.

CHRISTI: What a relief, I just thought you hated my story and didn't know how to tell me, you may still do, but at least now there is hope.

Well toodle oo
Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go (sorta)

Rhoda Thu Apr 6 12:04:34 PDT 2000


No, no, I am only practicing it on a difficult scene in my book, and the nice thing is I don't need Jack Kovorkian to do it. I might like to discuss controversial subjects and even address them here in weak moments, but I never, never write fiction about them. At this point in my life, my novels are for fun. Perhaps amputation would have been a better word. I just amputated that scene in Chapter 22.


This book is very long, 125,000 words, or 500 pages. The length will make it very difficult to sell. Books are getting shorter and shorter due to the high costs of paper and publishing. Word counts depend upon the type of book and the publisher you are looking at. Short romances go about 40,000 words. Historical romances tend to be 70,000 to 100,000. Then there are word lengths in between. I had a perspective literary agency inform me that a publisher will only risk a longer book on a tried and true author with an established record. It is unheard of that anyone considers publishing a first-time author at more than 100,000 words. There are exceptions such as Diana Gabaldon, but they are few and far between.

I was stupid enough to conceive the ideas for this book and the other one, also 125,000 words, years ago when I was ignorant of these marketing realities. Over the past few years, things have gotten even more stringent. At the beginning the projects were much too abitious for my level of skill, and I was probably a fool to write them, but I had to write them, and I feel honor bound to finish them. Yes, they could sell, but the odds are against it.

All my other projects will be shorter and will be written to target a certain market. I can do this now and not feel that my creativity will suffer.


I sent your package today. I had to send it "surface" because air mail was too expensive. I asked the post office attendant if you would get it within a month. She told me you would if you are very lucky. If only that box could talk. Hard to imagine all the fabulous and exotic places it could go on its way to you. It reminds me of the time my father flew out and lost his luggage. They found it in Hawaii. He sighed and complained that his luggage got to go to Hawaii and he didn't.

Got to run,


Cassandra Thu Apr 6 12:04:13 PDT 2000

I'm relinquishing my sassy little nickname for a while yet. Still caring a great deal for my given name, I would not dare leave it for long. :)

I'm going to have to check out some used bookstores over the summer. I'm still looking to see if I can find the second book of Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea trilogy (plus the 3rd if possible...) I think the second one iss called The Tombs of Atun but don't quote me on that. I miss reading so much *snif snif* but it's so hard to do anything for myself with the schedule I keep.

Over the summer you people better send those books my way. *shaking finger*

I'm going to try doing some writing during Art History... wait just let me explain. I meant that it's better then sitting there in a haze of boredom and answering all the questions the teacher asks because everyone else is either asleep or braindead.

Poopies, I have to get moving soon...
But I will be back, you can count on it. *shifty smile*

Love you all!


Jerry Ericsson Thu Apr 6 11:23:59 PDT 2000

Christi - I have nearly finished Ender's Game. It is much better then I remember, maybe it is the absence of painkillers and other drugs they had me on when I came home from the hospital, but what ever the reason, it is a very good book. I should be finished this afternoon, or maybe tomorow, depending on how much longer I can stay away from the computer. I will ship it off to Howard, when finished, if he sends me his address.

Thanks much for the book, I guess my favorite is not a work of fiction, but based on a true story. The book is Bitter Harvest, based on a modern day gun-fight in the middle of North Dakota. Not that it is that well written, just that I knew everyone involved, I attended the police academy with two of the officers, and was friends with one of the guys on the other side. I had a passing acquaintance with the rest of those involved, and served as the partner on a police force with the wife of the Highway Patrolman who was first on the scene.

If you are interested in reading it, I can send it to you, but I do want it back eventually, just as a keepsake.


Christi Thu Apr 6 08:18:49 PDT 2000

Teekay and Howard, Hi you's guys! I just now got all the mail that's been cropping up for days. And I thought nobody liked me. :( I don't know quite what happened, but I see that Teekay has sent me something as early as the third of the month! And Howard did send me his on the fifth. I soooo sorry! I now have your wonderful stories, and will get to reading them within the hour. (I've got to go change a pooey nappie. Love that phrase!) Thanks you two.

AND I haven't even gotten to read the new posts! Yay! So much reading to do.

Happy day all

Heather Thu Apr 6 07:38:34 PDT 2000

P.S. for Rhoda!
I find that euthanising (zing?) an entire scene sometimes the only solution if the kinks can't be worked out.
I just print a copy of the original scene, kinks and all, and then erase it from my chapter. I also cut and paste it into a separate file in case I ever want it back in, or think of a way to improve it. Then I try again, either changing some components/angles, or writing a completely different scene. It has worked so far, and I've not yet had to paste anything back in.

BTW; from the sounds of it your novel is either very long, or your chapters quite brief. 21 chapters? eiyee! At the very most I will have ended my novel by chapter 11 or 12. If I write 15 to 20 chapters at the current size, it will result in a novel of rather largess proportion. (somewhere around the 140 K word mark) But that's if every chapter is around the same size or larger. I plan on 10 to 12 chapters. (But then again, who can plan these things precisely?)
It took me a while to find out what the average word count is for a novel, the range being from very short - 40,000 (Jonathon Livingston Seagull might be even smaller) to 150,000 (War and Peace is even longer). I finally found this information in a quite unexpected place in Writer's Market 2000. After all, what IS the average sized novel? There aren't any word counts in a published novel, as far as I have seen. I suppose I could grab a few books and do the math.

There is also the stigma that anything less than 40,000 words is a novelette. Not much market for those.

Good Rantings!
I've gone off at the keys again. Easier than talking at the moment.
Sorry for the lengthy blah blah blah

Heather Thu Apr 6 07:16:12 PDT 2000

Gariess! Thank you - for the life of me I couldn't remember the title of that movie. Never Been Kissed (SIGH) I laughed and laughed when I saw it ~ something that very few comedies do for me these days.

Maybe it's me.
Taking on too many serious notions. Isn't life about having fun... why yes, that was rhetorical.

Scene where I laughed hard enough to warrant my removal from the theatre during "Never Been Kissed": the scene where she is at the bar and she sits down with some Rastafarians and ends up smoking some greenery - and then gets up on stage, slapping herself on the ass (rump?) and dancing up a storm - and her teacher is there.

One plot hole - wouldn't the teacher have wondered how she got into the bar? Maybe I missed the part where it said it was an all-ages show. Wait, something dances through the Tylenol # 3 induced fog...

I seeeeem to recaaaalll that Josie said she couldn't drink as she was under-age?

I think what got me started on a roll of belly laughs was when Josie stepped out of the car on the first day of 'school', and got her feather boa caught in the car door.
I didn't stop guffawing for most of the flick.


Teekay - LOVE LOVE LOVE Fried Green Tomatoes. SO much so that my husband bought it for me as one of my birthday gifts. That was the year he made me a treasure hunt and hid all my gifts around the house with the kids.
I have the book 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe', by Fannie Flagg. Perhaps you would like me to send it to you? It's a bit different than the movie, but not a disappointment by any means. It was a treasure I found at a used book store, among many.

I can't wait to receive the 'Anything Box'! YIPEEEEEE!

Howard, is it too late to have the book you offered sent to me? I'll email my address to you just in case I'm the first!

Christi, thanks for thinking of me and my chipmunk cheeks. I had ice on my one cheek for most of the first day and yesterday I went everywhere with my hot water bottle. I fell asleep watching 'The Phantom Menace', which my husband bought too. I forgot to take the ice away from my face until he woke me up to tell me my sweater was soaked.
So I am hoping I have evaded bruising. My face is swoollen regardless of the pampering. But best of all is the codeine. Unfortunately, no Demerol.
I guess they thought I still needed to function. (Wake up, shower remembering to close the curtain, dress without falling over, take the kids to school without donning a Halloween cape, feed the kids food that is supposed to be warmed, etc...)

Cheerio, campers.
Hot water bottle beckons, and I must heed.

howard Thu Apr 6 06:35:59 PDT 2000

Rhoda -- You're writing a scene about euthanasia!? That's a difficult subject...

Teekay -- Talking to a wagon refers to the story "Come On, Wagon" in "The Anything Box."

Christi -- I'll check again tonight and resend if necessary.

back to work

Rhoda Thu Apr 6 06:27:21 PDT 2000


I found a box for the book and I should get it in the mail today. I did send Chapter 21. I am still having a horrible time on Chapter 22. I think I need to cut a scene. That is my answer for scenes I just can't get to work, euthenaisia(I know I mispelled that). Put the thing out of its misery. I will see.


Gariess Thu Apr 6 00:07:53 PDT 2000

Just one other thing. Somebody mentioned a Drew Barrymore movie who's title they couldn't recall. It was "Never Been Kissed."


Gariess Wed Apr 5 23:53:58 PDT 2000

I believe you are right, it was the Indians who named Sasquatch. It was in a trade for a left handed relief pitcher. The deal included a player to be named later and they finally decided to name him Sasquatch. Baseball is wierd, where do they get all these players who don't have names yet?

Sorry you won't be posting so often any more. (Hug)

Hi too.


Teekay Wed Apr 5 20:52:48 PDT 2000

That big, blank spot under my post is just me thinking.

Teekay Wed Apr 5 20:50:39 PDT 2000

Hallo all you wascaly wabbits,

I have not deliberately been away. Yesterday there was a microwave??? fault in the line and I could not get onto the net. Believe me I tried every 10 minutes or so. It was vewy, vewy fwustwating. Still I am glad that my presence was missed. I must have jinxed myself when I said 'and I will be here again after this here'. If only I would use my powers for good instead of evil :).

RHODA: I found a copy of Jane Eyre in the 2nd hand book shop and I looked at the first few pages and it is sooo not like that taperecording I listened too, the tape recording was really just the bare bones, so now I'm going to read the book. It's been a while since I've looked at the home computer so I hope you've sent me chapter 21. I also hope I've sent 20 back, I think I had it in queued message, but I've done that so many times I can't really remember where I'm up to. So in a nutshell, could you please send 21 if you haven't already. Thankee.
Have you sent me that book yet? I am soooooooooooooooooooo impatient.

HOWARD: I have finished your book and very much enjoyed it. Tomorrow I shall send it on to Heather. I would love for you to send me the other Zena Henderson book. Now don't groan, Australia isn't all that far away, and I've got to ask 'talking to a wagon' what does that mean? :D

JACK: Your friend has all my best healing thoughts.

CHRISTI: I have no idea why, but when I read Jerry's post to you I thought it was your post to me and I was really quite disheartened to think that you had already read my book. I am still going to send you the other one, just as soon as my daughter gets it back from her friend.
You should be getting the 1st book anyday now. I can't wait for you to read it.

HEATHER: Have got to agree with you about Labrynth (is that right) that is one film you could watch over and over.

And also Shirley Valentine, I thought that was wonderful too.

And fried green tomatoes.

Christi Wed Apr 5 20:28:57 PDT 2000

Jack, Hope the appointment went well for Fran's friend today. I'm crossing my fingers and saying my prayers.

Rachel, Thank you, and right back at'cha! Hope you got lots of writing done. Me, not a word today. Ah well.

Hi Howard. How ARD you? I am fine, thank you! Ugh. I knew you had to have heard that one before, but I'm just having too much fun! I got called Crusty a lot. Har har. Actually, I am sad because your story never showed up. :( I got your other Emails, so you must have the right address. Wonder what went wrong. I posted my Email again, just in case. BTW, it's funny. I write my short stories exactly the same way. If it's not mapped out in my head and I start too early, I never finish the cursed thing. And they all seem to be stories from my life.

Gotta go, my husband is chomping at the bit. We just bought The Phantom Menace, and he's waiting for me to get off the computer so's we can watch it.

G'night all

howard Wed Apr 5 19:38:45 PDT 2000

Hi -- Another couple of books for the all time list are by Mary Brown -- "The Unlikely Ones," and "Pigs Don't Fly." Both are very well done, and I really enjoyed them.
I agree on "Saving Private Ryan," and a few of the others I've seen mentioned here. There are so many excellent ones!

Gotta go work on something.


Heather Wed Apr 5 19:25:45 PDT 2000

Americo! Do we have a mutual muse? I wrote 5 pages today too.
And no, not on the notebook, either.

Thanks Howard, I'm glad my smile is still nice - but it's hard to smile with gauze in your cheeks. YUCK. But I can talk better today, and even drink soup. Yes, drink.
Tried chunky soup but couldn't get the chicken or the carrots down. Broth days. Wish they'd go away.

Got to get myself a little timer like Rachel uses for when I'm writing in the daytime (ulp! Yes, I admit, I've been able to get in a few odd hours during the sunlight lately)... BUT
I almost wrote right through when I was to pick up my daughter from school! Good thing I looked up and saw the time. Just in time.

Movie of my life? Americo, it hasn't been made yet. (Or, perhaps I haven't seen it) Maybe I will take that and put it under my hat for awhile to steam. I could write the script, but I have a funny feeling I'm already writing it.

Editing and more writing on chapter 4 calls! Well, just a little editing - have to make sure I keep the continuity, no dead leads or severed plants. (Plants: as in 'items' deliberately put in by the writer so the reader catches it, and keeps on wondering until he finds the answer later on in the book)

Hey, here's a nifty movie, from a while back;
The Illustrated Man. (Ray Bradbury)
The book is magnifique!
The movie's not bad either. It's not my life's movie, but I am an illustrated woman.

Inkspots, little blots, so delicious and dark
swirls and curly-cues flow upon the stark
-ness of my page,
softly, not in rage
Inkspots, living dots, the meaning of a mark.


(I don't know, don't ask!)

Americo (the great worker) Wed Apr 5 18:28:31 PDT 2000


I saw the match. Chelsea played wonderfully for ten minutes exactly. (Never saw any team playing so well actually). The rest was not that remarkable. I hope Chelsea eliminate Barcelona (which will only happen if Figo is ill or something) and meet Porto on the next leg. Then you'll see what soccer is. And by the way, for how many goals do you expect Portugal to beat England in June? I like the way the English play football, but I must be the only person on the continent to like it. The most beautiful football in the world is the Brazilian one, and then comes Portuguese football (when the Portuguese are not sleeping, which happens 75% of the matches.)

And this, dear ladies and gentlemen, was the most philosophical post I have ever published on this page. (Hey, I needed a break from my great book!)

Kisses everywhere.

Eddie French Wed Apr 5 18:09:56 PDT 2000

Just popped in to say four words to our dear friend Americo.
The first word is:
The next three are:

Sorry friend, it just came out!!

howard Wed Apr 5 15:29:11 PDT 2000

CHRISTI -- How wierd?!?! OOO that smarts! :-) Like I haven't heard it before... I sent you a copy of "Walks In Shadows" a few minutes ago, as an attachment in MS WORD 6.0 It was a fun one to write -- one of those "memory dump" kinds of things that went in one piece from the memory to the keyboard. I guess I tend to do that -- get it done in my head first, then just record the thing as is. It saves on 'sitting-in-front-of-the-stupid-computer' time, and allows me to get other things done while I write. Sometimes I carry a small tape recorder, but most of the time I just "remember" a story. Maybe that's why I like to write short stories!

SASQUATCH -- Are you serious? You really can remember all that from your old ones? We've gotta talk someday about that racial memory thing! And I have to figure out where you fit in with what I think I know... I do know the Indians have stories about you -- they named you, didn't they?

JACK -- We'll be praying for your friend. It's gotta be a rough time.

TEEKAY -- You must be busy -- or tired of us -- or out talking to a wagon. How's things down under? Where can I get a didgerie-doo? I almost bought one from "Elderly Instruments" a while back, dunno if they still carry them, and dunno if they would be as good as the real thing.There's just something about the sound of one of those things, that brings back (maybe racial) memories! That, and the bagpipes! I would love to learn to play the highland pipes!

Gotta run --


Rachel Wed Apr 5 09:00:37 PDT 2000

Jack - I will focus good thoughts and energy towards your friend. A little update from me. Carol has gone back to work and is doing well!

Gary - I'll be around (smiles). Right now I need to get back to work on a few things. I will be around, I just won't post quite so often. I'm sure the crowd has now burst into tears (grins).

Howard - Thanks (smiles and laughter).

Christi - (smiles) Just be you. You're a sweetie:)

Americo - Keep up the great work.

All - I am off to write (yes, play epic music here - grins and merry laughter)!

Take care all


Jack Beslanwitch Wed Apr 5 02:50:10 PDT 2000


On a slightly more serious note. Fran and most likely I will be spending time with a friend who is having a breast biopsy tomorrow after they discovered an anomaly on a mammogram. Not having permission I will not name her here, but ask that all those who are so inclined please keep our friend in your prayers. Having been through this with Fran, it is something I am very close to.

All kinds of different emotions running through my head at the moment.

Jack Beslanwitch Wed Apr 5 02:45:23 PDT 2000

Rhoda: Yes, Court Jester is the Danny Kaye movie ala the Vessal With The Pestle Is The Brew That is True. Truly one of those kind of movies that is not being made any more and sadly so. The Studio System and the Vaudeville produced a depth of performance that had its own special magic. What is taking place now is equally magical in its own kind of way, but different.

Americo: Stay away and write :-)

Am very very exhausted at the moment. Passed the 200 meter swim with flying colors and floated/treaded water for 10 minutes without a hitch. We started on some snorkel work and discovered that both Fran and I were having a bit of ear squeeze aka failure to equalize. So, did not get a chance to breathe bottled air, but it was still exhilarating looking up from 10 feet below. When I was a kid I loved to swim and was like a fish, but moved away from it when I became very very myopic and could not see. It is exciting to rediscover this and have it go even farther.

Gills and walking to Hawaii. Hmmmm. Not sure where you would go with it, but sounds interesting.

Anyway, hope springs eternal. Made my travel confirmations and arrangements for flying to Hawaii this Fourth of July weekend and then doing a diving trip afterwards, including a night manta ray dive where you can sit at the bottom and watch them gather. Hope to get some great pictures to show everybody. Take care. I am off to bed. Happy, exausted, sore and feeling like I have just walked into the land of the sighted after being blind.

Christi Tue Apr 4 23:50:06 PDT 2000

Hi all!

Rachel, I think that's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. (sniff) I don't know if I can live up to that compliment or not! Funny that you picked yellow flowers though; I have blonde hair. :0)

Oh Heather, I'm so sorry for the pain you're surely going through right now. When I got my wisdom teeth out, my face swelled to practically twice its size. Make sure to put plenty of ice on it; I forgot, and that's why the excessive swelling happened. Hopefully you got lots of nice drugs to help you through this. I'm not a druggie, but for tooth pain there's nothing like a nice Demoral . . . or two . . . or ten. Ahhhhhh, now THAT spells relief!

Hi A*! Too bad I'm not going to be on that plane with you. I NEVER pretend to be reading. I'm that annoying person who talks to everyone around me until they want to scream or throw me out of the plane. I love to meet new people and I find out the most interesting stories if I get them talking long enough.

Clayton and Jerry Lee, Hi, nice to meet ewe!

Jerry, Bummer drag! Well, if you read it that many years ago, it's sure to be entertaining again. :( Oh well.

How-weird, (Heeeee!) Thanks for the almost-compliment! And yes, I do have Word 2000. I'm looking forward to finding those books as soon as I can haul myself over to the library. I wanted to request Holding Wonder from you, but since Teekay's already sent me a book I thought I should let someone else have a crack at it.

S K, It sounds like we have the same Mom! My mom is pretty low key, but she just loves it when her daughters get irreverent with the humor. It seems to be rubbing off too; she's been saying some things lately that make me go, "Zoiks!"

Gariess, Hello there.

Teekay, Are you okay? My lower lip is quivering and my eyes are sad; the light has gone from them. I shall be a complete disaster if you don't come back soon. Post, or I'll be forced to sing an offkey rendition of "Memories" every time I come onto the Notebook. Memmmmmries. Like a pic-ture in my miiiiind . . .

Nightie night!

Tue Apr 4 22:58:20 PDT 2000


You guessed correctly about The Burning Bed. I checked in the Internet Movie Data Beast. The movie was made for TV and diricted by Robert Greenwald who has an extensive filmography as producer of many TV movies. Farrah Fawcett starred in the film and did well.

I like a lot of the movie picks of the notebookers. I think that since the notebook has an anniversary that coincides with the Oscars so well, we should have our own unofficial Oscars in the notebook. I am sure we could do as well as the Academy.

Hi Rachel, Don't lurk, Rachel, just talk to us.

Hi Rosemary, nice to see you posting. Glad that I am not alone being a name messer-upper. I always used to confuse Joan Rhodda and Rhoda Fort.

I'm not sure I saw "Saving Private Ryan" among the notebook picks but if not I will propose it.

I also list:
American Beauty:
Cider House Rules: (Beautifully filmed)
The Beach: for a well fimed movie that failed it's point.
Six Days and Seven Nights: it was very amusing. It rises above a swamp of sickly constructed and faulty romantic comedies.
Also, Thin Red Line: for a good job in cinemetography.



sasquatch Tue Apr 4 19:19:09 PDT 2000

I am here. I am not feared no not a bit. I am not feared about the flying death even if it looks as grymmr from before. I was only made surprised when I saw in the picture his presence. But we did talk of grymmr and if he could be again. The old ones say no so we are not fear. In memory he is awed and makes afraid. If you could memory him in the air as we and see the burning from his mouth. When he whispers smoke when he speaks bright fire and when he roars burning mountains. In our memory write there is to be about the time of flying death. When the earth was still a young thing before the humans grymmr hunted sent by the old one who was bent.
Many were the yeti in that day and many were the wails of yeti when grymmr sought from the clouds their young. I must not tell more now.

Sex Kitten Tue Apr 4 18:40:11 PDT 2000

Much thanks, I always try to do my best ;)
And I loved Army of Darkness... those movies were the best. Since then I haven't been able to shake the usage of 'Groovy' as a action hero tagline.

My mother laughed so loud over the phone when I read that one to her. She likes it when I'm a little sacreligious with my humor. :)

All these people are coming back. *gasp* *wiping away a tear* And just when I thought the notebook couldn't get any better...

Keep up the good work. You're setting such a shining example for the rest of us.

I've been in this killer good mood since last night. I had a great conversation with someone... and came to a few ephiphonies about life in general. I would share them, but I fear that they're only things that I would understand inside my head, and words may never be able to do them true justice.

And oh yeah... I had my "hot night" on Sunday ;)

Luv you all. May your muses walk on velvet paws across your page and spark your nose with tickles of it's tales.

Howard Tue Apr 4 16:05:25 PDT 2000

Jerry Lee! - Welcom back! And if there's a marker for beginnings I sure want to know about it, 'cause I've got some of the best ones ever!

Clayton -- Welcome, too! Gotta get out to the workbook and check your stories -- which is better, the first or the second? :-) Don't feel bad -- I've done it too, and someone I know managed a triple a while back!

TEEKAY -- INKSTAND!?!?! I'll get you for that! Only a surge protector so far, but have plans to get a UPS sometime Real Soon Now.

RACHEL -- You've got the cutest smile!

HEATHER -- You've got the cutest smile!

AMERICO -- DOn't stay away so long! If I could write five pages of *anything* in a day I'd be ecstatic!

CHRISTI -- You've got th hmmmm... maybe I shouldn't use that line again right away...
Watch your mailbox and I'll send one soon. Do you have MS WORD? Oh, and those Allan Eckert books should be available in most libraries. You might also like his "Savage Journey," about a young girl lost in the Amazon jungle, and "Wild Season" is an account of the circle of life revolving around a farm pond. He's really an excellent writer.

JACK -- That dragon graphic idea sounds awesome! Too bad it scared Sasquatch away. Funny, though, how some go away and some come back...
And congratulations on the fourth anniversary!

The movie chatter has been great! And each one has reminded me of more movies I'd forgotten but really enjoyed.

I've found an extra copy of Zenna Henderson's "Holding Wonder," that I'll send off to the first requestor who'll promise to keep it circulating. Send me an Email with your address and I'll send it right out.


Jerry Ericsson Tue Apr 4 15:34:47 PDT 2000

Christi - just got home from seeing my VA Dr. All went well, but it was a long trip. When I checked the mail IT WAS THERE!! I got the book. Will tear into it (not literly) tonight, although it looks somewhat familiar. I think I read this when I got home from the hospital bac in '93. My daughter brought me a bunch of her books, and as I had nothing else to do, I read every one of them. Will let you know once I finish it, but the cover looks familiar,, as does the name

Jerry Lee Tue Apr 4 13:42:42 PDT 2000

Yo all!
I haven't been here for a while so I thought it would be nice to drop back in on you all. By reading the posts, I see that congratulations are in order for 4 years of an amazing website! Happy birthday, Notebook!
Jack, good for you for learning how to SCUBA. It is, without a doubt, the most fun you can have while risking the bends. I remember my first time in the swimming pool. It was somehow un-natural to look up at a lifeguard stand from 14 feet down and have no immediate plans to do anything about it. But plunging into the South China Sea was like nothing else in the world! 70 feet down, the water seems to hug you like a giant blanket. You mentioned going into an Alpha state. Let me tell you, that ever since my first dive, the meditative state is no longer something those tree-hugging, crystal-rattling hippies do, its real. The most relaxing thing in the world is coming face to face with a 200 pound Oscar. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

I started a book once about a strap-on gill contraption that would allow one to walk to Hawaii. Do you suppose there's a market for the START of books? lol =)

Take it easy.
Jerry Lee

Clayton Tue Apr 4 12:57:23 PDT 2000

Been gone a long time. Didn't go anywhere. I posted a short story. The computer network at school is really crappy and it got posted twice. Sorry. If you want, check it out and tell me what you think.

Americo Tue Apr 4 11:42:20 PDT 2000

I should be writing my great book (well, I wrote almost five pages today, I deserve a break) but you people are irresistible.

Those long lists with films lead nowhere. WE'd better concentrate on a single one: the film of our life. Not necessarily the greatest movie in History, just the film we'll never forget because it's associated with a vital remembrance.

WEST SIDE STORY — that's the film of my life. I saw it for the first time with the first woman I loved. She looked like Natalie Wood, or she started looking like Natalie Wood since then. After we saw the movie we went to a park and sang some of the movies' songs to the trees. Night had fallen and it was crisp and the most magnificent November's evening I have ever felt in my veins. Just to rember that I feel shivers in my heart and my eyes well up. I hope there's some sort of error in this English. I could not bear language to be at the level of my feelings. Yes, that's why I like to live in America. That's the greatest movie in the History of the world.

Heather Tue Apr 4 09:55:02 PDT 2000

Also thought 'The Burning Bed' was a riveting film. (Was it made for TV?)
And here's a chilling one:
'The Changling' See that one if you ever want to have goosebumps as a permanent skin condition.


Heather Tue Apr 4 09:51:22 PDT 2000

Well, folks,
I can't talk today, but I can write! My dental surgery went ok... so far the freezing is still in effect so I won't know how painful it will be until ...well, how about never?

My apologies, Rhoda, for attributing your words to another. By the time I finished reading such a long list of posts, I had forgotten the author, but not the point I wished to make. What was that, now? It's gone too.

I can give the 'it was my first time under general anaesthesia, and I was nervous' speil. It's at least credible.

Gauze really does taste like shit.

Americo, so good to see you posting.
If you think I'm beautiful, you should see me today. UGH.

Some favourite movies, regardless of when they were released...let's see:
The Matrix
Good Will Hunting
Ever After
Better Off Dead
Fried Green Tomatoes
Point of No Return (and Nikita)
Mr. Destiny
An Angel at my Table
Rob Roy
The Last of the Mohicans (both old and newer versions)
Terminator 2 (Judgement Day)
The Jerk (Steve Martin)
All of Me (Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin)

Well, this could go on forever, and I'm going to go and rest. My face has gone ballooning, and I must pack some lunch for the ride.


Rosemary Tue Apr 4 09:46:08 PDT 2000

Greetings all,
You're so right about there always being an up side. My six year old Dodge truck, which has been sheding paint like dandruff for the last couple of years, has quite a few lovely dents in the roof and hood. My appointment with the adjusters is in two weeks and the repair will be farther off than that, but at least new paint is coming.

Also, I will no longer be afraid if people throw baseballs at my house. I've already been through it.

That name confusion thing has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Probably because I have always been terrible at remembering names. A book by P D James had two female characters whose names started with CH----. (Don't remember exactly what) One character was the good guy and the other was the bad guy. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but that book gave me fits.

Got to run,

Rachel Tue Apr 4 08:55:30 PDT 2000

Americo & Eddie - What cheeky men (grins)!

Americo - I think our names look nice mixed as Armaecrhiecl. Gezz.... Mixing our names like that felt a little naught (laughter).

Howard - Smiles back at you.

Rosemary - Av ery good point. I also would like to say how nice it is to see you posting:)

Allein - I'll look forward to the update (smiles) HUGS!

Christi - Thank you. I love my name. When I was a girl I thought it was old fashioned. Now I don't feel that way.
I think your name sounds like a burst of sunshine after a spring shower. I don't know why, but it makes me think of a field of fragrent yellow flowers. I guess its more you and the way you project your energy. What I'm saying is its nice you came.

Garries - Hi you.

Yikes, for a girl who is going to lurk I certainly have a lot to say this morning (blush).

Take care all


Rhoda Tue Apr 4 06:51:24 PDT 2000

Favorite movies past and present: I rented one last week-end called LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. It was an Italian movie and wonderful--probably the only Italian movie I have ever liked. I wept through that one. My all time favorites are, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, BEN HUR, THE BIG COUNTRY, SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, THE SEA CHASE with Lana Turner and John Wayne, BRAVEHEART, SPARTACUS, LITTLE WOMEN, SQUANTO A WARRIOR'S TALE, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, HONDO, Kenneth Branagh's HENRY V, STAR WARS(all of them), INDIANA JONES (all except the second one), WITNESS, SABRINA (both the Harrison Ford and Humphrey Bogart versions), TRUE GRIT, MULAN, ELIZABETH, SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, THE ENGLISHMAN WHO CLIMBED A HILL AND CAME DOWN A MOUNTAIN, and THE AGE OF INNOCENCE.

I could go on and on with that above list. I also like Bette Davis. I like most John Wayne movies. Not mentioned above are several PBS mini-series such as JANE EYRE with Timmothy Dalton as Rochester. I also like both A&E and BBC productions of the PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.


Is THE COURT JESTER the one with Danny Kaye and Glynnis
Johns? That is a great one also.

I have decided to rent THE SIXTH SENSE as soon as I can get it. It comes highly recommended on the Notebook, so I must see it.

Put those TV's, VCR and DVD players away for awhile, and let us get some writing done.

Happy Writing!


Tue Apr 4 02:17:09 PDT 2000


Americo: good luck with the book and have a wonderful time in Austria. Oh and sorry about that last long winded post.

Jack Beslanwitch Tue Apr 4 02:10:11 PDT 2000

    Americo: I have been away from the Notebook for the best part of two days. My what I have missed. I have to shame facedly admit that I completely spaced out our anniversary. This from a loving husband who knows the importance of anniversaries. Oh, well.

Happy Anniversary Notebook


    On movies. Have to say that it is a perpetually running battle on what my favorite movie/movies are at any given point. I will say that I watched the Sixth Sense yesterday for the first time when I finally got around to plugging the new DVD I had purchased in. I was very greatly blown away by it and will not say any more than that lest I spoil a profound revelation in the course of the movie. It is well worth seeing and not talking about.

    Other than that, hmmmmmmm, just going by movies that I have in my DVD collection and I tend to like to watch - Abyss (especially if you read the Orson Scott Card novelization), the Court Jester, the Matrix, Fiddler On The Roof and a great many more that I am unable to think of at the moment.

    Tomorrow, well, today, we start the wet part of our scuba training. Once I got it through my thick head that doing the 8 laps was not a race and I could use any stroke everything fell into place. The 10 minute treading water component actually will be a true piece of cake since I am a natural floater and almost can go into an alpha state of meditation floating on my back. Breathing air underwater, though. That is a little daunting and breathing air while swimming around Puget Sound is even more intimidating, but I am very much looking forward to it.

    Oh, and the other thing about the dragon and the king dome. I really do not have a lot of time to do it at the moment, but I plan to do a full animated feature of the dragon flying in and having the king dome collapse underneath him, him flying away, bringing the space needle back and putting it in its place. May not happen for a couple of weeks to a month, but think it will be fun. I will be posting it as an mpg or perhaps as a real video so that it will stream comfortably.

Oh, and any of the science fiction or fantasy writers in the Puget Sound area that are planning to go to Norwescon please stop by the Westercon 56 bid table or the Internet Resources for Writers panel that I will be moderating and say hello.

Take care,

Teekay Mon Apr 3 23:30:03 PDT 2000

Hello All,

HOWARD: I did not go any where I am here and I was here before this here, and if all goes well I shall be here after this here, ya hear?

The answer to the riddle is INKSTAND.
Your turn.

Well seing as every one is talking about movies and I don't wanna be an ol' stick in the mud then I shall deign to tell you mine. They are (deep breath) Little women, Peggy Sue got married, beetlejuice, sixth sense. Wizard of Oz( which I have seen in different parts a quadrillion times because my daughter watches it over and over again.)
Gee I guess that's all I can think of. I would like to see 'an angel at my table' that sounds interesting.

PUSSY: Ooops sorry. Love your curlers though.

HEATHER the trouble maker: I have almost finished Howards book and I shall send it on to you. :)

HOWARD again: Do you have some kind of protector on your computer? The first sign of thunder and lightening at my place and the computers are off instantly.

Okay bye.

Gariess Mon Apr 3 22:18:35 PDT 2000


I have read back in the posts and I saw where you mentioned going to Japan. If you do, remember the experience related by Jerry. Never tell a Japanese cab driver you are in a hurry. I made a few trips to Tokyo in the fifties ( I was hardly more than a boy.) We had recently been throwing bombs at each other for a few years and they ran out first so we won the game (it was the last two that really did it.)

One might say I saw Tokyo as a conqueror, a member of the winning forces. But the Japanese never appeared to me as a conquered people. They always seemed very positive and up-beat. In fact it was only a miscalculation that lost them the war. They should have sent their cab drivers against us and held their armies in reserve. Well, wars have been won and lost in sillier ways.

If you do go, my best advice is not to take any advice from me (courtesy of Groucho Marx.) You see, in my day we got what we wanted with a few candy bars and a pack of cigarettes. Spam use to work in a pinch. I think I will watch the boards and see what you have to say when you come back.

Hello, you all.


Christi Mon Apr 3 21:33:51 PDT 2000

Heya everybody!

Hi Americo! I'm so glad that your absence is for a good cause. Your story sounds like a great read. It kills me to have you all writing these novels and me not being able to read them. ARGH!
By the way, I did not think you didn't like me; I was just bemoaning your sudden disappearance. And I thank you for thinking me beautiful. I think you're beautiful too.

Hey Rachel, I could never mistake your name, for it is one of my most favorite on the planet. My little sister shares your wonderful name, and I am convinced that only very lovely people are allowed to have it. (Hug)

Howard, I'm smiling, I'm smiling! Send, send! I'd love to read your Indian stories.
The Alan Eckert books sound like something I really need to get my hands on. I guess when I don't understand something, I just keep reading about it until I can come to some sort of agreement within myself. Violence and hatred are two things I don't think I'll ever understand.

About Shirley Valentine; I just saw it on satellite and loved it! And I love C.S Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Such imagination! I plan on reading them to my son as soon as he's old enough to understand the words.

Rosemary, Hi, and thank you so much for reminding me of the 'never name two characters with the same first letter' rule. I don't know how many times I've read that, and yet in my latest story, there it is! I'll be hastily renaming them, thanks to you.

Hello to Eddie, who's been coming up with some pretty good one-liners lately. :o.

And hi to Jerry and Allein. ***HI*** Jerry, geeze, haven't you gotten the book yet?! ;) Oh, and maybe pass it on to Howard when you're done, as he mentioned it being next on his reading list.

S.K. Your breathy Marilyn impersonation was the cat's meow. Meeeeeow!
I just can't bring myself to call you sex kitten because I've seen what cats look like when they're doing the deed, and sister, it 'aint pretty. Hee hee! By the way, I thought your recent story in the workbook was a riot! Just forgot to tell you so.

Good night all,

Allein Mon Apr 3 20:50:31 PDT 2000

Rachel - Hiya ((((BIG HUGS)))). I'm on vacation for the next few days so I'll write you a long e-mail when I get back. :)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Mon Apr 3 19:38:25 PDT 2000

Rosemary - While hail is a bad thing, it does have an up-side, for example, last summer we had one of those horrid hail storms, tornados and stuff overhead all that good stuff. Anyhow, I now have brand new shingles on my roof, and a new paint job on my truck. The wifes car goes in for new paint soon. My house has new paint on the siding. All this compliments of the hail storm, and of course American Family Insurance.

Rosemary Mon Apr 3 18:41:07 PDT 2000

My part of the country must include the stormy area. We had brilliant bursts of lightning, rumbles of thunders, and hail that was a cross of golf ball and baseball size. It was my first time with hail that large and to tell you the truth, it scared the begeziz out of me.

I think your many-years-long problem with Rhoda's name is an excellent example of why we should never name our characters with the same first letter.

Good writing everyone,

howard Mon Apr 3 18:00:26 PDT 2000

It is raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock, as my grampa used to say. Even Superman couldn't fly across the back yard without getting his "S" wet! And there's lightening and thu
'scuse me -- that was a real cruncher!
I love storms!

SASQUATCH, are you still there? Do the storms bother you? Do you stay right out in them or do you find a cave or something? And what about the dragon picture?

CHRISTI -- If you want to read horrifying cruelty, read Alan Eckert's "The Frontiersman" or "Wilderness Empire." They're part of his "Winning of America" series, and they're excellent historical narratives! Yes there was cruelty to the red man, but we got our licks in too! My paternal great grandmother was full Mohawk, and my maternal great grandmother was part Onondaga. "The Frontiersman" is the story of Simon Kenton and Tecumseh. There were tremendous atrocities committed on both sides, and Eckert covers it all pretty well. He's actually one of the better authors I've read, and I'd recommend his books to anyone interested in good narrative. He even gets into fantasy, with "Song of the Wild," about a boy who can project himself into wild critters and see things from their viewpoint. If you're interested in Indian things I've written a couple that I'd send you for a smile.

RACHEL! -- (grins!)

That list of movies was by no means complete -- I left off at least two of my favorites -- "The Secret of Roan Inish," directed by John Sayles, is a wonderful film based on the Irish legend of the Selkies -- seals that transform into humans, and sometimes adopt human babies. And "Shirley Valentine," starring Pauline Collins, is about a housewife from Liverpool who gets tired of it all and runs off for a mad Greek holiday. Pauline Collins is the girl from "No Honestly," "Upstairs, Downstairs," and several other things that wouldn't have been worth mentioning if she hadn't been in them.

RHODA -- I agree completely about CS Lewis' "Mere Christianity." he also wrote a great scifi trilogy, besides the "Narnia" chronicles. Check out Francis Schaffer too!
Another wonderful series is Calvin Miller's "The Singer," "The Song," and "The Finale." Anyone into allegory and poetry should look at that one.

TEEKAY -- Where'd you go?


Jerry Ericsson Mon Apr 3 17:53:34 PDT 2000


{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{WELCOME BACK}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Now get back to work on our book!


Americo Mon Apr 3 15:31:15 PDT 2000


How could anyone have mixed up your name with Rhoard? It would be the same as mixing it with Heathein or (even worse!) Eddlee. Let alone Jonussy. Your name can only be mixed up with mine, Ameritine.

And here's how I have found a good pseudonym for my next best-seller: Rada Rine -- too feminine, I'm afraid. Never mind, it's about jealousy, treason, alcohol and it also has a scene where the heroine poisons one of her three lovers. No one will recognize the author as a male. A male could never write such atrocities.

PS. Shouldn't I be writing my book about the angels?

Eddie French Mon Apr 3 14:10:02 PDT 2000

I would never get your name mixed up with Rachas'

Rachel Mon Apr 3 13:21:35 PDT 2000

Rhoda - Yes, it is hard to stay away (smiles).

Americo - Thank you for the compliment.

All - This is just to ask that you read the name on posts with attention. Rhoda and I have been mixed up more than once. I don't really think that our names look that similar.

Christi - Hi you:)

Howard - How are yah?

All again - Hi!

Take care all


Americo Mon Apr 3 11:55:20 PDT 2000

People, I am writing a book, and that's why I've been away and shall be till I finish it. Besides, I'm going to Austria on the 15th (just for a week).

I hate travelling, mainly by plane, as I feel like jumping from it after 20 minutes of flight. So boring! The last time I flew, I spent the time asking everyone if Lisbon was still too far. There would be no problem if everyone were not pretending to be asleep.

This last sentence reminds me of Arik. Arik, could you please give a prize to Pussy? She's the most beautiful, the most... but only very intelligent people can see that. I hate her, but she is very pretty.

Howard, there is no censorship here. But not all films made in Hollywood are shown (thank God).

I did not see any remarkable film this year, but I enjoyed "American Beauty". I thought it very courageous. And I thought, if they can show things like this in America, that's because America is becoming a free country. And I was happy that America is getting freer and freer (at least in the film industry).

Rachel and Heather, you are very beautiful. Christi, you are also beautiful. Why did you think I do not like you? That's strange.

TOM, you too, my son Brutus?

More answers when I read all the posts. But kisses to everybody.

Christi Mon Apr 3 11:27:44 PDT 2000

Movies! Ooh what a great topic!

I adore watching old movies. I love pretty much anything with Bette Davis in it, anything Alfred Hitchcock--especially 'Rebecca' and 'Rear Window'. The 'Manchurian Candidate' was an awesome thriller that I never tire of. Evil Angela Lansbury, what could be better? I also love sappy old movies. My favorite is the first 'Little Women' with Katherine Hepburn as Jo. I cry every time I watch it. I also love 'The Wizard of Oz' and wish they still aired it on television once a year. And of course the 'Star Wars' trilogy is high on my list. Also 'Ever After', 'Contact', 'The Abyss', 'Star Trek' old and new . . . I've got to stop now. I could go on forever. Oh, I forgot 'Braveheart'. Ahhh, and I forgot comedy!!!! I love comedy! 'Tremors', 'Tommy Boy', 'Office Space', 'Army of Darkness', 'As Good as it Gets', somebody stop me!!!
Oh thank you for bringing up movies. And now you can put a fork in me, because I'm done!

Oh, and Howard, I'm so glad you're reading Seventh Son. It's a wonderful book, and so is the one after it, Red Prophet. Red Prophet was hard to read because of the horrifying cruelty of what was done to the American Indians, but it's an earth-shattering book. It was actually a life changing book for me.

Happy movie watching and happy reading!

Jeff Mon Apr 3 11:16:18 PDT 2000

Just a few words today before I rush off to work. Movies I like: DEAD POETS SOCIETY, GOOD WILL HUNTING, RED, SCHINDLERS LIST( best movie of the 90's) THE PIANO, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, AMERICAN GRAFFITI, STAR WARS---except The PHANTOM MENACE( BIG LET DOWN!!)

Heather: Rhoda is right that there is free will operating all the time and that the free will is fate--it is a paradox from a western viewpoint, but the eastern mystiques have always have understood this truth. But then the question is for me why is the world so overpolluted with technology--must be a reason for " the tao that can be deviated from is not the true tao". Free will our greatest gift and our greatest curse, and right now I think we use it too irresponsibly--but thats another subject.

Well I got to go so I can go off to work. Bye all

howard Mon Apr 3 10:11:16 PDT 2000

Movies!? My very favorite -- "The Wizard of Oz." I saw it in 1946 or 47, on its first or second run through our fair city. One of the most if not THE most vivid memory of my whole sordid past is the scene where Dorothy opens the door and everything *out there* is in COLOUR! I still get goosebumps when I watch it!
Other notables -- "The Longest Day," "Forbidden Planet," "War of the Worlds," "Ben Hur," "Farenheit 451," "Them," -- more recently "Starman," "Close Encounters...," "Braveheart," "Shakespeare in Love," "You've Got Mail," and "Dora Does Duluth."
Okay, I just threw in that last one to see if anyone was paying attention...
There's lots more, but time and space, dontchknow.

SASQUATCH -- Did you ever see a movie?

Are all of Hollywood's films permitted in Portugal?


Sex Kitten Mon Apr 3 09:20:44 PDT 2000

Happy Birthday, to you
Happy Birthday, to you
Happy Birthday, Mr Notebook!
Happy birthday tooo you.

Well, with my Marilyn Monroe impersonation out of the way, I'd just like to thank Jack for creating this wonderfully simple vessel, and all the unique personalities here for filling it. *smooch* Much love to our diversity, coupled with a large dose of love to that which unites us: underwear.

I'm quite busy today, so I'll keep this short.

On movies-
loved it: Good Will Hunting, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Braveheart (even though I knew it wasn't totally accurate), Star Wars, Stargate, Contact... I just saw High Fidelity and I loved it. It was very mainstream, culturally GenX and struck a very true to life chord with me. Aside from the fact that I laughed my butt off.
and I'm sure that there are many many more
hated it:
Titanic (after the 2nd viewing I realized, 'hey, this screenplay sucks goats), almost anything with Steven Segal in it (edit out all the serious dialog and bad acting, and I might actually enjoy the fight scenes), Nearly anything with Julia Roberts in it...
and I'm tapped... I'll try to think of more later

For now, it's off to the dining hall!

Rhoda Mon Apr 3 07:52:54 PDT 2000


I, Rhoda, posted that business about fate/freewill, not Rachel. The fact is that there is predestination and free will working all at the same time. That is seemingly a contradiction, but it is true. The best explanation of this concept that I have found is in C.S. Lewis's MERE CHRISTIANITY. I don't wish to discuss it here, but sometime get the book and read it. It isn't very long, but it is the best primer for the Christian faith that I know of save the BIBLE.

I in a way regret that post because I had no intention of getting into a theological debate. Actually I was just grateful that I had the sleep, for it helped me endure a very difficult evening. It was good, and I attributed it to God, but I have no idea how God brought it about or just how much thought he put into it.

You put much in your post that was of interest, and I love a good theological discussion. You are an intelligent person and would be a lot of fun to talk to face to face. But I have found that the Notebook is not a good forum for religious topics, and so I will keep all comments and explanations to myself for the time being. But seriously, I highly recommend MERE CHRISTIANITY. Old C.S. is far more articulate than I could ever be in explaining the most misunderstood, but simplest faith in the world (probably misunderstood because it is so simple).

Well, I must get to work now.

Happy writing,


Heather Mon Apr 3 07:47:01 PDT 2000

about my first post of the day - that was supposed to be 'at least not where we leave OUR traces', not 'out traces'!
Sloppy me.

Heather Mon Apr 3 07:43:25 PDT 2000

Whooops! I forgot to add my ten cents in about movies:

I thought 'Good Will Hunting' in '99 was just about the best film! I loved it.
Let's see... did anyone see 'Ever After'? I liked that too. What was Drew Barrymore's other film from last year - I can't remeber the title but it was about her going back to highschool, undercover as a reporter, and I laughed and laughed... it was really a cute movie.
In a literary sense, Good Will Hunting deserved to be rewarded.
I love Robin Williams, no matter what kind of movie he does.
Even the cheesy Disney ones.

Let's see... did I actually see more than 3 movies last year? Titanic. I can see why the bundles of awards were given. So that's 4 movies I saw. I didn't see Mummy, I didn't see Mission to Mars yet either.
I guess most of the movies I am thinking of were 1998 and 1999. I have yet to see the Sixth Sense. It has such high reviews, but that is not a good indication of how well I'll like the film. I agree with Rhoda, and probably others, in that I don't go by what Siskel and Ebert say to choose a movie, I have seen movies that rated highly and thought they were terrible, and vice versa.

Sometimes I agree.

Has anyone seen this movie? "An Angel At My Table"?
It is about the life of a writer, and all of her travels and so on. It is not a Hollywood production, so it tends to be more honest, more baring, and yet not sensationalist. A terrific film. Calming. Kindred. Worthwhile.

Later, lovelies!

Heather Mon Apr 3 07:32:25 PDT 2000

The first time I ever read that a Christian believes in Fate happened right here in the NB!
Rachel, you claimed the post that said 'Teekay' on it for Sunday? You said (And I paraphrase) that as a Christian you know that things aren't chance at all... whether you believe this to be Divine Will, it still shouts 'Fate' to me! After all, it is the same result, and has no signature. THe hand of Divinity, be it three women, (cliche!) or the hand of God. Either way there are so many things without proof. We don't even have any substantial proof of this steering of a soul.
I don't believe in coincedence. What I mean by that is:
I don't believe that anything is an accident. I also don't think it is the guiding hand of a higher power that drives our paths and footsteps. At least not where we choose to leave out traces. I don't doubt there is the Divine spark within us all. As I expound on this, take this lightly, please!
I think it is us, choosing everything, be it conscious or not. Why we decide? How we choose? Simple. We just do.
ANd every other being chooses too. Free Will. It was God's greatest gift to us. THat means there can be no guiding hand to actually STEER us but our own. Otherwise we would be automatons, or Gods' playthings. We are not. If we did not have free will, we would already be perfect. We would not need a body.
But the Divine gives us our free will, and we have chosen to be imperfect. To lie, to delude ourselves, to wander far from home. But we have the power to choose anything, perfection included.
After all, we are the image of the Divine. If we are this image, we must have the same Divinity; otherwise we would be an imperfect image (and God cannot create anything imperfect, remember?) And so our perfection is latent, [undeveloped] but for a select few - remember Buddha, Jesus, etc. If we could not raise ourselves to this perfect state, would Jesus have tried to teach us that we could?
(again I paraphrase) "And greater works than these shall you do." Speaking of walking on water, why the heck not?
Peter did, until he doubted. The real question is, how do we NOT DOUBT?

And many philosophical points later...

Sorry folks, off I went to Tangent Land.

What was I going to reply to? Oh, yes. Someone asked about the Soo (yes, it does sound like a strange name for a city)

Actually it is the common nickname of Sault Ste. Marie, which is in Ontario, but there is another city of the same name, directly across the river from the Soo, in Michigan.
Sault Ste. Marie (both cities)are at the narrow neck of Lake Superior, the nearest city that is noteable would be Sudbury, and farther north, around the end of Lake S., is Thunder Bay. Sault Ste. Marie is quite near to Ojibway land, and as a child I remember when driving past the large expanse of Native land along the St. Mary's river, there was a train bridge with the giant letters in spraypaint: "This is Indian Land"
ANd I would always get shivers. I felt borrowed.
Borrowed time, borrowed city, borrowed everything. Can't we give it back? ANd how?

But would they take it now that it was ruined?

Well, some candy tufts for thought, everyone.
Feel free to respond, or not!

Hugs all round,
Happy Belated Anniversary to the NB! (Now a living entity)
and a BIG THANK YOU TO JACK for all his hard work and dedication!
We need this place to stay crazy!
After all, that is the forte of scribes, no?

Americo, Americo, to see your 'face' on the NB was enlightening, and oh, happy day!

Jon and Pussy:
Drag that human back to the NB more often, please!

Jeff: Thank you for the recommendation of "RED"! I will look for it at the artsy video store downtown ~ they tend to have more foreign films than the big box rental places.
I shall try to find it soon...
Tomorrow I go under general anasthesia to have three wisdom teeth removed. Wish me a painless dream! I hope General Anasthesia is a nice person (ha ha ha)

Thanks for the comments on my story of me. If there is a saddest sentence of the day, we'll have to backtrack to four or five months ago when Howard was posting about his Father. Now that was tear fodder! And Howard, I was so new to the site, I didn't think sending my empathies would be (correct? Welcomed?) right. Now I can tell you that I sent them, not in written form but in thought. You had many silent well wishes.


howard Mon Apr 3 07:00:31 PDT 2000

TEEKAY -- Yes, I'm afraid you have me stumped on that one. Give me the solution and I'll tell you the one about the ostrich.

LAURA -- I'm reading Card's "The Seventh Son" now, and "Ender's Game" is on my list. His book on writing the Science Fiction Novel is very good also. I liked early Heinlein, and Arthur C Clarke's "A Fall of Moondust" is another of my favorites, as is Hal Clements' "Needle."

AMERICO, JON, PUSSY -- Welcome back! We've been having fun while you were gone.

SASQUATCH -- You've got to be kidding! Those things still around? I think Jack may have just dreamed that one up. Remember he said something about computer graphics. Although it could have been a repressed memory re-surfacing.

gotta run

Rhoda Mon Apr 3 06:40:55 PDT 2000

I forgot to add MUMMY to my aforementioned list of good movies for 1999. Perhaps it wasn't such a bad year after all. Human nature being what it is, we tend to remember the negative a bit better than the positive.


Teekay. Mon Apr 3 05:03:05 PDT 2000

RHODA: What a fantastic thing to do. I would love to have a West Texan artifact. Is J.R.Ewing out of the question? I don't really want him anyway, too nasty. That's about the only thing I know about Texas and it's a bit dated, afterall Dallas finished airing here about 20years ago. I loved that show, before it got too carried away.
I have returned chapter 20 and am eagerly awaiting 21. What happens to you when you write? Do you just tune out and get on a roll and become oblivious to everything else around you?
I think I know the Kevin Costner movie you mentioned. Was it the long drawn out relationship one. I can't remember the name, Hubby can't remember the name. I can barely even remember watching it, it was that dull. Kevin must have been running short on cigarette money to do that movie. Giant YAWN!

Rhoda Sun Apr 2 22:18:11 PDT 2000


I have to agree with you about the ending to MISSION TO MARS. They could have done much better. I yawned at the stereotype of extraterrestials having the secrets of the universe to share with us backward Terrans. Why is it every movie assumes life from other planets will let us know our place in the scheme of things? After all the build-up, which was good, the ending was a let down (Ah, these Martians are nice folks after all).

I guess I liked the movie because I did not have very high expectations in the first place. Honestly, most every sci/fi movie I can remember is long on special effects and short on story. The only exception I can think of now is DEEP IMPACT and some of the STAR TREK films. As long as a sci/fi movie entertains me, I deem it a good experience and feel that I have gotten my money's worth.

Frankly, I don't think this has been a good year for Hollywood. Except for RUNAWAY BRIDE, NOTTINGHILL, and GALAXY QUEST and STAR WARS, PT 1, every movie I have ventured to see has been a big disappointment, the biggest one being one in which Harrison Ford starred in (It was so bad I cannot remember the name).


Glad to hear from you again.


I told you that it wouldn't be easy to stay away. It was great to read your post. I am glad your work is going well.


I am going to get your book out this week. I figured that since I am going to all this trouble to send you the book, I would like to collect a few West Texas type artifacts so you can see how distinctive, exotic and exciting this part of the USA really is. It hasn't been easy. I have really had to sit down and think this project out. I am afraid that it would be very difficult to wow someone from Austrailia, but I mean to try.

Happy writing,


jeff Sun Apr 2 21:46:57 PDT 2000

Thouhgt I would stop by the sight and see what is up. I don't have much to say and know that means i am sad in not in a good writing mode--just a few ideas that I can't seem to keep focused--is the only way sheer hard work? Sorry I have so many questions. My luck is against me right now. Need to find more balance!!

Leslie---welcome. You write poetry and short fiction? I am trying to do the same right now. what kind of stories are you writing. who do you like to read?

Heather---your story is very eerie. But I think coincidences are not coincidences, and there is a thing called fate, even if we are too proud to admit it!! Have you seen the French movie RED--it is about chance and how these accidents and coincidences come together in unexpected ways--the ending of the movie is fabulous. Highly recommend it even if it has subtiltes.

I saw MISSION TO MARS and thought the movie vastly overrated!! Drawn out, not mysterious enough( couldn't they have made the DNA thing a little more complicated--ala CONTACT. Or made it a test to see if the human species was worthy?)and a bad ending. Anyone agree?

Sasquatch Sun Apr 2 19:38:13 PDT 2000

Please Jack person where saw you this grymmr this flying death? It is from old from my before and is fearsome to me and my kind and to all who are alive. We thought them all gone away but if you have seen this perhaps it is once more. Perhaps you have a memory only and that is what you have shown us. I am hoping that is truth. I must seek more of my kind to ask if they also have seen this.

Allein Sun Apr 2 18:11:43 PDT 2000


Jack - I love the dragon pic. I think it was really stupid of them to destroy the kingdome though. They're still going to be making payments on it for the next few years. I think they could have found some way to use it. Though, it was a pretty cool explosion.

Teekay Sun Apr 2 17:42:59 PDT 2000

Happy Monday All,

JACK: You must be SOOOOO proud. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful place.

AMERICO: Do not stay away so long, you leave an emptiness when you do. And JON and PUSSY too, although I imagine PUSSY to be a bit of a shrew. If you were human PUSSY, I imagine you would wear a pink brunch coat with fluff around the neck and tortoiseshell horn-rimmed glasses and you would wear your hair in curlers with a scarf on top.

HEATHER: I think that is such a poignant story, and if there was a saddest sentence of the day it would be 'I could have told him that I remembered.' Nearly made me cry.
Where is Soo by the way? It's a strange name.

Actually someone was saying something about lives following a certain course and how it would be different if something else happened. I think that was the gist of it, Anyway, that and your story made me think of the movie 'sliding doors' has anybody seen it?

CHRISTI: You missed me? I am so 'slurp' happy!! I thought of you all 'suck' and wanted to join you, but it was a pretty hectic day and we weren't 'dribble' home for most of it. In the 'slobber' morning we went to see 'cats' the musical and in the arvo 'suck' we wen't to MIL's.
(mother in law) house. Any how got hubby to save it to file and caught up with you all this am, before going to the workin' house 'slurp, suck'.
BTW thanks 'dribble' for the 'slurp' mint julep.

RACHEL: Hellooooooo dear. Are you back to stay or are you going to leave again also? *sigh*

JERRY: Hello there.

RHODA: I would love to work as a proof reader. Apparently there are courses you can take to become qualified to be one. Isn't that stupid?

SASQUATCH: *SMACK* (this is a type of kiss found in Archie comics.) Not to be confused with SMACKO'S which is a type of doggy treat. That is a treat for the dog I mean, not a tasty doggy.

LAURA: I missed you, in fact I was only thinking of you the other day. Saturday I think it was. I was wondering where you were, were your ears burning? Perhaps that is why you posted, perhaps you were receiving my thoughts.

HOWARD: Tell me if you've given up on the riddle.

Okay well I'm off. Have a great day.

Jerry Ericsson Sun Apr 2 17:36:35 PDT 2000


What a wonderful place to live, on the web. It has helped me maintain my sanity in a totaly insane world. THANKS JACK!

Rhoda Sun Apr 2 14:10:05 PDT 2000

Opps! I read back to see that I have been playing imposter. Sorry about that post, Teekay. It wasn't from you, but from obviously from me.

Christi Sun Apr 2 13:40:36 PDT 2000

Hi Rachel! Missed your post while writing mine. Hullooo!

Christi Sun Apr 2 13:07:36 PDT 2000

Thank you for staying! A smooch is a kiss. Do you know what a kiss is? It's one of the ways we humans show affection for each other. Two persons touch lips or a person will touch another's cheek with his or her lips. The more nasty rendition of this is when a person says 'kiss my butt', but you must NEVER take them up on this. I give you a big smacky smooch on the top of your furry sasquatch noggin. *smooch!*

Hi Jeff,
Glad you're still here. Laura had very good advice on what sci-fi to pick up. The only thing I would add is that you can find some wonderful science fiction anthologies in the library. I check these out every so often and am blown away by the talent. The best one I have read was one to cover science fiction from its beginnings, continuing through to today's authors. Wish I remembered the name.

Hi lurky! Guess you probably don't have the book yet, but you will soon. I mailed it on Thursday. You haven't gone and shot that private investigator in the butt, now have you? Hold off on that for awhile . . . entertainment is coming!

Hi Laura and Leslie! Welcome.

Cool pic!! And congrats on the fourth anniversary of this glorious website! Thank you so much for making a place for us who needed somewhere to call home on the web. I have met the most interesting people since I found it and plan on celebrating many anniversarys to come. Thank you again. Mi casa es su casa. A toast to Jack! *clink*

Americo! You're back! Oh. You're not really back are you? Why have you kept your presence unknown to us? (checking my deodorant) No, it's not me, so what is it? Well, I'm happy to see you even if it's only for one post. Thank you for reminding us of this important date; I WILL remember it next year. Come back soon; we miss you.

Jon, I still love you even though you have abandoned me.

Pussy, Thank you for the yummy cake. You must give me the recipe. Take care of yourself, and of Americo and Jon. They need a woman around, so it's good you're there. Kiss kiss.

Teekay, Where art thou? No posts from Teekay in a whole day! Busy with the kiddies? Or the hubby? Maybe the roo caused more damage than we thought. Well I'm sending a mint julep lollie your way for your enjoyment on this beeeeautiful Sunday morn. I'm still trying to decide which book to send to you. I may have to close my eyes and point.

Love to you all and g'day.

Rachel Sun Apr 2 12:20:00 PDT 2000

Sasquatch - I left you a note earlier this week and didn't put my name on it. That wish you not to leave came from me. You seem like a fine, furry sort. Hope you stick around. Even if your only lurking (grins). At least I'll know that I'm lurking in good company (smiles).

Take care you

Rachel Sun Apr 2 12:07:17 PDT 2000

Hi all - Yup, it is the birthday of the notebook. Happy birthday notebook!

All - Hi guys. I have been lurking some, but for the most part have been up to a lot of writing, organizing, writing and organizing (smiles).

I did leave a post a few days ago. I asked Sasquatch not to go. Hope you don't.

You are all very addictive (smiles).

I wish you all much productivity.

Take care one and all


PS - I'll be lurking. I'm around, I'm just being quiet.

Pussy Sun Apr 2 11:14:44 PDT 2000

Happy 4th anniversary, Notebook!

How about a nice cup of tea and a piece of my delicious cake to commemorate the event?

Sorry, neither A*, nor Jon, nor me can come back yet. But you behave yourselves, okay?

Kisses all around.

Jon Sun Apr 2 11:12:35 PDT 2000

Happy 4th anniversary, Notebook!

Jack, will you please send to prison all those notebookers who forgot this great date?

(Sorry, I am not back yet, but I'll return with a bang!)

Americo Sun Apr 2 11:09:54 PDT 2000

Today is the 4th anniversary of our Notebook, you silly things. Why must I be the only person to remember these great events? Here is my hommage to Jack and to all those who started this great page -- the first post follows, kneel and pray to it.

Larry Green, M.A. Tue Apr 2 01:24:47 PST 1996
Access The Greatest Link. Access The White Light. Come Share Your Journey and Insights With Us. Triple The Power of Prayer and The Power To Alter The Future. We Are Listening With Our Hearts. Thank You For Coming. Join us at The Great Light-House, Spiritual Insight Center. We Are Listening With Our Hearts. We know the journey can be difficult. The Great Light is The Great Hope. The Great Light is THE Source for Unconditional Love. We know it is difficult to fill the great emptiness. Perform Miracles By The Bushel. The Great Light is The Great Hope. Achieve The Level of The Seventh Sense. See Your Consciousness Unleashed. Access The Seven Great Powers. The Great Light is The Great Hope. Larry Green, M.A. *** *** As Children, We All Came Full of Light. Sit Atop Immortality Mountain and Visit A Star. The Great Light is The Great Hope. I wrote a manuscript called: Follow Me To The Light. I have made many, many 1,000's of Journeys To The Light. I have had lots of fun and it was very easy for me. I have worked with The Great Light since childhood. Peace and Light. Blessings To All. Into The White Light.... As Children, We Came Full of Light. Follow Me To The Light is a Dimension Doorway Itself. Many people have said they began Spontaneous Spiritual Transformations just holding and reading the 1st Page.

Teekay Sun Apr 2 10:43:43 PDT 2000


Thank you for looking over my chapters. Sorry about the Nidian/Bran thing. It is amazing that three years ago I sent that manuscipt (the old version) around and no one else caught it, including myself. It comes of having an earlier word processor version in which I gave the same character a different name. Old Bran just sort of slipped by.

Yes, I agree with you about the explanation about my fatigue. I probably was fighting off the same bug, but as a Christian, I believe nothing, good or bad, is left to chance. But it was a little thing. I am just glad that, knock on wood, no one else has picked the bug up. These virus things are sort of hit and miss.

I saw MISSION TO MARS and thought it was great. Yes, they probably could have done better with characterzation and such, but considering the type of movie it was, it might have been hard to work too much of that in. One of my favorite science fiction movies is actually STAR GATE, which was never considered very sophistocated either. Actually I enjoy an old fashioned type of movie with lots of mystery and effects and very little political correctness. It is nice when I can watch a movie and not have anyone try to shock me and test the limits of my moral endurance.

Well have to run,


Jack Beslanwitch Sun Apr 2 04:06:27 PDT 2000

Oh, that was me, BTW.

Sun Apr 2 04:05:33 PDT 2000

Thought you all might enjoy this bit of graphical exploration. Click on the picture below to see a larger version.

Heather Sat Apr 1 23:39:03 PST 2000

More twilight zone-ish stuff:

A few years ago, my real mother (who raised me) went to the Soo to visit some friends. She went to the guild, which is still in the same house. She saw my birth mother's artwork in one of the display cases, and said to her friend: "Oh! That looks like Heather's work!" and found out later whose it was.

I wonder if we didn't cross paths in the little 'Station Mall' over the course of 13 years? In a city of 90,000 at its' largest, there weren't such terrible odds.

Anyway, really must go

Welcome Leslie!


Heather Sat Apr 1 23:31:49 PST 2000

Hi there, everybody!
Teekay, I still write to my birth mum, and I met her once the day after my son was born, and she stayed nearby for a few days. She lives 13 hours away, and has had only that one chance to visit so far in the years since we first contacted each other. I haven't made it up to visit her yet. I plan to in the next year or two. I haven't been back to the Soo since two years before my best friend died. I grew up in the same city that my birth mother was from and lived in the whole time i lived there. ALthough she went to Toronto for the last few months of pregnancy and then I was born there. At that time the agency didn't think anything of adopting kids into families from the same city. Three very weird things about growing up in the same city and not knowing it:
I trick or treated every year at my paternal grandparents' house (they lived 2 blocks away) and I remember that they were the only people who gave out money for Halloween. I even remember what they looked like, but never knew who they were at the time.
My real mother (not birth) founded a potter's guild with a friend. It prospered. My birth mother is also friends with the same lady, and joined the guild the year after we moved away.
My birth mother's father used to take care of the small zoo and grounds beside the house that was rented to the Potter's guild. He took care of the park, which included caring for the 'mascot donkey' named Josephine. I used to visit Josephine whenever my mom took me to the guild with her on the weekend. I found the house boring so would go wander about the zoo, usually to search out the donkey. One day an older gentleman gave me a carrot to feed Josephine, and he talked with me for a while. I had no idea, of course, that it was my birth grandfather. He knew who I was, because I was the spitting image of his daughter. He died before my birth mother and I got in touch a few years ago. Shame, really. I could have told him that I remembered.

I wonder what other incidents happened like that and we just haven't connected them up?
I love Tic Tac Toe.
However, I haven't a row!
I've played the old game,
Of this very name,
But Cat came to finish the show.

Checkers, anyone?
Heather (yawn) spring forward, meaning less sleep for this tired jelly fish.

leslie Sat Apr 1 22:46:15 PST 2000

Hello. I'm new to this site, and very excited to have heard about it. I recently moved to Seattle and am looking for writer's groups. If anyone here happens to know of any in that area, please let me know.

What kind of writing do you guys like to do? Myself: short fiction and poetry, sometimes longer fiction. I'd like to think I'll write a novel some day, but who knows(must master the patience factor first).

I'd love to hear from anyone who gets this.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Sat Apr 1 20:02:59 PST 2000


Laura Sat Apr 1 14:53:42 PST 2000

Jeff, didn't see your second question:

Ben Bova: like his style his science is usually correct too.

Heinlein: Science is always correct, gets a little preachy though.Thought he knew how the world should be, got a little annoying.....

Chris Bunch: action/adventure Sci-fi. His "hunt the Heavens" series is great...more modern stuff.

Orson Scott card: most of Ender's game series. (should have ended it after Speaker for the Dead. Very well written, the AI had brains and brass....

Another series I like although I can't remember the author is the Heritage Trilogy. It is not for those easily offended by language. (Books one and two are out Semper Mars and Luna Marine.) It is a military series...again, not for the squeamish, it is a marine book...

laura Sat Apr 1 14:47:26 PST 2000

Hello everyone, just wondring if anyone remembered me....

Jeff:Tolkein is one of my favorite authors have his "Lord of the Rings series....Devoured it, need new copies....

Allein Sat Apr 1 14:03:25 PST 2000

Sex Kitten - YOU'D BETTER NOT STREAK ACROSS CAMPUS!!...without me. :)

jeff Sat Apr 1 13:48:34 PST 2000

Just a quick note to let everyone know I'm still around and still writing. would be intrested to know what people like to read and write. I myself like to read philosophy and spiritual and mythical literature, Shakespeare, Homer, Tolkien---doeas anyone read this stuff?

I got back East yesterday. Finally could visit this site today. don't have much else to say. Other than a question about who are some good science fiction authors and why do you like to read it?

My favortie film of all time is 2001 so I certainly have no problem with it--just want to read something good and well written. can someone help me out.

Just wanted to say thank you to Jack for his kind words and thank you to all of the rest as well. Wanted to tell you Jack that it was my other grandmother that died, not the one married to my grandfather. This post is a little ragged and I apologize I don't know exactly what to say right now. will post some of my writing hopefully soon


Sex Kitten Sat Apr 1 11:44:24 PST 2000

Well, I'm about to take a nice leisurely mile walk down to the Art Deparment. Before that, however, I should be polite and answer Teekay's post

My friends call me that because of my perverted mind and sensual nature... and there are other reasons that are truely not notebook business. ;)

Thanks! :) Just doing job as resident tease. *laughing*

I just ate too much sugar so I'm Very hyper right now. My attention span keeps wavering, and I can't think of anything to write. Other than I love you all! *smooches*
Mwahahaha! Time to streak the campus. >:) hehehe

ta ta

Trudy Sat Apr 1 10:16:21 PST 2000

Hello everyone!

Not much to say for some reason. It's a lazy Saturday for me and I'm researching markets for potential to query some story ideas. Just wanted to say hello.


Oh, Erik...what's cyberpunk from a written perspective? It sounds intriguing!

Later all.


Sasquatch Sat Apr 1 05:58:13 PST 2000

Christi yes I will stay for a little time. What is smooch? Yes I told you Teekay about the writing we have and that is why I am here to understand about how to write more. But who will read what I write. Perhaps I only write for sasquatch it makes better the lonely. I said before singing and sasquatch knows singing also and makes it sometimes in lonely. I must go.

Arik Fri Mar 31 23:04:43 PST 2000

Teekay... WOW that was a long post... :-)

I try to read all the posts but I am like am oscar juj :-), they never get to see ALL the films. However I'll tr to read them all.

I dont know what is the most stupid or smart sentances of the day but I think I just HAVE to reward sex kitten's sentances:

"Meow! *purrrr*"

what do you all think?

Teekay Fri Mar 31 22:10:14 PST 2000

RHODA: Thankyou for sending that on. Forgot to mention it before.

ALLIEN: Somehow I just knew you'd get a high score.

CHRISTI: I'm having this pschic's's hazy...wait it's's..becoming clea #gasp#
You slept with him didn't you???

Allein Fri Mar 31 21:53:24 PST 2000

Teekay - You're right on the first assumption - I was nervous. The test seemed easy but I know there was one part I did really bad on. I hope I did well on it overall though. But I found out that I did get one of the highest scores in the class on my Senior soc. test - 96%.

Christi Fri Mar 31 21:09:04 PST 2000

Hello creatures of the notebook. Where are you all hiding your furry behinds tonight? I suppose the furry part only applies to Sasquatch and Jon. Then again, you never know. Really, I'm not drinking. I'm just happy to have gotten out of the house with my sweetie.

Teekay - Loved your post before last--uttered many guffaws. How're you enjoying your book? My date was a smashing success. He came home with me and everything--didn't even have to buy him a drink. Tee hee. And no, I did not have to wear the maternity undies. Thank the Lord, they have been retired to the trunk. (Sorry to all the men here for the previous.)

Rhoda - I am so curious about the novel you're writing. With a title like The Reluctant Barbarian, how can you go wrong? I can't wait to buy it.

Heather - It was so interesting to hear you talk about the similarities between you and your birth mother. Thank you for sharing that with us; I feel like I know you little better now.
Keep pushing those chapters out. Get along, little chappie. Ohhh. That one hurt. Sorry.

Sasquatch - Yes, that is love. And love is also when we say 'please stay!' *Smooch*

To all, a happy goodnight with many zzzzzzs.

Teekay Fri Mar 31 20:54:56 PST 2000

CHRISTI: Found that site, Thanks. Haven't had a real good look around it yet, but it looks really interesting.

Teekay Fri Mar 31 20:38:51 PST 2000

Back Again,

HEATHER: I think genetics has a lot to with the similarities between you and your birth Mum. In everything you inherit from the colour of your eyes to the tastes you like best, all comes from what has gone before. Do you still keep in touch with your birth Mum?
Which really makes you think about this doppleganger thing, JERRY and his similar could be somehow descended from each other from centuries back and they've just managed coincidentally to end up at this point of time with enough similar genes to look the same and have similar likes. It would be interesting to trace back the family tree and see if somewhere in the past this fellow is related somewhere.
Are you going to let me read your new chapter? I hope so.
Could you please email me your address as I've almost finished 'the anything box' and want to forward it on to you.

HOWARD: Booga monster is actually what I call them. :)
I am reading the book in order and I find the stories really entertaining, talk about letting the imagination run wild. I'm going to save 'walking aunt Daid' 'till last as you've told me it is the best one. It makes me want to try writing one myself.
I notice that although you got the last riddle right you have yet to attempt the latest one. Wassa matter? Scared??
HINT: All the letters to make the word are in the sentence.

ALLIEN: Oh I didn't realize the door thing really happened. Was the rest of it right?
I want to know if I'm any good at fortune telling before I start charging people for it. :)

RHODA: Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't believe in divine intervention, but is it possible that you yourself got a touch of this bug first and your body's way of dealing with it was to sleep and mend itself. Of course then you've got to ask yourself, why did you get the bug first and I guess that way it all leads back to the divine. I rather prefer divine explanaitions anyway.
I feel very sorry for your neighbours child, we saw something similar to that on a documentary a while ago. I wonder if it was the same people. Awful to think that people are doing it everywhere thinking they are doing something good..
'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'

CHRISTI: I am ready for your book. How did the date go or are you not the kiss and tell type?
I didn't know for sure if kangaroos could swim, so I did what you asked me and threw one in the ocean. What I deduced from this is that they have really sharp claws and a really good grip and they don't like to do new and adventurous things alone. I also found that I remember my life saving skills from school swimming lessons and can carry them out with a soggy, 80kg, annoyed kangaroo hanging from my scalp.

SEX KITTEN: Doesn't that name mean sex kitten? I worked with someone who was nicknamed sex kitten because she had 5 or 6 children. Why are you called sex kitten hmmm? :D

ARIK: I have concluded that you are not reading ALL of the posts because it's obvious that I have had some brilliant sentences. :D Only joking, honest.

SASQUATCH: Do you write? And if you do what do you like to write?

Have a good and productive Saturday everybody.

or river (that's French for bye)heh heh.

About AMERICO, didn't he go somewhere about the same time last year? Has anybody emailed him? Does anybody know what's going on? I do miss him.
I don't know how anybody could choose to stay away once they found this place. I personally find it rather addictive. I also wouldn't be able to lurk silently because I have too much I want to say. Unlike T.O.M. who only speaks when he has something wise to impart, if I were to wait that long....well, it's really not worth thinking about.

Sex Kitten Fri Mar 31 18:20:12 PST 2000

Doing pretty good. I've got a date set for Sunday, with a very nice guy. So I might just have those 'hot nights' coming in my near future. ;) How're you?

Leave it to getting asked out when you least expect it to give you a good feeling about yourself.

Meow! *purrrr*

take care everyone.

Sasquatch Fri Mar 31 15:09:08 PST 2000

Howard person I do not remain angered with you and I receive your apologize. I only felt that some would not have me remaining here but I would not go away all only lurk not finger speak. Rose person Sasquatch is like non other here true but Jerry is like non other as Rhoda is like non other and all the rest are also. Each is like himself only and all together makes as singing. You understand singing. All of singing is important to all of singing and if a part is not here then the singing is not true. Even we know of this if we do not have the part which makes us humans persons. We can still hear the singing a little but you are made to hear all. Some time the singing is not alive but sounds as alone and hurt and not all. More time it is afraid and we have heard it as speaking to the one. I have been near to one of humans house and listened to humans she singing of rest to little humans and that made Sasquatch warm. That singing was all.
What is you call love?


Howard Fri Mar 31 07:44:58 PST 2000

SASQUATCH -- Please accept my apologies for testing you. You are correct -- that *is* an old joke, and I'm ashamed for teasing you with it. Please do not leave us because of that. We are young compared to your kind, and I think we can learn much from you. But what can we give you in return?

TEEKAY -- Booga monster? Is that what you call them in OZ? I hope I am not one of them! We call them Boogie Men here, and they have other names in other places in the world.
Enjoy the book! "Walking Aunt Daid" is one of the best in it, and "Come On, Wagon" will make you shiver and try to remember things from childhood. If you can send it on to Heather when you're finished that would be nice. Just don't forget to autograph it. And no, I'm not going to leave.

HEATER -- Some of the similarities you mention between you and your birth mother are amazing! They fit right in with the studies done on twins who have been separated at birth. Jerry's "doppleganger" is another interesting case. I do not believe in reincarnation at all, but it might be interesting to think about "multiple incarnation." Imagine several simultaneous instances of the same persona scattered over the world. What might happen if they were all to meet and join as one?

RHODA -- Yes He does watch over us! Some call it coincidence, but I think it is not.


Allein Fri Mar 31 06:39:55 PST 2000

Heather - No more chocolate? NOOOOO!!!

Teekay - Actually, getting locked inside my bedroom wasn't a dream, that really happened. :) My dad fixed my door for me though.


Arik Fri Mar 31 00:24:17 PST 2000

Sex Kitten. How are you? this is original ;). I'll give the sentances at the ivening.

I want to say.. people that I am sorry for giving you all the most stupid sentances but don't take it personaly :-). okey? I really don't want to offance enyone ;).

good day to all of you.

Heather Thu Mar 30 21:41:10 PST 2000

About racial memory...
I am adopted. I spent very few hours with my birth mother before I was taken to the Children's Aid, a foster family for a few weeks, and then adopted into my family.
When I was 21, I was interested in finding out about my birth mother, and any other biological relatives.
It turns out my birth mother is an artist too. Our handwriting is almost identical. We look very much alike. It's striking, actually. When I was a young teenager, I did almost everything she did, at nearly the same ages, never knowing anything about her. Except, of course, I didn't have a baby at the age she did. But I had a girl and then a boy, the same as she did. We didn't know anything about my biological roots, only that I was named Petra originally. And my birthday.
There are other similarities between my birth mother and I, many of them. Now how could I be so much like her without knowing anything of her? Other than being in the womb, and a few hours here and there over the course of the days before I was transferred from the hospital. How is it our handwriting is so alike? Our artistic styles? Our passions, dislikes, habits, sense of humour? Is that part of what is known as racial memory?
Are these parts of who I am learned, or innate? Environment or DNA?

I am reading a delightful novel too - another Toni Morrison book "Tar Baby".
I also finished my chapter 3 and am starting chapter 4 after I post this.(Wow, only another 30,000 words to go...or more)

Sasquatch, don't go!

Allein, Japan is terrific. Not that I've been there, but my Dad has.
The cars all have their side mirrors mounted on the hoods, rather than on the doors!
Enjoy every moment; taste smell feel breathe eat it all in and relish it! Then write a short story for SM** about your experience when you get back! (If, that is, SM** is still open for new additions)
I think you'll get the chance to go.
Now no more chocolate for you, Piko missy!

Must go,
eyes start i n g to s e ee ex x t t rr r aa l e t t t er s s s. .! ! ?


Rhoda Thu Mar 30 21:32:41 PST 2000


Please do not leave. You are like no other here, and I would truly miss you.

Considering human racial memory and the like, I recall a story I heard in college. A European king (perhaps Prussian, maybe French) wanted to discover what language was spoken in heaven. He took some peasant babies and had them taken from their families. They were raised far away from other people and no one was allowed to speak to them. They never learned to speak and because they were so isolated, they never learned any social skills whatsoever. In fact they couldn't clean up after themselves and they were completely animal-like. We are social creatures. Our brains as infants and children are pliable and are designed to process skills. If a child has no exposure to these things, then the nerve pathways necessary for higher thought and for social life are never processed.

My mother once told me about a strange case back in Ohio where she grew up. There was a progressive, very well educated couple in this town who believed that humans were at their best in their natural state. They had a baby and isolated it from the beginning of life. This child's only contact with people happened only when someone was sent to feed it. The child grew up unable to speak or to interact like the European peasant children in my previous example.


I have Chapter twenty done and ready to go. I will send it to you before I log off.

God was looking out for me today. Just before I picked my children up from school, this overwhelming fatigue came over me. After picking the kids up, I took a nap, something I never do late in the afternoon. Well, it turns out my youngest child is sick with stomach flu. I have spent my whole evening cleaning up after him. I also had to go to the grocery and stock up on chicken soup and gatorade. Tonight I have mopped floors and did several loads of laundery. I told my husband I would have never been able to do all that if I had not had that nap.

Well, I must go. My Daniel feels better and is asleep on the couch in the den.

Happy writing,


Teekay Thu Mar 30 20:50:10 PST 2000

Hello all you wonderful, sensitive souls.
Here one feels themselves to be amongst kindred spirits and it's a shame to think that one must watch every word they type in case it is misconstrued, so, hey~loosen up dudes~.

HOWARD: I got your book today!!! I have started reading it already and it is good, I'm going back to it when I've finished here. Another coincidence...I walked into the library today and the first book that caught my eye was something by PIERS ANTHONY!!! D'ja hear that YORIC? You were right. I'd never even heard of him before this week!

Now about racial memory, If you took a human from birth and he was reared without ever seeing another living creature, do you think he would automatically begin to walk as we do today? Would he begin to walk at all? Maybe there is no such thing as racial memory, perhaps it is lessons just passed on from human to human. Just a thought.

ALLIEN: Your dream interpretated means that you are a bit anxious about this exam (the spider/scorpion thing, German and English) You realize that it is up to you and nobody else to pass it.(your brother tried to catch it, but it
came back) You feel very uptight about sitting the test(finding yourself locked in the bedroom and having to use the toilet.) but deep inside you know you have the resources it takes to make it through even though they may not me the usual means of study(using a pocket knife instead of a screwdriver because you didn't have one.)

Or it could mean that you shouldn't eat too much chocolate before retiring for the night.
Good luck on the test and congrats about Japan.

CHRISTI: Have got your email and have saved it to disc to read at my leisure as hubby openend it on his computer. And he is getting quite restless, I'm about to be booted off his again.
Hope your date was a goodun'.

RHODA: Have finished those chapters. They are brilliant. I am absolutely hanging for the next one. I am telling you this now so that you will send me the next one. My email to you is queued, but I may not be on for a while, so if you're reading this take pity and send me chapter 20.

SASQUATCH: When i first saw all the posts. 'SASQUATCH don't go'and'SASQUATCH, please stay' I thought **** I've done it again. It was such a relief to find out that the culprit is actually HOWARD. Ha Ha, only joking HOWARD, I know your not a nasty ol' booga monster.

HOWARD: Your not going to leave now are you?

To all have a jolly good day.

#GASP# I almost forgot!!!! The riddle!
Name one eight letter word that has kst in the middle, in the beginning, and at the end.
This is quite easy, just use a little lateral thinkink.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu Mar 30 18:53:25 PST 2000

Susquach - you must stay and enlighten us on your ways. I promise I shall not shoot in your direction. I might, (maybe) shoot in the direction of the private dick if I happen to see him, but never at another species.

Allien - I was in Japan for a couple of days back in 71, nice place but things happen so fast there, took a taxi ride and it was probably the most dangerous thing I ever did in 1970-71 (this was also the time I was in Nam). We needed to get from Yakota Air Base to Tokio International in a hurry to catch a plane for home, told the driver and he said he understood. We passed buses on the wrong side, drove on sidewalks, ran all kinds of lights dodged inbetween cars, trucks, lambrettas and people; but we did make it on time, and gave the driver a nice tip for the trip. Lovely city though and it was nice to be there after being in Nam. I know you will enjoy it.


Allein Thu Mar 30 18:44:46 PST 2000

Sasquatsch - NOOOO!!! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!!!

I, Allein/Heather/Lunika/Piko, have a chance to get to go to Japan this summer and my parents have acctually let me apply!! ::jumps up and down clapping hands and screaming with delight:: I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but my Japanese teacher said that my chances of going are very good. This is like a dream come true - what a perfect graduation present!! :) Has anyone here ever been to Japan before?

The Old Man Thu Mar 30 17:41:02 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

Mr. Sasquatch, Please do not leave us. We all require a bit of primal thought sometimes, and you are the only one who could answer in the proper voice. You fill a nitch here that would leave us all missing you as if trying to un-ring a bell.

Ed, I'm sorry I was away from the computer when you responded to my invitation. It is hard to keep an eye in two places for very long.

Americo, Please do not take my little comment on the use of the word 'too' the wrong way. It was in no way meant as a slight. I should have added a....what is the name of the following? :P~~~~~~~~~
Or :>)

At any rate, Take care all,

Allein Thu Mar 30 16:54:27 PST 2000

Cassandra - Sexy Kitten. :) That's cute. In the Coffee Clan - my group of friends at school - we all have nicknames. Ruth is...well...okay, most of us have nicknames. Lisa is Skylar, Michelle is Spaz or Spree and I am Piko. We were thinking of names for a story and they had to be something that we like and the story is based on Digimon. I wanted to be something related to a Peacock (I saw the peacock again today) and Peamon or Cockmon didn't sound quite right, so in the story, I'm Pikomon, but my normal nickname is Piko. And no, I don't have only 3 friends, it's just, it's hard to get into the coffee clan, infact, I haven't been officially initiated yet and I won't be until Camille (Sexy Wo-Mon) leaves next week. Then Piko will be in the coffee clan!! :D I love coffee. I went to the mall today and had a mochalatte chill and now I'm really hyper and rambling and I'm gonna stop now so you don't get bored. Oh, one more thing, today, I wanted to enter a contest at the mall, and this lady asked me if I was 18 yet and it felt so good to say "Yes, I am 18!" I was gonna get my ears pierced too but after buying 3 Sailor Moon wall scrolls I didn't have enough money so then I got the mochalatte chill and now I'm hyper on coffee. Okay, I stop now. Oh, but let me say one more thing! Just kidding. :) I'm done.
Wait, I had a really wierd dream last night where I found a spider (tarantula) and scorpian hybrid (it was white and silver) in my kitchen and my brother caught it in a soup can and let it go but then the next day it was in my kichen again so I grabbed the shovel next to the refrigerator and bashed it to oblivion, then the next day another one was in the kitchen. Then I woke up. Then I had to go to the bathroom and then I turned the doorknob and turned it again, but the door wouldn't open because the knob was broken. I was locked in my room. So I had to get my pocket knife, because I don't keep a screwdriver in my room (although, everything else known to man is probably in there - hiding in my closet, also known as "the black hole" or "the void") and being very careful, dismantle the doorknob, get out and rush to the bathroom - I made it!
Okay, I'm done.
Ciao, au revior, adios, sayonara, auf wiedersehen (I have a test in German tomorrow - luckily I'm so high on coffee I'll be up all night to study).

Cassandra Thu Mar 30 16:10:50 PST 2000

Hi all,

Thanks to Jeff, Allein, Teekay and Christi for the compliments.

Yes my name means "inflames men with love". I only found that out recently and when I told all of my friends they said "well, doesn't that fit!" lol... I guess I'm a little bit of a heartbreaker. *shrugging* I don't think I'm anything particularly special in regards to attraction, but who am I to argue with them.

And I know the Greek orgin of it. I am commonly the giver of reasonable and honest advice. All of which ends up not being taken, and people's lives getting worse. So, I rarely give advice anymore. People just never listen.

As for you, perhaps you'd like to call me by the nickname I was given here in college instead. It's a tad more orginal. My friends refer to me as Sex Kitten. ;)

Later peeps

Eddie French Thu Mar 30 15:56:27 PST 2000

You should stay!

Eddie French Thu Mar 30 15:53:55 PST 2000

Yes T.O.M,
That was from me!

Thu Mar 30 15:31:02 PST 2000

Sasquatch - I hope you don't go.

Sasquatch Thu Mar 30 15:18:36 PST 2000

Howard you would trick me and I feel that you are making fun of me but you do not remember that I have been lurking for long and I have heard that trick before. It was not Jonas that was his real name but it was Noah some called him Noe who made the big home that carried us on the water and there were seven sheep creatures there.
Now you all know The Old Man is not Sasquatch. I do not know of too but I use words the same way I see them used. Some are to difficult to use correctly all the time.
If you do not wish me to stay I will go.

The Old Man Thu Mar 30 14:20:25 PST 2000

Greetings and felicitations,

Allow me to begin this post with a denial; I am not Sasquatch. I'm sorry if that sashes anyone's theories. In addition, Sasquatch cannot be Americo because the furbound beast uses the word "too" correctly and our Portugese friend does not.

Howard, I didn't know that Jonah even had an ark. That would explain why he was in the water to be swallowed by the whale.

On the subject of "Race Memory"; recall the passage, "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio than are dreampt of in your philosophy." A child is an even more amazing sponge for knowledge than we imagine. With no preconceptions about the negative aspects of ESP, a new brain can soak up what it needs from the nearest source, i.e., Mom and Dad.

On genius; Theories are wonderful and all, but the fact remains that smart people are the ones who process information better than the average. Thus, for one to be called 'genius' that person must interpret things that are overlooked into theories and truths that are unimagined.

By the by, I got ICQ from the internet installed. The number they gave me is: 69116775. You can feel free to send a message. It really is a marvelous thing, being able to talk with people far off in real time. (almost)

Take care,

howard Thu Mar 30 11:19:41 PST 2000

TEEKAY -- Cousin does not belong in that list, because unlike the other words it is not gender-specific. That was a toughie! Had to look at it several times.
I am interested in memory as a whole, not just what is termed "racial memory." The studies that have been done on that had to do with instinct, habit, etc. Things like migration routes and nesting sites, mating habits, etc are interesting. How are they remembered and passed from generation to generation? What happens to a being's knowledge when it dies? I said 'being' because it is not only humans who have knowledge and the capacity to learn. How much of the original person is passed along with his (or her) knowledge? How are knowledge and memory related? Does a salmon "remember" which river it was spawned in? Can we call that "knowledge?" Can we call it "racial memory?"
Gotta stop that, could get lost in there!

JERRY -- Living proof that "Big Brother" is still watching!

RHODA -- You're right -- the role-playing could get confusing. I wonder if it's Thomas or The Old Man? Whoever it is, he or she seems to be having fun with us. Maybe SKS is back?

SASQUATCH -- Are you The Old Man? And if your befores remember so much about Jonah's ark, how many sheep were on it?

ERIC -- Welcome to our zoo!


Rhoda Thu Mar 30 09:17:48 PST 2000


Welcome to the great, wonderful world of big government. Time and again the American people want the government to do more and more for them never realizing that we give up our freedoms while the government "helps" us. We have no dignity. All we are is a parcel of votes that the politicians buy every election with our own money so THEY can stay in power. It is all bread and circus. That is how they keep us in line. Oh, yes and with surveylance cameras and private investigators. Seems the way of things whether you are on workman's comp. or whether you are on a Senate committee to investigate the president.

After Watergate, the American people were duped into thinking that the government was going to stop snooping on us. Fat chance.


Jerry Ericsson Thu Mar 30 08:36:28 PST 2000

Well - the bureau (Workers Comp) is at it again, seems that they now think another two months of physical therapy will put me back in shape to return to work. So I am off to therapy again every Mon Wed and Fri. To top it off, they have secretly sent a private investigator to watch me, just in case I do something like walk without my cane or maybe put a new roof on my house, things that are totaly impossiable, due to my condition. Anyhow, it does make one a little paranoid to have his actions watched and recorded on video tape. I would not have known about it except a friend who knows the Chief of Police passed the information on to me last night. I hope they have fun but you know it does kind of make one a little angry.

Happy Writing, and keep the peace.


Sasquatch Thu Mar 30 07:01:26 PST 2000

Hello Teekay you have perceptions that are deep and wisdom. It is true that persons must be content with what they have but we do not think about such things as persons think about them. I do not know about prompted to genius. I know of genius what you call it and it is not the same. I have seen that it is not the knowing of things that makes what you called genius it is the doing of things. The Old Man would tell you similar. Some persons you make genius do things with their knowing that harm other persons and beings and how is this genius? Howard we do know the great water you speak and two of us are on the large boat. I think I would not be here if that was not true. It was wonder and dark and our middles hurt but we were quiet. No I am not the rose person.

Rhoda Thu Mar 30 06:29:19 PST 2000

Greetings to our newcomers, Jeff, Colleen, and Eric!


No, I am not Sasquatch. I am flattered that you would think me so. I am not up to taking alternative identities on the Notebook like Americo has. Americo was able to express his ideas in amusing and thought provoking ways by speaking through his characters. But we all knew that these various personalities were Americo, and he always admitted it. I have toyed with the idea of doing something similar for fun and then decided against it. If we all did this, think how confusing the Notebook would be? It would harm the general spirit of the thing. On the Internet it is all too easy to mask ones real identity and I find that a little frightening. In the back of my mind is the question that if we set out to fool and confuse others with these types of posts, could we be in danger of confusing ourselves?

I am almost done with Chapter 21 on TRB. I am moving along, but slowly at this point because I am changing the plot a little based on my new outline.

Happy Writing,


Eric Wed Mar 29 23:59:47 PST 2000

Hi, fellow writers. I'm new at this. I just got my computer a few days ago and it's so refreshing to see many others like myself who dare to use the creative outlet of WRITING. I've written a few short stories and am now working on a novel. My genre is CYBERPUNK. Please feel free to write to me. I promise I'll write you back. Stay Cool, Eric

Teekay Wed Mar 29 23:59:36 PST 2000

Hello All,

SO! Who is this bewitcher of men then hmmmmm? Frankly I prefer the meaning that it really is, about being cursed to tell the truth.

CHRISTI: Whhooooeeeeee a date. Are you going to be wearing those sexy stretched to death maternity undies? I loved your email but I wasn't at work when I got it, I only put my home email address on this. There were heaps of good ones, but I think my favourite is "How about never?...Is never good for you?"
And don't be concerned about the cost of sending the book. It was just that the book I sent RHODA was 3 times the thickness of the book I sent you and therefore I think it cost about 3 times as much to send it. I could have sent it by ship but that would have taken 2 months!!! It was much cheaper though. I asked them if they had anybody who would be walking across there, I figured that would be cheaper still hah hah.

HOWARD: Your book hasn't arrived yey, but my pumpkin patch order did, so that was pretty exciting.
I thought this racial memory thing was fictional, I didn't realize there are actual studies done on it. Is my dumivity showing?

HEATHER: Laughed at your post. ONE WORD. Yes you are right and now you too have been promoted to genius level.

COLLEEN: Ummmmm. Would you like milk with your tea.

Okay here is another word one.
Which does not belong and why:

RHODA: Gulp. Your not Sasquatch are you?

SASQUATCH: I deem you to be very wise. I believe about those people you speak of. I sometimes, well more often than I like, can actually be in a room full of people, usually my children, or hubby and actually talk to myself, out loud and loudly, and nobody will hear me!!!! I say things like "clean your room", "Do you have homework?" "Do you want gravy with that?" And not a word do they hear. It's been going on for centuries. In earlier times it would be when the female of the species would be asking these things for the 15th time and getting no reaction, that the 'finger' well actually the whole hand would come into play and there would be a fair bit of attention getting all round, as the species evolved and we became lazier we would just use the 'finger', and this tradition sometimes continues on to this day, but we are getting even lazier and now a days a lot of us don't even do that.
There are greater things 'twixt heaven and hell Sasquatchio, than are dreamt of in our life time.
If you have made it this far then you too have been prompted to genius status. But ask yourself, was it really worth it???

The secret of life is being content with what you have and even knowing this, so few people are able to put it into practise.
Okay well I'm off to change a pooeey nappy.
Toodle oo.

howard Wed Mar 29 18:04:42 PST 2000

TEEKAY and CHRISTI -- I have been interested in this memory thing for quite some time now, and did some research into it while in college and just afterward. Remember I didn't go to college until I was in my 50s, so I had plenty of time to stack up a whole bunch of questions. Didn't find many of the answers, but some of them are starting to show up now.

Please excuse if I sound a bit confused -- the medication I'm taking is causing some very wierd things to happen in my head.

SASQUATCH -- You have aroused my curiosity about one thing. You say that your befores heard the one who spoke with the hissing sound and did a very bad thing. If that is so, then do you also have memories of the flood that destroyed the earth? Then if that is so, your kind must have been included on the ark. I only ask these things because I am interested in them, not to trap you or to belittle your stories, because I really do enjoy them.


Christi Wed Mar 29 14:44:30 PST 2000

Here's that address again. I hope it works this time; I never did learn how to make a link.

Later gator

Christi Wed Mar 29 14:36:38 PST 2000

That was genius! Teekay sure can be sneaky sometimes; I never would have figured it out.

Thanks for your advice on Ayn Rand. I will indeed read 'Anthem' first. And thanks for the warning about 'We are the Living'. I don't want to encourage another depressing month to come my way.
BTW, I've tried the writing in the bathtub thing. Unfortunately I couldn't keep my hands dry enough and the notepad ended up soaking wet. It's unsalvageable, but at least it smells pretty, like a forest rain. (Aren't bath soaks awesome?)

Sorry, but I'm clueless where taxes and money are concerned. I guess you've probably spoken with accountants already. That was the only suggestion I had.

Heather Wed Mar 29 11:55:37 PST 2000

Litter - whenever you get back from vacation,
I hope you see this thank you for your tremendous help with the Scots dialect for my novel.
I may have a Scottish name, but I am beyond rusty even at imitating the lingo.
THank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!


Heather Wed Mar 29 11:53:07 PST 2000

I got it! I got it! And it didn't take an aeon!

New door becomes:


After all, it was asked that we rearrange the letters of NEW DOOR into one word.

Fulfillment of the day.

Heather Wed Mar 29 11:04:55 PST 2000

Christi ~
I would recommend reading 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand first.
Don't go near 'We The Living' unless you wish to be depressed for a month!
'The Fountainhead' is a terrific read, but it's a huge book. So your brother is Roark, huh? Howard Roark - the definitive hero of the book, an unswerving, unrelenting master of architecture. Read 'The Fountainhead' next. That, or 'Atlas Shrugged'. But do read 'Anthem' first - it's a short one, but absolutely ground-shaking. It's a nice warm up for her longer, more detailed works. It might be a little harder to get your hands on, however.

Howard, Teekay, you're right in that I should not mourn the loss of a book before it is actually lost, but celebrate the opening in the bookshelf for the new spine of a precious book. It is awfully hard to find space on those shelves, anyhow!

I don't know the new arrangement for NEW DOOR. I won't be stumped forever... just give me an aeon and I'll get it.

I'll be back again soon... just have to finish the thread of a really good scene! It's getting more and more twisted, therefore interesting.

B.S., you sound like the laughing, crying, wonderful voice of Americo, could B.S. be you?


Colleen Heater Wed Mar 29 11:01:04 PST 2000

Taxes: Any info would be helpful
I am a first time writer, and have heard different opinions on being able to write off expenses before you have income. My husband and I are writing a travel guide for shrines in Italy. We have just finished our book proposal, and have not, of course, made any income yet. We were told that we could write off our expenses before we complete our book, and we have three years in which to declare losses. I called the IRS and they said that we have to wait until we have income from the book to be able to write anything off. The IRS referred us to a website about taxes for writers, Although, the article was very helpful, we still have more questions. Also the IRS stated a recent supreme court decision 12/31/99 "Nancy B Miller vs IRS Commissioner" that didn't allow Nancy to write off $11,000 in travel with only $24,000 income, even though she was an established writer. They said she didn't have a "genuine profit motif" and was just writing articles to support her travel.

Can you steer us in any direction for more information on the above? Either a tax consultant who works with writers or more about Nancy Miller's case.

Thank you
Colleen Heater

Christi Wed Mar 29 10:39:06 PST 2000

I am sorry, I should have realized that you are simply Sasquatch. I enjoyed hearing you talk of the remembering and of the Aboriginees. I have read a book telling of these things you speak of and believe they could be true. Please stay and tell us more of your stories.

Beautifully put. I cannot add anything to what you said or I would sound silly.

Christi Wed Mar 29 10:26:27 PST 2000

Teekay- I think I can wait a week. You caught me just in time too. I was about to go online and buy another book, which I really shouldn't do. People will think that the UPS man and I are having an affair, he comes here so often! Sorry it's costing so much to mail the books. Just give me the thumbs up when you're nearly finished with Howard's book and I'll send you one of mine.

Howard- And I thought I had read all the Piers Anthony books worth reading. Thanks, I'll be sure to look for those.

Ashling- I never thought about DNA being the culprit--I guess I never thought about HOW racial memory existed. I hope you can figure out how to make it work in your story. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Trudy- Knew you were teasing. Meant what I said. Roger that, over and out. :)

Jeff- I'm glad you've come back. And don't feel bad about earning Arik's worst sentence. I didn't think yours even came close to being the worst, but Arik has final say so. I myself have been vying for that particular honor, but to my chagrin, have never won.

Hi Rhoda! Yay, Rhoda's back!
I'll bet you're right about Sasquatch. I don't know Gary well enough to make a guess, and I must bow to Rhoda the super-sleuth(SP?). As for the Neandrethal in us? There certainly seems to be some in me.

Well everyone, I am so excited today I may have to peel myself off the walls. My husband and I are going out on our first date since our son was born. I guess I should live it up in grand fashion, but will probably take it easy and enjoy the ride. Yipee! I hope that each of you has a joyous and fulfilling night.

Sasquatch Wed Mar 29 10:20:41 PST 2000

You humans persons cause me to be interesting in what youre thinking about me and it is amuse to hear you speak of who am I really. I have found a word book without a cover on it that someone humans threw away. It looks as what you call dictionery but it has no cover so I can not tell. It has new and it has door but these words are strange because I have no door and not thing is new. I said about hear you speak is that not such as we do with the letters on the board. I have seen about finger speak and I think that is what we do here. I am not Gary person either Rhoda, may be I am a part of all of you humans persons. Your knowing joins together in the being that is Sasquatch. I am only jokeing when I say that of course, because it is amuse me when you humans persons try to find one such as me to tell where your befores began. We remember because the remembering is birthed when each one of us is coming alive. I have searched the remembering and I have found that we are not to tell you this more. All that I can tell you is that you are not the same like animals as my kind and as other kind. Howard I do not know this orn bird but I have not found any feathered one with memories only fear. I do know of humans persons where Teekay lives who have not lost all of this remembering. But they are not counted part of humans by some and it is too bad because they know such things to teach the rest of you. Did you know that they can speak to one an other as we do here with the letters but they look into still water and do not move and another of their family can hear them by looking in another still water many steps away. They do not need the boards with letters to finger speak. I must go.

B. S. Wed Mar 29 09:58:05 PST 2000

A breath of music or of a dream, of something that would make me almost feel, something that would make me not think.
To write is to forget. Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life. Music lulls, the visual arts inspire, and the living arts (such as acting and dance) entertain. Literature, however, retreats from life by turning it into a slumber, whereas the other arts make no such retreat — some because they use visible and thus vital formulas, others because they live from human life itself.

This isn't the case with literature. Literature simulates life. A novel is a story of what never was, and a play is a novel without narration. A poem is the expression of ideas or feelings in a language no one employs, because no one talks in verse.

Rhoda Wed Mar 29 08:00:14 PST 2000

Then again I could be wrong. It has happened before. Only I now know that Gary is capable of that sort of thing, so that does make him suspect.

Really I don't know. Perhaps Sasquatch is merely himself, the genuine article. Such creatures exist, do they not? Who is to say that with computers being so cheap these days and the Internet being so excessible that other species are not out there surfing the web and showing up on boards such as this one. I think we humans tend to be arrogant in that regard. I might even suspect that there are some closet Neanderthals around perhaps hiding within our DNA and inserting their own folk-memories into our minds and hence in our posts. Who knows?

I do not think, though, that a real Sasquatch would be such a sensitive, intelligent creature as our Sasquatch appears to be. That is another reason I must suspect Gary.

Will Sasquatch reveal his secrets?


Rhoda Wed Mar 29 07:47:14 PST 2000

It is quite simple really. Sasquatch is Gary.


Trudy Wed Mar 29 07:24:33 PST 2000

Thanks everyone! I don't feel left out at all. Actually I never really did. I was teasing Eddie for forgetting me in his first post and would not have said anthing if he hadn't dedicated a whole post to me, because he forgot to say something. But it was still nice to hear all of your lovely wishes for me to feel welcome and not left out *smiles*

NEW DOOR? Hmmm Wednoor, redrowo, woodenr, woodren, wordeon, wordone, donerow...I don't think any of those are words...let me play with it. I'm not good at riddles, but I like word games...not saying I'm good at those either, but...

Have a lovely day all.


Allein Wed Mar 29 06:55:59 PST 2000

Jeff - I was about to point that out to Cassandra myself. But, don't you think that after the mythological Cassandra's predictions coming true, people would have started believing her? I've read Oedipus and feel immensely sorry for the guy. I mean, I thought I had problems!
Anyway, must get to school,

jeff Wed Mar 29 06:31:57 PST 2000

Just a few words today as I am back on the road with my family to the East Coast. What was it I said that Cassandra's name was original and unique( I ment that it was a name not heard that often). And the other thing about it was the mythology behind it, Cassandra being the name of the woman Cursed by the Greek gods to tell the truth and have no one believe her. I feel a great legacy to these myths and sometimes see myself as Cassandra speaking the truth and having no one believe--seeing thing is sometimes such a curse. Talk to Oedipus about that one! So that was probably my intial attraction to your name Cassandra.
About this question of inspiration I find that today the world is often filled with too much noise, and I am striving to find this meditative silence. Usually I like to write with no music at all. But on the other hand I have been inspired by much music.

jeff Wed Mar 29 06:21:20 PST 2000

howard Wed Mar 29 04:32:51 PST 2000

ASHLING -- That's one definite possibility. I hadn't thought of it in relation to a murder mystery, but it might work. I've been toying with a man who wakes up from a DNA treatment with flashbacks.

CHRISTI -- The idea of racial memory has been around for a while. The first time I got interested in it was when I read a trilogy by Piers Anthony -- "Orn," "Ox," and "Omnivore." Orn was a huge bird with an intelligence all his own, and with memories back to the first hatchling of his kind. As you say, there are several interesting treatments of it.

EDDIE -- Did you get that Email? I cut/pasted it (as I did the first one). Actually about the only time I ever send an attachment is when it's a JPEG or a WORD document. And then there's always a personal note to let the receiver know who it's from and what it is.

HEATHER -- Don't think of it as losing a book. Think of it as gaining an empty spot on the shelf for a new one! Gotta think positive.


Ashling aka_Ashling Wed Mar 29 03:13:05 PST 2000

Hi everyone!

HOWARD & CHRISTI: What about DNA, could it play any part in passing on "racial memories?" This relates to an idea I'm toying with for a murder mystery story.


Teekay Tue Mar 28 23:32:48 PST 2000

I am back, I have returned from the bank where I have mortgaged my house in order to send my book to RHODA. It is going to take 2 weeks to get to you RHODA. I'm awfully sorry you have to wait so long for it.

CHRISTI: Your book is on it's way as well, but you only have to wait 1 week. First class for that book didn't cost too much. It's much thinner.
I would love to know how to make a link. I think there are instructions in the help or somewhere that show you how to do it. Guessing though.

CASSANDRA: Doesn't your name mean bewitcher of men, or something enchanting like that?

Gotta go, am being booted off.

Christi Tue Mar 28 21:31:16 PST 2000

Hi again. You people are too interesting for me to stay away! Stop it, I should be writing right now. Oh well, Rachel and Trudy warned me.

Howard, I'm so glad to know the correct term for the passing on of memories. Racial, huh? I'm very interested in anything having to do with it. I guess concepts like that are the reason I feel so drawn to Science Fiction. OSC writes about it a lot. It's heavily delved into in "Speaker for the Dead", the sequel to Ender's Game, and in "Wyrms" (of all names). In Wyrms, the memories of generations are passed down with something called a mindstone that's implanted into a person's brain, to be cut out when the person dies (yummy), and implanted into a chosen living relative. Once the mindstone is in place, one knows all that has gone before him, and his own history is recorded as well. (I'm leaving a lot out, but you get the idea.)
And in "Speaker", the Queen is born with all the memories of all the Queens before her, AND she has a living connection to all the living queens and all the workers.

What have you read with racial memory as part of the storyline? I'd really like to know so I can check it out. And Howard, if you're writing something about it, you have to let me read it!!! I know I'm newish here, but I'm drooling just to think of it. Have I gotten all excited for nothing? Oh, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought S* was A*. I'm still suspicious though.

Teekay, I'm so excited! My mailbox will be checked EVERY day until it gets here! I'm doing cartwheels and a firedance, as we speak.
I'm sorry about the website. I thought I got it right. I'll tell you what; I'm going to call my computer whiz sister and ask her how to make a link so's you can kerplunk yourself right there.

Trudy, I was wondering if I could get a hold of any of your freelance work. Let us know if you're going to be published in any magazines so I can buy it and say, "I know her!" :-) It's always nice to hear what you're working on.

Jerry, ummmmm. Did I say the book would be on the way by Monday? What day is it now?? I sent it off with my husband so he could mail it, but he's been sitting on it for two days, so I'm nabbing it back from him and sending it, honest!

Sasquatch, I'm sorry, I did not intend to insult you. I'm very jealous that you have met Gollum and a few hobbit-folk. You must be very old indeed, or have what Howard suggested; the passed on memories of your ancestors. In any case, I am glad you are still with us.

Heather, I've never read an Ayn Rand book before and would like to. Can you suggest which would be the best to start with? My brother was named after one of the characters in The Fountainhead, so maybe I should start with that one. Input?

Teekay (again), I thought the answer was redwood for a moment, but it's not and now I have to work on it. Curses.

Cassandra, I wished to have your name a thousand times when I was young, but alas, I am stuck with Christine Skipper. Thank your lucky stars!

To Eddie, a belated 'Hi!'

Sorry for all the posts today. I'll lay off for a few if I can stand it.
Bi bye!

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue Mar 28 20:58:51 PST 2000

Hi, haven't got a lot to say tonight, just thought I would let you know that I am still lurking about, as I do every day.


Teekay Tue Mar 28 19:51:07 PST 2000

Yep, spoke too soon, the baby is awake, so we are of to the P.O. finally!! CHRISTI & RHODA the books are on there way. Are you as excited as I am???

Teekay Tue Mar 28 19:47:15 PST 2000

At last I am home and in front of my own computer.

HEATHER: I have lent out so many books and not had them returned and I know the feeling. I do feel confident that i shall get the book back and it probably has a lot to do with what you said about writers knowing the worth of the written page(or something like that). I thought it was very clever. I am nominating you for a genius award and I hope you get ARIK'S sentence of the day. I've been trying, but so far no schamoo. Don't you just love it when you get on a writing roll??? and all you can think of as you hang out the clothes, or wash dishes is what your characters are going to do next and you can't wait to get back to the haven of your writing. Or is that just me?

CHRISTI: Had a look at that website, but no schamoo there either. Could you just recheck the address? I mean the URL? that right??

RHODA: Got it, thanks. I bought a new copy of the book to send you too. The first time I read it I borrowed it from the library, but I really wanted a copy for myself so this was a good excuse to buy it. It's soooo huge, it probably will cost a small fortune to send it.

JERRY: That is a great site. I've saved it to favourites.

Now all you writers out there, I know how interested you are in words, so this should be a cinch for you all.
Q: How would you rearrange the letters in 'NEW DOOR' to make one word?? (there is only 1 correct answer).

I'm off now to look at RHODA'S chapters while all is quiet. Hope I haven't spoken too soon.

Howard Tue Mar 28 19:10:52 PST 2000

EDDIE -- Yes, I noticed that too, but I'm not sure we can connect Rachel with the other two. But if you take a closer look, Randall hasn't been around too much either, and there are a few more that have come up missing as well.

CHRISTI -- I was about to agree with you until Sasquatch came back. Maybe I still do. And I remembered the riddle from the book.

SASQUATCH -- will you ever reveal yourself? No, I didn't hear the acorn thing from any old ones, it just occurred to me this morning when I read Jeff's post.
The "back on your heads" thing is from a joke I like. It seems that a person died and went to hell, and Satan was giving her the grand tour, and told her that she could have her pick of the rooms there. They went into one room where people were standing up to their necks in horse manure. She said "YUK!" The next room had people standing up to their waists in horse manure, and she still said "YUK!" The last room had people standing in manure up to their knees. "This is your last choice," said old Scratch, and she said "Okay, I guess this isn't as bad as the other two," and walked in. About that time one of the old demons hollered "Okay everybody, coffee break is over, everybody back on your heads!"
Now a question for you, Sasquatch. Does your kind have a racial memory? I have heard that some of the old ones do, and I've always wondered if it is really true. Do you "remember" things that happened to your ancestors, and will your descendents remember things that happen to you?

Has anyone else here ever thought or read about racial memory?

CASSANDRA -- I like your name too. I never thought of its ssssibilance, but that does make it appealing also. But sssssnakes? I actually like them, but I'm not sure I'd want to be compared to one!

TRUDY -- By all means do return, and please don't feel left out!

HEATHER -- Can you send me that mushroom recipe, or were you sworn to secrecy?

time for bed -- 'nite all!

Allein Tue Mar 28 17:07:39 PST 2000

Christi - I'm sorry. But I like riddles. :)

Cassandra - While your name may not be original, you are and we all like you. :) *hugs* You should try the pizza they get in my cafeteria. It's from a local Pizzaria and it's really good! :p

Heather Tue Mar 28 17:07:24 PST 2000

P.S. the answer to my second riddle was indeed that the man couldn't reach - he was a very small person and could only reach the tenth button, so on the way home he could obviously reach the first one.

Congrats to those who got it!

The Hobbit. I never did read that one.
Squatch? It must have been your before people that taught me about the mushrooms. Give big Squatch a rub for me.
(Hey, dirty minds, that's enough!)

Heather Tue Mar 28 17:03:14 PST 2000

Oh, Teekay! But I've lost many a good book by lending. Not that I learned not to lend!
I lost my Ephemeris,
I lost 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand,
I've lost others.
But this time I do think it will come back... indeed!
We fellow writers know the precious nature of the page.
A book is valuable because it is read.
I still lend books, because I know that if the book I lent and did not get back enriched the life of one more person, it was right to lend it, regardless of my small loss. I can always buy it again, so long as it's still in print
(or maybe even out, by the websites). . .

Anyhow, I ramble, and there are baths to give and dishes in the sink.
And then, there is coffee to drink, and words to write.
Coffee - did I mention coffee inspires me? Couldn't be the caffeine. Nah. It's the sugar.


Heather Tue Mar 28 16:55:43 PST 2000

Well, after all my talk about stick-to-it-iveness, applying oneself, etc., I must also listen. Although I have produced quite a lot in the last few weeks, I could have spent at least another 3 evenings on my novel, which I did not. But tonight is another night, and the muse sometimes goes to bed early.
Speaking of inspiration, I can't say music inspires me directly; I write in the silent spaces.
I love music, all kinds, but draw inspiration more from lyrical style and wording I suppose, than the sounds, but as a whole piece, (if it is exceptional) it has my attention. So music filters through, kind of like second-hand notes.
What inspires me most are people, wise and otherwise; nature, art, the reservoir in my head, even movies inspire me. Especially people. That includes legendary people, the figures of myth and magic. Mythos?
Once in a while food inspires me; or circumstances, a certain phrase or event, place or theme. For example, Americo's Strawberry and Moon round robin ~ just the act of setting forth this idea brought many tributaries of inspiration rushing from the source.
And spend as much time at the watering hole as you can!
Oh, and lastly, soaking in water, preferrably hot, usually gets me wishing I'd brought a pen and paper into the tub with me. There's always something about being out of reach of that paper that encourages ideas. Got to get one of those inflatable rafts, just for my notebook!

If all else fails, whip out your best Beaujolais, and take big, Cheshire-grin sips.
Those pink and purple polka-dotted pandas really give off good vibes.


Teekay Tue Mar 28 16:26:16 PST 2000

Hi Everyone,

HOWARD: No the book hasn't arrived yet, but I am awaiting it eagerly. I have RHODA'S and CHRISTI'S all wrapped and ready to go.

RHODA: Am at work at the mo so I haven't checked my email at home so I hope you've sent your address as I'm going to post them after lunch.

CHRISTI: Searched the house last night for the book I wanted to send you and found out this morning that my daughter has lent it to a friend. Yes it is that good, but nevermind as I am sending you a different one first, which I loved just as much and is just as funny. I could have sent you no: 2 of the series, but I didn't want it getting out of sinc. Don't worry though, you won't be disappointed.

TRUDY: Don't feel left out. You are definitely not left out. You are well and truly here.

CASSANDRA: Your outer persona sounds just like mine. Although on you it sounds so much nicer.

Have heaps more to blurble on about, but you know...the work thingy and all.
I know some of you are hanging out for the answer to my riddle, it is: The woman was a Minister!!!!
I guess after failing HEATHER and CHRISTI's riddles, I am no longer the riddle wizz *sigh*.
I have more but they must wait until I am at home.

EDDIE: Yes, I noticed that they all disappeared at the same time. Curiouser and curiouser.

HEATHER: You aren't losing your book, you are just lending it. Think positive.

Am going now. I shall join you all again later.

Sasquatch Tue Mar 28 15:29:28 PST 2000

I did not remember to ask what is back on your heads Howard. I do not know what back on your heads is i get dizzy when i do that.

Sasquatch Tue Mar 28 15:20:34 PST 2000

No, A* is not S* and S* is not A*
When Sasquatch goes lurking he goes by himself good humans persons. He does not need such as A* or the little ones.
And he knows the she you call R* but he is not her. How could he be her? There are others missing also nut S* is not those as well.
Right now is the green season coming and the feathered ones are making the small boxes with the golden treasure within. You see I have been lurking and I like the making of the riddles. I have heard that riddle once before from one of my befores who heard it from a small one who had a ring but lost it and was looking for the one who had stolen it. I felt sorry for this creature when I heard about him but I think his troubles must have been his fault, I have met hobbit persons and they are not nassssty as he said they are. They are not many now and some of them are even sorry that they stayed behind when the great one went away. Some of the small boxes disappear because the food of Sasquatch includes them and the wild green that causes us to flurp. I like that word also.
Howard did you also hear it from one of the old ones you have said a thing that the old ones have said about the trees and the things you call acorns. We eat them also when we cannot get eggs.
Cassandra I like your name also it brings to my thoughts the voice of a wise old friend I know. Humans persons hate him but he is really very wise except his first before did a bad thing and now his family is haveing a bad time. Still some of them have bad dispositions and even we stay away from them but most of them are friendly and shy.
Arik I hope you do not think any of my sentances stupid. And I hope the new persons are not offended when you say that theres are stupid.
my batteries are running down and i must leave.

Christi Ritchotte Tue Mar 28 13:58:35 PST 2000

Hi yous guys!
Nice to see you. Funny you should say that, Eddie. Does anyone else suspect that Sasquatch could be Americo?

Eddie French Tue Mar 28 13:54:38 PST 2000

I know this is a bit of a leap.....
But have you noticed that Americo, Cushing, and Rachel are all missing at the same time!

Eddie French Tue Mar 28 13:52:45 PST 2000

Don't mention it!
Sometimes it feels that way here.
It's not intentional, but it can sometimes make you feel a little paranoid.

Trudy Tue Mar 28 12:53:37 PST 2000

Thanks, Eddie (0: I was feeling left out!

Jeff, of course we'll have you! And don't worry about writing'll find many of us here rather long winded at times!

Jack, I saw Phantom several years ago in Toronto and loved it, though I'm quite partial to Cats as it was my very first broadway musical...I think the first is always special! Glad to hear life with Fran is filled as always with lots of excitement and time spent together.

Regarding inspiration, it's interesting that comes up here. On another of my writing lists musical inspiration is also a topic right now. I for one like silence when I write and can't ever recall being inspired to write by music although I love music and dancing. I am inspired by words be it something someone says, words in a book or even scrawled on a wall. I am also inspired by objects and nature and people...I'll have to pay more attention, maybe mnusic does inspire me and I just don't realize it. A lot of other stuff certainly inspires me!

Well everyone hope you're having a wonderful day, whatewver you are up to. I shall return!


Arik Tue Mar 28 10:41:31 PST 2000

hey guys.... sorry but my line got of and there where lots of trouble...

after reading the notebook... I think the best sentance is by Mjvohra:

"Hello every one , i wish you all good luck in any mission of your life."

thank you Mjvohra. I wish the same to everyone.

and the most stupid sentance of the day is by Jeff:
"Cassandra: I like your name alot. It is original and unique"

I am sorry Cassandra but your name is not so ORIGINAL :-).

good day to all of you guys :-)

Christi Tue Mar 28 09:16:35 PST 2000

Hello and happy Tuesday to everyone. Ooh, the notebook has lots of action today, hooray!

EMAIL! I loooove email as much as I love new posts! Yah hoo. Bummer to be so busy, eh? I used to book people flights in my sleep, to my husband's great amusement. By the way, your guesses were incorrect, Howard got it. But they were nice answers. (sniff)

You are exac-l-t right! I'm curious if you figured it out or remembered it from the book. Also, thanks for the email. As mentioned above, I loooove email. ;) I thought it was hysterical, especially since everyone around here is flipping out about the 'deodorant causing cancer and alzheimers' thing. I dunno about that one. At one point they were saying Kool-aid caused cancer. I will not be paranoid, I will not be paranoid . . .
hey, is that a rat tail in my Ovaltine?

Welcome back! Look what you started, you riddle-guru, you.

You go and say something nice like that and then leave? Stick around, we can use all the warm wishes we can get. :0)

Look everybody, evil Christi is back! Nice Christi is taking a hot bath right now, but may be back later. Hee hee. Me much silly right now. It's times like this when I miss Americo and all his incarnations. Sigh.

Cassandra Tue Mar 28 09:16:10 PST 2000

Jeff- I'm pretty particular to the name myself. My mother and father did a good job naming all of their children. My older brother is Alexander, and my younger is Nathaniel. All nice respectable easily nicknamed names, don't you think?
And you're not far from wrong, I just keep the senstive warm part away from most people until I trust them. The notebook just engenders so much openess. :) Most times my exterior personality is strong, sarcastic, daring, and sharply witty. Oh, and I could never forget sensual, although that's both interior and exterior...different shades of it for different circumstances. :)

Anywho, I got my schedule for next semester settled today. It looks reasonably good, like I'll be able to get adequate sleep for once. :)

My tummy is thundering... I think it needs a nice healthy dose of crappy cafeteria food. And I have some screenprinting work to do, that I'd like to get out of the way early, so I can maybe just maybe use my optimal creative time for writing... Doh! forgot I had to take photos. Looks like writing takes the back seat again. :(

later peeps


howard Tue Mar 28 07:17:03 PST 2000

TEEKAY -- No one has answered them yet, so -- the box with the golden treasure inside? An egg.
As for the justice of the peace who married the 8 men, I have no idea... :-)
Did the book arrive yet? :-) :-)
MJOVHRA -- Welcome!

Okay everybody -- Back on your heads!


Allein Tue Mar 28 06:36:58 PST 2000

Teekay - I have no idea unless they all had the same name. As for the JIC, I had lots of fun. There was a language class and then I went to a dancing class and a cooking class. I'll fill you in on more later, but I have to get to school now.

Teekay Tue Mar 28 04:58:27 PST 2000

Hi All,

RHODA: Please resend me your address. I got as far as writing your name down when
one of the children must have distracted me and that’s as far as I got. I’m really sorry. I
went back to try and find it but I’ve deleted it * sigh*. Send it as soon as you can as
tomorrow is P.O. day. I’m afraid I still haven’t gotten around to those chapters. I’m
going through one of those horrendously busy times again, and don’t I just hate them, but
this weekend I’ll do it. Can’t wait for the weekend, roooollll on weekend!!!
Thanks also for the says it all email.

CHRISTI: I have been trying to send you an email and I will just as soon as I get time to
type it. Oh and I think the answer to your hobbitt riddle might be either your head or
your heart.

HEATHER: Good writing advice. COMMITMENT. APPLICATION. I could do with
some work on those. I forgot that the guy was stabbed to death, but I got your next
riddle, but EDDIE had beaten me to it.

EDDIE: The problem was your end was it??? Bummer! heh heh ~groan~.

ARIK: What was the sentence for the day??

ALLIEN: A woman married 8 different men all from the same city, yet she did not break
any laws. None of the men died and she never divorced. How was this done??????
What did you do at J.I.C.? That one isn’t a riddle hee hee.

JEFF: I think I understand how you feel. I moved away from my hometown quite a few
years ago and have been back a few times and it’s so changed. My childhood to me was
my Nana’s house and in my mind and my heart I still remember it how it used to be
although my Nana passed on a few years ago. Nostalgia is such a bittersweet emotion.

MJOVHRA: Thankyou and same to you.

And to the rest of you even if I haven’t mentioned you, know I still think of you and love
to read your posts. I am hanging out to try those websites JERRY and CHRISTI (I think
it was) suggested, but I haven’t even had time for that!!!!!! I think it’s about time
somebody told time it was just a concept and to stop being so damn pushy. Well my
eyeballs are about to fall out of my head so I am going to call it quits and go to bed. Sure
hope I don’t dream I’m at work. :-)

Jack Beslanwitch Tue Mar 28 03:39:35 PST 2000

     Did not mean to cut the conversation off. However, as promised, I have archived. We were up to 300k, so it is was time and past time. This should make people trying to visit and post have an easier time. Well, Fran and I are going to Phantom of the Opera again tonight. It is one of our favorite musicals, with Les Miserables be the only other that is a strong rival. If you ever get a chance, I strongly recommend to check this out.

     I was wondering, just reflecting along these lines, what others felt their strongest musical inspirations are. As you might guess from above, some of the classic musical theatre is fertile ground for getting my creative juices flowing and putting me in touch with my muse. I suspect that others have very different forms of intellectual fertilizer. Might be an interesting source for converstaion.

Jack Beslanwitch Mon Mar 27 22:58:47 PST 2000

Welcome to all the new faces and old.

    Jeff, thank you for your thoughts and reflections and rest assurred that all of us have felt the cold breath of mortality whisper across our souls. The proximity of the passing of your grandparents says perhaps something of the bond between them. My aunt and uncle followed something of a similar pattern, albeit separated by six months. It would have been wished that the separation had been shorter, since in both cases cancer was the culprit. A painful culprit at that both for my uncle and especially for my aunt. Still, it took me another ten years to finally quit smoking and was an object lesson that there really is such a thing as second hand smoke. Have not been back to check the Notebook in a day and find myself impressed as always by the wonderful people that populate this small pocket of virtual space.

    Sometime tomorrow, the Notebook will be archived. But felt it appropriate to leave it intact for the next little while, size or no size. Take care all. A week from tomorrow Fran and I do our first swimming test (8 laps and tread water for 10 minutes or something like that) before moving on to our first scuba experience. I think the explorations of this new environment will be a generous source of new writings. Take care everyone. by

Heather Mon Mar 27 21:58:20 PST 2000

A P.S. to B.S.:
Whence you have come I dare not know, but blessed is this page for the words you have enscribed therein.
All time is now, All space is here.


Heather Mon Mar 27 21:55:33 PST 2000

Trudy! Ahh! I forgot to email you back! I got your email a few days ago, and in the midst of this tornado, let my emailing lapse. I will do that next...

You are certainly welcome here, Jeff. If you write, you belong. There is no other requirement. Unlike Americo, I will not subject you to testing!
(But they are fun)
I am glad if anything I wrote helped.
Howard, your brilliance never wanes.

Rachel and Americo, a glass of champagne and a hearty hug to you both, so deep and involved in your writing that you dare not visit the notebook in case it saps time.
It does. Still, the inspirative vibrations given out and shared in this medium have no parallel. Unless of course, we were to meet in person, at a writer's conference - now that would be the Muse, living and breathing down our necks!

I have a novel that I might allow to leave my property. I think it is worthy of reading: Toni Morrison's 'Beloved'.
Also, another is 'Jonathon Livingston Seagull' by Richard Bach - so good I have several copieeeees. So good I have several copies. SO good I have several... (he hee heeeee)
Howard, your idea is tremendous. A new way of knowing one another, through holding and reading the same book. Soaking in the same words. If I am the last to read Henderson's book, I will certainly mail it back to you. But I'd rather read it sooner! I'll leave my name and address in it, too, as you requested we all do.

Sigh - back to work (and emails!)
May the pen you pen with, pen genius. May it sprout wings and quill Heaven upon your pages; and may ev'ry dream be voiced with ink.
Goodnight, fair ones. Sleep... someday.

Jeff Mon Mar 27 16:57:10 PST 2000

I feel like a wander who, wearied and tired by his long journey, has stopped in to get out of the cruel weather. Thanks all of you for your kind words, and your sympathy--it is most appreciated. I'm still trying to sense all of your on-line personalities and what matters to each of you, forgive me if I don't refer to all of you this time.

Jerry: What I wrote was a feeling a mood and I write it and then throw it away letting it mature into its own thing and find its own wings. I agree you can go home, but home for me is still out in front because I have yet to find it, because once I find it then it is not home --understand. what did T. S. Eliot say --I'm paraphrasing. To come back to same place for the first time. This is simply one perspective. Where is my home I have crawled up and made my home in the hollow shell of the word; for it takes the writer to bring it to life( you must forgive me I have a penchant for writing long), the mercurial, liquid word--ever changing yet always the same.

Cassandra: I like your name alot. It is original and unique, you seem like a warm, sensitive person-- am I far from wrong. Thanks for the advice and I will try to find some hugs.

Heather: your words are comforting and beautiful. I feel the same way. I right for the instant and bind myself to none of my words only my continual evolving in words. What do I mostly believe what the buddhists say that you need journey no where to find Nirvana because it is with you and is your natural state--all we need to do is purify our perception and we are there again. just as the acorn secretly knows its the mighty oak ( mighty--nice description)

Howard: Thank you for the words and advice

And all of the rest of you the same. I think I will stay here a while if you will have me. I've got go now and try and write something. Forgive me--I can't write short, but I'll try to be more brief.


B. S. Mon Mar 27 15:30:08 PST 2000

To live is to be other. It's not even possible to feel, if one feels as one felt yesterday. To feel today what we felt yesterday isn't to feel — it's to remember today what we felt yesterday, to be today's living cadaver of what yesterday was lived and lost.

To erase everything from the slate from one day to the next, to be new with each new morning, perpetually to experience emotions as if for the first time — this, and only this, is worth being or having, to be or have what we imperfectly are.

This morning is the first morning of the world. Never did this pink color yellowing to a warm white so tinge the face with which the western row of buildings, full of window-pane eyes, beholds the silence in the growing light. There was never this hour, nor this light, nor this being that I am. What will be tomorrow will be something else, and what I see will be seen by reconstituted eyes, full of a new vision.

Cassandra Mon Mar 27 14:25:24 PST 2000

Hi all!

jeff- *hugs* They say physical contact/warmth can actually improve moods. Who they are and why they want me touching other people, I don't know. But remember to get some hugs. I'm sure we all are sorry for your loss.

I missed all the talk of underwear! I feel hurt and betrayed. Underwho underwhere under me under you underwraps underdone underwater underwear! I love underwear.

Well, I guess I have an apology to give to Americo, cause my whole stink about valentines and about love sucking has to end now. I've got a boy, who hopefully will last longer than the carnival booth goldfish I'm used to. He's a big sweetheart, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. We'll see how it works out, for now I'm happy :)

later gators, got some work to do


Eddie French Mon Mar 27 13:34:25 PST 2000

Almost forgot,
Spot on!!!

Eddie French Mon Mar 27 13:32:18 PST 2000

Welcome jeff, Christi,Mjvohra...Missed anyone?
Small people have to do that sometimes! (Can't reach the buttons for the higher floors)

Special greetings to you at this bad time. Jerry is right, you are going through huge changes. You will come through!

Rhoda, I've sorted out the address problem..It was my end!


Please introduce yourself.

Back later,

Trudy Mon Mar 27 11:09:25 PST 2000

I too am in the practice of not opening attachments unless it is from someone I know. I don't think you passed any viruses on to anyone RHODA, I just think EDDIE thought it might contain one because he didn't know where it came from for whatever reason. Viruses are found in the attachments not the bodies of email so generally when I forward anything to someone I cut and paste it into the body of the email. That way they know it's safe.

Welcome Jeff, so sorry about your losses. It sounds like you were close with your grandparents and this is a difficult time. My sympathies are with you.

Regarding writing...I need deadlines to get anything for my novel I have started a writers group which will meet monthly and I will need something new written for it eachmonth to share with the group. I am a member of the Writers BBS and they have regular challenges online and that has motivated me once at least to complete a short story. Other than that I am a freelance writer so a lot fo my deadlines are for non-fiction...tons of ideas and not enough time!

And yes, all who gave suggestions regarding writers group, I am putting up posters this week, have one confirmed yes to attend from a writer and the first meeting is April 8 in a little pub. I can't wait! HEATHER, still haven't heard if you'll be there...did you get my email on that?

Ok back to work...


howard Mon Mar 27 11:02:59 PST 2000

Hi again, Jeff --
I didn't have much time to complete my thoughts this morning. I too am sorry for your loss. I know it hurts, but it is a part of living that we cannot escape. One thing that helped me when my dad died was to just write about him -- everything that I could remember I put down on paper. Others in the family shared with special memories and I wrote some of them down too. Some of them are posted here in the archives around the last of 1999. It helped tremendously, partly just to realise that others miss him as much as I do, and that others love him as much as I do.

Arik -- Were you able to use any of those lines? And it *is* about time for another sentence!

Heather -- Not a clue!

Teekay -- I put that book in the package upside down so you don't have to waste any time -- you won't even have to flip it over before you start reading it!
:-) :-)


Heather Mon Mar 27 10:18:55 PST 2000

Here's the riddle again:

A man was found in his car, stabbed to death. The windows were up, the doors locked, with no forced entry. He was alone. He did not kill himself. How did the murderer do it?

Answer: The car was a convertable.

Here is another riddle:

Every weekday, a man goes to the office building where he works. In the morning, he takes the elevator to the tenth floor, then walks the remaining ten flights up to the twentieth floor were his office is. In the evening, he takes the elevator all the way to the first floor lobby and then goes home. Why does he walk the ten flights of stairs in the morning?
One clue: he doesn't walk the ten flights for exercise.

I will give you the answer tonight or tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

Put your grey matter caps on...

Sorry for your recent losses, Jeff. Give yourself some time to grieve, and then set your mind onto things you wish to accomplish.
I hope you will see that your acorn has not plunged into oblivion. A being is all things at once, not one and then the other. He is both the seed and the tree, for from one comes the other, and in both is the same image. If the acorn did not know the form it would take, it could not grow to be the mighty oak. If the tree did not know of the acorn, it could not send out seeds. So look inside yourself for this so-called lost home, this lost seed. You will find that it is no more lost than the leaves a tree seems to shed each autumn. Look, for in the spring they are there once more. And even in the winter, they are there, as buds. You might say the acorn is always the heart of the oak. Just as the tree is the heart of the acorn!

To all, have a saturated day. Soak in passionate words, combine truth and inspiration, heat gently over the fires of the heart, and sift wisely with the hand of the soul.

Christi Mon Mar 27 10:15:04 PST 2000

I'm so very sorry for your loss. When someone dies in my life, I always feel like the whole world should stop and mourn with me. It's so hard to understand why everything continues on as usual. I will bow my head and mourn with you when I think of you throughout the day.
Writing has helped me to get through the toughest times of my life, so whatever you do, keep writing. You'll gain new insights and understanding of what you're going through right now. Write all that you're feeling--if you feel sorry for yourself, boo hoo all over the pages. If you're angry as hell, rip through them with a vengeance. But don't stop writing.

Hang in there.
My prayers are with you.

Arik Mon Mar 27 08:15:34 PST 2000

Hey guys... how are you all?

sorry I haven't been here for a long time... but now I am back and I'll give the sentances in 2 hours.... or as long as it'll take to read this notebook :-)

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Mon Mar 27 07:45:08 PST 2000


Thomas Wolf was wrong! You indeed can come home again. I have done it myself, you just have to work at it. In 1970, I left home, in fact I left the US and served my country in what was then the Republic of Viet Nam. When I came home, I thought everything had changed, but it had'nt it was I who had changed. During that time I came to know the real meaning of fear, the brotherhood that comes from going through hell with people you had just met, seeing some of the men that became closer to you then any brother ever could die in the heat of battle. I found that even the woman I was married to was in my eyes a totaly different person, but it was as I said in my eyes and mind that the changes were made. After several years of re-adjustment, I discovered that little had really changed back home. My old friends were still my friends, it was the way I looked at them that had changed. My wife who loved me through the adjustment period. She put up with things that no woman should ever have to put up with, and accepted me as I was, a different person then the one who left the US on our first wedding aniversery.

As my life went on, I came home again several times. Each time in my mind it wasn't home any more, as those who I knew and loved had changed. Now it is thirty-one years since the first time I left home. I have moved home for my third and last time and now, it is home again. Now, I come home again to stay. As I walk the streets of my hometown, it seems just the same as it was back in 1969 when I left it for the first time. The cars have changed, even the faces of the people have changed, while many look familiar they are older, or in some cases, younger when I run into the children of my old friends. But it is home! My mother and sister still live here, just as they did thirty-one years ago. When my friends come to Lemmon for a visit, the years seem to melt away, and things are as they were when I left, except now instead of worrying about drinking and chasing women, we worry that our children are out drinking and chasing the members of the opposite sex.

Home is still home and I thank God every day for allowing me to come home again. I have lived on the West Coast and the East Coast, in major cities, and small villages in across thes great United States, but none are so beuitiful as my home town.

When I walk the streets of my home town, the memories of my youth echo through my mind, memories of good times, and yes memories of loosing those who I loved, my grand parents, uncles aunts even the death of my father visit my mind when I pass places where we had good times and bad. But they are joined by the memories of the great times I had with my friends, cruising the streets, drinking beer and chasing the young ladies. The memory of meeting my wife, and the times we had as we fell in love.

Yes you can go home again! Never have I heard words so sweet as Welcome Home! Back home is not an oxymoron as you said, they are words that I cherish every day. Words that echo through my mind as I walk or drive the streets of my home town.

Sorry for taking up so much space, but this is a matter so close to my heart, as I moved back home nearly three years ago, after becoming disabled, and although I find it hard some times to walk the streets, through the pain and effort of the walk I find great the pleasure of simply being here.


Allein Mon Mar 27 06:51:12 PST 2000

Heather - I've been pondering the brain teaser. I think I've heard it before and I think it was the other passenger in the car who killed him.

TIME FOR ALLEIN'S FUNNIES!! :) I got this one this morning through e-mail.

By the time a Marine pulled into a little town, every hotel
room was taken.

"You've got to have a room somewhere," he pleaded. "Or just a bed, I don't care where."

"Well, I do have a double room with one occupant, a Navy guy," admitted the manager, "and he might be glad to split the cost. But to tell you the truth, he snores so loudly that people in adjoining rooms have complained in the past. I'm not sure it'd be worth it to you."

"No problem," the tired Marine assured him. "I'll take it."

The next morning the Marine came down to breakfast bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. "How'd you sleep?" Asked the manager.

"Never better."

The manager was impressed. "No problem with the other guy
snoring, then?"

"Nope, I shut him up in no time." Said the Marine.

"How'd you manage that?" asked the manager.

"He was already in bed, snoring away, when I came in the
room," the Marine explained. "I went over, gave him a kiss on the cheek, said, 'Goodnight, beautiful,' and he sat up all night watching me."

Mjvohra Mon Mar 27 06:46:02 PST 2000

Hello every one , i wish you all good luck in any mission of your life.

howard Mon Mar 27 05:13:57 PST 2000

JEFF -- Can a tree *return* to the acorn? No -- but the tree, because it *is* a tree can *produce* thousands of those acorns, as its roots draw sustenance from the "home" that they're grounded in. It all works together.
As you said, we move on.


Ashling Mon Mar 27 03:58:35 PST 2000

CHRISTI: You're quite welcome--and Good Luck!

JEFF: Welcome! I'm not here often, but always find it warm and cozy ... Pull up a log and sit closer to the fire--lots of excellent story weavers here.

Yesterday, my writing total for this week = 1 pitiful page. But tonight I wrote three-fourths of a page more, plus made some notes. Thank you Muse! And thank you Notebookers ...

Just blowing a quick kiss to my keyboard & then off to bed. The sun is coming up, so I wish most of you a Happy Monday! Those of you living Down Under--Happy Tuesday (I think).


jeff Mon Mar 27 00:43:57 PST 2000

Thank you everyone for the advice and the welcome. Much is troubling me right now I have just come back home for my grandmothers funeral after two weeks ago attending my grandfathers funeral. It has been rough for me these last few weeks, and I have felt myself pulling in everything from around me, pulling it back in to myself, to protct myself from feeling.
I come back home--home, can anyone tell me the meaning of this word--- and find the places I knew, my professors the college I attened all changed; most of it gone with not even a tombstone to pay homage to its existance. Back home: has there ever been a greater oxymoron? Home is the place you leave, because life forces you on the way God forced Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. You can no more get back there than Eden---a beter place of non-time still stuck in the collective memory of our species. This is home our own personal Eden. Can a tree ever return to the little acorn or the seed. The law of life: move on
And so I'm moving from my home, movning from it without ever leaving it; because it is at the center of being. I am still the child in spirit even if I have matured and shed my home, like it were some old clothes that no longer fit. I have never left it. Thomas Wolfe is right "you can never go home" again, but that doesn't mean that home can not be felt just as strong just as real.
I hope you all don't mind my reflections. Tell me what you think. I often find that my writing is a continued conversaton with myself, since I don't think many want to listen to me. Again thank you I am grateful for the advice and hopeful I can find a home here among some kindred spirits

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