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Mary Tue May 2 21:17:08 PDT 2000

I don't remember who asked about writer movies, but I looked it up somewhere on the net and came up with a list of 10. I have only seen one of the movies on the list, and don't remember it being spectacular, but then it was 11 years ago. Here is the list.

HER ALIBI-1989(this is the one I saw-I believe it starred Tom Selleck and Paulina Supermodel)

I'm sure that more movies about writers are out there than this (Where's Throw Mama From the Train?), but it is a start.

Christi Tue May 2 20:39:24 PDT 2000

Jon, I loved your message; it was beautiful and uplifting. This seems so trite after your lovely words, so I'll just say 'thank you'.

Pussy, You write pretty well from what I've seen. Take a break from tea and crumpeting and write a story about tea and crumpeting! By the way, what's a crumpet? Is it a pastry or more like a biscuit?

Kevin, Do you come here yet? I'm sorry I haven't mailed you back about your rewrite. It's great! The battle scene has come alive and I was there to see it happen. Congrats!

Teekay, Come on, pulleeeeeze! You know what I do for a living--I'm a crazy-in-love momma who is also a temporary (I hope) nursie for my MIL. Spill it sister. (Whinge whinge)

To all, 'Tis been so fun reading all the stories, long and short sentences, and personals; I loved them all. At the risk of being re-repetitive I'll say, I ADORE THIS PLACE! Thanks Jack!

Rachel Tue May 2 19:25:19 PDT 2000

Jon - Good night:)

Teekay. Tue May 2 19:02:42 PDT 2000

HEATHER: I think you posted that it was some type of medeival sword No???

HOWARD: Did you ever tell us what Gonfalon meant?

CHRISTI: If I tell you what my job is then you'll just think I'm a whinger. (and you'll probably be right.)

I've posted my reject in the s/s. What a lot of catching up there I have to do.
Now, must go so I can do some catching up.

Seeyers soon.

Jon Tue May 2 19:02:14 PDT 2000

Sorry, Howard and Teekay, I did not know you were posting on top of Pussy. Writing my tangerine message (see below) took me a lot of time. But it proves that you, Howard, are right about the many styles on the block.

Jon and goodnight Tue May 2 18:56:42 PDT 2000

What? No more stories since Pussy made her apparition on this grainy yellow tangerine? We must go on writing more stories tomorrow, as the night was too round and small for us.

It's still a plump baby day on your part of the green. Don't pale your sun to shame. Write and you'll feel better. Your souls are shining through the thin skins of your words, and what you light is beautiful. Why is it that when a voice speaks behind a curtain it is so fascinating? That's the secret and the privilege of the writer. We are lucky to have that gift. As Jerry E. repeatedly states, this is the best meeting place for writers. Well, it could be, if A* did not come here from time to time.

And this ends my contribution for today. A loud applause for each of you.

(Hope you liked this pretty post of mine. I had a vanilla ice-cream before writing it).

Howard Tue May 2 18:46:57 PDT 2000

Christi -- 'Twas I who submitted GONFALON, not Heather, and you're right, I never did post the actual definition. At least I don't remember doing so. Okay -- it's a flag or standard, hung from a cross-piece on a pole, and carried at the head of a procession by a gonfalonier. I first noticed the word in a high-school graduation program.

So many great short shorts! I too am continually impressed by the talent, as well as the wide range of styles here.

Teekay Tue May 2 18:42:38 PDT 2000

Hi Ever body,

Here is my long & short sentence attempt.

uh oh, touch of W,B here. UUUmmmmm, okay here goes,

I sighed blissfully and closed my eyes in an aura of contentment as I was surrounded by an hypnotic drone mingled with the exquisite perfume of flowers that had been basking all day in the intense heat of the summer sun, drifting in through the white lace curtains gracing my lounge room window as hundreds, maybe thousands of blissfully intoxicated bees gathered drowzily around the honeysuckle, rose and jasmine bushes growing in riotuos profusion, just outside.

I hope that's 100 - it felt like 100!
okay here is my 10.

The scent of Summer flowers danced gracefully to the beesong.

I feel a bit weird doing the personal add about myself, but hey, weird is nothing new to me. Here goes.

5'6" brunette with hazel eyes and ready smile. Loves her friends and family, writing, reading, spending money, dancing and anything she decides is fun. Hates cooking and housework and having to do anything she doesn't want to.
Ambition: To become a full time self sufficient writer who lives in a small coastal town.

HOWARD: The postie came, the postie went,
there was no sign of the book you sent.

Pussy (sorry!) Tue May 2 16:59:25 PDT 2000

My dear admirers,

I'm delighted with tonight's posts. Beautiful stories, gorgeous messages, new and pretty faces, the lot. I am not much of a writer (having to make the tea and cakes for you) but I like to read, and you are amusing me to no end.

Go on with the good work while Jon and his disciple A* watch Barcelona being beaten by Valencia, thus revenging poor Chealsea, also called Eddie's shame. That's soccer, and I do not like soccer. (I like boxing and gladiators' fights). They'll come here after the match to aplaude you. In the meantime, I'll make some tea.

Sorry to interrupt your flow of genius.

Tue May 2 16:36:20 PDT 2000

Take two characters who can't stand each other and put them in a situation where
they have no choice but to interact with each other (for example, get them stuck in an
elevator together). Write their encounter in moment-by-moment detail.

Stolen explicitly from Annie Lamott, although this is the sort of tension-builder we find
in lots of good stories. This is great as a dialogue exercise because the scene has a
subtext of emotion from the outset, and what they don't say is as interesting as what
they do.

Jade Tue May 2 16:32:17 PDT 2000

I am the mystery poster that has been putting up the writing exercises. Can you guess who I am?

Christi Tue May 2 16:21:49 PDT 2000

Am I too late to join in the short-shortie exercise? Here's my silly ditty to add to the rest. Cut me some slack everyone; this is the only writing I've gotten to do in dayz.

Friends 'til the End

I'm wondering what I'll do when Stephen comes back. When he was with me I didn't notice him. He was just there, stable, strong, always in the background somewhere. I treated him miserably, deigning to pay attention to him only when I felt like it--picking and choosing like some stuck-up prom queen. Then, after all his years of tireless service, I forgot about him, or maybe I just ignored him and he faded away. I'd see him every now and again, but I never paid him any mind. "Oh that's just Stephen," I said, and looked the other way to take in newer and more exciting things.

But one day I turned around and he no longer shadowed me. 'What's this?' I thought. 'How dare he leave when I wasn't looking?' I felt so lonely and guilty. After that I starting searching for Stephen. Everywhere I went, I asked, "Have you seen my friend Stephen? He used to be everywhere, but he has vanished."
"Stephen hasn't been doing so well," they told me. "He doesn't come out very much anymore."
I was jealous. How could they know about my Stephen, when I used to know him so well.
Just recently, I found out that something horrible happen to him. An unjust happenstance had pounced upon him, taking him out of comission. So I began visiting my friend Stephen again. I rediscovered all that I had missed the first time around--his depth; his wit; his charm.
And now I wait for Stephen. I wait for him to heal--his mind, body and heart. I know he will be back soon, back with a vengeance, and I wait with bated breath for that moment.
Get well soon Stephen, you crafty talespinner you. The world and I miss you.

--Ode to Stephen King

Silly, eh? I just grabbed the first thought that jumped into my rusty brain and went with it.

How goes it here? Are all you nut-jobs hanging out and having fun? Thanks to everyone for the warm fuzzy thoughts--I eat 'em up like toast and marmalade jam.

Hi Trudy!! I forgot to say WELCOME BACK!!!! We could never forget about you--we'd have to have a pretty lousy memory to do that. Glad your work is keeping you busy. Are you? (Glad, that is.)

Teekay, Phanx fo' da mail! It was almost as good as toast w/ marmalade jam. Almost. ;) I'm glad you're on the ups again, though you must tell me what you do for a living so I can picture the hell you're going through!

Heather, I don't remember seeing you give the REAL definition for Gonfalon. Did one of us guess it? As ridiculous as that seems, I must come to that conclusion if you don't post the correct definition. C'mon, I'm dying to know!

I DO so want to get into all the plethoric entries in the workbook and gobble them up, spitting out a few critiques on the way, but time is not my friend right now. Hopefully later. Will you wait for me 'o workbook?

Love and spuds to you all. Kiss kiss, hug hug, slurp slurp. This has gotten quite messy; I think I'll go and take my shower now.

Jerry Ericsson Tue May 2 16:03:22 PDT 2000

By the way, the rest of the contributions were very good too, I have been back and forth in the notebook, and missed some of the postings. There is not a bad bunch among them, like I said we attract the best.


Howard Tue May 2 16:02:31 PDT 2000

Okay -- here's a tale I wrote of an encounter in a college student center cafeteria. Remember, I was one of those "non-traditional" students ("old farts") and I learned a lot...

_howard tuckey
_march 2000

The gaunt old male circles the herd warily, knowing the boundaries he cannot cross. If he approaches too closely, one of the already nervous younger breeders will declare his own authority, and give first warning.
It probably would not come down to actual combat, but he can not afford to take the chance. He knows the intricate movements of the challenge, to be sure, and even more; his badge of grey proves that. But he has slowed, and is unsure whether or not he can match the speed and stamina of the yet un-blooded young bucks, some of whom are very nearly his own size.
Then too, he has his own small herd to consider. One female approaching his own age, with him from the beginning of memory, and several yearlings of his own. He cannot leave them unguarded for long. Still, he is attracted to this group by the age old drive that perpetuates his kind.
He begins the ancient dance instinctively, almost without thought, moving down_wind of the younger females until he catches their maddening scent. He feels the old familiar tightening, and struggles to keep control. He cannot approach any closer. Even now one of the older females looks up, ready to sound the alarm, and begins to move protectively toward her daughters.
He stops, knowing that occasionally one of the nubile young females, overcome by curiosity or desire, will move out and cross the line, drawn by some un-knowable force. Perhaps this will happen today; perhaps nature's good fortune will smile down on him.
One such young beauty does seem curious, and as he stands there immobile she approaches the boundary. The perfume of her desire is unmistakeable as she prances coyly and seductively before him, ever narrowing the gap between them. She has less than half his years, indeed she is younger than many of his own herd, but he is captivated by her beauty. She performs her dance with a graceful and coquettish shyness that draws him to her, and he forgets all else in his elemental desire for her.
They meet at the boundary, in the rush of promise that knows no past or future, only present. They come together and touch, and for a too-brief moment they are monarchs together, ready to realize the promise of their ancestry.
Then, too soon but almost too late, he hears a warning, and comes to his senses and turns away. She belongs to the sunlight of her own age, and he belongs to those waiting at the edge of the darkwood.
She watches with older, sadder eyes as he turns and walks back down the hill, away from the promise of second lifetime.

Jerry Ericsson Tue May 2 15:57:05 PDT 2000

I do so love shortie night. I have said it before, but I will say it again, the notebook attracts some of the greatest writing talant out there. Americo your wonderful short proves it once again, as does the contribution left by Heather.

Heather Tue May 2 15:18:26 PDT 2000

Americo, your short shortie was brilliant,
and leaves one feeling as if the long visit to see the Sage was worth while, although one never left the country of the imaginative mind.

Here's my contribution, and my thank you, Americo, for the swift kick to the collective Notebook trousers:

(c) Heather Myles, 2000

Written above the Temple doorway were the words, "Know Thyself". There were no doors, no shutters in this Temple, just open spaces.

Every morning, she would walk beneath it and pause. Her head would lift to the reflection of the sun, glinting across the smooth stone. Her eyes would roam over each glyph, the symbols pleasing to her, as if containing all the beauty she would ever see. Her dark hair would cascade down the back of her white robe, the plaits thick and glossy. Such deep bottomless eyes were hers, soaking up the cinnamon heat, the blue shadows, the surface of everything.

And then she would straighten her shoulders, eyes ahead, the load in her arms steady. She would continue her daily pattern over again, as if weaving a delicate carpet with which to soar above the sand. But not to soar away; rather to float high enough to touch the glyphs with a finger that ached for the smooth shorn grooves, chiseled perfectly by a hand that had not known life in her century.

"Know Thyself", she would murmur sing-song, it's ring and tone following her, echos like smoke in the wind. An echo that seemed to ask, 'Who are you?'

Then came a new day. It was the same morning as it had always been, in order, season, memory. Until she paused beneath the precise curve of the heavy-set arch. The sun did not glint. It diffused, filling the back of her eyes with foggy white drifts. As she searched the rock face for the grooves she knew so well, the light bombarding her vision focused. Slowly, a black-blue velvet curtain beyond the light fell.
Blinking, she witnessed the darkness of the night sky as it filled the air about her, it's inky arms embracing. The stars became many, the same whiteness, brilliance, radiating from them as the first light. Confusion welled inside her, closing her throat. Wildly, her mind struggled to comprehend what her eyes told her. What was this mid-eve, falling down over day? Where were her beloved words she trusted so? The Temple had dissolved!
In astonishment, she took a fumbling step backwards, breath gliding into her flattened lungs. The night lit upon her sleeves and drew itself around her tight, tighter.
And then she was looking down, into herself, a Universe unfolding. The stars, the light, was she; and night the space between. Every sip of air was vacuum, and every wall of her body burst to nothingness. Her single thought was a great sun, spiralling at the core. Through the black space she laughed without sound, whispering "Know Thyself". And no echos came.

Monarch Tue May 2 14:44:04 PDT 2000

Dear Angie,
I called yesterday, but I guess the idea of speaking to me had excaped you. It's been a long time since the fire, I wish you'd let it go. It wasn't your fault. All of us want you home, we want you back here with us. This is where you belong, not out there. The world is too cold for you, the air is too thin. It's not that we don't think you can make it. We're not questioning your strength, we just wish you'd come back.
The fire destroyed a part of us all, but it wasn't your fault. We all came out okay, but you're not the same, the part of you that's missing is missing from us all. We want you to know we didn't do this to you and we wish you wouldn't do it to yourself. We love you and we want you home. Everything is still here waiting for you when you decide to come back.
Doug sends his love, and so does Merri. Brittan wishes you'd call. We made it though, you will too.
Please come home, we need you. We love you.

Jon Tue May 2 14:32:26 PDT 2000

Hey, great writers. No blood or tears... Just poetry and red lips. Here's an immediate story for you:

I had no pencils, no paper, no nothing. But I went to the street and I got a lot of things just by passing by. Howard lent me his culture and wisdom, Jerry E. his gun, which I sold right away to an enemy of the capitalists (he was from Seattle), Rachel enveloped me in a mysterious embrace which froze my heart (I was a werewolf but I am now also a vampire) and Erin made me cry on her lap. Man Ryan (sp) took a photo of us all, great writers, and gave me $20. Now I'm rich. Only A* gave me nothing. He thinks I'm a white lily. Lyrical writers like him are good-for-nothings.
(This story is not very good, but the intention was great).

Erin Tue May 2 14:00:49 PDT 2000

A drop fell from her eye, a tear? No she doesn't cry, It was Something else, a bead of sweat perhaps. She was stronger then this, she angered herself with her weakness. Her sister would not wish her to morn for her, not as long as she had. Her sister would hate her for her weakness. She would keep her safe, her sister would, from all harm's way. No one can comfort her anymore, Only her sister could, but she was gone now.

She was alone now.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue May 2 13:51:25 PDT 2000

Today, my muse visited. She sat upon my shoulder and whispered sweet tales of sadness and murder. I could but write them down and deposit them within the short story wookshop.

Americo Tue May 2 10:48:17 PDT 2000

A Rose on my Desk

"There is a rose on my desk," I told my friends one day. They looked at the chaos of my papers and books, and saw nothing. I knew that their horizon was confined by what they pompously called reality, and was not surprised to be greeted with an expression of amazement, first, pity, when I insisted that the rose was there. I was supposed to always tell the truth, and some of them became mildly worried.

For some days I insisted that there was a rose on my desk. I wonder if, amidst the confusion of their embarassed thoughts, they could see more than their own nose, though the rose was visible, it was beautiful, and, frankly, it was clearly the pretty mouth of my wife's picture.

"Maybe you should see a doctor," advised the most caring of my friends.

Tired of being right, I put a real flower on my desk and, on the next day, I said:

"There is a rose on my desk."

They did not even look at it. They did not laugh and did not cry. They carried me on their shoulders to the nearest asylum, where I am now writing to you, eating pancakes and swearing that there is a cat under my bed.

The problem of those who only trust reality is that they do not see it.

Rachel Tue May 2 10:07:38 PDT 2000

The sounds of music, laughter and merriment filled the room. It was a gathering of many that they knew. Above the voices and song Sarah heard the call of her love from across the room "Look at me." Sarah excused herself from those she had been visiting with and turned towards him, "I see you."

Saul's handsome face was unusually serious. He straightened from where he had been leaning against the wall. "No, really look at me."

Something in his tone gave rise to concern in her. She looked at him with a very keen eye, saw his image seem to shudder. The reality around him quivered. Before her eyes he transformed into a wolfish man. She inclined her head: "I see you."

The others in the room receded as he began to move towards her. His motions filled with fluidity and grace. He came to a halt an arm length from her. His breathing somewhat ragged, spittle running from between his sharp teeth: "I said look at me."

Sarah noted that when he spoke his lips no longer moved. She momentarily wondered where his voice was coming from. She decided it was hardly worth her concern. He had changed again while he had approached. Now his flesh was gray, waxy, shimmering and wet. His physical form had taken on monstrous characteristics. She knew that he should terrify her, but he did not.

She met his gaze, taking his large hairy hands in her own: "I do see you. I see all that you are and can be. You are a man and a beast. You my love are only human."

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Tue May 2 09:46:24 PDT 2000

Ah yes our ancestors, where would we be without them?
My Maternal grandfater was the son of a french aristocrat's daugher and a stable owner in Denmark. When Germany took over the part of Denmark where he lived, he was drafted into the Kiser's army. Being stationed in the stables near the coast, in his words "I stold the fastest horse in the Kiser's army and road him to the coast." He came to America, bringing the stolen horse with him. His wife was the daughter of a French Canadian. Her mother died and her father re-married a woman who made the step-mother in Cinderella seem like the good witch of the North. When she was a very young girl, her step-mother murdered her twin brothers, so there would be more food for the family, and to feed the child she carried in her womb. Learning of the murders, my grandmother confronted her, and was promptly beaten nearly to death with a stove poker. Escaping, she made her way to a neighboring farm where she related her tales of woe. Since it cost greatly to have the Sheriff come out and investigate such things, the neighbors decided to handle the punishement themselves, as was the custom in those early days, in the west. Since the woman was with child it was decided that they could not extract revenge upon here, and her husband was not involved, so he was left alone. She did however have a brother who lived nearby, and was nearly as evil as she. One day, while the brother sat in a chair on the front porch visiting with his sister, a shot rang out, and he was killed. Taking the warning to heart, the family fled to Michigan, where their decendants live to this day. My Grandmother stayed at the farm where she found refuge, where as it happened, my grandfather was staying, having made his way west and worked the farm with his cousin who owned the farm. Such was the way of life back then. Some day when I have more time and space, I could relate how my Fathers parents came from Sweden, but is not nearly as interesting.


Cassandra Tue May 2 08:54:26 PDT 2000

Gariess- I come from a pretty elaborate background as well. My French ancestory came from a French soldier who helped to fight in the revolutionary war. His fellow troops were scheduled to return to their ship and set sail for home, but he had such a great love of the country (and was captivated by a woman who lived here) that he hid out in a graveyard all night, ignoring the calls of his friends just to stay in America. Perhaps I'll write a short about it some time in the near future.

As for Americo's respect, we all can't be perfect and Portuguese... but wait, I'm being redundant here.

Heather- it's Aufweidersehen. :) 5 years of highschool German and this is how I use it... my teacher would cry if she only knew.

Gotta run, luv ya all!


Jerry Ericsson Tue May 2 08:32:46 PDT 2000

In honor of Shortie night, here is one, although it is late being posted in the Morning, had a bad night last night and was unable to visit the notebook.

The Letter
A short short by
Jerry A.G. Ericsson

A Soldier sits at a table outside a small quaint French restaurant in Sigon, pen in hand.

My Dearest Darling. He wrote.

I sit here, somewhere in the jungles of Viet Nam. Should an enemy bullet take me tonight, know that my last thoughts would be of you.

Last night, we had a fire fight, tracers crossed into the night. You remember I wrote you of my friend Ralph, well he didn’t make it, his body will be shipped home tomorrow.

Please know I will do everything in my power to get home to you knowing that you will wait for my return. Must sign off now, as the light is leaving, the war is so frightening in the dark.

All My Love

Folding the letter, he sips from his glass of cognac. Well Ralph, lets hit Tu Do Street, and see if we can find ourselves a couple of boom-boom girls. He smiles as they leave, and tips the waiter with two twenty-five cent bills of Military Script.

howard htuckey Tue May 2 07:56:15 PDT 2000

What's that they say about great minds? Mary posted a similar tip in the short story area about the same time I posted it here. That's scary!


Tue May 2 06:34:05 PDT 2000

CHARLES: Check the short story workbook. I left you a message.

howard Tue May 2 06:26:07 PDT 2000

AMERICO -- Not at all -- it *is* getting large again. I merely wished to point out the fact that there is no need to load it again just to get to the posting area. Even with a cable modem it takes too long to do that. Pressing CTL-END makes that second load unneccessary, especially if you're paying by the minute for access, as I understand some notebookers outside the US must do.
PS I'm only trying to help my fellow notebookers...
PPS What comes after PostScript is PostPostScript

Americo Tue May 2 06:06:28 PDT 2000


are you trying to tell Jack that Jon is wrong and that this page is not overloaded? (Mainly because of the picture of his ... desk)? Traitor!

PS How do you write PPS?
PSS? It should be PPS (post post scriptum) but I don't know. Relying on your expertise on things linguistic,
yours truly,

howard Tue May 2 05:27:13 PDT 2000

Hi --

Another tip -- for those who click on POST NOW, then grow weary waiting for the page to reload befor getting to the posting area:

For NETSCAPE users (and maybe IE also) just hit CTL-END and pop right down to the posting area!

Saves time and you have a better chance of remembering what you wanted to post in the first place!

BTW, CTL-HOME takes you to the TOP of the page...


Jon Tue May 2 04:42:58 PDT 2000

I had to way 9 minutes and thirty seconds for the page to reload and I could correct a mistake in the message below. I am a proletarian and have no cable modem (or cable TV). And I hate capitalists. (I do not even have a computer).

The sentence is:

Perhaps Jack still LIVES (not leaves) here.

PS I do not have a pencil.

PPS I only have my genius, but even this was borrowed from a sentence by Oscar Wilde.

PPPS. In short, I have nothing, but I am happy. If only I could have a little room here to write my best sentences!

Jon, CEO Tue May 2 04:28:05 PDT 2000

Trudy, Jack does not live here anymore.


Tonight is the most interesting night in your lives. On Heather's request and in honor of the birthday of Maria EmŪlia, Americo's wife ó who disaproves of his wasting time with the Notebook and needs to be conquered to our cause ó tonight each (decent) notebooker must leave a little shortie on this page. Make it short, bright, original and very beautiful.

See you tonight and many kisses.

PS Of course we need room for the shorties. Perhaps Jack still leaves here after all.

Heather Mon May 1 22:10:30 PDT 2000

....And the award, for 'No Sentence of the Day' goes to ARIK!!! (crowd sreams in unison)

Wear art, it is thine trophy.
I forged it myself, with rusty horseshoes, titanium screws, diamond headed Dremel bits, and some leftover Bits 'n Bites.

Now if none of this makes sense, or sentences,
go back to the top and press the history eraser button.


PHOOOEY Mon May 1 22:05:34 PDT 2000

Where are ye all, in the fair moonlight of Monday?
Americo, Jon, Pussy, the trine,
Please take it upon yourselves to light a candle under some of the NB asses
and start a short shortie night again?
I won't beg, but I'll plead.

Guilty, since I haven't been posting them either.


Heather Mon May 1 21:10:27 PDT 2000

Tina, in answer to your question, the archives are accessed right at the top of this screen, that is, the notebook page; when you go to click on the 'post now button', look to the left and there is an archive button as well. That's the archives for the notebook itself, not the workbook.(?)
The archive pages in the workbook only include the three of 'Strawberry and A Moon', which is in the 'round robins' category. Other archives I haven't seen.
But maybe Jack will open up that drum for us?
I recall (Charles, was it you?) someone commenting that the poetry posted from last month has disappeared since there have been so many new posts. Perhaps those archives are accessable through the archives button on the NB page. Try the search in the archive page.

there's my drivel of the day.

I'm off to write something steamy. Well, it was a humid afternoon... No. Wait. The night was sultry...

(badly paraphrasing 'Throw Momma From the Train')

Anyone know of a really great movie about writers? Other than the aforementioned one?
And other than the one with Chevy Chase; we're talking NOT a farse. "Angel At My Table" was excellent, looking for other movies for those down evenings when I feel zapped for words but not tired enough to cruise on into the Z.
(Cruise control, set on recline)

I am in the middle of the second scene, chapter 4, and I am enjoying the exquisite yet forboding position that totters between pain and pleasure... yeah. I've got the idea in my head and am taking my slow time about writing it...the pain the pain! The terrible, lovely, wonderful fire! Make it slow and delicious. I'll write more slowly just to treasure it. And then, suddenly, tear through three scenes until I'm flushed with the force of creating.
If not pain and pleasure combined, what would fill my mind once I've finished - the entire book?
For it must then be sent forth from my hands. And that is a pain I most certainly will endure, and anxiously await it - and yet recoil from all in the same moment.
Just as I'll devour a rejection slip, or a letter that welcomes my words to the published page.
(were we all sucked into that same dream? No. It's reality, by definition then.)

What is inner turmoil, expressed in outer form?
A story. A poem. A letter. A song.
What is inner calm, lit for all eyes by passion and truth?
A parable. Advice. A postcard. A liturgy.

~~~~~~~~~~#*$&)$#&^_(did you really get that moth on 'g', Gariess? tee hee)

Ignore everything I said, in a fit of dying brain cells,
and let's just call it a night.
Sayonara, bon voyage, Alweidersein (Alvedersane?)
ta ta.

Rhoda Mon May 1 20:53:53 PDT 2000


I am still here. Just lurking most of the time. I'll have more to say later.


Rachel Mon May 1 20:21:27 PDT 2000

Heather - I loved the review (big happy smile)!

Goodweed - Smiles for yah.

Erin Mon May 1 20:10:28 PDT 2000

Hey all,

this weekend has been so busy for me... BLAH


MARY, I'll definatly post some of my works.

LITTER, wow, you sure know you family history...

Goodweed of the North Mon May 1 20:04:21 PDT 2000

Methinks the anonymous poster has a familliar ring to his/her exercises. E-mail me. If you are who I think you are, I lost your address due to a software foul-up. I found an old address and sent an e-mail, but it came back to me.

Rachel; The summers may be short, but they are richly appreciated.

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Tina Mon May 1 19:48:24 PDT 2000

Hi all.

My husband keeps wondering what I'm laughing at. 'Wierdiousity'? Much fun and laughter to be had reading the day's comments.

I've read some postings in the workbook and am anxious for more as soon as I make some time. I'm not quite sure about the crits; is it generally prefered to e-mail them to the authors? The crit page doesn't have as much as I'd expect, so I'm guessing that e-mails are prefered. And are there archives of old postings anywhere? Can't find them if there are. Help!

Considering the line at that book signing, I was grateful for the short conversation with Mrs Gabaldon. After listening to her and talking with her I decided that the time I spend writing is worth it, that there is hope. If I develope HALF her talent... (enter my own dreamworld)

'til later

Gariess Mon May 1 19:25:09 PDT 2000

The Unknown Poster is in the corner wearing the Hayden Grayell Memorial Lampshade, because the Unknown Comic refuses to remove the paper bag.

Actually, the only thing I remember about the personal ads is that they all had one thing in common. They were all placed by "reasonably attractive" people. I never saw: "Really ugly guy interested in long walks on the beach, music, and romantic sunsets."

I found out why when I went to the beach one late afternoon. There were all these reasonably attractive people walking back and forth playing violins; there must have been a hundred. Then, there was this one bunch of really ugly guys in a small group watching the sunset. One of them put his hand one one of the others, but he got slapped. I never read the personals after that. I pretty much stayed away from the beach, too.


Mon May 1 19:07:25 PDT 2000

That's Groucho lives, if you haven't guessed.

Gariess Mon May 1 19:05:43 PDT 2000

Hi everybody,


Sorry about you waiting anxiously, but the ending of the story is the part that is lost. I still have the WB copy to work from, though, and I will email you soon. (In case you get too anxious try this: The butler did it.)

How is, it that after when you, go back over stuff that you, wrote there are all these commas in places, you never put them in in the first place. Hey.dmeqdklrwhrt['dsldmneodcnqggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Sorry about that last thing. I was trying to kill a moth on my keyboard, What I was doing on my keyboard I'll never know. (Grouch lives!) I finally got him on the g.

You know, you guys talking about Celtic stuff remind me of something I never wanted Americo to find out. My Grandmother was Irish and my mother is from expatriate Colonial American people - British loyalists who escaped to the Canadian Maritmes. For all of my paternal surname I am no more Portuguese than I am Irish, technically.

Still, things are worse for Mister Higgins down the street who's half Irish and half Scotch. One half of him is dying for a drink but the other half refuses to pay for it.

Sorry, Hayden made me do that. Please make all your complaints directly to him.


Charles Mon May 1 18:25:37 PDT 2000

Hi all, could someone please help me (direct email won't clutter this site-but respond as you wish) When I try to post a short story I paste it into the "Posting Area" of the short story section but it gets posted instead to the crit. page. What am I doing wrong? HELP!

Teekay Mon May 1 16:46:27 PDT 2000


Guess where I am *sigh* gloom, whinge.

I bet the mysterious poster is none other than.......MARY. Hah! I'm onta ya girly.
Actually it looks really interesting. I am going to contribute my part later when I am at home. What fun!

HOWARD: I haven't received your book yet, though I have been consoling myself with 'the regulators' by Richard Bachman (yeah right!)
Thank you ever so for missing me. My hubby misses me all the time. His aim is lousy.

TRUDY: yes please! I love funny stories, just ask DOT! I shall be awaiting it anxiously.

GARIESS: Speaking of awaiting anxiously, just send the end of the story in an email to me. Talk about a cliff hanger.
By the way, are you a gemini?

RHODA: Hope you're having fun out there and not neglecting the notebook.

CHRISTI: Chin up, gloves on. I'll email you later.

Guess what!!! I got my first rejection slip back yesterday and it took them 6 months to do it!!
I wasn't really upset about it though. They said the story was too short, but not that it sucked, so I still have hope that I may oneday get a short published.
I'm going to post my poor old story in the s/s workbook later when I get home if anybody wants to take a geek.

I'd better go and do something I guess.

howard Mon May 1 16:18:35 PDT 2000

Ooops! Looks like today's "Fresh Air" isn't available for listening until tomorrow.

Howard Mon May 1 15:55:32 PDT 2000

SASQUATCH -- VEERRRRRY FUNNY! But that's one of the oldest jokes in the book. I hope those fresh greens make you poop yourself skinny!

ALL -- There was a great interview today on "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross on NPR. She interviewed Francine Prose, author of "Blue Angel," a story about a love affair between a college English professor and one of his students. The book sounds pretty good, and Ms Prose (who is apparently a writing teacher herself) gives quite a bit of insight into writing, critiquing, and teaching writers. The program is available in RealAudio on the internet, at:
Give it a listen if you can, or look for the transcript. I'm going to do both, as well as buy the book.

UNKNOWN POSTER -- That personal ad challenge sounds interesting! I had a sketch started for a story called SWF, about a woman who posts an ad like that, and the consequences are not exactly what she had in mind. I'll see if I can dig it out.

Gotta run -- have to pick up my grandkids at baseball practice. It's raining, and they "might melt if they get too wet!" NYAHHH HAAA HAAA!


Xavier Mon May 1 15:02:48 PDT 2000


I was going to say something, but reading four days worth of

The whole room is spinninng.

Next time I want to drink, I'll just come's cheaper.


Dot Mon May 1 14:58:27 PDT 2000

Hello notebookers,

My thanks to Teekay and Charles for your remarks on PORNCOP. Hopefully I can follow up the first chapter with more of a similar calibre. Most of chapter two is ready and I will post it when I complete the rest. (Hugs to both)

MY desk is under reams of paper for my latest venture so I can't see very much of anything else at the moment except all the snippets of encouraging clichťs and some wilting wild flowers.

I'm so busy with my latest soon-to-be-announced project (soon being any time between tomorrow and next millennium) that I haven't had time to do any more than scan the recent messages. It seems so unfair that in the UK when you are all playing we are tucked up in bed with Brother Cadfael (naughty monk ) or fast asleep. Oh well.

Must dash, TTFN,


Trudy Mon May 1 12:50:27 PDT 2000

Hi all, just completed an article and am taking a break before thinking up more story ideas and finding markets. Thought I'd spend some time catching up in the notebook.

Mary, my desk is a mess! OK let's take a stuff, jar with pens and pencils, candle, phone, glass of iced tea, cup of cold coffee, calculator, post it notes, beany horse, decorated guord a friend made for me, all my notes for the article I just finished, my to do list.

Gariess, I'm not going anywhere though I wish I were half as witty as others on this list!

Teekay, I care that you're blue! Never suffer in silence! I recommend more chocolate and tea! And if you'd like I can share a humour story I recently wrote (under 800 words) and it might make you at least smile! Let me know and I can email it to you.

OK, Teekay, read your more recewnt post that you aren't blue anymore. YIPPPEEE! but I still want you to know I care! And i'll still share my story if you'd like.

Heather, of course that advice to put it in practice. Actually I do have a big folder filled with ideas. I guess the problem is finding markets and organizing then pitching the stories ... I'm still pretty new at this and it does seem to be getting a little more organized. Guess it'll fall into place eventually.

Tina, welcome. Boy sounds like you had a nice conversation with Diana Gaboldon. I just love meeting writers who like to chat. Most of them just want to sign and get on to the next book. I understand in a way when they are popular and have tons of people waiting...wonder what I'll be like when my novel is published and I'm doing a book signing...*Trudy goes off into dream world* oh sorry about that...I think I'd be jumping ecstatically if I ever get published.

Tina, Mary, Erin and all the other newbies welcome as well!

Jack, hi and quick question...can I update my bio?

Christi, I send you strength as you look after your mom in law. It's tough I'm sure but I know you'll do just fine.

OK, I wanted to respond to as many posts as possible but have run out of time so to any I have missed hello. I am thinking of you all often. I shall return.


Rachel Mon May 1 12:43:58 PDT 2000

Allein - Ahhhhhh, I see (grins).

Allein Mon May 1 12:27:44 PDT 2000

Rachel - I cleaned my room before you came, like really super cleaned it. And I don't clean my room for just anyone - you're special. :)

sasquatch Mon May 1 12:17:06 PDT 2000

Howard person why are you to wonder at where do I plug in my word box near my home in the forest there is a current bush near. Ha Ha I sasquatch have a largely humor sense also do not? Also have too much new green plants for eat I must go.

Charles Mon May 1 12:12:43 PDT 2000

Hi all, so sorry for what is probably another error. I was sure I was posting a short story in the proper place but it now sits confused as I, on the crit. page! Maybe, one day, way down the road I'll get the hang of this. Apologies to all. Hmmm...I wonder where this will arrive?

Pussy Mon May 1 11:21:55 PDT 2000

Today is the day of the workers. A holiday to me.

Jon Mon May 1 11:19:05 PDT 2000

*Suddenly frightened*
Arik: you promised not to award the prize for the most stupid sentence, didn't you?

Here's a really good sentence (just in case the previous one does not work):

All the sky is mine, but your eyes are my most precious possession, potensssion, ssiponsion. (OK, forget it).

Jon Mon May 1 11:06:27 PDT 2000


A star and a moon mysteriouly sitting on your desk? Given the fact that, according to Rachel, A*' s desk is lovely - your desk, being lovely, is not yours but A*'s ó and therefore mine.

I'm an expert on the syllogisms of the individualistic mind.

(Arik, will you please look at the sentence above? Thank you).

Cassandra Mon May 1 10:53:31 PDT 2000

Oh yeah, and twas I that has Allein's pictures on my desk, but they're not pictures OF her, rather pictures drawn with her talented hands, of the characters that she writes with. :)

Cassandra Mon May 1 10:47:49 PDT 2000

Hi all,

Howard's book might have a layover here in the upstate region as that I won't really be able to give it my due time until the latter portion of next week... Needless to say I'll try my darnedest to send it on ASAP after finishing it.

English class calls, a mindnumbingly mundane yet inarguably versed voice, pulling, gripping my ears and more importantly my responsibility, that lurking bubble in my stomach prone to tighten at the tiniest thought of wrong doing, straining like a nervous mother's throat, until I find myself fading, ever attentive to the swiftly draining pool of energy I once thought I possessed, but that seems now to be only a mirage, a resource beyond command, beyond reason, rising and falling however it may as I simply sigh, grasping with oiled fingers, while attempting to regain my temporary guise of sainity for the measly hour of lecturing.

I don't like English class cause it's boring.

Does that work for your sentance exercise? The first is 104, I believe, the second 8.

Catch y'all later


Mon May 1 10:33:21 PDT 2000

Write a story inspired by a personal ad.

An exercise in character and plotting. In a good (or at least interesting) personal ad you
will get a sense of the writer's physical, emotional, or spiritual characteristics (at least as
portrayed by the writer). Now, what sort of person might respond to this ad? What sorts
of results might such a meeting have? What if no one responds to the ad?

Heather Mon May 1 09:05:27 PDT 2000

Rachel - Another good one of Bach's!
If you can, grab a copy of 'Jonathon Livingston Seagull',
or another of my favourites, 'Illusions, Adventures of A Reluctant Messiah', and if you can find a soft cover copy of 'There's No Such Place as Far Away' then grab it, but if not, just read the hardcover in the bookstore - it'll take no more than ten minutes, hiding in the stacks!

The hardcover of "...No Such Place..." is quite expensive.

Americo, there is a star and a moon come to sit upon my desk today. Did you send them?

Heather Mon May 1 08:59:04 PDT 2000

"Avoiding Run-On Sentences and Other Grammar" by Howard Tuckey

"...Blatheringly great...a real twist and turn...masterpiece... of the incredible, indelible, fantastical... a million-dollar sentence of a book."

---The New York Review.

"What Gives My Soul Life" by Rachel Olson

"...The coin of genius...plied from all angles, inluding the thin and give a startlingly focused...close-up view of the light that burns in the Heart of Canada - a bright one."

---The Vancouver Summit.

Rachel Mon May 1 08:54:11 PDT 2000

Allein - You funny thing you! Your desk was very tidy when I was there.

ALL - Allein has a very tidy desk!

Americo - Your desk sounds lovely:D

Heather - GEZZ (smiles). Yer makin me blush. I think pretty highly of you as well. I do have a second Bach book. I have not read it yet. I think it is called Running from Saftey.

howard Mon May 1 06:34:11 PDT 2000

WIll this do?

One of the cardinal rules of writing has always been "Avoid run-on sentences" -- the kind that go on and on and tend to clog up the thought processes as the reader tries to keep up with them, and can actually lead to brain damage in certain rare cases where the reader becomes so confused that he (or, to come down on the side of political correctness, she) totally forgets where he (or she) is going, and why he (or she) has even begun to read the document, or letter, or memo, etcetera, in the first place, which can be horribly unproductive in an area and at a time where and when productivity has become paramount, and is the factor by which our society (which, arguably, has become too focussed on this type of activity) has come to measure the worth of any individual claiming or otherwise occupying a key career position in our increasingly career-oriented social environment -- insofar as such a position can actually be claimed by an individual, rather than by a group of individuals banded together by goals such as are analagous to the drones in a hive mentality -- mindless atomatons, unknowingly bored to tears by the mundane existence which is their lot, and which has probably been forced on them by well-intentioned individuals who taught them in grammar school to "Avoid run-on sentences."

In fewer words:

Short sentences aren't always a good idea.


PS TEEKAY -- Where did you go? I miss you!

Charles Mon May 1 06:08:14 PDT 2000

Hi all,
Since the biography of the desk seems to be the soup du jour, I'll tell you that mine is 18 ft long, 4 ft. wide and as pristine as snow behind a tavern before it opens. No junk, no mess, no pee in the snow. I also write fiction. Pure fiction.

Impala Mon May 1 05:28:27 PDT 2000

I have no desk.

John McIntyre Mon May 1 05:22:43 PDT 2000

I have nothing on my desk.

Pussy Mon May 1 05:22:16 PDT 2000

On my desk I have just me.

Jon Mon May 1 05:21:19 PDT 2000

On my desk I have only my thoughts and memories.

Mon May 1 05:04:09 PDT 2000

What happened on the poetry workbook page? Everything that was posted the whole month of April and the end of March is gone.

Nice work BTW Heather. :-)

gariess Mon May 1 00:22:08 PDT 2000


Glad you laughed.


Sorry you didn't.

Teekay and Americo,

The story is gone again. Sorry as I am, I will have to rewrite the rewrite. I kept trying to post it into SM last night but I couldn't get the whole thing to implant for some reason. I did as you said, Teekay, not using the scissors and using the COPY option. This worked on the first few attemts but on the fourth or fifth try it just disappeared. It also disappeared from the floppy, no doubt because I had left it in the drive after copying it to WORD. I guess writing this stupid story is to become a new repetitive task in my life. Does anyone have a guess as to what is wrong? I have also lost the WORD COUNT option from the TOOLS list.

Dirty rackenfracks B^&^*%D G#%D*%M Computer, %*^& (&*^.


Heather Mon May 1 00:15:33 PDT 2000

Hey there, Goodweed,
I have found no other lake such as Superior. But it is not the only lake to live up to it's name. Think Lake Erie... Lake Ontario - well,'Ontario, keep it beautiful'? I don't think anyone took that to heart, as the evidence clearly shows. Huron. Lake Huron. Cold. Brrr. But a great lake it sure is. More like the tail of Superior.
Michigan. Oh, can't forget. Michigan the name - reminds me of a chip wagon, rather than a Native tribe. Must be all the fried food taking over. Not that I've ever been on the lake much. Now the Detroit river - thaaaat's a fast food chain. Or should I say a fuel chain?

S.S.M. Hmmmm. Neat to find someone else who knows the place. I don't remember much of the stores and restaurants there, besides cheering when we finally got a new mall after the Station Mall nearly fell over in exhaustion. But the Cambrian Mall was rather dreary and bowling alley-ish. Not a big improvement.
I remember the YMCA, it had a runner's track on the roof. From the just beyond the top of Pine hill, (back towards the 'P' patch) you could see little white legs (not much of a summer in the Soo) and coloured shorts and t-shirts making laps up there. Pine Hill. Now that's a hill! Almost like San Francisco that one. Maybe worse.
Imagine tearing down that in the dead of winter, the feel of tires skidding on ice. Cedar point rollercoasters were not something I looked forward to on vacation.

I must end this post, for fear Americo will send me an axe in the mail.
Cassandra, your package with Howard's book is on it's way... tomorrow.
It's rather late Sunday night to be sending it.
And the mail doesn't go anywhere up here on Saturdays.
Ta ta

Oh, and P.S. I posted a tangle of poetry on the appropriate page in the workbook, but I should warn you. Well, nevermind. I'm too sleepy. Heed!

Heather Sun Apr 30 22:56:19 PDT 2000

Hello, my many-talented and -faceted friends...
And no, I was not talking of how many faces each of you has.
In fiction, we can be faceless.

Rachel, I make no attempts to reach beyond the 154 words, but for perhaps somewhere in the range of 100 I will aim.
The absentee poster might be Teekay - or Laura, who has given us previous challenges by way of an English prof.
Or, the anonymous might truly be that.

Anyhow, I delay my long sentence out of dread. Do I have to make it sensical?
Or will senses' antonym suffice?

I will get on with it. And BTW Gary, (GS, Gariess)
I laughed until the flowers shouted at me to shut up.
It's spring and they do not wish their growth to be disturbed.


On a mindlessly hot afternoon, the people wilted as flowers did once cut. She watched them through the screen of her second floor window, lazily dangling their feet in the fountain to enjoy what must have been cooler water than the droplets that hung in the air, creating such humidity that the fog banked across the upper torsos of every greying building even in the heat; the clouds had all flown down to the valley and here were the crowds, tempting the ice-cream sellers - whom had made the sidewalk their indescriminate home in order to finance the cars they retreated to sunburnt and rich - to faint with the feel of ultimate windfall, and she rode her heels up the wall and dug her fingernails into her knees with desire for the vanilla cones.

that is a long winded sentence by far.

Whew! Now I'm all out of the hot air I do so love to spew here.
And my desktop is jealous of Americo's. It's a long way to the kitchen to sniff those roses.


Allein Sun Apr 30 21:36:42 PDT 2000

My desk? Desk? Desk? Oh! That huge pile of papers and junk in my room. Yeah, I THINK there's a desk under there somewhere.
No, I'm just kidding. There are a few papers on my desk, a silk-covered Chinese box and a silver paper box with papers inside. Yes, my room is fairly clean. I know Rachel, you're having a heart attack about now out of disbelief. But don't worry, it's not THAT clean. There's no way I could actually sit down at my desk and do any work.

Rachel Sun Apr 30 20:53:29 PDT 2000

Now I am uncertain. I spent under five minutes on that little ditty. I hope it isn't too lame.
I did run it on a spell/grammar check. It is apparently just a very long sentence.
Ahhh, the run and I... How we go back (grins).

Rachel Sun Apr 30 20:53:23 PDT 2000

Now I am uncertain. I spent under five minutes on that little ditty. I hope it isn't too lame.
I did run it on a spell/grammar check. It is apparently just a very long sentence.
Ahhh, the run and I... How we go back (grins).

Jerry Ericsson Sun Apr 30 20:30:35 PDT 2000

Gariess - Hast thou not heard of WORD ART - methinks he dost protest to much!

Anyhow, sometimes one spells works the way they should be spelt not the way they r


Rachel Sun Apr 30 20:30:28 PDT 2000

My sentence has 154 words. The second sentence has 9 words. I think that the 9 words say just as well what the 154 said. Is this a short version of the short story vs novel? What is this about?

Rachel Sun Apr 30 20:25:49 PDT 2000

TO THE ONE WITH NO NAME - Let me play, let me play. Let me leave you my words on this day...

I look upon all the shattered images of my life and it is then that I come to appreciate all that I do have; life, love, depth, spirit, mind body soul, dance together in a breathless embrace of passion and love, life and extension of self, gripping, longing, reaching, stretching for all that is true in the world, all that brings clarity, definitive structure, grace, beauty of boundary, love of all and each of these things make my heart sing, makes me know that the shattering of my soul was not in vain, let me know that the never ending plucking and subsequent stitching from the wounds of reality is worth every moment of anguish, if only to give voice to the longing of my heart, to give voice to the song of my soul, to be heard, if only for a moment, to sing, sing, sing to the world, oh hear me now.

Listen to my heart, my life, and my song.

PS - If I didn't do this right let me know.

Sun Apr 30 18:58:36 PDT 2000

Write a sentence of one hundred words or more. Then write a sentence immediately
following of ten words or less.

An exercise in expanding your personal writing style. Most beginning students write the
same sentence pattern over and over again: subject/verb/object. Experiment with dashes,
colons, semicolons, and don't forget that brevity is sometimes the soul of wit. For
examples of stylistic diversity look at the works of William Faulkner, T.R. Pearson, or
Charles Dickens.

Mary Sun Apr 30 18:52:36 PDT 2000

GARY: I thought Litter's Penisillin was intentional-like a gag.

gariess Sun Apr 30 18:30:00 PDT 2000


Good to hear from you. I may be able to provide you with an email adress for Hayden that will work. Will send via email.

You guys,

You must know how much fun a person can have with the misspellings in the NB. Just for the sake of tweaking you all. I will list a few from the most recent posts so that you can quickly confirm that they exist.

Litter alee (which refers to refuse in the down-sea flow and has nothing to do with misspellings) has a fake bottle marked Penisillin, a dead give-away that something is amiss at the pharmacy since it should be Penicillin. Litter also refers to a food group called serials. Not to be confused with cereals which are the prey of all the cereal killers that they make movies about. Last night I saw one about this guy who obsessively murdered Corn Flakes which he associated with his alcoholic, prostitute mother.

So I wonít appear to be picking on Litter I will point out that Goodweed has invented a new oriental libation called Sake Superior. I think this has genuine marketability. It takes a more serious approach than do the makers of Sake Tume (to me[outrageously condescending of me to have explained that]). Arenít you glad to back, Goodweed. You must have missed this kind of abuse desperately for all the months you were away.

Litter, I didnít see anything strange about the things on your desk surface. Itís not like you have pens, pencils and paper clips or anything. I think I have the mate to that artificial Booby. Mine is the artificial Blue Footed Booby of the Eastern Pacific as opposed to the Red Footed Booby which migrates to the same region but has red feet.

And who has a picture of Alein, the dental hygenist, on their desk? This is really amazing, because I keep a picture of a dental hygenist on my desk, but unlike Americoís it is not a silent picture. You pull a little string in the back and it says, "Donít forget to floss."



Americo Sun Apr 30 12:21:44 PDT 2000

On my desk I only have a rose and a silent picture of those I love.

Allein, I'm sorry for the demise of your gerbil and will keep an extra moment of silence. I'm also sorry that you did not get the thing to go to Japan, but, you see, you were very much needed in America, and here in Americo's heart. In Japan perhaps you'd get lost.

People, please watch out the sugar level in your blood. You have been eating too many chocolates since Easter (Pussy told me).

Gary S,
I've printed your "Boy" story, but will read it only after you post the second version in SM**. I'll tell you then which is the best (probably the first version, it sometimes happens...)

Allein Sun Apr 30 10:09:51 PDT 2000

I had two gerbils. Now I have one gerbil. One died yesterday. Let's have a moment of silence...okay moment's up!

Cassandra - My pictures are important enough to be on your desk? I feel special! :)
Well, I'd like to be a dental hygienist, so I doubt I'd travel to New York and major in art, when there are great hygienist schools in the Northwest.

Litter - That was my tenth grade photo. It's two years old. I've lost weight (at least in my face) since then, and I don't know why my hair looks so red in that picture because it's actually blonde. Anyway, I'd like to have red hair, but if I did, I'd look more like my mother - scary. Plus, everyone at my school is dying their hair red and I don't want it to look like I'm just following the fad.
Bye bye,

B.S. Sun Apr 30 06:02:15 PDT 2000

Perhaps it's time to finally take a look at my life. I see myself in the midst of a vast desert. I speak of what yesterday I literarily was, and I try to explain to myself how it is I got here.

Gariess Sun Apr 30 00:34:52 PDT 2000


Thank you for your continuing efforts to educate me in the ways of the computer. Someone made the same suggestion to me in an email. That works just fine for keeping the story in the file but I still can't seem to get the whole thing to come up in the WB post. I have tried a few times but the text in the box always cuts off somewhere short of the ending. Not always in the same place, which seems strange but still, no ending.


I will try sending you the story in an email attachment for now so you can at least hear the other shoe fall. In the meantime maybe I will learn what is keeping the ending from appearing in WB.




gariess Sat Apr 29 23:32:00 PDT 2000


Here is a post in lieu of email which is not working right now, once again in that recieve but won't send mode. I have a complete rewrite of The Boy... so I will post it in the WB in Stawberries... I would really prefer to overwrite the first post entirely as the story has undergone some heavy changes and editing. It was not a good idea to post the story as it was. I hate to post without reading everyone else's first but time is driving me right now. I begin to understand some of the folks complaints about time shortage. I'll be back.


Christi Sat Apr 29 21:49:12 PDT 2000

Warning!!! Long and boring 'Poor me' post ahead. Anyone who doesn't care to know what goes on in Christi's life right now, SKIP THIS POST!!! To the rest, God bless; love ya; kiss kiss!

THANK YOU for the support and well wishes. I feel pretty lucky to have a wonderful family to lean on, although the family on my husband's side (who are the main ones involved here) are kind of a pain to deal with. Without my family I'd be in a mental ward right now, in a rubber-walled room, wearing a size medium straightjacket. Thankfully, things seem to be settling down for now. MIL (as Teekay says) has settled in and I'm actually finding it rewarding to take care of someone I love. And the very best news is that we will be switching every other week off with my husband's sister. That would give us two weeks off a month!!! I don't know if this will truly work out though; his sister has three kids, including a young baby, and a part-time job. I've told the rest of the family to concentrate their help on her end so she and her husband can handle it (and so we can recooperate and get some things done during the weeks we'll get off).
Thanks again for the prayers and the moral support. I can't get enough of those kinds of good things! You know, I wondered how my son's horrible bout of colic could ever be a good thing, but now I realize that without it we never would have been prepared for this amount of work, lack of sleep, and mental stress. Should I thank my lucky stars?

Thanks also for the great Emails. I love opening my 'Howard mail' and getting a laugh. Especially the most recent one: 'True Story' about your friend and the two dollar bill. Funneeeee!!!

You have been awesome to me. You let me bitch your ear off in my Emails and then still speak to me afterwards!! Thanks girly.
I'm SO glad you posted 'The Notebookers'! It's so great I even read it again!

You guys are ALL on my buddy list. Aaaand I believe I'm done mooning now. Silly Christi is due back within a matter of days, hours or moments. Silliness is always on the verge with me, but I is just too darn tired and busy to let it out right now.

Love and warm hugs to all the brave souls who made it this far.


Cassandra Sat Apr 29 19:52:10 PDT 2000

I'm bored out of my mind re-typing this senseless paper for my Graphic Design teacher. *yawn* So, I figured I'd just wander back to the notebook and tell you all about what's on my desk I've got:

my keys
a container of vitamin E moisturizer,
a roll of 1/2 inch masking tape,
a tattered old copy of A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin,
a crappy St Rose pen,
a Speedy Gonzalas Pez despenser,
a box of wild blackberry herbal tea,
14 or so various CDs,
a few Print magazines (a graphic design oriented publication),
numerious strange papers,
my CVS extra card,
a Capricorn postcard my mom sent me,
drawings from Allein,
2 mousepads (the newest a free neat green one from Mohawk paper,
the elder Taz ripping apart a computer),
a manila envelope with my photos in it,
a black onyx bracelet,
a picture of my grandmother,
a fake human tongue (yes there's a story behind it)
copper nail polish
my computer, monitor, and speakers (of course)
one of those hair things that will keep it up in a twist,
On top of the monitor:
my oxford dictionary
old mail,
gouache tubes and brushes
On the side of my computer tower
a postcard that reads "WHOOP-DEE F*ing DO!" {without the censorship of course}

hope you enjoyed this :)


howard Sat Apr 29 17:23:30 PDT 2000

LITTER! -- How could I have forgot to mention that I have a Porsche too! It was buried under a pile of papers. It's a 911 Cabriolet also, but it's jet black. I just moved an extra calendar and some seed packets and there it was. I used to own a real Porsche - a '57 Speedster. There's not much I own now that I wouldn't give to have it back.

SASQUATCH -- You certainly are an abrupt fellow. You *are* a fellow, are you not? By the way, if you're really out in the woods, what do you plug your computer in to?

MARY -- I keep going back to your poem "Till We're Together Again" because it is so real. Some dear friends of ours had twin grand-daughters, one of whom died about two years ago from cancer. She, too, left letters and gifts for her husband to give to their children on various birthdays and holidays over the next several years. Such love does not pass with the one who loves. Thank you for that poem.

CHARLES -- Excellent imagery in your poems also! I've been meaning to post something in the critique area, but there's not been time.

D.M.K. -- Welcome to the Workbook, if not the notebook!

GOODWEED -- I haven't heard from SKS in quite some time, though I've written to him. Last I heard, he and Barb Garrett were collaborating on a work-in-progress.

CHRISTI -- We've been through the home care experience, and I know what you're going through. It's not easy, and most cannot handle it, but with the support of family and friends it can be done. Consider us an extension of the "family and friends" and come on by for morale support. We'll be thinking of (and praying for) you.

TEEKAY -- Did "Holding Wonder" arrive? Hope everything is okay "down under." Do you refer to us as "up over?"

GARIESS -- Jerry's right -- don't use the scissors icon, because that actually removes the text from the file you're editing. Instead, try clicking on EDIT, then COPY, after selecting the text. It's much safer. For a pretty good tutorial, check at
for a WIN98 tutorial CD that will help you learn the beast. Arcamax has a whole catalog full of these CDs, including some pretty nice software and kids stuff, and they're all $7.95 US and 9.95 Canadian. Lots of other free stuff too!

I really must be getting busy at something else right now.


(that used to look cool coming out on a teletype page!)

Cassandra Sat Apr 29 16:41:11 PDT 2000

Hi all! In a glorious mood, because of the temperate weather outside the window, and a beautiful art show put on by my school's senior students. It looks as if the building we procured for holding such a large show might actually be given to us by the city, it'd be a godsend too. Aside from all the repairs it might need, I really think it'll do good things for our art department. :) Everyone is happily awaiting the news on the prospect.

Litter- Yeah, I heard women could actually train themselves to pee into urinals. The strange things people do when they've got too much time on their hands...

Allein- College would be a great time to go to Japan, just make sure not to enroll as an art major here at St Rose. You wouldn't have time to go anywhere in such a case. *sigh* I still hold pipe dreams of visiting Rome, Scottland, and the Orient... looks as if that will be an after-college project though. :(

Well, it's time to write a quick paper, and do some serious work.

May the muse whisper thanks to those that bring fresh thoughts and voices to our minds (Erin, Tina, and anyone else who braved unfamiliarity, who risked embarassment to broaden our horizons)


Goodweed of the North Sat Apr 29 16:10:33 PDT 2000

Heather; That's amazing. The church I attend is on the Ontario side of the border, on Caledon Street. It's by North 82 restaurant where they make an absolutely incredible Ceasar Salad, with other good foods as well. My favorite Chinese restaurant is Sun Kwong on Queen Street where they serve an excellent Chow Mein. I love swimming in the "big pond". I abhor swimming in chlorinated pools and vastly prefer swimming in a lake clean enough to drink from. Sake Superior is truly awe inspiring.

Where do you live now? From your post, it seems clear that you are no longer in Sault Ontario. I moved back to Soo Mich. in 87 to attend Lake State and never left. There are things I don't like about the town, mostly the lack of good paying jobs, but that can be said about a lot of places.

Anyway, nice to meet you. I wish you good writing and success.

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Litter Sat Apr 29 15:50:46 PDT 2000

Hi All,

Heather - Shucks, I've gone all embarrassed now. Thanks. ::blush::
I have had sausages that I could only describe as tasting 'pink'. I also have some tumble polished Leopard-skin Agate. (As opposed to ground and polished)
As for canine teeth -- there is a school of thought in bio-anthropology that believe that humans could not have developed to the point of language and abstract skills if we had descended from vegetarian ancestors. The argument goes, something like, due to the intensive biological processes of digesting vegetarian materials, grasses, serials and the like, there would not have been an adequate enough blood supply to the brain for the brain to grow and develop the way it has. The blood would be overused in the digestive processes in the gut. That, I suppose, is why cows have four 'stomachs' and small brains. (I know a few people that fit into that category also :o)

Allein - I have just rechecked the bio's page and you have a real face! I mean, as opposed to the cartoon type on your web-site. Celtic too, huh! The red hair is a bit of a giveaway. You look a bit Buffy-ish too, if I may be so bold. (Too late if I can't. coz I've gone and said it anyway :o)

Arik - A message awaits you on your own version of the notebook.

Jerry - you have a point. Normally my hard drive normally doesn't see 6 months before I am forced to reformat it. I'm a sucker for trying out new programs, and Ziff-Davis' ZDNet has lots of goodies, most of which work well… until they meet an enemy program and it is DLL HELL all over again. (DLL HELL - good name for a story anyone?)

What lives on my desk??? It might be simpler to point out what doesn't…

OK, I've all the usual PC paraphenalia, and loads of CD, reference books, pens pencils paper and such, but the interesting (?) stuff is more likely to be among the following:

Video camera pointing at me all the time but never switched on, (getting ready for mega-stardom, interviews, etc..); a mug filled with pliars and screwdrivers, none of which are of any use on my PC, which is emblazoned with "Only my computer understands me"; a 500 hour candle (Y2K refugee); a Lego monster (self-made); a 5" high carved wood Celtic cross; A 6" high ET holding a sprig of heather and ivy, tied with a tartan ribbon; a Porsche 911 Cabriolet, (white); an 8" high alabaster statuette of a Greco-Roman female with water jug; an alien in a perspex pyramid; an alien egg; a Rubick's cube calendar; a mock pill bottle marked Penisillin; two 3" long wooden coffins with pop-up figures; an artificial poinsettia bloom; a selection of drugs; the bottom 5" of my pony tail; (my mother-in-law thought it was too long, so I'm making a gift of it to her :o); 3 dozen assorted tumble-polished gemstones; NA Indian neck armour/choker; a computer-mouse night-shirt and, the crowning glory of my desktop collection -- silicone-rubber facsimile of a boobie (narrow back c-cup, at a guess) meant for use as a drinking conduit when fitted atop a drinks tumbler.

Anyone see anything at all strange in that lot?

Ciao for now,


PS The drugs are all prescription, even the ones that have 'interesting'

Heather Sat Apr 29 12:52:27 PDT 2000

Ooops! Rachel, that was Bach, not Back, but I needn't tell you that. I just realized by stupid typo when I came back online to discover no one has left any messages since mine.

How annoying is that? Finding a typo and not being able to go in and fix it.


Heather Sat Apr 29 10:42:05 PDT 2000

Goodweed! I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I loved to go for a visit across St. Mary's river to Soo Michigan, and we'd go to the cheesiest restaurant on the planet, but I loved it. It was 'The Antlers' restaurant. You'd know it a few miles away by the green shamrocks all over the outside. And by the taxedermists' paradise inside. The only thing I didn't like were the live lobsters, if you ordered one you were supposed to pick out the one you would eat, and then think about how it would scream as it died in the pot while you waited, surrounded by hanging canoes, stuffed bears (the one by the door had the biggest pink tongue, rather like a strawberry creamsicle), raccoons, deer, squirrels, every animal native to the area and a few that weren't.
If you were a vegetarian, this place would have been sacreligious. As I pledge allegiance to a balanced diet of both flesh and greenery, I was only slightly appalled, and partially sorry for growing carnivourous teeth.

Anyhow, I find it interesting that we have a city in common.
Not too many people know where the Soo is, if they've even heard of it.

We had a cottage on Lake Superior. It's a bit of a cold swim, even in July.


Litter, I think you are terrific. I chose garnet on a whim, thinking how lovely a deep red it is. I just felt it suited you. I don't find it that odd that garnet is your favourite. Uncanny, maybe.
I have two round, polished garnets as well as an impressive amber specimen on my favourite ring, not cut or faceted at all, and they are very beautiful. I love snowflake Obsidian as well, and have some leopard skin agates too. I have an unpolished piece that is very interesting - the blips and circles are separate formations within the stone that are of a more dense or hard nature. They erode more slowly than the rest.
On reply to your pin pointing of Jesus as being the Word, it is true, but if the Trinity be One, I am describing the same presence in effect! A circular 'argument' if we want to call it an argument at all. Get comfy.

And yes, attributing a colour to a taste that otherwise is very difficult to describe I have also done. Grey poupon does taste grey, doesn't it? After, of course, the white-hot sparks have fizzled into ashes on the tongue.

I am glad to hear your mother (in law?) is doing well once more. And Christi, you are welcome for your stone. I hope all will be well with your mother in law.

Rachel, you are so Opal! I adore opal, and I adore your perfect humour. And 'One' by Back is a great book - have you read any other books of his? I might be inclined to recommend ALL of his books, but to list them would be too long. Thank you for thinking me a clear-blue stone. It sounds like a nice colour to be - provided it's not the blue funk that's been passing hands around here lately!
You have purple pens too? Rachel if we lived closer to each other you and I would have to have coffee and gab often! Love ya.

Erin, that was purple me. Hi there!

Welcome to Tina - don't fear dwelling here, it is friendlier than a pervert at a drive - in movie.
Should I have said that?

Allein, don't be blue - you're the amber! I'm sorry you can't go to Japan, but that's YET. If travelling there is your great passion, you will accomplish it. Just be sure to bring me back some silk. Make that ten yards, red or purple patterns ok, please!
Thought I'd get my request in now, since you never know when someone will just pick up her hems and fly there.

Ta ta folks, off to write more on chapter 4...
I'm progressing so slowly I'll be 100 and still posting that I'm writing the SAME novel. Grrrrr.


Goodweed of the North Sat Apr 29 09:29:56 PDT 2000

In answer to the question, "...How far North?" Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, right smack on the American/Canadian border, US side of the river.

Hello to everyone. I find some things different about the notebook. I like the "bet, worst, funniest" sentence critique. The atmasphere is freindly, inviting, and cordial. I see some of my old freinds are still here, while sadly, others don't seem to be.

I'll add to the list of people who would like to find Hayden.

Hayden, if you are lurking, please e-mail me as I blew away my Netscape again. I have an e-mail address for you, but when I tried to use it, the message came back to me. Hope to soon hear from you.

Steve Perry; I'm in the same boat with you. Two of my best freinds on the internet and I have lost the e-mail addresses.

Garies, Rachel, Americo, Jon, Pussy, Rhoda, Howard; thanks for the welcome back. So, what have I missed that is revolutionary and/or Earth shaking? Anyone I know get published yet? If so, congrats. How goes the critiques? I hope this place is as vital and energetic as it was before. Jack; Was amused by the picture of your work space. It looks much like my study.

Well, I must leave now. It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon and there is work waiting to be done.

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North

Allein Sat Apr 29 09:08:51 PDT 2000

Tina J - Hello. I'm Celtic too by the way and belong to a group of Celtic people at school - we are obsessed with anything and everything Celtic - especially designs. It's nice to know there are others who feel the same way. :)

Well everyone, I'm not going to Japan this summer. I wasn't accepted. For political reasons they chose to send three students from Bremerton High School. I'm not sure why considering that my school was named in the top 2% of schools in the country. Anyway, there are more opportunities for things like that in college anyway so I'll go someday. :)
Bye bye all,

Howard Sat Apr 29 08:42:35 PDT 2000

MARY -- My desk? Besides my monitor, speakers and scanner, (computer's on the floor) I have: Two lamps (I like it bright) a Stew Leonard mug that I was awarded by a user group I supported where I worked, a TI-35X calculator (sans batteries), another small solar calculator, a 20 year old orange (slightly dried out now), a moustache mug, notebooks, bibles, magazines, diskettes, dictionary, bills, checkbook, Kleenex(tm), a Taz doll, phone, 2 stacks of assorted CDs(music and software), sandstone coaster from Arizona, assorted papers and manuscripts, pictures of family, calendars, tape, cinnamon Altoids, etc etc etc. Now I gotta clean it up!


Arik Sat Apr 29 06:48:21 PDT 2000

Jon, what to do? this is my nature (beeng modest). Have you been to my page yt? (just kidding).

B.S.: hey man, can you be nice and let othr people have the "best sentance"? We all noticed that you can write smart things but you are not the only one here :-). take this as a compliment :-).

Jon Sat Apr 29 05:45:12 PDT 2000

this is just to tell you that you have what you asked for the best sentences. Don't be too modest.

B.S. Sat Apr 29 05:39:31 PDT 2000

Everything is what we are, and everything will be what we will have intensely imagined. The grand, weathered panorama of History, as I see it, is no more than a flow of interpretations, a confused consensus of distracted testimonies. The novelist is all of us, and we narrate whenever we see, because seeing is complex, like everything.

In this moment I have so many thoughts, so many things to say, that I'm suddenly tired, and I decide to write no more, think no more, letting the fever of saying put me to sleep instead, and with my eyes closed I pat and stroke, as if it were a cat, all that I could have said.

Arik Sat Apr 29 00:40:23 PDT 2000

Thanks Jon, but I dont know if I have the promition to make my sentances the best sentances :-)... because if I'll have this option then I'll probebly win (hey.. I will rule over the dumbest sentance award :-).

I haven't descided yet what will be the award for you, people so I am sorry... Let me know if you have some ideas... I will be greatfull :-).

Tina J Fri Apr 28 23:14:10 PDT 2000

Hi again.
My, a lot goes on here in a day!

Thanks. I'm taking the plunge....

Hello! It's not the amount of celt, it's the quality! I'm happily 3/4's and nuts about anything celtic.

Wierdiousity? That's within my comfort zone.

I write sci-fi, sort of, right now. I also have fantasy and fiction plots on simmer. My labour of love is a novel I've been working on seriously for about 2 years now, that I began YEARS ago.

Can't wait to get into the Workbook. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's work.

Now I know what a boring desk I have! The only interesting things would be my Celtic heat sensitive mouse pad, a big quartz crystal, and song lyrics typed out and hung on the wall. I get the feeling that my abused, falling apart dictionary is nothing unusual.

'Til next time.

Rachel Fri Apr 28 16:10:53 PDT 2000

All - I to have been blue. I seem to be feeling a little brighter these past few days. My blue feeling has been one of those soft romantic sort of blues. I'm pretty okay with it.
My children have been off school for five weeks and I have not had my usual time to myself. I like my quiet days. I have always been a person who likes to have a good deal of time to myself. If I don't get it I tend to feel pent up.
It isn't easy to write with four children and their friends running round having a blast, or worse yet, fighting... ARGH!
All that said I'm feeling much brighter. Yup. I just needed to adjust my perspective (grins).
Hope this isn't full of spelling blips and blaps. If it is just ignore them.
Take care all

Jon Fri Apr 28 16:09:06 PDT 2000

Tonight's best sentence is Arik's:

"The problem is not to write like me but to understand what I write."

Christi Fri Apr 28 16:04:51 PDT 2000

Hilow everyone.

I was going to try to just read the posts for once, as I have been buttkickingly busy for the past few days, but I can't help it!!!

Americo, Love to you.

Teekay, Love to you too. I'm so glad you're out of your funk. Thanks for the smiles!!

Heather, Thank you so much for the stone.

Jack, Haaa!!! Your desk is awesome. I'm no longer ashamed of my own ghastly mess; I'm proud!!

Mary, On my, okay, we'll call it a desk, I've got baby nail clippers, a green frog I call Senor, an antique pen holder which holds no pen, stacks of index cards, tons of writing books, a huuuuuge dictionary I found second hand, a large stone which has the word "imagine" carved in it, pens galore, and the rest you really don't want to know. It's an eclectic mess, rather like my brain.

Arik, Teekay won two prizes! She is the one who wrote the funniest sentence of the day, I am certain!

I have been awfully blue as of late as well. My mother in law has come to stay with us and I am playing nurse around the clock. Her brain operation went pretty well, but she has been left quite incapacitated and needs much help for everything. There's no one else able to take on this responsibility so it has fallen to me. This wouldn't be sooo hard if I didn't have my son to attend to. I wonder what folks without insurance are supposed to do when they need treatment? I guess we'll find out about that one. Enough 'whatever' airing! I just wanted to clue you guys in to why I've been gone, and why I won't be around too much.

Oh, I forgot. Welcome to everyone new here. Welcome!!!!!!!!!!

Love to you all,

Jerry Ericsson Fri Apr 28 15:15:26 PDT 2000

Litter - Oh the format c: was very intentinal, and I did have all my writings backed up on my main computer. I have all my computers in the house networked, and save all my files to my desktop, no matter which I write them on. Now I have had to format the Desktop, not all that long ago, but used the wife's computer to back up the esential items, so never lost on those either. I am a firm believer that every computer should have it's hard drive formated at least once per year, if not every six months, keeps them running much smoother, and repairs the errors that programers make when they write programs for Windows 9X. By the way I hear good reports on Windows 2000 as far as it being self repairing, in that it keeps track of all the DLL files that are replaced by programs, and tries to use the default ones first, so as not to cause such programs aptly described as DLL HELL - which was effecting this machine.

Jack Beslanwitch Fri Apr 28 13:41:11 PDT 2000

I just wanted to welcome Erin Vanessa Schmieding to our Bios page and a picture to put with the name. It helps, I think, to have something like this to better picture each other. Take care.

Arik Fri Apr 28 13:33:57 PDT 2000

sasquatch - The problem is not to write like me... but to understand what I am writing :-). Lets see you do in this one!

Litter Fri Apr 28 13:00:37 PDT 2000

Hi All,

Back from a nightmare week, but my mother is again self-sufficient. Thanks to all who wished her well.

Dorothy - way to go! Out of the closet at last then…

Hi Charles. If I have said that before then just put it down to a sucky memory.

Hi Erin. I too am 1/16th Irish and 15/16ths Scottish, but as any Celtic historian will tell you the Scottish came from Ireland in any even - The Scotti were an Irish tribe, as named by the Romans… So I guess all I can say is that I am 100% Celtic. But then again the Celts originated from the lands of the Danube… My head hurts!!!

Hi Tina, I'm sure this place will shortly be well inside your comfort zone. They are a friendly bunch of varying degrees of weirdiousity. (If Shakespeare can make up his own words, so can I!)

WB Trudy and Goodweed (love that name…)

Allein - AOL being retarded again? Did they ever stop? Speak to Dot - she's working on an expose of the biggest software and internet bullies and don't-cares. But if you have internet explorer on a separate shortcut then click on that when you are online with aol. Although aol say that they have integrated IE5 it doesn't seem to work as it should? But, opening up IE5 (or 4 for that matter) will get you places quicker, even on an aol connection. (Dot, OK that is one for one. Want to try for two? ;o)

Heather - are you random snorts, those of animalistic glee, or do you have a little nose-candy habit you'd like to share with us. Don't be ashamed - I used to snort coke, but the bubbles made me sneeze :o) Now then, I'd like to know why you chose garnet for me. Garnet is my all time favourite faceted stone, deeper and richer in colour than ruby and manlier, I think? My favourite polished semi-precioous stone would have to be Snowflake Obsidian. You haven't mentioned that one yet but I have some lovely examples. Leopard-skin Agate is another lovely stone in spherical form.

B.S. Very profound. I think this is very Americoesque?

Casey - there are websites to show those of the female persuasion how to use urinals - with and without artificial aids. (not that I have seen them of course) something to do with feminism and reclaiming territory lost to patriarchal society?????????

Heather again - "Why is Omnipotentcy Himself described as 'The Word'?" Omnipotency does not describe Himself as the word, but that part of the Trinity known as His son, Jesus. But that is enough - don't want to start another Crusade or even a Spanish Inquisition… Comfy chair or not!

Arik, I shall try to have a look at your webpage when I have played catch-up with my mail.

Jerry - I have been the Format C road, and even the Delete Partition road. Not nice - hope you had everything backed-up.

Speaking of the blues, which I am glad to say I have not got, has anybody ever attributed a colour to something they have tasted because it seemed to be the best way of describing it?

Everyone else - Scooby-dooby-dooo…

Ciao for now,


PS Desktop paraphernalia - hahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

sasquatch Fri Apr 28 12:33:02 PDT 2000

Erin and Tina persons I sasquatch will welcome you and hope you to stay. I lurk also most times for I feel that I most times do not have to say very good sentances. I think sentances is new spell of that word but I see Arik using and also some others. If they can use then I sasquatch can use.
What do Erin and Tina persons write about? I must go.

Arik Fri Apr 28 12:28:45 PDT 2000

Marry - Yes... The milenium sentance :-).... You can also write about that in the notebook, I'll be very thankfull to you :-)... I just have to make ppl come into my page :-).

Rachel Fri Apr 28 12:18:31 PDT 2000

Erin - You are not a pest. Feel free to yammer away to me any time.
My hair is not purple. That was Heather (grins). My hair is brown. If you want the exact shade, I would need to look on the box...
I'm 31, have four kids, one husband, a dog and a bunch of fish.
I do like the colour purple, but I favor blue and green.
Take care you

Mary Fri Apr 28 12:16:26 PDT 2000

ERIN: I will talk to you! Welcome--have you been to the Workbook yet? It is really bustling! Hope to see your work there soon too. (Please forgive me if it is already there and I didn't see it.) There are quite a few "newbies" myself included, and believe me you are very much wanted and appreciated. Write-on!

TINA: The same goes for you! Welcome!

ANDREA:Where did you disappear to?

Erin Fri Apr 28 11:45:03 PDT 2000


I'm new here too... Nice to meet you! :)

Jerry Ericsson Fri Apr 28 11:42:44 PDT 2000

Tina J - welcome to our little group of writers, you will find that we are a friendly bunch.

Erin Erin_Vanessa Fri Apr 28 11:39:29 PDT 2000


your desk sounds alot cleaner then mine, I don't want to get started on that... I love purple, and my hair is wine red too! I like plants, but I think I have a black thumb, nothing I plant grows...

I posted my first note the day before yesterday, So I guess I'm just hoping that someone will talk to me, sorry If I'm a pest...

Rachel Fri Apr 28 11:29:12 PDT 2000

Tina - Welcome:)

gariess Fri Apr 28 11:24:45 PDT 2000


You're instructions are too advanced for me. I don't know what a clipboard icon is. I don't even know what a clipboard is. Thank you for trying. What I am still trying to figure out is: why did the last part of the story disappear? I mean disappear from the post in the NB. I would have thought using the SELECT ALL option would have prevented that.

Tina J,

Its rather like junping into the cold water. The best way is to just jump in. Don't make the slow, small, agonizing advances.


Tina J Fri Apr 28 10:44:07 PDT 2000

Hello All. I've been lurking for awhile now and figure it's time to 'fess up.
This is the complete and absolute first time I've posted anything on the internet, so I'm as newbie as they come, and a little nervous. It REALLY pushes my comfort zone.
Can't wait to read some of the work everyone keeps mentioning. Just lurking around the notebook has made me eager to see what everyone writes!
I didn't even know that this kind of group existed until I spoke to Diana Gabaldon at her book signing and I asked her where an unpublished writer could get input and she suggested the internet! Glad I followed up! I'm still leary about posting my work in such an open forum, but maybe.....

Lurking was WAY more comfortable...

Mary Fri Apr 28 10:33:19 PDT 2000

ARIK: Sentence of the millenium, really? Thanks!!!:>)

Arik Fri Apr 28 10:05:09 PDT 2000

Hey guys... Rachel, Christi, Mary, Jerry, Teekay and Christi... dont you guys wanna check what I answered you in my notebook (hint hint)... :-).

Hey pussy, do you like a milk and vodka drink?

Rachel Fri Apr 28 08:03:34 PDT 2000

Heather - Hi you:D I wanted to thank you for saying I'm an opal. I think opals are lovely. Ah, and yes, I did read up on them some. I think that they suit me well enough (grins). You I thought of as a very light, but bright blue stone. I do not know my gems very well. I'm talking almost clear, with just a trace of blue burning within. That is the sort of gem that I thought you would be. Honestly thought an opal is pretty good to me. I love all the colours in them.

You said you had the book "One" by Richard Bach on your desk. I loved that book. I have that book on my bookshelf in the other room.

Trudy - I send you a very big smile. It was not intentional. Thanks for understanding. Now you wanted to know what is ON my desk. I don't have to go into all the stuff that I shove into my file drawer do I (grins)?

On my desk from left to right starting across the back, you will find...

- a hair elastic
- a monitor
- mouse on a mouse pad
- two speakers that I use as book ends. They are not of much use otherwise. Yah see, my sound card is blown.
- books between speakers include
- Faust/Part Two
- Mansfield - Selected Stories
- My Journal
- Ackerman - A Natural History of the Senses
- Pokemon - Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
- Salinger - The Catcher in the Rye
- Oxford Paperback Portuguese Dictionary
- Saramago - The History of the Seige of Lisbon
- Modern Stories in English
- The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
- Portuguese Phrase Book and Dictionary
- Faubert - Madam Bovary
- Webster's New World Dectionary

- My printer

On the foreground of my desk

- My bank statement
- A spool of thread (white)
- A glass of water (almost empty)
- My driver's dicence (picture awful, doesn't even look like me - My signature got cut by the digital machine and it looks like I'm D Olan).
- Bank card
- Glasses case (I have to leave it in the middle of my desk or I will forget to wear my glasses. If I forget to wear my glasses I'm not a happy gal).
- A tidy stack of notes.
- A purple pen (I kid you not Heather).
- Two pencils.

I have a bookshelf on the side of my desk. It is of course full of books (grins). A nice fat Encyclopedia that I LOVE. A folder with my drawings in it. My much loved cook book. A couple of manuscripts. I would tell yah all what was on them, but then I would have to kill yah. Bwah, ha, ha, ha!!!!!

My computer area tends to be quite tidy. It has to be. I share this room with my family and the N64.

OH! I didn't mention my keyboard. It is on a roll shelf that I pull out. I like it. It keeps the top of the desk clear for writing stuff.

So that is it from me.

How is that for a LONG post:D

Jerry Ericsson Fri Apr 28 07:30:00 PDT 2000

Gariss - the trouble began when you clicked on the scissors, that means CUT, in other words remove all that text and put in your clipboard file. If you want to leave it in, click on the clipboard icon, which means COPY it will leave all the text where it is and place a copy of it on your clipboard. Lots of people make this mistake from time to time, that is why it is best to save your work before any editing, so a copy of it exists on your hard drive. If you ever make that error again, and catch it in time, just paste it back in WORD again and it will still be there. You should be able to go to where you posted it, and highlight the text then copy it to your clipboard and paste it back in WORD, you might have to have WORD open when you go to that posting, so you can bring it right up after you copy the text.

Hope this helps.


Heather Fri Apr 28 07:20:38 PDT 2000

Arik! Teekay is not a 'his'. She is a 'her'.
Now do I get the dumbest sentence?

Gariess, I was all fired up to read your short story so I hope it's there - after all, if Teekay was able to email it to you - there must have been something there. Ending? No ending? Bah! And you know what to do if you're feeling BLUE:

Don't be blue,
don't be red,
Just wear that
Lampshade on your head!

Say this three times while invoking Stephen King for Teekay,
Richard Bach and Toni Morrison for me, and Dr. Doolittle for Jerry's friend. Oh, and Carmen Electra for Dot!


Arik Fri Apr 28 03:21:16 PDT 2000

Hello people... well, i"m bak with todays sentances :-).
- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- - -

and the Finest sentance goes with no doubt to: B.S.:

"Literature ó which is art married to thought, and realization without the stain of reality ó seems to me the end toward which all human effort would
have to strive. To express something is to conserve its virtue and take away its terror. Fields are greener in their description than in their actual
greeness. Flowers, if described with phrases that define them in the air of imagination, will have colors with a durability not found in cellular life.

To act is to live, to be expressed is to endure. There's nothing in life that's less real for having been well described. Small-minded critics point out that
such-and-such poem, with its protracted cadences, in the end says merely that it's a nice day. But to say it's a nice day is difficult, and the nice day
itself passes on. We must conserve the nice day in a florid and prolix memory, constellating with new flowers or new stars the fields and skies of the
empty and ephemeral exterior. "
- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- -- - -
The dumnest sentance goes to Teekay... again for his:





- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - -- - --

The funniest sentance goes to... someone.:

- - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - --- - - - -- - - - - - -

Good day to all of you :-)

gariess Thu Apr 27 23:13:03 PDT 2000

Okay, Notebookers,

I will have to re-create the ending to THE BOY WHO COULDN'T BE HEARD. How could all but the last part of a Word file paste to the WB. I used the SELECT ALL option from the Edit box. I used the scissor icon to cut. Still, I can't answer how the file disappeared after. I was not prompted for a SAVE option. The file name exists but the file has no text.

Maybe I am being punished. Now, I'm blue. BWAAAAAAAA!


GS Thu Apr 27 22:52:19 PDT 2000


More brilliant than I. I am still glad you did it. I still would have messed it up.


Heather Thu Apr 27 22:45:52 PDT 2000

BTW, I'm not B.S., although I've been known as a bull, being Taurus and all. I responded to B.S., usurping some of his/her writing style, finding that the best mode of agreement.

I might have been a natural echo in that respect.
(Sea Cove, Fiord, Islet, anyone?)

Earthy, yup. Could you tell by the seedlings on my desk?
Well, there are more plants in this house than pets and people combined. That's what I guess I'll dub a 'rhetorical

Jack, though my desk may seem filled with an awful lot of items, it's more organized than it sounds. Yours takes the pound cake. You don't live in 'Tornado Alley' do you? Just checking. I see by your photo you have as many books as the library.

Heather [hic!]

Heather Thu Apr 27 22:29:51 PDT 2000

Teekay - I am honoured you bestow me a diamond, but can I just settle on an amethyst? Heather flowers are purple.
So is my hair.

Well, sort of. More like wine colour. Colour is right - I dye it.

Gariess, I laughed aloud when I read the last of your several posts. Hayden - come out come out wherever you are!
Would like a matching shade for this pair of exquisite lamps.

Inventory of Heather's desk:

~Two tin hanging lanterns (that aren't hung up yet) with tea-light candles and little star engravings on the glass enclosures (for writing/reading those romantic stories in SM** of course... omitting Jerry's last meal of barbequed Harry)

~A large, mostly empty glass of pop with a red and white striped straw

~My computer

~A tray of seedlings in peat moss, labelled as to what type of seed is planted where. (My desk is in the corner of the room, with three windows on the front wall (behind the desk) and one window wraps around to the side of the house so my seedlings get lots of sun)

~Pads of paper and a purple pen

~Thesaurus, 1935 dictionary, 1962 Encyclopedia of the English Language (Websters, with gilt-edged pages)

~An ancient school teacher stapler with no staples (they don't make the size staple that fits it any more) :O(

~Copy of Toni Morrison's 'Beloved', Richard Bach's 'One', Zenna Henderson's 'The Anything Box' of Howard's, Writer's Market 2000, An Atlas of the Planets, John Fowles' 'Mantissa', S.L. Sparling's 'The Glass Mountain', Ethel Wilson's 'Swamp Angel', Ayn Rand's 'Anthem'.

~Schematic plans for the deck I am building and just applied to get a permit for.

~pictures and letter the kids have drawn and written

~A decorated tin can (was soup) that holds my calligraphy pen, ink, pencils and an eraser, the hospital bands that were on my son and daughter from their births, and a weekend pass wrist band from the shindig we have in Guelph at the lake each year called the 'Hillside Festival', where over 40 bands come to play continuously over three days; last year on the first night my best friend and I didn't even leave the beer tent).

~A package of blank 20 lb. computer paper

~In my drawers are my plethora of disks, papers, file folders, a plastic envelope for my ms as it is completed and printed chapter by chapter,and a strange plexiglass clip board with my name etched in it that I've had since elementary school;
~CD roms, scraps of paper with neat quotes on them, 'Far side' calendar pages, a fresh piece of black licorice, subtraction flash cards of my daughter's, a Canadian Tire receipt and cappuccino coloured and flavoured lip gloss.

~empty seed packages.

I think I have to clean out my desk. Already!

Thank you Gariess, for saying I deserve a jewel in this bracelet. I hadn't even thought of one for me until you said it. Teekay, diamonds are too bright and clear. Sometimes I'm a little muddled and purple is fine with me.
My daughter's middle name is Amethyst. I liked it because of the colour, the gem, and the fact that Amethyst has hardly any vowels! (well, an a and an e, but the why never makes up its' mind)

Amethyst is a healing colour. So it says in my gemstone book, anyway. Can I live up to purple?
I don't know.
I think I'll light my little lantern and think it through.

Americo, that lampshade is just your perfect hat. Quite dashing if I do say so.

Invocations, by Teekay ~ I do believe I have a digeredoo [sic] and I'll wumple a few 'plthhhbbbs' and 'zeeeezeeee's' into it for the spell to come to fruition. Teamwork pays off! I may have to whip out the rain stick or the violin, and the harmonica and make it an all points bulletin. I might be able to find that old kazoo as well.

Dot - nice to read your posts, keep 'em comin'!
Trudy, I would have to say you'll run out of assignments if you don't set aside the time to think up new ideas. Give yourself time each day if you have to - just a little might go a long way. Keep on top of the fst pced wrld of magazines and news, is to keep the ideas crisp and flowing freely. So fast paced, my vowels went missing for a while there.
I run into ideas (or they into me) all the time. I carry a pad of paper and a pen, and a cell phone which I've used in the car to call home and leave the idea on the answering machine! Goofy, but it worked. I don't have a little pocket tape recorder, but that's my birthday request this year.

Did that help? *shrug, hope*

Arik, funniest sentence of the day should go to both Gariess and Dot.

Whaddya think?

opening the wine.

Thu Apr 27 22:03:59 PDT 2000


Teekay. Thu Apr 27 22:02:15 PDT 2000

GARIESS: I've just discovered that you could have emailed your story to yourself. How brilliant am I?? How brilliant??

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Thu Apr 27 22:00:49 PDT 2000

Well I was gone there for a little while, got mad at my laptop for having unexplained errors, so gave it the ultimate command FORMAT C: It did it nicely, that was several hours ago, and now it is up and running again, and behaving itself nicely. Sometimes we just have to get tough with our workers to make them behave properly. Sorry to hear that the blues are going around the notebook, it is sad in a nice sort of way. We were having such fun these past few weeks, and now everyone is down in the mouth. Ah well, tomorow is another day, everyone should promis themselves that it will be a much better day, and awake with a smile. The weather has been absolutly wonderful here of late, lots of rain brought forth the bright green grass on the lawns, and the trees are begining to show greenery again, it appears that spring is underway. My bird feeders are being visited by strangers that I haven't seen for many months, it is wonderfull to see them back again, as I know that camping season is just around the corner. We traveld north about a hundred miles a few weeks ago and picked out a new used camper, as our old one is in bad shape. Picked out a nice one, and it is ready for me to go back up there to pick it up, just haven't had the time as of yet. Was planning on going in the morning but the wife told me that we were going the other way for the weekend, as my son and his wife have invited us up for the weekend. It will be nice to see them again, we don't see as much of them as we would like, and our grand daughter is such a joy to be around. There you see, things are looking better, there is fun just around the corner, and life goes on. Better to smile and enjoy it then to sink into a blue funk. Well better get off my high horse and get to bed, it is getting late.

Hope everyone is much happier in the morning!


PS Hayden where have you gone?

Teekay. Thu Apr 27 21:05:25 PDT 2000

DOT: I bow to you, I sing your praises. I have not laughed sooooo hard in absolutely ages. Please, please post more.

AMERICO: If you are still a little blue, you MUST read DOT's posting in the novel section of the WB.
Recommended reading for anybody except those with a weak heart or morals. Hah hah only kidding.

Erin Thu Apr 27 20:59:21 PDT 2000

hey all, this is first chance to check this site since I wrote my first note. Thanks for the kind welcome.

This has to short because my dad needs the phone like clear... Xavier, I am Irish, Well, sort of, only 1/16 but I'm proud of that 1/16

I don't write very much sci-fi, mostly weird or fairy tale like fantasy.

Teekay. Thu Apr 27 19:40:48 PDT 2000

Thanks to you,
I'm no longer blue,
I only needed someone to give

Have you tried emailing HAYDEN? He sounds like he must be some character. Perhaps if we all unite in thought and summon HAYDEN to be with us, he shall respond.




Right, lets just sit back and see if it works.
Fingers crossed everyone.

I'm starving again, I'm going to get a pie.

HEATHER: Thankyou also for making me an emerald. You shall be the diamond. If that's alright with you, after all it is your bracelet.

JERRY: May you get bored more often. It does wonders for your presence here.

Now I'm really going to get that pie, bring it home and sit down to read GARIESS and DOT's goodies.

Thu Apr 27 19:09:50 PDT 2000

Teekay, you are such a pal. Some day I will get on a big plane and fly to the other side of the world and give you a great silly kiss.


Thu Apr 27 19:07:21 PDT 2000


The short is there now, in fact there is the only place it is.
If you are blue, I do care, But you know what to do.

Donít be blue.
Donít be red.
Put a lampshade
on your head.

HAYDEN is not like Jon and Pussy, who are alter egos of the great A man. Jon and Pussy are nice, but Hayden is a very special person. By the way, He is much closer to you than to me. Hayden resides in Melbourne, where he works for the government. Well, we never established that he actually works but he is employed by the government and they pay him for some absurd reason known only to the government. Hayden was a great Notebooker of his day and was truly fun to hang with but Iím afraid he just doesnít choose to be among us any more. Except when he lurks. But it hardly counts when he doesnít speak.


Funny you should make reference to both these things in one post. Did you know that the Spoonerism of POP CORN is COP PORN. And the Spoonerism of SMART FELLER isÖ

HELP! HELP! HELP! I lost my story in the Workbook. Dirty rakenfracks g$%damn r*%tten Word, you mo*&$rf*%&er.

I will inventory my desk surface below.

Let's see, One lampshade!! Well, that was quick. Oh, I forgot, one burned out light bulb. One broken lamp.


Teekay. Thu Apr 27 18:48:26 PDT 2000

GARIESS: I emailed you a copy of your story.

gariess Thu Apr 27 18:26:39 PDT 2000

Hey you guys,

Who can help me? As it stands, the only copy of THE BOY WHO COULDN'T BE HEARD is now in the WB in SM. Can anyone tell me how I can retrieve the text for myself. Maybe if one of you good guys could copy it and send it to me in an email.

I just don't know if I will ever be able to use a PC or word processor without making a bloody great mess of things.

The inept,


Dot Thu Apr 27 17:40:41 PDT 2000

Oh dear. Litter will see that remark when he next logs on, won't he. Ooops. Voices in my head made me do it Litter. Now where is that hole?

Dot Thu Apr 27 17:38:45 PDT 2000

Hello Notebookers,

My, my but we're busy of late. Welcome to all newcomers. I'm pretty new here too and I will try to catch up on who is who sometime soon. Consumer related issues take up absolutely oodles of time but I have managed to post the first chapter of my embryonic novel PORNCOP. Yeah me! It sounds suspect but it is a satire of the porn industry and its dealings with a 'backwoods' policeman in rural Scotland. (Referred to regularly as the polis. (that is -- Poe-Liss)

Anyway, I think it posted OK so dooooo let me know what you think. I don't think it is too rude but does have some rude bits, being what it is. Has anyone read POPCORN by Ben Elton? Also satire, but on the 'pulp-fiction' style of Hollywood movies such as, well, Pulp Fiction.

Hugs to all and I promise I'll try catching up.


PS Got a phone call from Litter. He says that his mother is doing well and he hopes to get back to his PC soon. (I think he loves that machine more than his wife! :-)

Teekay. Thu Apr 27 17:11:26 PDT 2000

Whoopsy, forgot to remove that part about feeling blue, I was going to suffer in silence.

Teekay Thu Apr 27 17:09:56 PDT 2000

GOODWEED: This post is especially for you as I forgot to say hi in the first post, so "Hi".

ARIK: Yes, I am going for a second try and the most stupid sentence - who could blame me??

Teekay. Thu Apr 27 17:07:38 PDT 2000

HEATHER: Elaine=Heather.
Eric= Americo.
Sheryl= Rachel.
You got the rest right.
I'm glad you liked it. - thanks.

MARY: Hubby insisted I claean up my desk. It would have been much more interesting had
you asked this question two days ago. On mine there is:
1. an ordinary dictionary (2 volumes.)
2. Scanner, speakers and all the computer bits.
3. 1 german, 1 English and 1 Nursing dictionary.
4. Photos of the kids.
5. 2 disc holders + discs.
6. CD stand + CD's.
7. 1 folder and notebook.
8. This mornings breakfast plate.
8. An opened packet of chicken crimpy biscuits from 2 days ago which are now stale dammit!
9. A plastic envelope where I keep all the printed copies of whatever I write.
10. A small vase of fake flowers. ( I don't like fake flowers, but I feel bad about picking
real ones !?!
11. 1 empty decorative glass which is supposed to contain my pens.

JACK: Is that what is termed 'organized chaos?' :) Guess it's not only your mask that
your having problems clearing? :D

GARIESS: Is HAYDEN somewhat like JON and PUSSY?
BTW: I went an had a look for your short and couldn't find it, so I guess
it's not tonight there yet.

Well I'm still blue and nobody cares so I think I'll go and eat easter eggs. (yes,
believe it or not, they still abound aplenty at our house.) and drink tea.

Jerrry A.G. Ericsson ICQ 6359431 Thu Apr 27 15:47:24 PDT 2000

Americo - so glad you came out of your funk.

Mary - I am disabled, so I only spend a few hours a day at my desk, but of course it is filled with many reference books for my hoby computers. There is a three shelf book case next to my desk full of computer books, atop that several towers full of software CD's next to that a small table with the printer and scaner on it. My desk itself is filled with my computer, and several boxes of disks (several hundred floppys.) I do most of my writing from my recliner, which is where I retreat to when my back orders me to move to more comfort. Now there is where most of my writing things reside, much to my wifes dispare. There is an end table next to the recliner which at this time is covered with five referance books on writing, including THE WRITERS JOURNEY, THE FIRST FIVE PAGES, THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES, WRITING THE BLOCKBUSTER NOVEL and WRITING DOWN THE BONES. Next to that is a pedistal that holds my laptop when it is not in its present positon on my lap, atop that is my notebook which contains my daily journel, done in old fashion pen and ink. (Something about a pen in hand that leads to a better journel I think) Also present is a police scaner, so I can keep in touch with what is happening on the force (It has been over twenty years since I worked on this PD, but what the heck still nice to listen in) and my phone. Also several remotes for the TV VCR and STERIO, just in case I decide to forgoe the laptop for some relaxation. On the shelf of the table rests the last several issues of writers digest, and my field glasses, I use to keep an eye on my feathered friends. I keep several feeders in the tree just outside a picture window in this room. See you don't have the most boering writers desk.

Keep the Peace

Rachel Thu Apr 27 15:29:02 PDT 2000

Gary - Hi you:) You are not alone. I write mainstream prose. There are others like us (grins and laughter). I think you are right about Americo and the lampshade.
Take care you

Gariess Thu Apr 27 15:08:59 PDT 2000


Iím sure you will get the hang of clearing your mask.


Who is this B.S. guy? Thatís quite a post. I know what you mean, B.S., about the grass never being so green as when described by the writer. Iíve never seen womenís breasts that are nearly as full and firm and voluptuos as I read about in booksÖ Okay, Hayden, so Iíve never seen womenís breasts, period, but I have a right to speak here. I knew you were lurking.


I did not mean you, specifically. I suppose I should have said when "one" is too short for the urinal. I donít really expect to see anyone named Cassandra at the urinal, not unless Iím in the Charteuse Moose or some such silly place.
By the way, I am glad you have those. You know, those things Iíve never seen. Damn Hayden, anyway.


That was a good one, Wet Paint. I always liked the one that said, "Look down, moron, youíre pissing on your foot." Okay, I donít know about you other guys, but thatís enough bathroom humor for me.


You sound a lot like BS to me. Sorry thatís supposed to be B.S.


You donít credit yourself as you should, I didnít think your desk stuff is dull. But you did lead me to an interesting anecdote about writersí desk tops. Years ago my sisters used to baby sit for Kurt Vonnegut Jr. They lived a couple of houses down from us in Osterville. Anyway, I was curious enough that one night when I was there (was I a loser teen or what, had to visit my sisters for fun when they baby sat) I went through the stuff on his desk and I found - get this now Ďcause this is the straight skinny - three drafts of a letter that he wrote to his old man, Kurt Senior, and the letter was about how he had sold his first book, and how terrific he felt because now he could quit the (something derogatory) job and on and on. Anyhow, the whole jig was that Kurt was so in awe of his father that he actually wrote drafts of his letters to him. Yipes, if I wasnít so sure Kurt will never find this web site I wouldnít dare tell that, even to this day, apart from that, there was little of telling interest on Kurtís desk. The only other thing was that it was real small. I hate to say how long ago this was, but there sure werenít any word processors, then. Kurt did all his writing by hand, then.


See, I told you you wouldnít be blue for long. You wore the lampshade, admit it. You know it, I know it, so tell everybody, donít be a shmo. AMERICO WORE THE LAMPSHADE! AMERICO WORE THE LAMPSHADE!


I canít edify you in any great way about assigning time to seperate aspects of writing. I just want to encourage you to stay around. Among so many SF, F, and H people a mainstream scribbler gets feeling a little alienated sometimes.

Also, guys,

Tell me where I can put my short for SM (please, too corny for words.) I will post it tonight and you may all have a go at me any place you like. Except that place, Hayden, get back in the corner.

Yíall, later,


Jack Beslanwitch Thu Apr 27 14:07:56 PDT 2000

Mary: You just set a Herculean task. So much so I have to fall back on the old cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words. I may decide to attach some text to the following, but the picture says it all:

Trudy aka Turdy Thu Apr 27 13:33:25 PDT 2000

Yeah! I'm remembered! Nothing dumn about that sentence Arik, but I'll take my prize anyways!!!! And Rachel you are forgiven...I'm sure it wasn't intentional...hee hee.

This is more a non-fiction based question but it can apply to fiction do you guys who actually brave the world of submitting your writing divide your time between finding markets, coming up with story ideas, writing the stories and submitting them? I'm finding with my non-fiction articles (It's a little backwards on the above order) I come up with the ideas, find the markets, get the assignments then research and write...the problem is as I wind down the writing process I have no new assignments on the front as I haven't spent anytime coming up with new ideas or finding new markets.

Just thought I'd toss that out to see wqhat came back...any other non-fiction, freelance writers in our folds here?

Later gaters!


Aeik Thu Apr 27 13:23:44 PDT 2000

Hello guys... how are ya all? :-).

I wanted to let you know guys that the sentances will be givven only in 10 hours from my personal problems:-).

Americo - Thank you (about telling that I"m the nicest here... I'd probebly make it the best sentance but people will think that it got something to do with... you know :-)). Tell me a bit about your life... will ya?

Mary Thu Apr 27 12:19:15 PDT 2000

A very amusing author named Don Whittington(sp?) once wrote an article about all the things he kept on his writing desk. He stated that he liked to go to fellow writer's houses and see what they had on their desks too. He said that even if he didn't know them already, he could tell how and what they wrote by what they kept in their writing space. Among other interesting items, he kept a wooden train whistle on his desk because he says there comes a point in every novel when he knows he has kicked its ass and he is no longer writing it, he is finishing it. When he reaches that point he blows the whistle--hard. He has a lucky cow, and other things personal to him. I think it would be fun to know what all of you have on your desks so I hope you take some time to share. I'll go first.
12 reference books,7 software boxes
100 9x12 envelopes for submissions
hand lotion, stapler, tape,all that boring stuff
my computer of course
floppy disks
my french dictionary from high school
pictures of my kids
an empty yogurt container(not always, just right now.)
5 years worth of back-issues of Writer's Digest
a blue Wedgewood cup full of pens
I think every "Idiot's Guide to Computer Stuff" ever written.
and I'm not going to go any further because I never realized how boring I am until this moment. I'm going to have to go get a train whistle and a lucky cow and try again later.

Americo Thu Apr 27 11:48:19 PDT 2000

Hello, notebookers,

I've been so enraptured in my own little things that I've almost forgotten you. As if it were possible...

The quality of our Notebook derives from the sincerity its contributors put in their posts. Sincerity does not mean brutality or unkindness of course. But each one of us should always try to give something of our true selves.
Whatever that means.
(Fragmented sentences are all right, Heather. Any rule against it is silly.Yes.)

Rachel Thu Apr 27 10:51:16 PDT 2000

Love it so much, I posted it twice (grins)!

Rachel Thu Apr 27 10:49:56 PDT 2000

Hi all - Here is a quote I love.

The pen is the tongue of the mind.
Miguel Cervantes, Don Quixote

That little sentence makes my mind skip and play (wicked little smiles)!

Rachel Thu Apr 27 10:45:28 PDT 2000

Hi all - Here is a quote I love.

The pen is the tongue of the mind.
Miguel Cervantes, Don Quixote

That little sentence makes my mind skip and play (wicked little smiles)!

Heather Thu Apr 27 10:30:25 PDT 2000

Cassandra, sorry I had intended to put my email at the top of that post...

I will now.

Heather Thu Apr 27 10:28:41 PDT 2000

A moment itself passes away leaving little ash, but the words imprinted in it's honour stay vivid...

Words hold power. Why else would the witches be burned for casting spells, rumoured or not? ('Bubble bubble, toil and trouble...' - I paraphrase)
Why would God have spoken? Or commanded a book to be written, tablets inscribed? Why is Omnipotentcy Himself described as 'The Word'?
Why would mimes be scorned upon? (Sorry, Howard)
Why would interest have endured in the ancient glyphs, or in stories still be passed on through telling? Why do particular themes get regenerated, finding their way into modern literature, film, television?
Why else would the internet exist?

Behold the power in your pens, the ink of your mind stains longer than the play.


howard Thu Apr 27 10:25:26 PDT 2000

CASSANDRA and GARIESS -- "Standing at the urinal" reminds me of the time I walked into the men's room and therer was a sign in there that said "WET PAINT!" -- so I did...

-- Don'tcha just hate those unisex bathrooms? Never know whether to leave the seat up or down! --

Cassandra Thu Apr 27 09:26:14 PDT 2000

Heather- I'm going to need your e-address in order to do that, and forgive me, but searching through the archives isn't an option right now. :( I've got classes all today. double :(

Xavier- The Capital District treats me rather well, aside from all the rain lately. There's a silver lining though, if it were nice out, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to do all the work I so need to finish.

Gariess- Standing at the urinal? I'd have to check with my parents and friends again if that were the case, cause I think I'm female. *looks down shirt* Yup, got those *down pants* Yup, I checked, definitely female. :) I meant to read and hand off to the next lucky contestant.

Must run,

howard Thu Apr 27 07:27:31 PDT 2000

ARIK -- For the forseeable future all "best sentances" must come from the post by B.S. just below this one!

B.S. !!! Very well said!


B.S. Thu Apr 27 05:22:26 PDT 2000

Literature ó which is art married to thought, and realization without the stain of reality ó seems to me the end toward which all human effort would have to strive. To express something is to conserve its virtue and take away its terror. Fields are greener in their description than in their actual greeness. Flowers, if described with phrases that define them in the air of imagination, will have colors with a durability not found in cellular life.

To act is to live, to be expressed is to endure. There's nothing in life that's less real for having been well described. Small-minded critics point out that such-and-such poem, with its protracted cadences, in the end says merely that it's a nice day. But to say it's a nice day is difficult, and the nice day itself passes on. We must conserve the nice day in a florid and prolix memory, constellating with new flowers or new stars the fields and skies of the empty and ephemeral exterior.

Jack Beslanwitch Thu Apr 27 02:21:47 PDT 2000

Hello everyone. Well, finally got through with the preparation and presentation for my discussion of 3D software at the Seattle HTML SIG. And can finally raise his head above water metaphorically, not literally unfortunately, and see what is happening here.

Am having trouble figuring out how to clear my mask when we simulate having an accident and filling our mask underwater. I will, but it is a small frustration.

Anyway, thank you all for keeping this thing going so well when I am away. You really do keep me in awe of the citizens of this little part of the internet. You keep me sane and I do appreciate it. Take care everyone.

Gariess Wed Apr 26 23:43:58 PDT 2000


Hello, friend. Long time, old man.


I trust you have read some Ed McBain. I guess I shouldnít handle any monkeys if I find myself in your neighboorhood. It adds new meaning to the line: You never know where theyíve been. At least you refer to the possibility as being extremely unlikely.


Now we will know who to call if we need to arrest anyone in the NB.


When you say "Öa book to pass on," do you mean to approve, to hand over, or to stand on if you are too short for the urinal? Personally, for me one those big dictionaries usaully does nicely.


So youíre shy, are you. Well, we can help you with that here. Just go to the corner and put on your head the highly regarded Hayden Grayell Memorial Lampshade, then dance around the room while you sing three verses of "A Spoonful of Medicine." If that doesnít work, weíll have Jerry arrest you for harboring unreasonable ambitions. We donít take kindly here to shy people who want to get published at age eighteen.


I did that. Yesterday, I looked at a tree in Mrs. Lodergrenís back yard and I kept looking until in that tree I saw something nobody has ever seen, A pair of Mrs. Lodergrenís underwear had blown off the clothesline and was caught in the branches. Mr. Lodergren is a blind man in case youíre wondering. Recite the following verse and you will no longer be sad. Ill perhaps, but hardly sad.

Donít be blue.
Donít be red.
Put a lampshade
on your head.


What is missing is a stone to represent yourself in this collection (lampshade indeed.) I suppose we might poll the NB to find what this might be. I rather see you as something quite bright, but I know that is no great distinction among jewels. A jewelís jewel. I can use some help here.

Good guess on Erin possibly being Irish, but then you donít live around Boston. I once emptied the bleachers at Fenway Park by having someone named Kevin paged on the loudspeaker.

Later, guys,


Heather Wed Apr 26 23:26:17 PDT 2000

Teekay! Let me guess who the characters from your short story are! (By the way, I loved it! Terrific! Splendid! Fantastic!)

Ned is Eddie.
Terry is Jerry.

Isaac is Howard (?)
Elaine is Rachel(?)

Dorah is Rhoda
Eric is Gariess
Leanne is Allein

Sheryl is Rachel (?) (can't decide between the two for Rachel)

Eric might also be Howard and Isaac Gariess.

And then again I may only have four right (or none)
and then again I'm slurping about in the thick bog of sleepyzzzness.



Teekay. Wed Apr 26 22:35:50 PDT 2000

AMERICO: I too feel blue. *sigh*

Heather Wed Apr 26 22:24:00 PDT 2000

Oh,must not leave out all the other precious jewels in this lovely bracelet. Teekay, you are the Emerald. (Thank you for your great critiques!)
Rachel, you're the Opal. Howard is the Tiger's Eye. Litter, you are the Garnet. Jack is the 'blue' opal of the sea, Rachel - for clarification, is the fire opal! (Go girl, you inspire me.) Rhoda is Rose Quartz. (for romance, and your name!) Allein is Amber, Cassandra is pearl (freshwater, ocean, or both) Gariess, is lampshade - I mean Moss agate. (very cool patterns and clarity) Charles, Erin, I haven't decided since you are new to the bracelet. Perhaps smoky quartzes? Eddie is the moonstone.
Trudy, you are the turquoise. Mary is the jade. Christi is the pink Rhodonite. Jeff, no you're not forgotten! You're the Citrine. Arik, Xavier, Katarina, T.O.M., Randall, Jerry Lee, Clayton, Sasquatch, Jon and Pussy - you are all shining wonderfully as well, but I haven't decided in what shade. I can't think of more at the moment - but if I have forgotten to find a jewel for you, forgive me at this late hour. But do remind me and I'll find the perfect hue.

It's a very large bracelet. What a rainbow of colourful personalities this NB combines!

Note: Of all the precious stones and jewels, I do not make a distinction between what is so-called 'precious' and 'semi-precious'. I love them each for their beauty and unique character, clarity, patterning, luster. There is no such stone that is not precious in my sight.


Heather Wed Apr 26 21:54:35 PDT 2000

Americo, I would know you if you and I passed in the street. I don't know how, I just would. (She flung her arms wide to the moon and heard the wind calling out her name... remember that short shortie?) I'd KNOW.

Jerry, I added a bookmark for the site you recommended and will get there soon. Just have the workbook to sit down to and I'll be enjoying all the new stories! *Sigh* And I thought I wrote a fair number of shorties for SM**. Jerry, you've got us all licked.

No nuances intended.


Heather Wed Apr 26 21:48:30 PDT 2000

Well, HELLO!
More new faces (I mean voices)! Welcome Erin. Welcome anyone else new - it's just I'm not terribly perfect at remembering names. Unless, of course, you're a character I am writing about.
Erin, I'm not a sci-fi writer, but I hear I'm not a bad critic.
(Maybe it's the voices in my head?)


Mary, you have chosen a terrific source of police information and I for one, will be thanking Jerry Ericsson in the opening of my novel. His help was of the sapphire nature in one grand bejewelled bracelet.
And Americo, you're the ruby.
So you see, you can't be blue when you're red. Simple, isn't it?

But my cat is crying for Jon's lusty paws (shhhh! Don't tell Pussy - she'll not give Jon his champagne and cakes) and she is telling me to type his name for her.
Jon, Jon, JON!
There, Babe, now will you get those claws out of the nape of my neck?

CASSANDRA! email me your snailing address and I'll (you will have to wrench it from my hands) send you the book from Howard - Zenna Henderson's 'The Anything Box'.
I can't say enough good things about this fine writer, be she slanted towards sci-fi... and how! But with twists and turns no map could predict. Zot! I'm going to read it once more quick quick before you send me your address!

And the lucky recipient is...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My Thesaurus loves me, yes it does, and how do I know?
I just flipped through randomly and picked 'incite'. And it's true! Thesaurus, Super Thesaurus, you wonder-chunk of pulp!
Is it possible to have a paper muse?

Mysterious ways indeed.


Rachel Wed Apr 26 21:01:31 PDT 2000

Americo - I am sending you a very strong hug. I also have some Easter chocolate that I am willing to share (grins). You may have to fight my children for it... Heck, I know your fast (Here, catch! Yup, you've got it!)
Take care you

Jerrry A.G. Ericsson Wed Apr 26 20:39:29 PDT 2000

Erin - congradulations, you have discovered the best writers site on the web. Here you will find the friendliest group of writers ever to gather in one notebook. Feel free to post your prose here and rest asured they will recieve the prompt attention that they deserve. There is something about this notebook that brings the best talent from a person, allowing them to do great works.

Americo, sometimes we all feel blue. It makes our writing so much better as we can draw on those feelings and place them on the page. You have our support and prayers that the feelings leave you and bring you back to your usual self.

Mary Wed Apr 26 20:34:31 PDT 2000

CHARLES: You're out of control! 8>)

Mary Wed Apr 26 20:23:29 PDT 2000

What is it about some people that even though you have never met them, they can elicit strong emotions from you just with their little comments. I wouldn't know Americo from Adam if he passed me on the street, but I can honestly say that I feel dreadful that he is sad.

Americo: I would hope that you find something to lift your spirits, but sometimes it is good to be sad. :-)

Americo Wed Apr 26 17:41:18 PDT 2000

Jerry Ericsson,
Jon liked the ending of your story. He called it "a happy ending".
I had a look at the site you recommended. It seems quite good.

Erin Vanessa,
Don't be afraid of writing here. The others are probably much more afraid than you; yet they survive. Well, almost... I think that you'd like to meet Allein and Avatar. Pussy is also nice. Arik is the nicest. (He gives prizes to the best and the worst sentences...)

Goodweed and Xavier(a)(!),
how nice to see you back!

The exercise for writers you've quoted is interesting. It reminded me the advice Flaubert gave to Maupassant: if you want to describe a tree look at it until you find in it something no one has ever seen.

Amazing that Maupassant, one of the best short-story writers of the 19th century, needed advice from another writer. But even he needed it, and was an obedient and grateful disciple of Flaubert.

People: have you noticed that Eddie disappeared since the day Chelsea lost 5-1 to Barcelona and was eliminated from the European Champions league? You cannot find him even on his site, which, incidentally, is a good place for you Americans to make some of your charming spelling errors. I sometimes leave a message there, so perhaps we could meet in Europe from time to time. Just a click away.

And today Portugal lost 2-0 to Italy.

But it's not because of that that my voice sounds blue. I have been feeling sad for some time. For no reason at all. Isn't this romantic?

Charles Wed Apr 26 16:57:01 PDT 2000

Oh, great! Now I just posted a short story to the crit page!
Help...lemme outta here! (he said)

Xavier Wed Apr 26 16:52:26 PDT 2000 VERY afraid!

O.k., I'm only kidding. You've found a great place for aspiring writers like yourself, and the people who come here are very cool. Erin, with a name like that, I imagine your Irish. If your not, your still welcome.

All right: First unto Christi- I would like it very much if you could send me any info on writing. Also, to ease Yours and Teekay's inquiring minds: I am a dude, and 'Xaviera' is the female spelling of my name.

Teekay: see above.

Casey: Good to hear from you again, I'm gald you are still around. Hows the Capital Region treating you?

Mary: Thanks again for the highly informative e-mail you sent me. I will also be sure to check you the "Writers Resourse". I've seen it before and it looks like quite the bible of writing.

By the by; Does anyone here consider comic books as writing material. I am an avid collector of older comic books (early 80's and back), and I have found some quite amazing stories. they have also proved to be quite inspirational, and for providing ideas that I would never have thought of. I'm just curious how other people view them.

Ok, "see" ya later!

Thanks to everyone who gave condolances (myspellingsucks), it's nice to be welcomed back.

Rachel Wed Apr 26 16:22:08 PDT 2000

Erin - Hi:) Welcome!

Charles Wed Apr 26 16:14:08 PDT 2000

Hi Erin,
I'm new here, too, only I'm not shy, wish I was sixteen, and don't write Si/Fi (sigh)
No need for shyness, just let'em have it. They're a kind, gentle folk here. If writing here (or anywhere) gets scary,
just turn off the lights in your room, from the glow of the monitor light a candle. Pour yourself a glass of the finest vintage...ah...Koolaid you have, and have a go! Good Luck!

Erin Vanessa Wed Apr 26 15:36:39 PDT 2000

Hello, I'm new here, I don't really know what to say really. I'm a little shy about things like this.

I guess I should say something about myself...

Um, I'm 16 and I write Fantasy/Sci-fi/Weird stuff, I'm working on a Story called "Caught Between Night and Day" I'm hoping that I can get it published by the time I'm 18.

You guys seem nice and that makes me not so scarred of writing this

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Apr 26 12:40:10 PDT 2000

Ok, Ok, so I am bored today, and can't seem to stop the posting, anyhow, just got back from the Bio's section, and I noticed many of you have yet to post Bios - it is a good place to share your experience, and blow your own horn so to speak, just send it to Jack, and include a photo if you desire, he will put it up for you when he has time (I know Jack you are busy now but just had to say it)


Allein Wed Apr 26 11:59:09 PDT 2000

Cassandra - I got your e-mail. Checking it at school - not supposed to, but nuts to that. Speaking of nuts, I talked to Sqrl yesterday! :D She's doing very well and we talked about life and how cute sqrls are. Anyway, I'll write back after school maybe when I have time. I'll have to do it at school though because AOL is being retarded again and won't let me into any site that isn't AOL. Grrr.. I just went in for my interview to go to Japan and it went pretty well. I'll know probably Saturday or Monday what the result is. I really want to go! And I think I have a good chance.
Bye bye,

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Apr 26 11:55:34 PDT 2000

You might be interested in browsing the site I posted above, containes twenty of the greatest short stories of all time (or so the link to it said!)


Cassandra Wed Apr 26 10:24:25 PDT 2000

Hello all,

Welcome back Trudy and Goodweed. :)

It's nice to see the notebook thriving so on conversation and exchange of writings. Anyone who has a book to pass on in the next few weeks let me know. I'm eager to see just what particular nitches you fine people have settled your tastes and preferences into.

My cats do that all the time when I'm at home (which is the only time I really get to sit and write long enough for them to want to sit in my lap). The cross-eyed hyper one prefers knocking things off of the shelf though, the little bugger... occasionally makes me imagine tossing certain furry creatures out the window, but I would never dare do such a thing.

Where are you? I'll send an email your way either tonight, or tomorrow to tell you of the good news in Laevin. Hope things are going well. :)


Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Apr 26 10:18:38 PDT 2000

Mary - just give me a shout, I spent over seventeen years on the PD, ten of them as the Chief of Police.

Trudy - Of course I remember you, been awile though, welcome back.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Apr 26 10:11:19 PDT 2000

Jon, as a side note, my cat Dysco joined me in this effort, he sat on my lap purring all the while I wrote the story.

Jerry A.G. Ericsson Wed Apr 26 10:09:55 PDT 2000

Jon - Your wish is my command dear cat, go to the workbook and to SM** for my rendition of Pepporoni and Mince Meat Pie.


Arik Wed Apr 26 08:32:50 PDT 2000

Hello all, how are you? long time didn't see you... life 10 hours.. :-).

And the sentanses of the day:
- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -
The finest sentance oday is by Mary:

"My real interest in writing is police procedural. Who knows maybe you will see your name in the front of one of my novels someday thanking you for some info you gave me here. . . .
Hey, it could happen. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt."
- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -
The dumbest sentance is by Trudy:

"Hello all...remember me?? Oh please, please say you do."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -

A NEW CATEGORY (thank Heather for that one), is the funniest sentance of the day... and it goes to Clayton:

"Yes I wrote for 6 hours about plants. Actually, to do this you need the following things.

1) A 2 year old niece.
2) Not 1 but 2 superbitches."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mary Wed Apr 26 07:08:32 PDT 2000

Thank you Jerry. I didn't realize that you are a retired cop. Must have missed it in the archives. Poetry really isn't my thing, but that is a true story, except the handprint was actually on piano keys and after the boy died she closed the lid on the piano and never opened it again. I changed it to a cookie jar only because I was writing too many piano stories.

My real interest in writing is police procedural. Who knows maybe you will see your name in the front of one of my novels someday thanking you for some info you gave me here.
Hey, it could happen. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

I need to quit saying stuff like that. It is comments like that that keep me mired in slush. Think positive, think positive.

Mary Wed Apr 26 06:06:15 PDT 2000

Just for fun: I found a site with exercises for us writers anybody in the mood to work their already over-taxed noodle?

Sit for ten minutes or longer in a setting (under a tree, in the food court of a mall, in
the breakfast room of your house) and observe. List everything your senses detect: the
temperature and humidity of the air, the distant or minute noises you might otherwise
ignore, the ants on the sidewalk beneath your feet, a snatch of conversation from a table
across the room. Then write a description of that setting in complete sentences.

An exercise in observation and description. Writers must have a keen set of senses if
they are to make their readers see and feel, and often beginning writers don't seem to
pay attention to the world around them.

Good Morning All! :-)

Rachel Wed Apr 26 01:55:53 PDT 2000

Goodweed - Hi you. Nice to see yah.

Heather Wed Apr 26 00:03:08 PDT 2000

Hey there, zzzz fans.
Hello, Goodweed of the North. How North are you?
I don't write sci - fi, and I usually don't read it either.
I read most of the collaborative story you mentioned a while back, but couldn't get into the story much. It would have been easier to read if only one person created it, I think. It's more a camp-fire style story the way it is; the kind you tell the campers to scare the bejeepers out of them and have to spend the rest of the night telling hurried Smurf stories and finding flashlight batteries.
(I know, I was a camp counselor once, and made that mistake)

Then Howard has sent out this wonderful book and suddenly I was reading sci-fi again - hadn't touched it since 'The Sword of Callandra' (can't remember the author) about 4 years ago, and that was a first since highschool. Personally, I am a reader of literary fiction. Not really a genre, is it?

(Anyhow, since I could be offending sci-fi fantasy writers and readers, I'll slip in a diversion!)

I see it's working... OHMMMMM

Chapter 3 is done yeeeehaaw, hurray I'm diving through waterfall spray, skipping in pools of paradise.

Ahem. Momentary loss of reason, but don't worry. I'll never be back to normal.

Trudy, (no typo, heh heh) we missed you! Cassandra, missed you too!

Arik, how about the funniest sentence of the day? Try that category - see what happens.

Today it was pee happens. My cat is getting really old (try 18 human years) and she is having bladder trouble. Trouble for me, that is. I have to clean it up. YEECH. I can't think of too many things more putrid. Can you?
At least she used the linoleum in the basement laundry, and not the carpets of furniture. I'll give her a very small star for that.

Teekay, Charles (charming Charles, you ARE funny) and all, I will have to read your tantalizing stories tomorrow, getting zzzzleeepy.

But in my hot happy hands I now have a completed chapter 3 and am singing songs of the fourth already. It has metamorphosized from dream into pages, and I am one excited woman! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!
And I thought it would never come.

I wish to read this pillow letter... hope it's not secret.

Hats off at the dinner table to all,
And a deep curtsey as well.

Goodweed of the North Tue Apr 25 21:32:44 PDT 2000

Hello everyone: It's been a long while since I last visited the notebook. I checked into the workbook and found some good stuff under "Strawberries". I was dismayed to see no one working on "As Darkness Descends". Have we no fantasy writers in the bunch? I know better. There are many new names since I checked in last. I recognize some of the people who have been here forever and look forward to getting to know the rest.

I sent my first novel in to Tor last November but have not heard from them at all. I even sent a 3X5 card and SASE asking if they received the manuscript. I still haven't heard anything. My second novel is completed in rough draft and I'm working on three more SF projects as well. I hope everyone is typing their fingers to the bone, with muses singing wildly in your ears.

Well, it's bed time around here and I hear my pillow calling to me. So I bid you adieu and say to you, "May your writing carry you from the mundane world of day jobs into a fantastic world in which you are master of form, technique, words, and most of all, self".

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the north

Clayton Tue Apr 25 21:02:13 PDT 2000

Hello everyone!

Yes I wrote for 6 hours about plants. Actually, to do this you need the following things.

1) A 2 year old niece.
2) Not 1 but 2 superbitches.
3) Being able to read 430wpm.
4) Typing at 40wpm.
5) Writing a detailed report for a Geography teacher who has been everywhere, seen everything.

Oh well. That's enough complaining for one day.

One more thing, I like how the posting picked up. I enjoy ready your work. You are all great writers. I'm going to make a site for my writing. I know I don't have a lot, and some of it sucks, but I have some really cool stuff I want to show you guys. Any ideas are welcome. I'm putting up my poetry(got 97% on the assignment), short story, and the novelette I wrote two years ago.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts.

Jerry Tue Apr 25 20:31:34 PDT 2000

Mary - left you a note in the poetry critic section

Teekay. Tue Apr 25 19:42:22 PDT 2000

CHARLES: Told you there were only one or two. Hell if there were more you'd want your money back on that soft ware. :)

howard Tue Apr 25 19:29:40 PDT 2000

CHRISTI -- I've just now finished "Ender's Game," and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent. (I'd use a ! but I don't want to wake up Heather) Who gets it next?
Now back to "Seventh Son."

lehcaR Tue Apr 25 19:08:38 PDT 2000

Trudy - Sorry about that.

Charles - Yah, I think I win the prize with that one. Then again where this stuff is concerned I do tend to win the prize.

Mary Tue Apr 25 19:04:59 PDT 2000

Rachel: Wow, what a typo. :-)

Rosemary Tue Apr 25 18:57:51 PDT 2000

Greetings everyone,
I noticed the discussion of how to present thoughts. I have been told to use italics unless you use the tag--She thought--or similar. I think when you sell your manuscript, the editor will do what ever he/she wants. It just needs to be very clear that it is not being said aloud. One of my characters seems to mutter to herself a lot and I have to make sure the readers know what's going on.

X' congrats on healing enough to come back and keep up the good work.

Allien-good luck on your interview. Just make sure your big words are correct.

Jon and Pussy--I realize neither of you would ever have a flea, but here in south Texas, we had a very mild winter and I have to decide wheather to poison my white cat Zorro, (his tail has a Z in it)with flea killer or let him scratch himself to death. Maybe you have a tip for him.
Enough for now from me,

Charles Tue Apr 25 18:01:53 PDT 2000

Did I just say my most embarrassing moment was when I mispelled my own name?
Am I mistaken or did Rachel, in her note to T-R-U-D-Y do the same (Sorry Rachel, NOTHING could possibly make me resist.)

Charles Tue Apr 25 17:57:35 PDT 2000

Thanks for the list, glad its short :>)
I agree with them all -funny, you can read a thing a gazillion times and that darn mispelled word or wrong tense gets by you every time. Most embarrassing is when I mispelled my own name. Thanks much. And re: too much singing praises? "That's a fine mud!" the piggie said, "I shall roll forever in that! More? You have more? Oh, yes, please. I would like much more of *that* fine mud!"

Rachel Tue Apr 25 17:36:13 PDT 2000

Turdy - Hi! I remember you. It's nice to see you back. I also love to garden. I put my garden in early and have lost much to late frost (very sad face). Now, it is time to start again!
Take care you,

Trudy Tue Apr 25 17:18:27 PDT 2000

Hello all...remember me?? Oh please, please say you do. I know I haven't been around for ages. For being a new person in town I sure found a way to get busy fast. Freelancing is hopping, my first writers group meeting was a huge success and I've actually worked on my novel which was the whole point of the writers group for me so that's nice. The next meeting is May 13th so we'll see who returns!

I just returned from a visit to Boston to watch a freind run in the Boston that was inspiring!

Gardening season is upon me now so that will be tempting me away from the keyboard. But I will try to visit here more often. I don't mean to neglect you, honest!

Just wanted to say hi!

HI! Trudy

Teekay. Tue Apr 25 16:35:42 PDT 2000

CHARLES: From what I read, the voice rang true, the story moved smoothly, but it would depend on the back cover as to wether or not I bought it.

As for the typo's, this is what I picked up.

'as time worn on I began to play their game'

'and you said something like the boyos seemed almost human' - did you mean inhuman?

Bloody technology, ya just can't trust it canya???

RHODA: Fantastic! I bet it was a great relief to get it done.

JERRY: I've saved your story to disc and shall read it shortly.

MARY: What a great idea.

Okay well 'THE NOTEBOOKERS' is finished and so I am posting it in the short story work shop although it's a little longer that short.
I have changed the names of the characters (to protect the innocent hah!) If you think you know who's who, post me and let me know.
I hope you enjoy it even quarter of the amount I enjoyed writing it. Not typing it though. Typing it is a different story all together.

Toodle oo all.

Rhoda Tue Apr 25 15:51:56 PDT 2000


I just sent Chapter 23 off to you. Hopefully Chapter 24 will soon follow.


Americo Tue Apr 25 14:01:54 PDT 2000

What's Jerry eating

The idea of having in this forum a topic for a short-story collection is producing very good results. I don't know yet if SM** will become a good book, but I'm happy to see that at least two of its contributers are, perhaps without knowing, writing their own books. Eddie could easily ó if he was not so lazy ó write the Harry Finn of Liverpool; Jerry Ericsson has probably discovered that he has a talent for the short-story. His eight (?) shorties are all very interesting stuff, with one or two masterpieces. Put together (after some corrections) they are already a small book ó and a remarkable one for that matter.

"What's Eating Harry", his latest, is exactly what I was expecting from him: the black laughter his other sombre shorties were crying for.

How about taking that privileged imagination to pioneering times now, Jerry? Those gallant Americans that went Westwards knew recipes and cooked foods whose smell and taste will never be felt again. I only hope that, if Indians enter the story(ies), they will be given a fair treatment ó and make beafsteaks of the white invaders.

PS. Jon, who also admires your talent, is suggesting that you write a short-story about a certain sadistic policeman who liked torturing cats. The title, he says, could be "Mince Pie with Pepperoni". Needless to say who in the story would become the mince pie...

Cassandra Tue Apr 25 12:21:24 PDT 2000

Xavier! Geez, I don't check in for a few days and poof everything's happening! Welcome back old friend. I'm sorry to hear about the accident, one of my friends was in a bad one last summer and really did a number on her back. Lots of healing energy to you.

Americo, Jon and Pussy- Welcome back *kiss* *kiss* and *kiss*

On the topic of short stories, I've always found it so hard to condense the storylines that manifest themselves in my brain to so few pages. Like raspberry bushes the characters just overrun the fertile earth in my skull, leaving no room for small patches of anything. I guess I'm doomed to yield large crops unless I get something persistant, strong and little (sounds quite like me) to push through the soil and assert itself. I think that's what happened with the short I have in the Workbook.

Anyways, no time to dillydally. I've got a short crit to write in the workbook. :)

ta ta


PS Can you believe I forgot to hug Xavier? *hugs*

PSS Or wish good luck to allein on her interview? Knock 'em dead chica! ;)

Mary Tue Apr 25 10:03:02 PDT 2000

Arik: Left a note at your site!

Thanks Rachel for sending me such lovely email! It means a lot to me.

Charles, you are as funny as all get out.

Hope everything is good with everyone else.

Arik Tue Apr 25 09:45:28 PDT 2000

Its ok Rachel, THANK you for comming into my page... I left you a note (and you also Jerry).

Jerrry A.G. Ericsson Tue Apr 25 09:04:28 PDT 2000

Arik - checked out your site - left you a note.

Rachel Tue Apr 25 08:23:34 PDT 2000

Charles - You are making me laugh! You are a funny guy:) Hope you enjoy the site.

Charles Tue Apr 25 07:59:08 PDT 2000

The chat room is empty?
Perfect! I vant to be alone.

Rachel Tue Apr 25 07:44:06 PDT 2000

Charles - It is not biggie if you didn't get into the chat room. What I suggested works for me (smiles). Most of the time the chat room is empty. If you wanted a person to meet you in there I would think it best to set a time and date.

Arik - Hi you! Thanks for the honor!! That was a nice surprise.

Stephen King - Thanks for saying the words in the first place.

All - HI!

Arik Tue Apr 25 07:41:29 PDT 2000

Mary, The only page that is good and no one comes to it and looks at it is:


But 10x fior the idea.... Maybe a joke.... a song maybe? I dont know but I like the idea :-)

Christi: I thank you too for comming into my page.. you also have an answer waiting for you :-). sorry for not saying it in the first post :-)

Arik Tue Apr 25 07:36:10 PDT 2000

Okey people... I have a question: WHERE IS JON????? I miss this old cat :-).

Heather: Hello to you too :-)

Pussy: Thank you... good night to you maybe you know where Jon is?

Teekay: Welcome (I think). But I do wanna thank you for wisiting my home-page... Look at it again and you'll see I have answerd you :-)

ALL: I god it! I will send the winners a nice picture on the e-mail... and by the way.. from now on it is a compotition... you get a star for every time you win... whoever will have the most number of stars will win something special.... OHHHHHHHH

Americo: How are you? whats up? How is life? yada yada yada

and the same to all of you: YADA YADA YADA!!!!!

Mary Tue Apr 25 07:35:20 PDT 2000

I have an idea for a prize for the sentence winner: How 'bout you put up a link to a really cool site that you think the winner might enjoy, but probably wouldn't have found on their own. Maybe something to do with writing, or a joke, or anything. :-)

Arik Tue Apr 25 07:28:43 PDT 2000

Hello people... Thank you for SO much notes :-).
For once in my life I have lots of things to say but first the sentances:

P.S: I changed the names a bit... hope you dont mind... if you do.. talk to HOWARD!!!!

he best sentance today is by RACHEL and Stephen King:
"a short story is like a kiss and a novel is like a love affair."

But the dumnest sentance is by Christi who tried to win this awward SO much :-):

"Where are you girlie? I'm all a'shiver wondering if I have offended thee. I'm also a'shiver about the critique on my story. Rip on with the red pen; I can take it (I think)! I've started another and it's ACTUALLY fiction this time. Maybe I'm done with the autobiographical stuff. Hooray!"

I dont know what winners get.... any ideas???

Mary Tue Apr 25 06:36:12 PDT 2000


Don't reload the page when you are prompted to. It posts your posts twice twice.

ps. Thanks for the note you left under my pillow.;-)

Charles Tue Apr 25 06:28:51 PDT 2000

Sorry, one more question. Does anyone have any idea why most of my posts are in duplicate? Its not intentional -I really don't need THAT much attention and it must be annoying to some.
And Teekay; my typos are not errors -I don't make mistrakes. I have a special software -when I spell check I always get the message "Perfect!" then it auto-adds a few typos to ensure you're reading me.

Charles Tue Apr 25 06:22:37 PDT 2000

Thanks so much for the tip to 'just double click' when, in the Chat page I'm asked to enter my profile. I did as you suggested and double-clicked. What fun! It makes the cursor jump to the next box, double click again and it jumps back to the previous box, and on it goes, back and forth, to and fro, up and down, ying and yang. I spent hours with that wonderful game. Better than Solitaire! (you can't lose.)

Charles Tue Apr 25 06:10:45 PDT 2000

Hi all,
My thanks to
Rachel- for the double-click -the tip not the stock!
and to Christi, (more blushes) again. & hi back to Heather.
Teekay-a couple of what? No, I've never met Mary but read her short -just responded to that as any demented poet wud.
If we were a couple I prob. wudn't have posted it here but would have slid it, secretly under her pillow. Since I don't know her and don't know the location of her pillow, I posted it here -besides, her husband would have found it anyway and mashed it under his piano. Thank you for your words re: my novel(?). Much appreciate. Crits I'm looking for are along the lines of; does the voice ring true? Is it smoothly readable? Will you buy it? stuff like that! We sweat to write then sweat more as we read. 'Great life!', said the waiter on the Titanic. I took me days of Yahooing to find this site. It's making me want to write again. As I said to Jack, "Damn!" TKS.

Charles Tue Apr 25 06:10:39 PDT 2000

Hi all,
My thanks to
Rachel- for the double-click -the tip not the stock!
and to Christi, (more blushes) again. & hi back to Heather.
Teekay-a couple of what? No, I've never met Mary but read her short -just responded to that as any demented poet wud.
If we were a couple I prob. wudn't have posted it here but would have slid it, secretly under her pillow. Since I don't know her and don't know the location of her pillow, I posted it here -besides, her husband would have found it anyway and mashed it under his piano. Thank you for your words re: my novel(?). Much appreciate. Crits I'm looking for are along the lines of; does the voice ring true? Is it smoothly readable? Will you buy it? stuff like that! We sweat to write then sweat more as we read. 'Great life!', said the waiter on the Titanic. I took me days of Yahooing to find this site. It's making me want to write again. As I said to Jack, "Damn!" TKS.

Teekay Tue Apr 25 05:23:08 PDT 2000

MARY & CHARLES: Are you a couple???

Teekay. Tue Apr 25 04:17:29 PDT 2000

CHRISTI: puff, pant. I found it, 2nd post on Monday, April 24th. You said something about XAVIER being a brave guy.
I'm not going nuts,(more nuts). I knew I'd gotten the idea somewhere. I guess now that you mean guy as in 'hey, you guys' or 'geez, you're a great bunch of guys.'
And the word pedantic skips merrily around Teekay's steel trap mind. Pedantic, pedantic nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah.

Also you are a silly. I love anything you write, even critiques.

Tue Apr 25 04:09:54 PDT 2000

And the sun sets and rises and winter turns to spring. Many moons have passed and then...............

Teekay Tue Apr 25 04:04:46 PDT 2000

CHRISTI: Blast and balderdash it all girly, now I'm goona have to go back and find where I got the irea that you thought XAVIER was a guy.
Well off I go a lookin', see you soon.

Christi Mon Apr 24 23:55:02 PDT 2000

Welcome Charles! I so glad you made it. For all of you who aren't yet aquainted, Charles has left three, count em, THREE short stories in the Workbook, one post in the Novel workshop, AND a poem! I only had the time to read your short (which I LOVED) and your Novel entry (which I haven't had the time to crit), and I hope to get to the rest when I have the time.

The Workbook sure has had some action lately. Literally, if you read Charles' first short story! Hee!

Xavier, I never entertained the possibility that you could be a woman! Nah, I don't believe it. Tell Teekay she's wrong.

Howard, I dug seeing you say "EEK!" It made my day.

Heather, Thanks for your thoughts on the quotation mark controversy that Rhoda stirred up. (HI Rhoda!) I 'thought' you had a great way of looking at it.
I started to read your story, but was called away for one of a billion things. It started out great, but I didn't like it so much when I wasn't reading it. Ha ha. I can't wait to finish it soon.

Jerry, You too?! So many stories, so little time. But it really is a wonderful thing, don't you think?

Teekay, I can breath again. You liked the critique; I am so glad! I'm also glad to see that your fingers have healed from the bloody stumps they'd turned into while you wrote the rest of your story. Thanks for that--it was a picture I didn't really need in my mind. Hey, that reminds me of something Ned might say! ;0)
Thank you for the critique of my story. You don't know how much it means to me (a lot!). You made my day better on a day when I needed it very badly. Thanks! *hug*

G'day or G'night, wherever you be in the world.

Mon Apr 24 22:37:33 PDT 2000


Gee, I wasnít the least bored. Where was I now, oh yes, the picnic and the blanket; the mudÖ..fingernailsÖÖ..zzzzzzzzzzz

gariess Mon Apr 24 22:29:39 PDT 2000


I have decided the time for the Notepad thing is now. I donít have a Notepad but I will use Word. I just typed out a post in the NB and it would not send. I had to exit the NB and lose the whole thing. Thatís the second time in two days. Better to have cut and pasted than never to have posted at all. That would be a great quote for Daffy Duck.


I think you must be right about the middle of the road genius. Just yesterday a guy yelled at me, "Hey, genius, youíre in the middle of the road. Damn near ran me down.

You guys, donít you think it is rather great, all the posts we have been getting lately? Any other writing topics? How about the usage of numbers and amounts? More, fewer, less, etc. Such as an "amountí of corn a "number" of kernels. Less food, fewer potatoes. Have you ever noticed how TV news anchors mess up on this? Oh, you donít all live near Providence. Yeah, and I know. No sentence fragments.


Heather Mon Apr 24 22:24:27 PDT 2000

Hey! I knew I forgot someone in my earlier post:
Welcome, Ray!

There. I'm done. Now off I go to read Jerry's new story and then to my novel - of which I had better get my butt into gear and get the bugs out of that chapter...

It's taking too long because I've been holidaying, lazing my days away, and picnicing in the yard with the kids. I took pictures, of course - nothing like wee ones nibbling in the shade of the big maple, sitting on gingham blankets, their cheeks all rosy...
After the picnic we watered the flowers and then they made mud sculptures and it took the better of half an hour to get the mud off. I was always one for mud, but that was when I was small. Now I call it clay, and try not to get it all over. I hate it under the fingernails, it feels disgusting.

But I'm probably boring your tender eyes,
so I'll come back tomorrow when I'm fresh and a little closer to shiny.

Jerrry A.G. Ericsson Mon Apr 24 21:46:30 PDT 2000

Americo - Jon - Pussy - Left you all a little welcoming home gift in SM** - hope you enjoy it, it is based on a nightmare I had some weeks ago.

To all the returnees - welcome back, we missed you while you were gone!


Teekay. Mon Apr 24 20:48:10 PDT 2000

Hello to everybody.

HEATHER: Read your story. You have a wonderfully descriptive style. Like 'the hobbit' it made
me want to eat, actually it doesn't take much to make me want to eat. I found the end bit a litle
confusing though, again, it doesn't take much for that to happen either.

LAURA: Of course we remember you. Why don't you just stay? I for one enjoy your company.

ALLEIN: Good luck to you. I hate interviews.

LITTER: I've never been there but I find Loch Ness awesome. Hell, I've never been out of Australia
phsyically anyway. I read a short story about it once and it was a fantastic story, very memorable.
A woman had entered it in to a writing comp. and won.
It was a story about the 'Loch Ness Monster (I think he deserves capitals.)
As it starts the reader gets the impression that there is a child out on the lake at night,
any how the twist is that it is actually written from the Monsters viewpoint.
It was just brilliant.

RHODA: I knew you'd enjoy the book. I'm so glad that you are.
Any headway on chapter 23? No pressure. No pressure.

CHRISTI: Loved your post. Those laugh out loud episodes really clear the phlegm out.
Thank you for the critique. I had to wait in anticipation ALL day, because we had to
go out to MIL's.

RACHEL: It was Stephen King who said that a short story is like a kiss and a novel is
like a love affair. I just love that description.

ARIK: Thank you so much. I haven't won anything in years. I'm sure you were just feeling sorry for me though
as I've had heaps more stupider sentences that that one. People will think your playing favourites if your not careful.

XAVIER: There is an award for the most stupid sentence and I won it and I'm proud and quite
honestly girl, I couldn't have done it with out you. You are the wind beneath my wings.
Horrible about the accident. It makes me think of RANDALL's disappearance and I keep my fingers crossed
that he's just staying away by choice.
I too use the ' ' to convey thought. and " " to convey speech. Jolly good idea I think.

GARIESS: If your just a middle of the road genius or a part time genius, like some of
us here, then it's great. No pressure and a damn good ego massage.(while it lasts.)

XAVIER: I am thinking you are a girl. CHRISTI is thinking you are a guy. The curiosity is killing me. Which is it?
I've already made the mistake with RAY.

HOWARD: dumbest...stupidest, dumbest....stupidest hhmmmmmm, no I think they both might suit equally as well.
Personally I prefer the - so stupidly dumb it may be brilliant sentence. Now there's
something to aim for. :D
BTW: You just reminded me, I'm starving. My daughters just put pizza in the oven. It takes 15 minutes.

Hmmm, now my thoughts on what a short story is. Ummmmmmm, okay, I've given it some thought
and I have decided that a short story is just that- a short story. It has a beginning, a
middle and an end and it tells a story. It can be well told story, or a badly told story.
I don't think I see it as a slice of the novel pie, because that doesn't contain the
beginning, middle and end. That is more just like an episode or a chapter.
I rather see it as a small novel. Put a bit more meat on a short story, add a few more characters,
and a bit more chatter and viola, there's your novel. I know, it's sooooo easy, that's why
I haven't written one. :). However, that's my theory and until I prove myself wrong, I"m sticking to it. type.

howard! Mon Apr 24 19:32:19 PDT 2000

Heather -- Yeah, I know. But I got this deal on a case of !s, and they make so much noise there under my desk that I've gotta use 'em up or go stark staring bughunkers!

Heather Mon Apr 24 19:23:28 PDT 2000

Hi! Howard! I! like! your! enthusiasm!!

Hey there, all; Teekay, Jack, Rachel, Litter, Americo, Allein, Mary, Arik, Rhoda, Sasquatch, Trudy, Gariess, Howard, T.O.M., Jon, Pussy, Clayton, Xavier, Charles, Jeff, Jerry, Jerry Lee, Randall, Laura, Christi, Cassandra, Katarina, and anyone I hope I didn't but might have forgotten to mention!
welcome to Charles, welcome back to Laura,
and hi to Xavier, (I haven't met you and I hope all is healed - shake hands)
and I send a blessing to Christi's mother in law (MIL)
and to Litter's another blessing.

Americo, Jon, Pussy,
so great to see your fingers and paws at the keys again!
The trumpet of the swan held it's longest note for thee.

(No, I don't plan on writing nonsensical things, it just flies out before I can reach the delete key)

On quotation marks for quotes vs. thoughts, and even italics,
I use "double quotation marks" for dialogue that is spoken aloud, which is of course, the norm. I use 'single Q.M.' for something that falls inside the dialogue but needs quotes, such as if a character mentions something that should be q.marked:
"I know!" Julie said, "I hated 'The Mask Of Zorro'! I thought it was worse than the newest 'Star Wars'."

For a character's thoughts, there are several ways of doing it. You can use the same font without italics, and have periodically through the thought sequence ' she thought' or 'he thought' or somthing more imaginative like ...he stewed over the remark silently.
(without the quotation marks)

You can also use single quotation marks for thoughts, as someone made into a fine example earlier. (Howard, tried the extra window thing and it got in the way... guess I'm stubborn)

Or you can use italics, or a combination, as long as it doesn't get confusing.

I don't think any of them are incorrect, and after all, your writing is a work of art. You're the artist. No one would have demanded that green be splashed onto Metisse's 'Blue Nude', before it was hung in a gallery, and that's the way it should be. Use whatever method works for you. I find italics most pleasing, personally, for the inner thoughts of my characters. I have also used other methods, mostly the single q. marks simply because they are different than the " " and the reader notices and it is easily understood that what they are reading is thought form - of course it's even more obvious if the tag is added - he/she thought.

I suppose I am entertaining high hopes that an editor will not want to rip my work to shreds and in essence splash green all over my blue. But it will be ME re-writing it, not an editor anyhow. So I am hoping any editor who sees my work will point out areas that I myself held in question as to whether it needed more work/polishing, or gutting altogether.
Anyway, I blather on endlessly, putting poor Gary to sleep! (just teasing)

Goodnight! Happy trails across the hillside of paper products, or happy foray in the forest of keys.


howard Mon Apr 24 17:40:57 PDT 2000

Hi! -- Just got back into the NB and had to check the archives to catch up!

GARIESS -- Sure you can use WORD for that posting helper. I just use notepad 'cause it's quicker and takes less resources. With WORD you have the advantage of a spell checker (not that you need it) and other formatting tools. Either way beats jumping up and down from NB to posting area.

TEEKAY -- No brilliance, just trying to feel useful. I used to do things like that in my job, and one of my first jobs was as a Timestudy Engineer. I guess I never got out of the habit of looking for the fastest, most efficient way of doing a thing.

AMERICO -- Welcome back! You've been truly missed! It sounds as if you enjoyed Vienna! I wanted to go there when I drove through Austria in 1966, but only had time for a short visit to Innsbruck.

J* and P* You too!

HEATER -- I'm glad you liked "The Anything Box!" You should really see if you can get hold of a copy of "Ingathering." That's the complete collection of Zenna's "People" stories. It's US$25 at Amazon, but very well worth it.

SASQUATCH (S*?) -- So you ate all the Easter eggs? If they did to you what they do to me then I don't wonder that no one wanted to come near you that night! And thanks so much for your "words of Joy!" Joy indeed!

MARY -- Maybe you can get S* to do some TV testimonials -- even radio sound effects! -- for your egg restaurant!

LAURA and XAVIER -- Welcome back!

ARIK -- Try "dumbest" instead of "Most Stupid" sentence. It's not quite so harsh. Wouldn't want to put Teekay's knickers in a twist over a poor choice of words!

LITTER -- We'll be praying for your Mother in law.

EEK! Almost missed Christi, Rhoda, Rachel and Allein! Getting punchy here -- gave blood this afternoon, and still a bit light headed. HI! (Did you know that HI is also Ham radio slang for laughter?)

Must run now and let my supper settle. I made angel hair pasta with home made white clam sauce tonight, and I ate 'way too much! It's my own recipe, and I really love it!
If I missed anyone else I'm sorry! Please forgive!


Rachel Mon Apr 24 17:36:54 PDT 2000

Charles - Welcome - You don't need a profile. I never put one in. I just did a double check. You can use it without the profile.

Mary Mon Apr 24 17:35:16 PDT 2000

Actually X* the 2000 Writer's Market has an awesome section on Queries. And who knows better how to sell your stuff?

Charles Mon Apr 24 17:31:53 PDT 2000

Hi all,
Would someone kindly help this newbie. When I try to go to NoteBook Chat I am asked for my profile. I rushed off to the post office, tore that side-view of me from the wall and sent it in...still nothing...I guess I don't know my own profile. Does anyone have an extra profile? Ah, I have it, perhaps I'm to write a character profile in that little box?

Pussy Mon Apr 24 16:42:58 PDT 2000

Thank you for giving me the prize for the best sentence of the century. Let me tell you how much I admire your good taste. WE are probably the best things in the world. But you are even better than, let me think, yes... me. (Forgive me my modesty).

I suspect A* is becoming very, very fond of you.

Thanks for being so kind with Jon and A*. I know by personal experience how difficult it is to deal with those fellows.

Arik, a splendid night to you. We really understand each other perfectly.

gariess Mon Apr 24 16:39:32 PDT 2000


I just noticed that part of your post about the stupidest sentence of the day by Teekay. Fear not, I will not take it personally, but you might want to stay out of Teekay's neighborhood for a while.


Jack Beslanwitch Mon Apr 24 16:38:58 PDT 2000

     Pussy: My what a space can do when you name the file with a space and not the link. The Archive is fixed. Read or purr away to your hearts content.

     As for the convention, it went well. Had a good party for the Westercon Bid. One of my panels, the Internet Resources for Writers, had a bit of excitement when one of the panelists walked out in the middle of the panel. To make a long story short, two of the panelists had a disagreement and he left and later apologized. As moderator I was caught a bit flat footed, but we finished the panel out without too much problems.

     Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Still having problems trying to practice clearing my mask, but just got a weight belt that will at least allow me to go under water to practice this arcane skill. I will get there.

Christi Mon Apr 24 14:17:19 PDT 2000

I did not see your post, you brave guy. I'm so glad you're up and around again. That was some ordeal you went through.

You may have missed out on S* but SM* is still open. Put a story in!

I have some articles I've downloaded online regarding querys. If you're interested I'd be happy to Email them to you. I had the BEST article on how to format your manuscript; it was written exactly as a manuscript should be formatted. I lost it when transferring files to my new computer. Does anyone know about this article, and if so, may I have a copy?!

Rhoda, I use the '' mark for a person's thoughts too sometimes. So this isn't acceptable? I thought it made it more clear, but have recently switched to using italics for thoughts. Is this wrong too?


Christi Mon Apr 24 14:04:04 PDT 2000

Whew! Hi Gariess, I knew I was provoking and wondered what I'd stir up with that comment. I just love seein' you tweak off! You know now that I think of it, it was probably Americo who corrected me. Ah well, I love ya both. Maybe I should dust off the old thesaurus and come up with some new words, eh?
I laughed so hard at your post. I would never want to be a genius either, since genius' tend to be, shall we say, sloooow in other areas of their lives--like common sense for instance! No offence intended to all you genius' out there.

Americo! Jon! Pussy! How happy I am! We have gotten three important members back in one fell swoop. Jon, your recounting of your adventures was scintillating. I hope you feel that you've gotten a red carpet welcome home from all of us.
Americo, I don't have many insights as to the differences between shorts and novels. I've only written shorts, but hope to start a novel soon. I'm one of those who learns by doing, not so much by listening. Some things permeate this mind and help me learn, but by and large I must fall on my butt a few times before I get it. I guess I think of short stories as a slice of hot delicious apple pie, and novels as the whole damn pie, fresh from the oven.

Teekay, You won!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Arik took the easy way out and didn't read ALL the posts, though. I thought many of my sentences were a heck of a lot dumber than that. 'I wonder if I could just use this napkin with some spit?' for instance.
Where are you girlie? I'm all a'shiver wondering if I have offended thee. I'm also a'shiver about the critique on my story. Rip on with the red pen; I can take it (I think)! I've started another and it's ACTUALLY fiction this time. Maybe I'm done with the autobiographical stuff. Hooray!

Arik, Doesn't a contest usually have prizes for the winners? What do the winners get?

Big smacks all around,

Xavier Mon Apr 24 13:50:08 PDT 2000

Hello again, fellow wrtiers:

Just a few points i would like to touch upon, and then i am off to the writing grind stone.

Rhoda: When I was in English comp. class when I went to school for electronic engineering, I used to use ' ' to define a persons thoughts, as I felt " " marks were too clumsy. Example: He thinks to himself, 'I should kill this guy!'.
Being from America, I was informed by my instructor
that ' ' marks are only used in Britian. I still have a habit of making this mistake, and it still looks ok to me.
Hope that helped somewhat.

Teekay: Thanks for saying a special hello to me, even if you didn't win any awards for it. (As far as I'm concerned, THAT was the best sentance of the week. No offense Arak.)

Litter: In September, my friend lost control of his car doing about 60mph, hitting a large rock and crushing the car on the passengers side.

I was the passenger.
I broke my arm, my leg , and several other things. I am only now able to walk again without aid, after having my knee operated on two months ago.
Since I do not have internet access at home, I dropped out of "Shadows" and this board for a while due to immobility.

Ah, nothing like a happy story to cheer me up (sob, weep)

Ok, well that is for now.

P.S. can someone direct me to a source of information about query letters, and the proper form they are to take. A good
basic book on actually selling your writing would be most helpfull, if you know of one.

"Lonely are the brave."


gariess Mon Apr 24 13:06:19 PDT 2000

One more thing.


I did not "bitch you out" about anything, least of all your use of the word genius. I know genius is a word often used rather loosely although I don't know of your own use of the word. My belief is that we are all capable of moments, even works of genius, but there are only a few who can be called geniuses.

I don't think I would enjoy being a full time genius. Witness Einstien for instance, everybody using your name to make jokes. "Hey Einstein, who gave you the bright idea to make a right turn against the light?" And then there was Good Will Hunting. It must be bad enough when everybody thinks you're a guy in search of a used clothing store, but when you have so many people trying to exploit your brain that you decide to hide out by mopping floors in America's leading university for tech-heads , yeesh! How smart is that?


Rachel Mon Apr 24 12:40:34 PDT 2000

Pussy - Welcome back, fair beauty. I would be delight to a slice of your cake. I quiver with anticipation (mouth is wet). Yum, yum, yummy! I love a nice piece of cake.
I look forward to hearing all and anything that you would like to share about the short story.
Take care you

Gariess Mon Apr 24 12:39:11 PDT 2000

Hey, you guys,

I see where Americo has raised the question of what defines a short story, and what makes the difference between a short story and a novel.

A number of works in recent times deal with the writing of short fiction, and lists of necessary elements for the short story seem to abound. I offer the following set of "rules" as the first I was given many years ago.

A short story contains a protagonist, an antagonist, a conflict, and a plot which results in the main character undergoing a change, such as a lesson learned, or the achievement of a stage of development in his/her life, and takes place in continuous and short time period.

All of the elements are identical to long fiction or novels, except for the short and continuous time frame. Normally one or two days are accepted as a limited standard, although the imposition of a precise time frame would violate the law of flexibility in artistic expression.

The novel, novella, or novellete will employ the same elements as the short story but will take place within the wide range of time span between short and epic fiction. In long fiction time need not be continuous nor linear. There can be flashbacks and simultaneous, multiple plots involving many characters. Just about anything can be done with time and events as long as they are presented fluently to the reader and they all integrate legibly into the overall plot and story.

I believe this time distinction is what ultimately puts short fiction apart from the novel and epic forms of writing, since the material deals with an art form like any other which needs definition and at the same time the great latitude and flexibilty to create.

And that is yet another long post.

Don't worry, be happy.


Arik Mon Apr 24 12:18:29 PDT 2000

Pussy, I'v read all the notebook but I haven't found a better test then:

The sentanxce of the Day:

"So the topic is the nature of the short-story. I know everything about that, but will not tell you until you taste the delicious cake I made just for you."

The most stupid post is (please people.. take this as a joke... dont take it personaly) is by Teekay:

"XAVIER: This is a special post just for you because I forgot to say Hi in my other post. Hello."

Pussy Mon Apr 24 10:25:16 PDT 2000

I'm overwhelmed with the warm reception you have given to Americo. He does not deserve so much good will on your part ó actually I think that all your nice words are secretely addressed to Jon and I ó but I know that he will be happy and grateful ó which means that I and Jon will have our share of his (rare) kisses for at least ten minutes.

So the topic is the nature of the short-story. I know everything about that, but will not tell you until you taste the delicious cake I made just for you. It has lots and lots of good things in it. (Hope your mouth is getting wet).

Arik, could you have a look at this post of mine and pick up a sentence as the best of the week? Please!

PS. Jack, when I try to open the latest archive I get an error message. I'm sure it's nothing personal against me and my new hairstyle! (The hairstyle is gorgeous!)

Rachel Mon Apr 24 09:30:24 PDT 2000

On the short story - Was it somebody here who said that a short story is like a lovely kiss. A novel is like a love affair?

I enjoy writing a good short story. Sometimes I enjoy writing a bad short story. Well, until I look at it with a keen eye. Then I just hate it.

I have done the bit where I write what I think is a short story, only to find out that it is a brief on a novel (argh)!

I love Katherine Mansfield. Sometimes her writing is sad. At least that is how I see it. I think that her writing is like a heady red wine. You can only take so much in one sitting. Rich, beautiful, full of texture. But, it will knock you on your ass if you try to take too much at once. I tried to swallow up all the Mansfield I could a time ago. I ended up setting it all aside and crying out "I can read no more!"

Now I'm back at it. Just a little at a time.

If you can get your hands on "The Doll's House" by Mansfield I would say READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!!! It is based around an idea, a central theme. Not really a plot, not really a main character. I loved this story. It made me fairly shout at the injustices of life. Maybe it's just me. Maybe you folks would read it and be left cold. Still, I would say it is well worth the read.

Hum, Americo you have touched on an author I like very much.

I may add more to this later. For now I think I have said plenty and enough.

Take care all.


PS - Americo, it is so nice to see you back!

PSS - Jon, what a naughty kitty you are...

Christi Mon Apr 24 09:02:02 PDT 2000

Americo!! You're back!! I'm celebrating, throwing my hat up in the air and dancing a silly dance. Our friend Americo has come back to bide with us awhile. Hopefully permanently?
I really am happy to see you posting again. Thank you for the ending deadline for SM*; I'll try to get another story in there by then.
Your mid-year resolutions are admirable; I hope you acheive every one of them.
I say again, Welcome back!!!!!!
Here's my mid-year resolutions. I hereby resolve to try to be less of a smartass, to try not to go crazy with all the nutty happenings around my house, and to write something every day. Even if it's only 'My, how dirty the screen is. I really should clean it. Windex works pretty good for that, but then I would have to go and get it. I wonder if I could just use this napkin with some spit. Nah, that'd probably just smear the dirt around and make it even worse.' and so on. Okay, maybe the smartass resolution isn't going so well, but a girl's gotta have something, right?

Teekay - You must show yourself right away! Otherwise everyone will think I trashed your story and that it's my fault that you haven't posted! I didn't trash it; I loved it!! You must post it in the Workbook so everyone can enjoy your genius. Was is Gariess who bitched me out last time for using the word genius? I don't remember. Well, as he or someone said, a genius thinks of things in a way that no one ever has before, and I believe that writers qualify in that category. No one can write a story exactly like you would or exactly like I would. Actually though, I don't qualify as a genius, but if I want to spout off and proclaim others to be so, live with it! ;o)
So anyway Teek, sorry about the red font. Next time it will be a pleasant sky blue or emerald green. Much nicer, don't you think?

Jack - Welcome back!!! Hope you got some sleep. Any interesting things happen at the convention?

Heather - Will read your story soon. Sorry I didn't notice it earlier.

Laura - Hi! Welcome back, and nice to meet you!

Allein - GOOOOOOOOOD LUUUUUUUCK! Knock 'em dead.

Sasquatch - Sorry about your tummy ache. You probably saved the kids you stole from a nasty tummy ache of their own. Children and parents alike usually eat too much candy and eggs on Easter and go home to lie down.

Litter - I know how it is. My Mother-in-law is coming to live with us for awhile while she recieves chemotherapy treatments. None of us have ever experienced such a thing and wonder what we're in for. I hope your mother gets well soon, and I'm sure she appreciates how much you care for her.

A big hello and hug for everyone. There's some new posting going on in the Workbook in almost all areas. It's very good stuff; I think you all would enjoy it, I know I did. If you're reading this--Good job Charles, Kevin, and M!!!!

I wish a happy day for all.

Mary Mon Apr 24 08:58:00 PDT 2000

Americo: Nice to finally meet you. Heard a lot about you. All good things, I assure.

I'm thinking of opening a deli where I only serve hard boiled eggs, devilled eggs, egg salad sandwiches on pumpernickel...egads, pass the salt! Sorry no egg-drop soup.

Rhoda Mon Apr 24 08:47:48 PDT 2000

My posts have been few and far between lately. The only excuse that I can give is that I cannot put this Ken Follett book down! My husband feels like a widower and my children orphans. Actually we had a great Easter. It was also my son Daniel's sixth birthday and I pulled it all off. I made them an Easter egg hunt and made my son his birthday cake. In between I read THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH.


I want to apologize profusely for once taking you to task on punctuation. It seems there is an occassion when you use colons when writing, He said: '...' I had never seen this before and never learned it in school. Ken Follet uses this type of punctuation a lot. It could be that there are some differences between the way Americans do this and the way British and their old commonwealth countries do it. I hope someone will explain this to me. I am aware that Americans use the "..." punctuation marks and the British, '...'


Welcome back. I am glad you had such a good time. Your post sounds refreshed. Perhaps a change of scenery is a must in a writer's life. Good luck with your new project.

I did not get a chance to read all the latest posts. I don't have much time, for we are getting ready to go to Amarillo and my daughter is looking daggers at me right now and complaining about me being so slow.

Take care and Happy Writing,


Americo Mon Apr 24 08:43:50 PDT 2000

Heather's impressive text "The Forever Carrot" (SM**, 22 April) arises an interesting question: what is, and what is not, a short-story?

We know that a short-story is NOT a condensed novel, or just an episode, or a scenario, or a biographical note. It IS rather a piece with some characteristics allowing J. Berg Esenwein's definition: " A short-story is a brief, imaginative narrative, unfolding a single predominating incident and a single chief character, by means of a plot, the details of which are so selected, and the whole treatment so organized, that a single impression is produced."

What distinguishes the short-story from other literary kinds would therefore be: concision, imagination, few characters, one of them being predominant over the others, the whole being organized around a plot conveying a single, strong impression.

Thinking of Katherine Mansfield's fine short-stories, I would dismiss the plot from the above definition, but maybe some of you consider it indispensable, and others would simply try a better definition.

Anyone for this friendly discussion about the nature of the short-story? And is "The Forever Carrot" a short-story or just a biographical sketch?

Jon Mon Apr 24 08:42:24 PDT 2000

A Writer's Diary

I went to Vienna and I loved it. But sometimes I loathed it. On the plane, seeing that A* was yawning all the time, I went to the cockpit and asked the pilot if he could make the loop or, at least, land for a while on a cloud, so that the passengers could spit on the Mediterranean informally. The captain dismissed the loop because it could cause his coffee spill on his white trousers, and thought that no cloud was beautiful enough for a proper landing. He also made fun of my fur coat, which made me leave the cockpit with a poor impression of Austrian pilots in general. I took advantage of a little turbulence over Milan to jump onto the lap of a pretty stewardess, which made her cry of pure delight.

Vienna is a city, a very rich short-story condensing many centuries of the European novel. What I liked most was my day at the Opera. I liked it so much that, at the end of the five-hour long "Parsifal", I asked for an encore of the whole thing. I will never understand why the enthusiastic audience looked at me as if I were a hooligan asking for an Applestrudel after a ten-dish course of Austrian delicatessen. The fact that A* forced me to sleep in the kitchen on that musical night reinforced my impression that Wagner is not so loved as some people pretend.

Coming back home was what I enjoyed most. But this is what every traveller feels, and I would like to be more original than that. Broadly speaking I loved and hated everything. That's normal, I suppose.

PS. I wonder why there was no red carpet on the airport when I came down from the plane. The pope always has one waiting for him. Social injustices of a rather imperfect world.

Rachel Mon Apr 24 07:19:17 PDT 2000

Alline - Hi you!
I did get your e-mail. Sorry I am being so slow to respond. I have been working on some projects. I will get a note off to you.
Good luck with the interview (hugs)!
I was part of a Canadian Youth Exchange when I was your age. It was a blast. We did the cross Canada thing. Gave me more of an appreciation for my Country.
Hell, it gave me more of an appreciation for my own Province. You never really know how much you have till you have to show it to somebody else (grins).
Take care you

Litter Mon Apr 24 07:19:14 PDT 2000

Just another quickie visit, as I'm back and forward to my mother's until she is able to get around under her own steam.

I seem to remember someone asking about the Loch Ness Monster? There is definitely something there but how much of a monster it is I cannot say. Of course it serves the tourist industry well to mythologise the 'monster' but too many local people have seen something for it to be groundless. (Although most of the photos are fake.) Loch Ness is the deepest loch in the UK and has an absolutely huge underwater volume. It is quite narrow in places but very long and deceptive. So, I believe my answer is yes, to something being there.

Also, no takers yet on producing a sentence with a multi-prepositional ending??? Oh well, when I have a moment to breath I'll see what I can do.

To all, a big hi. Welcome back to all those who have been missing.

Xavier - an accident? What happened? I must've missed something…

Ciao for now © ;o)


sasquatch Mon Apr 24 06:35:40 PDT 2000

Heather person has easter egss frolicking memorys a thing happening to s* long ago. I lurked near a small group of humans houses and in a place you call park. It was in springtime and I was hungry for the eggs. Some large humans persons walked through this park very early in one day and left color things in grass and in other places in tree roots and near play things in this park place. S* was curious what was small color things and found they are like eggs but strange inside. Do not understand why humans persons leave but maybe for gift for what you call earthday, so S* eats all found. So many that makes big belly hurt. Later there are small humans persons looking and looking but not finding anything, and S* now understands the small persons egg looking. Large humans persons are very angry but do not know where went strange eggs. S* did not wait to tell but went with belly hurt back into the woods. No one want to come near S* in the night or the next day. Not even S*
go now

Allein Sun Apr 23 22:04:57 PDT 2000

YAY!!! AMERICO IS BACK!!! ((((((BIG BIG BIG SUPER HUGS)))))) ::does little happy Japanese anime character dance::

Rachel - I sent an e-mail but maybe you didn't get it. Luv ya, anyway. :)

Everyone - I go into the mayor's office for my interview to become a Japanese exchange student tomorrow. Wish me luck! I plan to be energetic, but polite at the same time. And use big words, they're impressed with big words, such as supercalifragileisticexpialidocious. J/K. :D

Laura Sun Apr 23 21:56:36 PDT 2000

Hello all....I don't know if you remember me....I am Laura....I was bored and decided to check in on my old friends and see if anyone was still here. Welcome back Amerigo....


Heather Sun Apr 23 21:19:56 PDT 2000

Hi Jerry! I just re-loaded and saw your comment.
It might be too short though.

Heather Sun Apr 23 21:16:25 PDT 2000

Teekay - I must have been rediculously weather beaten not to have thought of that as the meaning of 'fair weather' friends. And none of you fine folks here are that. No one has abandoned another here just because there was a storm brewing. You have all stuck by me be it wisdom-removal, or illness, or boredom, sadness, anger, happiness, (mostly happiness!) and all the rest. You have stuck by every other Notebooker, no matter their situation. I am glad to stick by all of you as well, such a fine group of writers I shall not find in any other place, no matter your ups and downs and inside outs, or sideways', and absences as well. You have all been very good friends, though none knows what each other really looks like, hunched over the keys, late at night or even later in the wee hours before daybreak!
This might be a benefit to all of you, since I look none too pleasant by that point.

As proof to whit, I am sitting here, in my crimson (almost indian red) pajamas, the kind with little navy blue piping around the collar, the cuffs, etc. Like men's pj' s but not! And I peeled my contact lenses from my irises, donning my glasses which are a lot more flattering when I'm dressed. But it's a holiday and it's almost midnight, and I suppose you wouldn't be the wiser if I'd kept MY mouth shut!
Teekay, you are truly a fun NB friend. BTW, I love your handwriting! I saw it of course, in the front cover of Howard's book, and on the package too...

Out to pajama limbo goes all humour. I think I'm all tapped for this lovely Sunday. So sunny was it, I wore sunglasses in the shade, and forgot to take them off in the house.

Heee heee I'm silly again, with Easter eggs frolicking inside my tummy. Salt please! Now what could the real meaning of eggs for Easter be? The symbology leads in many a direction.

OK, time for a sip of my English Breakfast tea. There, sanity returns, unhampered in the slightest by my whirlwind thoughts and botched attempts to fasten it down and keep it.

Was that a contradiction? I make no bones about it. I laugh and cry at the same time, why not live in paradox as well? Perhaps the largest mis-interpretation was that we'd all live in Paradox, not Paradise.
In that case, look around! We're here.
Oh, no - as long as it's not the house of love and hate, with Big Brother watching over us, and the Anti-Sex League.
Anything but Orwell's imagination. (What were the government places called, if not 'houses'? I can't remember them all)

Americo, I see you have returned! Hooray! Vienna... I envy you it's spendours, A*.
Please, have Jon patter at the keys once his lovely journal is completed! And come back to play too, every day.
We need direction in this ever-widening stream of thought and tugging clouds.

Good Ness Me,
Have I given old deceased Neitche a run for his pocket change?

Whisper: To the white coated resting place for you, for you, for you...

(Is it echoing in here?)

P.S. Howard! Saw 'Shakespeare in Love' for the first time today and loved it. Superb. My thoughts ran over with Shakespeare's verbal style (linguistics?) for more than half of the day after that, and I do fear it will last a spell longer. Long enough for me to wait for it to come on the movie channel again and tape it!
Yum. Sorry, my writing is not claiming any Shakespearian influence at this hour...

P.P.S. Teekay - did you mean that my new short story is in the first archive? How did that happen? It should be in the one that comes up right away when you click on the Strawberry and A Moon, straight from the introduction page of the workbook. I'll go and check....

HEY! So who wants me to send them "The Anything Box"?
Hurry up and speak up! Zenna awaits you.

Heather (still)

Jerry Ericsson Sun Apr 23 21:06:37 PDT 2000

Heather - just read you story in SM** - I thought it very well written, and enjoyed it very much, keep up the great work.


Jerrry A.G. Ericsson Sun Apr 23 20:44:01 PDT 2000

Americo {{{{{{{{{{{{{WELCOME BACK WE MISSED YOU!!!}}}}}}}}}}
Gald you had a great vacation, I hope some day I too can travel to europe and see such grand places, taste the fine wines and foods. Maybe some day when I am rich and famous, maybe someday when my books are on the best sellers lists. Well maybe some day I can, I don't know go a few miles south and go fishing or camping, who knows. Will make another attempt to get another story or two in SM**, but I have begun work on my first book, just in the planing and outline stage, but I am working on it when I have a chance. I have also been building computers for my family members, so they can enjoy the web, and play a few games.

Teekay - I have always wanted to visit your fantastic part of the world too, almost went there for R & R but had to spend the money to go home when my son was born, so passed up the chance. Guess it was worth it though, and I wouldn't change a thing about those days. Guess the grass is always greener.



Jack Beslanwitch Sun Apr 23 20:38:07 PDT 2000

Just got back from Norwescon and a little exhausted. Did notice that things had gotten close to 300k, so took a moment and archived. Strange and interesting and enjoyable is my best description of Norwescon. Take care.

Teekay. Sun Apr 23 17:10:41 PDT 2000

HEATHER: Finally found your story in Archives 1. Am about to enjoy it.

Teekay. Sun Apr 23 16:58:26 PDT 2000

XAVIER: This is a special post just for you because I forgot to say Hi in my other post. Hello.

Teekay. Sun Apr 23 16:55:40 PDT 2000

Hello everybody, here it is Easter Monday. We are so advanced over here on
this part of the globe.

HEATHER: Did you know that fair weather friends are not good friends to have?
It means they are only around when the going is good.
I don't know what's come over me. I can't keep my know it all mouth shut.

RHODA: I am so glad I opened the note book early, because your post (about me.)
was so sweet, it fair made my day, and now this day shall have just that touch
more sunshine in it. Thankyou.
If I'd known you wanted a cat I would have sent mine up with the book.

AMERICO: Welcome back. Can't wait to be privy to JON'S musings.

CHRISTI: This is how you get 6 hours worth of writing on a plant project;
"...and the leaves are green, and sometimes they are not green. Sometimes they are yellow,
and sometimes they are not yellow. Sometimes they can be other colours. Some are even
red and sometimes they are a light red, perhaps you could even call it pink etc. etc. etc.
and sometimes they don't even have leaves. One would think that these types of plants
would be called leafless plants, but they are not, they are called many different names.
Some people call them leafless plants, but they are idiots.
Some plants have flowers on them, Sometimes the flowers are red and sometimes they are not.
Some are blue and some are not. (now, even writing like this will not fill 6 hours, unless
you type really, really slowly. So what you do next, when the readers mind is practically
comatose with boredom is this:) and the cat sat on the mat. I love Doreen, I wonder if
she will go out with me if I buy her candy. Damn, the dog needs worming. (Now you could go
in in this vein for quite some time, but the secret is at the end, you must finish off about
plants again, because the drivel effect is starting to wear off the readers brain and
they are becoming almost focused again, so you end with:)
So in conclusion,There are plants almost every where in the world except where there
aren't any.

There you go CHRISTI, aren't you glad you asked?
BTW: I'm ready for your story yesterday. Send it on.
and uumm, I don't know how to tell you this, but GARIESS never actually suffered through your posts.(hee hee, joking.)
I just noticed I got your critique back and you said you used red ink. I am soooo scared.

CLAYTON: I'm not making fun. Well I am, but not at you.

Okay am bracing myself to go and read CHRISTI'S critique of my notebook story.
(she used red pen. I am very, very frightened.) I may not be back.

Xavier Sun Apr 23 15:00:21 PDT 2000

Hello again:

Well, I want to thank everyone who welcomed me back. I feel so (snif, choke...) loved!

Rachel: So, "Shadows" is being reviewed by publishers now? Excelent. I wish you, and all the other co- authors the best of luck. I wish my accident didn't prevent me from fully completing my chapter. I would love to read the finished product sometime.

Well, Happy Easter to everyone.

"Talk" to ya later!


AKA: The writer formerly known as X*

Sasquatch Sun Apr 23 09:49:50 PDT 2000

Joy words for humans persons I greet you with He is risen like was told before and I am happy with you!

Rachel Sun Apr 23 08:48:40 PDT 2000

Americo - Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time:)
Jon kept a journal... Wow! I bet that is one wild bit of writing.

Take care you


All - My children are now up and have told me that they would like to look for their Easter goodies before breakfast. I can hear them talking in the other room. They are getting excited. I love this sort of stuff (SMILES)!

Teekay. Sun Apr 23 06:07:40 PDT 2000

I just reread my latest post and you can blame all the mistakes on my fingers. They are rebelling, darn things.

Teekay. Sun Apr 23 06:04:30 PDT 2000

HEATHER: Sounds like Neitschke was already stark, raving mad even before he contracted syphillis.

GARY: I know excactly how you felt when you were compelled Rhoda's spelling of the word KWAI, and I know this feeling as I am going through excactly the same thing, but I am try, oh yes, I am trying to be strong and not give into this need that is crying out in me to me heard AAAHHH DAMN IT. I GIVE IN. IT'S HOIST ON YOUR OWN PETARD, NOT FOIST.
Aaaaaaaaaaahhh. Now for a cigarette.

CHRISTI: I have flogged my fingers to the bone and I have FINISHED the story and I have sent it to you all ready and I expect you to spend the entire Easter day reading the dratted thing.

I haven't read all the posts, I'll catch up tomorrow because my fingers want to go to bed.
Night all.

Americo Sun Apr 23 04:57:35 PDT 2000

Hello, Notebookers!

Happy Easter to the Christians and happy day to those with more exciting persuasions.

I converted myself to Christianity in the Wien Staadsopera listening to Wagner's "Parsifal", the most impressive work on the Graal the world has ever seen (Rhoda would love it).

As a converted Christian, I am the outcome of Greek and Roman paganism with something of the most interesting passages of the Bible. So I am a Christian pagan with a little bit of the old Jewish cultural inheritance. Please do not forget to add this detail in my address when writing to me.

I intend to post here again as often as I can. This is one of my plans. The others are: to study German, to improve my French, to walk at least two hundred meters a day (1 meter= 1.094 yd : that's a lot!), to go to the theatre and to classical concerts more often, to read the whole guide of Wien and the complete history of the Habsbourgs, and to finish in due time the book I am writing.

I also have plans for this notebook. We must study here the difference between novels and short stories. By theory and by practice. "Strawberries and a Moon" (I hate seeing this beautiful title without the "a" before the Moon) will be open to everyone until the 7th day of the 7th month of this year (July). Jack will please remove it from public eyes on that date, so that the final version of that collection of genius can be given its final version. The best short-stories will be published (if anyone finds a publisher for us) and we shall all become rich and famous. I may also invite the most promising collaborators to write a book with me ó but this supreme privilege is still under consideration and must be taken only as an incentive and not a promise.

That's all for now. Jon is writing his diary of Vienna and will likely show himself here soon. So please stay tuned.

PS. Eddie, I told you that Chelsea would only eliminate Barcelona if Figo were ill or something...

PSS. Thanks to all those who remembered me in my absence. I also thought of you. You are a lovely bunch. (Mainly when you write to SM**).

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