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  • Lynn Abbey is the author of is diverse titles as Thieve's World and many many others, including, of late, books published by both Wizards of the Coast and Daw. Check out her web page for the latest on what is happening in her quite prolific writing career.
  • Forrest J. Ackerman's Wide Webbed World is the place to find out more about the originator of the term 'SCI FI'.
  • Alina Adams - Romance Writer is the web site of Alina Adams and a show case for her new book from Avon called Annie's Wild Ride
  • Brian Dana Akers has short stories published in Chicks 'NChained Mail as well as New Altars Check for more details on his web site.
  • Piers Anthony:
  • Kelley Armstrong is a bright new star in the dark fantasy field with a host of titles, including Dimestore Magic, Industrial Magic, Haunted, Broken and much more. If you have not noticed the breakout titles from Bantam Spectra, check this talented author out and go buy her books.
  • the Isaac Asimov Home page is an interesting compendium of resources about this grand old master of the science fiction genre.
  • The Robert Asprin page is an extensive bibliography of his works with individual pages displaying cover art and details about each of the books. For those who have long enjoyed his Myth Books and other offerings, this is a good place to check out.
  • The Atwood Society Information Site is an excellent resource for those interested in this author of such thought provoking works as the Handmaid's Tale and much more.

  • Stella Atrium has one book, the Goulep, available directly through Amazon.com. She is currently working on its sequel.


  • jgballard.com is described by its creators as being 'is produced by SPIKE magazine, the premier UK on-line literary zine. It's designed to evolve into the definitive list of links for information about British writer J. G. Ballard.' That about says it all. If you want a site to explore about this most prolific and exemplary author, this is a place to begin.
  • Clive Barker's Lost Souls Official Web Site about says it all.
  • Steve Barne's lifewrite.com is where to go to find out more about this prolific writer of some reknown around Northwest fandom as much for his Tai Chi classes at the conventions as his ever imaginative mind and writings. The site includes free writing classes as well as an expanded course for sale along with his many science fiction books such Iron Shadows. Others such as Dream Park are well remembered but currently out of print.
  • Greg Bear - Official Homepage is where to find out about this master of science fiction with such masterpieces as Blood Music, Moving Mars and Slant to name just a few.
  • A Michael Bishop Bibliography is a well maintained page about this most prolific writer of thought provoking fiction. Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins, it has an appealing look and much information.
  • The James P. Blaylock is an excellent resource on this Philip K. Dick and World Fantasy Award winning fantasy writer.
  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo is the author of Keeper of the Wind and Blood Wind and Twighlight Times Books
  • The Ray Bradbury page is one maintained by Richard Johnston and Chris Jepsen for the purpose of providing information to scholars, researchers, students, and fans about him and his works. Well worth a visit.
  • Darkover is a page that concentrates on Marion Zimmer Bradley's popular series, but also has much to say about this beloved and recently died writer herself. She will very much be missed. Other fan sites that celebrate this cherished writer include those that celebrate her other great achievements, such as the Mists of Avalon.
  • The Brejcha Personal & Disabilities Page is the website for F.Alexander Brejcha whose publishing career spans Analog, Science Fiction Age and more.
  • Marie Brennan or, in her academic personae, Bryn Neuenschwander, is a truly accomplished writer and busy lifestyle as she juggles the demands of a phd candidacy and a truly promising fiction career, starting with Doppelganger and soon to be succeded with the intriguing Warrior and the Witch.
  • The official David Brin site is the first place to look for information on this extraordinary writer of such works as Startide Rising and the Uplift War. But other sites you might want to check out that have been created by his many fans include The Works of David Brin. Here you will find excellent bibliographies and other resources.
  • Connie Briscoe is a New York best selling writer
  • Brookers World is the wide ranging web site of Alan M. Brooker, a New Zealand author with The Mean Green Machine, Dreams of Torment, Bad Blood, The Battle for Barnstable and Dreams of Charni published either in New Zealand or the US.
  • The Dream Cafe is the Steven Brust's website and where to find out the latest from the source himself. If you are a fan of Jhereg and all the other inventive and engaging fantasy offerings from this great writer, this is the place for you.
  • Tobias S. Buckell is a graduate of Clarion, winner of Writer's of the Future and his web site describes himself as 'His often island flavored work has appeared in such places as Science Fiction Age, and Writers of The Future Vol. XVI. His story 'Fish Merchant' in the aforementioned SF-Age has garnered some Nebula recommendations.' Check his website out, read his works and see what you think.
  • Mark Budman is an engineer, writer, translator, gamer and more. He is published or due to be published in a range of magazines including Talebones and High Beams and more. Check his web site for details.
  • The Bujold Nexus is a lovingly compiled fan page about this phenomenally popular author of the trials and tribulations of Miles Vorkosigan and his brother Mark. Here you will find bibliographies, links and mailing list information.
  • Terry Burns describes himself as beeing a Christian Western writer. His web site includes information about his works and links to christian and western writers and a library of writing links
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs: Motes and Quotes is a fan run page for this classic pulp SF and fantasy writer who started such classics as Tarzan and John Carter of Mars


  • The Pat Cadigan Homepage will tell you about the latest on who the London Guardian called the 'Queen of Cyberpunk'. The site also has biographical, bibliographical and mailing list information as well.
  • Hatrack River is the official web site for Orson Scott Card, the ever popular, ever inventive creator of such favorites as Ender and so much more. In addition, check out information about the potential on an Enders Game Movie.
  • The Science Fiction Worlds of Jeffrey A. Carver
  • Welcome to CJ Cherryh's Place is exactly as described. The official homepage create by and for C.J.Cherryh herself.
  • Meetpoint Station is a fan based resource for C.J.Cherryh information
  • The Arthur C. Clarke Unauthorized Homepage and a home page for his Fan Club
  • Lisa R. Cohen has been published in Pulphouse, F&SF, Story and others and also has a webpage devoted to Writer's Block
  • The Official Shalana Collins Web Site is the web presence for the author of Dulcinea:or Wizardry A-Flute which has been released by X-Libris, was the first runner-up in the 1996 Warner Aspect contest and is the story of a *girl* whose extraordinary talent for magic suddenly surfaces when a stranger comes to her family's apothecary shop. Check her web site for details about her future projects and signings.
  • The Official Storm Constantine is an excellent resource for exploring this UK writer of intelligent renderings of the fantastic that always pushes the envelope. She currently has twelve novels published, including Stalking Tender Blood and Scenting Hallowed Blood.
  • Stephen Coonts is known for his endeavors into the action adventure genre with emphasis on aviation and men at war. His latest offering is War In The Air.


  • Andrew Dabs is a writer whose latest medium is that of copy books, including his latest at this time being a DC/Vertigo release Happy Day: Devil in the Desert.
  • John Dalmas is one of the grand mastered of adventure science fiction with a touch of spiritual flavor, beginning in the sixties with his publication of the Yngling and moving on to such luminous outings as the Regiment, the Lizard War and much more. Check out his web site to see why he is so popular with many of us.
  • J.J.Davis Home Page
  • Pamela Dean is the author of Juniper, Gentian and Rosemary, Tam Lin and much more.
  • Welcome to the Official L. Sprague de Camp Website is the official web site of this grand old master of 120 and more science fiction and fantasy novels and historical fiction. Treat yourself to any one of these and be sure to visit his web site.
  • Samuel R. Delaney web site is a fan maintained compendium about this always intelligent, innovative and on the edge writer of Dhalgren and much more. Another equally interesting Delaney site is the Nevèrÿona website.
  • philipKdick.com is all things Philip K. Dick. This ever loved pervayor of such classics as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (inspiration for a commerciall popular movie by a well known action star) and so much is no longer with us, but this site should give you lots of information about him. He is also the inspiration for an award for the best science fiction produced in paperback which is awarded at Norwescon.
  • Homeward is where to go to find out more about the novels and writings of Diane Duane and Peter Morwood. At this same site you can also find The Owl Springs Partnership which involves more information about these two gifted artists.
  • Dave Duncan's Home Page is an official site that will get you all the information you would desire about this author of many fantasies including The Great Game, Seventh Sun and more.
  • L. Timmel Duschamp has had a wide range of stories published in Fantasy and Science Fiction, Asimov, Full Spectrum and More. She has also included meditations and the works of others that might prove useful as well.


  • the Polgara the Sorceress Scrapbook is a great site to explore about this latest release from David and Leigh Eddings and find out what they are currently working on. If you are not aware of these best selling fantasy authors I recommend among others that you check out the Belgariad which includes The Pawn of Prophecy , Queen of Sorcery, Magicians Gambit, Castle of Wizard and Enchanters Endgame. Beyond this they have written in the Mallorean series and others. Their most recent offerings include Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgarra the Sorceress.
  • Mary Jane Edwards is the author of The Next Best Thing To Paradise, her account of her career as a casino dealer, as well as other articles about being a dealer.


  • Jane S. Fancher is the author of several books, including her latest as of this posting, Ring of Destiny Her website highlights both her science fiction, fantasy and her art. Well worth a look and see.
  • The Unofficial Phillip Jose Farmer Page has bibliographies, covers and much more.
  • The Lynn Flewelling's Author Page
  • Dr. Robert L. Forward Home Page is where to find out about this accomplished scientist, writer and model of truly extraordinary vests.
  • Alan Dean Foster can be found represented on the web via the fan run and his own Official Alan Dean Foster Page and this is probably the first site to check out for the fans of Flinx and Pip and so many other such characters created by this prolific writer.
  • Deby Fredericks describes her self as follows "I am a longtime organizer of SF conventions and writers clubs who has "gone pro." My fantasy/mystery novel, The Magister's Mask, is now available from Dragon Moon Press. I also write for children. My poetry and short stories have appeared in magazines such as Boys' Life and Ladybug. An at-home Mom, I live and write and wrangle children in Spokane, Washington. In my spare time (ha!) I serve on the advisory committee for the Inland Empire Region of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)." Check out her sites and see if her fiction is for you.
  • Welcome to Esther's Friesner's Website is the official SFF net site for this writer of some of the more fun fantasies around.
  • Richard Frost is a Dutch English-language author who has won a poetry award and whose first book Brain and Body is being released via Allison & Busby, London in April of 2000.


  • Alfred J. Garrotto has several novels to his name including A Love Forbidden, Finding Isabella (2000) and most recently Circles of Stone
  • Gemmell Mania is all things about David Gemmell. Here you will find news about new books, bibliographies, discussion forums and much much more.
  • David Gerrold is the author, more recently, of Worlds of Wonder, Bouncing Off The Moon and Jumping Off The Planet. By 2002, you can look forward to Leaping to the Stars. He is, indeed, an author of wide variety of offerings that you will be sure to what to check out in the science fiction genre. So do so.
  • William Gibson's Yardshow is where to go to find out about this consummate master of the cyberpunk phenomena.
  • Ruth Glick writing as Rebecca York is a spotlighted Harlequin writer as well as a writer of other romance novels, cookbooks and more. If either romance or eating are of interest, check out her web site for details.
  • J. F. Gonzalez, who is the author of three horror novels: Clickers, Conversion, and Shapeshifter. He also has a variety of other shorter fiction sales to his credit as well. Check out the web site for details.
  • Karon Goodman has publications to her credit in such prestigious magazines as Woman's Day, Bride Again Magazin,e Petersen's Bowhunting, Writer's Digest and more. She currently has several works being published via Bella-Online.com and Bookmice.com.
  • The Official Nicola Griffith Page is a good place to check out what is happening in this significant writers life. There are a number of pages devoted to this talent, including, the Random House Slow River page and the Anachron City Biography page
  • The Official John Grisham web site is where to find out the latest about this consummate teller of the tales about lawyers and law. From such a classic novels as A Time To Kill to Kill to his latest The Testament, he has been an annual supplier of a new novel for his many avid fans. This is the place to look if this is an author of interest.
  • Fred Guida is the author of A Christmas Carol and its Adaptations. His site is a Companion to the book and Dickens's story on Screen and Television. The site also includes rare photos and film clips as well as an extensive list of links to Dicken sites.


  • Joe Haldeman's Home Page is where to find out about this reknowned science fiction author whose experiences as a Vietnam Vet have been central to several of his works including The Forever War and a non-SF book 1968.
  • Neal Hallford is a game designer and writer of Betrayer of Krondor, Return to Krondor and a range of other interactive and non-interactive games.
  • The Official Barbara Hambly website is the place to go to find out about this very prolific and always entertaining fantasy writer, including the Darwath Series, the Windrose Chronicles, several Star Wars, Star Trek and Beauty and the Beast media novels and much much more.
  • Bonnie Hamre has had a number of romance works published including her most recent, a time travel romance set in 1847.
  • Kristin Hannah currently has a hard cover title On Mystic Lake and past mass market publications include Home Again, Waiting For The Moon and more.
  • Kim Harrison is the author of Dead Witch Walking and, according to her web page, the second book, The Good, The Bad and The Undead will be available February 2005. This writer in addition to writing engrossing fantasies set in a world of werewolves, vampires and witches, oh my, also has a good sense of humor and good characterization skills. Check her out.
  • Bill Harlow is the author of Circle William, a novel about the Navy, the White House and terrorism. His website provides more info about the book and these topics.
  • Tara K. Harper is a writer noted for such novels as Cat Scratch Fever and Wolfwalker to name only a few.
  • Patrick Nielsen Hayden is the editor of Starlight 1, first in a new Tor Anthology series.
  • John Vernon Hedtke is the author of a number of technical books including Peachtree Made Easy
  • Howard Hendrix is the author, most recently, of Better Angels from Ace as well other books and many short stories. Check out his web site for details about his books and more.
  • Chad Hensley has published fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in a variety of anthologies and other venues in the US and around the world.
  • Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson are actively in the process of breathing new life into the Dune franchise initially created by Brian's father. With the initial release of House Atreides and forthcoming volumes in the prequel trilogy including House Harkonnen and House Corrino, this looks to be an exciting time for those of us who are fans of the series. Check the official Dune web site out to find out information on the upcoming SciFi Channel's Dune miniseries.
  • The Tracy Hickman Home Page is his official web site with information out the latest written books preparing to be released in print and much more.
  • The Official James P. Hogan website is just the place to be if you are a fan of this exemplary hard science fiction writers.
  • Jen Hollings is a new historical romance writer with a new book in that genre forthcoming from Harper Paperbacks. It is called A Time For Dreams. Check her web site for details.
  • The Aldous Huxley - Soma Page is a tribute to this master of speculative fiction and rebel against the uniform and the collective.


  • Sharon Ihle is a romance writer whose latest offering is Maggie's Wish. Check out her web page for more details.


  • Sharon Janis is the author of Never to Return as well as a column in Highest Vision Magazine and a video. Take a look at her web site for details. coming from Picasso Press.
  • The Ben Jeapes home page is an SF Writer with several short story sales to his credit.
  • Sabrina Jeffries has written many novels, the most recent under the name Sabrina Jeffries including The Pirate Lord and The Forbidden Lord.
  • Biggles Flies North is a site advertising the movie adaptation of the books of William Earl Johns. A best selling author principally of books about Biggles, but also science fiction and non fiction. A machine gunner and fighter pilot in World War I, he died in 1968. You can find out more on the web sites.
  • Web Site for J.V.Jones a new fantasy writer with Times Warner.
  • Robert Jordan is the best selling author of the Wheel of Time series and the inspiration for the successful game of the same name. There are a wealth of web sites that deal with the Wheel of Time, but as near as I can tell no truly official ones. To get a taste of this extraordinary series, check out the following sites as possible representation of what is available:
    • Dragonmount is an online community with interest in all aspects of the series. One definite stop you might want to make.
    • The official Tor web site for Wheel of Time and Robert Jordan with a biography, appearances if any and more.


  • Susan Katz is a writer who has a book for young readers called Snowdrops for Cousin Ruth from Simon and Schuster.
  • The Official Alex Keegan Homepage is the website for the crime and literary fiction writer of the Caz Flood novels.
  • Carolyn Kephart is the fantasy author of Wysard from Sterling House. Check her web site for details.
  • Katherine Kerr has her own official page on SFF.net. Also there is a fan maintained Deverry Home Page that is devoted to the writings of Katherine Kerr and is also worth looking into.
  • April Kihlstrom is the author of a number of regency romances, including the Westcott series. Her site also has a wealth of links relating to regency or research sites.
  • The Official Stephen King Web Presence is a very nice site indeed for exploration of this most successful writer of horror and speculative fiction.
  • Grant Book's Stephen King Page is another good place to explore more about this phenomenally successful writer.
  • Anita Konka is a Finnish novel writer has published 9 novels so far.
  • Judith Ann Krentz has several books to her credit under a variety of names. From her website "Whether she is romancing the past as Amanda Quick, the present as Jayne Ann Krentz, or the future Jayne Castle, she writes compelling stories of love between strong, intelligent men and women." Her books include Charmed, Eye of the Beholder and I Thee Wed.
  • Milan Kundera is best known for The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
  • Deryni Destination or the Official Deryni Katherine Kurtz web site is an excellent place to land if you are a fan of this exemplary master of fantasy and magic and more. With the recent release of King Kelson's Bride the body of work just keeps groing. This is the place to check for the latest that is happening to this writer both in terms of works being released and planned as well conventions she plans to be attending.

  • Brian Lawrence is the author of Nightshade, a book that is being sold electronically through E-pulp.com and Barnes and Noble.
  • Steve Lazarowitz has a variety of online publishing credits to his name including Twilight Times, Jackhammer, Dream Forge, Aphelion and Exodus.
  • Mary Soon Lee has several short story publications and a wealth of resources on her website.
  • Lankhmar: the Fritz Leiber Page lovingly deals with the whole range of the universe of this consummate artist with Grey Mousers and so much more to his credit.
  • Bonastra: The Madeleine L'Engle WWW Resource is a lovingly put together resource for all who are fans of this prolific writer who ranges across many categories as a writer and as a person.
  • There are a number of sites devoted to C.S.Lewis and the books he wrote. This wonderful author of Narnia, the Screwtape Papers and so much more is ably celebrated in the following websites:
  • The Charles de Lint Homepage is the official web presence for this truly extraordinary talent who has made such an imprint on the reading public in the area of urban fantasies with such masterpieces as Moonheart, Riddle of the Wren and a hoste of others of more recent vintage. Well worth checking out.
  • Holly Lisle has a wealth of publications to her name too numerous to list here and an excellent reader site to showcase these. She also has an excellent Writing page as well. Well worth a look for both.
  • Elizabeth Lowell is a New York Times best selling author with a wealth of titles to choose from. Visit her web site and peruse them


    • Creaturette's Dark Palace is the website for Yvonne Navarro, a writer and illustrator of the darker side and a website with some interesting twists and turns.
    • Peter Nicholson is an Australian poet who has had three books of poetry published. A Temporary Grace (1991), Such Sweet Thunder (1994) and A Dwelling Place (1997).
    • Robert W. Norris is a Japanese based American author who has two expatriate novels to his credit, Toraware and Looking for the Summer . A conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, he was court martialed and spent time in prison. Currently he is an associate professor of English at Fukuoka International University.



    • Julie Ann Parks has published several short stories, including The Guest Book in Night Terrors Magazine, as well as a novel of supernatural horror called Storytellers from Design Image Group.
    • BunnyApe is a web site for Susan K. Perry Phd. and Stephen Perry MA. Educational accolades aside, this side includes information about Writing In Flow as well as Fun Time, Family Time by Susan and other information about articles and more done by Stephen.
    • The Wikipedia entry for H.Beam Piper Bibliography or the Zarthani.net will give you a large and comprehensive list of the works of this author who sadly cut his life short when he had such a great deal more to write about.
    • Greetings from Brain Planet is Brian Plante's web site and Brian Plante is the published author of a variety of short stories in Analog, Amazing Stories, Pulp Eternity, and Pirate Writings as well as being a Writers of the Future winner.
    • Chaos Manor Musings is the official web home of Jerry Pournelle. His many science fiction novels include Falkenberg's Legion and Janissaries series . He has several titles to his credit in collaboration with Larry Niven including Footfall, Lucifers Hammer, and A Mote In Gods Eye. His latest released book is Starswarm. He is also noted for his articles in Byte magazine and his ongoing encounters with computers.
    • The L-Space Web is all things on the Web to be had about Terry Pratchett and his very twisted worldview as exemplified in his much loved Disworld Series.
    • Mike Prince is that author of Indigo and Chasing Light as well as well as a having participated in the newspaper industry as a reporter, photographer and editor.



    • Kevin Radthorne is the author of The Road to Kotaishi and other works. Check his web site for details.
    • Ken Rand's Web Page is his place to highlight his multiple short stories and exceptional help aid to writers, The Ten Percent Solution: Self-editing for the Modern Writer as well as his first novel The Eternity Stone which is being published as an E-Book from fictionworks.com.
    • Robert J. Ray and Jack Remick have a site highlighting their The Weekend Novelist Writes A Mystery. Check out their site for workshops they conduct as at a variety of sites including Barnes and Nobles and other stores at various sites.
    • Michael Resnick's Resnick Source Page where you will find the latest about this prolific Hugo Award winning science fiction writer. Check his web page for the latest on what his word processor has in store for you.
    • Sue Rich is the author of many historical romances including Jade, Velvet and Amber. Other of her titles include Scarlet Temptress and Shadowed Vows.
    • The AFTRLife is the perfect place to discover Tom Robbins. If you have never read 'Another Roadside Attraction', go here to find out why you should.
    • Spider Robinson fans have a couple of potential sources for their interest, including:
      • Welcome to Spider Robinson's Commercial Site is an official site and one which is very much truth in advertising and also a wonderful site to visit if you are as much a fan of this consummate deliverer of fine and entertaining tales.
    • Joel Rosenberg Homepage is where to find out more about the man, the books and much much more.
    • Mary Rosenblum is known for many publications including the novels Drylands, Chimera and much more.
    • Kristine Kathryn Rush is known as the former editor of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, instructor of very informative workshops on writing and a quite prolific writer of science fiction and fantasy.


    • carlsagan.com is a website that seeks to be carry on the legacy of this 'Billions and Billions' Cosmos host, writer of Contact and scientist who had a distinct distaste for non-science masquerading as science and a great love of science. It includes a links to existing sites both about Sagan as well as others that would be near and dear to his heart if he was still with us and a store.
    • Pamela Sargent Biopage is a well done account of this writer of Venus of Dreams and Venue of Shadows.
    • Richard Sessions is the author of Island Woman: A Novel Upcoming works he has in the works include an academic medical thriller.
    • Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is the page for all those fans of one of the earliest examples of Science Fiction and Horror genre as personified in Doc Frankenstein's very own monster.
    • John Shirley has works that include City Comes A Walkin' with a foreword by William Gibson and his most recent work as of this posting is a collection called Darkness Divided.
    • Randall Silvis is a novelist, playwright, essayist, and screenwriter and the author of six books of fiction. He has two books forthcoming from St. Martin's Press that tell the tale of a fictional Edgar Allen Poe. These include Mary Rogers and Disquiet Heart.
    • The Robert Silverberg Unofficial Home page is where to go to find out everything you would like to know about this great writer.
    • Kristine Smith is the 1999 P.K.Dick Award winner for her Code of Conduct and author of the upcoming Rules of Conduct that will be released in September 2000.
    • Sherwood Smith's SFF Net Site is the official webpage of Sherwood Smith, a fantasy writer who has a number of novels and short stories to her record including the Wren series of young adult fantasies.
    • C.W.Smoke has been published in Jackhammer, Antipodean SF, and Black15 (all web E-zines).
    • The Norman Spinrad Homepage is an interesting place, starting with a unique attempt at marketing his latest offering.
    • Allen Steele is a grand master at the sharply crafted tale of space and hard science and more. If this is the kind of science fiction you most enjoy this is a site well worth visiting. Starting with his Orbital Decay and finishing with his latest forthcoming collection Sex and Violence in Zero-G you get the idea.
    • Mirrorshades Postmodern Archives is Bruce Sterling's location on the web. Author of Zeitgeist, Holy Fire, Hacker Crackdown, the Difference Engine and much much more.
    • Billy Marshall Stoneking has published in various form including fiction, non fiction, plays, poetry and criticism. Amercian born and based in Australia, his works include Singing the Snake (Harper/Collins, 1990); and Lasseter : In Quest of Gold (Hodder & Stoughton, 1989). Check the web site for more.
    • Deb Stover's first four novels were time travel romances and current release is called Some Like It Hotter.
    • Victoria Straus's Webpage is her own official site on SFF Net and where to find out about her latest publications. Currently, you can find exerpts from The Arm of the Stone
    • The Theodore Sturgeon Page is a fan generated page in homage to this grand old master in the science fictioin and fantasy genre. If you want a bibliography, personal details or pictures of the author this is the place to go.




    • James Van Pelt is a SFWA member and an English Teacher. He is also has publications in Analog, Realms of Fantasy and more.
    • A variety of web sites have been created by fans of Jules Verne to celebrate this reknowned contributor to the body of work that has ultimately become the science fiction of the twentieth century. Among these check out the following:
    • vonnegut.com is the place to learn more about this irascible and always innovative author of such fascinating faire as Slaughterhouse Five and, of course, it is among the pages of his books that we discover ever more about Kilgore Trout.
    • Ray Vukcevich is the author of Check his web page out and see all of the other things he has written and the latest news.


    • Alan Watts was one of the icons of the 1960s and prolific writer on Zen Buddhism and other subjects. This site pays homage to him and is also an ecommerce site with extensive volumes of his works available. The effort is spear headed by his son.
    • The Unofficial David Weber Fan Club Page is just the place to go to learn the latest about Honor Harrington and the rest that this extraordinary writer is giving us.
    • the Margaret Weis web site has biographical, bibliographical and other information about this author of Dragonlance books and much more.
    • Jane Welch is a British author who has a number of fantasies released via Harper Collin, including The Guard of Casteguard, second book in The Book of Önd, which is due out February of 1999. She also has the Runespell Trilogy to her credit.
    • Phyllis Ann Welsh has a fantasy romance novel, The Binding, forthcoming in electronic format from Starlight Writers Publications.
    • Karen Wiesner has several romance novels released via Hard Shell Word Factory.
    • Kim Wilkins is an exciting Australian writer. Her first novel The Infernal only predicts great success for her with her others, Grimoire: The Shadows On The Page and The Resurrectionists.
    • Tad Williams exploded into our reader consciousness with Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. You can discover more about this and his latest works on his web site.
    • The Official Walter Jon Williams web site is where to find the latest about what he is writing as well as controversies such as that relating to Hardwired and Wired magazines interesting approach to trademarks.
    • Robert Anton Wilson is a contributor to the Illuminati Trilogy, author of The Schroedinger Cat Trilogy, a variety of other works, poetry and a very very interesting (in the Chinese sense) web site :-) Take a look to see if you do not agree, but be prepared to have your mind challenged and your perceptions tweaked.
    • Monica Woods is a novelist and a writer about writing. Her second novel, My Only Story, was published summer 2000. she is also the author of Description, now in paperback, which is a fiction writers' how-to and part of the Writer's Digest Books "Elements of Fiction" series.
    • The Janny Wurts Official Web Page is the home for the latest information about this author of the The Alliance of Light Series including the Fugitive Prince and Grand Conspiracy as well as so many other master pieces in the realm of fantasy.



    • Steven York is an excellent writer with credentials that include being a Writers of the Future winner, published in Analog and has a variety of other publishing credits to his name. His webpage is recommended.


    • Phil Zack is a long running science fiction fan in the Pacific Northwest. That has recently published his first novel, The Shoals of Time, in ebook format from 1stBooks Library.


    Other Lists of Links to Author Websites
    • AllReaders.com is a web site that allows for look up of books and their authors by searching on plot lines and other elements. This might prove useful if you are seeking a particular author or book.
    • Author Pages more or less says it all as it provides information and links to information about authors and illustrators.
    • The SFF Net SF Links maintain an extensive listing of links to a wide variety of areas including Science Fiction Writers on the web.
    • The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide has a huge set of links to science fiction writers of all flavors.

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